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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

South Carolina Mike Anderson Chapel Hill Final Four Tar Heels Texas Southern Sweet Sixteen Ocean Isle Beach Joel Berry Roy Williams

LAND GRAB. After 2 devastating floods officials of a historic African-American town in North Carolina still no help state o…
TWO CARDS: Not all race teams are based out of North Carolina. [Marty Smith’s terrible accent] Race Team is based in [Jeff Gordon Raceway].
North Carolina survives!!!. The Tar Heels take down Arkansas, 72-65, to advance to the Sweet Sixteen! https:/…
oh my goodness the Tar Heels are the only North Carolina team left in the tourney OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY
Here is what you need to know:. 1) Butler owns a 3-2 all-time record against North Carolina, defeating the Tar...
Brothers from Gamma Iota (University of North Carolina- Charlotte) and Johnson C. Smith University with friends at…
Mike Anderson recaps tough loss to North Carolina via
1729: Carolinas split into 2 colonies after decades of feuding. 2017: North Carolina and South Carolina remerge over sha…
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North Carolina is the only ACC team in the sweet 16 so I'm extra happy & their the best team in college basketball but guess what Duke lost
More shots from Mooresville, North Carolina. In this school, students are able t…: google…
Out of all the basketball I've watched last couple days Kansas and UCLA look the best North Carolina's performance today was horrible
Y'all I'm not trying to act like some big basketball fan but I made a bracket for work so go North Carolina because ya homegirl needs money
Born and raised in North Carolina, UNC was my dream school, and my sister is a student there of course I'm a Carolina fan
3/4 of my Final Four teams still intact, Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona.
Confederate flags are waving outside of the arena where Arkansas-North Carolina are playing tonight:
*sees one flake of snow*. North Carolina- *shuts down every school on the charts*
"Best conference in college basketball" has one team – North Carolina – in the Sweet Sixteen. B1G, Big XII, Pac-12 and SEC all have three.
If Duke wanted to play in North Carolina, they should have worked harder as a school to help strike down a bad, bigoted law.
In honor of North Carolina making the Sweet 16, here's a picture of the worst basketball card…
North Carolina is next i'm calling it
There's only one real college basketball team in North Carolina!
who's the web basketball until the sonics moved I I guess there is North Carolina and Gonzaga
Please basketball gods 🙏, don't let Kansas or North Carolina even be in the championship game!
Fun fact: I get pretty excited about North Carolina college basketball and Duke can kick rocks
Michigan and North Carolina win. Michigan State and Duke lose. What a great day of college basketball😊!
The ceiling is the roof, and North Carolina is the only ACC school left in the tournament.
Duke loses to South Carolina! Favourites to win the NCAA title are Kansas, Gonzaga and North Carolina. Market:…
You know it's hated a rivalry when North Carolina fans cheer for a school in South Carolina to beat duke 😂
Can't wait to hear Mike Krzyzewski blame the North Carolina bathroom law for the loss.
North Carolina survives a scare against Arkansas, advances to face Butler in the Sweet 16
Duke.SEND IT. Down to the only ACC school left, North Carolina.
Duke and North Carolina really do get every call In basketball it's unreal
The refs in Greenville truly believe North Carolina basketball players can't charge.
2017 NCAA Tournament: How to watch North Carolina vs. Arkansas, game time, TV info, live stream - CBSSport…
I just want a Final Four without a Kentucky or North Carolina school.
North Carolina was extremely lucky to survive vs. Arkansas in the NCAA tournament
How about SEC basketball today?! Arkansas took North Carolina to the brink and now South Carolina is beating on Duke!
And your school is from North Carolina...
80% sure I'm moving to North Carolina after I graduate high school to go to college
Think how different college basketball history would be if the NCAA never played tourney games in North Carolina.
Amen. It's still a basketball game. Last time I checked, South Carolina isn't too far from North Carolina either.
that's on the state of North Carolina:
They're probably North Carolina basketball but South Carolina football fans.
North Carolina basketball fans at the Duke game are channeling their inner AU/UA being...
