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Nina Conti

Nina Conti (born 1974) is an English actress, comedian and ventriloquist. Her primary on-stage puppet sidekick is a depressed monkey named Monk.

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Nina Conti talks about funny in panel shows and her ...
I liked a video Ventriloquist Nina Conti | Live at the Apollo
“Puppets can say things that humans can’t," says ventriloquist Nina Conti. She stars in the quirky doc – tonight at 9pm.
“Nina’s sexually repressed-what other explanation for this kind of behaviour? The wonderful Nina Conti
Nina Conti talks about how she comes up with her ideas and ...
Nina Conti and her non-human co-host - Live at the Apollo: Series 9 Episode 6 Preview - BBC...
The brilliant Nina Conti in what will hopefully become a full series:. Living with Monkey:
I am now known as Nina Conti's father and it's wonderful.
i know what you 5 minutes of nina conti on youtube. It might help😂
Just booked to see the wonderful Nina Conti at Soho Theatre. Three (London) nights only!
| We're ridiculously excited that is heading to this December! |
VIDEO: wears her monkey for six weeks:
Watch Nina Conti's new stand-up DVD trailer: Watch clips from Nina Conti Live: Dolly Mixtures, featuring Monk and Granny,
My episode of Sunday Night at the Palladium goes out on itv next Sunday 21st, with Earth, Wind & Fire, Maroon 5, Hal Cruttenden & Nina Conti
Nina Conti performs her hilarious human puppet ventriloquism act Live at the Apollo | Comedy Central UK Subscribe to Comedy Central UK:
Female comics are putting themselves up for panel shows says Mark Linsey. Namechecks Nina Conti & Sue Perkins. Hmm
I liked a video Chelsea Handler, Nina Conti & Allen Stone on Craig Ferguson
Christopher Guest's "Family Tree" on Amazon Video (free!) is very funny, kind and sweet. I'm blown away by Nina Conti (and Monk). :)
Tonight's Live at the Apollo will be one to watch! Check out Jimeoin and Rob Beckett ahead of their shows here at Komedia Bath! (tickets for both shows are available from our website - links in comments below) Plus the lovely Nina Conti will be hosting! BBC One, 9:30pm - set your VCRs now! :)
Amused Moose competition now open: Entries to Amused Moose Laugh Off 2014 already exceed 200, including some from as far afield as Dublin and Dundee which is brilliant. So if you are a newish comedian and haven't entered, don't take too long doing so. Amused Moose Laugh Off 2014, supported by BBCWorldwide/2entertain was won by Jack Whitehall and Sarah Millican ... with finalists and other winners such as Jimmy Carr, Kevin Bridges, Nina Conti, Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Simon Amstell, Rob Beckett, Alex Horne, Andi Osho and Josh Widdicombe amongst many more. So clearly getting the exposure from taking part is really useful, let alone the £1500 if you win, and the photo portfolio and showreel which are the prizes for all the finalists too. The Final happens at the Edinburgh Fringe where half the audience are comedy industry people from around the world as well as the UK. And there's a public vote right the way from the heats. Full details are on a link on Please read everythi ...
Jack Whitehall's been crowned King Of Comedy and Best TV Comedy Actor at this year's British Comedy Awards. He saw off competition from the likes of Alan Carr, Sarah Millican and Lee Mack to pick up the evening's biggest award. Miranda Hart was awarded Best TV Comedy Actress, and Lee Mack and Nina Conti were named Best Male and Female TV comic respectively.Funny Man!!!bk*;)
Cookery show presenters face competition from Miranda Hart, Nina Conti and Sarah Millican for best female comic award So there may be something funny about a soggy bottom after all. Great British Bake Off presenters Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc ……
Sick Beard: Download Finished: Live at the Apollo - 8x01 - Dara ? Briain, Nina Conti and Danny Bhoy
Great line up at SAP User Group Gala Dinner: Ardal O’Hanlon, Nina Conti, Mawa and the Melo – D, Lady V Saxophonist, Madhen on Nov 25th
I swear Nina Conti is only a good ventriloquist because she displays her massive knockers so guys never look at her lips..
