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Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is displeasing or excessive noise that may disrupt the activity or balance of human or animal life.

Justin Morneau

Noise Pollution in Intensive Care Unit Affects Patients and Medical Professionals: Sound levels in ICUs are...
no power saving? Oh oh oh. Noise pollution is par for the course for such ppl I guess
bihar should also say no to ajaan in Mosques for five times to avoid noise pollution
Noise pollution in d morning from loud speakers is OK- Being poor state pls introduce Jajia kar on Hindus jilleilahi
Say no to loudspeaker also to reduce noise pollution.
hmmm. 😕 few things wrong with that.. The noise pollution would tick me off to start.
What next... Ban on speakers of masjid because they create noise pollution...
Is it OK to call the noise pollution number when ur neighbor has been having sex the whole night and the girl won't stop shouting??. 😭😭😭
Noise pollution can cause depression and panic attacks.
Not happy that it's 2:20am and I've just been woken up by a helicopter! Surely that's noise pollution???
Stunning Earth's image; take me to the Space please!!! Too much noise, evil and pollution here...
I don't know much about Beyoncé, but noise pollution? it's pretty tame pop... but you're a sexist racist so u fear Beyoncé.
Car alarms are the second-hand smoke of noise pollution: obnoxious and infringing. They should be banned, pronto.
Thats not a music tho. Ure contributing to noise pollution
Hush mode. Be kind to your neighbors and keep the noise pollution to a minimum. ;). Pictured: Fullsize Timberwolf...
Life would be better if all transportation was underground. No traffic, parked cars, noise and pollution. Only parks,…
Mumbai has managed to VIOLATE the limit of safe noise levels!. Read more on
Noise Pollution From Church Bells how do they get away with disturbing the neighborhood?
Did you know that noise is the number 2 cause of ill health after air pollution?
Intersection of noise pollution and disability awareness.
Currently biding my time at the Apple Store. The noise pollution in here is INSANE. And making me crazy.
But we've got the money to build a 1000 mile wall on the interstates for noise pollution???
all I know about apes is that noise pollution causes abortion
How Ocean Noise Pollution Wreaks Havoc on Marine Life -- “One big storm of noise"~
Realizing how much noise pollution there is after spending hours trying to record a single take video
A Harvard mapped noise pollution by neighborhood
if I'm still awake by half past and they're still going I might just lmao it's close to noise pollution hours too ffs
The study of is getting more sophisticated. Good story by on mapping in Boston
Aren't there noise pollution laws that you can invoke?
Bachi Karkaria: Pollution non-solution: Delhi and Mumbai fight to be No 1 on loud noise and lousy air
A student mapped Boston's noise pollution by neighborhood
In class: "can music define or unite a population?". "I know for a fact that feminists unite under the collective noise pollution of yapping"
Thanks to 16 original cosponsors of the Committed to examining health impacts of noise and air pollution. htt…
Using Oregon's battery-powered tools creates less air & noise pollution. Learn more on how to with us here:
Mark try to use some sound analysis rather than noise pollution
so hard to choose. Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution is up there for me. The Jack, Rosie, Let There Be Rock...
All the playlists have *** Bells, Thunderstruck and Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) is planning to file a case against Sun TV for excessive Noise Pollution 󾌮...
I'm sure the tattooist was sued for having a customer who was causing Noise Pollution. Luke must've cried the whole time..
We tolerate pollution in food, water, noise, nosiness, unseasonal floods, corruption, roads with potholes...the list is never ending.
Lush Centre for Development Studies campus in Trivandrum. Nice escape from the pollution & noise of the urban area.
dear sir can we follow international standard regarding noise pollution. Specially for dj sets
When will there be legislation on use of generators. Aside from environmental pollution, the noise generated is making many deaf.
Increased noise & pollution over schools & homes. highlights the case AGAINST Heathrow expansion.
Noise pollution is unhealthy for humans…but it can take an even bigger toll on animals!
if H'row are so confident that they can reduce noise and pollution, why haven't they done it alrdy? B'cos they can't! Hot …
I think there's legit noise pollution issues but there's not enough to justify trying to shut the project down over it
Noise pollution is more than a nuisance - it affects our mental health
My last RTs ... That is pure and utter noise pollution. I thought I was going mad
Noise pollution is a relative thing. In a city, it's a jet plane taking off. In a monastery, it's a pen that scratches. �e
Noise Pollution in Westchester County - Westchester Magazine . LGA bound planes fly over our homes every 5-10 min.
