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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

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I served Noel Edmonds last night at work 🙊
For some reason,watching Noel Edmonds really does terrify me. He is so strange. His pointy shoes are really freaking me out
Noel says he cant live in a world where Noel Edmonds headlines Brixton academy'
Party summary - LOTSA dancing :) . A Noël Edmonds lookalike thought I was younger than my brother (YES) and the wine was warm
Sean Penn looks like he'll be playing Noel Edmonds in an upcoming film
Someone tell Noel Edmonds to stop plastering himself on fruit machine
Last time I watched it was Xmas day'89 just before Shaky&Cliff appeared on the Noel Edmonds special
Jon Richardson on Richard Hammond on 8 out of 10 Cats "he looks like he's being groomed on the Internet by Noel Edmonds" 😂
I have invested in 2 Noel-Edmonds-on-deal-or-no-deal shirts, and some beautiful distressed bluish grey leather dress shoes.
Check out Noel Edmonds in the middle in the green suit 😊
Wonder how many times Noel Edmonds has said 'deal or no deal'
If you find Noel Edmonds funny your just not my sort of person.
If Dapper Laughs is just an incredibly elaborate Noel Edmonds 'Gotcha' reboot we're all going to look like such ***
I sit on Noel Edmonds' head & that is the best job in the world.
I want to shag someone dressed up as Mr blobby while I'm dressed up as Noel Edmonds.
after sleeping on it, I've decided I'm happy with Noel Edmonds.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I hate Noel Edmonds there's something weird about him
I like Noel Edmonds's shirts. Most people couldn't pull such items off but then there's me 😉
.Looks like you've raided Noel Edmonds wardrobe for the shirt in your header pal. So who are you to judge?
I'm terrified Noel Edmonds may be next. We live in troubling times.
It's great; everyone walks around in Noel Edmonds shirts and Saturday Night Fever is banned :p
The flashback episode will hopefully not reveal Mr Blobby. The whole time it was an elaborate Noel Edmonds skit. We all cry.
or maybe it got cut out by that ruddy Noel Edmonds who as we now know had about 3 or 4 minutes cut from Part 2
Adam Lallana has a hint of a young Noel Edmonds about him with that head/facial hair combination...
sorry, did you say something? Can't hear you because I'm submerged in a patented Noel Edmonds gunk tank full of golden syrup.
Before everyone starts with the eastenders statuses, I'm just putting it out there now, the killer of Lucy is noël Edmonds,
Almost as old as his current R2 publicity photos!! He's done alright for an imitation Noel Edmonds with a dash of US radio.
well he does look homeless with that noel edmonds beard. Ok i'll give em a blast
Plot twist: Mr Blobby killed Lucy Beale with help from his dastardly sidekick Noel Edmonds...
Can't cope with deal or no deal. Noel Edmonds told someone to concentrate! On what picking numbers? Not all the brightest buttons are they!
CELEBRITY ALERT: Noel Edmonds spotted on the 10:42 Dover Priory to Deal... or not Deal, Walmer
snap. Tho not so funny when you're vomited on the head from top bunk. Flashback to noel Edmonds' house party
Noel Edmonds should come back with Mr Blobby and we could all vote for him. Free ice cream and bingo and he'd be PM.
Somebody To Love has always been my favourite. Noel Edmonds' Swap Shop in 1976.One of the band giving away albums. Was that you?
was it an S Club Party or more of a Noel Edmonds House Party?
The Italian Noel Edmonds is more enthusiastic than our British Noel on Deal or No Deal.
You know I sometimes worry that not everyone in the world has seen the Noel Edmonds Cookability Gas Disco Roadshow http…
As long as Noel Edmonds isn't included. He just hasn't got that quiz host overlord look quite right.
Bradley Walsh rivals Noel Edmonds in the spicy shirt category nowadays
As Noel Edmonds said in 1990: The NME? Is that still going?
but still I got a signed photo from Noel Edmonds which made my decade
Is it just me or is there something Machiavellian about Noel Edmonds?
Desert IslandDiscs - as a listener to this did you know they have archives Just listened to Noel Edmonds. other news, you know Sherrif Dan Anderson outta Fortitude? He is a DEAD RINGER for Noel Edmonds, neach ea?
