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Norman Mailer

Norman Kingsley Mailer (January 31, 1923November 10, 2007) was an American novelist, journalist, essayist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, and film director.

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Any workout which does not involve a certain minimum of danger or responsibility does not improve the body – it jus…
We made it until 1980 without it... I believe in that time we produced the minds of Norman Mailer, Ernest Hemingway
1703 Second AvSt. was home to literary eatery "Elaine´s" from 1963 until the death of owner, Manhattan-born El…
On March 28th, 1977, Jane Fonda introduced Norman Mailer who handed the Best Screenplay Oscar to Paddy Chayefsky. W…
On rereading Norman Mailer’s The Prisoner Of Sex, so far up to Part 1, The Prizewinner...
Norman Mailer on "...One can feel the importance of each moment ...One feel's one's being..." 🍃🌿
I think you can learn from history. — Norman Mailer
Charles Manson, Norman Mailer, and our inauthentic, but hip, society
I watched Norman Mailer's completely bonkers film adaptation of his novel, Tough Guys Don't Dance, at a…
How Norman Mailer’s essay on the “white *** tells us about a bad thing and a good thing in Catholic life…
For sure. I don’t even do voice calls with my dev team. Here’s Norman Mailer on fluorescent lights:
Compelling biography of Ali reviewed in - Check out Norman Mailer’s timeless The Fight
Once a newspaper touches a story the facts are lost forever, even to the protagonists. - Norman Mailer
Guilty of plugging Roth and Updike myself for many years, but no man has been plugged more, in my ex…
Taking chances takes your writing to great heights. In The Spooky Art Norman Mailer says that great…
“A little bit of rape is good for a man’s soul” - Norman Mailer, two time Pulitzer Prize Winner and National Book A…
Is there an American novelist who could’ve imagined this Trump story? Is the story a satire or one of…
"15. Norman Mailer: The favorite author of every guy who loves to talk about bar fights but has never been in one."
"Good artists copy, great artists steal.". Norman Mailer.
.& talk Norman Mailer, Vietnam, & writing from the dragon's perspective:…
Norman Mailer: 'Writers aren't taken seriously any more, and a large part of the blame must go to the writers of my…
"Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing." —Norman Mailer
One of those “classic” mid-century American writers who revolutionaries the American novel by wr…
"Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less.” - Norman Mailer
Writers don’t have lifestyles. They sit in little rooms and write. - Norman Mailer
We are all here for a huge purpose. I think we shrink from the immensity of the purpose we are here for. Norman Mailer
"He got a corporation mind. He don't believe in nature; he puts his trust and distrust in man." - Norman Mailer
George W.S. Trow, Norman Mailer, Pauline Kael, and for all sorts of reasons, Anatole Broyard
*first day teaching in *** . "Before there was Tay-K, there was a young scribe named Jack Henry Abbott.". *Belial and Norman Mailer nod*
The Coney Island Cyclone opened on this day 90 years ago. Norman Mailer took it for a ride in 1969.
Norman Mailer stabbed his wife. Have some solidarity; don't read his books. Read Doris Lessing, Elena Ferrante, Djuna Barnes. They're better
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Hunter S. Thompson meets Norman Mailer. People shouldn't be that good at stuff.
Norman Mailer v Germaine Greer: how the 1971 Town Hall row still rages
May he continue to do so for years to come. . Great article. Especially that Norman Mailer correction.
What do Phillip Roth, Norman Mailer and Judy Blume have in common?. They're New Jersey Authors. Find more NJ Authors @
Norman Mailer at the Actor's Studio. Harry Lennix at a nightclub, Chgo. Claudio Simonetti at Metro, Chgo, Peggy Cummins in SF.
Norman Mailer was born 1923. He won every book prize going, except the Nobel
Me and Norman Mailer have talked about how hard it is in America to get...
What sums up how poor the media is, is that Peter Jackson who no Norman Mailer pops up on Scrum V & is lauded as a genius.
Glad to hear indestructible on the mend. He is, as Norman Mailer described him, 'all meat and stone' https:/…
The story of when Norman Mailer confronted James Toback to argue about the difference between bourbon and scotch:…
You still listening to the Norman Mailer Podcast? If so, can I send you my new book on Mailer's films?
I've just watched episode S05E06 of Gilmore Girls! Norman Mailer, I'm P...
The highest prize in a world of men is the most beautiful woman available on ur arm & living there in her heart loyal to u…
Norman Mailer was a genius. A conceited *** too, but as a writer - indisputable genius.
