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Norm MacDonald

Norman Gene Norm Macdonald (born October 17, 1963) is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actor.

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Get to know the real me. Recommended vids when I open Youtube:. MST3K content. Stephen Colbert. Steven Wright. Norm MacDonald. Red Letter Media
Norm MacDonald, The Bugle and Le Show can be funny now and then
I added a video to a playlist Norm Macdonald
Norm Macdonald's special is coming out this month on that
free but I was shamed in front of the court. Regardless, Norm Macdonald and his family cannot be thier enemy because that would mean my
Barrett Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Michael Lewis, Alexandra Petri, and (my wildcard) Norm MacDonald. It'd be amazing.
I think I figured out why Norm Macdonald doesn't like Atwood. I'm listening to Oryx & Crake audiobook, she doesn't get humor..
False. I'm a conservative and I love comedy. Norm MacDonald is my favorite comedian and d…
what happened to Norm Macdonald? I mean talk about a guest that holds up.
The car, abandoned at the train station, with tires caked with a child's blood. — Norm Macdonald (September 13, 2014
I liked a video Cut Angelina Jolie Joke from Norm Macdonald Live
I want Norm Macdonald to host a Star Wars Celebration.
Why do they keep switching the actor? Wasn't it Darrell Hammond and then Norm MacDonald and then someone else? Geez!
The best late night talk show guests are/were Robin Williams, Martin Short, Harland Williams and Norm Macdonald.
Read as Norm Macdonald:. Jeffrey Dahmer had great bone structure, he also had many great structures MADE OF BONES
Todd Glass and Norm Macdonald on a touchy subject via
Norm MacDonald tells Todd Glass his problem with working out
I still think the worst thing Artie Lange has ever done was Dirty Work with Norm Macdonald.
this is the same rag when ranking SNL cast members put Norm Macdonald at 139 out of 145.
I just read to see if he talks about Chris Elliott and/or Norm Macdonald. 2/2
did yall play the Norm MacDonald bit from the Daily Show after that Crocodile Hunter discussion?
Conan's got Adam Sandler, Norm MacDonald, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Nick Swardson on right now. 😃 I basically love all of those guys!
right friendly comics to look at for WHCD Colin Quinn, Adam Carolla, Norm Macdonald, Nick DiPalo, Dennis Miller, Arti Lang
Someone call Norm MacDonald so we can get to bottom of this.
The CICGC episode with Norm is easily top three. The Kojak bit near killed me.
Norm Macdonald tries to interrupt Laura Prepon on Conan via
Listening to an album by someone named Norm Macdonald, it's pretty good, I recommend him if you haven't heard of him
You know what I miss about Bob Dole? Is Norm MacDonald doing Bob Dole
Norm Macdonald's delivery of "October?" is probably the funniest thing he's ever done.
Norm MacDonald has a good bit about that, he talks about his uncle watching Matlock while "fighting" cancer.
This is why Norm Macdonald is taken more seriously as a political pundit. And is having a more successful career.
Oh no, he looks like Norm Macdonald
Are you sure it wasn't Norm MacDonald?
Can anyone find me that norm Macdonald "Kill Hitler" video from recently? "I didnt even know he was sick."
"We're being told that Bob Dole declined to attend the inauguration, so arriving now is Norm MacDonald as Bob Dole..."
Norm MacDonald one of the best episodes -> Jerry Seinfeld is joined by friends for a cup of coffee and drive ...
Halfway through Norm MacDonald Based on a True Story...Hysterically brilliant...I'm savoring it like a can of Mt. Dew.
Does anyone know where I can find Norm MacDonald's cap?
*Norm Macdonald voice*. The Raiders are sure to attract thousands to Las Vegas. Also attracting thousands to Vegas?. ***
I liked a video Norm Macdonald's First & Last Stand Up on Letterman
I added a video to a playlist Copy of Norm Macdonald's best joke on Weekend Update YouTube
"you should never bet on football cause the ball ain't round"- Norm MacDonald.
If you cannot patiently bear correction,. endeavor to avoid fault.- Norm MacDonald.
I just watched you on Norm Macdonald's show. I can't tell if you love or hate the guy by the end of it 😆
Man that Norm Macdonald book was funny.
I miss the days when I only heard the words "fake news" preceded by "Good evening, I'm Norm MacDonald, and now the."
