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Norman E. Norm Stewart (born January 20, 1935) is a retired American college basketball coach. He coached at the University of Northern Iowa (then known as State College of Iowa) from 1961 to 1967, but is best known for his career with the University of Missouri from 1967 until 1999. He retired with an overall coaching record of 731-375 in 38 seasons.

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residents about to be forced from homes so more dilbit can be shipped from Burrard Inlet?
Martin says he's also talked to Norm Stewart. Said, "Coach Stewart is a funny guy."
Norm Stewart reached out to Martin. "Coach is a funny guy." Norm offered to help in any way he can.
Martin has also spoken with Norm Stewart, said he was funny. "We're supposed to talk in two weeks again."
Martin said he's talked to Kim Anderson and Norm Stewart. Said Stewart "is a funny guy."
Martin says he has talked to Norm Stewart. “Coach is a funny guy."
Hmmm... Did I mention Bernie? For all you know I supported Stein or wrote in Jon Stewart or Norm Chomsky. Assumptio…
This is pretty good. Miss Mizzou being relevant. Norm Stewart & Anthony Peeler were as good as it gets. Need to s…
I'd take a re-casted TNG Cheers too, as long as Norm was there and Patrick Stewart replaced Sam.
Norm Stewart must of left a lot of money for Cuonzo…
Would love this -- 'a world where the happy workplace is the norm and not the exception'
I hate how noise is the norm, if you cannot sit and appreciate silence or rather ambience it's odd to me.
I don't know if it's watching Norm Stewart coached teams as my formative basketball experience but bad FR shooting as a team drives me nuts
Stewart went to jail b/c she lied under oath- seemingly that standard is clearly no longer the norm
Found this gem at the Hearnes Center today. Has signatures from Norm Stewart, Bob Sundvold & Anthony Peeler.
Norm Stewart was born and raised a Tiger... and he became of the greatest has ever had.
An Interview with former Missouri basketball coach Norm Stewart: And Roy and the University of Kansas .
Mizzou will screen ESPN's Norm Stewart documentary before debut
Watched the film "Norm" on former Mizzou coach Norm Stewart last night. Tigers fans will love it.
Stewart the focus of "Norm," an SEC Storied documentary debuting May 1
"The storm doesn't have to become your norm!" - Rev. Gina Stewart
"Don't let your storm become your norm!" - Rev. Gina Stewart
Stewart definitely has a valid point with safety, but I'm not sure teams are recklessly putting just 2 or 3. I think 4 has been the norm.
COACH NORM STEWART DOCUMENTARY: Before it heads to the NEC Network, Mizzou will…
Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film: COLUMBIA, MO. a He's a Hall of Famer. He has his own court. He's traveled…
Mizzou's Norm Stewart is the subject of an ESPN documentary that will air on the SEC Network May 1. READ MORE: .
Stewart's life chronicled in upcoming documentary, 'Norm': Norm Stewart played and spent most of his 38-year…
Norm Stewart is subject of SEC Network film: Former Missouri basketball Coach Norm Stewart will be the subject of a…
Stewart's life chronicled in upcoming documentary, 'Norm'
Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film via
STLtoday: Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film
Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film (via
Documentary on Norm Stewart's life to debut on SEC Network...
Stormin Norman -> Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film via
>> Mizzou will screen ESPN’s documentary on Norm Stewart before it debuts
Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film, via
Norm Stewart featured in new SEC film
"Norm," an SEC Storied debuting at 8 p.m. May 1 on SEC Network, will chronicle former MU coach Norm Stewart's life.
look who Mexico Missouri hired as head basketball coach. I bet they won't get invited to play in the Norm Stewart classic
The doc on legend Norm Stewart will be great for fans - guaranteed. Film crew dug deep: old photos, old video, etc.
Great that the SEC Network is doing a feature on Norm Stewart, who played in the Big Seven and coached in the Big Eight.
SEC Storied announced a May 1 film on former Missouri basketball coach Norm Stewart, who never coached a lick in the SEC.
