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Noel Jones

Noel Debroy Jones CB (25 December 1932 – 28 August 2009) was an Anglican bishop. He was the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the Church of England.

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I would like to know how can I get Noel Jones to Mobile Alabama. We would love to have him here. Email me at gentlemen109
go check out Noel's solo album. You will not regret it
there's no one that can sing like LG and Noel is a god like genius
"people don't leave the Church because they don't have faith. They leave the Church because they can't find love" . -Bishop Noel Jones
He who has forgiven much, Loves much- Bishop Noel Jones
Nerlens Noel is looking good in summer league
"You've got to let your spirit make relationships and not your eyes." - Bishop Noel Jones
"You've got to step out of the flesh and into the spirit." - Bishop Noel Jones
"Someone who will sin with you, will sin against you." - Bishop Noel Jones
"If you have no haters, you're not that gifted..." - Bishop Noel Jones
When you walk in humility you can't be humiliated -Noel Jones
Noel better rotate quicker than that
This game with Bennett, Wiggins and Noel...yes.
Noel jones is giving my life right now
Noel Jones on reports of members leaving his church: 'I haven’t noticed at all. Only problem I have is theparking.'
OK, I perked up in this panel about on when Bishop Noel Jones revealed that his sister is... Grace Jones!
One of the cast, Bishop Noel Jones, mentions his sister is Grace Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones is the brother of Grace Jones. MIND? BLOWN.
I used to like Bishop Noel Jones but seen him on preachers of LA and lost all my respect for him
God bless the man of god. Thank you Bishop Noel Jones for helping to make me a better man.
Bishop Noel Jones, Something is Happening to me: via
Bishop Liston Page preaching from the book of Haggai at the City of Refuge with Senior Pastor Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones, Dr. S. Gumbi, TD Jakes, Coach Sipho Myakeni, Mr. Kheswa, Mr. Madiya, Cleford Dolar...etc, these people can teach jelous down...only the truth vs the truth, may good God bless them more
Noel Jones has some of the finest and most professional auctioneers in the country. In this fast-paced, dramatic video you will see a great compilation of li...
. Noel Edmonds had a lot to answer for !
Oh God, Phil Jones is starting. The same Phil Jones who Noel uttered this LEGENDARY quote about!
its not on the year after next either, long break that la! hoping for Noel too next year!
If you are not going to have no need to complain... - Bishop Noel Jones
Having fun with backgrounds. Noel Jewkes playing in Harold Jones' Big Band on Sunday.
“Alora Noel Jones is so unbelievably beautiful.” Omg. You're sooo sweet.☺️
HC Chris Jones talks about his run game, his return game, and the signing of KR Noel Devine
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Schama Noel. Soulhead Jones. KR. Spiz The Prophet. most of you dont know them but you will soon.
"Bishop" Noel Jones, new reality tv "Pastor Star" gives the GAME relationship advice??? Wowser...
Promoting The Weave Cafe from the East Coast to the West Coast! Owner of TWC with Bishop Noel Jones!…
you think Noel and a couple of 2nd rounders get them to 20 wins? Majority of wins came b4 the trade
How can I have a word with the venerable Bishop Noel Jones? "I'd like 2 tell u, what I've been going thru."
Noel Jones VS James Fortune & TD Jakes: they got your cuz in this 😂😂
😂😂😂 hold up I'll be back Bishop Noel Jones trynna offer me a record deal for his praise team
Congratulations to Noel Jones at Bison Home Builders on his new hollow core post anchor patent
noel is starting to get that 6th man energy guy vibe attached to him. Sixers better hope that's not the case
true, at least we find out what Noel brings this year. I mean I hate losing I really do, but the future seems bright at least
totally agree but what else should they have done at 3? Noel was their doing but the embiid almost feels forced due to options
Sixers wanted Wiggins or Parker, once they were gone, took upside of Embiid. Him and Noel healthy together could be sick tho.
obviously the missing time part *** but when healthy Embiid and Noel could be the next Twin Towers.
They'll be terrible, get another top 3 pick, come back following year W/ Embiid, Noel, Saric, MCW, pick and $30 mil in cap.
We teach people how to treat us, by what we allow~Bishop Noel Jones Ministry
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In the 90's, I went to church in LA Greater Bethany (Noel Jones). Brandy went there too. There was this girl who would loose her mind when
I think the Sixers have a thing for injury prone centers.
yeah I'm not saying Embiid isn't a great talent but with Thad at the 4 and Noel at the 5 where is he gonna play?
Sixers playin a lil poker with the bigs. Now how long does the GM hold his cards...cuz Noel may be soft..& Embiid lame.
sixers trade for Bynum who never played for them, Noel who hasn't played for them, and now Embiid who won't play for a while.
they're tanking for Tyus Jones or Jalil Okafor and dealing Noel
Noel got comp for that starting roll now
My 76ers may not suck next year!! Embid, Noel, Carter-Williams...all we need is Dr.J and Bobby Jones!!
so does this mean they have given up on Noel before he ever sees the court or do they think they have a new twin towers?
