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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

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Noel Edmonds before he has his beard painted on.
Deal or no Deal only without Noel Edmonds.
Every time I slag off Noel Edmonds, I lose a follower.
In an independent Scotland, we will be free of Noel Edmonds.
There's something inherently suspicious about noel edmonds beard.
Noel Edmonds looks like a lion doing an impression of a paedophile.
nothing will top your Noel Edmonds, with skin toned Lycra suit.nothing.
Noel Edmonds Swap Shop. I'd like to swap an etch a sketch with a cracked screen and one button missing for a new bike please.
I trimmed mine then looked like Noel Edmonds, so it came off. Like Noel, it's making a steady comeback.
we need to get Noel Edmonds as a host. could be the banker 😃
Not that exciting. Just a glitch in the genepool. Like Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds says the BBC is 'terminally ill' and wastes 48 million on Gaelic/Welsh programmes. My respect has increased for wee Noel
:/ Chewie always reminded me of Noel Edmonds. I wonder if he also dyes his face a different colour now?
Hmm me too ((hugs))...had hair cut sat ahead of this w/e and now look like a female Noel Edmonds
noel year with a new dye job.
Russell Brand's love child with a young Noel Edmonds.
Incredible photos from SanFran in the and proof that Noel Edmonds doesn't age
Noel Edmonds facial hair at the movies No.36. Psycho.
channelling Noel Edmonds. You need to go deeper into TV Centre than you dare to find the old Duffer Cabin. Cave! (Latin).
If I had my own local live show that was similar in fashion and style to Noel Edmonds's Swap Shop and the local...
Or Noel Fielding in fancy dress as Noel Edmonds
your programme is a big con and you and Noel Edmonds are in on this and you should be taken off air.
How Noel Edmonds still has excitement for Deal or No Deal is beyond me
Then to kick off you're weekend glorifying/denying the rise again of Noel Edmonds were on 18th April
I would rather suck Noel Edmonds' toes than watch Made in Chelsea tonight
Noel Edmonds straight out the seventies American cop deal or no deal
Recon id have to one bang noel edmonds if I ever went on deal or no deal
"Have you walked away from one of the most extraordinary finishes I can recall?"Noel Edmonds skips the "in the whole HISTORY of Deal" clause
How can Deal or No Deal still be going?...yeah it was original when it first came out.9 years ago!.do one Noel Edmonds.
Not seen Noel Edmonds face for a little while. What the *** is going on with his beard?
Never seen but putting on for new I see Noel Edmonds' hair is still impressive after all these years
"The most extraordinary thing about hour performance is it's not a performance, it's you." Noël Edmonds hits the extraordinary button.
Concerns about a Noel Edmonds takeover at the BBC increase as the new 'Strictly' host is unveiled.
Off work today and watching Deal or No Deal. Noel Edmonds beard is so much darker than his hair that it looks weird :-/
A dont get this deal or no deal, are they aw pals before it or sumhin, wen they ask fur a box they say aw a hope its 10p ure an amazin guy. Stop kiddin on yise r aw pals n yise want him tae win the big bucks. Ps noel edmonds is ma dad
When doing algebra, one must remember to keep a photograph of Noel Edmonds inside a jar of pickled onions for good luck.
he ended up winning 👍 now Noel Edmonds has approached my TV screen with his red boxes 🌞
Noel Edmonds presents Deal or No Deal watch in 5 minutes on CH4
It was revealed in a hilarious and ridiculous interview on Newsnight earlier this week that Noel Edmonds, along with a consortium of unknown associates of his, hopes to buy the BBC. The group, working under the name ‘Project Reith’, wants to save the apparently ailing BBC by buying it and turning it...
You may have missed: on what Noel Edmonds taught him about getting mentioned in the media
Free to people who support the BBC, that is. So not for Noel Edmonds, the beardy, BBC-bashing, box-botherer.
That said, I wonder what Noel Edmonds is up to these days.
They are already calling us the new Noel Edmonds and Keith Chegwin.
With apologies to Noel Edmonds - how to get written media for your small
that is until Noel Edmonds gets his despotic hands on it ;-)
I added a video to a playlist Noel edmonds dont pay for a BBC TV license...
Is that Noel Edmonds and his brother?
£100 to be won on The Mystery Voice today - latest guess is Noel Edmonds - next chance to play is at 12-30 today with Murf!
what's going on with Noel Edmonds beard these days?! oh and morning!
New tv show. Single parents fight to the death for 250,000 pounds paid in coins. Of which, 50,000 must be thrown at an on fire Noel Edmonds. The remaining 200,000 pound coins must then be carried home by the single parent and their deprived children by hand. Thoughts?
on a similar theme... Who's your favourite noel? Edmonds, fielding or Gallagher?
The BBC is "sleepwalking to destruction", veteran presented Noel Edmonds said as he explained his hope to buy the corporation along with a consortium of wealthy investors. He said only an injection of outside influence could make the broadcaster "relevant to the internet age" and admitted that he di...
has parry really called joey barton ugly? Hark at the fat noel edmonds
Is it just me but Noel Edmonds is a right creepy *** ..
