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North Americans

North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere.

North America South American South Americans Latin America

North Korea & United States: Americans sent to the borders of the DPRK bombers and dropped training projecti…
Tens of Millions of Americans Will Die When the US Attacks North Korea: Tens of Millions of…
North of the border we've lost faith in a swath of Americans; not surprised seeing this clip. Here's hopi…
In DOJ agreement, apartment complex in Massachusetts to pay $70k to South Asian-Americans it discriminated against
DOJ: Apartment complex in Massachusetts discriminated against Indian-Americans by steering them to certain building…
just corroboration of what most North Americans already know.Trump is a clown, way i…
When he spends his miney on jihad killing more Americans, what will be the excuse? With friends up north like that...
You should demand the immediate release of the other 3 Americans being held in North Korea. If the…
Oh totally agree but they had better look at what a dictatorahip society such as North Korea does to Americans.
Hard to ask Americans for protection if Russian invade from North
In Class Action vs Jennifer Lopez World-Wide in support of North Africa, she can stop framing African Americans and…
Most Americans see echos of a weak President Obama for letting North Korea get this far with no con…
After G20, hope Americans realize if Trump starts war w/North Korea, next war crimes tribunal will be held in NYC!
It's his 10,000,000 citizens facing imminent death in the first 10 minutes of war with the north. Not Americans. Tr…
Cuba, Canada, Mexico, are proud Americans too. there are 23 countries in North America, Nowhere is their a country America
"Originally named 'Silver Lake' by Native Americans, White Lake became a high-end vacation destination in the...
An unconstitutional effort to “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision.”
So many Americans are being detained by the North Korean regime. action needs to be taken now!
Venezuela still suffering horrors, in case North Americans were wondering.
This bimbo keeps threatening North Korea. We have 200,000 troops in northern South Korea. Thousand of ci…
Men and Republicans more likely to correctly locate North Korea on map
Fine *** ask Iran or North Korea if they would be your ally when you *** off trump we Americans are sick of u flowers!
I try I mean it's truly a learning process.. white North Americans don't seem to have any real culture…
Gotta move on up this year. Need to prove to all the Brits us North Americans know and love our footy & tipping! 😂
Wouldn't say cause/correlate, but I think OK to say consistent with. (Also note huge South-North i…
Trump Care disaster would kill many many Americans so instead he plans to kill millions in North and South Korea. Trump try diplomacy please
. Dear Mister President, as far as North Korea an China go, we Americans call Bull and You know the rest !
10,000 years ago, North Americans were chowing down on potatoes—some things never change
Plz Justin we Americans &our great friends to the north MUST make sure handing over any amount doesn't find its way…
Better North Korea than North America! BTW, there is no love co2t their citizens, much less Americans & Canadians
Americans have overwhelmingly negative opinions of North Korea, especially among college graduates…
North America consists of 23 countries, the USA is just 1. When the President expresses helping Americans, Who? Cuba, Mexico Who?
Pretty sure the Mexico Wall is going to be used to keep North Americans IN at some point.
Who are they anyway. We should really look at the Lions touring every 3 years and taking in Argentina or the North Americans
Yes. Americans believe China will invade North Korea like USA invade Iraq. Americans forgot about Vietnam
Maybe they were polling North and South Americans rather than U.S. citizens???
What we Americans saw was a weak leader who has been conned by putin and intimidated by North Korea
North Americans have been eating potatoes for at least 10,000 years.
If Americans Can Find North Korea on a Map, They’re More Likely to Prefer Diplomacy via
North Americans spend more than 10 hours a day on media consumption
"I ask of film what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs." -- Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1971
though to be fair, no idea if Leif Erikson ever traded with North Americans.
Where do North Americans travel in Europe..someone complained the Northern European countries being always listed...
Native Americans are technically immigrants. There is NO evidence of human origin on North America
Obama is a hero to the Americans but go have a look in North-Western Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan. They'd strongl…
15 perfect places for Americans to emigrate to.
Native Americans were the only ones who lived on the continent of North America for a very long time.
We have North, Central and South America. All are "Americans." Guess you'll buy from and hire 'em all? What a guy!
