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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

Swap Shop Dave Lee Travis Question Time Shane Warne

Noel Edmonds hits out at Lloyds Bank's HBOS review process via
Doing our Noel Edmonds pub quiz. We get a reply, we get a win. Come on Noelie. give us a win!!
Elmo must have compromising photos of SB, Noel Edmonds & an Alsatian. Pretty obvious when you think ab…
Shortly after this was taken Noel Edmonds called and asked for his shirt back 📸
Now I know where Noel Edmonds got his look from.
Too right, I'd love to see a bit of Noel Edmonds or one of Girls Aloud in there
EUPHEMISM NEWS: "Noel Edmonds healthy looks down to 'slowly exercising in the dark'. ht…
Davis and May are absolutely horrific though. They couldn't get a good deal out of Noel Edmonds Swap Shop let alone the EU.
A game where the enemy is Noel Edmonds.
I know this: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Noel Edmonds and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction?
Ideal for hairy people like Noel Edmonds.
Actually, I can relate to the Adam Woodyatt thing. Just before Expendables 2 came out…
In the 90's we had Noel Edmonds House Party as prime time telly mate.
I love what you do but please, ask Noel not to say "chop" his foot off. It's too violent. Please speak more kindly
Can't wait for Andy Serkis' new film. . Noel Edmonds: The Pie Years.
Fun games but the UK Deal or No Deal is better. Nothing funnier than animated Noel Edmonds making boxes appear with…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm like runnings version of Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds to see the whole thing through to Deal or No Deal.
that Noel Edmonds fancy dress next to you? Awesome skills 8 hrs as Mr Blooby
Seems Murphy was on the Norwich plane after all does this mean no deal or deal ?? feel like big Noel Edmonds now
That looks like a cross between Jethro and Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds: I tried to kill myself after being hit by financial scam
Noel Edmonds reveals his kinky side.
They've cast Noel Edmonds as a new villain?
Similarly I find it impossible to watch most archive interviews on the DVD. Tired actors squirming on Noel Edmonds' sofa or whatever.
A serious thought on the career of Noel Edmonds:He's basically made a living out of gimicks where mone…
Noel Edmonds trying to get his camera film in.
HBOS: One person paid out & only Noel Edmunds likely to get anything left.
My family had a Noel Edmonds tea towel and if someone had bleached it I'd have grassed them tbf
No indeed. If I mocked, say, Noel Edmonds, I wouldn't be doing it in the hope of persu…
Re Briexit, did the multi-talented Noel Edmonds display clairvoyance with his compelling game show "Deal or no deal"?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
If you're unlucky it will be the camel dressed up as Noel Edmonds
You might get Noel Edmonds as part of the deal if you're lucky 😂
Noel Edmonds has let himself go a bit
Noel Edmonds. You heard it here first
Is that a drawing of Noel Edmonds on the wall?
Noel Edmonds plans documentary chronicling Lloyds's cover up of HBOS fraud and failure to compensate victims
I hope Noel Edmonds is the new doctor
In the famous words of Noel Edmonds! "What will your final answer be ? Deal.or no deal?"
It sounds like something Noel Edmonds would have said on Deal or No Deal. Ah, memories.
Happy birthday to the one and only Noel Edmonds ❤️
Mr Blobby decorating his new house with Noel Edmonds' skin and bones while Jack Whitehall looks frightened for his life -…
Or did you shock little Noel Edmonds with "Matt Bianco are wankers"?
A game where the player is Noel Edmonds.
A rule change doing away with permission didn't take place before Mike Smith had his say. I believ…
Back during the 90s UK Gold run, they did have to get the presenter's permission (Mike and Noel Edmon…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Get on on time , most of betting is luck not skill, deal or no deal etc . All Noel Edmonds fault
He also had a hit in 1975 with Eighteen With A Bullet, a Noel Edmonds fave when Noel was cool.
Defo gonna be listening to Tim Westwood and Noel Edmonds' new radio show
Nice of Noel Edmonds to stand in for Shane Warne on commentary this afternoon
Shane Warne is beginning to look like Noel Edmonds. Shiiit.
Noel Edmonds has fallen out with The Banker. #
HBOS fraud victims go unpaid. Shame on Lloyds mgt for going back on assurances they gave me &
victims go unpaid as battles Noel Edmonds
Is it true Migos buy their blouses from the same shop Noel Edmonds goes to for his?
