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Nolan Ryan

Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. (born on January 31, 1947), nicknamed The Ryan Express , is a former Major League Baseball pitcher.

Robin Ventura Rickey Henderson Bob Feller Randy Johnson Bob Gibson Chuck Finley Brad Mills Jered Weaver Roger Clemens Chris Sale Walter Johnson Tom Seaver Sandy Koufax Bobby Valentine Pedro Martinez Cal Ripken Jr Greg Maddux

VERY hard to make that call, have so Many, but always wore for the Legend King of Strikeouts and No-Hitters Nolan Ryan
I have to go with Nolan Ryan being a Rangers fan. He made a lot of bad seasons well worth watching.
I can only have one???. Best *** = Brady Anderson. Best eyes= Scott Erickson. Most fun to watch Nolan Ryan...
Nolan:"Ryan, the weirdest thing just happend, I went to put on my deoderent and started pulling down my pants" only him
he only likes movies with force ghost or Nolan LOL troll
2L Ryan Nolan is using his legal skills in the practicing world.
Is it also about the Nolan Ryan Upper Deck?
Join Ruth and Nolan Ryan for our Safe at Home dinner!
I sat 1st base row at THE LAST game at Arlington Stadium, 1993. KC vs Rangers - George Brett & Nolan Ryan's last games. :)
September 27, 1981. Houston Astrodome. . Came home for the game. Good decision. Nolan Ryan No Hitter
On this date in 2005: Bartolo Colon becomes first 20-game winner since Nolan Ryan (1974). The Halos defeat 2-1 in Anaheim.
Be careful labeling Ohtani the next Babe Ruth of Japan. Do you remember Irabu was the Nolan Ryan of japan?
Watch Fastball on Netflix and tell me the Nolan Ryan segment doesn't give you goosebumps.
Taking batting practice against Nolan Ryan. I got some hits in! My husband said he lobbed them in but I don't think
But maybe the next Nolan Ryan in his future. Royce had a great 2nd birthday. Can't wait for him to play sports. We…
I used the Nolan Ryan headlock to my advantage once. Put a friend in a full nelson hold once until he tapped.
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You can make the same argument about Nolan Ryan. I do agree on Morgan however. He woul…
would love to have heard you finish your thought on the recreation of the Nolan Ryan fastball.
5,696 HR hit across the Majors this season so far... Nolan Ryan's career strikeout mark of 5,714 is in jeopardy.
Nolan Ryan is noticeably missing from this list
Shatner is to overacting what Nolan Ryan was to overthrowing.
have had a disappointing season. I miss Nolan Ryan. Winners encourage others to be winners. He signs with Houston & they WIN.
Well Nolan Ryan was almost double that!
I've never seen this pic before, but here is Nolan Ryan pitching sporting a beard! Back when he played for the…
It's time for him to go somewhere else. It's been time for a long, long time. Call Nolan Ryan. He'll tell you.
Crazy that neither Nolan Ryan nor Roger Clemens did this. . And I just learned Clemens never whiffed 300 in a year.
The people in Dallas love this dude. I swear he's on a level with Staubach and Nolan Ryan.
Today in 1993, Nolan Ryan records his 5,714th & final career strikeout. He will end his 27-year career ranking first a…
Lol. They're making Orioles starting pitcher look like Nolan Ryan
Massive shout out and bigger thank you to for the Nolan Ryan auto game used ball
Anthony outta here lmao if Nolan couldn't save him then welp smh Rob Ryan cried for us to pick him
reel. Have to do Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura in Texas!
Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Carlos Gomez in 2014(Thank God we didn't give up Wilmer for him in 15), Justin Turner, Murph. WE KNOW THE STORY
I remember listening to *** Enberg on the radio talking about a big tall Texan Nolan Ryan blowing away hitters with
Came across TWO old Nolan Ryan books in the library. Read Throwing Heat in 4th grade. Tremendous title
I have a Nolan Ryan and a couple of Bo Jackson cards I want to see if you are interested in. Can I send you pics via DM?
personally, Nolan Ryan, Rick Ankiel, and Clayton Kershaw are the…
Chris Sale (11) already has more career games of 10+ K and no BB than Bob Gibson (9), Nolan Ryan (8) & Sandy Koufax (7)
Hang on American poet put a Houston astros hat for Nolan Ryan. She put her head up.
