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Noel Jones

Noel Debroy Jones CB (25 December 1932 – 28 August 2009) was an Anglican bishop. He was the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the Church of England.

Bishop Noel Jones Ron Gibson Grace Jones

Now on Orioles' Hardy, Jones and Markakis finalists for Gold Glove
In this week's NME, we celebrate John Peel's legacy with our UK DIY scene special
Taking a minute before my run to remember the great Caldwell Jones who died last month. 10,000 points in 1200 games. Noel should wear 11.
Ridiculously jealous of anyone seeing Johnny Marr at Brixton tonight. Noel Gallagher coming on to play is special man
Mr Noel Gallagher on stage now.. How soon is now.
The new Noel Gallagher song, In The Heat Of The Moment, has a video that you should watch. -mike jones
I'm digging the new Noel Gallagher song. See the video at the link! -mike jones
Nobody feel sorry for you bc u decided to be "friends" with Bishop Noel Jones for 18 years
I have you,Marcus Lamp,Noel Jones,Joyce Meyers,Joni Lamp,Joel Osteen Lakewood as friends TY.
Bishop Noel Jones. ..but first of all. ..let me take a selfie! Harare are you ready for the…
league ( no %) rank please markiekk, sully, zach, t jones and noel. Tks
Pat who won £170,000 on Deal Or No Deal has just surprised Noel Edmonds live on air!
Residential agency of the year award (small agency) at goes to... Noel Jones Mitcham
are we going to go hear Bishop Noel Jones tomorrow or nah?
Wow! Bishop Noel Jones preached a masterpiece last night at the National Sports Centre, Harare Zimbabwe. Awesome!
I'm sorry but if I was Loretta, I would let go of Noel Jones because he's just not ready and life has a way of passing by.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The way Noel Jones is running this lady through the ringer makes my stomach sick. He is supposed to be setting an example for saved men smh
Does Noel Jones have an image of himself on his robe? I mean REALLY.
I went to Bishop Noel Jones church on Sunday... He wasn't there but Will Smith's ex wife's husband preached! How is school?
Watchin Preachers of LA & I must say I just LOVE Bishop Noel Jones, if he don't gone nd marry Loretta...
God is speaking to me.thank you Bishop Noel Jones..
Bishop Noel Jones: It's not so much the object that's confused as it is the subject.
My doct was Bishop Noel Jones daughter-in-law. So shes into the church like myself. She took her whit coat off and said this...
Omg, Scar sounds like Bishop Noel Jones, especially when he sings. Watching lion
you try to come Jo'burg your Majesty, we would love to see you. Bishop Noel Jones and Dr Myles Monroe are here this side
Bishop Noel Jones in town get ready for an outburst of the word
Don't you ever ride in the back seat of you're life, get behind the wheel. - Bishop Noel Jones
WOW..."It's amazing how people will pass up the small holiness church to find a larger church to hide in their sin!" ...Bishop Noel Jones
Aaaarrrghhh Noel Jones is one man who can't make up his mind about his situationship with loreta.. he's worse then a woman
Today Live in Zim at the city sports centre till friday"When is the Bishop Noel Jones sermon?
We are listening to Bishop Noel Jones Presents The City of Refuge - Not About Us @
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If she don't remember when mike jones was hot she's too young for you
no,what'sy take on Noel Jones a baby Lisa Ray,all in 3 orc4 yrs,whats really up?
hm Bishop Jakes, Marvin Winans, Noel Jones are some of my favorites
THEY SAID IT: "Because men and women have a relationship for years (16), that doesn't mean that there's sex involved. That just means that there's SOME compatibility," .Bishop Noel Jones and his woman Loretta said, "Im happy with the way things are..." .Ep
The Judah Chorale will be ministering in Norfolk, VA this Thursday at the Marriott Waterside. Bishop Noel Jones is the guest speaker. Anyone wishing to travel with us can call the church office and reserve a seat on the bus. The cost for the trip is $20. Seats are going fast!
Preacher of L.A.’s Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, but he has an interesting sibling role too! He can truly understand family issues. [ 221 more words. ]
A whole lot of folks will be extremely shocked to learn that "Preachers of L.A." star, Bishop Noel Jones, has a VERY famous sister who...