Yer da buys Alfie moons auld shirts and yer maw looks like noel edmonds
I wanted Noel Edmonds at the end with box 23-but Which option would deliver nothing-discuss.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
look at you, a right little Noel Edmonds and Jeremy Kyle
Is Noel Edmonds trying to look like Sir Francis Drake? I find his beard to hair colour ratio disturbing.
Wanna go on deal or no deal even tho i think Noel Edmonds is a ***
Come on, who wouldn't want a pancake that looks like Keith Chegwin or Noel Edmonds?
Deal..No Deal Noel Edmonds flying out this evening with The Banker
That's like something Noel Edmonds used to put in his gunge tank.
Pink, as in Pink Panther and Mr Blobby (Noel Edmonds). How can anyone take it seriously!
MARIO BALOTELLI ADDICTS - Lighthearted quiz show hosted by Noel Edmonds about the temperamental Liverpool 'striker'.
Weirdly, through a quirk of isolation has led to evolve into Noel Edmonds.
Noel edmonds on deal or no deal or is it Chuck Norris ? You decide
Noel Edmonds' beard gets closer and closer to this every day
That sentence could, quite reasonably, have ended at Noel Edmonds, no?
Things that fill me with rage: Noel Edmonds usage of the phrase "pilgrim", "factory" "Good game."
I'm following the Noel Edmonds theory of getting stuff by just putting it out there. Cake will appear. . (Also I've texted John)
is that noel Edmonds drivin the taxi in the first pic 😭
it goes to Noel Edmonds mate, how else do you think he can afford to give away 250k a day on deal or no deal
There's always Noel Edmonds for company. Which is nice
I like to think the person who chose that wall to write on did so because they believe that Noel Edmonds nests there.
Noel Edmonds was the British Tom Selleck in so many ways! And I loved him on the Swap Shop!
one day he'll get a visit from Noel Edmonds. A cunning escape.
Julian Assange is slowly morphing into Noel Edmonds.
So when is Noel Edmonds gonna pop up and shout 'Gotcha!' before Sunderland score 3 goals?
Is it me or does Assange look more like Noel Edmonds each day?
they always outshine we mere secondses, noel edmonds/fielding/gallaghers, we ralph fiennes/little/moat, never be as great as Goddess
Noel Edmonds still looks like someone poked their tongue through a pair of 60 denier tights
That amount of money for a T.V. deal is obscene. . Noel Edmonds has just informed Paul from Bradford that he has won £200
Did Baldrick come up with a cunning plan for Julian Assange?Turn into Noel Edmonds and walk out the front door.Simple h…
Mr Banker, with it being double trouble Mr Noel Edmonds shud have a helper with him for these special shows
so you're not watching Noel Edmonds and his 'just for men' spicy conker beard?
Does Noel Edmonds die his hair or beard ?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Charlie! we feel like Noel Edmonds but its a deal from us
Haven't really paid attention to Noel Edmonds since Telly Addicts but I've just looked up at the tv and his HAIR 😂
Is Noel Edmonds still real? It looks like he's been replaced by a badly made puppet with a dinner ladies haircut.
Deal or No Deal is the religion. Noel Edmonds is the Jesus. His beard is the crucifix upon which he is forever nailed
Wouldn't mind if Noel Edmonds got spit at by a llama
Is it me or is Julian Assange looking more and more like Noel Edmonds?
Just arrest Noel Edmonds instead, nobody would know the difference
And he's gradually turning into Noel Edmonds :'( The humanity :(
You've missed a trick not giving Noel Edmonds a monobrow with your dash.
In your dishonest opinion. Noel Edmonds has a sexy beard. That works.
I'm guessing in-vision, Noel Edmonds for draw 1, Gordon Kennedy up to 26 and even Anthea Turner on draw 3.
Oranges & Lemons say the balls of Noel Edmonds.
he got them shirts off Alfie Moon not Noel Edmonds.
let's go all John Craven/Noel Edmonds and get swapping then ♻️
'Noel Edmonds has never been named in Operation Yewtree'
Love to hold wee Noel Edmonds down and shave off his blow dried hair do and beard.
Noel Edmonds eat your heart out sunshine! Fine specimen of shirt there!
You really look like young Noel Edmonds
Saturday Night Special, Wheel of Fortune, Top of the Pops, Noel Edmonds, Tony Blackburn, Bullseye, The Professionals with wall to wall girls
He once ended with Noel Edmonds I believe.
And yet my idea for a game based around Noel Edmonds House Party is *still* waiting to be greenlit.
