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Noel Edmonds

Noel Ernest Edmonds, (born 22 December 1948) is an English broadcaster and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK.

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Ego 'The Living Planet' looks like Noel Edmonds from an alternate universe where he's as effortlessly cool as he tr…
Noel Edmonds is one of our leading scientific brains. Proved beyond doubt that wind turbines are highly dangerous. Muc…
THE noel edmonds from deal or no deal i hate people honestly
GIRLS im SCREAMING im watching tattoo fixers n this woman wants a tattoo dedicated to noel edmonds
Noel Edmonds refereeing would be a football innovation I'd like to see too.
What? Charles Wells have built a life size statue of a young Noel Edmonds? Craft beer has eaten itself.
this article reads so much like Alan partridge on Noel Edmonds
My daughter surprised me today with a homemade Noel Edmonds fairy cake.
"While your waiting for Noel Edmonds House Party, your missing out on Alan Carr's Chatty Man"
so I guess you've been shagging Noel Edmonds
I would really love it if you could do an undercover on Noel Edmonds Or are you frightened?
Oh that's easy ' Green Godesses ' , Noel Edmonds did a stint on Top Gear early on plus Angela Rippon
Might get a Noel Edmonds tattoo myself now
What is your opinion on Noel Edmonds?
When told he's 2nd most generous celeb after Elton John, said: "Everyone else must be bloody tight!"
Patch notes: the protagonist has to play scrabble with Noel Edmonds.
George Michael hailed 'one of the most generous people to ever walk planet' by Noel Edmonds via
She wants a tattoo of Noel Edmonds on her thigh?. Who is on the other one? Bruno sodding Brookes?.
I still miss Noel Edmonds doing Dingly Dale on a Sunday morning followed by the hairy monster Dave Lee Travis. Proper radio 😄
Kat (just Kat). Juggler, fire eater, and owner of world's largest hall of mirrors (Noel Edmonds was…
Noel Edmonds will be the next celebrity outed as a paedo mark my words
Anyone watching the one show ? The description given of Noel Edmonds back in the day screams peado.
Happy 20th Noel Edmonds warning about "cake" (fake drug) stimulating the part of the brain called "shatners bassoon". I 😂😂😂
some beautiful bloke who bears a striking resemblance to a much better looking Noel Edmonds, and who also loves V8's. ❤
The Noel Edmonds chapter deserves to be on the National Curriculum (if such a thing still exists)
Come to think of it, i've never seen Assange and Noel Edmonds in the same room...
Is it just me, or the older Y2J gets the more he looks like Noel Edmonds?
That time Noel Edmonds shot Clive Anderson on Brass Eye is a less extreme event than Trump's White House
He's been raiding Noel Edmonds wardrobe by the looks of things
Did really just get tickets for a sold out event by sending a girl a pic of Noel Edmonds doing deal or no deal?Yes.Yes she did
I'd love to see Noel Edmonds on 'ere, banging out a bit of Chumbawamba.
"Ask Jack, I had labels playing deal or no deal like I'm Noel Edmonds"
A game where the protagonist has to stalk Noel Edmonds.
Big Brother House. 1977!. There you go TV Execs. Have that for free!. BB house 1977 stylee!. Noel Edmonds cameo appearance! With Cheggers!
what's Noel Edmonds doing to Trump's tiny hand?!?
Filming underway on new Noel Edmonds gameshow 'Cheap Cheap Cheap' made by for htt…
Noel Edmonds is returning to Channel 4 with a brand new game show
Ah, hip tunes. I`m sure Tony Blackburn, Dave Lee Travis and Noel Edmonds are still Top of the Pops.
Hamster wondering why he keeps getting mistaken for Noel Edmonds
New deal for Bottle Yard Studios as Noel Edmonds selects it again for his latest gameshow | Bristol Business News
the flowery one is a bit Alfie Moon/Noel Edmonds, so go for the birds 😀
Nan just had a pure breakdown cause her friend told her Noel Edmonds was dead
I had no idea until now he was in UKIP, it's like I found that show where Noel Edmonds was going mental about local councils...
“Would the cat know who Noel Edmonds is?” STILL makes me howl!
Noel Edmonds and Posh Paws which was an anagram of Swap Shop
ha! The video is truly something to behold ! And the fact that Noel Edmonds looks exactly the same...freaky that!