Do you know how the first people to live in North America called? . Native Americans. They are also called Indians.
official narratives being fed to North Americans across TV screens, in newsprint and on the internet were false.
Scientists have labeled the Cherokees not as Native Americans, but as a Middle Eastern-North African population.
black Americans are the only people who do this I cant even see myself as a North African trying to claim
It is valid again: US americans are North Americans with arms but without health insurance.
Americans from ocean to ocean, South to North completely overjoyed about Trump presidency.
Americans are about to experience the shock and horror Canadians experienced when Trump North Harper dismantled our democratic institutions.
well Canada is in North America (but imagine the fuss if certain Americans found theirselves forced-following JustinT. In French)
Congratulations, Mr. President. Now it is incumbent upon you to fulfill your promise for all Americans. Let the work…
Middle East exports terrorism, kills North Americans no ban on communication, oil, or travel? Liberal "change"?
Central Americans surge north, hoping to reach U.S. before Trump inauguration...
North Dakota National honor..watching Native Americans be mistreated you have forgotten your oath,shame t…
the North Korean dictator also uses fear based rhetoric about Americans and South Koreans. You can't deny these similarities
Glenn Gould, Marshall McLuhan, and R. Murray Schafer: great Canadians, North Americans, citizens, and perhaps slightly otherworldly.
Any country that is in north south and central america are considered AMERICANS
There is no identifiable race of people who suffered more than North Americans. Racism and injustice continue. Maybe we should turn jewish!
It's a Great Day for all of Us, North Americans: U.S.A and Canada that is. We're neighbors, We share the same Land!
that the French and Americans always seem to forget the colonization of North Africa drives me up the wall
As North Americans we are typically impatient with this kind of of Kingdom work. When there is something...
Actually, "americans" are North Americans, Estadounidenses. Stop using that term in the wrong way!.
Sir, I stand beside you despite not even being a US citizen. But, aren't we all Americans in North America?
u assume Americans are stupid and will believe ur propaganda. Works in North Korea. Not here.
. It looks like Ukraine Nazi have invaded North Carolina. ☹️. of Native Americans. *** Make Ame…
true Americans are the people of North America
So, Brazilians, are also "Americans" and call themselves that way and people of every country from Latin and North America, not only the USA
so it says its for North Americans only, so why did it say to me that i was getting a code
My friend is 100% convinced our assignments have to be double spaced because "North Americans are obsessed with making everything bigger."
Hey here's some good news, Americans. Trust us - this one's worth checking out when you can!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This is a complication for North Americans, but the long university/HS break in Latin America is usually Jan-Feb.
The argument that Americans should support because he is President is a cop out. That's North Korea.
Move to North Korea. That is a country more to your liking. Get on board or get out. AMERICA & AMERICANS FIRST!
Heads up, non-North Americans now need an Electronic Travel Authorization to fly to Canada.
I want to throw up. I can't imagine what Americans are feeling. Your family up North is with you. ❤
But so much for the tolerant left, right? I mean, so what if a couple of Native Americans get run over? The left ar…
He is the president of all North Americans, but he’s only king of the ***
... Hope you think the same about north and South Americans
North Americans don't want comics! There's no appetite for good work. The only voice editors hear is for legacy strips.
Americans... hmm all the people that live on the continents of North and South America?
15 perfect places for liberal Americans to emigrate to .
Americans look north as President Trump takes office
The 7 skaters on Central Scouting's mid-season rankings of North Americans is most in CHL.
Players making their NA LCS debuts today:. Contractz. Looper. Akaadian. Ryu. Arrow . Two North Americans and three Korean impo…
For most North Americans summertime However for some hummingbirds are becoming common during winter Sandra Schulze of Bellingha…
crazy; you're both North Americans, common history + culture but one side has chemical beverages & the other has natural nectares
Looks like the North Americans were great. Nice one Indian Harbour and even better the new Champs!
I don't care. You'd be one of few North Americans able to quote Black Adder
I once spent an hour trying to explain Mr Blobby to North Americans. Tough times.
9/10 North Americans identify more with the Eiffel Tower than their black or indigenous neighbours
7. North Americans will recall how brutally cold the northeast and Atlantic seaboard winters were in 2015 and 2014. That was bc the northern
80% of North Americans can’t see the Milky Way due to light pollution. 80% wouldn't know what it is anyhow.
