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North Alabama

North Alabama is a region of the U.S.

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I have never been so scared like I was tonight when the storm came through, and the big oak tree came crashing down on my moms house. Thank God for his protection over us.
if you see your school:. South. West Alabama. Tuskeegee. Auburn. UA. A&M. ASU. Jax State. Wallace State. Shelton State. North …
FRONTAL LOW IN THE NORTHEAST COAST OF THE United States ... TROPICAL WAVE OVER THE VIRGIN ISLANDS ... TROUGH IN UPPER LEVEL CONTINUES ON CUBA The frontal trough has been detectec on the northeast coast of the United States, about Philadelfia, an associated cold front extends to the southwest, then west and west / northwest ... A band of showers and thunderstorms associated with the cold front appears on Virginia, North and South Carolina, Atlanta, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas ... On the other hand, a new tropical wave was located in the Virgin Islands, most activity of cloud and rainshowers of this system is located well away in the Caribbean Sea, is moving westward between between 15 and 24 kph, and is likely this traveling around the Caribbean sector in the next three days . On another. the upper trough, is located in the west-central Cuba moving slowly westward ... The satellite images indicating showers and thunderstorms are well focused on the center of The Bahamas ... The most important weathe ...
Another epic day in the Rockies: Bounced out of Sheridan, Wyoming and jumped the border into Montana. I toured Little Bighorn Battlefield. A Park Ranger (also a member of the Crow people) gave a wonderful talk about the battle and the events leading up to it. I learned that Custer had two bullet wounds (left shoulder and left temple) and fell at the top of last stand hill. His two brothers, a nephew, and a brother-in-law all died in the battle as well. Next, I drove back to Wyoming and turned west at Ranchester to scale the Bighorn range. The Bighorn is a geo-nerds dream: it has an almost complete rock record from the precambrian to the present day (lacks the silurian, miocene and pliocene). Several of the formations are marked on the road. The best part was the summit. I took a stroll at 10,000 feet to Medicine Wheel, a stone circle perched near the western edge of the mountain top. The view was spectacular. The wheel was surrounded by a wooden fence festooned with pieces of cloth, feathers, little pouch ...
Did I mention that my Hubby got me Speedy Pig Restaurant for lunch!?! Oh how I have missed their yummy chicken fingers, fries and special sauce!
1) thunder storms that do NOT turn into tornadoes 2) cheesy enchilada soup 3) cool house on a hot day 4) diet coke 5) all y'all =) My five thankfuls for today...
Joshua Katz, from North Carolina State University has created a series of 120 dialect maps covering the United States. Your carbonated beverage is a “soda” in Florida and California, in Oregon it’s “pop” and in Alabama they call it all “coke.” His maps are so cool they’ve gone viral.
If anyone knows of anyone that does livestock transport please let me know. There is a 3 month old colt in Ohio that needs a ride to North Alabama, if I can't find him a ride reasonably priced he will be put down. He's not healthy enough to be a race horse but I think he deserves a chance to be loved by my 12 year old daughter.
Top 5 names in college football today 5. last name court first name full full back alabama and m 4. jacks, jumping defensive back western kentucky 3. truth, tellthe running back wisconsin 2. mexico, t.j. quarterback north texas 1. wierd, ima wide reciever wyoming
can anyone tell me what stalled the traffic on I 65 around the Clanton, Alabama area for about 40 minute's ?
Is country and western the Same?? Lol trying to explain something to my brother smh
Gil Gerard, Buck Rogers, and Katie Leigh Voice Actor Added to Pensacola Para Con's Lineup Jun 13th 2013 Pensacola Para Con will hold its Anime Convention for on Auguest 17 and 18, 2013 to raise charity funds to be donated to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Pensacola Para Con is the convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, costuming, comics, renaissance, gaming, anime, indie films, paranormal, and much, much more! Pensacola Para Con has grown bigger and better over the past years. There will be a celebrity meet and greet, discussion panels, screenings, demonstrations, workshops, and competitions. People are encouraged to attend investigations at the Pensacola Victorian Inn and Gray House. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Making Strides with Breast Cancer. There will also be a Seville Quarter Zombies, Geeks and Freaks Masquerade Ball. Keep checking back as there more exciting events and special guests are added to the list of events. Some of the gu ...
what time is it in your area? i wanna know where my swaghating homies come from :D ~ Fleet Admiral Tony
It's been suggested that we host a weekend wedding workshop- is that something you would be interested in? If so, when/where?
Had the best time to night. We finally got to meet up with my cousin and her husband before they take off back up North. That's Kansas a good piece from good ole southern Alabama and sweet tea with all the home made fixings. I know they are going to miss that and We are going to miss them a whole lot.
1 more day in Alabama. This was the best training I've ever been through. So happy to be a part of this profession. I must also say that if the rest of us in PA had the same patience, courtesy and general compassion for each other that they do down here, everyone's day would be much more enjoyable.
I have to pause for the weather (we got storms here) and pray for my family and friends in Colorado -dennis
Casa Blanca is the best Mexican restaurant in Huntsville and surrounding area.
I'm still rooting for an Alabama win :) Closely followed by Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, and New Jersey...we shall see what finals night holds soon!
Quite a show in the sky tonight! Line of storms stretched across central Alabama producing 24,000 lightning stokes last 10 minutes. The line of storms will move into the Montgomery, Selma, Prattville, Millbrook, Tallassee, to Auburn area after 10:00 pm and will continue southward. But already all of these areas are seeing lots of lightning. Join us at 10:00 for a radar tour and a look ahead to the weekend on WSFA 12 News at 10:00! Rich Thomas WSFA 12 Weather
Mary Scott Hunter is considering a challenge to Robert Bentley in 2014 for Governor of Alabama. Cool. She might take that one.
Today is June 13. Ten days from now, on the 23rd of June, we start losing daylight. I thought I would remind you so you could be happy, happy, happy.
Apparently I'm too extreme for some people in the bible belt. Well NEWS-FLASH-B!TCH! The worlds changing for the better, with or without you... And I will be *** sure to make an impression, while I'm here.
Just watched Miss USA 2013 Prelims! My fav is Iowa, but I do have a top 13 picked. Best of Luck to all of the ladies this Sunday!
9:08.2 offers. When you are always good to others and love them despite their faults (everyone has them)You will always be repaid. Welcome back to North Alabama-Thank you God
I just got milk from Walgreens for my baby girl get home fixed her a bottle , then I was gonna fix her another smelled funny the milk expired 9 days ago! What is that? Are you kidding me? Then I call and said " hey you need to check your milk it's 9 days outta date" then he says let me get someone who speaks English better ?!?! So I said Spanish is fine and got to meet with the manager in the morning! *** It's nice knowing Spanish in north Cuba I mean Miami !!! What a joke this place is!
I am so blessed to have such a amazing boyfriend i am so thankful Aaron Saucier came into my life ;-)
Anywhere in South Georgia, you can literally walk out of your house, pick up a rock, throw it and hit a Waffle House.
Hubby said I am a country hick. Imagine that! One of my boys drug up an old tub we use to water ponies in and scrubbed and scrubbed it for the ducks! Since I didn't use it for the ducks the kids have been playing in it the last few days. The heat has been killing us here, so I opted for a solar heated bath in my swimsuit instead of a shower after feeding tonight! Me, my shampoo, conditioner & a bar of soap had a blast, especially when I laid back to wet my hair and saw the covering reaching about 40 foot above me of one of my favorite trees! A popcorn tree! My mom always insisted that this persistent little tree be chopped down when she lived here, over and over it was cut even with the azaleas it sprung out of. I hated that! I forbid it being done after she moved about 6 years ago but I did cut the azaleas to the ground under it a year ago and I can not believe how majestic it looks from my redneck bathing tub. I also can't believe how good I feel. It seems that I usually break a sweat when I crawl out o ...
Just got back in da Ham from seeing an old good dear friend and getting my hustle on like old times and boy did it feel good.just like the old Sham and yes he's back ;)
Dear Asheville, North Carolina, here I come so get ready!
North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.Herb's Music Hall come getcha country on! Pickett's Charge acoustic with Bo Brendle at 8pm.Tom Perkins full band at 9:30pm. Plus...a few special guests sittin in with the band.
All of North Alabama is all clear have a great night you guys!!-Cody
Im ready to spend some time with the most handsome fella in north Alabama :)
The federal budget cuts, known as sequestration, are having an impact on a number of industries in North Alabama. As WAFF 48's Diana Crawford reports, that includes motel lodging. Join us for that report on WAFF 48 News at 10.
I say CALIFORNIA...come on nativez wbu..??? Don't think to hard..ayee lol
If you are north of Atlanta you may get some more blasts later tonight. If you are South of Atlanta, stay close to your weather radios as you are most likely in for a long night. The storm system coming out of Alabama has a lot of rotational signatures and high speed straight line winds topping 60 MPH.
Hi fans! Anna is visiting Gulf Shores and they are looking for a restaurant that is a little off the beaten path. Any suggestions?