Noel Edmonds 'pushed to the brink of suicide' after his business was destroyed.
I saw Noel Edmonds DJ there around 1977/78 in the town hall. Chauffeured there in Jim Davidson's Rolls Royce. Living the dream!
He's the only one that is still alive unless you count his twin Noel Edmonds.
Deal or no deal ? Who do you think you are Noel Edmonds ? LOL.
Five months after lengthy jail terms handed out, only one victim has received compensation
Currently listening to Noel Edmonds Radio . Note & its "independent" git Griggs. Money Talks
OBHS urafd victims go unpaid as Lloyds battles Noel Edmonds
I can't stand Anthea Turner. It's like looking at a female Noel Edmonds.
"Believe, believe!" Belief won't save ya from Brexit, any more than Noel Edmonds' cosmic ordering got him a new sh…
Noel Edmonds has launched a countdown clock as he demands compensation from Lloyds Banking Group. Hasn't he ever heard of cosmic ordering?
Noel Edmonds' claim is the latest twist in the HBOS fraud saga
I say no, after the way Noel Edmonds had that poor elephant shot that he owned as it no longer brought on money
personally goes head to head with the banker, as he hopes for £50m compensation deal by
Noel Edmonds launches new political party via
Noel Edmonds reportedly seeking £50 million in compensation over HBOS fraud.
is this the Noel Edmonds who wanted to "take over the BBC", or had found "a cure for cancer", or a different one?
Noel Edmonds seeks £50m damages for HBOS fraud. Read more: $LYG
Noel Edmonds seeking £50m in Lloyds fraud claim. Read more: $LYG
'Deal or no Deal' star Noel Edmonds claims £73m compensation from Lloyds
Deal or No Deal Noel Edmonds seeks £50m compensation for distress and humiliation in HBOS fraud.
Noel Edmonds seeks £50m compensation over Lloyds fraud -
Noel Edmonds seeks £50m from HBOS fraud scandal... Banker has offered him £5m... Deal or no Deal Noel?
Deal or no deal. Noel Edmonds demands £73 million compensation over HBOS fraud
I asked to book Marine A for my show later. She once booked Noel Edmonds for something. She…
'At least we made Noel Edmonds cry' The world needs the KLF, this is heart-swelling stuff
Is there Noel Edmonds. I remember Swap Shop. And the last one I taped. Somewhere. You used to have a lotus espri. Love those. Aston martin
(And they made Noel Edmonds cry) Return of the KLF: ‘They were agents of chaos. The world they anticipated is here’
"But at least we made Noel Edmonds cry" . Mu! Mu!.
A game where the protagonist has to troll Noel Edmonds.
would love to watch your Noel Edmonds GOTCA agian,can't find a clip anywhere. Wrighty? anyone?
>Noel Edmonds. Or 'Edmonds' as he refuses to say his name.
No deal and then you know what happens? You end up with the 10p box and a oh so sorry Noel Edmonds. Deal!
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, . Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.". - Noel Edmonds, Time Out Magazine.
Doesn't the presenter of (Norwegian) Melodi Grand Prix look like Noel Edmonds...
““They cut our guitars right down, but at least we made Noel Edmonds cry”” Yes, yes and YES.
Serious request. I need to get my hands on a high res image of Noel Edmonds. Don't suppose anyone out there has...
Join and in a live mockumentary investigating monsters, myths and Noel Edmonds. TICKETS:…
If the rabbits are getting stressed in the studio maybe Noel Edmonds could call in and calm them down?
The only way it could be better for the Lib Dems would be if the Tories had selected Noel Edmonds.…
UPDATE! Noel Edmonds on radio link to Billy Bagg copter pilot as effort to land at Labour HQ reaches breaking point.
Back when it was inclusive and didn’t involve Noel Edmonds.
noel Edmonds host the debate like it's a knock out, Teresa may dressed as a panto horse sat over water tub answering Q's
Spoiler alert: my speech on principled curriculum design at today’s Curriculum Summit will include a refer…
you won't need to call Noel Edmonds.
Yes. Not mine but cool if you've got it. As with most things, I blame Noel Edmonds.
When you suddenly realise you're the voice of a radio station created by Noel Edmonds 😂
Jamiroquai really is a later day Noel Edmonds isn't he...