"Are you a sexy American living in Dublin?" currently, on craiglist. The Irish seem fascinated by North Americans. Time to milk this accent
She hates South Americans & especially hates North Americans. She can't serve both the interests of the people & war/wall St.
GameDay! Time to show Canadians how North Americans plays a European/South American sport!
are more prevalent among both North and South Americans and among those of European descent than among other ethnicities.
Stridsberg (Sweden) joins fellow Class of 2016 signee Georgy Gorodetsky (Russia) as the first non-North Americans in history
I like soccer (*football) - but it's amazing how the sport seems to takes every opportunity it can to remind North Americans why we hate it
North of the railroad tracks African Americans & hispanos resided It's crazy to think how these divisions were ommon in those days
North Americans don't understand the concept of well done steak though.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
really stereotypical scottish things for us ignorant North Americans. Or he'd just pick on you & you'd giggle. Probably the 2nd.
Facts are facts. All people in North & South America are Americans, This demonstrates ignorance of some Trump supporters
Friendly reminder for North American fans planning to attend events in Europe (like ESL Frankfurt)
I seriously don't get this hype that North Americans have of moving out at such a young age. 18 is still a CHILD gente!!
Wake up americans!!! How can u let this happen? We spoke in hawaii even dom by dems. N Dakota GOP freezing Trump
How a white boy from Canada came to write about issues faced by Asian migrants and how that could possibly matter to
this boy sitting behind me in class said he would rather "travel abroad" to Wyoming or North Dakota than Europe 🙃🙃🙃
How a white boy from CAN came to a/b Asian migrants + how that could possibly matter to North Americans
how are displaced indigenous North Americans interacting with other indigenous North Americans?
so I want to ask, how do the displaced communities of indigenous folks from West Africa interact with indigenous North Americans?
if native Americans culture wasn't stripped from white people, North America would be such a different place.
It blows my mind. That's why my next is either North Americans or Nationals. I'm only doing local shows to re-qualify.
North Carolina is being collectively punished for not conforming to a viewpoint that only 26% of Americans agree with
think my favourite new thing in the world is North Americans trying to do football chants
Few North Americans understand fission now safe. We also have huge deposits in Northern
Although I'm hoping to find some North Americans who say it the other way. Bets are on for Boston area, maybe parts of the South.
Just as weird as North Americans who force their kids on a strange man's lap in a red suit..
Not even "effective population" is clear. E.g: Are all native americans really descended from 70 people?
Who would have thought floss could be so popular?, North Americans purchase more than 3 million miles of dental f...
they were here in 1970s to kill and of ANY COLOR.
Andy Borowitz. As an act of civil disobedience, I am urging all Americans to go to North Carolina right now and pee wherever they want:
After North Carolina and the TSA, Americans will demand that the government stop looking at their junk.
Congrats to all the North Florida All Americans and Award winners.
Starts Apr 3. Until then the Leicester City story is intriguing lots of North Americans
Shoutout to for introducing most North Americans to Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer and for free live feeds 😊
you North Americans love it, but will never ever assume.
"Arabs of the Middle Eastern Holy Land have owned a great many more African slaves than North Americans ever owned".
White House, asked About U.s. Student held in North Korea, says Is Aware of Situation and Welfare, Safety of America
.You give me too much credit. When I was in the area, North Korea simply wasn’t issuing visas to Americans.
I am depending on him . The North Americans are in need of a man like him.I know he never loses. Thats HUGE.
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i know nothing, i tried to collect some informations about that. So, basically tomato was claimed poisonous by North Americans-
I don't understand the, need to go to North Korea. Americans are just asking to be taken hostage and used as pawns in a sick game
wonder why so many North Americans self medicate? What happened here?:
stay out of North Korea,they don't care for Americans that much.they will always find fault to arrest Americans.
Why do Americans go to countries like North Korea???. Common sense would say, they don't like you. Stay away for own safety
North Americans! You can now buy to be in your hands March 30th for the low price of $3,000.
you see fellow Americans of the other party as morally equivalent to North Korea? I don't.