No. 1 seed North Carolina survives scare from Arkansas
VIDEO: Mike Anderson recaps close loss to North Carolina
North Carolina almost lost to Arkansas but they're the best team in college basketball?
Did everyone see the game stolen from Arkansas? Got what they wanted North Carolina moving on. The refs are worse every year
North Carolina's player of the game:.
I like Mike Anderson but I sure am glad North Carolina won.
Well the refs just saved North Carolina
Coach mike got cheated out of this upset over North Carolina
A mix of Mike Anderson being terrible, and North Carolina never having a call go against them ever.
Arkansas vs. North Carolina - Coach Mike Anderson really has his team prepared..."impressive"
North Carolina is playing like throw up
Someone needs to remind North Carolina that MIZZOU beat Arkansas this year!
Wow 😳! Arkansas has walked down North Carolina to take a 47-46 lead with 12:35 to go in the second half. Mike Anderson troops apply pressure
No one on the planet has Arkansas beating North Carolina on his, or her, bracket. Not even Bill Clinton or Mike Anderson.
After Hannahs airs a 3, Jackson and Berry bomb 2 in for North Carolina - up 6-0 early
Dallas' own__Loftus Scores Trio of Goals in Loss to No. 7 North Carolina
North Carolina 55th Infantry Regiment. With Davis' Brigade at Gettysburg, Lost on July 3,1863 with the Pickett-Pettigrew…
North Carolina coach Roy Williams is hopeful guard Joel Berry will play. Said he won't practice, will receive treatment. "W…
US News & World Report: "North Carolina, home to some of the most egregious examples of academic misconduct."
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We're tanned, rested and ready for North Carolina and Ohio this weekend.
Seeing reports about a giant fire in Raleigh, North Carolina. Everyone near that, be safe, it looks pretty bad.
Huge fire forces evacuations in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina
North Carolina man arrested for Florida anti *** hate crime
Just ran some quick numbers to see how this would work and we'd have to sell Texas, North Carolina, and two of your thr…
Hey please beat UCLA tomorrow. I will be cheering for you in North Carolina.
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Who is GM Bobby Evans' favorite player on the A certain hard-throwing lefty from North Carolina.
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Coming from North Carolina to Los Angeles to see bones again LETS GET LIT
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Heading to Jacksonville North Carolina to see my Marine💕
WOW!. Prayers for all those affected and for safety for those fighting the blaze! Do any of my North Carolina...
Goodnight 🌙!We love you, and we want happiness for you. We hope you come back to North Carolina soon, we miss…
This is a great story on how an unknown North Carolina trucker changed the transportation industry.
100% clean, renewable energy resolution for state of North Carolina on the books:
When Mark Zuckerberg's first trip to North Carolina is to your HBCU. 🐶
Here’s why the Tar Heels will only go as far as Joel Berry can take them
North Carolina bill proposes old program to recruit new teachers - Hickory Daily Record
Crane collapses after massive fire engulfs building under construction in downtown North Carolina.
Coach K says he doesn't want to get political, proceeds to call North Carolina's bathroom bill a "stupid thing."
spectatorindex: VIDEO: Crane collapses in Raleigh, North Carolina fire
Prayers for the firefighters fighting this massive out of control fire in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina right now https:…
.& demonstrate to eject in Greensboro and to bring back basketball to North Carolina!
Thanks Obama!. Former President Obama is predicting a North Carolina win in the NCAA men's basketball...
- North Carolina: 20 new flu deaths reported last week
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After several revisions of my bracket, my Final Four is now Duke, West Virginia, Louisville, and North Carolina.
Speaking of left for dead...just wait till Texas Southern gets a hold of North Carolina.
Beaver Dam section of Cherokee County, North Carolina, earlier this week.
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Obama put North Carolina, Duke, Arizona and Kansas in the Final Four with North Carolina beating Duke in the final.
North Carolina teen made international headlines Mon 4allegedly beheading his mother is in country illegally, wanted by U.S. Immigration
I love living in North Carolina! There's absolutely no better place to live in the country. From Raleigh to Durham to Chapel Hill to Garner
Track and Field: The Bobcats will open their outdoor season this weekend in North Carolina. My preview:
Nor sure what's in store for today, but let's go @ Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
Save the date: Meredith College Symposium on 6-8 April 2017, Raleigh, North Carolina
Track and Field: Ohio begins outdoor season this weekend in North Carolina - The Post
North Carolina's Roy Williams (in blue, duh) at the Pick Central vs St Charles basketball game.
