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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

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Saturday night, BBC1, Tumble. Noel Edmonds must twitch every time he hears those words.
You sound like Noel Edmonds when there's only a handful of boxes left and they're all red ones.
What if I turned around and Noel Edmonds was there I'm so scared
do what noël Edmonds does and register as a proper taxi,take 1single fayre a year,then u can drive in bus lanes.
Good point, well made! And yes, Noel Edmonds. Who indeed? And why? One of only a few TV stars from my youth not yet arrested.
Being, as you are, from the Colonies, you won't know who Noel Edmonds (the face masks) is. The mind boggles, to be honest. :|
That Noel Edmonds just can't get enough of us
I liked a video Noel Edmonds on Newsnight wanting to buy the BBC - says he does not have a TV Licence
When Sir Alex said 'Phil Jones could be the best player this clubs ever had' he should've had his knighthood revoked & giv…
we had jokes about Noel Edmonds. Yes, you HAVE to go
Did you know Noel Edmonds uses a 'Hexagonator' to ensure his hairstyle remains consistent?
Tell robbie savage that Noel Edmonds wants his beard back
you could accept sweets from Noel Edmonds and the SwapShop team.
So that fat lad from Essex hasn't been seen in 8 hours & it's all over the news? I haven't seen Noel Edmonds in 3 weeks. That's news!
"we just have to stop for a moment because of the helicopter, it's probably Noel Edmonds" JP, "f*** off Edmonds"
badly injured,fat talentless *** from TOWIE missing, just need to nick Noel Edmonds and the weekend is done
I think like me you guys are huge fans of Noel Edmonds
It is, but I get a bit freaked out by Noel Edmonds' proximity to the boxes. That's just plain wrong
Sorry to hear you were beaten in the street Apparently it was Noel Edmonds, says you stole his beard.
I think I might buy one of those sweaters tomorrow that Noel Edmonds wears.
Noel Edmonds to buy Rovers: Last reply by james83 on Fri, 29 Aug 2014 20:36:05 +0
White Snoop Dogg looks like a cross between Andy Warhol & Noel Edmonds (with a l'il Deidre Rasheed sprinkled on top!)
we're not talking about Noel Edmonds again are we?
Hmmm Obama just doesnt have the experience to be the leader of the world's most powerful nation. Noel Edmonds would do a better job.
infanticide. Or Noel Edmonds asking the universe for a toffee crisp
I know I'm lucky mullet as I get to reside on Noel Edmonds' head but you have to envy his beard, because he gets to sit on Noel's face!
Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby. DARN scary! Both of 'em. (*whispers* pretty sure has a thing for Mr Blobby).
The Ray Donovan House Party was the best 60 minutes of residential party-hosting since Noel Edmonds invited the nation to Crinkly Bottom.
As noel edmonds would deal
Love Noel Edmonds but he seriously needs to match his hair colour to his beard
Why does Noel Edmonds look like something from Spitting Image?
Electronic Device Insurance
If someone kidnapped and tortured Noel Edmonds, do you suppose his family would miss him?
I love how Noel Edmonds tries to apply a psychology to Deal or No Deal that really isn't there. Talks so much nonsense. It's impressive.
Feel or no Feel?. Noel Edmonds to be investigated for noncery
I actually have an audition! Best day of my life, hope Noel Edmonds is there
u look like a cross between Kid Jenson an Noel Edmonds!
it could be worse, I'm in a blonde wig tonight, and I look more like Noel Edmonds than sex icon!! *
Snoop dogg looks like frickin Noel Edmonds from deal or no deal😂
Dave belongs back in TV. I see him as the replacement for Noel Edmonds on DEAL OR NO DEAL; or maybe as the Banker
He does nothing for me hun. But then I don't fancy Noël Edmonds :D xxx
Plus Boney-M give us there take on the RUS-UKR situation. Presented by Noel Edmonds.
lol poor joke, what do you expect when they lost all tv made in the 70s apart from noel Edmonds, somehow.
