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North Florida

North Florida is a region of the U.S.

South Florida Atlantic Sun Florida Gulf Coast Alpha Tau Omega

Praying for Key West my dad is a Conch but lives in North Florida now and he said he hasn't seen Hurricane this bad since Donna.
My man was born in North Florida but 100% talks like Frasier Crane
denial of speaking request by Richard Spencer's group is noteworthy because of North Florida racial history 1/n
Summer move out of the dorms .. (@ University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL)
Numerous Thunderstorms will develop today across Central Florida n South Florida but North Florida will see thunderstorms All day
Coastal Construction will expand into Central and North Florida with Orlando office
Some of Northeast Florida's best programs will compete in Saturday's North Florida regional qualifier.
Lyfts for free for New Users Only. TEN Lyfts! Coupon Code is: ZOOT >> University of North Florida (UNF)
Now with what may be North Florida's most extensive classic country music collection, WDXD 101.9 offers roughly 8 decades of country music!
And Jacksonville has Lil Duval as the face of North Florida 💀💀
My uncle who works in North Florida said Tampa is on an upswing, economy wise and building wise. I'm glad to be apart of that
North Florida is very much the south, especially the area west of Tallahassee.
It's not too early to plan your summer vacation at Jellystone Park Camp/Resort in North Florida !!
On the behalf of Florida. Us south Floridians suggest only north Florida gets blowed up😂 South Florida had more Hillary Vote…
Yup Florida is the first target...then North Dakota
Look, North Florida & South Florida are two different states after that election so you can bomb NORTH Florida
Telegraph Travel Stories Top 10: the best boutique hotels in Miami
Top 10: the best boutique hotels in Miami
North, South, East, West If you teach in Florida, join us for on Wednesdays at 8:00 pm. Let's connect!
Good morning Christine Cruz my name is Onaijay Scott from North Miami Beach and I like watching Today in Florida
With Chinese President in was this a show of force for North Korea? .
He brought the sun to Florida ...he gave the sun a vacation there and Effed the north.. *** U DONALD
Leave Broward out of it North Florida voted for Trump not us.
Come join me Saturday, April 15th at 10AM in North Miami at the Florida Blue Center for a Health Fair. Free...
Another old photo that I took of in @ North Deering, Portland
A cold front cleared South Florida. That is why it was so hot & humid ahead of…
We can't afford a war.much less TWO.when is he going to fire on North Korea? Next week? After his Florida vacation?
Remember blame north Florida for our red
South Florida doesn't count but the north is all you 🙏🏾
Time to show Florida how this 71 North Boy bless the stage... — traveling to Orlando International Airport from...
Here are the big issues at stake as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping meet in Florida
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
And South Florida. North Florida was the one who voted for him 😭
Donald Trump all smiles as he meets Chinese leader amid tensions over North Korea..
Now, their smile is not a smile. It seems a tension of 'tug-of-war' to withhold. 🤡.
Jinping summit in Trade, North issues loom.
"North American Tibetan Assoc." hold up banner bearing words "Chairman Xi, Tibetan compatriots welcome you!" at Xi-…
If Stetson were to beat FGCU in Atlantic Sun Championship game then North Florida will go to the NCAA Tournament. Yup t…
President Trump, Chinese president to speak about...
South Florida ain't part of North Florida though so
Donald Trump and China's Xi shake hands ahead of tricky Florida talks
Donald Trump, Xi Jinping to talk North Korea, South China Sea at Florida meeting
An exclusive Florida golf resort is a curious place to host a Chinese leader who despises the sport known for...
TRUMP: let’s make a deal. NORTH KOREA: never. TRUMP: I’m a great negotiator. NORTH KOREA: *nukes Florida*. TRUMP: that was pa…
Aye bruh you need to bomb North South Floridians ain't vote for Trump!
It's Gameday! Beach takes on North Florida at 11 a.m., followed by Spring Hill College at 3 p.m. in Baton Ro…
I'd like to bring All Major EDM festivals to the SouthEast United States and North Florida. 😊. And because I love Insomniac...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Cold air is spreading into the Southeast & even North Florida over the next 2 nights. Freeze warnings are in effec…
Dunk City is back. Florida Gulf Coast beats North Florida to win the Atlantic Sun & punch its ticket. Will be a dangerous…
North Florida bout as Deep South as it gets.
