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Which is amazing because Ninth Circuit is sitting on Information Quality Act cases.
Prof. on possible appointment of "judge steeped in Silicon Valley technology issues” to 9th Circuit
What principled, nonpolitical objection could there be to subdividing the bloated Ninth Circuit?
Obama to nominate Judge Lucy Koh to 9th Circuit.
Obama to nominate Lucy Koh to Ninth Circuit - National Review
Lucy Koh, federal judge who presided over Apple v. Samsung, is expected to be tapped for seat on 9th Circuit
Exciting news for the 9th Circuit. Judge Koh has an impressive resume.
This will never stand up to the inevitable court challenge. Another reason for state Republicans to hate the Ninth Circuit! LOL!
White House Eyes Koh for Seat on 9th Circuit via
After reading about Ninth Circuit splits all day, I'm thinking it might be easier to just repopulate half of California elsewhere.
.is working to move AZ out of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Paul Eckstein explains on @ 5:30pm
Washington and Arizona File Amicus Briefs in Ninth Circuit over Tucson Elections, on Opposite Sides
.wrote a thoughtful analysis of the Palo Alto cystic fibrosis case for the Genomics Law Report:
Ironically, the Palo Alto school district is not particularly smart.
"Ninth Circuit to federal land trespassers: Fuggedaboutit"
My post on Genomics Law Report regarding the CA student genetic discrimination case.
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Court watchers expect to nominate Silicon Valley Judge Lucy Koh to Ninth Circuit bench this month by
Individual 11s and the Absolute Priority Rule: Ninth Circuit joins the majority
Ninth Circuit: USDC Judge Lucy Koh in line for elevation to CA9, but Senate confirmation in election year dubious?
Arizona Republicans Want out of Ninth Circuit - via
Ninth Circuit hears arguments on IP address blocking and shared accounts under the CFAA
.commissioners not liable in Flaherty firings case - Ninth Circuit upholds district court ruling
Get a copy for Fair Use! The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (San Francisco) gave good ruling in Lenz.
.the Ninth Circuit Court of the United States disagrees with you:
Public defender Dave Hansen to run for judge Ninth Judicial Circuit
LIVE NOW: Watch Ninth Circuit oral arguments in right-to-carry case en banc rehearing:
9th Circuit - attorney's fees for prosecution of automatic stay violations are allowable under 362(k). . Very...
read a new ILC eB re: an update on the 9th Cir's certified question to the Cal Sup. Ct. on
The election of delegates to a Native Hawaiian constitutional convention can proceed, the U.S. Ninth Circuit rules.
BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court rejects Jordan Graham’s appeal of her sentencing for killing husband in National Park 2-years ago.
If wins, Franklin could appeal to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Probably would not reach court until 2013, according to attorney
case is being heard by Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. Judges are Meredith Jury, Randall Dunn and Robert Faris.
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the convictions and sentenced Luke Scarmazzo, for...
Ninth Circuit tells Uber to buckle up for the ride, denies appeal of class cert ruling via
Ninth Circuit Overturns Approval of AOL Class Action Settlement: Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports on why t...
The Ninth Circuit’s opinion broadens the scope of information the EEOC may receive when...
The Florida Bar President, Ramón A. Abadin, met with Ninth Circuit Judges to discuss the changing legal world.
Settled a legal negotiation at the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco as one of my final exams. It was amazing
.deprived of same appeal rights plaintiffs have in 9th Cir. class actions. must correct:
The Ninth Circuit reversed and sustained the EEOC’s broad subpoena in EEOC v. McLane Co.
Judge Alex Kozinski, who currently sits on the Ninth Circuit, discusses forgiveness and justice with us.
Employers should also “tee-up” their arguments that compliance with a request or...
California's death penalty is back on after Ninth Circuit reverses federal judge's ruling
what's best? Abbott bias against *** jurors made same-sex marriage legal across Ninth Circuit in 2014!
Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on why the innocent plead guilty:
On October 8, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that a sequence of yoga poses and breathin
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Ninth Circuit issues opinion in challenge to the California Death Penalty. Ernest DeWayne Jones v. Ron Davis,...
CA9 Judge Bea says Roberts Court known as Court of Reversal in Ninth Circuit. Notes 78% reversal rate.
Ninth Circuit panel reverses, on procedural grounds, district court ruling declaring California's capital ...
This is an actual title of a case that went before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit:
Ninth Circuit says Tucson is doing elections wrong: A panel of appeals court judges ruled Tucson's election system…
Federal judge in California dismissed allegations of panel-rigging in the Ninth Circuit (re: Judge Jay Bybee)
Both 5th & 9th Circuits have recently slammed for prosecutorial misconduct... Will be next?
Trend towards federal judges taking a firmer hand in culture of prosecutorial misconduct?
I'm not gonna limit cats. That's not my job. That's the job of the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court.
Good crimmigration news - CA theft crimes are never theft aggravated felonies:
This is a much bigger problem than most jurors realize. Popehat: If we're seeing a real trend towards federal judge…
Dean Erwin Chemerinsky reviews the most recent Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit decisions.