We literally just facetimed Nerlens Noel before this pick
Crazy thing is that this time 3 yrs ago, Nerlens Noel was in this class, while Wiggins & Vonleh would just be going to college
Hoping the sixers go Embiid, you can't pass up on a guy with his skill. Embiid and Noel would be dangerous.
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones Now I Know
i really want to know if Bishop Noel Jones has plans of marrying Loretta?
Supreme Court rules Obama's recess appointments to the NLRB were invalid | Mother Jones
All purpose parts banner
Bishop Noel Jones: ‘I don't have to be perfect to have a greater strength to reach and touch people’
.always and forever Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild & Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones!
Jay Laws backing up Bishop Noel Jones by Rohan Samuels -
"If you want to have power, you have to deal with pain." Bishop Noel Jones
Noel Jones receiving his Order of the Founder
If you don't have haters you're not gifted enough - Bishop Noel Jones
the east so wide open nerlens noel might be that dominant low post player carter Williams already showed he got it
Bishop Noel Jones: ‘To make an icon out of a man is a problem when he is problematic himself’
Just imagine that starting lineup: MCW, Melo, Lebron James, Thaddeus Young, and Nerlens Noel. Jabari or Wiggins coming off the bench...
Jones Day's N. Francisco says anyway biz wins in Noel Canning will mean virtually no recess appointments going forward
Order of the Founder presented to Bandmaster Noel Jones via
Do not let the weak, lame and crippled define who you are. Noel Jones
It's in the challenge we found out our capacity. Noel Jones
Never let your mind talk you out of your revelation. Noel Jones
I liked a video from Successfully Single ❃Bishop Noel Jones
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Bishop Noel Jones reminds me so much of my uncle
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones "Go After It" this man is preaching. Yup it's Friday. I'm in the house lol
If you don't have haters in your life you have no gift, if you are gifted haters will arise to depreciate you~Noel Jones~
Bishop Noel Jones - Bible Study on Patience and Comfort (Video) -
I want to thank Bishop Noel Jones senior pastor the City of Refuge for presenting himself as a father an mentor to my husband and I at the 2014 Go Deeper Summer Revival. You blessed the house and set a fire. You preached like you were preaching to thousands. We are forever greatful. Love you
At the Power of God conference in New Jersey at Bishop Evans church. This conference has been great. Their is so much information that I have received that I can't wait to implement back at CYM. Last night Tye Tribbet put it down last night and then Apostle Carpenter tore the house up after him. Bishop Noel Jones came with it on Tuesday, and Bishop David G Evans brought it on Wednesday. Bishop Paul Morton is tonight. Also got to speak with Pastor John P Kee.
One thing for sure at the beginning of Noel coming in my life. Paul White said: "He wants you to die." Knowing me with the mind of Christ: "Die to myself." Ok I can do that, LORD knows I have. Then Grace his sister comes to myself in the spirit to say: "He is not well." He gets out in public, And acts like he is healed? How can he heal if yall protect him? He needs to go through the process of GOD dealing with him, And see his WRONG!!! Heal or die, Noel Jones. What has the MITCHELL FAMILY done to you? NOTHING.
I'm still full off of Bishop Noel Jones message last night and when he shook my hand all I could say was that message was full of wisdom:) He spoke from the book of Daniel;3. What did I get out the message, watch how you treat Gods children not the ones who say they are called but the ones In which GOD HAS CHOSEN! Gary Johnson I had a beautiful time. Thank you.
Praise The Lord Family , given honor to God who is head of my life . It final day of conference and just coming from lunch after AWESOME afternoon service tonight Bishop Paul Morton will bring it home . This was AWESOME week here my soul crying out yes Lord . This week we got bless powerful Men of God and Women of God that pour into us . Pastor Jamal Bryant , Bishop Noel Jones , Pastor Ron Carpenter , Dr James Woodson ,Dr. Rita Twiggs and Bishop Paul Morton and host after of powerful speakers too . MUCH LOVE
Greetings. .. Everyone totally FABULOUS O yes yes yes to this Friday aka TGIF. Given thanks 2 Most high of highest God N2 new day I thank you Jesus. PURPOSE knowing N receiving all everything will be just fine speaking N2 any situation accepting all is well God is Love that's what up. Yesterday word I received from God through Bishop Noel Jones Bishop came to city AV Palmdale was on point right on time God. There is power in name of Jesus Break every chain every chain. 2day is last day of Claim training I feel good about knock it out box Paulette Hughes- Teh knock it believing N trusting I rely on God never fails. Give someone smile 2day U make differences fo sho Live Love Laugh of course smile with blessings peace
FRIENDSHIP IN MARRIAGE. Can two walk together, except they be agreed? -Amos 3:3. Have you ever shared an apartment with someone who doesn't share the same values with you? Lived with someone whose area of interest differs from yours? I have been there, back then in school. How does it feel like living with a person whose best musics are secular, mainly hip hops while yours are gospel? When the compact disc or VCD is played, its always one person enjoying and the other enduring. I have discovered that best friends are individuals who have common grounds of interest. They enjoy the same things. What gives one joy gives the other. Going to club, drinking, praying. Etc. Now the main issue. In marriage, I believe that love and sex alone cannot sustain or make a good marriage. There must be a place for friendship, which is a result of having some common areas of interest, vision and passion. I have listened to married women complain that they don't sit down to chat with their husbands. The only thing they share ...