Caroline Hardy and Patrick Murphy recap Wednesday's win over North Florida
SCAM ALERT: Scammers target North Florida residents via phone and claim to be with the FBI. How to protect yourself…
Windy in North Florida today. Ocala, Gainesville and Jacksonsville gusting to 45 mph in the past hour.
Almost unprecedented RISK in North Florida. High Risk is rare anywhere, it's especially rare or almost unheard...
Moore scores 36 points, leads North Florida over Lipscomb...
As Ball State takes on North Florida, keep an eye on He has averaged a double-double over 9 games:
UConn coach Kevin Ollie's opening remarks after win over North Florida
.banks a triple to boost North Florida trails NC State 64-40 in the 3rd quarter. Shepe…
Wes Morgan of Ardrey Kell HS is taking a terrific stroke with him to North Florida next year
Congrats to Buchholz state runner-up golfer Mindy Herrick signing with University of North Florida
South Florida should secede from North Florida and have a similar North Dakota/South Dakota state divide. Split the elector…
Part of North Florida is on Central Standard Time so it's gonna be a minute
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The University of Florida IFAS Extension agents in the Suwannee Valley of North Florida and the Suwannee River...
Signature HC North Florida region now has 5 out of 6 Centers that are top in the US-5 Star Rankings
🌞 North Florida is under-appreciated by many, but not by me 😍 I love St. Augustine and…
ULI North Florida: Jacksonville needs massive redevelopments on the Southbank: The Urban Land Institute of North…
Dobbs looked like frickin Ponce de Leon carving his way to North Florida.
Be sure to come out to Hanner Fieldhouse tonight as your Eagles volleyball team will take on North Florida!
Kat Stockoff with have North Florida & Elon University in town next week to watch her workout & play.
Based on...? Commented on: Gov. Scott frustrated by slow restoration of North Florida electricity | Tampa Bay Times:
This is important - especially for y'all living in Jax / North Florida...please read, sign & share.
that's what Nestle is doing just south of us in North Florida, sucking our aquifers dry.
Another 95 plus sunny day in North Florida today. Rain showers coming this week. Thank you, Lord.
Great to be in the piney woods of North Florida working on a documentary with longtime family friend Davis Skinner
We ventured over to North Florida for the monthly Reeves Motorsports gathering and in typical form, searched for...
Looks like the prices have hoiked another $200 k 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at Prestige Imports
NEW: Traffic congestion in Miami-Dade on I-95 north from Rickenbacker Causeway to at Exit 12A Florida's Turnpike.
Sinkhole could show earliest signs of humans living in Florida.
Mark Billingham: If you think Florida is vulgar, Sarasota will change your mind!.
I wish Florida would pass the same law as North Carolina. Then people that don't like it would leave and even not come here.
USA trip: somewhere in Florida - gosh they know how 2 do rain here, had 2 get off I95 north as could not see a thing
I did not come back from Florida for this kind of weather, North Carolina.
Who's the next big name NSR kid? Would love to see someone from North Florida on this list!. DON'T FORGET ABOUT...
Anyone here going to in North Carolina? I'll be coming up from South Florida wednesday! :)
Red-shouldered hawk recovering after being shot from nest in north Florida park.
And on May 15, 2013 the University of North Florida Colony became the Xi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma 💕💜
Thanks for all the love yesterday, you guys are great! For my north Florida friends, if you're around Pensacola,...
Our beautiful home state, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and that's just now 'til Thursday. The recruiting road speaks…
5/20 is to Work Day sponsored locally by the North Florida Bicycle Club for more info visit
Democrats have voter-registration advantage in Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, per
The at the North American Steel Construction 2016 in Orlando, Florida! https:…
This is MacArthur Beach State Park in North Palm Beach, Florida! Read about this great park:
AFC South Arms Race has begun: The Brunell era was fading out in North Florida enabling the T...
Hoping I can find a South Florida connect for Pure White Hennessy. People lose they mind trying to sell it north $50.
A mama w sad! . Red-shouldered hawk shot from nest in Central Florida park. (via
Discover Florida a hidden gem just north of on the
Mastodon bones found in Florida offer clues of earliest humans in North America: It's a discovery that could…
Wrap and 3 bites filed: It was close (61-55), but teachers in north Florida's Calhoun County have voted to join the union.
