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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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We are proud to host our 27th semi-annual Americana auction on November 15, 2014. In addition to showcasing material from private collections and family holdings in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine, this outstanding sale is highlighted by the stoneware collection of the late Eddie Wilder of Alexandria, Virginia and includes many pieces illustrated in his 2007 tome, Alexandria, Virginia Pottery 1792-1876. With a large selection of quality pottery, furniture, folk and decorative art, and a special focus on Virginia and the South, President Jeffrey S. Evans, anticipating strong sale results, is excited to offer such fine merchandise with conservative estimates, 99% of which is unreserved. Of particular note, and coming in the wake of the recent six-figure sale of a similar clock by the same maker, is an extremely rare and important Samuel Betts (London, active 1645-1673) bracket clock with elaborate engraving and double signature. The clock, fresh from a family collectio ...
Due to a bank robbery in December of 1956, Albemarle was thrust into the national spotlight. Leroy Shadrick, from West Virginia, attempted to rob the Home Savings and Loan Association. During the robbery a teller screamed and ran out of the building. Shadrick, now scared as well, ran from the building and dropped his gun in the process. Pete Furr, an off duty fireman who happened to be nearby, picked up the gun and gave chase. He caught Shadrick and held him until police arrived. While being questioned by the authorities, Shadrick revealed that he had been released from prison the previous week. He had been in a motel in Winston-Salem and had tossed a coin on a map of North Carolina to determine where to rob a bank. The coin fell on Albemarle. Shadrick continued by saying that he was desperate, married and that his brother was one of the first casualties in the Korean War. At some point after this, local reporter Fred Morgan was allowed to interview Shadrick. The story that was revealed was quite a surpri ...
First round of the OBX Intercollegiate hosted by Old Dominion in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
My old Branch Manager just told me to holla at her about a job in North Carolina... 👀 oh cuzz
So beautiful! There was snow on every branch in North Carolina
to me family history is fascinating.. you never know what you might find.. Kinda like being a detective... As far as we knew, my moms family was from the guilford co area and my father, surry co area... You would never know there was a family connection before my mom and dad... but what i am going to paste on here is the Hodgson/Hodgin on my moms side and the Hiett/Hyatt from my dads side.. I know they are connnected to me on both sides to do research.3. ii. Sarah HODGSON (HODSON) was born in 1733 of Guilford County, North Carolina.4 She married William or John HIATT (HIETT) on 22 Apr 1752.3 She died in 1817.4. .and.Susannah2 HODGSON (HODSON) (George1HODGSON) was born in 1735.4 She married William HIATT, son of John HIATT and Rachel WILSON, on 20 Feb 1754 New Garden, Guildord County, North Carolina.5 She died in 1782.4
Family mourns first US Ebola victim -  A memorial service was held in North Carolina on Saturday for Thomas Eric D...
These two precious guys have my heart! ❤️@ Holly Springs, North Carolina
"Oh my goodness! Can I give him a kiss?" With the help of a "bionic eye" device, a North Carolina man was able to see his wife for the first time in 33 years.
Salisbury, NC. This sweet girl (ID # 62126), needs to be redeemed, adopted or pulled for rescue by 4:00pm on Thursday, 10/23/14. This special girl is very close to my heart. She's a sweet female bully blend that is people-friendly and dog-friendly. All she needs is a family to love. She has hugs and kisses waiting for a special family. Adoption Fee $70. Please share. Rowan County Animal Control 1465 Julian Rd Salisbury, North Carolina (704) 216-7768 Office Hours Kennel Hours Vary Slightly Mon – Fri 11:00am-4:30pm Saturday 8:00am-11:30pm Sunday CLOSED
Nothing says "eastern like sunshine and pine trees. @ Tarboro, North Carolina
Today In Black History • October 18, 1763 John Chavis, minister and educator, was born in North Carolina. Little is known of his early life although it is believed that he worked as an indentured servant. Chavis enlisted in the army during the Revolutionary War and served in the 5th Virginia Regiment for three years. After the war, he took private classes and in 1795 enrolled at the Liberty Hall Academy (now Washington and Lee University). In 1800, he graduated, with high honors, and was granted a license to preach. From 1800 to 1807, he served as a circuit riding missionary ministering to enslaved and free Black people in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. In 1808, Chavis opened a school in his home in Raleigh, North Carolina where he taught White and Black children. His school was one of the best in the state and the children of some of the most prominent White families studied there. After the Nat Turner Rebellion in 1831, North Carolina passed laws that forbade Black people to teach or preach. ...
Eastern N. Carolina to be exact "Greatest men are from: Geogia. North Carolina. Louisiana. Texas. . In that order."
The Eastern Deer Season in North Carolina (gun) opens tomorrow! and good luck Tar Heel State deer hunters!
Garth Brooks adds another 3 shows in North Carolina and announces his stop in St. Louis. Enough with the south and midwest, Garth, and get your tail up to New England!
my mom said that if Ebola is reported anywhere from North Carolina closer she'll homeschool me and my sibs and Austin isn't allowed to leave
Hamilton Collection
dude she's rich and plays for North Carolina that's not normal for darko people to hang out with! 😂
East Carolina University offers online university degree programs and invaluable degree courses through distance education. In the eastern North Carolina, there are several facilities for residence, education, healthcare, culture, sports and business. East Carolina University takes its place in East…
The Pearl, East and West Course, in Calabash, North Carolina. Spending the weekend golfing up and down the Myrtle Beach strand.
Out backpacking in North Carolina, so sweet 😁
This is an actual 911 call in response to my Baby Brothers Suicide attempt May 18 2012. Special Thanks to the page and everyone that took the time to read my story & watch my video. Thank you all for becoming part of my Journey and allowing me to become part of your "Own. I made it to advocate and raise awareness to Depression and Drugs. This is through my eyes the many I have seen.. Let me know what You think of it and pass it along if you can.. ~Peace n Blessing be with You Always "Hello everyone my name is Melissa I am from North Carolina. I wanted to take the time to reach out to you my new found friends. I post on many different groups and pages part of my life’s journey. It is my sole desire to reach as many people I could to say hello my name is Melissa and you are not alone. My history my Mother graduated as an EMT in Catawba NC in 1982 where she served her county with real gusto as female EMT as they were rare in the field at that time. She continued in the nursing program at Western Piedmont C ...
For several weeks there has been legal wrangling over whether the fair could prohibit the carrying of firearms (as it always has). Finally decided in favor of no firearms. However, there are some substitute dangers at the fair: For your enjoyment: Deep-fried bacon-wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Deep-fried Bananas Foster Deep-fried Rice Krispies Treats Deep-fried chopped pork barbeque dipped in a hushpuppy batter Deep-fried mini cupcakes And the piece de resistance---The Twinx--a Twinkie stuffed with a Twix bar, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep-fried. Who says North Carolina doesn't have assisted suicide?
Any recommendations for good in eastern North Carolina?
You know you're in eastern North Carolina when
What a week. Didn't have any service in Kentucky Tuesday or North Carolina yesterday. I made a wrong turn and got stuck in a conjested neighborhood. I dropped my phone in the toliet yesterday and to top it off been fighting a stomach virus all week. But I'm above ground so that's a blessing in itself. I'll be headed to the hospital tonight.
Why you need to know about Lennon Lacy, the 17 yr old teen found hanged in North Carolina:
A 36 yr old fellow from North Carolina just replied to a 31 yr old bird in Illinois! Looks like they're getting along!
17 yr old boy found hanging in North Carolina trailer park 4 dating a white woman.
Lennon Lacy, a 17-year-old boy from Bladenboro, North Carolina was found hanging by his neck Friday,…
17 year old, hung in a trailer park for dating a white girl in North Carolina. 😒 interracial datin is problem?🙏
17 yr old boy was found hanging by his neck in a North Carolina trailer park w/ abrasions & indentations to his face.h…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Dave rides shotgun and plays MC on his Beatbox after shows. Here is one that had us in tears last night --- Dave Chappelle referring to a rap song - "He rhymed North Carolina with *** - now that's talent!"