Kluber's very good but didn't Manning also see Greg Maddox, Glaven, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, etc.???
Sorry, talk to Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, Frank Robinson, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and the family of Roger…
Happy Birthday Nolan Ryan!! Sorry Joe Samuels ran you out of town.
There are 220 former major league players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Nolan Ryan struck out 23.2% (51) of t…
Wonder how my Johnny Unitas, Bobby Orr, and Nolan Ryan cards are doing.
Chris Sale has 1,473 K in 1,271⅓ innings during his career. Nolan Ryan had 1,437 K in 1,271⅔ innings after turning 40…
24 years ago today, Nolan Ryan put a beating on a mound charging Robin Ventura. This is still my favorite autograph inscr…
Happy anniversary Mr Nolan Ryan. On this day in 1993 you delivered some of that Te…
Aug 4, 1993 Nolan Ryan, Robin Ventura throw down. 25 years ago; still wonder if Ventura wishes he'd just taken his…
they'll make him look like Nolan Ryan tonight
That's one way to get five hits off Nolan Ryan...
24 years ago today, one of my favorite baseball moments. Nolan Ryan taking Robin Ventura to the woodshed and not...
24 yrs ago today, Robin Ventura, charged the mound at Nolan Ryan & got his butt kicked as middle age men everywhere celebrated.
Robin Ventura IN '93: the Nolan Ryan thing was embarrassing but nobody will ever see it again. Robin Ventura WHEN INTERNE…
For fans who don't think Yu Darvish has lived up to the hype, let's compare his career stats to Nolan Ryan's 5 se…
My guy Nolan Ryan put Ventura in that headlock & hit him w/ like a 10pc combo lol
That's like say one will ever have 5000k and you bring up Nolan Ryan. There…
This why Nolan Ryan is one of the best ever. 40 years old and throwing haymakers !!!
Ventura was ejected and Nolan Ryan was allowed to continue pitching!! Brilliant!!!
The headlock that will live in infamy: on this day, 24 years ago, Robin Ventura decided to take on Nolan Ryan
Don't Mess with Texas, on this date 24 years...
Today in 1990, Nolan Ryan wins his 300th game. Coincidentally, that's exactly 300 more times than he ever fretted over…
Ivan Rodriguez breaks the Nolan Ryan / Robin Ventura incident down in his new book, "They Call Me Pudge."…
On this date in 1993 my childhood hero and second worst White Sox manager in recent memory got pummeled by Nolan Ryan
FS1 talking point: "Is Tom Brady the best 40 year old athlete ever?" Uhhh...excuse me, sir. Sir. Nolan Ryan would like a…
Nolan Ryan never won the Cy Young Award. That’s crazy.
Corey Kluber is striking everyone out to the point he's matched up with some Hall of Fame names
I never get tired of watching this. Nolan Ryan is an American treasure. He was 20 years older than Ventura -- and still t…
Kluber now has 12 straight games of 8+ Ks. He joins Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan as the only pitchers to ever…
Happy 23rd anniversary of Robin Ventura getting his *** kicked by Nolan Ryan.
Awesome - my son's middle name is Nolan after Mr. Ryan. (Lucky my wife liked the name)
24 years ago today... Robin Ventura beat up Nolan Ryan 💪🏼
I like this baseball player, Mr. Ryan.
Today is the 24th Anniversary of one of Baseball's best moments. Nolan Ryan introducing Robin Ventura to his fist.
Most hits off Nolan Ryan in single game.
OK, now I'm fuming at the *** sports writers (not all) in the DFW area. Yu had stats equal to or above HOF Nolan Ryan at Texas.
24 years later and I can confrim that Nolan Ryan is still the coolest person in Texas.
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Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura. . 23 years ago today. .
▶ Nolan Ryan pummels Robin Ventura after beaning him on this date in 1993via App
24 years ago today, Nolan Ryan beat the crap out of Robin Ventura.
in life, most of us think of ourselves as Nolan Ryan and quickly find out we're Robin Ventura
OTD in 1993: Ventura versus Ryan. . A look back on a historical mound charge:
24 years ago today, a 46-year-old Nolan Ryan did this to Robin Ventura...
Corey Kluber’s 11 strikeouts put him in some elite, historic company
I will never get tired of watching this. I don't like the rangers, but I LOVE Nolan Ryan!