Bishop Noel Jones preaching on engaging the will and the intellect to fulfill the vision at the City of Refuge in Gardena, CA.
"Nobody is indispensible but some people are irreplaceable." - Bishop Noel Jones. and valuing those God has placed in our lives
goes to show you how long I've been watching baseball ⚾️
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Noel Jones In Rare Form
I watched baseball since before you were born! 👊
Many times you have to take the risk of breaking your heart to improve your lot. -Bishop Noel Jones.
"And the reason why the devil brings up my past, is because he has no power over my future" - Bishop Noel Jones 🙌🙌❤️
There's also also Alan Davies in October, Noel Fielding in November, Milton Jones in June. ok
Hamilton Collection
“Butch Jones looked like me yelling at a Pisgah game rn 😅”
Tomorrow is Super Sunday with Bishop Noel Jones at Total Deliverance Church 4pm. Get there early!!!
It is not your failures that will be difficult to manage but your success - Noel Jones
Okafor woukd start over Noel. Jones may start over MCW
Dex Davis in San Pedro CA W/Bishop Noel Jones was a hit with 60 Children & parents.
lol, instead they got new school "apostolics" like Noel Jones and Deitrick. They don't want the real holy ghost on there lol
Playing the Church Organ Book 1 for the Roland Classic C-200 Church Organ by Noel Jones: Searching for Playing...
Thank you Bishop Noel Jones for an amazing and intellectually stimulating trip to LA. God bless.
I added a video to a playlist Noel Jones... I'm Bruised but i still have the Victory
Martin Jones will win his backup spot back
Bishop Noel Jones "What do you do when you don't understand?" - YouTube
Noel Jones (who's sister is Strange', in real life) claims to live the Bible but won't get married... to a woman, anyway.
I just used to discover Harvest Time by Bishop Noel Jones & The City Of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.
I wonder if Miss Loretta is coming with Bishop Noel Jones for Power Plus??
Thank you, Lauren Noel for posting this, and Barbara M. Jones for writing it!
Glimpsed that Preachers of LA show and realized Bishop Noel Jones will be tola next month...gotta pop in, I like him
I love to watch Preachers of LA. Not knowing that one of the bishops(Bishop Noel Jones) will be in Tortola.
The man with experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with an argument. -Bishop Noel Jones
Distinguish between hiring who is profitable and who is charitable. -Bishop Noel Jones
Last Service at GPT tonight. City of Refuger next week... Noel Jones
The harder the time, the greater the anointing! -Bishop Noel Jones
I was kind of shocked him and Noel Jones would consent to do a reality show to begin with.
"The bigger the struggle, the greater the annointing." - Bishop Noel Jones.
The harder the times, the greater the anointing - Bishop Noel Jones
The barge the tomes the greater the anointing, Bishop Noel Jones
Chapelle rallies behind Natalie Comardelle, Kayla Jones for five-set district win over Dominican
cuz it's spreading. Your turning into ...
how does me being sick have to do with my ankle? Fool
Don't care how old I am.. I'll forever be respectful around my mother
So, I just found out that Grace Jones and Bishop Noel Jones are siblings? Why no one told me?! "I didn't even KNOWED." 😂
Bishop Noel Jones will be in Lynchburg tomorrow night at Prayer of Faith Temple.
Bishop Noel Jones told Loretta, I got to have Bishop Ron Gibson apart of the project because his testimony I...
Tune in now to the Pastor's panel on Talk/Back Live AM730 with Pastor's Noel Hutchinson, Pastor Melvin Jones,...
"Don't let anything that is your secret abort your calling." - Noel Jones
Watching and I'm sorry but Noel Jones and Loretta don't have a romantic relationship they are friends.
shout out to my family pastor Bishop Noel Jones appointed him to suffocan Bishop.
Bless the soul of Bishop Noel Jones..Take notes Ron Gibson!
when r u going to step up and help Gibson stand for RIGHT, against noel jones
"If you see me broke, in sin,crying, pain,God is not through with me yet". Bishop Noel Jones.