NINA CONTI is looking for couples for REHEARSALS NEXT WEEK IN LONDON for her new game show jacktomkins
I can never predict chat with Tonight included Nina Conti, Indian economy, Dog Eat Dog and Portsmouth being a Mad Max dystopia.
Monk with Nina Conti this never fails to put a smile on my face!
Brilliant! And Nina Conti also won for her wonderful documentary Her Master's Voice.
Nina Conti on Russel Howard's Good News this woman is hilarious
Just watched ventriloquist called Nina Conti.Funny as...well worth a search on you-tube!
Nina Conti is just hilarious when she gets the face masks out 👌👌
Okay, I have stopped fancying Victoria Coren. I have moved all my affection over to Nina Conti now. Just saying.
Nina conti is one of the funniest people on tv, makes me laugh everytime
Nina Conti is the only comedienne to ever make me laugh.
Award for shiniest locks to Claudia Winkleman with special mention for That Fringe (runners-up Nina Conti and Lorraine Pascale)
Nina Conti is so funny. She is just so amazing!!!
I love Family Tree. Nina Conti is the bestest. :)
Your comedienne of the day, Nina Conti.
Everyone search nina conti on YouTube .. she's hilarious omg
Nina Conti 'a ventriloquist's story' is better than I remember all those years ago. There was some scarily ironic things in it too..
Also at are Nina Conti, and many more!
MT“Even if you hate ventriloquism, this Nina Conti clip is pretty *** hilarious: Ping
Back from the theatre, Nina Conti was brilliant! Now time to chill and get to bed at 4am
Supporting Nina Conti in Northampton. Love testing out Craig David references on OAPs...
Went to see Nina conti tonight. She was
Little Giant Ladders
I bought the puppet from an animal sanctuary jumble sale. I thought it'd be amusing and cute, like the one Nina Conti has.
Going to see Nina Conti at the theatre tonight! I'm really excited!
Al Stewart was excellent again last night. Signed my set list. Complimented me for it too. Tonight am going to see Nina Conti
One of my favourite things is meeting someone who shares my view of Nina Conti.
Nina Conti in 'Her Masters Voice' - looks at ventriloquism as an extension of the human psyche. Fascinating.
Nina Conti tickets just available. Please call 01423 502116 to book. Good luck!
Hilarious Nina Conti. I'm trying hard not to lose it in the office:
… but Nina Conti was brilliant in that thing - Family Tree - earlier this year …
and Nina Conti, Lucy Porter, Josie Long, Francesca Martinez, to name but a few.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Nina Conti on friday night!!
NEWS: Comedians and to appear at Liverpool Playhouse this October -
Why ventriloquist Nina Conti is no dummy: Comedian and daughter of actor Tom bring her Dolly Mixtures show to ...
Nina Conti...what a triumph. Hilarious dog and monkey. Very clever. Please rebook for next year. Terrific
This weekend has absolutely flown by. On the plus side, I got to see Nina Conti (hilarious), I finally finished… —
Nina Conti is my favourite person ever omg I'm in hysterics
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And Nina Conti is imminent. Finale to our great run of shows for festival.
Please note that both the Stand Up Lincolnshire Showcase & Nina Conti events today are completely sold out!
Nina Conti phenomenal on Live at the Apollo just now.
Nina Conti on Live at the Apollo now, top class
Nina Conti made me cry with laughter, so unbelievably funny!
Nina Conti was absolutely brilliant this evening. A superb act, so funny. Great to have such stars here in
Brilliant support act for Nina conti at the arts complex now waiting for her to come on :-)
Would love to have been at Old Trafford for now but already have tickets for Nina Conti .
Oddly enough I saw Nina Conti last night - as brilliant a ventriloquist as dear old Peter Brough was a bad one (apparently).
