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JHOPE 170820 airport Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con. thx to zenhobi
I liked a video Will Nintendo bring the Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch?
Mark my words: Nintendo will re-release Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch as a way to promote Metroid Prime 4. Just you wait.
See the death of Sony is imminent all nintendo has tondo is restock the switch properly and it's over
Dear EA. No we don't want fifa or bf on . Our nintendo switch and don't stick your nose and try to steal t…
I've got a Nintendo Switch w/ 2 games up for sale if anyone is interested. Looking to get $350, it's pretty much brand n…
A very small kickstarter to produce Atomic (transparent purple like the old gameboys) replacement switch shells.
Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 are now available on Nintendo Switch
(The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch) - Xania News -
Someone please measure your Nintendo Switch. I need to know if it fits in my purse.
I got a Nintendo switch and never play it smh
I liked a video Unboxing Nyko’s Charge Block and Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch won July NPD. keep testing the water Capcom and EA , you are missing out on tha…
great Pod! After Splatoon 2 I'm really sick of multiplayer games on Switch. Mario Odyssey can't come fast enough.
I'm now entered to possibly win a Nintendo Switch thanks to Alpharad! :D
Nintendo Switch outsells PS4 and Xbox One in US July sales
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Mario Kart 8 looks so good on the glad Nintendo finally has modern day graphics lol
Nintendo is bringing a ‘Splatoon 2’ Switch bundle to the US next month Boy Genius Report, entertainment, entertain…
I just entered a nintendo switch giveaway with POKKEN TOURNAMENT for free!
Yeah, the Switch is an amazing piece of tech. Nintendo definitely has a hit.
Nintendo Switch with Splatoon 2 and Splatoon Color Themed Joy-Cons for $379.96 - just announced and released today.
NPD Crowns Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch as July's Winner in the United States
I just entered to win Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch from
Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month
Play Severed by Amazing style and Strong Female lead . available on PSVita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Nin…
One more day until Sonic Mania arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!
Rayman Legends demo hits Nintendo Switch - Miss all the fuss over Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends? That’s fin...
Thanks to 's Amazon Prime account and I'll have a Nintendo Switch by next week! Buying all the accessories now 😅
express: 'Nintendo Switch news - New console on target to beat Microsoft's Xbox One?'
Get the lowest price here: Nintendo Switch - Neon Red/Neon Blue Used and new!
Things that are still not on Nintendo Switch in North America:. -Phantasy Star Online Ep 1+2. -Monster Hunter XX. -An…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Power Glove or Nintendo Switch? You decide, its a pad but its designed like a glove :p
Splatoon 2 v.1.1.2 update is now available for download on Nintendo Switch, fixing bugs & new adjustments in game. https…
what was that song playing in your Nintendo switch Splatoon cake video it was dopeness btw
Sony 4 fans getting this popular game ahead of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - htt…
apparently found me a Nintendo Switch so I guess I'll be a squid furry now
Join this to win amazing nintendo switch! Just join
Excellent. Took a bit of doing but finally got my Nintendo Switch set up for an evening of online gaming. . -
Celeste is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017! See you on the mountain :)
I'm still waiting for a Nintendo Switch game where I can do some co op loot hunting. Something like diablo or Phantasy Star online
Does anyone recommend the Nintendo switch???
Give Mom or DAD the thrill of driving again! NINTENDO
is crazy, they are giving away PS4, Nintendo Switch, iPad, iPhone and something even more expensive...
Japanese media warn of fraud for those interested in buying the Nintendo Switch!
Really hope that Nintendo can get third party support for VC on Switch. Specifically, Square's. Oldschool FF, CT not being on Wii U was lame
I really want the Nintendo Switch now. Too broke for it though! Ugh! 😐
To all of those who are not satisfied with the current voice chat functionality (so basically to everyone) ……
I want to win a Nintendo Switch from The Yetee! via
Get the lowest price here: Inkling Girl amiibo - Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) Used and new!
I can confirm that Nintendo Switch cartridges taste disgusting and you should NOT attempt to lick them... FML 🙃👎
Salmon Run is a blast. Well done Splatoon 2, well done.
