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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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A professor’s racist and homophobic language has set off a free-speech battle at a North Carolina university
Assistant/Associate Professor: Innovative Design Practices - University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Charlotte,…
science. (📷: ) @ The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG
Blessed to receive A(n) from the University of North Carolina
North Carolina man pleads guilty to plotting Islamic State attack
Antoine Bailliard, University of North Carolina - Community Level OT and the need for collaborative partnerships…
Poinsettias might be tropical plants, but North Carolina is the country's No. 2 grower.
"University of North Carolina at Charlotte , You get $50 free ride credit from Lyft! Download Lyft app & enter Lyft Promo Code ZOOT
Attorney for Dem Roy Cooper on an order tonight from North Carolina state election board.
Some good stuff here from North Carolina coach Roy Williams for fans to watch and read.
Amazing! A tree is being planted in our name in the National Forests in Southern Pines, North Carolina
Big news – Indiana braces for North Carolina - Indiana University - via
picked up a basketball win tonight. Got a big one next week against North Carolina
North Carolina.miss you sweet south
So now, after 3 days, my suv is all packed up again and I get to make the long trip back to North Carolina... And miss a day of working. :(
Football is king everywhere but here and North Carolina. Football money dwarfs Basketball. UK is the prime example of that
have I said recently that I miss North Carolina? Because I do.
Watch them FSU fans remember they got a basketball team this year. Acting like they were never Duke or North Carolina fans 😒
Work in progress.. chicken and mistletoe? I think so. :) @ Southern Pines, North Carolina
When they tell me we might be in North Carolina for thre more months 😞 I miss Texas.
I miss my good friend back in North Carolina... I had to move away and I never met him again, I want to visit SO BAD. but school and dance don't help..
I was upset bc I miss but we're going to North Carolina this week together and that made me happy 😍😍😍
please be my sweet release from the nightmare that is football in North Carolina
BIG McEachern NT invited to the Cobb SR Bowl - he was a new transfer from North Carolina: .
You miss an exit driving in North Carolina you gotta travel all the way to South Carolina before you can get off and turn around.
Indiana's North Carolina warmup is today at 4 pm vs. Miss. Valley State. From
(thick Eastern European accent) I am but simple southern baptist boy from mountain of North Carolina
These early bowl predictions have Kentucky vs North Carolina in the Belk Bowl Dec. 29th. UK vs Ole Miss CBB same day.
Charlotte FemDom Sessions confirmed as heads to North Carolina late next month. Info…
I miss North Carolina. Idk, it just felt like home?
Lacey was fun and all but *** I miss North ready to be back. Nighty night
I will admit, living in Florida has made me like football A LOT more than I did before. . But I'm a North Carolina girl. Bas…
I miss my grandma 👵🏽 I'm mad she moved to North Carolina
but Clem fans like Duke/North Carolina in basketball so basketball doesn't matter so
Going to miss North Carolina when I leave tomorrow but I am so ready to go home.
One of the many things I'll miss about North Carolina is
Programs that should win more than they do? I'd say UCLA, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas A&M, Ole Miss.
GOP Ex-Governor McCroy is calling for a recount after losing in North Carolina. Not one conservative is angry about that…
North Carolina basketball: Five things we've learned about the Tar Heels
you a North Carolina fan better be basketball cause football 😂
*Break 'em comes on*. AALIYAH: Do they know about this in North Carolina?. ME: *laughs* Naw. AALIYAH: That's a shame. This is the culture.
nothing better than North Carolina basketball!
SO not ready to leave North Carolina tomorrow. 😔
I already miss North Carolina so much 🙀😿
Guys I. I think. I think I miss North Carolina right now...weird...
Ok, so I've been to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. Now I am finally at the heart ❤️ of...
I miss my friends in North Carolina need to start going out more meet people make new friends live life and have fun but im such a homebody
Was so great being at home with my family in North Carolina. Will miss them so much, but It's…
Tbh I don't really miss a lot of people back from North Carolina, I'm starting to delete a lot of people from social media
One of the things I miss about North Carolina is Robert Earl Keen's "Christmas With the Family" playing on the radio.. *** Yankees 😐
Can my brother hurry tf up with his regionals or whatever he's doing in North Carolina and come back I miss him😓😓
Thank you for all you did for the University of North Carolina. ✊🏾 Gon miss you homie.
