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Norman Reedus

Norman Mark Reedus (born January 6, 1969) is an American actor.

Andrew Lincoln Melissa McBride Walking Dead Sean Patrick Flanery Comic Con Steven Yeun Daryl Dixon Aaron Paul Boondock Saints Jon Bernthal Lauren Cohan Chandler Riggs Charlie Hunnam Silent Hills Nathan Fillion Hideo Kojima Greg Nicotero

Here are my top 5 sexiest men Charlie Hunnam,Thomas,Norman Reedus,Olyphant Theo Rossi now they made my top 5
I met Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden, and Stan Lee, in 2014. Great day.
...Norman Reedus, Michael K. Williams, Clifton Collins Jr & Teresa Palmer all in it. Some roles larger than others, obviously, but still.
Getting a show that solely focuses on Norman Reedus riding on motorcycles across America will be the end of me
The signs as norman reedus and Andrew Lincoln pictures:. Scorpio - (requested)
Ride with Norman Reedus on AMC begins June 12th . Who else will be watching???.
do you guys have the days Norman Reedus will be there?? It doesn't say on the website
You won't have to wait until October to see Norman Reedus back on TV.
So amc commissioning Norman reedus' bike show tells me one thing.. And I do not want to accept this one thing
Okay Norman Reedus Fans, your man has a date for his show! http…
Dead or alive, Norman Reedus returns in
📷 kthnxbye: Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on August 12, 2012...
Hey Norman Reedus 😎😎 look at this awesome artwork made by
I'm so excited for RIDE with NORMAN REEDUS! 😱💖
. I would love go but i can't cuz the distance 😓. Hope you're so good norman reedus 💞. Love you so much 😘 NEVER FORGET! x
Me: *wakes up* wow norman reedus is so beautiful. Me: *goes to sleep* wow norman reedus is so beautiful
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I'm quite surprised my norman reedus/Daryl Dixon obsession is still going strong after 4 months. Loving it.
Take 'Walking Dead' break to 'Ride with Norman Reedus' via
Truefact: the only cast members who were told who Negan killed (so far) are Norman Reedus, Josh Mcdermitt and Tyler James…
My only man crushes are Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Hurst & John Krasinski.
Daryl Dixon Appreciation - awsquad: Can we just appreciate his character for a moment?…and Norman Reedus?...
“I’m kind of a wuss”: Norman Reedus on not being a Daryl Dixon badass — and finally getting an on-screen romance https:…
Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal have played The Punisher. I hope i die before it's Carl's turn.
I want a walker stalker with Christian Serratos, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs and Daniel Newman, in southern Spain.
Hulu has both seasons. I'm watching the one with Norman Reedus and Udo Kier now.
When I told my sister we'd been meeting Norman Reedus at Tampa Bay Comic Con
A little Norman Rockwell with a dash of Norman Reedus. Welcome to Central Arkansas!
just in time for Norman Reedus to come to Tampa Bay Comic Con in August 🙌🏼
That great moment when you've been a Boondock Saints fan and a Gaga fan and you realize Norman Reedus was Judas in Lady G…
Norman Reedus needs to play adult John Conner in the next
Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, & Norman Reedus-uhm.attracted to everyone in this photo.
Now I feel like I want Norman Reedus vs Woody Harrelson or Michael Rooker on . It just feels right lol
Love this pic of Merritt Weaver & Norman Reedus. Loved her on Nurse Jackie ❤️
Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln. One of the best bromances the world has seen
Norman Reedus should be Ghost Rider!: Thoughts? submitted by /u/HannibalGaming [link] [comments]
Norman Reedus & Chandler Riggs today at "Comic Con" New Orleans with Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Hayley Atwell. http…
Taking a break from stalking Norman Reedus, Toby Stephens, and Zach McGowan on social media to bring you this:
I have thought of Adrien Brody, Luke Goss, and even Norman Reedus. I also like Jensen Ackles.
figured as much. it's like people who go to Walker Stalker Cons for Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln. AIN'T HAPPENIN.
Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln Panel at Walker Stalker Con 2016 (video) -->
Dane Peterson FB - another lucky 1 to meet Norman Reedus of in back
And this is Stryper now... or it's Kirk Hammett, Billy Ray Cyrus, Norman Reedus with his hair straightened, and...
Why are people leaving the group DM🙁like I just added Curtis Leopore, Nick Loham, Niall Horan, Imagine Dragons, and Norman Reedus. -Meggy⚓️
I went camping one time when I was twelve, to the Great Lakes. My friend st...
On the set of "The Walking Dead," Norman Reedus (Daryl) filled the trailer of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) with chickens as part of…
'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus: I Want to See Daryl Get Mean Again - Still sighing with relief that...
Norman Reedus is single . I am single. He is a male. I am a female. We are both human. Am I missin something or
📷 reedusnorman: Norman Reedus photographed by Mark Seliger for Details Magazine (outtakes)
Good night🌛. I love Norman Reedus, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev more than everything on earth💞
Hi Norman reedus the Brazil loves you and looks forward to your visit. I love you ❤
Looks like doesn't know what to make of Norman Reedus 😂 ( Jul 9 2013).
Louis started following Norman Reedus on IG (finally)
i know .I have been begging everyone to vote for Norman Reedus at … and Andrew.I only vote for them
for a free sponsorship of the one of the following people!. Imagine Dragons. Norman Reedus. Niall Horan. Curtis Leopore. Choosing one!
JESUS! I was begging some of Norman Reedus right now!. Precioso de mi corazón 💙
I'll cope by drowning myself in Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln vids.
when you cry because Norman Reedus is too beautiful
So Norman Reedus apparently signed for another season. So ya'll fangirls and be relived now
Excellent photobomb RTSaw Norman Reedus (Daryl TWD) at the airport
what if it's Norman reedus you'd be on the next plane lol
Does Carol ( Melissa McBride ) and Daryl ( Norman Reedus ) have something going on?? I think Daryl and Denise should date..
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How did you get Chad Coleman and Norman Reedus to follow you? I want to try and get most of the cast to follow me for a laugh ha.
You can vote now for Norman Reedus, Steve Yeun, Andrew Lincoln or tons of non-
I'm going to wizard world philly and I bought a Norman Reedus photo op but now Hayley Atwell is going and I want her photo op too
It makes me sad to think that when I went to Wizard World Chicago in 2014 I could have met Norman Reedus, and didn't.
Bummer you won't be this year! Nolan North will be there as well as Jerry Lawler and Norman Reedus
Sean Patrick Flanery about how he met Norman Reedus!. But why did the girl interrupt him?.
It's kind of ironic that Norman Reedus who was the other guy in Boondock Saints is now much bigger than Sean Patrick Flanery.
Just now realized how much Norman Reedus owes to Kevin Bacon.
but I swear if you keep either Matthew Mcconaughey or Norman Reedus in the kitchen, you could use them to grease baking pans.
Goodnight 😝 I love my boys, Zayn, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and all my mutuals
I liked a video New Kojima Productions - Kojima Meets with Norman Reedus
I love the fact Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln said if they could bring back any character it would be Hershel (Scott Wilson) ^_^
Got to snap a pic with Norman Reedus (Daryl) from the Walking Dead today! (h…
Norman Reedus would take a very...unexpected person into a bank heist with him
I wish the reformed Kojima Productions' first game is a collab between Guillermo deal Toro and Hideo Kojima, starring Norman Reedus 👀👀👀
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Managed to get a decent spec got the Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus panel. My serious man crush on Andrew Lincoln just got more serious...
If there is a movie adaptation of Red Dead Redemption then Norman Reedus has gotta play John Marsden, nobody else comes close
Enter now to see a free screening of starring Anthony Mackie, Norman Reedus, and Gal Gadot on Feb 23!
