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Norfolk Naval Base

Naval Station Norfolk , in Norfolk, Virginia, is a base of the United States Navy, supporting naval forces in the United States Fleet Forces Command, those operating in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean.

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the naval base in Norfolk, VA becomes a ghost town during hurricanes.
Fun fact: the Norfolk Naval base is the biggest base in the United States.
Hey any chance you can come visit Norfolk Naval Base for Memorial Day weekend?
LIVE on Aircraft carrier coming in to Norfolk Naval Base
ikr! Norfolk is the biggest naval base in the world there's 7 cities within like 15 miles it's crazy, I fly out monday
Throwback Thursday to when I visited The Naval Base in Norfolk. Have you ever been to a military base?
Norfolk is largest US Naval Base in the world. Navy enlisted boot camp is in North Chicago. Adopted/transient loyalty.
hailing from the ..all though I at.the Naval Base Norfolk right now.. 55yrs burgundy & gold.
Waiting for the USS GW to come in at Norfolk. @ Naval Base Port Side Pier 14
thanks to the D.O.D. Naval base...Norfolk
I went to college a few miles from Norfolk naval base... I'm familiar with that flavor
Find this &More Office Automation Assistant - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Naval Base, VA
⚓️ Busy & Challenging next 2 days. Time for (at Inn Norfolk-Naval Base in Norfolk, VA)
About to tour Norfolk Naval Base with the fam crew!
I get to tour the Norfolk Naval Base tomorrow bc my friends dad works there 😍😍😍
Lincoln Nation, here's a message from Capt. Ronald Ravelo, USS Abraham Lincoln's (CVN 72) Commanding Officer, who reflects on Veterans Day and our commissioning anniversary: "This Veterans Day, we take time to honor our men and women who have served in our armed forces in the defense of our nation. Veterans Day began as Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I, when the main hostilities were silenced. Congress modified the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day on Nov. 8, 1954. This November, the crew of USS Abraham Lincoln, both past and present, remembers another special anniversary – the commissioning of USS Abraham Lincoln. On this day 25 years ago, with an estimated 18,000 guests in attendance, USS Abraham Lincoln was commissioned at Norfolk Naval Base, Pier 12. The honorable *** Cheney, Secretary of Defense, was the principal speaker. Other speakers included Adm. Carlisle A.H. Trost, Chief of Naval Operations, and The Honorable James R. Thompson, former Governor of Illinois. The Ship ...
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Presented my thesis, "Executive Leadership for Cyber" at National Defense University at Norfolk Naval Air Base.
The road is heating up heading to Naval Station Norfolk... Check in with me before you report to the base on
Norfolk VA is home to the world's largest Naval base, and has a large military population.
Port of Virginia Norfolk Terminals and the worlds largest Navy base Naval Station Norfolk. Hampton BLVD
I was honored to see her at Norfolk Naval Base - hard to comprehend the size.
Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, VA. It is uncommon for this many Nuclear Aircraft Carriers (5) to all b
Victim is a male 21 years of age, on leave from the Naval base in Norfolk.
Please join Naval Station Norfolk in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month tomorrow, October 3rd at the Base...
Camp Allen Elementary School on Norfolk Naval Base. We got put on lockdown and evacuated as soon as the tower was hit
My name is "Joe" and I am a wartime veteran of the US Navy, and I need to share a little bit of my story as it relates to my experiences with the VA health care system, in the hopes that someone who has the power and influence to affect some kind of immediate change, will do so, because I am not ready to die yet. After I went through basic training at Great Lakes, I completed intensive hand-to-hand combat with survival skills training at Camp Porter. I went to my first duty station at the Norfolk Naval Base aboard the USS Nimitz. I became an electrician's mate; was present for the ship's commissioning celebration, and got to shake hands with President Gerald Ford before taking my first assignment. I wasn't afraid of anything back then; I was prepared to die for my country. I made three excursions to Guantanamo Bay. There were times when I didn't know if I'd make it through, but I did, and it taught me about survival and gratitude. I earned my Budweiser before receiving my honorable discharge. When I retur ...
