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North Dakota

North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States, along the Canadian border.

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You know what's interesting about this map? You can actually see the borders of North Dakota. It's as if there is a…
North Dakota tribal health, like other reservations in U.S., is almost unbelievably bad - Bismarck Tribune
Documentary focuses on North Dakota journalists - Bismarck Tribune
Documentary focuses on North Dakota journalists Bismarck Tribune "We really hope the North…
And how would English not be my language? Fuktard I'm from North Dakota born…
Cleveland Park once had a golf course with sand greens. I thought those only existed in North Dakota! 😮
.joined Wish in studio this morning! Hear her 3 favorite North Dakota summer activities! --.
He has to shoot someone on Main Street in North Dakota or Idaho, some red state. What do Trump suppo…
You were the Brian Fantana of North Dakota news Perry
Escaped sex offender Randy Layton caught with accomplice Amber Rose Wilson in North Dakota.
States with just one remaining abortion provider:. Kentucky . North Dakota. South Dakota. Missouri. Mississippi. Wyoming. West…
Of all the Dakota's, they're the worst. South Dakota > Dakota Fanning > North Dakota
Beulah is located minutes from the best fishing in North Dakota. Head any direction on Lake Sakakawea to find...
North Dakota people are underrated, unknown, and best of all the greatest people to come out of this country
Conference held in Moorhead emphasizes professionalism on - WDAZ :
coming out of retirement. proud to be a University of North Dakota cheerleader for the 17-18 season 💚
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
@ North Dakota police, I assure you that there will be no underage drinking tonight, so feel free not to show up to the…
Men with clown mask and snake scare children in Fargo
North Dakota sees slight uptick in hotel demand
North Dakota OL Michael Coe has signed a free agent deal with the Dallas Cowboys
If all Native lands were returned to Native people, the states of North & South Dakota would be little spider webs of land…
.on DAPL resistance: "What is clear is that in North Dakota, you do not have a First Amendment right" https…
Engage Retreat is happening tonight at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex in Fargo, North Dakota. Join us on...
Through the Veterans Choice Program and the Veterans Care Coordination Program, North Dakota veterans have more...
"i saw a kracken one time. i rode it into the golden plains of North Dakota."
Put these things up in North Dakota.
Well I guess this doesnt apply to States of North Dakota,South Dakota,Iowa, and Illinois since you signed off on th…
From 1975-1995 there were only four states that did not have any earthquakes. They were: Florida, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.
in North Dakota: Scenes from today's bill signing
in North Dakota: Addressing prison growth, tools for counties, & $7M for innovative BH strategy
Illinois man convicted in North Dakota for sex trafficking, conspiracy - - This case was prosecuted wit…
Yes, basically it would replace the Mason & North Dakota type games on our schedule, and i…
North Dakota is my where I fly to get to my home away from home. They do have a nice Costco in Fargo...
He's now in the Hall of Fame in North Dakota northland College
MEET Celeste Black, the first African-American female crew chief of Grand Forks, North Dakota and cancer survivor http…
Eric Trump filed papers to open a new branch of his foundation in North Dakota on Election Day.
If you wanna believe that voters in Indiana, West Va., & North Dakota are g…
Gordmans to close close to 50 stores, but not in North Dakota.
Yup Florida is the first target...then North Dakota
Corrupt Democrat Heidi Heitkamp is up for re-election soon. North Dakota: time to let her go!
Matt Le Blanc was doing at home—North Dakota has the night goes on.
Los Angeles Chargers working out North Dakota center Michael Coe, according to a source
The killing of a gray wolf mistaken for a coyote in North Dakota is a painful reminder of why wolves need federal prote…
If Heidi Heitkamp tries to morph into a Trump friendly Democrat, will North Dakota voters view it as authentic or...
Congrats to Melissa Baker, our former PhD student, now appointed to lead North Dakota's Parks and Recreation...
North Dakota has been named the top spot for millennials and we couldn't agree more!
Hockey is for all who love the game. Especially in North Dakota. Keep the Fighting Sioux Tradition.
Whoa - both at once - North Dakota ties it late ... Penn State thinks it wins in OT but goal waived off.
These two act like Republicans disguised as Democrats. West Virginia & North Dakota.
Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. Look them up. Neither are truly Democrats.Both needs to…
Democrats who will vote for Gorsuch:. 1. (West Virginia) . 2. (North Dakota). u know what to do
North Dakota senior from Shakopee. Swimming and diving program also to be cut at UND. Includes former state champio…
UPDATE: The news is now official. North Dakota has cut it's women's hockey team, effective this year.
