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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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the states I been in was ohio, Maryland, Virginia, New York, South & North Carolina and West Virginia (my home aka boring af)
North Carolina has more snow than northeast Nebraska. Cold here w/morning temp -3.
Note to self: the state of North Carolina decided to shut down due to snow, but the District of Columbia did not. Go to bed & quit texting.
News: North Carolina district using Saturday to make up for missed days
Snow days may costs some North Carolina district employees part of their paychecks, or require other duties.
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, Feb 25 (Reuters) - The Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, will host the 2021 Presidents Cup, the
NEWS:Kyle Busch transported to North Carolina hospital for more treatment »
NC State shocks No. 15 North Carolina, 58-46, at Smith Center. The Pack (17-11, 8-7) win for the first time in Chapel Hill
My midterm tomorrow just got cancelled due to a light sprinkling of snow on the ground. Well done North Carolina! 👏😄
A great video. Take a look. North Carolina's Innovation Reconstruction Imperative
Hey Gabriel! Have you ever been to North Carolina?
😩😩 you can find those kind of breeds in North Carolina
First statewide high school competition in North Carolina was debate. The same was true in Virginia.
Just wanna go to North Carolina already
North Carolina T-shirt, state toast, Here's to the land of the lon
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. If everyone from UNC would just hurry up and settle into *** .. North Carolina, would be a bett…
This years South Doyle Rugby Team will be untouchable! First State, then nationals in North Carolina!! We will crea…
In N.C., 16% still don't have health insurance, among highest in U.S.
can you do a weather report for virginia. You keep talking about North Carolina and Boston but not virginia.
So a car in Greenville, North Carolina pulled out of a parking lot and left some…
Chris brown again in natti or Ciaa North Carolina this weekend 😳
Hoping to stream the game on my flight Watch tonight’s game vs. N.C. State with
Here's another icy bird shot, by Larry Lefke in North Myrtle Beach! Send yours to cevans
please come to North Carolina I need you're help find this person his name is Martin Garrix
Many people from Ohio go to North Carolina as well - they have an income tax.
"If Voter ID was good enough for Nelson Mandela in South Africa, it’s good enough for me in North Carolina.". We have to in Indy
NC State has arrived in Chapel Hill. Tip vs. No. 15 North Carolina at Smith Center is set for 8pm.
nash was literally just a normal kid from north carolina & now he's living in LA starring in a movie like how crazy is that
.is heading home to North Carolina:
North Carolina: I'll be speaking about Religious Child Maltreatment starting March 15! Open to public: RT
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Looks like the snow has hit Zeta Psi Chapter/Eastern Carolina University in North Carolina! ht…
Yet another snow day... In North Carolina!! I think we've had more than Boston...
Just fantasy booked a new promotion that I'll be running with in North Carolina in my head while doing the dishes.
Nicki Minaj might as well be from North Carolina the way she did that Safaree *** something an NC Chick would do.
Every other school in North Carolina is cancelled except winston Salem state
North Carolina ain't a place to live in if you don't have a car or license. You're better off in a mostly rural state.
This week we are studying North Carolina! Grab your free pack today!
I blast Petey Pablo's Raise Up literally every time I enter the state of North Carolina and sometimes take off my shirt like a helicopter
. - North Carolina becomes 7th state in the USA to ban Muslim Sharia law …
Previewing N.C. State - No. 15 North Carolina looks to win for the 12th time in a row at home against ...
So did North Carolina, and it did.Carolina also wants to have Christianity as the state religion.Did not pass.
Just crossed state line. So glad to be back in North Carolina, I love this place!
Imma go to North Carolina in April for the NC State camp thts the big one
A single mother from a small town in coastal North Carolina has become the winner of the largest jackpot in state...
come visit the beautiful state of North Carolina
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Powerball jackpot winner in North Carolina: Single mom of 4 - The State
Superbug kills 1 and hospitalizes 17 in the US state of North Carolina
How can they take you to a huspitle in North Carolina if you gat shot in Los Angeles ??? Where is the logic in that ??? Its not just a scratsh you know !!! And they say they took your body to Seattle after being in a huspitle in North Carolina ??? This makes no sense at all Brandon !!! So manny things seem so absurt !!! YES I LOVE YOU Brandon !!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht Holland !!!