On this date in '93, Nolan Ryan beat the snot out of Robin Ventura, as Pudge shrieked in horror & tried to save Ventura from n…
24 years ago today, Robin Ventura thought it'd be smart to charge Nolan Ryan...
24 years ago today, Nolan Ryan treated Robin Ventura like a steer on one of his farms
24 years ago today: The noogie heard 'round the world
My MLB walk-up song would just be the audio of Nolan Ryan pounding on Ventura
Today's the anniversary of Nolan Ryan opening up a can on Robin Ventura. We've even got a mural of it in Deep Ellum https…
Sorry, incorrect. Look up the Nolan Ryan/ Gary Ross story from 1976.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
This is an impossible task. 1. Nolan Ryan. 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. Ryne Sandberg…
The Houston Astros fans cheer wildly for Nolan Ryan but will really go wild if.they announce today they've acquired Yu Da…
Why Randy Johnson was a better strikeout pitcher than Nolan Ryan
1. Those jackets are dope as *** 2. Joe Niekro and Nolan Ryan were also dope as ***
Nolan Ryan had the lowest ERA in the league in 1987 (2.76), but finished the season 8-16. The original Felix Hernandez.
Ahh the good ole leave the Mets and become a star tale. See: Nolan Ryan, Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner.
James Rodney Richard. I'd probably take him and Nolan Ryan over any other twosome I can think of
your love of Clayton Kershaw, Nolan Ryan, and Pedr…
Today in 1980, Nolan Ryan records his 3,000th K. He then says "Ow, I think I hurt my arm. Just kidding," and pitches an…
I went to a sports fantasy camp. Nolan Ryan put me in a headlock and punched me in the face as Allen Iverson took my wallet.
23 Strikeouts from Nolan Ryan steals the Show from the Cal Ripken debut .
would you rather charge the mound against Kyle Farnsworth or Nolan Ryan.
And the champion of the first anual Dyer Open, with a score of -4, from County Tyrone Ireland is Nolan Ryan.…
there's a bunker under there. that's where Nolan Ryan and George W. Bush live together
Max Scherzer is 5th pitcher in MLB history with 11 K thru first 4 innings of a game (Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Zack Gre…
Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan got me into it then Ken Griffey Jr and Ricky Henderson got me hooked!
I was into collecting baseball cards as a kid have a Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson rookie card i…
Volquez no-no and Pujols 600. Reminds me of May 1, 1991. Nolan Ryan no-no and Ricky Henderson breaks the all time steals record
Today in 1987, OSU's Robin Ventura hits in 57 straight games. It remains his greatest record until Nolan Ryan hits him…
Hunter Strickland would've beaten *** Nolan Ryan style if Harper didn't fake the helmet throw. Strickland would've KO'd him.
Nolan Ryan about to strikeout another batter in 1991 at the old Arlington Stadium
Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Madison Bumgarner, Mariano Rivera, Clayton"The less the pressure, the better he pitches" Kershaw
Neil Allen enters with score 4-3, goes 1-3, 1B, BB, 4-3, then gives up 2-run 2-out single to Nolan Ryan to make it 6-3.
Legendary baseball fireballer Nolan Ryan'a childhood home in Texas is for sale:
I am a former cameraman and i have lost all respect for pro athletes. Nolan Ryan is one of the bigget scumbags as is harvey
Nolan Ryan is pitching much better now that he has his curve ball straightened out. -
Lots of fun happening at Dell Diamond starting TONITE! Star Wars Night, the Battle of the Boot, & a Nolan Ryan...
⚾ April 27, 1983: Nolan Ryan strikes out Brad Mills for career K No. 3,509, setting the new MLB record, in a 4-2 As…
4/27/83 Nolan Ryan strikes out Brad Mills at Montreal's Olympic Stadium to become the all-time strikeout king with…
1983 - In a 4-2 win over the Expos, Nolan Ryan strikes out Brad Mills to become baseball's all-time leader at 3,509.
On this day in the 90's - April 26th. -1990 Nolan Ryan ties Bob Feller's record of pitching 12 1-hitters. - 1993...
April 26, 1990: Nolan Ryan tied Bob Feller's major league record of 12 one-hitters as the Texas Rangers beat the...
Which is most likely to be broken: Nolan Ryan's 7 no-hitters, Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak or Cal Ripken Jr. consec. games played?