If you live north of hwy 78, you severe weather of high winds is over. Expected cherry bombs and got lady fingers. From what many (I personally consider him a goober) consider the best Birmingham has to offer: = Thursday Afternoon June 13, 2013 Forecaster: James Spann STORMS FORMING OVER NORTH ALABAMA: A severe thunderstorm watch is up until 7p CT for the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama, along with Cullman County. Showers and storms are forming quickly over the northern half of the state, and we expect those storms to become severe over the next few hours. Storms have the potential to produce large hail, and damaging straight line winds, possibly exceeding 50 mph in many places. It is likely another severe thunderstorm watch will be issued farther to the south soon that will include places like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, and Gadsden. While storms are possible at just about anytime this evening, the main organized band of storms will drop south; they should be along the I-20 corridor in the 5:00-7 ...
Shared by Ferlando Parker If you Think that any Birmingham City School is Deeper than us in Alumni you might want to think again!!! WE ARE PARKER!! I dare you to read this! About Parker High School Birmingham, Alabama-During the school year of 1899 some *** citizens of Birmingham called a historical mass meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to draw up a petition in which Negroes of this city would request the Board of Education to establish a tax supported school for Negroes. Dr. W. R. Pettiford, president of the Alabama Penny Savings Bank, a *** owned financial institution, and Mrs. B. H. Hudson, a cashier of that bank, were the leading spirits in this effort. Dr. Samuel Ullman, chairman of the Board of Education, encouraged the movement and during the summer of 1900, the board established the high school. Upon recommendation of the school superintendent, Dr. J. Herbert Phillips, the Board appointed Arthur Harold Parker to serve as the principal and only teacher of the new school which was to be ...
Two college graduates from Minnesota traveled south to film animal cruelty and dog fighting in Alabama, but what they found in the process was a network of animal…
You may have heard on the news about a southern California man put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and allegedly had (by rough estimate) 100,000 rounds of ammunition stored in his home. The house also featured a secret escape tunnel. My favorite quote from the dimwit television reporter: "Wow! He has about a quarter million machine gun bullets." The headline referred to it as a "massive weapons cache!" By southern California standards someone owning 100,000 rounds would be called "mentally unstable." Just imagine if he lived elsewhere: In Arizona , he'd be called "an avid gun collector." In Arkansas , he'd be called "a novice gun collector." In Utah , he'd be called "moderately well prepared," but they'd probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food. In Texas and Montana , he'd be called "The neighborhood 'Go-To' guy." In Alabama , he'd be called "a likely gubernatorial candidate." In Georgia , he'd be c ...
I maybe crazy since Georgia and much of the country is under storm, tornado, strong winds but I have got ALL of my cats in a safe place but I am watching TV to get weather reports. I had to get them together in one place as fast as I could but am waiting to run into the bathroom and pull pillows and a comforter over me. I AM scared for me and the cats. Two things have caught my attention; 1. Georgia Power has no power 2. my weather reporter has been reading the news from his Smart phone. I am using my wireless computer feature and the battery.YEOW
Just bought gas on Kokomo for 3.90 it is 4.13 in Peru! WTH!?!
DUANE MARTIN'S FATHER: Coach G, (This is long) Gattaca Football was an absolute God Send to my Son Duane (DJ). You were a huge contributor to his recent full scholarship! You particularly have been a close advisor and confidant with recruiting to DJ and me since his junior year in high school. You ALWAYS made yourself available to me, and helped me guide my Son through this whole recruiting process. Your approach to recruiting helped keep my son grounded yet positive on his opportunities. In late May, My son qualified for D1. You immediately set out to get his name to GREAT colleges. IN under a week, DJ got offers and interests from Towson, Bethune Cookman, NC A&T, North Dakota State, South Alabama, Hampton, and many others along with his final choice, Monmouth University. The coaches in NJ and the rest of the country need to take this program more seriously. You are the best bang for the buck in terms of cost. And you are right in our own back yard. You support the player FIRST, and also play competitiv ...
Let's do a roll call!!! Comment with what state your from :)
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It is slowly turning day light out side here. The hurricain has moved south and is hitting my buddy Bob and Lynn. Cherokee County is now saying one person was hurt. No one was killed in this hurricain. This storm line goes all the way from mississippi across Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina into Virginia. There was over 2000 lighting strikes and over 750 strikes in a ten minute period.
I go to school up North--I spend half of the time ardently defending Alabama (NO, we are NOT a bunch of racist homophobes) and half of the time using it as my alibi (why aren't I wearing shoes? ...I'm from Alabama)
Help us spread the word about this opportunity to all 11 states of the Southern Division! Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia!
I wonder if I'm the only one who didn't know this. Growing up in the South as a country girl, I often heard and used the term "BUSH hogging"...even did some if it myself. Apparently that is a Southern term...probably derived from "BUSH hog" brand mowers. Our farmer friends in the north call it "BRUSH hogging"...who knew?!?
I think they moved North Alabama. I'm not doing this again Kenneth Tucker. Your children talk to much
We are back in Alabama! The last 2 days were great! Medieval Times and Six Flags...almost makes me wish we lived over there...but then I saw traffic and decided it wasn't worth it lol
Bad thunderstorms with mild cyclonic activity north of Atlanta. Let your loved ones know they may need to take cover.
We are getting pounded by a torrential downpour. The trees are dancing side-to-side in the wind...looks bad..
Severe thunderstorm watch is over for North Alabama - All of the storms have moved out of the area, and more stable air is moving in from the north.
While I'm worried about this weather for my people in Alabama.tornado warning for North Fulton County. Pretty sure it's going just to the east of me.. Geeez
man we're having South Louisiana heat up in North Alabama today
Good news... a severe weather watch is not expected for North/Central Alabama this evening as the storms have been struggling.
Biography Rich Wingo was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, and graduated from Elkhart Central High School. He came to the University of Alabama in 1974 to attend college. After a successful college football career at Alabama, where he was a member of the famous goal line stand and National Championship team, he played professional football for the Green Bay Packers from 1979-1986. While playing for the Packers he was named MVP in 1979 and NFL Man of the Year in 1982. After retiring from pro football, Rich returned to Alabama as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach from 1987-1989. Rich was the President of AIG-Baker, a commercial development company for 20 years in Birmingham. He currently works for United American Assurance, a group health insurance company in Tuscaloosa. Rich is also co-owner of Solid Rock Builders, a residential construction company. Rich has been married to Cheri Glasscock Wingo (Florence, Alabama) for 33 years. Rich (Education) and Cheri (Journalism) both graduated from t ...
They're definitely not tornadoes, but the straight-line windstorms known as derechos can be just as damaging, due to gusts that can reach hurricane force. And they could make their appearance during the bout of severe weather sweeping over the Midwest on Wednesday. It's been almo …
Ask and you shall receive! Introducing TECH TIP THURSDAYS: When camping in high-temp. locations, few RV components are as important as your A/C system. Take some time to learn it's workings. LIKE this if you're doing some summer camping. COMMENT and tell us where!
What has the weather been like in your neck of the woods? ~ Diane
And heading out to play Enjorlas in Les Mis down at Flat Rock Playhouse in North Carolina, leaving Monday. Happy Thursday!
anyone know any vet in north alabama open now PLEASE?
That funny feeling you get in your stomach when you finally get your truck up to about 75 miles an hour and you can't remember if you lock the trailer down on the ball or not
Animals are innocent and much like children they cannot give consent. Zoophilia & the distribution & possession of animal sexual exploitation imagery...
New research is raising fresh concern that an age-old treatment for troubled pregnancies — bed rest — doesn't seem to prevent premature birth and might even worsen that risk.
On location at High as the Sky Auction house with the Kool Classic Hits van! WRBZ 95.5! DJ Ziggy on location! Give a honk off 231 North heading to Wetumpka Alabama!
Severe Weather Alert! New Alerts Building Southward Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama now in the path of these storms Though most Severe Weather Watches in Tennessee Are Inactive, The Band of Activity extends through the State to the Mississippi River
Nevertheless, the treaty, passed by Congress by a single vote, and signed into law by President Andrew Jackson, was imposed by his successor President Martin Van Buren who allowed Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama an armed force of 7,000 made up of militia, regular army, and volunteers under General Winfield Scott to round up about 13,000 Cherokees into concentration camps at the U.S. Indian Agency near Cleveland, Tennessee before being sent to the West. Most of the deaths occurred from disease, starvation and cold in these camps. Their homes were burned and their property destroyed and plundered. Farms belonging to the Cherokees for generations were won by white settlers in a lottery. After the initial roundup, the U.S. military still oversaw the emigration until they met the forced destination.[29] Private John G. Burnett later wrote, "Future generations will read and condemn the act and I do hope posterity will remember that private soldiers like myself, and like the four Cherokees who we ...
Since the lawyers I have contacted are too busy….Can anyone provide information, or lead me to someone who can, about the technicalities of Auctions and Raffles in Alabama?? I just want to cover all my bases before making any mistakes. I would LOVE to plan a Silent Auction for around September. Tips, tricks, hints, etc. will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!! ((Don't forget to Like and Share))
watching the radar as there is a somewhat ragged line of thunderstorms dropping down into North Alabama..we may get some thunder between 7 to 10pm as the storms seem to be approaching Tuscaloosa and Birmingham..the squall line looks unimpressive overall..but there are pockets of intense storms..keep a watch out tonight..
