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North Americans

North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere.

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Immigrants in North Carolina paid $253.1 million in state and local taxes in 2010 →
2009 was the first Leaf draft with Brian Burke at the helm. Toronto took 7 North Americans. Only Kadri has found a place in the NHL.
Illegal aliens protesting USA law is on par with North Korea protesting capitalism. . They have no standing. They aren't Americans.
What's most distressing: Most North Americans are too numb/dumb to realize they're brainwashed.
7/7/15 Part 4 Road to North Americans: low volume rear delt and arms. This is technically my…
And apparently North Koreans arent allowed to smile in pics with Americans... Like *** ?? Thats wild
These Muslims want the green pastures the lord has blessed north and South Americans with
Nxaaa Europeans, North Americans and Australians really need to shut it when it comes to immigration.We're technically entitled to your land
Badlands and bison, cowboys and Native Americans. Check out why is legendary
Like it was one of this specialized coins we North Americans make for like each state/province/territory or for the Olympics
But yes, in the same way Americans think Africa's a country, so it sounds like The North is a solitary small area
North Texas players named to the 2015 NFCA HS All-Region Teams.
Introducing a site for North Americans to get information and content about Taiwanese cuisine
2nd Great Migration (1941- 1970). Migration of more than five mill A-Americans from the South to the North, Midwest and West
Ready for some world class football (soccer for the North Americans).
Sources on Native North Americans &LGBT or "Two Spirit" people who were considered sacred. I need to do some reading!
After this holiday there's going to be a 2 million console swing in North America anyway. Can't fool Americans forever, ask Barack
Guess what guys.the North had slaves too, and African Americans owned slaves too. The confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery
Americans clamouring for war with China,Russia, Iran, North Korea etc, must be reminded that their president is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
You North Americans value the takedown far too highly. Chad won the first round? Nahhh.
What we learnt from fans are the best,don't care to spend to support fellow countryman,North Americans do. Good job to Connor!
"up north we are more refined and serious Latin Americans are opportunists and too carefree" - MY COUSIN A LATINX LIVIN IN CANADA
You know when Americans call refer to Africa like a single country? That's how she seems to view The North. It's embarassing
See also: Liverpool Tate. Does she think that The North is all one tiny place like Americans think Africa's a country?
how far their country benefits from migrating to the north," says the author. It is what Americans and the Mexican elite have in
Maybe because the people in UK are less fun than North Americans? xD
It's good to welcome West Europeans and North Americans. But let's find out what other people fancy and how we can make them visit.
How cleaner butts can get us to a cleaner planet. via
The North, the South and the British before them. Mostly the British. But Americans don't like to talk about that for some reason.
Dr. King spoke out against the genocide of Native Americans » peoplesworld Racial Superiority in …
The Lost Airfields of the Americans in the North Pacific
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we know Ward is unbeatable by Americans. The question is is he unbeatable by all North Americans.
A really great read. North Americans should know this story.
Canada and USA in the finals of the world championships? I hope so! North Americans rule Europeans Drool
Well, North Americans anyways (two heroes in berries are Canadian and British).
For you North Americans-"Le Mans" is on TCM right now. That is all.: For you North Am...
"slavery…no period of mourning & deep reconciliation.north & south reconciled @ the EXPENSE of African AMericans thru segregation"
you Americans are a little odd. We've cities, towns, villages, and hamlets north of the medicine line.
"Burnt" can be interchanged with "burned" outside of North America. Americans use "burnt" almost exclusively as an adj. Rly? Cc
Thanks. And how do North Americans (of all immigrant backgrounds) 'rank' since North America was first colonised?
yes, and grown North Americans who want to convert kilos to lbs lol
Toli was No YUO R THICKY bum. North Americans on Her Majesty s advice Stop hiding behind the 14th by now you or rather phenomenal.
Like, does this happen between britons and North Americans?. French and Canadians? Portuguese and Brazilians? Probably yes but not that much.
Wish I was back at my hometown to be at the gathering of nations! North Americans largest pow wow!
First off Europeans took North America from native Americans second of all Europeans forced Africans to come here as slaves .
"The whole North & West is populated with African Americans who fled as refugees from terror." htt…
People of the Earth (The First North Americans series, Book 3) by Gear, W. Mich
all the North Americans are flagging and the Europeans are still asleep.
Compared to North Americans, people in South East Asia are 20 times more likely to have cardiovascular disease
We have been brainwashed to think: slavery = African. South Americans are North America's current slaves.
A wonderful article on how kids learn. World perspective shows we North Americans and out "data" are outliers.
wow this looks like Americans trapped in North Korea! Are the riot cops banging their sticks?!
Question for you North Americans: is hockey free to watch on TV over there?
Tell the North Carolina Board of Elections to Investigate Americans for Prosperity
I've always been fascinated by the kinds of problems North Americans are consumed by. The dichotomy of global issues is very interesting. 💭
Calling all Americans: Cdn gov't to lure more U.S. travellers north .
subrun jamelon my fellow North Americans 😅😅
TPP trade deal is bad news for most Americans: This agreement makes the North American Free Trade Agreement lo...
