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Enter for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, Ultimate Street Fighter II, fightstick, and a game of your choice
New Nintendo Switch GameStop Bundle - Ships by April 5 - just in time for Easter.…
We know you are eager to hear it, so i will say it. Overwatch will be releasing on the Nintendo switch these holidays.
Nintendo Switch will not launch with Virtual Console
GameStop exec says the Nintendo Switch will have supply issues until 2018
Thanks to and I am in the running for a free Nintendo Switch
What good games does Nintendo Switch have?
Nintendo disappointed by sales of new product and it isn't Nintendo Switch -
Sony can't execute Nintendo's strategy with Switch with PS4.
Just played my Nintendo® Switch in the queue for McDonalds to relieve my boredom. Nintendo 1. Microsoft/Sony 0
I treated myself to the Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter Here’s a quick vid rambling about it. Enjoy!
I liked a video from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Review | Nintendo Switch
Video games are usually blamed for tearing relationships apart. The Switch, on the other hand, is couples therapy
Today is the last day to enter our switch and Zelda giveaway! Good luck.
Fan makes SNES version of Yooka-Laylee – An upcoming Playtonic game for the Nintendo Switch
Verify that you follow for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! (Turn on Notifications too) . Enter:
you make MKX Mobile for Nintendo Switch? F. U if I right...
what does hacking a Nintendo switch or DS even do?
Took my switch out to a party this weekend. Thank you Nintendo!
Did an update to my Lego City Undercover Article! . LCU will run in 720p docked on the Nintendo Switch.
I liked a video from Splatoon 2 Beta Global Testfire Gameplay | Nintendo Switch Reaction
There's something off about Nintendo's games on the Switch, some kinda *** filter over the entire screen. Wondering if it's my TV now.
multiplayer lobby has a really neat secret — and you can try it during this weekend’s Global Testfire!
except josh who's glued to his Nintendo switch
Get the latest console from The for absolutely free. Enter -->
If you wanna buy nintendo you can take a part in this to nintendo switch
I added a video to a playlist DIY Nintendo Switch (Parody)
Yo Nintendo when's the Pokemon yellow Switch coming out
Bought a Nintendo Switch yesterday, i wonder if BoTW wil eat all of my weekend...
go to Nintendo switch customer support and enter your error code
Nintendo of America confirms that Switch restocks are underway. Mario & Luigi are working overtime packing boxes.
I'm in a competition for a It's free to enter, check it out here :
The upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2017 (and beyond)
I made a deal with my wife last month that if I lost 15 lbs by launch, I could get the Nintendo Switch. If not, I had to…
Finally time to Splat again. Playing the demo of Splatoon 2!
Wow, graphics, gameplay, interface and weapon is improved :) Splatoon 2 will be a sucess for Nintendo Switch 🤙🏻
If you had a Nintendo Switch which would you buy? (I can currently only buy one)
I liked a video from Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Stream!
Hurry: The Nintendo Switch is in stock right now on Amazon! - BGR
Nintendo denies design issue with Switch controllers
"Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap."
Is it silly to want an empty box for the Switch collection? An employee hooked me up today. Thx Matt!!