I've said it before and I'll say it again.why on earth does Noel Edmonds and the contestants on deal or no deal,make it out to be something it plainly isn't . There's no game plan,no strategy etc. It's a bloody poxy guessing game,with no skill whatsoever !!!
Bet Noel edmonds is hung like a baby os
The only way that 'Deal or No Deal' would be tolerable would be if the boxes had different classes of drugs, the people holding the boxes were crack *** the banker was a dealer and Noel Edmonds was Super Hanz
I remember Noel Edmonds playing For Your Eyes Only on the radio and then criticising it for being in too high a register for Sheena Easton.
HIGHWAY STARS ALERT: MY INTERVIEW FOR BBC TV'S TOP GEAR. Just read in the media news that Suzy Perry was going to join Top Gear, but turned it down in 2002. Well that's funny because I was only just talking about the time I was interviewed for BBC TV's TOP GEAR. But it was much earlier, around 1998? Clarkson had left to do his TV chat show. The current line up was Tiff, Quentin, and a selection of guest presenters usually motoring journalists. Anyway, I was deemed to be too much like Clarkson, (attitude not looks) I also liked American cars which didn't get me any points with the producer. Needless to say I didn't get the job Top Gear was taken off air a short while afterwards. Until Clarkson came back and made it what it is today. The UPSHOT to this if there is one, is that it made me write this e-book, and I also scripted it for TV. It was represented by Noel Edmonds' Production company for awhile, but somehow a deal with a broadcaster never happened. Close but no cigar. However, I will be filming HIGHW ...
Love the idea that Noel Edmonds' consortium for the BBC bid is Mr Blobby, Cheggers & Chris Tarrant
17 years after reportedly shooting Clive Anderson, Noel Edmonds eviscerates Jeremy Paxman on TV.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Noel Edmonds thinks the BBC spends too much on Welsh, I think the BBC spends to much on Noel Edmonds.
BBC News - Home // AUDIO: Noel Edmonds plans to buy the BBC
Cracks found in parallel universe - and it appears that man Noel Edmonds has found his way in again with views on Welsh & BBC. Call the Dr!
Noel Edmonds criticises BBC for spending £48m on the Welsh language
Noel Edmonds is right, Welsh is declining. And it's the fault of those who've refused to confront colonisation. Now it's …
Noel Edmonds reckons the BBC can be "saved" by following the business models of Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Cadburys & British Airways. So, getting taken over by Indians, Germans, Americans or merging with the Spanish then? Ram it up your Crinkley Bottom, beardface. No deal.
Gemma looked like Mr blobby walking down the road, I was waiting for noel edmonds to pop out
Thanks, Stu. It's a great honour to receive this accolade, especially since it was Noel Edmonds-based x
I think everyday I'm not Noel Edmonds is a blessing, apart from the fact he's massively richer than me. That's it though x
Look on the bright side you could be Noel Edmonds with his Crinkly Bottom. Every day that we aren't is a blessing x
Dear Noel Edmonds £100k by tomorrow or I'll say you wanked me off in Swap Shop! Deal.or no Deal?
Caught sight of Noel Edmonds Jurassic pubic hair beard before...really ruined my Sunday evening.
Who wouldn't be delighted in finding a naked Noel Edmonds in
Noel Edmonds beard had a long running feud with Kenny Everett's, it was clearly jealousy on Edmonds part.
Saturday Night Takeaway & have a lot to thank Noel Edmonds for
I would bring back Noel Edmonds House Party
it just is. Noel Edmonds can bugger off too.
It's been a good week for articles and pictures. Thankfully not all of Noel Edmonds.
What Is Noel Edmonds thinking with that beard? He's not fooling anyone!!
Noel Edmonds beard looks like a 5 year old kid has just come along and coloured it in with a crayon.
. I saw Noël Edmonds at Bristol Airport once. Shorter than I thought. . He bought his house (near Bristol) from Hinge & Bracket
Who remembers multi coloured Swap Shop with noel edmonds on a saturday morning , x
The day noel edmonds retires will be a good one!
What is going on with Noel Edmonds's beard? It looks more & more evil each time I see it!
One of these days Noel Edmonds is going to lose it and start flinging his filth about the studio like a frenzied chimpanzee.
how odd is Noel Edmonds beard? It looks like it's been spray painted on
What in the name of insanity is going on with Noel Edmonds' beard?
Don't even get me started. Holding hands / apologise after they open a box if its their fault. / Banker and noel edmonds!
AHHH can't express my hatred for noel edmonds, patronising *** ugh
Watching Deal or No Deal and there is no doubt in my mind that Noel Edmonds is a "beast"!
Noel Edmonds has a strong quiff game
*** has Noel edmonds done dying his beard? It looks like that kiddies sketch game where you put magnetic shavings on a face
First time watched deal or no deal. Is noel edmonds always been a ***
Just put the telly on to be confronted by Deal or no deal. Has Noel Edmonds had some kind of surgery? Had to turn it off because I couldn't cope with frenzied clapping and whooping when I've just got in.