I wonder who is rescuing and evacuating all the North Americans trapped in Yemen... Hmm. Oh. That's awkward:
Can you repost the 22Things re Avengers-Ultron again next week for the deprived North Americans who are STILL waiting for it?
This North Carolina history museums continually refers to native Americans as Indians and it makes me so grumpy
CNN/ORC poll: Americans see ISIS as a bigger threat than Iran, Russia, North Korea or China.
. Plenty of evidence First Nation & Native Americans have lived in North & South America for 20,000-30,000 years.
My fellow North Americans! Series one of begins on and tomorrow...15 April.No scr…
great picture of North Americans with Passive House pioneer honoree, Harold Orr, & Wolfgang Feist
"58% of North Americans play video games, and 45% of those gamers are women"
150 number North Americans killed by televisions tipping over every year. 2 killed by wolves in 100 yrs. Facts …
To those who fought in Gallipoli, the only North Americans, I remember you today.
No pope it just seems to be North Americans. Also doesn't limit influence to the church--(like Tebow)
According to a recent survey, 30% of North Americans do not consider the English language as their native language.
Why don't North Americans refer to the U.S. Civil War as a revolution? Why don't we consider the Mexican Revolution a civil war?
So, tells me that North Americans don't have kettles in your kitchens?! Is that true, my North American friends?
Even my Republican grandfather (William Koster), when he was a prisoner of Castro in 1958--before the revolution's success--believed that we should treat the Cuban people as a country seeking a new beginning as a country without an American puppet/dictator. This was well before the ultimately totalitarian-ish regime the Castros established with the aid of Moscow--after being refused aid by, and relations with, the U.S. government Below is a NYTimes article about his captivity and release, and how well the Castros treated him and his fellow prisoners. My grandfather struck up a particular friendship with Raul Castro. The New York Times July 3, 1958 - Page 1 5 North Americans Freed By Cuban Rebel Captors 4 U.S. Mining Men and Canadian Flown to Guantanamo Base--Castro Is Said to Plan Release of All Men Held By Peter Kihss Special to The New York Times GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, July 2--The Cuban rebels released five kidnapped North Americans today. Those freed included four United States citizens and a Canadian . ...
A good-neighborly, Technicolor whimsey that has made Gretchen Carlson one of South America's favorite North Americans.
Christmas at Downton special! (Though we North Americans will have to wait until next year to see it)
What if? We already know that his story is a big assed lie. From the origins of North Americans aborigines, slavery and the theft of black lands, to the lie about the pilgrims. America is built on a host of big *** lies.
were quickly recognized by native North Americans for their medicinal properties.
Well..tell that to the native North Americans killed by hordes of European immigrants & invaders.
Ant And Cameron goes mental. Aro. Indian desert of North Americans on.
Appreciated, but that wasn't my point! Any idea who committed GENOCIDE against 20MM native North Americans?
1ST HEALTH ACAI BERRY JUICE *Featured at ABS CBN's Salamat Dok ;-) The ACai berry possessed scientific qualities that no other fruit can claim. It has the protein profile like an egg, calcium profile like the milk, 10 times more anti-oxidants than red wine, has omega oils compared to that of virgin olive oil, and has more than 56 nutrients and vitamins on that rich Acai berry. Research shows That the acai berry is packed with nutritional value, including healthy fats, fiber along with low gylcemic index. That’s why it is no surprise that Acai berry is considered as the No.1 SUPERFOOD IN THE WORLD. The ACAI berry has the strength, energy, richness just like the Amazon where it came from. Recently discovered by Brazilian elites and North Americans for its unprecedented nutritional value and the health benefits it has provided to the natives in Brazil. Heralded as the No. 1 Superfood in the World by Dr Nicolas Periccone, Dr Ozz (both Anti-aging experts in US), world class athletes Christian Slater, celebri ...
THIS--> MT If you want 100% safety for North Americans from the answer is to stop epidemic in West Africa.
Eighth throwback takes us back to Turnagain pass, Alaska and RuffRiders 3! Daniel Bodin showed not only the North Americans but the world of what can be done with a snowmobile, he broke the world record with this 147feet(45m) Back-flip! :)
The Small Business Administration (SBA) says that 48% of North Americans dream is to become an entrepreneur
2nd Total Lunar Eclipse Of Year Coming Up Wed.: If the skies are clear, North Americans will have prime viewin...
If you are one of the more than 12 million North Americans who suffers from sleep apnea, Dr. Jero...
DTN Korean News: North Korea to judge detained American September 14: , one of three Americans detained in Nor...
I wonder what North American culture would be like today if Europe never settled it and the Native Americans continued on undisturbed
...but we North Americans don't like to talk about stuff like that, cause we are really special, doesn't fit the narrative :)
Iran forces plane carrying Americans to land:
Americans detained in North Korea call for US hel
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Three and Out: Virginia Tech swarms and stuns Ohio State in Columbus - and Out: Virginia Tech swarms and stu...
One of the three held captive in . appears on 14 Sept. for a North Korean court.
why you people hate north Koreans . Americans are killing people every where in the world not north Koreans
why are the Americans that are held captive in North Korea so stupid ugh
Here is a few pics of my progress leading up to the North Americans
Why would you even go to North Korea knowing they don't like Americans? ***
3 Americans detained in N Korea including Christian Kenneth Bae ask US for help for release
Kenneth Bae, an American missionary detained by North Korea, asked for prayers: ^sk
Don't think all these docus by Americans give you right picture of North Korea. Need to see something by non-Americans.
