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Norris Cole

Norris Benjamin Cole is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by actor Malcolm Hebden, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 11 March 1994 and remained until his departure on 14 April 1997, only to return on 1 December 1999 and continues to appear in the series to the present day.

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And BTW, Im not a fan of the Norris Cole signing. I wanted Nate Robinson
And Norris Cole was a big role player for 1 of 2 heat championships more recently
Norris Cole Doug McDermott Enes Kanter Jerami Grant all players who are capable and should be able…
Norris Cole plays like 5 minutes and ruins the whole Thunder lead in those 5 minutes
I couldn't believe how bad norris cole is now. he was bad before but he like 10 times worse
Bron made Norris Cole a legit rotation player for like half a season &I have no idea how that happened to a dude who dr…
We were up 14 when Billy Donovan sat Russ to bring in Norris Cole (-18) but yeah it's Dre's fault we lost the game.
Norris cole has a job but Nate Robinson doesn't 🤔
Someone check Norris Cole and make sure he doesn't have a Rockets jersey on underneath the OKC one.
Norris cole and ricky rubio are crazy good. Kyrie irving is a bust
Russ had 35-14-14 and was a +14 tonight in 38 minutes. His backup Norris Cole was a -18 in 9 minutes
fans every time Norris Cole touches the basketball: .
ok, you can tell I'm an Anglophile. when I saw Norris Cole trending, I thought Coronation Street. but it isn't THAT Norris Cole.
41 triple doubles to tie Oscar Robertson...wait...Is that Norris Cole on OKC?
James Firth has overtaken Norris Cole as the funniest person that isn't on TV as much as they should list
LeBron James catches the lob from Norris Cole and OBLITERATES Jason Terry. Why he jumped I will never know.
James Harden. -Norris Cole with out refs . -creates more turnovers than a baker. -Autistic Rocket fans think he's better than Ru…
I might end up hating more than I ever did Norris Cole & Eric Gordon
I don't think I hated Eric Gordon more than I did Norris Cole
Norris Cole is signing with the Thunder. Will backup Russell Westbrook. (via
Norris Cole and Nate Robinson all we need for a playmaker PGs ...put Kyrie at the 2 to eat up Klay Thompson ...
Daniel Gibson.. Delly.. Mario Chalmers.. Mo Williams.. Kyrie... Norris Cole... None are playmakers but now it's a problem 🤔.
Neither Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole are in the League... Heat fans swore those guys were good lol
Still prefer someone like a Norris Cole or Jarrett Jack rather than Mike Dunleavy TBH
are there any free agent point guards that would work? Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Jarrett jack?... Ronnie price😳
1997. Michael Greco(Beppe di Marco) & Malcolm Hebden(Norris Cole) on the Red carpet at the Inside Soap Awards
ESPN reports Heat would like to ship out Norris Cole to get Shabazz Napier more minutes. Miami is also looking to add more…
CBA’s Shandong has officially released Norris Cole.
Grizzlies have expressed interest in Norris Cole to fill the void of injured starter Mike Conley, a league source told Bas…
cole norris would get ROCKED by Ethan baker
Back in 2013 Norris Cole had a buncha Miami *** rocking flat tops😂
My Norris Cole shirt is still my favorite tho
😐😐😐 Cole,Wayne, Kendrick, common, Game, Big sean, pusha T, Jay z, fabolous, there's so many more should I continue?
ICYMI earlier, here's Norris Cole's excellent preview of tomorrow's match away to Partick Thistle:
Cracking preview for tomorrow's game on the main site from Norris Cole today. Check it out ahead of the AGM!
If your boyfriend is in the military and you cheat on him while he's away you are the worst kind of person on this plan…
League sources on the Cavs backup PG situation (specifically referencing Norris Cole):
The reality star was joined by Bobby Cole Norris, Chloe Sims and the returning Lauren Goodger for an appearance in……
Chalmers? 😩😩 why don't you get Norris cole too 😩😩😂😂
This Pels team so much more fun to watch this year w/o Norris Cole.
Why didn't we pick up Norris Cole for our bench?
Can somebody please change that Norris Cole song,
yeah lol I remember that. I think Norris Cole is gonna be the last one to make it to the league for a while
Norris Cole signed in China. what about this?