Define any form of Noise Pollution in short . . . . -_- :3
our flat is on Picktillum place. What about the noise pollution?
Apartments that protect you from pollution and high utility bills. Sign us up for a one way ticket to Italy!
Underwater noise, overfishing, pollution, acidity, climate change - all threats to ocean health w/
No stress, no pollution, no parties, no noise. Tomorrow, no meat. Lots of thinking, good food, good…
mute it. he won't know or file a HR complaint - noise pollution.
Hmmm... So we can match our noise pollution with some light pollution as well?
we're going. Remember the car ride back from All Stars when we sang Rock n Roll Aint Noise Pollution? 😗😗😗twas a heart felt duet
you demand removal of I demand removal of Arnab Goswami for creating noise pollution through his
'An Urban Treehouse that protects residents from Air and Noise Pollution'
Did you know that noise pollution is the most neglected type of pollution in cities? Do you suffer from it?
Landscapers… 😠 …and so the seemingly endless noise pollution and air pollution season begins
Perhaps they are also trying to protect them from even more noise and pollution?
Thanks for flagging up this amazing treehouse in Turin by Love it!
Once upon a time, any noise created by Tokyo children was considered 'noise pollution'... Not any more! :)
Did you know tht human noise & light pollution is driving birds out of the countryside? Thks to one of our campaigners for highlighting this
Sabse mast desh humara Bharat!. Sab chill hai. If we had threshold to decide noise pollution, India as county would seize to exist?
Now kids in Japan can scream! . 45dB+ considered as noise pollution in residential areas now excludes kids voices.
Instead of relying on generators, what if more people in relied on solar? Would reduce so much atmospheric and no…
All true but the combined effect of air and noise pollution on residents living adjacent to urban regional roads kills more!
I can hardly wait for the air to be filled w/the drone of drones. Won't that be nice along with all the other freaking noise pollution?
THE sound of children playing can no longer be considered noise pollution in Tokyo
Two hours of non-stop bell ringing. Who do I complain to about noise pollution?
Too much noise pollution today. Take your functions to KCCA grounds to allow other offices work well. Thank you
Severely disappointed in disorganization, noise pollution, and fumes from construction.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Mapping silence and noise pollution in America. via
I agree but people must be a factor too as well as CO2 pollution transport dust noise etc etc
Is it t GoM indulging in persistent noise pollution in Male' City today, with a lorry going round advrtsng political evnt during school hrs?
Contact the Council noise team IIRC Control of Pollution Act 74 says Mon to Frid…
So not only is there noise but the MCG now has unavoidable visual pollution. Cool.
Tokyo children raise a cheer as noise pollution law is dropped
Switch to Fenesta Windows and keep out noise, rain, dust and pollution. See More at :
Tokyo amends noise-pollution rules in bid to draw more nurseries
Nice gangster rap coming out of your Prius bro, but you do know noise pollution is still pollution.
Indian gods love noise pollution and traffic jams!
How do carbon emissions, accidents, congestion and noise pollution factor into the referendum? http…
This in Italy protects its residents from noise and Wouldn’t it be nice if there's one in
Photo: explore-blog: Mapping silence and noise pollution in America. What would be even more wonderful:...
Arnab + Ragini Nayak = louder than the loudest. Noise pollution! Torture to the ear drums. Are these two humans or alien…
So I was off for an hour listening to fka twigs music. Pure noise pollution that. Rubbish
ACDC said it best... Rock and roll ain't noise pollution
I plead new env minister Prakash Javadekar to take severe action on Arnab goswami for creating Noise Pollution.
After seeing an interview with Angus Young of AC DC, I wonder where the time went. But one thing is for sure,Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution!