Looking back in time: Leroy S. Hulan ~ Outer Banks Life Saving Stations Recently, I was contacted by Dr. Richard H. Hulan, a retired folklorist of Springfield, Virginia, who had found our new blog from a link on the “Lost Colony Research Group” blog. In 1944, his Father, LeRoy S. Hulan, traveled the sand roads and paths of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, serving as Chaplain for the Coast Guardsmen who manned the U.S. Life Saving Stations. Richard has graciously offered to share his father’s US Navy photograph collection with us. Enjoy… Information below, provided by Dr. Richard H. Hulan. In 1944, my late dad was the USNR Chaplain assigned to the Coast Guard lifeboat stations of the 5th Naval District, which ran from Ocean City, MD to the Cape Hatteras vicinity. It included several stations in your area of interest, e.g. Big and Little Kinnakeet. He was given a jeep, a timetable for meeting ferries when necessary, and photos of the stations (so he’d know where to stop and hold a service). The ...
Thom Tillis is not the clear choice on education for North Carolina. Watch the video.
Made it to Augusta, GA for the night. Tomorrow me and head to North Carolina.
North Carolina: Man Pleads Guilty in Terror Case A Raleigh man faces up to 15 years in federal prison over plans...
North Carolina is taking note from the Ebola incident in Texas. NC is preparing their hospitals for possible ebola patients
McCain appears with Tillis in eastern North Carolina via
Our epic trip still in progress...Alabama to North Carolina to Virginia...stay tuned w/ Josh Green
Just wrote a college essay on how much better eastern North Carolina style barbeque is than western
South eastern U.S, if you are near Wilmington or know somebody in southern North Carolina send them out to our show!
COME SEE! Saved from the detritus of a basement clearance in Asheville, North Carolina is a hand made wooden box, inside it is contained the life’s work and research of Daniel S Christiansen. Christiansen was the son of Danish Seventh Day Adventists, little is known about his life, he immigrated to America in 1927, worked as a carpenter, served in the US army during WW2 and was married to a woman he refers to as Nady, who helped him with his work. He passed away in 1994, leaving behind him a mysterious box of approximately 100 pages of extraordinary and evocative artifacts created between 1930′s and the 1980′s. Contained within the box are a number of hand drawn maps, several beautifully detailed technical drawings of possible alien craft mechanical components and hand written essays. On the 7/71977 Christiansen himself has a potential UFO sighting which he documents and refers to as ‘The Tampa Bay Observation’, this experience connects his various interests in UFOs, unusual weather patterns and ...
Effort to Suppress the Vote, Overruled in North Carolina | National Urban League - Washington Bureau
Head coach Pam Bustin and GK preview this weekend's games against North Carolina & James Madison:
Staff Sgt. Richard Buglewicz, from Hampstead, North Carolina, follows through after releasing an arrow during the...
KNOW ANY OF OUR HEROES LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT? Download the free Hiring Our Heroes mobile app! All our powerful tools and resources at your fingertips. Find Hiring Our Heroes online: WWW.HIRINGOURHEROES.ORG 2014 Hiring Our Heroes Veterans Event – Raleigh NC Claude T. Bowers Building 4105 Reedy Creek Road Raleigh NC 27607 Thursday, October 23, 2014 This GE and Verizon Wireless sponsored hiring event is being conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Greater Raleigh Chamber, the Department of Labor's Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (DOL VETS), the North Carolina Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), WorkSource North Carolina, NBC News, and other local partners. A workshop for veterans and other military job seekers that focuses on resume writing, tips for successfully navigating hiring fairs, military skill translation, and interviewing will start at 8:30 a.m. Pre-register for the Workshop during the job seeker registration process. For registration qu ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Great story on Gurley.. You never know these guys story. Maybe he needed the money for his mom to pay bills. Don't judge people until you hear their side. In a lot of ways, Gurley seems like a reluctant superstar. "It gets hectic sometimes, and I don't like it," Gurley said. "It's not like I'm going to go out there and act like a fool. I'm going to be the same guy and continue to do what got me here. That's how my mom raised me." Gurley's humility might come from his humble beginnings. He's the youngest of Darlene Simmons' four children. John Simmons, his mother's husband and the father of Gurley's three older siblings, died before Gurley was born in Baltimore. Gurley's biological father, Todd Gerome Gurley, still lives in Baltimore, hence the Roman numeral II that the younger Gurley wears on his jersey. After her husband's death, Simmons wanted the children to get out of the city and grow up in a small town. Gurley and his family initially settled in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and then Tarboro, a town ...
DC, I beg forgiveness in advance. I'm throwing myself on your mercy, 'cause I'm knowingly and on purpose gonna break the rules of this group. I promise I'll never do it again. LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT YESTERDAY! An authentic, genuine VLADIMIR KAGAN 1950s china hutch! Just look at those shapely Kagan legs! Have you ever seen any furniture legs so beautiful? Okay, so I'm joking about Kagan. It wasn't made in Denmark or anywhere else in Scandinavia. It's a Stanley, made by hicks and rednecks in North Carolina. I don't care. I myself am a hick-slash-redneck and proud of it; I come from a long line of Blue Ridge hillbillies, and I love this little hutch! I've wanted one of these for so long; but the only ones I ever found were either (a) too expensive or (b) too big. This puppy is just right! I am so excited! This bad boy was only $50. It's just 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall and will fit nicely in my small dining room. Has some dings in the veneer, but otherwise the finish appears to be in remarkably good shape and wi ...
Charlotte, North Carolina. Love this city but it gets old sometimes. What about you?
Truth!. ~S~ . From our friends at Living Blue in North Carolina. We are Liberal Progressive Democrats
Travel plans for the fall nearly complete: Truckee this weekend; leave for Florida on Wednesday, on to South Carolina the following Sunday through Thursday, North Carolina through the next Sunday. Home and off to Las Vegas Thursday and Friday, Truckee for the weekend (belated 30th B-day with Joe). Adrienne's the weekend after that, San Diego the weekend after that. Truckee for Thanksgiving with the whole family. After that, Julie Pedroncelli St John and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Phew!!
Oh man my Neighbors ' s B Day and yes the Karaoke is out plus out of respect I have to sing so. If you here Dawgs howling in North Carolina, bats running into walls in Seattle, and Glass breaking all over San Diego it's just me. Sorry
GREENSBORO — A conservative county commissioner is criticizing Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen for reopening his office late Friday after a federal judge ruled that same-sex couples could legally marry in North Carolina.
GOP: It&Never Boring in North Carolina - Outside spending is pouring into the Senate race in North Carolin...
Business Analyst - TEKsystems - Charlotte, North Carolina - Looking for Technical Analysts who have prior finacial...
For Graduates- Assistant District Attorney's office position in North Carolina. Please see Symplicity for details.
It is high is time for North Carolina to fire Kay Hagan and send a new Senator to represent us in Washington. Vote Speaker Thom Tillis
Senator Kay Hagan & Rep Walter Jones...Coal Ash is good for North Carolina. Jones quoted.."Screw Solar"..OK
Clapping for Fred Armisen's return to all the way down in North Carolina. Can you hear me?!
Matthew, you will be missed. So very sad. Matthew David Nelson, born Dec. 25, 1966 in Durham, North Carolina, grew up in Berea and lived in Lexington for many years. He lost his more than 10-year battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014. Matthew was a graduate of Berea College. At the University of Kentucky College of Law, he served as an articles editor for the Kentucky Law Review and upon graduation was inducted into the Order of the Coif. Matthew is survived by his parents, Paul David and Rebecca Plaster Nelson of Lexington, His younger brother, Paul Christopher Nelson preceded him in death. Matthew had a host of friends, including college and law school buddies, caring neighbors on Ridgeway Avenue, and a special friend, Alice Windle Bengel. Visitation at Kerr Brothers Funeral Home on Main Street on Wednesday, Oct. 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. Funeral services will be at St. Hubert’s Episcopal Church, Grimes Mill Road, 10 a.m. Thursday. In lieu of flowers, you may contribut ...
North Carolina judge blocks commission pushed by lawmakers from taking over Charlotte airport: A North Carolin...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Now TREES TOO??? Indigenous Peoples Unite to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees GE Trees: Another Form of Colonization Embargoed for Release: 13 October 2014 Qualla Boundary, North Carolina--In the shadow of Columbus Day and the legacy of colonization in the Americas, the Indigenous Environmental Network [1] and Eastern Band of Cherokee community members organized a gathering of Indigenous Peoples from across the Southeastern US for an historic Indigenous Peoples’ action camp against genetically engineered trees (GE trees). Participants condemned GE trees as a form of colonization of the forest. The Indigenous Environmental Network Campaign to STOP GE Trees Action Camp focused on building an information-sharing and mobilization network of tribal representatives and community members to address the unique threats posed by GE trees to Indigenous Peoples, their culture, traditions and lifeways. Steering Committee members of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees [2] were invited to present concerns about the social ...