Norris Cole. Road Lebrons coat tail now not sure if your still in the league with out him.
yeah Norris Cole is playing overseas. I wouldn't mind having him. I rather if the whole bench was gone
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Cole norris is the coolest freshman
Here's UofL TE Cole Hikutini, "I'm going to put everything out on Sat., every senior is, it's our last home game and we all…
I’m still finding it strange that Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole aren’t on an NBA roster.
trust me Norris cole can play in the NBA bruh... it's some horrible *** in the league he way better than
Let's keep it with the Heat.. So: Shabazz Napier, Norris Cole and Daequan Cook
Hi Mario Norris Cole is the worst point guard in NBA history
Wow I had no clue Norris Cole is in China. that's crazy... he def can be a backup pg for 80% of the teams in the league
Josh Richardson the goat at missing better than Norris Cole ah we lost to the sixes
Former NBA players Jason Thompson and Norris Cole are preparing for their first season with Chinese Basketball Association te…
Congratulations to Cole Norris on being named branch manager for new First Advantage Bank in Cool Springs.
Another guy the Heat could have had. We went with Norris Cole instead. Why didn't we focus on player development with the Big 3?
Lol Look at Norris Cole on the bench jumping!!! Hilarious! He knew it was going in!
Mr Ronnie I still haven't got the Norris Cole reward
I would've liked Norris Cole but he went to China.
Wait Norris Cole in playing in China *** he Bro Lebron did him dirty
Report: no longer have Shandon PG Norris Cole on their radar. While he has a buyout, they dont believe he'll be truly available
Lmfao, they gone have to give up AD and Norris Cole...
I had no idea Norris Cole was playing in China
Norris Cole past and present auto .50
Can Kendrick and Cole release this already?
it's a name I seen, along with DJ Augustin and Norris Cole
"Game 6-Norris Cole's reaction on the bench after Ray Allen's 3 to tie the game" kinda happy
So I just found out Norris Cole plays in China now. Not really sure how that happened
is it time for your weekly Norris Cole love letter again?
In Shandong with Norris Cole & Jason Thompson. They have the better basketball skills but I have the footwear.
The need to pick up either Nate Robinson or Norris Cole
The spector of Norris Cole looms over this team--dont know what a layup is
did norris cole get picked up? Also add Josh Smith who is by far the best FA
calling a "D list has been" when his profile pic is him and Norris Cole from Corrie.
Norris Cole vs Ian Beale. For the next lord of the mics. I'm calling it now.
One good thing from Ray Allen retiring today: Norris Cole's 77-inch vertical on the sideline is going to get 1.7 billion…
Norris Cole back there acting like draymond green
Conley is just Norris Cole with a green light
Norris Cole when he saw the news this morning that Mo Williams was retiring
Norris Cole leaving agent Rich Paul, who also reps LeBron and Tris, makes him going to Cavs a little less likely.
He's fat, he's bald, his name is Norris Cole...Patrick Lynch
Lebron, Jr Smith, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole & Lance Stephenson are still free agents
Every point guard for China is Norris Cole
BREAKING NEWS: Carla Connor to return and MURDER Norris Cole in shocking plot twist
. Point Guards that were facing Curry in the 2015 playoffs:. Norris Cole. Beno Udrih. Jason Terry. Dellvadova
Curry was matching up with Beno Udrih, Norris Cole, Jason Terry, and Delly 😂
That time when LeBron introduced Norris Cole to Jay-Z 😂
New Orleans' looming two-year, $4 million deal with G Tim Frazier all but seals that Norris Cole will move on, according…
Does Eric Gordon's departure mean that Norris Cole will FINALLY have a starting job!? I SURE HOPE SO.
they signed ARivers after they learned KD wouldn't be coming. obviously. They need to sign Norris Cole. Mario Chalmers?
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Will the Knicks go after a backup pg like Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole
does Rich Paul push Norris Cole on the sixers? Didn't they have interest last yr
All y'all can say is so and so got more rings so they are the better player.Norris Cole,Joel Anthony , and Adam Morrison got more than KD.
That time when LeBron James introduced Norris Cole to Jay-Z
So, there was this one time David Kahn traded away Chandler Parsons, Nikola Mirotic and Norris Cole all in one night
IDS in that photograph looks older than 's Norris Cole!! Wonder what would make of that?!!!
It was Bosh, Ray, Battier, Miller, Chalmers, Rashard, Rio, Bron was hitting 3s, Norris Cole was decent from 3, and James Jones
Josh Richardson is a much cooler Norris Cole
Family Matters - Zach Randolph as Eddie Winslow, Russell Westbrook as Steve Urkel, & Norris Cole as Waldo Faldo.
Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Birdman,Mike Miller,James Jones are no longer with Miami.Miss old Championship Team
Pelicans could have done what Miami is doing with Weber with Tim Frazier. But those super valuable Bird Rights to Norris Cole...
Ryan Anderson out, Norris Cole questionable, Tim Frazier probable for Pelicans tomorrow against the Lakers.
I'm happy with him. He will replace Norris Cole going forward
Norris Cole is one tenth the player Josh Richardson is right now
I might see if the Pelicans have an extra uniform, Jrue Holiday now out, Norris Cole out as well. Officially 8
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& that boy Norris Cole bout to be there!
you think Norris Cole looks at Josh Richardson and says "that was me once"
Injuries for the Pelicans:. Eric Gordon. Tyreke Evans . Norris Cole. Anthony Davis. Tough year for New Orleans on the field and on the court.
Debbie Dingle just edged winning the best mechanic but Norris Cole is smashing it for best shop keeper. Only you can change it vote now
Toney Douglas posts big line in start for Norris Cole…
From the Heat broadcast last night, Josh Richardson is already better than the Miami versions of Norris Cole and Mario Chalm…
Toney Douglas playing the Norris Cole role & refusing to get AD the ball.
If our *** coach would've started Jrue more than Norris Cole. What could've been
Love Josh Richardson's game, great hustle .. Reminds me of a bigger Norris Cole with a bit more upside
On this day in 1994:. Norris Cole makes his first appearance on the street.
Tiller told me about you . Drake told me to stay away. J.Cole told me not to save em &. Kanye told me to be a savage
How is Norris Cole injured? Didn't know you could hurt yourself shooting too much.
Norris Cole is OUT of tonight's game against the Memphis Grizzlies due to a lower back injury
Norris Cole is, once again, out. Toney Douglas starting at SG tonight. The second unit will
Norris Cole (back) will not play against the Grizzlies on Friday night.
Toney Douglas will start in place of Norris Cole (lower back) tonight at Memphis. This will be the Pelicans 31st different starting lineup.
Fantasy NBA: Who to play if Pelicans G Norris Cole, Grizzlies F Zach Randolph and others don't start - Cynthia Fre…
Norris Cole still sidelined with lower back soreness - Toney Douglas starting tonight vs. Grizzlies.
Injury Note: Norris Cole is OUT tonight against Memphis. Impact and Analysis:
Norris Cole (back) is out for Friday's game vs Memphis (day to day).
Norris Cole had a solid game and Eric Gordon was letting it fly all night
I am missing the reward cards (Isiah Thomas and Norris Cole) in NBA 2K16 MYTEAM they were not added to my collection.
still at this point think we should of gotten Norris Cole over Mo Williams
Norris Cole..5 shots in 21 minutes..Alonzo Gee and Toney Douglas in that rotation
If you told me last summer that Norris Cole, a D-leaguer & Alonzo Gee would be our starters, that playoff cash talk would've been dead.
not mad at Desean Jones kinda wish we kept Ish Smith over Norris Cole
Easy to clog the paint on AD with he's forced to kick it out to Norris Cole, Dante Cunningham or Alonzo Gee
Toney Douglas and Norris Cole getting heavy rotation for us in February bruh smh never would have guessed this
What's more important, improving on C with Asik or improving on the wing with Norris Cole, BDJ, Toney Douglas, and Gee?
Pistons will acquire one of these players by Thursday:. Randy Foye. DJ Augustine (Again). Darren Collision . Shane Larkin . Norris Cole. Mo Will
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When Chris Paul is throwing you alley-oops instead of Norris Cole..
If Chris Paul and Norris Cole had a kid..
When CP3 throwing you ally's instead of Norris Cole
When Chris Paul is your Point Guard and not Norris Cole.
*** having fun with All-Stars just to come back home to play with Alonzo Gee, Norris Cole, & Toney Douglas 😧
Have fun cause its back to Norris Cole and Toney Douglas lobs next week
Norris Cole was good but Evans was better
Mr Griffin The Land can use John Henson,maybe Ben Mcclemore,especially Trevor Ariza,Rudy Gobert,Norris Cole,what are you all
KD and Russ have to play with Dion Waiters. Anthony Davis gotta play with Norris Cole. Life is unfair.
