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Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Best Buy Lucha Underground Chrono Trigger

Our 5 favorite Nintendo Switch games that aren’t Mario Kart or Zelda
Monster Hunter XX will be released for the Nintendo Switch.
Better than having a Nintendo Switch. Only games going for it are LoZ: Far Cry edition and…
Fans take a Nintendo Switch skydiving and make a funny commercial:
The switch is sold out all the time. It's already selling great so it's gonna be crazy wh…
Do you think we will see a new for the Nintendo Switch at this year's E3? If so, what do you want to see i…
Former Famitsu Editor-in-Chief predicts Nintendo Switch will be on short supply for the…
For those wanting a Switch, there's this little bundle available on GameStop. I got one ordered so here ya go c:
The Nintendo switch, its been out for a little while now. What game are you waiting for?.
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Minecraft on May 11th is coming on Nintendo switch, whos excited? :D
Have a Nintendo Switch for your efforts.
if I had $5,000 I'd get my pets healthy food, donate toys+food to WEAVE, and get a Nintendo Switch! 🤑
It's release date of URTLA street fighter2 for Nintendo Switch tomorrow!! I'm looking forward to it.
can i get uh Nintendo switch virtual console?
So today I FINALLY got to order the Nintendo Switch and it ships next week and I am so E X C I T E D
Kid made a cardboard Nintendo Switch. Kid's parents bought him a real Switch and put it inside his cardboard switch while he w…
Help me win a Nintendo Switch from ThinkGeek Capsule!.
Since Ubisoft says they're literally holding Nintendo's hand on the Switch I assume this crossover was j…
I'm entering a for Nintendo Switch and ARMS by !
Enter for a chance to win an Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 Pro, or Nintendo Switch
Yooo Watch the Nintendo Switch get a bunch of (possibly) sketchy games now that UE4 has Switch support
Pick up on the Nintendo Switch this fall and save the universe on a train, plane, automobile...or your bathr…
Nintendo may be getting more open with indie devs on Switch
Really glad to see this. I've completely stopped docking my Switch because of this issue.
Should I get the new dji drone or a nintendo switch? 🤔
.and talk about each Mario Kart game in the franchise!
Listen to The Bystanders Podcast - Nintendo Switch sold out, Lucha Underground returning
New Podcast up! Nintendo Switch sold out, Lucha Underground returns
I'm sure Nintendo is happy and all, but why did sales for the Nintendo Switch drop 70% from last month? Stock?
Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in April and Mario Kart 8 DX the game in…
Nintendo JP just showed this travel case for the Switch which can hold the entire setup, looks pretty nice and conveni…
I got a question. Your Nintendo Switch Sweepstakes. Does it HAVE to be the gray one? Cuz I prefer the blue/red one.
Great. Now I have to buy a Switch .
You may have heard of the Nintendo Switch, but your friends probably haven't
Ubisoft has an "unannounced game" in development for the Nintendo Switch
Holy snaps! Those are fancy looking Nintendo Switch bags you got there!
I liked a video How the Nintendo Switch TRIGGERS You!
. Im a corporate slave to Nintendo. How do i break free from this obviously not so difficult situation? Buy a PC or a switch?
How much existential despair is included with for Switch?
Walmart starting to get Switch Docks with AC…
Come by booth 306 at & visit for your chance to win a Nintendo switch
could we get an update on this issue? It's a real problem. .
Wish someone would buy me the Nintendo switch so I didn't have to wait to buy it smh
Since The update that Nintendo Switch can play games on the Unreal 4 Engine, can we expect a Switch release of Psychonauts 2?
As far as I'm concerned the console wars have ended and all games should release on Nintendo Switch. Oh, and I want to play…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Will there be a PS4 Pro enhancement, VR, or a Nintendo Switch port possibly?
Nintendo Switch in stock at Toys R Us this week
Nintendo plans to ship 10 million Switch consoles in the next year.
Natsume announced a "SNES-Style" Harvest Moon game coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC; will be playable at E3 2017. http…
We've been busy listening and we've just posted some major Stretch Goal news RE Nintendo Switch:.