This is what a unified North Alabama can do...
Feeling a little confused right now. My oldest son is being released tomorrow from prison here in Alabama.but he is being picked up by another agency but the prison wont and cant tell me who is picking him up and why. His sister and i have been on the phone calling county sheriffs offices all over alabama but no one has a warrant for him. He has my number and i was told he can call me when he gets to where he is going. I dont understand why the prison wont tell me but yet they can tell me all about him while he is there. Confussed and Anxious. Was hoping to see him on my Birthday Monday but looking like i wont get too.
That fool got out once in Austin and was found a week later and 6 miles north of where I lived. He's asleep now like he just had himself a wonderful afternoon and he need a nap. He is never going anywhere ever, forever. Ever. Forever.
Storms entering north Georgia and North Alabama with some Severe Thunderstorm Warnings up. Front is moving so not expected much in the way of Flooding. Hail threat also diminished since we are warmer aloft than forecasted. Watch for plenty of lightning though.
Headed to Gordo, Alabama to watch Northside 9&10 yr old AllStars play some ball! I'm especially excited for Jarrett Dunn!
Backdoor Draft It has been estimated that the state of New Mexico only has a 10 year supply of fresh water left.NSA is a threat? Really?
ClearBranch United Methodist Church Senior Pastor Vaughn Stafford began his ministry singing with gospel legends Sandi Patty and the Gaithers.
It was raining when I left North Alabama and its raining when I get back. I just hope it rains hard enough to knock some dirt off m truck!
Today's high of 96 equals the hottest we have been all year. Heat index 103. Storms starting to pop in north AL, shifting southward into central Alabama late this evening and tonight. Our latest thinking is that these storms will be widely scattered to scattered in nature rather than a solid line. No severe warnings in Alabama at this moment. We are monitoring. Rich Thomas WSFA 12 Weather
Decided I was gonna ride my motorcycle to where ever I ended currently in huntsville alabama lol epic
The incomparable Charles Pierce nails the problem facing our noble Republic. "The upper levels of American capitalism is so rotten with amorality, so utterly devoid of any conventional sense of ethics, let alone social responsibility, that it hardly seems worth pointing it out any more. Congratulations to America's graduate schools of business. You have bred three generations of vampires to feed on the rest of us. It's as though every medical school in the country adopted the basic approach to thoracic surgery of Sweeney Todd and married it to the economic philosophy of Bialystock And Bloom." What's the solution? If not guillotines, damned if know.
Does anyone that knows college football know when the last time Alabama went up north (in the winter) for a football game? Because I can just about guarantee that Alabama would get curb stomped by Ohio State or Michigan in a cold weather game.
Storms in north Alabama remain under severe limits
The main line of strong/severe thunderstorms should clear North Alabama by 5-6 PM this evening. Main threat with anything should be confined to gusty winds.
As Ulysses had himself tied to the mast, & the fasting Jesus refused to make bread in the desert, so I am called to go play my instrument on the south MS bikini beaches before I am qualified to take on the Lust Goliath in the north. I am already sweating blood. "Her house is a highway to the grave", and only the ropes kept Ulysses from being dashed on the rocks of lust. We are contending also with The Spirit of Death. "May Thy Goodness Like a Fetter Bind my Wandering Heart to Thee." My skill is increasing supernaturally. People like it. We are also contending with the "Rock Star", fame-lust spirit. I am suffering plenty of gross injustices at the moment. We are contending with the "Victim Spirit", the Blues-I-love-to-wallow-in Spirit. The tune "Bye Bye Blackbird," which speaks of "hard luck stories" being thrown off, is being spoken by the Father. Pray for me. I fight for you. Thanks Alabama Albright
Well blown radiator hose! Sitting kinda on the side of a 2 lane highway. Waiting on repair truck to get here!
The 4Warn Weather Team is here to provide the latest weather updates for everyone in the Wiregrass.
It's been a hot and humid day in the Wiregrass with Heat Index temperatures (what it actually feels like outside) in the mid 100s to close to 110!! Tonight we'll be watching storms fire up in North Alabama and move south. There is a lot of complexity to the forecast for storms tonight, and it all depends on timing. If the storms get here a bit before sunset, there is a chance some could be strong or even at severe criteria (winds of 60 mph with the t-storms). If the storms arrive later they will be run of the mill t-storms with gusty winds possible. Or, they might not even hold together long enough for them to be a all depends on timing. So, we will watch that later. After the rain tonight, and possibly tomorrow morning, a much drier forecast in is store for us as we end the week and start the weekend. Expect little chances for rain thru Sunday, only isolated showers popping up in the afternoon, with lows in the low 70s and highs in the low/mid 90s for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, e ...
BADSEAN’S 50 UNDER-THE-RADAR COLLEGES FOR THE CLASS OF 2015 (a whole host of reasons, selecting the right college isn’t as easy as it really should be. First and foremost, much, and probably most, of the information that people rely on in evaluating institutions of higher education is deeply, deeply flawed. (More on that below.) Compounding this is the fact that people generally aren’t really all that great at making important decisions. Seriously. The general consensus emerging from behavioral analysis and is that when it comes to making tough choices (ones that have serious consequences) most people forego rational decision making and wind up screwing themselves. Sad, but true. Each and every year I sit by in stunned sadness as many (far too many) of my students disregard my advice and apply to the same schools that their siblings and friends applied to – or, worse, to schools recommended to them by some overpriced, under-informed “college consultant.” DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. MAKE DECISIONS ON ...
John here with an update a line of storms has formed over north alabama as these storms move south they will encounter a very unstable airmass over Birmingham and Chilton County. CAPE values are very high over central alabama. So with that said as things begin to get busy Tim and I wont be able to answer a lot of questions so pay close attention to our posts they will contain everything you need to know.
June 13, 2013 Contact: Elaine J. Lidholm, 804.786.7686 MatthewJ. Lohr, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and ConsumerServices, accepted the gavel June 12 as President of the Southern Associationof State Departments of Agriculture (SASDA). SASDA is one of four regionalgroups of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture –southern (SASDA), western (WASDA), middle (MASDA) and northeastern (NEASDA). AsSASDA President, Lohr will preside at their meetings for the next year and hostthe annual meeting in Charlottesville in June 2014. Member states andterritories include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, WestVirginia, Puerto Rico and the Virginia Islands. Inthe photo, Lohr accepts the gavel and the mantle of responsibility from theoutgoing SASDA President Dr. Michael Strain of Louisiana.
The severe thunderstorm watch has been canceled for most of our counties. Counties that remain in the watch are Lincoln, Franklin (TN), and Moore. All north Alabama counties remain also.
Headed to Myrtle Beach!! Ahhh one of my favorite things my family does during the summer. Same house since I was a little girl and so many good memories! Do you have a vacation spot where your family goes every year??
State Contest! (: Comment your state and we'll start! We can steal a pic from you, or you can send em' (:
Checking Weather Radar from Huntsville and Birmingham, No Rain or Thunderstorms showing up anywhere in North Alabama at this time of 12:43 a.m. Will Continue monitoring Weather Conditions for you at 100.5 FM and 990AM.
If you are out and about in the North Alabama area today.then stop by the CRAFTSMAN COTTAGE.You will find my 'booth' of course along with handmade purses, oil paintings, cards, handmade furniture and Alabama/Auburn birdhouses. You will also find some tasty cupcakes that a lady in brings in they will be FRESH.So COME ON BY.and BUY LOCAL.:)
Might be time to get a mess of them crawdads and some taters and corn and do it Creole style. Might need to get by a river on this beautiful North Alabama day and just make it feel like I'm home again. Wait.I have to work. Dang!
Caught these fish wading the Warrior River in North Alabama.
Ten years prior to the founding of Cullman, America was at war. Union loyalists and Confederate secessionists were meeting on the field of battle to decide whether or not the country would continue as one or be broken in half over such issues as the rights of states and slave ownership. Following a major conflict in middle Tennessee, Union Col. Abel D. Streight of the 51st Indiana Infantry decided to make a daring raid that would lead his men across North Alabama and into Georgia with the intention of cutting the Western Atlantic Railroad that supplied Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg's army. On his way from Memphis, Tennessee, to Rome, Georgia, Streight was met by the famous Confederate Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, who engaged the Union leader in a number of battles, ultimately leading to Streight's surrender and imprisonment. Several of these conflicts, the Battle of Day's Gap and the Battle of Hog Mountain, took place in what was to become Cullman County. According to Streight's account of the journey, writte ...
I'm making a quick trip to Nashville June 20-22. My son is visiting Vanderbilt and I'm visiting the Johnny Cash Museum. Flying up but driving back. What else should I do in Nashville? What are some intriguing, historic, odd places that I might visit on the trip back to Florida? I can go back through North Alabama and down through Georgia.
