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North By Northwest

North by Northwest is a 1959 American thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason.

Cary Grant Alfred Hitchcock Eva Marie Saint Rear Window Martin Landau Moving Image Bernard Herrmann Mount Rushmore James Mason Some Like It Hot

From North by Northwest to II, we carve out our Mt. Rushmore of the most famous pop culture Mt. Rushmores.
He 'is a problem that needs to be solved at great heights over water'. Philip Van Damm (James Mason), 'North By Nor…
An for just $12 a bottle? Check out this that's sure to impress:
workshop heading to North Toronto June 6 hosted by Register today!…
It's the art of survival in North by Northwest!.
Hitchcock blondes in black. Vertigo. The Birds. North by Northwest . Rear Window
Good morning! Rufus is feeling Hitchcock today. North by northwest.
Some anarchists sabotaged the Pacific Northwest Corridor Rail Line, north of Vancouver WA, where oil trains pass by:
today, the winds in Washington blow fiercely north-by-northwest.
"wait who is that? Blue Ivy and North by Northwest or whatever?" -my mom
On the Board: Frantic, frenetic, and fantastic ... the overture from Bernard Herrmann's NORTH BY NORTHWEST.…
North by northwest or North North west
North by Northwest providing that the sat nav's software it up to date.
Don't forget the fold down bed which features twice in North by Northwest.
Hitchcock & woman in red. Vertigo. North by Northwest. Rear Window. Dial M for Murder
North By Northwest with Martin Landau and nattymilam at the @ Egyptian Theatre
my sexual orientation = Martin Landau in North By Northwest and if you try to tell me what that says about me i will block…
This is a mash up of North By Northwest & the Richard Grieco vehicle If Looks Could Kill.
My paper title: "Cary Grant is Bae: Three Pages on Why I, Carmen M Holmes, Feel Cary Grant is his most hot in North By Northwest"
Jeremy Steding has a show on 04/21/2016 at 06:30 PM @ North by Northwest Res... in Austin, TX
"Rare April lightning storm rocks Northwest Territories I missed this by 1 day!!
Hitchcock’s crew promised US Govt that actors wouldn't tread across faces of Mt Rushmore in "North by Northwest":
And North by Northwest is very exciting. It depends on the audience.
Beautiful Italian poster for Alfred Hitchcock's "Intrigo Internazionale - North by Northwest"
Kongou 5: [PLAYING] Kazari is playing Critical Productions - North by Northwest.
Biliana Velkova's work featured on CBC - North by Northwest! You may recognize some of this work from her...
Holiday, Notorious, North by Northwest, Days of Wine and Roses, Arthur, Star is Born, Leaving L Vegas
Finally discussed with a man who actually appreciates NORTH BY NORTHWEST way more than VERTIGO. So refreshing :)
Blogger Carol Wilson is a big fan of and feels that he would make a great Roger Thornhill in a remake of North By Northwest!!
Mr Kaplan=the Good Witch of the North-By-Northwest who uses all her magic arts to keep Dorothy safe & her little dog too.
Like a scene from north by northwest or vertigo or something
'Vertigo' and 'Marnie' are my favourites. 'North By Northwest' and 'Rear Window' close behind.
Phallic symbolism. The Fountainhead, again:). North by Northwest. Twins of Evil. Picnic at Hanging Rock
This is a 'behind the scenes' photo from the set of NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959).
Pacific Northwest of Canada presented by North of 49 Photography
I should post all the north by northwest gifs for good luck then
We could just stare at this photo of the by all day
MI2 is my favorite, combining sleek John Woo action and a blatant rip-off of Hitchcock's Notorious (w/a dash of North by Northwest).
North by Northwest was recently added to Plex.
it is such a wonderful thing. It, and North by Northwest, beat Vertigo for me, I don't care what 'they' say
Mens sana in corpore sano . Eva Marie Saint --- North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock).
Firefighters douse large brush fire in north Waterloo: A large brush area in northwest Waterloo was burned by ...