You can amazing on Wish me good luck xD
Found a place to get a Nintendo Switch bundle, still don't have enough money to get it. Back to playing the waiting game for me.
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Sad my Nintendo Switch is broken. It will not charge or power on. I will be streaming Switch soon hopefully! help :(
I’ve learned to live with it, plus it gave me an extra Nintendo Switch power source if I travel with it.
Switch is gradually replacing 3DS too. puts Nintendo Switch in a "powerful portable" perspective.
Can your app provide Wide Area Network streaming to Nintendo Switch?
If I were to take my Nintendo Switch and zelda into one of your stores how much would they give me there and then it's pretty much new
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer! Feel the beat with all new HD Rumble! Full details comin…
Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch goes on sale today. It's among the biggest games to be released this month…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
PS5 release date news looms for Xbox Scorpio, as Nintendo Switch ... -
It's time, for & Zelda BOTW!. Enter for free now at May the odds be ever…
I just entered Road to 1k Nintendo Switch Giveaway!
Chilled any chance you wanna do a Nintendo Switch give away so one of your amazing fans (me) can have…
You taste the nintendo switch cartridges? You're so brave! 😆😂.
Watching and sword fight in Nintendo Switch is legendary
idk about that, i would have agreed with you before the Switch, but i feel N…
Anyone can amazing on . Wish me good luck xD
Dan do a Nintendo switch on breath of the wild You riding a horse and have a pet panda 😁😁😁
the object that Im like most is The Nintendo Switch because I'm fun to play with and Dan signed it before at the meet and greet.
Thumper launches on Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 18. Ready for Rumble Violence™?
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Want to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch + Zelda? Then look no further than this contest 👉
I like to think that has sectetly been working on a huge amazing Metroid game for the Switch since Federation Force
Official giveaway link for my 30 fidget spinners & 1 nintendo switch! Good luck to all 😎💯🔥!
tl;dr: game freak is lazy. Also, Nintendo better not sabotage the Switch's success by letting their Meiji-era Board of Directors have a say
Have been really enjoying the game. Hope it comes to the Nintendo Switch. Would eagerly buy a copy for it :)
The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Not for Resale) for Nintendo Switch
Danielle is out to steal shines & claim the crown in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch
this guy don't have switch.but he buy the Fire Emblem .because cinese ver
One of the best games of 2016 is coming to the Nintendo Switch this month
I liked a video The Evolution of Mario Kart - From SNES to Nintendo Switch | RGT 85
me: (sees red and blue nintendo switch). me:. me @ me: for the love of god do not--. me: nice klance reference. me: why am I lik…
Here's hoping I win one of the 7 Nintendo Switch + Disgaea 5 Complete bundles is giving away!
Nintendo Switch’s secret browser has a flaw that could lead to a jailbreak
Cosmic Star Heroine devs currently reaching out to Nintendo about a Switch port
I'm in the running to win my choice of a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Or Nintendo Switch Game Console.
Might buy a Wii U, I miss Nintendo but I can't fade the price of the switch lmao they ain't sony.
In honor of receiving my Nintendo Switch & Mario Kart 8 deluxe.
Remember when we first saw that Nintendo Switch trailer and we were all like "pfftt, that'll NEVER happen."
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
So far third party support for the Nintendo Switch has meant publishers saying "In theory we could bring this title to the Switch"
- Nintendo Switch sells 2.74 million units in first month
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Join us for 47 minutes of live gameplay - CNET |
I feel like I'm one of the only gamers who isn't actually interested in the Nintendo Switch.
A Ruby, 5 Bomb Arrows and a Nintendo Switch Shirt.for now...
Nintendo expects to sell 10 million Switch consoles in a year:
IDK Nintendo Switch or PS4? I think one day there'll be no new games for Switch just like now for Wii (+ WiiU)
Did you play it on Nintendo Switch or PC?
