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North Country

The North Country is a region of the U.S. state of New York that encompasses the state's extreme northern frontier, bordering Lake Ontario on the west, the Saint Lawrence River and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec on the north and northwest, and Lake Champlain and Vermont on the east.

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Completely blown away by Girl from the North Country at Any Dylan fans, theatre fans, or Moaning Myrtle fans must go see it.
North Country counties receiving federal funds for March blizzard
The happiest girl in all of North Country 😎☀️ @ Saint Lawrence River
A song for my prolific pen-pal in the north woods of Wigan, England...Bob Dylan's "Girl From the North Country". . https:…
The will be held June 7-11 this year. This is every North Country moviegoers dream!…
The Leroy Brown is called "Girl from the North Country" at their other resturant in Harmony. Obvi named after you two,
ICYMI: Check out the results from local who participated in the annual YMCA Shamrock Run during the North Country...
TGIF! It's a beautiful day in the North Country and Tupper Lake! . Happy Hour: 4pm-6pm tonight. Tonight's Features:...
Congrats to Thunder U12 and North Franklin U12 on titles! Way to rep the North Country & our rich hockey history.
Always a highlight having North Country join us for their leadership training! Bring on summer camp!
Brooke Burke from North Country stars in You Don't Mess with the Zohan about a delightful Pest controller named Clintona
Shout out to on the 4 point weekend. North Country trip next weekend
Check out owner, Bob McCafferty, and Michael Pound as they explore what makes The Harmony Inn and North Country... https:/…
There are two Deer Rivers in the North Country of New York. Deer River - a tributary of St. Regis River. Thi...
It is a cold one today up in North Country but we are so glad our ice fishing buddies…
Girl from the North Country in de versie van Dyaln samen met Johnny Cash
Where the Oak & The Ash & the Bonny Rowan Tree, are all a Growing Green in the North Country! (Home Boys Home-The Dubliners)
We had a thunder snowstorm here in the North Country last night. CBSNews Video via
We're Click to apply: Advertising Account Executive - Media (Plattsburgh / North Country,NY) -
Dixville Notch is way the *** up beyond the White Mountains--in what is called the North Country or the Great North Woods.
I may be a North Country alum, but happy to see Orleans County's own Lake Region Rangers as D2 soccer champs. Congr…
As the begins, take a look at this fun-looking 'Old North Country Game' - golf's distant cousin?
Construction on Both directions from West Old Country Road to North Broadway; NY 107
The government made it official Friday that a country club owned by Lotte Group in Seongju County, North...
- Remsen's Erin Hamlin Set to Train in Lillehammer, Norway: The Americans, who will train on the 1994 ...
Scotland needs a National Slavery Monument to mark the country's links to the North Atlantic slave trade.
North East is losing ground on rest of country in attracting foreign investment.
USA has bcm weak,like other nation allies. New world power is alliance of Pakistan, China, North Korea n other Islamic Country
do you supply all around the country? or just the North East?
Nigeria in the hands of the Fulani North since the artificial country was made in 1914, duo grave mistake.
...Domino's? The North is like an entirely different country altogether. I could be down for that.
Just added! Stunning country estate in Oughtershaw, just 5 miles from Buckden in
Nothing sums up the country better than some excellent Golf. Bring the caddy.
"Why was Flint taxi driver who fled country allowed to keep hois passport during rape trial?"
Thailand is becoming a "hybrid of North Korea and Singapore," a prominent artist says
With the worst part of both combined, indeed
leader: H-bomb test should make "world look up to our strong nuclear country" https:/…
There are safe zones in the north of the country.
Reliance Communications (Rcom) can bid across the country except North-East and Assam telecom circles.
“It’s becoming a hybrid of Singapore and North Korea,”
It looks like the free world wants Trump. North Korea, Iran, & Saudi Arabia want Hillary. Is that what you want our countr…
Cross country gets going tomorrow with the North West Young Athletes League XC - Horsenden Hill. Show the oldies how it's done Heathsiders.
Great to see progress in the North. and manage long-term linkage between healthy country…
The north of the country is dominated by towering mountain ranges that provide plentiful…
Country has world’s largest youth population, 65% of its citizens r undr 35yrs.For youth, job creation is most imp. aspe…
Visited Airbus and Toyota today to discuss Brexit. Two big employers in the north east of the country. Neither of these fir…
Nothing beats a chicken pot pie streudel, potato cakes, and North Country beer at the Harmony Inn. So good.