It's dollar dog night at Minute Maid, and since I couldn't be there I'm celebrating at home with some Nolan Ryan ***
Did you ever see Gene Autry at the Anaheim Stadium or see Nolan Ryan pitch?
Really?? Did you attend game at Anaheim Stadium during the great Nolan Ryan years?
It's actually pretty amazing to look at the Mets' all-time strikeout list. Jon Niese ranks ninth. Nolan Ryan is 25th.
Jon* my bad. Wouldn't wanna spell the best GM's name wrong. He got rid of Nolan Ryan too which helps our pitching staff even more
Would rather have my rotation just have Bartolo rather than Nolan Ryan, Bob Gibson, Cy Young and Kershaw combined 😭😭
Plus, the have Jon Daniels and the have Nolan Ryan. Who would you rather have…
What a great game. Honored to be w/Hall of Famers Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and Nolan Ryan.
Reggie Jackson, Carl Yastremski, Nolan Ryan. I know it's not what you w…
I wonder if this guy knows he's sitting next to the real Nolan Ryan?
I think Nolan Ryan threw a no hitter that same day and stole Rick's thunder.
how many times do we have to hear Nolan Ryan. Love the guy but sounds like it hurts to live.
They knew Nolan Ryan toward the end, after his 20th no-hitter and he was selling Advil on TV.
.Loved ⚾️ reference today, but wasn't it Nolan Ryan who said "It helps if the hitter thinks you're a little crazy," not Dizzy Dean?
All-time leaders in:. INTs -- Brett Favre. Walks -- Nolan Ryan. Caught stealing -- Rickey Henderson. All
These are the adjusted results if Walter Johnson, Bob Feller, and Nolan Ryan were clocked the same way Aroldis Chap…
Wow this is a tough one. My top choices are Cal Ripken Jr., Rickey Henderson, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver. Personall…
Nolan Ryan will forever be one of my favorite players. But Gary Thorne being on the call for this would've made it…
Bruce Bochy, the only player to hit a walk-off homerun off of Nolan Ryan. July 1, 1985, the only walk-off home run…
Today is Nolan Ryan's 70th birthday. Between 1987-90 (age 40-43 seasons) he had 1031 SOs. Most in MLB during that time.
Happy Birthday to the Angels' all-time leader in strikeouts, complete games, shutouts and no-hitters... Nolan Ryan! 💪🎉🎂 https:/…
3 Hall of Famers, 1 day. . Happy Birthday to 3 legends: Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan & Ernie Banks!
Only pitcher with a higher game score in the 90s was Kerry Wood. . Nolan Ryan is 30 1/2 years older than Kerry Wood.
Nolan Ryan, Jackie Robinson and Ernie Banks were all born today, but is it best birthday? . The contenders:
Nolan Ryan pitching. catching. Ken Griffey Jr. on the bases. What happens next …?
As a kid, Andre Dawson, Tony Gwynn, and Nolan Ryan were my heroes. Not much has changed in 30 years.
Bobby V was playing CF for the Angels when Nolan Ryan threw his 1st no hitter.
Bobby Valentine was playing centerfield behind Nolan Ryan when he threw his 1st no h…
Bobby Valentine was center fielder behind Nolan Ryan on 5/15/73 when Ryan threw his 1st no-hitter.…
I simply have high standards when it comes to aces, they have to be like Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, etc
Rob Dibble, Nolan Ryan, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Room full of attitude!!! And just for knowledge, Sweetness.
the 5 things that standout ..the scoreboard, the awesome uniforms, Joe Morgan, Nolan Ryan and the midget!!
it'll be the opposite of Nolan Ryan and Ventura biggen 😂😂
And that's what makes this a great game, is the support and the commitmen...
One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you have to reach down and prove something. -…
should get Nolan ryan on your show, I mean Nolan and Nolan right, or something like that.
My job is to give my team a chance to win.
Nolan Ryan said at one point in his career he averaged 150 pitches a start. 27 year career before injury. What is real pitch count limit??
I'm giving away something for you on 1990 fleer commemorativee card nolan ryan. Get it here -
I'm giving away something for you on 1993 topps nolan ryan # 700. Get it here -
I always thought that there was going to be life after baseball, and so I...
Almost done with my Nolan Ryan painting!
Nolan Ryan walked 204 batters in 37 starts in 1977.
