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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Thanks to Hulu coming to Nintendo Switch, you can watch The Handmaid's Tale on the go! It's one of the…
I’m tired of Nintendo tax. It’s a hangover from when they strong armed the US market in the 80s. My swit…
vs Xbox One X: Which should you buy this holiday season?
Doom on the Switch impressively pushes Nintendo's hybrid to its absolute limits. Our review:
Doom on the Nintendo Switch is surprisingly great,
The Nintendo Switch Online app has been updated to add a new section dedicated to Salmon Run!
Doom on Nintendo Switch Review: What a time to be alive
The Nintendo Switch is hands down my favorite game console in the longest time. Slick industrial design, incredibly versat…
Doom runs at 720p 30fps on the Nintendo Switch while my PC with dual GTX 1080s and i7 8700k Starbucks Lake sixty core running…
Doom hits the Nintendo Switch this week. How does the port hold up? Our review:
I liked a video [New Site] free nintendo eshop codes OR nintendo switch games AND nintendo eshop
Last day to save 20% off on new releases for Nintendo Switch & 3DS!
Playing Doom on Nintendo Switch. It doesn't get much more badass than this. 😎. Next: Call of Duty on Switch.
The Hulu app is working great on the Nintendo Switch 😋
Hulu app coming to Nintendo Switch this week
Never thought I'd be able to watch yesterday's on my Nintendo Switch via Hulu before relea…
All purpose parts banner
me, getting ready to trade in my wii u to buy a switch: just wanted to say that nintendo STILL owns this ***
Nintendo Switch quietly adds its first video streaming app today in the US
Nintendo is learning from its flops | 🚀 by
VERY EXCITED to announce that WANDERSONG, my silly rainbow musical adventure game is coming to NINTENDO SWITCH! :D
Stream your favorite Hulu shows on the Nintendo Switch - CNET
Where is VR's Nintendo Switch? CEO says that developers need a device th…
Uurnog Uurnlimited is coming out on November 16 for Steam (with a Nintendo Switch launch soon after). .
nvm im now thinking about Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, Available at your local Gamestop for 10% off…
NEWS: The official L.A Noire Trailer for Nintendo Switch is available to watch.
L.A. Noire, coming Nov. 14 for the Nintendo Switch. Watch the new trailer:
Hulu is now officially available on Nintendo Switch via eShop!
Video streaming service Hulu has been listed for a Nintendo Switch eShop release later today. Details:
if you'd like to see Super Smash Bros arrive on the Nintendo Switch!
The Legend of Zelda: BOTW Version 1.3.3 is live, adds support for the Champion new Rex costume, etc.…
Take a break from and go your favorite and shows on your
For as long as they’ve made us wait for the Switch to be media as well as games, this sure dropped in with little f…
Hulu launched on the Nintendo Switch. Yeah good luck with that if you live in Europe or some country outside North…
Unique Nintendo Switch carrying cases for the most avid gamer
> PS4 controller on Nintendo Switch. . > PSP uses a specific type of charger. Located on the bottom right corner.…
I wonder. Is that also happening on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and other devices or apps that uses tho…
Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 14!
I liked a video Rocket League Release Date Announced for Nintendo Switch!
I now have in my possession an extremely small portable travel dock for the Nintendo Switch. What's this mean? Ma…
Target’s Black Friday 2017 ad is official: iPhone 8 sale, Nintendo Switch bundle, and more
Graphics A. O. T. 2 for Nintendo Switch will be comparable to the PlayStation 3 version of the first ep...
Huge PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games News ahead of Christmas sales - Daily Star
Nintendo Switch update adds video capture and profile transfers
I'm not sure of what to ask for on my birthday. I'm stuck between a Nintendo Switch, Huawei Mate Pro 10 or a Samsung Galax…
Patch has been released on PlayStation 4! Coming soon to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC. Patch notes:
12 days remaining until L.A Noire releases on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch & HTC Vive. Will you be purchasing it? http…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
6 reasons why Nintendo Switch is the best console to buy right now
Alpharad is giving away a Nintendo Switch + Odyssey bundle! The winner will be announced Nov. 10th!
is coming to Switch on the 14th November. We talked to in our exclusive interview…
Nintendo is almost doubling its profit forecast due to massive sales of the Switch
Help me win a custom giveaway from &
So, Rocket League some time next month?