If that was true, Noel Edmonds would be out of a job.
Noel Edmonds is long overdue a visit from Yewtree
Jessica is visualising a win, lots of people's this method of visualising getting what you want. Noel Edmonds is a big fan
there she is, Noel Edmonds' evil twin sister has piped up
. I think it's that law of attraction thing, people like Noel Edmonds do it apparently...
The commercial break announcing the death of Noel Edmonds had me in a state of complete confusion.
Your Mr Blobby is tied to a timebomb. Do you torture Noel Edmonds?. Yes.
The dj looks like a mash up between Noel Edmonds and Dave Lee Travis
That is outstanding. For when you need to out-Noel Edmonds Noel Edmonds.
Just favorited "Radio One 10th Anniversary Clips Edmonds, Blackbur..." by Noel Tyrrel on Mixcloud
A game where the player has to dance with Noel Edmonds.
I didn't know the part of Thor had been recast? Noel Edmonds kept that quiet.
Noel edmonds had a couple of drinks
Imagine Noel Edmonds on Swap Shop reading out your winning postcard, "from Emma Scutt i…
I never understood as a child how Noel Edmonds' head didn't fall off his relatively tiny body.
Wasn't it Noel Edmonds who said positivity cures cancer?
morining lads congrates on last night's noel edmonds has 4 red. Boxes missing
Suffering Deal or No Deal withdrawal? Never fear, Noel is back with a brand new game show called Cheap Cheap Cheap…
what's odds can I get on the queen, Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds to die in 2017?
I told Noel Edmonds he was stupid and it was reported on loads of news websites. And the Daily Mail...
how can you be the independent adjudicator? It'd be like Noel Edmonds opening the boxes.
By the way, nothing but Noel Edmonds exists.
Spent the good lady's birthday in bath, only downside was bumping into Noel Edmonds, I guess you can't have it all;)
genuinely never seen a worse show. It got a major slagging!
CW could sign Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds and I'd think it was an astute deal 😍
Someone told me today that I look like a young Noel Edmonds.
Maybe Trump is in fact Noel Edmonds with prosthetics on. Like when he used to surprise people on Noel's Christmas Presents.
Alright, just gimme a mo. This final villanelle about Noel Edmonds won't write itself you know.
Fine with the costume in principal but I'll need to know the deets on that in advance. The charity will be Noel Edmonds pet line.
that face when you meet Noel Edmonds in town
Just going out to busk - pretty sure I saw Noel Edmonds in Bath :D The man doesn't age :)
Britain turns to Noel Edmonds to lead Brexit negotiations.
Noel Edmonds to launch world’s first radio station for animals, denies he’s “lost the plot”:
another Master story that I thought as a kid that Ainley was Noel Edmonds..
That's a beauty. My other half grew a beard while working away. Ended up looking like Noel Edmonds to my horror
Much improved version of my insta post. Shoutout shoutout Noel Edmonds
So if we go down the "Noel Edmonds Swop Shop" route we could all swop our rubbish Celebrations for ones we like ?…
My cat's possessed by Noel Edmonds! World exclusive. Only in this week's
"And Julian said he looks nothing like an albino Noel Edmonds, and that must be true too. So there. Jinx, no come b…
I tried to call in to Noel Edmonds "Swap Shop" but there wasn't any demand for kala loon or mustard oil back in the day!
An interactive experience where the enemy is Noel Edmonds.
Surprised Noel Edmonds isn't sniffing around the house as he loves the Kosmos!
and all of them know who Noel Edmonds according to Noel Edmonds
Congrats to WSU students who earned 2nd place in competition.
The presenter looked like he was expecting Noel Edmonds to peel off a Chris Sutton mask and scream "gotcha!"
An interactive experience where the protagonist has to interrogate Noel Edmonds.
Somebody once said "Noel Edmonds reminds me of a lion that went to a fancy dress party dressed as a man". Can't remember who b…
PM's Brexit strategy will be reveals Noel Edmonds; "All the boxes will be empty and Mark Carney refus…
Is that supposed to be irony? Or are they saying it in the same way you would about Timmy Mallet or Noel Edmonds? 🙈
Here's an excerpt...don't forget, if except, with a P - not exert.
.to think Noel Edmonds is a good option for
you're like Noel Edmonds with that phone!! Someone bloody ring him soon, my feed is full
I was thinking about power cuts earlier. Am I a witch/Noel Edmonds?
looks like Noel Edmonds on the right!
