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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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A Ku Klux Klan rally stopped Patrick Ewing from choosing to play for the University of North Carolina.
North Carolina was off da chain last nite! i Gotta go back To Dat Same Stripclub!!. Young Joc was Down da Road...
12 dogs, 15 cats saved from hoarding situation in North Carolina
And what teams have Virginia played? Duke? Wow! 😂They've lost to North Carolina and Miami as well!
Duke, Virginia, Louisville, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Miami all in the top 25 (and all but Miami in the top 10). The ACC is STACKED
North Carolina in March, Georgia and New York in April...boy oh boy, what an exciting year. :)
Frightening road rage incident in North Carolina caught on video: NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) — A terrifying road rage…
just asked me if North Carolina borders the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.
I'm literally following my aunt to North Carolina to pick up my uncle then following them to Georgia. That's all I know
Headers for Hope Charity Match...featuring the NWSL Washington Spirit vs University of North Carolina!. The UNC... http…
to Asheville, North Carolina? Look at the amazing piece of for sale in Western...
Jackie "Moms" Mabley was born in Brevard, North Carolina in the 1890s, and went on to establish a ca
An inspirational story of a young man who is creating hope for homeless children in western North Carolina
On this day somewhere in North Carolina. I gained another great niece. Laylani Sanaii Patrick. The way Rhode Island is setup blizzard 2015. I'm glad she was born safe in North Carolina. I will see her next month. Katrina Patrick Anji Bridges. Love you guys.
They're living off 21k a year & his 1st wife & 3 kids are on public assistance in North Carolina but he's "Republican."
Parts of "Hunger Games" filmed in western North Carolina. Asheville on ‘best place’ moviemakers list. via
RE: Biltmore Apartments, Asheville, North Carolina: ..., but still within range of Asheville? Not all of the…
A new low pressure center that formed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina early this morning has begun moving northeastward just off the mid-Atlantic coast. This low is expected to intensify very rapidly from 1004mb now down to about 980mb by tomorrow morning! Winds and snow are expected to continuously pick up in intensity through today, tonight and into early Tuesday over southern New England and northern mid-Atlantic region. Winds gusting to near hurricane-force together with zero visibility in heavy snow are forecast to impact southern New England. Very impressive snowfall totals of 1 to 3 feet are predicted from the New York City area northeastward through southern and eastern New England by the time the storm departs late Wednesday. Residents are advised to keep abreast of the latest updates and stay sheltered through the length of this powerful winter storm. The next forecast update will be available by 3pm EST. also our latest Storm Summary at
Look it up. All went to same high school. Harding University High School, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Bryan Kersey, Brian Dorsey and Joe Lindsay have the whistles for Syracuse-North Carolina tonight.
The upper level low is much further SW than modeled (just offshore of North Carolina) we can already see huge life 1000's …
Here's info about Einstein's next appearance at the Given's Performing Arts Center in Pembroke, North Carolina.
"If you want to take gender studies, that’s fine, go to a private school," Pat McCrory, the Republican governor of North Carolina, said.
If you live in or are going to be visiting the North Georgia/western North Carolina area, you should be a part of...
Tattoo you: Upper East Side gets hip: When Kathryn Creech moved from North Carolina to New York t...
More pictures of the famed, and abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park, in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Enjoy! ~Adil/ BILL NYE THO
In the story I told about the marines embarking from Radio Island, I was asked if it was the Cuban Missile Crisis, or Bay of Pigs. So I provided the following information to clarify it. Supporting movement of troops during Cuban Missile Crisis Into the summer, Sandoval conducted training exercises, primarily with U.S. Marine Corps units, off the Virginia and Carolina coasts, and in Puerto Rico. In August, she conducted gunnery exercises; then carried Army personnel and vehicles from Norfolk to the Panama Canal Zone; and transported Marine Corps vehicles from Puerto Rico to Norfolk. Local landing exercises and an availability took her into October, when theCuban Missile Crisis erupted. Sandoval moved to Morehead City, North Carolina; embarked marines; and steamed south to stand by in case of need. At the end of November, as international tension eased, she returned to Norfolk where she remained into the new year, 1963. She then resumed local exercises, transportation operations, and training exercises alon ...
Sharia Law Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia Sharia Law in Europe Sharia Law UK Sharia Law in America Sharia Law in Canada Sharia Law in America Sharia law in AmericaSharia law in the United States of America ("America") has reached Spread of Islam Phase 3. As the number of court cases that involve conflicts between civil law and Sharia law rise in America, majority of American states have introduced bills banning courts from accommodating Sharia law. But those bills have been stalled by well-financed challenges in court by Muslim groups that also campaign against politicians who sponsor and/or support such bills. Oklahoma's law banning Sharia law from courts has been struck down, and only six other conservative states (Louisiana, Arizona, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kansas) have been able to pass Sharia law-limiting legislation, and only after watering them to not even mention the word, "Sharia." While defending the status quo in legislatures, Sharia law has been advancing in other American institu ...
Today in 1863: George Freeman Bragg is born into slavery in Warren County, North Carolina.
I had a safe trip to North Carolina to family funnel! Old time church gathering that keeps in GODS words!
Rep. Renee Ellmers, third-term Republican from North Carolina, blocked the child pain act! Please call the capital and let her know; WE KNOW
I mentioned to people in North Carolina that I've met Russell Wilson and now they're all asking me about him
I have now made it a life goal of mine to see "Land of Oz", the abandoned Wizard of Oz themepark in North Carolina, sometime in my life. The pictures that I have been drooling over for the past hour need to be something that I see in real life.
Thank you for nominating me Julie. 7 things you may or may not know about me are; 1. I have a phobia of earth worms and turbulence (of the flying type) 2. I have a medical/physical dependence on chocolate and if there is any in the place where I sleep, I will sleep eat it 3. I love fairy lights, New York City, the bagpipes, stags, tartan and the Outer Banks of North Carolina in equal measure 4. I am a night owl and stay up reading about current events (ahem, the Daily Mail) every night into the small hours 5. My dream job is to be a hotel checker for Mr and Mrs Smith 6. Thorstein and Ivara, who were meant to be called Johnnie Rocky Hamish and Coco Seraphina Jagger Bleu, are my world 7. I believe in ghosts and karma
The chances of Google Fiber’s crazy-fast internet showing up in your town feel about as favorable as winning the lottery, but if you live in North Carolina, you may be in luck. Google…
To all of my friends in & I envy you! Google Fiber Could be Coming to North Carolina
Could Google Fiber be spreading across North Carolina? The Internet behemoth has sent "save the date" notices to officials in Charlotte as well as the Triangle region.