Cannot wait to go to Asheville, North Carolina for Alternative Spring Break 😍👏☀️
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church of North Carolina on a Mission to Collect 50,000 Textbooks for South African...
New post in /r/NorthCarolina: Daughter of tobacco sharecropper at country store. Person County, North Carolina, July 1939 by Dorothea Lange…
North Carolina, Maine, Florida, Louisiana and France trips all locked down. Productive morning.
I honestly want to go California, Florida or North Carolina for school next year!
ok but when you confuse North Carolina with Alabama and don't realize it's a day away
TCU at Arizona State. Alabama at Houston. UCLA at North Carolina. And is showing Southern U at New Orleans?!?! O_o
North Carolina is my favorite team and i following almost the whole tar heels
Two ACC legends in North Carolina today: Ralph Sampson was at the UNC game, and David Thompson is at the hornets game.
Sounds like North Carolina fans are similar to Alabama basketball fans. Roy Williams took a page out of Nick Saban's book today.
NCAAM Video: North Carolina's Brice Johnson scores off a designed "Four Corners" offense in honor of the late Dean…
ACC Basketball: North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech, three to know preview - Fayetteville Observer (blog)
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
United Royal Van Lines serve the North Carolina area for over 20 years. We move apartments, houses, and...
Are you not entertained?! >> North Carolina senator 'passed laws' by himself during a snow storm
Dean Smith, the former coach of the University of North Carolina basketball team, has died
Ryan Thomas from North Carolina just followed me!
Roy Jones Jr is supposedly fighting 14-8-2 Willie Williams on March 3rd in North Carolina. Tickets are only $80!
AKQ continues Small Craft Advisory for Coastal Waters from Cape Charles Light to Virginia-North Carolina border out to 20 nm, Coastal water…
Blue Devil freshmen prepared for first Duke-North Carolina contest - Duke Chronicle
Mark your calenders! Duke and North Carolina will square off again, this time from Chapel Hill, on March 7th.
"Wow.. this Duke-North Carolina game was like the Spider 2 Y Banana of college basketball games man. What a game." - Gr…
North Carolina is hoping Kenny The Jet Smith walks thru the door
North Carolina time to channel your inner Michael Jordan or the big smooth Sam Perkins
North Carolina and Georgia are my roots✊
North Carolina letting Duke back in the game!
Clay Aiken cares so much for North Carolina that he's moved to New York City.
Before the game, North Carolina & Duke huddled together to honor the late Dean Smith
From Utah but never had a snow day til I moved to Georgia... and now again in North Carolina. Anyone else see a problem with this?
I miss the good ole days when North Carolina had Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Ed Davis, and Tyler Zeller
Great moment here at Cameron as Duke and North Carolina players and staff knelt and bowed together in honor of the memory…
Lol mom says we're watching modern family tonight but she doesn't understand the rivalry bc she went to the west Georgia of North Carolina
Today I asked my buddy in Franklin, North Carolina if he was staying warm... He said low could reach -0 tonight.
Hi friends, do any of you know any nice people that have a home in either North Carolina or Georgia?
An American Football player left his $37.5 million dollar contract to become a North Carolina farmer and help the hungry.
New goal in life: get accepted into the John Hopkins School of Medicine in North Carolina.
Duke and North Carolina have split the previous 72 meetings when each team was ranked coming into game (36-36)
Wednesday's games to watch: North Carolina at Duke, Xavier at Cincinnati, Wisconsin at Penn State, Iowa State at Oklahoma…
A vigil will be held at 7 p.m. in the University Union to honor the victims of the recent shooting in North Carolina.
Winter storm in North Carolina, New England canceling flights at Orlando airport(Orlando news)
Chapel Hill shooting: Three young Muslims gunned down in North Carolina family home
Suspect in deaths of three Muslim students in North Carolina indicted on three counts of first-degree murder.