Americans are comparing your "reporting" to North Korean, Chinese, Russian State run media. What is your response?
LPT to all my fellow Americans... Don't visit North Korea as a tourist... ever.
In return we Americans would try to forge a friendship between North & South Korea and arrive at a deal like we did for Iran.
Proud to see native North Americans supporting
POLL: Only 15% say they have benefited from ObamaCare...
Wait, do North Americans say 'Fortnight' like we Brits do?
When will learn. Stay away from N Korea. U.S. student detained in North Korea confesses to 'hostile act'
Canada town appeals to Americans to move north if Donald Trump wins. via   10% Off
Something I'm keen to blog about when I get a chance: my favourite (recentish) debut novels. All by North Americans.
It's My daughter has A genetic and metabolic disease that 1 in 12,000 North Americans live with.
Why keep letting Americans go 2 North Korea..its just a matter of who they pick 2 detain humiliate 4 propaganda tactics..Nothing changed SWG
the ancient Chinese, Native Americans, and great ancient North and South American civilizations also had
It's legal for Americans to enroll in North Korea's hostage acquisition program. Can we start charging for the cos…
Brain has officially adapted to the opposite side of the road... North Americans are such terrible drivers.
The Indigenous Peoples of North America were DIVIDED as Tribes & so CONQUERED ~ Today's Americans are busy highlighting DIVISIONS ~ Alas
Good morning North Americans & thanks for yr well wishes everyone! Here's a quick blog post i wrote to mark the day
The party of Abraham Lincoln is the one that killed 600,000 Americans to prove to the South that the North is boss.
The road North. Are your Americans sure that Trump isn't turning USA into Silent Hill just with his campaign?
From 1915-30, more than 1M African Americans moved from south to north in the Great Migration. More on
Why? Why do Americans keep traveling to North Korea? Very little sympathy when they're used as pawns. Again and again.
If the Americans know that this rogue country is a menace to any society, then why these menace of a men go there?
The stereotypes can finally be put to rest; studies show the English do not have worse teeth than North Americans
North Korea puts tearful detained. 2nd time crying Americans are paraded before the world
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
OH LOOK! North Korea HATES Americans! I think I'll head over there for a nice holiday! goes to...
Why are Americans going to North Korea. Are u kidding me.. STOP WHAT KIND OF AHOLE IS VISITING THAT PLACE
Harper (former PM) "threatened" that Canada was going to build one to keep "Americans" out of Canada. We in North R prepared
I will never understand why Americans deliberately go to North Korea.
*** Until you see it written, We North Americans forgot what Time People in Asia have to Watch North American Sports!
There are more Danish mid laners starting in the NA LCS (Froggen, Bjergsen, Jensen) than North Americans (Shiphtur and Pob…
Brando boycotted the Oscars at which he won best actor, over portrayals of First Nations North Americans:
What the *** are Americans doing in North Korea anyway? We all know better.
Maybe later. | "North Korean travel agencies stress nearly all Americans who travel to the DPRK return home safely."
US student Otto Warmbier 'stole propaganda' in N Korea. US strongly advises Americans against going to North Korea.
like North Americans or South Americans or residents of the united states or where
Why are Americans going to North Korea? They take the risk and will have to suffer the consequences.
Breaking News! Canada to build wall to keep . Americans out who may want to flee north if Trump is President...
United States administration to commit a crime in this photo released by Kyodo Feb. 29, 2016. Previous Americans
Don't understand these Americans who go to North Korea and get arrested for political reasons. Did you not enter with your eyes opened?
Some of them "Princes" who have millions for gullible North Americans!
I don't watch oscars to be preached to Preaching should be directed at Academy. They voted not regular Americans
1 in every 2.5 North Americans die of cardiovascular disease. Its a disease completely of our own making.
North Americans! The NA Square Enix Store have just listed the Chrono/Cross Trigger Arranged Album on
finally some action because it may affect North Americans
Hi everyone. For those of us North Americans who remember 70s tv, here is Carol Burnett's parody on Mary Hartman. 😄
Today's Brain Teaser:1/3 of North Americans have one of these but never tell anyone: Answer: a secret email account. Congrats JD on your win
do you think valve should open servers in Latin America ? Bc there are some North Americans flaming really good Latin players
true. My timeline is mostly North Americans but there are a few other Europeans awake at the moment
North Americans don't understand... that our country is not just Cuba; our count...
