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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state located in the southeastern United States.

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Soil temps across North Carolina are above 40F. The South Atlantic HOPS yield for 2017 is expected to be down again…
Good get, CMS' Mandy Cohen off to lead North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services:
like I've lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, and now Arkansas..
Texas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina always trying to make life harder for LGBT. Bigoted hypocrites.
via a really interesting set of maps looking at the 2016 election in North Carolina:
Jill Wagner Born: January 13, 1979 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA Known as the "Mercury Chick" from her...
The treasures I found in my 10min walk on the beach @ Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Shout to Jade Boone who earned acceptance to Virginia Commonwealth University, The University of North Carolina...
A Fairway Independent Mortgage branch in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, partnered with the American Warrior...
that is what all those Wake Forest, North Carolina residents thought in 1956 before the school moved to Winston Salem!
it was Winston Salem, too, because North Carolina tobacco companies were a font of revolution.
North Carolina again tonight, I'm in Charlotte all day but s/o all my family in Pilot Mt and Winston Salem COME ON AND…
Still love the detail of this door and building at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1772)
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - hit a huge 3-pointer with 1:03 left and No. 11 North Carolina did just enough
Found out there's a city in North Carolina called "Kill Devil Hills" today 😈
Don't worry, we'll be back to short sleeves soon @ Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Political scientist: North Carolina “can no longer be classified as a full democracy” Dylan Matthews
North Carolina's charter school attendance has doubled over the last five years.
Dems try to pin North Carolina mess on Trump – there’s only one problem
officially welcomes to the league ahead of the 2017 season!!! . Details:
I'm from North Carolina with a New English accent and I fake it p good. Also, this is a secret.
Roy Williams watched Josh Nickelberry last night. This morning he offered him a scholarship. Story:
That goes for the whole Pacific Northwest. Cali. And NY. Spend your vacations in North Carolina
Can someone explain why I actually miss North Carolina?
What part of the North Carolina experience did Texas Republicans like?
The North Carolina bathroom bill, and it's implications in sports:
Cash the English Bulldog takes advantage of a snowy day in North Carolina to go sledding.
Consumer contacted an agent for Condo insurance in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Unchain The Dogs Of Union County North Carolina!! I am begging for everyone to get on the ban wagon with me to t
After three seasons with is headed to the NFL.
10 Exceptional Cafes and Bistros for Couples and Families in Roxboro, North Carolina
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We are playing here, in April, as the North Carolina Courage
I have a friend who's in a really tight spot, and I really want to help him but?? He lives in California and I'm in North Carolina??? Uuughh
Jon's hating *** comes through and we talk about Trump, Lee Daniels, boycotting North Carolina, and all types of...
And now the craven in Kentucky follow the lead of North Carolina in further undermining democracy…
Big Sean got a concert on my birthday. Way in North Carolina😭💔
Hemp, Inc. Set to Grow 3000 Acres of Industrial Hemp in North Carolina for 2017 – Marketwired (press release)
North Carolina produces the best athletes. You give us the same weather that Florida & Cali kids get & we run circles ar…
I think Switzer out of North Carolina would be a better version of the type of player you want sparky. IMO.
Born on this day in 1924 in Newland, North Carolina, jazz drummer Max Roach
Psychic Readings in North Carolina Psychic Readings in North Carolina call (888) 908-493…
Selina: Is North Carolina about to be blown off the map?. Ben: Yeah, six hours til flying cow time
Clemson’s national championship team features many from North Carolina
It’s even worse than the news about North Carolina: American elections rank last among all Western democracies 
North Carolina scored 56 in the first half. NC State scored 56 in the game. No. 14 Tar Heels hammer Wolfpack, 107-56. h…
don't do drugs or else you'll end up showering at a rest stop in North Carolina
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Coming up on my end of contract in a few months. I am hoping to find a new opportunity in Charlotte or elsewhere in North Carolina.