Im trying to remember the last night in i had that didnt end in a norm macdonald youtube binge
I know things suck right now but here's a new Norm Macdonald thing
*Norm MacDonald at the YouTube red carpet voice* ALL THE STARS ARE HERE!
I added a video to a playlist Norm Macdonald's Holocaust Joke
Neil Macdonald on brother Norm's confessions of a cult leader - Entertainment - CBC News
Was not expecting Norm Macdonald to nail it re: Hillary v. Trump, but he pretty much nailed it.
New & grab coffee on a rainy day in Jerry's own '58 356 Speedster!
Norm MacDonald sets a trap on Late Night and gets Conan to defend Oscar Pistorious:
Norm MacDonald joins FOX Sports Live to preview his new book
Wondering if I should bring that Norm Macdonald book on my church officers retreat this weekend
Norm Macdonald thinks he knows why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump via
Is it me, or does Christian Slater sound like Norm Macdonald and all he does is repeat everything Kelly says?
My All-time "I don't get it" comedians. 1.Norm MacDonald. 2.Colin Quinn. 3.Kevin Hart. 4.Rob Riggle. 5.Joe Piscopo
When exactly did Christian Slater morph into Norm MacDonald?
Is it just ME or does Christian Slater sound a LOT like Norm MacDonald? Merry Xmas & Happy 2017 2 U, Kelly and all the gang there
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Carrie Fisher, Trevor Noah, Joel McHale, Norm MacDonald ... so much literature to get to in 2016.
"John Cleese & Michael Palin did a skit on SNL. After rehearsal they went to a museum, that's how smart those guys are!" -Norm Macdonald
My top 5 favorite comedians of all-time:. 1. Norm MacDonald . 2. Dave Chappelle. 3. Daniel Tosh . 4. Bo Burnham . 5. Louis CK
The start of this Norm Macdonald clip is some primo Max Weinberg free world-rockin'.
Ep128, Norm Macdonald as Christopher Columbus...coming soon to NBC!
Norm Macdonald is the only person who should have a talk show. Thanks.
Norm Macdonald Live - Steve Merchant Not sure if you've seen these. Norm = genius.
Norm MacDonald tells a joke with morals
Man found dead at comedian Norm Macdonald's home |
Norm Macdonald's house sitter reportedly found dead from overdose in star's home:
Report: Comedian Norm Macdonald's house sitter found dead inside home.
Based on a True Story: A Memoir Norm Macdonald (Author) 529% Sales Rank in Books: 382 (was 2…
Norm Macdonald's house sitter found dead in his home !! No joke !! 😳
Man found dead at comedian Norm Macdonald's home
Norm Macdonald’s House Sitter Found Dead In His Home: Norm Macdonald’s house sitter was found dead in his hom...
There's an episode of My Name Is Earl where Norm MacDonald basically plays Turd Ferguson for 22 minutes.
No, not the one that looks like Norm MacDonald, the one that looks like Cary Elwes.
More specifically, look how that worked out for Darrell Hammond and Norm MacDonald.
There's a joke I heard Norm MacDonald tell about Albert Fish the other day. You *can* make this funny.
The last 4 Colonial Sanders have been Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan and now George Hamilton because why not
After watching the Mike Tyson Mysteries I voice every pigeon on our lawn as Norm Macdonald, harassing the other birds for a fix.
Tonight I saw Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson, Chris Rock and Norm Macdonald and it made me cry
David Spade, Nick Swardson, Norm Macdonald, Rob Schneider, and Adam Sandler all in one night?!…
A current joke in Norm Macdonald's live sets revolves around Bill Cosby as a hero of his and the personal problem of reconciling this.
I think you're talking about a better version of Comedy Central's "Sports Show" with Norm MacDonald
Tonight at 10pm on Watch co-host of The Cooligans Alexis Guerreros do stand-up live on tv! Norm Macdonald i…
Norm MacDonald did a good job at the ACTRAS. Or how about Keshia Chante, Alanis Morrissette or Dan Ackroyd?
Did you prefer Norm Macdonald or Colin Quinn on Weekend Update?
Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan — more maybe? At least those three.
What's deal with KFC switch to Jim Gaffigan from Norm Macdonald & Darrell Hammond. *** Sargent replaced *** York, too!