Just wanna say shoutout to for releasing Melee HD for the Nintendo Switch ❤️. don't ask me how i got it to…
The winner of the Nintendo Switch GIVEAWAY is… CONGRATS GIRL! ❤️ 🎉 😄
GameStop says Zelda almost has a 1:1 attach rate for the Nintendo Switch
This Nintendo Switch trick shot video is the most ridiculous thing
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Awesome! Finally got my Nintendo Switch. Can't wait to take it home and not even open the box until this game is done! 😕
We've extended our trade offer! Save on Nintendo Switch Legend of Zelda bundles when you trade. Order yours in store today. h…
Yeah! Blanka got Nintendo SWITCH Kyoto ver.! ;D I and Blanka will return to Japan after a long absence.I'll join MvC:I t…
No one owns a Nintendo Switch, everyone just owns a 300$ Zelda machine
Perfect For Nintendo Switch: The greatest RPGs you never got to play - GamesRadar
I remember a time before the Nintendo Switch and March Madness...🤔
LAST CHANCE to get the Nintendo Switch for £198.50 in our £80.00 off RRP lottery! -
I'm just waiting for there to be cases for tablets that look like the Nintendo switch
I liked a video from Will the Nintendo Switch OUTSELL The Nintendo Wii? | RGT…
People are losing their heads after 18 days on the market -> GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales Could ‘Eclipse the Wii’ https:…
Sonic Mania Collector's Edition confirmed out for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
what is better Nintendo switch or PS4
Nintendo Switch stock update for Gamestop, GAME and Amazon availability -
Nintendo Switch availability and restock search boost for Gamestop and Amazon -
Anyone want to wait at all day for me to get me a Nintendo Switch? :)
Check out the Nintendo Switch review by who is not rocking 3/4 cargo pants
Now there's the switch and nintendo's, where you pay to play online and rent a classic game for a month.
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Framerate FIX + Xbox One Accessory Recall + Working
I added a video to a playlist Why the Nintendo Switch Will (Probably) Succeed
I guess you could say I was just a bit excited for the and .
I liked a video from NINTENDO SWITCH UNBOXING 🎮 - Ricky Berwick
Rlly rlly RLLY wanna buy the nintendo switch.
SUPER BOMBERMAN R : Save the galaxy, one explosion at a time on the Nintendo SWITCH! .
Nintendo is coming to April 14-15! We're excited to host Nintendo Switch with hands-on gameplay of and…
I love how the Switch introduced a very creative and…
I liked a video Cyanogenmod REJECTED Nintendo's Request for Help for the Switch OS IN A SAVAGE A*S
you guys got any deals for a Nintendo switch?
Nudge Nudge Nintendo. I'd love to see Biohazard on the Switch.
Nintendo's fix for the Switch Joy-Con desync issue is surprisingly simpl…
Nintendo has an easy fix for the Switch Joy-Con desync issue - CNET
Ed is selling a Nintendo switch and this guy offered him drugs of his choice 💀
Nintendo wanted to partner with Cyanogen for Switch’s OS, CEO wasn’t interested
I liked a video from Reteck Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Nintendo Switch)
Nintendo switch skit, unboxing overview and more! Pls go support
Please bring this to the Nintendo Switch, too. Then I'll happily pre-order it for Switch!
The Nintendo Switch should not miss out on this. This kind of collection would mostly appeal to Nintendo fans.
Haven't seen a single Nintendo Switch yet irl so I'm starting to doubt it's even real
I added Joycon extension to my Nintendo Switch controller. Video coming soon.
Super Mario Run is coming to Android tomorrow. I forget about that after Nintendo Switch released. Same launch day as Mass Effect Andromeda!
There's the Nintendo Switch Dog, what about the Nintendo Switch Cat?
I liked a video from why i'm so excited for the nintendo switch
> "Nintendo Switch sales are off to a 'phenomenal' start!". > Me looking around for any at stores
Nintendo Switch would have run Android, Cyanogen refused
What's your favorite game of all time? Mine? Hands down any and all games ❤️🎮 I need a S…
ICYMI: It looks like Bloodstained will be striking into the heart of next year...but not Wii U.…
Nintendo Switch is impressive, to be sure, but it's not a general-purpose device. iPad does gaming and lots more.
Steel thy Scythe! Here's my review of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment for the Nintendo Switch!
After Breath of the Wild, I just want to play Mass Effect: Andromeda and Persona 5 on Switch via
Wait...Believer is a song for the Nintendo Switch?. Huh...
I'm in a nasty mood today! I need to just be left alone with my Nintendo switch!