Birthday weekend blast-off! So far I've had 2 road trips with Gregg and Nicole, toured the Norfolk Naval Base, saw the USS Harry S. Truman release 4,000 sailors into a 2-week leave, spent time with Robert and Leslie; walked on the sea shore of Virginia Beach, VA; tomorrow it's Blue Man Group and birthday lunch!
As a child growing up in Norfolk after WWII, one of my memories includes going to see the Battleship Missouri while it was tied up at the Norfolk Naval Base. I remember lots of family and friends coming to visit us and wanting to see "Big Mo" or "Mighty Mo". We went there so many times that I could pretty much give a tour all by myself! This picture is from and the accompanying says, "Missouri (BB-63) tied up to the pier, 9 - 12 May 1946 at Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia. An unidentified air craft carrier perhaps HMS Ruler (A-731) is off to her starboard side. What is left of her hull number identifies her as one of the British CVEs used as aircraft transports in the Pacific, late in WW2. What looks like an attack transport is off her stern."
Fighting to get the kids up to go eat breakfast, so we get get to the Norfolk Naval Base for the USS IOWA memorial service. A large tent was put up yesterday for the service, so far just light rain and gust of wind. oh yea... a COLD 47 degrees! According to my car thermometer.
hey! I'm a Vet, too - Army. Lotsa time in VA. Fort Lee, Ft. Story & Ft. Belvoir. 2 NAVY uncles out of Norfolk Naval Base.
You should really check out the veracity of your information before you post it on your website as "fact". A simple check would have revealed that this story is false, and was in fact first circulated a year ago. (Check out this link for additional information I urge you and others of your ilk to stop ratcheting up the hatred and fear - please report on something real, rather than something that was fabricated to fit your own narrative. Here's the info from that website below: "This photograph of ships lined up at the piers of the Norfolk Naval Base was widely circulated in March 2013 with accompanying claims that it showed five U.S. aircraft carriers simultaneously docked in the same place for the first time since World War II. Although the photograph is genuine, and five carriers were indeed docked at Norfolk at the same time, most of the claims in the accompanying text are exaggerated or untrue: the ships were not all "first line" carriers, nor were they "ordered into harbor for routine inspections, .. ...
FCCS (SW) Anthony W. Houchin's viewing will be held at Altmeyer Funeral Home on Wednesday, 12MAR2014 from 1800-2000. USS James E. Williams (DDG 95) Crew, friends and family of the Houchin's are invited. The address is 5792 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach, Va, 23462 The funeral services will be held at Norfolk Naval Base Chapel on Thursday, 13MAR2014 at 1600. Address is 1530 Gilbert Street, Suite 2000, Norfolk, Virginia 23511. FCCS (SW) Anthony W. Houchin will be laid to rest at Albert G. Horton JR Memorial Veterans Cemetary in Suffolk, Virginia on Friday, 14MAR2014 at 1000. Address is 5310 Milners Road, Suffolk, Virginia 23434.
The train is finished playing on the track. Norfolk Naval Base here I come.
my point exactly, lived next to Norfolk Naval Air base as a kid...
I live in Norfolk not on base but joeys stationed at Norfolk naval station. He gets new orders next year.
picture all of Memphis trying to get onto the same naval base, that's Norfolk. There's at least a 1 hr backup daily.
I am starting a petition to get the to move to Norfolk, Va! Why not, 3 Fortune 500 companies and the worlds largest naval
We must have had too much pride during the Reagan era to call Norfolk Naval Base s*** City!.