Check out this awesome new trailer for Triple 9, starring Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, and Gal Gadot!
Norman Reedus was on the LA snapchat story and I almost fell off the couch b/c of it
Before I started watching The Walking Dead I basically knew nothing about Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon, but I always imagined him being
WATCH: Norman Reedus, our March cover star, brings the head in
WATCH: Norman Reedus and Woody Harrelson bring the heat in
Inspired by the movie Boondock Saints which stars Norman Reedus
Hideo Kojima just reunited with Norman Reedus! Silent Hills is happening!!!
Hideo Kojima hanging out with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus - could Silent Hills be resurrected? Please, Hideo?
I some how feel that Kojima and Norman Reedus are working on a project together with Guillermo Del Toro. Silent Hills maybe? 😁
I love your celebrity Zombie apocalypse list thingy 😊 I would also need Bill Murray, Tom Hardy and Norman Reedus though 👍
no, pero en serio. Tom Hardy, Sam Worthington, Charlie Hunnam, Liam Hemsworth o, wait for it, Norman Reedus.
Walking Dead man walking: Norman Reedus said he knew an early audition was a disaster when he was told to 'act ...
Norman Reedus was told to 'act more good-looking' like Lost's Josh Holloway
Norman Reedus reveals he was told to 'act more good-looking'
I am so PUMPED. Norman Reedus is going to be at Emerald City Comicon. A star from Farscape, and now one from WD there too! Heaven
📷 reedusnorman: Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, and Sonequa Martin-Green on the set of The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira to appear on 'Inside the Actors Studio' Feb. 11 via upishowbiz
Norman Reedus is one of my biggest inspirations along with Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun.
agreed. I spent $100 for Steven Yeun but luckily I loved the pic. I saw people's pics with Norman Reedus that were terrible.
📷 reedusgif: Norman Reedus was nice enough to stop and take photos with some fans on Saturday (January...
📷 reedusnorman: Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus photographed by Jeff Lipsky for TV Guide Magazine
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus with photographer Jeff Lipsky on the set of their photoshoot for TV Guide Magazine
Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus talk about their real and on-screen bromance 💘😂
Norman Reedus on and filling Andrew Lincoln's trailer with live chickens: https:…
The Best Actors of American Tv Series 2015 vote for Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln
Heads up east coast Walking Dead fans...Norman Reedus and Andy Lincoln on Entertainment Tonight starting now on. ABC!
Joshua Jackson in New York to promote Smart People in first public appearance since Diane Kruger and Norman...
Happy Birthday to Norman Reedus Here are some balloons for to pop with his claws! =^..^= h…
I wanna see the "Ride with Norman Reedus" in Japan. please broadcast on FOX channel or on DVD or Internet somewhere 😭
Norman Reedus on SVU as a rock star against psych drugs. I knew he had to have been on there at some point.
. Sexy shy💙. Q&A. Could we watch ur new show 'Ride with Norman Reedus' on AMC Latinoamerica, babe??. GNITE, HERMOSO💋. Ana🌸
'The Walking Dead' Season 6 to be Norman Reedus’ Last what a motherdick for writing this! Lol
Norman: "Hey girl, make sure you're getting all this *gestures to himself* lit well." RTPanel
This expression is the entire fandom (or maybe just me, finding & staring at Norman pics) (djchriseastes)
My face when tells me that Norman Reedus isn't hot as all ***
I wonder if has seen the new Star Wars yet?! Chewie Norman reedus, chewie 👍🏻☄
I can confirm, it's indeed Norman Reedus RTwish I watched cuz apparently I just met a celebrity😂
Norman Reedus & Co. look ready for battle in new stills from midseason premiere of
Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul in the same movie? That's called heaven, my friends. 😍😍😎
what about the girls that watch because of Norman reedus?
heres a fun game- watch this and try and figure out how high Norman Reedus is in each clip
For the LADIES... Start your morning off with some Norman Reedus !! 😍 your welcome!! htt…
Need some Norman Reedus ready for battle in new stills
and I wouldn't trade him for even Norman Reedus or Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😉
Channeling Norman Reedus after shaving our heads. She has osteosarcoma
Norman Reedus looks ready for battle in new The Walking Dead stills. via
when Norman Reedus says your dad's bar is the best bar in the world>>>.