Not sure if this was intended but the design is reversible. Depending on how you like to hold the Nintendo Switch c… https:…
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Gameplay Part 1 - Link Awakens! (Nintendo Switch)의
Sorry Simon, the Nintendo Switch isn't currently stocked at our Swansea Cadle Extra store :( 1/2
Help me to win this awesome competition from Glass Screen Protector Giveaway
I'm in the running to win a 2-pack Glass Screen Protector from . Join Me!
Will you be covering any of the less favorable Switch news, like the absence of 3rd party support, or
.When you win a free Nintendo Switch for your boy by impersonating him.
Get 15 extra entries for anyone that enters via this link
Want a Nintendo Switch but don't want to spend $400? This retailer is about to get a huge shipload of systems
Anouncing our first giveaway!! Click on the link to win a Nintendo Switch !!. (Free worldwide s…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
For once in a while, I'll be posting "Switch Reports" Miifoto. Basically a Miifoto based around the Nintendo Switch…
Nintendo Switch Giveaway by I am Link of Hyrule! via
1) Nintendo's Switch primary colours are actually gray and red, lol. 2) The colours he used are too dark, gg
I'm in the running to win a New NINTENDO SWITCH with PRO CONTROLLER from
nintendo.. ! in honor of Switch that i cannot afford
Could you do another Nintendo Switch giveaway? I really would love to win one
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch - So You Finished Zelda... Now What?
What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch?
Still not got hold of the latest creationfor any try out our
I liked a video Nintendo Switch Orange Screen of death ( It's NOT What you think! )
I am entering a Nintendo Switch Giveaway thanks to
These Nintendo Switch indie titles and more will be playable at EGX Rezzed! Details:
completely spontaneous, it even got the kid in front of me to get off his Nintendo switch n realiz…
I'm trying to win a FREE Nintendo Switch from You can win one too!
Zelda Breath of the Wild Wii U and Nintendo Switch 4K rival has new footage to show off…
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Review - WATCH before buying !
For real tho... I kinda want that Nintendo Switch just for
I liked a video from NINTENDO SWITCH SCAM?!
Me gustó un video de de What everyone is doing with the Nintendo Switch
I added a video to a playlist Nintendo Switch, Hacking, Virtual Consoles and Overwatch new hero -
Sources: Nintendo Switch to get Pokémon Sun and Moon version
I could not afford a nintendo switch so I recreated the os in html and css
What everyone is doing with their Nintendo Switch
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch vs PS4 vs Xbox One!
A region free Switch makes it even easier for developers to submit their games to Nintendo. Details: h…
I found my skin lol These from don't hurt the Switch finish
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Day 13 Quick Review Was it Worth $400?
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch on an Airplane
New video 🎉 - This Custom Nintendo Switch Gaming Desk is Beautiful 😍 - RT!
Gonna be announcing the winner of the Nintendo Switch in an hour. Sit tight guys!
Pew pew! So stoked! Now I'm really ready for tour. Thanks for hooking up the Nintendo Switch, Julie and everyone at
My first Swtich game review is up. Super Bomberman R is a lot of fun to play! Read my full review here.
I'm getting paid soon, and I'm really resisting the urge to buy a Nintendo Switch.. reminding myself I have bills.. but...Zelda.
I don't mind Nintendo being more selective about what indie games come to Switch. Sad to see quality games get buried und…
I just entered for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch courtesy of And you can too!
Really wish Switch had some sort of Achievement/Trophy system. Seems like such an easy thing to implement. Get on it Nint…
Blaster Master Zero is an enjoyable yet all-too-easy retro reboot for the Nintendo Switch. Our review: htt…
Please help me win a Nintendo Switch, from
It looks like have a hit with the Looking fwd to playing Mario with my son on his Swith.
'Created by elves riding unicorns': readers on the Nintendo Switch
It seems Nintendo wasn't lying in the ads: my Nintendo Switch already made me a bunch of new friends, mostly through Snipperc…
I liked a video from KSI First Time EVER Playing the Nintendo Switch!! HIS REACTION!