And, the north of the Kingdom of Heaven will be the North, and the North Country. And the Northern Army. With the christian knights. And,
Come on out to Lake Region to see this year's boys soccer team take on North Country and Belmont, NH in a scrimmage today. Starts at 11am.
Reminds me of Charlize Theron's film, North Country. If you haven't seen it it's a must-see
Get tix NOW for three full September days upstate to celebrate the North Country with
Kyra Sedgwick from North Country stars in Hotel Rwanda about an efficient Dental assistant named Jolly
Lamoille raddled D1 North Country for a 15-3 Victory. Great pitching from Kody Jones and Nick Fitzgerald. We love free b…
White Mountains Community College President Matt Wood welcomed Governor Hassan to the North Country on Friday,...
Traveling in the North Country: By GREG LARSON, Lucky Peach I skipped the in-flight meal on Air Koryo—the only…
who you got in the North Country showdown this wknd? SLU v Clarkson...
Ice bars becoming popular at North Country inns - See more at:
Mixed precip goes to rain for most by 12PM. Freezing rain may linger a bit longer over the North Country
Alex Wolff from North Country stars in Boardwalk Empire about a natural Chiropractor named Monita
At 12 Noon: the lake effect piles up in the North Country.
Mother Nature hasn't given the North Country much snow, but one local resort has taken matters into its own hands.
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Peyton McLaurin dropped 26 points in North Country's 86-85 loss to Columbia-Greene. Brian Donaire chipped in with 19 points.
It resulted in a 4.9-magnitude earthquake with an epicentre less than 100 km from the country's nearest border...
yes India must be strong specially from north-west side. No any country of this world support India as fast developing.
The UN Security Council has vowed to pursue new sanctions against North Korea after the reclusive country said on...
Fallen tree and reports the road is blocked between North Country and Illogan
Between North Country and Illogan we've got reports the road is blocked due to a fallen tree. Approach with care.[SG]
I just went to work and Netflix is now available in the country and North Korea blew up a Hydrogen Bomb. Jeez. Everything escalated quickly.
Al Jazeera gains rare access into N Korea & examines the impact of US policy on the country
Nigeria army displays weapons seized from armed bandits in the north of the country
Usa will never accept north Korea as an nuclear country. Hmmm just deny it and its not there. Wil this work with terrorism too?
the "they" he's referring to are the Arab & North African immigrants that have been entering in the country
North Korea's the only country in the world that can claim to test an H-bomb and the rest of the world's like "ok lil fella, sure you did."
Onward.announces it will launch in 130 more countries...except China
Seismic activity in similar to nuclear test the country conducted in 2013, says IAEA chief Yukiya Amano
First mention of a country not in North America in I'm excited!!
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America needs a true leader like me. Metaphorically this country will naturally and harmoniously drift towards a nation like North Korea
Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn is the country’s lowest expenses claimer
Netflix announces it will launch in 130 more countries
North Korea: China urges country to honour commitment to denuclearisation
.Is it any wonder that a country where the killed double digit % of pop can go to decades psychosis?
Isn't North Korea already one of the most sanctioned country around? What will another dozen sanctions do?
Wow. Netflix opens up to virtually every country overnight.
I added a video to a playlist Bob Dylan - Girl from the North Country (Silver Linings Playbook)
I added a video to a playlist Girl from the north country - Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
N.Korean bomb a fraction of other bombs, & not even the country's strongest test:
Congratulation, North Korea. Keep it up. Americans are only scared of one country in the world that is North Korea. Brave country.
lets talk about north korea and the BOMB, mmm, north south korea, ? whats the history of the country ? WIKI ? ANYONE ?
2 charts that put North Korea's latest nuclear test in perspective: North Korea is the only country to test nu...
North Korean they our fellow humans,dose it means that any country that refuses to be pocketed by U.S will be in a watch list shame
Which country would not go and sit on North African shores and STOP people dying in the Med? Before leaving..
it is around Detroit but when you go north, it's a lotta country nonsense
Israel or north Korea those countries are great, they think about there country and we Indian(hindu) never think about our country.
he is a tough talker and they should be sanctions against this country Korean he is Just like assad but this...