Nolan Ryan contemplating if a brushback pitch would help tame the bronco that just tossed him
I remember when DK acted like the pirates were letting Nolan Ryan walk away when they didn't tender him
Lot of 9 Nolan Ryan cards houston astros
Nolan Ryan doesn't count, he wasn't human
Along with Nolan Ryan and Earl Campbell, one of the 3 great Houston 34's.
Feller, for the young people here, was Nolan Ryan before Nolan Ryan. And he was at Tarawa, the Marshall Islands, and the Ph…
Thats even worse than the Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi trad…
Norm Cash once tried a table leg against Nolan Ryan, but the umpires objected.
I never faced a pitcher with better stuff than Nolan Ryan.
Vic Fangio: "I couldn’t believe (Giants) took out Moore. Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Ferguson Jenkins, what do they know about…
Phils Phlashback: 10/12/1980: Pennant clinched in HOU, 8-7. Scored 5 in T8 off Nolan Ryan & win on Garry Maddox 1B in 10th inning.
White Sox will win again. Robin Ventura just needs to have revenge match against Nolan Ryan in a cage on Oklahoma/Texas border.
disappointed that all I got out of the game was a coupon for $2 off Nolan Ryan's beef😞
On this date in 1973, Nolan Ryan set the MLB single-season strikeout record, which still stands at 383
You're a baseball player. Nolan Ryan strikes you out four times on 100-mph heat. You can't even foul one off. After, you blame the umpire.
Nolan Ryan would have to return to baseball and strikeout 1,932 straight batters to pass Jose Fernandez in career stri…
Today in 1973 Nolan Ryan recorded his 383rd strikeout to set the modern-era record for most Ks in a season.
At 44, Nolan Ryan struck out 203 in 1991 season allowing only 183 base runners. Source:
Sept. 27, 1973 - Nolan Ryan of the Angels strikes out 16 Twins and raises his season total to a Major League record 383.
Man, Nolan Ryan was having a bad day.
. I watched Nolan Ryan pitch every chance I had in my younger days. Pre cable so those opportunities were few and far between
Today in 1973, Nolan Ryan fans 16 Twins to establish a new MLB season record with 383 strikeouts.
1974: Nolan Ryan bests Bob Feller’s record for the fastest pitch ever recorded, clocking in at 100.9 MPH.
A: Nolan Ryan (4/16/68) & David Cone (8/30/91) are the 2 to strike out the side on 9 pitches.
6 pitchers have won at least 13 games at 43+: Phil Niekro (3x), Jack Quinn (2x), Jamie Moyer (2x) Nolan Ryan, Tommy John...and Bartolo Colon
The only pitcher to serve two home runs to Worthington was Jack Morris. He got Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens.
Baba Booey! At least Gary can take solace that his pitch was right next to Nolan Ryan's
OTD in 1974, in his 2nd straight game with 19 k's, Nolan Ryan sets a world record with a pitch clocked at 100.9 MPH ht…
I wonder how many people actually know that Nolan Ryan and Bob Feller threw harder than Aroldis Chapman
Everything you think you know about the Robin Ventura-Nolan Ryan brawl is wrong
Mike Scott, Alan Ashby, Kevin Bass, Glenn Davis, Jose Cruz, Nolan Ryan...what an awesome pic! Brings back memories!
Call me old fashioned, but I miss the good ol' days when Nolan Ryan just walked around punching people.
Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Nolan Ryan showing Robin Ventura that he is a grown *** man 👊🏻⚾️
On this day, 23 years ago, Robin Ventura decided to try his luck against Nolan Ryan. Big mistake.
It was 23 years ago today that Robin Ventura learned what happens when you mess with Nolan Ryan.
7/30/1969: Audio: P Larry Dierker takes the Mets' Nolan Ryan deep. Lindsey Nelson has the call:
7/27/1982: Audio: Marty Brennaman has the call as the Nolan Ryan notches his 200th major league win:
Chicago Cubs: "Making James Shields look like Nolan Ryan is just what we DO!"
Per Rays media notes, Chris Archer leads the AL in strikeouts (147) and losses (13). Would be first AL pitcher since Nolan Ryan to do that.
Chris Sale wants Robin Ventura to fight for him?? Let's bring to Houston. Nolan Ryan will fight for him here & against Ventura.
Spoiler alert skip to about the 1:06 mark and you get the Nolan Ryan segment.
