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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

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Do you think he might team up with Noel Edmonds and start a ghost-friendly radio station?
a history of 2 decades. More deals than Noel Edmonds.
I wouldn't want to get Noel Edmonds' take on Cecil the lion.
Noel Edmonds defiantly defends himself over his new motivational phone service for pets -
Noel Edmonds plans to launch first radio station for animals and says he hasn’t ‘lost the plot’…
Villa's next messiah? Steve McClaren, Tim Sherwood and Noel Edmonds must all be in the running.
Nonsense. What it needs are ZX Spectrums, Austin Allegros and Noel Edmonds. They're in very short supply over there.
If you can find a better story than this - Noel Edmonds becomes a cat whisperer - I'd like to hear it.
almost as annoying as the Noel Edmonds one outside magic city
Looking for contact details for Noel Edmonds and Paul O'Grady
Noel Edmonds calling a cat but the cat ends up helping Noel get through what is clearly a very troubled period in his lif…
It's a Deal Or No Deal box isn't it? Noel Edmonds will appear and let Belinda know how big the deal is.
Today on Den Of Geek: unreleased movies, a bit of Stephen King, and Noel Edmonds' Swap Shop. Morning!
Sleb Safari: Noel Edmonds launches pet motivation service: Who do you need to know? For Deal or No Deal host ...
So, just the cosmic energy then. I could have a word with Noel Edmonds, apparently he's an expert on that kind of thing.
do what I do when struggling to think of a ranting topic and just talk about how much you hate Noel Edmonds and Deal or no Deal
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
John Cleese is currently making a right Noel Edmonds of his reputation.
Noel Edmonds didn't shop Savile when he was alive as he didn't want to become known as Grassy Noel.
Mark reminds me of a poor Noel Edmonds lol
Jordan Spieth barefoot there looked like the golfing equivalent of Noel Edmonds phoning your cat
Great Noel Edmonds back doing Gotcha's. He got Sharon osbourne a beauty with Honey G what she was for real and they put her through WTAF
Craig David's back and he's been taking philosophy lessons from Noel Edmonds.
I got a call from Noel Edmonds this morning 📞😜
I keep expecting Noel Edmonds to jump out with a gotcha
Apparently Noel Edmonds will call your pet with inspirational quotes! I tried it but the results were disappointing
Noel Edmonds brokering a squeaky toy swap on behalf of a depressed cat in this vintage footage.
to when I thought it'd be a good idea to photoshop me into a Noel Edmonds wedding pic.…
Noel Edmonds denies he's 'lost the plot' as he launches world's first radio station for animals
Re: Noel Edmonds dog station, all I can say is that there are some lunatic dog owners out there. Seen this morning…
Noel Edmonds just gets weirder, he's starting up a radio station for pets 😂
40 years ago Noel Edmonds first presented Swap Shop. Today, he talks to cats. . Who'd have thought it.
Noel Edmonds before he started chatting cats up and curing lepers.
"It's like trying to get secrets out of the foreign office, or a stone." Noel Edmonds has such a way with words...
Noel Edmonds hosting, Keith Chegwin out and about with the Swaparama outside broadcast and John Craven bringing gravitas.
Paddy McGuinness is live NOW! He is talking pies, spam, and Noel Edmonds... Confused? Don't be. Tune in now!
Tam Cowan: I’ve got a feline Noel Edmonds has flipped.
Noel Edmonds is MOCKED for launching pet counselling service - Talk about trivialising
Dave Lamb and Noel Edmonds see you at 10pm.
Noel Edmonds has given off those Derrick Bird vibes for a while now.
Noel Edmonds 'Gotcha' reboot we're all going to collect so many loyalty points on this PR email.
you have yourself a deal Noel Edmonds
Here's Noel Edmonds with his tower of cider
why has he got a sketch of Noel Edmonds on his wall?
BT Tower. If you look carefully, you can see Noel Edmonds.
Noel gets new shows after Deal or No Deal axed.
I would have LOVED old fun days in the 70s to have been on the red button: Womble chasing Noel Edmonds in 1975
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I'll make a Noel Edmonds zombie too :D
is it rude to leave out Noel Edmonds??
All the jocks at like Radio 1 events of 70s. Who recalls Noel Edmonds & Les from BCR chased by Womble at Oulton, 75?
Ok, so this is clearly a wind up? "Yes, I'm pretty sure I can smell the difference" expecting Noel Edmonds to appear with a camera crew.