I'm entering a for Nintendo Switch and Zelda: BOTW by !
How to hack a Nintendo Switch to watch YouTube in the hidden browser - BGR
The Nintendo Switch could be the perfect indie machine.. Related Articles:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
ICYMI: is coming to but will it cost the same as on other systems? has good news: http…
Developer sheds light on Nintendo Switch indie policies
How to play Nintendo Switch on the TV without docking the Switch
Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch: Which is better? - TechRadar
Teenager just Hacked the Nintendo Switch with a Surveillance Company's iPhone. Via
Tom and I just finished playing some Nintendo Switch... Too much fun, video tomorrow 👀
Why are people putting Nintendo switch cartridges in they're mouths ?
Neo Geo games are now available on the US Switch eShop, and I really admire Nintendo's commitment to authentic SNK gibberish…
So how was your first time playing the Nintendo Switch PAX East 2017 Day 2/3! https:…
Nintendo Switch console goes on sale in strategy reboot -
Nintendo hid secret message for Switch fans in Pro Controller
Should you switch to the Nintendo Switch the full video here
Nintendo Switch GIVEAWAY! Enter for a chance to win here, winner announced Mar. 21st!
Nintendo UK store, Amazon UK promising more Switch stock at the end of March
Will the Frostbite Engine run on the Nintendo Switch in the future?
You asked for it and we listened; here's Senran Kagura: Estival Versus "ON" the Nintendo Switch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) http…
Wanna play "Zelda: Breath of the Wild"! But "nintendo switch" is sold out in every store I visited...
Be sure to check out my latest video on this weeks nintendo switch's eshop update!
Only one man stands before you and the nintendo switch. No words need be spoken. This is it.
Is the Nintendo Switch better as a console or a handheld? - CNET
I want to win a Nintendo Switch from | Enter to Win:
Dead pixels on your Nintendo Switch are annoying, but Nintendo doesn't think that it's a defect.
Can this Nintendo Switch survive 87 shotgun blasts while I strangle an orphan to death?. Next time on TechRax.
something weird happens when I turn on my Nintendo Switch
I'm entered to win a Nintendo Switch from Thrifter! You should enter too!
I just entered to win a Nintendo Switch from Check it out!
My hardest decision is if I wanna play Zelda docked on the Nintendo Switch or not docked. 😂😂😂
Fix your left Joy-Con connectivity issues and void your warranty in one fell swoop
I'd like to think Iwata-san is smiling down on us as Switch & were probably 2 of th…
For our 2nd we're going to play on the if you've downloaded the…
Nintendo Switch review: the best portable console
Just got myself a Nintendo Switch😋. Anyone recommend any games for it?
What does Nintendo Switch and iOS 9.3 have in common?. CVE-2016-4657 walk-through and intro to browser exploitation:. http…
I liked a video Nintendo of America president on Switch
I liked a video from How Can Nintendo Keep Up the Nintendo Switch Sales Momentum?
really liking the Nintendo switch, a bit disappointed with available games on the app store currently
I liked a video How Nintendo Made the Switch
I liked a video from My NINTENDO SWITCH with JOHN CENA Story
Opinion: Nintendo knew it had to Switch it up
I liked a video from My Final Thoughts/Rant On Nintendo Switch
y'all fangirling over the zora and I'm hating bc I just bought a ps4 so I shouldn't feel tempted to buy a nintendo switch 😩
Here's how to find out when Nintendo Switch consoles are back in stock.
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review - Rerez
Those of you with a Nintendo Switch, what do you think of it?. Personally, I can't think of anything I dislike other…
Nintendo Switch is now Nintendo's biggest launch in Australia and New Zealand ever
I still wondering if it worth to buy a nintendo switch only to play zelda
I installed the new system update for the Nintendo Switch, it really adds a lot more stability, and the user interface loo…
go pick up your Nintendo Switch at the dollar tree
Started playing Horizon tonight and it's so *** good! Also stupidly excited for my Nintendo Switch to come in a few weeks!!