So first Darrell Hammond, then Norm MacDonald, now Jim Gaffigan. Who else thinks should get a turn?
over half your state voted against Kasuck. Some win for Norm MacDonald's slow uncle
Comedian sightings at LAX so far today: Kevin McDonald, Norm MacDonald. That's all. I'm not making this up.
TIL that Kato Kaelin and Norm MacDonald were best friends in the early 2000s
Glad I'm not the only person wondering why KFC keeps replacing Colonel Sanders actors in their commercials:
TV Query: What's up with all the KFC Colonel Sanders? Jim Gaffigan? Norm Macdonald?
is no one else wondering why norm macdonald was replaced by Jim Gaffigan as the colonel in the KFC commercials?
I want to hear Norm MacDonald read this so badly. This has to happen
I think Norm Macdonald might be my favorite human being.
Think there's something very wrong with Norm Macdonald 😣
Who's idea was it to make norm macdonald Colonel Sanders in the first place lmao
the way you keep saying BOB ROBERTS has me picturing Norm Macdonald saying Bob Dole
They didn't tell you!? You host for 5 min. Then it's Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald and Jim Gaffigan dressed like you.
Oh well...Guaranteed a few laughs though; the MC is Norm MacDonald.
Good comedy helps me when I'm blue. Good comedy and booze. And drugs. But I digress:
Norm Macdonald nailed why making fun of Trump or his followers isn't going to work
When I was young, I'd watch guys on 'The Tonight Show', Buddy Hackett, guys...
Does that mean you're kind of a young Norm MacDonald, too? When does the 'funny' gene kick in?
I thought Norm MacDonald has been great! But you...put your twist in David. You could make it soo hilarious. ✌❤
This sketch from like 20 years ago is a perfect analogue to the pres race. Norm MacDonald = Trump.
My fave Col. Sanders impersonator so far is Norm Macdonald. I like Jim Gaffigan as himself. As Sanders, he's too obviously Jim Gaffigan.
I like doing a funny show where I don't have to act and fall in love with a...
Comedy is surprises, so if you're intending to make somebody laugh and they...
Weird how popular history now is just that episode of the Norm MacDonald show where he spent 15 minutes accusing Adam Eget of rimming Hitler
First episode I didn't make it through in ages. Comedy is subjective Get Norm MacDonald & Harlan Williams pls
No disrespect to Jim Gaffigan, but Norm MacDonald is the superior Colonel Sanders.
I would never go back in time to kill Hitler. Think of all the great jokes Norm Macdonald has done about him
I liked a video Norm Macdonald Live - Jokes
Last night a lady pharmacist heckled Norm MacDonald, he told her she moves pills from a big bottle into many smaller bottles.
Why did get a new Colonel Sanders? What was wrong with Norm MacDonald?
Darrell Hammond was creepy...Norm MacDonald was annoying...whoever the *** is playing Colonel Sanders now is just freaking WEIRD!!
I wish Norm Macdonald had a late night show. He'd be better than everyone now.
Sharing something that we might really doesn't know TIL Norm Macdonald was at the last que…
" that guy is a REAL jerk ". - norm macdonald, the original honey dicker
Norm MacDonald is the funniest unfunny man on earth
The painting of Miss Honey's dad in Matilda looks like Norm Macdonald
Norm MacDonald makes me and my wife laugh
So Norm Macdonald is no longer the colonel?
Gaffigan/Hammond are funny guys, but HORRIBLE Colonels!! Got rid of Norm? What the *** ? *** via
TIL Norm Macdonald was at the last question on Do you want to be a millionare for charity. After he answered the l…
Norm MacDonald/Darrell Hammond as Col. Sanders, Bill Hader as Mr. Peanut, Chris Parnell as the box of Progressive Insurance
Why does keep changing Colonels? 1st Darrell Hammond, then Norm MacDonald, now all in a span of 6 months. What gives?
Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan, David Alan Grier...I don't understand the concept but I like the casting.
First The Colonel looks like Darrell Hammond then Norm Macdonald now Jim Gaffigan there's a deep backstory somewhere in time and space!
Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Norm Macdonald tonight with my pops. This should be god! 😆
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Finally got to see these SNL Legends: Tim Meadows, Rob Schneider, Norm Macdonald, David Spade, Adam Sandler!
So excited to see Adam Sandler. David Spade, Norm MacDonald, & Rob Schneider!