When will Kanye's daughter see the movie 'North By Northwest"? I hope as soon as she can understand the hilarity in it.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, North by Northwest (1959) DVD
Working our way through Hitchcock. Last Sunday was North by Northwest. This Sunday was Rear Window. Next Sunday, The 39…
By the way even with crowdsourcing we have come up with max 10 marge jokes (the north by northwest plane scene is ok too)
This field had a strong North by Northwest vibe.
is tres chic at least in my mind I'm always very Eva Marie Saint a la North By Northwest when I'm on the train
I think that their best films,were:"North By Northwest", "None But the Lonely Heart", "The Philadelphia Story",
Great Moments In Movie Shelves .James Mason's library in North By Northwest is one of my favorites -- not...
Using a woman's razor like Cary Grant in North by Northwest?
... THE BIRDS / & NORTH BY NORTHWEST. it's supposed to be 5 pages, but I need a few good intro paragraph sentences tbh.
We would like to welcome a new member to - North by Northwest Investigations Ltd
Why is Wilfrid Hyde-White was so familiar. NORTH BY NORTHWEST? Nope. Not in it. THE THIRD MAN? I wish. . … BUCK ROGERS!?
Well I watched the dr.stranglove,the great escape,north by northwest,fistful of dollars,frankenstein and rebecca and others
Slightly north by northwest depending how the winds blow !!
Cary Grant in north by northwest tho...
Here is an interview on CBC's North by Northwest in Vancouver. Gabor Maté and I spoke together about The Damage is...
I added a video to a playlist White Night Achievement Guide: "North by Northwest"
Looks good. Would love to see an advanced book with music from Psycho, North By Northwest & titles by Elmer Bernstein
Would have been great if Alfred Hitchcock had been able to use them. Can only imagine in Birds or North By Northwest !
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Jesus. North By Northwest has the greatest score I've ever heard in a film.
It's 45.5 degrees out here on the water, winds from the northwest by north, gusting at 19.0 knots
One week left until our fabulous North By Northwest Breakfast and a Movie event! YOU MUST GET YOUR BREAKFAST...
Watched Slipstream today. Great movie, so underrated. Breathtaking cinematography. Opening scene is like North by Northwest!
Save in for the NORTH BY NORTHWEST remake.
Winds from the northwest by north gusting at 11.1 knots, it's 37.9℉ here on the Bay
'North By Northwest' - huge blooper when boy diner covers his ears prior to gunshot in restaurant murder scene
I can watch his movies over and over again. North by Northwest is the best movie ever made in my opinion.
Temperature of 45.7 degrees on these waves. Winds from the northwest by north gust at 15.0 knots
Rear Window, North by Northwest, Vertigo.all good. The creepiest one was Frenzy. I'm good, how are you?
Enjoyed leading on North By Northwest in Stone Depot yesterday. A fun route and a beautiful day. 📷:…
The current state of the deals by as the firm chalks up 15 years in the region
This is "on $TWTR" - inspired by the Intelligence Agency in greatest movie ever North by Northwest
Unofficial, but by my count, the Bishop Carroll girls have won the City League championship. 3 less than North, 7 less than Northwest.
Euro-MP impressed by new housing scheme in Carlisle. A North West MEP has been in Carlisle to visit...
Just finished my 17th screenplay & it’s ready for filming “North by Northwest” murder mystery set in the late 1800's http:…
I added a video to a playlist North By Northwest | Soundtrack Suite (Bernard Herrmann)
Actually a remake of North By Northwest with Colin Firth & some fine young Swede like Alicia Vikander (for Eva Marie Saint) & you'd be okay.
Max Gail 'Wojo' from Barney Miller as cannibal war vet in and final shot made me think of North By Northwest for some reason ~
I reviewed North by Northwest, 1959 - ★★★★ on
Whenever I see SXSW all I hear is North By Northwest and think Hitchcock.