Do you hear the "Thunder" yet? American Craft Beer Week rolls along to Wednesday, May 15th when we welcome the breweries of North Alabama to The J. Clyde for a tap takeover we have lovingly and deviously dubbed “Thunder from Up Yunder”! You are now clearly warned. The brewers of North Alabama will invade Birmingham for our Wednesday installment of ACBW events. We are talking Back Forty Beer Company, Blue Pants Brewery, Straight to Ale, and Yellowhammer Brewing all in the same place with some of North Alabama’s best beers locked and loaded on the tap wall. Representatives from each brewery will be hanging out during the event to talk beer with attendees and to also break out some mind blowing swag for giveaways. This blitz from the brewers of the North cannot be resisted, so you might as well enjoy it. In all seriousness, our North Alabama brewers are some of the greatest folks around, and we cannot wait for you to join us on Wednesday to experience their kindness and craft for yourself. Oh, and to d ...
The Story of Aunt Jenny Willis Brooks, Jr., was born April 3, 1854 in Alabama, the son of Willis Brooks Sr., and Louisa Elisabeth Jane Bates. Willis Sr. was a saddle and boot maker and Jane or "Jenny" Brooks was a beautiful, blue-eyed, half Cherokee woman, twenty years his junior. Willis and Jenny raised their large family in the rugged mountains of southwest Lawrence County and operated a road house for travelers of the historic Byler Road. During the war of Northern Agression, this area of North Alabama was a hotbed of Confederate discontent. The hill country of NorthWest Alabama was full of "Tories," or those opposed to the Secession Convention in Montgomery and who wanted to remain loyal to the Union, or at least to remain neutral. It was suspected that Willis Brooks had been giving aid to a number of Tories in the area. For this perceived act of treason, sometime in late 1863 or early 1864, a renegade band of Confederate Home Guards tortured and killed Willis and his oldest son, John. This sparked th ...
The University of North Alabama's Front Porch Storytelling Festival is coming up on May 17th and 18th with...
West Georgia 2-0 win over North Alabama at tourney. Next up, vs. Delta State at 4 pm ET.
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BIRMINGHAM – Two sophomores and two freshmen were among the University of North Alabama representatives on the 2013 All-Gulf South Conference softball team. Outfielder Callie Steadman and pitcher Breanna Riley were selected to the first team while second baseman Harlie Barkley and catcher Mallory Pa...
Throw what ya know! @ Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at North Alabama
But all bs I wanna see my boy Rod Woodson from North Alabama go somewhere. Ion know what round but I think he goin somewhere
Thanks to all the authors who spent the day with us today at the North Alabama Book Fair. Thanks also to the...
I'm from alabama but I live in north carolina currently
I'm from North Carolina... HOW did I end up in Tuskegee, Alabama?
Having been raised in north Alabama, huge thanks to are in order for getting us tickets to 'Muscle Shoals'. Unbelievable.
I really wanted to attend NORTH CAROLINA A&T but I think I will like ALABAMA Better
Time for some wheelchair races! @ Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of North Alabama
We'll be ministering tomorrow morning at LifePointe Church in Trinity, AL at 11AM. If you're in North Alabama,...
Birm. Breaking News Police investigating after man stabbed in north Birmingham: The victim's identi... RT
After technically being present in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, we're finally back in VA
"If you really from up NORTH you should know what soda is." *** faygo dranks n Alabama to fym
UWA Athletics moves to Men's Semifinals thanks to a 5-2 win over rival University of North Alabama Athletics.
when I first moved north from Alabama, every the fire whistle blew I ran to the basement thinking it was a tornado.
I'd love to get home and watch the Alabama A-day game but I'm just hanging out on I-85 North with 10,000 other people...on a Saturday. smh
Barbora Vykydalova defeats South Alabama's Mariya Krachok in a thrilling three-set match to give North Texas the 4-3 victory!
Attending the finalist presentations of the Oratorical contest; Brother from the University of North Alabama was VERY IMPRESSIVE!
Bridal Show tomorrow at Sloss Furnace 20 32nd Street North · Birmingham, Alabama · 35222 from 4-8. Come see us!
Weather is beautiful in north Alabama, ready to get my bike back so I can RIDE!
Amen! I'm from a little town about 30 mins North of Gulf Shores, Alabama.
North Texas takes the doubles point with wins at the No. 1 and 3 positions. NT has a 1-0 lead over South Alabama.
Daily Forecast: Beautiful day with a high near 70 in SW Alabama and near 68 for Central Alabama. A North to...
North Florida Elite defeats Dekalb Heat by 30 next game Alabama Celtics at 2p watch 10th grader go to work
Definitely Cy. He's joining the Fiat club of North Alabama.
Looks like next job is in Selma,North Carolina. Already been to Indianapolis,Indiana Montgomery,Alabama. Loving the job
Frost Advisory for all counties in Alabama and counties north of Tupelo until 8 AM.
you are now in alabama just north of huntsville.that is the first rest area on inerstate 65. Roll Tide Roll!!!
Hooray for AT&T LTE coverage in North Alabama, finally!
So who knew that sinkholes are everywhere in north Alabama or Alabama period
My moma got an email from north alabama , i happy but , aint going to that college .
Little old University of North Alabama has TWO live lions.
A 24 yr old chap from North Carolina just *winked* at a 23 yr old chick from Alabama! ,-)
A 37 yr old fellow from North Carolina just messaged a 27 yr old bird in Alabama! What did the msg say?
ATT: Ladies the first 100 ladies Free!!! Cash & Prizes given away to the Sexist Lady in North Alabama…
Frost Advisory across north Alabama on this Friday night. A light/patchy frost possible for areas north of Tuscaloosa
My moma got an Email from north alabama .
whether from the north shore, cape cod, new hampshire, florida, chicago, alabama, ireland, etc. were all Bostonians tonight!
I got accepted into University of North Alabama
"Lawrence County's my habitat, North Alabama that's where it's at!" - Yung A
A non-profit organization recently partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of North Alabama to empower dozens of...
U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby to meet with residents in 6 North Alabama counties: U.S. Senator Richard Shelby will ...
unrelated: what time will y'all start playing Song Reader? Day trip to North Alabama - trying to make it back in time.
"This is Chelsea Dixon, Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of North Alabama.. her hobbies include being sassy. Contestant Chelsea Dixon"
My older cousins are seriously the North Alabama version of Willie and Jase Robertson. No lie.
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Harlan Hill - University of North Alabama legend, gone at 80
Top choices for college; Austin Peay, University of Alabama, University of North Alabama, and Middle Tennessee State University.
The NCAA Division II Women's Basketball field of 64 has been announced and the dates and times for the South Regional are set. The Delta State University Lady Statesmen will face the University of North Alabama for the third time this season. DSU and UNA will open the tournament on Friday March 15 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Should Delta State advance it will face the winner of the No. 2 seed Tuskegee University and No. 7 University of Alabama in Huntsville on Saturday, March 16, at 5:30 p.m. EST. The NCAA South Regional Championship game will be played on Monday, March 18, at 7 p.m. EST. The tournament will be held at NSU's state of the art Don Taft University Center. Tickets will go on sale Monday, March 11. For more information, please log on to First Round – Friday, March 15 Game 1: No. 3 Delta State (19-9) vs. No. 6 North Alabama (20-10), 12 p.m. Game 2: No. 2 Tuskegee (19-7) vs. No. 7 Alabama-Huntsville (15-16), 2:30 p.m. Game 3: No. 1 Nova Southeastern (20-8) vs. No. 8 Clark Atlanta (1 ...
Congratulations to the women's basketball programs of Delta State, North Alabama and Alabama-Huntsville on being...
Two Events at Scottsboro Meats this week! We will be getting in our first shipment of Cold Creek Honey. It is all honey, no fillers, and it is grown here in North Alabama by a Gadsden Police Officer and it is the best honey by far. Charlie and Mrs. Sumner agree! Also Saturday from 11 to 1pm we will have Tracy St John Johnson, with Granny Hester's Biscuits here to sample and show you new ways to use these wonderful Sweet Potato Biscuits. Not a boring week at Scottsboro Meats!
3 from North Alabama honored by Athens State Alumni Association during ... - The Birmingham News
We are an hour away from the first tip, a women's semifinals matchup between Delta State and UAH. The winner will face the winner of North Alabama vs. West Alabama.
About to offer independent traffic services for North Alabama ... featuring the voice of Jerry James ... that's if the CEO of Skywatch Traffic keeps holding the paycheck, and lying about it already being sent ... two checks in a row now!
Do you shop consignment sales for your children's clothing? Tis the season... here are a few located in North Alabama, and I'd love to hear your suggestions on how to successfully consign!
The online edition of THE DECATUR DAILY, a newspaper serving the Tennessee Valley in North Alabama
Heavy rain, thunder and lightning here in North Alabama! Whats it like where you are? (state, city and highway) :)
The No. 2 Statesmen (13-2, 2-1 GSC) of Delta State University will look to recapture the momentum they had through the first three weeks of the season this week with a midweek contest on Tuesday (6 p.m.) at No. 30 Southern Arkansas University (14-6) before hosting the University of North Alabama (8-5, 2-1 GSC) for a Gulf South Conference series over the weekend at Ferriss Field. Saturday's doubleheader is set for 12 p.m. with a single game on Sunday at 2 p.m. This week's schedule finds the Statesmen back on the road to the state of Arkansas, as DSU travels to No. 30 Southern Arkansas, a former member of the GSC. The two teams have enjoyed a spirited rivalry over the years with the Green-and-White owning a 57-27 lead in the series standings. The Gulf South Conference race continues to heat up for No. 2-ranked Statesmen, as Delta State welcomes in long-time rival North Alabama this weekend. The three-game series will mark the 83-85th meetings between the two schools, who helped form the GSC in 1970. Th ...