Can't wait for Norm Stewart Shrewdest move was hiring aerobics instructor for BB camp. No one was late
Norm Stewart is a great cultural fit for the SEC, at least
ESPN Films will release a 50-minute documentary May 1 called "Norm." It will feature Norm Stewart and his time at Mizzou.
Mizzou fans can catch a public screening of the Norm Stewart documentary April 29 at noon at Mizzou Arena
Mizzou basketball coaching legend Norm Stewart to be subject of latest ESPN Film called "Norm" . Screening at Mizzou Arena Apr…
In release, Kim Anderson on Norm Stewart: "He's a one name guy. You say 'Norm', they know who 'Norm' is."
Norm Stewart to get his own "SEC Storied" documentary. Mizzou holding a special screening April 29.
RTing for the pic of Norm Stewart and Kim Anderson.
ESPN Films documentary on Norm Stewart will debut May 1 on SEC Network
ha, and a guy named Norm Stewart ... he played two sports.
Watched Travis Ford play dirty for Norm Stewart while at Mizzou 25 years ago. Best of luck finding your next gig, buddy!
Norm Stewart says Missouri Basketball, Kim Anderson were 'left a mess' by Frank Haith
Johnny Orr looking down in delight with a few ooowee coach!...Norm Stewart--and the rest of the old Big 8 coaches
Great article on Vickie Croley. Female coaches still the exception rather than the norm in athletics
Was awesome having and here with us. Great read here by . https:/…
Tigers warming up Norm Stewart Court here at Arena! .
Late 90s, St Louis has Chris Carrawell, Loren Woods, and Jahidi White all leave. I'm looking at Norm Stewart like.. ***
How did get its start? Coach Norm Stewart shares his story.
I'm briefly heading to kansas this afternoon. I'll gas up and buy snacks at the border, fully adhering to the Norm Stewart rule.
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip had stern words for via CFAX h…
Want to pass litmus test with Stop Site C, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip tells
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip in today, calling on the to review dam project.
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip also says there's photo evidence of destruction of eagle's nests during clear-cutting in area o…
Shia LaBeouf is now top 5 human joining the likes of Bill Simmons, Kanye West, Norm Macdonald, and Jon Stewart.
upset that norm saying that he has seen all the STAR WARS especially the Patrick Stewart ones, missed ebrake
I've been on my Jimmy Stewart grind this week.
Norm Stewart, Kim Anderson and Gov. Jay Nixon also here watching Jordan Roundtree...and someone in the Tolton game. https:/…
In other news, quite a few Missouri celebrities in the house: Mizzou coach Kim Anderson, former coach Norm Stewart and Gov. Jay Nixon
Missouri coach Kim Anderson is sitting next to governor Jay Nixon and former Tigers coach Norm Stewart. Wonder what they're talking about.
Yes, Norm Stewart and Jay Nixon are at Columbia College too.
When the news came in from CoMo, I couldn't help but think about the parallels between Pinkel and Norm Stewart.
Faurot and Devine won nothing,Norm Stewart will go down as the greatest coach to never win a title.
with John Rooney, the voice of the Cardinals, Bob Costas & Norm Stewart. Want to see Bob...
black ppl killin black and cops killin us and everyone jus shurgs lik MJ ova Cliff Robinson lik this the norm! Tony Stewart killin no charge
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Jon Stewart may reconsider leaving the Daily Show if the 2016 Republican ticket is Donald Trump w/ Sarah Palin his running m…
CAMP X-RAY: A hardened Kristen Stewart crushes beer cans on her head & fights the norm in this surprisingly moving prison dr…
Of course, they assume Norm Stewart will be on the sidelines, too.
An exclusive from friend + musical genius, — vacating the norm for unadulterated good times.
Win or lose I believe that Kim Anderson is the next Norm Stewart. I like where this team is heading!
hoops coach Kim Anderson watched Tolton forward Michael Porter today, with Norm Stewart right by his side.
Is Gary Pinkel destined to become the Norm Stewart of football? Building a problem but never the biggest win.
Talked with legend Norm Stewart today. His golf tournament raised $135,000 for Coaches vs. Cancer.