Really thinking about moving to North Carolina after graduation.
is giving away North Carolina by the Numbers on 10/13/14 -
This story makes my heart sink. I can't even begin to process what's going on in 2014.
Blacks seem more concerned about voting 4someone TELLING them whose racist than anything else
A pair of North Carolina Republicans compared flying the rainbow flag to flying the Nazi flag.
Western North Carolina Weather statistics:. 1) At Asheville, the record rainfall for October 14 is 1.87" in...
See which North Carolina candidates and ballot measures match your political beliefs and priorities.
North Carolina show me a lot of love everytime I'm there.
Canadians Visiting the US - Be Warned: In the U.S., a cash-grab by police and government is dressed up in terms like “interdiction and forfeiture,” or “the equitable sharing program.” (CBC) About The Author Neil Macdonald Senior Washington Correspondent Neil Macdonald is the senior Washington correspondent for CBC News, which he joined in 1988 following 12 years in newspapers. Before taking up this post in 2003, Macdonald reported from the Middle East for five years. He speaks English and French fluently, and some Arabic. On its official website, the Canadian government informs its citizens that “there is no limit to the amount of money that you may legally take into or out of the United States.” Nonetheless, it adds, banking in the U.S. can be difficult for non-residents, so Canadians shouldn’t carry large amounts of cash. That last bit is excellent advice, but for an entirely different reason than the one Ottawa cites. There’s a shakedown going on in the U.S., and the perps are in unifor ...
Same-sex marriage became legal in North Carolina on Friday, with a federal judge ordering the state to immediately put aside its ban.
00 Reports: Yahoo! Finance A diner in North Carolina is putting its faith in a new form of economic self-determination: Pay what God wants.
But first we have to fly to North Carolina 💩
Bulent Bediz The truth is, the truth is not buried that deep: Our Political, Business, and Education "Leaders" are intent on continuing to promote Greensboro’s "mill town mentality". Having placed themselves at the helm, they are the powers that be! They scratch each other’s backs and they congratulate each other like good ol' boys and gals do, and they live the life of the beautiful people- champagne, chocolate, strawberries. Of course, the public has to be fed sugar coated stories to be pacified, to keep them complacent. So, in this regard, the spin machine has to be running well oiled, at full throttle, the media has to be properly controlled. Sixty five million dollars for a performing arts center when the homeless are begging on the street? Ninety two million for a Student Recreation Center for UNCG (to be funded totally by student fees, mind you) when faculty positions are cut and academic programs are eliminated? What UNCG's Chancellor Brady is doing is blatantly Machiavellian: Bring in Paul Ma ...
Field Staff Member Ken Johnson at Falls Lake located in North Carolina caught this Crappie on a RT836.
Paper Towns starts filming in North Carolina in 3 weeks! Excited to see how this all plays out…
Teenager lynched in North Carolina. Cops covering it up via
Koch Brothers are Trying to Buy a Judgeship in North Carolina
Religious community reacts to NC's same-sex marriage ruling: It's been a historic last few days for North Carolina…
Also fell in love with The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill while I was working there
Democrats Pump $9.1 Million into for Kay Hagan as 'Firewall' 2 Protect Harry http:…
Just wish they would legalize weed in North Carolina. Make my life so much less stressful.
Congrats to North Carolina on legalizing same-sex marriage! :D
Will Blacks in North Carolina, and Elsewhere, Continue to Buy the Liberal Line?
finally done with the fair in Georgia. Tomorrow North Carolina for the last fair tell Im Minnesota bound for a week! So excited to get home!
From sudanese North Carolina state with love . Home sweet home — feeling pleased
((sorry about that long AFK. when to my mom's house in North Carolina. but ill be online an ready for rp tomorrow. keep calm an love on!))
TIL that up until 1977 an IQ of 70 or lower meant that sterilization was appropriate in North Carolina
Tears For Nigerian Conspiracy Theorists, By Jaafar Jaafar via - October 10, 2014 (2). There was a story that recently went viral on social media that Muhammadu Marwa Maitatsine was a Christian, and the father of late Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf was a member of the Maitatsine sect. The report went to say Maitatsine was even receiving support from the Vatican. Although nobody could show the church Maitatsine attended, or heard him preaching the gospel or saw him carrying out evangelical work, social media users treated the story like a revelation. But those who could show the mosque Maitatsine led Muslim prayers risk being called names for doubting the story. Why shouldn’t we ask ourselves some pertinent questions before believing in such bull***t? Conspiracy theorists among Nigerians have made the leader of Boko Haram terrorists Abubakar Shekau appear like the mythical Arabian bird, Phoenix, which was worshipped in the ancient Egypt. Not for the legendary bird’s lordship that it b ...
What's so great about today's high tech life style? Among a b-zillion other things. PANDORA! Roger & I spent a couple of hours tonight listening to HIS favorites, (Patsy Cline & other classic quote him, "Real country music, not this new "). He then went to bed around 1 a.m. Knz & I talked on the phone discussing the best way I could make a One Hit Wonder Pandora radio station for me. This was all from the comfort of the living room sofa.Now I am on the computer in the kitchen, while Pandora plays some of MY favorites...(Clapton & some Motown).to keep me company while I get the One Hit Wonder project going.Oh, besides the music magic the hi tech world has made available...I can talk to my kids out of state as often and as long as I want everyday! For those of you too young to remember this, long distance phone calls used to be a nightmare! While I lived in North Carolina we could only afford ONE call a week to the family! WHY am I rambling.I'm tired AND wide awake.NITEY NITE :)
FYI: link not working but this one is:
Thanks for those of you that have been checking out Trielement. We continue to write new material and finish out the year with several local shows. Next year we will be performing all over the east. Oct 18 Sam's Uptown Cafe Charleston, WV, US | 10:00pm w/ MJ-X Nov 8 The Boulevard Tavern Charleston, WV, US | 9:00pm Opening for Sean O'Bryan Smith Dec 12 The Cartref Cross Lanes, WV, US | 7:00pm w/ TBA Dec 13 The Empty Glass Charleston, WV, US | 10:00pm w/ Ouralias Some shows for 2015 include multiple locations in North Carolina (Raleigh, Asheville, others), Tennessee (Nashville, Knoxville), Ohio (Columbus, Cleveland) and several other states. Also, looking into a tour. Stay tuned!
Up until 1977, if you had an IQ of 70 or lower, you were sterilized in North Carolina.
So, there have been some rumors and talk in some of the back channels about some changes to the First Alert Weather team. I'll break the silence now on social media: Tonight will be my last broadcast on WNCT. But I won't be going too terribly far and for some of you, I'll still be on your dial. I'll be leaving WNCT to become the weekend morning meteorologist and EP of Digital Weather Content at WECT in Wilmington. It's a great opportunity in a fantastic area. Shout out to my former colleague, now new chief met, Gannon Medwick for helping me through the craziness of the past few weeks and recommending me for the job. I'm grateful for not only this opportunity that lies ahead of me but the opportunity I was given by WNCT to come to North Carolina in the first place. I have enjoyed my time in Greenville and getting to know so many great people; I'm happy that I'm not far away from my news family (and extended news family). Thank you to everyone who have supported me here at the station over the past 2 years, ...
Grisly discovery of bodies buried in shallow graves lead to arrests in Clemmons, North Carolina
Ann here is a big hug from California to North Carolina
Newly discovered evidence of massive voter fraud in North Carolina has been revealed by the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Yesterday, North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Phil Berger released a statement announcing the findings that the NC State Board of Elections pre…
The information below is taken from news sources. The aliens in these reports were all identified as being in the country illegally, and many of them had come into the hands of law enforcement agencies prior to the crime that is described below, but the alien was not deported or in some cases was deported but reentered the country. These cases are listed as a demonstration that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue even though these cases are not representative of the illegal alien population in general. These cases refer to crimes other than terrorism and crimes that would not have been committed had the border been secure. •    May 2014 — Humberto Gonzalez, an illegal alien, was convicted in New Jersey of criminal assault and sentenced to 50 years in prison. The rape occurred in 2005 and Gonzalez was not identified until a DNA match was made following an arrest in Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Gonzalez also had a criminal record in Louisiana and Ar ...