Havnt met anybody from North Alabama who could out hoop me guess the real *** down south.
This weekend several members of our team went to the Mid-South Trivia League (MSTL) finals in Tunica, MS where more than 100 teams of five players from Tennessee, North Alabama and Arkansas competed for a chance to win a portion of the $20,000 prize pool with first place taking home $7,500 in cash. It was a great time but best of all Mobile Bay Trivia was invited to the join MSTL starting next season (beginning April 1) when the prize pool will be $25,000 with a first place prize of $10,000. We are very excited about this opportunity for our players and can't wait for one of our teams to bring the championship trophy to our area. Look for more details in the coming weeks.
Hazel Green Elementary School DESTINATION IMAGINATION REGIONAL CHAMPIONS The North Alabama Regional Destination Imagination Tournament was held Saturday, March 2nd at Bob Jones High School. Teams from all over North Alabama competed in six challenges at three educational levels. Mrs. Carter's team of 3rd and 4th grade students placed first in Challenge C at the Elementary Level. The team will compete in the State Tournament at UAH on April 6. Destination Imagination is an international competition which stresses creativity, problem solving and team work. Congratulations and good luck in April!
Bridal shoes at
Seeing reports of snow flurries in Valdosta and South Georgia. Will be a cold one for vs. North Alabama today at 1
Monday, March 4th -a reminder about the deadline for Applicants at the University of North Alabama to complete Membership Applications of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Need a Pier, Dock, Gangway or Boat Lift in Northeast Georgia, Western North Carolina or North Alabama?
The son of a career army officer, Bennett led a nomadic life, attending ten different schools before graduating in 1980 from the University of North Alabama with degrees in Art and History. After brief stints as a staff artist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Fayetteville (NC) Times, he went o...
Cristina Lynn is a country music singer from North Alabama making her mark with a style of modern, uplifting country that blends influences from Patsy Cline to John Fogerty.
This man is taking animals from somewhere in Cullman, Al and selling them on the streets in North Alabama. Please help stop puppy mills!
The Delta State University Lady Statesmen basketball team debuted at No. 5 in the first edition of the NCAA Regional Rankings released on Wednesday. DSU (15-7) finds themselves in the poll with three other Gulf South Conference institutions, including No. 4 North Alabama, No. 7 Valdosta State and No. 9 West Georgia. The Sunshine State Conference has the five total representatives in the poll, including the top two with No. 1 Florida Tech and No.2 Nova Southeastern. No. 6 Lynn, No. 8 Rollins and No. 10 Eckerd round out the SSC representatives. Entering the poll at No. 3 is Tuskegee University, representing the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Delta State split a pair of games with the Tigerettes this season. Delta State returns to action on Thursday, Feb. 21 to take on the University of West Alabama.
Marcella E. Eckl Marcella Elizabeth Eckl, 94, died Feb. 18, 2013, after a brief illness. Miss Eckl was born on Feb. 8, 1919, to Joseph Peter Eckl and Emma Buffler Eckl in St. Florian, Ala. She was a lifelong resident of St. Florian. Miss Eckl graduated from State Teachers College in Florence (now the University of North Alabama) in 1940. She was employed by the Lauderdale County Board of Education, teaching elementary school at Anderson and Greenhill. She left her teaching position to become Custodian of Funds for the Board of Education. Later, she worked as a teller at Central Bank (now Compass) and was the clerk for the Town of St. Florian for 25 years. She was an active member of St. Michael Catholic Church in St. Florian. Miss Eckl was the devoted caretaker for her mother, Emma Buffler Eckl, as well as her uncle, Joseph Broadzeller, and later she assumed caretaking responsibilities for her cousin, Marvin Ambrose Walker. Miss Eckl was preceded in death by her parents, Joe and Emma Eckl; and by her brot ...
Several places in my area of North Alabama have several boxes of .223 and 5.56 ammo. Walmart had 6 boxes last night. Gander Mountain had a few today. And most of the pawn shops have plenty. Pawn Daddy in Muscle Shoals has a Stag Arms AR and one other. Lock and load has a Stag Arms AR. Lock and Load has the best price of the two. Shoals Outdoor Sports has a Mossberg .223 camo in color. For a good price.
Thank you to the Marriott Shoals for hosting the Local Food Dialogue last night. We had a great turn out. Everyone was in agreement that we have become disconnected, disenfranchised from our food and that we need to get back to that through education and cooperation. Also, we need to stop going out to eat so much - think fast food - and cook local food at home. Make time for it, it is important. Special thanks to Einar, Chef Josh, and Ryan at the Marriott. Thanks to our panelists: Jeff Eubanks (City Hardware); Judith Keyser; Johnson Ogun, Assistant Professor, & Director of Culinary Facilities, University of North Alabama; Kevin Kilburn, Chef, Northwest-Shoals Community College/Shoals Entrepreneurial Center, The Shoals Culinary Academy; and, Charlie Meek, Executive Director, NorthWest Alabama Resource. Thanks to Alice Evans for acting as Scribe. Last, but not least, Steve Carpenter, Jack O Lantern Farm. These people are dedicated to making more local, delicious food available to all in North Alab ...
There will be a benefit for Kyle Crouch held on Saturday, February 23rd at the North Alabama *** Hunters Association on Hwy 99. Kyle is an 8th grader at West Limestone and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is the son of Kenneth and Gayle Crouch and the grandson of Johnny and Ann Russell. There will be a *** hunt, yard sale with lots of household items, a chicken stew, silent auction and a raffle for a 22 rifle. The chicken stew will be ready by 11:00 am and cost $20.00 a gallon, bring your own container. It will also be served by the bowl with a drink and dessert. Please see Nurse Gina or a *** Hunter Association member if you would like to enter the hunt, donate items, bake a dessert to be sold with the stew or to make a donation or purchase. Donations can also be made to the Kyle Crouch Fund at Family Security Credit Union on Hwy 31 across from Pizza Hut.
Ok my North Alabama friends, my girlfriend from Canada is arriving this afternoon, on her Birthday yet!! How do you folks suggest I entertain a lovely Canadian gal in North Alabama?? What would you find interesting here to show her??? Suggestions please!!
Over my location last nite! Like i thought, there r many!!! James Spann just reported; ""FYI... There was a bright fireball over North Alabama last night at 10:24:36 PM, which burned up just north of Columbus, Georgia at an altitude of 27 miles. Had nothing to do with the Russian fireball… Thanks to Bill Cooke of NASA in Huntsville for that answer to many of your questions."" Macx Adams and Jaap Neefje Zie Hierboven like this..."" Danny Glenn Daniel; Gotta know that one went just 27 miles over my head & i didn't know it till now!!
Late night in the Student Government Association office at the University of North Alabama. All song rights belong to Baauer - "The Harlem Shake"
As the "face" of Fifty Shades of Sexy's Hot, Hunky, Heros I thought that it would be appropriate to tell you all about my self. I am 23 y/o from North Alabama, I am married and have a beautiful 19 month old son. I am currently in the Alabama Army National Guard full time as a recruiter. I have done a total of 3 tours. 1- Operation Brightstar Egypt (military) 2- Operation Iraqi Freedom (military) 3- Operation Enduring Freedom (DoD Contractor) I think its ironic that I went to Iraq in the military doing over 100 combat missions without bodily harm, and then go to Afghanistan as a DoD Contractor and get blown up 5 months into my tour and sent home for medical reasons. LOL I am an aspiring Fitness Model, and just recently signed with Silver Model Management out of NYC. My favorite color is green, and my favorite cheat food is a meat lovers pizza. Thank you all for your support, Colin
The No. 1 Statesmen (3-0, 0-0 GSC) of Delta State University face a difficult test in week three with a Wednesday, Feb. 13 (1 p.m.) road trip to the University of Arkansas-Monticello (4-3) and a three-game series with No. 16 Nova Southeastern University (5-1) on Friday (3 p.m.) and Saturday (12 p.m. | DH) at Ferriss Field. Delta State is coming off a three game sweep of the University of Montevallo (3-4) this past weekend in the season-opening series at Ferriss Field. The Statesmen took games one and two easily, 11-1 and 7-1, but needed to rally from two runs down in the bottom of the 9th for a 9-8 victory in game three. The 2012 Gulf South Conference champions, Delta State University Statesmen, were selected by the coaches to enter the 2013 season as the preseason favorite. Delta State topped the coaches' poll garnering 48 total points. West Florida boasted two first-place votes to place second with 43 points, while North Alabama secured third place with 36 points. Both Alabama-Huntsville and Valdost . ...
Okay friends from North Alabama, today is going to be absolutely wonderful in terms of weather. Me, Ian, and Andrew are gonna be outside all day. Going out to lunch, going to play disc golf, throw baseball, and finally grill out tonight. So happy we have this day. No xbox live, no cabin fever, all outdoors all day long :)
Search College Job$ Executive Assistant, College of Education & Human Sciences at University of North Alabama (F...