Nintendo sold more units of Zelda for Switch than Switch itself, which I think means some people enjoyed the taste of the…
An Uber driver in Chicago hooked up a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart for his passengers to play while they ride. This…
A gamer found a way to use his Nintendo Switch for VR
Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch Controller-Black (Set of 2) by GameWill 60% Sales Rank in…
Guess what, your Nintendo Switch might have traveled by air. Exclusive until others write about this.
The battle with the wife is on nintendo.switch @ Warehouse 5
9 Wii U Remasters that NEED to be on Nintendo Switch - Fandom (blog)
Nintendo shipped Switch units via aircraft in March in order to quickly replenish stock
Nintendo shipped Switch consoles by plane to meet high demand
Everyone with a Nintendo Switch playing Mario Kart 8 and I'm here like
Don't mind us. Just playing Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch in the middle of the nightclub. http…
We are LIVE with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe supporting charity! Race with us and win a Nintendo Switch!!…
My friend from school bought a Nintendo switch the other day... It doesn't charge. Rip 😱😓
What does one of our custom Nintendo Switch consoles look like on video? Check it out below!
This is cool first because the nintendo switch is a cool console then because you get to customize it th…
Everyone else: Nintendo Switch is revolutionary. Smashers: But can I plug a Gamecube controller into it tho
App this summer. Free trial through fall. .
I liked a video Did the Switch SAVE Nintendo? - The Know Game News
Prime members can grab the Nintendo Switch on Amazon
Pokemon Stars: all the latest leaks from the rumored
Hey! Wanna grab a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Zelda? Check this link!
Mamma Mia! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe just crashed into Target, and everyone's going bananas.
Enter to win a Nintendo Switch today! Use any McD's App deal to enter. Ready, set, go! Rules:…
well I told you the other day how the Nintendo switch costs 300 dollars there and is 500 dollars here
Nintendo switch is so dope. Zelda is almost like GTa l...kinda
Feels great to have Mario Kart back in my life, even if I already had it.
YESs Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is available for Nintendo Switch 💕finally a Disgaea for Nintendo again AAA
Arms’ newest fighter is a disgusting, sensual green blob
People underestimate how well the 3DS is still doing. I can understand why people want Nintendo to…
I want the Switch and all but now I'm seeing we have to pay for online services now?? This isn't Xbox or Playstation, Nintendo. Smfh
Stand a chance to win 1 of 10 Nintendo Switch's when you buy 2 prepacks. T&Cs
View more information about the online service here:
Go go go! Nintendo Switch is in stock right now on Amazon.. Related Articles:
Best Buy reportedly has the NES Classic Edition in-stock today; Nintendo Switch on Friday.
Nintendo Switch games list sees TWO new releases following Wii U Virtual Console update
In honor of announcing our new location, we want to give one of you a Nintendo Switch!. Enter now:
Welcome back to Monster Land!. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. h…
I just died in Nintendo Switch and i want to kill yourself.
Nintendo Switch is a kill myself clone.
Star Fox could be Getting a New Title for the Nintendo Switch, Eventually •••
They should release Celtic Joycons for the Nintendo Switch. Ye can use HD rumble to feel the texture of Henrik Larsson's dreadlocks.
Zelda Breath of the Wild UPDATE: New Amiibos to unlock Nintendo Switch and Wii U content? -
I wanted to make a Nintendo Switch advertisement in the style of the '90s Play It Loud campaign, and it turned out awesome. h…
hey is there any news when we will be receiving apps and the Internet browser for the Nintendo switch?
Doctors say Nintendo Switch controllers can lead to early arthritis
Nintendo Direct for Switch/3DS this Wednesday at 3PM PT, mainly focused on Splatoon 2 on ARMS.
Nintendo of Europe mentions it's both Switch and 3DS so I assume there's something more to it :D
Want a Nintendo Switch?. Love goofy video game commentary?. Then enter to win a Switch by subbing to - https:…
.30,000mAh battery pack is a great travel companion for the Nintendo Switch.