I once read that got it's name from Hitchcock's North By Northwest, but Charley Varrick says…
Passenger trains stopped by mudslide north of Seattle: Heavy rain over the weekend caused mudslides around western…
No one ever picks up on North by Northwest references ever and it makes me sooo angry
Can we,,, watch North by Northwest like PLEASE I AM SO *** FOR SPIES
Pacific Northwest. Bordered by Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, & California and Nevada to the south. Now you know.
Colorado should do a North By NorthWest Festival.. It'd be a *** good time. 😎👌
unless your starting point is north by northwest of Austin.
I'm going to at Edison Park North By Northwest HWY Music Fest/Firewater Saloon in Chicago, IL - M...
More looking back at past 2010 with Eva Marie Saint and Martin Landau talking about North By Northwest
Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock on the Movie Set of 'North by Northwest'
I assume is a sequel to North by Northwest l. Hitchcock must be rolling in his grave.
folks: panel with starts in an hour! Head north by northwest to 4th floor
Happy Monday!. Here is a portion of Bernard Herrmann's score from "North by Northwest" (1959) to help get you...
The sublime - Vandamm's house on Mt Rushmore in "North by Northwest". The ridiculous - Kevin's house in "Home Alone".
Northwest Art Mall Southport Boy with Dog on The Beach North Carolina Wall Art by Joanne Kollman, 11 by 17-Inc
Come on now Vertigo better than Rear Window and North by Northwest better than both! James Bond movies and M*A*S* H
Among the hundred best movies: Sabina (original), Moonstruck, Pretty Lady, North by Northwest, Anne Hall.
Film Watch: The fact is, there are a lot of people who've never HEARD of "North by Northwest"!
North By Northwest - a suave every man traps the spy, what great childhood memories are made of
Successful Sunday: Mad men exhibition followed by North by Northwest at the Museum of Moving Image
North by Northwest - one of the few movies that is allowed to be over 2 hrs long! (@ Museum of the Moving Image)
North by Northwest One of my favorites, obviously.
I'm at Museum of the Moving Image for North by Northwest (1959) in Astoria, NY
Accidentally showed up to North by Northwest. No bands or tech. Just someone chasing me in a biplane. :(   10% Off
Alfred Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) 5:30pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Bill Stowe rode slowly out of town. North by Northwest. Out to where where no one knew his name. Or even his face. He was in Sue country.
Rear Window. Best Hitchcock. North by Northwest about to start. See you on the other side.
I'll be attending the less known and horribly advertised North by Northwest festival this year.
Found another photo, not mine of my favorite food! A little North by Northwest action
The Hitchcock series concludes today with Rear Window, NORTH BY NORTHWEST and DIAL 'M' FOR MURDER in 3D:
Patrick's Song being played on CBC Radio North by Northwest this morning.
Skip and watch North By Northwest for lessons, says
So close, but you overshot "best film year" by one year. My honor goes to 1959. PILLOW TALK. NORTH BY NORTHWEST . Two absolute favs.
James Mason & Martin Landau in North by Northwest. Stunning was a set, based…
The Vandamm House from North by Northwest is a dream, sadly not real.
Cant decide if I want to watch The Graduate, North by Northwest or Manhattan
Just came across some original concept art for Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST ;)
Discovered Old Man Luedecke this morning on CBC - North by Northwest. It played in my head all day. Reminds me of...
I've been watching North by Northwest for like two years.
I've just had a look, bizarre. North By Northwest at 98, Bridge On The River Kwai 163 !
IMDb also tells me that The Dark Knight Rises is better than North by Northwest. That made me snarf, yo.
The light at the end of the tunnel that's part of the north-west rail link. . Photo: Nick Moir
I think I need to go North by Northwest.
Now proofing the to the soundtrack from one of my favorite NORTH BY NORTHWEST.
Wait, I saw that movie. North By Northwest with Cary Grant :)
North by northwest, Bringing out the dead (Scorcese), top gun, les derniers De palma, spielberg ou Jean Becker...
Atterbury left c 1954 & was featured in films, plays and TV. Here he is in "North By Northwest"
Kenco north by northwest,i wouldnt entertain it in primark u knobhead and wots more im gonna give u the needle
Isn't the top left pic the same house that was in the movie "North by Northwest" by Alfred Hitchcock
Ok, something in back of the head was saying she did! Ok, she has North by Northwest, Rear Window, Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo...