Chris Sale was in the clubhouse watching the video of Robin Ventura get mollywhopped by Nolan Ryan on repeat and Ventura…
Murphy is not in the same category as Nolan Ryan but he's not far behind! 🙈
next the will probably pull Nolan Ryan out of retirement for 2yr/$150mil contract
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Trout is the 40th greatest player of all time?Yes the guy is amazing, but he's ranked above Reggie Jackson and Nolan Ryan??
exaggerated by who? Schmidt? Gwynn? Morgan? first modern radar gun was used on Nolan Ryan pitch, registered over 100 at homeplate
Profar made Kyle Gibson look like Nolan Ryan on that last AB. Can we say ??
Daryl Kile in 1993, before him Nolan Ryan in 1983, before him Joe Niekro in 1979!
Remember when Robin Ventura got his head punched in by Nolan Ryan?? good times.
If Robin Ventura gets fired I hope they let Nolan Ryan do it.
That moment you bored so you play team in extra innings and Jose Fernandez takes Nolan Ryan deep 😨
Nolan Ryan was a *** of a pitcher. Won't say he could have been a great QB. More to it than throwing.
Just took Nolan Ryan's order no big deal
Nolan Ryan sings with the joy of a hostage
On this day in history, Nolan Ryan pitched 13 innings, threw 235 pitches and struck out 19. By the way, he pitched again 4 days later.
the 2 we got last night are starting pitchers boath very raw ones is Cole Hammels like and the other is more Nolan Ryan
On this day in 1965- Rick Monday selected in free-agent draft. HOF Tom Seaver and HOF Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan v Bret Saberhagen. A match-up for the ages that wouldn't end. looks back to 25 years ago.
1979 I was at the Stardust, Rick Langford of the A's went against Nolan Ryan (Angels). We closed -500. A's won.
He cool but use to be bad when he thought he was Barry bonds and Nolan Ryan combined...
Nolan Ryan didn't. Randy Johnson didn't. Yu still has a lot of baseball left in him. I believe
That's part of the game. Players police themselves on the field. Nolan Ryan. Johnny Bench called for it
Hey, Alex, wishing u a health recover. One of my all time fav players including Nolan Ryan, Ryan Sanberg, Cal Ripken Jr and A-Rod.
The topic of the best player someone has played with came up and Jeff Huson DIDN'T talk about Nolan Ryan!? Is he okay??
1983 Topps baseball stickers and foils lot over 400 Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken
What does Matt Harvey have in common with Nolan Ryan, Catfish Hunter, Greg Maddux, and Whitey Ford? This season.
Holy cow.. I never realized Curt Schilling and Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young Award.
That's the worst baseball beating since Nolan Ryan headlocked Robin Ventura on the mound and got him like ten times.
could you imagine if anyone flipped the bat on Bob Gibson or Nolan Ryan? The impact of their ribs the next AB would still be felt
Rougned Odor today entered the inner circle of baseball fights with Nolan Ryan & Ray Knight.
Maybe. All I am saying as an unbiased observer, guys like Bob Gibson, Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan, etc... would be smiling. No?
Move over Nolan Ryan. Rangers have a new Golden Gloves champ.
Bob Feller & Nolan Ryan threw 12 one hit games on a day Mr Lester is working on his 1 hitter
Cool stat: Colby Lewis is now 5th on the all-time strikeouts list behind Charlie Hough, Bobby Witt, Kenny Rogers, and Nolan Ryan.
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For some reason when Joey Votto steps into the box Jeremy Hellickskn turns into Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan statue in Texas. Ted Rogers statue in toronto. I will never be over it.
I was extremely lucky that I lived in towns where I got to see Nolan Ryan, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux pitch in person.
Vince Velasquez and Aaron Nola on the same team is like having Nolan Ryan and Greg Maddux on the same team!
Pitchers who never had a 20 strikeout game: Sandy Koufax, Walter Johnson, Bob Feller, Bob Gibson, Warren Spahn and Nolan Ryan.
25 years ago, Rickey Henderson and Nolan Ryan did things that probably won’t happen again.
Rickey Henderson and Nolan Ryan were record setters on the same afternoon 25 years ago.
Matt Millen once called Muhlbach the "Nolan Ryan of longsnappers" based on the speed of his snaps.
The 25th anniversary of Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson confirming they were absolute freaks via
I wrote about Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson being the best kind of baseball freaks.