I be like leave Florida and go up north you'll appreciate that you're from FLORIDA 😒
A1: Do Orlando closer when you choose Orlando North as part of your Florida vacation.
Have you made your reservations for yet? .
I always get confused on social media when I come across someone if I know them from Florida or North Carolina 🙃
Ha, this group was probably the most civilized FL has ever been. "Mastodon bones offer clues of early humans"
Florida could support a league and half at least. North Part and Georgia could come close to the 2nd league I believe.
Enter your business in the North/Central Florida Small Business Breakthrough Challenge... and you may win big!.
In Florida you can definitely tell when season is over and the snow birds go back up north
an event for those festival lovers...north Florida fun...
All purpose parts banner
Sinkhole in Florida suggests humans lived there 1,500 years earlier than
NE. 214 Terrace, North Miami Beach, Florida 33179, in paragraphs 1 member of real property, and wardens, Ned Land at least
Anyone in the north Florida area good at hanging dry wall? I have a paid job for ya... PM me if interested and...
Turns out humans have been hunting in North America for much longer than first thought:
We LOVED hosting the FGI Fashion Group International North Florida for cocktails. Come back soon FGI! . (Give us...
Rep Yoho, North Florida citizens call for accountability for faulty pipeline… |
Remains in Florida show humans were in the Americas more than 14,000 years ago.
About to go to the Florida by myself because my family is going to North Carolina without me.
Meanwhile, In Bizarro World, a Florida politician calls out the stupidity of North Carolina with a well reaso...
BSB - Eagles fall to South Alabama 10-0 in the series finale, visit North Florida on Tuesday
Thanks Bruh 🙏🏾 show them boys up in North Florida how them Tampa boys rockin ✊🏾
My baby girl is sick 󾰕 — feeling concerned at Pediatrics in North Florida, Offices in Saint Augustine and Palm Coast
North Florida won Atlantic Sun men's tennis championship against USC Upstate, 4-0, but great job by No. 4 seed Spartans to make title match.
Flagler Beach Pier's surf may be at least 7.71ft high tomorrow. Get out to North Florida, pronto! via Surfline
UPDATE: Courts 1, 2 & 3 underway for Georgia State and College of Charleston, Tulane and North Florida underway
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
i live in a college town right in the middle of rural North Florida. Hipsters in the Downtown, a few blocks away diff. world
TB at singles will decide the match between North Florida and Florida Gulf Coast
North Florida up 3-2 on Florida Gulf Coast but FGCU is trying to close out the other two matches
Hey, is there any possible way that we can watch Inside The Heat online? I miss them now because I live in North Florida.
I'm trying to go back to Florida but my mom wants to live in bum *** North Carolina
Alexandra, with her Ford Escape, enjoy and welcome to our family at North Florida Lincoln.
Mrs E. standing next too her Lincoln Black Label! Welcome to the family at North Florida Lincoln. Enjoy your ride!
Mrs. Rukab and son, standing next to her Lincoln Mkx. Welcome to the family at North Florida Lincoln Mrs. Rukab
I like how my mom waits till now to tell me I could have gone to Florida or North Carolina if I wanted to for spring break😂
Nice one! 📷: Adam Byerly catches on cam some of today's action in north county! Yew!
to a beautiful performance from our very own North Florida Parkinson's Awareness Choir!
See our latest FL and click to apply: Foot & Ankle Orthopedic... -
don't forget Tidewater Virginia Kissimmee Florida Memphis Durham North Carolina Toledo Ohio and many more find destinations
I've lived in various parts of Florida and north Georgia. I'm currently in Massachusetts. Never heard "waved at a motive"
Blessed and thankful to have received an offer from the University of North Florida! Great staff and program.
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Please join our North Brevard Florida CWBO group at our new location, Ameriprise Financial Services, Titusville.
thuz the Shot Heard Around the World iz the Florida to North Korea the BattleGrounds for World War 3 az the Russians on AmericanSoil
Mississippi & North Carolina need to take 5 in the corner and think about what they've done: made Florida look better by comparison.
Plenty of college scouts at the game. Georgia Southern, North Florida and Winthrop to name a few.
