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North Bengal

North Bengal is a term used for the northern parts of Bangladesh and West Bengal. The Bangladesh part denotes the Rajshahi and Rangpur Division.

Every three/four month she goes to North Bengal to mix business with pleasure.lulz.. And I repeat again *Workaholis…
feeling loved at Siliguri the Heart of North Bengal
Delhi Police needs people from non neighboring states such as North East,Odisa,TN, Bengal, MH, GUJ, AP in police force.
a charitable hospital in Siliguri a great initiative by people from North Bengal. Opened to public on 5/2
hope to work at first Bangladesh project. shoot at north Bengal school where srk Main,hoon,naa was shoot.
Save Bengal from BJP/ RSS whose leaders are involved in Child trafficking in North Bengal, helping militant organiz…
A cured patient allegedly committed suicide by setting himself on fire at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital.
Even cats are getting into the act – here is a bengal in a sharp sweater!
WB Police has charged Juhi Choudhury, in case.
thanx Mam, one request that we r from North Bengal surrounding Bangladesh border & many of Bangladesis r enter in India.
More entangled this time of yr as North-East Monsoon brings in from Bay of Bengal to Maldive…
Sir please look at North wester railways; specially sekhawati region of no train to Bengal frm sikar
Hoping for more IT Hubs in West Bengal and North Eastern regions in India,Earth ,Universe.
Let's drop the word national, I was wrong about that, But holi is widely celebrated from North to states like Gujrat, Bengal,MH eyc
Holi is part of south Indian culture? What is the story?like it's holika in north.bengal is Dol jatra…
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Old Bengal celebrated "Dol Purnima" instead of Holi which is traditionally celebrated on dis day in North\West India - now same everywhere
This is the truth in North bihar. We saw what happened in kerala,u p and bengal.
please help all flowers of Durghanagar north 24pgs. also Didi of Bengal
Can't wait to see Saffron winning in WB and Kerala. ahead.
its north Indian specially Bihar and Bengal that rail minister doesn't belong to their region.
Not only in Bengal, they have managed to penetrate in Odisha and other part of north east also.
I would take bengal and north east to show what unity in diversity truly is
AFSPA is required in Bengal, Kerala, TN, and in all other north-east states.
"Khol Daar Khol, Laglo Je Dol.." on in & Choti in north May festival of colours…
Shameful - a self obsessed queen, establishing herself as a Monarch who is running Bengal like North Korea
Later, the peacock was set free in Gorumara forest.
Vulnerable pregnant women were taken to Ashray, a home for destitute women.
either being an ISI Agent or anyother crime.. there is always a BJPig involved.
I thought ER will increase rake length of some of the existing popular North Bengal bound trains.
ISI network has deep root in West Bengal, Sleuths: Its pan islamic project, has flooded north-east India by Bangladeshis & Roh…
Sir request u to extend AIMS like hospital in North Bengal. NB lacks in basic Medical facilities.
BJP woman leader charged in case in north Bengal
Child trafficking racket busted in North Bengal
Does ER plan to change WDM3A locos of North Bengal bound trains to WDP4D? PAdatik,Kanchankanya, Uttarbanga etc.
I do man. But this 3 hour bus ride in North bengal has bummed me out.
at Lataguri in Jalpaiguri district of North Bengal, one of the Northern districts of W…
1st BJP leaders involved in Gujarat sex racket,now West Bengal BJP leader involved in child trafficking. Shocking!
Spicejet doubles up as holiday planner with packages to North East, Bengal
Bhai, do 1 episode on missionary activities and mass conversion in states like north east orissa and Bengal ,highlight educ
BJP woman leader charged in child trafficking case in north Bengal via
North Bengal homes may be involved in Jalpaiguri child trafficking racket, fears CID - - ... and child …
Child trafficking racket busted in North Bengal via
North Bengal People Devel. Centre cited in story is WB/147020022. Been reporting Zero $$ in all returns.
in Mahila Morcha leader, Juhi Choudhury accused in baby smuggling racket in Jalpaiguri of North Bengal.
