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Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize (Swedish definite form, singular: Nobelpriset, Norwegian: Nobelprisen) is a set of annual international awards bestowed in a number of categories by Scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances.

Bob Dylan Patti Smith Malala Yousafzai Joseph Stiglitz Niels Bohr John Hicks Rick Perry Steven Chu

and Nobel Prize in Chemistry Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn on the importance of fundamental research in the ERA…
Frances Allen was the first to win the prestigious Turing Award (aka the "Nobel Prize of
What is the name of the only Pakistani whi won the Nobel Prize?. *Answer:Dr abdus- Salam. "The colour ofthe marble of Taj Mahal is?*Ans:white
Hungarian Jewish chemist and Nobel Prize winner György Oláh passed away today at 90. He was also an immigrant to the US. Zichrono livracha
17 Nobel Prize winners in this photo from the 5th Solvay conference, 1927
Marie Curie (1867-1934). -developed the theory of radioactivity. -first woman to win a Nobel Prize, only one to win in two d…
Perry: I’m inspired by Malala Yousafzai, youngest Nobel Prize laureate who fights for human rights&equality.
Malala is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate & everyone needs to read her story:
.is an unconventional biopic inspired by the true story of the Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda…
A portrait painting of Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winning scientist, as seen from afar at the…
Day 3: 7yo's request! Malala Yousafzai. Taliban tried to assassinate her at 15, Nobel Prize at 17.…
Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to win a Nobel Prize. She also won sibling rivalry that day. .
Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.…
"In 2016, all six American winners of the Nobel Prize in economics and scientific fields were immigrants."
Dr. William Phillips, known for his Nobel Prize-winning research, will present TONIGHT at the Rayborn Lecture in Physics…
RSVP now for the 39th Annual Pullias Lecture, featuring Nobel Prize winner and Harvard professor Amartya Sen:…
If I could explain it to the average person, I wouldn't have been worth the Nobel Prize. - Richard P. Feynman
28Feb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steven Chu (b.1948) who shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics and was US Sec of Energy…
Nobel Prize economist Joseph Stiglitz prediction ALP best equipped to take OZ forward. Confirmed in full by LNP
Donald Trump’s supporters will be his first victims, says Nobel Prize winning economist
- btw if you haven't seen Doris Lessing reacting to winning the Nobel Prize, your life is incomplete.
R.I.P. Kenneth Arrow youngest Nobel Prize for economics winner w/ John Hicks in 1972 who passed in 1989.
American economist Kenneth Arrow won the Nobel Prize in Economics with John Hicks at the age of 51. This is the youn…
Women like Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan, who won the Nobel Prize in 2004 for founding the Green Belt Movement to preve…
Marie Curie married a fellow Nobel Prize winner in Pierre and gave birth to kids that also won Nobel Prizes. So e dey happen.
It is part of entire design, as airline Northern Ireland's downturn Nobel Prize has won the partisanship's championship.
Hadn't heard Peter Mansfield had died. Winner, with the late Paul Lauterbur, of the Nobel Prize for their role in i…
Madame Curie. The only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.
This breakfast sandwich won a Nobel Prize for peace, chemistry, and (surprisingly) literature https…
H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb: People will view scientific discoveries and know more about Nobel Prize winners through the 8 areas…
Let's all just take a moment to remember the 1935 words of Sinclair Lewis, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. ht…
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Maryam Mirzakhami the first Women to Win the Nobel Prize of math.
Wouldn't be allowed in the US today: Meet the first woman to win the "Nobel Prize of Mathematics"
BREAKING! to be nominated for Nobel Prize by a very influential world leader: Tune in LIVE!
John Bardeen, only one to win Nobel Prize in Physics twice and prof at my alma mater, University of Illinois
Irving Langmuir, b in 1881, was the first non-academic chemist to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry https:…
Obama won a Nobel Peace prize but dropped more bombs than anyone else.
for Nobel Peace Prize for refusing burkini ban and a lot more
He's been a climate change and advocate, and even received training from former U.S Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Al Gore!
and win a Nobel Prize for creating a new branch of mathematics
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan is an Indian-born physicist and molecular biologist who was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize f…
1933 English novelist John Galsworthy dies, Nobel prize; listen free to his novels, essays, plays.
Hey , it's Lady Dame Baroness HM Chakrabarti (Nobel Prize nominee) to you and the plebs
Drone strikes and overthrowing governments is apparently nobel peace prize material.