Google Fiber coming to North Carolina via /r/technology
Any body know of a Gospel booking agent in North Carolina
Google Fiber appears ready to go in North Carolina; no word on Portland via
Google Fiber’s next construction spot is reportedly in North Carolina
Google Fiber could be announced for North Carolina next week
North Carolina could be next in Google Fiber roll-out
I have a job opening for a Group Leader, Player/Coach SBA Lending. Contact Me in North Carolina
Sons of Confederate Veterans to remove sign welcoming motorists to North Carolina.
Study reveals mystery behind returning sea turtles. Research by the University of North Carolina has revealed...
Wine stolen from the French Laundry is recovered in North Carolina. Experts say the high end wine market attracts...
Most of French Laundry's $300K in stolen wine recovered in North Carolina
$300K in stolen from French Laundry recovered in North Carolina
Wines stolen from French Laundry recovered in North Carolina via
More than $300,000 in rare wines stolen from the famed The French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley has been found in a private cellar in North Carolina.
The majority of wine stolen from the renowned French Laundry restaurant in California on Christmas night has been recovered in North Carolina.
The French Laundry's stole wines, including many DRC wines, have turned up in North Carolina.
Whoa! Rare wine stolen from Napa's famed 'French Laundry', found in North Carolina
: French Laundry wines found in North Carolina. You and Giana must be super happy.
Update: Wine stolen from French Laundry recovered in North Carolina
Stolen wine recovered in North Carolina cellar:
NEWS STUFF:...Is this a new fad or something, getting killed on railroad tracks? It happened to a male fitness model in L.A. last week, now to two teenagers here in North Carolina walking on the tracks where it's prohibited. I mean, may at 13 you could understand it. But 17 & 18?. My buddies and I rode the trains at ages 12-15, climbed atop and jumped from car to car, etc., then it lost its appeal... These kids must have been on dope or something. Sorry it happened, but you can't teach kids everything... ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY "professor" teaching a course in "The Problem Of Whiteness," in which white people, in general, are the cause of all the problems of less fortunate minorities. Sharpton will love this, but it's not the only place this goes on. It's been going on like a movement(maybe a bowel movement) at campuses around the country for years. Failures almost always blame their problems on others, usually the more fortunate or successful. It's not new, but it can become an institutional phenomenon, ...
That's right, folks - the Republican representative from North Carolina thinks God has cursed America
1:20 PM UPDATE: Forecast models are coming together on the idea of accumulation as low pressure rides up the east coast. The current thinking would bring anywhere from 1-4" to the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, with anywhere from 0-2" to areas west of that. One limitation here is the soil temperature. We've had a relatively warm week, so that could bring accumulations down a bit! As this system gains strength off the coast, higher snowfall amounts are expected in the upper Mid-Atlantic states (NY, NJ, PA). SUNDAY-MONDAY: We are tracking a developing system in Alberta, Canada (called an Alberta Clipper). This one is like a pitch in baseball: location, location, location! If this system sets up further north, less snowfall accumulation for us. If it sets up closer to NETN/SWVA, higher amounts would be possible. Once the first system, from tonight into tomorrow, exits the region we should have a better handle on the Sunday-Monday system. Stay tuned!
Congrats to my sister for being named North Carolina's top tennis pro under the age of 30!
A proposal under debate in North Carolina would expand fisherman and 4WD vehicle access to the Cape Hatteras...
"Spoken: In the hills of North Carolina, since the times o..".
Job Opportunity: Electronics Engineer. Are you a fit? in North Carolina
Right Now: Overcast and 45° at Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Update Why the GOP Isn’t as Pro-Life as You Think - Republican Reps. Renee Ellmers, of North Carolina, and T...
I ordered this piece of teak from the USS North Carolina (BB-55) gift shop online. I ordered this with the intention of cutting it up into some very cool blanks. It came today, and I don't know if I want to cut it up or not!!!
I love it. My new follower: Republican junior U.S. Senator from North Carolina. I wonder if he noticed that I'm way left of the President.
West Georgia, Savannah, and North Carolina are my top 3 schools..
States represented in the festival lineup so far: West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia,...
North Carolina large truck accidents: A new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 3...
Racist Jesse Helms, Republican Senate from North Carolina. America do your research. Ted Cruz loves this man.
UNC Professor on Jury for First Book Prize on Singaporean History January 20, 2015 UNC Global Peter Coclanis. Photo by Donn Young. Peter Coclanis, Albert Ray Newsome Distinguished Professor and director of the Global Research Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been inv…
BBQ and limited government - North Carolina traditions. Are you coming Saturday?
Emergency Medicine Physician: Clinton. North Carolina (NC). TeamHealth. Opportunity for a Physician to join our E...
“I have lots of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky way soft cloud innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere: Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That w ...
Elizabeth Hamblin McLauchlin, 84, of Hayesville, North Carolina, died Sunday, January 18, 2015 in Murphy Medical Center Nursing Home after a short illness. She was born in Panama on August 13, 1930 to Captain Francis Dow Hamblin and Elizabeth Hamblin. She was married to Carl Luther McLauchlin for 50 years. She worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse at St. Anthony’s Hospital for 17 years. Elizabeth and Carl were active members at Childs Park United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, working with the youth of the church. In 1987, Carl and Elizabeth retired and moved to Hayesville, North Carolina. They became familiar with the area while taking their children camping every summer for a number of years. Elizabeth was an active member of Hayesville First United Methodist Church. She was involved in the visitation committee, bible study classes, was a bell ringer, and helped out with the weekly dinners. She was a volunteer through Good Shepherd at Granny’s Attic. She also for many years was a reading mentor ...
I will be in North Carolina for the next few days. I will have multiple appearances across the state. Please...
Gloria's Photography services those wanting photographs in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina and...
Virginia Foxx is the hypocritical Republican from North Carolina who one called the Matthew Sheperd hate crime a...
Thursday ! thejnewton0 and The U takes on North Carolina St.