So first it was Darrell Hammond, now Norm Macdonald. Who's going to be the next SNL cast member to play the KFC Colonel, Tim Meadows??
Sometimes I don’t think the nation has paused long enough to recognize how amazing it is that Norm Macdonald is Colonel…
Norm MacDonald and Kevin Nealon Performing at Ovations Live! at Wild Horse Pass - Jan 23. ► Find Tickets:
My perfect birthday gift would be dinner with Wesley Snipes, Andy *** Norm MacDonald and Brett Favre at at a fine sushi restaurant.
Shia LaBeouf is now top 5 human joining the likes of Bill Simmons, Kanye West, Norm Macdonald, and Jon Stewart.
I liked a video Gordon Ramsay attempts to teach Norm MacDonald a recipe
I made the mistake of reading the comment section. Some of the people others wanted on: Norm Macdonald, Jon Lovitz.
We'll screen a Match Game pilot produced by Robert Smigel featuring Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, Bob Einstein, Andy Daly and more!
If KFC lets Norm MacDonald do a Frank Stallone joke as Colonel Sanders I'd actually eat there
I'm so tired, I think I just hallucinated Norm MacDonald as Colonel Sanders.
Norm Macdonald with one of my all time favorite jokes!
brick client is "Business Colonel Sanders" co-worker in this quirky spot for KFC:...
I just realized I've been watching old Conan interviews with Norm MacDonald for the last 45 minutes.
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I don't know why norm macdonald was crying when he left that show. Said he lived him. If so. I hope it. Wasn't crying in relief.
Today introduced me to the wonder that is Mike Tyson Mysteries. . Norm MacDonald plays a belligerent pigeon.
Norm MacDonald as Colonel Sanders is kinda?? hot??
"Some diseases are worse than others" - Norm MacDonald on alcoholism:.
If there was a tv show about Norm MacDonald's Colonel Sanders, I'd totally watch it.
I was wondering that too. I always recognize Norm MacDonald and wonder if that's the actual punchline.
Is it just me or does Col. Sanders sound just like Norm MacDonald?
I am sure this might have been said before, but if I was to vote... Darrell Hammond is a better Colonel than Norm MacDonald
Mike Tyson Mysteries Panel - SDCC 2015 via 5:30 Tyson talking about the "mythical" norm macdonald. lol
Sometimes it's easy to despair. But then you remember Norm Macdonald's performance at the Bob Saget roast and everything's okay.
Something I really hate is Norm MacDonald's Colonel Sanders character
Norm Macdonald's stories are weird and awesome and confusing and hilarious. I love that man. I don't get him, but I love him.
Norm Macdonald was born to play Colonel Sanders. I'd watch a movie about him.
Norm MacDonald is a significantly superior Colonel Sanders.
Except it would be Neil Macdonald spinning wild theories about the ending instead of Norm.
No, don't you see? Norm MacDonald is selling out IRONICALLY when playing Colonel Sanders!
I think they're building to something. Like Norm Macdonald has Darrell Hammond "The real Colonel" locke…
I should never have lived long enough to see Norm Macdonald play Colonel Sanders...
And, what was so wrong with Darrell Hammond as Col. Sanders? At least he was funny at it. Norm MacDonald is kinda like, I dunno, lame? Duhhh
I'm thoroughly convinced I would make a better Col. Sanders than Norm MacDonald is currently doing. Ye Gods where did they get this guy???..
Norm MacDonald is better as The Colonel than whoever they had before. That guy was just flat out
Check out Bella LA client, Giselle Gilbert, in this KFC spot! Way to go!!...
read it as Norm MacDonald doing the Larry King voice for some reason and it still worked ??
Disappointed in Norm MacDonald for promoting Kentucky Fried Cruelty as Colonel Sanders.
Next week Kevin Nealon comes to the Atlanta Improv Comedy Club! This December, Norm Macdonald, Steve-O and...
"Pimpin' ain't easy, but it's much much much harder to be a prostitute." - Norm Macdonald
They didn't catch the "error" until they saw Norm MacDonald on the front of building
totally agree about our idea. I was just shocked Norm Macdonald was a part of it... but fear not, we'll get Chris Kattan.
stand-up comedian Norm MacDonald from "Last Comic Standing"; "Jukebox Jam" featuring Lil Anthony and the Imperials.