The splash damage of North Dakota cutting its women's hockey team will reach far beyond the midwest.
Can you recommend anyone for this Ramp Agent - North Dakota
Want to work at Delta Global Services? We're in North Dakota! Click for details:
Haven't even tapped Midland "three times larger than the...mammoth Bakken formation in North Dakota"
I don't see what could go wrong here. Lets invade Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and New York State. Lets stop re…
Minot, North Dakota lol...that's where I was born
Oil spill in creek originally underestimated, making it one of largest in North Dakota history.
*** another homie going to North Dakota to make that big boy money! 💰💰💰
North Dakota passes Convention of States resolution! Momentum is growing...
Native American and supporters are confronted by security of the Dakota Access Pipeline, North Dakota. Robyn Beck
North Dakota pipeline spill is *3 times* larger than previously thought. 529,000 gallons spilled:
Too bad the water rights in NORTH DAKOTA wasn't resolved. Hopefully the folks in Flint will no longer have to suffer.…
North Dakota oil spill much worse than thought |
Let's move Q onto the Final Four for the second-straight year. Quinton Hooker (North Dakota).
Ironically, Cobb liked to post addresses, personal info of foes (inc. me), in hopes others would go after them.
North Dakota oil pipeline may still be built despite army block | New Scientist
Here's an idea: Why don't we stop with all the pipelines & invest in . Combat .
Today, in most stereotypically Minnesota thing to happen, North Dakota hockey alum says "you know" a lot
Just saw the movie Logan. . North Dakota has become substantially more mountainous since I last visited.
A North Dakota oil spill turns out to have been much, much worse than we thought via
Tom Coburn: North Dakota isn't waiting on Congress to fix the real disease: via
has started carrying oil in North Dakota ahead of the four-state pipeline's full startup.
A 33 yr old fellow from North Dakota just replied to a 27 yr old bird in Oregon! Looks like they're getting along!
ICYMI BREAKING: Company: Dakota Access Pipeline under North Dakota reservoir is filled with oil, full pipeline will be in service soon. - AP
Laughing at the fact that I let a silly boy talk me into moving to North Dakota. Shoulda said boy bye as soon as he asked lol
In North Dakota if you are seen sneezing while walking, you may be fined up to $120
A crude oil spill in North Dakota is now expected to be about three times larger than they've initially estimated. http…
7) green light for Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, which will create jobs and contribute to North American energy inde…
North Dakota oil spill 3 times larger than first estimated
North Dakota pipeline spill larger than previously thought
And what about that North Dakota law that it's OK to RUN DOWN protesters? Not a word about that? Hmmm???
I just noticed North Dakota isn't the Fighting Sioux anymore, when did this happen?! (sorry i don't really follow college hockey)
The news marks a significant development in the battle over the project that will move North Dakota oil 2,000...
BREAKING: The company behind DAPL says it has filled oil in the pipeline under a Missouri River reservoir in North Dakota.
Considering how low oil can go before the Bakken goes bust: North Dakota's Bakken Shale embodies much of the best…
Huh. It wasn't an "affront to democratic values" when 100s of U.S. citizens were thrown in dog kennels in North Dakota for…
I learned that the Dakota in North Dakota & South Dakota was named after the Dakote star system.
12,000 barrels of oil spilled into the Ash Coulee Creek. And the state of North Dakota wonders why we're so...
Zion Lutheran Church in Nome, North Dakota, owned by white supremacist Craig Cobb, was burned down to the ground t…
How long before the NCAA bans North Dakota fans from wearing their old Fighting Sioux jerseys to games?
North Dakota fighting hocks even though you still call your selves the Sioux I suppose you will just blame the refs
Fav part of watching North Dakota games is "how many people are completely refusing to recognize anything but Fighting Sioux in the crowd?"
Stop calling North Dakota the Fighting Hawks... they are the Fighting
I've never seen a hockey game like the North Dakota, Boston U game. Wow. What a come back for the Fighting (Sioux) Hawks.
North Dakota is now the Hawks but fans wearing Fighting Sioux jerseys in mass.