Why Jew run UNO is so panic after North Korea's nuclear test??? every country has its own explanation to defend them self
North Korean restaurant Okryugwan has international locations, solely to bring foreign money into its economically weak moth…
North Korea states that "earthquake" was caused by hydrogen bomb testing; and in response the U.N claimed to take action against the country
North Korea didn't test an H-bomb . Iran hasn't built an nuclear bomb. Which country are we supposed to be more afraid of? Syria?
11 restaurants to visit via snowmobile in the North Country and Adirondacks: https:/…
Did you know that College Choice ranked WSSU the No. 1 in North Carolina and the No. 5 HBCU in the country?
Governor Hassan showed North Country much love, even having an inaugural ball there after campaigning
North Country man tries smoke bomb to get rid of skunk, ends up with house in flames: The Lisbon, New Y...
Like, no, your "upstate" is North Country. Oswego is Upstate, and Syracuse is Central NY. Everything else, idk/idc
What do Mohawk Valley, North Country and Capital Region have in common? Excellent eco dev reporting
Lake effect still going strong for the North Country as well as Chenango and southern Otsego Counties!
That's it and that's all. North Country, Capital Region, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson all have lost the URI.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
For those in the east, dark skies and bright can be seen in the North Country of NY, in the Park.
The Northeast Recycling Council and the Development Authority of the North Country are teaming up with the...
North Country man hospitalized after accidental shooting
I added a video to a playlist Joni Mitchell-Girl of the North Country (Johnny Cash Show)
David Charvet from North Country stars in The Hangover about an incisive Forester named Larna
It's going to be a windy Wednesday in the North Country! Pass it on so no one is caught off-guard!
🚬 ♫ Girl from the North Country by Johnny Cash with Bob Dylan (at Uncle Slick Pomade Office) —
Julian Morris from Holy Rollers stars in North Country about a fussy Petroleum engineer named Lendell
North Country residents: come to Colonial Theatre this Sat Oct 17 for a screening of Tracing the Pass!
Bob Dylan needs to write song about dinosaurs & BIFS in the North Country. Dinosaurs in Minnesota via
. Ahem We call it the North Country . I can see the St.Lawrence river rn. . Frederick Remington Museum in my town
A collection of North Country photos of the supermoon eclipse.
North Country retailer plans to open site in Exeter: Garnet Hill, a clothing and home decor retailer based in…
Learning about suicide prevention in the North Country
Now that is sweet. Will work great in the "North Country" as well. 😎
Girl From the North Country by Bob Dylan from the album Nashville Skyline
About to kickoff... One of the North Country's biggest rivalries... General Brown vs. IHC.
Popular live music venue closes in Saranac Lake - A mainstay of the live music scene in the North Country is close...
VTDigger Margolis: Sanders’ message to the N.H. North Country: Sen. Bernie Sanders made a stop in Berlin, ...
CNY Camp Report 2015 destinations for Monday: Off to North Country to see Carthage and defending Class A Champ Indian River.
North Country benefits from growth in tourism: With the stunning beauty of the Great North Woods, some new parks…
.William Michael Morgan is debuting on your North Country right now! Love this song, it's COUNTRY! KKDQ
.is playing on the North Country's Best! 99.3FM KKDQ Thief River Falls, Mn! Would like to see this
We love Legal Aid society who provides legal services in the North Country in the real upstate New York.
St. Lawrence NYSARC's community electronic waste recycling day Friday in ... - North Country ...
Tons of guns in the North Country but..."no one can tell us what is missing." That's just great.
Mississippi Burning and North Country are the saddest movies I've ever watched
Girl from the North Country featuring Dylan and that's good.
Check out our & series preview, along with a special shoutout to North Country's Bucco Blonde Ale.
State Police do not expect to charge tractor trailer driver in deadly North Country crash: State Police say they do…
Johnny Cash & Joni Mitchell duet on cover of Bob Dylan's "Girl of the North Country" on Johnny Cash Show in 1970.
Peter Coyote from Saved By The Bell stars in North Country about a discreet Author named Cheyenne
Hike segment of national North Country trail next to pristine Lake Owen
Another country? One of the highest-paying transit jobs in North America is open in Vancouver.
The Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina protects the country’s only remaining wild red wolves.
But I bet it's not the same as your north country boy.
Dreamt Sam Neil led a group of oil riggers to the North Pole & an enemy of Alicia Florrick was going to teach them to become a country.
I'm from Basque Country, north of Spain and i dream and *** many times because your hot and sexy ***
On to the next phase: re-emergence of the Southern tyrants"It's inevitable, until the North agrees to restructuring of this Country
Ship Childrens books to Qschool in Israel: Beneficiary: Funds are for North Country Reform Temple to ship the ...
North Country Brewery at home with the rest of the growlers.
*Coughs* Towards the North of the country is nice too!
Take a ride at North Country ATV Association NYTRO of Eastern NY ! (New York)
Discover the North Country. Massena, NY is ready for you and your amazing car.
People brought on board Sumitra in local boats and country craft at Ash Shihr port (25 km North East of AL Mukallah).
we are in the Hill Country. North of San Antonio. Happy Easter!
Notification: NwAus- Austin Cycling Team North Country Ride (Road) @ Weekly from 7:30am to 11am on Sunday (Austin …
Localized heavy snowfall this morning in the north country! Gone by 10ish.
By James Pearson SEOUL, April 2 (Reuters) - North Korea has expelled without explanation the country director of Welthungerhilfe, one of
We are all so lucky to be born in Britain, watching a documentary about North Korea and that country is awful
back to their country which is, ,,,? North of Kenya.
One of the gunmen identified as Abdirahim Abdullahi, a son of a local chief in the North-East of the country.
Timely. "Kenya's North Eastern Province, the country's third-largest region, borders Somalia and is exclusively...
The forgotten pyramids of Sudan: Few visitors have been making the trek out to the country's north...
North Korea expels country director of German aid group
One of Wilkes Country's favorite sons leads us to the Thorn of Grace on the North Charlotte District.
we all love unitedly our country internationale North Korea gratuitously Thanx KIM Un NK allieZZ deityZZ vs theySS unitedly
North Country Boy runs in the 2.00 at Market Rasen tomorrow (Monday)!
Yes. I live in the North East of the country and No, I won Nothing on the Lotto!
How do we link north central to Lagos and the other part of the country should be govt focus. . Yam,potato, rice, tomato r n abundance here
Sunrise service in the north country
big difference between being Irish & from the North - the IRA would never have existed if you never sold a part of your country
As a country we need to show our resolve by strengthening institutions of learning in North Eastern.
Being poor in North America is worse than being poor in a "3rd World country" they can grow the resources to feed them self but not in N.A.
. Most come from East-Europe. More from North Africa in the French speaking part ot the country.
If you’re travelling to the north country fair
I been there, I am going up to North Wales Tuesday, it's a lovely part of the country
Can't wait for the North-East derby, where commentators patronise the rest of the country by telling us how important footb…
[2/10] Australia is far bigger country than you would imagine: 5hour flight time East to West/ 4.5 hours North-South.
LTTE pointing finger at ARMY, threatening to kick them out. Parayas conquered the North and East of country.
Or,Holi,Diwali in d north or our military n para-military soldiers around d country.But as always sum r more equal dan others.
The war in the north east raged on and our government unlooked as much as it could. Inside the same country, hundreds of tho…
Chile's Bachelet visits flood-hit north after 25 killed. Chile's President Michelle Bachelet visited the flood-hit north of the country whe…
The funds Diezani Madueke and Okonjo Iweala stole from this country is enough to rebuild the whole North East from dust to…
Up in North Wales for Easter holiday with the family. I simply love being outdoor, fresh air in the country side. It's all good
North Country quilters: Check out this cool opportunity from the Cape Vincent Library! Must be used IN that...
Canton, NY- Are you interested in learning about Native American heritage in the North Country? Do you enjoy music and dancing?
Watch: Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell sing 'Girl of the North Country' on the Johnny Cash Show
I'm guessing Nashville Skyline recording. "Girl from the North Country"
says she'll vote for a 'clean' DHS funding bill. Important her North Country DHS folks get paid, she says.
Bad news for local food in St. Lawrence Co. North Country Grown Coop to suspend operations.