The least controversial measure in the expanded concealed handgun permit law, which just had its first birthday, involved assemblies charging admission - at least until last week, when North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler announced he would flout the law by posting the state fair ag…
AFP Photo / Scott Olson A non-profit organization says North Carolina police threatened to arrest members of the charity group for distributing food to more than 70 homeless people in downtown Rale...
Okay...they're allowing Equality in North Carolina...hmm how about South Carolina? Dr. James Emery White Community 101: Finding vs. Building Dr. James Emery White James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina; President of Serious Times, a ministry which explores the intersection of faith and culture (; and ranked adjunctive professor of theology and culture on the Charlotte campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. White holds the B.S., M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees, along with additional work at Vanderbilt University and Oxford University. He is the author of over a dozen books. Decrease Font SizeReset Font SizeIncrease Font Size Print Email 0 Comments One of the great myths of relational life is that community is something found. In this fairy tale, community is simply out there – somewhere – waiting to be discovered like Prince Charming finding Cinderella. All you have to do is find the right person, join the right group, get the right job, or become involved with the ri ...
700 Pound large snake was pulled out of lake from North Carolina and it was found to be the worlds large snake
Home after a long weekend up in Highlands, North Carolina for Brent and Holly's Wedding. So beautiful up there, oh and the wedding was breathtaking! Sue and I were so happy to share in the celebrations.
Anybody in North Carolina tht gotta four wheeler for sale
ocation: Charlotte, North Carolina Type: Theater PLEASE READ FULL POSTING FOR ALL INFORMATION AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS Where: - Sheraton Hotel, 3315 Scott Futrell Dr., Charlotte, NC 28208 - Please check in at the front desk to confirm and get directions for auditions held in ‘Port-side Room’ When: - Those auditioning will be seen in a group on their selected date of either, Friday, 10/17 at 6PM or Saturday, 10/18 at 11AM. - Do your best to be on time but if you are running late please still do stop in, we’ll still see you, or drop in to the next time slot - Those auditioning should expect to stay for 2 hours but could be released sooner. Seeking: - Actors ages 18-55, for hire as company cast members. - Shows are ongoing, most Saturday nights, only 9 company members are needed for one show. -Actors are scheduled according to their availability, collected each month. -Actors with improv experience are a plus. What: -Interactive, Improv Murder Mystery Dinner Show set in modern day with no costumes a ...
California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington state and Wisconsin, plus the District of Columbia are all at the Party. Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, Montana, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming are on either on their way or parking the car.
'Leafing' through North Carolina: Howard Neufeld can tell you everything you need to know about fall foliage and…
The Texas state fair seem more exciting than the North Carolina State Fair
I'm the rep for North Carolina for ABI. Pre order the next hottest bat out. Pay 1/2 down now and pay the other 1/2 on release date
I'm excited for the state fair in North Carolina!
North Carolina. Put me down on the "that's not gonna happen until the National Guard is called in to escort...
John William Pope Foundation, which Art Pope owns, accounts for 90% of the income of the leading right-wing groups in North Carolina.
Hi everyone! Celia sent you all a message from the road! :) It didn't show up where you all could see here it is: Hi guys! I don't know if this is showing up on the wall or not...I hope so! How's the new school year going? I miss you all! Since we last skyped, when I was in Boston, I have been to the following cities: -Milwaukee, WI -Dallas, TX -London, England (for vacation!!!) -Oklahoma City, OK -Des Moines, IA -Memphis, TN I just got to Durham, North Carolina and will be here for two weeks. Since we talked I have gone on as Christine 10 more times for a total of 20 times so far! I have some exciting news too: Julia Udine (our Christine) is going to be Christine on Broadway starting in December! I hope you are all doing well. I miss you!
Weekend Gourmet: Sausage that rivals NC State Fair's offerings: In just a few days, one of North Carolina's great…
North Carolina could soon allow guns at state fair
I swear, my next move is going to be down south. North Carolina hopefully.
According to a report from the WSOC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina, a U.S. Army Ranger was mistreated by a U.S. Airways flight attendant during a recent flight- an event that did not sit well with many passengers including one who says he is now considering switching airline allegiance after…
Fun fall day trip to Highlands, North Carolina! Started in South Carolina, went through the north east corner of Georgia - up about 4000 feet to North Carolina. What a beautiful ride, the higher we got the more vibrant the colors! Highlands is a quaint town that we would love to visit again. NC has a Highlands Inn too!
A U.S. Army Ranger who boarded a U.S. Airways flight in Charlotte, North Carolina was blatantly disrespected by a flight attendant
The LST-821, renamed the Harnett County (LST-821), was an LST-542 tank landing ship built for the United States Navy during World War II. She was named for Harnett County, North Carolina and was the only U.S. Naval vessel to bear the name. She served the US Navy in World War II and the Vietnam War. She was transferred to South Vietnam's Republic of Vietnam Navy, which named her My Tho (HQ-800)After the Vietnam War, the US government transferred Harnett County to the Philippine Navy, which named her Sierra Madre (LT-57). In 1999 the Philippine government deliberately had her run aground on Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands to serve as an outpost of the Philippine Marine Corps to assert Philippine sovereignty in the country's dispute with China over the ownership of the Spratly Islands. She still serves that function. In 2013, the New York Times reported on the life of the handful of marines stationed on board the Sierra Madre at Second Thomas Shoal and the vessel's role in the geopolitics of t ...
My great grandfather."When the first bugle sounded " A Leg for the Confederacy: Marshall T. Polk, Jr. Lt Colonel Marshall T. Polk, Jr.C.S.A. was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in May 1831 after his father had died the previous month. His mother would re-marry and young Marshall would be sent to be raised by his childless Uncle, James K. Polk and his wife Sarah in Columbia, Tennessee. James Polk, a rising politician and supporter of Andrew Jackson would be elected President in 1844. Marshall would accompany his foster parents to Washington where the President would visit Georgetown University to enroll young Marshall. He would be appointed to West Point in 1848 and after graduating in 1852 would become a lieutenant in the 2nd U. S. Infantry. After serving in California and the 1st Sioux War as aide to General William Harney, Polk resigned in 1856 and married Evelina Bills at the Bill’s family home, the Pillars, (which still stands) in Bolivar, Tennessee. They would have ten children with two dying in ...
This is an email which I received from our Lt Governor, the Honorable Dan Forest. Re: Ruling of a federal judge to overturn the ban on same sex marriages in North Carolina. This is well worth the read. Friday, an unelected federal judge violated the foundational principles of this great nation. In 1787, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and later by ratification, the states relinquished a limited amount of power to a federal government. The document we call the Constitution set out a detailed and enumerated list of powers to be held by the federal government, and in the Tenth Amendment the states left a reminder that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In his 1788 speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, Alexander Hamilton said, “The state governments possess inherent advantages, which will ever give them an influence and ascendancy over the National G .. ...
North Carolina might allow guns at its state fair.
Rough day for Everett Golson so far: 0-4, fumble, interception, and Irish fall behind at home to North Carolina, 14-0.
KSL is airing Notre Dame/North Carolina, which features Mike Mayock as the color guy???
Do you think North Carolina should allow guns at the state fair?
Nothing beats the North Carolina State Fair
hey snapchat I live in North Carolina so idk why you're giving me updates on the TEXAS state fair
Blasig let's move to North Carolina, and not tell Jamie...
NC Could Join List of States Allowing Guns at Fair: North Carolina could join small list of those allowing guns at state fairs
Had a wonderful journey across North Carolina this week. Check out our stops!
