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Norm Smith

Norman Walter Norm Smith (21 November 1915, Clifton Hill, Victoria – 29 July 1973, Pascoe Vale, Victoria) was an Australian rules football player and coach in the Victorian Football League.

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Well he won the Norm Smith and was a premiership player v the Swans last year. this was a pissant hom…
He was incorrectly awarded a Norm Smith Medal which has incorrectly raised his worth. Just an good player
Its not the norm. But it is normal. However their behaviour and such…
giving it to JJ all night, maybe JJ can show them his Norm Smith & premiership medal after the game
that's brave of the swans to keep at the bulldog. He won a norm smith making them look stupid. Oh, he also won a flag
The Swans go after the bloke who won the Norm Smith while they choked away a flag. Tough guys
Jason Johannisen is the luckiest norm smith winner in history. One of the best downhill skiers going around
Who won the norm smith again in the GF that you lost?
IN THE GUN | JJ swamped. have been all over Norm Smith Medallist Johannisen from outset- he has 9 touc…
Maybe they're asking JJ if they can see the norm smith.
Swans probably targeting JJ cause they jelly he won the norm smith and all they got was a another GF loss
Norm Smith Medallist not doing his contract negotiation much good tonight
Worked for JJ with the Norm Smith, solid theory I reckon.
Swans targeting Johannisen... Norm Smith winner and kicked the game winner here last year
Weeelll.Smith has more points than norm...
Wasn't that the land of Susan Smith? The black man jacked her car with kids inside? As if a black man wit…
Breast Cancer Awareness
We've voted so many times recently that when we walk into our polling station tomorrow everyone should greet us like we'r…
Swans might have been better off without him that day, buddy was hawks best by a mile and almost won norm smith
Pendles has all Australians norm smith premiership medal
Just wonderful to hear Rob Sitch give the Norm Smith Oration tonight. He's one funny guy. Thanks
Norm Smith says Labour hasn't said how it would get tariff-free access to sing market, I guess the Tories don't have to say
Opening the new Shepparton trade centre 4:30pm tonight! Find out who the other Norm Smith Medallists are by coming along.
Just because Joel Selwood bleeds doesn't make him brave: Hodge won a Norm Smith with broken ribs.
Depends on format but a blank list of Olympic years (name the host city) or fill a list of Brownlow or No…
They’d have to keep 7 which isn’t the norm. Alshon, Maclin, Smith, Matthews, Agholor, Hollis, Gibson
Unfortunately, this is the norm instead of the exception. Delays everytime I fly now. Not good. Tired of flying.
NOW | 4x premiership star, 2x Norm Smith Medallist and general all round superstar in studio
It's a nice little award, but any player would take a clu…
In case you wondered what dedication looked like.
Had a dream essendon won the Grand Final and Goddard won the norm smith... talk about nightmare
Should the Brownlow voting be updated to consist of the umpires votes as well as 3 professional analy…
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"What renowned, 3 time _ award winner Jonn Smith meant to say was...". That seems the norm already though.
Her character model looked off from norm
John Howard and Tony Abbott you are the fav's to win the GF & for Norm Smith Medal.
Always an outsider that breaks away from the "norm" and stirs chaos...Winston Smith, Katniss Everdeen, and Beatrice Prior
I love JJ but big Boyd was Norm Smith Medalist. Backed up after incredible Prelim effort. Paid for himse…
Smith & Wesson MODEL 642 LS - LADYSMITH under 500 bucks. Unless u want more ammo. Glock 26 c how it feels with extend…
Norm Macdonald on Bill Maher: "I find him completely unfunny... maybe the unfunniest person I've ever encountered that's c…
"what was it like to play footy with a Norm Smith Medallist like Lenny Hayes?"
Toby Greene - Ineligible for Brownlow but strong contender for the Norm Smith.