J. Patrick Wise is Bishop Ulmer, Steven G Turner is Noel Jones & Brely Evans is MINISTER BARBARA ALLEN as The...
Oh man! Here's what Bishop Noel Jones used as a sermon title once: "You're EXPECTED to Win!"
Good morning when men let you down God is always there. a quote from Bishop Noel Jones amen
Bishop Noel Jones: If u're going through a lot right now, it's not because u r weak, but because u r strong & blessed! (1 Corinthians 10:13)
I have no doubt you'll be able to bring Bishop Noel Jones to mzansi. Silence the sceptics
Anyone or anything that seeks to pull down is already below you! Bishop Noel Jones
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ICYMI - Noel Pearson appeared on last week and spoke about with Tony Jones. Watch now -
I'm listening to Bishop Noel Jones ,and my gosh he's hitting all the key notes!
Rebel Belle fans might also like Angel Burn by L Weatherly, Fated by A Noel, Need by C Jones & Poison Princess by K Cole
Don’t miss Dr Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones at 3pm TODAY ON
Don’t miss this today at 3:00pm Eastern Time! Dr. Darrell Scott and Bishop Noel Jones
Preachers of L.A. star Bishop Noel Jones on relationship with Loretta Jones: Many significant Bible characters wer...
I here that the preaching machine gun, NOEL JONES, is coming into town.
Today we remember Nevin Spence, his father Noel and brother Graham. Two years on we mourn their tragic loss.
Noel said in an article that if Loretta wants to get married, she needs to find a man.
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 9-14-14 Hold On
City of refuge Bishop Noel Jones delivered once again as always a very blessed message from the lord thanks Bishop for all you do
Church today was invigorating and inspirational all in one ! The word Bishop Noel Jones brought forth was just for me 😌🙌
Not my favourite but mu top 15. Noel Jones!
live streaming church service: Noel Jones ministries. so glad 2 c pastor Bishop Noel Jones n the house of the Lord. God answers prayers
Powerful service at Bishop Noel Jones church this morning.
What noel Jones just said is one of the biggest issues within the Christian community: the expectation of perfection!…
I wanna see Bishop Noel Jones preach
Although Bishop Noel Jones is a fine old man, you couldn't PAY me to be with nobody for 16 years and not marry me.
Where does promotion come? Not from the North, South, East, or West. Promotion comes from GOD. My life is representative of that. Well, I also can help somebody else sent to me by GOD. The only difference is he has to know who is his covering. It is not NOEL JONES. The head of man is GOD.
"He can be everybody's God,but not everybody's Lord" Bishop Noel Jones
In Germany I had the distinct honor of meeting USAF General Noel T Jones. He have me his 3-Star…
U can not build a church being bitter.. noel jones
Even though Bishop Noel Jones was out of town today that other pastor still revealed some things I needed to hear 🙌🙏👌
Chandler jones literally just got punched in the face... No call.
There's going to be a holy convocation. The preacher won't be those we admire (Bishop Jakes or Noel Jones) but the catching away in the air.
OUR BALL BABY! Nice punch Byrd!! Julio Jones's first touch and he fumbles😂😂
People with jobs needs help time to time. . Bishop Noel Jones.
When Bishop Noel Jones said "God is able" I wanted to put in some foot work . God is truly able to fix it
"Learn how to take the negative POSITIVE." ~Bishop Noel Jones
So wait, did Noel Jones just go down there, take over those folks church, and appoint a new pastor?
Father, be glorified in our lives in Jesus name, amen. Bishop Noel Jones Who We Are: via
“• 9. What song always makes you happy when you hear it?” Not About Us by Bishop Noel Jones
nope. Are we talking bout Noel jones?
Watching on demand Bishop Noel Jones is powerful
Lolo Jones is going to be on Dancing with the Stars😍
I don't understand Bishop Noel Jones either. Don't know if he's been stringing Loretta along for 14 years. She wants a ring. He hasn't given
in actuality, if I heard Noel Jones was coming back to Longview, I would be front and center.
funny how they said this church had 15-20 people but now the Noel Jones is preaching this parking lot full smh.
wait... who watches Preachers of LA? Noel Jones wants to BUY that church in Lake Charles?