I'm listening to Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by AC/DC on Pandora
*Marty and I talking about older bands* Me: "This generation blows dude. There's only a few of us who listen to the good stuff. The real rock stars like James Hatfield, Angus Young, Axl Rose, Slash, Tommy Lee, Gene Simmons, Steven Tyler, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Mustaine, Freddie Mercury, Brian Johnson, Nikki Sixx, Roger Waters, Izzy Stradlin, and Ozzy Osbourne. Man, those were the real rockers. Freakin grade A, in their prime, innovators of an industry so true and bold that none before or after will even compare. It's just like the lyrics that Brian Johnson wrote for Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution: "Rock N' Roll will survive and Rock N' Roll ain't gonna die! There are kids in our generation don't know who Gene Simmons is, and it disgusts me! I'm telling you our parents had the best music. The music of their time is forever timeless and will go down as the greatest generation of rock there ever was or will be! Classic Rock FTW!" Marty: "That was the best speech ever..."
oyo state govt. shuld consider putin n place a Noise Pollution control Agency plz. I dont tink a worship place, be it mosque or church nid to hang any form of speaker outside its worship centres. dis guys will wake me up b4 5am & stil disturb our peace again at night. Na wah o!
"THE ERIC SOWERS BAND" will be up at Lock, Dock & Barrel in Port Clinton tonight doing a show with Noise Pollution starting at 9pm. Come check us out before out full debut at The Viaduct on the 16th! "Eric Sowers Acoustic" will be doing a set tomorrow night at the McCutchenville Fire Dept. Feather Party from 9:30pm-11:30pm
Say What?! Whales Shout over Noise Pollution. Just like a New Yorker shouting to be heard in a crowded deli,...
He's managed to pull a career performance from Chief Keef but that On Sight beat is just noise pollution.
Noise pollution is included. As is the lead.
Agreed. Listening to WFAN between 6 AM and 6 PM is just Noise Pollution and Word Vomit. Terrible programming. No Insights.
THIS MAN WAS SNORING DURING THE MOVIE MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, he was like 20++. Or older 😐 *noise pollution*
I would pay a large sum of my finest English to punch Luisa. Her voice is noise pollution. Bad mannered bint.
Yay new earpiece!!! Finally!!! No more fear for random uncle on bus blasting hokkien songs! Noise pollution down, air pollution left to go💪
When is the CAA going to sort out the terrible noise pollution caused by helicopters? Sort it out you pathetic regulator.
And there goes the Ppm noise pollution service for the day! Stupid ***
The world doesn't need more noise pollution.
This is an interesting development - ranking airlines according to how noisy they are.
I can't be done for noise pollution till 10pm right?
I'm gonna lessen honking my horn to avoid noise pollution
sit calmly when stuck in a traffic jam. Create some noise pollution B*s.
To appreciate noise pollution, live next to an international airport or better yet, near the service hangar.
Singapore smog linked to land-clearing forest fires: While noise pollution might be the topic of discussion fo...
My neighbours consider my walking up my stairs to be 'noise pollution', so what will they make of the bulldozer that's busy opposite us?
I think noise pollution is worse than the haze.
Noise pollution affecting our wildlife. dont blame them do you?Cardigan Bay dolphins 'sent north' by noise
Noise pollution: the modern plague. The Green Piece: Why can't wait for the quiet of cars
The indonesia government is giving us air pollution as well as noise pollution! Stupid duck. Shut!
No more noise pollution at my desk. Thank you
I would get pulled over everyday for noise pollution because people are that dumb that it would be used that frequently
shoot to thrill is my fave, next Rick and roll ain't noise pollution
You're the hazardous noise pollution in my head.
"I Wont Honk" is the pledge that we all need to take to reduce noise pollution...
Memories of the " chaos of Mumbai " today experienced in singapura - the noise pollution of construction , the...
Since we need to be more green. Than why do we mow lawns in the summertime and cause noise pollution and waste oil nd gas.
If we all vacuum-ed the air there wouldn't be air pollution but there would be noise pollution instead
A wonder ppl in toll booths aren't all deaf! The honking!! Why not ban honking to save eardrums & reduce noise pollution too!
I favorited a video AC/DC Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution
Woke up thanks to this noise pollution. I'm tempted to kill my neighbour soon.
Rock and roll ain't noise pollution. Rock and roll ain't gonna die.
Rock and roll ain't noise pollution. - AC/DC
Rock & roll ain't noise pollution. . Rock & roll will never die.
Why is the construction still going on? They create noise pollution and more dust particles.
The noise pollution part is so true. What’s the “terrible of the environment” part? I had not heard that.
Congestion,noise pollution, & chaos creates havoc & stress -then, it would be logical to construct in another proper location
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
honestly just gives me a headache. It's like noise pollution.
