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Nobel Committee

A Nobel Committee is the working body responsible for the most of the work involved in selecting Nobel Prize laureates.

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How's that Nobel Peace Prize committee feeling about their absurd award?
She was nominated for Nobel Prize in 2007 but…
The committee thanks you for this contribution to society. Your Nobel Peace Prize is in the mail
A letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee (d) A letter to the Norwegian Nobel...
I'll alert the Nobel Prize Committee of your position
It is, seeing as the Nobel committee doesn't release…
If only the Nobel committee could take back the prize, along with Harvard taking back Bush's MBA.
That is why nothing surprises me for Norway's Nobel committee to award Liu the prize. Birds of t…
Someone find the info for the Nobel Committee for me, because I think who is winning the Economics Prize this year!
Cannot believe that prize fool Al Gore got the Nobel Prize ahead of this genuinely heroic brave woman. Shame on the…
Dear Nobel Committee, I went to the vet today, where I underwent multiple indignities and yet did not even try to bite anyone.
What a disgrace. The Nobel committee has lost all credibility
If he didn't, the retards at the Nobel committee probably did.
God blessed this dear woman with courage, honor and the joy of rescuing so many innocents!..shame on the Nobel Peac…
Nobel Committee: Screw that, let's give him a Nobel Peace Prize! In anticipation!
Aand the Nobel committee awarded its 2007 prize to Al Gore.
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Nobel Committee forever destroyed credibility of its Peace Prize awarding one to Obama who didn't earn it, then mil…
The Nobel Committee thought that *** Al Gore was better than this amazing woman??.
The Nobel Peace Prize committee has such a high bar - "NK has never developed nuclear weapons and doesn't have the…
You are welcome to propose your own economically efficient alternative. I can tell the No…
“I took over a mess…and made it into the GREATEST mess EVER. Everyone agrees. Even the ‘Nobel Prize’ Committee.”
Thanks for the clarification. The coup d'etat one is silly mischiefmaking. Steve Hofmeyr and the Nobel committee wi…
The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is nothing but US lapdogs. That has been obvious for decades.
I believe the Nobel Prize Committee frowns on starting a nuclear holocaust when awarding the Peace Prize, like Barack won.
Does the Nobel Committee award a prize for Greens In Regulation?
Bless this women, and shame on the Nobel Committee!
It just shows you how morally bankrupt the Nobel Peace Prize committee is...
How pathetic that Al Gore would beat this brave women who saved thousands of children! The Nobel Committee is nothi…
That just starts the conspiracy. Clinton Foundation runs the Nobel Committee.
Me: snarkily says "Blessed Be The Fruit" to a dude who is an *** . The Committee: hands me the Nobel Peace Prize
I have been campaigning for some time that the UN be moved to Sweden so it c…
So, did the Nobel committee just award you or is there going to b…
admitedly, Bob Dylan playing the Nobel Prize Committee was astonishing piece of art, but that was a different genre. ^^
wait... what? . he made another one? . someone better get the Nobel Prize Committee on the phone...
My, my, what are the chances that I'll hit a Nobel Prize Committee member? Must be my lucky day
We were already so confident in what we were saying 2 years ago, that we sent this to 😍. From Scotland ❤️.
Committee announced award of Peace Prize to President on Oct 9, 2009, citing his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation ...
Obama's obsession with drone strikes has made the world a much more dangerous place.Nobel committee must be very proud.…
Nobel committee should create the Nobel Global *** prize. Clinton would finally qualify..but then there's Gore. M…
Can the Nobel committee take back the award? She was booed in the Philippines when she said nothing to Duterte on his EJK.
Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee:. Leak that Trump would bigly win your award if he "heroically avoids nuclear conflict". . Sincerely,. Earth
I'm taking this all the way to the freakin nobel committee!
Nobel Peace Prize committee should withdraw her award as Aung san suu ky mocked spirit of it and will…
I got 18 and I've got an American BA and I'm fluent in English. *** you to *** Nobel committee and Olympic judges!
Yeah, and after she discovered the first pulsar the Nobel committee gave the award to…
Greatness is not when some arcane Nobel committee recognises it; greatness is when you yourself don't recognise it. GNR…
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😂😂Well if the prestigious Nobel Committe blessed with it, why not? Wonder what criteria Commi…
TIL due to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination in 1948, the Nobel Committee refused to give the Nobel Peace Prize that…
Where were you when Sean Hannity made the ultimate sacrifice to stfu for 12 WHOLE HOURS to save the world? Speed di…
In an unprecedented move, the Nobel Committee in Stockholm has retroactively downgraded Nobel Peace Prize to a participation trophy
Maybe the Nobel Committee should ask for the return of the Peace Prize?
Nobel Committee gives a rare expression of collective genius but EU has no reason to celebrate if it needs to be reminded it is about peace.
Haldane hints* to the Nobel Committee that Michael Berry should be in line for the . (*it wasn't subtle!)