'Imagine Noel Edmonds being your daddy' - Ross Williams
And the rest for watching the murder through their nets. They had to be silenced. The D…
Some people look to the Dali Lama, Jesus or Noel Edmonds for guidance. I look to
My grandparents met Noel Edmonds at their friends funeral...! You guys are getting me trough some very boring revision ☺️
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Noel Edmonds looks like he's been sleeping rough for the last 6 months
Good Lord don't tell me that Noel Edmonds is involved in with all this "Deal or No Deal" talk on 😃
Happy Star Day! Noel Edmonds is 24,961 days old today which is a Star number.
Noel Edmonds assures us that he is now sleeping with fishes...
Alan Partridge on his feud with Noel Edmonds – as read by Steve Coogan by The Guardian Podcasts via
Noel Edmonds takes a tour of the gallery of TC7 at BBC TVC within an edition of Swap Shop from 1981
Just watched a 1976 clip on YouTube with Noel Edmonds & John Snagge. Fascinating. How did Radio 1 keep records scratch free?
From today's timeline At least there's no Jimmy Tarbuck or Noel Edmonds on.
not way older; i saw the 90's, i remember rhythm is a dancer, supermarket sweep, and Noel Edmonds' house party!
people bounce. Back. Noel Edmonds ... bill oddie... there are others ..
Talk of Deal or No Deal in negotiations makes me think Noel Edmonds has something to do with it.
I would rather be attached by sellotape to Noel Edmonds . In the nude . Without ear *** or beard guard
Is it just me or does that chap look like Noel Edmonds masquerading as Father Christmas? 🎅🏻
The new £1 coin is out today. Here's a video guide from BBC3. "Each side represents the 12 moods of Noel Edmonds".
yeah the no.1 lookalike for noel edmonds is jeff jarrett in his longish short hair stage. Quite a resemblance
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Noel Edmonds?!? Are we getting the Mr Blobby vs Tony Blackburn Crinkly Bottom death match that we've all been waiting for
the proper less foam finger crowd will be there but who knows what Noel Edmonds has up his sleeve
Got to love people moaning about the Klitschko undercard - he could put Bryan Ferry vs Noel Edmonds on and it wouldn't effect sales
Should we get Noel Edmonds to take calls from the EU? Then ask 'deal or no deal?'.Sod off Brussels...Bunch of ***
That good be the deal breaker. A wee bit of Swappsys. Maybe Noel Edmon…
David Davis, the answer to a poor mans Noel Edmonds. Deal or No Deal the U.K. Is f**ked with the Tories in charge.
Noel Edmonds (my spirit guide) was here and no one told me!? The Universe has punished me for an inexplicable crime😣!
Geoff Maxted Deal Or No Deal: Don't worry, it's not Noel Edmonds, it's Theresa May putting the wind up UK car…
Noel Edmonds to feature heavily in next Reeves And Mortimer venture
Noel Edmonds is looking peaky, these days.
Brexit,deal or no deal,a bad deal better than no deal?wheres Noel Edmonds when you need him?
After - Deal... no deal... where's Noel Edmonds when you need him?
Every time "no deal" is said Noel Edmonds gets 10p, by the end of the program he'll be able to pay our EU leaving fees all on his own
Dead Or Not Dead with Noel Edmonds? 22 random boxes, 21 living humans and 1dead human within.Closest relative to make the choices
This version of Deal or No Deal isn't the same without Noel Edmonds
hm it means. Noel Edmonds is still in a job or.
Where is Noel Edmonds when you need him!
Am i watching or Deal or no Deal its only missing Noel Edmonds
Remember that time the banker rang up Noel Edmonds tripping balls?
If Mary Berry grew a beard, and a mullet, and wore a paisley shirt, you're not far off a Noel Edmonds
"Britain After Brexit" Deal or no Deal where the fxxk is Noel Edmonds when you need him..
Noel Edmonds would never allow there to be No Deal
Can't we just get May, Tusk & Noel Edmonds into a room. Put Norway option in 1 box & WTO rules in another, everything else in between
Deal no deal. I am surprised Noel Edmonds isn't on
Feels like Noel Edmonds should be chairing this Question Time. All I'm hearing is "Deal or No Deal".
