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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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North Carolina police officers praying before they enter Powerful photo.
Can you recommend anyone for this in North Carolina?
Shavua Tov, CJ Family! We're in North Carolina this afternoon visiting with our Raleigh and Chapel Hill friends.
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when ur a good housewife but u drop the mac and cheese @ Raleigh, North Carolina
New post in /r/NorthCarolina: Black Lives Matter Riots in Charlotte, North Carolina
the 910 miraculously takes the 919 @ Raleigh, North Carolina
police, North Carolina release the dashcam and bodycam videos of fatal shooting of 43-year-old black man https…
Guys don't make passes at girls who wear @ Raleigh, North Carolina
you've never seen North Carolina roads near Raleigh. the parkway is a dream compared to those
North Carolina has a great community of Taylor Swift that integrates across municipalities
Few counties could prove more decisive this election than Wake County, North Carolina
In the state of North Carolina: . Wake Forest (4-0). End of list.
Penn State. Oklahoma State. North Carolina. Our fourth-quarter defense this season has been "below the line" (Tomlin voice)
*** North Carolina is losing to pitt and Penn state is losing to Michigan
North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is expected to visit '17 Pickerington Central C Sterling Manley on Monday   10% Off
James Conner and the Pitt Panthers head to Chapel Hill for a key ACC game vs. North Carolina
We're Read about our latest opening here: Transportation Coordinator - North Carolina
North Carolina congressman: Protesters 'hate white people' someone speaks the truth
North Carolina congressman apologizes for saying Charlotte protesters "hate white people"
Spoke with Governor of North Carolina today. He is doing a tremendous job under tough circumstances.
Protestors of the man shot in North Carolina shot another protestor because "black lives matter".
BC’s public safety minister reacts to North Carolina violence. Waste of time
My sister is heading to North Carolina tomorrow. To visit a zoo. Her husband says it should be fine since the National Guard is out.
"However, All Strings Nylon, a Master Dealer in Nebo, North Carolina stood out from all the rest " Kate Jones…
North Carolina allows open carry of firearms, so how would the below possibly work?
💥💥 BREAKING💥💥 . One person shot dead in second night of unrest, protests in Charlotte, North Carolina
"No justice, no peace!" — Tuesday night saw hundreds gather on a North Carolina highway after the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont…
today is International Day of Peace while people are rioting in North Carolina?
PGA Tour won't move its two North Carolina events out of the state: … 5 seed...
appears the "family" LIED, a GUN was RECOVERED by detectives, how'd I know, right?? ht…
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Discrimination is not part of the North Carolina we know and love. We are better than HB2.
Hillary cancels event in NC. If she can't handle a living room fundraiser, how can she be President?
Protests erupt after man killed in officer-involved shooting in Charlotte -
Unbelievable - North Carolina! Thank you for the unbelievable turnout at High Point University. We will bring JOBS ba…
North Carolina Pays a Price for Bigotry . Protesters confront police after shooting in Charlotte -…
Can you recommend anyone for this Emergency Medicine Locum Tenens North Carolina -
Thank you Kenansville, North Carolina! Remember- on November 8th, that special interest gravy train is coming to a ver…
School suspends N.C. teacher for stomping on American flag during history lesson
has been identified as the disabled black man shot dead by North Carolina police today.
North Carolina: Riots break out after police shoots yet another black man dead.
Who wanted higher sales taxes?: North Carolina Democrats running for statewide offices this year are trying to…
Violent protests erupt in Charlotte after police shoot, kill black man during search for outstanding warrant:
12 police hurt in North Carolina protest after fatal shooting
Poll: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are deadlocked in North Carolina
. His daughter. . I'm not gonna say anything. . Just listen to her talk. .
Sick Hillary has a seizure. Then riots in North Carolina is another battleground state for Trump!
They have segregated bathrooms in North Carolina?!? Who did this, was it
Trump faced a swift backlash after declaring that African Americans are “in the worst shape they’ve ever been”
Brother of the disabled man shot & killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Protests break out after Charlotte police fatally shoot black man. via
Here's an up close look at the protests in Charlotte, North Carolina from WBTV...