Mr blobby spotted hanging out at in Crawley. Just need noel.edmonds.official
Noel Edmonds: Who’s the first Noel?. His wife: Oh God. Not again. Him: Do it. Her (wearily): You’re the first Noel. *lovem…
good eyes, is that Noel Edmonds on the cover ?
Has Noel Edmonds had a hair cut since Deal or no Deal Started?!
Got an audition to go on Noel Edmonds new game show 🙈🙈🙈😩
Noel Edmonds not coming across very well .
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Last year I wrote a Christmas story about Noel Edmonds in a post-apocalyptic London. Suggestions for this year's theme or storyline please!
Thought I'd give the Dragon a break from my picture and put in Noel Edmonds getting the axe.
Currently sat in a bar drinking a pint of ale called Gypsy Tears & I can see a man that looks just like Noel Edmonds. I bloody love Canada.
There's a case for a Noel Edmonds referendum, but it would be dumb. There's no case for a re-run.
If Porky bust found on an online auction for £280 Or is it noel Edmonds ?
Also, the player has to assemble Noel Edmonds.
I wanted to do a Noel Edmonds-based comeback but it's looking like no deal
If you know the Digital Awards, you'll know nobody gets Noel Edmonds. EVER.
Classic Noel Edmonds cast off man blouse for Ducklin tonight.
I am having such an incredibly irritating day, I keep on thinking Noel Edmonds is going to show up with a Gotcha 😡
You know you've hit burn-out in a day when you find yourself stopping and searching ebay/internet for "Lego Noel Edmonds"
Forgot to mention that we added Noel Edmonds to the game
Surely this is written by Chris Morris?
Can he be resuscitated using that box of garbage promoted by Noel St Edmonds?.
Is Julian Assange a gene splice of John Inman and Noel Edmonds?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Eccentric right wing tv personality in the white house. When's Noel Edmonds going to become our prime minister?
-pay. That said, I don't think the memo hit Noel Edmonds as-
Alan Partridge on his arch enemy, Noel Edmonds - from Nomad book
Didn't you appear on a special programme with Noel Edmonds about ten years ago ?
Does kissing your framed photo of Noel Edmonds on a webcam count?
I'm listening to a radio station on which Noel Edmonds is the only DJ
I'm in like Noel Edmonds in his younger days on noels house party
and thank your lucky stars it's not Pointless or that awful Noel Edmonds programme...
How long have you been waiting for a radio station created personally for Noel Edmonds?
It'd be in Poundland's bargain bin by January 2018, meaning Noel Edmonds would come away with a measly £1.
Look out for Noel Edmonds' debut album 'Banker's Deal', coming November 2017.
The DJ and presenter has launched Positivity Radio, a suite of stations made to match your mood. .
please tell me you've got to the Noel Edmonds bit!
I'm getting Noel Edmonds, John Virgo, Ted Dibiase, Jeremy Beadle and Chas (but not Dave)
I know it's controversial, but think outcome of A50 case will be Noel Edmonds is endowed with the sole and unassailable power to trigger it.
Containing as it does: Cumbria, Seascale, rambling, BNFL, Noel Edmonds, and nuclear power.
you're like a young jim el fix it or Noel Edmonds. Fair play Ryan 👏
Not yet. Noel Edmonds is working on it, though...
I'll chip in if we can also fit Noel Edmonds in there.
What innovations have there been in jam-making that I've missed? Are they as innovative as Noel Edmonds' anti-cancer boxes?
they should get Noel Edmonds to talk to it on air to see if it turns up.
Notice you never see Julian Assange and Noel Edmonds together..
Do you think he might team up with Noel Edmonds and start a ghost-friendly radio station?
a history of 2 decades. More deals than Noel Edmonds.
I wouldn't want to get Noel Edmonds' take on Cecil the lion.
Noel Edmonds defiantly defends himself over his new motivational phone service for pets -
Noel Edmonds plans to launch first radio station for animals and says he hasn’t ‘lost the plot’…
Villa's next messiah? Steve McClaren, Tim Sherwood and Noel Edmonds must all be in the running.
Nonsense. What it needs are ZX Spectrums, Austin Allegros and Noel Edmonds. They're in very short supply over there.