Bob Dylan sent letter to Nobel Committee saying he will not attend awards ceremony in Stockholm. Says he has a schedule conflict
lol! So the Nobel Committee thought Bob Dylan's' response was "rude", & "we know he can be difficult"🤔-that's kinda rude from THEM!
In fact, some reports say the Nobel Committee want Obama to return his Peace Prize as he has turned out to be a dis…
Koreans seriously believe that a Nobel Prize is won by lobbying activities or bribe. That`s a disgusting insult to the Nobel Committee.
Holocaust survivor, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel dies at 87: In awarding the Peace Prize in 1986, the Nobel Committee praised him as a. ...
11th when the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize
“Wiesel is a messenger to mankind.. his message is one of and (Nobel Committee)
Good chance the Nobel Committee gives POTUS another peace prize for his handshake with PM Trudeau & Pres Nieto. He won…
. You mean the guy that Nobel Committee members say they regret issuing The Nobel Prize to?
Following the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 on March 31, Edward Tanas of Calgary, Canada, ... -
Totally incompetent Marie Curie studies radium all her life, then dies from radiation. BAD JUDGEMENT. Nobel Committee g…
in 1903 Marie Curie went before a PhD exam committee & received a Nobel Prize later that year
Do you think maybe the Nobel committee is rethinking the peace prize going 2 O? Worst foreign policy decisions ever
Oh. And the Nobel Committee want you Brits to give your portion of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize back
Or, as the Nobel Committee likes to say, on fleek.
you have let so many ppl down. I wonder, if they could, if the Nobel committee would take back that
Norway not in EU but Norwegian Nobel Committee (5 members appointed by parliement) unanimously gives Nobel Peace Price to EU.
That committee has about as much creibility as the Nobel Peace Prize.
And the Nobel Committee's Peace Prize is looking like the Oscar.
I can't watch I still remember when they were the gold standard. Now, they may look like the Nobel Committee.
Cc Nobel committee. I'll donate to you if you nominate her for…anything. Peace, physics, economics. Whatever.
.You should take this up with those Begin lionizers at the Nobel Peace Prize committee.
that isn't actually a meaningful marker of scientific wherewithal. Also, Nobel committee has been accused of bias often
"The EU has helped to transform most of Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace" -Nobel Prize Committee.
Nobel Peace Prize committee are you watching C-SPAN? I nominate Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).
. Not all. Nobel committee makes some purely political statements
A fail. After posting this tripe became The Nobel committee won't be in touch htt…
So what - Obama won it in 2009 and the Nobel Committee have been regretting it ever since. √ote
What is necessary, to get a Nobel Peace Prize: . NSA records to blackmail the decision makers with .
For a second there I thought you had connected an HVAC system to their butts and I was already dialing the Nobel committee.
Wrong. Peace in Europe not due to NATO, as NATO itself, WEU, Nobel Committee, etc, etc, all agree. Try harder.
I'm taking the cavs in 5th in bio to be one has put me, “here, Nobel Peace Prize committee.
At what point does the Nobel Committee ask Obama for their prize back?
Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for Lying, but committee regrets believing this monkey-fool
It's pretty telling that the Nobel committee was only willing to give climate alarmists the 2007 Peace prize vs. the Physi…
"And as President West ends his inauguration speech, the Nobel Committee present him with the Peace Prize."
The honorable Nobel Committee, Please awards her the Nobel Prize. Let us sleep in peace.
Please. Obama could make Kanye ambassador to Moscow and the Nobel Committee would give him another Peace Prize!
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Vardy Man of the Year, the Nobel Committee on Leicester, and more & in Mad Tuesday!.
Vardy for Man of the Year, Nobel Committee on Leicester, and French horse races. It's Mad Tuesday!
Perhaps you could also try and force the Nobel Committee to start handing out prizes to black people just because...
Bet the Nobel Committee is rethinking that peace prize.
Did the Nobel Committee know Obama was going to arm terrorrists when they gave him the Peace Prize?
Me: What did Obama do to earn Nobel Peace Prize?. Liberal guest: I don't know but people on Nobel Committee are smarter than …
: Nobel Committee moves in mysterious ways October 13, 2015 at 11:06AM . The award is always a surprise,…
My Nobel money is on Adonis. Nobel committee is political AND they haven't picked a poet in quite a while.
The Nobel Prize Committee is having a tad bit too much booze...that choice would put their credibility in the 🚽
This would be an incentive for Saudis to vie for a place on the panel of the Nobel Selection committee.
>Executive Committee for “The Nobel Peace Prize for Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution”>
Does the Nobel committee ever take back a peace prize
the Nobel committee is so full of it, would give another one to a race card poster child like Valerie's groomed WH Fraud.
Call me defeatist, but I'm thinking the Nobel committee will pass over me for the literature prize again this year.
Here’s hoping the Nobel literature committee makes the right choice tomorrow:
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Wait - FIFA has an Ethics committee? As someone said when Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize "who needs satire"?