5 Things to Know: Doing business with and West Palm Beach's ban on North Carolina trips
If you play baseball up north you would never be able to compete down in Florida, Texas or California just stating facts
just checked, it looks like we're passing through North Carolina, since we heading from MA to Florida, so I'll let you know
can help. Serving 12 counties of north central
Currently up North visiting family. Had a lovely time, heading home tomorrow. We're off to a sunny destination next year: Florida.
that is a florida panther.smaller than your up north. They will run away as dogs as they see biggie
Headed North from Florida. No one will tell me where yet
if you see your state:. New York. California. Texas. Arizona. Washington. Maryland. Crippling Depression. Ohio. North Carolina. Flor…
No problem with this. Good for him. As a Florida Gator, why go North? Everybody wishes they were here.
After a loss to No. 2 Florida, heads north to Boston College for ACC play.
Officially registered for the University of North Florida!!
Man accused of leaving dog in hot truck in Florida: A North Carolina man is accused of leaving a dog in a hot truck…
Pediatric Opportunity near the waters of North Florida - (FL Job)
UPDATE: Traffic congestion in Duval on I-295 E north from before University Of North Florida to beyond Beach Blvd.
I think it's a trap Mr. Trump but what do I know. Love you in North Florida!
This summer I'm taking two weeks off in the middle of the summer, and going up north then to Florida, I need a break
A pair of Redtailed Hawks on North Commerce Pkwy. @ City of…
Matt NeSmith (North Augusta) is tied for the lead on the Mackenzie Tour event in Florida. The Gamecock senior is one of three at -10
At the New Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in North Mims in the Great State of Florida
SEC schools won’t go up north for Satellite camps. Why? Zero benefit there. Go to Cali? South Florida?
Racoon strain rabies originated in Florida and has been working it's way north since the late 1940's. Vigilance is required Ontario/Public
my parents drove 4 hours south.instead of north. 4 hours deeper into Florida.
I hate vehicles from up north or Florida with a passion🙄
Awesome time visiting with North Florida buddies at for lunch - glad I picked the place! 😏
North Carolina may be in shambles right now but at least we not Florida..
Florida man pleads not guilty in North Carolina gold truck heist - Greensboro News & Record
UPDATE: Traffic congestion in Sumter on I-75 north from Florida's Turnpike to at MM 331.
Thanks for the coverage Action News Jacksonville! The EV charging stations are ready for service. North Florida...
2018 guard Nia Clark Ben Davis is visiting North Florida today on an unofficial visit
Travel to South and North Florida, visit Key West Miami Beach South-beach Orlando Disney world and Universal Studios
New College, West Florida and North Florida all miss the cut for performance funding, by BOG metrics. Big sighs on Tally's highest hill.
Cologne University of Applied Sciences & University of North Florida's partnership began on the back of a napkin
Honor Flight Tallahassee brings North Florida and South Georgia veterans to visit Arlington National Cemetery and...
Vernon has officially been balled from North Florida
baseball set to battle North Florida in two-game mid-week series beginning tonight at 6 PM
Crazy night but at least North Florida is technically still alive for the dance.
Maps genius runs the numbers: Trump dominated media markets crossing over into North Florida, Cruz in 2nd.
St. Johns County speller to represent North Florida in national spelling bee
Accepted into University of North Florida and University of South Florida 🎉👍🏼
North Florida averages 12.5 made three-point shots per game. Ospreys' top five scorers all juniors & seniors. Team to bea…
We know Russ very well here in North Florida with the PGA and at Hidden Hills CC. Couldn't agree more!
Good luck to all my college boys on opening night 😌 @ University of North Florida
Vendor Market- British car repair in North Florida: Jacalone & Sons Auto Service can provide you with mechanic...
Jacksonville Beach Pier's surf is between 4.22ft and 5.22ft high. Get out to North Florida, don't tell anyone.
Americas' Conelley will play soccer at North Florida
Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival, is back at the University of North Florida for the...
Our new counter at Wildwood is open! . North Florida customers stop by and check it out. We have local inventory...
Good luck to NSR North Florida 2018 Softball Prospects Jennifer Poston and Kallie Jones as their high school...
Get a graduate degree in Jazz Studies at the University of North Florida! Faculty includes Barry Greene - Guitar,...
We've got a show coming up in New Port Richey and it's only $5 from us, so let's do it up and get our North Florida crowd on it!!!
2017 Atlantic (FL) SG Stacy Beckton (picks up an offer from North Florida. (HT htt…
Freeze Warning ALL of North Florida tonight. When you dip below 32° & how low it could go:
Some of my friends up north are already shoveling snow, ugh. Life in Florida has its perks. Stay warm! https…
They should let the entire south and north Florida go.