You'll never be as cool as a velvet Kenny Rogers poster in a smoky North Carolina bar.
WATCH: State of emergency for North Carolina, as winter storm approaches
North Carolina again had train derail and is keeps dumping toxins in Fayette county this is what how many times ?
"NPR jumps the shark on atheism and the North Carolina murders; presents Reza Aslan as their only “expert”"
Dr. Kenneth Zogry's presentation on the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina has been rescheduled for Monday, March 2 at 7:00 pm.
US President Obama denounces "brutal and outrageous murders" of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina http:…
1000 strong march in Qatar to protest North Carolina terrorist act via
Hundreds in Qatar protest North Carolina 'terrorist act' -
Middle East Updates / Saudi Arabia condemns attacks in Copenhagen and North Carolina
Hundreds in Qatar protest North Carolina ‘terrorist act’
asked my mom if we could leave tonight and drive to North Carolina, it's lookin like a nooo ='(
- how can you say you're in the southeast when it's nowhere to be found in North Carolina!!!?
Islamic Society of Augusta comments on North Carolina student slayings: The Islamic Society of Augusta release...
North Carolina is still the only place you can experience 4 seasons in one week
North Carolina conservatives are ousting the state's anti-poverty advocates God I'd thought you'd know but...the guy who murdered those ppl in North Carolina was an avid atheist.
we could do just about everything ourselves 😍 and in North Carolina 😍
A vigil in Arlington Sunday honored the 3 Muslim students killed in North Carolina.
Muslims seek to dispel stereotypes after North Carolina murders: RALEIGH, North Carolina — Driving home to…
Families, residents grieve for 3 students killed in North Carolina - Las Vegas Review
elegant Sabrina comes from North Carolina via
I'm just ready for North Carolina and my next tattoo!! I don't care about anything else
I will. And what day. I'll go. I don't have school this week and I'm not going to North Carolina anymore so I'm fre
The People of North Carolina Deserve a Raise! Sign the petition today:
The three Muslim victims of were all executed with a bullet to the head. htt…
UVa Holds Vigil for 3 Slain Muslim Students in North Carolina: UVa students gathered for a vigil in honor of three…
UVa. students held a vigil in honor of the three Muslim students gunned down near the University of North Carolina.
Louisville Basketball: Three takeaways from the loss against North Carolina State
"Venus with Mars just above it this evening after sunset here in northeastern North Carolina" Photo: Ken Christison ht…
sorry for the loss of your community. The solidarity shown in North Carolina was just amazing
Raleigh, North Carolina, has an unemployment rate of 4.3%:
Vigil held in downtown Denver for North Carolina shooting victims
Thankful my hubby is here to endure this winter storm with me. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad. North Carolina is looking even better.😍💕
Parents of Muslim-American terror victim,Deah, at a vigil in the University of North Carolina. h…
North Carolina boys be wearing shorts when it's 30 degrees cold outside and jeans when it's 50 degrees.
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x70
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x69
I'm the Canadian "Greek" Assassin straight out of Mexico by way of North Carolina.
Hundreds of vultures swarm North Carolina neighborhood
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x68
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x67
how long will it take to reach North Carolina?
Very happy to be getting out of North Carolina with 2 wins. Big battle w/LR will help us later this season. Adelphi next …
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x66
When are you coming to North Carolina? 😩💘. . x65
went from high 90's on the equator in Uganda to mid 20's at a Young Life camp in North Carolina to the 10's in Nashville.
Saudi Arabia condemns 'terrorist' killing of American Muslims in North Carolina: In neighboring Qatar, ...
hypocrisy from the num1 global sponsor of terrorism: Saudi condemns North Carolina killings as heinous terrorist act http:…
Be sure to follow as they take on North Carolina in today's co-hosted match at Nielsen Tennis Stadium!
North Carolina mother of four who quit job at McDonald's to care for her ... - Daily Mail
Stephen Curry honors North Carolina shooting victim Deah Barakat by writing his name on his shoes http:/…
Dean Smith, Hall of Fame basketball coach at North Carolina, dies at 83
Back at the land of my birth (Spruce Pine, mtns of North Carolina).. cold, gray, dark, snowing.. love it.
trust The Heritage, History, and People of Spruce Pine, North Carolina to find the perfect share for Valentine's...