If journalism has an institutional bias, it's being pro-leak. But these are fair questions.
The press has been failing us for a long time, in favor of headlines.
Was reporting manipulated to help US prosecutors win a case? Editors may not care, readers might
"The press does not, as far as I can tell, *** when it is being used as a tool by law enforcement." Shouldn't it?
"Too-cozy too-credulous relationship between law enforcement & the press" [9th Circuit vs. fed prosecutors]
Unmarried co-owners of a home can get twice the interest deduction available to married couples in the Ninth Circuit.
Creative Lawyering In RCRA Criminal Action Fails to Find Favor with the Ninth Circuit | by
*** YEAH. The Ninth Circuit ruled today that pharmacists can't deny patients Plan B.
“Arizona defends denying driver's licenses to 'Dreamers'... way to go
9th cir unpublished opinion on retroactivity of IIRIRA:
Ninth circuit rejects pharmacy claim that it can refuse to provide EC because of faith.
Prof. John Coffee offers insights on the Ninth Circuit’s insider trading ruling
DakotaVoice 9th Circuit Rejects Pharmacists’ Right of Conscience: Today, in Stormans v. Wiesman, the Ninth Cir...
Ninth Circuit tramples freedom, rules state of Washington can force pharmacists to provide life-ending drugs
Ninth Circuit upholds WA regs forcing family pharmacy to dispense morning-after pills [
Hopefully, Sup Ct will reverse 9th Cir. Court Rejects Pharmacists’ Right of Conscience
Why exactly does a state have the authority to demand a pharmacy specifically sell any drug?
Given that the Ninth Circuit is well known for being most Left wing, have they not even read SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision?
And here is the key holding from the Ninth Circuit’s decision:
Ninth Circuit lowers public disclosure bar: ... thereby making it more difficult for contractors…
ok gotcha I mean seriously this post at the ACLU on the EFF website the ninth circuit really ?!?
Ninth Circuit says skill doesn't matter in Idaho dispute with tribe over poker - Ban on Tribal Poker Upheld
Congratulations elected as Vice Chair of the Ninth Circuit
We filed an amicus brief to save a WWII memorial. Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments. Will it stand?
Ninth Circuit rules against Forest Service plan for snowmobiles in ... - Greenfield Daily Reporter
Guest Post by William Wood: Commentary on the Ninth Circuit (Opinion in Robinson v. Jewell) and Aboriginal Title…
"Association of Irritated Residents v. EPA" is the name of a case decided today by the Ninth Circuit
and the Ninth Circuit getting it wrong.
Justices Void Warrantless Inspections of Hotel Registries. High court, 5-4, upholds Ninth Circuit ruling that...
Professor J.C. Blokhuis asked to speak at the Ninth Circuit for ScholarFest at the Library of Congress next month.
FindLaw's United States Ninth Circuit case and opinions. via
Ninth Circuit rules against takedown of anti-islam video on copyright grounds - Lexology
"Ninth Circuit is reversed." I presume they have a macro for that.
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Ninth Circuit is reversed, 'cause you went to Stanford and your legal logic stinks...the taunt that keeps on giving.
Ninth Circuit affirmed in two cases this morning from SCOTUS. No longer "kicked around" Circuit!
has reversed Ninth Circuit in Horne v. USDA. Government violated raisin growers' 5th Amend. rights with marketing order.
The line of the day goes to Amy Howe: "Don't type the phrase 'The Ninth Circuit is affirmed' that often."
First opinion is Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises. 6-3 to affirm Ninth Circuit.
Last opinion, Horne v. Department of Agriculture: decision of the ninth circuit is reversed; 5-4
Ninth Circuit is 2-1 this morning. Big win for raisin farmers.
Ninth Circuit decision reversed in Horne v. Department of Agriculture!!!
Guess the Ninth Circuit couldn't win them all today, but 2/3 isn't bad.
Finally all is right in the world again - the Ninth Circuit just got reversed.
Ninth circuit reversed. Almost a banner 3-0 day
And the last opinion is Horne v. Dept. of Agriculture, decision of the Ninth Circuit is reversed.
Knew that must be coming: Ninth Circuit reversed in Horne.
Decision of the Ninth Circuit is reversed. via Home vs DoA
Decision of the Ninth Circuit is reversed. via That's more like it.
"Don't type the phrase 'the Ninth Circuit is affirmed' that often. My fingers rebelled." -- Amy Howe at live …
Ninth Circuit affirmed in Spider-Man case. Ninth Circuit affirmed is the improbable fantasy part.
Apparently the Ninth Circuit was bitten by a radioactive spider.
Ninth Circuit is 2-for-2 so far. Literally anything could happen at SCOTUS today...
Second opinion is in Los Angeles v. Patel 5-4, Ninth Circuit is affirmed. Written by Sotomayor.
.Looks like a good day for the oft-reversed Ninth Circuit and the 4th Amendment.
Ninth Circuit is affirmed twice. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.
"The decision of the Ninth Circuit is affirmed."