Like kids watching after 5 mins of Craig Charles childish humour and crass demo of Nintendo Switch.
Some people thought the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 port for the Nintendo Switch was fake, therefore I've provided video evide…
I tried googly eyes on Nintendo Switch controllers and it's just the best stupidest thing.
Watch every new Nintendo Switch game trailer: Super Mario
Nintendo reveals details on the high-octane new features in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Off…
We just reviewed the Cloud Stinger headset for the Stay tuned for our giveaway!
Use Nintendo Switch controllers with the NES Classic with this adapter
Also yes I can confirm that the Nintendo Switch cartridges taste gross when you lick them!!. I mean I had to, for s…
Were you able to get the Nintendo Switch at the midnight launch? I was.
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch - 10 Things Before Buying!
Every night I pray to God to grace me with a nintendo switch
A VICE writer shoved a Nintendo Switch controller up his *** for game journalism.
How to Turn off the Nintendo Switch - down the console isn't straightforward as the system defaults to a sleep mode.
Nintendo Switch is coming March 2017! Catch the Preview Trailer and visit for more details. ht…
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch - One week!
thanks man did you get this Nintendo switch or what
My Nintendo Switch FC. Feel free to add me! ID is JPRPT98 if you need it
Nintendo forgot to tell us that the switch floats in midair, crazy to see how far technology has come
5. My hand fell asleep holding the Switch and couldn't press the uncrouch button and subsequently died for it so work on that
+ Follow to enter our giveaway for Snipperclips on Nintendo Switch.
When people are posting DIY fixes for your consoles controller, it's probably a bad sign... 🤔.
I had my doubts at first, but I'm sold on the new Nintendo Switch. It's just more versatile than my previous Nintendo…
Rosa Acosta looking scorching hot in Hawaii .
Click here to enter for you chance to win one of many Nintendo Switch consoles with Zelda Breath Of The Wild!. https:/…
Start playing Snipperclips yet? DO IT. If you’re not convinced, listen to our latest episode where we fawn over it!…
"we just want to gouge Switch owners and make more $$. This will definitely not result in lost sales"
Indie developers sing the praises of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo's new attitude towards indie gaming:…
the Nintendo Switch is in bad taste. But cooking in Zelda is delicious.
When you are lucky not to buy a Nintendo Switch because of the defects.
Did you get one? More importantly, if you did, would you recommend one?. -Paul.
I liked a video from Is Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch OVERRATED? | RGT 85
Nintendo's Switch breaks launch records, but don't celebrate yet
Nintendo’s U.S. chief responds to our biggest gripes about the company’s new console
Nintendo says Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming 'will come' to the Switch 'in time' - Business Insider…
+ FOLLOW for a chance to a win a Nintendo Switch. Enter now. Good luck (:
Nintendo Switch released under a week ago, and it had one of the most successful Nintendo console launches to date.…
Sill not got hold of the long awaited switch console
Which Nintendo Switch games are worth your money right now?
Want to watch one more dumb person taste a Nintendo Switch Cartridge? Well I've got the dumb person for you!
if you've got a kid, maybe skip the and do NES Classic (for now)
After our Nintendo Switch break, this week's event is awarded with the attendance of ! Join here :
Want to pitch your game for Nintendo Switch? Please DM myself or with an overview and contact info. THX!
Office got robbed & they took my new MacBook Pro but not Nintendo Switch thank god my life is blessed I'm playing Zelda al…
I love my Nintendo Switch and Zelda so much. This is the future.
Surprised just how good the Nintendo Switch feels in hand. I can see myself playing it more as a portable than a home console.