Shout out to North Carolina central . Even tho they lost they put on for every HBCU 🏀💯
American Visionary Art Museum & Rebecca Hoffberger in the NY Times, but Vollis Simpson was from North Carolina,...
COMPASS team joins American Heart Association at “You’re the Cure” North Carolina state lobby day!
Senator Burr you held up the confirmation of North Carolina attorney Loretta Lynch for 161 days. Why hurry now?
North Carolina "creating an economic climate that works for all citizens in our state."
It was a pleasure speaking for the University of North Carolina (UNC) Student National Dental Association (SNDA) on…
Dear Community Member,. The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. (AMEXCAN) and the Eastern North...
On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we take a trip up to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina to check out one...
Interested in learning more about how agriculture helps North Carolina? If you have any question talk to the adviso…
Plymouth flying the flag! in North Carolina for Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA) event
Local store of lowes foods, basically only in North Carolina and one or two other states
captured sunbathing on North Carolina beach
Flower crowns & tree houses for this girls big day ✨ @ China Grove, North Carolina
GroveNC. China Grove is a city in Rowan County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 3,563 at the 2010 census
is memo ochoa dating anyone new in North Carolina
Registration for the 2017 Global Communication Association Conference, North Carolina, is now open:
1. North Carolina. 2. Kentucky. 3. UCLA. The top of the South seems kind of strong.
Anthony Atkinson from Wilson, North Carolina, my cousin really won them boys this championship
Artist Christian Marclay's new composition performed live at SECCA in North Carolina
The city of Greensboro, North Carolina hands Jim Boeheim his second L of the day
Just to reach the Final Four Ucla/Kentucky will have to go through each other and North Carolina
.Final Four: Duke, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina. Stay tuned for his Final Take when he will reveal his N…
Attending the (Librarians' Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Right Now: Partly Cloudy and Breezy and 45° at Manteo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. radar -->
Uh, North Carolina did not win the ACC regular season title. There is no such title.
North Carolina, Duke favored by Vegas oddsmakers to win NCAA tournament
in North Carolina it'll be *** with a beautiful family who live in a house like this saying they bang nd trap nd all t…
My mom is pet sitting for a white family in North Carolina 😫😫
Thanks to the North Carolina legislature and governor for making a reality in https…
Texas Southern has received a seed and will face NORTH CAROLINA
The No. 1 seed in the South Region is North Carolina.
Probably not... BPI's best chance for a 16 to advance to Round of 32 is North Carolina Central (2.5%)
UCLA is in North Carolina and Kentucky's region? It's gonna be hard to win that region. 😬😬
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Tigers Basketball is heading to Greenville, SC to face the North Carolina Tar Heels!
Only in North Carolina can you have pollen and snow on your car at the same time 🙃
Texas Southern to tackle another giant in matchup with North Carolina
North Carolina lost March Madness over its bathroom bill. In its place: rabbits.
North Carolina get all 4 seasons in a week
The scene we just saw, where the laborer tried to recruit the white guy, is from real life.
North Carolina went from every type of weather in a week to every type of weather in a day.
The tournament begins Tuesday night with two First Four games in Dayton, Ohio
pollen yesterday, snow today.. Welcome to North Carolina
Just yesterday I was washing the pollen off of my car but today I'm wiping snow off of it. Two words: North Carolina.
Texas Southern gets the seed. They will face seed North Carolina. Tsu will play Friday in Greenville, SC.
North Carolina gets record 16th No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament. A look at the South:
Predictions: . EAST: Duke over Nova. MW: Louisville over KU. SOUTH: North Carolina over UCLA. WEST: Arizona over Notre Dame. Titl…
North Carolina, Kentucky and UCLA in the same region….
At Westgate no. 2 seed Duke favored to win NCAA Tourney at 5/1 odds. North Carolina follows at 6/1. Kentucky, Villanova,…
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North Carolina weather is something else..