Making up for Also this sentence worries me. "Yes, a good day for the Ninth Circuit." via
When says there can be Fourth Amendment facial challenges and affirms the Ninth Circuit twice in one day
SCOTUS affirms Ninth Circuit twice in one day.
Watch out for cracks in the Earth's crust: the Supreme Court has upheld the Ninth Circuit *twice* already this morning. 😂
OMG Ninth Circuit affirmed twice in a row are these the End Times
denies cert on AZ's Prop 100 bail law. The victory in the Ninth Circuit stands.
Ninth Circuit addresses the complexity of applying the to student speech:
Ninth Circuit rules on jury trial waivers in contracts. County of Orange County v. US District Court Central...
Today, the Court issued an order confirming that a majority of Ninth Circuit judges voted to rehear Peruta en...
Ninth Circuit to Rehear 'Peruta' En Banc: Last year, a three-judge panel at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals...
Ninth Circuit appeals court to reconsider ruling against San Diego concealed carry rule
"The 3 judge panel opinion and order denying motions to intervene shall not be cited as precedent by or to any court of the Ninth Circuit."
leading to the Ninth Circuit Court concluding that such efforts are tantamount to physical and mental torture.
Earlier this month the Ninth Circuit Court confirmed the right the in the CPR for Skid Row case
Ninth Circuit: NOT ok to lie about whether vegetable oil contains trans fats. has the scoop:
In huge win for gun sense, Ninth Circuit this morning rejects challenge to Sunnyvale, CA's prohibition on large capacit…
California Attorney General Seeks En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit’s Denial of her Request t ...
& Prof. Christopher Sagers (respond to article on O'Bannon v. NCAA
Ninth Circuit Immigration Outline January 2012 Supplement is to be used with the 2011 Outline. . Please cut-n-past i…
Ninth Circuit Immigration outline January 2012 supplement by via
Hacks gonna do what a hack does. 9th Circuit Court Slams Again Over Falsified Transcript of Confession
The Ninth Circuit decision in the case of Logan Volpicelli is well covered by Carlton Smith guest posting on Procedurally Taxing
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We were honored to welcome Ninth Circuit Judge Kozinski last month!
Following the law is 4 little people. Ninth Circuit Court Slams Kamala Harris Again,Falsifies Transcript of Confession
not even ninth circuit will see any appealable issues here. She changed her defense a min of 3 times, -
This is the oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit appeal.
Literally every single thing in this quote from the Ninth Circuit is provably wrong:
Ninth Circuit sides with FTC; affirms ruling that Idaho health care merger was unlawful - Lexology via
Hospital's Acquisition Scotched by Ninth Circuit: A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a key victory in the…
Even though we're not POTUS, it would be great to have your help as an amicus in the Ninth Circuit.
- The US Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit has upheld the decision of district judge William...
Court: Wearing of American Flag Tshirt on like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater. …
Oh hey that means we might actually get a decision sometime soon in the Ninth Circuit. Maybe.
Mia Love Becomes the First Black Republican Female Member of Congress in U.S. History JOB!!Now remember to serve all!
Mexican american studies in the ninth circuit and three sonorans.
9th Cir. to hear appeal re CA Resale Royalties Act: via
Vote so our youth won't have to sue as Maya will face in court “9th Circuit to hear case Jan
its Alaska District on appeal to the Ninth Circuit again facts wrong why don't you study this if you believe it?
Did you mean next catalyst is: settlement or... Injunction from Ninth Circuit Court? Show me the case where FTC negotiates... $HLF
ACLU wins before en banc Ninth Circuit panel - striking down AZ Prop 100, the no-bail law as due process violation.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the petitioner's conviction for criminal impersonation by assuming a...
AZ MAS Update: 9th Circuit to hear Case in January
Everyone's Freedom of Speech rests on Maya's shoulders: Update: 9th Circuit to hear case in January!
MAS Update: Ninth Circuit to hear case in January!
"Trip Hawkins" had some good news from the Ninth Circuit this week.
What the heck is going on in the Ninth Circuit on the resale royalty case?
Ninth Circuit Courts are becoming more receptive to screenplay infringement claims, says Robert Helfing
Playing tourist in the Ninth Circuit. Might as well take advantage of the one time I can take pictures in court!
Can we just replace the SCOTUS with the Ninth Circuit? Everything would be so much better.
*** couples can get married in Idaho starting Wednesday - US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issues order a...
I sincerely hope the Ninth Circuit lays a judicial smackdown on Alaska for wasting the court's valuable time.
Court strikes down Alaska's ban on same-sex marriage - Precedent by Ninth Circuit cited as reason for ruling again...
UPDATE: Idaho same-sex couples ask Ninth Circuit to dissolve stay and allow Gov admits it's over:
Huge court case in the Ninth Circuit today, where argues National Security Letters are unconstitutional.
But *** couples still unable to wed for now because Ninth Circuit mandate recalled
The National Security Letter case in the Ninth Circuit today is arguably more important than any of the NSA cases.