Calculated! How Rocket League came to Switch By me via
To all the "one console only" female ladies and male men... If u want the best combo, invest in a Nintendo Switch AND PlayStation 4. Regards
Nintendo reports that the Switch has already hit half of the Wii U's lifetime sales in just six months. Details:
Here's everything you missed in CARS 3! Don't forget to enter in to win the Nintendo SWITCH! ht…
In less than a year, the Nintendo Switch is set to surpass the Wii U's lifetime sales
Nintendo would need to sell 2.5 million Switch units globally Q4 to hit 10m units. That is downright conservative.
Nintendo says Switch will beat Wii U total sales within its first year via
Question for people who own the Nintendo Switch. Is it worth getting? I'm honestly so tempted.. 🤔
Rocket League Blasts Onto the Nintendo Switch on 14th November http…
Now that's why Nintendo isn't releasing a big November game this year 🤔
Who's HYPED for Super Mario Odyssey, I'm not cause I don't have a Nintendo Switch.😢
I liked a video Rise of the Nintendo Switch
What Is and Isn’t in FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. ..
Do you already own a Nintendo Switch?
Grab the bundle to attend the wedding of the century on 10/27 . htt…
It seems like didn't tell us the could float in the air
Hehe, $crypto people, the $DNR even works for the Nintendo switch. For the most part atleast. this is…
This DIY can play the retro the real one can’t
5 more days till my Nintendo Switch lets go boiz
Diluvion is coming to the Nintendo Switch:
Only two of the current top 10 most-downloaded games on Switch were made by Nintendo
Journey to the underground with your buddies in Spelunker Party!, out now on
Will I get Nintendo Switch Odyssey bundle delivered to me on the Friday it comes out if I order tmro? (Athlone to Roscrea)
Level-up your dance game with Mario - coming exclusively to on the Nintendo Switch! http…
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/Wii U) tem detalhes do primeiro pacote DLC divulgados
Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition - Nintendo Switch is up for preorders on Amazon
I think Nintendo doesn't worry about this problem because theoretically you can just carry the Switch everywhere but I guess I don't do that
Nintendo Switch’s first portable dock offers freedom, but with new shackles
First time trying out the Nintendo Switch joycons. Feels awesome & the demos makes me want to buy the games & the s…
Someone buy me nioh. And a Nintendo switch and Zelda. And all the games. thank you and God bless
Nintendo released firmware version 4.0 for its Switch console earlier this week. The update brought a couple of...
Watch your back, Jill! Take Resident Evil on the go when Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 come to Nintendo Switch…
I think I’m about to finally buy myself a Nintendo Switch 🤔
Nintendo Switch update makes the activity log a little bit better r/nint…
The Nintendo Switch is my favourite console since the Xbox360. The portability mixed with killer software is epoch changing.
Online shopping from a great selection at Video Games Store. vía
Sony announced their new game dev label, will publish Tiny Metal on Nintendo | 8-Bit Central
Excited to announce that we've been approved to publish retail games on the Nintendo Switch. Our first release will h…
Just saw this on Amazon: Nintendo Switch - Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con by Nintendo for $299.99 vía
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
and Follow for a chance to win WWE 2K18 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PC (4 Winners). Ends 10/17/17.
I already like this kid.. also he brought his Nintendo Switch to a game
Just saw this on Amazon: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch by Nintendo for $54.99 vía
PlayStation SHOCK: Sony games are coming to Nintendo Switch - Daily Star: A 90s Kid… UK News technologie
Yeah I’m liking the idea of a switch too. imo only Sony, Nintendo and a handle full of devs care about single player games anymore.
The wait is finally over. Physical copies of on Nintendo Switch are in stores now!