West Bengal: Police seizes 10 gold bars weighing 1100 grams from a man in North 24 Parganas. (ANI)
I pray ki Rains jamkar *** over there,coz in North Bengal here Rains are at full throttle.
There are so many cities in North Bengal. But why New Town (another locality in Kolkata) needs to be in the list ?
RSS will now expand. They opened 300 odd schools in North Bengal and saw a huge increase in votes
The Joy & Luxury of Tea Tourism in Assam and North Bengal...
Conditions favourable for advancement of over more parts of Southwest North Bay of Bengal during next 48 hours.
// Safe Village Program in North Bengal which was attended by 100+ people.
Thunderstorm likely at isolated places over in north east, Gangetic West. Bengal, Jharkhand and southern states.
so weed is legal in West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, Orissa & North East. okay now i know where i wanna be 🍁
Limboo Heritage is a pride for entire North Bengal, Sikkim and Eastern Nepal region. A community who still...
The first cyclone of the monsoon season is battering the Indian coast as it heads north to Bangladesh.
Past 2 days North east Trains seems filled with Bangladeshis to bangalore. May be from Assam or Bengal. Please deport back.
Bengal is pushing itself in a deep abyss
Heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected over north coastal and Bengal . DETAILS:
If BJP has to establish itself in North East & Bengal then it needs to keep its promises of removing the illegal immigrants.
North witnesses in all 7 constituencies.
All purpose parts banner
Top Institutes in West Bengal and North East:. With more and more colleges coming up each day, it becomes...
Three decades of the Jyoti Basu dark regime may even put the present North Korean dictator to shame.
The Cyclonic storm ‘ROANU’ in the Bay of Bengal is now located about 900km north of Kankasanturai.It is further moving away from the island
in north east People have shown trust in account in & made some inroads in
Islamic Fatwa leaflets with Dos & Donts for non-Muslims ALLEGEDLY being distributed in North Bengal?
Sir, Please visit to have a flavor of the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim in North Bengal. Thanks
More vaccination days at NBMCH: The department of community medicine at North Bengal Medical College and Hosp...
Even with 60% of urban voteshare + North Bengal, Alliance will be less than 148 seats.
shunchi in north bengal jot has done very good work. Hope they continue it here, if its true
I'm ready. you are.? . Let's visit with us some Unexplored destinations in
2 Unit(s) required in 24 Parganas (West Bengal) contact Tarun Debnath more details -
Like the ones in North Korea,Ex-USSR,China? & W.Bengal ,Kerala? When you have those homicidal urges,FLY to these places !!
Bjp is trying to be a pan Bengal party using different issues in north Bengal & border areas & wooing different ethnic groups.
TMC worker shot at: A suspected Trinamul worker was shot at in the chest and abdomen in North 24-Parganas thi...
come to North Bengal. Pleasant weather in evening.
Constitution does not prohibit dude. Directive aprinciples not legally enforceable. North East, kerala, goa,bengal
A walk through the in North inside Jorpokhri wildlife sanctuary
Finally university of north bengal department of (M.A part 1) 1st semister's result will be declared... and I got 51% hehe
What was the main reason for this shift ? AFAIK in North Bengal M's will vote for INC but for South Bengal as well ?
The girls of Saraswatipur in North Bengal cool off after rugby practice!.
Going to shoot north east bengal on 7 th may with mumbai- kolkata crew. WISH ME LUCK
Another small child beaten up by workers in North 24 Parganas
Refresh your soul at Lepchajagat, a peaceful hill hamlet situated in North of West Bengal -
Sir once please visit this beautiful city Siliguri.A small city in North Bengal
go to Goa or North East or Bengal, where it's allowed.