North Carolina is bipolar, one day it's icy cold then the next day it's sun tanning weather
"In fact in 2013, it was actually more likely Americans would be killed by a toddler than a terrorist. In that year, three Americans were killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. How many people did toddlers kill in 2013? Five, all by accidentally shooting a gun." Dean Obeidallah "Even after one of the worst terror attacks ever in Europe in 2011, when Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 people in Norway to further his anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and pro-“Christian Europe” agenda as he stated in his manifesto, how much press did we see in the United States? Yes, it was covered, but not the way we see when a Muslim terrorist is involved. Plus we didn’t see terrorism experts fill the cable news sphere asking how we can stop future Christian terrorists. In fact, even the suggestion that Breivik was a “Christian terrorist” was met with outrage by many, including Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly. Have you heard about the Buddhist terrorists? Well, extremist Buddhists have killed many Muslim civilians in Burma, a ...
If you haven't done a grind on the North Carolina shaped bike rack in downtown, do you even ride street in raleigh?
John Papuchis close to joining the staff at North Carolina (per Would be a great move for a talented yo…
Can't wait to get down to North Carolina this weekend. Hopefully it's a lil warmer
Customers can adopt adorable pooches who greet them upon arrival at North Carolina boutique hotel. Read more:...
It was also on the same day that state of North Carolina recorded their all-time coldest temperature with -34°F reading at…
North Carolina weather 👍 very happy with my college decision
A young mother killed and dismembered. Her remains carried in coolers to Texas where they are strewn in an alligator infested creek. Now the man convicted in the case says he didn't get a fair trial. WRAL Amanda Lamb will have the latest from the North Carolina Court of Appeals.
PCB, North Carolina, Colorado, all in the next 4 months!!
and Deacon Meet in Crucial ACC Betting Matchup -->
NJ slipped to 3rd place. And 4th is Texas. 5th is North Carolina!
Ramen noodles scattered all over North Carolina highway after truck crashes
“So ready for spring break.. We showin out Virginia California and North Carolina .. We have no choice, fly is all we know cali?
Two days post-Texas and I already miss 😭 y'all should ship to North Carolina
In one North Carolina town, police officers and young black men talk it out.
Yes, Radio! And... shows are completely sold out! (@ North Carolina Public Radio WUNC)
I just checked in at North Carolina Credit Union League with Download today!
Grandpa told me to call him... Didn't even need me, just said he's on the golf course in North Carolina 😐
Bo is enjoying this 60 degree day in North Carolina!!!
Congratulations for offers from North Carolina, Arizona State and Notre Dame!!!
“Asheville, North Carolina been there, done that
Clinic Manager, 12/16/2014, SUMMARY . Manages the overall operations for
North Carolina Central, Fort Valley State showcase outreach strategies to first-generation college students.
Fat Sound Guitar banned from doing business in North Carolina
Hope reports of a new job at North Carolina are true. They'll have a new fan!
Carolina Journal Online: Covering news, politics, and policy in North Carolina | Daily Journal
New job in North Carolina: Local Class A CDL up to 52k dedicated -
Property and Casualty Actuarial Analyst sought by North Carolina Insurer, up to $85K
Per source, former Nebraska DC John Papuchis is in the process of joining staff at North Carolina htt…
Pregame Shootaround: North Carolina on upset alert, Utah's bounce back? NBCSports…
The Pope Foundation helps to sustain the North Carolina Opera and its outreach programs to children. Care to join us?
I wanna go back to North Carolina now
Fox announced "Sleepy Hollow" will leave North Carolina and begin filming in Atlanta if it's renewed for a third season.
North Carolina had its coldest temperature on record on this date in 1985.
star, native Dave Marciano arrested in North Carolina for pulling ponytail of a hotel clerk.
Confession: in 1989 we beat LSU and North Carolina using Nurf Footballs. Sorry. Had to come clean.
Dancing after a workshop in North Carolina.
Hello all! I would like to take a few minutes and offer an opinion on a situation that many have asked about and I believe can be cleared up to this point in time. The problem seems to be twofold really. First is the zoning for the property No Name operates on. The property is zoned for specific businesses and allowed to operate as specific business types. No Name falls under restaurant, bar, nightclub and is allowed to operate as such in the zoning we are located in. We asked the Town for no special variances and they put no special conditions on the use of the property so long as we used the property for what it was zoned for. No Name has done exactly that. All businesses have certain characteristics that surround their operation. Government entities understand these characteristics and zone areas based on those characteristics. For instance, if your are a night club you may be expected to operate at night and be zoned for that characteristic. A home buyer or home owner, for instance, would also take th ...
Tonight at 8pm! J.W. Teller is the moniker/creative fuse for Logan Mason. Mason grew up playing shows and writing songs in the Jackson, Mississippi music scene before relocating to Asheville, North Carolina in the winter of 2012. His songs present us with stories of a domesticated South, in which fathers dictate daughters and children steal into tree lined fields to hide. Both haunting and aloof, filled with familiar truths and heartbreaking consequences, his songs are a sentimental retreat from the impartiality of the modern world.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love my house so much I thought maybe I'd show it I love living in North Carolina
A lawsuit forced a North Carolina town to remove a sculpture of a soldier kneeling in prayer. Jedediah Bila says this is “bullying.” Do you agree?
Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race is coming to North Carolina on May 16th with 25 epic obstacles and one awesome party! Grab your friends and sign up today!
"I have *** Friends and what they do is their business but I will have to stand on God's word that marriage is between 1 man and 1 women. If he would have believed in the *** rights then he wouldn't have made different kinds of birds." I just read that comment the North Carolina Values Coalition FB page. No, I'm not making this up.
Perhaps it is time for a little HISTORY LESSON about where we have come from and now we are planning on going to MARS! "Believe it or Not" I actually got to meet HAM the Chimp while I was in flight training at Pensacola, FL back in 1964. He was a full size adult ape. We bumped nuckels. His handler made sure that I did not try to really shake hands with HAM because he could actually rip my arm off. I DID AS I WAS TOLD. So, here is the History: HAM the CHIMP Fifty-four years ago this month, NASA successfully conducted a critical flight test of the space agency’s Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle which helped clear the way for the United States’ first manned suborbital spaceflight. Riding the diminutive Mercury spacecraft into space and back was a 44-month old male chimpanzee by the name of HAM. Project Mercury was America’s first manned spaceflight program. Simply put, Mercury helped us learn how to fly astronauts in space and return them safely to earth. A total of six (6) manned missions were flow ...
Prosecutors have filed additional charges against a western North Carolina man accused of damaging and stealing part of Clemson University's iconic Howard's Rock.