Xmas in Perth-Andover 2015. THE SUMMER WIND. NEVER MIND the soft breezes from the south North Americans would have...
Researching Eastern European New course by EE: Intro to Research for North Americans
Bizarre to hear young people having the Berlin Wall explained to them by their friends. We're talking thirtysomething North Americans.
. TPP. Wages and benefits =whatever Asia is giving. Time for a strike by all North Americans. No one show up for work for 1 day
Over one third of North Americans say this is a sure cure for a bad mood. What?
I wish more North Americans would pick up the annual Caine Prize Anthology of African Writing, or the Granta Book...
that's how North Americans play. Eastern Europeans much less so
It puts me to shame, b/c North Americans & Britons have languages like Cantonese, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc at uni.
Western Europeans, North Americans and South Australians don't like being told what to do as well ;)
I had no idea that hot jam (jelly for you North Americans) donuts was a uniquely Melbourne thing. Y'all missing out
then consider sickle cell anemia $blue and the distribution among Africans and North Americans. We r genetically different
YES. . "North Americans have more possessions than 90 percent of the world, and we don’t really need other...
North Americans choose to pursue scientific careers at a younger age than European, Asian, & South American peers
America includes North America, South America, and Central America. we're all American. North Americans just wanna feel special
LOL I'm still at work on a Monday evening. The hazards of following still-weekending North Americans. :D
Just watched 30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men. Awesome, awesome look at a side of hockey most North Americans never really understood.
Call Canadians "North Americans" and you'll have a donnybrook in no time flat.
racism is not ok. Nor is stereotyping. 1 reason many people r AMERICANS is north/south who fought in revolution.
. The economic factor was the North needed the South's money +would go to war with…
Immigrants in North Carolina paid $253.1 million in state and local taxes in 2010 →
2009 was the first Leaf draft with Brian Burke at the helm. Toronto took 7 North Americans. Only Kadri has found a place in the NHL.
Illegal aliens protesting USA law is on par with North Korea protesting capitalism. . They have no standing. They aren't Americans.
What's most distressing: Most North Americans are too numb/dumb to realize they're brainwashed.
7/7/15 Part 4 Road to North Americans: low volume rear delt and arms. This is technically my…
And apparently North Koreans arent allowed to smile in pics with Americans... Like *** ?? Thats wild
These Muslims want the green pastures the lord has blessed north and South Americans with
Nxaaa Europeans, North Americans and Australians really need to shut it when it comes to immigration.We're technically entitled to your land
Badlands and bison, cowboys and Native Americans. Check out why is legendary
Like it was one of this specialized coins we North Americans make for like each state/province/territory or for the Olympics
But yes, in the same way Americans think Africa's a country, so it sounds like The North is a solitary small area
North Texas players named to the 2015 NFCA HS All-Region Teams.
Introducing a site for North Americans to get information and content about Taiwanese cuisine
2nd Great Migration (1941- 1970). Migration of more than five mill A-Americans from the South to the North, Midwest and West
Ready for some world class football (soccer for the North Americans).
Sources on Native North Americans &LGBT or "Two Spirit" people who were considered sacred. I need to do some reading!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
After this holiday there's going to be a 2 million console swing in North America anyway. Can't fool Americans forever, ask Barack
Guess what guys.the North had slaves too, and African Americans owned slaves too. The confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery
Americans clamouring for war with China,Russia, Iran, North Korea etc, must be reminded that their president is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
You North Americans value the takedown far too highly. Chad won the first round? Nahhh.
What we learnt from fans are the best,don't care to spend to support fellow countryman,North Americans do. Good job to Connor!
"up north we are more refined and serious Latin Americans are opportunists and too carefree" - MY COUSIN A LATINX LIVIN IN CANADA
You know when Americans call refer to Africa like a single country? That's how she seems to view The North. It's embarassing
See also: Liverpool Tate. Does she think that The North is all one tiny place like Americans think Africa's a country?
how far their country benefits from migrating to the north," says the author. It is what Americans and the Mexican elite have in
Maybe because the people in UK are less fun than North Americans? xD
It's good to welcome West Europeans and North Americans. But let's find out what other people fancy and how we can make them visit.