If U want to understand what Noel Jones ministry is about.He is more into there anything that I overllooked .he is not just philosophy nd fundi but grace...
Life with Noel and Liam - Oasis photographer Michael Spencer Jones in conversation Tickets £11.20:
Praise Him in all circumstances and ABBA I praise you for you deserve all the glory and the honour. I place in your hands Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones for you to anoint them make new transformation and I carry them through this a testing time. Thank You for taking care of their needs and I plea the Blood Of Jesus over them and their entire family. No weapon formed against them shall prosper and cancel every attack and send ur back to it's head in Jesus Name. May goodness ans mercy follow them for the rest of their days ADONAI. I decree and declare it be your will in Jesus Name Amen
I was watching a video at work last night of The Real Preachers of LA. When the show first started, I was talking to some men who said they wouldn't watch because they looked up to Clarence McClendon and Noel Jones and followed their teachings. One even said, "So I don't want to see how they treat their spouses" I was like,"IF I'M GOING TO BE LOOKING UP TO YOU AND FOLLOWING YOUR TEACHINGS, I DEFINITELY WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU TREATING YOUR SPOUSE!!!" LOL! I Love Transparency
This was an AWESOME Word Delivered via Bishop Noel Jones, for the AV! Thank You all for having me. Gods Best to You Always!!!
Sometimes in order for you to grow, you have to go! ~Bishop Noel Jones
WHAT IS A GRAVEN IMAGE AND WHY NO ONE IN AND OF ISRAEL CAN HAVE ONE! NOT ONE OF US! Posted by Jaja Azikiwe on June 13, 2014 at 6:16am in EDAH/EKKLESIA IN THE WAY! CONGREGATION OF ELOHIM! A GRAVEN IMAGE IS ANYTHING, ANIMAL OR HUMAN IMAGE FOR THE PURPOSE OF RECOGNIZING, GIVING HONOR TO, OR REPRESENTING A GOD OR DEITY. This includes graven images of JESXXS, CHRIST, FISH SYMBOLS, FISH SYMBOLS WITH LEGS, CROSSES, STAR OF DAVID, THE Holy Spirit DOVE and other such images as used by the ignorant, disobedient, rebellious and mankind. Most use these graven images out of ignorance and tradition. But MOST of these will reject correction when SHOWN IN THE WORD OF REASON that what they are doing is an offence to Elohim and a danger to all of Israel. This is when the WILLFUL IGNORANCE AND REBELLION WHICH LEADS TO STUPIDITY KICKS IN. Many try to excuse the use of a graven image by saying they do not bow down to it, but they are again liars and deceivers, as if their hearts cannot be read by Elohim. FOOLS! DON'T THEY KNO ...
Bishop Noel Jones teaching on our readiness for the return of Jesus Christ. Recorded live 3-19-14 at the City of Refuge in Gardena, CA.
What a high time in the Lord tonight. Angela Hearns put that twist down on Break Every Chain Pastor Stan and Friends we went in on the devil Bishop Noel Jones ripped it Praise Dancers my God ! Whew!
Don't let people decide for you if you are in the will of God or out of the will of God, that revelation is very personal to you. ~Noel Jones~
Have FAITH because your faith is your title, how do you know because it's not what you believe in but who you believe in! Preach Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones has made a powerful statement about trust and control: if they don't trust you, they will try to control you.
Someone go tell Noel ta get tha backwards.
I Speak Restoration into Pastor Jamal H. Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones and a night of double portion of sleep in Christ Jesus name
I like how they made my bro stay onstage while Bishop Noel Jones preach. What in tarnation lol... He's…
Praising God with my sister April of Hilltop Dominion enjoying Empowered Church revival w/Bishop Noel Jones
Come celebrate with us at the council center Bishop Noel Jones Is In The house its not to late its great come out if you can...
I Speak Strength Vim vigor Shalom into the physical Body of Pastor Jamal Harrison' Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones to go to them now and make Manifestation in them where they are right now and overwhelm them with Thy Holy Presence, Rise up from the inside of them and Empower Them in The name of Jesus. I Decree and Declare for Peace to Come and overtake like a Tsunami, and for all that is, or who is robbing them of their peace Sever it Holy Ghost @ it root and core and Confuse it or them in Christ Jesus name. I Send a Word of FAITH TRUST BELIEF AND HOPE IN THE BLESSED Holy Ghost FOR FIRE to Fall on The Congregants @ Destiny Church When My Shepherd open his Mouth that the whole Sanctuary will set ablaze, Souls will be Saved N Bodies will be healed set free and Delivered in Christ Jesus name. I Plea The Blood of Jesus Christ over all and travelling Mercies with an Entourage of High Ranking Angels to be their Host by their side in front behind inside and beside their vehicle of Teleport to their plac ...