Technically a Remastered for Blaster Master WOW!!! — The First 9 Minutes of Blaster Master Zero on Nintendo Switch
{ i'm going to target at 5 am to wait in the freezing cold for three hours just to fight off people for a nintendo switch I'm Ready
Dear Logan i'm a big fan of you and i knew you when i was like 6.u always inspired me and i hope i win the nintendo switch
We might as well call the Nintendo Switch the "Nintendo Turboman". Good luck trying to find one.
I liked a video from Secret Message Discovered on Every Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Aye the Nintendo Switch hard i need that mf *** near
.It's not every day you get to throw the on a new console. Congrats!
Imma fight the next person who sends me a snap of them playing the Nintendo Switch
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Nintendo confirms Switch save data can't be transferred
Don't give me that look, you're not getting the new Nintendo Switch.
Had a dream that Nintendo was a print newspaper company, and had a Mario themed weather section. I now want this more than th…
So i went to multiple stores looking for a nintendo switch... every manager I spoke to had the same sort of disap…
That's from Nintendo's own troubleshooting section:.
Nintendo is officially cool with the teens. Played Fast RMX on the Switch with my teenage brother and he thought it was sick.
Why the Nintendo Switch release date should have been pushed back
Hey, you're not a Nintendo Brand Ambassador yet are you? Have you found a way to capture switch footage to make your videos yet?
Everyone excited for the Nintendo switch
I described this picture of the Nintendo Switch as "Discount Virtual Reality" and it was my highest rated reddit comment…
Friendly reminder for anyone needing a Neon Nintendo Switch, ToysRUs will be selling them first thing in the morning. ht…
I liked a video Nintendo Bait and Switch
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Unboxing + Cartridge Taste Test
I liked a video from NINTENDO SWITCH - A PC Gamer's Perspective
The Nintendo Switch is awesome. Boyfriend and I play Snipperclips & 1-2 Switch for a long time. Thanks for the gift love ❤️
We're doing a Nintendo Switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild Launch Giveaway enter here for a chance to win
Here's Jay's take on the Nintendo Switch launch-day issues
ICYMI: It's impossible to transfer game saves from one to another, so plan accordingly. Details:. https:/…
My Nintendo Switch came in. I don't want it so I'm giving it away. Good luck everybody!. (Giveaway ends March 17th). http…
My Dad got me a Nintendo Switch but I'll need a game, Micro SDXC card, Screen protector, and finally a 24 Game card case.
I'm still on the hunt for a glass Nintendo Switch screen protector.
More NEWS on last link. Meet the brains behind Nintendo Switch
Once my tax returns land, getting that Nintendo Switch. No time!
*starts singing a Nintendo Switch variation of Christmas tree*
Rolled out the red carpet for the fans in line to buy Nintendo Switch!
In 18 Hours, you can pickup a Brand new Nintendo Switch from the Computer Department of London Drugs! 9am Friday, M…
It seems like we've been waiting forever, but the Nintendo Switch is about to launch worldwide in less than a week. https:…
can you tell me when my Nintendo Switch will b shipped out??? It's been saying preparing for shipment for 3 Days now.
I liked a video Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial.
Wait, didn't the Nintendo Switch come out more than a month ago?
I really wanted to work the day nintendo switch releases, i really love to work on game release dates, everythings happy
Nintendo Switch will have portable-only games that won't support TV mode
Maaan, only a few days left until the Nintendo Switch.
Most Targets will carry about 35 units on average for Nintendo Switch. Range 15 to 70
When Best Buy notifys you that your Nintendo Switch has shipped
I got a huge unboxing planned for the Nintendo switch am super excited Friday will be a big day and wii u I will never forget you
Polygon: We are going to die so much while playing Celeste. Check out hard mode in action.
SteamWorld Dig 2 Shovels its way onto the Nintendo Switch
I liked a video from UNBOXING Nintendo Switch
I added a video to a playlist Flipping Death – Nintendo Switch Trailer
Did you know the Nintendo Switch will break if you break it? Click here for more information
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