If you can find a better story than this - Noel Edmonds becomes a cat whisperer - I'd like to hear it.
almost as annoying as the Noel Edmonds one outside magic city
Looking for contact details for Noel Edmonds and Paul O'Grady
Noel Edmonds calling a cat but the cat ends up helping Noel get through what is clearly a very troubled period in his lif…
It's a Deal Or No Deal box isn't it? Noel Edmonds will appear and let Belinda know how big the deal is.
Today on Den Of Geek: unreleased movies, a bit of Stephen King, and Noel Edmonds' Swap Shop. Morning!
Sleb Safari: Noel Edmonds launches pet motivation service: Who do you need to know? For Deal or No Deal host ...
So, just the cosmic energy then. I could have a word with Noel Edmonds, apparently he's an expert on that kind of thing.
do what I do when struggling to think of a ranting topic and just talk about how much you hate Noel Edmonds and Deal or no Deal
John Cleese is currently making a right Noel Edmonds of his reputation.
Noel Edmonds didn't shop Savile when he was alive as he didn't want to become known as Grassy Noel.
Mark reminds me of a poor Noel Edmonds lol
Jordan Spieth barefoot there looked like the golfing equivalent of Noel Edmonds phoning your cat
Great Noel Edmonds back doing Gotcha's. He got Sharon osbourne a beauty with Honey G what she was for real and they put her through WTAF
Craig David's back and he's been taking philosophy lessons from Noel Edmonds.
I got a call from Noel Edmonds this morning 📞😜
I keep expecting Noel Edmonds to jump out with a gotcha
Apparently Noel Edmonds will call your pet with inspirational quotes! I tried it but the results were disappointing
Noel Edmonds brokering a squeaky toy swap on behalf of a depressed cat in this vintage footage.
to when I thought it'd be a good idea to photoshop me into a Noel Edmonds wedding pic.…
Noel Edmonds denies he's 'lost the plot' as he launches world's first radio station for animals
Re: Noel Edmonds dog station, all I can say is that there are some lunatic dog owners out there. Seen this morning…
Noel Edmonds just gets weirder, he's starting up a radio station for pets 😂
40 years ago Noel Edmonds first presented Swap Shop. Today, he talks to cats. . Who'd have thought it.
Noel Edmonds before he started chatting cats up and curing lepers.
"It's like trying to get secrets out of the foreign office, or a stone." Noel Edmonds has such a way with words...
Noel Edmonds hosting, Keith Chegwin out and about with the Swaparama outside broadcast and John Craven bringing gravitas.
Paddy McGuinness is live NOW! He is talking pies, spam, and Noel Edmonds... Confused? Don't be. Tune in now!
Tam Cowan: I’ve got a feline Noel Edmonds has flipped.
Noel Edmonds is MOCKED for launching pet counselling service - Talk about trivialising
Dave Lamb and Noel Edmonds see you at 10pm.
Noel Edmonds has given off those Derrick Bird vibes for a while now.
Noel Edmonds 'Gotcha' reboot we're all going to collect so many loyalty points on this PR email.
you have yourself a deal Noel Edmonds
Here's Noel Edmonds with his tower of cider
why has he got a sketch of Noel Edmonds on his wall?
BT Tower. If you look carefully, you can see Noel Edmonds.
Noel gets new shows after Deal or No Deal axed.
I would have LOVED old fun days in the 70s to have been on the red button: Womble chasing Noel Edmonds in 1975
I'll make a Noel Edmonds zombie too :D
is it rude to leave out Noel Edmonds??
All the jocks at like Radio 1 events of 70s. Who recalls Noel Edmonds & Les from BCR chased by Womble at Oulton, 75?
Ok, so this is clearly a wind up? "Yes, I'm pretty sure I can smell the difference" expecting Noel Edmonds to appear with a camera crew.
Is Noel Edmonds still hawking his cancer box, then? I wouldn't *** up that mans *** if his guts were on fire.
Is it me or is that Noel Edmonds on Roast of
how much did he sound like Noel Edmonds
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Who is this on the X factor in Louis's seat?.. He sounds like a low coupon Noel Edmonds..
Kaspar Schmeichel's playing like his wife's run off with Noel Edmonds.
An interactive experience where nothing but Noel Edmonds exists.