My bff since 6th grade is leaving today and I couldn't be more sad. I hope North Carolina treats you well💘 I'll mis…
😘Miss my babes😢 see you in a couple of days❤ @ The University of North Carolina at Greensboro -…
North Carolina welcomed me home with sun and 75° and I'm just like I'm sorry I left you
hi Megan watching you from Charleston South Carolina. Rooting for Alexandra Murphy, teen miss North Carolina
I always go visit my mom on the weekends and she's in North Carolina this weekend 😔 she's my best friend legit I miss her 😩
Really gonna miss my boy well I'm in North Carolina 😭😔
Early NCAAF picks:. Under 46 in NIU vs. Kent for 1 unit. North Carolina -9.5 for 1 unit. Sorry for very late post.
Being in North Carolina makes me miss living in the country
Looking forward to presenting our ministry to the Calvary Baptist Tabernacle of Louisburg, North Carolina this...
Sign this petition if you haven't already. in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida:.
My girlfriend lives in North Carolina and I miss her and Hash Tag will lose someday and at the Hash Tag
I miss my dog in Colorado so much but I'm going to miss my dogs in North Carolina so basically my life will always be a little sad
Feeling real homesick for New Jersey. I miss my brother & Rianne so much. North Carolina is actually the worst. I've cried so much today.
i gotta miss two days of school to go to the ECNL North Carolina showcase next week tho 😒
Happy Birthday , miss you, but hope that North Carolina is treating you well
Thanksgiving 2016 - spending time with family in North Carolina! - we miss you…
Happy birthday, Miss ya! Wish you the best in North Carolina hope it is treating you well 😊
Pat McCrory trying to steal governor race he lost in North Carolina. State election board meeting now to discuss
United States: 5-year-old boy assaulted by teacher in North Carolina for 'being Muslim'
Pat McCrory would like to identify as a two-term governor but North Carolina won’t allow it.
North Carolina's Republican governor is refusing to concede
Great point guard play in this years Maui invitational. North Carolina is ready to make another deep run this year
So close to my roots now, might pop up on my family in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Take em up to the knob at Pilot Mt
It's early, and a long way to go. But, North Carolina is the best, most complete team I've seen. Right now, I'd have the Heel…
Assembly done by hunting Creek construction Inc. wake forest North Carolina
Maine Forest Rangers with our Engine 6197 on the line in North Carolina. Making a difference for those affected by…
North Carolina governor requests vote recount in tight race
The governor who passed North Carolina's is refusing to admit defeat
North Carolina's race for governor is far from over — and the race is getting hostile via
North Carolina governor alleges voter fraud as Democrats urge him to concede race. .
North Carolina governor calls for a recount in his razor-thin reelection bid
Good for the goose good for the gander - North Carolina governor files for state recount? So let's https:…
North Carolina governor files for recount via for iOS
North Carolina governor files for recount
North Carolina governor files for recount | AP Photo
The governor of North Carolina is literally using an audit the vote scam to stay in power, it is fundamentally anti-democratic
How Pat McCrory is preparing to ask North Carolina's GOP legislature to steal the election for him
Meanwhile in North Carolina, loser governor is trying to murder democracy entirely in his state:
Cooper, Dem lawmakers urge McCrory to concede in North Carolina governor race
Campaign for Roy Cooper — the Democrat leading governor’s race in North Carolina — says Gov. Pat McCrory should just con…
Just so we're all aware, the governor of North Carolina is currently attempting to steal an election he lost by 6,000 votes and…
Pat McCrory lost the North Carolina governorship. Now he’s trying to steal it: via via…
Governor McCrory: You lost North Carolina because of your hatred and ignorance. Stand. Down.
North Carolina's attorney general is winning by thousands of votes, but Gov. Pat McCrory is demanding a recount
Pat McCrory is trying to steal the North Carolina governorship.
why not? That Gov. of North Carolina is demanding a total recount even though there is no way he can make up the votes. She has and can
My wife is from North Carolina. is a grade A *** nozzle who lost the election fair & square. He's now trying…
Also, in all of North Carolina, exactly one person wrote in Mike Pence for president...