When men let you down, God is still there. ~Noel Jones (God will never leave you or forsake you.)
Noel Jones says "things 4 sure. I aint gettin married til all my goals are complete musically. So thats about when Im 60"
Just finished episode 3 of love what Bishop Noel Jones is doing for Tabernacle of Praise!! Good episode!!!
Ron Gibson with Noel Jones coming in a tight second :-)
I got : Bishop Noel Jones! Dope!! The description is kinda right tho!!! Which Preacher Are You? # via
Did Bishop Noel Jones REEEAAALLLYYY went to that church WITH THAT DOG!?!
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Pastor Noël Jones. I can't take him serious with that dog of his. Man of God
Noel jones is a good businessman. He has that church by the balls. He's going to rebuild it... And makes some good $$$
The Noel Jones impersonation had me dying. That voice and cadence. Lol.
The impressions of Ron Gibson and Noel Jones were on point!
Watching That preacher Noel jones visited was shot for smashing the deacons wife.. He got what he deserves.
Noel Jones is one of the best preachers ive heard
plus Noel Jones is not going to bring disgrace on his family it will come out, when they want
Bishop Noel Jones is mostly preaching about being single and how to be single, I think him and Loretta are married,
if you want fire works, bring Noel Jones wife to the plate, she'll give the low down on Loretta
don't know why Bishop Noel Jones, faith didn't help Jones or Loretta
"The harder the times, the greater the anointing. God is using you to bless somebody else" ~Bishop Noel Jones
it is a big topic how to find a Christian mate, even Noel Jones has faith
"Even the people who have jobs need help from time to time" ~Noel Jones
Shane Perry Sr preaching for Noel Jones: It's about time I came back to preach for
Glad you enjoyed it...I love the impersonations of Ron Gibson and Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones talks like he's preaching on the pulpit in general conversations.
Spanish teacher woke me up with pastor Noel Jones on his iPad preaching in my ear
I love the Ron Gibson and Noel Jones impersonations
Too funny! Especially the Noel Jones and Ron Gibson characters!
most respect for Noel Jones he did that. I'm praying for the church and the Harris family & Justin also.
Watching preachers of LA..Bishop Noel Jones is displaying the love of God to a fellow church...praying for the healing of justin.
Bishop Noel Jones gets a shock, when longtime friend Loretta admits she'd say "yes" if he proposed. Plus, are they platonic or not?
Today I watched preacher's of LA and I must say that Pastor Ron Gibson and his wife is hella wrong for their judgemental views towards Pastor Noel Jones and Loretta relationship. It's none of your business what they are doing in their personal life. Your duty as men and women of God not to judge. Who without sin case the first stone.
The fact that Noel sister is Grace Jones I knew it was gonna be something lmao
I am really disappointed in POLA, especially Noel jones. Ron gets on my last nerves all he focuses on is money
No one is indispensable, but some of us are irreplaceable. Bishop Noel Jones.
hi noel will we be able to buy your cd in York from tuesday? And can we meet you to get it signed?
You cannot renew your mind, if you are in the same environment. Bishop Noel Jones
I have always had a lot of respect for Bishop Noel Jones n I am honestly upset with how Ron Gibson is acting toward him
So Noel Jones wants ppl 2 believes he hears words from God, but God didn't speak 2 him abt Loretta in 16yrs?
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i think Bishop Noel Jones is really nice in the way he deals with paster ron getting in his personal relationship with Loretta...
You can tell Loretta is waiting for Bishop Noel Jones to propose to her. Dating for over 16 years. Mama can't even define the relationship.
I'm done with people and their bafoonery *Bishop Noel Jones voice*
“anyway, here is the link to the story: secretly I love being messy sometimes
Anytime a female say something to me abt a title I'm going to kindly refer to Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta's 16 yr "relationship"
Jay is my fav preacher. Him & Noel Jones. . Ron Gibson is interesting
So, what are your thoughts on Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta as it relates to Rev Ron Gibson and his wife?
We gon do a collab album don't is what both of us together sound like..without trying .