A M 5.2 earthquake was recorded by the The epicenter was located 102 km north northwest of Pagudpud, Phils.
😂😂😂 that North by Northwest clip featuring Josip Gombau on was brilliant!!
Bank robbery in Merseyside and couple threatened with knife by car thieves in Greater Manchester.
All this talk about sound effects in is confused. Didn't Hitchcock settle this with North by Northwest?
fresh out the New laid down - "North by Northwest," ... I ain't behind, I'm just bout to lap y'all again
North-west rail link tunnel carved out by boring Elizabeth - via
and the area north of Goomeri by 3:55 pm and the area northwest of Gympie and the area north of Kilkivan by 4:25 pm.
Why... Why is all of North by Northwest good and then it punks out in the last 30 seconds?
I thought it ..already was? Wait unless you mean like mid century rail like North By Northwest I can be into that.
Photo: Alfred Hitchcock on the set of “North by Northwest”
One of our favourites! 👇 “Cary Grant in Hitchcock's North By Northwest
Problem is when writer doesn't have genre and says "It's a drama". North by Northwest = thriller, love, comedy
Doris day was supposed to play in psycho but she became a princess😊I like the old Barrymores. Jimmy Stewart NORTH BY NORTHWEST
HBD! Yup looks like you star leading man in NORTH BY NORTHWEST.
In the internal northwest by north shortcomings whenever my humble self bargain radiophotography online the…
This UN scene in North by Northwest is the funniest thing ever.
STORM REPORT:. • 1 miles North-Northwest of Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN: SNOW of 3.50" reported by COCORAHS at...
From our Hearst newsreel collection: Hitchcock arrives with NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) for the Chicago premiere.
"Rear Window," "North By Northwest," "Psycho," etc. is one of the three best directors ever, in my opinion.
North Central Division responding to '**PD Requested by Fire' at 6200 blk W Northwest Hwy | Beat 652 | | 21:35
Agree--though comparably Hitchcock had Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho in a row in 3 years (58-60)
Watching north by northwest with the wonderful Cary Grant
he was chilling, believable and terrific in North By Northwest.
"I was thinking of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, and I said, Why don't we call it South By Southwest?"
We r gonna finish north by northwest tomorrow in film im not ready
my vote is for North by Northwest and Dixie Dynamite
.regularly screen a selection of classic films... catch North by Northwest on December 5th!
2 scholars rock fresh North by Northwest
Jet-Setter: Where to Stay, Eat, and Shop in Portland via
I'm just going to watch Alfred Hitchcock's film "North by Northwest"
Did you see North by Northwest last night?
I never connected title of Hitchcock's North by Northwest with Hamlet Act II Sc II line 402. Thanks,
so true. North By Northwest, Sweet Smell of Success. He probably gets overshadowed by the directors…like all writers!
"We'll see each other again, won't we?". "Sometime, I'm sure". - North by Northwest 💙 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Rear Window. Psycho. Vertigo. Shadow of a Doubt. Strangers on a Train. North by Northwest. All great. But Rebecca is tops.
Saying it again: iPhone is now on iOS 8.1 and still no "James Mason in North By Northwest" voice option for Siri. Jerks. …
North by Northwest. You could do much worse if you're looking for a solid 50s movie.
Well, it's only 12:23 here, and I stayed up to watch North By Northwest.
Pic doesn't tell story.In North by Northwest,1 of the extras held his fingers to his ears before the sound of the gunshot. No big I'm crossing my fingers that it records all of "Bone" it thinks it's recording "North by Northwest"...
*cries to the NORTH BY NORTHWEST theme*
A personal accomplishment! I stayed awake through ALL of North by Northwest! I love Hitchcock & Cary Grant & I've never watched it all!
Cross off another classic movie, North By Northwest, off the list. Thanks
North by Northwest ends on a *** sex joke. This is your masterpiece people!