It would appear that the Nobel Prize Committee now uses the Highlander model of selection...
the point isn't satisfying some imaginary Nobel Prize Committee or NYT book reviewer; the point is to satisfy MYSELF.
Meanwhile, Roth's TruckNutz commercials STILL go unrecognized by the Nobel Committee.
True fact: each Nobel Prize winner for chemistry receives a gold medal from the Nobel committee and a purple nurple from the jocks.
Nobel Committee were obviously so moved by our Artemisinin video they went and gave out a prize —
Nobel chem prize committee: "we got love for you, if you researched dna in the eighties, the eight-ies"
Trio Shares Nobel Prize for Chemistry:  . The Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm, Sweden has awarded this year...
My article in Norway's largest paper asks the Norwegian Nobel Committee to give the prize:
BREAKING NEWS: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar win 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry: committee
The alternate universe Nobel committee was a bit drunk then. And they were straight trolling with Dylan and Sondheim.
I bet the Nobel Peace Prize Committee didn't see that coming.
just one more day until the Nobel Prize Committee (probably) breaks Philip Roth's heart again
And the attentions of the Nobel Prize Committee following the overturning of much of physics and chemistry.
"In stunning move, Nobel committee announces everyone who disagrees with you is wrong" --same commentary every year, pretty much
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Some of the Nobel Prize Committee's decisions have been controversial; here's a sample of those contentious cases:
Since 1901, the committee has handed out the Nobel Prize in
*ever had Even the Nobel Prize Committee admits their mistake and disappointment.
Alfred Nobel would have been happy says Chair Committee
The Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced early tomorrow morning! Here's a subtle hint for the committee... htt…
Useful round-up of *** racists and clowns to have won the Nobel, and some of the committee's mistakes
I'm interested in who Nobel committee choose for literature prize. Recent choices of Transtromer, Munro, and Modiano have been excellent.
however! that does mean that if we establish our own committee for economics prizes, it's just as genuinely Nobel-y!
The day the Nobel Committee called the wrong number .
Hey so I just worked my famous dolphin-sex anecdote into this essay, heads up NOBEL COMMITTEE
Given the composition of the new Nobel Peace Prize committee, don't be surprised if the Pope gets it this year.
Don’t miss the interview with a Nobel Committee member coming up soon:
Thank you to the Nobel Committee for preserving peace in the Triangle by awarding prizes to both UNC and Duke faculty at …
The Nobel Prize Committee should not award people for the merit of their achievements, but for their assigned gender.
isn't the only Turk recognized by the Nobel Committee. Following photo is from Oslo
I regret to announce that, once again, the Nobel committee overlooked my contributions to the field of chemistry.
Apparently has asked the Nobel committee not to consider her for the Literature prize 😜
Based on leaks of secret consultations of the Nobel committee, the 3 finalists are Trump, Corbyn and Varoufakis.
Guilty myself, I propose a permanent moratorium on "waiting for my call from the Nobel Prize Committee" jokes
Petition to Remove Saudi Arabia from the UN Panel on Human Rights via
The Pope and Ed Snowden are the only worthy contenders but given the Nobel Committee's history of awarding *** I won't hold my breath.
How DARE these veterans think THEY won the peace in Europe?. Don't they know it was the EU? Nobel Committee told us. http:…
Presido Putin says Blatter deserves Nobel Prize! Oya, Nobel Committee;over to you! Image:
After upcoming war between Iran/Israel, which will have been caused by Iran Nuke Deal, will Nobel Committee revoke Obama's Peace Prize?
How did the Nobel Committee fail to give the Peace Prize to Syriza in their first week in office? Will have to settle on Schäuble now.
It's a shame the Nobel Committee can't blame the Sad & Rabid Puppies for Barack Obama's Peace Prize.
Malala Yousafzai, youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner at 17. She redeems the Nobel Committee's idiocy with Barack Obama 's selection in 2008.
.Nobel Prize was a little early, but Nobel Committee saw guy on national state willing to Give Peace a Chance
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. receives the Nobel Peace Prize from Gunnar Jahn, Chairman of the Nobel Committee, in Osl…
Got my Gmail down from 97% full to only 77% full, Does the Nobel Committee just send you the prize or is t
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Recent events have confirmed the Nobel Committee's wisdom in selecting Yasser Arafat, and as Nobel laureates.
get the Nobel committee to reposses 0's and give it to them
50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was honored by the Nobel Committee for his non-violent campaign against racism.
I didn't make fun of a dude for misspelling his own name so I'll just accept my prize whenever the Nobel committee is ready
Is the Nobel Prize Committee Islamophobic or does the Islamic world need to rethink its priorities? I say the latter.
Kailash Satyarthi's Frauds: Misappropriation of funds, perjury and fraud by Ka...
If Nobel Committee can, they shud institute a Nobel for wonderful theories of Diggy Raja.
- In 2006, the Nobel Committee expressed regret that Gandhi had never been awarded the prize
Should submit that manifesto in it’s entirety to the Nobel Committee. For fiction
To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (c) To the Norwegia...
