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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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Does anybody know what there is to do in eastern North Carolina? All the MiLB teams are in western part of the state. Be there for 3 wks.
Your year to enjoy the cool mountain breezes of western North Carolina!
City council in western NC approves tiny house initiative: A city council in western North Carolina has approved a…
Looking Glass Falls located in the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, North Carolina.
BCH residents living in the western North Carolina facilities let their gifts shine brightly at the 2015 Western...
Oklahoma & North Carolina now share the crown of 182 HG filled in a SOC Crusade! God is moving thru the SOC Crusades.
North Carolina: G Marcus Paige has surgery to remove bone spurs in right ankle, expected to return this summer  ESPN
Did you know Henri Matisse's great-grandson is a proud North Carolina potter?
E-blast: Noah Knesel has had an All-Star high school career! Get ready North Carolina, for the Big Man on Campus!!
North Carolina man's parting wish to family: Don't vote Hillary.
NC court weighs if 800K tobacco growers too many for 1 case: RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina's Supreme Cou...
Me: Can I get a large pepperoni pizza delivered to Raleigh, North Carolina?. Iggy's: "Hold on, I'm gonna check if that's in our range"
North Carolina woman runs the wrong ...
The Raleigh airport in North Carolina is so pretty 😊
the moon. the stars. are nothing without you. @ Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina. we should do the different types of people in high school. or the reality of high school.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trailer park shootings kill 1, leave child and 2 others hurt: A North Carolina man is dead and two others stru...
Really wish I could fold the state of North Carolina and make Raleigh and Charlotte neighbors
NPO Animator Supporters is being invited to attend Animazement on 5/24-26 in America, North Carolina, Raleigh! 
Really would love to win tickets to Raleigh, North Carolina. Would mean a lot!
Pisgah National Forest - North Carolina - USA - Snowy Night by Vince LaMonica on 500px
Pregnant woman shot dead but baby girl survives in North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. A North Carolina family uses a popular Miley Cyrus song to announce that they're expecting another…
Just returning from Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, where I talked about the inspired church in Antioch and, with...
Jesus time with Youth Pastor David & Senior Pastor Rit at Elizabeth Baptist in North Carolina.
The struggle was so real last night in North Carolina because we couldn't find vodka anywhere... UGH Raleigh you are weird
NC man accused of shooting, killing pregnant girlfriend; baby survives: RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina man is…
North Carolina man's obituary asks that voters steer clear of Hillary Clinton:
hey, just a suggestion . next tour . come to Raleigh North Carolina. please
Families and lawmakers push for EpiPen bill: Lawmakers and many families in North Carolina are pushing to get ...
We love the slower pace of a beach vacation in North Carolina. And the sunsets are pretty darn sweet too:
Life is a beach, I'm just playing in the sand. @ Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
I could make a case for the Hornets now if you from North Carolina but other then that I would ride with the Pelicans
Today in 1864: G. T. Beauregard takes command of the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.
Listen girl. I'm like mike from North Carolina in the movie "the wood" yAll *** tryna get 100…
On the side of a stream at the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, North Carolina.
The leader of North Carolina's new public-private economic development partnership shared details Friday about... http:/…
I love West Virginia, but I miss North Carolina so much.
The high cost of coaches: North Carolina's HPPE is Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who checks in at $7.
Poncho/Cape pattern off to NORTH CAROLINA. What is your next wardrobe find
In 15 days I'll be in North Carolina again 🏠💛 💯
Knowing that Shawn will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is only about 2 hours away from me, will hopefully give me luck on dance day💟
White parents in North Carolina are using charter schools to secede from the education system
The Koch-backed crusade to kill renewable energy is at it again in North Carolina via
fuk u north carolina humidity now I remember why I don't straighten my hair
this conference call is going to be the death of me...people in North Carolina are gonna be the death of me
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Also from North Carolina and used to go to Golden Corral all the time with my family and then we stopped... via
12:50pm Midday North Carolina lottery results are at:
I hope so 😭 he was in North Carolina and I missed him only cuz my mom isn't cool
Suspect in North Carolina shooting says he’s a neo-Nazi who hates *** ‘with a passion’
*** yeah bruh I should've stayed in North Carolina I don't like this school
No. 6 to take part in HEAD Coaches Classic against No. 15 Marquette Saturday:
Fantastic resource for pastors and churches relocating from North Carolina to Tennessee
I know I talk about North Carolina all the time, but I'm really just so excited to get back. I mean, I did spend half my life there
Everyone knows that North Carolina is the best state, but now we have even more reasons to brag!! See what we mean! .