North Dakota not being allowed to call themselves the Fighting Sioux will always be a crime against…
shows some love to future young farmers at International Sugar Beet Institute Fargo, North Dakota
its nice when tiny fly over states get 2 senators, isn't it? *** even North Dakota's dem supports fracking
North Dakota's first high school radio station opens in Linton
The Burger King Kid's Club is still together. They live in a ranger's station in North Dakota, eight miles from the Canadian border.
North Dakota's Quinton Hooker having a heck of a game with 22 points.
Hooker and Crandall on North Dakota are really good players though . Mad respect for holding it against AZ the whole game
North Dakota: Muslim man named Mohamed Mohamed arrested after he called 911 47 times to tell them that he supports ISIS a…
The state of North Dakota will lift their economic sanction on Standing Rock tomorrow, by opening HWY 1806 at...
Congratulations to on winning their first round game against North Dakota, 100-82. Good luck against Saint Mary’s.
I'd be mad if I had to live in North Dakota, too!
Arizona beats North Dakota to reach NCAA round of 32. That means $25K bonus for coach Sean Miller, who's at $215,000 in bo…
Local figures discuss solutions to the sex trafficking industry in North Dakota
.Length of North Dakota season the biggest factor in Boeser signing with
Gaels advance to the 2nd round and will face the winner of Arizona/North Dakota on Saturday. Game time and tv info are…
Did you know Louis L'Amour is from North Dakota? My dad has just about every one of his books.
TBS announcer: North Dakota has no players from North Dakota. Me: Yeah, cause it's the worst state & everyone there wants o…
North Dakota knew they were gonna take the L tonight 🐻⬇️
I liked a video First Round: Arizona cruises by North Dakota
Kadeem Allen steadies jittery Wildcats in NCAA Tournament win over North Dakota
Sons really letting North Dakota hang around *** .. nah
HIGHLIGHTS: takes down North Dakota 78-55 in the first round of the
Bear down to the 2nd round!. Arizona withstands a brief second-half scare and spoils North Dakota's first trip to the NCAA tou…
Good Morning Folks! Today is all about the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Men's Basketball team. Kiss my *** Arizo…
Rawle Alkins stat line for tonight’s win over North Dakota … perfection from the field and ZERO turnovers htt…
The Wildcats keep on dancing with a 100-82 win over North Dakota! Next up, St. Mary's on Saturday, March 18th.
Five big things: Breaking down Arizona's win over North Dakota as the Wildcats move on to the Round of 32
North Dakota came close a few times to beating Arizona! But Arizona had none of it.
Alicia Rose Mitzel, a 15 yrs who went to support Standing Rock in North Dakota has been missing after camp medics treate…
Rawle Alkins roars after a breakaway jam. up 53-37 over North Dakota at halftime.
Rawle Alkins was pretty good against North Dakota, IMO
Rawle Alkins (throws down the 1st of 3 first-half dunks vs. North Dakota in 1st round of 2017 NCAA's…
The 3 fastest-growing counties by Latino population since 2007 are in North Dakota
Morton County and the other North Dakota authorities absolutely violated the constitutional freedom of the press 1/3
The other Final 4 teams: North Dakota & Kent State. Oh and she's very relieved Mt. St. Mary's won last night... she has them over Villanova
UllinND. Glen Ullin is a city in Morton County, North Dakota, United States. It is part of the "Bismarck.
Part of the Dakota Access Pipeline would run under Lake Oahe, a major water source for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota.
North Dakota will play reigning tournament champs South Dakota in a 1st Round WNIT matchup Thursday in Vermillion.…
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If Sean Miller wants some insight about North Dakota, he might want to talk to NAU's Jack Murphy. Lumberjacks beat them in Flagstaff.
Can we agree to redirect the Mexico wall efforts to all 4 sides of North Dakota? Maybe build a corridor to Brooking…
RECAP: Team effort leads to convincing win over North Dakota!
TONIGHT at 7:30pm on it's North Dakota v. St. Cloud State in Game of Quarterfinals! Must-see…
It is playoffs time for the North Dakota men's hockey team as they host St. Cloud State this weekend at The Ralph!
Also: St. Cloud State takes on North Dakota tonight in Game 1 of their NCHC QF matchup. No Borgen for SCSU, he's suspended 2 games
North Dakota winter didn't stop us from neither will a rainy morning in DC!…
Jason is a North Dakota sugar beet farmer who transformed his planter and is no longer wasting seed. Hear his story: h…
Corey Baldwin leads the way with 18 and 10 as top seed North Dakota cruises in the qurterfinals,…
2 - 0 up 2 dimes. North Dakota, Fresno St, and Long Beach St remaining
What are you doing tomorrow afternoon? Join us for sunshine and tennis as we take on North Dakota!…
Portland St. vs North Dakota. Vikings are 4-0-1 ATS in the last 5 meetings.