It's so weird that Hitchcock used the last shot of North By Northwest to make an obvious sex joke.
Also, the "North by Northwest" score is quite lovely on its own. So dramatic at the end.
Movies used to be subtle. If they made North By Northwest today you'd have seen Jimmy Stewart's *** go right into Eva Marie Saint's ***
I never noticed before all the little similarities between "Charade" & "North By Northwest".
It pleases me to watch North by Northwest when it shows up on the telly. Reminds me that a gray suit is a nice thing to have.
Watching North by Northwest wrapped in a blanket while the rain pours outside
I know there's some exciting college football playing but I can't pass up a chance to catch the movie North By Northwest when it's on.
North by Northwest is on TV. Could life get any better?!
North by Northwest is on the Mount Rushmore of films shot in Rapid City.
I love North by Northwest, but I'm not watching only because I just saw it.
Watching "North By Northwest". I can picture a re-make...with George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence in the leads.
North by Northwest is one of my faves❤️
If it werent for you I wouldnt be hooked on North By Northwest right now.
And my fav.Hitchcock's North by Northwest Enjoying extra hour.
"I'm a mad killer on the lose. You should be ashamed of yourself." North by Northwest lol
You can be HERE and still be in one of the world's great shopping cities:
And now the classic auction scene in North By Northwest.
North by Northwest is on right now, you get an extra hour tomorrow anyway stay up and watch it.
At least when I have nothing else, I have TCM playing good movies like North by Northwest
Why wasn't I watching North By Northwest for the last hour & a half? I Love this movie!!!
Pretty pumped that North by Northwest is on right now.
Gotta love Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in Hitchcock's North by Northwest.
Stumbled upon North By Northwest on TCM love this movie! Wish it wasn't half way thru.
Ok, back to watching North by Northwest...
The cropduster scene from North by Northwest is a metaphor for my life.
Watching North By Northwest on TCM and you can still see the projectionist "cigarette burns" on it. Awesome.
One of the best movie scenes of all time is about to be on TCM: the crop dusting scene in North By Northwest!
Photo: the magic of the artificial, Cary Grant in North By Northwest (1959).
“In 'North By Northwest' during the scene on Mount Rushmore, I wanted Cary Grant to hide in Lincoln's nostril and then have a fit of sneezing. The Parks Commission...was rather upset at this thought. I argued until one of their number asked me how I would like it if they had Lincoln play the scene in Cary Grant's nose. I saw their point at once.” ― Alfred Hitchcock
Had an awesome time at Classics at on Sat!! North By Northwest is such a great movie. Park staff were very friendly! Thx.
Join @ 8pm for a showing of North by Northwest --one of cinema's most beloved classics! Info:
I can happily watch North By Northwest for the Cary Grant causing a scene at the auction moment alone.
A night in watching old classics. First up North by Northwest.
Well, we could see you a North by Northwest or To Kill a Mockingbird, but, of course, Caddyshack trumps all...
i just found out there's a movie called North By Northwest omfg
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Klyde Warren Park film series concludes Saturday night with 'North by Northwest'
North by Northwest, Notorious, Suspicion...OK, so I guess I would have to be Cary Grant. And I hope I'm the protagonist...
"North by northwest" theme by Bernard Hermann, performed at festival.
That would be our (soon-to-be) new neighbors, North by Northwest.
want to cover our rally on Fri May 23rd at Northwest Hw by North Park Mall in Dallas? Follow this then
Hitchcock's Vertigo, Psycho, Rear Window and North by Northwest all make Top 100 in Empire Poll. Great news! Personally, Rope anyone?
Okay enough procrastinating. Time for uni assignment: watch North by Northwest
oh my god yes, Hitchcock is the man I love north by northwest. Clint Eastwood directed Gran Torino too right?
rally on Fri May 23rd 5-7 at Northwest HW by North Park Mall in Dallas
Some kids from class and I started a movie club, and it's pretty rad. About to watch North by Northwest. Love this movie.