Had fun golfing for the first time at Norm Stewart's Second Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Celebrity Golf Tournament! Summer goal:Getting good!
Norm Stewart. Keyon Dooling to talk about his life achievements, Michael Jordan, John Stockton
Kim Anderson wants to bring Norm Stewart hustle back to
Calm down, Kim Anderson is a legit candidate. We need to go back to the Norm Stewart days. It would be a good move.
Missouri's best players stopped coming to Mizzou DURING (not after) Norm Stewart's time (and Kim Anderson's time).
If Kim Anderson gets the job, he'll only be 7 years younger than Norm Stewart was...when he retired.
Well as a lifelong Missouri fan and a Norm Stewart guy I have to say that Mike Alden is making the hire he should have made in 1999. In 2014 in not so sure, but I will support Kim Anderson like I have not supported a coach since Norm!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I like Kim Anderson! He's a real man, born in Missouri, played and coached under Norm Stewart at
the best hire would be Kim Anderson. He played for an was Norm Stewart's top assistant and he has made 3 D-2 Final 4s and won a NC
You all think Kim Anderson is the second coming of Norm Stewart. The Norm Stewart days are over. Anderson will NEVER be what Stewart was.
FWIW, Mizzou should have hired Kim Anderson to replace Norm Stewart in 1999. Would have spared the program a lot of aimless wandering.
Tough for Alden to bring Anderson back since he pushed him out with Norm Stewart in 1998.
Hehe, we'll see. I think they settle for Kim Anderson who the school threw under the bus to protect Norm Stewart from NCAA.
Kim Anderson. No brainer” Norm Stewart players don't like Alden
True Wichita St's Marshall seems like a solid pick. Or call Kim Anderson back home & grow that Norm Stewart coaching tree.
Fran Watch out for Kim Anderson former Missouri *** t to Norm Stewart as the next coach of the Tigers
Missouri job Watch out for Kim Anderson Central Missouri sleeper could be the next coach. Kim worked for Norm Stewart at Missouri
Former Mizzou assistant under Norm Stewart, Kim Anderson, just won the DII National Championship. Let me be the...
Hey alum Kim Anderson just won the D2 National Championship. Might be good to return to a Norm Stewart guy.
I couldn't agree more . Need to get back to the norm Stewart ball players.
Stormin' Back is Norm Stewart's colorful account of his life and career that includes an odyssey through minor league baseball, professional basketball, and ultimately to the top of the college basketball world. This book tells of the collapse on a flight to a game in Oklahoma and his battle with...
How the game became an outlet for spreading the message.
Check out this great article about Coach Norm Stewart!
isn't that an old Norm Stewart anecdote?
They will supply the fire magic in 2 is the Norm, check out Pyro Metheus's page. Ils vont fournir la magie du...
again that is the argument I use to make for norm Stewart teams and my ku fans disagreed. They were wrong then. Season matters
mostly agree, but for guys like keady, chaney and norm stewart there's a big enough sample size to say OVERRATED
On Wisconsin. Good for Bo Ryan to get out of the Norm Stewart club. Congrats to the crew
Mizzou had several chances to hire Kim Anderson, who was a long time assistant there under Norm Stewart. Now a D2 champ at Central Missouri.
Congrats to Kim Anderson! Proud Norm Stewart I'm sure. Should've hired him back in 99.
Would Alden ever hire somebody who played for Norm Stewart?
Central Missouri coach Kim Anderson is a Mizzou product and legendary coach Norm Stewart's top assistant.
Mizzou should have let Kim Anderson replace Norm Stewart 12 years ago when he retired.
Current Cent. Missouri team coached by Kim Anderson, former Mizzou coach under Norm Stewart and Big 12 official. Team loaded with KC talent
Shout out to Kim Anderson and the Mules. One of my best memories of Norm Stewart Camp is Kim handing out mail and his half court hook shots.