How cleaner butts can get us to a cleaner planet. via
The North, the South and the British before them. Mostly the British. But Americans don't like to talk about that for some reason.
Dr. King spoke out against the genocide of Native Americans » peoplesworld Racial Superiority in …
The Lost Airfields of the Americans in the North Pacific
we know Ward is unbeatable by Americans. The question is is he unbeatable by all North Americans.
A really great read. North Americans should know this story.
Canada and USA in the finals of the world championships? I hope so! North Americans rule Europeans Drool
Well, North Americans anyways (two heroes in berries are Canadian and British).
For you North Americans-"Le Mans" is on TCM right now. That is all.: For you North Am...
"slavery…no period of mourning & deep reconciliation.north & south reconciled @ the EXPENSE of African AMericans thru segregation"
you Americans are a little odd. We've cities, towns, villages, and hamlets north of the medicine line.
"Burnt" can be interchanged with "burned" outside of North America. Americans use "burnt" almost exclusively as an adj. Rly? Cc
Thanks. And how do North Americans (of all immigrant backgrounds) 'rank' since North America was first colonised?
yes, and grown North Americans who want to convert kilos to lbs lol
Toli was No YUO R THICKY bum. North Americans on Her Majesty s advice Stop hiding behind the 14th by now you or rather phenomenal.
Like, does this happen between britons and North Americans?. French and Canadians? Portuguese and Brazilians? Probably yes but not that much.
Wish I was back at my hometown to be at the gathering of nations! North Americans largest pow wow!
First off Europeans took North America from native Americans second of all Europeans forced Africans to come here as slaves .
"The whole North & West is populated with African Americans who fled as refugees from terror." htt…
People of the Earth (The First North Americans series, Book 3) by Gear, W. Mich
all the North Americans are flagging and the Europeans are still asleep.
Compared to North Americans, people in South East Asia are 20 times more likely to have cardiovascular disease
We have been brainwashed to think: slavery = African. South Americans are North America's current slaves.
A wonderful article on how kids learn. World perspective shows we North Americans and out "data" are outliers.
wow this looks like Americans trapped in North Korea! Are the riot cops banging their sticks?!
Question for you North Americans: is hockey free to watch on TV over there?
Tell the North Carolina Board of Elections to Investigate Americans for Prosperity
I've always been fascinated by the kinds of problems North Americans are consumed by. The dichotomy of global issues is very interesting. 💭
Calling all Americans: Cdn gov't to lure more U.S. travellers north .
subrun jamelon my fellow North Americans 😅😅
TPP trade deal is bad news for most Americans: This agreement makes the North American Free Trade Agreement lo...
I wonder who is rescuing and evacuating all the North Americans trapped in Yemen... Hmm. Oh. That's awkward:
Can you repost the 22Things re Avengers-Ultron again next week for the deprived North Americans who are STILL waiting for it?
This North Carolina history museums continually refers to native Americans as Indians and it makes me so grumpy
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
CNN/ORC poll: Americans see ISIS as a bigger threat than Iran, Russia, North Korea or China.
. Plenty of evidence First Nation & Native Americans have lived in North & South America for 20,000-30,000 years.
My fellow North Americans! Series one of begins on and tomorrow...15 April.No scr…
great picture of North Americans with Passive House pioneer honoree, Harold Orr, & Wolfgang Feist
"58% of North Americans play video games, and 45% of those gamers are women"
150 number North Americans killed by televisions tipping over every year. 2 killed by wolves in 100 yrs. Facts …
To those who fought in Gallipoli, the only North Americans, I remember you today.
No pope it just seems to be North Americans. Also doesn't limit influence to the church--(like Tebow)
According to a recent survey, 30% of North Americans do not consider the English language as their native language.
Why don't North Americans refer to the U.S. Civil War as a revolution? Why don't we consider the Mexican Revolution a civil war?
So, tells me that North Americans don't have kettles in your kitchens?! Is that true, my North American friends?
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