Most Nobel Prize winners have been immigrants...“Trump’s war on immigration is a war on science” by
what does being Norwegian have to do with the nobel peace prize
Elizabeth Blackburn on the telomere effect: ‘It’s about keeping healthier for longer’
sounds like wishful thinking from you with no basis at all. Probably a Nobel Prize if this "3rd Way" existed!.
Do you know "Colombia agreement"? I introduce it to you. Let's achieve peace.
jongkook should get the Nobel prize for this
Modi seems to be looking for Nobel Peace Prize. He doesn't see Obama won it too but ended up destroying peace.
“No human being is illegal.” Elie Wiesel, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986
Which makes even more of a mockery of the Nobel Peac…
Or getting nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize 12 days into her presidency... Uggh. 🤔🙄😞
I really get all this I do, but why not this angry about Obama and his wars? Millions dead and displaced. A Nobel P…
The Alma Mater for most Nobel prize winners.
Biochemist Aziz Sancar won a Nobel Prize for his discoveries in DNA repair. Born to farmers in southeast Turkey, he moved to th…
EXACTLY! They would tear him a new one. Obama got a nobel peace prize...Even tho he killed thousands.. Facts.
. Prithviraj Syndrome and wanting Nobel Prize/adulation. CM Modi was agnst sect fund not PM
No, Bob Dylan is not the first singer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Isaac Bashevis Singer won it in 1978.
this guys is ripe for a Nobel Prize! Nowadays is a paradoxical shift, Terrorists are peacekeepers!
domain names
Obama bombs Muslims for 8 years straight = silence from the left, Nobel Peace Prize awarded. - Trump wants to re-think policy…
All six of America's 2016 Nobel Prize winners are immigrants
Story from October but timely to mention now. Includes two 2016 laureates in economics.
Bob Dylan was not the first prolific songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Rabindranath Tagore was:
This just in: Patrick Edwards has won the Nobel Prize in physiology for disproving evolution. His dissertation read…
Somebody give this man a Nobel Peace Prize
Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal, Nobel Prize of mathematics is Iranian.
To ALL Americans of good conscience: Pls sign/RT this petition to strip fmr Pres Obama of his Nobel Peace Prize.
jailing of Mandela led to a beautiful South Africa and a Nobel Prize winner so will be our leaders.
20 min to do 1.5 Km after Is there a Nobel Prize for ruining a city's ???.
Name the scientist's who won Nobel prize for inventing world’s first blue… by via
Review by Scerakor -- The Nobel Prize by Mois benarroch • View topic
here's another picture of me and the "squad" accepting our Nobel prize 🏆😊
Idea: Special Nobel prize for figuring out what cats dream about.
Few do wear their tradition and talk their faith on such podium - Nobel Prize ceremony Banquet Speech
. 18. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said in Davos that the US should follow PM
Nobel Prize-winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz at WEF. US should follow Modi’s lead in phasing out currency & moving towar…
Elinor C. Ostrom, 1st female Nobel Prize in Econ Sci: people can take decisions, without externally imposed rules.
Poet Anna Bunina is an ancestor of Ivan Bunin, who was the first Russian to win the Nobel Prize in literature in 1933.…
Good Life podcast is back, on stars, wine and the Nobel Prize. . Podbean iTunes…
The last energy secretary was a nuclear physicist and the one before him won a Nobel Prize. . Rick Perry was 12th on Danc…
Obama's Energy Sect has a Nobel Prize. Rick Perry doesn't even know what the job entails. . Nor does Trump.
"Born in Vienna 1900 awarded Nobel Prize in 1945 for his discovery of the exclusion principle"?. Wolfson, Monkman! WOLFGANG PAULI.
Abdus Salam, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1979! Inspired me to get my PhD. I am proud English Muslim
In 1979, Abdus Salam became the first Pakistani and first Muslim to receive a Nobel Prize in Science (Physics). https:…
In 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating cancer cells can't survive in an alkaline, oxygenated s…
Nobel Prize winners, Wolfgang Pauli and Niels Bohr, playing with a toy top.
Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, discusses careers and how she can still inspire:
SUNDAY NIGHT BEER FACT: When Niels Bohr won a Nobel Prize in 1922, Carlsberg gave him a house next to the brewery...
Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus launches an inspirational initiative to reset the agenda
Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist and Nobel Prize winner for for their non-violent struggle for
Did you know that Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer as well as al
Amazing chance to see THE Mikhail Baryshnikov in London as Nobel Prize winning fellow ex-Soviet poet Joseph Brodsky
So true! Whatever the reason, the world is so much more dangerous after 8 years of Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama'…
2016 saw the First Nobel Prize in a song writer
Feynman Technique to learn new things; a great lesson on how to write simple
got that nobel peace prize sitting next to "most bombs dropped by any POTUS" trophy
Series 2017 to be in to stimulate engagement in For its detail click below:…
that LED lights won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics? . See how others are helping at
2day in class we talked abt Dylan and his Nobel prize. I asked my 9thgraders if there was a songwriter today who'd qualify they said none.🤓
Nobel peace prize - pah! Obama gets a fish named after him...
Nobel laureates are condemning Aung San Suu Ki over the 'ethnic cleansing' of Burma's Rohingya Muslims
Africans must really calm down on this Nobel Prize thing. If anything, fight for AFRICAN platforms to AFFIRM your own, no…
Kawabata first nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature in ’66 - The Japan News
Oh just your Nobel peace prize nominees taking part in which is classified as a war crime under the 1949 Geneva conventi…
in 1896 Röntgen announced discovery of X-rays & showed off bones in his wife's hand. https…
Julian Assange I believe is telling the truth I think he should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in journalism and…
According to Obama's government,the Nobel Peace Prize medal fell when he walked from the car at the entrance to the White House
Nobel Peace Prize Nominees (White helmets) break new ground in taking part in depriving civilians of water
Goes out and wins a Nobel Prize for research on labor market (you know, half the dual mandate). And yet! Held up till he t…
How to live longer acording to Nobel Prize winning discovery
A Nobel peace prize winner selling a brutal dictatorship the most weapons in history is why
Bombing Barry the Nobel Prize winner apologizing to all the countries he's bombed & all the refugees he's created.
Cal Thomas: Nobel Committee should ask Obama to return his Peace Prize |
Cheese = delicious. Cake = delicious. Whoever came up with cheesecake needs tha got *** nobel peace prize.
honestly it deserves a nobel prize, a golden globe, an emmy and an Oscar. Just perfection
Americans won 6 Nobel prize is in 2016. And they were all immigrants which is what most Americans wer…
Kind of like being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize without having done anything to earn it.
Nobel Peace Prize was "handed" over to him too. Undeservedly. Seems like he's never earned anything.
can you invent a quicker way to reach you when you win the Nobel Prize?
Has anyone figured out why he got that Nobel peace prize?
The same mentality gave Barak Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for making no peace.
Who among the following of the Nobel prize for literature?. a) Linus Pauling. b) Samuel Beckett. c) Philip Noel - Baker. d) Ralph Bunche
Won the Nobel Peace Prize just for showing up. I'm sorry, doesn't someone have to do something to win it? *** indeed. http…
Science Impacts Lives. Nobel Prize Series with discussions & exhibition in India coming up 9-13 January.
Nobel Prize nominated White Helmets appear to be using water as a weapon of war against civilians. Your tax dollars at w…
Omg. A listener to my podcast pointed out that in Dec 2015 I jokingly predicted Putin stealing our election. Where's my Nob…
Nobel Peace Prize nominees, the White Helmets, sign a document stating that they support blocking water to 5 million civili…
I've been back under an hour and I'm stuck with tech dudes talking about how Ricky Gervais deserves a Nobel economics prize for…
TIL there is no "Nobel Prize" for Economics - it is a separate prize created 67 years later, which Alfred Nobel's …
Couldn't they have given out TWO prizes? Or is that 'not done' in the Nobel Prize community?
If there was a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, would be the top recipient.
It's the year someone fell in love. A future Nobel Prize winner got her PHD. It's the year someone's favorite team won a title. (2/x)
Amos Oz is a master of narrative. Time for him to win the Nobel Prize.
Erwin Schrödinger A Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the fie… featured in NBC s Science of Love
How Vera Rubin discovered dark matter--and why she deserved (but never got) a Nobel Prize. https:…
Sad Fact: We live in a world where Nobel Prize winners get hacked to falsely mourn pop stars. needs
and i am sure that you will backup all of President Barack Obama's comment on peace. he also has a Nobel Prize
Two Scots scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for discoveries about strange forms of matter https:…
The electronic transistor was invented on this date in 1947. Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley of Bell won the Nobel Prize in Physics for it.