Looking forward to being in Bengal today. Will address rallies in Howrah and North 24 Parganas
Huge Rally in North Bashirhat assembly segment in West Bengal; addressed by Com: Manik Sarkar
The beauty of North Bengal, the mountains, the coronation bridge, the teesta at its best. (Abhishek Sharma)
Eve teasing cases is taking place near North Bengal University campus with Students bikers are active near Leninpur area
Tea Garden in Reasonable Cost at North Bengal: Agricultural Land - If you are looking for a…
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. Im too excited 2 c KB agnst north indian side team aftr quite long time. But i agree Bengal team is actually good👍
Team MTV in North Bengal till Saturday.. We will soon update all their details, keep following ILS.
Start new trains from Delhi,Mumbai 2 East U.P.,Bihar,Bengal and North East
Kingfisher East Bengal are already 3-0 up against Shillong Lajong FC. Seriously north east clubs should really improve.
# along North Bengal North Eastern Region (NER) ADB is based in Manila (Philippines)
The news media is busy with dalit issue whereas people are dying in north bengal due to non payment of wages and closure of tea garden
Free facility for heart patients: The North Bengal Medical College and Hospital has started free pacemaker imp...
A Bhuna is popular throughout the Bengal region of ... -
please highlight about the death of tea workers of north Bengal more than 20 tea estate r closed! Ppl r starving
More than 20 tea estate are closed in north bengal , workers are dying everyday , 100 of them have already died but still not in News???
Remember only few months back body of youngest son of Dulal Das was found in North Bengal,none knows about investigation who killed that man
India*. Modi Govt claims that Starvation of Tea Workers in North Bengal happens due to 'Workers Unrest' !
. Didi, Other State lottery paralyzing the economy of North Bengal. Save the Youths.It is for your deep concern.With Regards
Relief Camp organized to help Tea Garden workers facing starvation in North Bengal. State Govt unwilling to act.
Times quiz creates a buzz in North Bengal
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Shri provide trains with ambulance facility from North Bengal to Kolkata because lack of medical infrastructure there.
# Umesh Verma a seismologist say expect 6M + by 21 Dec in Bihar,Assam Bengal Border & North East. Epicenter to be @ 30 km depth
We have inaugurated a slew of projects here today that will benefit the people of north Bengal: WB CM at Malda
Lava, Lolegaon region(in the Himalayas, in North Bengal). i'm missing them so much right now!!
Sir if you stay in north Bengal in wonderful beauties of foothills of Kanchanjanga,tourism will get a boost!
Vehicle Accident at Gurung Busty in Siliguri today morning. Two people have been injured and admitted at North Bengal Hospital.
Wild elephant dies after hitting a train in North Bengal
Why not Rahul ji come to North Bengal T-Garden & see his own eye ?
DTN India: Train derails after hitting elephant in north Bengal: A Siliguri-bound local train was derailed aft...
Can we not stop the night shows at North Bengal Theatre, Elephant vs Railways, witness Forest Department. Watch the continuity...
a lovely hill station called Lolegaon in North Bengal. It's 9 degrees there right now! 😍
Comprehensive analysis on Assam and North East,West Bengal,Kerala,UP coming up
West Bengal: Two separate cases of rape reported from in North 24 district.
Since April last year, 11 rhinos have been killed by poachers in north Bengal.
Left Front to launch agitation against starvation deaths in north Bengal tea estates.
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7 more starvation deaths in North Bengal tea garden in the last 3 days. Over 100 deaths in last 7 months. State Govt busy …
What about those who are dying in the Tea Gardens in North Bengal due to extreme poverty?.
my mom's family is marathi but they've been in north India/near Bengal for forever bc they were Peshawas that had fled
Nepali language is not included as optional sub in wbcs main exam. Majority in North Bengal speak/write Nepali discrimination
Bengal tigers are in North Korea so if you like the bengals you are a dirty commy
sad you choose to air Colts (6-6) against 4 win Jags over 10-2 Bengals playing the Steelers. North KY is Bengal Country.
The Stories of the community in North Bengal
LOL. Netaji had a typical North Bengal look with slanted eyes and a round face.