I like Noel Fielding, but Luxury Comedy is the worst thing to come out of television since that guy died on that Noel Edmonds show.
I've seen bits of it but it doesn't feature Noel Edmonds talking about the affects of Shatner's Bassoon sadly.
its times like this when you need Noel Edmonds at your club!
ha lol, I'd go for Higgins as boss with Noel Edmonds as number 2, staying away from Santa cos he's up for sex charges lol
Is Julian Assange's master plan to sneak out of the Ecuadorian embassy disguised as Noel Edmonds?
Noel Edmonds is next in the peadofile ring
Noel Edmonds and his Blobby. I can see it coming.
He'd be permitted a 3hr daily break where Noel Edmonds would go at him with a feather duster and cilit bang.
It doesn't even matter that you aren't trying to be cool, focus the resources on something better than noel edmonds, its demeaning for you.
Paul Hollywood is the superhero alter-ego of Noel Edmonds
Waiting on Noel Edmonds or Brucie for 4 corners
Cliff Richard is allegedly the most recent but who will be found out of being a sex criminal next? Chuckle brothers? Noel Edmonds maybe?
Noel Edmonds biding his time until he gets charged with sexual assault via
Sid put me onto this great new show starring Noel Edmonds son with he's great
nothing surprises me anymore. How about Noël Edmonds?
Kenneth Brannagh's performance as Noel Edmonds in Frankenstein is something to behold.
Cliff Richard. I win the sweepstake. Suck it Noel Edmonds backers.
So Sir Cliff is the next suspect! What's the odds on Noel Edmonds being next?
noël Edmonds is next, then tarrant and then biggins. Terrible fiddlers
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Noel Edmonds is a certainty...Got to be
Oh pal, there's guna be loads. Noel Edmonds and Eamon Holmes are my bets!
Noel Edmonds interviewing Kate Bush on Swap Shop from 1979 is probably the weirdest video I've watched on YouTube.
Noel Edmonds the next to get taken down in Operation Yewtree? Deal or no Deal?
Noel Edmonds annoys the living daylights out of me
Police investigate Cliff, but no sign of Noel Edmonds, Bruno Brooks or Tony Blackburn being dragged in. Shocking.
Might put a fiver on noel edmonds to be next to be arrested by yewtree
All I need now is Noel Edmonds and I have a full house yewtree bingo.
When are Operation Yewtree gonna pick up Noel Edmonds?
Noel Edmonds Welcome to the dream factory motherf***er!!. *boom*
oh?Noel Edmonds is it? I don't know about him either.. But look up Gesthalt.. And Erkart Tolle/Byron Katie..
All I need is Noel Edmonds and I've got a full house on Yewtree bingo.
Hello? British Transport Police? I'd like to talk to someone about Noel Edmonds' facial hair.
Noel Edmonds is a stick on to be the next monster that is revelled!!!
Suspect Noel Edmonds will be next, always had my doubts...
I'm still praying it's going to be Noel Edmonds next.
I really hope not. Don't think I could coupe. It only leaves Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds.
that sounds eerily like Noel Edmonds power of positive thought 'philosophy'.
don't think they've gone after Noel Edmonds have they?
So I’ve just woken up from a dream where Noel Edmonds was selling me shirts. This is an insight into my fascinatingly cool brain. :-/
I tell you I'm ahead of the game just wait till noël Edmonds gets the knock
Surely Noel Edmonds is a pervy the hair is a dead give away
“I did a and accidentally made Noel Edmonds! /cc oh my g…
I'll put everything I own on noel Edmonds being next
Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby must be in contention. I've never found Sky News so entertaining
Cliff Richard now.. Noel Edmonds and Chris Tarrant next.. You heard it here first.. Chuck Timmy Mallet in for good measure
Only a matter of time before Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds are found out as well.
Here's a list of people who I think are paedophiles:. Bruce Forsyth . Noel Edmonds . Jasper Carrot. Richard O'Brien . David Seaman . Mr Tumble
Cliff Richards eh. it'll be Noel Edmonds next, or Bruce Forsyth
odds on John McCririck, Noel Edmonds and Loius Walsh being nonces?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I won't unfollow you mate. You're like Noel Edmonds to me. God like.