In 1969, Norman Mailer ran for Mayor with a platform that advocated NYC separating from NY State & becoming the 51st State.
Reminds me of the greatest burn of all time. Mailer decked Gore Vidal at a party. Vidal: "Words fail Norman Mailer yet again."
Paris Geller in the role of getting into a fight with Norman Mailer on a talk show
Who did they recast as Norman Mailer?
Are you old enough to remember when Norman Mailer ran for mayor to make NYC the 51st state? I am, good times.
where's Norman Mailer when you need him. Only a misogynist d*^ck can take another one down.
I hate everything which is not in myself.
How wonderful it was to sit on a set with Norman Mailer and get to...
"Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor" -…
Does this title card from an episode of Mork & Mindy Animated Series really credit Norman Mailer?
For Norman Mailer, fisticuffs were a bonding method. Perhaps the same logic applies to Trump, only with litigation.
Season 5 Ep. 6, "Norman Mailer I'm Pregnant" after Rory runs into the girl in the gorilla mask and she is getting in the car?
You know My biggest High school Crush was on an episode! EEK! Episode is called Norman Mailer, I'm…
the new stuff? No. I'm on the Norman Mailer episode. Rory is a terrible journalist/ person.
Every moment of one's existence one is growing into more or retreating...
I had a late night whiskey with Norman Mailer once. True story.
One way to understand Dylan is through his detractors, for instance the novelist Norman Mailer
Norman Mailer said, "Being a real means being able to do the work on a bad day."establishing great habits take cons…
"Every one of my novels has killed me a little more." -Norman Mailer
"One can feel the importance of each moment feels one's being..." Norman Mailer
"The war between being and nothingness is the underlying illness of the twentieth century." Norman Mailer
Today in 1982, TV movie "Executioner's Song" aired on NBC. Based on Norman Mailer book about Gary Gilmore (Windell 2015).
The penguin video is vaguely reminiscent of Rip Torn vs. Norman Mailer but without hammers.
Bit harsh of Norman Mailer - unless he really is good on court. Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature
Priceless: Susan Sontag in 1971 asking Norman Mailer why he calls women authors "lady writers."
this evening I had a super interesting conversation with David Means about Norman Mailer & Michael Herr
My high-school papers, my college-application essays, read like Norman Mailer packed in a crun
It's true. He moonlights for us regularly. As did Truman Capote and Norman Mailer.
It also had books by Richard Wright and Norman Mailer.
Just finished Norman Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance. Swear Rick Moody had read it before writing the Ice Storm. Similar Ne…
Also, what's the late Norman Mailer doing on the front bench?
Where are Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis or Norman Mailer to write about all this? via
What was existentialism to Norman Mailer? "Oh, kinda playing things by ear"
...and Rita Hayworth, Isaac Asimov, Shirley Chisolm, Duke Jordan, Norman Mailer and Lena Horne (according to wiki). Wow
Charles Pierce paraphrasing Norman Mailer says campaign close to "murderous in mood" >
Andrew Basevich quoting Norman Mailer: ""Fighting a war to fix something works about as good as going to a whorehouse to ge…
Your regular reminder of just how well Norman Mailer could write:.
Do you know what I think? We need an artist to understand as Norman Mailer taught us to understand anguish caused by Gary Gilmore
Berlin must be my lucky city. Found out I won the Norman Mailer award here, and had 2 great bits of book news within 24 hours of returning
Norman Mailer's letter to his father, November 17, 1949 is being read on the LettersLive16 stage right now by
"You're in love with the truth when you discover it at the point of a pencil." Norman Mailer.
You never do find out what makes you tick, and after a while it's unimportant/Norman Mailer
“The important writers in my day were much more important to me than movie stars.” - Norman Mailer, The...
What characterizes a member of a minority group is that he is forced to see...
Tough guys don't dance. You had better believe it. - Norman Mailer
“One must grow or else pay more for remaining the same.” A Norman Mailer birthday prompt:
'Writing can wreck your body. You sit there on the chair hour after hour and sweat your guts out to get a few words.' Norman Mailer
I spent about two hours tonight mixing up Norman Lear and Norman Mailer in a game of Celebrity. . .
Norman Mailer said, with some ego, that JCO was as good a writer on boxing as he. That's a compliment!