A suspect is in custody after an armed robbery at a credit union in St. John, North Dakota.
Amtrak train gets stuck in snow for 13 hours in North Dakota .
Amtrak train freed after 13 hours stuck in North Dakota snowbank
Portland St. women upset North Dakota for 2nd time in a week, this time in Big Sky Tournament, 65-62. No. 2 seed is out. MSU is loving that
Akron, Michigan, North Dakota, and Long Beach St for dime each tomorrow
Amtrak train stuck in giant North Dakota snowbank
PREVIEW: return home to host North Dakota on Friday (1 p.m. start, free admission) http…
Whoa. It looks like a South Carolina columnist from has declared war on North Dakota. -- @
North Dakota vs. Davenport begins on Fish Market, here are the drafts, let's watch the game!
The best thing about North Dakota is that I can still watch Bar Rescue
Exploring the country. Took this in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.
Stay tuned for powerful stories coming out of North Dakota and South Dakota.
But hey, Trump said this is okay. Right Mike Lliteras
I'm chillin with the dogs out here in North Dakota
Community mourns over the loss of three young lives
*flies to North Dakota just to hug my best friend and then flies right back to Chicago*
"We invite you to view a new documentary made at Standing Rock called "War of North Dakota", produced by Rod...
🤓 Blaming Trump for Dakota Pipeline w/out blaming elites of North American Indian tribes involved is racist, i.e.,
There have been more than 4,400 spills in North Dakota alone and yet pushes pipeline
UN official: Tribe not properly heard in pipeline dispute: A United Nations official who visited North Dakota in…
Two Unicorn Riot journalists had criminal trespassing charges (stemming from coverage) dismissed today in North Dakot…
What young Donald really thinks of US military veterans.
North Dakota has the No. 2 best economy of any U.S. state thanks to surging production.
All the in North Dakota align to spell something shocking!
Over the last week, LGBTQIA people in North Dakota and South Dakota shared their stories of…
Don't tell Morton County or the Sheriff will arrest and jail you for telling the truth. That's against the law in N…
(1) Chuck Norris has banned rainbows from the state of North Dakota.
Relatively warm February a boon for North Dakota ranchers
Here's why North Dakota is probably better than wherever you live
Bill to approve non-Indian casinos in North Dakota called 'racist' and punishment for movement…
North Dakota Republican says Judge will be a justice “for all of America…
Sign-up today for the North Dakota Dodgeball Tournament & put those dodging skills to the test! To register, visit…
"Dakota Access Pipeline expected to bring $100M a year to North Dakota".
“The Creative Impulse: Artists from North Dakota and the Broader Region” is an exhibition by the UND Art...
Miami v. North Dakota at the Goggin this weekend. Let's Go 'Hawks!
This guy can coach -- Impressive road win for Brian Katz and Sac State over 1st place North Dakota. 2015 Durham Award w…
Hey would you ever think of coming to North Dakota for a photo shoot? Just an amateur photographer asking 🙈
The Master Cleanse plays Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday, March 25th at 3:15pm! Thank you
Wisconsin again sends 17 State Patrol officers to North Dakota protest camp via
Three things: Feb. 26 - Omaha, North Dakota split The tight race at the middle of the NCHC standings keeps beco...
UNO snapped its losing streak to North Dakota yesterday to keep its home-ice playoff hopes alive…
State Patrol troopers in North Dakota not wearing name tags - La Crosse Tribune
Updated story from as UNO hockey solves North Dakota riddle to keep home-ice hopes alive…
Before you ask, no this isn't Omaha-North Dakota
SCSU is one point behind Omaha and North Dakota for fourth in the NCHC standings and move up one position in the Pairwise to 14.
UNO hockey splits weekend series with North Dakota:
(3) weird that two blue bloods like North Dakota and BC might not be in the tournament
UNO snapped a six-game losing streak to North Dakota and moved into a tie for fourth in the conference standings…
North Dakota: GOP introduced a bill to allow motorists to run over & kill protesters as long as it's "accidental."
OSU men’s hockey hosts Michigan in a key B1G series this week while the women open the WCHA tourney at North Dakota.