The Nintendo Switch PC emulators have come along way in a few short months.
Who's ready for the Nintendo switch? It comes out 2 days after my birthday!
i have this random kid as a friend on Nintendo switch and he hasn't logged on in a while im very concerned for him send u…
A Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild and one of those cheese pretzels from Marks & Spencer. For free.
You can unlock Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch. Here’s how.
Who has a Nintendo Switch??? I need more Switch friends to dominate in Mario Kart! Send me your Friend Code!
Nintendo Switch Online app launches for iPhone, Android -.
Nintendo's Switch Online companion app is now available for Android - 9to5Google
Winrate, solo progression and amount of disconnects are part of the new Nintendo Switch Online app for SplatNet 2
Nintendo's brilliant shooter Splatoon makes the jump to Switch
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The free Nintendo Switch online voice communication starter pack:
Archived footage of the creators of Nintendo’s voice chat app for Switch:
Wargroove, on of my most anticipated Switch titles, has seemingly fallen …
I asked for a Mac for my birthday and a Nintendo switch I hope I get both. 😊😊😊
Hey everyone who of you would love to see TLOZ OOT remade for the Nintendo Switch? Lets show Nintendo how much we w…
You can now download Nintendo Switch's Online Chat App to Android and iPhone
Get your cellular apparatus ready for chat on the Switch:. iOS: Google Play:
I liked a video Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch?!
Nintendo isn't abandoning the 3DS and neither should you - With the launch of the Switch, Nintendo has almost e...
Great stuff from on Nintendo's online system:
Nintendo launches its online app that allows smartphones to
MUMBA NINTENDO SWITCH CASE best accessory for kids: via
Check out our 'Budget Trailer' for Death Squared which is out today on Nintendo Switch! 😂
You can now log into the Nintendo Switch Online app, but without Splatoon 2 you can't do much with it:
The colourful defence puzzler Boost Beast is headed to Nintendo Switch tomorrow
domain names
Nintendo Switch Online app is available for download (free). Android: iOS: h…
You can now log in to the Nintendo Switch Online app
"But what engine does the Nintendo Switch voice chat app u--"
...Nintendo has release the Nintendo Switch online app yesterday and just need to do is wait until Splatoon 2 comes out this Friday.
Nintendo's new console just got an online service: In the meantime, however…
me during my 8 hour long gameing sesh on my Nintendo hashtag Switch console, me my phone dies because i cant lock it while i talk with fwend
Lounging in the Nintendo Switch Online app and Splatoon.
Nintendo's new console just got an online service
I just joined the and Nintendo Switch and Blockchain code giveaway!
The Nintendo Switch Kickstarter gadgets to back - Red Bull
You can't even lock your phone while using voice chat or it stops
Nintendo Switch voice chat app stops working if phone screen turns off
I rlly want a switch can Nintendo ship more than two consoles to my local stores
7 Nintendo Switch games you aren't playing yet but definitely should be
Nintendo Switch Online app’s voice chat is already turning people off
You can't switch to another app while using Nintendo Switch Online app voice chat. You can't lock your phone, too.
You guys remind me of the Nintendo switch shortage. No Bullet Club merch to be found anywhere!
Yeah, I won't be downloading the Nintendo Switch smartphone app, I have no use for it and it sounds so cumbersome to use. . Hard pass.
🎮Video-streaming app Niconico is officially available for need to set up a Japanese Nintendo eShop account…
Rocket League is a Great Fit for Nintendo Switch -
The load times in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are way better than on the WiiU
buy me a nintendo switch so I can stare at it as I continue to realize that there is nothing on it I would like to play
I willing want to play on Nintendo switch, let make it happen
I want to improve my drawing skills, so I drew ARMS' Kid Cobra for practice.
I wanna play some SNES games. Can't do it on my Switch so I guess I'm going to give my money to someone else on Amazon.
The biggest injustice Nintendo have done this year is to not give Waluigi a Switch profile picture
Kids in bed; Daddy plays MarioKart 8 Deluxe 200 CC for Nintendo Switch: via
Nintendo Switch game about sheep seems horny, is actually sad.
look this easy to install Strip Home & , campaign soon to launch on
The Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch! Sign up for our email list to get early updates:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Help me win this awesome Nintendo Switch from The Mims Life on YouTube!