“Ultimately a hero is a man who would argue with the gods, and so awakens devils to contest his vision.” . ― Norman Mailer
Listening to a podcast about Norman Mailer's SPOOKY ART; unsure why, of all books, I remember its purchase as the most awkward of my life.
"There's nothing safe about sex. There never will be." Norman Mailer
Appeal of Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump recalls slogan of Norman Mailer for NY mayor & Jimmy Breslin as council pres:"Throw the rascals in"
Was the man who made William the Conqueror's armour the Norman Mailer of his day?
Norman Mailer . quote: One’s condition on marijuana is always existential, one becomes…
Norman Mailer: "Sentimentality is the emotional promiscuity of those who have no sentiment."
k I know this is serious but all I can think is "NORMAN MAILER, I'M PREGNANT"
Ah like Norman mailer and John Updike. Two crucial voices women's lit.
Sure; you ever see him absolutely run circles around Norman Mailer?
In honor of International Women's Day, I give you the time acclaimed author Norman Mailer taught…
Culture's worth huge, huge risks. Without culture we're all totalitarian be...
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Is it just ME, or was Norman Mailer just a terrible writer?
Norman Mailer in 1969, during his campaign for New York City mayor.
“One’s condition on is always existential." Norman Mailer
Only meaningful vote I've cast was in the 1969 NYC Democratic primary for Norman Mailer & Jimmy Breslin.
In 1969, Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin tried to take over NYC politics. Didn't happen.
My column on the Old Firm - definitely the only one to feature Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal and the Leyton Buzzards.
Bought my Matthew Barney tickets; now considering whether I *need* to read the Norman Mailer book, or just go along and hope for the best.
As academics write today about Norman Mailer and Podhoretz's fallout, so someday will tomes be written about
On last night's Johnny Carson repeat Norman Mailer laid out the case for a murder investigation of Marilyn Monroe's death & I think Johnny
I added a video to a playlist Norman Mailer interviewed by Martin Amis, 1991. (1 of 4)
"Sex, Poop & Norman Mailer" - reviews for is excited by it: At 12/4!
Chat with Norman Mailer: “When you give people too much information, they instantly resort to pattern recognition….”http…
reading Esquire magazine by Norman Mailer, for People Magazine | 1994
Norman Mailer was a famous postal inspector
Norman Mailer's biographer reviews Jay Parini's new biography of Gore Vidal:
"Poor Norman. He is still the young John Garfield, with a fiddle & a dream..." --Gore Vidal on Norman Mailer in letter to Louis Auchincloss
Norman Mailer, Peter Roebuck, chess, sports writing and the high poetry and basic stats of sports junkiedom.
A 6-hour art film covers Norman Mailer's funeral, Paul Giamatti’s feet, and perhaps more feces than we'd prefer
A old prison rhyme I found in the first few pages of my book The Executioners Song by Norman Mailer…
Alimony is the curse of the writing classes. -- Norman Mailer.
Mailer punched Vidal at a party, prompting Vidal to retort: "Words fail Norman again."
I start with the idea of constructing a treehouse and end with a skyscraper made of wood. (norman mailer on writing htt…
Dinner w/E Pankhurst, G Greer & N Mailer. We're all having the same. Only Norman is punching me. Germaine is merely thinking about it.
How's a sinister collector, Norman Mailer, and J.D. Salinger connected? Find out in The Salinger Contractor:
a debate between Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan expound on violence, alienation & the electronic envelope (1968)
But why does anyone care? It's not Norman Mailer vs Gore Vidal. No wit, no punches, no substance, just pomposity. (2/2)
And while there check out other items in residence: Gutenberg Bible, James Joyce letters, Don DeLillo and Norman Mailer.
I love Normal Mailer quotes. Norman was way overrated.
If I'd found out that Norman Mailer liked me. I'd have killed myself. RAY BRADBURY
Saul Bellow, when you're from Chicago and not nearly as good at drinking as Graham Greene or Norman Mailer.
You don’t know anything about a woman until you meet her in court.—Norman Mailer. 👊👊👊 or boardroom 😉
The Castle in the Forest : A Novel by Norman Mailer (2012, Paperback) - | . ...
What do Norman Mailer, Los Angeles, and Eric have in common? A certain piece of literature.
Marilyn Monroe : well described by Gloria Steinem in her book and Norman Mailer in a article. I read both.
It’s not a good idea to put your wife in a novel…not your latest wife, anyway. NORMAN MAILER. http…
9 Aug 1973: There are various reasons why Norman Mailer might have murdered Pope John. It could have been to protect the Pope's girlfriend.