I have learnt to be a 'mastan' to ensure a hassle-free show - Subhashree Ganguly.
Apply now to work for Right Training and Placement Solutions as Marketing(north 24 pgs) in
Could the Bengal actually lose the North; and other odds
Proud of and Represent Bengal Nation and the North Squad well. Allstars
This season North Bengal has not left any loose strings to match up with Kolkata Pujo :) The chosen themes holds a unique story :')
At last enjoying the vibrancy of North Bengal puja
Maneybhanjan, Indo-Nepal Border in North Bengal. This small village serves as base camp for trekkers…
for north Durga is kinda a bong import so associate with royal Bengal tiger; Durga for bongs is 'shingho bahini' lion rider so..
basically it's सिंह की सवारी so Bengal is correct. In North tiger and lions are all same
Stuff that bothers me. Durga maa paintings in North have a royal bengal tiger. Durga Poojas in bengal have lions. What sorcery is this?!
Need a help-homestay in North Bengal and Sikkim:
I love my nation India . With Himalayas in the north. Indian ocean in the south. Arabian sea in the west. Bay of Bengal in the east
1500kms Ride Covering 4 states. North East & Bengal group named RPM is on a ride of 1500 km to raid the Old Silk...
Mumbai Times Small tea growers in north Bengal prepare to set up own processing units: Kolkata, Oc... MumbaiTimes
ETN Bengal parties to be poll-busy after Puja festivities: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will visit north Ben...
North India ?... Just ask these Morons to reclaim West Bengal first.
150 schools to turn into cyclone shelters in West Bengal: These schools are located in South and North 24-Parganas…
"Is the chick-fill-a cow PEHS new mascot? What happened to the Bengal? Also why is your orange crush so boring?" -Plainfield North
North Webster standout here at Says he's taking his official visit in January.
killed but why? Cows are important than People's lives ?Why BSF are killing BD's North Bengal People, Who gave them Right to Everyday North
500 years old "BaraDevi" Puja at Cooch Behar. Traditionally the idol is different here. North
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Itinerary for darjeling gangtok north sikkim , Also need some good tour and travels:
many Hindus worldwide still eat beef. esp in Bengal, north-eastern states, and south India. Dalits also consume beef.
my north Bengal People are killing & suffering!well tolerance practice need everywhere not intolerance ,killing,beating is not solve the
all brahmins in Bengal Odisha North Bihar eat fish and some eat goat and chicken also.
Visit in entire Colleges and universities and schools from NBEI-North Bengal Educational institute with our Director
Army seeks land to set up 2 stations in north Bengal
"Imtiaz Ali & to collaborate on a film soon. It will be shot extensively in West Bengal & North-East. Shooting begins i…
: Glad North Korea hasn't done it, or I'd be worried
East UP,Bihar,West Bengal, North East, Orissa, these are the areas which need more growth and economic activity: FM
Siliguri, I'm coming tomorrow . . Sweet Co-incidence. I really want to feel the atmosphere of After a long time.
Tomorrow 6pm is the show at Inox, City Centre, Siliguri. North Bengal lover, Debesh Chattopadhyay has directed...
Four day long sports meet was inaugurated today at the football ground, NBU, Siliguri, organised by North Bengal...
In Murshidabad, Malda and North Dinajpur, the has surpassed the population
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Different trekking options map of Sikkim and North Bengal
Generosity from Doctor Couple. Dr Tika Nath Sharma (Anesthetic in North Bengal Clinic Siliguri) and wife Dr Sheela...
Artisan held for smuggling animal body parts: A reputable artisan from north Bengal was arrested by…
North Bengal University Results Declared. North Bengal University today announced the 1st and 2nd year results.
Bengal beats India in Muslim growth rate: In three districts of Bengal, Murshidabad, Malda and North...
Tea growers threaten closure over price fall: Small tea growers in north Bengal have said they will be forced ...
Still a lot of upper castes in South, Bengal vote INC. Even in North, the support isn't as one sided as it ws fr Indira
With Rii signed her for my next film CHECKMATE a murder mystrey to be shot entirely in North Bengal...