Triple Premiership? Brownlow? Norm Smith? Are all these a guarantee with GWS contract? Or is it a pro…
Your earning capabilities across the course of your life increase if you're a triple premiership player, Brownlow m…
Given the timing & consequences of it, it’s right up there with the best. Thought he shaded Lenny for t…
DWill has looked awful ever since he got pd by the Nets, overpaid trash, r we shocked bout JR Smith? This is the norm w/him
Scarborough has a new boys' hockey coach. Jacob Brown replaces Norm Gagne
The goal: give each and every one of you the best opportunity to live beyond the norm... to be legitimately happy.
Electronic Device Insurance
count me out of two points here, Hawks for the flag and Rough for Norm Smith
I think the norm smith got to his head !
I don't think we can conflate normalization and justification. The reality is oppression is the norm. It…
To me I see brilliant folks like yourself working to normalize a society / structural context where liberation is t…
I love Willow Smith and Jayden Smith. They wear their own skin comfortably regardless of the norm
I'm curious how oppression isn't the norm in a society that's built on oppressive systems/institutions/cultural pra…
Was there even merch in Norm Smith's day?
Gaz first goal into Max Rooke norm smith
Should have won a Norm Smith in 2010.
This gave Mayo Smith the chance to start Freehan & Stanley at 1B to rest the slumping Norm Cash. Jim Price got his first start since Apr 16
One would think the Norm Smith Medallist would be a fit for most clubs.
While it's certainly not the norm, Joe Smith was a 2006 3rd round pick who broke camp with the big league club in 2007.
has to be Albert Collier. 6 flags. Won a Brownlow and B&F in a premiership team at 20. Norm Smith ranked him as his idol.
any mention of the world issue of how Lewis Roberts-Thomson was robbed of the 2005 Norm Smith?
Remember Stevie Johnson was out of control before he became a Norm Smith Medalist !
Norm Smith, Ron Barassi, and, logic, contradict you in this video
Jason Johannisen didn't deserve the Norm Smith. Should've been Picken or Tom Boyd if you ask me. Johannisen missed so many targets.
Wayne Carey went Boyd, Picken, Kennedy with his Norm Smith votes. Boyd massive. But JJ could have squeezed in...
Swannies by 5 points. . Hanners for Norm Smith. . Roughie : Zack Jones. Or. Dahlhaus and Clay Smith
Jay Clark and Emma Quayle on the Norm Smith panel? Good journos but seems a stretch for one of the games greatest honours
I think Parks for the Norm Smith but I would be so happy for Lance if we win it will be undoubtedly due to him
Tim is tipping the Swans to win given their forward options, and thinks Lance Franklin will win the Norm Smith.
Norm Smith personally came and signed me up to the Melbourne Football ...
I don't about "the norm" but this is a pretty good view from 50,000 ft.
Prayers up for UCLA. A lot of relatives and friends of mine go there. Campus shooting is becoming a norm in
Norm's coming for you and everything you hold near and dear... I'm on his side
'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.
Okay, thank you. I only saw the Will Smith one, and I don't think they had that last "monsters are new norm" part.
Ajit Doval received police medal after 6 yrs in the police, the norm is at least 17 yrs service
LAST CHANCE: Handful of tickets left to next Wednesday night's Norm Smith Oration at the MCG. . Details here:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
they covered up Cyril Smith / Jeremy Thorpe & loathsome Greville Janner so why not NI players? Corruption & lies is the norm
the 'normal' path - go to college, get a job & retire at 65 never made sense to me. We need to stop that crazy sense of…
Okay Norm Brady I'm game and have complied now all you others copy to your page and have some fun. It seems I've...
Rioli has them both covered with a Norm Smith and premiership medals.. But still think he's overrated
Firstly, HUGE congrats to Sam Morris and Norm Iddon who joined forces for today in Merseyside, awesome :) http…
The Indy 500, the only place where chugging milk is the norm
got 23 fit players on list, Norm Smith couldn't coach this team to a victory.
Much like referring to your evening meal as "tea", nobody outside the north does it, but northerners still can't accept i…
I wonder if he'll flip flop back to GS that's the norm with Mr. Smith 👎🏼
pity Rioli has been doing it since 08 with 4 flags and a norm smith
Thanks for that. I'm now in pain. A few were funny, a couple genuine typos but most hurt! It's sadly become the norm.