Clinton is NOT challenging defeat; but the Republican Gov of North Carolina is challenging his loss.
General notice to hikers in the Snowbird Mountain/Max Patch area of Pisgah Forest in North Carolina. GroundHog Creek Trail is not passable.
Can we talk about how North Carolina had a guy running for senator and his surname is Forest and his slogan was Run Forest Run
Hospitalist Opening in North Carolina - We are seeking a Hospitalist to join our team at Cape Fear Valley Medic...
Let me fill you in on what Went down this past weekend... @ Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Historic Saint Matthews Church is going to be saved inTodd North Carolina!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Duke volleyball stands between No. 6 North Carolina and the ACC championship - Duke Chronicle
Weekend in North Carolina. A destination guide to beer, food and fun via https:/…
The Speakers Bureau promotes civic education in North Carolina. Take advantage of this opportunity.…
Heck, Obama tried to deny North Carolina federal school funds over bathroom choice.
Barring any last-minute changes, businesses in the United States, North Carolina and Alamance County will begin...
Happy birthday, North Carolina! NC became the 12th state in 1789. via
What are you like 10? I've spent my life defending human rights including LGBT. Remember us boycotting North Carolina?…
Slideshow of Kim at Topsail Island and Sneads Ferry North Carolina November 2016: via
Feels so good to be back in North Carolina 💕🌊
I've lived in North Carolina for 3 months and the lady at Starbucks in Bartlesville still remembered my order💚☕️
So me & my cousin are driving solo to North Carolina Wednesday night for thanksgiving bc my family all left yesterday. I pray we make it😭
Business contacted an agent for Business Vehicle insurance in Charlotte, North Carolina.
less than 2 days, I'll be in 70 degree North Carolina and I could be happier☺️
Hope folks are watching what's happening in North Carolina. GOP literally trying to steal gubernatorial election from Cooper,…
North Carolina is coming up so fast and I couldn't be happier 😍❄️
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" where you from " . "jacksonville ". "Florida?". " No, North carolina, jacksonville nc "
Good overview on how devastating the NC wildfires have been.
A few thousand ballots could decide the fate of voting rights in North Carolina
This might be a great fit for you: Full Time Home Health Registered Nurse - North Carolina
You're done Time to concede. The people of North Carolina have spoken. Whining isn't going to change…
Pat McCrory and the Republicans who brought you HB2 are trying to steal an election:
On This Day in 1789, North Carolina ratifies both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at the same time.
Also: article wrongly states that Obama won North Carolina in 2012. He won it in 2008, but not 2012.
Thank you to my fireman all the way in the Town of Cary, North Carolina! Love the t-shirt!
North Carolina, a great state with broken leadership, needs to respect voters' rights… via
In the 1977 Liberty Bowl, Nebraska & North Carolina tangled in a home jersey vs home jersey match up
He is one handsome fellar. Looks like he has the genes of us handsome men who are North Carolina natives, huh? Who…
North Carolina's investment in pre-K is paying off. This week researchers at the Duke University Center for Child...
Michael Jordan in his dorm room at University of North Carolina, 1983. Photograph by Lane Stewart.
That has yet to win a in almost 50 years. California, Texas, Florida & North Carolina have won one.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The rape of this helpless dog shocks the collective conscience! We sign this petition requesting an a... vía
Taking my son to see his air force recruiter — traveling to Burlington, North Carolina from Charlotte Motor Speedway
This will have ZERO effect on North Carolina but will cause problems for Central America.
NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!. Delaware defeats North Carolina, 3-2, to capture first field hockey title.
Voter suppression efforts in North Carolina have made a mess of determining who won.
What is happening in North Carolina right now is a BFD and people need to pay attention:
Now that the entire US is basically gonna be North Carolina are the gonna hold the All-Star weekend in Toronto for the next four years?
I see that and raise OKlahoma, Arizona State Xavier x2, North Carolina, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota St
Black Sea Bass from the great state of North Carolina - so delicious!