Maybe the show would work with non-celebrities, & a better host who is entertaining. In fact just bring Telly Addicts back with Noel Edmonds
One side of my hair is GREAT and the other looks like Noel Edmonds circa 1970
Im blocked but I presume he has one of those Noel Edmonds machines
Patch notes: the antagonist has to dance with Noel Edmonds.
I'm always intrigued by when he did Clown Court with Noel Edmonds. He plays it absolutely straight!
If you were a kid in the 90s, on a Saturday night there was NOTHING BUT BUGS. Unless you secretly fancied Noel Edmonds
check the creeping hand, wonder if he has told her he his noel Edmonds brother 😂
Apparently she's also done the Queen Mum, Prince Philip (who looked more like Enoch Powell) and Noel Edmonds.
'If its meant to be, please let it be ours as it's perfect for us!' It's daft but Noel Edmonds started me off on this. He...
You seem to have mistaken yourself for Noel fu*king Edmonds. Do you need more sleep?
Dad "I remember taking little Mhairi to see Noel Edmonds live, you begged me, you loved him & his Multicoloured Swap Shop" MSM LIES MSM LIES
Was that bloke 'John' really Noel Edmonds playing a prank??
Exclusive footage of Noel Edmonds and the inventor of the anti-ageing, anti-cancer box at work on their invention. http…
What if Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign is just an elaborate Noel Edmonds Gotcha?
Patch notes: the antagonist is Noel Edmonds.
Clive Anderson shot dead by Noel Edmonds via
Noel Edmonds would probably have something to say about all that. Me? I've got nothing.
. Were they both created by Noel Edmonds ?
Just saw a shop selling "celebrity" masks. Who on earth would want to dress up as Paddy McGuinness or Noel Edmonds.
Situations I deal with it Noel Edmonds I want all my notes to be red man so I came with a method
argument in current chapter of the thesis has devolved into a weird cross of Lacan and Noel Edmonds: Real or no Real?
Gwyneth + LinkedIn. Just need Noel Edmonds on board and we have an Armageddon.
Did not know Noel Edmonds was at the school. Is Mr Davies the banker!!
Anyone interested in Keri Hulme should read CK Stead's essay on The Bone People. Noel Edmonds is more Maori than her.
didn't Noel Edmonds do a similar show recently?
I'd never heard of Heather Wheeler before, but at least we know Noel Edmonds hair has a nice new home.
Patch notes: the enemy is Noel Edmonds.
By the way, the player is Noel Edmonds.
Deal or No Deal replacement ideas from Noel Edmonds' bottom drawer part 359.
yes my daddy Noel Edmonds is still rollin in that kush from the programme
Noel Edmonds has a lot to answer for
I thought that was Noel Edmonds on my TL then 😂 offence dark lord 👍🏼👍🏼
So this is what Noel Edmonds does in his spare time.
ate my first ever popcorn on a flight from Nice to Bristol. We were on the same flight as Noel Edmonds!
pls make a video for 'don't cry it's Christmas' and go for the Xmas no.1, with Brent as a slightly more sincere Noel Edmonds.
And the antagonist has to skateboard with Noel Edmonds.
if Barry Gibb and Noel Edmonds had a child this would be the result!! 😂😂
Noel Edmonds career just keeps going up and up. He is one of the top tv hosts around.
What could footballers and Olympians learn from Theresa May, Noel Edmonds and Trevor McDonald?
Deal is over but Noel Edmonds is returning with two new game shows
An interactive experience where we added Noel Edmonds to the game
Don't think there's a bigger waste of sperm than Noel Edmonds
Deal Or No Deal axed. Noel Edmonds given his P45 but offered the chance to swap it for another envelope first.
Deal Or No Deal: No new Channel 4 deal for Noel Edmonds' game show. I didn't know it was still on.
Channel 4 closes the box on Deal Or No Deal for good. So what's next for Noel Edmonds?.
Day time game shows Deal Or No Deal with host Noel Edmonds is to make its'last deal' this Autumn as Channel 4 has decided to axe it after
I'm going as a properly spooky and spine-chilling Noel Edmonds.
Keith you look like a younger Noel Edmonds. :-) Like the style.
heartless, evil bankers will be sacked. We're sure Noel Edmonds will be able to find other work...
An interactive experience where the enemy has to defeat Noel Edmonds.
the two blokes either side of Noel Edmonds appear to be wearing one false ear each!
wondering why Noel Edmonds is still on the loose
*** yeah (I don't even know who that character is I just put it there because he looks like Noel Edmonds)
Noel Edmonds, upon hearing of the cancellation of Deal Or No Deal.