Wow that preacher Noel Jones on preachers of LA is Grace Jones brother
Noel Jones sat there and allowed Ron Gibson to call his lady a Jezebel. Let that sink in.
Is Rev Hey Scotty REALLY telling Ms Loretta that Noel Jones is not going to marry her? He’s right about that. LOL!
If Loretta and Bishop Noel Jones choose to have a relationship like that...LET THEM BE
Noel Jones gets the milk from Loretta for free! End of discussion!
I can't lie! Preachers of LA is really messing with my deification of late 90s Noel Jones 😢 lol
Time to leave Noel Jones and his lady friend alone. They're caught in flesh and will say whatever to justify their actions.
Ms Loretta looked VERY hurt when Noel Jones busted out and said they were “friends”. Jones ought to be ashamed.
My name is Noel Jones. I'll be your friend with benefits if you will be my "Stuck on Stupid" oops... I mean…
Clearly Noel Jones is not going to marry this woman, so the gun toting Bishop should probably back off!
Noel Jones is borderline despicable. He is going to throw Ms Loretta into the fire versus being a man.
Bishop Noel Jones looks like a gigolo. . Lol
Bishop Ron doesn't need to know anything about Bishop Noel Jones & Loretta's relationship
Why are Noel Jones and the shotgun preacher meeting?
...never did the do. Bishop Jones has a history of deflecting issues...hence, his issue from 2012:
He is an alleged baby daddy. See the following link:
Preachers of LA. Is it just me or is Ron Gibson's perspective on Noel Jones's situation completely off base? Just …
You can't tell me they aren't having sex- noel jones & loretta.Child bye!
for the 3RD Time I'm gonna say >>Bishop Noel Jones GIRLFRIEND IS A MAN! the end.
Celebrity News: Depression is real, even for “Preachers of LA” star, Bishop Noel Jones. He talks “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about...
This meeting is supposed to be about outreach in the community. And they're arguing. About Noel Jones having a girlfriend. I can't.
It's better that Oasis broke up. Liam and Noel would have eventually killed each other. -mike jones
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Noel fathered a baby with a married actress while he strings Loretta along like a lapdog.
Join me at 6pm as I discuss local football with St.Luke's HC Noel Jones and Norwalk Youth Football director Dietrick Green
There is a place for people who lead God's sheep astray, Bishop Noel Jones
Loretta, Bishop Noel Jones’ friend of many years, is happy with the status of their relationship.
Bishop Noel Jones not even gonna say anything
Loretta having sex with Noel jones before marriage 👀👀
it would not shock me to find out that Noel and Loretta Jones are already married food for thought
yup. i'm finally catching up. Jay and Deitrick at each other and Ron Gibson all in Noel Jones kool-aid. smh
My focus is not abt Bishop Ron. Its abt how Noel Jones is treating this lady. I wouldn't wish that on any sister.
Bishop Ron is saying what he would do if he was with Loretta, that's the pimp in him . He is saying he don't trust Noel Jones .
Bishop Gibson being a busybody is pale in comparison 2 Noel Jones's Shenanigans. Lights not on the busybodies it on Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones said "Ron you can't give me Bible" translation Ron you don't know your bible lol to busy giving rhymes
Q4 Castries Market! Here's a quick tour with and Chef Craig Jones from
Bishop Noel Jones NEVER comes out of his "preachers" voice! It's hilarious
truth b told I thnk noel jones married to the dog
I see a lot of people who are carbon copies of John Calvin, MacArthur, Spurgeon, TD Jakes, Noel Jones etc. very few act like Jesus
Thank you Steven Wookey for your nomination I nominate Brian Jude, Vince Liz Owen, Noel Jones, John John Glew and not forgetting Cerys Davies you've hot 24 hours get on with it
"You don't want a woman because she looks good, you want her because her spirit is right."-Bishop Noel Jones
Moses Tyson on the Logan behind Bishop Noel Jones tonight and it's CRAZY in here!
He's 2nd verse . "half the people who want the ep dont even know who I am lol”.
what's going on rev? You went and saw Noel Jones recently..
i really can sit on my iPad and watch Noel jones & bishop morton all day
How did Noel Devine ever make it past the 6th grade...?