It's Gameday!! Men's Basketball travels to Murfreesboro, North Carolina to take on Chowan University today!!…
the teacher asked me what the capitol of North Carolina was, I said Washington DC
- Wildfire drains life from North Carolina tourist town
New artwork for sale! - "Fontana Lake in North Carolina with Low Water Levels in october " -…
Lewiston, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah to Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina. Took some time but I'm he…
Woke up by a lake in North Carolina 🍂. I'm really going to miss life on the road and mornings…
This is the third of three protest marches today in North Carolina. Others took place this morning in Cumberland Co…
Pre-evacuation notice issued for residents east of Lake Lure, North Carolina, due to potential for further party rock wild…
No. 5 North Carolina pulls away for 83-68 win over Hawaii Read More :
No. 5 North Carolina pulls away to beat Hawaii
Gearing up for an amazing weekend in Asheville, North Carolina! Stay tuned for the inside scoop on this charming Blue Ridge Mountain town
DYK? Nearly 50% of the annual crop of sweet potatoes is grown in places like Nash County in North Carolina!…
The player coach of the Toon Squad, at 6 foot 6 from North Carolina, his Royal Airness: Michael Jordan!
Rescuers said Nathan Muras and his contractor, Splende Ryck, left Arizona to be invited in going back to North Carolina Saturday.
Right Now: Fog/Mist and 47° at Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. radar -->
North Carolina has been hit by rare late-season wildfires
is North Carolina's only certified organic micro-brewery (and they make unique kombucha creations)…
Unexpected mass shooting in North Carolina fortunately takes the lives of several KKK members
2 weeks when North Carolina comes to Bloomington. We will see it once again if we can compete. Win again Kansas was good
North Carolina activists are fighting back against the rise in hate crimes since the election.
Listen to & get dissed by Rising North Carolina rapper .
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
North Carolina lawmaker rebuked over fake newspaper article about election
While Hillary was working for the Children's Defense Fund and protecting children in North Carolina.
Marc Gosselin ('96) with 13pts+7reb+2ast and Yalim Olcay ('97) with 8pts+5reb not enough for Western Carolina against North Carolina Central
President-elect Trump, on eve of North Carolina primary: "Don't tell me it doesn't work. Torture works, OK folks?”
I'm forced to watch the Vikings vs Redskins game instead of my Falcons vs the Eagles. Smh.. living in North Carolina smh.
“North Carolina’s legislature has a devious plan to overturn the will of the voters” by
In North Carolina wishing was still here :(
the only reason I would ever go back to North Carolina, is for bojangles 😍😍😫
Headed to North Carolina tonight, the old tour bus is winding thru the Smoky Mountains.
The North Carolina A&T/NCCU rivalry has been a big one for years. Back in 1938, it was only black media there to tell the…
great piece about how NAFTA obliterated Lexington, North Carolina
got one from Pennsylvania which from North Carolina is probably over 600 miles. lil odd to ask.
EL...OH...EL...😂😂😂. North Carolina governor's Election-Day deficit is growing — but he still won't concede ...
He's pastor of New Life Fellowship in the great city of Charlotte the North Carolina.
Democrat Voter Fraud in North Carolina was so wide spread that the Governor's race might be selected by GOP General Asse…
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Mark Meadows ... what have you done to help the economy of North Carolina? You've done nothing. What have you done t…
now if I saw 30 republicans from pa Wisconsin Michigan Florida Ohio Arizona and North Carolina are switching then I be a tad
Trial by fire for Mike Dunleavy Sr. in his head coaching opener at Tulane. The Green Wave will host North Carolina tonigh…
Ku Klux Klan says it will hold a Trump victory parade in North Carolina next month
Hi America. It’s North Carolina, and we know what’s next. I don't love the writing, but I love the point: prepare .
But know that in Davidson, North Carolina, time will stand still for me too...
Thinking if I should go Airborne and get stationed in North Carolina and deploy to Iraq or stay in Fort Sill ,Oklahoma..
Through two games, 72% of North Carolina's field goals have been assisted. Johnson and Paige are gone, and UNC will be really…
North Carolina cuts out segments from last night's SNL, in case u wondered where we are at dystopia-wise.
Smoke from several large wildfires in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina spreading southwest into Alabama
Congratulations to Holly Behrends on signing her National Letter of Intent to attend University of North Carolina...
It's not just the southwest. Parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi are under...
Egret on the Haw River near Saxapahaw, North Carolina: via
From the Great Smokey Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean on the Crystal Coast make our great state of North Carolina...