94-year-old WWII vet was one of the first African-Americans allowed to join the Marine Corps
Jeff Grange takes control of Viper 640 North Americans after first day
Americans detained in North Korea call for US he
North will put a detained US citizen ( who is 1 of 3 Americans being held in North Korea ) on trial on September 14
your defense is inferior to North Korea. How is Tbilsi helping you defend the Americans hostaged in N Korea?
How do you expect to be a leader of the free world with Americans hostaged in North Korea?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Your defense of the 3 Americans held hostage in North Korea with CIA needs to be resigned.
Forget Georgia, You have 3 Americans Hostage in North Korea: What Defense is that?
In '06 w/ Bush's "Jobs Americans Won't Do," every day, north of Phoenix, I was letting in 2,400 Illegals to build houses
Avast! 3 Americans detained in North Korea plead for help
Hard for me to feel bad for these Americans held ISIS, North Korea, etc. Did you rly not know the dangers before? Feel awful for familes tho
Representing and Resisting Violence: African Americans, North African "Pirates," & Violence in the Early...
Aug 31, North Americans love fast food, but not instant coffee.
Three and Out: Everett Golson dazzles in Notre Dame’s shutout of Michigan - and Out: Everett Golson dazzles ...
Three and Out: Oregon rolls in second half to overwhelm Michigan State - and Out: Oregon rolls in second hal...
" Washington has advised Americans against traveling to North Korea. " ... No problem!
DO SOMETHING! American Detained Face Trial Sunday: Matthew Miller, one of three Americans detained...
North Korea announces trial for one of three held Americans - but still won't say ... - Daily Mail
Matthew Todd Miller, one of 3 Americans held in North faces Sept. 14 "judgment:"
North Korea using U.S. men as pawns?
Detained American in North Korea gets trial date
Google News: How North Korea may be using US detainees as 'bargaining chips' - CNN | |
Three and Out: USC outlasts Stanford in game full of missed opportunities - and Out: USC outlasts Stanford i...
Americans held by North Korea implore U.S. to send an envoy soon - In a...
I didn't realize we had a problem with Central Americans crossing the border ? Mexico is in North America ...
North Korea announces trial date for detained American: SEOUL: Matthew Miller, one of three detained Americans...
My lady is FINALLY nationally qualified! So freaking proud of her and can't wait for North Americans next year 😍😍
Matthew Miller, one of three detained Americans in North Korea, will face trial next week, a short statement...
American Detained in North Korea to Face Trial Next Sunday: Matthew Miller, one of three Americans detained by...
Congratulations to Nicolette on her win at North Americans! Also very proud of Adela Garcia for seeking out great talent and sharing her wisdom with these young competitors. Veterans like Adela are what keep the NPC and IFBB such a strong organization to be a part of!
Was a great weekend for Team Trout! Thanks Shawn Phillips & Johnny Miller for trusting in me! Shawn winning the overall at the NPC Central Texas & Johnny taking second at the IFBB North Americans. You guys are GREAT!!!
Is it Groundhog Day? Nope just another day of prep lol half way to Pitt for North Americans, still on my grind...
Sabras and slap shots: North Americans bring hockey know-how to Israel - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Back to NC after a great 5 days in Racine WI for the U20 North Americans. Thanks to Tom Lawton for his awesome teamwork and great sense of humor. Wish we could have hung on to our 1st place standing after day 1, but 3rd is very satisfying, and a good testament to the longevity of our 4 year old Doyle Boston sails. Thanks to all the U20 teams that came to Racine from across the country. And congratulations to Mark Allen for winning the regatta!
the Japanese are so all in about whatever they're doing vs North Americans feel so half assed everything
We do not like to think about this, in the US, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both completely unnecessary bombings due to the fact Japan was already falling apart, remain as the most outstanding of all acts of terrorism committed in recent history while ranking with the worst of all time. Terrorism is not a word, it is an action of violence perpetrated against innocent people, most often including being indiscriminate in nature... women, children, old people...etc... Anyone who believes the two atomic bomb attacks were not acts of terrorism, displays of the magnitude of our killing technology and of our willingness to slaughter hundreds of thousands indiscriminately... should rethink what terrorism is. Still, many North Americans think of terrorism as being some sort of foreign problem... typical of other cultures. well... wrong. "Japan already had been defeated militarily by June 1945. Almost nothing was left of the once mighty Imperial Navy, and Japan's air force had been all but totally dest . ...
Getting ready to go to Nova Scotia for the North Americans leaving Saturday
Reality Check (Courtesy Kunal Chattopadhyay) The Israeli attacks on Palestinians are being portrayed by the Western media as defensive actions. It is claimed that had Hamas not been an Islamic fundamentalist organisation dedicated to the destruction of Israel, such things would not have happened. The following facts therefore bear understanding: 1. The state of Israel was created by the United Nations at a time when the Arabs had no voices. Once oil was discovered in West Asia and North Africa, the western imperialist powers were determined to keep a stranglehold on the region. Britain’s Balfour's declaration of 1917 supported the creation of a Zionist state, at a time when very few people globally supported Zionism. Subsequently the UN, dominated by Europeans and North Americans, decided that the genocide on Jews in Europe should be expiated by creating a “Homeland” for the Jews, who had been living in Europe all this while, in West Asia, by carving out a territory. The Zionist movement’s slogan ...