"Focused mainly on ARMS and Splatoon 2.". "Nintindo Switch and Nintendo 3DS". "And Nintendo 3DS". so n…
Nintendo Direct for Upcoming Switch Games Coming This Week. Maybe there will be a few surprises dropped as well!
If anyone was interested Im selling a Nintendo switch , message me if you're interested
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Nintendo finally explains why it's charging for the Nintendo Switch's online service - BGR
Nintendo Direct on upcoming Switch and 3DS games to take place on April 12 at 11:00pm (UK time).
see im not so sure, Nintendo started strong with WiiU and then faded after a year or…
Nintendo's new Direct will talk 'Splatoon 2' and 'ARMS' on the Switch:
Chrono Trigger director teases new Nintendo Switch project
Oh Yeaah!!! coming to 06.20.17 in North America! Preorder yours today! htt…
I've just entered to win a massive Accessory bundle from - and you can too!
I got picked up in a bar last night by a guy. He just used the line "I have a Nintendo Switch". It worked.
There's been talk about Overwatch might be getting a Nintendo Switch port. If it does then I might buy it.
What I discovered is a good pickup line this morning: . "I have a Nintendo Switch"
Nintendo Direct incoming on April 12/13, Switch/3DS games with focus on ARMS and Splatoon 2 ht…
The way is talking, it sounds like the may become the ultimate machine:. https:…
*boink*. Mr. Shifty by is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch this Thursday -- https…
There will be a on 4/12 at 3 PM PT! Expect ARMS release date, Splatoon 2 info and other Nintendo Switch / 3DS…
I may have inadvently declared war with today over the 🖖.
I am Setsuna, Temporal Battle Arena is coming on April 13th, 'Exclusively on Nintendo Switch as a downloadable patch'. h…
Nintendo Switch UPDATE: Blockbuster games news CONFIRMED for Direct conference
One of the most annoying things about the Nintendo Switch is the mediocre battery life that Nintendo went for ...…
I Am Setsuna is getting exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch this Thursday. Details:
Nintendo Direct scheduled for this Wednesday, 3 PM PT. Switch+3DS with focus on ARMS/Splatoon 2 https:…
LEGO CITY Undercover Nintendo Switch Game Review: LEGO CITY Undercover's wider release has gotten it on more...
I liked a video from World's Smallest Nintendo Switch
Fun Fact with NBA 2K17 and NBA Playgrounds, the Nintendo Switch already has more Basketball games than the Wii U 😂😂😂
You may see this image floating around of a burnt Nintendo Switch from a blown up battery. This is fake it's actually a Samsun…
I was thinking about that earlier! I think it's almost certainly gonna happen! That's probably what the My…
& FOLLOW for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch and Zelda BOTW copy. . Enter now
New episode up w/ Animator and VFX Artist Peter Hogan Great stories and explosions…
Should Nintendo introduce Miiverse on Switch in the future?
2017 is best year for gamers, we have a lot of amazing games like RDR 2 and ME Andromeda, Nintendo Switch and of course
please bring Chrono Trigger to the Nintendo Switch .
Nintendo taking Steam approach to digital on Switch,…
I'm giving way another NINTENDO SWITCH with Zelda! Giveaway ends 4/16! Multiple ways to enter and good luck!
I'm in the run to win a Nintendo Switch console thanks to
I know that "imagine this game on the Nintendo switch" posts are done to death but seriously. Rhythm heaven on the…
I liked a video from NBA Playgrounds - Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer
Nintendo stock traders are very optimistic about the Switch
.Another look at the GameStop exclusive Cave Story+ (Switch) pre-order bonus keychains! ht…
Can't believe was in a Nintendo Switch commercial!
Square Enix says it'll prioritize the Nintendo Switch over the Xbox Scorpio
Nintendo Switch stock update needed to avoid April disappoint as analysts back news reveal -
Would you like to see SmuggleCraft on the Nintendo Switch?
Check out the NerdOut! + Friends console giveaway!. Win either a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PS4! Good Luck!
What's next?. "God teases his involvement in the Nintendo Switch."