Norris Cole finds Anthony Davis for the one-handed alley-oop
Lot of players with ties on court now.Norris Cole played at CSU,Andrew Wiggins drafted by Cavs,Anthony Davis'1st offer was CSU.
host the Pelicans get set with Shoot-Around Audio from KAT, Gorgui, Anthony Davis & Norris Cole
Ted Ginn turned from Mario Chalmers to Norris Cole in a blink of an eye
Wade brought in LeBron/Bosh. LeBron brought in Allen/Miller. Pat Riley drafted Norris Cole over Jimmy Butler & Dexter Pittman over Whiteside
Big day tomorrow as Norris Cole's will be retired in pre-game ceremony scheduled to start at 12:52 pm.
Another one! Thank you Kobe. Thank you Clarkson. Thank you Russell. Almost no thanks Anthony Davis. Thank you Norris Cole's 10 FGA
ICYMI: HC Gary Waters joined and to chat Norris Cole and Anthony Davis. (
gets rid of Norris Cole, Mario chambers, Shabazz Napier , for. .
Jrue come off the bench. Norris Cole the starter, Eric Gordon stay hurt, reke still can't shoot. Alonzo Gee? Ok. And Asik.
Jeff Green, Myles Turner, Jordan Hill, and Norris Cole making great value plays. How many do you have in your lineup?
I had some great lineups on tonight but tried to get too cute by using Tony Douglas instead of Norris Cole. Cost me hundreds $$$
to sign John Salmons and then him into Norris Cole later! (Wait, this makes it worse)
This is the pre-Dragic heat with Gerald green filling the Shawne Williams role and TJ is Norris Cole, this is amazing
Dell Demps, Eric Gordon, & Norris Cole can all get stuck in a water well
Conley having a field day with Norris Cole & Eric Gordon guarding him
Jon Barry is too kind. Pels just suck bro. Health ain't gonna make Tyreke Evans & Norris Cole not dumb.
Late News on Tyreke. Norris Cole usually gets the benefit at $4,100. Eric Gordon hasn't looked great recently but also added value
Kings getting absolutely torched by Eric Gordon and Norris Cole, which is fun?
Ben Simmons and Wade Baldwin if you're thinking draft for the Pelicans when they choose to start Norris Cole.
He just said Tim Hardway the best point guard to ever play for Miami like Norris Cole didn't use to play for the Heat😐😐
Norris Cole in for Tyreke Evans and then ... Anthony Davis gets a tip-in when everyone on press row thought it was Omer.
Norris Cole, Ish Smith and Dante Cunningham on the court at the same time.
Per game notes, Kendrick Perkins, Tyreke Evans, Quincy Pondexter, Norris Cole, and Jrue Holiday are out vs. San Antonio.
i think Norris Cole looks like a washed up r and b singer and Chris Anderson definitely sniffs coke and popped some roids😂😂
Vic Reeves wants to play Norris Cole's son on Coronation Street
I'm the same with with Norris Cole lol idk why ... But I just had to call out your blasphemy that's all
I'm ready for the kkk they gone meet my curry and my Norris Cole give they *** 60
umm no Norris Cole and Mario charmers were nice !!!
more and more going by the days grant mitchell, phil Mitchell, Norris Cole, *** carter. Guess I might not be here much longer 😭😭😭
Just had an argument with an absolute Norris Cole! Bore off man Sado 😂
I cant believe the heat got rid of Norris Cole and now their getting rid of Mario Chalmerss
All about Norris Cole (basketball) : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
VIDEO: Norris Cole after the Pelicans' first win: "Hopefully this is the start of a lot more wins”
Norris Cole play for the pelicans now
I've got the same feeling when Norris Cole got traded 😔
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Can't believe the Heat traded Mario Chalmers. First it was Norris Cole now this, smh
I'm pretty happy sentimentally it's sad but lord I got so frustrated with him I gave up I wanted Norris Cole
Good but we really should have kept Norris Cole.
He plays a lot - Jrue's got variable minute limits and Norris Cole is hurt.
I once saw Norris Cole get treated like an Egyptian pharaoh at LIV.
He wasn't consistent...they should of kept Norris Cole over him.
I would straight start Norris Cole over him every time on 2k lol
We don't have Tyreke, Norris Cole, or Kendrick (he was doing well) healthy right now
I wish we still had Norris Cole so we could see Cole vs Chalmers awfulness on december 6
Drummond, Munroe, Ariza, KMartin, Jennings, Anderson, Boozer, Carter, McLemore, Nash, Norris Cole is my 11 player rotation on 2k.