I had a nice week of eating nothing but junk food, lol. Now it's time to get serious again . Alil over 7 weeks out from North Americans . Going to come in with a even sicker package this time . No photo updates on here or IG. Keeping everything covered up during my whole prep , hoody and thermals .. let's go!!
Did you know that 4 out of 5 North Americans drink tea. It's the most consumed beverage next to water!! By 2015, speciality tea sales are expected to reach $15 billion in North America. Will you be earning a portion of that profit? We specialize in all NATURAL loose leaf tea. We have over 80 different blends and carry some of the most amazing accessories!! 2 years ago we were on Dragons Den and we welcomed Jim Treliving and David Chilton to this amazing company! Jim Treliving said it was the best deal he's ever made!! If your looking for a great company to be a part of where you can earn some extra money, this company can help you accomplish whatever goal you may have! If you would like more information, to shop or to sign up please message me or take a look at my website ~Happy Sipping~
North Americans. All South and Central Americans uses the correct form "football".
Girls are being bought and sold in Africa as we speak yet more North Americans care about Kim Kardashian's dress.
5/26/14 (Mon) THE PRECIOUS BOOK 2 Timothy 3:14-17 "The Holy Scriptures ... are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus." —2 Timothy 3:15 If you have spent time in any of the major bookstores in North America, you will have noticed the large number of cookbooks available to browse and purchase. There are literally hundreds of choices. You can learn about healthy cooking, exotic ethnic cuisines, and dishes you can prepare in fewer than 10 minutes—all with appetizing illustrations! Major bookstores in North America also carry Bibles. The selection isn't as extensive as the cookbook section, but it is often plentiful. North Americans are privileged to have a choice of different translations, editions, and commentaries. In other countries and languages Christians can only dream of such variety. I know some great chefs who have never owned a cookbook. They've committed their favorite recipes to memory. Or they improvise while they cook. But I don't know of a single Christian who c ...
If the celestial oddsmakers are right, North Americans will be treated to an impressive — and brand-new — meteor shower early on the morning of May 24th.
The only thing we need to be concerned about is North Americans observing Ramadan in the ME, contracting MERS and bringing it to Canada
I hate that Canada shares North America with the Americans because American people are so cruel
Because North Americans are already fat. :p
implement Obamacare to save your lives and dignity dear south relative Americans. Canada leads the way cast your glance up north
North Americans vs the rest of the world [may be hard to group] ;-)
The Free White Persons of the United States North America/Al Moroc are the Moorish Americans
now that the Spain countdown is winding down, my tolerance for ignorant North Americans is running at an all time low 👋👋
**slow clap for all of the Americans residing in South Virginia which is north of Virginia
Frustrating listening to North Americans complain about not having apartments with dish washers.
.. illiteracy in North America is epidemic. There are 7 million illiterate Americans.
a very large percentage of Americans are so dumb they can't find U.S. on a map of North America or FL on map of US
Depends if you talks about American as USA or just North/South-Americans. Mikkel Diskerud is probably the best USA?
Smart Grid: The grid attack that could kill 9 out of 10 Americans (and North Korea is capable)
North Americans demonstrated the biggest surge in optimism about improving job prospects in Q1.
techincally Canadians are Americans. North & South America encompass a lot of nations.
please don't change the rules of this game?! The North Americans already ruined it by calling it soccer! No more please!!!
The fact that most North Americans would put more effort into saving 1 dog than multiple human lives gets me so rattled sometimes.
OH: For North Americans, listening is the act of waiting to speak.
Canadian invasion! Welcome Mississauga Swimming to Malmö. Always fun to have fellow North Americans in Sweden.
HELLO North AmericanS AND CANADIANS FANS! P9 is coming to you! Answer this survey to tell them where you want P9!
Safe Summer Travel Tips: When traveling, what % of North Americans use door/window locks as their only means of home security?
I mean North West was weird enough but Future? LMAO Americans won't kill me.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Go in-depth with as North Americans can now watch Grounded on Free: http:…
That's very English though. That's how we North Americans picture you guys.
congrats from myself & would you be interested in being a guest on our podcast? Talk KHL & other North Americans
NC conservatives try to repeal RPS Even though NC's largest utility has long supported the law
"By 2050, according to Yancey [a sociologist at the University of North Texas], most Latino/as and Asian Americans will be white."
but anyone who thinks chinese, or most Asian cultures, actually think themselves inferior to white North Americans? not a chance. 8/
I only ate them about 5 minutes ago & I feel like the world is suddenly made of glitter. What the *** do North Americans put in their food?
(It's most of the North Americans at GDS, and we'd be super excited to hear more about your plans.)
It can't get any dumber than North Americans!!! :o).