Ninth Circuit grants rehearing en banc in Arizona judicial candidate campaign free speech case: You can access…
Interesting read. Thats all i have to say about that!! In the National Football League, some commentators are starting, are beginning to catch up to your host in realizing/recognizing what's going on. We have audio sound bites and documentation coming up. If you're looking for evidence that we have lost the country, and you still are on the ledge about this, you don't know which way to go, let me throw a story at you. In San Francisco: "Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal to Wear American Flag Shirts on Cinco De Mayo." It is against the law in the United States of America to wear American flag shirts on Cinco De Mayo. The story comes from the Daily Caller. "It's official: the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an order declining a request for an en banc hearing in a case involving four students in at a California high school who were sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. "The full slate of Ninth Circuit judges has thus agreed with a lower district court and with .. ...
Oh, there it is! "This Court is not persuaded by the Ninth Circuit's decision to the contrary in SmithKline Beecham Corp.…
case where district court ruled California death penalty unconstitutional is headed to the Ninth Circuit:
Ninth Circuit affirms distric court ruling in Barnes and Noble's browsewrap ToS -- user had insufficient notice |
Judge Wilken declined to issue a stay of her ruling - but doesn’t mean there won’t be 1. NCAA will ask Ninth Circuit for stay as it appeals.
32]. ”On June 25, 2012, the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari, confirming the order of the Ninth Circuit.
Ninth Circuit News: New Jury Scam Uses Fake Emails - Federal courts around the country are warning the p...
BREAKING: Ninth Circuit to hold en banc argument on burden of proof for internal relocation in asylum and CAT claims
Ninth Circuit addresses TILA tender requirement and RESPA statute of limitations | by
Ninth Circuit News: Opening Session of the 2014 Judicial Conference Ends on a High Note
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Ninth Circuit rules for Redbox in class action
Ninth Circuit puts trial over Arizona medication restrictions on hold
the Ninth Circuit decided a case recently and given the judicial notice the NJ Court knows how they have to find.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals could have set the tone for marriage equality cases it is…
BREAKING: The Ninth Circuit has just issued its order in SmithKlein v. Abbott Labs. The Circuit Court has REJECTED the sua sponte call for en banc rehearing. Heightened scrutiny is now the LAW of the Ninth Circuit. spells doom for SSM bans in Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Guam, and the Northern Marianas! Each of these bans will crumple as soon it gets a hearing (its also a wonderful precedent as cases progress in other jurisdictions).
Roulette v. City of Seattle Seattle in the United States Court of Appeals,. Ninth Circuit, is now binding...
Of course, occasionally the Ninth Circuit does get things right...
someone should tell the Ninth Circuit:
The panel decision announcing this result was issued several months ago, but today the full Ninth Circuit declined to review it…
Heightened scrutiny ruling to apply in all 9 states of Ninth Circuit:
Ninth Circuit refuses to rehear case on *** jurors, leaving in place heightened scrutiny for sexual orientation
9th Circuit rules delivery drivers are employees, tho drivers had contractor agreements
Ninth Circuit Overturns Los Angeles' Prohibition on the Use of Vehicles as 'Living Quarters'...
Hurray! On Tuesday June 10, 2014 the California Court of Appeal issued its decision in Marissa Rea v. Blue Shield of California. The Court held that the California Mental Health Parity Act requires Blue Shield to provide all medically necessary treatment for people suffering from severe mental illnesses, including anorexia and bulimia. I argued this case to the Court on March 18th and based on the Court's questioning was afraid they might take a different position than the Ninth Circuit did in Harlick. Fortunately, both the State and Federal Courts are now in agreement on this issue. It's still not smooth sailing though as I suspect Blue Shield will seek review of this decision by the California Supreme Court. Stay tuned.
supports Ninth Circuit's reading of Stern on limits of bankruptcy judges http:/…
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FANTASTIC NEWS: In response to an earlier post that I had posted on my FB wall, regarding Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims' (D-Phila.) appearance on MSNBC's Hardball, Rep. Sims had just sent me a message, letting me know that he does not think Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) will appeal Tuesday's marriage equality ruling to the Third Circuit. If this turns out to be true, then Pennsylvania would become the 19th state to permit marriage equality. For those of you that are familiar with the litigation in both Oregon and Pennsylvania, Oregon differs from Pennsylvania because Gov. Kitzhaber (D-OR) and A.G. Ellen Rosenblum (D-OR) have openly acknowledged that they will not defend Oregon's Measure 36, nor have they, nor is it likely that Oregon state officials will appeal Monday's ruling to the Ninth Circuit & it is for that reason that Oregon has become the 18th state to permit marriage equality. If Rep. Sims is correct and Corbett does not appeal Tuesday's ruling, then Pennsylvania will have become the 19th state t ...
BREAKING: The Ninth Circuit has smacked down the National Organization for Marriage's last-ditch attempt to stop...
BREAKING NEWS: *** marriage now legal in Oregon. Get details of the Oregon ruling, and the Ninth Circuit refusal...
People get ready: Our nutcase opponent has vowed to appeal the judge's order to the Ninth Circuit. First they will have to prove that they have standing to intervene in the case. They are a small out-of-state group and they don't have a snowball's chance.