"The hardest thing to do is to hear God calling you out of something that you shouldn't have been in in the first place and your flesh has began to like it." - "I've got to get myself together" - a message by Bishop Noel Jones
I "get to" worship with some incredible people of God tonight. So blessed to be working with Word n Motion and hearing and singing the praises of God with Trishelle Ruiz. Gonna get to hear Ms Angela Hearns sing from those glorious pipes God placed in her mouth to bless His holy Name. Im gonna listen to a man of God, Bishop Noel Jones speak the Word of God to His people and be encouraged. Everyone is Welcome at the Palmdale Cultural Center at Sierra Hwy and Palmdale Blvd.
Come experience a dynamic move of God in the Antelope Valley. Join us in this community event as we bring community officials and business owners together. Job opportunities will be the first thirty minutes. Come and be blessed in the Word and worship experience. As we here from one of the Greatest Voices in our Nation; Bishop Noel Jones.
This is a lesson I've learned: There is no honor among thieves. In other words, says Bishop Noel Jones."He who sins with you will sin against you."
Visited to City of Refuge today and Noel Jones spoke a powerful word, I walked away with this... Your order doesn't always line up with "divine order". You have 2 understand rejection is simply God's REDIRECTION. There is power in the closed door.
Listening to the teaching of one of my favorite teachers..Bishop Noel Jones...I'm gifted and I know it...Lunch time with God!
Noel + 3 seems way too pricy. you're trading the player who prob should've gone 1 or 2 last year along with the third. nfm.
Father God, I thank You for Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones. I declare the blood of Jesus and Your hand of protection over them, their families and churches. I declare clarity of mind, rest for their bodies. I declare peace and unity in the leadership and congregation, in JESUS Name.
Sitting here this morning and getting my church on with Bishop Noel Jones...oh man, it is just what i needed. Talking about dignity, but also, the potential and greatness you have in you. Not in other people or other things but in you. It is there...Get It!
God is the only one I know that will give you a gift that will challenge His love for Him - Bishop Noel Jones
"If you walk in humility, you cannot be humiliated." Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones- SEXUAL PRESSURE- Sex has messed up so many relationships
*This post was created by Felicia Glenn. She on it this mornin! Lmao*. *In my best Bishop Noel Jones voice*. Good...
We raise the financial bar and lower moral bar,where is the Christian voice? Bishop Noel Jones.
''Id rather be alone special, than be with someone only to be made to feel unspecial'' Bishop Noel Jones
Christianity is not a religion of rules, but rather a religion of relationship. It's not about the rules, it's about the relationship! The rules can't keep you without a relationship. (Bishop Noel Jones)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Are there any pictures of Bishop Noel Jones ex-wife? I don't know, but the yes
"People will come to your funeral before they come to your rescue." Bishop Noel Jones!
My therapist is going to need a spiritual advisor. I CHOOSE Noel Jones. CITY OF REFUGE IS A PLACE WHERE . go to get away from.
in route to visit Noel Jones Church. FYI just In case...
For the last two days I've sat in the car while Noel Jones was on the radio cus this dude beat up my life. He just READ the PAW "traditions"
Do people know that Grace Jones is Bishop Noel Jones' sister??? Her birthday is one day after mine :). ..pull up to my bumper baby...
Bishop Noel Jones - " He Said It, So Let It Be! ": via Bishop is blessing me with this right now!
You don't have to beg for what's already yours. You are a child of God. Take back the that belongs to you.Noel J…
" you are never envious of some1 you prayed for because when God blesses them its like blessing you" Bishop Noel Jones.
Singleness is not a's preparation-Noel Jones
Last night's word from Bishop Noel Jones was awesome. Can't wait for tonight's word!
Relationally Speaking: Anybody you can't praise God shouldn't be with-Noel Jones
trying to be like you bro but I can't squall like Noel Jones.
I liked a video from Bishop Noel Jones 6-8-14 Hour of Power
When you walk in humility you never have to worry about be humiliated. ~Bishop Noel Jones
If you walk in humility you will never be humiliated! -Bishop Noel Jones
I couldn't be more thankful for getting the word tonight at church ! Bishop Noel Jones 🙌🙌 that's all ima say
the reason why your going through is because your not walking right Jones message
Faith doesn't only operate in pleasant weather omg Jones ...
sometimes your garden will cause you're pain than your wilderness! Bishop Noel Jones
If you walk in HUMILITY you will never be HUMILIATED! - You only have power through pain!-Bishop Noel Jones
I don't want the Word without the anointing and don't want the Anointing without the Word! - Bishop Noel Jones
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (Bishop Noel Jones teaching on how to preach at The Potter's House, Bishop...
Church today. Not knowing it was Pentecostal Sunday. Bishop Noel Jones was on point today. ...If you want Power you gotta go through PAIN... ...It takes Pain to release the POWER... Thank you God.
"Walk in humility, and you will never be humiliated" Bishop Noel Jones
yo *** better not be at the alternative center. I'm literally soo bored tell sgt jones come pick me up
Thank you Daddy ADONAI you Bless Pastor Jamal Bryant Bishop Noel Jones you are there Shield of Favor Blessings you give them the desire of there heart and make all there Plans succeed You are there Shield of Peace and Strength Covered in the Precious Blood of Jesus Yo...
I forgot Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit includes the post-dinner line "The mousse wasn't quite right". Rather neat with Simon Jones in the cast
We will be singing with Pastor Stan Collins and you would not want to miss this awesome night with Bishop Noel Jones!