Shailene Woodley, come back to North Dakota and clean up your mess via
Only in today's America: North Dakota bill seeks to halt development for 2 years because it hurts coal. ht…
Read this & natural disaster. Then read about North Dakota & that man caused disaster. Both so destructive & sad.
BREAKING: Police begin arresting Dakota Access Pipeline protesters for failing to meet deadline to leave North Dakota camp.
Veterans at see police retribution after arrest and charges 😡. .
These are Democratic Senators from West Virginia, North Dakota, and Montana. We need them for sheer numbers.
Check out for great youth hockey camps in North Dakota and Minnesota!
Activists in North Dakota have until Wednesday afternoon to leave a camp on the banks of the Missouri
still looking? How about a junior college in North Dakota? danny.davis
"Showdown looms for protesters near Dakota Access Pipeline"
HA!!! Watch tear a media shill APART on the local North Dakota news!!
Showdown looms for protesters near Dakota Access Pipeline via
Flooding like never before in Cali?Same with Texas? . And there's protests in North Dakota over more oil pipeline? . Both states are coastal 🤔
sorry we're all not from North Dakota
States' data on fracking well spills inadequate for comprehensive study, researchers say .
Watch for us at the 63rd Annual State Fire School taking place February 23rd - 26th in Minot, North Dakota. We...
Showdown looms for protesters near site of Dakota Access Pipeline
As some protesters burn down camp to leave, others say they will defy... by
North Dakota is owned by Big Oil. ND police are owned by Big Oil. ND politicians are owned by Big Oil including
The showdown is beginning at Spread the word
/. North Dakota: New bills: A crime to wear a mask during demonstrations; a felony if you cause $1,000 or more in damages while protesting.
"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the North Dakota governor have imposed a noon eviction deadline today for... https:…
Cheyenne River camp, ~1 mile south from Oceti Sakowin camp on Highway 1806 in North Dakota
Snow falling and structures burning at Oceti Sakowin camp ~4.5 hours ahead of scheduled eviction by North Dakota arme…
Minnesota, North Dakota unsafe? Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Act means make claim in US. Queue jumpers spoil it for others.
Then I went to Standing Rock, North Dakota last December and saw American citizens absolutely living with that level of poverty.
Wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. More at…
North Dakota dried up financially, he's a few years too late!
hmm this governor *** . Gov. Burgum has issued an exec order reinforcing Feb. 22 deadline for...
To the guy who came from North Dakota at the concert posted the plate you talked about giving her on Snapchat 🙃
"North Dakota and South Dakota...or just Dakota? Do I get to decide? Steve?". --Trump's brain when anyone asks about two…
It's not everyday the Pope drops some UNDRIP knowledge... Free, Prior and Informed Consent -->
North Dakota is back on the list of states seeking to strip 1st amendment rights. They're after protesters. https…
URGENT: North Dakota is ordering mandatory evacuation of in Oceti Sakowin camp, on treaty land, by…
Native tribes to urge judge to block final link in Dakota pipeline
A proposal to study bitcoin regulation in North Dakota has reportedly run into some opposition. As reported last...
North Dakota governor orders emergency evacuation of protest camp.
I'll never get how all these so called "Christians' still choose Trump over the Pope.
New South Kensington Ave, North Dakota and Moyen from POÈSIES ANTILLAISES. James Stillman. Lithograph, printed in color, ink, crayon on yellow
Pope appears to back native tribes in Dakota Pipeline conflict
Governor orders evacuation of Dakota pipeline protest camp by via
Governor orders evacuation of Dakota pipeline protest camp
Pope Francis today appeared to back Native Americans seeking to halt part of the Dakota Access Pipeline:
The North Dakota bill that would legalize running over protestors has failed to become law 👊🏼
That's right, Mr. Trump!. Because we're going to New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico
Wisconsin spent $730k to send officers to North Dakota to assist in suppressing protests
North Dakota has a 69 year old state-wide ban on parking meters.
BREAKING: North Dakota which would allow citizens to run over water protectors with no liability, FAIL…
You know how I know I have a roll model of a boss. He just got in a bar fight in North Dakota over black jack and won.
7:58, 1st - North Dakota with another big kill despite Mankato find some space. Even strength again. 1-0, UND
10:20, 1st - Since the goal, it's been all Mankato with multiple chances. North Dakota defense and goalie are holding strong.
North Dakota sees its 7-game winning streak fall at Idaho, 74-61. UND in 3-way tie atop the Big Sky at 11-2 w No. Colorado and Montana St.