I feel dumb laughing at KFC commercials, but the one w/ Norm Macdonald as Col. Sanders pretending to be a college student gets me every time
Hamilton Collection
I realize now that Norm Macdonald is my spirit animal
Norm Macdonald is hosting the Canadian Screen Awards and Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes. This is gonna be gggodd
The Adam Carolla Show - Norm MacDonald — Adam welcomes Norm Macdonald back to the podcast - on
Arnold Palmer, Chris Bosh, Kevin Nealon, Brian Vickers in an ad for Xarelto. Next ad was Norm MacDonald as Colonel Sanders f…
I like Norm MacDonald too, he's my fave Weekend Update anchor
Is it me, or is the new KFC Sanders just Norm Macdonald in a wig? And yes everyone knows his chicken depends on Colonel Sandlers recipe.
How low has Darrell Hammond sunk that Norm MacDonald replaces you in a national ad campaign? Norm MacDonald!
So, did everyone complain about Darrell Hammond being too creepy as the KFC colonel, so the hired Norm Macdonald instead?
Also ask him which portrayal of him he prefers: Norm MacDonald or Darrell Hammond?? X:
KFC: "Our commercials with Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders are too creepy. Let's get Norm MacDonald. That won't be creepy at all."
So did Darrell Hammond already get replaced by Norm MacDonald as Colonel Sanders or ???
You actually gave up the Darrell Hammond campaign for this Norm MacDonald *expletive deleted*?? Go. Back.
I love Norm MacDonald as much as the next guy, but Darrell Hammond was perfect as Col Sanders.
don't get me wrong I like Norm Macdonald but imo Darrell Hammond was doing a much better job. I'm sure most will disagree.
Do I even want to know why KFC fired Darrell Hammond and hired Norm Macdonald?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Darrell Hammond played Colonel Sanders perfectly, Norm MacDonald time to find another gig to do.
Darrell Hammond made a better Colonel Sanders than Norm Macdonald. The new commercial aren't funny
Did they change to Norm MacDonald b/c Darrell Hammond was so creepy!?? From one SNL alum to another! LOL
I'm not sure if it was Darrell Hammond himself or the Dubya-Colonel mix, but Norm MacDonald is way less creepy. :)
Norm MacDonald has never made me laugh. Darrell Hammond made chicken cool.
that's Darrell Hammond & Norm MacDonald not Colonel Sanders! there are you happy now?
I'm sorry but I will never buy fried chicken from Norm Macdonald. Darrell Hammond is the Colonel.
Nothing against Darrell Hammond or Norm MacDonald, but KFC needs to fire their Advertising Executive. Quit tryin 2 bring back the dead.
Please tell me Darrell Hammond and Norm Macdonald are going to eventually fight to the death over which one is the real Colonel Sanders!
1st Darrell Hammond & now Norm MacDonald. I'm hoping Will Ferrell jumps on board, too. Ron Burgundy as Colonel Sanders would be epic.
Norm MacDonald as Col Sanders now? What happened to Darrell Hammond? What SNL alum is next, Garret Morris?.
Norm Macdonald is a horrendous Col. Sanders. You have to at least give a southern accent. Darrell Hammond was better
Norm Macdonald tells an Andy Richter joke Through source
Order of SNL alums to be Colonel Sanders after Norm MacDonald:. Will Forte. Mark McKinney. Chris Kattan. Julia Sweeney. Finesse Mitchell
IMHO, KFC's new new Colonel Sanders looks a lot more like John Hodgman than Norm Macdonald. .
THE PGA CHAMPIONSHIP: Jason and Jordan and the legacy of Tiger Woods. by Dylan Macdonald and Norm Macdonald.
. I'm uncertain if Norm Macdonald thinks before he belts out his forgettable criticism.
typical...first they went with Darrell Hammond, then Norm MacDonald for the new Colonel Sanders, totally overlooking Garrett Morris
Just seeing this now but Norm MacDonald is the new Colonel Sanders? What the *** is next? David Spade as the new Dave from Wendy's?
I hear Norm MacDonald will play the new Jared in commercials.
Norm Macdonald flames out Courtney Thorne-Smith on Conan in 1997
KFC has now replaced Darrell Hammond with Norm Macdonald. At this rate, I predict Joe Piscopo will be playing Col. Sanders next month.
KFC's having fun w Norm Macdonald as Col Sanders but REAL risk of campaign is link 2 Southern plantation culture
KFC is trolling us. First Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders and then Norm MacDonald... who's next Chris Kattan? Colin Quinn?