Sometimes I think there's a reason the Nobel Committee hasn't honored Phil Simms yet.
Petition the Nobel Prize Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize - this may save him. vi…
Jean-Paul Sartre Turned Down the Nobel Prize in Late Letter to the Nobel Committee
Is the Nobel Committee too political? Outgoing director suggests yes (+video) - Christian Science Monitor
Nobel Committee is ready to appoint a new Chief Election Commissioner to inspect rigging allegations (
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Again, I want to congratulate the Nobel Committee for a great choice: Common struggle for Peace Prize Laureates
[Selected by Rael] Russian lawmaker asks Nobel Committee to strip Obama of Peace Prize
Nobel Committee has bn more unfair to the *** Mullahs. 1st they gave Nobel Prize to Dr. Abdus Salam 1/2
Again the Peace Prize Not for Peace . Once again the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to individuals who...
Dr Peter Alegi, Department of History, Michigan State University Albert Luthuli's place in the history of South African liberation movements derives primarily from his two crowning achievements: President of the African National Congress (1952-1967) and the first African to be honored by the Nobel Committee (1960 Peace Prize). Interestingly, however, Luthuli was a latecomer to activist politics, joining the ANC at age 50. This paper begins to probe an earlier period in Luthuli's life, when the teacher and organizer (and later elected Zulu chief) engaged the world of sport through his involvement in football (soccer). He revealed his passion for football in his autobiography: "I became a compulsive football fan," while teaching at Adams College in Durban in the 1920s. "To this day," he noted, "I am carried away helplessly by the excitement of a soccer match" By exploring aspects of Luthuli's sporting career, this study attempts to show the ways in which his role in sport administration boosted the developm ...
In the wake of Malala Yousafzai's snubbing by the Nobel Committee some have raised important questions like did Malala lose the award because the committed was afraid to confront radical Islam? Pe...
ECPAT is delighted that the Norwegian Nobel Committee has selected two champions for child rights, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, as the recipients of the 2014 Nobel Peace Priz
The Dawn says on Malala Yousafzai having her great achievement of Nobel. Pakistan’s braveheart COURAGE is not a rare quality in Pakistan. Adversity that would break most individuals has produced some of our finest — human rights activists, journalists, not to mention ordinary people fighting against formidable odds. But Malala Yousafzai is a special case; it’s hard to find such courage in a 17-year-old coupled with a clarity of thought and an eloquence that can make cynics catch their breath and the world sit up and take notice. Yesterday, Pakistan’s braveheart won the Nobel Peace Prize, giving a nation starved of glad tidings and buffeted by crises on multiple fronts, a reason to celebrate. By awarding the prize to an education rights activist, the Nobel Committee has delivered a symbolic rebuke to the forces of regression typified by the likes of the Taliban, Boko Haram, and the Islamic State that seek to impose a system in which, aside from a slew of other depredations, children — particularl ...
Ok the hype is over. Let's concentrate on something important like Nobel Prize in Economics. (Although IMHO Fama's selection for the last year's prize is controversial) One thing is for certain Nobel Committee won't give it out to Financial theorists this year. So Jean Tirole is not likely to get it.
Nobel Gets It Right - Finally. As a child, I admired and respected the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and its selections. When Elie Wiesel won in 1986 - it was a vindication over the Nazis and a tribute to those who perished in the Holocaust. But, as I grew, my faith in Nobel wained and then altogether disappeared when Yasser Arafat was selected in 1994 for the "peace prize". Yes, the selection committee may have sought to encourage and even further peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. But Arafat? The man who invented international terrorism and hi-jacking? There were more missteps by the Nobel Committee including Al Gore and President Obama - who was recognized early in his tenure - only for the promise of peace - but none to show. Today, under his watch, the world is more fractured and dangerous than ever before. Thus, today, I was delighted to hear that Malala Yousafzai (17) was selected to share the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi. And while I am not familiar with Satyarthi, the ...
Not only are women underrepresented in science, but the Nobel Committee also seems to favor older candidates:
I am about to engage in real science! I intend to test the hypothesis that red wine will attract more fruit flies than apple cider vinegar...the experimental design is foolproof!!! The adventure begins! (alerting the Nobel Committee at this point i think would be premature :) )
Nobel Peace Prize winner Barrack Obama has created the most dangerous world since 1939. Maybe the Nobel Committee was a ta…
Can the Nobel Committee revoke its "prize"?
Around my anniversary is when I start to mull over how the Nobel Committee really neglected me on that peace prize stuff.
Others including Economic Sciences is voted by the Royal Academy of Science. Peace is Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament.
Here is the list: From a pool of 1.4 BILLION Muslims which are 20% of the world's population (2 out of every 10 people) Literature 1988 - Najib Mahfooz Peace 1978 - Anwar El-Sadat 1994 - Yasser Arafat * 2003 - Shirin Ebadi Chemistry 1999 - Ahmed Zewail Physics Abdus Salam * NOTE: Norwegian, Kaare Kristiansen, was a member of the Nobel Committee. He resigned in 1994 to protest the awarding of a Nobel "Peace Prize" to Yasser Arafat, whom he correctly labeled a "terrorist."