Feels good to be in North Carolina 😌
yeah, New Jersey, Allentown, DC, and North Carolina, and then y'all are in Georgia so the band will be back together🙆
North Carolina man filmed pounding his dog repeatedly! Demand full prosecution!
Friday Postcards from the Historic District of Wilmington North Carolina via
When I get really bored, I look at real estate in North Carolina lol
I can't believe I'm about to fly to North Carolina for my brothers wedding...never thought I'd see the day!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Y'all, it's RAMP season. The best ones grow on our farm in North Carolina. Proustian for me.
So excited..going to see in Raleigh North Carolina.
Early poll shows Clinton will have to fight for North Carolina via
A man facing death penalty booted from court after outburst at judge. VIDEO: .
Very happy to be returning to North Carolina after two years to visit
Connecticut, Ohio and North Carolina disagree over who flew the first manned flight.
One last day in DC, and my not-so-little brother Mike drove up from North Carolina to see us. Boy was it great to catch up.
curated your story Connecticut, Ohio and North Carolina di...
The best core curriculum in North Carolina's higher ed system is found within community colleges, says Robinson.
TSA agents in North Carolina are friendlier than most baristas in Chicago.
Poultry operations in NC can begin operations with no oversight from the state, veiling the industry in secrecy
want to be in North Carolina so bad
We need your help to release the debut full-length album by launch the only North Carolina…
Isn't it great follows! Means so much to the North Carolina Fans to have cast follow! I love 'Tina'!
because I'm from North Carolina and I have been deprived of Red Dirt my whole life until I came here!
North Carolina! Get your tix and VIP upgrades here!! TIX: VIP:
No. 3 to battle rival North Carolina for ACC regular season title tonight:
Beautiful Southern day. Road trip with Seth to North Carolina
First sitting with Craig Morrison at valhalla tattoos in North Carolina -
Bev Perdue: First female governor of North Carolina, Democrat, Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Chi alum, that is my kind of woman!!
Three Republicans to vote against estate tax repeal: David Jolly of Florida, Walter Jones of North Carolina, Scott Rigell of Virginia
Coming up more rain in the forecast, the Wayne Community College shooter won't be back in North Carolina today...find out when...
The man accused of shooting and killing an employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina, on Monday was arrested early
A pair of great white sharks have settled in off the North Carolina coast, swimming just off Pamlico sound as the...
Kayla Montgomery has ms and manages to be North Carolina's fastest long distance runner! ESPN video👇🏽.
Ready stay in a mansion this weekend on the outer banks of North Carolina anybody welcome just gotta drive yaself..
What do Port Charlotte, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Rochester, Minnesota all have in common?
Shout out to my Godmother Pastor Shirley Caesar for an awesome performance at the White House. Thank you for representing North Carolina!
She is connected to a Marcus Brandon who I saw at Super Eight the other night, Marcus is in a political position in North Carolina.
do a school visit at my school (the North Carolina school of science and math) it'd make my life
Update your maps at Navteq
New member from NC: I am a new member from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been reading up on beekeeping for...
Learn more about the at participating stations and locations in North Carolina
North Carolina college shooting suspect arrested in Florida
North Carolina, VW, trip to the west of NY, and cash flow this summer! All things that make me happy this morning
" Suspect arrested in Florida for deadly shooting at North Carolina college: WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Reu...
Man accused of killing employee at North Carolina community college arrested in Florida.