Has Noel Edmonds started dying his beard?
Just flicking through the TV channels, what the *** has Noel Edmonds done to his beard? Has he been attacked by a box of 'Just for Men' or a permanent marker pen???
Accidentally watching Deal or No Deal. Noel Edmonds is such a prat. A good for nothing ruddy prat.
Where the *** does noel Edmonds buy his hair form?
That is a great result. So, can we expect you to auction off your Noel Edmonds collection now?
I told Chris Evans he was the new Noël Edmonds in The Garage in 1995
Put yourself in the 'driving seat' to realise your lifelong ambition...Noel Edmonds did!!
In case you ever wondered, this is the anatomy of Noel Edmonds... :
I would give anything to spend just one more Sunday with my grandma drinking tea watching deal or no deal listening to talk about noel Edmonds and his crazy shirts! Never take the little things for granted! 💜
Loved it. never channelled Noel Edmonds more than in that scene.
Weirdest thing I've seen was on Friday when Noël Edmonds went mental when scored.Surreal
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The wind is back!!! Great for a freshening walk. Surf could be good somewhere with some shelter! Sets are spot high to Mr Blobby dancing with Noel Edmonds on the new extension at crinkley bottom manor house with wham playing club tropicana on the lawn.
So does Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch go to the same beard colourist as Noël Edmonds?
Had some weird dream last night that I was playing 5-a-side football with James Corden, , Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby
Temperature Rising by Noel Edmonds thought things happen have helped invent rituals of well pleased Thank god want Anyone has Something.
Noel Edmonds albums getting thrown in too I'm sick of it
The worst possible quiz machine scenario is the one whereby one is repeatedly subjected to Noel Edmonds' bracket.
Did I tell anyone me n Amy met Noel Edmonds the other day
There's a fruit machine next to me with Noel Edmonds' face on. I never noticed before how much he looks like Robin... :)
Gran just comes out with Noel Edmonds face looks like a *** . Help!!!
Dr Dre is presenting a new game show with Noel Edmonds...Diggity or No Diggity
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, more commonly known simply as Swap Shop, was a UK children's television programme. It was broadcast on Saturday mornings on BBC1 for 176,episodes in six series between 1976 and 1982. It was ground-breaking in many ways: by being live, sometimes up to three hours in length, and using the phone-in format extensively for the first time on TV.Its creation was thought by many to be the BBC's response to the growing success of ITV's Tiswas - although at the time the latter was only broadcast in the ATV region in the Midlands and had yet to be taken up by other ITV franchises around the country.The show was hosted by Noel Edmonds and his associates from the beginning were Keith Chegwin, John Craven and later, in 1978, Maggie Philbin. The show's presenters formed a pop group called Brown Sauce in December 1981 and released a single called "I Wanna be a Winner". The song peaked at number 15 in the UK Singles Chart and stayed in the Top 40 for a total of nine weeks. Also featured was Posh ...
not long left to get your tickets !! people between 11 / 14 bouts of top class amateur boxing with local lads and lads from around the midlands meal ticket are £35.00 for top class 3 course waitress service meal pre boxing all at ludlow racecourse please share Sam Hartley , Ash Moule , Chadd Lennox Woodfield , James Ns Key , Chris Preece , Chrisiboy Roberts , Charlie Barnfield , Ben Bywater , Noel Edmonds , Terry Dean Smith , Gabrielle Jayne come on lets get these tickets sold
Is that Noel Edmonds in pic 9? (Yes I know it isn't but it made me think of him)
im looking to form a band based on the teachings of Noel Edmonds.beards will be compulsory.inbox me
All facial coverings in this country should be banned including beards, apart from noel
Oh well oh well noel edmonds of deal or no deal was at the rovers match tonight watching the gas nice to see noel is a gas head
Quote of the night already from Leanne Rodgers "I quite fancy Noel Edmonds"
With Alan Payne Nick Hibbs noel Edmonds and a gaggle of midgets
Noel Edmonds in Kiddy today and I didn't know! :-(
Christ almighty, has Noel Edmonds been dying his beard or summat? Sinister is not the word.
I hate to state the obvious. But. Can I just say at this juncture that Noel Edmonds is a *** !!!
Noel Edmonds' beard is the most ridiculous thing in the world.
Rushing to svr to meet Noel Edmonds :D
Noel Edmonds will be the next arrested on operation yewtree.. Definite nonce.
John skin looking like noel edmonds. Ha
Noel Edmonds winklepickers are a health and safety issue
Noel Edmonds does half go on lol. The poor bloke is waiting for the outcome
Not that this is all that important but does anybody else agree that deal or no deal is over the top and irritating, noel edmonds is just trying to make himself look 20 years younger. *** off back to cricket st thomas and blobbyland
Had a great time last night at the Bristol hippodrome. Barry humpries was brilliant! As Maurice was wheeling me along on the centre in my w.chair we bumped into this guy.I was like ooo ur Noel Edmonds!!...he'd watched the show as well.. friendly ( v.short) guy. ..