WATCH Norman Reedus hilariously play/crush charades on last night:
I liked a video Charades with Danny DeVito, Khloé Kardashian and Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus and Sonequa Martin-Green in stills for The Walking Dead - Daily Mail
Did ya know? Norman Reedus dropped in on Papa Hemingway back in '42, to play w/the kittens. http…
📷 reedusnorman: Norman Reedus and Shadi filming ‘The Ride with Norman Reedus’ on January 21, 2016.
star Norman Reedus gets his own motorcycle show:
Norman Reedus has a new show coming to --
Norman Reedus looks like a Blake Shelton version of Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines.
Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery at the Calgary Fan Expo via
Me: who are ur top 5 nerd celebs you'd want to meet?. Bro: Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, & Norman Reedus
Just saw The Boondock Saints for the first time in my life :D Hello younger Norman Reedus :>
It still hasn't hit me that I'm going to meet Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery and Summer next month
Birthday shoutouts! Norman Reedus (above) is 47, Julie Chen is 46, Danny Pintauro is 40, Eddie Redmayne is 34, and Kate McKinnon is 32. IC…
Before you watch tonight, read up on everyone's favorite hunter Norman Reedus
I always thought of Norman Reedus as Louis in his 40s 😍
Nightly thoughts- . I need more Christian Camargo in my life. I need more David Bowie in my life. I need more Norman Reedus in my life
Ed Helms, Chris Hemsworth, and Norman Reedus in a movie together is a strong yes from me
News: Norman Reedus of 'Walking Dead' set to ride on reality show - Redding Record S...
📷 sweetheart-and-sunshine: Photos of Melissa McBride Taken by Norman Reedus and Photos of Norman Reedus...
When neither Steven Adams or Norman Reedus are under my tree I'm going to cry 😿🎄
INFAMOUS- Staring Hipsy Bohannon and Norman Reedus...I think yes! Devils Rejects, Bonnie and Clyde and how could...
I have a man crush on Aaron Paul, Charlie Hunnam, John Krasinski, Ryan Hurst & Norman Reedus.
I want to meet Scott too and the rest of the TWD crew. Ben McKenzie is another person. And the main person Norman Reedus.
with repostapp. ・・・. Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul and Clifton Collins Jr. (just to…
📷 basswipe: in-love-with-norman-reedus: Jon Bernthal giving Norman Reedus some advice on how to take a...
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📷 reedusgif: Lucky fans run into Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal x
Norman Reedus to 'Walking Dead' fans: Don't bite me
BREAKING NEWS! A Norman Reedus fan bit him in a photo op in New Jersey! No one bites Daryl. Not even a walker.
The real Daryl is Norman Reedus. His account is and Maggie is Lauren Cohan, hers is
What’s with all the biting?!. A fan at a The Walking Dead convention bit Norman Reedus over the wekeend, and now...
Norman Reedus pops in on Tovah Feldshuh's panel to give her a kiss at Walker Stalker Con 2015!…
I just binned a used olive oil container that was less greasy than Norman Reedus.
This is how you take a photo with Norman Reedus. Also note the denim on denim / black tie combo.
Norman Reedus, John Rhys-Davies among first guests announced for FanX 2016
if you're not texting me about memes or Norman Reedus stop texting me immediately
Lauren Cohan associates Steven Yeun with black hair. Lauren Cohan said she thinks Norman Reedus is a sex god.
Norman Reedus with Geoff Moore... then and not-so-then.