“If we only did applied research, we would still be making better spears.” - George Smoot, Nobel Prize winner in Physics
Samuel author and theatre director, was a native of Co Dublin, Ireland. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in
Also, notably, this was the FIRST Nobel Prize in Physics ever.
to the development of blue receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics…
when you see Christmas Trees with blue led decoration then think of this - the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics
After this, Professor Hoodbhoy has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the empty space inside An…
J J Thomson was born in 1856. He won the 1906 Nobel Prize in physics for discovering the electron
there's no Nobel Peace Prize in Physics? There's a Nobel Peace Prize, & a Nobel Prize in Physics, but no Nobel…
Take a look at the video from the National Academy of Sciences about the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Economics &...
A leading theoretical physicist is arguing that the citation for the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics is incorrect -…
"Bob (Dylan) got his Nobel Prize for Literature. I want mine for Chemistry" -Keith Richards (on Happy 73r…
2016 Nobel Prize in and A materials view --
This is Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy (2009-2013). Dr. Chu has a Nobel Prize in physics and is a professor at Berkeley. ht…
Our incoming Secretary of Energy failed chemistry & didn't go to grad school. Our past two have PhDs, won a Nobel Prize, ar…
Nova Scotian forgoes 'Canadian tuxedo' for white tie at Nobel Prize ceremony: On the streets of Halifax, Prof.… https:/…
How Does It Feel. Patti Smith on forgetting Dylan's lyrics at the Nobel Prize via
This is quite beautiful. Patti Smith reflects back on singing at Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize ceremony this week:
Last week's Nobel Prize ceremony was a heinous crime. Either that or nobody knows what 'enormity' means any more.
Patti Smith on her Nobel Prize performance tribute to Bob Dylan.
Patti Smith writes about what made her stop singing during Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize ceremony: via
A book co-authored by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn,(for work on telomeres). I blame an editor for this faux pas
Pramoedya Ananta Toer was the only Indonesian who ever came close to receiving the Nobel Prize. West Papuan Benny Wenda was…
If there is ever going to be a Nobel Prize for lying hypocrites then Samantha Power is sure to make the short list
Thomas Schelling, Nobel Prize winner, teacher, member of the SPP community, has passed away. Share memories of Tom: ht…
Patti Smith draws a blank for Nobel Prize performance.
Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize is an award in search of its justification, writes Theodore Dalrymple.…
This is wonderful. Maybe he will also win a Nobel Prize for this!
I've been to Stockholm & visited building where they have Nobel Prize ceremony; trip was too short though
Bob Dylan says he's too busy to pick up his Nobel Prize but he's really over at my house watching Brady Bunch reruns and e…
What Dylan meant by Hard Rain...sung by Patty Smith at Nobel Prize awards.
Until I saw this -- Patti Smith accepting the Nobel Prize for Bob...
The Rolling Stones reveal how Bob Dylan really feels about his Nobel Prize
Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize acceptance speech. This para made me think of audience size for ed policy makers v a class…
Nobel Prize for Victims? And saints grant amnesty for crimes such as genocide and ethnic cleansing. come o…
Nobel prize banquet just ended proud to be Swedish and that this little country can continue this prestigious traditio…
Top story: Bob Dylan Nobel prize speech: this is 'truly beyond words' | Music |… see more
accepted Her singing A Hard Rain Gonna Fall spoke to the beauty of his work
110 years ago today—. President Theodore Roosevelt became the first American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
The veteran singer songwriter asked the orchestra to stop when she became struck by amnesia at the Stockholm cer...
Bob Dylan isn't interested in good guy badges, the whole thing is a joke Nobel Punk Prize
"5 children die due to malnourishment in La Guajira" this is what mining + corrupt government do. Nobel prize for Colombi…
Bob Dylan has a way with words. I've been a fan for decades.
Dylan expresses awe over Nobel Prize, alludes to Shakespeare: (from
Nobel peace prize winner Shri Kailash Satyarthi was in our studios to interact with school children
On this day in Canadian history, December 10th 1957 - Lester B. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Watch live: Patti Smith sings Bob Dylan's 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' in his absence at the Nobel Prize ceremony
Nobel academy member: "One can say that it is impolite and arrogant" that hasn't commented on his prize. http…
Watch Patti Smith perform for Bob Dylan at Nobel Prize ceremony
Bob Dylan just became the first singer-songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for literature.
Diplomat Ralph J. Bunche becomes first African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize (1950) https…
too busy doing what he got his Nobel prize for, love that guy
Nobel Peace Prize winner Santos calls for 'rethink' of a war on drugs 'more harmful' than all others being waged
Failure by Nobel committee to award peace prize to Colombian FARC peasant uprising shows bankruptcy of entire "global peace"…
Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize is the crowning achievement of an extraordinary life
Nice, short, to the point. Read Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
which planet never had on Gravitation only we havee an electricity and after creaction I will be have a Nobel prize.