A rather disturbing picture of Noel Edmonds running amok.
I hit a new low today when Noel Edmonds had the same shirt on that I wear on nights out, in deal.
Why is he wearing Noel Edmonds' shaved head?
Does in feature Noel Edmonds in a garish jumper?
Noel Edmonds to man on Deal or No Deal "I look up to people like you (a plasterer) because I can't do it" Noel, you look up to most people..
would you rather work for Noel Edmonds or have to wear a waistcoat for work?
Lovely shirt there. Did Noel Edmonds advertise the sale or was it a spontaneous affair?
I can remember Noel Edmonds talking about the Vietnam war on the radio 1 breakfast show
is the lead singer Noel Gallagher or Edmonds?
I'll feel like becks, but look like Noel Edmonds 😂
I've heard extremist Muslims want to force Noel Edmonds to wear a burqa and become Halal.
Is that not just Noel Edmonds' mini me?
.It had Bernard Manning, and Noel Edmonds went into a strop over it. But now it's notorious because it had Rolf Harris in it.
Yes, he's the only person in the world who can sit through a Noel Edmonds show and not get annoyed.
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I thought it was a "behind the scenes" look at Noel Edmonds on Deal Or No Deal.
Noel Edmonds starts every day by standing nude in front of the mirror saying to himself, 'you look a million bucks fella, keep rockin.'
You've not heard I Want More unless you've heard Noel Edmonds introducing it.
Really hate Noel Edmonds, waste of a sperm that guy is.
You'll probably have nightmares about Noel Edmonds :)
Noel Edmonds is wearing so much eyeliner right now
Since when did noel Edmonds become a crack addict?
@ Michael__lacey there is a method of lethal injection named after Noel Edmonds apparently
Yeah I'm working at a Noel Edmonds desk.
Got into uni, I'd like to thank my dog and Noel Edmonds
Peter Dinklage to play the role of Noel Edmonds in upcoming Brass Eye remake.
I'm growing a beard, to see if I look evil. It's less The Master, more Noel Edmonds. So yes, I do.
Noel Edmonds looking like a wombats ***
Russell Crowe is slowly morphing into Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds finally gets his action movie debut:
Looks like Noel Edmonds… Peter Dinklage with a mullet, wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit and holding a laser cannon.
Lawro a bit like a an elongated Noel Edmonds. Similarly tucked in.
Deal or no Deal is one big fix. I bet you any money Noel Edmonds and the banker both always know where the 250k is
Once a man in queue outside a Saxon gig told me he was John Lennon and he'd been flown there by Noel Edmonds in his helicopter
I remember when this accident happened, a dreadful tragedy ...
Where the *** does Noel Edmonds get his shirts from?
You should make friends with Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds looks a bit like a pirate drag queen on Deal today.
I don't know one person who likes noel edmonds
*rubs eyes* Noel Edmonds has got so much make up on, that he looks like a hybrid of Cilla Black & Catweazle after an "Avon calling!" visit.
I'm considering shaving my head and getting a swastika tattooed on my chest. Either that or Noel Edmonds' face.
Noel's Louse Party. Noel Edmonds' mental state deteriorates as he organises increasingly elaborate parties for wood-lice.
Carlton Cole to City, £43m. And Noel Edmonds arrested for dogging.
Broadcaster and DJ 'carried the can' for tragedy, reveals friend.
Mike Smith was 'haunted' by Noel Edmonds TV show death - Yahoo TV UK
Mike Smith dead: Noel Edmonds fights back tears to pay tribute to his close friend
I know. We also had JimllFix It, Rolf Harris, Noel Edmonds (wife) SwapShop. Lots to watch. I had Action Men (we were rich).
Did Noel Edmonds watch The R1DJs were on a Thames Cruise and Noel was obsessed with looking for the towers!