At Farmer's Market, literally bumped into Bishop Noel Jones. We talked, we laughed and he left. Lol, Taping for "Preacher's of La" What a day...I feel like preaching. Lol
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Been working in the yard all day !!!Had a little help from Celeste Noel Jones and Jordan Jordin Brown...thanks you 2!!! Starting to look good...
You can get catch Prez Blackmon On the City of Refuge Bishop Noel Jones Los Angeles
Pastor Jamal Bryant Bishop George G. Bloomer Johnny N Arla Washington Pastor Benny Hinn Bishop Tracy Pitts Noel Jones Todd M Hall If the Bible says the 'Kingdom suffers violence", (Matt. 11:12) my question is why does the attack seem like more individuals are under attack rather than many of these larger religious institutional bodies. "I just don't see too many that are taking the fight, to the enemy" then somebody is lying and the Bible hasn't changed. Please know this question is NOT for everybody, only those who understand this message I 'm conveying , not too many "church people" will respond I'm so seriously curious to hear your points of view. Don't believe me read. (2 Tim.3:12)
"When you're walking in humility, you can't be humiliated." Bishop Noel Jones
Even Jesus Christ assisted by Noel Jones, TB Joshua n Uebert Angel, technical director being Bishop Lekganyane they can fail if they can attempt to coach Bafana Bafana.I do admit GI has failed his mandate but we also need to look @ d players, Parreira, Santana n Pitso failed with majority of d players who failed with GI n the very same players who couldnt qualify for AFCON, Brazil n crashed out of CHAN ddnt want to participate in oyr last 2 friendlies some citing fatigue.Chopping n changing of coaches must stop n players who value national pride be chosen to represent us
I cant wait to get out of Ms.Noel class
In this months Noel Jones Mitcham Monthly Market Update, Tim talks us through the six steps of making a successful offer on property, and we introduce you to...
Folks will hate you only with speculations, but Christ will love you with evidence. Bishop Noel Jones
Looking for a experienced property manager at Noel Jones Camberwell to fill my portfolio, let me know if your interested
You think GOD only began to DEAL with your LIFE when you came to Church, but God was WORKING in your PAST to make your PRESENT more POWERFUL! You don't want to ADMIT were you are COMING FROM, but if it wasn't for where you CAME FROM, you WOULDN'T be able to get where YOU ARE GOING!!! -Bishop Noel Jones
Over tha last century voices like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gardner C. Taylor, Noel Jones, William Curtis and a multitude of others --Bishop TD Jakes will be here this week.
God won't create anything in your life He knows you can't handle.~Noel Jones~
We need so many miracles because we are not walking according to principles. -Bishop Noel Jones
Alright FB community, this week Bishop Noel Jones and Bishop Ron Gibson will be in the IE! . . . at Immanuel Praise Fellowship, Thursday (Bishop Jones) Friday (Bishop Gibson) start time 7p. Doors open 5:30 with a snack bar! Please Share and pass the word. The Spirit of God will be present.
Lust always wants something it cannot afford or support. -Noel Jones
Little Giant Ladders
Congratulations to Pastor Mark Henton on your "Time of Elevation". What a powerful service... Thanking God also for the one and only Bishop Noel Jones who brought the anointed Word of God!
Sidney & Noel are the realest friends ever, I swear. They always know what to say & always got my back.
And now we have the story of how Ayn Rand drove Noel to drinking.
JUSTATHOUGHT: Yesterday I turned on the T.V. and Bishop Noel Jones was on and he was talking about Pastors, counciling people and then using what they talked about over the pulpit. I always pray about this because when I was sitting under a Pastor that's what He would do. And it bothered me because I trusted him. This is why people don't seek counciling from Pastors, because they don't study, then on Sunday's they bring up your situation on the pulpit this is not good at all. Yesterday I read a Pastor committed suicide. Don't you know that when you take your own life you are going to *** To the Pastor's be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Pride brings destruction and a haughty fall. Please seek God to lead you to the one that will listen and help you get through your situation. Or just seek God. Counciling is not a joke because its about saving souls from destruction. Please my heart goes out to you mostly men because of their pride. Your ministry should be run by teams you may think yo . ...
Come join me this week in our 6th Ann Holy Convocation "the Year of the open Door" Bishop Noel Jones will be with us
What u goin through z a set up, its a made up situation for God to manifest his Glory in U...remember ther z no Solution without a probm nd no healing withot sickness, U jst nid to b in dat situation!! Bishop Noel Jones
Walk humbly and you won't be humiliated. - Bishop Noel Jones
I went to Noel Jones church , not only does this *** lock the door during offering, He has ATM machines on the hallway!
Pastors like Joel Olsteen , Creflo Dollar and Noel Jones have people worshipping money in "God's Name"
Hello Sir! Remember when Dr Hill said Bishop Noel Jones was his fav after Bishop Jakes? Is he gonna come back to TPHD again?