Photo: Six stars, led by 'Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus, set to appear at FanX '16 via
Consider this: The Punisher played by Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery just alternating between scenes.
I hope we find something! Norman Reedus said it was not Glenn in an interview tonight. He could just be blowing smoke though.
Who's more attractive... Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus? (It's Andy for me)
Rooting around the walker guts for signs of Sophia.."Norman Reedus reveals his best day ever on set"
I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to high five Norman Reedus
if you want this solo DM with TWD Cast (Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride etc).. Must be following, 10 minutes ! 💖 htt…
No rest for Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus after the big weekend. Only ones filming so far today. Woo-hoo! Caryl!
I liked a video Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus on The Talking Dead (Caryl Part)
Norman Reedus is in the 2nd blade, not 3rd. still like trinity tho
don't know why some people dislike Blade Trinity... how can you hate a movie with Norman Reedus and Ryan Reynolds?
‘The Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus drew on father’s death to prepare for scene with Merle via
Helsingin Sanomat: Walking Dead star Norman Reedus views about privilege of getting a role in Finnish mobile game
From the creators of & starring Norman Reedus + Djimon Hounsou, is available on Blu-ray Oct. 6
We're watching a movie with Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou while we work and I don't know what it's about, their faces are just pretty.
I'm so upset Norman Reedus cancelled. I was so looking forward to that. Now I'll have to pray he shows up at a Florida Supercon. :(
The drawing I made for/of Norman Reedus that I have to him at Comic Con! He was super sweet and took a pic of it☺️☺️ http…
Wesley Snipes Ron Pearlman Donnie Yen Luke Goss and Norman Reedus not a bad cast is it?
Not sure why Norman Reedus was my bartender in that dream, but I'll take it, especially since the beer he poured me was on the house
It looks like is getting even darker in its sixth season
I finally entered the Norman Reedus comp! Thanks again for having it open to New Zealand! It doesn't happen a lot so it made my day(:
Norman Reedus on how to survive Comic Con via
Photoset: reedusnorman: Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger attend the world premiere of Sky at TIFF 2015 Good...
What a coinkydink, mine was seeing ppl's pics meeting him RTHighlight of meeting Norman Reedus!
Norman Reedus did not disappoint lol
great movie and a big fan of Norman Reedus. But I would pick Rick over Daryl in a heartbeat
oh please it's all about Daryl... it's been about Norman Reedus since The Boondock Saints lol
NEW pictures of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln on set!
Norman Reedus in 'Night of the Templar' 2013 playing Henry.
Norman getting more praise for his role Review …
I only just heard about this now, three months later, but FYI.
Norman signing this cool drawing of his eyes by Jason Edmiston and then in true Reedus fashion adding…
HD pics of Norman turn me catatonic... "Norman Reedus, the most stylish zombie hunter ever"
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Norman Reedus on how to survive Comic Con: Well, now Norman not only wants to hang out with a lucky fan, but h...
Thank you !! :) This Week's Cover: First look at season 6 of ht…
does anyone know what day Norman Reedus will be at the WalkerStalkercon in Atlanta Georgia
Norman Reedus on how to survive Comic Con: Norman recently released a short video, detailing each of the follo...
. It's serious & true. When Norman Reedus doesn't read me or notice me I get sad (is this correct?) well, I feel incomplete
bethkinneysings: Imagista’s limited edition print issue with Lauren Cohan,Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney is...
FIRST LOOK: Norman Reedus Is Bloody and Ready to Roll for The Walking Dead Season 6 via
LE print issue w/ Norman Reedus & Lauren Cohan covers will be available at at 3pm! http…
Me & Tamsyn have been accepted to work at walker stalker con. I am dead 😂 does this mean I get to meet Norman Reedus or?
Norman Reedus as Yes please RTDaryl, Rick and Carol in the RICKY Horror Picture Show!