Longtime college employee died in shooting at North Carolina college:
I've only been to Rochester, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago, Ohio, Pittsburgh & Florida
(On Disney bus, at the border of North Carolina and West Virginia) "And here it is, folks. The Ohio River!" -Olivia Bianco
North Carolina junior J.P. Tokoto will enter the 2015 NBA Draft, he tells Yahoo Sports.
Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina do you know about this upcoming Get your tickets now! https…
I want to the United States senators Office to see Senate of North Carolina
South Dakota, Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina worst states for diabetes - >14% people have it
North Carolina this week, Key West next month, Vegas in June! 😁
One dead in shooting at North Carolina community college: media reports
Starting the week off with a North Carolina to New York run. If your interested in taking the run call in. Looking for a flat or step.
Before it was legal in North Carolina, this couple traveled to New York to get married. When they returned, I...
Under Senate imm. bill S. 744, the U.S. would have issued 30 + million new green cards in 10 yrs - over 3X the population of North Carolina
CNN: North Carolina college on lockdown after at least one person shot dead
At 3 with Annie - A school in North Carolina's been locked-down after reports of a shooting & England's cricketers face the West Indies
A pen, writing implement, in Wisconsin, is a pin in North Carolina, is a place to hold your hogs in West Virginia.
The Mazda is and I'm headed to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia! @ Kernersville, North Carolina
Almost out of Kentucky and in West Virginia. Then back to North Carolina to visit on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Sign up online for the for Pain Management training in Charlotte, North Carolina this June
5-star wing Jayson Tatum lists Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina and St. Louis as ...
excellent, watching from East, West and, I hear, North Carolina too!
Even a North Carolina basketball Team Is Not Immune to the Left's Meltdown over Indiana
Did you know?. The first known miniature golf course was in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
It's 4/12. Prime Target. A trail of suspense from NYC to North Carolina apple country.
Top college choices (not in order). 1. University of Cincinnati . 2. Moorehouse. 3. Northeastern University . 4. University of North Carolina
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
so in about 9 months and I will be moving to North Carolina
Excellent Daniela Ritorto's analysis on & relations on the Really shocking news from North Carolina.
Can you please do a show in North Carolina sometime soon?
in North Carolina we only hang championships you huxtable
I keep telling jaci I'm going to North Carolina with her and she doesn't believe me...
Remains of a home in North Carolina
Formal weekend has been amazing with you 😍 @ Nags Head, North Carolina
Shaun had a Fiat for a rental two seperate times last year when he was working in North Carolina. Picture that!
If I didn't have a 3 month old && 3 year old .. I'll be in North Carolina right now
North Carolina next weekend because I have no life.
Creative ways to recycle Asbestos Waste in Dare, North Carolina -
Time to hit the road to the East my brotha to the East! Had a great time in North Carolina!…
7. I made my mom drive me to North Carolina for 9 hours to a Justin concert
north Carolina I graduate Wednesday and will be home Wednesday night :D
Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly:. We introduced a flurry of bills due to the deadline for local...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
"I wish i was still in north Carolina i would not be in the house right now" I mean you can always come over
UNC guard Marcus Paige is returning for his senior season
If I was to ever to move I would move to North Carolina , Georgia or Fort Lauderdale
Bring em with. Thats on you. I'm aware you need them, I'm just saying North Carolina isn't my style.
party tonight with literally in North Carolina! Contact him for more info!
Can not believe I left my ps4 controller, beats speaker, and phone charger in North Carolina ***
spring break continues in North Carolina... we'll see about school on Monday
I'm aware.. But it's North Carolina. We go to a neutral location or else.
"How did a girl from Rutherford New Jersey get to North Carolina" "WHATTT!"-every girl from Rutherford at the movies
The only thing I've learned from Nicholas Sparks is to go to North Carolina to fall in love.
One of our greats. I've met some of his kinfolk in North Carolina
North Carolina rules. It's been fun so far
I really hope jack and jack come to North Carolina bc if they don't I will cry so hard
it was awesome perfect weather, got a lil sun burnt 😅 lol worth the ride from North Carolina.