North Carolina vs. NC State has been postponed because of a snow storm - SB Nation
N.C. State-North Carolina game postponed to Sunday due to icy conditions
greensboro turned white last night. @ Greensboro, North Carolina
Watch: North Carolina man hilariously mocks the way southerners react to snow and winter weather -……
Contrary to the rest of North Carolina, Greensboro got 10 inches of snow, but thankfully I'm snowed-in with friends. ❣
Cooking a big pot of beef vegetable soup for a snowy day @ Greensboro, North Carolina
Crews continue working to salt and plow roads across North Carolina. has an update on eff…
Grown up hot cocoa on this snowy day. Cheers!! @ Greensboro, North Carolina
I would like to officially announce my commit to continue my soccer career at the University of North Carolina at G…
Whoopi Goldberg, North Carolina commissioner in online feud: Comedian and talk-show host Whoopi Goldberg is being…
Whoopi Goldberg, North Carolina commissioner in online feud -
Anyone trying to have a snowball fight @ Greensboro, North Carolina
"Whoopi Goldberg, North Carolina commissioner in online feud"
I'll pack for u Whoopi . Whoopi Goldberg, North Carolina commissioner in online feud via the Android app
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Six inches of snow in NC constitutes a @ Greensboro, North Carolina
Winter blast hits Southeast, triggers hundreds of crashes in North Carolina - Yosemite Valley braces for enormous……
Hindus ask all North Carolina cities to offer free yoga like Greensboro
Not so sure he was a fan of all the snow❄️ @ Greensboro, North Carolina
Some like the snow more than others. @ Greensboro, North Carolina
remember yesterday when Mike said North Carolina doesn't get snow? I live in Greensboro. We get snow.
8 inches here. And it's still snowing heavily @ Greensboro, North Carolina
7inches now and it is still snowing ❄️ @ Greensboro, North Carolina
At least 9 inches of wet heavy in and still in North Carolina
Feel free to come to seven devils North Carolina if you want snow. Lol
40-ton visitors passing close to North Carolina shore this winter.
Traveling but see WNY Flash will reportedly move to North Carolina. WNY was only market that's season avg didn't rise after World Cup
Andy Griffith's rural North Carolina home town hopes Trump will make America great again:
Friday the 13th is next week!! . Come rock with us The Blind Tiger in North Carolina!! \m/ \m/
As excited to watch North Carolina's chaos with 6+ inches of snow expected in the NC triangle area as I am for the snowing i…
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Snow could be in the forecast for coastal North Carolina this weekend. Here's more from TWC News NC meteorologist... htt…
North Carolina could have hosted the Zaza All-Star Game. But they were too homophobic. Sad!
North Carolina is thriving under the Republican led NCGA. .
It's looks like it might snow a few inches in North Carolina. I'm sure there is currently no milk or bread available throughout the state.
Safe travels to and all of the presidents headed to North Carolina today!❤💛
WINTER STORM WATCH now in effect for Southeastern Virginia, Eastern Shore and Northeast North Carolina. In the... https:/…
Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases the following statement regarding the North Carolina State Board of Education lawsuit…
Associated Press all-state football team does not include any Western North Carolina players
North Carolina pastor arrested for a string of nine armed robberies:
live in North Carolina, but you like the cowboys. LOL
Expecting snow at least 6 enchess in central North Carolina.
Ready, Set , Go. North Carolina Interscholastic League is racing in Leland, NC on March 11 and 12, 2017 at... https:…
This district & many others were struck down as illegal racial gerrymanders in 2016 & ordered to be redrawn in 2017…
A bright spot for in North Carolina, provided by :
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that 48 hours before snow in North Carolina, there can be no bread on grocery stor…
North Carolina cop placed on leave after video shows him slamming teen onto floor
I sent a package to North Carolina on 15th December and was told would take around 5 working days and still hasn't arrived
Patrick. My "first kiss." We were 4yo. Under the willow tree at his North Carolina home. He in law school. We cool cuz our m…
South Hills baseball will take part in USA Baseball's inaugural 16-team showcase in North Carolina. What a huge opportunity…
North Carolina’s new Democratic governor defies GOP-inspired law, vows to expand Medicaid. We need more like
.has at no. 4 on its list of Best Places To Live:
From Diane Ravitch. Jeff Bryant lives in North Carolina and is a close observer of the recent political coup.
Are you from North Carolina? How do you pronounce "pecan"? UNC professor Bill Ferris weighs in:
Hamilton baseball will travel to North Carolina from March 29-April 1 to participate in the USA Baseball National High…
Interactive curiosity comes to stay in North Carolina at the
North Carolina cop’s 2-year-old finds her father’s gun on floor and shoots her mother
Join our tour of the worst GOP gerrymanders, with NC's 19th state Senate District. Yes, this is a real map! https:…
Gov. Roy Cooper wants to take immediate executive action to expand Medicaid in North Carolina!