The one Nintendo made for the switch isn't good I would recommend buying another one someone else said the same thing about it
Nintendo Switch will be restocked at Target stores in the US for the launch of Splatoon 2. Details:
K so we were at the kitchen table eating and I was playing around that if I don't get a Nintendo switch I'll run away anD MY SISTER SAID
Visit our booth to sign up for the Academy, receive a poster, and enter for a chance to win a…
I have SO MANY Nintendo accounts and IDs that at this point I would rather just smear my blood on the Switch screen to log i…
Nintendo Switch online problems Solved with this ingenious new gadget
Oddworld creator trashes Nintendo Switch, says he has “no faith” in the system.
Just got home from a car today for the Nintendo Switch Presentation!
The HD Rumble on the Pro Controller in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is crazy!
I liked a video 8 Ways to Win in ARMS Online on Nintendo Switch
Hey guys, just got a Nintendo Switch.
Splatoon 2's Off the Hook Style and Whimsy Are A Boon for the Nintendo Switch - Twinfinite
I just participated in an for Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Ne. Check it out here:.
How's development of Injustice 2 on Nintendo Switch progressing?
He wanted to play my Nintendo Switch yesterday and I said no. Nobody show this to my sister.
It's tomorrow! Also, seems like there was a party earlier today!
FighterZ for Switch when? We Nintendo fans want third party support, we are buying your games. Don't believe…
The Nintendo Switch Kernel has been dumped. No hacking yet, but they are certainly looking for an exploit now.
I added a video to a playlist NINTENDO 1-2 SWITCH TRAILER PARODY
The Switch is actually shaping up to be a huge success though. And even during the Wii U era, I stuck up for Ninten…
My dad and I got my brother a Nintendo Switch for his bday and I’ve been waiting for him to go to bed so I can play it lmfao 💀💀
Nintendo thinks Super Mario Odyssey will be a great showcase for Switch's HD Rumble.
I'm going to win a Nintendo Switch https:/…
Nintendo Switch "The Making of The Greatest Console in the History": via
*** yes I would love to see Neptunia on Switch
I added a video to a playlist Retro NES JoyCon | Best Nintendo Switch Accessory?
I know you probably get asked this a lot but: May I please have your friend code for the Nintendo Switch? Would love race u in MK😉
It's giveaway time!! Enter for your chance to win a Nintendo Switch + 2 games of your choice! ht…
I'm curious how Nintendo views the lines/lotteries for a Fantastic, free PR or thousands of missed opportunities? Cc:
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I was sober when I bought my Nintendo Switch. God knows what anime goods I'll buy right now while I'm half drunk.😈
BASSTOP Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Case ( Only the case, you have to DIY…
is giving away a Nintendo Switch + Zelda and I want to it. Help me out:
Could the Odyssey boss fight be on the moon? All of the worlds and the main collectible relate to the moon. ……
when you remember Pac-Man Vs. is coming to nintendo switch
GoNNER is now available on the Nintendo Switch!
a Switch keyboard is coming soon, so that means we'll finally be able to play one of the greatest Nintendo games of all-ti…
: - Nintendo Switch keyboard accessory docks with Joy-Con control…
Bulb Boy is now on Nintendo Switch I'm so proud it's come so far
Five more Nintendo Switch games arrive on the Eshop
Right now I'm planting the seeds for my best friend to get Nintendo Switch. I know how to do it, I can turn the cogs in his head.
Nintendo may be hit and miss sometimes but so far with BotW, Splatoon 2, MK8 Deluxe, Metroid and the Switch ... im impre…
I am entered to Win a Nintendo Switch or $100 courtesy of The Money Matches Follow them and Do the same !!
Nintendo Switch Online app finally launches with Splatoon 2 in July.. Related Articles:
Dylan Cuthbert (Q-Games) shows interest in Nintendo Switch project, searching for publisher ht…
Splatoon on Wii U vs. Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch. The bump in resolution to 1080p is very noticable. All around looks even…
Also confirms the launch date for the Nintendo Switch online app.