Richard Branson looks like Noel Edmonds 2 weeks after death
Noel Edmonds hasn't been arrested has he? Or Tony Blackburn?
Noel Edmonds is going to be the end of game boss of Operation Yewtree.
on a flippant note lol @ Jason bucks claim to fame, my second cousin once stayed in same hotel as noël Edmonds!!
I wish someone famous would look like me so I could quit my job, become a professional lookalike and WAIT A MINUTE - NOEL EDMONDS
Walked around there And even the tramps are wearing dodgy noel Edmonds shirts thinking they're something special
What has happened to Saturday night tele?! . Missing blind date, baywatch,gladiators, man o man, noel edmonds house!!
Mike Skinner is the third greatest human being of all time, behind Big Sam and Noel Edmonds
Good advice, wonder if they've ever knocked on Noel Edmonds house & asked to see his tax tv licence?
Noel Edmonds Actually Wants to Buy the BBC: (v funny piece via and
sharing a wardrobe with Noel Edmonds
Then I has like a mini dream where noël Edmonds turned up at my house but that's another tale
I have way too many photos of Noel Edmonds on my phone
I asked noel edmonds/edmunds for a piccy and he literally just stood there doing the same pose the whole time
Rapprochement! 40 yrs since Noel took breakfast from the pair kiss & make up:
All he needs is some big yellow spots and Noel Edmonds
I take it we have to thank for that upload of Noel Edmonds Christmas Morning Show?
There must be a festival on this train route.. A strange brew just boarded in wellies and romper suits. The men all look like noel edmonds
Noel Edmonds, before and after applying his latest beard.
Jesus Christ looks more like Noel Edmonds as the days go by...
Its a little known fact that Noel Edmonds was Mr Blobby and Noel was instead played by his stunt double Ken Bolochnese
So creeped out by Noel Edmonds' beard right now
Surely it's only a matter of time before Noel Edmonds is arrested for noncing kids
Noel Edmonds keeps the dye in his beard topped up by going down on Whoopi Goldberg during her time of month.
it sounded great until Noel Edmonds name appeared
Can I just say how slanderous your bio is towards Noel Edmonds too.
Clap along if you feel like Noel Edmonds without a beard
“that is definitely a photo of Noel Edmonds” wheel or no deal!!!
that is definitely a photo of Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds will be the next celebrity paedo
Lewis fancies himself as the next Noel Edmonds by the looks of it!
Been working in Noel Edmonds garden the past 2 days!
Watching trying to build drama on is a right lark. Noel Edmonds on Deal or No Deal levels of hilarity.
"In the UK disc jockey and game show host Noel Edmonds is the main media promoter of Mohr's work" -Wikipedia
Yes also a source of hilarity for "Noel Edmonds believes it too!" was one excuse for the inexcusable I had.
I'm expecting Noel Edmonds to fly through my window and any minute with a gotcha trophy
Noel Edmonds’ Gunge Tank. If you say it out loud it’ll make you physically sick.
It's about time Noel Edmonds started putting in those boxes Would be a great interactive audience opportunity too
Now, I like Noel Edmonds, but his beard just looks like it's been painted on. Badly.
So, is Noel Edmonds' beard drawn on now?
people telling me you looked like Noel Edmonds at weekend ? Is this true ha
that's where your wrong Ali.someone just said I'm like Noel Edmonds.i never age
Those jumpers were all Noel Edmonds fault ;)) And at least they were warmer than tank tops .! XD x
This Day: 2003. BBC announced return of Noel Edmonds after 20 yrs, filling in for Johnnie Walker
Rod Stewart is basically Noel Edmonds..without a beard.
. Noel Edmonds had a lot to answer for !