I added a video to a playlist MINECRAFT Battle Build Live with Viewers Nintendo Switch
please give us a date when WWE 2k18 will be on the Nintendo Switch. Or at least some game details. What does…
I'm only getting a Switch if Nintendo announces an Emoji Movie game
Find out how you can win a Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey video game prize pack!
yohane: *playing her nintendo switch*. kanan: playing on your Gameboy again?
Unravel the sordid secrets of the castle in The Count Lucanor, out now on and on sale until 25/10. http…
so are we going to get bioshock on the Nintendo Switch?! That would be amazing to have it on the go :)
I can’t wait for NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18 come out for Nintendo Switch so train rides become tolerable
+ follow AND for a chance to win Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical for Nintendo Switch! 2 winn…
News: Sony is going to publish games on Nintendo Switch and PC - territory for the company.
So excited to see Kyrie Irving on NBA 2K18 cover during the announcement which prompted me to get Nintendo Switch ……
You've asked for it and we've listened. Yes, is coming to ⚔️.
Bring horror from the dock to the high seas - Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch on November 28t…
Take our survey on cybersecurity priorities and you'll be entered to win a Nintendo Switch!
What do you guys think if Square Enix ported PS1 Final Fantasy games to Nintendo Switch?
I liked a video Nyko Releases Portable Dock for Nintendo Switch - IGN News
I just remembered this video existed and now we have the Switch
In Stardew Valley, sleeping can kill your save - In Stardew Valley, sleeping can kill yo...
I physically touched a Nintendo switch today, but the best buy display wasn't working so it never powered on. Still not convinced it's real
Injustice 2 Director on the Possibility of Bringing the Game to Switch [NintendoLife]
I liked a video Nintendo World Championships 2017 with Switch & Play NYC!
Nintendo games news: Has the Switch just topped The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?
Will that work with NA Nintendo Switch?! o.o How?!
Was just looking at Earthbound concept sketches and was struck with images of a 3D Nintendo Switch Earthbound...I a…
In case your hype was dying down, Mario Odyssey got a 10/10 from Edge.
Check out the brand new worldwide musical video for Download the song from the website here: https:…
That feel when the Nintendo Switch has better color options than the 3DS.
i will end up buying a Nintendo Switch soon...late night shopping is expensive! 😂😂
Our team is giving away a Nintendo Switch! Check out the giveaway!!
EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE. Nintendo Switch for a dog. Everyone wins.
Nintendo put NES Golf in the Switch firmware, but it only unlocks on the day Iwata died, by doing his hand gesture?? https:/…
The Mummy Demastered launches on October 24th! Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch! ht…
Nintendo Switch is coming out of the closet
The Switch is in stock on Amazon. Just in time for Mario Galaxy if you don't have one already.
did phil poke you with the nintendo switch I gotta know
We just announced the launch of Dead Synchronicity for Nintendo Switch... now it's time for a giveaway! 5 PS4 keys!. https…
The Wii U's first party game library was top quality. If Nintendo took a year to port all the great games they had onto Switch…
Any chance of this game coming to Nintendo Switch ? . Garrison: Archangel "Mecha fFghting Game"
Still looking for a Check out the bundle with exclusive Joy-Con, available now h…
Update your maps at Navteq
It's never too late to persue my life-long dream of being a lighthouse keeper in some remote island, just need my Nintendo Switch & Wi-Fi.
Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch awaken a deep longing to FARM MORE?! Here are some great series to continue with! https:…
I've been on the fence about a Nintendo Switch. Should I buy it just for Stardew Valley?
🔴 Live! with Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch! 🐓🌾💕. come get some chill vibes as we start up Pendragon Farm!!…
Stardew Valley leads a rad week for Nintendo Switch indies. . A second solid week in a row for eShop
Stardew Valley is now available on Nintendo Switch!
🌻🐓🌾 Stardew Valley is available now on the Nintendo Switch! 🌾🐓🌻
Stardew Valley is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5! 🌻🐓🌾.
I liked a video Why is Dedede so BUFF!? (Kirby Star Allies - Nintendo Switch) | SwankyBox
2016: Nintendo is doomed. 2017: Nintendo Switch can't possibly reach 130 million units. 2018: You watching the Splatoon W…
Tesco are doing the Nintendo Switch for £254.99 - not exactly a deep discount but the cheapest they've been so far:
is there a release date for Sine Mora EX on the Nintendo Switch?