Endure Pharrell's Happy autoplay, Noel Edmonds' website and "posi-gallery" is a treat
Noel Edmonds now he's available pmsl
Noel Edmonds gets new shows after scrapped.
Noel Edmonds never puts the banker on loud speaker.if he did he would probably save a lot of time and not have to rep…
does it have Noel Edmonds at the start cos that's the version I've found on YouTube
Channle 4 scrap Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds but other shows to follow
In the latest WDDTY, cancer-curing woo box Noel Edmonds' promotes is advertised as "As mentioned on This Morning"!
Noel Edmonds gets a string of new shows… and earns £10million- Channel 4 to make him the richest daytime TV ***
Tried cosmic ordering. It doesn't work. To afraid to tell Noel Edmonds this though as he ll say my negativity is going to give me cancer.
PEEL OR NO PEEL. Noel Edmonds reminisces about beauty treatments he may, or may not have had in the past. Credit
Also, the player has to team up with Noel Edmonds to interview Gregg Wallace.
now we get Gove, Farage, Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith, Katie Hopkins, Noel Edmonds, Trump, Putin"...Give me Brussels anyday.
This stuff from Noel Edmonds abt "electro-mist, fog and smog..." I think he's been reading James Lee Burke (or a dust jacket, at least).
are you not mixing him up with Noel Edmonds or Jimmy Tarbuck ?!😧
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding, Anthea Turner and Aslan in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding and Anthea Turner in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds and Clare Balding in the same room. Makes you think.
When just seen Noel Edmonds is trending I presumed he is either dead or been done under Operation Yewtree or summat.way it usually is!
Update your maps at Navteq
Will Operation Yewtree ever catch up with the ringleader!. Noel Edmonds 'cancer box' claim dismissed by firm -
Is it not about time Operation caught up with Noel Edmonds and put us all out of our misery?
Noel Edmonds, eh. Always been a bit of a knacker. With his spray painted on pants and continued evasion of Operation Yewtree.
As soon as I seen Noel Edmonds trending first thing I thought was Operation Yewtree strikes again
Admit it: When you saw Noel Edmonds trending you automatically thought, Operation Yewtree.
I see Noel Edmonds is trending, Has the reaper swung or has Operation Yewtree had it's last gasp?
Disappointed to see Noel Edmonds trending for non Operation Yewtree reasons.
Much reaction from angry Noel Edmonds and Quentin Wilson fanbases yet?
Noel Edmonds probably suggested Monkey Tennis to the BBC
Plot twist: Noel Edmonds is the banker
Things that should have stayed in the nineties:. 1) Lynx Oriental. 2) Noel Edmonds. 3) The Stone Roses
BREAKING: Noel Edmonds questioned over Burger King mustard challenge.
By the way, we removed Noel Edmonds from the game
My sleeping pattern is so erratic it would have made a lovely jumper for Noel Edmonds in the 70s and 80s.
“Noel Edmonds has given a bizarre new interview claiming that Wi-Fi is 'destroying' our electro-magnetic fields”
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
A man with his *** out, and *** coming out of an opinion piece to take pot shots at Noel Edmonds
This would be weird if it was anyone but our mum. Or Noel Edmonds. We love Noel Edmonds.
I absolutely love this carol, awww thank you my darling, I do look like noel Edmonds on this though, your fab you 😍😘 xxx
Patch notes: the protagonist has to defeat Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds calls Evans and Clarkson 'flawed geniuses'.
Noel Edmonds gets it dead wrong on the future of the BBC. Something to get you mad on Monday morning
I looked too quickly and misread that as Noel Edmonds 🙈
Hm. Well - They're the closest ITV have currently got to a Noel Edmonds 🤔
Do you look like a cross between Noel Edmonds and Nicky Clark? Were you in Bridgend on Monday & North London today? Are you following me?
My money was on Noel Edmonds until just now.
Forgot to mention that the antagonist is Noel Edmonds.
Excellent Noel Edmonds shirt from samdee93 last night niallbreeze…
Any time I see a mention of Noel Edmonds I think of this wonderful moment from an old Jon Ronson interview.
Noel Edmonds: 'BBC should have kept Jeremy Clarkson in...
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