The Nintendo Switch is back in stock on Amazon, if you hurry.
I'd cop the Nintendo Switch just for Mario Kart alone...
Shantae is ready to begin her Blaster Master Zero adventure! Download her for free on Nintendo Switch & 3DS til 7/19 htt…
Oddworld creator calls out Nintendo's third party support, says Switch has 'no hope'
Friend: Hey can I see your Nintendo Switch?. Me: Uhhh yeah, hold on.
Some people wanted to see an MMO, so here is (the best MMO) on the Nintendo Switch via
Fight! Die! Win! From the devs of Scribblenauts and Lock's Quest; Next Up Hero launches in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and…
Sheikah Slate Nintendo Switch mod is the ultimate Zelda fan project
Man i hope bayonetta gets a port to nintendo switch thatd be cool
I love Marina from Splatoon 2 so much 😍. Tbh I really want a Switch now...
521°: Nintendo Switch (Neon/Blue and grey) with choice of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or ARMS £309.99 in stock @ Smyths Toys
This comes from Nintendo EPD's GM Takahashi. Switch will be amazing in terms of 1st party.
Heroes from Awakening battle in Fire Emblem Warriors, coming to & New in autumn! ► ht…
What's this, now?! An NES emulator has reportedly been discovered in the firmware:.
Amazon has the Nintendo Switch in stock right now with 2-day shipping Still cant find a Nintendo Switch anywhere..…
We're on a mission to find another Nintendo Switch because Tom wants one now
For now, yes... Let's wish them a proper future. That is all (I don't even want a Switch, just thinking about human sanity)
They call it the Nintendo Switch because you can switch it on or off with the push of a button.
Hey who do I have to bug to get a Mega Man game on the Switch?
Nintendo Switch's Eshop gets a Resident Evil-esque survival-horror game and more today.
Its a wireless streaming application that allows you to stream footage from pc a…
Not at the current moment. No. But soon you will be able too with the Rainway ap…
I'm working out some kinks, but here is Batman Arkham Knight running on the Nintendo Switch via
Just shut up and get on ya Nintendo Switch 💨🤓®
Sssurprise! Sssummer sale on Snake Pass, through 7/4 on
yo ps4 the GOAT console. Nintendo in general is just sick af. that's why I bought the switch. c…
Virtual Boy successor talk from my sources very high up at Nintendo of America - Switch attachment to be called the Virtual Man.
I liked a video Nintendo Switch TROUBLE with Publishers? - The Know Game News
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
The Octarians have a lot of new tricks up their sleeves in single player Hero Mode… Learn more:
Who trynna be my nintendo switch wall paper
Got a lil sneak peak of Play Together event on this weekend!
Amazon says they'll have more in stock on July 6th. Scalpers selling them for over $400 now. Shame. https…
how is everyone still sold out of the nintendo switch? Just have the chinese manufacture more, you stupid ***
But will it come to the Nintendo Switch? Over 13000 dedicated supporters a…
What it should be coming to aswell is Nintendo Switch
somebody find me where the Nintendo Switch is in stock for retail
I went over to a friends house and brought my nintendo switch with me. We played some mario kart,then
It's mocking me on how I'll probably never be able to get a Nintendo switch 😢😢
Help me win a Nintendo Switch from !!!
Oh my god these Classic NES Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are SO gorgeous. . But... ...they're $200!.
Nintendo Switch games list WON'T be adding this critically-acclaimed hit -
I added a video to a playlist DON'T BUY These Nintendo Switch Accessories!
Super bonus round: NieR Automata gameplay on the Nintendo Switch via
Which console design do you want to see Nintendo deck out a Switch in first?
Overwatch with mouse and keyboard on the Nintendo Switch via
Replaying Zelda on hard mode with Link's classic nintendo switch t-shirt.
Wow, the success of the Switch is really encouraging Nintendo to branch out.
Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch W/ 's Crooked as the soundtrack...yeah my night is pretty DOPE!
Please release Metroid Zero Mission for Nintendo Switch or 3DS before Samus Returns. That would be swell. Thxs!