Bishop Noel Jones defends pastors who are getting rich in the pulpit .
Noel Jones, Ron Gibson, Clarence McClendon, Wayne Chaney, Jay Haizlip, and my cousin on my daddy's momma's uncle...
Covering Pastor Jamal Bryant Bishop Noel Jones in The Blood of Jesus Thank you Daddy ADONAI you make every crooked path straight Blessed in there coming and going Empowered by the Holy Spirit In Jesus Name
Bishop Noel Jones true man of God and loved by many as he inspire millions with his teaching of the gospel. Produced by the BopGospel Dj's This is motivation...
The last thing that you want to do is not accept what God has called you to be. God says that we deceive ourselves when we're walking in darkness, and we make him a liar if we say that we have no sin. We're not fooling God at all. True change is when we focus on changing ourselves in him, instead of always studying others and their shortcomings. . ~Bishop Noel Jones
If Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier's brawl earlier didn't convince you they don't like each other, this interview will. » http…
Am I the only one that think Bishop Noel Jones is sexy???
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones and just laughing to myself like an *** in the middle of Peckham
we are going up at 6:30pm and might stay for Noel Jones.
Check out Bishop Noel Jones' explanation of the power of pain in 2days A Sermon to Watch
Maali Colts 4/8/2014. Watching Q & A on ABC1 . Live from North East Arnhem Land. Tony Jones is joined by Noel...
Intervention exposed as Australian apartheid on . Tony Jones and Noel Pearson bear heavy heavy responsibility
Open the doors for my gifts and not my desires. Because you might desire opposite of your gifts. -Bishop Noel Jones
If you are gifted you going to have affliction. --Bishop Noel Jones
WOW! !! OH HOW I NEEDED THAT!!! Bishop Noel Jones gave me a book for my B-Day called GOD'S gonna make you LAUGH ! WOW!
Ok didn't realise Bishop Noël Jones from was Grace Jones brother???
Church was amazing. God bless Bishop Noel Jones. He always says something that everyone can relate to and going through.
The reason you are not where you should be, Its because you won't listen. -Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge.. What a great word today!! I had a wonderful time!!
Bishop Noel Jones, has been a rock, in my life since 1983-2014, he used to preach our revivals for late Bishop.. Mc Murray#
Bishop Noel Jones taught real good then preached us this week at
What looks good to you might no be good for you. Bishop Noel Jones
Those who can join me, it is time for a word from God at The City Of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones
I still thank God that Noel Jones men had kept me grounded
Noel jones is actually A sexual which is why he gets an Amen from me
I could listen to a good ole sermin from Noel Jones and be happy all week, my cousin attends so I guess its ok to go back
And Loretta if you knew what I knew you should be making Bishop Noel Jones beg for the nana, I was inky really there for Shari Demby
Álbum de fotos: thevictoria0220: Noel Gallagher and Kelly Jones attend the charity concert in aid of the...
I just downloaded an *** of RnB music. Avant , donnel jones, r Kelly
they gon come up with something for every level cause the same thing happened to Nerlens Noel with his acl
yeh exactly!! all the gigs and comedy shows! I want to see noel fielding, Milton jones, Morrissey, Danny Bhoy and I can't!
Me and Noel's song comes on at work everyday .and idk how I feel when I hear it
You empower an individual by the significance you give him/her... Noel Jones
girl swerve don't be talkin about Bishop Noel Jones ✋😒
'Time to back the campaign to save grass roots football'
Faith comes from promise and promise from Grace. ~Bishop Noel Jones~
Watch "Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me" on YouTube - Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me:
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Bishop Noel Jones really came with a word from God tonight!!
Never take advice from someone who has never been where your going! Like many of you I have been told so many times what I can't do. I've had people try to box me in so many times, especially in ministry. I was told I was an evangelist and not a Pastor but I know a church here in Port St. Lucie, FL that's certainly glad I ignored that voice! I was told that I would never be able to start a large church and still travel the world. Paul told Pastor Timothy, "Do the work of an evangelists". I knew I had biblical backing on that one. Not only that, Joel Osteen, Bishop Blake, Noel Jones, and TD Jakes all travel more than I do and have some of the largest churches in the country. I travel just as much now as I did before I started NBC and we continue to have tremendous growth, discipleship, and cultivate an environment of worship and family. Just as I did, you have to hear the voice of God and shut out all other voices that speak contrary to what He is saying. He is the architect of your destiny. God wants to . ...