Hey you know what would be great... Bring South Park: The Fractured But Whole to Nintendo Switch.
Q: Is Dragon Quest Heroes I & II for Nintendo Switch still coming out for NA/EU? Or cancelled? Any update(s)?
‘L.A. Noire’ comes to HTC Vive, Nintendo Switch, and more this November
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Why is Dragon Quest Heroes I & II on Nintendo Switch only in Japanese?!
Nintendo will "ramp up" Switch production for the holiday season
Still baffles my mind why didn't Nintendo just partner with discord for voice chat on switch...
Are you ready for next week Nintendo Switch release?. Please spread the love, it's an important release for the future of Fly…
Switch is so amazing, provides so much freedom,that's why I prefer it over a home only console, I hope Nintendo is alwa…
A 3D-printed adapter makes things easier to play the Nintendo Switch one-handed - TechCrunch
Fire Emblem Warriors for has something to everyone, thanks to different resolution types!
Please bring DEAD CELLS to nintendo switch :c
I want a Nintendo Switch but there's no games that really interest me at the moment 🤔
news Games I need for the Nintendo Switch to feel complete: Pokémon. Animal crossing. More sing...
Who wants to gift me a nintendo switch? I'm tired of selling my body
I can garuntee there will be an animal crossing for switch. If not I question Nintendo's existence.
I liked a video Nintendo Switch Discord Lounge! (Invitation in description)
The new Switch is completely overrated. I am not having any fun with it AT ALL.
Grey Nintendo Switch 32GB with Zelda Breath of the Wild and Travel Case
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch has launched today! . Happy Bwathday!.
Challenging platformer League of Evil leaps onto Nintendo Switch this Thursday Punching evil scientists into expl…
"My Rotom possessed my Nintendo Switch and it's flying away-"
It's time to join Mario and the Rabbids on a new adventure. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out tomorrow, only on th…
To celebrate the forma.8 launch you can a + a copy of the game! Follow the link:
My review of the HORI RAP V Hayabusa arcade stick for Nintendo Switch -
Nintendo consoles look so foreign now like the switch look crazy to me
Looks like my brother got a Nintendo Switch so that means I get to keep his xmas gift.
Nintendo Switch without Joycons in Mr Iwatas puppet hands in the 2015 E3 Opener? Am i right about this?…
Wanna play Risky TOMORROW!? The new Pirate Queen's Quest DLC will be on Switch!! NOA: NOE:
ICYMI: Miss Mega Man? Azure Striker Gunvolt is making a glorious physical debut on this fall:.
Get the lowest price here: Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) Used and new!
Tomorrow is the big day! Shantae Half-Genie Hero: Pirate Queen's Quest will be available on PS4, Vita, XB1, Nintendo Switch…
Hey Dan! I have been loving your new videos but are you going to continue with your Nintendo Switch secret world? Just a thought.
How does The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch perform when docked?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
JHOPE 170820 airport Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con. thx to zenhobi
I liked a video Will Nintendo bring the Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch?
Mark my words: Nintendo will re-release Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch as a way to promote Metroid Prime 4. Just you wait.
See the death of Sony is imminent all nintendo has tondo is restock the switch properly and it's over
Dear EA. No we don't want fifa or bf on . Our nintendo switch and don't stick your nose and try to steal t…
I've got a Nintendo Switch w/ 2 games up for sale if anyone is interested. Looking to get $350, it's pretty much brand n…
A very small kickstarter to produce Atomic (transparent purple like the old gameboys) replacement switch shells.
Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 are now available on Nintendo Switch
(The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch) - Xania News -
Someone please measure your Nintendo Switch. I need to know if it fits in my purse.
I got a Nintendo switch and never play it smh
I liked a video Unboxing Nyko’s Charge Block and Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch won July NPD. keep testing the water Capcom and EA , you are missing out on tha…
great Pod! After Splatoon 2 I'm really sick of multiplayer games on Switch. Mario Odyssey can't come fast enough.