Be the top trainer at the Fifth Third Ballpark Gym tonight and you could take home a Nintendo Switch!…
Brook Xbox360/One Super Converters work with Nintendo Switch with latest firmware update:
Review: Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device:
Hey! I entered this awesome contest to win a Nintendo Switch! You guys should too!
I love the Nintendo Switch. Didn't buy a Wii U, and so glad I bought this
Hml of you tryna play Mario kart or minecraft on Nintendo switch💯💯
Im kinda tempted to do it for the Nintendo Switch
I read that as fan turns into Nintendo Switch Dock lol
And the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is pimping them both
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Bethesda on working with Nintendo on the collaboration for on →(v…
I liked a video How Can Pokémon for Nintendo Switch Live Up to the Hype?
I would love to see something similar for a Nintendo Switch decal!
adds friend notifications and more to the Switch and Diablo 3's latest expansion gets a release date. Here's your
Time to play on the Stay tuned for our review on the title. http…
Cave Story on Switch comes with such cute extras. Stoked to get Quote as my keychain!
I liked a video IS NINTENDO IN TROUBLE? Nintendo Switch vs. the future?
That's why I'm more bullish on Switch (even if 3rd party support is lacking). Because at least they release a big Nintend…
Which game do I get first when I get my Nintendo Switch?
I liked a video E3 Nintendo Spotlight Reaction! Main Series Pokemon on the Switch?!
Dream big or go home! Nintendo Switch giveaway at 50,000 subs!
I see the Wii U as an awkward, but fun, adolescence for Nintendo that lead to a more adult Switch rel…
The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it is gluten free.
Anyways, Wii U deserved to fail. Nintendo wasn't ready to launch an HD console in 2012. Switch deserves success. Software…
Codemasters on Reviving The Micro Machines Series, Love for the Nintendo Switch and More:
Nintendo Switch games news: Has Skryim Switch release date been confirmed?
Nintendo Switch just got its first big update since launch, adding a bunch of helpful little features:. ht…
Nyko offers protective cases that can also charge your Nintendo Switch
Nintendo's JC talks about Nintendo VS, the red spot on the banner, Smash Switch.
Today is your last day to pre-order the hottest Nintendo Switch game of the summer and save 20%
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!. Experience a new boxing style with Arms!. 🥊 🥊.
Heads up! Comp still live to win a Nintendo Switch with game! All you need to do is scoop your tickets…
I liked a video Yoshi for Nintendo Switch - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017
E3 2017: Top 10 Nintendo Switch games to look forward to.. Related Articles:
"core pokémon rpg on nintendo switch" well rip my entire life, dreams, aspirations, diet, house plants, friendships, and…
On website you can register your interest in for
Yeah not a fan of the grappling hook, I'm surprised it wasn't talked about at the Nintendo p…
what will you need 🤔? I've never used a Nintendo Switch FYI 😬
*** As I read more Nintendo news from E3 I'm slowly moving my gaming budget towards Switch. Sorry Xbox One X.
Hbox made this whole deal about how Nintendo doesn't support their game but all of a sudden they're gonna get a Switch exclusive release?
Unruly Heroes Official Trailer - Coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC in early 2018!
Still can't comprehend how Nintendo has not announced Smash 4 Switch. It's an actual gold mine with little effort. ;_;
Pre-order at the and you’ll get a free Cappy Hat to wear on your own adventures! https:…
Don't know what to choose.. Nintendo switch or rock band 😓
still hoping against hope that Nintendo is gonna surprise announce a Smash Bros Switch port on the Treehouse stream 😩
I was waiting for someone to do this. I’m looking forward to the first customer reviews showing up.
hmm, replace "PS VITA" with "Nintendo Switch" and ask yourself the same question.
spin win Nintendo Gray Switch Bundle Accessory Set and Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Game Win it!
Honestly if Nintendo just wanted to port "Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U" to the Switch with just new characters and stages, I'd be fine with it.
You might actually be able to find the Nintendo Switch in stores soon - BGR
The other part of the Switch I'd like to see Nintendo fix as soon as humanly possible are game saves. You can't transfer them. At all.
Man, when I think about it... a lot of Nintendo's franchises have mainline games coming to the Switch.