North Carolina about to be shutdown for the weekend because of this snow. 😂
Chuck Smith of tells us this appears to mirror North Carolina's HB2 and discriminates agains…
Winter storm watch issued as probable snow storm approaches North Carolina.
Updated high school hoops schedule: Eight games moved to tonight because of snow.
ON THIS DAY: 2015. downed North Carolina 71-70 for the 1st time at Chapel Hill. HIGHLIGHTS:
Texas is about to have a North Carolina-style fight about trans people and bathrooms:
*a couple inches of snow forecasted for North Carolina*. Southerners:
salutes North Carolina for all you do! Camp Dogwood Meeting & Retreat Center…
Can you recommend anyone for this EOS2 College Intern - Lab Support Engineering - North Carolina
Where are all those Hollywood frauds protesting North Carolina now? They still take money,perform overseas right?
Report: Former Miami, North Carolina coach Butch Davis agrees to deal with FIU
No, North Korea is not more democratic than North Carolina:
If you have not been to our Cove City, North Carolina facility recently take a virtual tour with this new site...
Good Morning, . Red-necked grebes are rare winter visitors to North Carolina. This one was on Lake...
Mean o' GOP. I have a deal for you. Let's give North Carolina's 15 Electoral College votes to Hillary. She still loses.
Chief Justice John Roberts sets new filing deadline in North Carolina racial gerrymandering lawsuit…
Banksy painting of Apartheid Wall in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine on Billboards, go up in North Carolina & Indiana…
Right Now: Overcast and 57° in Historic Edenton, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
Right Now: Rain and 58° at Manteo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. radar -->
Right Now: Light Rain and 48° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
One of two stores in North Carolina to carry these Nixon Powell Peralta Time Teller Watches! https:/…
Yes boys! Celebrating your big W all that way in North Carolina tonight!
I'm poor! No, I'm going to North Carolina in 2 weeks for our GTG Esox Cup and need pocket money.
New Year's Day is a market day @ State Farmers Market in Raleigh, North Carolina 8am - 6pm
Can you mail me a big box of poutine to North Carolina, just saw a pic that I took at the World Cup in Sep. and got hungry 🙃😫
This museum is the oldest established museum in North Carolina and the largest museum of its kind in the Southeast.
I'm honored to be performing a song at the North Carolina Governor's Inaugural Ball with my good…
Top 5 moments of 2016: 1.) Getting accepted into my program at UF 2.) Going to Asheville, North Carolina 3.) Going to New York with my fam..
BIG news: New season Sunday, January 8th at 9/8c --- North Carolina!
Now for North Carolina. Please help us repair democracy.
North Carolina GOP Governor leaves office today as one of the sorest losers in political history. https…
2016: the year i released the greatest music video to come from an independent/unsigned artist out of North Carolina
Jackets finish out 2016 right with a HUGE win over No. 9/10 North Carolina at McCamish Pavilion. Next up: at Duke on Jan. 4 http…
So this old *** lady just got on the bus in North Carolina and she's annoyed cause she can hear my music & I'm annoyed cuz she spoke to me.
"Hey Uncle Eby*, do you want me to run with you? . We are in Gastonia, North Carolina visiting…
North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Wants to Make Campus Rape Rules More Lenient, so men who don't feign affection with non…
Long Distance Moves North Carolina: Get free price quotes from skilled full-service movers in North…
Scouts will be watching UNC QB Mitch Trubisky closely today. on the rise of the 2017 draft's top QB:.
This is where I'll be al in 2017:. Hawaii / New York / Philadelphia / South Carolina / North Carolina / and best yet... CALIFORNIA!
Duke lost today. As did North Carolina. As did Indiana. So there's that.
Happy New Year from North Carolina! Don't get too wild and wake up in Vegas with a ring on that wasn't there before!
This is very likely the result of Republican-led voter suppression efforts in North Carolina: htt…
North Carolina is much different from California like ***
North Carolina! ❤️❤️your legislature protests, going --->Jail instead of XmasShopping. Congrats!