Bro i got *** who wanna kill me in different states over a girl ?!?!?!?!?. *** im in Florida you in North Dakota . FOH
Last season mentioned if you're an NCAA tournament team "You're NOT supposed to lose to the North Florida Ospreys." 😬
North Florida is a good team. And similar to us with the Live By The 3, Die By The 3 tactics. Except they hit them consistently
As long as VCU's defense is like last game's 1st half, VCU should be able to keep North Florida at bay tonight.
In Florida and still a rivalry that is not limited to the north.
We're talking the North Florida Ospreys in today's Fleming's What's at Steak:
Boys on the road. Behind a random gas station somewhere in North Florida.
This is 2015's weirdest weather moment yet:
Can you recommend anyone for this Seeking Inpatient Psychiatrist - FL
IN FLORIDA, the farther north you drive, the more Southern it gets!
North Florida is way underrated...currently the 5th best 3 pt shooting team
Started this year off in York, Maine, & now I'm about to finish it out in Miami, Florida... the furthest north and south I've ever been. 😁🗺
Just another late December day in north Florida.
Stopped at the gorgeous on our way north!
did Lil shopping for me and my Lil king . I'm home. @ North Miami, Florida
You have to go north of Florida to reach The South y'all
If the North Pole Unfreezes, Louisiana and Florida are gonna have some more really wet real estate. Good Job there,
Ring in the new year by going on a in North Florida!
Florida the only state where the further north you go the more southern it gets
How hot is it where you live? 80 degrees where I'm at... North Florida
Practice is underway at the University of North Florida
Join North Florida Writer Live tonight at 9:30. We're going to the dogs.
GAMEDAY in The Stu! vs. North Florida tonight at 7 p.m. TV >
Just when I thought Florida was the craziest vacation North Carolina happens
Check out what's happening in the industry in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Details:
. Got my own boat. Run my own shop. Fly fishing, spin casting. NY, South Carolina and North Florida
North Port Florida police PLAN IN ADVANCE how they will hurt suicidal teen with K-9 dog
I think the only way I could live up north is if I came to Florida every 3 months
"Come get ur bite" -- texts reveal North Port Florida police department brutality to suicidal teen...
North Port Florida police sic K-9 on suicidal teen, joke and text about it
Despite Ben Simmons, LSU's best win is (narrowly) over No. 143 North Florida. Three losses to teams 90th or worse.
Another day, another trail set. From South Florida yesterday, to north central Florida today. 49…
I'm willing to spend 300 on a trip to North Carolina, I'm tired of Florida's flat *** land scape.
Five games on tap for Wednesday, including three on and North Florida visiting Va. Commonwealth.
North Carolina and Florida doing physical fitness testing at the National Cadet Competition.
I know I'm not the only South Florida athlete who ever thought if they played up North they would demolish the competition 😂😂
I live on the north east coast, so it's a limited sample. But the two couples from Florida and Tennessee with kids vote Dem too
Already drove through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and into North Carolina and it's not even state away
JAN 2016: Hot Spot - on Winter Nationals at North Florida Speedway -
Edible food vegetable plants to start in October in North, ... -
North Florida ballroom challenge for the holidays ritz Carlton Amelia island winning top studio
Enterprise Medical Services: Physician Assistant needed in North Florida and along the panhandle! (, Florida)
Austin Peay Governors to face difficult test in North Florida
Game is live: College of Coastal Georgia - North Florida
North Florida, get ready for The Nittany Lions are officially headed to the .
Tim Quarterman's take on the fans impact during last night's victory over North Florida.
Live interview with Kyle Kuric via Skype at today’s game vs North Florida during an early timeout
First round of the NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament is here! is hosting North Florida, Thurs at 6pm.
Westview basketball duo signs with North Florida, UTM
BREAKING: Luther Campbell named interim head coach at Al Golden spotted driving past North Florida listening to Put Her in the Buck
220 Riverside and Unity Plaza Won in their Respective Categories at the ULI North Florida 4th Annual Awards for...
I planted these Myrtles & the Holley Tree at building-25, 30 years ago at The University of North Florida, and...