Dec 14 1903- The Wright brothers make their first attempt to fly with the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Minister: Deadly S.C. shooting motivated by racism: Hundreds of mourners pay their respects to unarmed black m... http…
I get boxes of free Jordan's like o play for north Carolina
Do you know anybody selling VIP for Shawn's North Carolina show? — Nope
Portable Storage company in Dare, North Carolina offers storage pods as a solution for overseas donations -
Daytona's Bethune-Cookman baseball splits doubleheader on the road with Nor...
we stayed in North Carolina last night so just the rest of the way
Don't want to drive NASCAR, just Western North Carolina- Help revitalize BigBlue! Thanks!
After watching The Longest Ride I can't wait any longer to be back in North Carolina with 🌸🌞🌊
Woohoo!! All the way from England to North Carolina: book! Darcy approves ;)
Bethune-Cookman splits doubleheader on the road against North Carolina Central in baseball...
North Carolina truck driver meets Hoosier firefighters who saved his life: In October of 2013 Norman "Cuz" Tow...
After all that happened at SB2k15 I still had a blast.👌 @ North Topsail Beach, North Carolina
For those who remember seeing NORM LEWIS at the DWT and who live in North Carolina, see him again tonight on Live...
A federal court in North Carolina has been waiting nine YEARS for the Senate to fill a judicial vacancy
Sign the petition to deny Senate Bill 632, which would reverse 145 years of public policy in North Carolina and...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Just do it... "Catawba Cotton Mills, Newton, North Carolina, child labour, 1908 by Lewis Hine.
“What we’ve seen in North Carolina is a dramatic departure from the more pragmatic governing style” -→
“North Carolina needs new leadership, and it is going to require a new generation to provide it.” -→
I love watching those stereo typical tourists roam North Carolina 😂
TSA Pre-check... Thank you — traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina from Nashville International Airport
playing for you this weekend, watch out North Carolina... Shooting Stars are coming to kick some *** for Madison.
North Carolina radio has all three kinds of music. Country, Western, and Christian.
Find out which in North Carolina earned an overall five-star rating. term care planning
On this day in April 9, 1978~ Ric Flair defeats Mr. Wrestling to win the NWA United States Heavyweight Title in Charlotte, North Carolina
Waving hello to you all in the yellow and green and blue from sunny and warm western North Carolina.
looking for some up to date contact info in western North Carolina
U.S. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina came to visit Wilkes County today and took a tour at Worldwide...
In western North Carolina, beer tourism has become a major economic force
My wife's from Wilson We vacation in western North Carolina
Western Carolina University (A constituent institution of the University of North Carolina) ...
Website Builder 728x90
The Western Shop in Castle Hayne, North Carolina is carrying these beauties!!! Check out NBR Nothing But Rodeo,...
Supreme Court declines to review voting restrictions in North Carolina
it was just me and this little guy today || photo credz: @ Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
Meanwhile, in North Carolina, Democrats distance themselves from their racist roots. (They're still racist but...
Veteran Defenders of Freedom Pic of the Day - March 31, 2015 - Camp Lejeune, North Carolina - The U.S. Marine...
UPDATE: Topsail Beach will not charge for beach parking: A North Carolina coastal resort town is leaving the t...
Still want that North Carolina snap back Mike was wearin in The Wood
"Replacing a racist with a homophobe? North Carolina, you are so au courant." -
The state of North Carolina has a program available through its community colleges to assist job seekers in...
Hodson v. Taylor - Paralyzed Swimmer Can Sue Owners of Boat and Lake: Boating accidents in North Carolina inev...
I just don't understand how you can root for Duke if you go here, even if you grew up in that area of North Carolina...
I feel like 90% of anons on my TL at any given time are from North Carolina
Clouds block the sun today as the great state of North Carolina mourns a Duke national title.
Thought about redoing your cabinets? Check out Packard Cabinetry.