Join me! Sunday night service at the City of Refuge with Bishop Noel Jones. Teaching from Isaiah 54
Sharing the platform with my preaching brother Bishop Noel Jones and Pastor Murvell Williams and…
Noel Jones is about to preach at Cover The Children Church
Bishop Noel Jones sister Janet Jones Thompson and her husband where in church today as I ministered in St. Louis.
"When you walk in humility, nothing can humiliate you" -Bishop Noel Jones
“Steak'n'shake or texas roadhouse sound amazing right now”
Don't ride in the back seat of your life. Noel Jones City of Refuge
Good morning! Happy Sunday! Bishop Noel Jones preaching up in here. 👏🙌😩
Just after agreeing with my friend, i heard Noel Jones say there is nothing more encouraging than knowing...
If you can talk to God when you can't fell him , can't see him and the pressure is mounting , who can be against you ? Noel Jones
"Lately, my faith has been steady but my hope has been on life support." - Lady Judah
I want Bishop Noel Jones to be the one to marry me , he's my favorite preacher!!
Grace and her well-known bishop brother Noel Jones are Jamaican.
Before he preached Bishop Noel Jones spoke nothing but the truth so help us who preach the real gospel and not gossip and not for fame or fortune but if you take care of God's business Gid in return will take care of you no gimmicks or gadgets the WORD it still works!!!
Why is Noel Jones honoring this corrupt preacher? .
At da city Bishop Noel Jones church
Dont take the negatively negatively, Learn to take the Negative Positively. Bishop Noel Jones
Noel Edmunds representing Austria is the winner for me. Vienna next year anyone?
I think Noel Grigsby and Chandler Jones will both be good receivers in the league.. Both still undrafted.
How many hysterectomy's have been performed under the leadership of Bishop Noel Jones? What does this say about the doctor's who performed them?
If UKs entry was a Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, rob Stewart, Tom jones and *** jagger supergroup I still don't think we'd win Eurovision
Bishop Noel Jones is hoping to help a church pick up the pieces after their Pastor was murdered in the pulpit at a revival service taking place at the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Ch...
I've watched the"Noel Jones" sermon from yesterday 4 times. Why does this guy do this to me?
Waiting for David Fales , Keith Smith , Noel Grigsby an Chandler Jones to get drafted
Tonight its Pastor Benny Hinn and Bishop Noel Jones. As far as your eyes can see, for me I see that, what do you see precious saints??
Bishop Noel Jones.OMG can't until next year. * can't wait to have you!! blessings!!
It's not about money, it's not about fame, it's not about titles, you don't even have to know my name!. It's not about us, by Noel Jones
I got home last night and Bishop Noel Jones was preaching,he was saying some people say IF GOD IS A LOVING GOD,WHY WOULD HE PUT PEOPLE IN *** he went on saying why would you want to be with somebody who dont love you? Why would anybody want to spend eternity with somebody that dont want to be with them? So he said GOD is doing those a favor by putting those who dont love him and purposely not being obedient to him in *** ! I was thinking wow! Good point! so i was talking to a friend at work and shared with him what i heard,he agreed.than i said man,if we believe it or not,its rapiest,child molester,hookers,pimps ,murders that will make it to heaven before who we think should be in heaven because they love GOD BUT sinned,no diffrent than you or me going out drinking,or haveing sex or telling somebody off, OR what ever a person sin is,its still a sin! He said its all about the heart,i agreed,than he said here is a quick question. Did/do those rapiest,murders,child molesters, GOD more after the ...
Noel outwits his mum Peggy when she finds weed in his room.
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones and The City of Refuge Choir. 'Not About Us(It's About Jesus)'
PREZ BLACKMON II of Bishop Noel Jones City of Refuge ministers his single I DON'T LOOK LIKE WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH and a PRAISE BREAK erupts at the end! I Do...
For our students next time, Dorothy Noel, Sonie Mathew, Jason King Jones, Claire Kennedy...
MORNING GLORY! "Well Saturday has traditionally been a Clean Up Day in our culture & morning glory Prayer This Morning was a true reflection of that. The Lord took us to: Acts 3:13-23 "The God of Abraham , Isaac & Jacob, the God of our fathers hath glorified His Son, Jesus whom you delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go (As Noel Jones reminded me last night, my greatest miracle was NOT getting up off that cross!!!) "But ye denied the Holy One and the Just and desired a Murderer instead. And you killed the Prince of Life, whom GOD HAS RAISED UP FROM THE DEAD! But I know it was through ignorance that you did it, as did also your Rulers, so the suffering of Christ hath so been fulfilled.. I HAD A SWEET DREAM LAST NIGHT THAT I PRAYED FOR ALL MY ENEMIES & GOD TURNED AGAIN MY CAPTIVITY, LIKE JOB When I did ... And so I Prayed for all my Enemies, some of which are Pastors, sadly : That when the Times of Refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord, yo ...
Am watching "TAKE THE RISK" by Noel Jones, you must take a risk in order to create your own suprise, is there any risk taker online we bond?
"The greatest miracle that Jesus ever did was not to come down from the cross"- Bishop Noel Jones
Have more excitable joy of the Lord, on my Life tonight! Also I was glad when I entered GGT tonight and I know that some of PC, was there Tonight! Yall missed a good treat a great and Dynamic young man preached tonight, Bishop Noel Jones! I can't wait until Sunday is here and we enter into PC, let the anointing fall over PC even on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers in the world today! DB is stepping out from fb , and return later with last of evening message soon! DB Scholar of a Gentleman & Man Of Faith!