Case for my recent 'norm' dining ritual + cravings for The Smith: Crocs, Clogs + Unfashionable Shoes to love - Vogue
during the playoffs with work and wind-down .2-3am Is the norm
Norm Smith will never allow Demons to be successful ever again. From up above... his wise words are echoing.
Shaun Hart was the 01 Norm Smith Medalist
Did I just hear Stephen Smith give credit to and for building the fan base? How oblivious and disconnected he is
Norm and Peg from Garretson have been working with Brian Smith for a few days now and ended up purchasing this...
We know this much, With Sam and Norm involved, it's bound to be fun this Sunday, Merseyside had better be prepared! http…
To donate to Norm the Mohican, who joins Sam in support of his brother, donate here!
Brisbane Lions go back to back to back - 2001, 2002 & 2003, AKER & Black Brownlow, Hart & Black Norm Smith
Great pic. 97 GF I'd say. Norm Smith Medallist consoles the great Nicky Winmar who lost his dad, then the GF.
Meet Hawks champions and Norm Smith Medallists of the 2013, 2014, 2015 THREE-PEAT, Brian Lake, Luke Hodge and...
McLeod never won a Brownlow...but Wanganeen never won a Norm Smith so...tough choice!
He clearly stepped on the refs foot ya *** 😐
swans win it all, buddy Coleman, Parker Brownlow and heeny Norm Smith
quick correct that article, mate. Cyril won the Norm Smith not the Coleman medal. Otherwise well written
The Mesiah... Malcolm Blight and Andrew McLeod after back to back Adelaide Premierships and Norm Smith's!
just Rioling along at Tigerland! exciting stuff, saw his uncle win the Norm Smith.
cool video of the 2015 Grand Final, with Cyril Rioli the Norm Smith winner!.
the emergence of Smith Jones and Brown. Is that when Michael Tuck called his medal the Norm Smith?
Rioli signs new AFL deal with Hawks: Norm Smith Medallist Cyril Rioli has confirmed he will be with Hawthorn t...
Rioli re-signs with premiers Hawks - Norm Smith Medallist Cyril Rioli has re-signed with AFL premier Hawthorn t...
Norm Smith Medalist Cyril Rioli re-signs with premiers through until the end of the 2019 season.
Congrats to and Indigenous star who picked up the Norm Smith Medal for best on ground ht…
These are my teams. Norm Smith wins for me. Stellar Backline
Best of the Brownlow Medalists vs Best of the Norm Smith Medalists?Only counting Brownlow Medalists in Norm Smith era (1979-2015).Who wins?
The island producing champions: THIS small island community with a population of 370 souls has produced three ...
The Australin island pumping out champions
Three indigenous players have won the Norm Smith Medal, all from the Tiwi Islands, a population of just 3600 people
Pirlangimpi is home to just 370 people but has produced an amazing 3 Norm Smith Medallists:
Tiwi Islands community wt just over 300 ppl & more than 3 Norm Smith winners inc M Rioli, M Long &
Sometimes, on a weekend morning, peanut butter and bananas on toast feels just right.
Mini adventures, music, and travel are the norm for Junior Spencer Smith
Tiwi Islands community Pirlangimpi has produced three Norm Smith Medallists
always! Won a fortune on first goal and norm smith! Ha
Jess official race updates. By Norm Douglas. Jess came through first lap leading Liz smith by about 1 min.
Good little story, the family business has 3 Norm Smith Medals, not a bad pedigree.
enough for 30 years. Time for them to cop a Norm Smith sacking curse or a Bambino
Pendles has a Norm Smith though! Think Swanny endears himself a bit more to fans though because he's a character.
Bruce can't contain himself after Cyril wins the Norm Smith!
Amazing session - learning about 'life beyond basketball' with Norm Nixon and Charles Smith
Obamas Syrian refugee influx &unsecured borders. Killing us will be the norm. Lady Smith&Wesson strapped to your thigh girl.