C) Repeal HB2 and play in North Carolina like we should
The road out of the South goes through North Carolina!
Former Word of Faith Fellowship members hold meeting in Spindale, North Carolina, to discuss abuse allegations.…
McHenry County College baseball opens with win and tie in North Carolina.
Welcome to North Carolina, where you can experience three different seasons all in one week.
Welcome to North Carolina, where you experience three different seasons in a week.
Governor Cooper is laying out a road map to make North Carolina a Top 10 Educated State by 2025. Here's what that means: h…
Shattered faith: Years of ungodly abuse at Word of Faith Fellowship Chuch, western North Carolina
Who wants to start the United States Collegiate Athletic Association [USCAA]. Start in Texas and North Carolina?
Just landed in North Carolina- heading to the J.S. Dorton Arena. See you all soon! Lets https:…
So let me get this straight Louisville and North Carolina wait until they're up 12 to 15 points before they start fouling Du…
Before Biggie. The story of Christopher Wallace's time in North Carolina, before he moved back to NYC and blew up: https:…
Duke is headed to the ACC title game after knocking off No. 1 seed North Carolina.
We thank the Triangle Telugu Association of North Carolina for supporting Initiative
If the Heels win this game North Carolina gon rage to Raise Up by Petey Pablo all night!!!
I'm looking for a resistance group for western North Carolina. Not Asheville as much as Hendersonville, Burnsville. Anyone?…
A North Carolina district attorney said Friday that two assistant prosecutors no longer work for him after The A...
👀💪😓 I work for my success @ Northwest Raleigh, Raleigh, North Carolina
Prosecutors gone from jobs after AP report on church abuse: A North Carolina district attorney says two assistant…
How this liberal-arts college in rural North Carolina became a birthplace of modern photography. h…
NEW YORK -- Although the Duke-North Carolina rivalry will be played 500 miles from To... via
Adventures in North Carolina: Fly Fishing the Western North Carolina Trail - travel
VIDEO: North Carolina commit Jalek Felton is an elite playmaker, per . WATCH: https:…
UPDATED:Multiple in western North Carolina. Help establish a new program.
Our Woody's Bar-B-Q in Lumberton, North Carolina is looking for some smiling faces to join its team! today!…
Part1/3:1991: 200 Marines who served in Operation Desert Storm spent time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina before they were scheduled to
I'm from a small town in western North Carolina. There is a reason I don't live in a small town in western North Ca…
Get the inside scoop on North Carolina's Legislative Kickoff! - COS Action
I'm gonna need a theater in North Carolina to play to Personal Shopper okaythanks
Biomedical researchers from North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina at...
I just walked into a live bait & tackle shop in North Carolina with heels on looking like Mariah Carey. Sup Hank Hill?
Look at this Jim Crow law 👀. "In one North Carolina courthouse, there was a white Bible and a black Bible to swear to tell the truth on."
Classy operation out here in Steele Creek... @ Charlotte, North Carolina
Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. Back in the day, Black artists were limited as to where they could perform.
My favorite North Carolina magazine with an article about the Civil War and a Union soldier from my native Central…
help protect our future physicians by renewing the HEA! Medical student debt hurts North Carolina communities
After navigating the labyrinth that is social services in North Carolina, I found some places that offered rent assistance.
What's it like to be a scientist? student Ryann Rossi weighs in at Scientists of North Carolina:
If you read yesterday's post, then you know I'm moving to North Carolina sometime soon. We don't have an exact...
i've missed riding around with you on deliveries🖤 🚙💨 @ Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
North Carolina's Thom Tillis's office says he's undecided and wants to hear from people.(202) 224-6342
Why Mike Jerrick is off the air: He's in North Carolina fighting depression at a retreat
we're in North Carolina and well...
It was filmed in Henderson county, North Carolina as well.
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Should I move to North Carolina with my family or stay in North Adams
Trying to talk Cherish into road tripping with me to North Carolina in July. It's not looking so hot.
At age15, William Adams moved from the cotton fields of North Carolina to Baltimore, never...
Remix road trip: Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida and Kentucky all last week!!