North Carolina does not play 😳. This dude broke into a home and got beat mercilessly with a piece of firewood
Missouri, you never let me down 😂😂😂. But more seriously, look at North Carolina and consider loss of rights and danger o…
I'm humbled and blessed to announce that I have committed to play baseball at The University of North Carolina!
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More tolerance. "Portrait of Ronald Reagan Defaced During Break-In at GOP Office in North Carolina"
North Carolina is LITERALLY leaving Pat McCrory in 2016 and I'm living for it
First Duke, now UNC. Georgia Tech has stunned North Carolina, 75-63. . Huge game for freshman wing Josh Okogie who went of…
The portrait was done by North Carolina painter and sculptor Chas Fagan as part of C-SPAN’s “American Presidents:...
I know what I'm eating for NYE Dinner -- CROW. Georgia Tech shocks North Carolina in Atlanta. As good of a win as Josh Pa…
North Carolina closed as an 18-point favorite at Georgia Tech but just lost 75-63. Josh Pastner is 1-0 in the ACC.
Solomon Thomas, defense lead Stanford to Sun Bowl victory over North Carolina
Solomon Thomas, defense lead Cardinal to Sun Bowl victory over North Carolina
North Carolina and Stanford will start a home-and-home series next season in Palo Alto, per a source. Return game in Chap…
Would really like to see how the Stanford band would have satirized both the state and the University of North Carolina.
North Carolina head football coach Larry Fedora was at Conference USA member Southern Miss before moving to UNC
Looking for a change in your retail career? Our Birkdale Village store in Huntersville, North Carolina is looking...
Rev. William Barber calls for the economic boycott of North Carolina
Unfortunately I have made the decision to leave Atlanta early to head back to North Carolina. Love you guys so much. See you next time
Did you know that Brother Rick Dees (Tau, North Carolina '70) started his radio career as a high school student?…
See our latest North Carolina and click to apply: Contract (Temporary or Travel... -
Hey Dylann Roof from North Carolina is one of your supporters. He never got a chance to vote. The one that got away :( SAD
Three to know: Monmouth at No. 9 North Carolina via
Game day in North Carolina at the Phenom hoop invitational against Miller school (VA) at 11:30 am!
High-flying highlight video of the BMX show last month in NC! @ Wilmington, North Carolina
Wegmans ramps up North Carolina expansion, picks site for fourth store
On second thought, North Carolina decides to remain the most homophobic state in Ame
christmas ain't over till we say it's over @ Wilmington, North Carolina
.Youth Coach Zach Haines has been named North Carolina =>…
PHOTO GALLERY: faced off against Christ School of North Carolina on Tuesday in the
I'm from North Carolina but right now I'm in Fort Lauderdale Florida and I wanna play you before I head back home.
Drivers in Wilmington gotta be the worst in all of North Carolina
Shout out to our friends in Wilmington, North Carolina. If you are ever in the area it's a must stop shop! They
More looks from Game 1 of the Arby's Classic. David Crockett down 73-41 to North Carolina's Christ School mid...
Police search for missing great grandmother and child traveling from New Jersey to North Carolina
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My cousin is visiting from North Carolina and he said we trynna dance tonight club Tropicana or what? BOIII😂
Oh good, let's introduce voter ID laws in the year that they helped get North Carolina rated as barely still a democracy
Perspective is the North Carolina affiliate of the national Democratic Party in the United States.
North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy
Professional farewell to Thomas Sowell. Proud to share our native state of North Carolina.
Congratulations to Gunboat 5507 Thirst! She launched this month in North Carolina and is the newest member of the...
New report shows record decline of death penalty in North Carolina and the United States. (Via WS Journal)
Shoppers flee as North Carolina mall evacuated after fight - Porterville Recorder
Unpacked from moving back to California this morning. . Packing for driving from here to North Carolina at the moment. . I hate packing 🙄😩
RECAP: NC State caps the third straight winning season with a 41-17 win over Vanderbilt...
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL !! Just Received my 19th Scholarship Offer from the University of North Carolina! 🐏 https:…
North Carolina bathroom bill is being copied nationwide via
Sorry, North Carolina, but you don't really qualify as a democracy anymore:
first thing i do in North Carolina is buy cigarettes lmao
A North Carolina mall has been evacuated after a fight sent a crowd of after-Christmas shoppers fleeing.