Norman Mailer knew the Space Age was the era when humans were finally eclipsed by technology.
Ernest Hemingway: better than Norman Mailer, not as good as Mickey Rourke
'Norman Mailer and Earnest Hemingway are buried in the same cosmic grave' -
The unlikely - if not friendship - cordial relationship between William F. Buckley Jr and Norman Mailer
.Warren Beatty once told Norman Mailer that an actor only needs to be 5% evil to play the devil :-)
I'm not as much of a book dork as I thought, because I don't want to punch Norman Mailer. Maybe Hunter Thompson...
read Norman Mailer or get a new tailor, as Lloyd Cole used to say.
On my break tucking into Norman Mailer's An American Dream. The first hundred pages were a master class, up there with Humboldt's Gift.
Finally got to the Norman Mailer episode of Gilmore Girls!
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Wow. infuses Mailer essay with amazing photos from JFK's 1960 campaign:
1974 interviews with NY graffiti artists. Naw you wouldn't be interested.
"He will do damage to America that will outstrip the worst that Nixon, Reagan, Clinton--you name it--could do."
German democracy is newer than television, refrigerators & Norman Mailer’s first novel.
Fire on the Moon. (Paperback). Fire on the Moon. (Paperback). is selling cheaper at INR 419 today
With the pride of the artist you must blow against the walls of every power that exists the small trumpet of your defiance. Norman Mailer
"I don't trust a man who uses the word evil eighteen times in ten minutes." -Norman Mailer
Norman Mailer doesn't hold back. The 23 Most Crushing Insults from All of History -
Norman Mailer and Norris Church Mailer. NOT EXACTLY PARAGONS OF GOOD MARRIAGE. But boy do they make writing look fun.
Wonderful. Norman Mailer's mom was's true...Fan Mailer. Her parents obviously didn't bank on her meeting Isaac Mailer!
Read Norman Mailer ... or get a new tailor...
Very well-written review, Nimish. Nimish, sorry, Norman Mailer would be proud of this review. :-)
I think it's bad to talk about one's present work, (...) It discharges the tension. Norman Mailer.
Oh well, I still feel better. I think Norman Mailer teaches you to be an ***
as ive said, kankore is the new touhou because you are mailer, Norman 1923-2007.
Cool Norman Mailer's novel: Harlot's Ghost: " If there was a parliament in the psyche, the party in power had just been voted out"!
Stopping at the cold open for "Norman Mailer I'm Pregnant!" Since it has The Rory & the Logan, then next is the bliss of -
. wrote about her friendship with Norman Mailer for it's a good'un
Writer’s block is only a fai... Norman Mailer -
One chapter into by Norman Mailer, I can tell that this book is going to be one of my favorites. Fantastic writing.
Nice Norman Mailer reference for the title for episode 14.
Between Michael Wolff & William Giraldi, this has been the worst week for White Men since every week Norman Mailer was alive.
I bought kale chips and Norman Mailer's ghost kicked me in the balls.
Saw Godard, Norman Mailer signing contracts w/ Menachem Golan on cocktail napkins at the Carlton
“I don’t know if I need seclusion, but I do like to be alone in a room.” —Norman Mailer
I'm glad I'm polite, tactful and handle criticism well, then. But it makes me wonder how Norman Mailer got anything into print.
Norman Mailer planned to write his autobiography but never got around to it
Last book of 2014: A Fire on the Moon, by Norman Mailer. First book of 2015: A Winter Mystery, by J Jefferson Farjeon
Bought Mailer's 'JFK. Superman Comes to the Supermarket' So big & comes in a case with a handle
I've always like Norman Mailer's notion of manhood, that with effort one grows into it.
Norman Mailer: You know what you are? You're the prunes. Buzz Farber: Prunes? You're the dunes. Norman Mailer:...
When I was in high school I used to carry around a 1,000 page novel by Norman Mailer 'cause I was really on the prowl for ***
I'm 33. I'm at my prime. I ain't getting any younger. Everyday like Norman Mailer I put on my boxing gloves and I leave the truth down.
Finished Norman Mailer 'The Executioner's Song' last night, at 1:45am...still don't feel much sympathy for Gary Gilmore. Great read, & long!
Norman Mailer: "The Faith of Graffiti," Esquire, 1974. Photos: NYC subways in the 1970's http:/…
It's easy to dig graffiti as outsider-art now, because we know it's going to end. At the time, it portended collapse.