Norway with its Norwegian Parliament vetted Nobel Committee believes it's $400 billion Sovereign Fund is invincible>there cud be a LIEN
A Russian senator is asking the Nobel Committee to annul the Peace Prize given to the hateful, war-mongering black President of America for having started a new Cold War over the Ukraine. From RT: “The double standard policy is incompatible with the title of Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I think the Nobel committee must take an objective look at the situation and consider the possibility of taking the title from Barack Obama,” Senator Lyudmila Bokova (Saratov Region) was quoted as saying by the Izvestia daily. “The latest statements and activities of Mr. Obama are clearly aimed against the non-violent solution of the Ukrainian crisis. Besides, the US President is pursuing the objective of world domination and the interests of the Ukrainian people is the last thing to be taken into consideration by him,” the Russian politician said. Bokova added she had thoroughly studied Barack Obama’s Nobel speech and everything in it was right, but the US President’s own actions now contradict his position. Th ...
The day the Nobel Committee made Obama peace prize laureate, the world most powerful army has been capitulated?!
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima © J.L. Van Sertima Ivan Van Sertima was born in Guyana, South America. He was educated at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London University) and the Rutgers Graduate School and holds degrees in African Studies and Anthropology. From 1957-1959 he served as a Press and Broadcasting Officer in the Guyana Information Services. During the decade of the 1960s he broadcast weekly from Britain to Africa and the Caribbean. He is a literary critic, a linguist, an anthropologist and has made a name in all three fields. As a literary critic, he is the author of Caribbean Writers, a collection of critical essays on the Caribbean novel. He is also the author of several major literary reviews published in Denmark, India, Britain and the United States. He was honored for his work in this field by being asked by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature from 1976-1980. He has also been honored as an historian of world repute ...
The Greens/EFA group has nominated whistleblower Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was submitted today in accordance with the procedure set out by the Nobel Committee (1). Comme
Nobel Peace Prize to Edward Snowden would redeem Nobel Committee for 2009 award to Barack Obama, a perversion they should be ashamed of.
Hello and welcome to Wacky Wednesdays answers. Grab your pen and paper, let's see how much you knew about Martin Luther King Jr. Good luck. 1) Where and when was Martin Luther King born? A) Tuesday, January 15, 1929 2) What sort of discrimination did he fight against? A) When he was six years old, two white playmates told him that they were not allowed to play with him any longer. Rosa Parks, an African American woman, refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger. 3) What where his dreams? A) That all people would someday be sisters and brothers in a world governed by equality, justice, and peace. 4) Why was Martin Luther King Jr. Awarded the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize? A) Gunnar Jahn, chairman of the Nobel Committee, said in his presentation speech, "He is the first person in the Western world to have shown us that a struggle can be waged without violence. He is the first to make the message of brotherly love a reality in the course of his struggle, and he has brought this message to all men, to al ...
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1918 was awarded to Max Planck "in recognition of the services he rendered to the advancement of Physics by his discovery of energy quanta". Max Planck received his Nobel Prize one year later, in 1919. During the selection process in 1918, the Nobel Committee for Physics decided that none of the year's nominations met the criteria as outlined in the will of Alfred Nobel. According to the Nobel Foundation's statutes, the Nobel Prize can in such a case be reserved until the following year, and this statute was then applied. Max Planck therefore received his Nobel Prize for 1918 one year later, in 1919.
Try this one. While awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to X, it was declared by the Nobel Committee that this was an award in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Who is X???
The Nobel Prize-winning theory for the Higgs boson particle was developed by six scientists. But because of the Nobel Committee's rules, only Peter Higgs and Francois Englert received the Prize. Host Scott Simon speaks with one of the other contributing scientists, professor Carl Hagen, about not wi...
Do you remember that one time the Nobel Peace committee gave the Peace Prize to Barack Obama?
The fact that Gore, a major fraud, won reflects very poorly on the Nobel Committee.
.If I ran the Nobel committee, I'd give the Peace Prize to free markets, every year. Even if only to hear Naomi Klein whine.
You mean for the Nobel Peace Prize? It's a Norwegian committee that decerns it, not Swedish...
But but but O's a Nobel Peace Prize winnah ain't he???! Wonder how the Nobel committee feels now?
yeah I think the nobel committee does those shared prizes too. So it's just a matter of time now.
Nobel Committee are just like you and me. Humans, equally having potential for biased,
call up the Nobel committee, because black holes DO exist!
The service application committee asked me about my Alfred Nobel essay
GMM is far less useful than the Nobel committee (or whatever) thinks
11:37:01 A letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee (c) A letter ...
"I'm not on the Nobel Peace Prize committee but if I was I would give an award to the people that invented yoga pants& chocolate" 😂😂😂
I've already sent it off to the Nobel committee. x.
