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Nina Blackwood

Nina Blackwood is an American disc jockey and music journalist, who was the first of the original five MTV VJs.

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Nina Blackwood? I never knew who Martha was until a few years ago.
I was always more of a Nina Blackwood fan
Okay, but did she have a Nina Blackwood perm?
no offence to Nina Blackwood or whatever her name is but couldn’t you find someone who doesn’t sound like…
Does anyone have recollections of Mtv VJ Nina Blackwood pronouncing Double as "doo-BLAY"?
Nina Blackwood grills Jerry about his beauty regimen.
30 minutes into the answer Jerry Garcia returned the Nina Blackwood's question of if he wanted a water.
Ever needed a reason not to smoke, just listen to Nina Blackwood on SiriusXM. She sounds horrible.
A cool look at what our Weekend host Nina Blackwood was doing during Thanksgiving weekend in 1990!!
*** just telling today’s kids that MTV actually had music videos (that you would wait to record o…
JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and Mark Goodman. Throwing toast in a movie theater. Pong. S…
GREAT interview with Nina Blackwood imbedded in the article,
Your not old. Nina Blackwood was one of MTV's original VJ's back in the early 80's. Videos were it!…
hey all ur voice tracks on are outta whack, Nina Blackwood just ramped "I want ur sex" as tommy tutone's 867-5309
Is Taylor Swift channeling her inner Nina Blackwood in
Nina Blackwood on XM...that familiar old voice harkens back to better times.
Bow down to OG VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and the late, great J.J. Jackson!
Why does she look like Nina Blackwood from ancient MTV.
36 years ago today MTV went on the air with original VJs Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, &…
missed listening to the 80s at work but i sure did not miss listening to Nina Blackwood
Well and listening to 80s on 8 at work and why does Nina Blackwood sound EXACTLY like Sandy Kane? What a voice...
SiriusXM has hired original MTV VJs Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, and Mark Goodman to host its 80s on 8 channel. Like, totally rad!
Heard Nina Blackwood on radio a few weeks ago. She sounded like me after bypass surgery
Mark Goodman is 64, Nina Blackwood 61 and Martha Quinn 57. And yes, this depresses the *** out of me.
Lunchtime Poll! Who was ur favorite Mtv VJ from back in the day? Mine was Nina Blackwood! - Kim
do you know who nina blackwood is? me either. they had the exact same job. Nina just had it longer.
If there was a movie about the Series who would be in the role of Nina Wilde and Sophia Blackwood ?
seems to be going with the Nina Blackwood look tonight.
Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, and Martha Quinn were the originals, after that recollection gets fuzzy.
80s Saturday Night will be Rockin' New Years Eve starting at 7pm with Nina Blackwood and 80s 'til midnight! Party...
Any update on that budding Kool Moe Dee-Nina Blackwood romance?
MTV should go back to showing music videos ... Yea Nina Blackwood ...
Are there any other awful-and-wonderful MTV combinations out there? Is Nina Blackwood married to someone from Duran Duran?
Every ONE of these people would NEVER be invited to ANY party I was hosting. I miss Nina Blackwood's hair.
What could MindlessTV possibly do better in 2017??? Go back to the 80s format and bring back Nina Blackwood.
I don't pay for my radio to hear Nina Blackwood talk over half of the songs. She shouldn't be talking right up to lyrics! STFU!
Umm...what Holy *** is this? Bring back Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn. (can't believe…
Now that the 90's are over and more time has gone by, the 80's sou...
Nina Blackwood, one the original MTV VJ's brings you a whole bunch of 80's, this evening with Absolutely 80's...
My reading is always about musical biographies. I have an innate i...
First of all, you needed a budget to do the video. The record compan...
This is awesome thank you Nina Blackwood. For giving this to us near Christmas
How packs of cigarettes does 80's on 8 dj, Nina Blackwood smoke a day? Her voice is horrible
I am a curious person and, believe it or not, I really do like to ...
The ghosts of Alan Hunter & Nina Blackwood will get them. Altho, Remote Control was funny
It may be cold outside but we've got a brilliant casting today with Nina Gold for our client ❄️
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I worked with three people who were doing video music shows before...
I get real excited when I hear my shows on the radio.
Public speaking. Seriously my voice was gone this morning. Nina Blackwood scratchy. 😬
The hardest and worst interview that I have ever done was with F...
I could not do the film Spinal Tap because I was already at MTV an...
Absolute 80's is three hours of mainstream 80's music. I also do New Wave Nation that is mor
I grew up in Ohio, and I was a musicologist since I was little; it is all that I would ever
Thank you former MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood, for the share!. Mark & NeanderPaul
When you are young your imagination is so clear.
I happened numerous times At the ACC. Sorry you missed it. We had Styx in the mix. We also had Nina Blackwood, AC/DC, Blah... Blah.
The thing that they were more freaked out was that I had done a spread for Playboy years bef
I was in the pilot for Spinal Tap before it was a movie.
Interviewing people is pretty natural for me.
MTV died when Nina Blackwood turned out to be David Lee Roth's luv mother.
When I worked for Entertainment Tonight I got to emcee Paul McCartney's press conference.
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I must own the edition of Play It As It Lays that depicts Maria as original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood, heretical as it…
"Bruce Lundvall, heard Marx's demo and knew he had a star on his hands". Nina Blackwood took it from Wikipedia. Still nice. :)
Nina Blackwood had a really nice description of your song 'Don't mean nothing' ... on the 1987 Big 40 Countdown.