COVER REVEAL: Camden's Revenge L.P. Dover Release Date: Feb 22, 2015 Synopsis: For so long, UFC Middleweight fighter, Camden Jameson lived in his twin brother’s shadow, competing to be the best. When he lost his way, he turned to the Dark Side and did some unforgiveable things. After his betrayal, he tried to earn his redemption, but it wasn’t enough. Now his whole world has fallen apart and he’s on the run from those who want him dead. But he’s not alone. Undercover agent, Brooklyn Avery, has been assigned to Camden’s case, to watch and protect him. For months, she’s been in the shadows, keeping her distance. All of that changes when the mission takes a dangerous turn and she needs to get closer to protect him. Their love is forbidden, but once they see past each other’s scars, they realize they have what it takes to heal the other. Unfortunately, Camden still has a price to pay for his sins. Lives will be lost, some will be damaged, and a dark, hidden secret will be revealed. In the end, C ...
GFS, European, NAM and Canadian all came in slightly colder in the northern and western side of the storm. I sort of anticipated this last night with my graphic, and now will be updating the snow amounts and coverage for Tennessee, northern Alabama, western North Carolina and western part of Virginia. This storm will have the main overunning part first, and by late Friday night and Saturday, the backside, "deformation" band rolls across eastern TN, into Virginia and MidAtlantic, with areas going back over to snow. It's complicated and I'll have breakdowns in various regions to show the timeframes and how much to expect. Meanwhile, here's overnight NAM animation showing an approximate evolution...this looks very close to what happens. Blue is snow, pink ice, green rain. It WONT be exactly right in the lee of the Apps, where I think more ice and snow is coming west of Richmond to near Greensboro and Marion, NC.
After losing 12 of 20 single-digit games a year ago, including seven of eight on the road in ACC play, the Irish are 5-2 so far this season, including close wins on the road against No. 18 North Carolina and Georgia Tech, and a one-point overtime victory over Michigan State.
This summer I am getting on a plane and flying to North Carolina. There I will meet up with other high schoolers and get on a greyhound. We will follow the route of the Freedom Riders and end up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stopping in every state and see where they ate and where they were stopped by the KKK and where their bus exploded. I am so excited to see and understand exactly what happened. I love this part of our history and I can't think of a better way of spending my summer❤️
Today is the most glorious weather day in Gastonia, North Carolina!
12Z ( midday) CANADIAN ... The midday Canadian model continues to run colder than the GFS or the NAM model. Not surprisingly it shows a lot more snow for everybody! To begin with the Canadian comes in faster with the precipitation arriving over KY/ sw VA and western NC a by Friday evening. In addition because the Canadian models is colder it has significant snow over Roanoke and Lynchburg as well as the far northwest corner of North Carolina!!! The model shows really strong cold air WEDGE across these areas and it also has significant snowfall over much of Kentucky. The Canadian model still has heavy snow over the entire Shenandoah Valley until 11:00 PM Friday-- even over Roanoke. with the heavy snow reaching DC by 1100 PM Friday evening. The warming in the mid levels the atmosphere force a change over to sleet and freezing rain over much of the Shenandoah Valley in the predawn hours of Saturday -- IF the Canadian is right this could be a significant ice storm for the entire ...
All-bass band Extinction Level Event introduce a djent alternative - Extinction Level Event? They're the North Carolina band that has ... - More at
People Around The World Are Placing Scarves In Public For Those Who Need To Stay Warm This Winter A couple in Wilmington, North Carolina, noticed scarves and hats placed around various poles, light posts, and fire hydrants. Upon closer inspection, they were blown away by the kindness of strangers. The notes read: "AM NOT LOST! If you need this to stay warm, then please take it. It is yours. Be warm, and do something to help someone else today if you can." A similar photo was shared from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Another one found in Ottawa, Canada. And more in Norway. To help a friend is really good. To help yourself is also really good. To help a stranger is the very best." ~ Art Hochberg.
And finally, Lynn *** of the North Carolina restaurant and lodging association
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This is what I came home to! I'ld like to go back to North Carolina where it's a little warmer! It's is sure pretty though!!
A judge ruled there is insufficient evidence against a man convicted of killing a North Carolina teenager and putting her body in the Susquehanna River
Another Wednesday of watching North Carolina play and watching North Central College play! Good night of hoops!
The Tennessee Republican Party spent big to aid candidates in Colorado and North Carolina
Congratulations to Dave & Tabitha on the purchase of their home in Cornelius, North Carolina!...
Look for Bookcases or extra storage? This amazing Wicker Shelf just arrived in our furniture shop! Consignor just brought in this sturdy storage unit that works be great for your home office, bedroom or bathroom! Also in the shop, a wonderful Lane brand Wicker Rocker with white cushions! It's in great shape, too! Make offers on the tickets as its been here several weeks! It's very sturdy AND comfy! We are located just outside Biltmore Village near downtown Asheville, North Carolina! Open 7 days a week from 6am to 8pm 7 days a week 365 days a year! Lots of items in the site are discounted as much as 20%! Stop in and see the great deals on home furnishings and decor!
At -- Souvenirs from the weekend a North Carolina hoodie. t-shirt. South Caroli...
C # Developer - TEKsystems - Raleigh, North Carolina - TEKsystems is currently looking for C# developers to suppor...
North Carolina, New York or Utah strike me as far likelier suspects. Still, it's cool to see this state rally to basketball.
A University of North Carolina at Greensboro graduate is going to Hollywood after getting three "yeses” and a golden ticket on "American Idol." Karla Davis recently got a golden ticket on the hit F...
Jeff goodman I hate to tell you but North Carolina or louisville is not going to the final 4
Charlotte Colts head coach Shawn Wood bringing the championship back to North Carolina.
My GG Aunt, the daughter of my GGF, another Confederate Hero, married into the Barden Clan, who had a plethora of Confederate Soldiers that enlisted from Amelia county Va, Southhampton Va to NC and beyond. John Archer Barden, Confederate Roll of Honor in the museum. VA 14TH REGIMENT COMPANY A The 14th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment raised in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It fought mostly with the Army of Northern Virginia. 14th Virginia was organized in May 1861, and entered the Confederate service at Richmond in July. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Amelia, Bedford, Fluvanna, Chesterfield, Halifax, and Mecklenburg. The regiment was brigaded under Generals Armistead, Barton, and Steuart. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Pines to Gettysburg, served in North Carolina, then saw action in Drewry's Bluff. The 14th participated in the long Petersburg siege north of the James River and ende ...