Weirdest Day, went to watch Dame Edna Everage who I just don't get at all! Funniest thing about the show was Noel Edmonds huge thick hair on his head in front of me blocking the view?! All in a random Tuesday!
Just caught up with the brilliance of Simon Day in BBC's 'Life of Rock with Bruce Pern'. His audition for the Bowie role in Labyrinth, Paul Whitehouse making his guitar sound 'like a seagull' and Nigel Havers' best role in years as Rick Wakeman's synthesizer rival worth the price of licence fee alone. All this and Noel Edmonds swearing too.
Life Of Rock with Brian Pern is largely crap, but it is saved by appearances by Mulligan and O'Hare, Nigel Havers and (believe it or not) Noel Edmonds!
pardon me for asking but watched rock programe last nite and Noel Edmonds bread seems to have got so much darker over the years ...or is it my eye's and the fact that i have never liked him lol
Tuesday teaser Noel Edmonds facial hair has more colours than a chocolate digestive. So I ask Is he a hairy human or a bearded biscuit ??
Chock-a-block, The Gentle Touch and Noel Edmonds using the 'F' word all in one programme! Tonight's 'The life of Rock with Brian Pern' was very funny indeed!
Noel Edmonds to record special one-off episode of Noel's House Party to celebrate Dave Lee Travis being cleared of indecent assault.
Would just like to point out that "Runny Bottom" is not a Saturday night quiz show fronted by Noel Edmonds but a "Serious Medical Affliction".
Can you tell the difference between today's Noel Edmonds and Team America: World Police after high tech under cover transformation?
Are people really knocking back alloy wheel cleaner? Surreal. Waiting for Noel Edmonds & Rolf Harris to denounce it...
Ok God (if there is one) Cosmic ordering... (if your a bit Noel edmonds) or even Noel Fielding cos hes funny..Fate ,luck, jammyness... Silver Spoon... Royal, Luck (some people are really lucky). Lottery (doubt it).. PLESE can i get lucky and be like one of the smarmy Dragons with loads of dosh,white teeth and a Pa... Money please and i'll even donate £3 a month to sponsor a donkey. inbox me your credit card details and hey dont all rush at once... or if God youre really that good just fill up my current account.
In the words on Noel Edmonds, swap or no swap
Would literally walk over broken glass just to get a chance of punching Noel Edmonds in his annoying face.
My Brit family and friends I'm watching the news about these HURENDOUS storms , ur havin these and in parts of the states we're havin these snowstorms ,CRAZY.Then I'm watching story about a d.j.I remember Dave Lee Travis as a sexual predator?,Jimmy Saville as a pedivile ,I don't know how long this was but I watched them on Top of the Pops in the late sixties / 70's :) next I'll be hearin Tony Blackburn and Noel Edmonds were up to no good ,say it isn't so. SMH. :)
Someone asked me this week when did I meet and ask my Wife to Marry me? Well we were both watching Noel Edmonds at the time when she turned to me and showed me this box, She then said Deal Or No Deal? I dealt :) However I wish I had kept the red box now :)
Deal Or No Deal has to be the worst quiz show on TV. Noel Edmonds is such a ***
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Yeah, I bet Mr Blobby is in protective custody with the police right now waiting for Noel Edmonds' warrant for operation YewTree!
Noel Edmonds wants Emma *** to contact Deal or no deal with the answer :) get in, happy again!
First time in years I've been home in time for Deal or no Deal. *** has Noel Edmonds done to himself? And last time I saw a beard like that was when Hogan was in the nWo !!!
Watching love week on Deal or No Deal and there's all these couples that met on the show. Well that's the answer then - go on Deal or No Deal! Knowin my bloomin luck I'll end up with Noel Edmonds!
Deal or no deal. I don't understand the rules. And why is Noel Edmonds wearing so much eyeliner?!
Would love to smack noel Edmonds across the face with a horse ***
It's Saving the 70s Show 297! Ordinarily I post these shows on Friday morning, but I'm a little afraid that a power outage during the refreeze of all this white stuff could make uploading impossible in the morning. Show 297 has lots of variety, and lots of tasty audio tidbits. Remember affiliates, you're invited to contribute audio to our 300th show...send me in your words (approximately 15 seconds...a little shorter or longer is fine) why you carry Saving the 70s, and any thoughts on the milestone of our 300th show. Send to RadioGiant Listeners are invited to send audio as well, if you'd like. Show 297 will air across the network in nine countries next week, but you can preview it now by clicking below. Here's what's in 297 SHOW 297 SEGMENT 01 00:00 BBC Radio One-Noel Edmonds (1973 Rockin' Roll Baby-Stylistics The air that I breathe-Hollies Summer-War Black Water-Doobie Brothers Outcue: “ you stay right here” (OUT AT 17:54) SEGMENT 02 00:00 Star Trek The Motion Picture (teaser trailer) Summer ( ...
Bloody Archery in Deal or No Deal! Whats that about? What ever happened to the good old days when you just went in and told Noel Edmonds a sad story about how you need the money for your poor Granny or to help a sick cat and just open the bloody boxes without all this fruitin about thats going on these days! Does my head in.
TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!! On Thursday 13th Feb, THE REPUBLIC OF FENTONIA welcomes 4 bands that have evolved to encompass several genres, the common-denominator, consciously or otherwise, being punk rock...this is gonna be quite an interesting gig! PERCY (post-punk band from York) "Founded in York in May 1996. Percy are a distinctive evolution of the North of England's post-punk indie pioneers. Percy challenge style, convention and tempo. They're difficult to categorise as musical genres get used and abused with little mercy. Punk, Reggae, Swing, Glam, Country and Rock all get a turn but all provide a slick underpinning to a collection of wonderfully witty stories; Colin's lyrical vision of today's England includes call centre drones, getting old, Doncaster working mens clubs, Politicians, Payday loans and our very dear Noel Edmonds. Often bleak but there's more than enough black humour to raise a wry smile. The press description of percy's music is as imaginative as the music itself and the band seem to ...
Oh dear Noel Edmonds stop dyeing your beard!
I don't think Noel Edmonds is wearing enough makeup!
Also BBC East ought to be aware of this Constable of "Renewable Energy Foundation" is pretending to be pro-renewables, but he seems to be backed by Noel Edmonds (who runs a helicoper hire company), right wing City spin doctors and fossil fuel interests. The BBC could have found this out with a quick Google, but instead Richard Bond (former EDP business editor) does the lead item on their flagship East programme based on what John Constable tells him.
I asked my boss to name 5 top djs today . Easy ... 1... Noel Edmonds . I'm crying by this point 😂😂😂😂
Any one remember swop shop with Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds look like the love child of Pirlo and chuck Norris
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Is it wrong that when I grow up I wanna look like Noel Edmonds?? Is it?? Too much day time TV this week, I think!!..
Verdict expected soon in the Dave Lee Travis case. Personally, I'm hoping that the prosecution asks to break legal protocol by bringing in a last minute witness. Enter Mr Blobby, who takes to the stand saying 'blobby blobby blobby'. Noel Edmonds then pops out, hands DLT a shiny gold statuette, exclaiming 'Gotcha!'. The Hairy Cornflake then shakes his fists at him and says 'grrr, I'll get you next time, Edmonds!'
Coming to ITV soon 'Bounce!' 12 celebrities show off their skills on a trampoline in my garden with your hosts Noel Edmonds & Carol Vorderman
If you're the kind of person who talks about work or weather on your dinner break, I put you in the same category as Jimmy Savile, Hitler and Noel Edmonds
"Winterbottom asked me: 'Why didn't you just punch him?' That would have been great television had he flicked his head back and I floored Noel Edmonds"
That time that Myra Hindley presented Swap Shop is still an embarrassment for Noel Edmonds
I am upset by the lack of memes of Noel Edmonds with the words 'deal with it' on it
Don't fool yourself into thinking you have the majesty that Noel Edmonds holds..
Bob Mortimer does an impersonation of Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds stands there like "Ohh what a shame. You could've won, cleared your debts, had your dream wedding. But you're still poor"
I've watched Deal or No Deal a few times right, and whenever someone loses Noel Edmonds is the BIGGEST ***
The voice/Kyle minogue is almost if not on par as been as annoying as deal or not deal/Noel Edmonds all put on for the cameras and to get more viewers... well I've just switched on and straight back off again so irritating
Lyon vs Sochaux. 0-0 just started the second half. Do I cash in my acca and get £135 or hope for the Lyon win and get £360? Feel like Noel Edmonds is gonna pop up somewhere...
Game for a laugh, you bet, Noel Edmonds...actually Saturday night 'entertainment' has always been a big pile of catspunk..
I would love to punch Noel Edmonds in the face and say "deal with it"
Meanwhile Noel Edmonds sits in his big house pretending to chat to assorted 90s celebrities. But the cameras & studio audience are long gone
I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Alfie to wear his Noel Edmonds power-blouse
I've donned my Noel Edmonds style winter woolly, and I'm ready to venture out into the night.
Noel Edmonds c2007 is my ultimate hair inspo at the moment! 💁❤
unfortunately the attempts to clone Noel Edmonds had proved to be completely successful =o( royal ms 16 g vi f262r
swear on Noel Edmonds' life and only then will I truly believe you
wow good morning, thanks for sharing 😍 I'm looking at beards in a different light these days... No longer noël Edmonds style😂
After an uncomfortable night I have decided to leave this group. It was clearly set up with the best of intentions and I have the highest personal regard for Mike Knight. So let me tell you what Radio Luxembourg meant to me. It inspired me as a boy and - in 1966 - after I had returned from my apprenticeship with the NZBC, I was auditioned and offered a staff job by Eggy Ley. Some may wonder why I turned it down and became a BBC announcer instead; it probably had a lot to do with having a wife and young baby. A year later and freelance, I joined the Decca team of DJs at Hertford Street and we made programmes of much mirth & merriment. In the 1970s I rejoined Radio Luxembourg on the other side of the aisle, as Production Manager. Record companies no longer owned programme content and the station was funded by spot advertising & a limited amount of sponsorship. We had a wonderful crew of staff DJs with whom I worked closely and I make no apology for poaching Dave Christian for Radio Victory in 1975. I auditi ...