Evangelist Billy Graham was born on a dairy farm near Charlotte, North Carolina on November 7, 1918. .
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I'm from a small town in North Carolina and went to a small college...
XC season ain't over till Dec. 3 🏃🏻 still got Foot Locker Championships at North Carolina & the All Stars race .
REMINDER: & will perform live at Room Nine nightclub in Asheville, North Carolina tonight!
2017 World Equestrian Games to be held in North Carolina -
Congratulations to Bro. Judge Mike Morgan on his election to The Supreme Court of North Carolina!...
I don't know what Morganton, North Carolina is like but Johnny Bristol sure makes me want to go there:
Humanities council in North Carolina is working to digitize all found slave deeds. Like this one
Welcome to Davidson, North Carolina. This gorgeous water town is the home of Davidson College and has won...
So KKK victory parade planned for Dec 3rd in North Carolina
Duke pulls off the upset against North Carolina 28-27.
Bye bye North Carolina... now all but assured the ACC Coastal.
All you need to know 👉🏼 KKK announces Dec. 3 rally in North Carolina to celebrate Donald Trump's victory .
Every gang member from Crips, Bloods and Latin gangs need to show up and greet these scums of the Earth at the...
One silver lining on Election Day — North Carolina's anti-trans governor lost his bid for reelection
Duke students will be getting these shirts for tonight’s game against North Carolina.
It looks like North Carolina’s LGBTQ-bashing Gov. Pat McCrory is out of a job:
Reporting from Wallace Wade on what proves to be a costly loss for Watch ICTV Postgame:
North Carolina looks to surprise, despite inexperience:
I don't hear the President Elect whining about this! KKK plans Donald Trump 'victory' parade in North Carolina
Vote for trump they said, what could go wrong? I fear nothing will go right... Are you sick of corporate news?...
Down goes North Carolina!. Duke beats the No. 17 Tar Heels 28-27 to get its first win over an AP-ranked UNC team since 1958. h…
Viral image debunked: KKK was not marching in North Carolina after Trump victory
KKK will hold Donald Trump victory parade rally in North Carolina
Apparently Rhett Snow is the only Uber driver in North Carolina
Here's how the KKK is celebrating Trump's victory.
The KKK is planning a victory parade in North Carolina
Good job, America. You did this to yourselves. Shooting yourselves in the foot is never a great option.
BREAKING: Burr re-elected to U.S. Senate in North Carolina. race call at 10:34 p.m. EST.
@ people who still claim trump isn't racist: the kkk is literally planning a victory parade in North Carolina
Trump is denouncing peaceful protestors, but hasn't said a word about the Klan parade in his honor in North Carolina. Lovely.
The KKK announced a victory rally in North Carolina for the President-elect they endorsed.
No. 6 North Carolina opens its 2016-17 basketball season on Friday at Tulane. Game preview: htt…
Trump Train may have left GOP North Carolina governor behind
KKK plans parade in North Carolina to celebrate Trump victory
Yeah, you might want to quit blowing everything off.
Ku Klux Klan announces plans for a Donald Trump victory parade in North Carolina
Continuity of Service Maintained at University of North Carolina at Pembroke throughout Hurricane Matthew
: World games venue switch THE Tryon International Equestrian Centre in North Carolina will now host the…
Exciting to see the World Equestrian Games coming to western North Carolina
The. DEM. Jennifer Roberts caused the HB2 problem for North Carolina; she's rewarded by elected a DEM governor who will destroy this State.
North Carolina commit, Coby White leads all scorers at the half with 20 points. Second half coming up.
I'd be happy to move to Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, or Ohio.. I love the central USA.
Hey liberals: don't move to Canada. . Move to Ohio, Florida, North Carolina.
The KKK is celebrating, white hoods and all, on a bridge in North Carolina. What have we done.
Republicans are currently winning 7 of the 9 seats on North Carolina's Council of State, it was the last branch the NCDP held.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
North Carolina might see a Republican sweep at the Council of State. Forest/Folwell will win. Republican ed, labor, AG, governor is possible
2 of the 6 competitive Senate races Indiana and North Carolina - have gone Republican. Also leading everywhere but Pennsylvania.