Protesters clash with police in Charlotte, North Carolina over fatal shooting of black man Keith Lamont Scott, who… ht…
⚡️ “Report: Another man killed in officer-involved shooting in North Carolina”.
Right Now: Light Rain and 74° at Manteo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. radar -->
North Carolina police kill 'armed with book,' fire teargas at protesters. Where is the justice? http…
.North Carolina is on fire because of racist black people, yet, people only care about who is divorcing who?
Heading to North Carolina for two big rallies. Will be there soon. We will bring jobs back where they belong!
Thank you, for delivering the crucial state of North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes to Mr. Donald J.…
12 officers injured in North Carolina protests after police shooting in Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina: police and protesters clash after fatal shooting – video
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2017 6-11 C/F Sterling Manley had a great workout in front of North Carolina asst coach Steve Robinson and Bob Huggins
North Carolina. No concerts. No NCAA. Now no gas. Still Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine. We will be ok.
A sea turtle nest had eggs hatch this evening on North Topsail Beach, North Carolina in the pouring rain!
North Carolina's Sen. Burr (Senate Intel Committee chairman) will be on Fox News in about 30 minutes
We return to North Carolina tonight. Greene Street Live - tickets still available at the door.
Two new solar farms - at 5 megawatts each - are proposed for an area of North Carolina. Take a look at the plan here.
bigotry has a price, North Carolina has to pay it. NCAA has the right to take their business away
Snow in the North Carolina mountains. So beautiful. Dogs loved it.
Miami's playing a game this weekend in the mountains of North Carolina, which is pretty cool
Louisville playing Duke and Virginia while Florida State gets division favorites North Carolina and Miami is ridiculously silly.
15 minutes into & one thing is clear: Ryan Murphy has never stepped foot in North Carolina. NC is not Alabama.
Ocean City was the black beach on the North Carolina coast. We vacationed there in '78 with Lionell and Danita...
Poll: Did NCAA make right call in North Carolina?
Oh look. North Carolina's getting compared to Alabama again.
Hillary, in her $1,500 Armani jacket, just walked out on stage in University of North Carolina to James Brown's "I Feel Good"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ha! Clinton comes out to James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" in North Carolina.
It figures that we are on vacation in North Carolina and even is warmer than here! Thanks to tropical storm Julia. :(
To all the people in North Carolina don't elect Pat Mccrory as your Governor again please elect Roy Cooper as your next Governor
Lol the new american horror story takes place in North Carolina? Oh ***
SAM That must have rolled them in the aisles back in Georgia. AINSLEY I'm from North Carolina.
I was raped by a football player: A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student has gone public about her…
Thursday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m. - William R. Ferris, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Top 5 - again - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
graduating in his hometown of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and served a trustee of
Okay but just so everybody knows: Roanoke is in Virginia. Roanoke Rapids is in North Carolina.
*** not Roanoke, not North Carolina, bruhhh don't bring it to Chapel Hill
Interesting - so is entitled “My Roanoke Nightmare.” Is it Roanoke Island or Roanoke Rapids? Set in North Carolina, that’s all I know.
So does this new season take place in North Carolina in Roanoke? Like Roanoke Rapids? Cuz if so I gotta ask a couple questions 🤔
The NCAA plays games in Cuba and China. . But they refuse to play in North Carolina because of "human rights violations…
Consumer contacted an agent for Automobile insurance in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.
North Carolina football player from Marietta, accused of sexual assault, turns himself in:
North Carolina indefinitely suspended the linebacker accused of raping a UNC student (via
North Carolina's Allen Artis, accused of sexual assault, turns himself in - USA TODAY
OVERNIGHT: Suspect in fatal cop shooting in North Carolina arrested in Rhode Island.
The GOP went at the NCAA for taking March Madness from North Carolina due to bathroom laws http…
This is how you change the world: North Carolina, synonymous w/ March Madness, chooses hate, loses NCAA tournament:
Reuters: Loss of 'March Madness' games could hurt North Carolina governor's re-election bid
NCAA moves ‘March Madness’ basketball finals out of North Carolina over anti-trans law
Bubba Cunningham and Kevin White on the NCAA's decision to pull championships out of North Carolina.