Check out these awesome Time Warner Cable Deals in North Carolina
just got into North Carolina my girl! soon!!
U.N. chief praises three young Muslims killed in North Carolina
this poor young girl from North Carolina won the lottery finally someone who needs it !
Here is how much North Carolina paid to clean up the Duke locker-room paint mess:
The closest thing a girl can get in little ole North Carolina. || @ laissez le bon temps…
Man, oh man. A 26 year old girl from North Carolina won one third of five hundred and sixty four million in the Powerball lotto today.
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University of North Carolina at Pembroke!!! She's being a bad girl!! 😆 taking a monster hit of a…
It's 9 o'clock in North Carolina and I'm hunting for a southern girl
United Nations News Centre - UN chief calls for tolerance, acceptance after three Muslims Americans shot in North Carolina:
Kinda regret not applying to any Florida schools... but oh well Ya girl is going to North Carolina 💁
I'm gonna marry the girl who I think is as beautiful as North Carolina
Great time presenting in North Carolina. Packed gym @ North Iredell High School in Olin, NC.
Girl said she thought I was from North Carolina but sound like someone she know from Houston 😐
Video: Revenge turns into road rage on North Carolina highway Video: Revenge turns into road rage on North Carolin…
Oh man... they're finally opening a Chik-Fil-A near me! I won't have to drive to Idaho to get my nostalgia from North Carolina anymore!
Three American Muslims were killed in North Carolina. I just hope that this is not a hate crime.
Meet Daysha, a 12 yr old girl in North Carolina who wants to be a vet.
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon praises the three young Muslims killed in North Carolina:
I bet that girl in North Carolina babys father talkin bout I miss my kids I want my family back
Oh girl who won the power ball from North Carolina congrats to her she said she finally made it you can tell her struggle was real
awe boab flew all the way to North Carolina to see his girl 💕💕💕
Congratulations! . The 26-year-old Wilmington, North Carolina woman, who has a special needs child with cerebral...
I just hope the girl in North Carolina that won the lottery learns how to say "NO!" with complete lack of regard for feelings.
Services, prayers for 3 fatally shot in North Carolina
Powerball winning tickets in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico via
Trent Thornton will start for North Carolina tomorrow. Went 7-4, 2.73 ERA in 95.2 IP last year. Went at least 5 IP in 13 of 14 starts.
Winners of the $564,000,000 Powerball lottery were from Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Texas.
Mourners attend private service in honor of North Carolina's Dean Smith
So someone in Texas, North Carolina and P.R. Won the lottery. $1M in NJ but it wasn't me😩😭
Chapel Hill, North Carolina — When thousands of people gathered at the University of North Carolin...
Funeral set for 3 killed near University of North Carolina
Radical Atheist Kills Three Muslims in North Carolina: A radical atheist killed three Muslims in North Carolin...
Pretty sure that's North Carolina's sportswriter of the year ...
How Matt Wenstrom stopped Shaquille O'Neal from going to North Carolina. Really. By http…
Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina - United States -
North Carolina: 3 Muslims. shot dead. While, Barack Obama was busy preaching of India about. "religious tolerance".
Outrage on social media across the globe after Muslim students killed in North Carolina
(VIDEO) remembers Dean Smith & talks about how he almost went to North Carolina:
Joan Shannon persuaded her 15yearold daughter to kill David Shannon in North Carolina, USA on July 23, 2002
North Carolina: Increase the wrongful animal death penalty to a two year maximum with a 500 dollar maximum fine.
Top story: USA: Mord an Muslimen in Chapel Hill, North Carolina - SPIEGEL ONLINE see more
Our deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims of the terrible crime committed against humanity in North Caroli…
Thousands of killings every single day in the name of Islam, but one guy in North Carolina does something and the world lo…
Several atheist groups have issued statements in response to the tragic shootings in North Carolina. Read them here: http:…
Worldwide outrage is expressed on social media after Muslim students killed in North Carolina
this incident occurred last night only to be publicly reported this morning. Even later for North Carolina time
BREAKING: Shooting deaths of 3 near UNC motivated by neighbor dispute over parking, police say:
How could any decent person NOT condemn the vile murder of three young US Muslims in Chapel Hill?.