Watching Preachers of L.A... interesting series... bt if i was Noel Jones... i would hv married Loretta like yesterday.. sema Noel kujifunga na jam!
Me with Mr. Brian Carn at Greater Grace Temple. This young man set the atmosphere for Bishop Noel Jones.
Me and Bishop Noel Jones at Greater Grace Temple! This man of God tore the house down.
What you sow with your time will reflect as a lifestyle- Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones.OMG can't until next year.
2014 pastors and leaders conference powerful message tonight by Bishop Noel Jones at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit..,...
Bishop Noel Jones took the saints IN tonight like it was a Sunday night at the city!
Yeah that happened to me tonight as I was watching Bishop Noel Jones tonight on The Word Network. Messed me up and sent me into blubber mode. Who but I KNEW Holy Spirit was speaking directly to me through his message...especially the end.
Oh The Glory of Your Presence We Your Children now Give You Reverence so ARISE From Your rest and be blessed by Our inward Praise and Let Thy Glory fill Our Vessels. Thank You for Your Word (JESUS) Spoken in Psalms 107 that You sent and healed every ailment of Bishop Noel Jones., Oh Great Father I surly this pain has no place in his body and we stand on Your WORD we stand On Your Promise That He is Healed from all pain, FATHER, ABBA, Rophe' I Trust You and You know I Do so I now send The Blood of Yeshua By The Vehicle of The Holy Spirit to The abode of Bishop Noel Jones to surge through his back and remove that Thorn That pain in Christ Jesus Name and I Appreciate You and Thank You in Advance for This Spoken Manifested Word in Christ Jesus name
Bishop Noel Jones preached the house down tonite!!! Yes! lol!
Bishop Noel Jones wrecked the place tonight!
Over here trying to look up a word that Noel Jones said.
Angela Campbell is watching Bishop Noel Jones. live on The Word Network
I'm witnessing a powerful service at Greater Grace Temple with Minister Eddie Connor and friends. I would like to thank Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, along with tonight's guest speaker, Bishop Noel Jones. It's an honor to worship with you tonight in Detroit!
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Bishop Noel Jones just preached an awesome word from God. What an anointing and blessing received! John 14 & 16, The Manifestation of God. (Pastors and Leaders Conference) (The Word Network)
They anointing that Bishop Noel Jones have is phenomenal he plays an vital role in the Kingdom of God he digs into the very crevices of the Mysteries of scriptures for deeper revelation and open for better understanding of the Christology followed by Pneumatology.
Bishop Noel Jones preaching every devil in Detriot down
"Whenever you're anointed, it's for service!" --Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones rip it on the Word Network tonight @ Greater Grace Bishop Charles Ellis The Annionting !
The greatest miracle Jesus ever did was to NOT come down off the cross! Bishop Noel Jones
"The Greatest MIRACLE Jesus ever did was not come down from the CROSS" -Bishop Noel Jones.
Service is a part of being anointed; It's not just about going to church! --Bishop Noel Jones
One thing Satan regrets is hanging Jesus on the cross ~Bishop Noel Jones~
Bishop Noel Jones preaching under the anointing at Greater Grace Temple!!! Catch it live on The Word Network!!! "You are anointed! Bless Somebody!!!"
Bishop Noel Jones-you can have the money ,house car clothes - give me the kingdom of heaven hallelujah
"It's one thing to be full of the Spirit, it's another to operate in the Power of the Spirit" - Bishop Noel Jones
Listening to Bishop Noel Jones preaching at the "Pastor & Church Leaders Conference with Bishop Charles Ellis III (Detroit, Michigan). He is tearing it up. "I will not go crazy because I got the power of the Holy Ghost residing in me." The Anointing
U can't get 2 the upper room unless you go through Calvary-Bishop Noel Jones!
Neighbor the Holyspirit and the devil can't both live In you. One of them has to go and IT AINT GONNA BE GOD. Bishop Noel Jones
You gotta go through something in order to release who you really are! -Bishop Noel Jones
You may have the big house You may have the nice car You may have the husband/wife You may have the degrees, nice job But you don't have my anointing It's the anointing that destroys yokes, not your possessions. Bishop Noel Jones
"A title doesn't break the yoke. The Anointing does" - Bishop Noel Jones
"A title don't destroy yokes the anointing destroys yokes. You can't have the Holy Spirit and the devil in you at the same time" Bishop Noel Jones
"Your battle is not the demon, your battle is the old man!" -Bishop Noel Jones
The title doesnt destroy yokes its the ANOINTING THAT DESTROY YOKES.Bishop Noel Jones.
Bishop Noel Jones, "Titles don't destroy yokes, the anointing do!"
Your space must reflect your anointing. -Noel Jones-
A title doesn't destroy yokes, it's the anointing that destroys the yoke! -Bishop Noel Jones
Everyone is anointed for their space! - Noel Jones
"When people adversely approach you, just don't like you, or seem like they hate you, it's NOT about you. It's what's inside of you!" --Bishop Noel Jones
You don't win without you win within, thanks Bishop Noel Jones!!!