N. CAROLINA...A federal district court in North Carolina struck down that state’s ban on same-sex…
The Century Film collection at the State Archives of North Carolina:
October 11th Birthdays: Gary Mallaber-drummer for The Steve Miller Band born in 1946 2005: Rod Stewart received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star is located at 2093 Hollywood Blvd. 1999: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was arrested in North Carolina after avoiding arrest for charges of instigating a riot at a concert in Greensboro two years earlier. 1990: Nirvana performed their first concert with Dave Grohl on drums at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, WA. 1988: Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr & his wife Barbara Bach began treatment for alcohol abuse at a rehabilitation clinic in Tucson, AZ. 1988: Van Halen was awarded the Gold Ticket during their concert at Madison Square Garden for playing to over 100,000 fans at the Garden. 1986: Genesis peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Throwing It All Away” which was their third top ten single in the U.S. 1983: Kiss performed their first concert without makeup at the Cascais Hall in Lisbon, Portugal. 1980: The P ...
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"Only the state of GA would slander a native son"but he's from North Carolina tho. ..
“someone just invited me to the Notre Dame vs North Carolina game 😐” so go!
I'm SOOO stoked! I'm going to the Notre Dame vs North Carolina game with my niece/goddaughter!!! I haven't been to an ND football game in SO long! GO IRISH!
Did you know in 2009, North Carolina banned plastic bags for the Outer Banks region? -
Keselowski Wins Drive for the Cure 300 Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Excited to be in North Carolina sharing with the good folks of St. John Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. LEVI Moore serves as Pastor.
North Carolina State Fair we are coming for ya
Over four hundred years ago, English colonists trying to settle on Roanoke Island encountered many Native Americans along the coast. At that time more than thirty Native American tribes were living in present-day North Carolina. They spoke languages derived from three language groups, the Siouan, Iroquoian, and Algonquian. None of the prehistoric Native Americans who lived in North America had developed any sort of written language. They relied instead on oral traditions, such as storytelling, to keep records of their origins, myths, and histories. Our present knowledge of prehistoric inhabitants of this state depends on rare early historical accounts and, especially, on information gained through archaeology. Most of the Indian groups met by early European explorers were practicing economic and settlement patterns of the Woodland culture. They grew crops of maize, tobacco, beans, and squash, spent considerable time hunting and fishing, and lived in small villages. In 1550, before the arrival of the first ...
It is not "We the people" who voted to amend our state constitution and uphold the sanctity of the home, who are is Judge Max O Cogburn Jr, who has broken the NC State Constitution. North CarolinA STATE CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE We, the people of the State of North Carolina, grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of Nations, for the preservation of the American Union and the existence of our civil, political and religious liberties, and acknowledging our dependence upon Him for the continuance of those blessings to us and our posterity, do, for the more certain security thereof and for the better government of this State, ordain and establish this Constitution. ARTICLE I DECLARATION OF RIGHTS Sec. 7. Suspending laws. All power of suspending laws or the execution of laws by any authority, without the consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights and shall not be exercised. ARTICLE XIII CONVENTIONS; CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND REVISION Sec. 2. Power t . ...
Excited to spend the weekend in North Carolina celebrating Mike and Keli!
Amendment One passed with 61% of the vote in 2011, a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality in North Carolina.
Morgan and I are moving to North Carolina. End of story.
UPDATE: Amendment One is struck down! Cathy, Joanne, and all same gender couples in North Carolina now have the freedom to marry! Thanks be to God! Congrats to all of the allies at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Charlotte NC and Pastor Nancy Kraft who have supported this lovely family.
Pt1. My story for the day:. 3.5 hour flight to North Carolina. . 1 hour flight to West Virginia... oh nope the pilot overshot the runway cause
Structural Engineering Branch Manager, Chris Berg, PE presented to a crowd of over 100 attendees at the Structural Engineers Association (SEA) of North Carolina ?s 6 th Annual Conference on Thursday, October 10, 2014 in downtown Raleigh.
Hey residents of North Carolina, don't forget to register to vote if you haven't already!
why haven't you covered this? Teenager's mysterious death evokes painful imagery in North Carolina:
Today is the day I leave West Virginia and start my new life in North Carolina.
Professor MaryAnne Drake leading the judges at North Carolina State Fair. 77 entries all from North Carolina.
Hiking the Seven Sisters Loop at Montreat, North Carolina (blog) via
North Carolina just keeps getting weirder each year. Guns at the State Fair.
Email from Elizabeth Warren. Excerpt: "The Senate Republicans have made it clear whose side they stand on. They'd rather protect the special tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires, while our government makes literally billions of dollars in profit off of the backs of our students. That is deeply wrong – and it's up to us to fight back." The Republicans filibustered our student loans bill earlier this year, voting to keep interest rates high on student loans so that they could protect tax loopholes for billionaires. Now it is election time, and it's time for a little accountability. And it is happening in states like New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, and Kentucky. Alison Lundergan Grimes, Jeff Merkley, Kay Hagan, and Jeanne Shaheen all have campaign ads focusing on our student loans fight: Jeff's ad says that every kid deserves the chance to go to college and build a future without being crushed by debt. Jeanne's ad talks about how it isn't right that people can refinance their mortgages bu ...
Don't worry North Carolina your state fair is still better
Can Brice Johnson be the second scorer North Carolina needs? By
Picking up the kiddos — at St Ann Catholic School Fayetteville, North Carolina
In an act of political greed, Democrat incumbent Senator Kay Hagen from North Carolina admitted that she blew off a classified Armed Services Committee hearing, choosing to attend a fundraiser instead. Hagen had previously avoided questions regarding where she was on the day of the classified hearin…
Group: Gun ban at NC State Fair is illegal: A gun-rights group has asked a North Carolina court for a temporary…
Some folks in North Carolina never heard of Hillary Clinton. Also, 1% of NC'ers never heard of Congress. For real:.
Cumberland County officials prepare for ruling that would legalize North Carolina same-sex marriages via
District Court judges will have to proceed with a ruling on North Carolina's *** marriage ban.
Update your maps at Navteq
Federal judge in pending North Carolina marriage & adoption rights case asks for update within the next 10 days:
Beaufort, North Carolina - WATCH LIVE coverage from the Cape Lookout Shootout Tournament Series this Saturday...
North Carolina could be the latest state to have same-sex marriage. U.S. District Court Judge William Osteen...
Fire Hagan, hire Tillis – in this week’s Chatham Record Kay Hagan supports Obamacare. Hagan, an architect of Obamacare, was either clueless as to what was actually in her healthcare law, or she deliberately deceived and lied to North Carolinians to justify her support for Obamacare. As October enrollment for insurance coverage begins, we’re beginning to hear how bad she’s made things for us here in Chatham County and North Carolina. Insurance officials are now saying that a sizable number of North Carolina residents will no longer be eligible for Obamacare, and some policy premiums will jump as much as 60 percent within the next two years. Small businesses hit hard with escalating costs have been forced to scrap hiring plans and cut staff, and some are giving up their group insurance plans. Obamacare is increasing insurance costs for people in their 20s by using their higher premiums to subsidize older people. This is a regressive tax. Hagan repeatedly promised North Carolina seniors that Obama .. ...
Lord Dartmouth orders British officers to North Carolina- This Day in History-1775 on
rgj...When I was a teenager in Virginia, the Norfolk Police Chief would attend Klan meetings in North Carolina-...
The Common Core education standards have not been popular with many Republicans, who say the guidelines will hamstring state school officials. At the debate for the U.S. Senate candidates from North Carolina on Oct. 7, Republican Thom Tillis described Common Core as regulatory overreach. Although he…
Hiking's biggest reward is seeing views like this after a steep climb. Stone Mountain in North Carolina, USA, has...
We may be North Carolina's hometown marathon, but we welcome runners from all states and even other countries!...
Hidden costs for 'fully covered' care can slam patients' wallets: In North Carolina and across the country, hidden…
Found out yesterday that the train crash scene from The Fugitive was filmed just a few minutes down the road from where I live in the town of Dillsboro, North Carolina. I think that is pretty cool! The wreckage from the scene is still there. Gatta see if my buddy at the Green Energy Park will show me the view sometime!
For 2nd time in 2 weeks, Supreme Court upholds a state law--this time in North Carolina--restricting voters' access. htt…
Supreme Court upholds North Carolina's new limits on voting - LA Times North Carolina can enforce new voting rest...
During the North Carolina Senate debate Sen. Kay Hagan asked Thom Tillis about bill for women.
"Why North Carolina? What's going to be better here than where you are now?" "You" TAKE YOUR PHONE AND CHOKE ON IT PLS
Republicans have ruined this once progressive state. I’m so ashamed of what North Carolina has become.