Watching and feels as if this debate is about the rules of Noel Edmonds deal or no deal gameshow.
just waiting for Noel Edmonds to come out.., deal or no deal
I thought Deal Or No Deal had been axed, feels like Noel Edmonds is about to appear in a minute with this debate
Channel 4 used to do the alternative Christmas message. Maybe they should do an alternative Brexit hosted by Noel Edmonds
I've seen 10 minutes of Brexit Special, and it feels like Noel Edmonds should be presenting this with 22 boxes...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If we are talking about a deal or a no deal on Brexit terms then perhaps it's better that Noel Edmonds leads negotiations
Why has no one suggested that we get Noel Edmonds to do the yet? 🤔. .
Only Noel Edmonds can sort out Deal or No Deal.
I hear a lot about deals and no deals... yet Noel Edmonds is no where to be found
Can't Noel Edmonds help us decided whether it'll be a good deal or not? He is an expert in this field after all.
Who put on. Mrs B and I back to arguing about 🙄Noel Edmonds must be delighted deal or no deal
Deal or No Deal is Noel Edmonds conducting the negotiations on
Can we get Noel Edmonds to decide wether we get a deal or no deal?
Would love to see Noel Edmonds negotiate the Brexit deal with 22 mysterious boxes
If the Question Time panel don't stop saying 'deal' or 'no deal' three times in a sentence, Noel Edmonds is going to appear with a red box.
Noel Edmonds is being brought in to discuss the nuanced deals available
all this deal or no deal is reminding me simply of Noel Edmonds and probably will be very similar
Where's Noel Edmonds when you need him
Watching Question Time waiting for the banker to ring and Noel Edmonds to answer and sort this Brexit deal out
Expecting Noel Edmonds to pop up in a minute…. who even approved this question?
According to the panel Noel Edmonds should be leading the negotiations the EU playing the banker
all this talk of deals and no deals, is Noel Edmonds getting royalties?
Watching Question Time and all this talk of no deal I feel like Noel Edmonds will pop up any time now
Government policy should never be based on a game show fronted by Noel Edmonds.
Bad deal? No deal?. The view of Noel Edmonds and The Banker are needed.
Where's Noel Edmonds to do the Brexit: Deal Or No Deal special?
Noel Edmonds is good with deals and no deals.
Deal or No Deal is the question. Noel Edmonds is not anywhere to be seen either. live chat >>>
Also referred to as 'the Noel Edmonds'
what about Noel Edmonds wouldnt make you swear?
In the craziest ever game of deal or no deal- no deal is distinct possibility! perhaps Noel Edmonds can twi…
These 'no Brexit deal' comments make me think of a contestant refusing the final Deal or no Deal box while a confused Noel Edmonds looks on.
I would never have taken you as a follower of that giant of philosophy Noel Edmonds' positive thought
Probably had too much cake & with no water in your body you are unable to provide content. Call Noel Edmonds!
Exciting news- I'm almost positive Noel Edmonds lives in the big house with in/out gates at the top of my road. Drives black Range Rover.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Noel Edmonds puts fake dummy on boat in his lake is it reel or no deal.
This week's chat on Ep2 has it all: Knife throwing! Hypnotism! Noel Edmonds! Photocopiers! • Listen now 👉…
Ricky Tomlinson going through, what is now known as the "Noel Edmonds stage of adulthood", at the moment I see
As I suddenly reflect on how much worse this would all be if Noel Edmonds was hosting it.
Can't believe I'm watching someone get a Noel Edmonds portrait tattoo
Do the right thing and apologise to Noel Edmonds.
Ego 'The Living Planet' looks like Noel Edmonds from an alternate universe where he's as effortlessly cool as he tr…
Noel Edmonds is one of our leading scientific brains. Proved beyond doubt that wind turbines are highly dangerous. Muc…
THE noel edmonds from deal or no deal i hate people honestly
GIRLS im SCREAMING im watching tattoo fixers n this woman wants a tattoo dedicated to noel edmonds
Noel Edmonds refereeing would be a football innovation I'd like to see too.
What? Charles Wells have built a life size statue of a young Noel Edmonds? Craft beer has eaten itself.
this article reads so much like Alan partridge on Noel Edmonds
My daughter surprised me today with a homemade Noel Edmonds fairy cake.
"While your waiting for Noel Edmonds House Party, your missing out on Alan Carr's Chatty Man"
so I guess you've been shagging Noel Edmonds
I would really love it if you could do an undercover on Noel Edmonds Or are you frightened?