Big spike after game = Bruce McAvaney having a cold shower when Cyril was called out the Norm Smith Medalist
32 disposals. 8 marks. 4 tackles. Tony Shaw: A very deserving winner of our first Norm Smith Medal htt…
I know Simon Black is a gun but he isn't a 3 time Norm Smith.
Two superb events on the cards for next week! RSVP here:
Fantastic way to leave. 3 Premierships and a Norm Smith. Year at the Doggies and a 4th & 2nd?
Even with tech. it's all abt engagement, relationships Norm Nixon and Charles Smith NBA
Cyril Rioli on his way to collect the Norm Smith Medal with teammates
Jimmy Bartel just sewed up the norm smith & the game for Geelong
Congratulations to Jimmy Bartel for winning the 2011 Norm Smith Medal
Very much so, but he's just not a household name like Cyril. It was a Hollywood result. Norm Smith = Mickey Mouse.
Super Cyril wins Norm Smith Medal: Cyril Rioli capped Hawthorn’s remarkable day by winning his first Norm Smit...
Frawley gives massive sight at 125/1 but falls short in Norm Smith voting. First time this year Kennedy goal less.
boys I need your help. What price did Brian Lake open when he won Norm Smith?
Early week predictions:. AFL: West Coast, Nic Nat for Norm Smith. NRL: Cowboys, JT for the Clive Churchill. .
The 1987 Norm Smith Medal was won by David Rhys-Jones of was also the hottest Grand Final in history with a top of 31 degrees.
Brownlow ✔️ Norm Smith ✔️Chance to make 300 games ✔️ Jimmy Bartel has signed on for 2016 -
Shinboner of the Century Glenn Archer wins Norm Smith Medal in Centenary Grand Final. A footballer for the ages.
Come on lads, archer norm smith, grant played for swans that day
can't wait till he's a Norm Smith Medalist that will be celebration time.
Dr Smith: Men's health discourse research challenges ideas of as a hegemonic norm and how to move beyond
I wasn't thinking anything other than that seems to be the norm
We've previewed the top contenders for this year's medal! Check them out here:
to put that episode in footy parlance - Melbourne home final with interstate teams. Lana to take the Norm Smith rose.
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Tough aspect his creation. Interesting analogy to Dictator Norm Smith - believed club came first, player second..
Norm Smith but that was a long time ago.
Watching Souths in an AFL Grand Final thumping any of those Mexicans would be a sight. GI for the Norm Smith Medal.
Cursed is right ,have been for years , the Norm Smith curse !
The lid is off! for premiers, JK Coleman, Prid Brownlow again, Gaff the Norm Smith
I'm surprised Roos hasn't brought up the Curse of Norm Smith.
Might put 50 on josh hill for norm smith
Sacking Dean Bailey was Melbourne FC "Norm Smith" moment They have been downhill and disgusting ever since
I blame the previous coaches.Barassi, Norm Smith
Drop the mic: Norm Kelly makes surprise appearance at local rap battle
211 games, a Norm Smith Medal, 2010 flag, 5 x AA, 3 Copelands, I'll forgive our captain for one bad comment
Smith: 1950s norm that women 'retire' from elite swimming when they graduate high school (eg, Christa van Saltza, 1959/60)
Nope. Norm Smith premiership player for the Demons. Parko & Jezza. That's 5 in 120 years...
the last time smashed was the 80 GF. Pies fans were making excuses. KB won the Norm Smith!
adidas STAN SMITH BLACK FISHSCALE. Here's sumthing a little dif from the norm from Stan smiths an I…
When does the Norm Smith market open for Ty?
THE PGA CHAMPIONSHIP: Jason and Jordan and the legacy of Tiger Woods. by Dylan Macdonald and Norm Macdonald.
Cat Smith says, 'Lancashire is the 7th poorest region in Northern Europe, the poorest regions in the UK are by...