According to North Korea, if you don't have film makers in the country, kidnap them from others
"A country home in the woods + beach livin' on Hawaii's North Shore.
try They are mainly cottages but there is a pub to the north called Ty Dderw Country Inn :)
There is only one country between North Korea and Norway.
Driven from their country by violence Syrian family makes new home in NC. Photos by
North East sees biggest rise in the country of private pensions membership: Government reveals the North East also…
At -- My wish for a more welcoming country. . . north .
North Country Cycle Sport/Derailed Mountain Bike Team rider Tina Dominic has donated a MTB skills clinic to the...
In north aftica Lybia has hit a turning point with conflict in their country
Reading one book from every country in the world sounds like fun - until you come to North Korea via
will they cast Sean Young and Harrison Ford as grandparents living quietly somewhere in the 'North Country' / no Ridley Scott :-(
Meeting North&South poles in the same country means, we r towards united Bharat after 68 yrs of independence.
Prince Bandar to MI6 chief, years ago."God help the Shia. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them."
This week our vans have been to Belgium, Scotland, The west country & North Wales. Helping Oxfordshire business's
new book that authors say aims to document “North Korea, the country” including lives of ordinary North Koreans
To win a copy of answer: What country north of SA has had hyperinflation in the ;ast 10 years? SMS 47913
Hi Lee, the actual order goes into a supplier here in the north east. Nike select suppliers across the country.
Newcastle Unites against Pegida demonstration backed by unions from across the country
I must be in the wrong country then. Grim up north. Except today.
With North Korea and Iran threatening with future wars against our country, all I have to say is, bring it on.
Families of the North, the needs you 22-25 May'15. Burrs Country Park, Bury
Tomorrow night at Lionheart. NORTH OF 49 . Whether you like classic rock or country, you are sure to enjoy the...
I'm going to at The Country Fest in North Lawrence, OH - Jun 13
I wish they'd stop telling the rest of the country how awesome the North East is, we know that and we'd like to...
Spending £290m to upgrade the A1 north of Newcastle. In total on transport- largest investment in in country's modern history
Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 & 3 releases on the Wii U eShop today, in North America!
Girl from the North Country.songs that make me happy :)
North of 60 athletes shine bright: While praise is due to all of the athletes competing in Prince George for t...
Bonnie named one of the best places to live in the countryside! http:…
Escape to the Country: North Yorkshire - Today on FilmOnTV's really channel at 1:00pm (GMT)
“How's he gonna fare...when a grizzled North Country vet has a real tough question for him & no punting is allowed?”
Boko haram in the north a major national issue, now massob creatin a country in a country in the east, who send this man to be president now
This map of the region was indeed updated: ranks now as a "free country"
Okay, Benga is not a Tamil country but a North East country. Then?
More to come, including the bus tour Saturday and Monday's march in Albany.
Buddy has Betty Davis eyes. Good night from the North Country
1969, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan recording "Girl from the North Country" in Nashville, with producer Bob Johnston.
Saginaw Valley is eliminated from the North Country. Michigan state moves on to face Alabama in Peham, AL at 7pm March 10
BTW, 'Erin Brockovich' and 'North Country' are worth a watch too! :)
A piece of the North Country right here in Chicago. @ Tribune Tower
Slick Spots possible tonight Southern Tier and North Country, Drivers use caution! Buffalo and Rochester just rain,
I'm writing a Girl from the North Country-esque dirge to commemorate my beloved Shulkie series. No joke
Girl of the North Country. Sam Bush's version. Tell me when you hear a better song.
Meeting Minutes: January 10, 2014 The Northern Warren Trailblazers Winter White-Out is planned for Saturday, January 18th, from 12pm to 5pm at the Club House on Knapp Hill. All are welcome to attend to enjoy Live Music by Finger Diddle, a Barbeque being served from 1pm to 4pm, Bonfires, and the drawing for a 2014 Ski Doo MXZ Sport 600 at 4:30. Second prize is a 2013 Triton Trailer. Cost for the Barbeque is $15 at the gate, with children under 10 Free. Raffle tickets for the snowmobile can be purchased at local businesses or by calling Mike Hill at The North Country Hardship Fund will be having a Cabin Fever Party at the Panther Mt. Inn on Friday, January 24th beginning at 7am with Live Music, snacks and give aways. $5 entry fee goes to the Hardship Fund which encompasses the entire North Country. 4th Annual Bob “Wimpy” Whitford Ice Fishing Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 8am – 3pm on Brant Lake. Cost of tournament is $20, and proceeds go towards a scholarship in Bobby’ ...