Update: Fatal of 3 students motivated by parking dispute
Here at and mourning along with colleagues at UNC in aftermath of these tragic deaths.
killing in the name of atheism? You guys need to get a hold of yourselves
From 911 call: Woman says she heard 8 shots in apt., silence, then ~3 more shots.
As police investigation continues, new details have begun to emerge about the victims of the Chapel Hill shooting
3 killed in Chapel Hill, N.C., in apparent parking dispute, police say
Three young Muslims were killed by a white man in North Carolina. DECLARE YOUR LOYALTY, MODERATE CHRISTIANS!
Three Muslim students dead in North Carolina shooting as suspect arrested
against Muslims in the US has reached a new level...this is not what stands for
Man charged with killing three Muslim students; police cite dispute:
WaPo roundup of what is known in the that left three young people dead
If a Muslim shot 3 people in North Carolina, the story reported in media won't be about a 'dispute over parking'
Three dead in were honors students - including newlywed couple:
Muslim students killed at North Carolina were famous 4 giving food & first aid 2 homeless people. htt…
I'm not in the valley anymore lol but North Carolina problems too
Man charged in deaths to be held without bond
North Carolina man charged in the death of 3 Muslim students.
Worldwide social media outrage after Muslim students killed in North Carolina
Two of the victims got married less than two months ago
Three young Muslims have been shot dead in their home
RIP Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha. Murdered in North Carolina earlier today . ht…
Greenpeaces calls for University of North Carolina president Tom Ross to cement UNC's comm...
I hope when reports on the u point out it was over parking dispute. .
Parking dispute, not bias, triggered triple murder, say police
Global outrage over the murder of three Muslim students in North Carolina spurs
You were murdered for being Muslims. Lets see if world leaders show up in North Carolina like in France
I can't wait till world leaders come to North Carolina and begin protesting. Oh wait, the victims were Muslim, not the suspe…
3 Muslim students shot to death near University of North Carolina: Local police in North Carolin...
"the next administrative assistant at the department will make more than a starting teacher in North Carolina"
“I’m from North Carolina where the 2014 election saw $111 million in the race between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis.” - Glenn Conway
Richard Burr: I would like to petition North Carolina senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to...
he's a marine from Camp Lejeune from North Carolina and thank you I'll tell him! 😊
Three Muslim students are shot dead close to University of North Carolina campus as police arrest man who poste... http:/…
The storm breaks and the clouds part over Grandfather, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina
Federal government now recognizes *** marriage in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming http:/…
for University of North Carolina coach Dean Smith set for Feb. 22 at campus' Smith Center -
Can't get much more North Carolina than that! Officially a North Carolina resident!…
NORTH CAROLINA: This largest North Carolina city was named for the wife of England's King George III
UNC announces a celebration of Dean Smith's life on Feb. 22: The University of North Carolina announced Monday…
Some of Dean Smith’s biggest coaching wins came in New Orleans, and other links about late North Carolina coaching…
10 life lessons from legendary North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith
Hoop Thoughts: Answering lingering questions in the Syracuse case, more: Dean Smith, legendary North Carolina ...
.This dude from North Carolina and the Tar Heels didn't even offer him a scholarship? Nothing? *** !
North Carolina's Balsam Lake is the Perfect Spot to Fish, Kayak, and Canoe -...
Marine who vanished in Iraq a decade ago faces desertion trial at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Photo of the day - It's a foggy day here in the mountains of western North Carolina. While beautiful, it seems to...
North Carolina amusement park wants to erect the largest cross in the western hemisphere.
Goal of every defensive possession at North Carolina is an outside shot taken over our hand. -Roy Williams
Funeral for ESPN's Stuart Scott to be held in North Carolina
Feb 26 at fast eddies -Bam640 ciaa send off wit performance by Bash Waliss and 4 other. North Carolina artist to...