.You should present this "fact" to the Nobel committee and collect your medal.
Why haven't you won a Nobel Prize every year? Is it because the nominating committee is racist?
SANNA proposes intersecting spheres for the Nobel Peace committee’s headquarters
I think the Nobel Committee on Lit Prize deserves a Nobel Prize in Lit for their descriptions about why people win a Nobel Prize in Lit.
I reiterated our congratulations to the Nobel Prize Committee on selecting the as this year’s winner.
I don't understand why do we want to bend rules for Sachin Tendulkar to get a Bharat Ratna... The Nobel Committee...
FLASH: Scientist Steinman, awarded Nobel medicine prize on Monday, is dead - Nobel committee
The Nobel committee claims to be pro-democracy by not inviting SD leader Jimmie Åkesson. Invites dictatorships to the Nobel dinner instead.
I don't understand how Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize in economics and Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize... It's as though the Nobel Committee wants the Prize to be worthless.
An epiphany of the political kind. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't, that Obama is "half black." They've sneered, jeered, and fought him every step of the way on his promise of "change." Liberals and the even farther to the left have been dismayed that even without GOP obstruction, Obama really hasn't changed an awful lot of things. Big money still goes into elections. Our energy policy is STILL dominated by Big Oil. We're STILL limiting our Fourth Amendment rights to "wartime" standard, and we're STILL waging wars around the world that is casting his Nobel Prize in an ironic light. Like it or not however, yes, race was and still is a major issue in our culture, which might actually explain the Prize. I haven't read the write-up of the medal, and if I did I'd probably find I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the Nobel Committee may have selected him, even before he took office, precisely because of his race. Reasoning: The United States of America has a less than sterling record when it comes to r ...
Last year, I criticized the Nobel Peace Prize award to Yemeni activist Tawakkul Karman. My objection rested not in Karman’s track record as an opposition activist in Yemen, but rather rested in the tokenism and political agenda of the Nobel Committee. Its chairman made no secret that he hoped the award would legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood. As the Associated Press reported at the time: Thorbjoern Jagland, who heads the five-member Norwegian Nobel Committee, told AP that including Karman in the prize is “a signal that the Arab Spring cannot be successful without including the women in it.” He also said Karman belongs to a Muslim movement with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, “which in the West is perceived as a threat to democracy.” He added that “I don’t believe that. There are many signals that, that kind of movement can be an important part of the solution.” A year on, has the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to make Karman its youngest Nobel Peace Laureate paid off? Sadly, the a ...
May not Pulitzer material, but by judging how the Nobel Committee has historically awarded its prizes...
Clemency for Edward Snowden my *** ! Somebody's gotta have g u t s enough to say it : Dianne Feinstein's out of her *** ? We need to bring him back and put him in charge of troubleshooting the glitches in health , the ethical aspects of the drone program , the morality of sophistry in the random shutting down of the government , police stop and frisk of mainly profiled minorities in the streets of the freest nation on earth / American exceptionalism as a shining city on a hill / , where whistleblowers are persecuted under colour of specious legal technicalities in the Superbowl of Citadels of free speech ... we can all fill in the rest of the blanks ... and if he does SuckSeed , shield him from the supercilious sanctimonious posturing political pretenders masking their own sins from transparency and accountability and give him the Medal of Freedom and the keys to the kingdom and let the Nobel Committee figure out the rest ? ? ?
There is a technology and Invention that should win the Nobel Prize. How can I send the information to the Nobel Committee? I Asim chandra Bose email address: asimbose
Nobel Committee damages reputation by snubbing Malala' By ANDREW PAXTON The Nobel Committee, which recognizes achievement in fields such as science, literature and peace, has made a string of debatable decisions over the years, leading many to question the true motivation behind their selections. The committee further damaged its reputation by recently awarding their Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, overlooking qualified candidates in favor of scoring a few political points. The decision was shocking to many experts, considering the field of well-known nominees who have inspired people around the world. Malala Yousafzai, a teenage girl from Pakistan who was nearly killed by the Taliban for advocating education for girls, was the most deserving candidate and should have been awarded the prize. Her efforts to educate the world about the plight of young girls living under extremist religious leaders began with blogs written in 2009, and she quickly drew the ire of mili ...
Mahinda Rajapaksa missed the Nobel Peace Prize due to our mistake: Nobel Committee
I think it's shameful that the Nobel Committee snubbed Malala Yousafzai and presented the peace prize to chemical weapon inspectors in Syria. The weapon inspectors have not proven that their process will work in Syria.. Shameful I say.
Primakov said the Nobel Peace Prize. ' The Russian statesman and political figure, Yevgeny Primakov commented on the award the Nobel Peace Prize, according to BBC News. Recall yesterday, 11 October, the Nobel Committee decided to award the prize of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons destruction (OPCW). Representatives of the Committee stated that the OPCW has earned this award based on the results of their work carried out since 1997. Experts of the organization have been studying the chemical arsenals of Bashar al-Assad and develop a plan for their destruction. Primakov expressed surprise over in silence the Nobel Committee to the fact that all the work of the OPCW has been made possible only thanks to the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is his insistence de facto prevented the collapse of the UN. The politician said that the United Nations was created to stabilize the world situation, without prejudice to its permanent members in the face of nuclear powers. If i ...