The Josh Tolley Show is ready to call Georga, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Michigan for Trump
Two-thirds of North Carolina voters say they oppose the "bathroom bill" -- was key issue in governor race and leaked into B…
Big news! North Carolina has been chosen to host the 2018 World Equestrian Games. This is a $400 million impact.
The majority of the smoke is a result of fires in the Northwest area of North Carolina and North Georgia. A fire...
Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi sang a duet at Hillary Clinton's late-night rally in North Carolina
Ohio, Florida and North Carolina are all 'battleground states', and eastern / central.
Last time North Carolina was referred to as a "battleground state" was when the Haw River Rifles held Yadkinville against the Redcoats.
North Carolina is a true southern state we have the power to rise in justice
Listening to Trump's North Carolina speech now, his closing argument is how badly he beat his Republican rivals in primaries. Inspiring.
Want to understand how dams damage rivers like North Carolina's Haw River? Read on.
Family weekend getaway in North Carolina: exploring Topsail Island with kids
For decades, Bill Smith has kept his North Carolina restaurant at the heart of the Southern culinary universe.…
We've touched down at Hickory Regional Airport in North Carolina. Join us LIVE now from the airport hanger:
Head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway or to Lake Junaluska, North Carolina and check out some of these events!
If you're not watching football, Florida State/North Carolina in the ACC women's soccer championship from Daniel Island is on ESPNU.
Top story: ShowBiz In North Carolina, a Battle Over Voter Suppression | Nationa… see more
Thank you Concord, North Carolina! When WE win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C. and we are going to
I wish bro, ima be in North Carolina. But Christmas we all gotta li…
If these data hold, will win by 6 points, thanks to early voting surge:
Look forward to joining the Women For Trump bus tomorrow in North Carolina! Hope you can join us in Charlotte at... http…
Up next: people of faith from the state of North Carolina could decide this election. Stay with us.
Don't miss our free performance with in Charlotte tonight. Let him know you'll be there.
Early voting shows this is a danger/ Will barriers to black voting tip critical battleground state of North Carolina?htt…
"Voting fraud is a distraction: statistically and legally nonexistent" —
3M votes has been casted in North Carolina. Wow. souls to the polls & vote like our life depends on it, like Hillary Clinto…
THIS is how a leader acts. It's right there for all to see. Trump can lie all he wants, but the video doesn't. . https:/…
it was really good. Just disgusting how North Carolina treats trans people. It was very moving at times.
North Carolina Republicans are using one shameful trick after another to keep Democrats from voting
Curve them before they curve you . College Edition. [North Carolina A&T State University]. Pt. 1 https:…
do not listen to MSN. North Carolina will remain RED. The support for Trump here is tremendo…
In the battleground state of North Carolina- leaving for New York City soon. We are going to win North Carolina!
Al Franken thinks African American voting is now picking up in North Carolina after signs that it was down https:/…
A judge ordered North Carolina to restore the voter registrations it purged
Pat McCrory had already damage North Carolina economy so don't elect him as a Governor again
I warned you about this ethos. This is how it starts but soon enough you will not be allowed in the state of north carolina.
Goldsboro, NC - Property in GOLDSBORO,North Carolina: For sale by owner (FSBO) property in…
ICYMI: More than 45% of North Carolina voters have already cast ballots
Thank you Wilmington, North Carolina. We are 3 days away from the CHANGE you've been waiting for your entire life!
Watch President Obama defend a protester at his North Carolina rally
North Carolina sets record for early voting:
Impact of North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill'? Almost $640M in lost business & Governor McCroy's re-election hopes
Our sister org pretty much took over North Carolina last week! Check out
Judge orders North Carolina counties to restore thousands to voter rolls .
Meet Judge Mike Morgan. He is the activist liberal Democrat judge who blocked Voter ID in North Carolina. Now he...
Early voters in line in North Carolina tell "I'll wait 5 hours if I got to"
Melania Trump introduces her husband in North Carolina: "Donald cares so deeply about this country"
North Carolina's 'Bathroom bill' could be the downfall of Gov. Pat McCrory - Salon via thanks
North Carolina goal in the 86th minute. Annie Kingman gets on the end of the cross from Andrzejewski and scores. Tar Heels lead 2-1.
Five minutes left, North Carolina and Notre Dame are tied, 1-1.
BREAKING: A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that the state illegally dropped voters from registration lists…
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