Is Noel Edmonds still hawking his cancer box, then? I wouldn't *** up that mans *** if his guts were on fire.
Is it me or is that Noel Edmonds on Roast of
how much did he sound like Noel Edmonds
Who is this on the X factor in Louis's seat?.. He sounds like a low coupon Noel Edmonds..
Kaspar Schmeichel's playing like his wife's run off with Noel Edmonds.
An interactive experience where nothing but Noel Edmonds exists.
Maybe the show would work with non-celebrities, & a better host who is entertaining. In fact just bring Telly Addicts back with Noel Edmonds
One side of my hair is GREAT and the other looks like Noel Edmonds circa 1970
Im blocked but I presume he has one of those Noel Edmonds machines
Patch notes: the antagonist has to dance with Noel Edmonds.
I'm always intrigued by when he did Clown Court with Noel Edmonds. He plays it absolutely straight!
If you were a kid in the 90s, on a Saturday night there was NOTHING BUT BUGS. Unless you secretly fancied Noel Edmonds
check the creeping hand, wonder if he has told her he his noel Edmonds brother 😂
Apparently she's also done the Queen Mum, Prince Philip (who looked more like Enoch Powell) and Noel Edmonds.
'If its meant to be, please let it be ours as it's perfect for us!' It's daft but Noel Edmonds started me off on this. He...
You seem to have mistaken yourself for Noel fu*king Edmonds. Do you need more sleep?
Dad "I remember taking little Mhairi to see Noel Edmonds live, you begged me, you loved him & his Multicoloured Swap Shop" MSM LIES MSM LIES
Was that bloke 'John' really Noel Edmonds playing a prank??
Exclusive footage of Noel Edmonds and the inventor of the anti-ageing, anti-cancer box at work on their invention. http…
What if Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign is just an elaborate Noel Edmonds Gotcha?
Patch notes: the antagonist is Noel Edmonds.
Clive Anderson shot dead by Noel Edmonds via
Noel Edmonds would probably have something to say about all that. Me? I've got nothing.
. Were they both created by Noel Edmonds ?
Just saw a shop selling "celebrity" masks. Who on earth would want to dress up as Paddy McGuinness or Noel Edmonds.
Situations I deal with it Noel Edmonds I want all my notes to be red man so I came with a method
argument in current chapter of the thesis has devolved into a weird cross of Lacan and Noel Edmonds: Real or no Real?
Gwyneth + LinkedIn. Just need Noel Edmonds on board and we have an Armageddon.
Did not know Noel Edmonds was at the school. Is Mr Davies the banker!!
Anyone interested in Keri Hulme should read CK Stead's essay on The Bone People. Noel Edmonds is more Maori than her.
didn't Noel Edmonds do a similar show recently?
I'd never heard of Heather Wheeler before, but at least we know Noel Edmonds hair has a nice new home.
Patch notes: the enemy is Noel Edmonds.
By the way, the player is Noel Edmonds.
Deal or No Deal replacement ideas from Noel Edmonds' bottom drawer part 359.
yes my daddy Noel Edmonds is still rollin in that kush from the programme
Noel Edmonds has a lot to answer for
I thought that was Noel Edmonds on my TL then 😂 offence dark lord 👍🏼👍🏼
So this is what Noel Edmonds does in his spare time.
ate my first ever popcorn on a flight from Nice to Bristol. We were on the same flight as Noel Edmonds!
pls make a video for 'don't cry it's Christmas' and go for the Xmas no.1, with Brent as a slightly more sincere Noel Edmonds.
And the antagonist has to skateboard with Noel Edmonds.
if Barry Gibb and Noel Edmonds had a child this would be the result!! 😂😂
Noel Edmonds career just keeps going up and up. He is one of the top tv hosts around.
What could footballers and Olympians learn from Theresa May, Noel Edmonds and Trevor McDonald?
Deal is over but Noel Edmonds is returning with two new game shows
An interactive experience where we added Noel Edmonds to the game
Don't think there's a bigger waste of sperm than Noel Edmonds
Deal Or No Deal axed. Noel Edmonds given his P45 but offered the chance to swap it for another envelope first.
Deal Or No Deal: No new Channel 4 deal for Noel Edmonds' game show. I didn't know it was still on.
Channel 4 closes the box on Deal Or No Deal for good. So what's next for Noel Edmonds?.