Opinion analysis: Justices take a lenient view on late copyright suits: A big day for the Ninth Circuit.  For...
Judge struck down the marriage ban, and the Ninth Circuit had a nice slap-down for NOM as part of the deal
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just rejected NOM's attempt to block today's forthcoming ruling on marriage equality in Oregon.
BREAKING: Ninth Circuit denies NOM's emergency request for stay in Oregon ruling -
UPDATE: The Ninth Circuit has DENIED NOM's emergency request for a stay in Oregon case:
BREAKING: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals DENIES NOM's emergency request to stay district court proceedings!
A federal court judge has just announced it is denying NOM’s request for an emergency stay, even before a federal...
Breaking: The Ninth Circuit DENIES the National Organization for Marriage's request to stay today's ruling. We're almost there, folks!
The Ninth Circuit has DENIED our opponent's motion to stay the marriage equality proceedings.
Oregon: This morning, NOM appealed the court's decision in Geiger v. Kitzhaber not to allow them to intervene and asked the Ninth Circuit to immediately stay proceedings in and/or the judgment of the court in that case while their appeal can be heard. It is clear that this is an attempt to delay marriage in Oregon, as both the plaintiffs and the state agree that the marriage ban is unconstitutional. The plaintiffs and the state have both filed initial responses asking the Ninth Circuit not to implement a temporary stay while they consider NOM's motion. They both indicate that they will file a full response later. The decision in the district court is expected at noon today PT (3pm ET). The motion: initial response: initial response:
Bad news, not unexpected. This morning the National Organization for Marriage filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit, requesting a stay of today’s marriage equality decision. The Ninth Circuit is the court of appeals for federal cases in Oregon. NOM's appeal makes it more likely (although not certain) that the trial court judge will rule that marriages can't start right away.
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Meanwhile, NOM has taken their hateful rhetoric to the Ninth Circuit, in a last ditch desperate attempt to stop marriage equality from taking effect in Oregon. They know, like we do, that if Judge Michael McShane rules in our favor, there will be nobody to appeal his ruling and that marriage equality will arrive in Oregon---for good!!!
OREGON: NOM Files Stay Appeal/Stay Demand With Ninth Circuit Court I'll have the brief shortly...
The State Sabah, formerly North Borneo, was a territory given as a gift by the Sultan of Brunei to the Sultan of Sulu after the latter helped the Brunei Sultan suppressed an internal rebellion against him. Subsequently, the Sultan of Sulu LEASED North Borneo to a British North Borneo chartered company. Up to now, the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu are receiving a token rent from the Federation of Malaysia. When the British formed the Federation of Malaysia, the former engineered the annexation of North Borneo to the Federation of Malaysia and renamed it Sabah through a plebiscite that was rigged by the West Malaysians (who were mostly of Indian ancestry). The Kadasans and other natives of Sabah, as well as the Tausugs who were in Sabah at the time, voted against the plebiscite but the result of the latter was manipulated in favor of annexation. Understandably, the Malaysians tortured and twisted the meaning of the word “lease” (padjak) to “sell” and, since they have been in physical control of Sabah, ...
Subsequently, some of the Moro recruits for the infiltration and recovery of Sabah were brought to Corrigidor Island where, probably because of a confirmed information that some of the recruits were either traitors or Malaysian operatives, Martelino decided to kill all of the recruits who were mostly Tausugs. Unfortunately, a couple of them jumped into the cliff and survived. One of them was Jibin Arula, who later, because of the headlines made on his daring escape, became a councilor of his town. This was where Ninoy, a very ambitious young man who wanted to be President, came in and exposed what was then known as the “JABIDAH MASSACRE” in the halls of the Old Senate. The Ninoy expose screamed across the headlines and TV screens of a watching world, especially, in Malaysia. However, Malaysia --- then and still run by West Malaysians who are mostly of….. Looking by way of hindsight, the personal conflict and rivalry between Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, Sr. and Benigno Simeon Aquino, Sr. were the main c ...
The Ninth circuit of appeals is a joke...
In a bold decision striking down San Diego's gun control scheme, the Ninth Circuit defends the Second Amendment right to bear as well as keep arms.
Once again, a politically correct true story is stranger than fiction. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that students at Live Oak High School
On May 13, 2014, my office argued to the Ninth Circuit, that due process for a full and fair hearing can exist, as a result of the Board of Immigration Appeals' misconstruction of the evidence in the case, which potentially affect the outcome of the proceedings. We hope to win on this case and we will keep our clients updated.
Another one? The Interior Department’s Takeover of the Timbisha Shoshone Government A previoulsy scheduled Secretarial election was called off because of the protests of the authentic Timbisha leaders, the members of the last legitimately elected Tribal Council. Read the Indian Country Today article about the cancellation of that election: Vote to Change Timbisha Constitution Cancelled, by Gale Courey Toensig, Nov . 20, 2013. The Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, based in Death Valley California, is among those Indian nations enduring an especially long and nasty fight in its dealings with the United States and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) – a 165-year long battle. The latest conflict involves the BIA’s installation of its own so-called government for the Tribe. This takeover of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe’s government ignores the Tribe’s fundamental right of self-government, the inherent right of the Tribe to decide who is a member of the tribe and how the Tribe will be governed. The BIA is again a .. ...