Bob Dylan is not impressed, skips Nobel awards and avoids a meet with Barak Obama. Watch Patti Smith Perform for Bob
Is Bob Dylan trolling the Nobel prize? One cannot really tell.
The Nobel Prize committee had to defend Bob Dylan at the award ceremony:
Swedish Royals looked on as this year's Nobel Prize laureates in medicine, economics, physics and chemistry acce...
Juan Manuel Santos's Nobel Lecture: The sun of peace finally shines in the heavens of Colombia!
Bob Dylan expresses awe at receiving the Nobel Prize in literature and thanks the Swedish Academy.
BBC News - Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of war on drugs
Bob Dylan skipped the Nobel Prize ceremonies but sent some warm words in his place
Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of Reform
"It is much more difficult to achieve peace than to wage war."
Bob Dylan just compared himself with Shakespeare and I think it's fair.
Good gravy, that was beautiful. . Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize in Literature Banquet Speech via
Colombia's Juan Santos receives Nobel Peace Prize. "The real prize is the peace in Colombia.".
Curiously, Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize banquet speech is mostly abt himself. I guess he's said the rest thru his songs:
Nobel Peace Prize Speech: President Santos says drug war "even more harmful" than all the other wars being fought https…
From afar, Dylan muses on honor and surprise of Nobel prize
Bob Dylan compares self to Shakespeare at Nobel Award Ceremony via
President giving an inspiring Nobel Lecture at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony 2016
Pentagon will send 200 more troops to courtesy of the Nobel prize winner Obama. And they say we come in peace. ht…
"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim." 30 years ago today, Elie Wiesel:
Where was Dylan? The Nobel ceremony rocked, anyway, with Patti Smith
You only had one job! Patti Smith FORGETS the words to Bob Dylan song when she turns up to accept Nobel Prize on…
Read Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize speech and watch Patti Smith sing 'Hard Rain' in his honor
Remarkable job by Patti Smith at the Nobel Prize ceremonies:
Patti Smith accepting the Nobel Prize for her friend Bob. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.
Patti Smith singing "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan, today during the 2016 Nobel Prize ceremony today
Patti Smith stands in for Bob Dylan, performs “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” at Nobel Prize gala — watch: Dylan was…
Patti Smith blanks out during Nobel Prize performance
Patti Smith forgets the words to a Bob Dylan song at the Nobel Prize ceremony. WATCH:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Thomas Pynchon won the Nobel Prize in Creep-ature. (Literary joke. Might fly right past you.)
1934 Howard Martin Temin, American geneticist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate, died in 1994
Remember that time Bob Dylan was run out of Denver? Neither do we. (He accepts the Nobel Prize today.)…
Bob Dylan documentary to air in Hong Kong as artist is honoured for Nobel Prize for Literature
Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize saga highlights complex relationship with press (-
Ahead of tomorrow's Nobel Prize ceremony, we delve deep into Bob Dylan's literary genius
I'm in Stockholm, but Dylan is not. A Nobel Prize without the Nobel Prize winner: my story.
Toni Morrison by Roberto/c 2006 , T.M. won the Pulitzer 1987 for Beloved and the Nobel Prize for lite…
Stephen King has spoken out over Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize award
Onwueme among Nobel Prize in Literature nominees via
On this day in 1993 Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
I assume that whoever invented the Alabama Sideline Tent will win the Nobel Prize for Medicine at this rate.
Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize in literature; it's the first time the prestigious award was bestowed on a musician. h…
Once again, "Weird Al" Yankovic shafted for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
World-renowned Novelist & anti-apartheid activist Nadine Gordimer won the Nobel Prize for Literature, on this day in 1…
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The Electors NOT electing Trump would be like Bob Dylan winning a Nobel Prize, or the Cubs winning the World Series. So, y…
Bob Dylan pens a speech to be read at Nobel Prize ceremony next week via
The winner of this year's Nobel Prize in literature declined the invitation to the Dec. 10 prize ceremony & banquet.
Maybe Bob Dylan will accept the Nobel Prize for you next round.
Bob Dylan won’t be attending the Nobel Prize ceremony, but Patti Smith will perform in his place htt…
Patti Smith to perform for Bob Dylan at Nobel Prize ceremony.