North By Northwest - can be in the other room and know what's happening by the music. Gotta be 50+ viewings
The Sting, Sabrina, ET, A Hard Day's Night, Some Like It Hot and North By Northwest will be playing at Ambler this summer BYEEE WORLD👋
psycho. Vertigo. North by Northwest. Rear Window. The birds. Rebecca any of those?
Amelie, Paris, North by northwest, Good bad & ugly, and 007s
Blokes Up North: Through the Heart of the Northwest Passage by Sail and Oar. Blokes ...
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NORTH WEST$$$ (prod. by Charlie Gang by JasijahX spread this through the northwest on
maybe North by Northwest. But i imagine they all would have made the top 20
The opening credits for NORTH BY NORTHWEST are already a superb movie ...
is this the sequel to North by NorthWest?
have any of you ever watched North by Northwest
And after you learn how to forage your Cornish feast, you can take a trip 52km north by northwest to Port Isaac,...
Ya can't watch a without getting in on the act! (North by Northwest) 👍
My internal clock has my sleep pattern and schedule out of whack. I have become nocturnal. I should move to a small town in France and become an author basing my work off of the people I would encounter on a daily basis which would spawn a classic novel that would garner worldwide acclaim and inevitably be turned into a screenplay that would go on to earn several Oscar nods before being placed in the same category as other cinematic greats such as "Gone With The Wind", "The Outsiders", "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest", "The Godfather", "Pulp Fiction", "Casablanca", "North By Northwest", "The Grapes of Wrath", "Forest Gump", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Ben-Hur", "Stand By Me", "American Beauty", "Scarface", "Rebel Without A Cause", "Good Will Hunting", "Apocalypse Now", "Full Metal Jacket", "It's A Wonderful Life", "Goodfellas", Dog Day Afternoon", "Citizen Kane", "Gone With The Wind", "Jaws", "E.T", "The Deer Hunter", "Some Like It Hot", "China Town", "The Silence Of The Lambs", "A Clockwork Orange", "Sc ...
spot on critique. Vertigo always left me cold, like an intellectual/emotional opposite of brilliance like North By Northwest.
17. Vadim Yusov The Cinematographer: Vadim Ivanovich Yusov was a Soviet and Russian cinematographer and professor at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. He was known for his collaborations with Andrei Tarkovsky on The Steamroller and the Violin, Ivan’s Childhood, Andrei Rublev and Solaris. Greatest Achievement: Solaris, one of the most beautifully shot sci-fi films along with 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner.   18. Robert Burks   The Cinematographer: A close friend and working buddy of Alfred Hitchcock’s, Burks caught Hitch’s attention with 1950’s The Glass Menagerie. Impressed, Hitch asked him to shoot Strangers On A Train. The duo went on to create some of cinema’s finest thrillers, among them Rear Window, North By Northwest and How To Catch A Thief. Greatest Achievement: Vertigo, which embraced VistaVision and created something equal parts beautiful and nightmarish.   19. Tonino Delli Colli The Cinematographer: Colli shot the first ever colour Italian film in colour in 1952 .. ...
Don't miss the ordering on the Gorgeous Block of the Month! North by Northwest...Shimmer fabric...Background has a frost in it...and All of the Applique pieces are LASER CUT with FUSIBLE!!!
North By Northwest Flannel Great Scotts Houndstooth Cream: Designed by Greta Lynn for Benartex, this soft, dou...
What's the most dramatic music you casually listen to? For me: Inception, North By Northwest, Tron Legacy soundtracks...
Oh and how about North by Northwest? "I'm a big girl." "Yeah, and in all the right places, too"
These two are an absolute delight. @ North By Northwest (NXNW)
Watching north by northwest tonight
Here are the results of "Who will direct the movie of your life". Thanks for playing and there will be more to come! 1. Alfred Hitchcock - "Psycho", "Vertigo", "North by Northwest" 2. George Lucas - "Star Wars" 3. Michael Bay - "Transformers", "Pain & Gain" "Bad Boys" 4. Tyler Perry - All the bad Madea movies. Sorry lol. 5. Steven Spielberg - "E.T" "Schindler's List" "Indiana Jones" 6. Jim Jarmusch - "Broken Flowers", "Dead Man" 7. M. Night Shyamalan - "The Last Airbender", "Signs", "The Village" 8. Martin Scorsese - "Goodfellas", "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Hugo" 9. James Cameron - "Avatar", "Titanic", "Terminator"
This lobby card was used to promote NORTH BY NORTHWEST in theaters.