Officials in North Dakota town see no way to block white supremacist Cobb from buying old church
US army says North Dakota pipeline could be fully functional in less than 3 months
All in Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, & South Dakota, protest Trump, bannon, 2PM Saturday 2/4 on your sta…
"It is now legal in the state of North Dakota to run over protesters obstructing traffic". Me:
A new bill in North Dakota says it's ok for motorists to run over and kill protesters
Ohio state Highway Patrol will seek reimbursement from North Dakota authorities for pipeline protest response
1830, the federal Indian Removal Act, 1890, Wounded Knee, North Dakota. List goes on!
Reason 19373946 North Dakota winters suck: having to scrape your windshield window off.
U.S. Army grants easement for Dakota Access Pipeline: court filing...
This is what a foreign invasion looks like. And no Russians anywhere: via
Signed copies for all 3 competition winners from New Orleans North Dakota and Widnes :) Amazon UK
there's a north and South Dakota, a north and South Carolina, why the F is there not an east and West Virginia
Dakota Access Pipeline is allowed to proceed: The US Army Corps of Engineers will grant an easement in North Dakota…
NEW: Standing Rock tribe: "Our fight is no longer at the North Dakota site itself. Our fight is with Congress and the Trum…
I flew over the North Dakota Pipeline protests today. That was intense
Police find drugs, over $7,000 in cash and 3 high capacity magazines for AR15-style rifles near anti-pipeline camp. ht…
Outraged by Trump fast-tracking over tribes & water protectors' rights. more than ever htt…
This is an excellent must-read account of things actually happening on the ground in North Dakota re DAPL pipeline.
Plans for a $240 million soybean crush plant & refinery announced today in North Dakota.
North Dakota Congressman gleefully announcing this is a Trump energy advisor who doesn't believe in man-made climate change.…
In North Dakota? Check out the North Dakota Cyber Security Conference on March 16th!:
Protestiere bei Deiner Bank - protest @ YOUR bank and see if it is involved.
Never stop resisting DAPL. Fight like the future of our planet depends on it. . Because it does.
Tom Brady went to Michigan, Michigan lost to Iowa, who lost to North Dakota State. JMU beat North Dakota State, therefor…
It's nice to know I have support in North Dakota. Not going to lie
Imagine being the type of person excited by the North Dakota Pipeline when you're not directly profiting from it
Controversial Dakota pipeline to go ahead after Army approval
North Dakota Legislature Weighs Massive List of Rules for Medical Marijuana (from https:/…
U.S. Army Corps grants the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.
Glad I don't live in North Dakota. Apparently a couple of old senile sexist state reps still think it's the 1950s.
Today, Rick Becker for North Dakota's bill banning "safe spaces" on college campuses and protecting First...
PTs, join a successful outpatient clinic in North Dakota:
If you're in North Dakota, Sen. John Hoeven seems to have reluctantly fallen in line. He knows better. Tell him no on DeVos.…
Here it comes people. A rogue state gov't in North Dakota. Now the foundation to Marshall law in a major city. Test…
Another great Carson Wentz interview. Way to represent North Dakota!
Hey the people of North Dakota are watching. Confirm Neil Gorsuch.
I'm just now recovering from cancer and I just did 17 months in the county in North Dakota
Friends, I just got off the phone with Michael Markus from Burleigh County Jail in Bismarck, North Dakota. As...
Trust me he knows all about what's happening in North Dakota. Morton County pd and army corps
"Three Democrats—Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Mark R. Warner of...
And we have near Martial Law with the police and government actions and Morton County North Dakota
north dakota is such a beautiful state and I couldn't be more grateful to have been raised here surrounded by the most genuine…
Keep your eye on North Dakota tomorrow and days to come
This is so heartbreaking. North Dakota is on the take. "There's laws for the powerful..." PLEASE watch this...
Would love your support for North Dakota Water Protectors and the Lakota having their treaty/human rights ignored for DAPL.
Standing Rock Tribe says it will take legal action against Dakota pipeline decision
N.D. Sen.: Army Corps told to allow construction of pipeline: A spokesman for the U.S. Army…
Army to proceed with Dakota Access Pipeline North Dakota lawmakers say:
Dr. Lisa Palmer ~ Talks to Fox News KTGO North Dakota about Politics and Protests: via
Two members of U.S. Congress from North Dakota have released statements saying that the Acting Assistant...
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