Americans for Prosperity Foundation starts statewide ad campaign
"Europeans are generally more attuned to global warming issues than North Americans and are more desirous of doing something about it"
Evangelists from the global south are targeting Americans & Europeans they say are ripe for Christian renewal
Also, how dare North Americans and other Europeans judge UK Chewheads? lol u lot pay over $70 for a piece. Now, WHO HAS THE PROBLEM?!
Remember the Americans got so offended when I called them Yanks cause of the whole north/south thing but really we just call them all yanks
sadly this is only for North Americans :(
New Dunkin Donuts in Cambridge filled with homesick North Americans - Boston Creme and Glazed, for the record...
"They share a resistance to North Americans and Europeans telling them what is good for them."
While & fight so save bile bears in Asia, mindless, in bred Americans are slaughtering bears in North America!
Netflix is a prime-time bandwidth hog - North Americans are watching way more video away from their sets —...
( ) Native Americans not your mascots: I once wondered why we indigenous peoples of North Ame...
Ever wonder why North Americans put such an emphasis on physical activity in education and as an extra-curricular... http:/…
Flash Gordon came in second by one point in the Farr 40 North Americans in California. Norman Berge, from Boyne City, was a crew member. Nice Job Norm!
Morning all, it may be Saturday but we will have a little history as there won't be a lesson tomorrow... On this day in 1773, the Tea Act was passed, designed to help give the British East India Company a monopoly on the tea trade in the American colonies, and also ensure the North Americans paid taxes to the British government. It would lead to the Boston Tea Party, where American rebels dumped tea into the harbour from cargo ships, and the underlying principle of taxation without representation would result in the American Wars of Independence. Today the League One play-offs begin, so come in to the Neptune and see if either Peterborough, Leyton Orient, Preston or Rotherham can get off to a flyer in their quest for independence from that division. Games are at 12:15 and 5:15, followed by York City v Fleetwood in League Two at 7:30. Then it's all about the Rams tomorrow...
it took 2 days to get it right. the SUNFm Nearly impossible question... Q: what do 41% of North Americans ignore when it happens? A: Food recalls Thursday at 7:15 with the right answer win 2 tickets to Ron James, "Take no prisoners"tour at Cowichan theatre, Mothers day May 11.
"North Americans account for less than a sixteenth of the world's people, but more than a third of their we…
though would be sick to start a noise band with Heinrich and in Pslope
took me a while to process this one but I bet J Wall has a sick vid game set up. def tinder babes and game out
. would u rthr pay $500/mo 2 live w/ J. Wall in a PH in DC and have to do his dishes or with Heinrich for 0$ in Park Slope?
yeah thats my B. im going to change that - ill do it sunday as to not effect the scoring mid week. PRO EMAIL coming
Meet the Four Americans Who Defected to North Korea in the 1960s
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no one should have to lose to el pulpo. I punted in four categories bc I didn't have a deep pitching bench. rookie mistake
IM HOARDING PITCHERS BRO GET AT ME IN LIKE 5 MONTHS and ill toss you some pitchers for crisp coldies
TV has made ordinary North Americans extremely violent!
Why would anyone defect to North Korea? Meet the 4 Americans who’ve done it: writes,
789% more North Americans follow Stats Britain than Britons do.
us North Americans know everything about kik
I liked a video from North America For Americans Only?
I added a video to a playlist North America For Americans Only?
Why tf are we called North Americans .. Americans should be called South Canadians.
I want to support you guys but I can't! North Americans either gets things last or nothing at all.
North Americans arent used to seeing penguins in public. ;)
5sos need to stop rubbing the ep release bc us North Americans are about to go into a depression
Jay Z must not know lacrosse started as a cross country war game for indigenous North Americans. Nothing soft about it.
Looks like has written a fantastic post about Native Americans in SFF on
MONDAY with Pastor Cliff - Harvest: Some time back, on a Sunday morning, I spoke about ‘Sharing.’ I quoted from Luke 10:2 and received a question: Is there a problem with sharing? According to those folks who count, most North Americans have no affiliation with any church or religious group. That does not mean that all of these people are without Christ. However, it does mean there is an opportunity to share the Gospel with people who are open to hear your story about Jesus. That verse in Luke 10 tells us there is a great harvest, but only a few workers. Those of us involved in a church believe in God, but so do so many other people in North America. There is a difference in believing IN God and believing God. Countless people I visit with are good people who say they know God and love Him but their lives show no evidence that they believe God. Believing God is staking your whole life in God. When you believe God there is a life change that happens - you trust God completely for guidance and yo ...
you do realise how many North Americans potentially qualify for EU passports, right?
"Unusual" to most North Americans but a tasty treat served by street vendors from Korea south through Malaysia.
this is a consequence not a justification - like saying North Americans no longer hunt buffalo so do not need their homelands
Did you know that North Americans and Northern Europeans like wider personal spaces than Latin Americans, the French, and Arab nations?
read this article regarding what many North Americans think about Easter. It's a real wake up call. https:/…
Jesus... My brother is going to North Korea. He was invited to lead a business envoy into a place where no Americans are allowed.. ❤️❤️
yes what North Americans call yams those are also called sweet potatoes
Ha, happy holidays says the North Americans!
CEO OF 1Gb sec internet and context OF North Americans on release quietly pretending they could use That kicked this room OF spiced.