NEW: NCAA announces it is pulling 7 postseason events out of North Carolina due to LGBT law.
Thank you for the comments, follows, RTs and ❤️s . Wishing all a beautiful day from the mountains of North Carolina
Video shows man at Trump rally in North Carolina hit protesters as they're escorted out.
The NCAA is yanking March Madness and 6 other events from North Carolina over... by via
These championship events will be relocated from North Carolina for 2016-17:
NCAA pulls 7 championship events out of N.C.
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Allow some extra time for travel this morning.
NCAA announced it is pulling its championship events from North Carolina because of the state's laws targeting ***
no traffic Greensboro to lose NCAA men's basketball tournament games due to HB2 via
Chelsea heads to North Carolina, don't miss!!
“North Carolina GOP’s new argument against early voting: People could die before Election Day” by https:/…
N.C. GOP: ‘I wish the NCAA was this concerned about the women who were raped at Baylor’ - The Washington Post
NCAA announces it's pulling 7 postseason events out of NC due to controversial bathroom law.
North Carolina is now a swing state, due to demographics. Hillary was napping & Trump was firing up the crowd today htt…
Just saw this picture from Trump's rally tonight in Asheville, North Carolina. HUGE crowd. This is a MOVEMENT!. https…
NCAA pulls championships from North Carolina over LGBT law. Read more ↓
House was packed with so many amazing supporters in North Carolina tonight!
NCAA pulling seven 2016-2017 championships from North Carolina because of state’s... by via
ICYMI: NCAA to pull 7 championship events, including men's basketball tournament from North Carolina over HB2 law.
North Carolina is a special place for me. It’s where I went to school, played college soccer,…
Police hunt gunman who killed North Carolina cop
Breast Cancer Awareness
NCAA removes championship events from North Carolina due to anti-LGBT laws:
Just got back from Asheville, North Carolina, where we had a massive rally. The spirit of the crowd was unbelievable.…
North Carolina loses college sports championships over 'bathroom' law
The has moved seven events from North Carolina in response to a controversial bill curbing transgender anti-discrimination protection.
Police hunt gunman who killed North Carolina officer via the App
North Carolina to lose college championships over transgender law: The decision by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA...
Gotta love b-ball! Duke, UNC ADs state support of NCAA in North Carolina tourney ban: Bubba Cunningham and Kevin White…
Woodford Reserve has just stopped bourbon shipments into North Carolina
National Collegiate Athletic Association said it would relocate all seven previously awarded championship from North Carolina becoz of laws
NCAA to move 7 championships from North Carolina due to HB2 bill via
JUST IN: The is moving a bunch of 2016-2017 events - incl. March Madness games - out of North Carolina over (the…
North Carolina needs to chill with the clowns
The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and...
Pretty sure Nicholls State would have dominated North Carolina in the Dome last week...
Red, Australian Shepherd mix (2), Central Park, NYC • "We adopted him from North Carolina, so he's a Southern dog."
North Carolina's state dog,The Plott Hound, is one of the least known dog breeds in the U.S.
Here's what Stephen King thinks of North Carolina's real-life plague of scary clowns: 😱
WASHINGTON - Voting in the 2016 election is now underway. Advance voting begins Friday in North Carolina, the first
Did you hear about the new birth control they’ve introduced to North Carolina? They’ve banned family reunions!
Town of Denton -- Denton Street Festival Town of Denton / Small Town in North Carolina near High Rock Lake
not good news. Eyes on North Carolina as GOP-led board settles voting rules
Hillary Clinton is telling North Carolina to elect Democrats as Governor and Senator
My home State of North Carolina ranks 12th in the United States for increased aging population
The wildly divergent Quinnipiac and Suffolk polls of North Carolina show you just how much you have to take polls with…
Our Schweitzer Fellows from have been recognized w Innovation Award!