Effort not nearly enough for talent-shy Tech against North Carolina - Daily Press…
ACC basketball night in review: Three takeaways from North Carolina's rout of Virginia Tech: That North Caroli...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
For politicians who fail to act on climate change, Kelsey Juliana has a few words. "I want to remind them that we are their employer," said Juliana, 18, a native of Eugene, Oregon, and freshman at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina...
Some memories of my father, Bill Woestendiek, who died Friday in Arizona at age 90. His obituary: William Woestendiek, an editor and journalist whose career spanned more than five decades, passed away at age 90 on January 16, 2015 at a Mesa, AZ nursing facility after a lengthy illness. Born in Newark, NJ and raised in Saugerties, NY, Woestendiek was a prize winning journalist and newspaper editor who got his start serving as editor of The University of North Carolina's student publication, The Daily Tar Heel. After graduating from UNC, he began reporting in 1948 for the Winston-Salem Journal, where he later became city editor. He was a Neiman fellow at Harvard University in 1954-55, after which he became an editor for Newsday in Long Island. Serving as editorial director and assistant to the publisher, he organized and directed that newspaper’s first Washington, D.C., bureau. In 1962, while at Newsday, he won the 1962 Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Foreign Correspondence Award for reporting on the Sovie ...
NORTH CAROLINA -- Michael Farris is coming back to North Carolina for a three day tour.
By: Samimi; Dawana Lenora the bloodline Hooper. My dad Hooper; Stanley -Dean passed to me the DNA of Hooper; William who signed the 1776 Declaration of Independence for North Carolina for a Perpetual Republic Union. My birthright is protected by International law by a Peace Treaty signed by King George the lll. I was born California US National as both parents are white, not a resident or US citizen. My mother Roberts; Leota Ann remarried and without adoption I was enrolled in school as Dawana L Breedlove and my brother as James Breedlove. Our mom and her husband Craig Breedlove both broke the world land speed record. My mom later remarried to two time Hall of Fame inductee Frank; Gordon Nye a homicide victim that Riverside California DA Rod Pacheco put a 21 year patent for no investigation. I met my first husband Chowning; Craig Randual at the age of 14 as Dawana Breedlove. We married in Las Vegas and lived in Torrance California with our daughter April and our son Shawn. My dad Stanley died in a moto .. ...
I was saved on the third Sunday of February 1972 while watching a Church Service on Television. I was baptise and my life change from serving the devil to living for the Lord. I started going to Church and I got involved in starting a bus ministry for the church, six months later God called me into the Ministry, I went to school in Kentucky and studied Directing Bus Ministry for Churches. I Graduated and went to Ohio to direct a bus ministry for the church. I preached in Children Church and have preached to nas many as 350 Children at a time. Then God called me to preach his word, In 73 I was license and in 75 I was Ordained at a Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. I have served as an Associate Pastor in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina. I have also had a Nursing Home Ministry I went to 20 different Nursing Home a month and this lasted 5 years and I enjoyed every minute of it. In 2008 I had to have leg surgery recouprated I would have to have surgery again on the same leg. Up ...
My Great Grandfather, yes I said Great Grandfather...served with this group. 67th North Carolina Troops By RUFUS W. WHARTON, Lieutenant-Colonel The Sixty-seventh Regiment (N. C.Troops), was organized in January, 1864, and was composed of nine companies of infantry and one of cavalry. The several companies had been organized a considerable time prior to the organization of the regiment. Some of them in the early part of the war, and had been employed on outpost duty in the vicinity of New Bern and Washington, N. C., after those towns fell into the hands of the enemy early in 1862. These companies and the regiment, after its organization, were paid, fed and clothed entirely by the State of North Carolina, were subject to the orders of the Governor of the State and could not be removed beyond the limits of the State without his consent and order. In fact, however, they were under the immediate command and subject to the orders of the Confederate officer in command of the Military district of Eastern North Ca ...
UNC system President Tom Ross is out: Chapel Hill - The head of North Carolina's public university system was…
C'mon and raise up. Take your shirt off, twist it 'round yo head. Spin it like a helicopter! (@ North Carolina in NC)
None of these ppl will b the democratic candidate Dem field in North Carolina: Clinton 52, Biden 18, Warren…
Guess who has the best view on Bald Head?!? ❤️❤️ @ Bald Head Island, North Carolina
Our assistant coach use to be the head coach at North Carolina and coached them to being NCAA D1 National champs. Coach Paul is a Bad ***
The Friday Crochet Class at Honaker Community Library want to thank those who donated yarn for their class project--crocheting toboggans and hats for the patients at the Cancer Center at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina. Thank you Connie Vance, Lindsey Vance, Trish Fuller and Priscilla Farmer.
The Cherokee Native Americans used to inhabit the southern United States in areas now recognized as Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The Cherokee originally called themselves "Aniyunwiya," which means "the principal people," but settlers later called them "C…
Women's Running Community - WRC Age knows no bounds for 91-year-old Harriette Thompson, who set a new world record last Summer after she ran a marathon in San Diego in little over seven hours! Her feat, which also made her the second-oldest woman to complete a marathon in US history, is especially remarkable given that Thompson only completed her last radiation treatment for skin cancer one month before the marathon. The grandmother of ten from Charlotte, North Carolina beat the previous marathon record for women 90 and up by two hours and 45 minutes. Thompson ran her first marathon at age 76 and tells people that "it's never too late" to start exercising. She has run in 15 out of the past 16 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathons and raised over $90,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the process. A classically trained pianist, Thompson told WFAE that she replays pieces in her head to keep pace while running: "I usually think of Chopin etudes, the ones that are technically difficult, because usuall ...
WHOSE EXCITED FOR MUSIC AT THE IBAR THIS SUMMER? MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JULY 14TH! Jonathan Byrd is a preacher's son, a Gulf War veteran, and a Kerrville New Folk award winner from seven generations of North Carolinians. A Jonathan Byrd show is musical theater, bringing together the Texas songwriting tradition with southern storytelling and hot guitar picking in the line of North Carolina greats Doc Watson and Tony Rice. A stalwart of modern folk music, Byrd has released five solo albums with a surprising variety of musical directions, and an acoustic collaboration with fellow songwriter Diana Jones - Singer/Songwriter. "One of the top 50 songwriters of the past 50 years." - Chicago Tribune.