I'm now entered to possibly win a Nintendo Switch thanks to Alpharad! :D
Nintendo Switch outsells PS4 and Xbox One in US July sales
Mario Kart 8 looks so good on the glad Nintendo finally has modern day graphics lol
Nintendo is bringing a ‘Splatoon 2’ Switch bundle to the US next month Boy Genius Report, entertainment, entertain…
I just entered a nintendo switch giveaway with POKKEN TOURNAMENT for free!
Yeah, the Switch is an amazing piece of tech. Nintendo definitely has a hit.
Nintendo Switch with Splatoon 2 and Splatoon Color Themed Joy-Cons for $379.96 - just announced and released today.
NPD Crowns Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch as July's Winner in the United States
I just entered to win Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch from
Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month
Play Severed by Amazing style and Strong Female lead . available on PSVita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Nin…
One more day until Sonic Mania arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!
Rayman Legends demo hits Nintendo Switch - Miss all the fuss over Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends? That’s fin...
Thanks to 's Amazon Prime account and I'll have a Nintendo Switch by next week! Buying all the accessories now 😅
express: 'Nintendo Switch news - New console on target to beat Microsoft's Xbox One?'
Get the lowest price here: Nintendo Switch - Neon Red/Neon Blue Used and new!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Things that are still not on Nintendo Switch in North America:. -Phantasy Star Online Ep 1+2. -Monster Hunter XX. -An…
Power Glove or Nintendo Switch? You decide, its a pad but its designed like a glove :p
Splatoon 2 v.1.1.2 update is now available for download on Nintendo Switch, fixing bugs & new adjustments in game. https…
what was that song playing in your Nintendo switch Splatoon cake video it was dopeness btw
Sony 4 fans getting this popular game ahead of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - htt…
apparently found me a Nintendo Switch so I guess I'll be a squid furry now
Join this to win amazing nintendo switch! Just join
Excellent. Took a bit of doing but finally got my Nintendo Switch set up for an evening of online gaming. . -
Celeste is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017! See you on the mountain :)
I'm still waiting for a Nintendo Switch game where I can do some co op loot hunting. Something like diablo or Phantasy Star online
Does anyone recommend the Nintendo switch???
Give Mom or DAD the thrill of driving again! NINTENDO
is crazy, they are giving away PS4, Nintendo Switch, iPad, iPhone and something even more expensive...
Japanese media warn of fraud for those interested in buying the Nintendo Switch!
Really hope that Nintendo can get third party support for VC on Switch. Specifically, Square's. Oldschool FF, CT not being on Wii U was lame
domain names
I really want the Nintendo Switch now. Too broke for it though! Ugh! 😐
To all of those who are not satisfied with the current voice chat functionality (so basically to everyone) ……
I want to win a Nintendo Switch from The Yetee! via
I can confirm that Nintendo Switch cartridges taste disgusting and you should NOT attempt to lick them... FML 🙃👎
Salmon Run is a blast. Well done Splatoon 2, well done.
The Nintendo Switch PC emulators have come along way in a few short months.
Who's ready for the Nintendo switch? It comes out 2 days after my birthday!
i have this random kid as a friend on Nintendo switch and he hasn't logged on in a while im very concerned for him send u…
A Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild and one of those cheese pretzels from Marks & Spencer. For free.
You can unlock Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch. Here’s how.
Who has a Nintendo Switch??? I need more Switch friends to dominate in Mario Kart! Send me your Friend Code!
Nintendo Switch Online app launches for iPhone, Android -.
Nintendo's Switch Online companion app is now available for Android - 9to5Google
Winrate, solo progression and amount of disconnects are part of the new Nintendo Switch Online app for SplatNet 2
Nintendo's brilliant shooter Splatoon makes the jump to Switch
The free Nintendo Switch online voice communication starter pack:
Archived footage of the creators of Nintendo’s voice chat app for Switch:
Wargroove, on of my most anticipated Switch titles, has seemingly fallen …
I asked for a Mac for my birthday and a Nintendo switch I hope I get both. 😊😊😊
Hey everyone who of you would love to see TLOZ OOT remade for the Nintendo Switch? Lets show Nintendo how much we w…
You can now download Nintendo Switch's Online Chat App to Android and iPhone
Get your cellular apparatus ready for chat on the Switch:. iOS: Google Play:
I liked a video Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch?!