North Carolina will be legalizing same sex marriage any minute now.
One thing I realize about North Carolina on general is that nobody helps each other to reach a higher goal.
Real Talk the show got me wanting to go to the North Carolina State Fair this year.
So it's official!! Halloween is booked with Robert Lewis Steven Lewis Allen Hillard Shawna Hilliard and Amber!!! We r headed to Murphy North Carolina!! We r gonna go do what we do!! Can't wIt!!!
Chillin with mom Alicia and the dogs. North Carolina style
UNC primed for its most successful basketball season in years: North Carolina Coach Roy Williams expects to have…
Mosque in NC Omar ibn Sayyid (1770-1864) ibn Said was born in present-day Senegal in Futa Tooro,[1] a region along the Middle Senegal River in West Africa, to a wealthy family.[2] He was an Islamic scholar and a Fula who spent 25 years of his life studying with prominent Muslim scholars, learning subjects ranging from arithmetic to theology in Africa. In 1807, he was captured during a military conflict, enslaved and taken across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. He escaped from a cruel master in Charleston, South Carolina, and journeyed to Fayetteville, North Carolina. There he was recaptured and later sold to James Owen. Said lived into his mid-nineties and was still a slave at the time of his death in 1864. He was buried in Bladen County, North Carolina. Omar ibn Said was also known as Uncle Moreau and Prince Omeroh."
The Supreme Court is allowing North Carolina's restrictive voting law to go into effect for November:
in North Carolina the police pepper sprayed a black teen who lives in a white foster home bc they thought he was a robber smh I'm done adios
“I'll be in North Carolina this weekend” and we had to broadcast that because
My college football team plays in North Carolina Saturday. I wish I could go
Here's a map of all 434 BBQ Places in North Carolina -
Why are so many people moving to North Carolina? Look at those low commute times!
Customers get their say on the most important aspect of the meal at North Carolina restaurant:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
when are you coming to North Carolina!?!?!?
Supreme Court allows North Carolina voter suppression law to go into effect for November
Top Pick 4: North Carolina vs Notre Dame go with (17.0) make picks free:
"News: U.S. top court allows North Carolina voting restrictions":
ND's offense looks to Everett Golson's calm confidence: Notre Dame will host the North Carolina Tar Heels this...
Everett Golson could have been someone on the North Carolina hardwood, writes »
if you're fed up with the Supreme Court's recent record on
This is why North Carolina rank 47th in academics 😂
For UNC's Kennedy Meeks, less is more - The Tar Heels' center is seeing great benefits of bei...
I can't wait to go back to North Carolina 😁
We were challenged to decorate our stations today. It had to relate to something about us personally so I brought N'awlins to North Carolina! I'm so gonna win!
Garth Brooks is returning to perform in North Carolina for the first time in more than 16 years.
So I'm packing my bag for our trip to the seminary in North Carolina...a 2 night 3 day stay. I have 7 pairs of shoes packed.
Various photos taken of the Charlotte, North Carolina skyline
Increasingly, the midterm elections are trending toward the Republican candidates throughout the nation. While some states are behind the curve -- for instance, North Carolina and Michigan -- many others show mounting GOP leads. Beyond disapproval of President Obama and his policies, the impetus for this trend lies in the renewed focus on national security, terrorism and foreign policy issues that have suddenly gripped the nation. A content analysis of the daily news shows that, with each beheading, the focus on the disastrous events in the Middle East grows. With attack helicopters now flying missions against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), we are, effectively, in our third Iraq war. Every issue has an innate and largely immutable partisan skew, and voters have come to see each as "belonging" to one party or the other. Only through great effort and massive expenditure can the other party win an edge on a given issue biased against it. Education, environment, poverty, Social Security, the elde ...
Finally on the road to North Carolina!
BY NICOLE KAEDING - In less than two years, North Carolina’s governor and legislature have helped to revive the state’s economy. The economy is growing and adding jobs, improving the well-being of North Carolina residents.
GoPro of the World Powered by Surfline entry on 09.25.14 in North Carolina. Filmed by Brett Barley. Entry GoPro of the World powered by Surfline will be...
Here's the response I received from Kay Hagan...pathetic! Marriage IS a KEY issue! We need leaders who will stand for God's truth - not the fleeting opinions of an immoral few! (And, for the record, God - who created and blesses marriage - has already told us who should and shouldn't marry! What prideful gall that our leaders think they know better and can usurp His Word, plan, and design! It's just one more example of America's utter wickedness!) Here's her response... October 8, 2014 Dear Friend, Thank you for contacting me about marriage equality. I appreciate your reaching out to me on this important issue. Marriage equality is a complex issue with strong feelings on both sides, and I have a great deal of respect for varying opinions on the issue. After much thought and prayer, I have come to my own personal conclusion that we shouldn't tell people who they can love or who they can marry. This was not a decision I came to overnight. The fabric of North Carolina and what makes our state so special is o ...
UPDATE:: Sessions in Belmont North Carolina will be held on November 14 in the evening and November 15 in the morning. These are 30 minute Christmas mini session with a CD for print and copyright of 25 to 35 high-resolution images. Location is Stowe park in Belmont. sessions are for a family of four for each additional person there will be a minimal fee. Cost $75 Comment below with the time you wish to have. Space is limited. Friday nov 14th 4:00pm- 4:30pm- 5:00pm- 5:30pm- 6:00pm-Caldwell Saturday nov 15- 9:30am-Roberts 10:00am-Addington 10:30am- 11:00am-Stein 11:30am- 12:00pm- 12:30pm- 1:00pm- 1:30pm- 2:00pm-
North Carolina women can't trust Thom Tillis. Tillis killed equal pay legislation for women. Watch and learn more.
Sick racism from the police in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. Going into someones house and pepper spraying the resident, pointing out he couldn't live there because the photos of his foster siblings were white
The Supreme Court is allowing North Carolina to go forward with two disputed voting changes for next month's election: eliminating same-day voter registration and out-of-precinct voting. By a 7-2 vote announced in an order Wednesday evening, the justices blocked an appeals court ruling that woul…
Just had gas station chicken in North CarolinA
Mark Maxwell and Tim Young of North Carolina are foster parents to four boys ranging in age from 13 to 24.
I want to thank God for keeping me during my mess. I am grateful that He saw fit for me to breath His Sprit and live through Jesus Christ another day. My story isn't one of extreme circumstances or loss but I bless God for my story nonetheless. Growing up without your parents is hard for a child no matter what the situation is but knowing that my parents were alive and well raising their other children and I was in North Carolina separated from my siblings caused me to view love through negative eyes. Looking for love from a man, not knowing how to be loved by a man, taught me my worth as a woman. But I'm so glad, Hallelujah that one man loved me enough to die so that I may repent and live. Glory be to God! And because of His love I know my worth as a person. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus. Where I've been, glory to God makes where I'm headed that much sweeter! God I thank you! My trials, tribulations, errors and iniquities paved the way for me to be an humble servant in the kingdom of the Most High! HALLELU ...
well for those who might have missed me, i have been up to North Carolina and back for my mother-in-law who fell twice last week. So I went up Saturday, came back Tuesday as she was doing "better". Tonight, her medical alarm goes off again and back to hospital she goes. Emotionally a bit drained, physically shattered.
vanilla ice is playing the North Carolina State Fair. tickets are 5 dollars. okay 2014
OMG! OMG! The queen from North Carolina is coming! I need to be there so I can roll out the red carpet and make sure there's enough security and police offers for escort. OMG OMG!!! All hail the queen!!!
Only one one more day till my 10 day backpacking trip. Hiking the Appalachian trail to North Carolina. ... oh ya.its going to be a cold one!!
Tough Mudder North Carolina is coming to Foil Farms October 25 & 26, 2014. Register at Spread across hundreds of acres of isolated, op...
A North Carolina man has been charged with murder after two bodies were found buried in his backyard. "He did talk about devilish things. Nothing that was outlandish. Just, you know, that there was a war between God and the devil."
I am a champion in God's eye and the devil is scared of me! Because I am a child of the king! And no devil in *** will stop me! So ready for campmeeting! Leaving in the morning heading to North Carolina with the best! :)
Check out the North Carolina National Guard in action with this compilation video.