Then Flying Flapper & Lincs comedy showcase with sold out Nina Conti gig headlining Sunday & that's just
I can't decide if I want to be Nina Conti, or be on her.
I can't believe how hot Nina Conti is. I definitely would.
I favorited a video Nina Conti monkey act at Edinburgh Comedy Live
Buzzing in anticipation to see nina conti at the theatre royal in Winchester :D
Off to see Nina Conti at and I am BUZZING for it.
Oh - and I saw Nina Conti's dad in the musical They're Playing Our Song back in 198... Err.. some time ago. (ahem).
Nina Conti live at the Apollo op I am in tears.
QI with Sean Lock, Bill Bailey AND Nina Conti, like a dream line up with the greatest ever Mr Stephen Fry
I have a wee crush on Nina Conti and her puppets.
"Sometimes I look at Gran on stage and think 'THIS IS YOUR LINE WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING?' " - Nina Conti
2 returns for Josh Widdicombe tonight Cash only at the box office. Be quick! 1 ticket left for Nina Conti in Sunday.
On the way to Wimborne to open for Nina Conti, proving you can play air guitar and drive at the same time.
looking forward to a busy weekend; boys swimming lessons this morning, 2500 City fans away at Swindon this afternoon, a couple of post match Arkells, back to Bristol to check out the refurb at the Naval Volunteer; then seeing the amazing Nina Conti & monkey in Bath on Sunday; rounding the weekend off nicely with Manic Street Preachers at Colston Hall on Monday. Big thanks to grandparents for admirable baby sitting volunteering. It'll be tough but we can do it.
We have the legendary Bill Oddie with us Thurs - then Lee Nelson, Phill Jupitus, Terry Christian, Doc Brown & Nina Conti all in Sept
Last one... Noah Webster's quest to publish the first-ever dictionary of American English. Drunk historian = Nina Conti.
Sorry last time. If you get a chance go see Nina Conti..
Yeah, it's Nina Conti. She's pretty much playing herself as that's her act.
Wow. Nina Conti at the was bloody brilliant! Nice to be dragged on stage half way through as well!
SO wanted to love on but just feel it's trying too hard.Not as funny as I'd hoped although & Nina Conti funny
Loved Nina Conti's new show, especially Killer the dog, and relieved with to discover the true identity of God.
This lady knows how to have fun! Give it up for Ms. Nina Conti when you need a big LOL!
I'm glad. Bit obsessed by Nina Conti too. Reviews have been a bit mealy-mouthed
I *love* Nina Conti, but that monkey is so rude and always shows her up. No idea why she sticks with him.
Would stay up longer but I have the kids tomorrow morning then . Off to see Nina Conti . Should be a good night out
I haven't seen Girls so I can't comment on it. Did you see Nina Conti's doco about ventriloquism?
Two hours in over four weeks and waiting to do more than nod a joke. # Family Tree aside from Nina Conti
I must be the only person who likes Family Tree. I don't like Nina Conti but Chris O'Dowd is hilarious
Oh god, how did I not see Family Tree before now? Nina Conti's Monkey! Michael McKean!
Nina Conti is really the weakest part of Family Tree, it just feels like...they tacked a ventriloquist act on to the show for no reason???
Nina Conti and Tom Bennett. The only reasons to watch BBC2's Considering the rest of the casting, what a letdown of a show
So now Nina Conti has made it official: we are legally obliged to call you God!
Waiting to see Nina Conti at the Soho Theatre.
Thanks for sharing this video of ventriloquist Nina Conti. Your are right, she's very funny. Renee
Hilarious performance by ventriloquist Nina Conti. Enjoy! via [video]
mom's brought tickets for us to see Nina Conti's tour in solihill on the 5th october yess
Because sometimes we all just need a good laugh!. Nina Conti - Human Puppet Dancing
I liked a video Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News - Ventriloquist
I know we have Nina Conti coming to but we know someone who has 4 tickets to her show in Contact me if you want them...
Nina Conti oh my god I wet my pants every time.