Your character is yours but your gift belongs to everybody else. Bishop Noel Jones
[VIDEO] doing what they do best. Compassion. Empathy. Excellence. |
VIDEO | Noel Jones tips: Preparing your home for photography | Watch: by Noel Jones Real Estate | Youtube©
And I cant even sing so Im not gonna try to. They be like schama's the best & I reply water is wet & the sky's blue.
I feel as if he is a target and everybody always has something to say abut him and Noel jones. And that's my opinion ✌️✋
I no noel jones I been to his church smh.I not giving none of the my money Never
Deitrick got mad b/c the Bishop called out his mess and Noel Jones having a side chick
Bishop Noel Jones reminds me of my dad
visits the family of a slain pastor of New Orleans church // WATCH:
Idont much about the preachers of la but this special is HILARIOUS lol! They al in noel jones business lol
Gibson, bc i refuse to call u Bishop, none of you are in heavy preaching rotation like Noel Jones &McClendon so sit down
They got it out for Bishop Noel Jones 😂
Lavette. Loretta is the one Noel Jones has been stringing along for 16 years.
domain names
I'm going to be up all night watching the whole season of OnDemand. This is my show! Bishop Noel Jones is my fav!
Bishop Noel Jones should hv showed up 2 put Bishop Gibson N his place since has N opinion on every 1's relationship
ROTFL! Bishop Gibson calling Deitrick AND Bishop Noel Jones slap out. I love it!
Bishop Noel Jones and his girl need to hurry up marry
I feel really bad for Gustafsson but have to admit to being more excited by Jones v Cormier. Guess I'll have good seats …
The way Bishop Noel Jones is preaching right now is making me want to Run 😫🏃🏃
Try to watch The Word Network...TD Jakes is a GREAT Teacher, So is Noel Jones, try to watch Bishop Rudy McKissick online!
He who has forgiven much, loves much. ~ Bishop Noel Jones The forgiveness part is just the test of your love. If you can't forgive or better said if you've never forgived than you've never loved. True love requires constant evaluation which will show the need for some kind of forgiveness and recalibration. Blessings.
I am not trying to entertain or listen to this crooks this morning. Can't get nothing done. Why they have me hooked up to their WITCH LINE COMMUNICATIONS? How they did it... I don't know. Perfect peace is all I seek on a daily basis. In order to get off their LINE... the people on it have to die. Noel Jones is their leader.
I liked a video Pastor Jamal Bryant: Dont Collapes After the Crash at The City of Refuge Noel Jones
I would like to know how can I get Noel Jones to Mobile Alabama. We would love to have him here. Email me at gentlemen109
go check out Noel's solo album. You will not regret it
there's no one that can sing like LG and Noel is a god like genius
"people don't leave the Church because they don't have faith. They leave the Church because they can't find love" . -Bishop Noel Jones
He who has forgiven much, Loves much- Bishop Noel Jones
Nerlens Noel is looking good in summer league
"You've got to let your spirit make relationships and not your eyes." - Bishop Noel Jones
"You've got to step out of the flesh and into the spirit." - Bishop Noel Jones
"Someone who will sin with you, will sin against you." - Bishop Noel Jones
"If you have no haters, you're not that gifted..." - Bishop Noel Jones
When you walk in humility you can't be humiliated -Noel Jones
Noel better rotate quicker than that
This game with Bennett, Wiggins and Noel...yes.
Noel jones is giving my life right now
Noel Jones on reports of members leaving his church: 'I haven’t noticed at all. Only problem I have is theparking.'
OK, I perked up in this panel about on when Bishop Noel Jones revealed that his sister is... Grace Jones!
One of the cast, Bishop Noel Jones, mentions his sister is Grace Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones is the brother of Grace Jones. MIND? BLOWN.
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