This Saturday, for the first half of the show, I'll be joined by Diana Tennis, who is running for Circuit Court Judge, Ninth Circuit – Group 32. The show will air tomorrow, May 7 on 1520 WBZW and, and twice on Saturday, 10am-11am and 5pm-6pm on 660 THE ANSWER and Diana Tennis For Circuit Court Judge
- In a shocking decision, a federal court of appeals – the Ninth Circuit – just ruled that it was acceptable...
San Diego County Sheriff ordered to respond to Ninth Circuit: In the matter of Peruta...
Yeah I mean who would ever want to use their constitution protected God given rights to protect themselves from all the crime in Cali. Who knew? - Rosa In the two months since the U.S. Ninth Court of Appeals struck down the “good cause” requirement in California, law enforcement officials have been “stunned” by the booming rate of concealed carry permit applications. According to The New York Times, in Orange County alone, almost 4,000 residents, eight times the usual number, have applied for a permit. The February 13 ruling by the Ninth Circuit is on appeal and has not been finalized, but Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is pushing forward without the “good cause” requirement. As a result, there are so many applicants in her county that there is now “a 30-month wait to schedule the required in-person hearing to obtain a permit.” Unless and until the ruling is reversed, Hutchens says “it is the law of the land,” and she is hiring more part-time staff “to handle “the crush of . ...
Cal. John B. Owens to be US Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit. Sen. Reid filed a Motion to Invoke Cloture on
Judge Kozinski's secret YouTube takedown order sets off fireworks at the Ninth Circuit:
BREAKING NEWS: Today, AFLC filed a petition for en banc (full court) review with the Ninth Circuit, seeking...
BREAKING: Ninth Circuit says Yolo County policy is unconstitutional. Court docs at
Sitting around on this rainy day, I'm a little more depressed than I would normally be under these circumstances. It seems that I can't find one bit or piece of news that gives me any encouragement that America is not in real trouble right now. Putin knows that Obama is full of harmless rhetoric and will invade Ukraine if it pleases him without any fear of consequences, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reaffirmed that a California School District can ban students from wearing the US Flag on their shirts for fear of offending Mexican-American students, Obamacare is robbing more money from Medicare and our elderly population (as if they're not suffering enough already with the previous cuts), we cutting Military pay and benefits to give more money to illegals, racial tensions are as high as I can ever recall them being in this Country (so much for a Afro-Amer. President), taxes are going up on all levels from property to Federal income, there is a constant attack on Christianity and a demand for exces ...
The famed Ninth Circuit betrays Americans as usual.
Oh. Never seen "California Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit" used for US District Ct for "Central District of Calif."
- It's the Ninth Circuit, what do you expect? The most liberal court in the land.
Marcia Paul of DWT quoted in today's New York Times article on the Ninth Circuit's Order to YouTube
This Case May Make The Difference The first shoe has dropped in the complicated equal protection part of same-sex marriage litigation, and a good shoe it is. So far, same-sex marriage litigation has been confronted with the constitutional limitations of the Windsor decision and the cases before it on similar subjects authored by Justice Kennedy. The new case is GlaxoSmithKline v. Abbott Laboratories, A Ninth Circuit case decided January 21, 2014. A little background first. For many years, equal protection analysis has begun by a categorization of the class aggrieved. So, for example, race is subject to strict scrutiny, which is basically a legal way to say that such discrimination has no chance and will be struck down. On the other side of the analysis, there has been cases based on wealth or criminal record and these kinds of cases are analyzed using rational basis scrutiny, which means that if there is a rational basis for discrimination, that’s good enough and a legal way to say that the discrim ...
The Second Amendment attorney details the Ninth Circuit decision.
Ninth Circuit: Yes, the Second Amendment still exists
Ninth Circuit: The Second Amendment guarantees the right to carry a gun in public « Hot Air via
SCOTUSBlog highlighted a 127-page ruling yesterday out of the Ninth Circuit, which includes California, reaffirming the Second Amendment. "The amendment means, the panel ruled in a two-to-one decision, that it is unconstitutional to confine the “right to bear” arms solely to the home." I'm glad even generally liberal courts continue to reaffirm the scope of our Second Amendment.
Ninth Circuit holds Second Amendment secures a right to carry a gun
With a major Ninth Circuit victory in California, what does this mean for gun owners in the Golden State and elsewhere? Find out here at Shotgun News.
BREAKING: Ninth Circuit rules that California's "may-issue" CCW carry licensing scheme is unconstitutional -- shall-issue is coming to the Golden State!
“In the wake of the Ninth Circuit ruling in SmithKline Beecham v. Abbott Laboratories, the Governor has recognized that the writing is on the wall, and that arguments seeking to perpetuate discrimination are becoming extremely difficult to justify,” Borelli said. “Denying marriage to same-sex couples serves no legitimate state interest and is intended solely to perpetuate discrimination.”