Why do Canadians find it hard to believe we Americans know about the doings up north? Yes I like hockey and I've heard or Tim Hortons..
what are you North Americans smoking?
Us North Americans wanna keep you here. ;)
Amerks Lose Regular Season Finale: The Rochester Americans made their way North to take on the Toronto Marlies in...
The North Americans are hating us and I don't see reason for this, since we are relishing the chance to see just as they have done
John Heiser: "I used to be against the death penalty. I now believe that destruction of habitat such as depicted about, as well as killing endangered species, flora or fauna, as well as endangered habitat, should be a capital crime. If corporations have free speech, then they should also be subject to punishment for capital crimes. {I never thought that my heart would turn so cold..., I just don't know how else to stop them. We have already lost so much. Jina just told me that in Malaysia, the pangolins are almost wiped out because old rich Chinese guys think that eating them will give them a *** . The list of plants and animals that allegedly do that is so long. Snakes are cut at the table so that their fresh blood can be drunk... They are of course than killed and cooked. So many rare and endangered animals from North America and Africa are dying so that they can end up on some rich 'Towkai's table... Of course it is happening in Eurasia and S.America as well. The game wardens are being killed by ...
Website Builder 728x90
I thought it was used only for North Americans
North Americans don't understand... that our country is not just Cuba; our country is also humanity. - Fidel
When will I learn that "European sizing" means "fatso North Americans used to vanity sizing should start one size higher".
Finally got around to watching Salt, brilliant! North Korean *** Russians v Americans and Angelina Jolie, what more could you want?!
'Coca: the divine plant of the Incas' from 1911 pharmaceutical review - Popayan, San Agustin via
Really, Annette? Proof that most North Americans don't support goons?
Missing 411-Western United States & Canada: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never...
Man I love it when you North Americans have early afternoon games. It's 8pm here and still light! Magic.
Just a few Mesopotamian animals. Irrelevant to us North Americans.
North Korea is perfect for Americans via
Wonder why Americans think were dumb? Drop a sentence fragment like "We the north" in an American league..
yea but it's not north v south. It's lawless anti-govt v Americans. So much racist cuz of POTUS bein AA
Just found the ol' Sega 16 bit Mega Drive (Sega Genesis to North Americans)
North Americans! You can get a Tegan and Sara t-shirt I did the art for as a exclusive.
At the 11th International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba, a gathering of North Americans proposed putting together the first North American Permaculture Convergence.
Thank goodness we have Ted Cruz fighting for North America. So what if he is from Canada he is more American than most Americans
Let's hear it for our North Americans!! Woot! 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
Americans really aren't allowed to complain about gas prices :) equivalent rate here in .au is north of $5.70/gal
Via Oliver North and ‘The Americans’: Liberals freak out after a TV show set...
North Americans on iPhone 5 fibre. There is extraordinarily powerful.
Too bad for us North Americans Mother's Day is in May.
Hatred of US is central to North Korean indoctrination, propaganda. Most NKs believe Americans are ready to invade.
I was checking out tonight and as weird as it may sound to us North Americans, there is underwater hockey:
These guys looked like they were at war with Americans instead of another country. Iran, north Korea, Russia, China.
'CLOSE OBSERVERS OF HISTORY' HATE OLLIE NORTH - Brent Bozell, Page 1 ~Ollie is an American patriot to many Americans!
Aussies also pay more for their cars than North Americans do. New Mazda 3 costs approxinately the same $15,999 in Canada/USA
A reminder to North Americans: you can buy The Web of Fear on DVD as of this Tuesday! SRP is $19.98US. This is thanks to
Looking at brackets for wildcard qualifier. Proud of the North Americans that made it to the ro16.
Scandinavian counties to Americans. Norway- The North Pole. Sweden- Sweeten; somewhere in Europe. Denmark- in Colorado. Finland- Fish Country
that's true. I'm not saying I dislike Draistal I'm just saying Burke often prefers North Americans over Euros.
I'm not sure North Americans quite understand... Froch Groves II is going to sell EIGHTY THOUSAND TICKETS
Just realised that two Americans polled think Ukraine was floating in North Sea just off the east coast of Scotland!
A desert is not what you’d expect to find when you move an hour north of New York City. But that’s exactly what...
Russians laugh at him Iran mocks him Syria uses him North Korea ignors him China is robbing him and Americans are embaressed by him
Good Morning Tea Party Christians. Just brushing up on my history: The Dark Ages The Inquisition 7 Holy Wars Salem Witch Trials Slaughter of North Americans Slaughter of South Americans NAZISM Promotion of an Apartheid Promotion of Uganda's Kill the *** Bill Promotion of Russias horrific *** laws Christianity is far from "clean" when it comes to sick oppression and slaughter
The good news? A vastly slowed down metabolism isn’t inevitable, he says. It only occurs because North Americans tend to become far less physically active over the course of their lives. In fact, research shows that people who preserve their physical activity levels throughout their lifetime can expect to see only a 0.3% metabolic decline per decade. This is a huge difference, Berardi tells WebMD -- only a 1% to 2% total drop over a person’s lifetime. To increase your metabolism -- and keep it humming -- practice the following habits: Build some brawn. Putting on just 5 to 10 pounds of lean muscle mass will rev up your resting metabolism -- the number of calories your body burns to maintain life -- by roughly 100 calories, each and every day, Berardi says. Burn, baby, burn. Maximize the calories you burn after exercise by integrating high intensity intervals into your workout. Alternate 3 minutes of moderate intensity running or biking with 30 seconds of all-out effort. You’ll burn another 100 to 2 ...