It is a warm late spring day and I have climbed the highest mountain in my area of the North Country. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze that keeps those pesky black fly's at bay. I rest on an out cropping of stone and take in the pristine beauty of the surrounding area. An eagle Soars overhead stretching it's wings and glides on the currant of fresh mountain air. As I take a snack from my pack I notice different types of insects scouring around . I drop a piece of food on the rock and watch with amazement as ants appear, break up the crumbs and carry it away to there den. My mind races to a song sung by Louie Armstrong in the movie good morning Vietnam "What A wonderful World" Well my rest is over, but I will long remember this moment . Everyone have a great day be safe and warm. God Bless.
We love this cover of "Girl from North Country," a fav song of WHERE THE NIGHTS contr. Linda Rogers
Paul Sprenger, lawyer for female miners in case that inspired “North Country,” dies
Event cancelled. Lake Effect Snow Advisory from 1/6/2015 12:11 AM to 4:00 AM EST for North Country. … Read more at
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash will always be cool. | Girl from the North Country
New event. Wind Chill Watch from 1/7/2015 1:00 PM to 1/8/2015 7:00 AM EST for North Country. More i… Read more at
Weather report from north side of the country
because I'm sick of that chap from the North Pole, coming to our country every December and giving hi…
U.S. believes North Korea likely hired hackers from outside the country for Sony attack:
1839 - young Luke is on the run in the North Country, beyond law or civilization~ LEGEND OF THE DAWN by htt…
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it's Greenway Bank Country Park near Biddulph in the dark depths of North Staffordshire :)
Girl from the North Country, Sung by Leon Russell & Joe Cocker, Live recording from the Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour. Song written by Bob Dylan I do not own th...
Blake Barrow rocks his first back country ski tour up skyline ridge at Stevens Pass. Nice deeps on the north...
Goodreads giveaway ends tomorrow. Still time to win a copy of The North Country Confessional
Tom's wake will be held Wednesday, December 31st and Thursday, January 1st at Branch Funeral Home between 2-4 pm and 7-9pm. Branch Funeral Home is located at 551 Route 25A, Miller Place, NY. Tom's funeral will be held at 11am on Friday, January 2nd at St. John The Baptist church located at 1488 North Country Road in Wading River. Thank you for all the love and support you've shown me these last several days. Maddy
Like Listen to North Country OutDoors Radio on 99.3FM KKDQ Thief River Falls, Minnesota right now!
Antique White TV Stand with a Walnut top crates this cottage country chic flair! Headed to North…
Video: Morocco, the Land of Beauty: Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in the Maghreb region of North ...
billions of money to help North Korea evolve into a rich country. Not only they would need to help their economy, but they would
Biased as fck towards anything north of Manchester.. Tell the country why Stirling isn't charged...could do with a laugh..
So that 'out of the country trip' that Marlo took is right on North Ave.
After leading the way for Duncan is Runner of the Year
I PLEDGE TO NIGERIA MY COUNTRY... SHOULD I BE FAITHFUL: LOYAL AND HONEST. Even when they are killing us in the north.???
Is the North now your name? You can't shut me down, I hold a bigger stake in this Country, than all the North put together!
Tenth Avenue North & For king and country are both great bands.
Poor North korea; a pawn country that has made SONY INC have a brilliant 2014 as the "THE INTERVIEW" rake millions online
But really? A movie about two Americans planning to assassinate the current leader of North Korea and expose the country's 'secrets'
can't wait to watch The Interview later, FINALLLY get to see it, thanks north korea you silly country
guess this us your first major stay in the north right? It's a normal for the young male and female in most …
Have you eaten at Chappell's in North KC yet? If not it'd be well worth your time, 1 of the best Sports Museums in the country
"The Wood" tried us NC ppl like we hella country 😂😂 "nah I think she purty" "I'm from North Cuhlina" 😩😩
my father in law was a Geordie we still have family in North Shields and Whitley Bay loving part of the country & lovely people
US stands by assertion that North Korea was behind Sony hack after country's denial, official says -
Such stunning photos! We live in a gorgeous part of the country! via
How cities across the country are using alleys for more than trash pick-up
Our other favourite bit of the Country - North Norfolk. Thornham today.