*** now Norm Macdonald is doing Col. Sanders? Who's next? Wait for it . Joe Piscopo?
Norm MacDonald is the new Colonel Sanders replacing Darrell Hammond. By 2016 I expect to see Kevin Nealon & Colin Quinn in the same role.
Norm Macdonald is going to have a go at playing the Colonel for here's an idea, have Garrett Morris give it a try
KFC swaps out Darrell Hammond for Norm MacDonald as Colonel Sanders in new ads via
So Darrell Hammond was Colonel Sanders for 3 months. Now it's Norm Macdonald. Somewhere out there, Joe Piscopo sits by his phone & waits...
Norm Macdonald is Col Sanders now? What in the name of Frank Stallone is happening?
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Since when is Norm Macdonald the Gordon Ramsey of comedy?
Jason Sudeikis nearly got the SNL Weekend Update gig over Seth Meyers and Marc Maron nearly replaced Norm MacDonald.
Video live for Kevin Nealson and Norm Macdonald tonight!
'SNL' alumni coming to Tucson: Kevin Nealon and Norm MacDonald, shown here at the "Saturday Night Live" 40th a...
I liked a video Norm Macdonald and Jimmy Test Steve Higgins' Charades Skills
I think Norm Macdonald would be the perfect Alan Davies to maybe Greg Proops or John Hodgeman.
Also thanks to Ellie Kemper, Alan Cummings, and Norm Macdonald for signing a few photos this week.
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller 1998 best guest ever via
I really hope Anthony Jeselnik doesn't ruin for me. Super excited to see Norm Macdonald though!
Anthony Jeselnik AND Norm Macdonald?!!! This season of Last Comic Standing is going to be good!
Last Comic Standing is actually worth watching this year since Anthony Jeselnik is hosting & Norm MacDonald is one of …
I liked a video Norm Macdonald on Dennis Miller
Norm Macdonald killing it on the Craig Ferguson show via /r/videos
Norm Macdonald a comedian? He's like someone's drunk uncle who wandered on stage to tell jokes & everyone's too scared to tell him to leave.
And there's my 6 degrees of separation to Norm MacDonald, via fellow Terracite and friend of my Uncle
Order Miche Bag Online!
I thought Norm Macdonald's emotion was touching and real until he went on The Wendy Williams Show and wept.
Loved the Hot Fresh take on Norm MacDonald! Have you seen Red Skelton and Soupy Sales work?
Not sure how I feel about a world where Dave Letterman and Norm MacDonald aren't on TV and the Property Brothers are.
Norm Macdonald gave an emotional, beautiful send-off:
In the next 4 days i'll be seeing Bruce McCulloch, Roseanne, Norm Macdonald and Al Pacino. LA is sick af 😛
any movie with Norm MacDonald, Jack Warden, Chevy Chase and Artie Lange is at least worth a watch.
Watched the Norm MacDonald video podcast and wound up watching the SNL Mr. Belvedere Fan Club sketch --> http:…
2 hours of Norm Macdonald, Adam Eget, and a celebrity guest reading bad jokes
I'm watching that Mike Tyson mystery-solving cartoon where Norm MacDonald plays his pigeon sidekick.
you telling Norm MacDonald that Huell Howser's accent is "Kentucky *** is pinnacle comedy
I liked a video Norm Macdonald's final appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" - 2/10/09
Bob Dylan's story about East Orange New Jersey (from his Gaslight '61 recordings). I can imagine Norm Macdonald te…
Norm Macdonald interviews to end the night
"Well we were gonna hire Norm Macdonald but then I found this guy Jeffen who's got 17,000 YouTube subscribers" - real life
'Last Comic Standing' video: First look at Anthony Jeselnik, Norm MacDonald - 'Last Comic Standing' video:...
I liked a video Courtney Thorne-Smith and Norm Macdonald on Conan in 1997
I liked a video Norm MacDonald on Conan (1997-02-21)
Norm Macdonald- you know what the worst thing about having sex with a scarecrow is... The Corn.
Forget the X-Files. I'd like to see a reboot of Kolchak w/ Norm Macdonald in the title role and Ron White as Vincenzo.
Isn't "Fight Club" just a remake of Norm Macdonald's "Dirty Work?"
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