My first two cards would be from Norman Reedus (and Nathan Fillion (
That's a pretty good picture! . Sean Patrick Flanery, Sean Clark and Norman Reedus in one shot! .
Sean Schemmel, Jason Momoa, Rupert Grint, Tom Kenny, Eric Vale, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs,. This day was the best
Amy, The Walking Dead Script Supervisor, and her cake that Norman Reedus bought her.
New charade for us to guess stars for Comic-Con soon? Peter Capaldi, Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, Norman Reedus, Clark Gregg...
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Had an amazing time at London film and Comic Convention 2013 :) met Norman Reedus and Amanda Tapping!!
Photo: bethkinneysings: Norman Reedus photographed by Michael Williams for Imagista 
I liked a video Norman Reedus prank on Andrew Lincoln is HILARIOUS!! The Walking Dead
Boondock Saints! As a Norman Reedus fan... You must watch this...
Coolest con experience I ever had was at fan expo when I was in line to meet Norman Reedus, and he got a little kid to silly string me.
The official Norman Reedus "Punk Collection" shirt 1 on sale now at Correct web address!
Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco, and Sean Patrick Flannery are all going to fan expo jfc so much Boondock Saints 😩 why am I so broke
add Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Chandler Riggs and Steven Yuen oops
at the 39 minute mark it sounded like Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead called y'all. Lol
Can't believe Norman Reedus is losing to Peter Capaldi!
'The Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus on the 'wild animals' of season 6 |
To recap my birthday wish: . Norman Reedus. Stripping his clothes off slowly. To Muddy Waters' "Mannish Boy".
So. For my birthday, I'd like to watch Norman Reedus strip his clothes off to "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters. Wouldn't that rule?
Norman Reedus by during Thanks for editing/posting on Tumblr
Hayley Williams keeps getting better. Her love for Norman Reedus just 😍😭
Norman Reedus tries to save the world's air supply in film produced by 'Walking Dead' creator
See pics from 5th Anniversary Party in SD w/ & more!
Why should be your favorite human on Earth right now! 💜💜💜
Be for I go I.Will give you one mover Norman Reedus!
Here we go lady's a Monday pick me upper .. norman reedus
I'm going to start a store that only sells Norman Reedus wigs
Yes! Norman Reedus can hypnotize by just looking at you!
. Hey Norman. Sending you kisses & hugs from France . Have a great day Mr Reedus. Love ya 💙💙💙
How To Meet Norman Reedus and Get an Autograph for FREE!. Step 1: Annoy him until he gets a restraining order.
Yes, I did indeed get to sit down with -- Norman Reedus! -- for an interview.
Photoset: Outtakes of Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon photographed by Dylan Coulter for the September 2014...
Norman Reedus fights for breathing space in trailer for Air can't wait for this movie!
Norman Reedus wants us to go straight to _ to riot if Daryl dies! http…
The Walking Dead isn't all about Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon, chill out
Season 5: Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln talk what's coming next
Update your maps at Navteq
Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) is the latest celebrity ambassador for Cruelty Free International.
Sonequa Martin-Green and Norman Reedus speak onstage at panel during http:/…
Norman Reedus poses with the Game of Thrones cast at
Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger share a smooch in this first-glimpse at their film 'Sky.'
Daryl Dixon wasn't originally supposed to be in TWD but Norman Reedus audition for Merle made them make Daryl.
Speaking of...I was @ the Philly comiccon where u met 's Norman Reedus (
Sonic movie cast: Bryan Cranston as Robotnik, Chris Pratt as Sonic, Michael Cera as Tails, Norman Reedus as Knuckles, Stoya as Amy
"Andrew Lincoln’s (Rick Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) will be saying goodbye to the cast after Season 6 concludes." U K E
Photoset: dotsplace: Sean Patrick Flanery pretending to be Norman Reedus. video credit: [x] bonus: Sean is...
Foto: bethkinneysings: Norman Reedus photographed by Jesse Untracht-Oakner during his photoshoot for Black...