Not been keeping up with the news at home much whilst we have been away, but just logged onto sickipedia and pretty much caught up with all the headlines. Its been revealed that Vanessa Feltz was told by the authorities to keep quite until after the trial of Rolf Harris. Officials later admitted genuine concerns that the news would have made the entire jury feel sorry for for Mr Harris. Australian TV have aired Oscar Pistorius's re-enactment of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp. This will be followed by a re-enactment of Rolf Harris touching up Vanessa Feltz, starring Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby. According to a recent survey , Mohammed is now the most popular name in Britain. And according to a different survey , it is the least popular as well. My wife came back from a fortnight in Magalluf last night, I thought that at least I'd get a *** off her after two weeks away but she said no as she has a bad throat. Weather must've been bad I reckon. BBC News: Lord Brittan 'quizzed on rape claim' Seems like an ...
Noel Edmonds and Dave Lee Travis standing behind him, I see.
Been freaking out with slow motion footage of Noel Edmonds. No Deal.
"President Obama calls to congratulate on a great run" this guy's on the phone more than Noel Edmonds
Does anyone else ever get the horrible feeling that Noel Edmonds is the grim reaper in disguise?
Noel Edmonds has made over 2,510 episodes of and he still seems to think it's not a game of chance, Britain's stupidest man?
Something in the water, got Boy to bed and turned out another two pages... {:)-[]-] ...and a picture of Noel Edmonds!
Noel Edmonds has to be the next famous person to be yewtree'd
Would you rather...Noel Edmonds or Eamonn Holmes? I'm not sure which is the lesser of the 2 evils. My gut tells me Noel.
Who's the one with the Noel Edmonds mullet?
I'm still holding out hope for Noel Edmonds to finally be caught.
Noel Edmonds looks like a young Chuck Norris.
Noel Edmonds's beard is creeping me out. Totally the wrong colour.
I thought Noel Edmonds just said the cream factory. He didn't. I hope.
Cosmic Ordering, follow these easy steps and you too could be as universally admired as Noël Edmonds
Why are you so obsessed with Noel Edmonds, dickbrain?
There is nobody cheesier than Noel Edmonds😡
For the second time today we're talking about Noël Edmonds Kills A Guy, this is VERY instructive for our work experience boy. Next: the Qpod
I have a friend who admitted to Noel Edmonds.
Do you think Tony Blackburn & Noel Edmonds have nightmares about the girls they hugged in the 70's ??
Noel Edmonds seems to think Corden/imaginary banker is in the same league as Frost/Nixon
Chris Goffey was the bearded one on top gear in the 80's(after Noel Edmonds).
When I was young for some reason I thought he was the dad of Noel Edmonds.
Still convinced noël Edmonds and mr blobby will the next celebs to be caught for being creeps
is noël Edmonds going to be there with ayre picking random barca players in boxes
No, it'll be bought up by the likes of Noel Edmonds, taken out of public hands; we know where that ends.
I reckon the next prosecuted pedophile with be Noel Edmonds !
In the history of unlikely comebacks, this would be up there with Noel Edmonds or Blankety Blank
Evil Jesus I can agree with... Cool Noel Edmonds doesn't sound as good as a chant!
So is an amalgamation of an evil Jesus & a cool Noel Edmonds - what a combo that is!
Rolf Harris über nonce,they should leave him a rope in his cell. Who's next?. I'd be surprised if Noel Edmonds wasn't in on the act.
Apparently I'm not alone in wishing that ultimately, operation "Yew Tree" achieves it's goal of seeing Noel Edmonds raped in a prison shower
How about "looking like what Noel Edmonds would look like if he was cool!"
Noel Edmonds has to be a nonce, I heard he had an elephant once but he shot it when he heard the RSPCA were gonna take it from him.
The famous fivesome are believed to have popped by the set of Noel Edmonds's popular game show to support Harry's BFF James Corden, who (c)
all we need is Chris tarrent & noël Edmonds , getting charged & my hole child hood will b a fecking joke !
80s kids, who else have we got left? Keith Chegwin, Johnny Ball and Noel Edmonds. Great.
noel edmonds! give me £100k or il tell the papers you wanked me off on swapshop! deal or no deal ? .
James Corden and Noel Edmonds indulging in "banter" on Celebrity Deal Or No Deal looks about as AIDS as you can get.
I'm not defending the degenerate, but that's like me saying Noel Edmonds touched me. He didn't.