IKE FAMILY AND FRIENDS: There will be a Homecoming Preparations event that will be held at Vista Point on Norfolk Base, Tuesday, July 2, 3-7 PM at 1754 Massey Hughes Dr., Bldg. Q-88. New Moms along with First Kiss and Hug winners will be able to receive a pass for access to the "New Moms" tent. There will also be a representative from the Command to provide ALL homecoming information and any information that the FRG and Ombudsmen do not have such as: parking, gate access, and the date and time when IKE will be expected to be pier side. This IS the BEST opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have. Enter and exit Norfolk Naval Base through GATE 2, with Photo ID for all adults. IKE FRG Executive Board Team ikefrg
From "American Minute" for May 19th: Army Day, Navy Day and Air Force Day were combined in 1949 to be Armed Forces Day, celebrated the 3RD SATURDAY IN MAY. Army Day formerly was the date the US entered World War I. Navy Day was President Theodore Roosevelt's birthday. Air Force Day was the day the War Department established a division of aeronautics. President Richard Nixon remarked on Armed Forces Day, MAY 19, 1973, at Norfolk Naval Base: “Men and women who wear the uniform of our country are supposed to salute the Commander in Chief...but on this day, I, as your Commander in Chief, salute you, each and every American who serves in our Army, our Navy, our Air Force, our Marine Corps, and our Coast Guard. Your courage, your steadfastness are the backbone of America's influence for peace around the world... We owe you...a debt of gratitude we can never fully repay... -to the more than 2 million men and women now serving in uniform; -to the millions of veterans who have returned to civilian life; -to tho ...
70 yrs ago today - Baseball game at the Norfolk Naval Base - Some fella named Rizzuto played.
I remember when he was at Norfolk Naval Base at the NEX for a CD signing party
WALKING THE TRACKS WITH “BIG JOHN HENRY” I had quite an unexpected and very beautiful walk down “memory lane” this morning. Got an early start today. It was still dark and just enough of a chill in the air to remind one that they were very much alive. An iridescent moon, mostly full, still hung high in the sky in all its magnificent luminescence. My mind immediately went back to the early morning walks my brother Karl Anderson and I, little kids at the time, back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, used to take along the railroad tracks with my grandfather John Henry Harrison. You see, my father worked at the Norfolk Naval Station and my mother worked at Norfolk Naval Base. But they both had to be at work pretty early, so they would take all 5 of us children to my grandparents’ Huntersville home, off Church Street in Norfolk, and we would leave from there for school. My grandfather, who passed on very long ago, worked for Dominion Paper Company and he used to love to walk. Sometimes, he ...
Top Things to Do in Norfolk: Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Chrysler Museum of Art. Been here too? Add it to your map!
im out now , but im always at Norfolk Naval Base
Just wanted everyone to know my son, 2nd class petty officer,Robert O. Dawson III, shipped out yesterday from Norfolk Naval Base on the Dwight D. Eisenhower cvn 69 aircraft carrier for a 5 month deployment. He just got back Dec. 21 from a 6 month deployment. This military stuff is very *** familys, and I know its *** his wife Courtney, but I know all of us are very proud of him and he will be home soon. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I'm a very lucky father to have a son and daughter like Robby and Nicole. GO NAVY!
My daily commute is the same as the sailors at the Norfolk Naval Base. My husband's shop is directly next to the Naval Air Station. If anyone wants to know if sequestration is real... sit in traffic with me everyday, and take note of the absence of jets in the air. It is very real!
... Happy Birthday Becky Luce ... A young co-worker at Norfolk Naval Base ... and many more ... Rodie
We are feeling mighty proud of our Sr. Producer Danny Epperson. Not only did he get the only radio interview with William Shattner (at the Ferguson Center for a one-man performance Friday night), but Danny also alerted the captain of the Starship Enterprise to the fact that the USS Enterprise' inactivation ceremony is Saturday morning at the Norfolk Naval Base. Now looks who's attending.
On Sunday, 11/4/12, the USS Enterprise, CVN-65, America's first nuclear carrier, returned to Norfolk Naval Base, ending her 25th and final deployment. She will be decommissioned next year and for the first time in 50 years there will be no ship in the US fleet bearing this fine name with an over 200 year Navy heritage. There is no foreseeable replacement for her either, as the next 2 carriers are already named (CVN 78 - Gerald R Ford, CVN 79 John F Kennedy), CVN-80 won't be commissioned until 2023, Defense budgets not withstanding. Also, there is no chance of the Enterprise being retired as a museum. She has 8 reactors that would need to be removed, and doing that will require gutting the ship to a point that it would be useless even as just a floating display. It will be sad to see her go after providing so much inspiration through so much service (Vietnam through Afghanistan) and inspiration for a fictional future of deep space exploration. Much as it could be cheesy, if done right, it could also be a t ...