Down the road to Chapel Hill we go. We take on North Carolina at 3 p.m. Tuesday. Read our match preview here -
North Carolina's Justin Jackson has been named ACC Player of the Year, per release.
Richard Nixon, Stephen Miller, and Richard Spencer all attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.
"Let's take Sam Bowie...that Jordan kid from North Carolina has bust written all over him"
See our latest North Carolina and click to apply: Full Time Home Health Registered Nurse... -
Finally the end of North Carolina gerrymandering?
"It’s time for everyone to grow up, buckle down and be men.”—Amile Jefferson:.
Thank you to the North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol for flying over 500 hours for Hurricane Matthew relief eff…
North Carolina A&T's Tarik Cohen tied for the second-fastest 40-yard dash time among RBs at the with a 4.42.
A new proposal, HB186, would once again single out people for discrimination in North Carolina.
So long NC, thanks for the great weather:) @ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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From March 9-13, the RTP area of North Carolina becomes a hotbed.
Queens University of Charlotte is a private, co-educational, comprehensive university located in Charlotte, North C…
North Carolina man accused of killing infant - WTVD-TV
COACHING SCOOP: Here is the latest update on the NC State coaching search ($)...
VIDEO—The preseason No. 1 team in the country went 11-7 in the ACC. Where does Duke go from here?…
North Carolina now has four 1,000 point scorers on team. Last two times they had four 1,000 point scorers? 2005 and 2009
North Carolina football switches to Jordan Brand uniforms .
Mets’ Matt Harvey excited to get back on the mound for first time since July 4 via
day76: North Carolina Trump supporters claim anti-Trumpers are verging on sedition. No sense of irony, I suppose.
Duke will now open up ACC tournament play as the No. 5 seed Wednesday at 2 PM vs. N.C. State or Clemson:.
Blessings on blessings. Happy to announce I'll be attending North Carolina Wesleyan College for the next four years!!…
Last night just reinforces how proud I am to have played football for North Carolina. Unreal moment.
ICYMI: Monster recruiting game for tonight -
A year ago we spent our 3 months in North Carolina kicking *** at the ruggerfest, this year we spent our 15 months there💞…
This is why we must have school choice.
Update your maps at Navteq
Mentor native and Former North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky trying on a Cleveland Browns helmet for the first time 👀…
North Carolina takes the rematch! Joel Berry scores 28 as Tar Heels top rival Duke
Gearing up for CamperProtect training in Flat Rock, North Carolina tomorrow!
Football team will wear Jordan Brand starting in 2017. Nike contract being renegotiated. First reported here:
Alejandro Castillo is wanted by the for the murder of a female coworker in North Carolina in Aug. 2016:
UNC's win over Duke is a reminder that the Tar Heels have unfinished business.
That time I met Hillary in North Carolina. She was really nice, although she didn't say much and…
This year for Lent, is telling the stories of LGBTQ people of faith. This story is from Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
Check out our page that has events across North Carolina:
This is why we must have school choice. .
. Another one:. 1st pic: Trump rally today in Raleigh North Carolina. 2nd pic: Ral…
Tar Heels get revenge! . No. 5 North Carolina takes the win over No. 17 Duke to claim Tobacco Road bragging rights.
$TWTR A major Supreme Court case could affect the way you access and $FB $QQQ $SPY $AMZN
NORTH CAROLINA has the best midnight food. 🍔. North Carolina summer and winter in same week. . North Carolina best hoope…
This guy just walked into work and asked me if he was in North Carolina 😒
There's a village in North Carolina, America that practices the Yoruba culture. Oyotunji Village as its known, was founde…
article with link to judges opinion detailing why NC law was struck down.
North Carolina starts test program for growing hemp, the useful co... &
Brad I'm like you, if I watch North Carolina play they lose so I missed last nights game and the won.
Guessing it's not hurting North Carolina's chances to land Kevin Knox (or Zion Williamson) by having Michael Jordan there…
Carolina gets revenge!. There'll be no sweep this year as No. 5 North Carolina downs No. 17 Duke, 90-83, behind 28 from J…
Words can not describe how much I hate the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
I was going to take a little nap during halftime of the FC Dallas game, but I ended waking up at halftime of North Carolina vs Duke...