Who can help me along my journey to North Carolina?
Have you witnessed all of the sights, sounds, and smells of southern cooking on game day in Greenville, North Carolina? We experienced the atmosphere in Pirate Nation for ourselves on Saturday... check it out!
Just went back to a gluten-free, paleo diet a couple days ago. Yep, pretty much just vegetables and meat. Already feel muuuch better and wonder why i stayed away from it for so long. Talking about meat reminds me that September was BBQ month for me. I grilled some secret recipe burgers on my grill for my 41st birthday dinner. How do they look? The mix of pecan, oak, and mesquite smoke helped give it the reddish color. One of the nice things about being back in Fort Worth is having plenty of pecan and oak wood around. Later I enjoyed introducing Norm Geisler to the Hard Eight BBQ( in Coppell. It's five miles north of DFW airport. Since he lives in North Carolina he naturally misses Texas barbecue. Thanks to Tony Anthony DeVere for introducing it to me! I actually do like the idea of being a vegetarian someday. I rather expect it (and look forward to it) in some future dispensation of history. But for now I have to say that my brain and body do best on a paleo diet. Perhaps it ...
Our life so far as North Carolina residents!
WTVD in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina reports a neighbor of Ricky and Stacy Tyler mistook their foster son 18-year-old DeShawn for a burglar and called police.
This info is from the historical website The James Morrow Coffey House, erected in 1886, is a property that possesses local historic significance as a tangible reminder of the importance of farming and rural life in the booming agrarian economy of post ­Civil War Mecklenburg County, and for its association with James Morrow Coffey and his son, Rufus Coffey, both prominent members of the Steele Creek Community's circle of well-to-do farmers and active members of the Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church. The last half of the nineteenth century saw tremendous opportunity for farming communities around Charlotte. Charlotte had escaped relatively unscathed from the effects of the Civil War and the continually high demand for cotton, coupled with the development of the fertilizer Peruvian guano in 1860, made the post-bellum period a prosperous time for farming in Mecklenburg County. Although James Morrow Coffey owned five slaves at the time of the Civil War, the bulk of his farming operations, like those o ...
Thanks again to everyone who came out for The North Carolina Seafood Festival this past weekend. See the action here!
Late Night With George Redneck Bread. "Way hidden down in my little ole pea pickin heart, I am about as grounded in the basics of good food as bout anyone your're gonna meet." I owe that my fine upbringing in the flatlands of eastern North Carolina where your quality of life was truly based on what you had on the dinner table, and if you said the blessing just the right way. We now live in a world where the new "farm to table," concept of dining is the new thing, but down in Whiteville, we had" fo real" farm to table, and even though I never did ring the neck of a chicken, I can tell you that fresh cream corn, and a pot of butter beans ain't never gonna lie to you. Point being, I had this lady come in Pharaohs last week, and she told me that I had "Redneck Bread." Well, I knew I heard her right, and I thought to myself, Umm, Redneck Bread? I started looking around, and, you know, she might have been right. From her accent, I knew she was from out of town, " but it won't just from round h ...
If you haven't already done so go check out our friends at Cape Fear Sportswear and RCI Optics ( Right Coast Independent ) Outer Banks North Carolina
I would love to see you there in North Carolina
Got a wide load to haul from Tulsa to North Carolina. 6- pcs of stainless steel plate valued @ $100,000.00. Weighing 37,000lbs. 10' wide and 16' long and 2" thick.
According to X-men2...North Carolina has like 6 mutants living here.
ok let me see... I left from my house this morning around 7:45 am drove to Conifer and worked 4 hrs and then drove to Evergreen and looked at a house for a couple of my ladies, I thought 5 hours on cleaning but they think 7 hours and after that drove to Littleton drop some stuff for another realtor and then drove back to Thornton and ran a couple of errands for myself. talked to my niece in North Carolina and then my sister in law and just got off the phone with my honey... it's all in the life of Tammy... it's 8:15 pm and I know there are still a few things I need to do so getting off for a bit to do those few things before I go to bed and get some sleep... yes I do sleep... later peeps...
Well it was a very long weekend very busy with the street fair hope very one had a good time sorry if I missed anyone good to see Tracey Martin she was up from North Carolina and nice to see the class of. 84 down at bubs
Tomorrow is a big day for North Carolina. A judge will rule tomorrow if *** can get married. Fingers crossed.
For the second time in two weeks, the Supreme Court upheld a state law Wednesday restricting voters' access to the polls. The latest ruling affects North Carolina, scene of a tight Senate race in November.
Although married already.we are both SUPER excited about the legality of marriage for all in our home state of North Carolina tomorrow!! We never thought we'd see the day!! An early Congrats to all those lining up!
Booked my flight for North Carolina... It's getting real. Fingers crossed the interview goes well and I get offered a position!
Love North Carolina with Vincent Babineau. Thank you and love you
North Carolina this weekend! We should go to Spooky Woods AND the fair.
A politically motivated attack by whites against the city’s leading African American citizens, the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 documents the lengths to which Southern White Democrats went to regain political domination of the South after Reconstruction. The violence began on Thursday, November 10th in the predominantly African American city of Wilmington, North Carolina, at that time the state’s largest metropolis. Statewide election returns had recently signaled a shift in power with Democrats taking over the North Carolina State Legislature. The city of Wilmington, however, remained in Republican hands primarily because of its solid base of African American voters. On November 10th, Alfred Moore Waddell, a former Confederate officer and a white supremacist, led a group of townsmen to force the ouster of Wilmington’s city officials. Waddell relied on an editorial printed in the African American-owned Wilmington Daily Record as the catalyst for the riot. Alex Manly, the editor of the Daily Rec ...
Drip, Drip, Drip is the sound of the money being lost by Vidant Health Systems and ECU Physicians as our legislature balks at Medicaid expansion. This is having major impacts on employees at the largest private employer in Pitt County, Vidant Health. Rumors of layoffs, reduced hours and benefits are rampant in the community; they already had to close Pungo Hospital. But, it is kind of hard for us to get our legislators and the Governor to vote for expansion or either cutting a deal to provide private insurance, when our County Commissioners and my opponent will not even lobby for it. We pay our taxes to the federal government and it's a fool's game not to get it back when it is being offered. It's like refusing to take the interest deduction on your home because you don't want to run up the federal debt, or not taking your child tax credit. The money is allocated, so can't we expect our leaders to get ours back when they get the chance? That is reality for Pitt County and North Carolina. If people ...
Pink Heals Tour.helping women spread awareness about breast cancer! So honored that Samantha Youngblood Wade name has been added.Thank you Elisha Smarik and Bobbie Harris. Samantha's name was added in Jacksonville, North Carolina
Looks like they are about to let's the rest of us go soon. Guess I might head back to North Carolina tonight. Save some hotel/motel money that way.
Going to East Coast of North Carolina in November...anybody have any suggestions on what's a must see or do. Will be in Wilmington NC first and then plan to travel south on East coast thru Savannah, GA. Any suggestions would be great.
The Supreme Court, with two Justices noting dissents, on Wednesday afternoon allowed North Carolina to bar voters from registering and casting their ballots on the same day, and to refuse to count votes that were cast in the wrong polling places. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Same-day registration won't be allowed during early voting in North Carolina and Election Day ballots cast in the wrong precinct won't be counted this fall after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked a ruling that set aside part o...
Computer Enhanced Canines: Researchers from North Carolina State University (NCSU) showed off pioneering work demonstrating the potential of technologies that allow dogs to gather information, and stay safe, during search and rescue operations.
i had a wonderful surprize this evening. My good friend cheryl Nelson and her daughter Stephaine came to visit. I met this wonderful woman and her three girls when I lived in Ankeny Iowa. She happy me out babysitting derek and missy and her girls and Missy became good friend. Than in 2001 I whent to Hawaii and stayed with her family at Hickman Ari Force base. She show me around and took me to a beautiful lulua. And in 2003 Missy visit the Nelson family in Shreveport LOuisianna. Now they reside in North Carolina and I miss them dearly. It was such a special treat to have them visit. Just a all around wonderful night with dear friends.
This week marks one year since Buster's paralysis and subsequent surgery. At the time, it was not clear if he would ever walk again but he is doing great thanks to the wonderful doctors who operated on him and his grandparents who cared for him during his recovery. This is a little video we made of him for his doctors in North Carolina!
