Noel Edmonds & Bruce Forsyth

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson CBE, (born 22 February 1928), commonly known as Bruce Forsyth, or Brucie, is an English TV personality. 5.0/5

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Noel Edmonds is one of those people that never ages along with Bruce Forsyth
Going to have a sweep at work on the next child molester, Chris Tarrant, Timmy Mallet,Lenny Henry,Bruce Forsyth, Noel Edmonds amongst others
Tempted to stick a tenner on Noel Edmonds and Bruce Forsyth to be the next 2 tv presenters connected with child abuse
Jimmy Tarbuck has been arrested, Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds are practising there alibis in front of the mirror right now
If you had Jimmy Tarbuck on your bingo card, cross him off. I only need Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds for a line...
Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds will be the next paedophiles
Neil Buchannon or noel Edmonds for me. Bruce Forsyth as an outsider.
true, My mate is convinced Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds will be arrested too.
Terry Wogan, Noel Edmonds, Ronnie Corbett and Bruce Forsyth all on a sofa together - and the light entertainment universe implodes
In light of the recent shocking accusations levelled at Kevin Webster it's clear that nobody is safe from sexual predators these days. In light of that I've decided to start a book on the next high profile nonce to be ousted. The odds are as follows: Rolf Harris: 11/4 Paul Daniels: 4/1 Either chuckle brother: 13/2 Pat Sharp: 9/1 Matthew Kelly (Must be NEW allegations): 12/1 Dale Winton: 15/1 Noel Edmonds: 20/1 Les Dennis: 30/1 Bruce Forsyth: 50/1 David Cameron: 100/1 Nick Clegg: 150/1 Others available on request. Max bets are £100 unless otherwise agreed and if your selection dies before any accusations are heard then it will be graded no action:
Also, it IS snowing a bit harder now, we have moved from Bruce Forsyth ejaculate to Noel Edmonds.
- BLESSED BE THY NAME SKY 1, October 25th 2007 - March 20th 2008 In light of the popularity of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sky 1 were eager to create a series rivalling the humour and controversy of the HBO series. After several untitled pilots were made with talent such as Bruce Forsyth (too nice), Ian Smith (popular but was committed to Neighbours) and Bill Oddie (walked out in the middle of filming due to an unprovoked attack from a deranged 'fan'), it was decided that Brian Blessed was the man for the job. Blessed was concerned that the pilot felt too 'scripted', and suggested they just filmed him on his daily adventures. Patrick Stewart proved to be somewhat of a guide for the audience as Blessed's behaviour became increasingly odd. Stewart was the long-suffering sidekick, and it is still unknown if his breakdown in the penultimate episode was real or not, although it is believed they have reconciled as Stewart got Blessed a bit part on Family Guy later in the year. There was Noel Edmonds, a victim of Bles ...
My celebs for this year. Noel Edmonds, Phil Taylor, Keith Chegwin, mike read and Bruce Forsyth
I'll try my best. If only I was as quick-witted as Chris Tarrant. Or Noel Edmonds. Or Bruce Forsyth...
As much as I love Bruce Forsyth, he should've been left behind in the nineties alongside Noel Edmonds and Liam Gallagher.
Tickled pink by all the RIP's for JR. Not to jump on a bandwagon but I thought I would get in first with the following RIP's. in no particular order (cos none of them are dead) my condolences to : Peter Beardsley, Noel Edmonds, X Factor voice over guy, Kevin Mccloud, Lee Majors, Bruce Forsyth (still alive at time of posting) and Charlie Dimmock. May they all rest in peace. Much love.
Tony Blackburn, Bruce Forsyth, Jim Bowen, Noel Edmonds, Chris Tarrant...the police are coming, don't answer the door in the morning!
Never mind Ant and Dec , Noel Edmonds , Bruce Forsyth , Cilla or Simon Cowell ! Alex Ferguson has been responsible for Britain's best weekend entertainment for the past 20 yrs regardless wether your a United fan or not . His teams are the reason Sundays are super !
we had this discussion today at work and said Rolf Harris, Noel Edmonds and Bruce Forsyth are all in on it too!
After watching the Jimmy Savile panorama last night I decided to make a list of people who I think are peados (1) Bruce Forsyth (2) Billy Connolly (3) Noel Edmonds (4) Mr Blobby (5) Ringo Star (6) The baldy guy that did The Crystal Maze. That is all.
Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds in the octagon as a finisher, no holds barred, knives or maces.
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