We are in LOVE with this 6 bedroom, 4 bath home located in Concord, North Carolina. Take a tour of this community...
The Muslim call to prayer will sound from a bell tower at North Carolina's Duke University -- but not everyone is considering the chant music to the ear.
Duke University plans to start broadcasting a call-to-prayer for Muslim students once a week from a bell tower within the Durham, North Carolina campus, but not everyone in the area is happy with the decision.
Do you live in Carolina, North Carolina, a chapter in your state!
Weekend Happenings in and around New Bern - 15th: “An Overview of the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina, 186...
To arrange a free case evaluation, contact a North Carolina personal injury lawyer with our firm.
Very sad...hate to see businesses in Harrisburg NC, GREATEST city in North Carolina! close :( "Granny Macs would like to thank the Harrisburg Community for there support the past 4 years. We are sad to say we will open our doors for the last time on January 18th. It has been a pleasure to be a part of some of your biggest days to include your weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries. and baby announcements. We enjoyed every day, the conversations and laughs that we have had. Stop by this weekend and grab a donut. Thank you Granny Mac's Bake Shop."
The Southeast Native American groups (North Carolina to Florida and west to Texas), such as the Creek and the Choctaw, also have special dances. The Creek Stomp Dance is performed for the Green Corn ceremony. The dance is very exciting. A solo singer starts to sing while the dancers and shell shaker players, who are all men, get in line. The song leader and the dancers sing back and forth to each other. Then the dancers and shell shaker players dance and sing faster and faster while each song gets longer and longer. Pictures 1 & 2: Choctaw Dancers; 3 & 4 Creek Dancers.
North Carolina is expected to have Matt Coleman, Harry Giles, Jaylen Brown, Brandon Ingram & Dennis Smith on campus today.
Jan 15, 1865: Fort Fisher falls to Union forces On this day in 1865, Fort Fisher in North Carolina falls to Union forces, and Wilmington, North Carolina, the Confederacy's most important blockade-running port, is closed. When President Abraham Lincoln declared a blockade of Southern ports in 1861, Rebel engineers began construction on a fortress at the mouth of New Inlet, which provided access to Wilmington. Fort Fisher was constructed of timber and sand, and posed a formidable challenge for the Yankees. The walls were more than 20 feet high and bristled with large cannon. Land mines and palisades made from sharpened logs created even more obstacles for potential attackers. Union leadership did not make Fort Fisher a high priority until the last year of the war. After the Federals closed Mobile Bay in August 1864, attention turned to shutting down Wilmington. Union ships moved into place in December 1864 and began a massive bombardment on Christmas Eve. The next day, a small force failed to capture the fo ...
MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – In the pouring rain and gusty winds with temperatures as low as 39 degrees, Marines kept warm in 70-tons of steel as they lit up targets on Range SR-10 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Jan. 13, 2015. Marines with Tank Platoon, Company B, Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, conducted live-fire gunnery training in preparation for their upcoming assessment at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California. Tank Platoon Marines rolled out to gun positions with 70-ton M1A1 Abrams tanks, complete with a 120 mm main gun, a .50-caliber machine gun, M240 coaxial machine gun, and M240E machine gun to engage targets in the offense and defense in order to grasp the basic skills of tank gunnery, and work together as a team. Read more:
Today in History, 15 January 1815 – War of 1812: American frigate USS President, commanded by Commodore Stephen Decatur, is captured by a squadron of four British frigates. 1822 – Greek War of Independence: Demetrios Ypsilantis is elected president of the legislative assembly. 1865 – American Civil War: Fort Fisher in North Carolina falls to the Union, thus cutting off the last major seaport of the Confederacy. 1937 – Spanish Civil War: Nationalists and Republican both withdraw after suffering heavy losses, ending the Second Battle of the Corunna Road. 1943 – World War II: The Soviet counter-offensive at Voronezh begins. 1949 – Chinese Civil War: The Communist forces take over Tianjin from the Nationalist Government. 1970 – Nigerian Civil War: After a 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria, Biafra surrenders. 1973 – Vietnam War: Citing progress in peace negotiations, President Richard Nixon announces the suspension of offensive action in North Vietnam. 1975 – The Alvor Agreement is ...
THE RAIN, THE GREY SKIES, I WONDER. What I am about to say cannot be substantiated theologically or scientifically. But we have had so much rain - so much grey sky in North Carolina for so many weeks. I wonder if the rain is reflective of God weeping over our state. Are the grey skies demonstrative of his heart break concerning the overthrow of our state's marriage amendment? I wonder. Before you’re too critical of my conjecture, let me just add that I’m not the only one who has had such thoughts. Father James Martin, a Jusuit priest and editor at large at American Magazine, once wrote, “I'm a firm believer in miracles, but I also believe that God can speak to us through natural means, as a way of reminding us of God's presence. Sometimes God gives us a little nudge -- explicable or inexplicable -- as if to say, 'I'm here.” Indeed, God is here. I believe he grieves at what has been done to marriage, not only in our state but in others too. One might also question how long it will be before God's g ...
Jan. 14, 2015 - The U.S. Forest Service National Forests in North Carolina will waive fees at two day-use...
It still blows my mind that NCSU was once "North Carolina State of the University of North Carolina at Raleigh"
Who ya got tonight?. The University of North Carolina. Or. North Carolina State University . feel free to reply
Marine in North Carolina, cousin accused of shooting at vacant, historic New Jersey church
The University of North Carolina travels 15 miles down the road to take on the North Carolina State I can't wait lets get it
Harvey Bernard Gantt (born 1943) is an American architect and Democratic politician active in North Carolina. The...
Eyes on Main Street in Wilson, North Carolina. World-famous images in a traditional Southern setting
Florida huh? Then I assume you are setting up a booth at the East Coast Games Conference this year in North Carolina? :)
ICYMI: is about to offer free expertise to in North Carolina
From August 2011, here's a photo of a really big storm coming toward Nags Head, North Carolina. Enjoy!
Nags Head, North Carolina is a location integral to the plot of Murphy's Law. Come see why @ next month. h…
North Carolina State University partners with Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) to reduce...
Its 35 degrees and dropping...the rain has stopped for has been delayed for 2 hrs in the morning...the fog has rolled in. Am I really in North Carolina or the twilight zone???