Just like how you trusted Riley to draft Norris Cole over Jimmy Butler huh? If Ennis plays good in Memphis then what?
Norris Cole have like a 30 sec career highlight film
Seems like the perfect tool for Norris Cole Night-vision goggles for Stafford dog poo patrols -
Miami should've been traded Chalmers and kept Norris Cole or Shabazz Napier.
Norris Cole would have been perfect for this situation.   10% Off
So we gave up Norris Cole, Now Chalmers? What are we getting in return? Where can i get the details?
I was wondering when they was gone release Mario Chalmers. Norris Cole was better and they traded him.
lol Norris Cole should've started after the first ring
Im happy Mario Chalmers is gone bruh. should've kept Norris Cole but no...Pat Riley done effed up on this one like Joel n Miller!
I feel like you're describing Norris Cole to me, and I agree.
Finally got rid of chalmers . Now bring Norris Cole back!
Finally! He was getting on my nerves. Should've kept Norris Cole.
*** WHY DID CHALMERS HAVE TO GET TRADED!!! NO!!!. First Norris Cole, now Chalmers. I mean, I get we have Dragic, but still.
Miami got rid of chalmers... FINALLY. . I'll take Norris Cole back any day.
Man I was dying when Norris Cole yelled at Rio.
The heat should have been traded him and kept Norris Cole
Norris Cole basically showed his *** up and Goran came and took his spot he a good NBA player but he can be traded
I hated Norris Cole too much to develop this hate y’all had for Chalmers.
lil Norris Cole used to outplay Chalmers 😂😂
It's also contingent on who is replacing the minutes. If it were Norris meltdown over this.
Coach Spo must really believe in Tyler Johnson for Pat Riley to have traded Norris Cole one yr then Mario Chalmers the next.
First miami trade Norris Cole and now they trade Mario Chalmers, why do they do this to me...
happy birthday Cole! thanks for always keeping me laughing!! love you lots & i hope your day is great :))
ut only once It’s been that way for yea: When she came home, she weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz At present, Riley has only Norris Cole under con...
I am GLAD it was Norris Cole. He belongs up there with Mouse McFadden.
injuries have killed them. No Tyreke, Norris Cole or Quincy Pondexter, Jrue limited
Are you, Jaz, Deena and Charl in a group chat, just you lot? — Who are you? Norris Cole? Nothing to do with you m8😉
The F.A. Cup draw was as exciting as a night out with Norris Cole and Emily Bishop,
No Norris Cole, no Tyreke Evans, No Jrue Holiday on back-to-backs, Jimmer could see some immediate playing time.
I honestly just think Norris Cole would make a huge difference. I just hope they sell out tonight. That's all I want to see.
can't forget Norris Cole cause of this
I'd take Tyler Johnson over Norris Cole every single day of the week
Norris Cole, Steve & David are the best one's in Corrie. I bet Sophie and the *** from the factory hook up too
A lot of jr smith and Norris Cole joints on this campus
steph played Norris Cole; Jason Terry, and Beno Udrih and Matthew Dellavedova in the playoffs
If I was GM who had to pick a starting 5 to build a title team:. Norris Cole. Bojan Bogdanovic. James Anderson. Frirken Aldemir. Ian Mahinimi
Just a friendly reminder that the started Shawne Williams and Norris Cole in last year's opener.
Y'all really ain't making enough Waldo Geraldo Faldo jokes about Norris Cole tonight
Norris Cole and Waldo Harold Faldo are the same person
Norris Cole asked what he would do if not in the NBA -"finishing my master’s, or I would be coaching at Cleveland State.”Gotta Love Norris!
Cole Norris with a huge run to the 11 yard line!
Cole Norris walks it in for the TD 🏈
Cole Norris breaks free and then breaks a tackle... on the 5 yard line
All Norris Cole do is blow In his hands and then go get 10 turnovers
Norris Cole got more rings the drose. Conversation over
that's why Norris Cole has more rings than you
Zabian Dowdell Vs Norris Cole. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
i can't wait! No idea why norris cole from corrie was initially tagged 😐
The actor who played Derek on Coro St has died (ht 1995 storyline: kidnapping of his garden gnome by rival Norris Cole. :D
Pelicans beat the Heat. Norris Cole strikes again.
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lmao bruh Steph played all 2nd String PGs in the playoffs. Norris Cole, Jason Terry, Delly, Beno Udrih? 😂
Norris cole has the worst set of sideburns iv ever seen
Norris Cole approves of the SKC playing "Watch Me" as he sings it during this timeout break.