Any sensible Republican should be hanging his/her head in shame over these blatantly racist actions:
Spread the news...More reports of creepy clowns trying to lure kids into the woods.
Clinton on North Carolina voting --"These laws are a blast from the Jim Crow past and they have no place in 21st-century Am…
North Carolina, not Russia. "Men who allegedly hacked top U.S. intelligence officials arrested." Washington Post:
Have you every wondered which trees are native to North Carolina?
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Hillary Clinton: HB2 'bad for business' in North Carolina: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton seized on the…
New Trump leads 44 - 41 in key state of North Carolina via
Hillary’s speaking in North Carolina on her vision to build an economy that... by via
That time when won a race in North Carolina.
Clinton has a 4-point lead in North Carolina, and a 5-point edge in Pennsylvania
Suffolk has Trump +3 in North Carolina--I think it's the first nonpartisan, live survey showing him ahead this year
Clinton vowed, if elected, to implement several policies to make it easier to vote — including expanded early...
Poll: Donald Trump up 3 points in North Carolina -
Discover the private lives and stories of the Vanderbilts "beyond the house!" ✌️ ht…
receive a YUGE WELCOME in North Carolina last night.
everyone in north and South Carolina with the forest clown sightings rn
New Mexico and North Carolina and Pennsylvania. When those states are removed from the count, the former secretary
"We are stronger together, and Hillary needs you and North Carolina to make it happen." –
More than half of African-American voters support public charter schools in North Carolina!
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Good morning America! I am preparing for my trip to Virginia Beach & North Carolina today! DJT.CNN national polling https:/…
Little Rascals Daycare case was a whopper in North Carolina.
"September Warmth" a striking view of Stone Mtn., in the hill country of North Carolina.
It is amazng that 2 new polls come out and Hillary is polling at 46% in Penn and North Carolina. Does lying get you that supp…
I need to nap before I head to North Carolina!
Andrew (Drew) T. Heath visits UNCW for the last time as Gov State Budget Director for North Carolina
Instant analysis: Georgia stakes its claim as SEC contender with win over North Carolina: Georgia football do...
Nice win for the Georgia Bulldogs. the ESPN announcers were heartbroken since they so obviously favored North Carolina .
Three thoughts on Georgia's win over North Carolina (by
Duke won their game today and North Carolina lost their game... It's a good day
North Carolina looking like the better team
Tj Logan putting the team on his back for North Carolina
He's sure having a good first game:North Carolina running back T.J. Logan on the first day of practice
T.J. Logan with his second TD of the half. This one on the ground 24-14. North Carolina
T.J Logan from North Carolina is having a *** of a game vs Georgia featured in NBC s Science of Love
T.J. Logan with a 22-yard TD run as North Carolina extends its lead to 24-14.6:34 left in the third quarter.
Oh these North Carolina fans are letting the SEC hear it! Chants of A-C-C after Logan's TD and 6:34 left in the third quarter
North Carolina is rolling in the 2nd half.
TJ Logan on North Carolina is so freakin' fast.
Well alright then North Carolina... I see you. TJ Logan, sir that was smooth.
This Logan Jr dude from North Carolina is a bad man
North Carolina putting in that work 🔥🔥 Logan JR 🔥
Aye. TJ Logan Jr for North Carolina is nice af
TJ Logan with his second TD of the second half. North Carolina has found its rhythm. Tar Heels up 23-14, extra point pending.
North Carolina starts the second half in the best way possible when T.J. Logan takes the kickoff ... - via App
D.J Logan from North Carolina is a problem. That kick return was crazy
That boy Logan Jr a problem from North Carolina
Number 3 on North Carolina is a baller.
This is how it felt to hear SCOTUS defend voting rights in North Carolina.
Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that's just how I feel. @ Fleetwood, North Carolina
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
North Carolina Field Goal: Nick Weiler with a 22 yarder. Georgia up 14-10 with 11 seconds left in half.
When did starting kicking for North Carolina?
Trump has no organization in North Carolina and absentee mail voting starts THIS Friday. She can wrap up NC by Oct. https:/…
The GOP can only win by cheating. 'Inside the GOP creation of the NC voting bill dubbed the ‘monster’ law'
Racism Exposed: Inside the Republican creation of the .