God no, not Timmy Mallet. He used the,Do you know who I am line when Noel Edmonds "gotcha'd" him
What about Timmy Mallet facing off against Mr Blobby? Noel Edmonds as ringmaster? BRING IT!!
Noel Edmonds beheading a pug for bitcoin on live TV for radical Islam. Nailed it.
They just need a more charismatic host. Send Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds is a hideous little man.
They always put me in mind of Vic's sketches of Noel Edmonds and the like
Put on a new shirt on today. "didn't know you shopped at the same place as Noel Edmonds" . *** it.
How about a remake of The King of Comedy? Featuring Noel Edmonds in the role made famous by Robert De Niro
Mum just told me she used to write fan mail to Noel Edmonds
Dear Noel Edmonds. Give me 50k or I will say you touched me on swop shop!. Deal or no Deal?
weirdest lecture ever: lad on front row googling Noel Edmonds & Michael Winner; lecturer talking about bestiality and ladyboys
I liked a video The Life of Rock with Brian Pern - Live Aid, Phil Collins, Noel Edmonds and the KGB.
Hopefully I'm the former! I also must confess that my original inspirations were a combination of Noel Edmonds & Benny from Abba!
After an 8-mile run with my dear friend Noel Edmonds this morning, we decided to finish it off with a refreshing... http…
Robbie Savage is looking more and more like Noel Edmonds every time I see him
Noel Edmonds thinks I am a raving lunatic. To be fair he's not wrong
if I was Noel Edmonds, I'd be gagging to open her box.
Remember when Keith Chegwin and Noel Edmonds murdered a man live on TV?
I was on Noel Edmonds' Barbara Windsor Gotcha - not quite so cool but 14m viewers!
he will then go on to serve them to a discerning banquet of celebs, Noel Edmonds, Paula Radcliffe and Dale Winton this year
Strangely, Noel Edmonds & Paul Wolfowitz have the same birthday, which is today. I sometimes struggle to decide which of them is more evil.
For Xmas I want the bloke out of the 1975 to spontaneously combust. Preferably whilst visiting Noel Edmonds.
Husband coming back from Fife still dressed as Noel Edmonds but carrying a large bag full of Chinese takeaway. All is forgiven.
Noel Edmonds is slowly beginning to look more and more like a cartoon.
I've told quite a few people in the past that Noël Edmonds was born on Christmas Day! Well...I was wrong. I apologise.
the question is, did you really do that oil painting of Noel Edmonds???
& Noel Edmonds were your hosts for Pt 2 of Top Of The Pops 72 on 28/12/72
Husband has gone to Dalgety Bay dressed as Noel Edmonds. Apologies, Fife.
My Christmas is ruined. I cannot find a jumper with Noel Edmonds' face on it anywhere.
Noel Edmonds: Who’s the first Noel?. Mrs Edmonds: Oh God. Not again. Him: Do it. Her (wearily): You’re the first Noel. *lovemaking commences*
Oh I see . Was it a Noel Edmonds or Brian Blessed type ?
It's these sort of situations that make you wish Noël Edmonds Swap Shop was still in business.
Hey, - can I make a casting suggestion for Expendables 4?. Noel Edmonds.
Happy to say I can now confirm I will be a test driver for 2015. Just behind Timmy Mallet and Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds, hot dogs for tea, Cagney and Lacey, Jimmy Hill on MOTD, Nightmare on Elm Street. That's my Saturday sorted.
To think, finally we'll have Lee and Herring as Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby in crystal clear form!!
Tony Blackburn steals Jaffa Cakes from Noel Edmonds' kitchen, ruining Noel's life forever,
Need haircut tomo me im starting to look like noel edmonds the guy off deal or no deal gettin a mullet here
How about thinking Noel Edmonds was dead 😂😂
Noel Edmonds has better hair than me
Noel Edmonds will be proud.When DUP open their box they will be the loosers.
Yeah good thankyou. I too, by the way, love I often get mistaken for Noel Edmonds did you know that?
Noel Edmonds momentarily appeared on my telly. I just panicked.
Can't decide whether I hate Noel Edmonds, Bono or Bob Geldof more.
Why has Noel Edmonds got silver shoes on?
How come that pervert Noel Edmonds is still on the box? The only Deal or No Deal he should be involved in is with Operation Yewtree.