Can I even call the police on them for doing so? sure it's noise pollution or something, either way a need me fkn sleep
Somerville residents urged to continue reporting aircraft noise pollution
eurgh. Noisy neighbours are the worst. Do the council not have a noise pollution dept? Your solution also works, mind you…
No 😣 the neighbour is singin again BUT just the chorus over &over again... I must b gettin old 2b moanin bout noise pollution
Theres always unexpected and unnecessary noise pollution whilst I try sleeping with the window open
Day 169 - Back in Black by AC/DC. A staple of any westsider's collection. I'd say this release means Mohawk Middle School to me, but the more I think about it, it also means college (when a dorm mate who rarely drank would get loaded and insist on getting up on a table and bellowing You Shook Me All Night Long). It means OSU football. And one of my favorite episodes of Behind the Music. In the words of Rolling Stone lifer David Fricke, this album "kicks like a mutha." Impressive considering it was recorded with a new vocalist and released just five months after lead singer Bon Scott died in the back of his car after a night of drinking. There is no dud song in the mix. And it remains the second highest selling album of all time (behind Thriller). Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution? No doubt.
Dang my son's smart and cool! He just linked all of my music on my laptop to his Xbox upstairs and is playing "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution." To a simple blonde girl like me with questionable SAT scores, it feels a little bit like how Mr. Watson must have felt when he heard Dr. Alexandra Graham Bell utter those first words over his new invention, the telephone, "Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you." Perfect follow-up song, Spec, "Thunderstruck." WOO HOO! Did I mention I LOVE my kids?
THE PARTY IS OVER. Finally the Qrig Train Photos have been taken down! (See Photo Special /Tossers Inc May 29). Well, we said get a good look before they're gone... Thanks to the unwitting folk at QRig we got a driver's eye view of the workings of Brisbane Coal Trains out on the Darling Downs. Loading up at Cameby Downs; waiting for a load at Wilkie Creek; Toowoomba Range Shots etc. All nicely framed. We hope you, the reader, got a good look. The kind driver (and admin for the site) has finally cottoned on and tightened up his FB privacy. It only took a week.. Still, he left us with some great shots. SBCT has taken copies for posterity and they are now part of our library. A welcome resource. To all the rail fraternity out there, SBCT likes trains too. Those pics were impressive. We understand your train fixation. However we draw the line at what they carry.'The black gold' as the Qrig frat calls it, is simply not on. Not in 2013. Both from a local standpoint (Air and Noise Pollution) and Global (Brisbane ...
Growing up in New York had some big benefits. I attempt, now having gotten to a 'certain' age, to leave peacefully...generally. We have adjacent to our building, hundreds of lower income sheds which house many hard drinking, loud youngsters. Since yesterday afternoon in the field next door, some of these good-intentioned folks began blasting heavy metal and some industrial Rock n' Roll from 10 foot tall speakers with massive bass woofers. All part of a big wedding going on in a huge tent. The music turned to Hindi film music at around 9pm. The bad, dead-head kind. Not the Lata Mangeshkar type. No problem. There's a 10:00pm Noise Pollution curfew. Failed to mention the important point: both my wife and daughter had the flu and fevers of 102.7 and 103.3 respectively. I've been the nurse for the last 72 hours. 1:00am when we were all wide awake, processing antibiotics, waiting for the music to die down...I started to grow tired of the warning that the police are not called for such things here, lest ...
To the City of Holly Hill: Please do something about the car wash on Nova Rd. just south of LPGA Blvd. This is my formal complaint. And then again when I hit City Hall to put in a written complaint! Explicit music unnecessary when 100 ft away and clearly heard. These people can take it back to their hood. Noise Pollution!
Loud music permitted till midnight during festivals TEAM HERALD teamheraldIn a relief to revelers, State government has permitted the use of loudspeakers to play music till midnight during festivals, including Carnival, which will begin from February 9 to 12. In a Gazette notification, government has directed the authorities to permit the use of loudspeakers or public address system between 10 pm to 12 midnight, during the current calendar year. The permissions are granted as per sub-rule (3) of Rule 5 of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rule 2000. Government has specified that the permissions shall be granted only on case-to-case basis, in response to a specific application made by the concerned village panchayat, municipal corporations or an individual. The festivals that are included are carnival, holi, Easter eve, Ganesh Chaturthi (second, fifth and 11 day of festival), Navaratri (first and last day), Kojagiri Poornima, Diwali eve, Diwali, Tripurari Poornima, Christmas eve, Christmas and N ...