Here’s the backstory to the recent North Carolina GOP power grab
Just got an IPA in North Carolina for $3 I love it here
A cold, frosty Tuesday morning in the mountains of North Carolina
NC State is trending b/c of It should be trending b/c is no longer considered a democracy: http…
New Lyft Users get 10 free Lyft rides LyftPromoCode: ZOOT >> University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNC Wilmington or UNCW)
Go see the USS North Carolina in Wilmington. Great day out clambouring around its ladders and guns and the smell of the grease
This doll looks disappointed to be my daughter's gift... @ Wilmington, North Carolina
It's been a wild, fast, crazy year... but here we are. @ Wilmington, North Carolina
Market Street Sidewalk in Black and White. Wilmington, North Carolina at night
Going to North Carolina Wine Festival in Clemmons, North Carolina? Get there free w/ Lyft! 10 Free Lyfts with Lyft Promo Code DUSK
Safe travels to UHA boys' basketball team, on its way to Wilmington, North Carolina to play in the Joe Mill…
My bot is on North Carolina's Roanoke Island find shopping cart, reports of the stadium! First gold medal, ties since 1972
⚡ UNC professor: North Carolina no longer a democracy.
North Carolina, Stanford to meet in offensive Sun Bowl (Dec 30, 2016) | FOX Sports
Merry Christmas Coach Gott from the Western part of North Carolina!
Right Now: Fog and 46° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
TODAY IN WEATHER HISTORY| White Christmas from central North Carolina to New England in wake of major snowstorm, e…
My apartment is the Versailles of North Carolina
Wishing you the very best during the holiday season from North Carolina's letter carriers & their families!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from North Carolina's letter carriers and families!
Searing excoriation of North Carolina by Andrew Reynolds. -- NC no longer classified as a democracy
Right Now: Fair and 56° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
Traveler's pro tip: in central North Carolina, this is the breakfast spot:
Right Now: Overcast and 44° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
North Carolina prep athletes sing for sick classmate...
Merry Christmas to one of the best coaches in North Carolina! Merry Merry to family as well from the Penn's !
Right Now: Overcast and 42° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
Right Now: Partly Cloudy and 39° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
Why is North Carolina's legislature so extreme? Gerrymandered & stuck on the Stars & Bars, embarrassing
"...accept that in North Carolina we no longer live in a functioning democracy"
My church in North Carolina had real farm animals in their nativity scene and I've yet to see any other compare
Right Now: Fair and 35° in Ahoskie, North Carolina. NC Radar -->
Zowie Bowie explains to us why Major Tom vehemently opposes North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
UNC prof Andrew Reynolds, who developed EIP: North Carolina is a failing democracy. Excerpt in photo. Read this-->…
sleeping with the moon and the stars @ Charlotte, North Carolina
Wow. North Carolina "can no longer call its elections democratic." via
North Carolina's failure to repeal "bathroom bill" ensures state politics will remain deeply divided in 2017
Shout out all the real ones in North Carolina
Just take what North Carolina republicans are doing; that's what they want to do for the whole country They don't care about democracy
Actress to get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
"Between this, the Wake incident, and the NCAA investigating North Carolina, John Swofford has a lot in his hands". - Rick Bonnell
Less than month for to keep his promise that if he was elected he would close down Will he close Guantanamo Bay?
NORTH CAROLINA republicans aren't governing, they are HIJACKING the legal governing process 2 secure ABSOLUTE POWER 4 themselves!
BREAKING: HB2 repeal fails, discriminatory bill continues to target people across North Carolina
If chooses to hit North Carolina with an economic boycott, they would be following the Polaroid workers who targeted South Africa.
The North Carolina assembly has refused to repeal HB2, despite the clear rejection of this hateful anti-LGBT law by the vo…
Lessons of the North Carolina HB2 horror show
BREAKING: Deal falls apart to repeal North Carolina's 'bathroom bill' limiting LGBT protections as Democrats, Republicans at odds.
new notice of allegations is direct result of SEC commissioner’s unprecedented intervention. SPECIAL REPORT: htt…
The legislature had a chance to do the right thing for North Carolina today, and they failed.