At noel edmonds a *** av been watchen deal or no deal fur years now n not wanst hiv a herd um say cheerio when heez hingin up on ae banker ,
Absolutely nobody needs Noel Edmonds on their tv at 4am ✋
Me too, been selling mine to Noel Edmonds for years
he looks like Noel Edmonds in parts of this episode
But we then had Noel Edmonds talking *** though with his House Party! ;o)
bottom line is Tom has started copying me and Ant dresses like Noël Edmonds so I it all the same I won't take advice lol
sent him a picture of Noel Edmonds, that's all :(
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odds on that Noel Edmonds the person who defies all definitions will become the next Doctor
Noel Edmonds has put some weight on
Sure are a lot of comparisons to TV presenters on tracks tonight. We had Andi Peters, Noel Edmonds, Pat Sharp... what next?
No, I need the real thing. None of this simulated stuff. Ideally Noel Edmonds would pull the lever too.
He's wearing a shirt that Noel Edmonds (from deal or no deal) would wear omg aha
I think my idea of *** would be, locked in a room with Noel Edmonds telling me jokes. Can't stand the stupid shirt wearing *** bag
Give it up, Noel Edmonds. Your blonde highlights don't suit 2013 and your beard looks like it has been drawn on.
In the kitchen, 4 children are going mental, to ‘fight for your right, to party’. In the lounge, I am going crazy over Noel Edmonds beard.
Noel Edmonds looks particularly fetching in his wifes blouse this evening.
Listening to Noel Edmonds makes me want to pour hot boiling wax in my ears.
My Kian has just cracked me up, he thinks that Noel Edmonds and Keith Lemon are one and the same!! 󾌴
Why is Noel Edmonds trying to grow a mullet? Not that I watch deal or no deal you understand... It was just on TV.
That noel Edmonds makes me sick!! And b4 any1 says it so does salads !!!
Its about time operation yewtree pulled noel edmonds in he is defo a wrong un the shirts and the shoes are a dead give away not to mention his crinkly bottom
I'm never wrong I also had a flashback of noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds looks like a camp, not roided up to the eyeballs version of Hollywood Hulk Hogan…
My mother just asked me 'have you gotten over your hate campaign for Noel Edmonds?' That was like a year ago :L
£36,000 is NOT the offer, it is actually £40,000, thanks for tricking me Noel Edmonds lol
Noel Edmonds is such an irritating man
Why am i watching deal or no deal? Noel Edmonds is the end of a bell.
Noel edmonds beard makes him look like a playmobil man
Exactly how many tins of hair spray do you think are used on Noel Edmonds hair on a daily basis?? I'm guessing 30+.
And the shirt of the year goes to...noel edmonds!! Only he can pull a shirt like that off!
the high point was the swear word, the low point was saying Noel Edmonds
Can someone please tell Noel Edmonds that dying his beard makes him look awful.
Noel Edmonds needs a slap, he's so annoying
Am I the only one that cannot bare Noel Edmonds 👊
Noel Edmonds must be one of the most annoying humans alive
Did you know , if you had 's eyes and nose, you'd look like Noel Edmonds? -
Noel Edmonds, with the Breakfast Show, and the man in a box.
Noel Edmonds with a crane in the BBC Carpark
Noel Edmonds in a field with a helicopter
American TV gives me a headache with its relentless speed of nonsense. Compared to the U.S., the pace of British television is so slow, it’s glacial. News in America, for example, is comparatively on speed: cue dramatic music and impossibly beautiful newscaster: “Rain in Los Angeles … the President records debut single … and a homeowner in Des Moines eats his own house.” Whereas U.K. news might go something more like this: “Good evening. Welcome to the BBC News at six o’clock. The headlines this evening: [BONG of Big Ben] The Prime Minister, David Cameron, was admitted to hospital today after falling off his bike whilst taking a selfie…” The slow pace of British television is also noticeable on other programming such as dramas and game shows. Noel Edmonds, for example, will happily chat to a Deal or No Deal contestant for ten minutes about the time they found a fossil on the beach at Bexhill-on-Sea.
I wish I could punch Noel Edmonds in the face. I'd even do it for charity !
Watching deal or no deal it bothers me a lot that Noel Edmonds hair and beard lead separate lives! He definitely stole that hair from an 80's hairdressing poster 󾌯
My wee cousins' girlfriend is on deal or no deal just now and Noel Edmonds just slagged him whilst talking to her. I will never let him forget this.
Noel Edmonds' beard just looks like a dirty face...
Every day on here, I see ridiculously trite comments attributed to Tony Benn as if he were the Dalai Llama. Some posters are too young, and the older ones ought to know better. Benn never amounted to much in office, much like Enoch Powell. His achievements include: Allowing hereditary peers to sit in the commons, closing Radio Caroline, turning our motorcycle industry into a collective, power cuts, The 1983 labour party Manifesto and the HSE. Beneficiaries of these achievements include: Quentin Hogg Tony Benn (Lord Stansgate) Noel Edmonds Honda People who make Hi-Vis jackets The 1983 conservative government. Candle makers.