Bring the Addams home! More amazing Scouting Adventures in North Florida. Cub scouts know how to wear…
Super stoked about my admission into the University of North Florida 😊 1 down 3 to go
University of North Florida at Royal Palm HS today to see 2017 guards, Jules Jasmin and Leonard Thorpe
Im at a seafood festival wit no fired conch i hate North Florida
North Florida is pretty much an entirely different state than central Florida
I remember in 2004 all the experts said Hurricane Charley was going to go into North Florida. Then it turned left into an unprepared S. Fla
A $90 grant awarded to professors at University of North Florida's College of Education and Human Services will…
Barrera's father is in a federal prison in Miami and his older brother is in a state prison in North Florida. But detectives learned that th
Southern, North Florida & Campbell in this week to see 2016 6'4 SF Keith Gilmore Jr
2018 Gibbs (FL) G David Pierce III has received an offer from North Florida. (HT
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Hope so, struggling storm, but still could be big rain/flood maker if it turns north into Florida.
sounds like Florida and Michigan would get along pretty well tbh. well at least north Florida
North Florida Christian and Deerfield-have kicked off ... playing four nine-minute quarters.
This is why is love North Florida. Friday afternoon wake sessions on the river. Photo by my…
Now, after on the brink vs. North Florida. loses 3-1. The kid likes the arena.
If you've ever been to north florida tell me where tf a soul food place at😂💯
2018 PG Travis Anderson Grayson (GA) will be on campus at North Florida this weekend
Got that overtime win vs university of north Florida, thanks for coming 💙💙
with tomorrow at 1pm at The tampaorpheum @ North Tampa, Tampa, Florida
my fingers are crossed for a hurricane buddy, give me some good news for North Naples, Florida!
Ready to play some Golf?. Join us at The Tides Golf Club. 11832 66th Avenue North. Seminole, Florida 33772. (727) 392-5345.
Anyone in Port Charlotte, North Port, *** Gorda, Boca Grande, Edgewater, Florida Area needing help for the...
it's like Florida went on a north east vacation to avoid the "hurricane"
Friday 8/28/2015 makes her way north towards ... the ants are prearing…
Executive, North America needed in at Skyscanner. Apply now!
I've been in the south plenty. North Carolina and North Florida most. I didn't like it, at all, I like NYC.
Djogo also looking to visit Wichita St, Butler and North Florida in near future
NEW: Unconfirmed crash in Duval on I-295 E north at Exit 52 University Of North Florida.
Erika will remain a tropical storm moving across Hispaniola, then north of Cuba heading towards Florida this weekend. htt…
North Florida native Hobie Sears gets summer groove on in Centro. Full clip by Tanner Boyles @ h…
Time Teller 40 hours-Largo, FL needed in at Bank of America. Apply now!
No matter where you are in the Southern Georgia/North Florida area, we're just a short drive away! Come visit us!
North Florida Branch Event is a regional touch-point where you can network, and learn with people in your area.
Almost time for kick off!! Ready for a tough game against North Florida. 8pm kick off.
In the north y'all have snow days but in Florida we have hurricane days
It's game day! .team takes on North Florida tonight at 7pm!
Valdosta might as well be part of north Florida. Hello Tropical Storm Erika 👋🏽😑
because we're basically not in Florida, we are so far north.
S.C. ranked '16 hooper Seventh Woods of Hammond has narrowed his choices to 4 Florida, Georgetown, North Carolina &…
How much sunlight do north facing windows in Florida get?
domain names
Join the Intel Corporation team! See our latest opening here: Florida
Police activity, crash cause traffic tie-ups on Florida's Turnpike in
See you here at UNF networking just Living it Up! @ University of North Florida
Our newest alumni chapter in North Palm Beach Florida! Looking forward to a great year with this new chapter!
From my night camera. Feral hogs taking over North Florida woods. They compete with deer/ turkey.
JAX! Funky Buddha Brewery is headed to Orange Park on August 18th as we launch in North Florida!
Amazing view of Cave diving in Devils Ear Spring at Ginnie Springs - only in Florida! North Florida...
You can add Palm Beach County to that list. I don't know what is going on in Central or North Florida though lol
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and Alpha Tau Omega at North Florida brothers of Andrew Swenson.
The Eta Mu chapter offers its deepest condolences to the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega at North Florida who are...
Michigan is so hot and humid. And it's also a peninsula. Coincidence? Petition to remame Michigan to "North Florida."
T-minus 2 days from the start of the @ the University of North Florida (Official Fan Page). Check out...
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