Day time game shows Deal Or No Deal with host Noel Edmonds is to make its'last deal' this Autumn as Channel 4 has decided to axe it after
I'm going as a properly spooky and spine-chilling Noel Edmonds.
Keith you look like a younger Noel Edmonds. :-) Like the style.
heartless, evil bankers will be sacked. We're sure Noel Edmonds will be able to find other work...
An interactive experience where the enemy has to defeat Noel Edmonds.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
the two blokes either side of Noel Edmonds appear to be wearing one false ear each!
wondering why Noel Edmonds is still on the loose
*** yeah (I don't even know who that character is I just put it there because he looks like Noel Edmonds)
Noel Edmonds, upon hearing of the cancellation of Deal Or No Deal.
Endure Pharrell's Happy autoplay, Noel Edmonds' website and "posi-gallery" is a treat
Noel Edmonds now he's available pmsl
Noel Edmonds gets new shows after scrapped.
Noel Edmonds never puts the banker on loud speaker.if he did he would probably save a lot of time and not have to rep…
does it have Noel Edmonds at the start cos that's the version I've found on YouTube
Channle 4 scrap Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds but other shows to follow
In the latest WDDTY, cancer-curing woo box Noel Edmonds' promotes is advertised as "As mentioned on This Morning"!
Noel Edmonds gets a string of new shows… and earns £10million- Channel 4 to make him the richest daytime TV ***
Tried cosmic ordering. It doesn't work. To afraid to tell Noel Edmonds this though as he ll say my negativity is going to give me cancer.
PEEL OR NO PEEL. Noel Edmonds reminisces about beauty treatments he may, or may not have had in the past. Credit
Also, the player has to team up with Noel Edmonds to interview Gregg Wallace.
now we get Gove, Farage, Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Katie Hopkins, Noel Edmonds, Trump, Putin"...Give me Brussels anyday.
This stuff from Noel Edmonds abt "electro-mist, fog and smog..." I think he's been reading James Lee Burke (or a dust jacket, at least).
are you not mixing him up with Noel Edmonds or Jimmy Tarbuck ?!😧
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding, Anthea Turner and Aslan in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding and Anthea Turner in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds and Clare Balding in the same room. Makes you think.
When just seen Noel Edmonds is trending I presumed he is either dead or been done under Operation Yewtree or summat.way it usually is!
Will Operation Yewtree ever catch up with the ringleader!. Noel Edmonds 'cancer box' claim dismissed by firm -
Is it not about time Operation caught up with Noel Edmonds and put us all out of our misery?
Noel Edmonds, eh. Always been a bit of a knacker. With his spray painted on pants and continued evasion of Operation Yewtree.
As soon as I seen Noel Edmonds trending first thing I thought was Operation Yewtree strikes again
Admit it: When you saw Noel Edmonds trending you automatically thought, Operation Yewtree.
I see Noel Edmonds is trending, Has the reaper swung or has Operation Yewtree had it's last gasp?
Disappointed to see Noel Edmonds trending for non Operation Yewtree reasons.
Much reaction from angry Noel Edmonds and Quentin Wilson fanbases yet?
Noel Edmonds probably suggested Monkey Tennis to the BBC
Plot twist: Noel Edmonds is the banker
Things that should have stayed in the nineties:. 1) Lynx Oriental. 2) Noel Edmonds. 3) The Stone Roses
BREAKING: Noel Edmonds questioned over Burger King mustard challenge.
By the way, we removed Noel Edmonds from the game
My sleeping pattern is so erratic it would have made a lovely jumper for Noel Edmonds in the 70s and 80s.
“Noel Edmonds has given a bizarre new interview claiming that Wi-Fi is 'destroying' our electro-magnetic fields”
A man with his *** out, and *** coming out of an opinion piece to take pot shots at Noel Edmonds
This would be weird if it was anyone but our mum. Or Noel Edmonds. We love Noel Edmonds.
I absolutely love this carol, awww thank you my darling, I do look like noel Edmonds on this though, your fab you 😍😘 xxx
Patch notes: the protagonist has to defeat Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds calls Evans and Clarkson 'flawed geniuses'.
Noel Edmonds gets it dead wrong on the future of the BBC. Something to get you mad on Monday morning
I looked too quickly and misread that as Noel Edmonds 🙈
Hm. Well - They're the closest ITV have currently got to a Noel Edmonds 🤔
Do you look like a cross between Noel Edmonds and Nicky Clark? Were you in Bridgend on Monday & North London today? Are you following me?