Norris Cole still can't grow a full beard
yeah, i can sorta see him becoming a Norris Cole type player with Bron
I see Norris Cole gotta suit on, if the Pelicans wanna make the playoffs again might need to be his uniform a lot this year
Loso has gotten worse with age fam. Desert storm fab is harder than norris cole fade fab
Norris Cole catching up with D Wade & Birdman
Pels guard Norris Cole giving pregame love to his former Miami Heat teammates, coaches and team personnel
Norris Cole was traded to New Orleans last year. I didn't know that.
Not one player ever carried a team to a chip. Lebron wouldn't have won without Ray Allen or mike miller or Norris cole or Mario
its says "home to national champion Norris Cole" and its him in a Heat jersey holding two championship trophies
yea it was fun when I was visiting while I was in Highschool and they had Norris Cole
I'd rather have Rita Fairclough and Norris Cole from the kabin
enjoy you beautiful tattooed man.. Don't wear the Norris Cole glasses 🙈🙈 👀
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The one on the right wit the hat lowkey look like norris cole💀
I forgot no Norris Cole too lmao Jesus
Low key, David Alexander's clients are showing out this year. It's Norris Cole's year.
Nate Robinson and Norris Cole and a 15 minute Jrue Holiday doesn't get much better
oh I already knew he got the surgery we ready start Norris Cole
Nate looks great. Will make it interesting with Norris Cole if he has major success in the time Cole is out with injury.
Norris Cole injured during practice, out indefinitely
i've got the third pick in this fantasy draft do I use it to grab Norris Cole y/y?
What's one thing you may be surprised to know about READ:
So got Kendrick Perkins, AD, Nate Robinson, Tyreke Evans (IR), Eric Gordon, and Norris Cole. They have a good chance. 😁
Jrue Holiday, Norris Cole, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Nate many point guards do you need? They are ALL POINT GUARDS!!
Jrue Holiday is on limited minutes & Norris Cole is out indefinitely with an ankle sprain, Nate Robinson or Eric Gordon will run the point.
Norris Cole is going to end up here. As soon as TT signs Rich Paul will get Cole in here.
teammates Holiday, Anderson, Pondexter discuss return of Norris Cole:
Norris Cole, Pelicans remain at a standstill in contract talks
So the last three players in rank were 10. Dante Cunninhgam, 9. Norris Cole, 8. Alexis Ajinca. Do you agree with that order?
Norris Cole got two rings and never missed the playoffs in his career. No debate to be made bro
Even Norris Cole a legend. 2 rings in his first 2 seasons. Idk anyone who ever done that
Is Norris really as fast as Charley says?
I don't think they're too shallow... I mean, Ryno, Tyreke, Norris Cole, Ajinca... Isn't too shabby off the bench
Also is Norris Cole signed to a team yet?
Charlie Steiner is picking Norris in the first round of his fantasy baseball draft next year.
agreed. Which is why the Norris Cole thing worries me so much. If he goes back to being
they started last year with. Like Norris Cole won't shot 50 percent on long 2s again.
I think you need centers to make sure AD doesn't get worn down. My worry is they are very dependent on Norris Cole and Q-Pon to
Norris channeling Benito Santiago there. Just not as well.
OK, Charley, four days of talking about Norris's speed is more than enough.
Norris Cole GOAT then. Won two championships his first two years.
Norris Cole aka and I are always matching @ Trinity Miami
don't they have Norris Cole, Evans and that boy Jrue?
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Oh man...Norris Cole's first two months in the NBA fit here from what I remember.
LeBron James, Norris Cole train for 2015-16 NBA season in Miami -
shud of put him next to norris off corrie. Leigh cole
that 30 on me like Norris Cole gang gang
I'm sitting at the same table as Norris Cole
Pelicans waive Toney Douglas, still await Norris Cole decision
Wouldn't know J Cole from Norris Cole. *** sure never heard Taylor Swift, that I know of. Yo why you call homeboy Ricky Martin
Norris Cole needs to be resigned right now with Jason Terry gone
so we just need Jason Thompson and Norris Cole and we're all set. Somebody tell Sam those are the key pieces
I'm always on point Norris Cole you'll get wet like jet skii's when I hawk yo *** like Jeff Teague
I think the Mavs should pick up Norris Cole.
Norris Cole probably thought his father LeGM was going to sign him but instead they signed Mo Williams
norriscole's video lmao Norris cole is watching from his house
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