BURKE COUNTY, N.C. — The North Carolina Highway Patrol is trying to determine why a driver lost control of her car prior to slamming into a house Wednesday night in Burke County. WSOC-TV reported t...
October 6, 2014 This is a general update for all listeners & in particular people living in the Triangle area of North Carolina, regarding some background of...
Beautiful day in North Carolina 81 by the swimming pool . God is Great
Love the big ham ending his east coast tour with me in North Carolina!
Hope I can be in either the 25th infantry division in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii or 82nd Airborne Division Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Nikki I was wanting to know if Sixx AM will be coming to North Carolina? Please tell me yes. Thanks
Police in North Carolina pepper-spray black teen inside white foster parents’ home, thinking he’s a burglar
Thelonious Sphere Monk was an Amerikkkan Afrikan jazz pianist and composer and considered one of the greatest composers of all time and the "High Priest of Bebop". Early life Thelonious Sphere Monk was born October 10, 1917, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the son of Thelonious and Barbara Monk, two years after his sister Marion. A brother, Thomas, was born in January 1920. In 1922, the family moved to 243 West 63rd Street, in Manhattan, New York City. Monk started playing the piano at the age of six. Although largely self-taught, he did study music theory, harmony, and arranging at the Juilliard School of Music. Monk attended Stuyvesant High School, but did not graduate. He toured with an evangelist in his teens, playing the church organ, and in his late teens he began to find work playing jazz. In the early to mid-1940s, Monk was the house pianist at Minton's Playhouse, a Manhattan nightclub. Much of Monk's style was developed during his time at Minton's, when he participated in after-hours "cutting com ...
News Release October 08, 2014 Contact: 5th District Public Affairs Email: d5de(757) 398-6272 COAST GUARD RESCUES OVERTURNED KAYAKER NEAR OLD POINT COMFORT, VA. PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard rescued an overturned kayaker from the water Wednesday near Old Point Comfort in Hampton. Watch standers at Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads in Portsmouth received a report at about noon of two overturned kayakers near Hampton. A 25-foot Response Boat-Small crew from Coast Guard Station Portsmouth was launched, and an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina, who were already in the area for training, diverted to assist. The helicopter crew arrived on scene to find one male kayaker in the water approximately 200 yards south of Old Point Comfort Lighthouse and lowered a rescue swimmer. The response boat crew arrived on scene and, with the help of the rescue swimmer, pulled the kayaker from the water onto the boat. The response boat crew took the kayaker to Old Point Comfort Mar ...
Yes, all Medicare Advantage plans in North Carolina for 2015 include the popular SilverSneakers Fitness Program.
if I sound like a broken record but I just can't believe we are THIS close to marriage equality in North Carolina. I can't freaking believe it! Every single obstacle, every hurdle. *** it felt like there was no end in sight. Scott and I planned our ceremony for next May in hopes the Supreme Court would make a ruling before then. Then came the news they weren't going to make a ruling...then Tuesday happened. May of 2015, 13 years later it will indeed happen. I will get to see my husband face to face in front of our friends and family and make the biggest commitment anyone can make. It's hard enough to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with. It's a million times harder when you can't even if you wanted to. I know this sounds like an a$$hole thing to say but I just want to scream F U in the face of every politician who has used the *** community to scare their followers into believing we are anything but caring, loving human beings just so they can make millions from lobbyist.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kay Hagen is a Obama finger puppet wake up North Carolina
Election Day is 4 weeks away, and candidates in North Carolina's hotly-contested U.S. Senate race squared off in their final debate Tuesday night in Raleigh. ABC's George Stephanopolous kicked it off asking Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis about the U.S. role in fighting the ISIS terror group.
The battle over the U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina has had a distinctive recipe: some familiar ingredients about Medicare and Obamacare, with a few state issues tossed in for local flavor. The incumbent is Kay Hagan, 61, a Democrat serving her first term in the Senate. She is the niece of former…
Today Women Speak Out PAC, partner of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), launched an 11-day, $620,000 television ad campaign in the Raleigh, North Carolina media market to expose Senator Kay Hagan’s position on abortion.
One of the most pressing foreign policy issues -- stopping the terrorist group known as Islamic State or ISIS -- has become a point of contention in the race for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. It started when Republican challenger Thom Tillis released a TV ad accusing incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan of mis…
We interviewed citizens of North Carolina to see what their thoughts were on Senator Kay Hagan, and what she has ACTUALLY done for you. The responses highlig...
Todd Gurley ran from the tattered fields in Tarboro all the way to stardom at the University of Georgia. Now he is a considered a favorite to become the first Heisman Trophy winner from North Carolina.
We had the most incredible time in North Carolina at the Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival and the Roanoke...
New estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Texas was the state that had the largest net gain of former North Carolina residents...
Jeff Smith of Dallas, North Carolina currently sits second in Ultimate Super Late Model Series points and will be...
Hurricane Arthur makes landfall in North Carolina as Category 2 storm - CNN
USS North Carolina was a 74-gun ship of the line in the United States Navy. One of the "nine ships t
“University of North Carolina or Florida State hm 😳” let go to California
I got quite a few Kool gifts from Rendezvous students ! Can you guess where this ones from ? We had multiple Canadians , people from Finland,Alaska , New York , Oregon , Colorado , San Diego , North Carolina , Kentucky , Florida , Nevada , Arizona Utah Chicago and just all over ! We even had a guy drive all the way from Louisiana ! What a great time at the Doug DoRr Ti
Antiques Roadshow: Raleigh, NC Hour Two: Items include an 1800 North Carolina bottle case and a 1985 Andrew Wyeth…
The governor of North Carolina looks EXACTLY like the warden in The Shawshank Redemption.
A beautiful morning at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in North Carolina.
Today we ask that you help us share the legacy of SSG Edwardo Loredo. We are proud & truly honored to be hosting Master Sergeant Jen Loredo, Edwardo's wife, along with their 2 children Alexis & Eddie at the Washington Redskins game tonight! Please help us thank this surviving military family who Proudly wear in honor of their husband's/Father's Ultimate Sacrifice. Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division made the ultimate sacrifice for our country on June 24, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a homemade bomb in Afghanistan. He died just one day shy of his 35th birthday & just months before he was to return home. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Loredo's wife, Jennifer, was a First Sergeant in the Army at the time & was stationed in the northern part of Afghanistan when her husband have his life for our country. SSG Loredo was buried at the National Cemetery ...
true & it's North Carolina too. They could automatically think it's a black guy.
They beat VT and then put up 70 against North Carolina...
Random road trip to North Carolina and we end up at a house that looks like it's in some movie where people get murdered by chainsaws 😶
he thinks he picked it up while vacationing earlier in the summer in North Carolina, but isn't positive.
Warriors rookie and former North Carolina player James Michael McAdoo is
So Notre Dame is having these academic issues. How much do you want to bet it will be solved by the time we play Florida st? Top wide receiver, top defense lineman, top defensive back, one of our top running backs. North Carolina this week, then Florida st.
New Suit Billy Graham is now 92 years-old, and has Parkinson's disease. In January, leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina, invited their favorite son, Billy Graham, to a luncheon in his honor. Billy initially hesitated to accept the invitation because he struggles with Parkinson's disease. But the Charlotte leaders said, 'We don't expect a major address. Just come and let us honor you.' So he agreed. After wonderful things were said about him, Dr. Graham stepped to the rostrum, looked at the crowd, and said: "I'm reminded today of Albert Einstein, the great physicist who this month has been honored by Time magazine as the Man of the Century. Einstein was once traveling from Princeton on a train, when the conductor came down the aisle, punching the tickets of every passenger. When he came to Einstein, Einstein reached in his vest pocket. He couldn't find his ticket, so he reached in his trouser pockets. It wasn't there.He looked in his briefcase but couldn't find it. Then he looked in the seat beside him. H ...
I've seen it happen in North Carolina. Pat McCrory & Thom Tillis have set this State back decades.
Aside from the occasional hurricane, this time of year in North Carolina approaches perfection..
What a Fracking mess in North Carolina thanks to Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory! Vote for Kay Hagan 11/4!
Quail Hollow is also the name of a country club in North Carolina. I'd guess he was probably there...
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