Sorry I didn't get to drop down for SXSW - but I've been busy enough with North by Northwest here (NXNW) ; - )
Ernest Lehman and Alfred Hitchcock work on the script of NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959).
Fun fact: Inuvik, Northwest Territories, is the northernmost town in North America reachable by car.
"I didn't realize you were an art collector. I thought you just collected corpses." NORTH BY NORTHWEST next week:
Kevin Zak and Lady with Two Wigs On in "Metro North by Northwest."
I haven't seen it we've only watched Rear Window and north by northwest
SO excited to be seeing North by Northwest this afternoon at
To buy or not to buy North By Northwest?
I think we should watch North By Northwest to mark the end of SXSW.
Checked in at North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery
Alfred Hitchcock and Eva Marie Saint on location while filming a scene from NORTH BY NORTHWEST at LaSalle Street...
The 777 was hijacked, flew north by northwest in the radar shadow of another 777 and is now hidden in Pakistan. Being weaponized. My opinion
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Photo: Alfred Hitchcock's brief "cameo" from his 1959 classic, North By Northwest.
At a bus stop in some god forsaken wilderness. Feel like Cary Grant in North by Northwest.I can hear a plane!
One is a "wrong man" story like north by northwest, the 39 steps, the game, and the man who knew too much.
North by Northwest: Rushmore authorities denied Hitchcock’s request to shoot on location.
s PM claims Northwest doing well. Unemployment rose in the North West by 0.6%. Employment is at 69% while in SE and East it is 76%.
we seen a red/orange fireball by miller lake at 515 or so. Was in the north northwest part of the sky
North West unemployment lower than London, according to latest figures
tells the audience of the mass of events organised by the North Team for members in 2014
Something wrong with your eyes?. Yes, they're sensitive to questions. -Cary Grant, North By Northwest
North By Northwest - great screenplay, or the greatest screenplay?
Had a total North by Northwest moment with a hot air balloon.
North By Northwest will donate a brand new vintage Mervin Party package to whoever donates the most money to...
Cary Grant chased by a crop duster in North by Northwest. The long uncut scene in Rope.
Looking forward to another large gathering of professionals at North region event with hosted by
Vertigo staircase. Plane in North By Northwest. The birds from The Birds. Jimmy Stewart in the window of Rear Window.
Hitchcock & his innuendos... the end of North by Northwest lol
Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant reading on the set of 'North by Northwest', 1959
the train going through the tunnel at the end of north by northwest if i'm remembering right. (SYMBOLISM!)
The plane scene in North by Northwest is pretty popular. Should be on YouTube somewhere.
Cary Grant and Eve Marie Saint on the set of NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959)
NORTH BY NORTHWEST is more than just a thriller, it's a national treasure! Join us @ PARK NORTH on THURSDAY @ 7p!
Eva Marie Saint & Cary Grant reading; set of North by Northwest Reading is never out of style :)
North by Northwest in honour of True Detective and to prepare for Goblet of Fire.
Loved the Sunday Morning segment with Eva Marie Saint. Now I want to watch North By Northwest again.
Certain scenes from movies seem to stay with you, sometimes inexplicably. "I'm walkin' here", the Jimmy Cagney grapefruit scene, "What we have here is failure to communicate" are obvious choices. And Steve Mc Queen's superb shut-up-ness throughout Bullitt remains an inspiration. But what possible inspiration could a lifelong wearer of jeans for all occasions who's never owned a suit (bespoke or otherwise) garner from Cary Grant's North By Northwest scene of sartorial scrupulousness, where he suavely requests of a hotel valet (terminal t not silent) the sponging and pressing of his grey one. Maybe it's that presence of mind Cary exhibits as he finds himself in a sexually crackling encounter with the cooly smoldering Eva Marie Saint (battling his own growing failure to communicate), after of course being abandoned by a Greyhound doubledecker in the middle of nowhere and then set upon by a murderous crop duster, things to clear the sinuses and hopefully concentrate the mind. I often think of this scene as .. ...