S/o to all the athletes from North Alabama signing today, especially my Athens Golden Eagles! Good luck!
The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, developed on the rugged frontier as an oil boomtown. As the town developed, African-Americans looked forward to economic security through business enterprise. They developed a section known as the Greenwood District, which was the hub of the social and business life of the community.  As the middle class developed, they constructed homes, churches, and other community centers.    Following in the footsteps of this historic legacy, The Alabama State Black Chamber of Commerce and its affiliates in North Alabama, Greater Birmingham, Metro-Tuscaloosa and the Alabama Blackbelt, are collectively committed to economic development in the Black communities throughout Alabama. 
I beat Arkansas, North Alabama, University of Memphis, ASU, Texas Tech-Corpus Christi, Millsaps and Mississippi College today
My opinion is that no matter how extreme your political views or ideology you should be able to express those views as long as they don't adversely affect someone else. But the guy in North Alabama holding this 5 year old child is a wack job that needs to be taken out. Children should be protected at all cost but my fear is that this coward will do whatever it takes to be seen and heard.
Awesome night at church tonight ! Can't wait till tomorrow !!! Services Saturday morning, Feb 2nd,Song Service 10:00am, Preaching 10:30am, Lunch at noon, Saturday afternoon service after lunch and Sunday, Feb 3rd, Song Service 10:00am, Preaching at 10:30am, lunch at noon ! Elder Lonnie Mazingo, Jr. from Mississippi, Elder Ricky Harcrow, from North Alabama, Elder Bobby Willis and others ! If you miss just miss out ! Hope to see you there !
Blessed to see another day on the greatest campus in the State Alabama the University of North Alabama.
Went to work in a storm but it was a comfy temperature. Got off work it was January again. Welcome to North Alabama newcomers.
Johnnie asks... not a canning question...but does anyone know when I should plant fruit trees (I live in North Alabama)? Also, do all fruit trees need a 'mate' or can I plant singles?
North Alabama man arrested after Mississippi chase
North Alabama man arrested after Mississippi chase [TimesDaily]
Why do we hear that the Liberals want to DESTROY the Republican Party? DESTROY? It is for the same reason that William Tecumseh Sherman wrote to his wife in 1862: "There is a class of people, men, women and children who must be either killed or banished... " In January 1865, Sherman wrote to Grant, " We are not fighting enemy armies, but against an enemy people, both young and old, rich and poor must feel the iron hand of war..." "The government of the United States has in North Alabama any and all rights that they choose to enforce in war. To take their lives, their homes, their lands, their everything. War is simply power unrestrained by (The U.S.) Constitution or Compact (of Union!). We will ... take every life, every acre of land, every particle of property, everything that seems to us proper." Later, he was elevated by the US to the head of all the Armies, and given the rights to do this to the plains indians, as well... Sherman was from Ohio, as was Grant. Ohio is the insane serial killer capital of ...
VOTED BEST STEAK in North Alabama by Alabama Cattlemans Association! Open Tuesday through Saturday from 5-11PM with Happy Hour daily 5-6:30PM and kitchen 5-10PM.
So cold here today in North Alabama. High today only 34 degrees. What is the weather like where you are today? :)
If you're in North should really start tuning in to Rocket 95.1 every morning from 6-10 to hear magic happen.
I've become a bit of a chartaholic in recent years thanks to the proliferation of electronic charting apps. Particularly now-rainy January in North Alabama-- I spend almost as much time studying the maps as I do fishing. Hopefully, as soon as we get a few of those sunny February days, it will pay off.   Alabama's Lake Guntersville, my home lake for the last year, is grossly overfished, literally beat to death most weekends by hordes of tournament bass anglers. It's a hugely productive lake, but all the "community" holes are take-a-number fishing; when one boat pulls out, another pulls in and two others are waiting.   In situations like this, finding a few "secret spots" can make a huge difference in enjoying your time on the water, and those secret spots are almost always going to be offshore, with no obvious surface references to reveal their locations.   The nice thing about discovering productive fishing spots from chart study-rather than getting them from a buddy or a guide-is that some of them wil ...
The S word is in our forecast in Montgomery tomorrow, more up in North Alabama! Flurries only here! It will be fun to watch anyway! Enjoy the sights and if no snow then, oh well! I am tired of all the rain!
Cross posting for the fb page of Montevallo Arts Council who shared Roderick George's event. Please click "join" or click "maybe" on the event to hold it on your personal profile. Thank you. "The University of Montevallo Department of Music Voice Area will host soprano Tiffany Bostic-Brown and baritone Terrance Brown, voice faculty from the University of North Alabama, in a guest artists recital with pianist Laurie Middaugh in LeBaron Recital Hall. Among the repertoire are Schubert's two early masterpieces "Gretchen am spinnrade" and "Erlkönig," and duets from "The Magic Flute" and "Porgy and Bess." Admission is free. The couple will present a vocal master class on Tuesday, January 29, featuring UM voice majors."
This past November we had a statewide food donation campaign, ending with a specific donation for the largest food bank in Alabama, the Montgomery Area Food Bank. We would like to continue to support the state's food banks and in January we want to focus on the Food Bank of North Alabama that serves the 11 northernmost counties in the state. Please join us!
The graphic below suggests a 30-40 percent chance of 1 inch or more of snow in the ground through parts of extreme North Alabama from 6pm Sunday through 6pm Monday CST…
Some school systems in North Alabama will open late on Tuesday due to possible inclement weather.
North Alabama tweeps, next Monday I'll be speaking at the MLK Unity Breakfast at the Marriott Conference Center in Florence. Get your tix!
A Winter Weather Advisory continues through 9am for areas along and west of I-65. The advisory also includes Lincoln and Moore counties in Tennessee. These areas have already seen a glazing of ice on trees and power lines due to freezing rain. Freezing rain and sleet could also mix with a little snow this evening and overnight. No significant travel problems are expected at this time. Due to the recent warm up ground temperatures remain above freezing. Overnight lows will be around freezing. Temperatures will warm into the lower 40s early Tuesday afternoon. We also have a flash flood watch in effect for parts of North Alabama. 2-3 inches of rain are possible in many areas through Wednesday morning. Many area creeks and streams are already bank full. Be safe on the roads tonight.
We congratulate Brother Abdi Hassan Brother Loic Dimithe and Brother Deondrick Cortez Orr for making the Beta Beta Alpha Ch. Academic Honor Roll for Fall 2012 at the University of North Alabama ! DO IT AGAIN SPRING 2013 !
Tax season is coming up best time to BUY A CAR because every car lot is competing hard to get the customers to come to their lot, call/Text me or come by and see why LANDERS MCLARTY IS in North Alabama
My alma mater, Arab City Schools, is maybe the first school system in North Alabama to implement armed security guards at it's schools. I've seen them while I've been dropping my son off at the Junior High. How do you feel about this idea? The story tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10.
Students in North Alabama...come join us tomorrow night in Trinity, AL! I'll be ministering at Eminent Youth at LifePointe Church at 5272 County Road 434 Trinity, AL. Service starts at 7PM. Look forward to seeing you there!!!
No better basketball venue in North Alabama than Mars Hill. Great team and great fans. If you haven't caught a home game, I highly recommend it. I've enjoyed leaning from some of the best coaches and working with such good young men.
I am convinced there is not a single duck inn North Alabama! If there are, they all have broken wings and are recuperating in back water brush...
Hovey Gene Reed, PhD Hovey Gene Reed passed away January 1, 2013 at the age of 92. Born in Missouri, his family migrated to California and settled in the San Joaquin Valley. Reed left high school early to join the service and flew with the7th Bombardment group over East Asia during WWII. During the Korean War, Reed flew reconnaissance over Japan and lived near Tokyo with his young family. After retiring from the Air Force, Reed went on to receive his PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder and taught business and headed up the computer center at Sacramento State University in California and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Reed completed his second career at Florida Tech in Huntsville and University of North Alabama before retiring in Florence with his wife Sue J. Wilson Reed. He was a member of the First Christian Church of Florence. A memorial service will be conducted Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 11 a.m. in Greenview Memorial Chapel with visitation following the service. Dr. Tim Murtaugh wil ...
North Alabama, Georgia State, Albany is all I know so far.. 2014 we got LSU
Anybody know of a North Alabama family who travelled or plans to travel to Miami for the BCS National Championship Game Monday? By the way, more team coverage from Miami tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10.
On behalf of the North Alabama Primitive Baptist District Choir Music Ministry, We would like to extend a very special WELCOME to each of you. You have chosen to participate in a choir that consists of Primitive Baptist Churches throughout North Alabama to include the churches of Indian Creek, Mallard Creek, Consolidated Flint River Running Water and Steadfast Indian Creek Associations. As noted in the Old and New Testaments, the central aim of worship, including music used in worship, is for the sole edification of Jesus Christ. As A Music Ministry, we glorify the Father through song as well as provide support for the spoken word and inspiration to the receivers. The North Alabama Primitive Baptist District Choir will not only be very rewarding in your own personal life, but you will discover a new appreciation for the value of working in unison with others as you focus on glorifying God with “one voice”. MUSIC MINISTRY VISION “One Choir, One Voice, One Spirit, on One Accord Striving toward a Un .. ...