Hilarious! - Probably one of the best ventriloquist performances ever: Nina Conti. [VIDEO]
Watched Nina Conti's doc, Her Master's Voice, on Netflix. Absolutely loved it.
And Spit the Dog , And Nina Conti with her cynical Monkey , Who care's about storyline would be to busy Laughing !
Best outcome for those of us who want to get away from the standard White Male Gallifreyan is if it's Nina Conti AND A TOY MONKEY
I have absolutely NO RESPECT for Tom Conti anymore since I realised he spawned Nina Conti & allowed that stupid Monkey to exist.
Nina Conti is usually very good, worth a watch on Live at the Apollo from a couple of weeks ago.
I don't normally watch Sunday morning t.v but loving that has Nina Conti and Seasick Steve on
Lol ..Nina Conti never fails to make me laugh XD
Cor, that Nina Conti is a talent vacuum isn't she? Dreadful.
never realised Nina Conti was on Sunday Brunch too. Funny lass.
Nina Conti is the worst ventriloquist.
Watching Sunday Brunch with nina conti not quite as funny at 🙊
Nina Conti is touring in September...we ned to try and get tickets!!!
So I check Nina Conti's tour dates and she's not in Scotland. At all. Rubbish.
Nina Conti, not so much ventriloquism as talking through gritted teeth.
wow nina conti is a rubbish ventriloquist! Just sounds like mumbling
Nina Conti - worst ventriloquist I have ever seen. Ever!! She's just talking through her teeth! Rubbish!
has disarmed my usual wrath by having Nina Conti and Monkey as guests.
Catching up on Family Tree, making me lol a lot! I must admit always found Nina Conti's act irritating but think it works in this.
How is Nina Conti getting this famous?! In my opinion she's pony!!!
Nina Conti is quite possibly the worst ventriloquist I've seen in a long time. You cant even tell when the monkey is talking! Bizarre woman.
Nina Conti is the worst ventriloquist on TV. Not funny and just awful at ventriloquism. How does she get work? Turning off Sunday Brunch now
I love nina conti's monkey's face its so cute, I wish I had a cake of its face
So much comedy to see this Autumn - take a look - Seann Walsh, Adam Hill, Phill Jupitus, Doc Brown, Nina Conti & more
Comedy-wise, I would absolutely recommend Nina Conti, Ed Aczel, Marcus Brigstock & Mark Thomas, and also in great form.
Loads! Spent lots of time watching comedy (Dylan Moran, Nina Conti) as well as Bloc Party, Foals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alt-J, ...
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Nina Conti live at the Apollo - the art of ventriloquism at its best
Didn't think it was great, might warm up in the next episode. Not sure it worked for the usually excellent Nina Conti.
I think Nina Conti may have Wayne Dobson tied up in her attic
Family Tree was great, nina conti and monkey made it for me :p
Nina Conti - Bringing People Together - the art of ventriloquism at its ...: via : )))
Family Tree on Aren't comedies supposed to be funny? Redeemed solely by presence of Nina Conti and her Monkey.
Morning! Right, your feedback on and suggested questions for Nina Conti of last night's Family Tree (BBC2) and Live at the Apollo (BBC3) pls
Nina Conti on Live at the Apollo was amazing.
You won't get an argument from me. Have you seen this film featuring Monkey? (oh, and Nina Conti too):
Just watched Live at the Apollo. I'm not a huge fan of ventriloquism but Nina Conti is probably the best ventriloquist there is!
Is Nina Conti playing the festival? That may be the most I have a laughed at a comedian in quite a while.
Did you spot Ken Campbell's daughter Daisy and Nina Conti?
Just watched on Amazing! One to watch out for. Brilliant. Love the show. Glad it's back.
Nina Conti on new Live at the Apollo, proper funny when i saw her about two years ago
Nina Conti is the funniest female I've ever seen by a country mile! She's now in my top 3 all time comedians with McIntyre and Flannagan. L
Nina Conti on Live at the Apollo with masks on audience members faces girls mask looks exactly like Katie Hopkins!!