My money was on Noel Edmonds until just now.
Forgot to mention that the antagonist is Noel Edmonds.
Excellent Noel Edmonds shirt from samdee93 last night niallbreeze…
Any time I see a mention of Noel Edmonds I think of this wonderful moment from an old Jon Ronson interview.
Noel Edmonds: 'BBC should have kept Jeremy Clarkson in...
is there a male version 'mutton dressed as lamb' - men who dress as a younger age? Cliff Richard, Paul McCartney, Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds obviously has a shaky grasp of English
Noel Edmonds describes the BBC as a 'terminally ill corpse'
As Noel Edmonds once said, the bankers on the phone
Having yet another chuckle at Noel Edmonds' rant about the BBC on
How bitter and twisted is Noel Edmonds? Alan Partridge should take note.
Not watched but the new scoring sounds a bit like that Noel Edmonds programme with the boxes
While you were watching the Eurovision, Noel Edmonds has started a military coup, demanding an infinite supply of wheelbarrows
If you faceswap Justin Timberlake with Noel Edmonds,it makes no difference.
"They're all winners," says Måns Zelmerlöw. Hope Noel Edmonds missed that, after his point about sports days and "fat kids."
Our entry should've just been the noise Noel Edmonds makes when he has an auto-asphyxiation close call
He really reminds me of doing Noel Edmonds in Stars For Your Eyes
Nearly every crime article I read on the evening mail is like 'Noel Edmonds, of Egerton Court, Barrow Island'
Stone Roses, Noel Edmonds, John Smith and Manic Street Preachers all trending, the 1990s are back...
Noel Edmonds eggcups, Dr. Noodle eggcups, Machete Kills eggcup (with lightsabre machete/spoon hybrid), the cast of Taxi eggcups…
What a Bee Gees tribute act Nicky Clarke, Robbie Savage, and Noel Edmonds would be.
The men of Top Gear currently look like Noel Edmonds, split into three parts.
who would win in a fight Noel Edmonds or Richard Madeley?
How come RTÉ has never produced anything to rival Richard Hammond's car crash or the time Noel Edmonds killed a stuntman?
Noel Edmonds says death is impossible as we're all just containers of energy
Noel Edmonds was doing this 20 years ago&Bruce Forsyth License payers deserve better than recycled TV.So predictable
those letters have made me happy beyond words! Ken Livingston, Noel Edmonds, Ian Botham... I'd die happy if that came true!
JENews Noel Edmonds spotted in Greece for the start of this human swap shop farce beginning today Vote Out Now before its to late 10mil here
it was only any good with Noel Edmonds and Angela Rippon
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
When its elevenses at HQ do Tommy Robinson, Nick Griffin, Noel Edmonds and Jim Davidson have tea or coffee?
How's it feel to be shoulder to shoulder with Nick Griffin,Tommy Robinson,Noel Edmonds & Jim Davidson in
Mid Morning Matters is back – and Alan's killing off Noel Edmonds
What's your favourite Wikipedia entry? In terms of laughs per paragraph, Noel Edmonds' page has to be up there
Royal Family and Thatcher to blame for Savile cover-up, says Noel Edmonds |
Former hosts of this event include Ben Elton, Michael Aspel, Johnny Vaughan and Noel Edmonds
George polls less well than Harold Shipman, Jimmy Savile and Noel Edmonds.
what odds can you give me on these guys to be convicted of peadophillia at any time?. -Brian Cox. -Noel Edmonds . -Bruce Forsyth
Noel Edmonds v Clive Anderson grudge match is the only choice
Assange looking like the *** child of Noel Edmonds and John Inman here
What has Julian Assange been up to? Morphing from John Inman into Noel Edmonds by the looks of it!
Rumours that Noel Edmonds placed dynamite on tracks intentionally in a bid to assassinate Clive Anderson
I get called Noel Edmonds, more recently Gallagher and references to Mr Blobby... at least Star Wars is cool... 😐
: Well, I wasn't convinced before but now that Noel has spoken I'll have to give the issue some serious thought.
the facts are that I have a massive booze habit and could never disguise my contempt for Noel Edmonds. You decide.
I'll grow my hair at least as long as Noel Edmonds to be able to play this song. AT LEAST.