Driving to Norfolk, VA on Wednesday. Then catching a bus at Norfolk Naval Base to drive all night to Jacksonville, Florida where I, and many other family members of Enterprise sailors, will board the U.S.S. Enterprise and ride it back to Norfolk for three days with my son Sean. This is called a Tiger cruise and it will be the very last one ever for the "Big E". Put into active service on November 15, 1957, the Enterprise will be retired when she arrives back in Norfolk on Sunday, November 4th. What an honor it will be to be onboard for her final three days as an active duty Navy ship.
Much respect and condolences. --United States Navy Helicopter Air Crewman 1stClass, JOSEPH PATRICK NEWMAN (JP) FITZMORRIS, 31, of Ruston, Louisiana, was killed July 19th in Oman, when his MH-53E Sea Dragon, assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 stationed at Norfolk, VA, crashed during a downed aircraft recovery operation of another helicopter, approximately 58 miles southwest of the capital city of Muscat. A memorial service was held at Norfolk Naval Base on July 26 in Norfolk, VA. Funeral services will be held 10:00 A.M. Friday, August 3, 2012 at Trinity United Methodist Church on the I-20 North Service Road, in Ruston, Louisiana with a private burial immediately following, under the direction of Kilpatrick Funeral Home, with Navy Lieutenant (Chaplain) Jeffrey Ross and Associate Pastor Rev. Brian Mercer presiding. JP was born September 13, 1980 in Shreveport, LA. He is a 1999 honors graduate of Ruston High School, in Ruston, LA, where he lettered in baseball, football, and track, and a ...
Our nation and the world's naval power, is based in Norfolk, Virginia at the crux of the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay and its entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. The United States Fleet Forces Command headed by Admiral John Harvey is located at the U.S. Norfolk Naval Base and is home to five United States Navy Aircraft Carriers, ten U.S. Aegis Cruisers, 28 U.S. Aegis Destroyers, 23 U.S. Los Angeles Attack Class Submarines, six Ballistic Missile Submarines, five Carrier Air Wings, 17 Attack Squadrons and numerous more landing crafts, frigates, ships, helicopters, and early warning aircraft. This naval force supports the defense of North America, the U.S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf in its role to train, certify, and equip combat ready naval forces to their respective combatant commanders and the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jon Greenert. Their collective mission of mobile responsive multipurpose extensive force projection platforms defends our natio ...
14 July 1993: The USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2) was decommissioned after over 30 years of service in a ceremony at Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia. The ship was named for the World War II battle during which three Marine divisions defeated 22,000 entrenched Japanese troops. The Iwo Jima was commissioned 26 August 1961, and it was the first ship specifically designed as an amphibious assault ship from the keel up.
This year marks the 59th July 4th celebration in my life. My first memories where watching fireworks being launched over the Fort Worth skyline some 12 miles from our ranch house. I remember the bicentennial celebration at Hampton Roads overlooking the Norfolk Naval Base. My children and I camped out overnight for the Boston Pops on numerous occasions. I have taken part in a July 4th turnaround of the USS Constitution. Perhaps the hardest July 4th was as a midshipman, on a cruise across the Pacific Ocean in 1971. We celebrated by shooting signal flares into the sky that evening. We only had red and white flares. And for those celebrations in our backyard, friends and family will state that I always manage to read the Declaration of Independence, including the year that I substituted Governor Michael Dukakis' name for King George as I read the Declaration's list of complaints. But this year is different. Even as we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day with numerous parades and a large backyar ...
I'm so excited the folks and I will be staying at Norfolk Naval Base in Virgina. Can't wait! Too bad I left my Capitan's hat at hanscom lol In the Navy you can sail the seven seas in the Navy! :)
I would like to congratulate my big brother James Scott on becoming the Major Naval Officer of the Norfolk Naval Base, job well done.
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