North Carolina House member, husband apologize for removing rival's campaign sticker, replacing it.
The Catamounts wearing white over purple for today's clash of Purple & Gold in North Carolina! https:…
North Carolina running back TJ Logan is nice
T.J. Logan 35-yard run the big play as North Carolina on doorstep of end zone.
Nick Chubb makes his return as Georgia takes on North Carolina. . Watch live on ESPN & here:
New civil war over . . . bathrooms: Texas and a dozen states back North Carolina
Ways to know you're in the mountains @ Highlands, North Carolina
The Georgia Dome is ready for Georgia vs. North Carolina. 👌. (via
Flash flood watch and possible tornado sighted in North Carolina as a result of hurricane Hermine.
I hear the NJ shore might get destroyed. Lol, it happens. I'll be in North Carolina. Come out and support us.
Andrew Jordan's parents from North Carolina are in Dehler Park.
Most recent weather update for North Carolina. Thanks, Ollie.
To paraphrase former NC state budget director Art Pope, don't cry for Andrew Heath, cry for North Carolina.
Supreme Court will not hear challenge to 4th Circuit decision, striking down parts of a North Carolina voter ID law.
U.S. high court refuses to reinstate North Carolina voter ID requirement
Supreme Court denies North Carolina appeal to enforce its voter ID rules
Deadlocked Supreme Court says parts of restrictive North Carolina voting law still unconstitutional
JUST IN: US Supreme Court declines to allow North Carolina to enforce toughest parts of new voting law, including voter…
Supreme Court rejects North Carolina's last-ditch attempt to restore its voter ID law via
BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to restore North Carolina's GOP-backed voter ID and its reduction in early voting days.
Supreme Court refuses to reinstate North Carolina voter ID
loved meeting you a few years ago at in North Carolina...hope all is well.
North Carolina's Outer Banks spared from tropical storm system that has been moving toward the state for two days.
Hurricane watch issued for Florida’s Gulf Coast, North Carolina coast under tropical storm…
Tropical storm warning in effect for North Carolina's Outer Banks. is on the way. More: ht…
North Carolina warily watching 2 tropical weather systems: Beachgoers, boat captains and business owners on N...
AJC: North Carolina warily watching 2 tropical weather systems
SPLC: "We commend the federal court for putting part of North Carolina's discriminatory bathroom bill on hold.” https:/…
University of North Carolina at sunset and it's 85.0 F
Racists Anonymous is a thing, and they hold meetings at a North Carolina church.
Tropical Depression Eight has formed. Will impact eastern North Carolina early this week: https…
Not meant to live in North Carolina for the rest of my life
nah I moved around growing up. Born in Japan. Then North Carolina. Northern Cali now.
So funny seeing everyone up north talking about summer ending and its 93 and beautiful in North Carolina 😊
The Future of Social Conservatives Is on the Line in North Carolina
Judge: North Carolina university can't block 2 transgender students, employee from using bathroom of their choice.
the Boyz last day of summer break spent w/Grandma @ Wake Forest, North Carolina
One church in North Carolina is taking steps to end racism — 12 steps, to be exact
My baby sister is now a Mrs! 💕 @ Little Switzerland, North Carolina
If Nashville has MOIST, then at least Mount Airy has DANK. @ Mount Airy, North Carolina
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Artist Gotti De Pablo our of Greenville, North Carolina feat Itz Choppa The Executionist out of...
.defeated Jacksonville on Friday, forced overtime against No. 9 North Carolina on Sunday:
North Carolina Man On the Run After Admitting to Murder: Authorities are searching for Anthony Curtis Macneill.
Tropical depression could bring heavy rain to North Carolina
This is Posh's second with us. Please so she'll spend the next in her new home https:/…
Honored to say I committed to the University of North Carolina to extend my education and baseball career. Go Heels🐏 https:…
Residents on Atlantic, Gulf Coasts on lookout for 2 potential storms
It's North Carolina, where the GOP targeted black voters 'with nearly surgical precision'.
best calamari & scungilli ever! Nothing like it in North Carolina. 😔
Coming to North Carolina A&T was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
The Latest: Tropical depression headed to Florida Straits: MIAMI (AP) — The Latest on tropical storms in the ...