Tix on sale now for "Conversations with Norm", Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 at 2 p.m. with Rich Little at The Smith Center.
is the best leader/captain in the AFL. Duel Norm Smith Medalist & triple premiership player. Have a bit more respect
3 time premiership player, 2 time norm smith and genuine great bloke. Pull your heads in you grubs.
yeah two time Norm Smith Medalist, champion of the game, such a grab. SHIP OFF SPORTAL
They will probably throw in a Norm Smith for him
I have so many favourite moments but winning the 2010 Norm Smith in a Premiership side takes the cake
A champion footballer. Brownlow, 5 All Australians, 5 best and fairests, Norm Smith, three leading goal-kicker awards..
when he was named the Norm Smith Medalist, "And the winner is, Scott Emburing"
Winning the Norm Smith Medal in the Grand Final replay!
winning the Norm Smith Medal and becoming a premiership player. What a champion
loved Pendles recovery from illness in 2010 Grand Final to win Norm Smith in the replay. Love this man.
So, a 15 year old using the name 'Deez Nuts' is running for President. And 9% of North Carolina would vote for him...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The question is this. Do you accept that chemical warfare against protesters is the norm?
i think a flag, a brownlow and a norm Smith between them...u heard it here first
Was the last board to sack a coach with this much backlash Melbourne? With norm smith? Let's hope we don't go down that path..
Norm Smith I know this is a pet peeve of yours! Lol Shara Ronchetti Smith
The whole 2010 GF Replay match, hence the Norm Smith!
When was crowned the 2010 Norm Smith Medal winner. Made the best day in 2010 an even better day!
. I backed Pendles in the Grand Final replay in 2010 at $14-1 for Norm Smith Medal. Faith in a champion
Chris Judd is one of just four players to win the Norm Smith Medal in a losing side.
no, I think you're mistaken - the Norm Smith Medallist was Emblebury 😄😂
winning the Norm Smith Medal in the 2010 Grand Final replay
2010 Norm Smith Medallist, helped deliver us the holy grail. 🏆
Can't go past the 2010 Norm Smith Medal performance 🏆🏉🙌🏼
that beautiful day in 2010 when Scott was awarded the Norm Smith Medal
and hopefully a premiership medallion and Norm Smith.
As much as I hate them, I wouldn't want to see them fold. I'll settle for them having a Norm Smith type curse over them.
I hear Norm MacDonald will play the new Jared in commercials.
Norm Macdonald flames out Courtney Thorne-Smith on Conan in 1997
Not going to lie, this sign makes slipping seem fun.
Oh lots of norm found in WH Smith Bridport! 💕
Two flags, one as captain. A brownlow, a norm smith and most importantly got me loving both and AFL.
Resurrect Norm Smith as head of footy ops as well?
Just hope Hird is remembered for more than just this saga. A premiership captain, a Norm Smith Medalist, a Brownlow medalist, a champion 🔴⚫️
Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders was grating, but choosing Norm McDonald is just weird. Voice is too distinctive.
Hird is a legend of the club, a legend of the game, brownlow medalist, 5x AA and club BnF winner, Norm Smith Medalist and 2x leading 1/2
How many mentions of the Norm Smith Medal will there be?.
Next up is Renee Smith-Valade, VP customer experience at Air Canada. Former VANOC PR head she is now dating
Come back to me when you have a norm smith Nat. Nice head band too
He's good but not in Pendles league. When he wins a premiership and a norm smith, then we'll talk.
word. most of the profs also seem to be working to catch up on sexual diversity/minority issues, but Smith isn't the norm.
2 times norm smith 3 time premiership hard tough captain courageous the one and only Luke Hodge for West Coast eagles.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I hate hawthorn but you got to live Luke Hodge 2 norm smith and 3 premierships you can't ask for a better captain #
as before he will want HFC to win the game and Josh to win the Norm Smith Medal
(Richmond Tigers) 50 years of MCG memories: Maurice Rioli wins the Norm Smith Medal
With respect to the Confederate flag, we have seen a stunningly fast "norm cascade." .
UMass Lowell coach Norm Bazin declined to comment on the departure of goaltender Jeff Smith who is returning to BCHL after 1 season at UML.