Can we take a second to appreciate how colourful, vibrant, and all together wonderful Nintendo's box art is on the Switc…
I Alchemized a Nintendo Switch/PC fusion, as well as a bat that spouts TF2 Scout lines when I use it to AGGRIEVE.
Mighty Gunvolt Burst is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop! Get ready for 100% Inti Creates style 2D action!. htt…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Turn up the music and get ready to groove with arriving on Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Wii October 24t…
Today is the last day to enter the Nintendo Switch + ARMS giveaway! Click the link to enter:.
Nintendo is scaling up Switch production to meet demand
Yet another Nintendo Switch announcement: Unruly Heroes! It looks awesome & has great music, too. Releases early 2018 on Switc…
new 'Kirby' game is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018
I'm truly so excited for on to be released. I must own that game on every console. 😸
I'd be okay if all Nintendo did for E3 was announce enhanced ports of Wii U games to the Switch
If you're a Nintendo stalwart--the kind of person who fought through low stock and already owns a Switch--you'll probably be fine.
I hope tobby and fredom planet 2 get on switch feeling a lot of hate from indies on nintendo, 2nd post
be my girlfriend I have 2 cats and a nintendo switch
Tomorrow Nintendo all I want is Animal Crossing for the Switch and a Port for smash please.. PLEASE NINTENDO
Me and when Nintendo announces pokemon stars for the switch tomorrow
You didnt hear? Nintendo is announcing it tomorrow. Switch exclusive
Bring it to switch. Nintendo fans have kept the series alive for years and now you tel…
I want to see Pikmin 4 and Smash Bros Switch from Nintendo tomorrow.
I'm praying for a new Mario Party for the switch. Or a surprise Pokémon stadium game. Nintendo likes surprises.
If Nintendo mess up the switch is screwed lol
I don't think I've lost interest in anything faster than the nintendo switch.
You know what you can take everywhere you go? The best hybrid gaming device... Switch and Play. Nintendo Switch.
Regarding Nintendo, I know the 3ds install base is huge now but I'm still surprised they haven't gone all in on the switch
Now all Nintendo needs to do is announce the localization of XX for Switch and we are golden for the MH fun to come~
nintendo PLEASE have more than you've alrrady shown at the switch unveiling
Let's hope they tomorrow at Nintendo E3. Please I would love to see Smash Deluxe on Switch a…
As a hybrid portable/home console, the Nintendo Switch is perfect fodder for accessories – especially since it...
New Monster Hunter game is coming to Xbox One and PS4. Cmon, Nintendo...where's that Switch release? Stop settling for ports and remasters
The truth about what ppl suffer from we're different skin tones and that is enough to divide people.
Get your hands on Kingdom Battle on August 29! Discover more >> ||
If Nintendo announces Animal Crossing Switch at E3 2017 tomorrow, I will send a picture of a pizza to everyone who RTs…
Things I'm hoping for from Nintendo this E3, Animal Crossing Switch, Monster Hunter XX for the west Switch, Pokemon Switch. 3ds can suck it.
It’ll seem really weird if it doesn’t come on Switch considering it was inspired by a Nintendo game.
So, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a Nintendo Switch "exclusive", at least for a time, it's my guess.
EA: FIFA 18 Nintendo news. Microsoft: Minecraft Nintendo Switch cross-play. Bethesda: Skyrim on Switch. Sony: We're actually…
I mean Nintendo will probably talk mostly about upcoming Switch titles along with a few 3DS games maybe some early 2018 releases
Sonic is owned by SEGA, but he has a history of being on Nintendo platforms. Sonic For…
What Nintendo Switch news are you hoping most at ?
If metroid comes out Nintendo switch will be my purchase 🍿
Not impressed with this screen cleaner. It worked okay on my cell phone but no match for Xanders dirty…
I liked a video How to Access the Nintendo Switch's Region-Free eShop
So I think based on the Xbox Rewards survey, Microsoft seems to be interested at the least in the Nintendo Switch.
Donate 20 dollars to be entered to win a Nintendo switch console! In case you still don't have yours.
Nintendo Switch and a cold is the perfect co-op partner this summer!
New PS5 release date prediction good news for Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo Switch - Express
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