Nintendo isn't abandoning the 3DS and neither should you - With the launch of the Switch, Nintendo has almost e...
Great stuff from on Nintendo's online system:
Nintendo launches its online app that allows smartphones to
MUMBA NINTENDO SWITCH CASE best accessory for kids: via
Check out our 'Budget Trailer' for Death Squared which is out today on Nintendo Switch! 😂
You can now log into the Nintendo Switch Online app, but without Splatoon 2 you can't do much with it:
The colourful defence puzzler Boost Beast is headed to Nintendo Switch tomorrow
Nintendo Switch Online app is available for download (free). Android: iOS: h…
You can now log in to the Nintendo Switch Online app
"But what engine does the Nintendo Switch voice chat app u--"
...Nintendo has release the Nintendo Switch online app yesterday and just need to do is wait until Splatoon 2 comes out this Friday.
Nintendo's new console just got an online service: In the meantime, however…
me during my 8 hour long gameing sesh on my Nintendo hashtag Switch console, me my phone dies because i cant lock it while i talk with fwend
Lounging in the Nintendo Switch Online app and Splatoon.
Nintendo's new console just got an online service
I just joined the and Nintendo Switch and Blockchain code giveaway!
The Nintendo Switch Kickstarter gadgets to back - Red Bull
You can't even lock your phone while using voice chat or it stops
Nintendo Switch voice chat app stops working if phone screen turns off
I rlly want a switch can Nintendo ship more than two consoles to my local stores
7 Nintendo Switch games you aren't playing yet but definitely should be
Nintendo Switch Online app’s voice chat is already turning people off
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
You can't switch to another app while using Nintendo Switch Online app voice chat. You can't lock your phone, too.
You guys remind me of the Nintendo switch shortage. No Bullet Club merch to be found anywhere!
Yeah, I won't be downloading the Nintendo Switch smartphone app, I have no use for it and it sounds so cumbersome to use. . Hard pass.
🎮Video-streaming app Niconico is officially available for need to set up a Japanese Nintendo eShop account…
Rocket League is a Great Fit for Nintendo Switch -
The load times in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are way better than on the WiiU
buy me a nintendo switch so I can stare at it as I continue to realize that there is nothing on it I would like to play
I willing want to play on Nintendo switch, let make it happen
I want to improve my drawing skills, so I drew ARMS' Kid Cobra for practice.
I wanna play some SNES games. Can't do it on my Switch so I guess I'm going to give my money to someone else on Amazon.
The biggest injustice Nintendo have done this year is to not give Waluigi a Switch profile picture
Kids in bed; Daddy plays MarioKart 8 Deluxe 200 CC for Nintendo Switch: via
Nintendo Switch game about sheep seems horny, is actually sad.
look this easy to install Strip Home & , campaign soon to launch on
The Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2 are coming to the Nintendo Switch! Sign up for our email list to get early updates:
Help me win this awesome Nintendo Switch from The Mims Life on YouTube!
The one Nintendo made for the switch isn't good I would recommend buying another one someone else said the same thing about it
Nintendo Switch will be restocked at Target stores in the US for the launch of Splatoon 2. Details:
K so we were at the kitchen table eating and I was playing around that if I don't get a Nintendo switch I'll run away anD MY SISTER SAID
Visit our booth to sign up for the Academy, receive a poster, and enter for a chance to win a…
I have SO MANY Nintendo accounts and IDs that at this point I would rather just smear my blood on the Switch screen to log i…
Nintendo Switch online problems Solved with this ingenious new gadget
Oddworld creator trashes Nintendo Switch, says he has “no faith” in the system.
Just got home from a car today for the Nintendo Switch Presentation!
The HD Rumble on the Pro Controller in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is crazy!
I liked a video 8 Ways to Win in ARMS Online on Nintendo Switch
Hey guys, just got a Nintendo Switch.
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