Suryja K Mishra: Immediately arrest TMC leader involved in mysterious disappearance of Journalist Chayan Sarkar in North Ben…
Control room opened at North Dinajpur for TET candidates:
Btw, the spread of standardized Hindi has made us forget how Bengal seamlessly became North India. Darbhanga comes from …
BSF jawan Gobind Singh beaten to death by suspected infiltrators near Bangladesh border in north 24 Parganas (West Beng…
Kritika Nair tops North Bengal University in Mass Communication and Journalism, Gold medalist and an internship...
North Bengal districts on flood alert after lake burst in Bhutan: The Bhutan government has sounded alert to W...
South West vigorous over Gangetic West Bengal, active over North-East, Kerala. WATCH VIDEO:
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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF LEGAL STUDIES. A College Affiliated to the University of North Bengal. Recognized by the BAR...
FE workshops scheduled for June 30, 2015 in 24 Parganas (North) (West Bengal)
Roshni makes North Bengal & Sikkim Proud. This pic of Roshni Rai will be hanging in Anderi station of Mumbai...
And we are proud to say that we are associated with all the home stays mentioned herein in West Bengal and Sikkim.
2teams of 2ndBn NDRF despatched tomorrow around 23 hrs for flood rescue operations in North Bengal. One team already deployed from siliguri
is a great rejuvenation place which is on the way to Mirik from Darjeeling, in North Bengal.
Thank you. I know very little about handlooms north of Andhra (and west of Bengal), so I may have much to learn from the book.
Assam quake: Aftershocks hit parts of North Bengal, one injured - The Indian Express
Reports say :Some upper reaches of River Sankosh burst open in Bhutan. Floods expected in North Bengal
Snake venom seized, six held: Forest officials in north Bengal seized large quantity of snake venom and arrested…
>> Handicrafts hub coming up in north |
Once again tremor attacks Assam & North Bengal. We are really facing natural calamities
Quake rocks Assam, Meghalaya, Bengal and Bhutan: three injured - Deccan Herald
Assam.. It ws felt in north bengal... And very slightly in Kolkata.
Earthquake in north Bengal this morning...
5.6-magnitude earthquake hits Assam and north Bengal .
Hindu. Huge quantity of snake venom seized
Huge quantity of snake venom seized
Huge quantity of snake venom seized .
Huge quantity of snake venom seized: Six persons, believed to be part of an international smuggling racket, ha...
Mamata right on Teesta water treaty with Bdesh,& oppose 's comments that he supports it.North Bengal, east Bihar shdnt lose
What to do with this North Bengal's Chief Minister of TMC after losing,arrogance & misbehaviour of Minister pays
Contd. North Bengal, Bhutan, Assam, Arunachal and so on... Haven't seen anybody as cut off from India emotionally; as Kashmir & North East..
Sir, does North Bengal have it's own slot of tv programs?
Why cattle continue to be smuggled from West Bengal's border areas to Bangladesh: NORTH 24...
The one and only local news android app in North Bengal. Download now and get connected.
Earthquake in Sikkim: Many injured in north Bengal, power supply disrupted … via
Hindus lived from NFWP in Pak till Bhutan / Bdesh. Now entire north is lost. We have lost Kashmir, Bengal E and W.
SASEC Connectivity Program is building 500km of roads in North & Northeast of
About 500 Km of roads to be constructed under the program along the North Bengal-North Eastern Region .
Christians in north east must wake up to the Bangladeshi-infiltrator menace as they will be the main sufferers. http:…
India Signs Loan Agreement with ADB for $300 Million for Improving Regional Road Connectivity along the North ... -
ADB to provide $300m for improving roads along North Bengal-NE Region
Two arrests made from Mumbai and North 24 Parganas in Bengal nun gang-rape case via
Second suspect in Ranaghat nun rape arrested from. North 24 Parganas in West Bengal
India signs loan agreement with ADB for improving road connectivity along the North Bengal-North Eastern Region:
East India Trade Fair 2015, Siliguri invites all people across North Bengal and Sikkim to Visit the Trade Fare on...