We pick five fun co-op games out now on Nintendo Switch htt…
Has Been Heroes v.1.0.2 update is now available for Nintendo Switch. Patch notes:
Mr. Shifty is launching on Steam and Nintendo Switch next Thursday, April 13th. Check out the free beta -
Want to Win a Nintendo Switch with Breath of the Wild from Bloocifer during her Zelda Streams? Contest Here!
I want a Nintendo Switch because of the portability factor, but I want an XboxOne because of Rare Replay and PS4 because of FFXV and P5
Switch version. I really want to just give in and get it on PS4, but I want the handheld possibility. An…
before WW3 start anybody got a Nintendo Switch y'all can sell me
Wish there was a game like LittleBigPlanet on the Nintendo Switch something more than Mario Maker. I want a game to…
Finally, we might see Nintendo Selling out of Switch consoles in the US...
You can kinda use web browser on Nintendo Switch to watch videos.
Just found my favorite switch accessories :)
Nintendo Switch and NES Classic in Stock online at Best Buy: How to Prepare and Win against the Bots
Hey, do you have the Nintendo Switch bundle (available in store for pick-up?
Nintendo Switch Selling Faster at Launch Than the PS4 in Japan>..
I made a video celebrating the Switch's launch, hope it gives you a laugh.
Just set up my new Nintendo Switch I'm so excited 🤗🤗🤗
Anyone having problems with their Nintendo Switch cracking?: Now that men and women have had their Nintendo Change……
and FOLLOW if you're interested in a potential Nintendo Switch giveaway. . Able to edit the delivery address so wou…
Mr. Shibata was on hand to sell the first Nintendo Switch at midnight launch last night! Are you enjoying…
Sharpen your strategy skills with from our friends available now on https…
Reminder: Best Buy will be restocking Switch and NES Classic Edition in just under a half hour - both will be here: http…
Thinking about getting the Nintendo Switch?. We believe you should! Here's 5 reason why the Switch won't flop!.
Fan mods Nintendo 64 to act as Switch dock
The new Nintendo Switch video game is 22 million. My birthday is in May,so at least you have one month to do susu. God bless you 4 reading
New Nintendo Switch GameStop Bundle - Ships by April 5 - just in time for Easter.…
We know you are eager to hear it, so i will say it. Overwatch will be releasing on the Nintendo switch these holidays.
Nintendo Switch will not launch with Virtual Console
GameStop exec says the Nintendo Switch will have supply issues until 2018
Thanks to and I am in the running for a free Nintendo Switch
What good games does Nintendo Switch have?
Nintendo disappointed by sales of new product and it isn't Nintendo Switch -
Sony can't execute Nintendo's strategy with Switch with PS4.
Just played my Nintendo® Switch in the queue for McDonalds to relieve my boredom. Nintendo 1. Microsoft/Sony 0
I treated myself to the Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter Here’s a quick vid rambling about it. Enjoy!
I liked a video from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Review | Nintendo Switch
Video games are usually blamed for tearing relationships apart. The Switch, on the other hand, is couples therapy
Today is the last day to enter our switch and Zelda giveaway! Good luck.
Fan makes SNES version of Yooka-Laylee – An upcoming Playtonic game for the Nintendo Switch
Verify that you follow for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! (Turn on Notifications too) . Enter:
you make MKX Mobile for Nintendo Switch? F. U if I right...
what does hacking a Nintendo switch or DS even do?
Took my switch out to a party this weekend. Thank you Nintendo!
Did an update to my Lego City Undercover Article! . LCU will run in 720p docked on the Nintendo Switch.
I liked a video from Splatoon 2 Beta Global Testfire Gameplay | Nintendo Switch Reaction
There's something off about Nintendo's games on the Switch, some kinda *** filter over the entire screen. Wondering if it's my TV now.
multiplayer lobby has a really neat secret — and you can try it during this weekend’s Global Testfire!
except josh who's glued to his Nintendo switch
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Get the latest console from The for absolutely free. Enter -->
If you wanna buy nintendo you can take a part in this to nintendo switch
I added a video to a playlist DIY Nintendo Switch (Parody)
Yo Nintendo when's the Pokemon yellow Switch coming out
Bought a Nintendo Switch yesterday, i wonder if BoTW wil eat all of my weekend...
go to Nintendo switch customer support and enter your error code
Nintendo of America confirms that Switch restocks are underway. Mario & Luigi are working overtime packing boxes.