I'm thinking it'll be Noel Edmonds next.
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I hate Liam nearly as much as Noel Edmonds
back in the UK and just wondering what is going on with Noel Edmonds' beard on Deal or No Deal. It's a little scary.
I just thought of Noel Edmonds for no apparent reason. That's not normal is it?
What is going on with noel Edmonds facial hair 👎
They're going to do a special where it's Noel Edmonds playing but instead of playing for £250k he's playing for his life
Can't help but be suspicious of Noel Edmonds after these Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville scandals.
good grief Phil. You look like Noel Edmonds.
in combination with Noel Edmonds...Not sure what to expect from that tbh...
"one of the most historic confrontations in tv history" noel edmonds on james corden vs the banker...Yeah,ok
Listen to Talking News,for the big interviews with Tony & Ross.This week Noel Edmonds. Coming up Steve D…
Caller on radio in regards to case says from his childhood there's only Noel Edmonds and Scooby Doo left untarnished!!
Operation Yewtree, not Project. Rolf Harris found guilty and the sheer level of Jimmy Saville's depravity revealed in the same week. The taint of the 1970's molesters at the BBC continues. Saville seems to be the worst, along with Gary Glitter but now Harris, an icon to so many and another embarrassment to the Royal Family and English high society, and a shocking blow to the Australian establishment who were what seemed so justifiably proud of Rolf for representing his country for so many years. And like Saville who is inextricably sewn into the fabric of my childhood tv experiences, Harris ditto with so many tv shows, appearances, hit songs for children and his return in the retro-camp Glasto circuit of the 1990's which gave so many old has-beens a new lease on life like Bill Shatner and so forth. Still, at least TOUCH WOOD they didn't turn up anything on Terry Wogan. Now Noel Edmonds or Mike Reid, I wouldn't let near my nieces or nephews and Tony Blackburn? Hm. Tainted.
Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and now Rolf Harris??? It will be Keith Chegwin, Noel Edmonds and Bruce Forsyth up in the dock next, mark my words. My flabber has been well and truly gasted.
My dad on "He doesn't really look like a radio DJ" . Me: "Why what does a DJ look like?!" Dad: "Tony Blackburn or Noel Edmonds"
Noel Edmonds bearing a striking resemblance to Keith Moon as Uncle Ernie in today's Deal or No Deal
I promised Noel Edmonds that he could cut the tape :/
Custard pie in face, administered by the 90s Yeoman of the Gunge, Noel Edmonds
Applied to go on Deal or no Deal ages ago. Was well expecting a phone call of Noel Edmonds by now
The funeral for Noel Edmonds will take place today, despite the fact he hasn't actually died. No one really knows why it's taking place.
or Noel Edmonds by old school phone
I had a dream last night that I slept with Noel Edmonds 😭😷
so macho! Such great memories that was our theme tune in 1986 Noël Edmonds late late breakfast show "Mr Puniverse"
Yeah! How funny is that??!!! Obvs not THE Grange Hill!! Noel Edmonds dad was her headmaster!!
What does Robbie Savage know about football? He looks like a mix between a hobo and bloody Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds dresses up quite a lot on special editions of Deal or No Deal. As do the contestants.
Noel Edmonds looks like a pile of laundry that has become self aware
I wish someone would run noel Edmonds over, irritating ***
How are yewtree not onto Noel Edmonds??
I love Noel Edmonds. I love how the back of his head resembles the reverse of a barn owl.
well they certainly aren't doing it in the name of noel Edmonds are they
have i just read that correctly Gary Neville to be next England Football Team manager would rather Noel Edmonds or The Chuckle Brothers
and have who replace him? Mr blobby? Noel Edmonds? The players didn't do there job it's simple as that old chap
There's a man in McDonalds that looks like Noel Edmonds on crack
England match later feels like when Noel Edmonds demands the remaining boxes are opened in Deal Or No Deal after a disastrous "deal".
stop going Noel Edmonds on me. Am I going cocoon? I dunno what that means but I'm gunna say yes I am going
I once custard pied Noel Edmonds as he came out if selfridges. Got him bang in the mush.
never!. Next seems to think Noël Edmonds' blouses are in fashion. Never seen so many flowery shirts
I think Noël Edmonds plans to land his helicopter on the centre spot at half time in some kind of Christmas Special
If Noel Edmonds ever went on a 4 day bender he'd probably look like his waxwork.