CNN notes attack on civilians "backfired" politically, which is the norm for I've found:
Dwight I beg to differ with Dr Smith saying 6 years is the norm in the USA. I completed my 4yr degree in 3yrs
Wayne Smith says Norm Berryman was world class at Crusaders (Sport)
My new sounds: All Blacks assistant coach Wayne Smith remembers Norm Berryman on
Shawn Hart thanked God when he accepted his Norm Smith Medal
After fight showed lot of class by returning all weight fine $$ he got from Smith: $37,500. CSAC still gets i…
Kenny Smith, Young Robert Horry, Clyde was still a all star, Sam cassell was nice
Judd won a Brownlow, Norm Smith and delivered another Premiership for West Coast
when did he win a Brownlow, flag n norm smith?
I cant decide whether to splash cash on either or to win the Norm smith. Any one got an idea?
good teams flog carlton at the G like we did John Barker > Malthouse, McHale, Barassi & Norm Smith.
Big Footy Central...back from 7am tomorrow with and footy with Norm Jenkin and -Harcourt Coach Sean Smith from 730am..
Congrats go out to Cpl Norm Smith for being awarded the 2015 Community Volunteer Leadership award!!
SpeedeNews: Duck Stuff: Thursday Edition - ■ Noah Smith takes a look back at Norm Van Brocklin and the original ve...
can't believe you weren't mentioned in Norm Smith calculations Starce !
I hate Hawthorn but he's a gun. Should have won a norm smith...
Norm: hey Dan, you know what stinks? J R Smith
norm - hey uh Dan. JR Smith went 0 for 9 ya know? Yeah you know what that means right? He didn't make a shot!
so glad for our 'Finals MVP' (Norm Smith) we choose the best player, even if they are in the losing team
Preserving publishing and promoting sustainability: In the modern age, the norm is that consumers can get what...
How can this Origin warm up mention "Lethal" Leigh, but not mention the 2006 Norm Smith Medalist? Or the 2005 NS medalist for that matter.
89 granny Ablett kicked 9 won the Norm smith in a losing team.
I appreciate your bold stance, but they did the equivalent of welcoming Norm Smith back and I would too.
Is everyone just forgetting that time Judd downright stole a Norm Smith off Lewis Roberts Thompson. Give it back Juddy.
If you haven't heard this brilliant speech on Norm Smith by Tony Charlton do so! via
Somebody on FB is questioning Buckley's selection, as well as his Norm Smith and his Brownlow because he "wouldn't know what a hard ball is"
are we forgetting that this is the Knicks? This isn't gonna be the norm for ages sadly. Ish friggin smith is a starter
Georgetown C and ex-Bruin Joshua Smith is still following UCLA — Norm Powell is his cousin. He texted him after the crazy goaltend call.
Whoa, Norm, just found out you used to work at theScore. The delightful Kyle Smith helped me make the connection.
The great Grand Final performances not recognised by a Norm Smith Medal
so it's taken your team a month and a half to action my fraud claim. I'm looking at another month for resolution. Is this the norm?
Many congrats also to Kate Frieberg et al. for winning 2014 Norm Smith Award for best research paper
“If joey kicks another 5 goals in 2915 Grand Final & wins Norm Smith as well as the Brownlow I'll accept the moustache". Fixed :p
super rare hard to find afl gold norm smith microfigures. I found you hanging out at Coles in Waverley
What has happened to Brendon Goddard since the drawn GF where he was robbed of Norm Smith? of a bloke too
just the norm. She's feeling better today, they are just keeping her until tomorrow for observation
plain old John Smith's. Imagine Ken in a gym! This guy was more Dave Norm.
Tell me how this puppy face won the Norm Smith in 1996 in this condition
You'd reckon he'd know about his old clubs history and that of the great Norm Smith?
multi with Roughy for the norm smith and devils tears for the 2015 Hobart cup
Gary *** is not the greatest coach of all time he only has won 3 flags Jock won 8 and Norm Smith won 6
what's even better is that one of the premierships was against collingwood! He was embarrassed to win norm smith
So excited for Norm on Letterman. Best talk show guest ever. Have you talked to Courtney Thorne Smith since Conan in 97?