The winner of Duke v North Carolina wins the rights to the Speedway in South Boston, VA.
Miami TE makes splash plays like I saw Eric Ebron make at North Carolina, but Njoku's consistent hands really exc…
College lacrosse: No. 7 North Carolina upsets No. 1 Denver on the road -
Sunrise over Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. .
North Carolina football reportedly moving from Nike to Jordan's Jumpman brand - CBS…
Will Wright loves exploring Havens Garden in Washington, North Carolina. He was on the hunt for some shark teeth...
Duke has won four of its last six road games road at Top-5 North Carolina teams. GameDay live in Chapel Hill on ESPN
Brad Daugherty of North Carolina was pretty good.
North Carolina man arrested for threatening, knocking over *** couple as he said "you live in Trump Country now."
A former Marine and his wife say the scene inside a Veterans Administration hospital in Durham, North Carolina, was so sho…
Driver Marvin Johnson is hanging out in downtown High Pointe, North Carolina with the folks from Pump Boys &...
Rehearsing for at University of North Carolina, Chappe Hill with ajokatheatre
The Center Players at Arts of the Albermarle, from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, brought their winning game to...
I'm seeing Get Out in North Carolina and the theater is empty except for one black woman, I really shouldn't be surprised but
Jay Williams thinks has all the parts for a title run: "I think North Carolina is the team."…
3 people has been injured after a accident near the East Meck High School in Charlotte, North Carolina https…
Sending positive karma to Northern Ireland in solidarity from North Carolina.
make sure you catch midweek game vs. North Carolina tomorrow at 5pm! Pack the stadium with…
The person of the day is Anthony Johnson from North Carolina!
Burr is Disgusting no body in North Carolina likes him
Tyler McKenzie was in at in 2014. He's from North Carolina -- go check him out at…
1 year default probability for Bank of America N.A. (North Carolina) in blue is 0.79% versus parent $BAC (red) via…
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Tories given the boot in North Carolina.
On this day in history, February 27, 1776, the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge ends British rule in North Carolina.
Outsiders don't realize North Carolina and South Carolina are two totally different experiences
A lot cooler then yesterday, but still a beautiful day to be outside. @ Kure Beach, North Carolina
Another week and I will be in North Carolina. So ready for this mini road trip hopefully many more to come with some great companies
Will be celebrating Birthday tomorrow at the Wilson Center. Happy Birthday Michael Bolton! Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina.
Winfoff has falsely delayed sales-creditwoman's business -- and was proposed by the Republican Party and the North Carolina senator.
Areas affected...Maryland...central and eastern Virginia and. northern North Carolina. Concerning...Severe...
A Saturday share for you! NPR Music, World Cafe spotlights essential and emerging artists ~ here's North Carolina...
Another Trump era debate about the meaning of masculinity. Debate breaks out over North Carolina billboard
It's 60 degrees and some rain falling at 3:21 AM in Mountain Home, North Carolina.
Me & Kalyn always talk about visiting Atlanta or North Carolina but we're too *** scared to 😅😅
North Carolina bound this whole weekend
NAACP urges North Carolina boycott over conservative laws
We have to stop with the scare tactics. North Carolinians deserve the truth about what HB 2 does and doesn’t do.
Next came a motion by a congressman from North Carolina asking the US Congress to stop the sale.
This morning I woke up in Fredonia and now I'm going to bed in North Carolina science is crazy
How to Start a Home Photography Business in North Carolina -
the only place i have lived with Reasonable weather is north carolina
Farmers... who voted for 45 NOW complaining about "THEIR" bottom line... H-2A visas . http…
California will no longer pay for students to travel to anti-states | By Harry Cockburn .
NC postal worker admits he failed to deliver mail for years
63% of white men, 53% of all white women voted for Trump. A new billboard in North Carolina has it figured out:
‘Real men provide’ billboard in North Carolina is turning heads –
NAACP urges boycott of North Carolina over anti-trans ‘bathroom bill’ HB2
The US state that is no longer considered a democracy
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