I've already had my fair share of Noel Edmonds 😂
Is it just me or does Noel Edmonds not understand the difference between overpopulation and inadequate road infrastructur…
Noel Edmonds ego is taking up too much room.
Reading Noel Edmonds' timeline (stay with me), I'm not sure he's being racist, just trying to do some maths out loud.
Daily Express reporters desperate to fill quota of weather stories. In other news, Noel Edmonds starts acting old.
I remember Noel Edmonds getting stroppy on Kids TV saying we should stop saying "Spazz"
Always thought my boy had hair like Noel Edmonds, but I think that he's got a better grip on modern Britain than Noel.…
Noel Edmonds thinks that the UK imports food and energy because of immigrants lol
Forgot to mention that the enemy has to beat up Noel Edmonds.
never knew Noel Edmonds had a brother 🤔
Lol! Oh Noel, this didn't go as planned did it? :)
yep his failure to kill Noel Edmonds when he had the chance is just ANOTHER blot on his copy book
What's the deal with lotto and Noel Edmonds. He's one of the nicest celebs I met.
Buy or no buy? Noel Edmonds sells his country home
Noel Edmonds was mostly to blame, if I remember rightly. Obviously Wogan joined in.
Norwich 12-0. Naismith with an all left foot dodecatrick. Peels Mignolet's face off to reveal he's actually Noel Edmonds
. Noel Edmonds"and what would you like to swap for?". Kid"I would like to swap for any ISIS memorabilia "
Noel Edmonds knew hitler when he was a child?
If thinks the country is perhaps he could leave?
Left T5 at the same time as Noel Edmonds. Immaculately turned out &cracking jokes with customs. Why can I not get off a flight so chipper?
Hello, new followers. I know you came for the Noel Edmonds jokes, but do plz stay for discussions of sexual violence & anarch…
according to my calculations Noel Edmonds has blow up dolls
no need to wait until I'm on leave, I'd love that desk! I once decorated a colleague's desk with Noel Edmonds pics, heh heh :P
😂 I can now see the resemblance between noel Edmonds & Million Dollar Man 😂
I love Vikings but still hate Noel Edmonds such is life
Robyn just mixed Noel Fielding and Noel Edmonds up
TV star Noel Edmonds sparks migration row: Am I alone in feeling Britain is FULL, he asks
Why should I not want Noel Edmonds to win the lottery? Why are they trying to make me hate Noel? Odd advert.
It will also be about Noel Edmonds.
There's a story of Live Aid... Noel Edmonds was ferrying the VIPs around in helicopters. After Bowie had performed...
Channeling vintage Noel Edmonds in today's shirt
Noel Edmonds is such a *** on deal or no deal, he just rubs it in
Can anyone say after Pern that they havent thought differently about Rick Wakeman, Noel Edmonds, Roger Taylor, Martin Kemp & Nigel Havers?
Skinny Chris Moyles is like Noel Edmonds without a beard.
Technically not the original team. Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds once hosted it.
Or perhaps a collage of people most likely to be sweetie men: David Dickinson, Noel Edmonds and Bruce Forsyth.
More irritating than Noel Edmonds? Anyone?.(other than ex sports starts like Austin Healey or Matt Dawson)
Ainsley Harriott n Noel Edmonds are defo part a the mad TV paedophilia ring
well that's the Lotto for this rate you will only have Noel Edmonds,Vinny Jones,Katie Price etc doing the lotto.
considering our previous discussion of Noel Edmonds as a British Takeshi Kitano...
Lionel Ritchie and Noel Edmonds in the middle here.
Hi we bought Star Wars cakes for my nephew. Please can you tell me why Noel Edmonds face is on the icing?
. Wonder how much TNLUK payed Noel Edmonds, Vinnie Jones, Jordan and Anastacia, they wont Ave come cheap.
Simon Bates, Mike Reid, Noel Edmonds, Gary Davies etc proof that the BBC are square
Why do the Terry Nutkins Awards trophies have Noel Edmonds's face though?
Watching my bro play Alien Colonial Marines and we both agree it's a much better game if you mentally replace the aliens with Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds is the Peter Stringfellow of gambling
yep great idea. Who's next? SpongeBob? Noel Edmonds? My left foot? I'm considering campaigning for Mr Benn.
[BRANDREP] Lotto "(Noel Edmunds)" by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO: Noel Edmonds, the presenter know...