Uncomfortable questions with the founder of Coaches vs. Cancer, Norm Stewart
The norm happens when Porshe Stewart 'gets in brawl' with Kenya Moore during reunion taping
Coach K congrats Mercer locker rm Norm Stewart did it when we beat Mizzou in '90
Maybe we can hire back Norm Stewart. Worked with K-State football. Quin Snyder/Mike Anderson/Frank Haith is our Ron Prince.
ask JH if Dan Devine would be proud of this display. No question that Norm Stewart approves. Recall "AHAB?"
With a win tonight, Bob Huggins will tie Jerry Tarkanian and Norm Stewart with 729 career wins, which is 16th all-time.
5 legends I look up to the most: George Brett, Len Dawson, Chase Daniel, Norm Stewart, and the best one of all: William Quantrill.
Vote for MU CoE alumni Sheryl Crow, Kate Capshaw, Norm Stewart, Kellen Winslow, and Roger Wehrli...or others!.
Mike Anderson (born December 12, 1959) is the current head basketball coach for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. He is a former assistant coach under Nolan Richardson at Arkansas and is best known for using his up-tempo "The Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball" to rebuild the basketball programs at both the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and the University of Missouri. He has the highest winning percentage (.661) for any head coach at the University of Missouri with at least a three-year tenure, including Norm Stewart's .656. Anderson was the fastest coach to reach 100 wins in school history, and is one of only two head coaches (Frank Haith being the other) in the history of Missouri Tiger basketball to win 30 games in one season. Anderson was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, where he attended Jackson-Olin High School in the Ensley-Pratt City neighborhood, leading the Mustangs to the semifinals of the Alabama state basketball tournament and averaging 19 points per game in his junior a ...
So, in case you didn't know, Missouri had a choice between John Calipari, Bill Self and Quin Snyder after Norm Stewart left. Picked Snyder.
Enjoying the Norm Stewart worshiping MUfans killing Frank Haith for a one-and-done exit. Not a big Haith fan, but Norm invented choking.
I think you guys are living in the past w/ Norm Stewart. I don't see why any good coach would want that job.
"SEC Legend" Norm Stewart being honored on court at halftime, CMSH Mike Slive presenting
I'll be down at the Hearnes Center at some point tomorrow for to see our Marceline girls in the state semifinal game against New Haven. The last game I saw in there was an MU men's loss to Belmont in December 2003. (I was with my parents. On the way back to Hannibal, Dad hit an enormous raccoon and did $4,000 in damage to the car.) I expect to see Norm Stewart call up a lob from Brian Grawer to Monte Hardge in order to beat Kansas State by 2 at the buzzer before I leave.
Interesting note from Dave Reiter after last night's blowout of South Carolina: "Head Coach Frank Haith won his 50th game (63 total games) as the head coach of Mizzou. He is the fastest to 50 wins in school history. To put that in perspective Mike Anderson won his 50th game in his 81st try, Quin Snyder won No. 50 in his 80th game and Norm Stewart grabbed win No. 50 at Mizzou in his 92nd game. George Edwards is actually No. 2 on the list, winning his 50th game in his 79th attempt. Wilbur Stalcup won his 50th in game 86 tries.
Dear basketball gods please help Frank Haith find a role player that likes to rebound, play defense, and be a good leader. If he needs help identifying such a player please consult with Norm Stewart. He always had one or two on the team.
Travis Ford has won in Allen Field House as a player AND a coach. The other person to do that. Norm Stewart.
20 yrs ago I thought Kim Anderson or Larry Drew would coach basketball after Norm Stewart; unfulfilled has cost Tigers IMO
Missouri Sports HOF honoring Norm Stewart era Nov. 15. Former Tigers Derrick Chievous & Willie Smith will be inducted into the HOF.
Norm Stewart: Do not believe the GOP, or Fox news: June 28 was a special day with the health care bill approved ...
Remember, this is the same school that interviewed Quin Snyder and Bill Self to replace Norm Stewart and decided to hire Snyder.
Frank Haith becomes second men's hoops coach to win AP national coach of the year. Norm Stewart earned same honor in 1994
3:20 on KMOX, former Mizzou basketball coach Norm Stewart talks with Mark Reardon about this weekend's big MU-KU game.
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