Michael Jordan on the death of his mentor, North Carolina coaching great Dean Smith:
Michael Jordan's statement on the death of his former North Carolina coach, Dean Smith.
Chapel Hill: Special coverage: UNC's Dean Smith a mentor to all | North Carolina |
Looking back on Dean Smith’s legacy at UNC: Chapel Hill, N.C. — Legendary University of North Carolina head…
Remembering the true moments - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via
In 36 seasons as North Carolina head coach, Dean Smith’s only losing season was his first
North Carolina basketball is literally the house that Dean built.
We love these new sun catchers for your window or garden, made by an artist in North Carolina.
I'm a Florida Gator and proud of it. But I always wanted to go to North Carolina. Dean Smith's teams w/Long Island kids was the reason
We join with North Carolina in mourning the loss of legendary coach Dean Smith.
North Carolina coaching legend Dean Smith dies at 83(Orlando news)
TheNAFL, by conference:. NFC - Columbus, Connecticut, Kentucky and Virginia. AFC - Birmingham, Memphis, North Carolina and Orlando.
Breaking: Dean Smith dies at age 83; former North Carolina men's basketball coach had 879 wins in Hall of Fame car…
Men's basketball: North Carolina coaching great Dean Smith dies at 83 -
all because I traded North Carolina avenue for a nap before dinner... Would make that trade again in a minute
7.32 acres in Rutherford County of western North Carolina
Annals of North Carolina: Gov. says brothers' pardon still being reviewed
The award winning Epsilon Zeta Chapter chartered at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte.…
Gov. Pat McCrory presents Larry Stogner with the Order of the Longleaf Pine - North Carolina's highest honor.
Report shows extent of police surveillance in North Carolina
I'll never eat in a North Carolina restaurant...NC eateries should sue that dumb *** ..
Goodluck down in North Carolina this weekend
I really want to move to North Carolina
Hopefully I'll be moving down North Carolina by the end off this year 😁
Photo: destroyed-and-abandoned: somewhere in North Carolina source : durty2shoes
BIG S/O to national recording artist out of North Carolina for my show intro!!! Love it man!!!
Sometimes, you really can depend on the kindness of strangers. A teenager in Raleigh, North Carolina, was only...
A new species of dinosaur has been found in North Carolina. Scientists have named it Gorgetosuchus pekinensis,...
Out and town and coming to our church conference Apostolics of Pembroke, North Carolina? Would you like to order...
There's is a VENUE CHANGE for tonight's show. It will now be in Asheville North Carolina at New Mountain Asheville
A common road safety feature in North Carolina may be causing more harm than good.
“Options for Spring break this year: . Cancun . SXSW. Puerto Vallarta” North Carolina
Seven years after the recession, is still not out of the woods.
Lakewood, Lakewood, North Carolina in a few days. Why?
N.C. patient involved in ambulance collision has died
Does this have something to do with the pervasive "honor-culture" in North Carolina?
"Q4: preparedness agencies outside of North Carolina
Two customers closing on refinances today. One in Washington state, the other in North Carolina. Both for retired...
North Carolina in the foothills of where the infamous Frasers Ridge wouldhaveben
Welcome to one of our newest Branches, the Land of the Pines Branch of Moore County, North Carolina!
State board is making online learning a reality for up to 3,000 NC students via
This story of random kindness is the bees' knees.
except when I got to North Carolina, my teacher sent me out of class atleast 2 times a month, smh.
North Carolina girls a different breed they ruthless 😂
Airline tickets are secured and the STARS will represent North Carolina extremely well.
NC State Board of Education approves an online charter school to begin serving students next school year.
Touching photo of employee in North Carolina helping out a teen has gone viral:
"I cut his fingernails and refused to tape them back on afterwards." -Emily, North Carolina
23 days left to help out a LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA FILM PROJECT!. Pick a perk! Check out our write up on what we've...
What is the state small business in North Carolina? New report takes a look:
Target worker helps young man tie a tie for interview
Departed: Dan Disch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Football - Assistant
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