News: Patti Smith to stand in for Bob Dylan at Nobel Prize ceremony
Dylan writes Nobel Prize speech, Patti Smith to sing -
Kary Mullis on his Nobel Prize: "What if I had not taken would I have invented PCR? I don't know. I doubt it. I ser…
Burma’s leader is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. She's doing nothing to stop her country’s abuses of Rohingya Muslims. http…
Bob Dylan has written his Nobel Prize speech, which will be read at the event on Saturday in Stockholm.
Hilarious, but it is an accurate description of the sheer stupidity of US policy in Syria under a Nobel peace prize winn…
Patti Smith deserves Nobel prize, more than Bob Dylan. Great lady!
Hey, the Nobel Prize Committee called. They confirmed you're not getting one again.
Bob Dylan writes Nobel Prize fest speech to be read at banquet via the Android app
Pakistan & Pakistaniat was deeply engraved on his heart. Few wear their faith and nationality to the ceremonies like Nobel Pri…
"Bob Dylan has written a Nobel Prize speech"
40. Who is Nobel Peace prize winner from BURMA?? What's her role in local conflicts ??. Kaliash, Malala, yunus all planted…
Barack Hussein Obama really needs to hand back that.Nobel Peace Prize for failure to deliver.
I'm nominating Kylie for the Nobel Peace prize for accurately predicting this year
Dylan did not say a word about his prize on the day it was announced, when he was performing in Las Vegas.
Lol 😂 this is really good .. a nobel Prize doesn't always mean you are right 😆!
Yup this is what I think. Obama has his Nobel Peace Prize to consider, best let the corporate provocateur do the dirty st…
Everyone loves to speculate on Bob Dylan and his response to winning the Nobel Prize. Now we know.
I added a video to a playlist "Nobel Prize"|| Assamese full video song By Vreegu Kashyap & Sumi
PM honors Nobel prize winner: National Centre for Physics at QAU to be renamed after Dr. Abdus Salam. Excellent decision Mr PM👏
Man of the year 2016 and Nobel peace prize winner 2017
A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to via
Top and Nobel Prize Committee Gets Patti Smith to Sing in Bob Dylan’s Place
Bob Dylan won't accept Nobel Prize in literature in person, but he has written a thank you speech, foundation says.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I mean, Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize right when he took office. High hopes!
Despite Nobel Peace Prize, Obama’s Presidency Defined by Constant War -- News from
Bob Dylan wrote a speech for the Nobel Prize ceremony he won’t attend
35. Now u understand the Business model? Give Nobel Peace prize, in name of peace wage war, more bullets fired, more money…
47. and if my analysis is correct in next few months or year the Natwarlal of North East will get Nobel Peace Prize. name…
Patti Smith will perform at the Nobel Prize banquet, representing Bob Dylan in his absence: http…
to 'provide' speech for Nobel prize ceremony
Science should not be subjected to partisan politics. It’s our kids & grandkids who would pay for it.
he won the Nobel prize in 1979. Your mullah lobby had won for 36 years. Be happy.
All six 2016 US Nobel Prizewinners in science were immigrants, as well as 2 out of 5 Breakthrough Prize winners
Like when Obama won a Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing and eventually bombing more countries than any modern president.
The genius who came up with the idea of 2000 rupee note deserves a Nobel prize. You can't get change anywhere. You have cas…
Nobel Prize awards get Patti Smith to sing in Bob Dylan's place
Patti Smith to perform at Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize celebration, Dylan sends speech
Born this day in 1901: German physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Werner Heisenberg, a pioneer of quantum mechanics.
Bob Dylan has submitted a speech for the Nobel Prize ceremony he's not planning to attend 🔓
Bob Dylan to provide Nobel Prize speech as Patti Smith set to cover singer at ceremony
He (Paul Krugman) has missed quite a few things in the past 10 years. A Nobel prize doesn't always mean you are right:
Bob Dylan goes full Bob Dylan, writes a speech he'll never utter for his Nobel Prize ceremony
He was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy of Chinese democracy, but also an 11-year prison term.
GOP welcomes diverse views. In other news, Obama's lasting record will be an unearned Nobel Peace prize.
To the Nobel Peace Prize jury recommendation letter To the Nobel Peace Prize ...
A Nobel Prize winner promised to quit the US if Trump won. He's just fulfilled that promise https:…
A Nobel Prize winner has thrown away his green card after Donald Trump's win
"The beginner’s guide to winning the Nobel Prize: a life in science" . Book by Peter C. Doherty. Columbia University…
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