1st Hindi film made from North Bengal "MY TEARS". Charity show in Payel Cinema, Sevok road on 15th March at 4 pm.
Former Bengal Jermaine Gresham is being targeted by the Browns. Did Andy Dalton limit his numbers? A good fit?
Samantha Kerr is the new owner/manager of A-Kerr's Bengal cats. Located just north of Columbus, Ohio Samantha...
If thats true it will effect remotest part of North East as well not limited to bengal.
Q. Which State is not a part of 'seven sisters' of North-Eastern States ?. (a)Meghalaya. (b)West Bengal. (c)Arunachal Pradesh. (d)Tripura
3. Tagore from Bengal, Gandhi from gujrat, Premchand (U.p,M.P north India) Khushwant Singh Delhi to name the few.
KEDILAYA's in North Bengal till march 25 then to enter Assam on March 26.
Dipu Moni said Mamata, "Bangladesh has rights of Teesta waters". Mamata replied : "Our North Bengal people will not understand rights".
From April 2, passengers from North Bengal & Sikkim can avail a new airlines from Bagdogra airport .
This drive would have been more useful if it was launched in West bengal & North eastern states.
Time to address the problem of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in the North-East and West Bengal.
NBMCH student conference: North Bengal Medical College and Hospital will hold its first medical students' conf...
University of North Bengal, is located @ - check on
Everyone says north Bengal ar manush oknek innocent hoi. But there r some ppl who changed their thoughts after meeting me. 😂😂😜
yes sir that should be covered all the areas specially in village areas like nadia and all the north Bengal districts
Fan bus is FULL for tomorrow night. Bengal Nation is ready to defeat North!!! all of North India, Bengal, Nizam State, Arcot etc.
Most of the beef in India, except Kerala, West Bengal, North-East, is actually buffalo meat.
Kitten found in North Hollywood! She is a small Bengal or Tabby mix, maybe about six or seven months old. She has …
About 50 crore fake currency found in west Bengal. D company is still very much active in north-east border.
Mamata announces holidays on BOTH Bengali Dol Utsab on 5th AND North Indian Holi on 6th. 4 days in one go,W Bengal is on perpetual holiday!
Last East vs North ever as being a Bengal Friday so that just might be the move.
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With an eye on polls FM gives Aiims & institutions to Bihar, Punjab. Sops for Eastern states North east, Bengal votes count
party lost asansol only due 2 her.not even a single representation from north Bengal 2 the upper house as yet!
One of the beautiful place in our north Bengal.
North Bengal University, for all those who miss NBU...
At newly opened Cyber P.S. at Siliguri, the first one in North Bengal
Nirmalendu Das, describing the creation of the universe at the North Bengal University (Department of Physics) in...
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That happens mainly in Bengal Bihar. Guj, Maharastra and mostly north Me people don't eat non veg during navratri
Taking classes at North Bengal on the occassion of Inaguration of the first cyber P.S. at North Bengal.
1) The Revolt of the sepoys was accompanied by a rebellion of the civil population, particularly in the North…
may be depression in bay of Bengal so north Bangalore receiving the rainfall.😃
Nashim was in one of the revolting East Bengal Regiment Battalions in East Pakistan north of Dhaka!
Party on my mind. — feeling party at SILIGURI the Heart Of North Bengal
Dear Fellows, We had successfully finished "USHNO-15"(2ndt phase),joint winter clothes distribution program with RAC North Bengal. Today we have served blankets to about 150 people in a slam areas at Charghat. WE ARE ROTARACTORS. Partner in Service with ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. Our next journey will be began at 23th Januaryto Old Bogura. Please Pray for us. Rtr CP Robiul Islam Robin RAC Tilottoma Spondon. ZR,R.I.D 3281
Thanks to ALL. for extending your helping hand for the people of North Bengal. The winter clothes collected by Dhaka University caregivers volunteer team are finally on its way to Kurigram.