Charles Hawtrey is wearing one of Noel Edmonds old hand me downs today
Noel Edmonds and Griff Rhys Jones went to my old school... and Keith Allen got thrown out of it. Ah, the old parish...
It's been tough, but last night my Noel Edmonds dream capture software finally worked.
This reminds me of that story about John Peel going round to see Noel Edmonds and finding no...
yes Noel Edmonds and Ian MacKaye will drop you from a poorly secured bungee
The headlines about Julian Assange are reminding of the time when Noel Edmonds shot and killed Clive Anderson
I always wanted Noel Edmonds put on trial so the judge could say “The sentence is death, deal or no deal?"
Noel Edmonds did it so much better with Crinkly Bottom. It's still lying derelict in Morecambe.
because I don't want the affair I had with Noel Edmonds posted on the Internet for the world to see!
that Jack noel edmonds love child.
Little Giant Ladders
just with less Noel Edmonds, always a bonus.
good luck ^^ the cyber Noel Edmonds can see into your soul XD
dunno, but remember Noël Edmonds put mannequin in back cos he got fed up with punters pulling door open thinking he a cab
Rather excited for our Deal or No Deal games next week Brighouse. Going to get my Noel Edmonds wig ready
The bloke on the one show looks like the love child of Noel Edmonds and James May
you ken whit? Yer look like Noel Edmonds, sit doon ✋🏼
I see Noel Edmonds is trending, no better time then to post this classic Brass Eye
"The only guests were Noel Edmonds and his wife." My oh my that sounds like a drab wedding party.
Noel Edmonds at Morecambe illuminations switch on 1994 via
That on Noel Edmonds: proof (if needed) that it is possible to write brilliantly about someone so trivial.
TV GAMESHOW IDEA Meal Or No Meal. . Does Noel Edmonds get to eat this week? Pick a box to decide.
TV GAMESHOW IDEA Noel's House Party. Edmonds supplies kids with booze in his one bedroom flat. They must avoid his gunge and escape.
This had best be worth it for 'Noel Edmonds - The Game'
I'm pretty sure you are Noel Edmonds, I mean I've never seen you both in the same place
One Halloween my mate dressed as Mr. Blobby and I dressed as Noel Edmonds. Sleep well.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Noel Edmonds did the dystopian theme park years before Banksy did, and so much better
Noel Edmonds is to start a new programme for the BBC in aid of Comic Relief. It will take place in Africa and be called 'Me…
if you didn't know anything about Noel Edmonds, the fact that his favourite book is 'Born to be Riled' by Jeremy Clarkson, should suffice
This Banksy malarkey, it's nothing new. Noel Edmonds did a theme park filled with unsettling attractions in the nineties.
Leon? Blimey that was a bit lame? Could have been called Xmas or Edmonds😋
Idea for rumour. Noel Edmonds faked his own life.
Sorry Banksy, but Noel Edmonds already beat you to it with the disappointing theme park idea:
that was Bonkers Britain by Noel Edmonds. The Daily Mail in TV format that is.
well actually, Noel Edmonds is top, but still.
it's looking good now but he'll need to shave when he goes a bit more Noel Edmonds
This is what my dog would look like if his dad was Noel Edmonds
Excellent. A powerful reminder of how much Jeremy Corbyn used to look like Noel Edmonds.
A life living in fear of Operation Yewtree can turn people crazy.
you a fan of that show Wrighty? What about Deal or No Deal? You and Noel Edmonds bringing afternoon tv to life.
Noel Edmonds won't sell to our neighbours!!!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Lovely noël Edmonds shirt you're sporting today don't say hi will you!
lol cheers, I'll let Noel Edmonds know for one of his Christmas TV specials :-)
Tomorrow - 'Noel Edmonds: 'I always try putting USB sticks in the wrong way up at first'
Cliff and Noel Edmonds have been friends for years
Noel Edmonds looks like a child's sand drawing of Aslan.
Start adding protein shakes on me cereal of nails and planks while sparring with Noel Edmonds over the phone
Noel Edmonds and his wife were the only guests at Andrew Neil's wedding.
yeh! You can be Noel Edmonds with your new beard 😎
Pan's People dance to Paperback Writer on TOTP in 1976. Noel Edmonds refers to it as an "oldie".
Long before he was the host of Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds was quite keen to show you the latest Austin Rover...
'If Cosmic Ordering works, why is Noel Edmonds still here?' asks nation
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