Robin Sage Begins Jan. 23 FORT BRAGG, N.C. - This month, Special Forces candidates will participate in the Robin Sage training exercise, held within 15 North Carolina counties as the final test of their Special Forces Qualification Course training. Between Jan. 23 through Feb. 6, students will participate in this exercise before graduating the course and moving on to their first assignments in the Army's Special Forces community. Robin Sage is a two-week culmination exercise. The participants are students at the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, based out of Fort Bragg. The exercise's notional country of Pineland encompasses Alamance, Anson, Cabarrus, Chatham, Davidson, Guilford, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond, Rowan, Scotland, Stanly and Union counties. Throughout the exercise, Special Forces candidates and Robin Sage role-players not only conduct training missions such as controlled assaults and key-leader engagements, but also live, eat and sleep in these civili ...
Grambling State University send this man back to North Carolina
ICYMI: is about to offer free expertise to startups in North Carolina
How plans to push entrepreneurship in North Carolina this February
N.C. State University's big plan to 'embed' students into North Carolina -
A visit to North Carolina won't be complete without seeing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. View NC spots -
Black Wall Street has been used to name three different locations:  Parrish Street, Durham, North Carolina;  Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Jackson Ward, Richmond, Virginia.  Below are some facts you may not know about the African American business districts.
Tom Steyer speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Tomorrow EdNC will post a video of a panel discussion on the Common Core standards, featuring Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, former Governor Beverly Perdue and Florida State Senator John Legg. EdNC hopes you will listen in. Lt. Gov. Forest says, "part of the challenge is truly having transparency when it comes to issues like this in education." He also says, "I am a firm believer in high standards. I think North Carolina should have the highest standards in the world." He concludes his opening remarks noting that "our 50 states can be innovation laboratories."
ICYMI President of Central Bank of Jefferson County resigns for position at North Carolina bank
Notre Dame women fall 3 to No. 7 after loss at Miami. Play at No. 12 North Carolina on Thursday. Host No. 6 Tennessee next Monday.
Have you seen the 2-6 Cypher? The 2-6 is a local name for the town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Also referred to as Fayettenam, or the 'Ville, the southern city is best known for being the hometown of "2014 Forest Hills Drive" artist J. Cole. The 2-6 Cypher showcases some of the hottest artists from the streets of Fayetteville. Some have went on to chase their dreams in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, however they all represent the city that raised them. Yung Cakes - 0:22 Little Nate - 1:14 Star Studded - 2:03 Original Dope Crew, Ant - 2:52 Original Dope Crew, Rick - 3:41 Major - 4:59 Redyn - 5:45 Ronnie C - 6:29 The 4orth - 7:12 Pharoah Salaam - 8:18 MAV - 9:21 Kelly Rush - 10:06 Wasif Allah - 10:53 Video Shot & Edited by Mark Mayr Youtube:
North Carolina city removes sculpture of soldier kneeling before cross.Rules r different 4 the crescent moon
Two years ago who knew this beauty would pack up and move to North Carolina!? And getting married today?! YES! Lo...
What is North Carolina's secret to success? Innovative clean policies:
Tar Heels hand Cards first ACC loss - North Carolina's Brice Johnson, right, pressures...
North Carolina soldier shot in chest trying to surprise wife with…
Lucas: 1st school for Black deaf children in North Carolina in 1869 (first school for white deaf children in Connecticut in 1817)
Louisville had collapses against Ohio State, Indiana, only difference was that North Carolina was good enough to capitalize on them.
The Panthers win tonight and I'm getting the state of North Carolina tatted on my back TONIGHT
North Carolina comes back to beat Louisville. Rick Pitino drops to 0-6 all-time vs North Carolina and 1-4 vs Roy William…
we will soon convert him to the true blue in the state of North Carolina!
Nice to see that east coast school North Carolina win a close game
For a Kentucky fan, it's too bad somebody had to win the Louisville/North Carolina game...but gotta keep those wins in the bluegrass state!
The state of North Carolina is fire today.
Booyah!!! North Carolina upsets Louisville to win 72-71 at Chapel Hill!
Today has been a great day so far, Michigan won, North Carolina won, and Ohio State lost!!!
BOOYAH! No. 18 North Carolina squeaks out huge 72-71 win over No. 5 Louisville in Chapel Hill.
North Carolina really needed that win. Only "quality" wins before were Florida and Ohio State...meh.
North Carolina is my favorite state but omg I hate them right now GAH
and tomorrow THE university of North Carolina will play against NC State.
I don't know what the commute time is from France to Greensboro, North Carolina, but if you can be here by six, I'm down. 😁😁😁
LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. – An off-duty North Carolina state trooper saved a mother and her two children after their car slid off an icy roadway and into a creek.
The beauty of our beautiful state, North Carolina
Kentucky fans cheering for North Carolina. Louisville fans cheering for Texas A&M smh whats wrong with this state 😂
Peeped Dennis Smith Jr. and Kwe Parker at the North Carolina vs Louisville game
No. 5 Louisville and No. 18 North Carolina tied at halftime, 34-34. Catch 2nd half on ESPN.
I would make comments about the academic irony of watching Louisville play North Carolina, but am worn out from Indiana-Ohio State.
Ohio State, North Carolina, virginia, NFL playoffs. It's like today was designed for me
It's 7:30 am here in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Time for another full day of intense training!
I wish this Indiana and Ohio State game would END, it's running into my North Carolina game 😒
Even though republican run this state, I'm so proud to call North Carolina home because *** marriage is legal here.
I would love it. Wanna hit east Tennessee. North Georgia and North Carolina. Crazy beautiful
Stuart Scott funeral in North Carolina: a last goodbye -…
University of North Carolina at Greensboro[.“Naughty Naughts” basketball team (1900)
VIDEO: is about to launch its all-truck in its home state North Carolina.
North Carolina woman accidentally shoots husband after he triggers home…
Seriously can't wait to get out of Ohio and go back to North Carolina. Too many people I don't want to be around in this state.
North Carolina is secretly a pretty great beer state. Wicked Weed, Duck-Rabbit, Oskar Blues… . Focus on those instead.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
What's the poorest county in North Carolina? -
Photo: nolongermint: If you live near Greensboro, North Carolina and like Squirrel Girl or any of the other...
There's a report that says Tiger attended the wake of Stuart Scott yesterday in North Carolina. Class move to pay his r…
- Greensboro, North Carolina. City Council is set to vote on an ordinance . that would ban Trans...