To think I should be down at Bristol this week for deal or no deal is quite guttin but getting the polo ready for pupils in the next couple of weeks is more than important!! First time I've actually comes first! ✌󾮗󾮟 Noel'll just need to wait till I'm not busy like everyone else 󾌵󾮟
Noel Edmonds is hosting new quiz show where contestants are offered 22 jobs but have to hold out for the govt payout it's called dole or no dole !
Does anyone on here know Noel Edmonds? If so can you have a word with him over his beard,which he clearly dyes. The beard appears younger than his actual hair and from a distance fooled my dad and myself into thinking he'd smeared his face with chocolate..
Noel Edmonds chooses our first Lucky Dip film of 2014 :)
Wow had a great time today entered a raffle and won VIP tickets to a private tour and meet Noel Edmonds lucky us
My crush on Noel Edmonds and Bradley Walsh is getting worse! 󾰮❤️󾌬
I think noel Edmonds beard is cool , it's his throw back hair that's the problem !
Noel Edmonds. If u had a chance to save his life, what champagne would you buy to celebrate his death? ***
Danny dyre talks proper slow in esties. Think he pisses me off more then noel edmonds!
It's finally time for Kelly's big game on deal or no deal so pop in to Ross's Bar to watch her run about daft and try to win some money live on the big screen this Thursday from 4pm followed by a live game of deal or no deal from 5pm with cash prizes and a special guest as Noel Edmonds!
Where does Noel Edmonds get his hair done?
I love Noel Edmonds, but his beard looks like he's been eating chocolate mouse on a rollercoaster.
Just watching a bit of Deal or No it my eyes or is Noel Edmonds the only person who has a beard that gets darker as he gets looks totally fake...almost cartoon like.
Has Noel Edmonds had a beard transplant. ..using his bank of 'carpet' hair!?
What is going on with Noel Edmonds beard/hair???
If I had my way there would be only one TV channel consisting of programmes mainly presented by Noel Edmonds with music provided by either Shakin' Stevens or Racey. There's no way this would be worse.
Ok so the time has come for me too seek financial management - Noel Edmonds Deal or No Deal
CHILD killer Ian Brady said celebrities Noel Edmonds and Chris Evans should be
Molly just came in living room and said why is Noel Edmonds off deal or no deal in the big brother house lmao! Lionel x
I've just had a little look at 'deal or no deal'... is Noel Edmonds beard made out of whiskers or masked-off brown car paint? - it's very tidy and very brown
Thank you for the birthday wishes. Very kind those that have. If you haven't I'm gonna ring up Fearne Cotton and Noel Edmonds. They are gonna come round your house, Cotton is gonna talk her special brand of inane drivel incessantly, while Edmonds sellotapes himself to you and rubs his beard up and down your back erotically. You don't want that do you. Just under 7 hours to get your best wishes in
To all westham fans.iv herd that mr available for the manager job.noel edmonds for coach.
Daft question but are you the same David 'Kid' Jensen who presented Top Of The Pops with Noel Edmonds in the 70's?
Watching deal or no deal and I'm wondering what noel Edmonds thinks he looks like, with highlighted hair and a dyed beard that looks like its been painted on.
That *** head from Maroon 5 has been ousted from my 'arch nemesis' slot by the singing *** stain that is Robin Thicke. Noel Edmonds has been downgraded to 'irritant'.
It turns out that there was something worth watching on TV this Christmas after all: Sue Lawley, Leo Sayer, Noel Edmonds and Fanny Craddock provide the perfect lead in to the total paradigm shift that was the Sex Pistols; seen here playing for the children of striking firefighters in what was their final ever UK performance on Xmas day, 1977 (i refuse to acknowledge that they ever reformed). Children pogoing up and down with the word 'Bolllocks' written across their t-shirts...what's not to like about that? That should be mandatory for all children! If you find Julian Temple's revisionist history lesson somewhat tiresome, just tune in at 37:00 to see Rotten get absolutely plastered in Christmas cake by a bunch of 7 years olds during Pretty Vacant. Priceless. "Oh we're so pretty, oh so pretty..."
My Mum cracks me up, unintentional back handed compliment at its best...Ooh Matt I love ur shoes! Cheers Mum, do u like them? Yes I do, very Noel Edmonds..ah ha funny stuff :))
Moors Murderer Ian Brady: Noel Edmonds and Chris Evans should be 'culled' and working class should riot again
Noel Edmonds ought to be charged with Crimes against fashion I mean don,t get me wrong I love the guy-not sexually you understand but he,s always been a hero of mine since I was a kid But will somebody on PLEASE tell him not to wear those bloody awful shirts and wear what we young folk do His shirts and jumpers where just as awful in the 70s 80s and 90s
Noel Edmonds pulls a great prank during a theatre performance with Lionel Blair.