Tonight, the year's first total lunar eclipse. North Americans have best viewing; 2 AM EST. GRAB YOUR BINOCULARS!
In the legends of native North Americans, the thunderbird is a powerful spirit in the form of a bird. Lightning flashes from its beak, and the beating of its wings is creates the thunder. It is often portrayed with an extra head on its abdomen. The majestic thunderbird is often accompanied by lesser bird spirits, frequently in the form of eagles or falcons. The thunderbird petroglyph symbol has been found across Canada and the United States. Evidence of similar figures has been found throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. The following was written by Steve Mizrach Thunderbird and Trickster Introduction The Thunderbird is one of the few cross-cultural elements of Native North American mythology. He is found not just among Plains Indians, but also among Pacific Northwest and Northeastern tribes. He has also become quite a bit of an icon for non-Indians, since he has also had the honor of having automobiles, liquors, and even a United States Air Force squadron named after him. Totems bearing his representation ...
you know there’s a history of st. Lawrence native North Americans who built Manhattan with seemingly impervious fear of heights?
Hooded Mergansers are native North Americans. Wild in Dublin, however, there are escapees.
Do the Japanese have summer breaks like North Americans?
Hello my name is John LaPierre, I am in the process of putting together a social enterprise business in Saint John NB Canada. My mission statement is as follows: Mission statement I am seeking to create employment for disadvantaged New Brunswickers, Canadians, North Americans and so on including: • recovering addicts (addiction comes in many forms) • persons with mental or physical issues • persons reintegrating back into society Respecting the environment is a key component of this social enterprise. Through several forms of recycling, the goal is to create usable products such as building materials, recyclable metals and other recyclable products from the deconstruction and demolition of buildings. Beyond the materials themselves, benefits realized will be diverting waste from landfills and reducing our carbon footprint. If there is any way you could give me assistance it would be greatly appreciated, whether it be helping me with my business model or plan, getting me in touch with investors and . ...
You're right, Spanish found the solution! In France something like North Americans, Central Americans and South Americans, but
SIGNS OF THE TIMES NEWSCAST As Russian troops roll into Crimea, and Russian media promote a total support of invasion, there is a solitary Christian radio station in Moscow taking a different stand. New Life Radio-Moscow is serving as a bridge between Christians in each country, broadcasting 24/7 the good news that God is still on the throne. Broadcasting via satellite and internet, New Life Radio Moscow is providing critical information to its listening audience scattered across Russia's many time zones, and into every Ukrainian community. The station began broadcasting in 1996 and is located in the Red Square. They lost one of their satellite signals due to Kremlin orders and are appealing to North Americans for funding to keep their broadcasting on the air. Go to C R F R (dot) org to donate. According to a report by Amnesty International, homosexuality is illegal in 38 out of 54 countries on the continent of Africa. A notable exception is the country of South Africa. Uganda recently passed a la ...
Culture Vulture (29-06-2006) Canadian singer James Gordon comes to Viet Nam early this month for his first performance in Ha Noi on the occasion of Canada Day on July 1. Based in Guelph, Ontario, James Gordon is known to many North Americans
I love Joe Wright, but I can't say I'm surprised. His idea of diversity = North Americans.
According to a poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center, the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has left North Americans sharply and bitterly divided along ignorant and apathetic lines, with the nation’s citizenry evenly split between grossly misinformed and wholly indifferent factions.
North Americans are in 3 weeks in Feasterville and the Caspers welcome Connor McStravick back into the lineup, along with Charlie Read, Mark Allen, Steve Meade, and George Anderoski. These additions make the Caspers even stronger upfront and a team to be reckon with.
read the definition of Caucasian again North Americans aren't part of it..
Here is a Molotov cocktail for a sports debate and I already know I am getting beaten up for this. Adam Silver dropped a big hint that he will push to raise the minimum age to enter the NBA for North Americans to 20 years old and two years removed from high school in the next CBA. First of all I think it is a good business decsion for the same reason the NFL does so. But as a purely selfish sports fan, I would LOVE to see that rule kick in because it would make college basketball into water cooler discussion worthy, appointment television again. I am watching the Fab Five 30-for-30 right now and I am thinking, "THIS is when college basketball was the BOMB." We can never again have a landscape like that in college basketball without a rule like that in the pros.
Thoughts on the Ukraine from a former IO As North Americans, it's easy for us to love 'Freedom' and get excited when we see people in Ukraine or Syria crave democracy. I, too, have these feelings. I'd like everyone to pause and think about what we would think if we lived in Russia. This 'nation-state empathy' is essential in IOs--we have to look out of the other guys eyes all the time So--if you're Russian, having the EU (which has a military component and is run by the Germans) in Ukraine is roughly the equivalent of Quebec joining the Warsaw Pact. This isn't just about 'economics' or 'freedom'. Powerful nation-states have zones of control that help create the climate of safety and assurance that allow the conditions of diplomacy and trade. Russia is, in fact, less powerful and more insecure than they were twenty years ago--and that's saying something. If you think that we North Americans are immune from these feelings, I'll just mention two words--Cuba, and Quebec. Enough said? I am not advocatin ...