Hello Vibers, on Cockpit a 79 year old woman is suing a popular church for 'noise pollution' so Steavihn and Omo are asking you: What is your take on Noise Pollution in Nigeria? Lets talk people...
Which ministry/agency can I report 'Noise Pollution' in my area/environment (Somolu) to in Lagos State? Cc:
Noted social activist Mr. Anna Hazare has called for strong and strictest legal action against Noise Pollution. On Wednesday, he was in Varanasi at several programmes in different parts of the city. After the first programme at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth (University), while he was interacting with the who’s who of city, people introduced him to Satya Foundation Secretary Chetan Upadhyaya. And what followed thereafter was a real surprise to many. He took time to sit on a sofa and blessed Chetan Upadhyaya with words beyond anybody’s imagination. While praising the herculean efforts by Satya Foundation against Noise Pollution, Anna Hazare said that: 1) Pressure horn and hooter must not be used at all and anybody violating law must be seriously dealt with. 2) The administration and police must penalize people using canopy less generators. 3) Marriage processions should not be allowed to come on roads, not only in metros but also in Varanasi and all the districts of India. 4) D.J. (in open places) mus ...
MUMBAI: No sound-emitting firecrackers between 10 pm and 6 am during Diwali, Dhanteras and Lakshmi Pooja, the Bombay High Court has ruled. Hearing a public interest litigation filed by city resident Gaurang Vohra, seeking noise levels be curbed during festivals, a division bench of Justice H L Gokhale and Justice J P Devadhar has ordered the state and the police to ensure that no *** are burst after 10 pm. The ban will now extend to the days of Dhanteras and Lakshmi Pooja, for which the state had earlier extended the noise deadline to midnight. *** that emit only light are, however, not included in the ban. The PIL had sought the implementation of the Noise Pollution (Regulation) Rules 2000, which lay down maximum day/night decibel levels for different designated areas - residential zones (55 db/45 db), commercial (65 db/55 db), industrial (75 db/70 db), and silence zones (50 db/40 db). Earlier, the Centre had allowed state governments to designate 15 days in a year for various festivals, during ...
*** with the Noise Pollution. I'm going to celebrate Diwali by burning Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai's photos with heap of *** Happy Diwali Folks.
You did Navaratri Noise Pollution Story. Now do one on Noise Pollution @ Amar Mahal Eastern Express Highway overbridge.
My case manager, she said that when her brides maids walked down the isle behind her, she had them play "Rock n Roll ain't Noise Pollution" from AC/DC!~ What a woman!~
~ Chicago Police and Noise Pollution, May 1942 “Mayor Edward J. Kelly proclaimed the week of May 31, 1942, “Noise Abatement Week” in Chicago in order to bring the evils of needless noise to the...
Comedian Jim Breuer nails it with this perfect rendition of AC/DC's classic Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.
Justin Morneau walks to the plate to Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. Plouffe, When the Levee Breaks. These guys are alright.
YOUR SHOW IS LOOSING CHARM AMIR...!! All Three Episodes, what ever Issue u take, u end up in Women...!!! Whom you are trying to impress Amir..!!! WOMEN...??? Dowry Harrasment, ofcourse is a serious Issue but my point is, what was ur First Eposide all about then.??? doesnt Dowry Harrasment comes under Women Harassment..!! and Moreover you fail to give us a proper statistics on today's Dowry Harassment Episode saying how big it is..!! Poor Research... Don't make us feel that, your Ultimate reason of this show is to drag Episodes and make more Money...!!! My request is Simple...!! When we have lot more Burning Issues to discuss below, Then why are you just rolling over one..!!! 1. Indian Rupee is going down compare to dollar - Current Priority Burning Issue... 2. Where do Environmental Issues like Water, Air n Noise Pollution leads to... 3. Drugs spoiling our Youth... 4. How does increase in our Litracy rates helps in Nation's Growth... 5. How to solve the Scarcity of Water, Electricity problem. 6. What is a ...
Playing Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by AC/DC on my ukulele. It gives the song what it's always had missing... George Formby!
The Justin Morneau confirmed he will again use, "Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" by AC/DC as walk up song. 7 straight yrs.
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