I'm in a competition for a It's free to enter, check it out here :
The upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2017 (and beyond)
I made a deal with my wife last month that if I lost 15 lbs by launch, I could get the Nintendo Switch. If not, I had to…
Finally time to Splat again. Playing the demo of Splatoon 2!
Wow, graphics, gameplay, interface and weapon is improved :) Splatoon 2 will be a sucess for Nintendo Switch 🤙🏻
If you had a Nintendo Switch which would you buy? (I can currently only buy one)
I liked a video from Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Stream!
Nintendo denies design issue with Switch controllers
"Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap."
Is it silly to want an empty box for the Switch collection? An employee hooked me up today. Thx Matt!!
Just wanna say shoutout to for releasing Melee HD for the Nintendo Switch ❤️. don't ask me how i got it to…
The winner of the Nintendo Switch GIVEAWAY is… CONGRATS GIRL! ❤️ 🎉 😄
GameStop says Zelda almost has a 1:1 attach rate for the Nintendo Switch
This Nintendo Switch trick shot video is the most ridiculous thing
Awesome! Finally got my Nintendo Switch. Can't wait to take it home and not even open the box until this game is done! 😕
We've extended our trade offer! Save on Nintendo Switch Legend of Zelda bundles when you trade. Order yours in store today. h…
Yeah! Blanka got Nintendo SWITCH Kyoto ver.! ;D I and Blanka will return to Japan after a long absence.I'll join MvC:I t…
No one owns a Nintendo Switch, everyone just owns a 300$ Zelda machine
Perfect For Nintendo Switch: The greatest RPGs you never got to play - GamesRadar
I remember a time before the Nintendo Switch and March Madness...🤔
LAST CHANCE to get the Nintendo Switch for £198.50 in our £80.00 off RRP lottery! -
I'm just waiting for there to be cases for tablets that look like the Nintendo switch
I liked a video from Will the Nintendo Switch OUTSELL The Nintendo Wii? | RGT…
People are losing their heads after 18 days on the market -> GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales Could ‘Eclipse the Wii’ https:…
Sonic Mania Collector's Edition confirmed out for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
what is better Nintendo switch or PS4
Nintendo Switch stock update for Gamestop, GAME and Amazon availability -
Nintendo Switch availability and restock search boost for Gamestop and Amazon -
Anyone want to wait at all day for me to get me a Nintendo Switch? :)
Check out the Nintendo Switch review by who is not rocking 3/4 cargo pants
Now there's the switch and nintendo's, where you pay to play online and rent a classic game for a month.
I liked a video from Nintendo Switch Framerate FIX + Xbox One Accessory Recall + Working
I added a video to a playlist Why the Nintendo Switch Will (Probably) Succeed
I guess you could say I was just a bit excited for the and .
I liked a video from NINTENDO SWITCH UNBOXING 🎮 - Ricky Berwick
Rlly rlly RLLY wanna buy the nintendo switch.
SUPER BOMBERMAN R : Save the galaxy, one explosion at a time on the Nintendo SWITCH! .
Nintendo is coming to April 14-15! We're excited to host Nintendo Switch with hands-on gameplay of and…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I love how the Switch introduced a very creative and…
I liked a video Cyanogenmod REJECTED Nintendo's Request for Help for the Switch OS IN A SAVAGE A*S
you guys got any deals for a Nintendo switch?
Nudge Nudge Nintendo. I'd love to see Biohazard on the Switch.
Nintendo's fix for the Switch Joy-Con desync issue is surprisingly simpl…
Nintendo has an easy fix for the Switch Joy-Con desync issue - CNET
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