"the curious community of feeling in the world of the hipster, a muted cool religious revival"- Norman Mailer
Rip Torn hits Norman Mailer over the head with a hammer. Punch-up ensues. For real.
$ buys intellectual currency these days. Peter Thiel is the new Norman Mailer? Only in his & this author's minds, perhaps.
Favorites from 2014: How did Matthew Barney turn a seemingly unadaptable Norman Mailer novel into a six-hour film?
Reliable Source: Monica Lewinsky wants you to know she was good friends with Norman Mailer
I was taping MoD and watching a Quincy Jones concert on Sky Arts and reading a review of Norman Mailer's letters. He was a bit mad
Amazing conversation with so many relevant points today.., Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan Debating 1968
The London Times names NORMAN MAILER: A DOUBLE LIFE by as top paperback pick!
It's not the sentiments of men which make history but their actions. - Norman Mailer
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"...Vidal, knocked to the ground by Mailer, rising and calmly retorting with the famous quip, "Words fail Norman Mailer yet again.""
I enjoyed this exchange of letters between Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal
Read Norman Mailer or get a new tan
Today in Jewish History (1923) Bdate of Norman Mailer, Jewish writer described by NYTimes as "Towering Writer With Matching Ego."
I saw Norman Mailer and the Activated Almonds play in Storth back in '76. They were the warm up for Beef Threat.
"howl at the moon", cricket Beat litterateurs ie London Ginsberg Cas Edwards. Et etc. Norman Mailer howl closer home.
today I realized the truth: gene hackman's lex luthor was a norman mailer impression
I love their random guest stars. Norman Mailer, Ron Swanson, Jon Hamm. It's the best.
Madonna: Madonna: Truth or Dare [Blu-ray DVD]: Norman Mailer may have come up with the title Advertisements for Mys
"The key to being a good writer is to always, ALWAYS have diarrhea." -Norman Mailer, maybe
Yes. The golden age of squeegee men and Dinkins. I remember Norman Mailer praising all the horrible graffiti as "art"
Read Norman Mailer's letter to Henry Miller (BONUS: They talk about Hemingway)
Teen and YA didn't really exist when I was a teenager. I read Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, Ursula k. leGuin,
I just want to be free to be as Norman Mailer as I wanna be
Norman Mailer said obsession is the single most wasteful human activity; however, I quite disagree with him.
"Once the media touches a story the facts are lost forever..." ~Norman Mailer
I wonder if people became critics because they didn't have the simple ability to read and comprehend. - Norman Mailer (1974).
Lots to think about: 'That Time Norman Mailer Backed Ernest Hemingway for the American Presidency by
"The guiltier the situation in which a policeman finds himself, the more he will attack the victim of his guilt." - Norma…
'He hungered for the fast taut pulse he would feel in his throat after he killed a man.' :: Norman Mailer
I am of the opinion that Tough Guys Don't Dance is Norman Mailer's best novel yet.
It was Norman Mailer who said back in the 60s that cops behaved a lot like criminals, given their legal prerogative for armed violence
"Boredom slays more of existence than war."
"The killing of John Lennon altered everything. Like 50 million other people, I cared about Lennon. . Norman Mailer.
Copy of Norman Mailer's novel, augmented by Matthew Barney, in River of Fundament exhibition
Reminds me what Norman Mailer said he would do to get rid of the snow in the Lindsay years -- *** on it
Because there is very little honor left in American life, there is a certain built-in tendency to destroy masculinity in American men. Norman Mailer Fight your pending destruction.
Barney's River of Fundament is part paean to nature & Norman Mailer, critique of the American dream & a treatise on death. It's a true epic.
4 days into the snow storm I have been reduced to constructing sock puppets of Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"Once three guys from Brooklyn were holed up in a room and couldn't get out for various vague reasons." —intro to Norman Mailer's first film
I always forget Norman Mailer was on Gilmore Girls. Those who arent familiar with GG: This is not a weird joke. It really happened!
Norman Mailer, on his political career: “I might just as well have tried out for a soccer team.”
Got very confused for a minute seeing that Norman Lear created All In The Family, then realized he is not the same person as Norman Mailer.
"In a June 2005 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, author Norman Mailer criticized Kakutani as a…". sorry, what were you saying?
Reading Norman Mailer's The Fight. So many acute passages, but this description of a knockout punch is majestic: "He did not just hit...
Especially as compared to Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag did a fantastic job of pretending to be a grown-up.