So since its slow tonight what is the weather doing where you live? Here in North Alabama it is raining and so much rain that my horses have now officially broke out their scuba gear instead of snorkle gear. ~ Shata
…SEVERE WEATHER POTENTIAL FOR TUESDAY DECEMBER 25TH, 2012 FROM THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE – HUNTSVILLE OFFICE Weather Setup: Christmas Morning Showers and thunderstorms will move into the area from the south/west. Severe weather will be along the Gulf Coast and into portions of Southern AL/MS and will eventually spread into North Alabama. There is a good possibility that either a Severe Thunder Storm Watch or Tornado Watch could be issued for Marshall County Christmas Day evening and night. Through the day, the atmosphere will become more unstable, with chances increasing for strong to severe storms by sunset. Best time: 6:pm to around midnight (or a little after). Main Impacts: 50-60mph Winds, Locally Heavy Rainfall, Isolated Tornadoes especially in Cullman, Marshall and DeKalb Counties. Forecast confidence is moderate for strong to severe storms over our area. Following the Passage of the low on Wednesday Morning; Rain will mix with Snow across our area, but the area of accumulating snowfall w ...
LATEST UPDATE ON 26/27 DEC STORM - At this point in time the models are changing on each run. We are looking at completing a full surface analysis later in the day which will help us with our decision making on the upcoming storm system. With that being said, I am still have "average" confidence that some portions of the Southeast will get some accumulating snow. According to most models...these areas could include Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northern Mississippi. Some areas might see some wrap-around snow from this system: North Georgia and North Alabama. More updates are forthcoming...however, we do see a higher possibility of severe weather in the Southeast than snow from this storm system.
North Alabama storm was TU. who ever else was on the team. Tyler long lol
HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) – On Monday, Kids to Love–a charity that caters to foster children in North Alabama and Southern...
A University of North Alabama football player has been kicked off the team after he made a racial slur referring to President Obama during his speech at the Newtown, Connecticut, vigil.
We've had a very busy, fun-filled weekend. Last night, your favorite caterer became an official college graduate of the University of North Alabama! Tonight we were blessed to celebrate with newlyweds Courtney and Bryant at Sykes Place on Bank! Congratulations to you both. May God continue to bless you!
at least he didn't do like Terry Bowden did at North Alabama. He brought on D 1 failures and he failed.
Lots of great pre holiday orienteering this weekend.North Texas' 500+ person meet in Dallas...Vulcan's meet in North Alabama...but this week's Random Meet of the Week is the Quantico Orienteering Club's local meet north of Baltimore at Oregon Ridge Park. A great map for those interested in trying orienteering for the first time. Plus, you will be home in time for the Ravens game. See you there (Seriously - I'm working registration.)
The Food Bank of North Alabama is 30,000 meals closer to ending ...
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
David Currott, Tim Kent, Wheeler Pounds and Butch Walker are all signing books at the Warrior Mountain Trading Post in Wren outside of Moulton, AL this Saturday, Dec 15th 2:00-5:00. A signed book is a wonderful christmas gift! If you have someone you just don't know what to get or someone that loves to love or just someone awesome. you need to pick something up for! Stop by! :-) There books are a perfect way to learn more about the history of North Alabama!
Apparently I'm hearing from other Meteorologist that the GFS 174 HR forecast model is showing a pretty good chance that we could see some snow in North Alabama on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Keep in mind that this model is running 174 HR out and changes WILL occur within time. Stay tuned for more information on this system!
News from AFS Team! AFS Named a 3-Time finalist for Marketplace Ethics in the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama
December 06, 2012 Weekly Column This Week in Alabama Politics The Roy Moore victory continues to reverberate throughout the state. Whenever the subject of politics comes up it is the first subject of conversation. Undoubtedly it is the political story of the year. Moore’s amazing resurrection triumph was astonishing. He was written off as an “also ran” candidate after dismally losing two races for governor in the past four years. Moore rode his horse to vote in Etowah County in both his primary and general election victories, and then watched the results flow in, especially from North Alabama. On both occasions it was evident that he was riding a wave of fundamentalist evangelical voting that carried him back to his old job as chief justice. He had been written off as dead, then lo and behold, to quote and old Baptist hymn, “Up from the grave He arose with a mighty triumph o’er his foes.” In the GOP primary Moore vanquished two formidable and well financed opponents. Probably one of the most a ...
Remember when Madison Square Mall was "the best" in North Alabama? We think it's time for some MAJOR attention to be put back into this mall. If you have positive deas for expansion/re-development of this mall please share below! It would be nice to see something similar to the Parkway City Mall re-development or even Birmingham's Riverchase Galleria's current expansion/revamp project!! Maybe suggestions could be passed along to mall owners & Huntsville City leaders at some point for consideration...something has got to be done.
A MESSAGE FROM... Mayor Mickey Haddock… TO THE CITIZENS OF FLORENCE: December 15, 2012 marks the 27th year the City has hosted the NCAA Division II National Football Championship Game. This is an exciting event for the entire Shoals area and brings hundreds of people into North Alabama. The citizens should be very proud of themselves for presenting a championship atmosphere for the student athletes and their families. The warm Southern hospitality that we display to our guests is talked about throughout the country. The game this year will be televised with a Noon Kickoff on ESPN II. It will showcase our area to millions of people so let’s fill the stands. I would like to encourage each and every one of you to purchase tickets and attend the game if possible. I also want to urge you to ask your friends and neighbors to come. And while we’re at it, let’s make this a community event and have one huge tailgate party prior to the game! To purchase tickets, call the Shoals Chamber of Commerce at 256-76 ...
Simp McGhee's would love to welcome my dear friend and Executive Chef Josh Moore to our amazing family here at Simp's. Along with Chef Julian, Chef Carlos, Corey and Matt, our talented team will now include Chef Josh. Chef Josh studied at New Orleans School of Culinary. We are so excited for you all. We truly believe we have the most talented staff in all of North Alabama. Come by and meet Chef Josh. If you already know him, stop in and welcome him to Simp's.
Congratulations to all of our thespians attending and competing at State Trumbauer Theatre Festival! Seventy three schools with over 2000 competitors converged on the University of North Alabama to compete in state competition in various theatre events over the weekend. STJ made a great showing with the majority placing in the top 10 in their event! Every student walked away with a superior medal -- and Maya Smith and Caitlin Hicks brought home trophies in their categories! Maya scored 1st in SOLO ACTING FEMALE CONTEMPORARY DRAMATIC and Caitlin came in second in the same category! Those representing Saint James this weekend were Zach Jeffcoat, Emily Prim, Hayden Ergenbright, Catherine Bradwell, Emma Colson, Maya Smith and Catlin Hicks. Please congratulate them on a JOB WELL DONE!
The Media Arts Institute has openings for the following PT and volunteer positions. Assistant Creative Program Director Video Production Instruction must know either Adobe cs5 or final cut pro Music Production ... fruity loops and Protools Graffiti Artist Hip Hop Dance Making Beats DJ'ing Graphic Arts Poetry Writing Live Stage Performance Theses positions are for a new hip hop music, media & art teen center sponsored by the Boys and Club Club of North Alabama scheduled to start January 2013 in Huntsville.. this will serve students at Lee High, Butler high and Johnson High please send resume to my inbox or to me at mediaartsalabama
This is in North Alabama, where I do most of my the B'ham News today.reckon I need some BEAR SPRAY?: Black bears starting to make comeback in north Alabama There have been some remarkable wildlife comeback stories in Alabama through the years. White-tailed deer, wild tur­key, bald eagles and blue­birds immediately come to mind. All of those comebacks were the direct result of human intervention. Pro­grams designed to expedite the comeback of those spe­cies have been highly suc­cessful. There is apparently an exciting new wildlife come­back underfoot, one in which humans have not played a role. The black bear is apparently re-establish­ing populations in DeKalb and Cherokee counties in extreme northeast Alabama. The reasons for this come­back are a little perplexing to biologists. There is no hard data about the historic popula­tion of black bears in Ala­bama. Biologists generally agree that black bears once occupied most forested lands in Alabama and across the Southeast. They believ ...
Janoris Jenkins that plays for St. Louis Rams (University of North Alabama alum) returned TWO interceptions for touchdowns today!!
I agree. I loved him at Florida, he didn't just forget how to be a stud corner at North Alabama. Huge steal for the Rams.