Oh that's easy ' Green Godesses ' , Noel Edmonds did a stint on Top Gear early on plus Angela Rippon
Might get a Noel Edmonds tattoo myself now
What is your opinion on Noel Edmonds?
When told he's 2nd most generous celeb after Elton John, said: "Everyone else must be bloody tight!"
Patch notes: the protagonist has to play scrabble with Noel Edmonds.
George Michael hailed 'one of the most generous people to ever walk planet' by Noel Edmonds via
She wants a tattoo of Noel Edmonds on her thigh?. Who is on the other one? Bruno sodding Brookes?.
I still miss Noel Edmonds doing Dingly Dale on a Sunday morning followed by the hairy monster Dave Lee Travis. Proper radio 😄
Kat (just Kat). Juggler, fire eater, and owner of world's largest hall of mirrors (Noel Edmonds was…
Noel Edmonds will be the next celebrity outed as a paedo mark my words
Anyone watching the one show ? The description given of Noel Edmonds back in the day screams peado.
Happy 20th Noel Edmonds warning about "cake" (fake drug) stimulating the part of the brain called "shatners bassoon". I 😂😂😂
some beautiful bloke who bears a striking resemblance to a much better looking Noel Edmonds, and who also loves V8's. ❤
The Noel Edmonds chapter deserves to be on the National Curriculum (if such a thing still exists)
Come to think of it, i've never seen Assange and Noel Edmonds in the same room...
Is it just me, or the older Y2J gets the more he looks like Noel Edmonds?
That time Noel Edmonds shot Clive Anderson on Brass Eye is a less extreme event than Trump's White House
He's been raiding Noel Edmonds wardrobe by the looks of things
Did really just get tickets for a sold out event by sending a girl a pic of Noel Edmonds doing deal or no deal?Yes.Yes she did
I'd love to see Noel Edmonds on 'ere, banging out a bit of Chumbawamba.
"Ask Jack, I had labels playing deal or no deal like I'm Noel Edmonds"
A game where the protagonist has to stalk Noel Edmonds.
Big Brother House. 1977!. There you go TV Execs. Have that for free!. BB house 1977 stylee!. Noel Edmonds cameo appearance! With Cheggers!
what's Noel Edmonds doing to Trump's tiny hand?!?
Filming underway on new Noel Edmonds gameshow 'Cheap Cheap Cheap' made by for htt…
Noel Edmonds is returning to Channel 4 with a brand new game show
Ah, hip tunes. I`m sure Tony Blackburn, Dave Lee Travis and Noel Edmonds are still Top of the Pops.
Hamster wondering why he keeps getting mistaken for Noel Edmonds
New deal for Bottle Yard Studios as Noel Edmonds selects it again for his latest gameshow | Bristol Business News
the flowery one is a bit Alfie Moon/Noel Edmonds, so go for the birds 😀
Nan just had a pure breakdown cause her friend told her Noel Edmonds was dead
I had no idea until now he was in UKIP, it's like I found that show where Noel Edmonds was going mental about local councils...
“Would the cat know who Noel Edmonds is?” STILL makes me howl!
Noel Edmonds and Posh Paws which was an anagram of Swap Shop
ha! The video is truly something to behold ! And the fact that Noel Edmonds looks exactly the same...freaky that!
If that was true, Noel Edmonds would be out of a job.
Noel Edmonds is long overdue a visit from Yewtree
Jessica is visualising a win, lots of people's this method of visualising getting what you want. Noel Edmonds is a big fan
there she is, Noel Edmonds' evil twin sister has piped up
. I think it's that law of attraction thing, people like Noel Edmonds do it apparently...
The commercial break announcing the death of Noel Edmonds had me in a state of complete confusion.
Your Mr Blobby is tied to a timebomb. Do you torture Noel Edmonds?. Yes.
The dj looks like a mash up between Noel Edmonds and Dave Lee Travis
Breast Cancer Awareness
That is outstanding. For when you need to out-Noel Edmonds Noel Edmonds.
Just favorited "Radio One 10th Anniversary Clips Edmonds, Blackbur..." by Noel Tyrrel on Mixcloud
A game where the player has to dance with Noel Edmonds.
I didn't know the part of Thor had been recast? Noel Edmonds kept that quiet.
Noel edmonds had a couple of drinks
Imagine Noel Edmonds on Swap Shop reading out your winning postcard, "from Emma Scutt i…
I never understood as a child how Noel Edmonds' head didn't fall off his relatively tiny body.