The Nobel Prize lost its legitimacy when Arafat, Gore, the IPCC, and Obama were awarded it. For the same reason, knighthoods lost their legitimacy when *** Jagger was awarded one. In all cases they were undeserved. CJO. MALALA WINS ALL HEARTS.while Nobel loses all legitimacy. No person has ever been more deserving of a peace prize than little schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai. The world shed a tear as she bravely recovered from the Taliban’s cowardly attempts to kill her and her dream that little Pakistani girls might be educated. She also gave the Norwegian Nobel Committee of academics one last chance at legitimacy, but again they blew it. Oh well, we can't expect too much, after all, the Nobel Committee did see fit to award a Nobel Peace Prize to one of the world’s most notorious terrorists, Yasser Arafat. Arafat pioneered the art of suicide bombings and murdered thousands. Amid charges of bribery and corruption the Nobel Committee has awarded many prizes of dubious merit. A laureate among them, Kenyan . ...
Tomorrow the Nobel Committee will award the Nobel Peace Prize. If it's not Malala, it might be one of these people: htt…
Haruki Murakami, Philip Roth, Alice Munro, Ngugi Wa Thing'o... That time of the year when the Nobel Committee confounds bookmakers.
Alfred Noble must be turning and twisting in his grave at the way his established Noble Prize awards are being used by the western powers for the purpose of meeting their political and military ends Despite all its claims of independence, the Oslo-based Nobel Committee is enmeshed in Norwegian politics. The global prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize has obscured the reality that its selection committee is chosen by leaders of Norway’s main political parties — and, as a member of NATO, Norway is deeply entangled in the military alliance. When the Nobel Peace Prize went to President Obama in 2009, he was in the midst of drastically escalating the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, in tandem with the rest of NATO. The same prize went to the European Union in 2012, a year after many of its member states intervened with military force in Libya. On both occasions, in effect, the Nobel Committee bestowed a “good war-making seal of approval.” Since 2001, the Nobel Peace Prize has been on a prolonged detour aro ...
OF PANACHE, PULP AND THE PARAKEET _ The Nobel Prize in Literature and The Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Thursday, 10th October and Tuesday, 15th October. Two of the most highlighted and coveted awards in the field of literature, each significant in their own worlds -- in the territorial expanse, the pattern of the work and the generations touched among several other factors. Also, because of the change in the Booker eligibility conditions from next year, this year's contest might be momentous in its own regard. Several of the names are forced through the conduits each day more-so esp. in the case of The Nobel. A different name lands each day out of nowhere. Murakami, Pynchon, Kundera, Adonis, Roth, Munroe. Comparatively, it helps that The Booker has a shortlist which restricts the adrenaline rush in a way. Also, the Nobel Committee, across the years, has a reputation of picking up the most unpredictable names, never ceasing to blow us away. Rumour-mongering has become a necessary event. Bookworms continua ...
Nearly 300k called on the Nobel Committee to nominate for the peace prize
The Nobel committee have changed the rules in the past and this year they shld give it to 5 people: englert, higgs, guralnik, hagen & kibble
An inspiration. A leader. A Nobel Peace Prize winner of the future. If I had a vote on the Norwegian Nobel Committee; she'll have my favour.
Looking at some of the Nobel committee's Peace Prize selections, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave the next one to the IRS.
The 2013 in Physiology or Medicine will be announced by Göran K. Hansson, Secretary of the Nobel Committee.
you know what? You're right! I'll keep my hat still in the ring! (Just in case any Nobel committee peeps are tweeps)
The Nobel committee, don't bother: I've just learned that I have been quoted in Waitrose Weekend Magazine.
'yaaar hallo, is this Mr Dr Turvey, yar? My naame is Sven from der Nobel Committee.' - well that's my day planned!
14 Questions and Answers about the Nobel Peace Prize. Geir Lundestad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,
I mean, will Nobel committee ever give a prize to a survivor of US drone attack? Will they be called to UN to deliver sermons?
Oct 7th~20 years ago. The Nobel Committee announces that Toni Morrison is to be awarded the Nobel Prize in...
Late (or early) Nobel Prize predictions. Rendez-vous around noon with the Nobel committee.
Malala is favourite for Nobel Peace Prize, but there is repression everywhere which Nobel committee could highlight
Nobel Committee is such a tease. Date for Literature prize "will be set later". When? "Just later, okay?"
With deplorable repression in many countries, there are numerous situations Nobel Committee could usefully highlight.
Pf the Nobel committee lost it a long time ago.
2013: The year the Nobel committee finally recognises my tireless efforts towards international peace.
Big problem for Nobel committee if Higgs boson theory wins physics award.