Thumbs up 👍🏽 for a great Sunday trip to North Carolina!!! @ Max…
An apartment complex warns residents about a clown trying to lure children into the woods
“too bad racism & bigotry still infects North Carolina.” I know. Like days of Jesse Helms
North Carolina woman charged in fatal South Carolina crash
Yes man like I haven't been outside of Charleston besides North Carolina 🙄 and that's nothing. Something like ATL and Virginia
I live in North Carolina and I haven't been in years. I still wouldn't mind going nowadays but I never quite make it
Kirby Smart told me RB Sony Michel will be a game time decision next weekend vs. North Carolina
Cooper Webb will be racing MXGP next weekend at Charlotte, North Carolina, America!
Tech firms' encryption foe struggles for U.S. Senate re-election - Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina the ch…
Deaf man fatally shot by trooper in North Carolina via /r/news
Deaf driver's shooting death by North Carolina trooper is under investigation.
Come on, North Carolina! Make your beautiful state GREAT AGAIN by voting out the democracy pillagers!
Account Coordinator Carolina: . Salem, Our client is seeking high...
Unarmed Deaf man shot for failure to respond to verbal commands during traffic stop. .
One of the last times this chick and her band were in North Carolina, it went something like this.anybody plan...
Just got home from the Drake concert in North Carolina. It was lit af but I will NEVER drive that far and then come home the same day. 😩
Family of 29 y.o. deaf father killed by cop, believes he may have been trying to sign. ht…
North Carolina police officer fatally shot Daniel Harris. An unarmed deaf man. Harris was pulled over for speeding. http…
My latest on - a young, unarmed deaf father killed by North Carolina police.
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North Carolina family seeks answers after trooper kills deaf and speech-impaired man
Pence making 2 stops in North Carolina to talk manufacturing - Chicago…
Deaf man shot, killed by North Carolina state trooper
North Carolina police fatally shoot unarmed deaf man after traffic stop
Pictured:Trooper who shot deaf father in North Carolina�� fine for black cops to shoot white men,then???
Two things:. Polices need to QUIT using guns as their first choice. Mute is an offensive term.
Sad and preventable... Threatened green sea turtle run over while nesting on Outer Banks, NC v…
Wednesday is a market day @ Anson County Farmers Market in North Carolina 6:30am - 1pm
Right Now: Fair and 59° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
North Carolina trooper fatally shoots deaf man after traffic stop
What a disgrace: . "Police kill unarmed deaf man who was trying to communicate with them using sign language"
Deaf driver's shooting death by trooper under investigation: The North Carolina Highway Patrol is urging people not…
Death toll reaches 37 in Italy quake. Details next at 6am on CBS North Carolina
I went up to 100 people today in North Carolina and simply asked who they're voting for. Results: . *Trump - 64. Hillary -…
North Carolina State Trooper shoots dead deaf father, who was trying to communicate via sign language ht…
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I originally worked as an archaeologist in North Carolina, and when bones were found police wo
Russell Wilson and Ciara moved their wedding because of North Carolina's transgender law
The Obama administration is the only reason why North Carolina has done any good in the last few years https…
Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Denham Springs, St. James, Houston, Mississippi. Happy to be back on anchor desk this morning.
So far, I'm loving the condos/houses in North Carolina, Washington and Berkeley.
A new user lilsizam from Asheville, North Carolina joined Not4Dating
Night out in Asheville NC with my amazing cousins! @ Asheville, North Carolina
This might be a great fit for you: Per Diem Home Health Occupational Therapist - North Carolina
Drink beer and support America's natural beauty at Asheville, North Carolina breweries with
Travelling to North Carolina. Bryson City/Asheville area. Any vape shops worth stopping by?
See our favorite 30 small towns near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Blue…
I feel like Asheville should secede from North Carolina cause we are nothing like the rest of this state.
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