Good to know Norman Reedus is a Lana Del Rey fan, since he was on the side of the stage taking photos. He was so close yet so far!
I want to see some Walking Dead actors on ! Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohen, etc! (:
Dreams last night: Kanye West tried to kill me, Norman Reedus kissed me, Lisa Bonet was in a store in her bare feet. Holy hot mess, Batman.
To meet Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Giancarlo Esposito, and RJ Mitte it would be $260
Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun of 'The Walking Dead' will attend Walker Stalker Con in Orlando in late June
crazyislandcat: My nominee for is Daryl & Carol (Norman Reedus & Melissa McBride
Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride singing on set • via
My nominee for is Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus's groomer shares 8 grooming products you need for summer
Not sure if Kevin Klein or Norman Reedus aka Daryl from the Walking Dead
Can you find Norman Reedus at LIVEAID? Time travel is amazing!
told my boyfriend I'd want Norman Reedus but I will also add Chris Evans in the mix ^_^
Wizard World Chicago is going all out this year! Norman Reedus, Nathan Fillion, Stephen Amell, Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor.
Photoset: Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus at ‘The Walking Dead’ Deadline panel at the Egyptian Theater on...
How is it working with Melissa McBride , Sonequa , Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus ... ? As they are behind the scenes ?
Norman Reedus & Melissa McBride 'The Walking Dead' panel at the Egyptian Theater on Monday, April 20... -
Just for the record, I will NEVER combine Norman Reedus with Melissa McBride to make McReedus. They are two separate individuals.
I could have met Norman Reedus and some other cast of The Walking Dead at the Calgary Comic Con but no...I had to work all weekend that week
Norman Reedus, Eric Balfour, and my fiancé ,three men I'd want if the zombie apocalyptic end were near. We'd rescue some of you people😄😉
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be? — Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, or Melissa McBride.
Little Giant Ladders
Silent Hills w/Guillermo del Toro & Norman Reedus' no more, PT's been removed from the Playstation Store, Konami is eroding.
Norman Reedus is what Edward Furlong should have turned into.
You mean to tell me that Edward Furlong isn't Norman Reedus?
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Dean Ambrose, Norman Reedus, Bert McCracken, Terrance...
Norman Reedus photographed by Carlos Serrao for Flaunt Magazine’s Location Issue
In the course of a month we have Steve Nash, J. Cole, and Norman Reedus on campus? We should have a celebrity softball game.
That time when Norman Reedus was on Charmed. Rose McGowan, you lucky, lucky girl.
Natalie Dormer practices her smirk and cozies up to Norman Reedus at the Savannah Film Festival - ***
What you talking about? Norman Reedus is simply his day name, llike Clark Kent. Daryl exists!
Photo: Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero behind the scenes of 5x16 Conquer
Greg Nicotero, Lauren Cohan, and Norman Reedus behind the scenes of 5x16 Conquer💙
Swooning over Norman reedus right now!! Dayum he's hawt
.star talks Daryl's big season finale:
A picture of Norman Reedus with a horse. Why? Because Norman Reedus and horses, that's why. 9:30
Check out our cover star, Norman Reedus in the newest issue of
I'm still coming to terms with the fact that Norman Reedus isn't Irish.
Norman Reedus seems like a pretty cool dude in real life, I hate people who expect him to run around crossbowed up all day
'Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus on Daryl's big finale |
We are thrilled to announce the addition of Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, and Sarah Wayne Callies to the Media Guest lis…
Can you try to get Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Dylan O'Brien and Tom Felton to come to Fan Expo Toronto please☺️
I know folks love Norman Reedus but in that suit, those socks & that hair he looks like a funeral director in a Tim Burton film.
Austin Nichols, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun all in one show its too much to handle 😍😍😍
Norman Reedus would be perfect in a Tim Burton movie.
"Deborah Harry and Norman Reedus... do all the cool things." RT: htt…
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