'Thatcher was as much to blame for Jimmy Savile as the BBC', says Noel Edmonds. …
is Noel Edmonds to stop dying his hair.
Can we talk about Noel Edmonds' beard?
Pemfs, positivity and the BBC: The world according to Noel Edmonds
Tough choice to make, Watch 'Deal or No Deal' or listen to 'Bhai'... Stuck between... But cant bear the look of Noel Edmonds .. Watching BBC
Latest Viewpoints blog from David Cule: Why Noel Edmonds is the real deal when it comes to
Carve a goatee and chop off my calves, I'll be Noel Edmonds
“Noel Edmonds is somewhere doing something in his beard...”: prepares for another Christmas of discontent
Chuck Norris. As Noel Edmonds doesnt seem to have been included...
Awww, they'll be over the moon with those. You're like Noel Edmonds and Cilla Black rolled into one.
Does Noel Edmonds still have his own special TV hospital where he pretends to heal the sick on Christmas morning?
The way Matthew Corbett spoke to Sooty always reminded me of how Noel Edmonds speaks to the Banker on Deal Or No Deal...
he was embarrassed at the carol service because when he heard "The First Noel" he confidently shouted "Edmonds"
I don't think I hate anyone in the world quite like I hate Russell Brand. (Apart from the obvious ones, Hitler, Noel Edmonds etc.)
I think theyd prob have been happier with noel edmonds instead of thatcher. That still doesn't make Labour a good option
I bought a Noel Edmonds Real Doll as a Christmas gift and now I've forgotten who asked for it
I wonder what his reaction would've been if Julian had said Noel Edmonds in that joke?
When did Noel Edmonds separate and morph onto Ant & Dec?
Oranges and lemons say the balls of Noel Edmonds.
I'd like to change my prediction for the next Celebrity to be Arrested under Yewtree from Noel Edmonds to the Wealdstone Raider
forgive the expression but its like the grannification of older male celebs - Noel Edmonds and Barry Mannilow are a bit the same..
nae bother Noel Edmonds, BAFTA for you bawbag
coming up on How It's Made...Noel Edmonds' Yewtree repelling knitwear
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he tends to go for Noel Edmonds type shirts 😆
I'd've thought she'd still be on maternity? At least we're not subjected to Noel Edmonds these days (unless we are, I don't watch)
Up there with some of the best including, Noel Edmonds, Ferrari, Dr Fox et al such exaulted company
My five year old is explaining split-digraphs to me. I used to be clever. Noel Edmonds was right to ask the question.
Wonder how many 'exercises' Noel Edmonds did in the dark last night
does Fiona's cat look like a cross of Noel Edmonds and Elvis Costello?
Noel Edmonds is Forever. (Bond makes a deal with the banker to kill Noel)
Is it or does Julian Assange now look like Noel Edmonds
No. But I think that Noel Edmonds might be recast as Nik-Nak. ;-)
my other idea was Sinclair ZX Spectrum. So close. (This is also the lowest-key announcement ever. Bored Noel Edmonds delivery.)
Royal Family and Thatcher to blame for Savile cover-up, says Noel Edmonds
She's outstandingly hot. Good to see some early Noel Edmonds as well.
I don't trust chain letters. I got burned on one of them once, because it was supposed to be endorsed by Noel Edmonds.
Mine dessicated many moons ago. Even Noel Edmonds on on TV on Xmas Day doesn't affect it.
Just on a bus tour of Basingstoke remembering the good old days when Noel Edmonds done a Gotcha on Barbara Windsor.
I got Noel fielding and Noel Edmonds mixed up today :/
There is something deeply creepy about Noel Edmonds. Gyads min
Here's Noel Edmonds with the most pitiful Christmas tree I've ever seen
I don't mind keeping the Christ in Christmas as long as British TV channels keep the Edmonds out of Noel.
The first Noel the angels did sing was not the theme tune to SwapShop ^oo^.
If you can believe that it's butter I could probably make you do anything. Noel Edmonds started like this.
So, Noel Edmonds has now arrived in his helicopter to take me to Bookshop number 2. We are the people.
I liked a video Noel Edmonds Cancels his TV Licence (short version)
I'm just waiting for Noel Edmonds to take me to the airport in his helicopter.
watching Brass Eye other night & makes sense to me, wonder how much like knowing who Noel Edmonds or Bernard Mannning adds
Noel Edmonds reveals the secrets of his youthful, healthy looks - at 65
and to blame for Jimmy scandal, says Noel Edmonds. . …
Exactly. My rent went to an agent minus their fee, my actual landlord could have been Noel Edmonds, for all I knew.