Just watched Nina Conti on Live at the Apollo, she is just brilliant. Her person ventriloquism is so funny it has made my cry man tears
in which case im confident you'll be with me in your view of it. Nina Conti prefers no sauce with a Full English incidentally..
The puppet malarkey was just pathetic. Nina Conti is embarrassing and Chris O'Dowd just isn't funny.
yeah think so. The weirdness of it is intriguing though. Also: Nina Conti.
Nina Conti has to be one of my favourite comedians, I just can't stop laughing after her live at the Apollo act
Nina Conti is by far the best female comedian, only one that's actually funny !
I wont lie, I had my doubts about Nina Conti, but she's quite funny
Enjoyed first episode of Not a fan of Chris O'Dowd, but it was funny, especially whenever Nina Conti was on screen
Nina Conti is so refreshing in comedy! So jealous my parents are going to see her and her monkey
That was very good indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to see Nina Conti and her monkey!
Attempting to watch Family Tree on BBC2. I like Chris O'Dowd and I love Nina Conti but all these Sp*rs references are f%annoying!
Giggling at on BBC2. More Chris O'Dowd & especially Nina Conti - about time ventriloquism was made fun again! She's brilliant!
Nina Conti should ditch the monkey for once. I'm sure it won't be too upset...
Had high hopes for Family Tree but did it really need Nina Conti? Lovely woman but saw her ventriloquist act once and that was enough.
Will have to watch Family Tree later. Just for Nina Conti, she is such a good ventriloquist, my favourite next to Ray Alan.
Nina Conti and her bloody monkey puppet in are the least welcome supporting characters in comedy since Casaandra and Racquel.
Is Nina Conti's monkey schtick really necessary?
It's always great to see Nina Conti and Monkey on TV
Family Tree on Chris O'Dowd & Nina Conti starring, has kicked off brilliantly.
it's funny! You know she's a ventriloquist with that monkey? She's called nina conti
YES!nina conti has a part in a sitcom Family Tree along with monkey!
I do love Nina Conti.Ventriloquism still *** balls though.
No, not Nina Conti and her fken puppets! :'( :'( :'(
Am I alone in thinking that Nina Conti really isn’t such a good ventriloquist?
What the *** is this 'Family Tree' thing? Prob be ok if that nina conti didn't have her bloody puppet. Who thought that was a good idea?
What would happen if Monkey and Nina Conti fell out?
Wow! Nina Conti is in Family Tree. And with Monkey. Why didn't you mention this, ? Still waiting for you to appear.
Family Tree didn't really need to shoe horn in Nina Conti's puppet did it? Couldn't she just... I dunno... act?
Nina Conti and Monkey in a sitcom. Super.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The beautiful Nina Conti and Christopher Guest: what could go wrong? I'm looking forward to this.
Nina Conti in Family Tree is carrying my school bag. Monsoon special from last summer. Same colour too.
I wonder if years of being a ventriloquist is the reason why Nina Conti doesn't open her mouth properly when she is speaking.
Nina Conti and Chris O'Dowd in a sit com on bbc 2 now. Yes please!
Watching some new comedy on BBC2 with Chris O'Dowd & Nina Conti :)
Nina Conti is just too funny best ventriloquist ever!!!
Nina Conti the ventriloquist on live at the apollo is a must watch.
Nina Conti is just too funny in Live in the Apollo
Shattered but managed to drag myself to the gym. Now watching Live at the Apollo - Nina Conti's set has made my sides hurt from laughing.
Oh wow Nina Conti on Live at the Apollo. Absolutely amazing!
Nina Conti makes my jaw ache from laughing so much! She's amazing!
Nina Conti is hilarious, oh my God - ventriloquism is making a comeback :'D
I don't know why but I find Nina Conti so fkin hot
Nina Conti in Live at the Apollo is killing! Brilliant ventriloquist...
Nina Conti is the best female comedian in years.