June 6, 2005 "California's [1996 medical marijuana] law conflicted with the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which banned possession of marijuana. After the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) seized doctor-prescribed marijuana from a patient's home, a group of medical marijuana users sued the DEA and U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft in federal district court. [Gonzalez v. Raich, docket no. 03-1454] The medical marijuana users argued the Controlled Substances Act - which Congress passed using its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce - exceeded Congress' commerce clause power. The district court ruled against the group. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and ruled the CSA unconstitutional... the Ninth Circuit ruled using medical marijuana did not 'substantially affect' interstate commerce and therefore could not be regulated by Congress... In a 6-3 opinion delivered by Justice John Paul Stevens [on June 6, 2005], the Court held that the commerce clause gave Congress au ...
Late yesterday, after the Ninth Circuit denied its petition for rehearing, Drakes Bay Oyster Company announced in a statement that it will seek relief in the United States Supreme Court. The oyster farm is fighting for survival after the Department of the Interior refused to renew a permit that
Update - ICR Injunction. Results of the Contempt Hearings. The 9th Circuit Court Report on the Charges of Contempt of the temporary injunction granted to the Institute of Cetacean Research in December 2012. I am pleased to announce that Appellate Commissioner Shaw has issued his Report and Recommendation in the contempt proceeding brought by the institute of Cetacean Research. After weighing the testimony of the witnesses and reviewing the evidence submitted at the hearing, the Commissioner prepared a detailed and carefully reasoned 79 page Report. With regard to the charges of contempt of the 9th Circuit Court Injunction granted to the ICR against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA, its directors, administrative director and myself, the Commissioner wrote that all parties complied with the injunction and took our best measures to comply with the Injunction. The Commissioner’s Report is subject to approval by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I am optimistic that the Ninth Circuit will agree wi ...
*** Jurors and Marriage Equality: The Common Legal Thread By Ari Ezra Waldman 22-01-2014 Source: We all know that some of our best marriage equality news of late has come from unexpected places--namely, Utah and Oklahoma. Federal judges in even deeply conservative states are starting to realize the thinness of anti-equality arguments and the long arm of the Supreme Court's decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in Windsor v. United States. JuryThe narrative of marriage equality progress is bound up with a recent story out of the Ninth Circuit, in which a three-judge panel of the appellate court found that you cannot exclude a person from a jury simply because that person is *** More to the point, the court not only concluded that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation demanded heightened scrutiny, but cited Windsor in support! This is big news. Windsor did not really say anything about scrutiny levels; it kept the unclear status quo from Lawrence despite lower . ...
January 20, 2014 4:00 AM A Strike at the Heart of Obamacare A case against IPAB is heard by the Ninth Circuit — and eventually by the Supreme Court? By Quin Hillyer Archive Latest RSS Send . Print Text Comments 80 Conservatives distressed by a major federal court ruling Tuesday in favor of Obamacare should take heart: What might be an even more potent challenge to the law is scheduled for oral argument on January 28. Tuesday’s decision in Halbig v. Sebelius, by D.C. federal-district-court judge Paul Friedman, shoots down (for now) one of several pending challenges to an Internal Revenue Service rule providing insurance-premium subsidies even to residents of states that do not establish insurance “exchanges” under Obamacare. Conservatives have put lots of stock in these challenges, because without the subsidies the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) becomes far less attractive and therefore politically even less sustainable than it already is. While the challenges to the subs ...
So holds today’s Obsidian Finance Group v. Cox (9th Cir. Jan. 17, 2014) (in which I represented the defendant). To be precise, the Ninth Circuit concludes that all who speak to the public, whether or not they are members of the institutional press, are equally protected by the First Amendment. To qu...
PLR's own Ryan Killian and Zach Tafoya had success at the Ninth Circuit!
Court upholds crackdown on pot dispensaries. "...the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Without holding a...
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms dismissal of lawsuits filed on behalf of marijuana dispensaries: In Oct...
THE USC '2006 First Amendment DECISION' - IS SILENCING WHISTLE-BLOWER POLICEMEN OUT OF FEAR. A MAJORITY DON'T UNDERSTAND THEIR First Amendment RIGHT ON 'MATTERS OF PUBLIC CONCERN' BECAUSE IT ISN'T TAUGHT IN THE POLICE ACADEMY!! What is taught and reinforced is Us v. Them which for a Young & Naive citizen, a Rogue citizen, a less than moral citizen, a Racist citizen, an Abusive citizen in uniform is powerful taxpayer sponsored Institutional Protection to abuse others less fortunate, less educated, the marginalized and the poor and get away with it during the Light of day daring other cop witnesses to step forward in uniform without protections; effectively, silencing their speech or risk termination from the dream job with great benefits team! To those witnessing cops: Is it worth it to remain silent when a crime occurred? So, what are concerned citizens going to do about it? Is it someone else's problem until it becomes your problem? Where are black people who are mostly affected by this at on correcting ...