Wasn't it Noel Edmonds who said positivity cures cancer?
morining lads congrates on last night's noel edmonds has 4 red. Boxes missing
Suffering Deal or No Deal withdrawal? Never fear, Noel is back with a brand new game show called Cheap Cheap Cheap…
what's odds can I get on the queen, Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds to die in 2017?
I told Noel Edmonds he was stupid and it was reported on loads of news websites. And the Daily Mail...
how can you be the independent adjudicator? It'd be like Noel Edmonds opening the boxes.
By the way, nothing but Noel Edmonds exists.
Spent the good lady's birthday in bath, only downside was bumping into Noel Edmonds, I guess you can't have it all;)
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genuinely never seen a worse show. It got a major slagging!
CW could sign Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds and I'd think it was an astute deal 😍
Someone told me today that I look like a young Noel Edmonds.
Maybe Trump is in fact Noel Edmonds with prosthetics on. Like when he used to surprise people on Noel's Christmas Presents.
Alright, just gimme a mo. This final villanelle about Noel Edmonds won't write itself you know.
Fine with the costume in principal but I'll need to know the deets on that in advance. The charity will be Noel Edmonds pet line.
that face when you meet Noel Edmonds in town
Just going out to busk - pretty sure I saw Noel Edmonds in Bath :D The man doesn't age :)
Britain turns to Noel Edmonds to lead Brexit negotiations.
Noel Edmonds to launch world’s first radio station for animals, denies he’s “lost the plot”:
another Master story that I thought as a kid that Ainley was Noel Edmonds..
That's a beauty. My other half grew a beard while working away. Ended up looking like Noel Edmonds to my horror
Much improved version of my insta post. Shoutout shoutout Noel Edmonds
So if we go down the "Noel Edmonds Swop Shop" route we could all swop our rubbish Celebrations for ones we like ?…
My cat's possessed by Noel Edmonds! World exclusive. Only in this week's
"And Julian said he looks nothing like an albino Noel Edmonds, and that must be true too. So there. Jinx, no come b…
I tried to call in to Noel Edmonds "Swap Shop" but there wasn't any demand for kala loon or mustard oil back in the day!
An interactive experience where the enemy is Noel Edmonds.
Surprised Noel Edmonds isn't sniffing around the house as he loves the Kosmos!
and all of them know who Noel Edmonds according to Noel Edmonds
Congrats to WSU students who earned 2nd place in competition.
The presenter looked like he was expecting Noel Edmonds to peel off a Chris Sutton mask and scream "gotcha!"
An interactive experience where the protagonist has to interrogate Noel Edmonds.
Somebody once said "Noel Edmonds reminds me of a lion that went to a fancy dress party dressed as a man". Can't remember who b…
PM's Brexit strategy will be reveals Noel Edmonds; "All the boxes will be empty and Mark Carney refus…
Is that supposed to be irony? Or are they saying it in the same way you would about Timmy Mallet or Noel Edmonds? 🙈
Here's an excerpt...don't forget, if except, with a P - not exert.
.to think Noel Edmonds is a good option for
you're like Noel Edmonds with that phone!! Someone bloody ring him soon, my feed is full
I was thinking about power cuts earlier. Am I a witch/Noel Edmonds?
looks like Noel Edmonds on the right!
Mr blobby spotted hanging out at in Crawley. Just need noel.edmonds.official
Noel Edmonds: Who’s the first Noel?. His wife: Oh God. Not again. Him: Do it. Her (wearily): You’re the first Noel. *lovem…
good eyes, is that Noel Edmonds on the cover ?
Has Noel Edmonds had a hair cut since Deal or no Deal Started?!
Got an audition to go on Noel Edmonds new game show 🙈🙈🙈😩
Noel Edmonds not coming across very well .
Last year I wrote a Christmas story about Noel Edmonds in a post-apocalyptic London. Suggestions for this year's theme or storyline please!
Thought I'd give the Dragon a break from my picture and put in Noel Edmonds getting the axe.
Currently sat in a bar drinking a pint of ale called Gypsy Tears & I can see a man that looks just like Noel Edmonds. I bloody love Canada.
There's a case for a Noel Edmonds referendum, but it would be dumb. There's no case for a re-run.
If Porky bust found on an online auction for £280 Or is it noel Edmonds ?
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