Royals and Thatcher to blame for Jimmy Savile scandal, says Noel Edmonds
anyone want my spare ticket for Academy Brixton Tuesday 9th? My date thought she was seeing Noel Edmonds.
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But what about Noël Edmonds. Or Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet?
Let's hope Noel Edmonds is unsucessful in his attempt to buy the BBC otherwise we'll lose all this!!!
it's not as bad as Noel Edmonds' What's in the Box?, but still..
I'm gonna say what I like about Deal or No Deal:. -when they take out the quarter mil. -when Noel Edmonds embarrasses himself. and finally...
When did Noel Edmonds turn into Kenny Loggins circa 1992?
What's going on with Noel Edmonds' beard? It looks more like one of those iron filings & magnet toys you used to get every day
Its 2014, why can't i get a christmas jumper with a picture of Noel Edmonds on it?
The baby has an air of Noel Edmonds about him today. Think it's the jumper and bouffant hair
I'm not Noel Edmonds. Squirrel? You should see my protein intake (you can check my stools, which prob be task on I'm A.
Noel Edmonds has never looked better!
Frankie Fraser responding to reports that Clive Anderson had been gunned down by Noel Edmonds.
RIP Mad Frankie Fraser. I'll always remember him for saying that Noel Edmonds should be shot for killing Clive Anderson
It's always the moments when you least expect to find success with a Noel Edmonds / Chemicals mashup that you just nail it.
Russ is probably looking over his shoulder, he must be on the list. Him or Noel Edmonds, please be Noel Edmonds
Applying for deal or no deal. Really want to meet Noel Edmonds 󾮗
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
NOEL EDMONDS: We praise him for... • Not voting (for 2yrs). • Loving Britain (lives in France). • Boycotting the TV licence (…
I think the most disappointing & saddening thing about the whole Operation Yewtree debacle is that Noel Edmonds wasn't implicated in it.
I miss Noel Edmonds Christmas House Party and Mr Blobby from the 90s lol
“was in deep with the Royals, with Mrs Thatcher,..There’s a whole establishment that let him into its heart."
did Ant borrow his bushtucker trial t-shirt from Noel Edmonds? I thought we were watching deal or no deal jungle edition!
are you related to Noel Edmonds from Deal Or No Deal?
BBC to screen new drama about the time Noel Edmonds did a big fart in front of Bananarama.
Ant, Noel Edmonds just called, he wants his shirt back
what is it with Ants noel Edmonds shirt.
Yeah! I've got my Noel Edmonds junior knob'ead kit and one of those Squiggles things that go in and out of Argos on a stick.
Noel Edmonds on Jimmy Savile: 'He was in deep with the Royals and Mrs Thatcher':
But be aware that Noel Edmonds is trying to buy BBC:
BBC is 100% culpible (in spite of what Noel Edmonds purports) and so is NHS, Gov etc.
There will always be a demand for hairspray as long as Noël Edmonds is alive.
Absolutely despise deal or no deal. Noel Edmonds is really irritating
Noel Edmonds winds me up like no other!!
Noel Edmonds is such a tease on deal or deal👨
Is Noel Edmonds' hair a wig? It's not changed since 1976, and with his beard he looks like Barry Gibb
I would kick Noel Edmonds until my toes came through my steel toe caps
Noel Edmonds hair style is the same as cilla blacks!
As long as people are laughing at noel edmonds there's hope for us all
Noel Edmonds has perfected the 'creepy uncle' persona.
That Noel Edmonds show has done rather well out of empty boxes for a few years.
1985 Noel Edmonds presented Telli Addicts in 1985 and year I met my husband
hi there, is Noel Edmonds and the year is 1985. . David, I. Wigan, Lancs
Noel Edmonds 1985, Dave in a very wet Bristol
deal or no deal as well, although you don't necessarily need to be a celebrity he gets the pleasure of Noel Edmonds lucky buggar
I gave a Noel Edmonds answer XD I cant say anything about this hehe.
There is no way around it. I'm going to have to fight Noel Edmonds after solving some problems for villagers, in his Lava Mansion.