This girl from North Carolina would love to go to Houston 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Deal to repeal North Carolina anti *** law collapses after GOPers cry foul
Shame on NC extremists for failing to after it cost the state millions & they promised to undo the harm:
WOW North Carolina Republican Legislature are a bunch of *** LIARS! It tells the City of Charlotte if they...
People using the correct restrooms upsets the North Carolina GOP almost as much as the thought of black people voting.
That awkward moment when North Carolina GOP fails to repeal their hateful, bigoted bathroom law because it turns out they'…
Driving to Vegas to surprise our best friend who's flying in from North Carolina😍
Ian Dodge mysteries -- a British ex-pat solving crime in North Carolina. This fish is so out of water.
ACLU on North Carolina's failure to repeal HB2, controversial 'bathroom law': "We'll just have to see them in court"
Rev. Barber calling for 'national economic boycott' of North Carolina
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The backlash against North Carolina will continue as long as they keep in place. Hate doesn’t sell.
NC is a lost cause! Here’s what North Carolina legislative ambush looked like from the inside - The Washington Post
“Shame, shame, shame.”. North Carolina failed to abolish its controversial bathroom bill that targets transgender people. https…
UNC received its third notice of allegations from the NCAA. Extra benefits charge, men's basketball now included:
North Carolina's anti-LGBT law is shameful and wrong. What happened in NC should be a call to pass non-discrim. legisl…
SEC commish is the NCAA's ring leader:
North Carolina State Capitol in the night snow, 1946, Image from the Audio Visual Materials Digital Collection:…
Watergate prosecutor, said George Bush. ‘Those guidelines and North Carolina that we hold dear and dismay at Comey’s decision
State NAACP calls for nationwide economic boycott of North Carolina to protest actions of General Assembly.
Okay, now it’s official — North Carolina fails to repeal Total mess in the General Assembly
McClatchy buys the print and digital operations of North Carolina's Durham Herald-Sun from the Paxton Media Group …
Panther men go very cold in second half, as North Carolina gets revenge in rematch at home tonight with 85-42 victory over UNI
More of the same Pat McCrory is a failure. Four years of Pat underhanded tactics hurt the citizens of North Carolina.
Pat McCrory is making himself look defeated and vengeful for his failure to make North Carolina a place for all to enjoy living
"For nearly a decade, the people of North Carolina have been defining and fighting the new Civil Rights...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Protests broke out after a special session was called to reconsider repealing the "bathroom bill" in North Carolina.
Owns Del Lanes and East Greenbush Bowling Center plus another in North Carolina
Going to MerleFest in Wilkesboro, North Carolina? Go totally free with $50 Lyft credit Get Lyft & Use Code NUMB
I'm sort of creeped out by this random structure in the middle of nowhere close to the Georgia/North Carolina borde…
My favorite Church Name, "Holy Spirit Catholic Church" How about that. This on is in North Carolina next to Norman Lake, What a wishing?
William Woods Holden was born 198 years ago today in Eno River State Park NC. impeached Governor of North Carolina.
Mayor Jennifer Roberts needs to be removed from office her and Pat McCrory has cost North Carolina millions of dollars in lost revenue
Date set for session to undo North Carolina 'bathroom bill'...
North Carolina electors unanimously voted for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. Not shocked half of them…
Artesia News - Gov-elect says North Carolina legislators will meet Tuesday to repeal law known as HB2, which li...
Need female Judges? Want to talk to Onslow County, North Carolina about it? Judges Carol Jones-Wilson & Sarah Seaton--right to jury?
Five-star forward Jarred Vanderbilt is down to Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and TCU, he tells Scout.
North Carolina weather just blows my mind
Sounds like North Carolina's new governor will have hard time in these lawsuits. Good story via
Can u pls come to North Carolina to the Fillmore in charlotte
Final score: Kentucky- 103, North Carolina - 100. . Wow. . Wait until somebody tells UNC players that 103 is more than…
Wow. Am I naive to be surprised by this? North Carolina Republicans’ shocking power grab, explained - Vox
Grambling fends off wild North Carolina Central comeback
Malik Monk shakes off sign from Calipari to hit game-winner via
This is my pitbull ROSCOE we live in north Carolina very very good dogs all ways a pitbull lover. Send by Rodney
"If North Carolina is under attack, what do you?" "Stand up, fight back!"
Republican coup under way in North Carolina. A brazen, disgusting attack on democracy itself.
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