25 years ago, Rickey Henderson and Nolan Ryan reminded us they were baseball freaks.
Just remembered. On the same day Rickey Henderson broke the stolen base record Nolan Ryan threw his 7th no hitter.
He won't match Nolan Ryan's performance 25 years ago this evening. ;-)
1991 - Refugio born Nolan Ryan pitches his record 7th no hitter via
Nolan Ryan threw his 7th no-hitter 25 years ago today. He was 44 years old.
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Today in 1983, Nolan Ryan records his 3,509th strikeout, passing Walter Johnson as baseball's all-time K leader. https:…
April 27,'83 Nolan Ryan struck out Brad Mills to break Walter Johnson's all-time strikeouts. Mills was Ryan's 3,509
On this date in 1983, Nolan Ryan became MLB's all-time strikeout king. Then he added 2,205(!) more to pad his lead.
if u heard Denny Matthews tell the story about Nolan Ryan an the violin case
Uh, you okay, Bob? Ever heard of Kershaw, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, or Nolan Ryan?
but I'm seriousness: Hakeem Olajuwon or Tim Duncan, Staubach, Emmitt Smith, Nolan Ryan. There are tons of variations on this
At 1st, Jered Weaver becomes the 3rd player to K 1500 in an Angel's jersey. Nolan Ryan and Chuck Finley. Twins have had 2 - Kaat & Bert
Jered Weaver becomes third pitcher in history with 1500 career strikeouts, joining Nolan Ryan and Chuck Finley.
Today was Jered Weavers 139th win in an Angels uniform. He passes Nolan Ryan for 2nd most all time. Chuck Finley has 165.
Jered Weaver passes Nolan Ryan for 2nd in Angels history in career wins, only Chuck Finley has more
With the win today, Jered Weaver passes Nolan Ryan for second place on all-time win list, with 139. Only Chuck Finley (165) has more
30 years ago today, Will Clark arrived in the big leagues. Nolan Ryan wasn't very excited.
It's sad because I finally made the best Diamond Dynasty Team for '15. Finally got Nolan Ryan and Ted Williams.
8/3/71: Tony Perez blasted a 3-run HR off Nolan Ryan, driving in Bernie Carbo and Lee May as topped 5-2
It's a pair of 34s... Either Earl Campbell or Nolan Ryan.
I'm giving away something for you on Nolan Ryan 1990 Donruss King of Kings Get it here -
Final day at but now chilling with Texas legend Dave Campbell, who bailed on Nolan Ryan to take this pic.
Texas Sports Hall of Fame to honor Nolan Ryan with new exhibit
any idea when heritage redemptions will come out, sooo excited about my Matt Harvey / Nolan Ryan dual auto
15th floor. Nolan Ryan hurls a germ at Popeye. Arthur Conan Doyle smurfs in the corner.
Sean Elliott makes a Nolan Ryan comparison because they're the same age
Ohhh, that+I hole-punched cards to hang on pegboard by team including '66 Frank Robinson w/Orioles + Nolan Ryan rookie card!
Nolan Ryan is the all-time leader in walks and has 962 more than the pitcher with the second most, Steve Carlton.
.Scott Walker didn't raise or spend a dime. I'm changing my name to Nolan Ryan and running next cycle.
Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent. -{ Nolan Ryan }-
This would be the heir to Nolan Arenado's beer fortune, Ryan McMahon.
Carol Burnett,Sissy Spacek,Steve Martin,Beyoncé,Jim Parsons,Tex Avery,Nolan Ryan, etc all born in Texas pardons us for Cruz coming from here
Super Tuesday elections: Would Nolan Ryan be a good candidate?
Listen to Married To The Game Danny Cash, Nolan Ryan, Yonas Reda Ft. Erick Rush by dannycash on
days until opening day! Also to one of the greats Nolan Ryan!
Agreed. I'm not saying Bale didn't like it -- he did & would've kept playing Batman as long as Nolan was involved.
Bale matched Nolan's quiet gravitas, but is just having old fashioned fun with Both valid approaches!
Here's Nolan Ryan beating up Robin Ventura one more time. Because Nolan Ryan beating up Robin Ventura, that's why. http…
He did get the hands from Nolan Ryan
Fitting that I finish this piece today Nolan Ryan on uncut sheet https…
the Nolan Ryan ones they did last year fit good
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