Kristi Rendahl's presentation during ARS Youth Connect Program 2014: Kristi Rendahl's relationship with Armenia began in May of 1997, when she arrived in Yerevan as a fresh college graduate who was ready to change the world (whatever that meant). Since then she has taught piano students, coordinated grassroots efforts to provide affordable housing, researched prospects for agritourism in the country, and worked with some of the most impressive Diasporan Armenian philanthropists, among other endeavors and just plain tourism. Whether talking with the long since established Armenian community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, or meeting Armenians in one of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport bathrooms, Rendahl loves to learn about the Armenian experience. At the ARS Youth Connect Program in 2014, she will discuss the development of the nonprofit / NGO sector in Armenia and contrast it with the assumptions North Americans often unwittingly project on the country. It will provide context for those interested in supporting an ...
North Americans at all interesting. And ... some Europeans, South Americans, Asians, Australians and Kiwis would be great.
So since I am active these days on FB here is my rant. Just want to vent and say to people who want to listen and read and all the journalist or TV propaganda BS. Olympic Games should be about sports, athletes that live and breathe for what they are doing there, and common feeling of sportsmanship and one time in four year where all the nations of the world come together and are willing to put politics and everything else aside and just enjoy it. But for God sake why would we allow to be just that. We ( especially) North Americans have to talk about politics, Putin, poverty in Russia, injustice done to *** , corruption and everything wrong in Russia and all of that as part of " before" the ceremony program. So I am excising my freedom of speech and asking to all those guys and respected journalist to answer the simple question why they have been fed with this propaganda and did they do their homework before speaking ugly about somebody else. So dear Peter Mansbridge : how many poor people is in Cana ...
Today will be an exciting day! I'm off to meet other North Americans heading off to the University of Edinburgh in September for veterinary school!
At the Kingdom Conference 2014 we are coming together and promoting brotherly unity between Latin Americans and North Americans...moving in the power of ONE! Are you coming? Visit our event page and let us know!
.Is the Jofa influence the reason many more European players where Reebok helmets than North Americans do?
And incidentally, cool to be bunched among North Americans. Identity is increasingly cultural on the interweb (I'm European)
There's not just hungry Africans we can be fed to, there's hungry Asians, Europeans, even North Americans. Cmon get more creative than that
Why are South Africans so intent on imitating the North Americans? Some authenticity would be much appreciated.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Shockingly enough, nearly 57% of North Americans had unused vacation time at the end of 2013. In fact social studies have shown that around 40% of employees in North America feel too guilty, stressed or anxious to actually ask their boss for a day off. Amazingly most...
Liberal politicians, liberal columnists, and liberal readers find that their worldview is being abandoned by most North Americans. Nothing that liberals do seems to work anymore. A recent article in New York magazine on New York Times economist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman is indicative of the collapse of liberalism. The article is called "What's Left of the Left?" When you finish the article, you get the idea that not much is left of the Left. President Obama has generally ignored Krugman and the five other Keynesian economists who consulted with him recently. The article gives the impression that Krugman knows that he is one of the last men standing. He is standing in the gap, but the gap at this point is $1.6 trillion a year.
Recently I obtained a copy of Tricontinental magazine issue 67, October 1971. This issue was dedicated to the memory of Che and is full of lengthy excerpts from Che's speeches, articles, and essays, and has various pictures of Che and different peoples fighting and protesting.   As many people may not know Tricontinental was very popular in the late 1960s until the late 1970s, was distributed around the world, and helped promote the Cuban Revolution, anti-colonial revolts (theory and practice), and armed struggle in general, especially among North Americans.   What is particularly interesting about this issue is that I came across a sentence in the last article, an excerpt from Che's speech to the International Brigades of Voluntary Work on Sept 30, 1960. Specifically Che said: "What I can tell you is that the Cuban conditions under imperialist oppression and under the oppression of its internal puppets, left the Cuban people no solution other than the voice of guns."   This of course immedi ...
Turns out China isn't just making cheap T-shirts and keychains for North Americans — it's making pollution for them, too.
North Americans this weekend and SWC Miami next weekend/week... May the stress control begin...
The air pollution in Chinese cities is legendary; when I was there recently you could barely see across Tiananmen Square. The traffic is like none North Americans have ever seen as well; Six rings of highways in Beijing, every road completely jammed with cars at all hours of the day. Then there is the problem of parking all those cars, there is just nowhere to put them all. That's why this car sharing system from Kandi Technologies Group makes so much sense. KTG makes a little Smart-car like electric car that can go 75 miles at up to 50 MPH. They store the cars in giant vertical vending machines that deliver the car on demand. They rent for $3.25 per hour. It is modelled after Hangzhou's bike share system, the largest in the world. People aspire to an enclosed vehicle that can carry their families and stuff safely instead of piling on to scooters. The cities are dense enough to support vending machines close enough to where people live.
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