Noel Edmonds,. Give me £100k or I will say you wanked me off on Swapshop. Deal or no Deal ?
Good Lord, is Patrick Duffy channelling Noel Edmonds in this movie right now?!
Deal or No Deal is basically psychotherapy for Noel Edmonds' Fight-Clubesque personality disorder. 'In Banker we trust' - The 1p Club.
What on earth has Noel Edmonds done to his beard?
Noel Edmonds needs putting out of our misery.
It's moving more towards Noel Edmonds so I'd have to go with 'no'. Why mess with a winning formula?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ha, that is true (although I must confess to having sometimes described his Much Ado look as Sexy Noel Edmonds).
Hmm not the first time that's been said but infinitely better than the Noel Edmonds/ Jeremy Kyle ones ...
Noel Edmonds doesn't know anything about antiques c'mon
She'll just wonder how you met Noel Edmonds in Germany.
I'd rather Mr Blobby was reincarnated and visited my event with Noel Edmonds wearing one of his 'fun' sweaters
Whole show has gone *** Even Ricky has a noel Edmonds deal or no deal shirt on !
I just remembered this that I came across some years ago -
looks like one of Noel Edmonds jumpers
Noel Edmonds is the great bearded enemy.
Difficult to see why Noel Edmonds hasn't topped himself yet
needs noel Edmonds in a blouse presenting it
"Noel Edmonds says he and a group of wealthy investors want to buy the BBC to save it from ‘inevitable disaster’.".
Noel Edmonds puts me off, would have been suffice
Noel Edmonds has really put me off wearing shirts with any sort of pattern.
Noel Edmonds hair and beard combo scares me!
Jack Russell looks just like Noel Edmonds in that tatty old hat photo
or indeed 50,000 people declining to pay their licence fee. If it's good enough for Noel Edmonds...
BREAKING NEWS: Noel Edmonds depressed by Instagram circus fling.
Might wear a noel Edmonds mask out tomorrow, feel it
Martin Keown bought that beard in the same shop Noel Edmonds bought his.
brilliant new concept for Noel Edmonds, Lungs or No Lungs!
I wonder if Noel Edmonds has a crinkley Bottom. (you have to be at least 20 to get that one)
We get Noel Edmonds to host, and Richard Hammond can commentate with David Beckham on the swan's funny reaction.
I've had a great idea. I'm all for legit immigration and believe we should have a softer policy the Australia but still let people in that's what this country has always been (most of us are from roman n Viking blood) anyway. how about this... Boarder control run by the most annoying people in society e.g Maybe Timmy Mallet and his mallet asking the questions Mr blobby doing the 17 hour body checks with his stupid big hands The chuckle brothers checking your luggage The Carol Beer (little Britain computer says no) checks your criminal and travel history) If you get accepted you are made aware instead of the citizen test (which I wouldn't even pass) you must sit thru a 72 hour concert. presented by Robert Pattison, Philip Neville, Noel Edmonds, Emma Willis, and the cast of Loose Women with performers like Peter Andre, Jedward, fast food rockers, Paris Hilton, James Blunt, Nicole & Natalie Appleton. Please add others as my minds gone blank... I think this would put of many scrounges :-)
TV OD: Matt Edmondson on angry commenters, Noel Edmonds and more
Saturday 21 February 1981 . XTC appear live on BBC1 TV children's show ,hosted by Noel Edmonds .Andy gives away to viewers his Antoria acoustc guitar and Col...
Literally was everyone a paedo back in the 1970s. Whose next. Noel Edmonds?
I think one of these days its gonna come out that Noel Edmonds is also a peedo. Has that look 👀
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