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BJp will sweep north Bengal, urban areas and Calcutta.
South generally was governed much better by Congress than North. North moved towards Vajpayee and now Modi. What did Bengal do? Mamta?
Lately all TMC rallies seem 2 have been super flops- North Bengal, Burdwan etc
In 1999, schools were started in tribal areas of Jharkhand,West Bengal & Tripura (North East India). Today, there are 22
The reason is BJP's successive win in Darjeeling LS & its rise in North Bengal districts like Cooch Behar/Alipur Dooar.
Yes,we all know there is huge scope4 pineapple agriculture,export from North Bengal but lacking help & infrastructure http:/…
Bengal mein kitni mili hain? . Screens in North india r very low. . In chandigarh, Baby has 86 but DKD has 56shows
I hope and pray a more stable North Bengal can show the the way and give succour to the NE. Together we can!! 2/2
The branch Secretariat for north Bengal which we set up has made a significant difference to the pace of work.
I am in north Bengal and Darjeeling this week. Kanchenjunga is smiling. I love the Hills and the beautiful people here.
Internationally acclaimed film director Kaushik Ganguly and 8 outstanding achievers of North Bengal were honoured with …
'Uttarbanga Utsav', 2015 was inaugurated today. People of North Bengal will celebrate this unique festival in 32 venues…
I have attended North Bengal Industry Meet, 2015 at Siliguri today: WB CM http:…
The teacher is in Triloki Shaw in Hazinagar in North 24Paragana West Bengal.I request govt. and people to save him.
BJP CALLS FOR DOOARS BANDH TODAY - PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN TRAVELLING The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called for 12 hours Dooars bandh today to protest against the repeated incidents of their student wing Akhil Bharatia Vidhyarthi Parisadh (ABVP) cadres being beaten up and thrashed by TMC and TMCP cadres in the run up to the student's union elections across North Bengal. Speaking to the press BJP Alipurdwar District Secretary Birendra barla said that, "this is the fist time ABVP is contesting student's union elections... but our cadres are being beaten up and they are repeatedly harassed by the TMC cadres... and this is happening all over north Bengal... as a result we have called for 12 hours Dooars bandh." If you are planning to travel to Jalpaiguri or Alipurdwar districts, please be careful and ascertain the road safety issue before venturing out. [Pics Via: Our partner organization I Love Siliguri]
BARASAT. . - # flashback As an urban setup in the vicinity of the Kolkata, the town is within the area of Greater Kolkata. Several significant roads like National Highway 34 (Krishnanagar Road leading towards North Bengal), Jessore Road (road leading to Jessore in Bangladesh via Bongaon); road leading to Basirhat etc. cross through the town. History During the period of Moghuls, Ram Sundar Mitra had got the Laminar at Barasat town. Sankar Chakrabrorty, a commander of Pratapaditya, The king of Jessore (at present in Bangladesh), came to Barasat in 1600, and established himself in Barasat town. In 1700 AD Hazarat Ekdil Shah, the Muslim saint, started residing at Kazipara, Barasat. He was known as a social reformer. His tomb, located in Kazipara, is a pilgrimage place of Muslim community. Pratapaditya had made his way to Kolkata from Jessore and Sirajudoulla had made his way to Kolkata from Murshidabad via Barasat, which are later on converted into two National Highways. During the British Raj, Company offic ...
Massive GJM Rally in Darjeeling - Yuva Morcha Leader Sanjay Thulung Suspended 'No Enmity With Mamata, as Gorkhaland Decision Rests With Centre' - Says Bimal' Bimal Gurung today tried to justify his December 1 meeting with Mamata Banerjee in Nabanna, saying the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha had "nothing to fight about" with the chief minister as "whatever needs to be obtained now has to be from the Centre". At the public meeting in the Darjeeling Motor Stand, the Morcha chief also announced the suspension of Sanjay Thulung, a Yuva Morcha leader and GTA member whose home was raided by police in connection with an arms haul case. Thulung is untraceable. About the meeting in Nabanna, Gurung today said: "Since I was in Calcutta, I thought it would be against protocol not to meet her. I made a courtesy visit to her. I will continue to maintain good relations with her (Mamata)." In Nabanna, a senior official had said on December 1: "During a meeting between the chief minister and Gurung, the Morcha chief was informed t ...