HEY! We have shows this week in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee! Get yourself out to one. Jason's... htt…
North Carolina taking VA help to veterans --
It is easy to forget that there is a North Carolina Trademark Registration Act. It is in Chapter 80 of the General…
Until next time, North Carolina. I'll miss it here
Joined a real estate website in North Carolina just so I could look at beach houses & they keep leaving voicemails
Hey Aimee in Mint Hill North Carolina. Join us!. Test your skills!. Memory game!.
Don't push more people into poverty: sign this petition to stop dangerous wage garnishment.
This is why I wish I could've stayed in North Carolina 😒
Interesting list of the best restaurants in NC:
Abortion opponents are quietly going after one of the top medical schools in the country
no boii that was yesterday I'm in north Carolina
Who knew there was a dallas North Carolina!?!
I thought there was a here in Dallas!!! Turns out it was in Dallas.NORTH CAROLINA!?! Like what??
is at it again. Abortion Opponents Are Quietly Going After One Of The Top Medical Schools In The Country
Man accused of killing three Muslim students in North Carolina could face the death penalty
Throwback to WWA tour in North Carolina with this little one 💞 @ PNC Music Pavillion, Charlotte, NC
Duke joins blue bloods UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina and Indiana as only programs with 5+ national titles.
Duke's 5th national title ties them with North Carolina and Indiana for 3rd-most all-time.
A dog and duck in North Carolina have become best friends They eat, sleep and play together constantly.
For I spoke with about his role with the Pop the Cap movement 10 years ago.
Quick Hit: Tar Heels play 9 of 12 games in the state of North Carolina in 2015.
Way too early has North Carolina at 3 and IU at 16. Seems about right, but I'm almost tempted to say UNC might have the best team next year
Outside of with my good friend and his family from North Carolina.
What a haunted year we have planned! Who wants to hunt the USS North Carolina? Info at
I'm jealous. They came to North Carolina and I missed it :( MM and The Shins are two bands on my bucket list
Judge says NC man charged with killing 3 Muslim college students will face death penalty
North Carolina lawmakers want to stop medical schools from teaching abortion procedures
Tucked deep in HB 465, an anti-abortion bill that would restrict the procedure in several different ways, is an...
Congratulations to our new North Carolina Teacher of the Year Mrs. Keana Triplett!!!
What is your favorite type of BBQ? Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, Texas or DC? Why?
you betcha. Don't let those impersonators in Kansas City, Memphis or North Carolina fool you.
My love bug and I in North Carolina. I love this photo of us! 😊☺️ @ Florida Memorial University…
For the record, every time the Snider-McGrath family visits North Carolina (2010, 2015) Duke wins the national championship (2010, 2015).
I'm ready for football to start so North Carolina and Duke fans can be friends again 😂😂
Here's hoping the are the next North Carolina championship team!
Congratulations to Duke University (Durham, North Carolina) and my friend President Richard *** Brodhead on...
why does senior year crush spirits -_- i'm staying in illinois and the person I like is going to school in North Carolina -_-
Now we just need a professional championship North Carolina. I'm talking to the and the smh
I think it may be time to dispatch the North Carolina national guard to Durham.
right now we in a hotel , we going to North Carolina central , NCA&T and one other irrelevant one
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina for the next three and half years
I miss the old hotel crew too… have yu spoke to any of them? I live out here in North Carolina now lol
Please say hello to North Carolina's skies. Photos taken by my nieces Marie & Stephanie. — feeling...
Supreme Court will not hear challenge to contested North Carolina voting law: Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Image...
NC coastal town again weighs charging for beach parking: One popular North Carolina shorefront community is mulling…
Georgia weather just as bad as North Carolina
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
When your at a hotel in North Carolina and you see someone from highland😂
Calling it now. North Carolina will be number one to start college basketball next year.
If you're in North Carolina and make love on the floor of a hotel room between two double beds, you're legally bound to be penalized.
Kill Devil Hills ans Nags Head Beaches in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Beautiful water and sand.
What was the reason for the concept of Moon runner's in North Carolina?
Took a drive to the outer banks in North Carolina. This view is from our hotel room.