New Helpers for your home. Free hosting:. Andrew from North Carolina. Julie from France. Alberto from Italy. Jennifer from Germany. Emma in Byron
I'm gonna take California, South/North Carolina, or Texas into consideration for moving !
Young with nothing but opportunities. -somewhere in North Carolina interstate 95 south-
Justin THOUGHT he was cuter than me. @ Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Welcome Nokesville, Virginia and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Monroe, North Carolina to the Because of Calvary Radio Family.
They're calling North Carolina the hoop state right now. Go watch the videos. You'll see why...sheesh
Earl Eugene Scruggs was born on January 6th, 1924 in Cleveland Country, North Carolina
It got down to 5.4° F this morning at our house in the middle of North Carolina. I'm thinking ... Costa Rica?
Flashback Friday ~ The First United States presidential election of 1788–89. It was held from Monday, December 15, 1788 to Saturday, January 10, 1789. It was the first presidential election in the United States of America under the new United States Constitution, which was adopted on September 17, 1787. George Washington was the unanimous choice of the electors. Federalist leaders generally agreed that John Adams should be the Vice President. A Massachusetts resident would help establish a regional balance in the Executive Branch. Alexander Hamilton wisely diverted a few votes from Adams to avoid the embarrassment of a tie vote. Each of the 69 electors was expected to cast two ballots. All voted for Washington, making him the unanimous choice as the first president. North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution, and the New York legislature was deadlocked. (and (
Jeb Bush’s “Florida formula” of education privatization in North Carolina via
Former President Bill Clinton giving a ten minute testimony at The Church of Pentecost in Asheville, North Carolina in 2008.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Investiture of Cheri Lynn Beasley Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina @ Supreme…
Lindsey Wagner, of North Carolina Policy Watch, has a story today on the “Florida formula” espoused by Jeb Bush being exported to states around the country, including North Carolina.
In a blow to the constitutional rights of citizens, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in Heien v. State of North Carolina that police officers are permitted to violate American citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights if the violation results from a … Continue reading →
WEARS VALLEY HISTORY: Wears Valley is named after Samuel Wear (1753–1817), a Revolutionary War veteran who erected a fort near the entrance to the valley in what is now Pigeon Forge. The original name of the valley was "Crowson Cove," after its first settler, Aaron Crowson (1774–1849). While no one is sure why its name changed, the valley was using its current name by 1900.[3] Crowson arrived in Wears Valley from North Carolina in 1792 along with his friend, Peter Percefield. This was during a period of elevated strife between the Cherokee and the fast-encroaching Euro-American settlers. Wear's Fort was attacked in 1793, with Wear leading a punitive march against the Cherokee village of Tallassee shortly thereafter. In May 1794, Percefield was killed in a Cherokee attack. Crowson rode to Wear's Fort to get help, but the Cherokee had fled by the time he returned. Several settlers marched onward to Great Tellico to the west, where they murdered four Cherokee while they slept. Percefield was buried on a ...
I'm from dc. I considered dc "the south" bc it was below the Mason Dixon line. Then I went to college in North Carolina and that changed 😂
He's not good at sharing the couch. @ Durham, North Carolina
It has gotten this cold since 2002,I remember in Durham,North Carolina we had a bad Snow storm that made alot of black ice
durham, North Carolina//I'll let you know when I have one//fancy restaurant coffee, kind that tastes like burnt marshmallows
AKQ continues Gale Warning for Coastal Waters from Cape Charles Light to Virginia-North Carolina border out to 20 nm, Coastal waters from...
The irony of Tristan going to military school in North Carolina. Hello Lucas Scott 😉
DeptOfTheWord. Sign at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Durham, North Carolina:. "Prayer is the Best Form of Wireless Communication.”
Wind chill advisory issued as very low temperatures head to North Carolina
Frigid Temps Dominate Carolinas: The cold weather has arrived in the Upstate and western North Carolina, but i...
Can't wait to see Morgan and sleep in my bed tonight! — traveling to Durham, North Carolina from Delta Sky Club...
We would need a local angle for Durham, North Carolina. We have written about local autism organizations a bit.
Another reason people are buying and selling houses fast in the Raleigh / Cary / Durham area in North Carolina:...
At the Tigers game but Detroit Cass Tech 2016 DB LaVert Hill was offered by North Carolina.
From Red Bank Catholic to North Carolina now the Medal of Honor Bowl, Jack Tabb on practice day at the Citadel.
Perhaps I am betraying my North Carolina roots, but there is no barbecue like west Tennessee barbecue.
T.J. Thorpe transfers from North Carolina to Virginia A native of Durham, North…
Know a Veteran that isn't getting adequate care from the VA in North Carolina? There is now a tip line set up for...
The Catawba nation, located in western North Carolina, are also called the Iswa, which means “beings who moved” in Mi.
Have you visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee/western North Carolina?
Re: Liberty Dollar Sentencing scheduled: Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, Anne M.
Because Florida weather is so much nice than North Carolina weather and I miss it so much @ post water…
Got darn Diggity cold here in western North Carolina. Black Mountain to be specific ! don't be sad it in the mountains
RE: Boone: ... course it's not. It's like Boone. We enjoy it a lot..., with most of them in North Carolina (18) and…
RE: Boone: ... South. Is anyone here from North Carolina and able to back this... native of New England -- Boone is…
North Carolina living is so much fun but I miss Maryland
Wind Chill Advisory starting at noon tomorrow across the high terrain of western North Carolina:
North Carolina again cant say I didn't miss it
Look who is ranked as the 7TH SAFEST PLACE TO LIVE in the state of North Carolina! Way to go, Waxhaw...and in a...
Just because I miss sights like these in North Carolina. @ Looking Glass Falls
Singing off key in the state of North Carolina, is against the law.
North Carolina mourn Stuart Scott. May he rest in peace. We will miss him.
Any southern state ever when there is snow (I would know, lived in North Carolina for 10 years)
North Carolina has 802 companies and provides the state with almost 6,000 jobs! via
North Carolina officials encouraging residential radon testing: State officials are encouraging people to tes...
I'm seeing some out of state people joining our weather page. . FYI, this is Wayne County, North Carolina.
Just discovered while watching this North Carolina- Nc State replay. She got the 3 ball and she cute!!! 😍
blogs from North Carolina on a roadtrip
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