Bishop Noel Jones all I can say us Preach he said after loosing everything and u still can praise him yes that was me and i still praised him He is blessing my spirit right now !!!
Bishop Noel Jones is preaching really good. This is just powerful.
If I am to win, it must be from within! Bishop Noel Jones.
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The season of manifestation is when you realize who you are! -Bishop Noel Jones
"When you know God has His hands on you, you don't have to prove nothing to anybody! If I seem a little confident, it's because I know who's operating on the inside!" --Bishop Noel Jones
When you know that God has anointed you, you don't have to prove anything to anybody! -Bishop Noel Jones
"Folks judge you from the outside, because they're "OUTSIDERS"! --Bishop Noel Jones
Bishop Noel Jones is preaching on the Word Network my God my God what a word
"Every time you go through something it gives you revelatory relationship with God!" --Bishop Noel Jones
A WORSHIPER can't betray Jesus! A WORSHIPER worships God in Spirit and in Truth! It is the SPIRIT that draws a WORSHIPER into worship! A WORSHIPER has a history with God! Based on where he's coming from, a WORSHIPER has a good idea of where he's going! Bishop Noel Jones
You can't rub anointing off of somebody else, you must be broken yourself! -Bishop Noel Jones
"A Praiser can betray Jesus but a Worshipper can't. " Bishop Noel Jones Preach!!
Bishop Noel Jones is preaching on the Word Network and making my brain hurt trying to keep up with my bible and a dictionary. He's amazing
A praiser can betray Jesus but a worshipper can't. Everyone breathing can praise but worship is done in spirit and in truth. Noel Jones
Your material possessions don't make you...when God gave man dominion over the earth he was naked! -Bishop Noel Jones
Money clothes and cars don't make me. Naked we came into the world...His spirit is what drives us. Bishop Noel Jones
whenever you remain in the presence of God...and honor him daily. he will begin to reveal things to you in the spirit..that have already manifested carnally or in the flesh. i was in worship in a room all to myself...just me and God. soo i began to listen to music and enjoy my alone time with God. something said lets see what word Bishop Noel Jones has for me today... i ended up on a sermon titled.. "Ive been approved"... after a while i paused it because... i had the mind to check my email... and..when i got there... there was a msg from my realtor that said "YOU'VE BEEN APPROVED" ha ha ...YEESS..GOD. i am forever persuaded... that God is the author and finisher of my faith. i will trust in God until HE tells me not too... there was folk that had written me off and said i was no good...and said i would never amount to a dime... but look at God.God has preparest a table for me... in the presence of mine enemies.. and he's not done yet!
God never Intended for the mind to control the Body but the Spirit to control the Body. That way the mind does not lean towards the outward (the flesh) man but the inward man (spiritual) man. - Bishop Noel Jones
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Noel Jones is just far too deep for me. I have no idea what he's on here preaching about! Smh.
People will take your gift but not want you -Bishop Noel Jones
Noel Jones..GOD does not create nothing stupid.
Noel Jones is preaching good on the Word Network!
"God never intended for the flesh to control the mind".NOEL JONES
My joy, peace, victory and comfort is in my anointing. Paraphrasing "Bishop Noel Jones"
"In order to reveal God has to create" - Bishop Noel Jones
Final night service of PCLC 2014, Bishop Noel Jones, Luke 14:14-20 & Luke 16:5-10; My blessing is in my anointing. Come on Bishop Jones!
My Comfort is in my Anointing! Bishop Noel Jones preaching now on The Word Network
Bishop Noel Jones preaching here at GGT..pclc
Bishop Noel Jones givin out the word tonight. BOM
Hey everyone,Come watch with ..Bishop Noel Jones from Jamaica.
Bishop Noel Jones- is on the word channel now awesome man of god
Watching The Word Network. Bishop Noel Jones @ The Pastors & Leaders Conference in Detroit @ Greater Grace Temple Bishop Charles Ellis. Tune in to be Blessed!!
Bishop Noel Jones is about to bring it
If you don't have a lot of haters your not that gifted -Bishop Noel Jones said
If you don't have any haters you're not that gifted and your gift is always anointed for someone else! - Noel Jones
Tasha Page Lockhart is blessing my soul...ready to hear Bishop Noel Jones...
Preachers wives corner: I sat under Bishop Noel Jones twice for first lady training... LOLOL. Seriously! The role of the Preachers wife in Jamaica, and London are exactly the same.. make sure he gets home by 4pm if you dont have a 3pm service, and make sure dinner is ready by 4.15pm. Turn the phone off by 4.45pm, talk about the service until 5pm, and turn the TV onto his favorite show by 5.45pm. If he has an evening engagement for 7.30pm wake him up at 6.30pm. Pre-requisites: make sure you have a dishwasher installed in your house. LOL
Pastors and Church Leaders Conference.Ready to hear Bishop Noel Jones preach
Pastors &Church leaders Conference with Bishop Ellis Waiting for Bishop Noel Jones to give the word.
Bishop Noel Jones and Tosha Lockhart is going to be a great night
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