Sevok river between two mountain...queen of north Bengal.
Winter cloth distribution update of Shororitu Bangladesh. I'm proudly announcing status update sponsors confirmation: 1. Elite force Tk 50,000 Brig Gen Sharif Aziz 2. Major Afsar sir 300 quilt Afser Khandaker Nurul 3. Major Hafiz Rahman amount not confirm 4. Baburchi Syed Mohammad Andalib 5,000 tk 5. Major Manjur of 31 long course of Opex group tk 5,000 6. Sub hut taka 5,000 Nafiul Alam Ifti Rahman Masum 7. Ahmed Jamil Farouque my DULA bhai Dear friends, u don't have to pay anything. But just be with us. Support us with your idea, old clothes, time. We've decided to go this time to north bengal & help our Bangladeshi old men women and children. Prabartana has agreed to be with us. Farhad Mazhar & Farida Akhter deserves a thanks along with all sponsors Our plan: 1. One day at khawar bazar and kamla pur slum area 2. One day at rangpur All my media fans like Masud Murphy, Alamgir Nishad pls support and help us collect more. My good friend barrister Naser Alam was, is and shall be with us Towhida Hoque owner ...
Steelers played beat 1st place afc north bengals in your face beach lol
Winter delayed by a week in north Bengal: Residents of north Bengal will have to wait for another week to enjo...
Orange country offers tourists the local touch: North Bengal tourism promoters stepped on the gas on…
Good Morning Going to Orange Festival , lots of my Friends from North Bengal & Sikkim has come ..nice to see you there (y) (y) (y)
Sugarcane crushing starts in state-run mills: ... from bi-products of North Bengal Sugar Mill during off-seaso...
As per my estimate in 2016, there will be a BJP sweep in North Bengal
Bengal Morning Stripes: Gotta go through Pittsburgh: CINCINNATI -- If the Cincinnati Bengals want to achieve t...
ji, 'North-East' will be correct direction for our states East of West Bengal only if 'Chennai' was India's capital.
ji, 'North-East' is the wrong direct for our states to the East of West Bengal.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Coochbehar Madan Mohan Temple : Situated in the heart of the Cooch Behar town at North Bengal. Constructed by...
I will be back in north Bengal again in January. Stay well. Stay safe: WB CM in Coochbehar
The semester examinations of North Bengal University (NBU) are likely to be postponed, owing to the impending...
Physically Challenged Kids to Go Camping in North Bengal Hills:. Undeterred by their disabilities, over a hundred...
Come on, why would we share 'so much' water, that it'll dry up North Bengal. These are broad-brush fear mongering.
he is going ahead with that water deal 2! some say it will dry up North bengal
Memorial Union North | Bengal Lair. Be There! 6:30pm! . I heard we have dope performers and food! 💙
Obedient servant of da great Mamata Debi.
My Himalaya Safar is going on , North Bengal , Sikkim , Nepal completed with great succes now proceeding towards...
CPIM Minister Mr Sarkar a non bailable warrantee from north Bengal was allowed to continue for about 15 years without surrender
What has the CPM done for Bengal? There is so much tourism potential in north Bengal. What did they do? : WB CM at Jalpaiguri
We have undertaken several developmental projects for north Bengal: WB CM at Jalpaiguri
We have started a branch Secretariat 'Uttarkanya' for north Bengal. We created a new district Alipurduar: WB CM at Jalpaiguri
Indonesian vets show two of four three-week-old Bengal tiger cubs at the zoo in Medan, North Sumatra province,...
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