Norman Mailer: Part of the ability to keep writing over the years comes down to living with the expectation of disappointment.
on | When I read it, I don't wince, which is all I ever ask for a book I write. ~ Norman Mailer
1/ first & last sentences: The Executioner's Song (Norman Mailer)
that detailed what his life was like incarcerated. It gained the attention of several cultural figures like Norman Mailer...
Rejections of Famous Authors: The Deer Park by Norman Mailer: 'This will set publishing back 25 years.'
Internet, taking a time out from interrogating motives. Be over here adding Gilmore Girls to Norman Mailer's IMDB.
Obviously Norman Mailer-Name a writer since his passing who has engaged America with such pugilistic cool literary delight.
my wife has been making me watch episodes of that show. The only part I like is NORMAN MAILER IM PREGNANT!
Norman Mailer was an American writer, playwright and journalist, born in 1923 and he died in 2007. He wrote some novels, plays...
This text is an extract from the play named The Deer Park written and produced by Norman Mailer in 1957.
Since it's International Men's Day, here's Norman Mailer and Germaine Greer shouting at each other in New York,1971.
I thought the Norman Mailer cameo was weird, but the Madeleine Albright one is up there!
In America few people will trust you unless you are irreverent. ~ Norman Mailer
How ‘factoid’ was coined by Norman Mailer, and how its original meaning is now almost lost: (via
as points out Mike Wallace was able to elicit an admission from Norman Mailer about RFK ..
King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rice of an American Hero, The Fight by Norman Mailer и "Моби Дик".
Another top Neil Leifer shot from and Norman Mailer's The Fight - great!
Wow, this Norman Mailer crazy misogyny panel footage is fascinating. Wonder how history will judge him. Now showing craziness on Cavett Show
Have you been binging on long enough to spot Norman Mailer? Or Madeleine Albright?
I seem to be reading MRS. DALLOWAY and Norman Mailer's AN AMERICAN DREAM at the same time. Like Pop Rocks and Coke they say it can kill you
'24 pages today - To my memory, the greatest number I've done in a day.' - Norman Mailer in his journal, January 27 1955
4th floor. Gordon Ramsay hurls a soda at Norman Mailer. Beyonce seizes James Earl Jones all the while.
Norman Mailer published the most Norman Mailer-y poem in in 1974
Matthew Boyle is like Bob Woodward and Norman Mailer and Hunter Thompson and Joan Didion rolled into one
Ben Mendelsohn on Matthew Barney, Norman Mailer, Edward Burtynsky, and the industrial sublime
Tommy Lee Jones, Norman Mailer, & Lawrence Schiller are all famous. Max Jensen & Bennie Bushnell are the actual victims.
Ofcourse going to art school in the sixties I knew of Norman Mailer as a writer. I never knew he was an artist as well. Thanks POBA. Wish the article reproduced more of his drawings. I'll check the website.
Saturday Morning daydreams brought to you by The Norman Mailer Paradox
Have you ever read Norman Mailer's novels? They depict his life on the frontlines so well. Also Davies FLW
I miss Norman Mailer. Public figures like him don't exist anymore.
Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer. Throwback to heavy, 1990's literature. I am enjoying it!
Behind the Pen: Norman Mailer on the influences of Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner
cuz she's a gaylor, not a failer, not a jailer, reads Norman Mailer, trusts her tailor, and drives a hay bailer.
Oh my god is there no sport this modern day Norman Mailer write won't try?
"Revolutions are the periods of history when individuals count most. ". - Norman Mailer . Norman Mailer & Truman Capote
Noam Chomsky was also the Gilmore Girls guest star golden goose. But they did have Norman Mailer, Christiane Amapour, & Madeline Albright.
I hate much about Norman Mailer but he made a hot monolith for the opera, I only wish Barney had included that scene from Town Bloody Hall-
What you gain in companionship you lose in the power to think independently - Norman Mailer
Germaine Greer was described to the American novelist Norman Mailer as "vulnerable", his response: "Of course, she is. She's a writer."
Thank you! I'm writing about Norman Mailer right now! (God, was that guy ever the worst.)
"One is always living a little more or dying a little bit." ~ Norman Mailer
THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT APOLLO (3): Norman Mailer was especially touched and perplexed by the problems of ...
A Diarrhea-Filled Clown is eating farts in the meadow. Norman Mailer and Curt Schilling are playing rummy in Weight Watchers.
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