The digital divide between the haves from have-nots is probably more sharply pronounced in North Korea than in any other country.
and don’t get me wrong, in the north I love our country but when I head south I just never feel welcome and I live here!
Climate change will drive trout from north country lakes
Social media outcry over PM Hawaii vacation amid major floods up North
Son of North Korean aide linked to Kim Jong-un's executed uncle is 'on the run…
North Korea has a special military task force whose only job is to keep The Interview out of the country.
Governor Cuomo has a declared a state of emergency for the following counties as a severe winter storm continues to bring snowfall across the state: Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Franklin, Genesee, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, Wyoming, and contiguous counties. The storm, which has already brought significant amounts of snow to Western New York and the North Country beginning Monday afternoon into Tuesday, is expected to continue through at least Thursday evening, reaching into Central New York. As part of the State of Emergency, Governor Cuomo deployed the National Guard to affected areas Tuesday afternoon and activated statewide Emergency Operations Centers at 8:00 p.m. Monday night. Staffing at the center includes personnel from the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, New York State Police, Thruway Authority, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Conservation and the Public Service Commission. "New York is experiencing yet another severe winter storm, and I ...
Gov. Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency for several Western New York and North Country counties
did you look at the map? Sullivan County is west central nh ... Grafton, Coos and Carroll are North Country to nh residents
Police search for suspect in North Country: New York State Police used a helicopter to look for a person who took…
I gotta admit, living in Florida is awesome and had its perks but I definitely miss home and the North Country more than I ever thought.
Recap of latest community forum on edu in North Country
"John the Revelator" with lyrics on screen. Featured on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack "Sons of Anarchy: North Country - EP" I do not own any rights.
As if it's not enough of an insult to have the so called "leaders" in our region ignore us, here are 2 more prime examples. 1. Kyle Grimes, GM of WPTZ Ch 5 Plattsburgh, speaks on how the North Country (Upstate NY is, Plattsburgh to the 1,000 Islands, JS) loses people when they graduate local colleges. Then he reports there is a "ray of hope" because Castleton, Vermont has been named the 8th "Smartest community in America" That's cute. Castleton is in Vermont and 120 miles from Plattsburgh. Way to go Grimey! Nice North Country report ;) The other insult comes from the lips of Elise Stefanik GOP shill for the 21st district job that (R) John Mchugh, and (D) Bill Owens have so effectively represented both sides of the aisle in the 21st, and have looked out for Veterans as well. John Boehner has tagged Stefanik with the GOP rebuttal of the President's radio address tomorrow. She reports that she is "Very excited" to bring North Country ideas to a National audience" *** She is such a brazen liar it is inc ...
Two more home games left, hard to believe! Win against North Country, goals by Chris Reiss, and
Freezing warnings and frost advisories in effect for TONIGHT across all of the North Country except Grand Isle county ht…
Hip, Hip Hooray.Three cheers for North Country, Walmart & General Mills! Walmart and General Mills partnered together to collect 20,000 Box Tops, worth $2000 for our own North Country Elementary School. Many THANKS to everyone who continue to donate their box tops to CJUSD school sites.
From Brooklyn and the Bronx to the North Country and the Southern Tier, Andrew C...
Girl from the North Country, Leon Russell & Joe Cocker: via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
David Eigenberg from North Country stars in Buffy the Vampire Slayer about a slow Finance broker named Roxanne
Our 1st ad of the general election "Working Together" featuring an all star North Country supporting cast
Mountain Ear closing its office and shifting focus to North Country – Conway Daily Sun
Blood supplies still low and need is urgent is North Country and broader region, Red Cross says
Zachary Gordon from The Social Network stars in North Country about a delicate Dental assistant named Lakita
Great news!.Oswegatchie (WSYR-TV) - Two Amish girls who had been missing in the North Country since Wednesday evening have been found. State Police confirmed that the girls have been found alive. The Amber Alert that had been issued following their disappearance has been cancelled.
Very nice, does look like it could be in the North Country of northern New England!
An empty Brooklyn is decidedly quieter than an empty North Country
yes, 2 hrs north of NYC in the Hudson Valley! it is beautiful here in the country, but no sparkling seas...
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