Clearly FIFA and the Nobel committee have some kind of bet going on.
I suspect Nobel Committee will wait on awarding Physics prize for Higgs discovery: there exist >3 living physicists who deserve it.
Nobel Committee needs to stay strong this week. Only deserving recipient of Peace Prize is Malala Yousafzai. Great example to everybody!
Actually, the Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.
On three occasions, the was so hotly disputed that members withdrew from the Nobel Committee.
Hi, is this the Nobel committee? Great, listen: you need to take all those prizes back and given them to Daniel.
Information in the Nobel Committee's nomination database is not made public until after fifty years.
the prize is a political joke. 2007 it went to Al Gore over Irena Sendler who saved kids from NAZIs.
- hang on why are you telling me and not the Nobel committee...
There is an implication-Nobel committee will give peace prize to just about anybody. ;) (no offense to deserving ones)
If you have proof please contact Nobel committee, no one has got beyond the null hypothesis in 200 yrs
Someone call the Nobel committee!! Sir Bob Geldof: 'All humans will die before 2030' (via
How will Nobel committee deal with large-team project, eg, maybe the Higgs boson?
If anything, the Nobel Committee will restore some respect for their Peace Prize by awarding it to Malala. Good luck.
11 October, 11:00 a.m. - The Nobel Peace Prize The prize will be announced by Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
If Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Peace Prize it'll be one of the best decisions the Nobel Committee has made in its history.
Friendly Reminder 2 Nobel Committee:. Banjo bosons cascaded to form 68.3% of universe; Higgs bosons, a mere fraction of that. Just sayin
I doubt that the Nobel committee is trolling YouTube videos looking for the next laureate in Physiology and/or Medicine. ;)
From The Podium Of Oslo City Hall…. As the peace and reconciliation process remain unabated amongst Liberians and political hustlers canvassing for jobs, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf along with progressive women rights campaigner, Leymah Gbowee left the country last week to receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in the city of novelty, Oslo, Norway. President Johnson-Sirleaf and Ms. Gbowee shared this year’s award with Tawakkul Karman of Yemen. When they were announced winners of this year Nobel Prize, Thorbjoern Jagland, Chairman of the Nobel Committee in an interview with the Cable News Network (CNN) said “democracy and lasting peace cannot be achieved unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society”. Madam Johnson-Sirleaf, her compatriot, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen collected their Nobel diplomas and medals to an overwhelming applause at Oslo's City Hall on Saturday December 10, 2011. According to the prize committee Chai ...
Does the Nobel Committee hand out a prize for foolishness?. Asking for a friend.
Dear Nobel Committee, this is why we wish you had waited with that darn medal. For precisely this moment.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee should think about EnLawded for The Nobel Peace Prize !
That Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama wants to start another war, Syria. When will the Nobel committee take away that insulting award?
On The Essence And Matrix Of The Universe-Life The following three sentences are the shortest data-based TOEa
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Obviously even the Nobel committee is a joke now-a-days!
What is Nobel committee doing bout . ?
Message for POTUS. back requested!. The Nobel Committee called. They want their prize back.
If the Nobel committee gives the prize to Murakami this year, I'll forgive them for despising American writers.
. Kirsten is right. The *** on the Nobel Committee have made some ridiculous decisions over years, Anwar Sadat got 1 too.
Hey Nobel Committee - seconds thoughts about giving your ridiculous Peace Prize to Obama?
I wonder if the Nobel committee can repo that peace prize they gave
I've lost all respect to Nobel Committee when they handed him a prize for no reason. Impeaching him not enough.
Dear tsk tsk. . You, my friend, are gonna be in quite a soup. Somewhere Bush laughs at the Committee tonight. .
If NCAA can withdraw a National Championship, can Nobel Committee withdraw a Peace Prize?
Does the Nobel committee like giving "peace prizes" to wicked warmongers like Obama? Jus' asking.
Can a be revoked? The Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee answers that and other FAQs.
Kadare has that state-persecuted author past that the Nobel committee seem to like. (I'm thinking of Kertesz and Pamuk).
Voters were like Nobel committee - acted on the promises not previous deeds, experience, or education.
Based on Egypt and Syria do you think any of the Nobel committee members are rethinking the '09 Peace Prize?
Believe what you read..I know I do..
.I'm surprised the Nobel Committee didn't ask for it back while he was in Sweden.
I bet the Nobel committee want their peace prize back.
Can anyone be choosen for the The Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee answers FAQs.
Lol at the Nobel committee for giving Obama the peace prize prematurely...?
Now that the war criminal is preparing for war on , will the Nobel committee demand he returns his peace prize
Honestly, no one should get their hopes up that the Nobel committee will choose Murakami for its next literature prize.
To the Nobel Committee members: Nominate and for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize
Read the letter from Thorbjørn Jagland to Theresa May? He's Norwegian chairman of the Nobel Committee. http…
''holder of Qaddafi Human Rights award, criticizes Nobel Committee for awarding M. Baradei No…
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