Noel Edmonds is going to be the first boss isn't he? (I see this as a video game. Most reminiscent of Tombi I think)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bill Cosby, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, etc etc. All that's left of my childhood is Noel Edmonds & Sooty. How many knew & ignore…
Do Alan Johnson and Noel Edmonds shop at the same blouse store?
Noel Edmonds says the Royals and Margaret Thatcher are as much to blame for Jimmy Savile's ... -
To think we used to worry about Noel Edmonds lololol
noel edmonds is my god father I'm gonna tell him you're hating on him
He's on the right side of bearded "wonder" Noel Edmonds. Now I've made you sick in your mouth.
Royals & Thatcher as much to blame for as BBC says Noel Edmonds
“Thatcher was as much to blame 4 Jimmy Savile as the BBC Noel Edmonds.
"All of television has become mundane" in the 20 years since the National was launched - Noel Edmonds
google the great leaders: Noel Edmonds, Val Doonican, John Craven. These were the visionaries.
Buy a Noel Edmonds 1 instead and you can laugh for the rest of eternity
Has mvp been on deal or no deal and stole Noel Edmonds clothes?
MVP's mugged Noel Edmonds and nicked his shirt.
I'm NOT a cheese fan at all, I'd prefer to watch a Noel Edmonds marathon :p
First Noel Edmonds with Mr Blobby and now this. Conspiracy against Morecambe.
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oh my god you met Noel Edmonds SO lucky,,!!!
I think the man shouting "only the young!" Is Noel Edmonds putting it out into the cosmos.
Spent all morning vintage shopping, a Noel Edmonds shirt and a shell suit later... I'd say my work here is done
Beards are a device to hide behind and indicate a devious nature. Evidence? Noel Edmonds LOL :-) xxx
Dreams have been interesting recently...Mole rats, sick, gel nails and then last night, colours that signify parts of Noel Edmonds life 😕
Am so close The window of them These old twins are well in to another Mountain Lion do each run a *** Noel Edmonds thought you take.
This is my dog, Noel Edmonds. How can you get mad with him when he pulls this face?
"Noel Edmonds?" getting warmer in the irritant stakes
Who awe thinks Noel Edmonds is probably a satanist?
Why did Noel Edmonds do the 1978 Christmas TOTP from inside a pretend office? Strikes, probably.
other bearded celebs are available. Noel Edmonds for 1 , he looks highly flammable
are you going to be visiting handicapped children in hospital like what Jimmy Saville/Noel Edmonds used to do?.
yeah I'm leaning that way . Need to phone noel Edmonds !!
Why does this song remind me of Noel Edmonds? Did he sing it once or am I having a stroke?
me too. I was hoping to see Noel Edmonds and more wacky adventures from Crinkley Bottom. It seems that dancing is popular now
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I dunno, what if...what if all along god was actually Noël Edmonds? No one is expecting that!
I'm pretty sure the Yorkshire Ripper and Noel Edmonds use the same dye for their beards. The effect is uncanny
This is by far the most disturbing video on YouTube. Obviously it stars Noel Edmonds.
It's either that or the Noel Edmonds shirt. I think I made the right decision.
I think it is important that I let you know that I haven't met Noel Edmonds.
. One half of Wildage. Is going to be a Dad. Kid called Noel Edmonds?.
we thought Noel Edmonds was going to land his helicopter in front of the house!
Noel Edmonds is quite a hottie for his age in real life ngl!
Looks like Noel Edmonds. Creepy. Homer looks cool though.
Spare a thought for all the blocked, encased in their soundproof rooms, with nothing but Noel Edmonds House Party on an infinite loop.
because Noel Edmonds doesn't know what a razor is
Why does Noel Edmonds have to wear a ridiculous oversized poppy? Obviously makes him better than those normal sized poppy-wearers!
It's more a case of the poppy wearing a little Noel Edmonds.
Shocking. And that Noel Edmonds is still there with his beard too.
I hope they broadcast the pillaging of Noel Edmonds.
All purpose parts banner
Fancy dress costumes again on Deal or No deal today. Love Noel Edmonds' crazy fake black beard.what?. ...oh...OH. Sorry.
How has noel Edmonds not drank a whole bottle of bleach by now?
I had this idea for a television series, which I sent to Channel 4, in which every week people have to kill Noel Edmonds in a...
I was SO hoping it was Noel Edmonds
My hatred of Deal or No Deal and Noel Edmonds grows daily
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