The Ninth Circuit just laid down the law on Cali dispensaries hoping to save their assets. This follows the federal government siege on California two summers ago, a tense time in sunny California. Interesting to note who the big losers are, those who will lose their real estate holdings to federal forfeiture. Before you scream, the federal government has to enforce state law when the state can't or won't. The California Compassionate Act of 1996 clearly stipulated: NON-PROFIT. Were they? Don't make me laugh. Who's still standing? Anybody see Weed Wars? Anybody ever hear of the ASA? Anybody ever hear of the World's Largest Dispensary? Don Duncan, anybody? Let's just say it pays to have friends in high places.
xxx Attension xxx I have a letter where Herb Reed former vocalist of the Platters acknowledges: Personality Production as the management and owners of The Platters. I also have his resignation from the platters singing group. Because he was not happy with Buck Ram's business practices, this is also a 14 day notice dated July, 1969. NOW the Ninth Circuit in Dec. and a few other past decisions. Takes the original business owners "mark" away and awards it to Herb Reed, who is no longer with us, when did Herb Reed feel he was ever entitled to the "mark" Platters.. So you know I had conversations with Herb Reed years ago he never said or indicated he wanted the possession of The Platters name.
Remembering the Roxy Theater on Ninth Street, Cleveland's stop on the burlesque circuit.
Domain squatters may continue to hide their identities through anonymization services in the Ninth Circuit
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January 15, 2014 Greetings, Drakes Bay Oyster Farm Supporters! It has been far too long since we have been in touch. Our New Year’s resolution is to keep you informed more regularly! Today we are writing with good news and bad news. The bad news, as you may have already heard, is that the Ninth Circuit denied our petition requesting a rehearing en banc (in other words, a review by the full court; not entirely surprising, since only a small number of such requests are granted). The good news is that we are not giving up! It’s not over until it’s over, and we are now moving ahead with the process of petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to hear our case. In the coming weeks, we will have more details about the process, our progress, and how you can help. If you want to do something right away, please call Senator Dianne Feinstein (and/or other elected officials) and ask her to support our cause. You can also contribute to the legal defense fund. In other news, we are updating our websites. We’ve create ...
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to Decide Fundamental Right to Use Cannabis as Medicine | California NORML
Ninth Circuit today affirmed dismissal of lawsuit by dispensaries that sought to halt federal enforcement on dispensaries
Cybersquatting is a major problem for large companies that seek to protect the integrity of their businesses.
Key Case Law Updates in the Ninth Circuit - a program put on by the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA) …
In a trademark infringement claim involving the vocal group, The Platters, the Ninth Circuit considered whether the likelihood of irreparable harm must be established, rather than presumed, by a plaintiff seeking injunctive relief in the trademark infringement context.
The ninth circuit United States court of appeals and the United States Supreme Court has turn the United States constitution into a joke We need to turn their *** into a joke and replace all their ***
This morning the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Drakes Bay Oyster Company's petition for rehearing, and issued an amended opinion in the case which once again upholds the trial court's decision to deny the oyster farm an injunction which would prevent the closure of the farm. The oyster farm
Another interesting article: THE CONFUSED VALUES OF ABORTION – By Chuck Missler China is notorious for its one child policy, in which families face severe fines for having more than one baby, and women have been repeatedly forced to have abortions. Nearly 400 million abortions have been performed in China since the population control policies were enacted during the 1970s, and hearts have been broken as mothers and fathers lose their babies to the brutal forces of the state. In November, the Chinese government relaxed the law to allow couples to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. Even in this atmosphere, there are people who want babies and can’t have them. An obstetrician in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province was recently sentenced to death for tricking new parents out of their babies and selling them–largely to buyers within China itself. Zhang Shuxia was found guilty of trafficking seven babies, but there are suspicions the actual number of newborns sold was much higher. ...
Ninth Circuit declares GoDaddy not contributorily liable for cybersquatting.
Ninth Circuit News: US Courts Issues Warning on Scam Emails - Emails about phony court cases carry computer virus
"Last night’s TUSD board meeting added another element to this epic saga which demonstrates just how complicated...
Silicon Valley employee-poaching case draws closer to trial - Mercury News more
POLICE KILLING PETS. Join Nevada Voters For Animals and State Senator David Parks as we propose a bill in the 2015 legislative session aimed at PREVENTING deadly encounters between police and our pets. According to the producers of Puppycide: The Documentary, "Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement." We are still crafting the language for the NV Dog Protection bill but it will be modeled after the Colorado Dog Protection Act passed in 2013. (are links to recent stories and articles about police killing pets in LV: CIRCUIT COURT DECISION We are so excited about today's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion in the case of Louisa Thurston v City of North Las Vegas. Thurston's dogs were shot by NLV SWAT while they served a warrant. Significantly, the Ninth Circuit noted that: “At oral argument, the city’s attorney contended that the house had not yet been secured at the time of the shooting, but produced no citation to the record for this assertion. The absence of evidence that the house w ...
blog: Ninth Circuit denies rehearing in case
Ninth Circuit refuses to look at order certifying antitrust by tech employees for anti-poaching conduct
Ninth Circuit oral argument today in Go v. Holder. Is it unlawful to restrict motions to reopen for CAT to changed country conditions?
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