So I'm at work and noel Edmonds is here :L
Noel Edmonds has just been to mine to ask me a question... "Town or no town?" I had no choice but to take him up on his offer. Confetti every where, pre drinks in, lets have it!
Oh, and who remembers Noel Edmonds opening the new Horsefiar? I have a picture of him, somewhere.
Watching a docu on TOTP from 1979 and Marcos still doesn't believe me that it really is Deal or no deals Noel Edmonds on it!! Boy am I feeling old...
Dear Noel Edmonds...Give me 100k,or i will say you wanked me off on Swap Shop..(Deal or No Deal.. :)
Does Noel Edmonds share a wardrobe with Alfie Moon? Hideous shirt tucked into jeans with a horrible belt.
Does anyone know what the *** is going on with 'deal or no deal' been sat here for 10minutes now & still have no clue what's going on or how you play it? But have to say Noel Edmonds has a cracking beard.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tony Hall picking up a copy of a highlander DVD case with a slightly inquisitive expression; "That's the bloke off Deal or No Deal isn't it?" Me; "No Tony, Noel Edmonds did not star in Highlander, that is Sean Connery"
We're just 13 miles away from Noel Edmonds' house. SO tempted to just rock up there in hope he'll be in.
Watching The Joy Of Abba on BBC Four and Noel Edmonds' chat show looks like the most horrendous show ever. Also Kevin the Abba fan dancing awkwardly at the back.
Who do you's think will be the first celebrity of 2014 to be found out to be a raging peadophile? My money's on either Noel Edmonds from deal or no deal or Louis Walsh from the X factor
If you look at Noel Edmonds closely he's actually quite fit xx
I was throwing up all morning and all I cared about as I was throwing up is where about Noel Edmonds lives because he does deal or no deal every single day so it needs to be somewhere local to the studio or he's gonna have to travel long distances all the time. Happy new year everyone! Ps he lives in Devon. Poor Noel
Lonely This Christmas is now MY HIGHEST RATED CARTOON ON NEWGROUNDS! Just passing Noel Edmonds: Body Harvester and a little further ahead than Starsky and Hutch: Alt Ending
Does Noel Edmonds have a feckin beard wig on? It's not natural
Don't tell me I'm not partying like it's 2014 when I've built a tower of Observer guides. So far I've successfully stacked Jazz, Awards and Medals, Pond Life, Automobiles, Fishing, Lichens, Farm Animals, Freshwater Fish, Astronomy, Cacti, Furniture, Trees, Music, Horses and Ponies, Cats, Ferns, Pottery and Porcelain, Postage Stamps, Mushrooms and Noel Edmonds. What's that? Add Commercial Vehicles?! What do you think I am, a maniac?
From 2009-02-07. Noel Edmonds speaking on his Sky One show, Noel's HQ about the case of a former soldier who had been denied planing permission to build a bu...
Its worth staying in to watch Gary Barlow im in love x Noel Edmonds sorry your gone xx
Just done a sharp intake of breath after glimpsing Noel Edmonds' bikini-line tint beard, lady lion hair and tight denim buns...but not in a good way...
If crimes against beards were punishable by death, Noel Edmonds would be long dead and Kerry King would be dancing on his grave.
I might have had a glass of wine but my God Noel Edmonds is a good looking man. It must be the glorious facial hair and dress sense. Hic
I'll bet anyone money Noel Edmonds is the first celebrity to get arrested for being a nonce in 2014! IDST
I hope 2014 is the year they take deal or no deal off the tele! Its a load of pish and Noel Edmonds is a first class bawbag!
Noel Edmonds.what is going on with that barnet??? And his beard looks like it's made of iron filings...
I'm staying in tonight genetically engineering noel edmonds beards.wish me luck.
What's Noel Edmonds beard all about? It's like the rest of his face is living in the present, but the beard is still stuck in the period when he had less job prospects than Karen the man and he was down to his last tin of beans.
My favourite Saturday morning show. Much better than poncy Noel Edmonds Swap Shop. Total anarchy but so much fun.
Noel Edmonds orange face, dyed brown beard and bleached hair is alarming
Seriously what has Noel Edmonds done with his beard??? Grey is much better than that surely!!'
Flag this news as inappropriate Entertainment Noel Edmonds is a British radio DJ and TV presenter, who is famous for presenting TV shows 'Top of the Pops', 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop', 'Noel's House Party', and 'Deal or No Deal'.
Just had the following conversation with my daughter... Mommy it's him off deal or no deal. You mean Noel Edmonds? No the one who answers the phone says Isabelle Oh yes the banker.. Mom who The banker! Isabelle: I can't think who it is Me, louder: the banker! Isabelle: Bianca?
Noel Edmonds looks like he's losing the plot on deal or no deal.very wild eyed and a sudden black beard.Endemol make big brother and also deal or no deal.maybe Edmonds needs voting out for his own health.
Hi UK buddies, was Noel Edmonds Christmas presents on this year?
This morning in the shower a strange question suddenly popped into my head: "What ever happened with Noel Edmonds and Mr. Blobby". (don't ask me why I thought of this whilst taking a shower, my mind works in mysterious ways.sometimes) :-)
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