The sun rises over Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Right Now: Fair and 63° at Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Right Now: Fair and 61° at Manteo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Got to visit my brother :) @ Camp Lejeune, USMC...North Carolina
Easter Sunday wouldn't be nearly as sweet without you 🌷 @ Charlotte, North Carolina
North Carolina couldn't make it passed the sweet 16 tho 😴
The Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina protects the country’s only remaining wild red wolves.
Yep! A lot of people in the Bluegrass state needed that doll tonight. We'll be hearing from North Carolina or Wisconsin soon.
Louisville made the Elite 8 and North Carolina made the Sweet 16. Kentucky beat both. And they stomped Kansas, a seed.
At a hotel in North Carolina. After 8 full hours of driving, we're finally halfway to Florida!…
And to think North Carolina had Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen but blew it
Act now Help Open up the Solar Market in North Carolina!
What a terrible way to end my senior season. Blowout loss in sectionals and I'm stuck in North Carolina watching it happe…
Only fitting to watch a Johnny Cash SNL rerun when sitting in a North Carolina hotel.
JUST moved to North Carolina. Got a sweet job and the rent is hella less.
Why do the Japanese and Mexican restaurants have better sweet tea than the BBQ restaurants? I thought this was North Carolina.
Highly processed foods dominate the U.S. grocery market: An analysis from The University of North Carolina on ...
A great evening on the lake for a sunset cruise and viewing Bird Falls in Bryson City, Swain County, North Carolina!
it comes to farmers market events, North Carolina has its share of the sponsored a
im serious bruh, cuz from North Carolina thought it was sweet
Finally made it down to North Carolina! Hotel looking extra nice! Lady is happy so everything cool so far
"Kill Devil Hills" is a real place in America (North Carolina) that we should definitely all go and visit someday.
Sweet potatoes are the equivalent to North Carolina
Ivory Latta assistant coach at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
This will lift your spirits! Inspiring story of global giving -- North Carolina teen raises money for school in...
How would you describe a North Carolina style beer?Hops conference
This hotel in North Carolina gives you free omelettes and they are delicious
i looove Chase Atlantic, you guys are so awesome. I wish I could see u guys sing but your soo far away from North Carolina
Heading to the North Carolina zoo tomorrow! I'll try to be on sometime tomorrow fam. Goodnight✌
Photo: ultrafacts: When the Wright brothers traveled to the small town of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina...
North Carolina for the night. Gotta say i chose a good hotel (:
Imma be in North Carolina this summer come and see me at the theatre there let's take selfies 😜😜
Sailor missing 66 days rescued off North Carolina
I want to make a trip to my family hometown. . Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Mildred at the store in Thruway Shopping Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is the absolute best tech on the planet
A handful of North Carolina minor league ballparks deemed 'extreme' by ->
State of the Plate conference kicks off new theme . North Carolina chefs gave the keynote speech for the weekend conference
Sailor adrift for 66 days at sea found alive and well on his boat. Amazing.
Sailor missing for two months rescued off North Carolina coast | Reuters
good's 6:37am in North Carolina..getting ready tor work. Have a wonderful day.
I wake up to boxes of Air Jordans like I really do play for North Carolina.
North Carolina may pass a law that fines drivers for driving too slow on highways — via
Sailor missing for 66 days rescued of North Carolina coast
Mount Airy,North Carolina . Here is a pic of Pilot Mountain, aka Mount Pilot on the show.
NEW STORY to watch for at now 6:31am. Hear from the man rescued off the North Carolina coast after more than 60 days at sea.
Supposed to be a nice day today in NC I need some Good Friday Money. Where my North Carolina Gentleman
I wanted to try some in north carolina
North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission in jeopardy of losing resources
CNN: Duke University: Student takes responsibility for noose found hanging on campus
Incredible: Sailor missing 66 days rescued off North Carolina
Sailor missing since January rescued off North Carolina
11:40 Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole: Steve tracks grey wolves in Yellowstone Park and braves North Carolina's ic…
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