Went to bed two-thirty am, watched North By Northwest with Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint, a Alfred Hitchcock drama, I REALLY like Cary Grant, especially An Affair To Remember, my girls & I would watch it together if we got a chance, Love you girls!!!
North By Northwest filmed on location at Mount Rushmore National Monument Rapid City Discover more: Filming Locations app
One of the best movies ever made and one of my absolute all-time favorites, Alfred Hitchcock's "North By Northwest" starring Cary Grant, is playing at the River Oaks Theatre on the big screen Friday night. I would very much love to see that on the big screen.
I don't expect many of you to be familiar with Arsenic and Old Lace (shame on you!) but I'm sure you know Mr. Grant from something if not North By Northwest. Eva Marie Saint may be a different story. If you're not familiar with NxNW maybe On the Waterfront (if you don't know that one don't admit it to me lol). If not either maybe some of her more recent work... Because of Winn-Dixie or Superman Returns? Considering the average age those able to see this and depending on how well your memory works you might remember her as Mrs. Hayes, mother of Maddie Hayes on Moonlighting. The most recent thing she's done will be released in two days, Winter's Tale, in which she stars with Colin Farrell, Russell Crow, William Hurt, Graham Greene, Will Smith, Jennifer Connelly, and a ton of other people.
I'll be busy this coming week, so here's my TCM highlights. Wednesday morning at 8:30 am. One of my all time FAVORITES and the number 1 musical on AFI's list of musicals. You can't go wrong with SINGING IN THE RAiN. If you've never seen it, you are missing out. Movie magic! Wednesday, 3 pm. The original MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE! Thursday. 430 pm, the hysterical musical VICTOR/ VICTORIA and the great Bette Davis in NOW,VOYAGER at 11:30pm. Friday Pride of the Yankees at 345am The Saturdays 11 am.The Goodbye Girl, funny romcom by Neil Simon 5 pm .Field of Dreams. sunday. 230 pm.the Lion In Winter...Peter Otoole, Katherine Hepburn, Timothy Dalton, Anthony Hopkins. 7 pm.A Place in the Sun.Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth. Taylor, Shelley Winters.a great drama 11:15 pm ...A Street Named Desire.Vivian Leigh, marlon Brando, kim hunter Karl Malden Tuesday 1030 am.the way we were. OR at 1230 pm...Meet me in Saint Louis! 7 pm.Ben-Hur 11 pm. The great Hitchcock's North By Northwest. Wednesday. 130 am... Anatomy of a Murder. 5 ...
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Is how they used to illustrate during the post modem renaissance. Me: Bas :Base. Opening Credits. North by Northwest. Me: Iha.
Alfred Hitchcock gave us the thriller North by Northwest. Under Congress + AAP's watch, the Delhi aam aadmi scripts the horror story North vs Northeast!
- Saul Bass North by Northwest title sequence
The score for North by Northwest is absolute perfection.
Next to North by Northwest, my favorite Hitch ... How can you not like a nosey photog with a broken leg eavesdropping on Raymond Burr!
Gone With The Wind's a fave,and later Hitchcock films like North by Northwest and The Birds too. Classics. :-)
Amazing how Eva Marie Saint's early wardrobe reference shots for North by Northwest resemble Madeline from Vertigo.
Watch The 39 Steps with Robert Donat, and then watch North By Northwest. It will all make sense.
not since North by Northwest, in which Cary Grant is 100% obsessed with his suit.
In the far North -- that's all he says. Angband, by contrast, is in the "northwest," by the sea.
Movie: North By Northwest (1959)!!! I wouldn't be shocked if kanye west had watched it...much love
Pollutants brought by northwest winds means Shanghai will experience a polluted day today.
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