Had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family! my Mom Jean Tucker Alexander, my big sis Theresa Alexander Selby and my nephew Alex Selby! Sure wished they could stay longer, the days seemed to just fly by...also wished my Aunts, Ruby Sparkman, Carolyn Tucker-Sparkman and Mary Ann Ledlow could have came by while they were in Ft Walton helping Faith Smith & Cody Smith move here from North Alabama :( Maybe next time B|
Awesome day. Spent it wandering around North Alabama with Ben and Theresa Hurley Fuller. Saw the lions at UNA, Mcfarland Park on the Tennessee river and checked out a couple of the historic recording studios in the area. First we went by FAME where Wilson Pickett, Clarence Carter, Aretha Franklin and the Osmonds (Uh hello Celeste King Conner) recorded. Then went by to get a couple of pictures of Muscle Shoals Sound, home of the " "Swampers". As Ben and I were walking back to the car a guy walked out and started talking to us and then invited us in. He was hanging out there by himself and let us roam around and check it all out. This is the place where folks like Paul Simon, Art Garfunkle, Cher, Boz Scaggs, Skynrd, The Rolling Stones (Wild Horses), Traffic, Blackfoot, Bob Dylan and even the Black Keys have recorded. We saw a Hammond Organ that belonged to Bobby Whitlock (and was used on the original recording of Layla), and even saw mic stands that had been used by Frank Sinatra. It was truly one of the .. ...
today i'm thankful for what GOD has created. there is nothing more peaceful than being in the North Alabama woods on a late November morning. saw a few doe and a young buck that has some maturing to do. but most important was the time the creation got to enjoy what the creator provided! Tomorrow i will be thanful im not an Auburn fan! Roll Tide!
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A Grand City on a Charming Scale, Decatur, Alabama is located in North Alabama along the Tennessee River in Morgan County.
Great day at Heroes Behind the Badge. The Alabama was the perfect sitting. Officers from all over North Alabama came. Thanks to Mark Kelly and Weld for partnering with us to promote the movie. Thanks to all my fellow FBI Birmingham CAAA members for their dedication to "making our nation safer". Most of all " thanks " to the men and women that put on the uniform everyday and go out to "serve and protect". You are our protectors. You are our angels.
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Homelessness is on the rise in North Alabama which means you have most likely seen more...
SO some people want Alabama to secede from the Union: I am sure you have given this a lot of real thought before you started your petition. I just have a few questions, which I am sure you can answer: 1. Alabama currently receives $2.02 in federal money for every dollar we send to DC. How do you plan to get the GOP supermajority to make up that shortfall? 2. Who's going to hire all those people f rom Maxwell Air Force Base and from and the local businesses it supports? $1.5 billion annually isn't peanuts, you know. 3. Who will all those engineers & support folks for NASA, BRAC, etc. in "The New Federal City" work for once the feds pull out? 4. Have you calculated how much will utility rates in North Alabama rise when TVA is gone? 5. What if we have to pay DC the billions of dollars for the dams & nuclear plants? 6. The National Institutes of Health funnel hundreds of millions of research money into UAB every year. Guess they might redirect that into a university that's actually still a part of the USA, do ...
LBSU hoops gets the Homecoming win 75-65 over North Alabama
I come home from work last night and Shawn has Papa's Murphys pizza ready for me. I have no idea where this man came from! I close typically 4 nights a week at the store and he never fails to have a hot meal ready for me when I get home. He is amazing! I love my Shawn Michael Lewter so much -aka North Alabama's Stone Cold Steve Austin look alike/or Bill Goldberg...either one..he bares a striking resemblance to them both.
Ironically, I never knew how strong my accent was until I moved further south. North Alabama is way more country than South Alabama y'all.
I'm in North Alabama. Like the country side.
If you are reading this post and would like to donate toward the Chappell Karate Basket Brigade, you can mail donations to Chappell Karate Basket Brigade, P.O. Box 268, Falkville, AL 35622.A complete Christmas dinner costs $40. It includes a 10-12 lb. turkey, lots of vegetables, rolls, drinks, a dessert, a roasting pan, and a Bible...everything needed for a fantastic Christmas dinner. We will personally deliver these dinners to the families who need them just in time for Christmas!! If you are unable to donate enough for a complete dinner, ANY amount is accepted!!!...Last year, we were able to deliver 252 dinners to families all over the North Alabama area. This year, our goal is 300!!! Thank you in advance for helping us reach our goal, but most importantly, thank you for helping us to help the families who are in need and helping us to teach these young people about giving!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!
I urge, beg and plead all past, present and future Tigers to be in Tiger Stadium Thursday night to help us beat North Alabama and win an outright GSC Championship. Please show up and leave there like me, hoarse and happy!
Tune in,Log in,Join in to Kickoff 3PM eastern. Tarleton State University vs. University of North Alabama.
SEASIDE HEIGHTS, New Jersey - Crews from Huntsville Utilities and Decatur Utilities are among many that made their way to the hurricane-ravaged East Coast only to be turned away in New Jersey, according to a WAFF 48 News report. Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, told the North Alabama...
I JUST LOOK ILLEGAL! Sergio Romo, who is of Mexican descent, was born in Brawley, Calif., less than 30 miles from the Mexican border. Growing up, he crossed the border to play baseball in Mexicali during the winter. He pitched at Arizona Western College, the University of North Alabama and Colorado Mesa University before being drafted by the Giants in 2005.
Our Sodexo crew dressed up for Halloween
Pine Cove is at the University of North Alabama today in the GUC!!! Go APPLY!! You won't regret it!!!
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somewhere in north alabama I'm hoping in madison county. Cause I need that!!
Big boom in north Alabama last night, has everyone talking. Meter, earth quakes? Or us blowing something up @ Bama Auto Restorations? Mmm :)
Pretty sure I came to Alabama for the warm weather.. Why am I wearing my north face, scarf and uggs?
Guess a large meteor exploded over North Alabama yesterday eve. I got some pics of a sun halo that lasted 7am to 3pm
One day hopefully in the next couple years.. I will be moved to either Tennessee, back to Alabama, Florida, or North or South Carolina.
I didn't know Noel was in north Alabama ??
One weekend, VERY soon, imma take a trip to North Alabama to see my cousin !!
North Alabama Community Care to host Halloween festival in Mason Court src:HSVImpact
I see ya Bruh! When I launch this website this week I'm a need your input for the players in north Alabama.
I thought North Alabama was very picturesque. The cotton fields off the highway did throw me a lil lol
Most of you in North Alabama have heard about the FIREBALL across North Alabama. Here is the Seismograph reading...
Did anyone see a fireball to our north over Alabama this evening?
Thank you to all the Alabama and Louisiana utility workers I saw heading North to help out those affected by Sandy! Stay safe!
we play in Alabama this week against North Alabama. Our last home game is November 10th.
A north Alabama animal clinic is offering free x-rays of Halloween candy tomorrow from 4 - 8.
Possible meteor impact over North Alabama this afternoon. Follow for details.
The local news is not talking about the bright light seen in sky over north/central Alabama. Reeks of a government cover up, if you ask me.
ever in north Alabama give us a shout! Have a blessed season!
Extremely Bright Fireball Spotted Over North and Central Alabama: Social media lit up like a Christ...
savem up till January!! Rut goes crazy in north Alabama then!
“Our crews migrating north into New Jersey, and they're already getting a heroes' welcome: Alabama
Social media lit up like a Christmas tree around 5:30 this evening as thousands across North and Central Alabama...
then I guess from reports that meteor was pretty low over north central Alabama
A 27 yr old guy from North Carolina just *winked* at a 26 yr old bird from Alabama! ,-)
Far North By Michael Ridpath is the Definition of “Revenge is a Meal Best Served Cold.” RT
nahh.. I live in North Carolina now.I used to live in Alabama!
that the way it is in every sport dude. Alabama football, cardinals baseball, duke and North Carolina basketball
got any info on the possible meteor seen & heard in central&north Alabama this early evening?
Why do people from up North come to college in ALABAMA and complain. Tf? Nobody asked your "yo son" face *** to come here.
Man, I'm so bummed I missed the huge meteor over North Alabama. Would have been amazing to see that!
Reports of a fireball over North and Central Alabama... seen as far north as Lawrenceburg, TN by me... did you see it too?
Beautiful sky in North Alabama on the way home from mtg w/ our friends
Anyone in north Alabama see or feel the possible meteor in the sky? Most reports coming from central Alabama of a loud boom.
Fair and 56 F at Muscle Shoals, North West Alabama Regional Airport, AL Winds are West at 11.5 MPH (10 KT). The pressur
Apparently a huge meteor hit somewhere in north Alabama Lights were seen all the way in Tex and Mo heard a loud boom and shook my house
Last call...if you wanna roll with the best crew in North Alabama Thursday night in Hamilton, hit me up.
Operation BBQ Relief Inc, a 501(c) 3 charity formed in the aftermath of the Joplin Tornado began preparations for Hurricane Sandy late last week. We have a team from North Alabama en route today. We have commitments from teams in AL,VA, MD, PA, DE, NY, NJ, OH and MO. We have been in contact with the Emergency Management Agencies in VA, PA, NY and NJ. At this time a response is eminent. We hope to have exact locations for deployment later today or early tomorrow as search and rescue efforts are in progress. Many areas are still not accessible.. As a non- profit organization, we rely on donations. We anticipate this to be the largest deployment ever for OBR. Since forming OBR has served over 200K meals to first responders, police, fire and people affected by natural disasters. Most recently Hurricane Isaac, with over 55K meals served. We need donations of MONEY, Meat, charcoal, rubs, aluminum foil, aluminum pans, basically anything that can be used to prepare food. All donations are tax deductible!
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