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I really really like Nina Conti she has already made me LOL and she's been on stage 3 mins
Nina Conti the ventriloquist that was just on Live At The Apollo was amazing 😂
This ventriloquist Nina Conti is killing me atm 😂😭.
Nina Conti on is an absolute revelation. Brilliant Absolutely hilarious stuff.
Nina conti is such a good ventriloquist
Nina Conti is on my screen.. Good times good times
Only good bit about watching C4 Comedy Gala on catch up is fast forwarding past Lee Evans and Nina Conti.
Are you about to see the following at the O2? Join Alan Carr, Jack Dee, Jo Brand, Jonathan Ross, Josh Widdicombe, Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Noel Fielding, Paddy McGuinness, Paul Chowdhry, Rhod Gilbert, Rich Hall, Seann Walsh, Miranda Hart, Warwick Davis and Nina Conti - plus a very special show-stopping performance from street dance phenomenon's, Diversity. Oh that must be me ;)
Getting ready to to see some great comedy at e.g. Nina Conti - Dolly Mixtures
Someone PLEASE sort me out with a ticket! "Nina Conti: Dolly Mixtures - Soho Theatre":
Nina Conti at Soho Theatre. Not yet - haven't been able to find good tickets
I liked a video from Nina Conti Ventriloquist Human Puppets OMG
Nina Conti on Russel Howard's Good News - a really funny new ventriloquism technique I not seen before.
I laughed so hard that my eyes leaked! "Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News" on YouTube -
Ventriloquist Nina Conti’s (documentary ‘Her Master’s Voice’ has been nominated for a Television BAFTA.
Right now, on stage, we can see Nina Conti's monkey.
is appearing at the Soho Theatre during May
Nina Conti had all the crowed in stitches! Very funny
Loved seeing you on stage with the amazing Nina Conti!!
"I applaud Adobe for their total randomness in booking me" - Nina Conti
Oh boy is about to get destroyed by Nina Conti on stage at
Funny act of Nina Conti and her monkey on the stage
Nina Conti and her monkey are hilarious
Award winning comedienne and actress Nina Conti is in the house
Just watched nina conti live at the apollo on you tube! FUNNIEST THING EVER!
I liked a video Monk with Nina Conti
Christopher Guest is doing a new sitcom starring Nina Conti and MONKEY! Too excited.
Wait, there's a Christopher Guest series coming to HBO? With Chris O'Dowd? AND Nina Conti? Get out of my brain, HBO.
Yes. Clare Balding is a great shout! I might go for Nina Conti.
Just been watching Danny Bhoy and Nina Conti on Live At The Apollo Hilarious as always.. the surfing was class! :)
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thought d other little korean was nuts, this one is "excuse me". speaking of puppets watch Nina Conti's doc is great,
Yeah great performer! I've heard good things about Nina Conti.
Spontaneous decision to go and see the incredible Nina Conti at MICF tonight! Can't wait.
The Sunday Age is recommending show along with Nina Conti and Tracy Morgan in this year's
You have to watch this! Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News via
Underbar humor :) Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo
Don't usually like Nina Conti but this is hilarious!
Nina Conti at Melb comfest brilliant. If u like that youtube clip get a ticket.
About to see Ruby Wax. Very excited. Watched her interview with Liza Minelli in preparation. Nina Conti last night was excellent.
Seated for Nina Conti but $8 for a bag of chips and a bottle of Pepsi? GTFO! (@ Melbourne Town Hall w/ 3 others)
Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo. Hilarious and so incredibly talented.
Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo.this is so funny.have a great laugh!
Saw Nina Conti at opening of Melbourne Comedy Festival tonight. Great show not to be missed...
I suspect this will happen a lot this but I highly recommend Nina Conti. Hilarious! V witty & interactive.
Nina Conti is hilarious and I want monkey and killer (the pitbull terrier) for myself
Strolling from Nina Conti's first preview at the Town Hall across to the HiFi for Paul Foot. How civilised.
Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo - Very funny!
Elizabeth Strout + Nina Conti interviews, Philip Temple on class and snobbery in the ascent of Everest.
I liked a video Best ventriloquist performance ever by Nina Conti
Nina Conti is an amazing ventriloquist!
Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo
Why have I just heard of Nina Conti
Sorry! Link is here. Nina Conti, worth a watch!
Nina Conti is by far THE funniest female comedian alive. Hilarious.
I just watched NINA CONTI: HER MASTER'S VOICE. I never imagined I would weep copiously during a movie about ventriloquists.
Nina Conti human puppets live at the apollo: via
Best ventriloquist act ever! Nina Conti, ladies and gentlemen..
Thanks for all the entries for the Nina Conti tix, the double passes have been won.
We have 2 x double passes to Nina Conti at on Thurs 28. Email editorto win.
Nina Conti and her alter ego Monkey messing with Jon Faine's mind
Ok. Got it. This is just like that Nina Conti doc!
I liked a video from Nina Conti - Best Ventriloquist Performance Ever
Video: thefruityboots: Stand up from the wonderful, Nina Conti. omg i laughed and cringed, so much awkward
Comedy? We have 2 x doubles for Nina Conti "Dolly Mixtures" show on March 28, just email editorto win.
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo lady ventriloquist with real people human puppets: via
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo: via This will make your day!
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo this is so funi baby, youve gota watch it :-) xxx
Something to brighten up your Thursday. This makes me laugh so much my face hurts! Nina Conti at x
this made me laugh so hard thought i would share it with you Nina Conti Live At The Apollo
Watch the amazing Nina Conti, hugely talented and very funny. If you've ever wanted to 'throw your voice' watch and learn!
If youve got 10 mins this is guaranteed to brighten your day!!! Nina Conti Live At The Apollo
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo I've seen this woman before she is absolutely brilliant, I'm crying with laughter!
Found this on FB - hundreds of thosands of shares! Nina Conti Live At The Apollo: via
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo... have a giggle at this
I laughed so hard at this dont know why. Had to share though. Watch "Nina Conti Live At The Apollo" on YouTube -
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Nina Conti Live At The Apollo.. This also good for anxiety 😆
Need a laugh? Then I suggest you watch this “Live at the Apollo” clip starring ventriloquist Nina Conti & 2 victims —
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo this is absolutely brilliant!
Only fo today. Wll conti on friday xx
Nina Conti Live At The Apollo. This is hilarious. Never seen this before.
Looking at the comedy list this year... Rich Hall, Danny Boy and maybe Nina Conti. :D
BLACK SMOKE! This can mean only one think: Nina Conti & her ventriloquist monkey 'Monk' have been elected as the new Pope.
This is really funny. 😂 Nina Conti on Russel Howard's Good News - YouTube
This had me laughing so hard, I was actually crying! Nina Conti - Best Ventriloquist Performance Ever
I added a video to a playlist Nina Conti Live At The Apollo
Just been to recording of a radio show that included plate spinning and ventriloquism! Bizarre and hilarious. Nina Conti - brilliant.
Interesting radio show I've just been guest on, with Nina Conti, Robert Powell and Wagner (yes, off x-factor). Talked QM with monkey puppet
Seeing Nina Conti at the BBC now yay
Off to see Nina Conti make a radio show at the BBC tonight
One ticket going spare for Nina Conti's radio show tonight at Ghee Ghee See Groadcasting House
I can't wait to hear it if it's online. Nina Conti is an outstanding ventriloquist.
Perhaps I forgot to mention, I'm going to london tomorrow to see Nina Conti
Just watch Nina Conti's Doc about the Vent convention. Wow you guys are quite the group. Almost as crazy as magicians.
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Hilariously funny ventriloquism sketch by Nina Conti where a member from the audience is fitted with a dummy mask and asked to dance.
Ventriloquist is something, I've spend many times to watch Jeff Dunham, Paul Zerdin & Nina Conti :) Lol
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