The saddest part is that people in leadership accept fires at Riverton as the norm ...
. Hey, uh, know what Geno Smith and the I R S have in common? They're both
"National insurance is viewed by many as a tax on jobs" says Norman Smith. Thanks, Norm.
"The winner of the the Norm Smith Medal is Jimmy Bartel."
People always seem shocked when they remember he won Norm Smith, but he was very good.
Ben Brock and Norm Smith of Astec Industries, Inc. are both fans of Hi-way Bill.
no curse you Coles more footy figurines? You know I can't resist them. I HAVE to get the Norm Smith Medal players.
Ah...if only the Dockers won the GF and Crowley received the Norm Smith. What a debacle we would have !
The thing is, I understand Jaden Smith. Don't know how sane I'd be if I lived in a home where fathers french kissing their sons was the norm
it's ridiculous. Imagine if he'd been Norm Smith Medallist in a winning GF team?
what if he took a Leo Barry type mark? Wins norm smith? Keeps Mitchell to 10 posi's
Super rare Norm Smith Medallist only at Coles, only $2 A mini Brian
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
*calls SEN*. Mason Cox is Mike Pyke but better, he'll win a Norm Smith one day, thanks boys, love listening to ya
prediction: swans by 14 points and Josh Kennedy for Norm Smith Medal
Norm Smith's ghost is now exorcized.
The last time Melbourne was this well backed, Norm Smith was their coach.
Bet Steve Finn's as happy about that hat trick as Buckley was about his Norm Smith.
backed Martin Pike & Winston Abraham to win the Norm Smith that day, woeful judgement.
Bud for 5 goals and the medal, Swans to win. Lake to go from Norm Smith to the worst on ground.
Books beside my bed right now - John Coleman, *** Reynolds, Len Hayes, Norm Smith, Metallica 91-2014, KP - where to start !
Both great players, Hodge 2 time Norm Smith, 3 time P'ship player, twice as captain & multiple all australian & pips only Judd just.
S/o BP for the natty win & S/o Troy Hill famo started and played Devon smith well all game
"When will Will Smith and Norm appear on Mythbusters camera?"
"design for delight" (Brad Smith, Intuit CEO). Believe it or not, our EHR does sometimes "delight" users. Working hard to make it the norm.
no reason not to. By the time the next one comes out, it'll be the norm and pretty awkward to get used to walking/sprinting
Bollinger man of the match for 1/18? All of a sudden Lewis Jetta has claims on last year's Norm Smith Medal
Today's column uncorks a few beauties beyond the norm - dive in!
Update your maps at Navteq
Wow glad to see Norm Kriess and George Smith take silver at ! Great job guys!
Lots of talent in the room i-Corps-L meeting: Ashok Agrawal, Norm Fortenberry Chris Swan Karl Smith Purdue.
sheree it be enough when hepp has a premiership and Norm Smith Medal around his neck and Ryder trudges off with the losers
Seven straight Ws? Back-to-back road sweep of San Antonio & Dallas? Not sure Tom Gores even misses that $30 mil he owes …
Lol come on. Smith has games like these from time to time. It's not the norm.
I'm pretty sure he's in the background of the MFC Team of the Century painting, along with Norm Smith coaching himself
are irritated by the norm. Unusual and strange is the way to go!
Believed 1st white man to cross now Nevada (1826-27), trapper & explorer Jedediah S Smith was born Jan 6, 1799 in NY. ht…
Feah is a choice! *will smith after earth v* RT"Others let fear control them and choose to settle for the norm, 9-5 life."
Swanny needs a Norm Smith Medal round his neck to complete the collection
News about Manziel getting drinks thrown at him at a nightclub and Cavs trading for Jr Smith all in one day. Yup that's come to be the norm
I find this a bit harsh on the man has 2 flags and a Norm Smith in his last 2 seasons!!
that was a shocker, nothing worse than losing a close one especially a granny. Bucks got the norm smith at least
What will your be this week? What will you be doing that goes against the norm?
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