. Charlotte: I like seeing your pelvic bones. Forrest(as Nina): this is so uncomfortable
with Alan Hunter? Or Martha Quinn? Or Nina Blackwood? Or JJ something or other? And there was another dude with big hair. Lol
CNN the 80's I want my MTV love to my friend Nina Blackwood.
I am like the little rock n' roll backseat driver.
Christopher Guest movies are my top of the line favorites.
One month from today you could be playing celebrity bingo with Nina Blackwood on the cruise!
And the editor of the year award goes to...xo!
Hey Called you out in the class tonight! For writing so clean. :) Love you!
Mark had the pleasure of catching up with Nina Blackwood this week! See the interview here:...
Nina Pencil Skirt - S/M ... was purchased from someone in blackwood, -
Read about what it was like to be an VJ in the book, VJ. E-book on-sale NOW for $1.99!
love to my VJ pals and ! 34 years ago, all in the book VJ, $1.99 sale!
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Happy anniversary 34 years ago, these authors were part of the revolution. Read abt it in VJ $1.99 sale
Nina Blackwood did news before Kurt did. Let's not forget Headbangers Ball. Ricky Rachtman was so cool when I was 7.
Happy Birthday to MTV and to all the old school crew Alan Hunter Nina Blackwood Martha Quinn Mark Goodman and RIP...
34 years ago, who knew would be so iconic? Read about the first VJs in this book, now on-sale for $1.99!
Happy 34 TeamVJ is celebrating with super sale of VJ ebook to $1.99! Get it here:
Happy anniversary ! My publisher is celebrating by reducing the price of my ebook to $1.99! Get it here:
Start your Saturday night off right with Nina Blackwood's Absolutely 80s, Saturdays at 6PM.
Yeah, Nina Blackwood's voice on XM sounds like drunk ET.
Martha Quinn, nina blackwood and Mark Goodman, no doubt. Maybe JJ Jackson and Alan Hunter on weekends.
Great episode of WIN, LOSE OR DRAW from Philly: Mr. T, Nina Blackwood and Brad Garrett...
My friendly chat this morning has given way to an 80's music earworm. Look out Nina Blackwood, it's about to get Solid Gold up in here. 😜
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Our will be hosted by original Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood. Details here:
hi Nina Blackwood I just wondering if I can send this to you please
Hey Billy remember back when MTV first came out and Martha Quinn Nina Blackwood Vj's would play 24/7 videos ? Back in the day.
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Let me know when Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood are guest hosting "Fox & Friends"
Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn were my gals!
"I'm a little bit to the left of things anyway...".
Just read the background story of John Waite and Nina Blackwood on "Missing You"
Nina Blackwood's speaking voice on the 80s on 8 channel on Sirius = Bea Arthur's voice had she lived to 407.
Someone at Sirius has started editing out Nina Blackwood's inhaling between sentences. Wheezegate is real.
My Guitar World interview with Alan and Nina about VJ! Thanks for a great read!:
Do you still want your MTV? Me too. Check out my new interview with original VJs Alan Hunter & Nina Blackwood:
MTV VJs & Talk New Book & more in my Guitar World interview:
Origonal MTV VJs Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood Talk New Book, Van Halen, Ozzy and the Eighties: It was 12:01 ...
Original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood's voice is how I assume dragons would sound if they could talk.
Did Nina Blackwood just do a segment about collectible stamps?!
Listening to Stuck in the '80s Podcast (Episode 287 (Nina Blackwood))
after the MTV3 Tuukka report did Headbangers Ball come on or Nina Blackwood as VJ?
Spent about an hour on youtube watching the old music videos. Remember spending hours watching the same videos over and over...and the VJ's Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and the others. Of course, this was when MTV actually played music videos.
October 3, 1983 ... At Lancaster, England's John Waite, with "Missing You." Waite, formerly lead singer with The Babys ("Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think Of You") launched his solo career in 1982. His debut album, "Ignition," produced the single "Change," which became popular on album rock stations, due partly to its music video, in heavy rotation on the then-new MTV. "Missing You," co-written by Waite, appears on his second solo album, "No Brakes." It was rumored, and later confirmed, that Waite wrote the song for MTV veejay Nina Blackwood. "Missing You" topped the Billboard Hot 100, the Top Rock Tracks chart, and the Canadian RPM chart. (In 2007, Waite re-recorded "Missing You" with country star Alison Kraus. Their version reached Top 40 on the Country Tracks chart.)
Nina Blackwood's voice is not pleasant to listen to at all. She sounds so unhealthy I can bearly stand to listen to it. Obviously she has been a heavy smoker over the years. Even her breathing sounds laboured. If you are going to be on the radio you should have the voice for it.
XM DJ Nina Blackwood sounds like she needs to drink some water. Or puke up a lung.
Where were you in '81? Oh, for the good old days of Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, et al...
yea! Caught the interviews on Soundcheck (WNYC). It sounds .. Um .. Revealing. Nina Blackwood is still scary 32 yrs later
Today is MTV's 32nd Birthday! One of MTV's original VJ's NINA BLACKWOOD will be on the Big D Morning Show...
Kinda thought this tag was gonna be about Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn. Not quite.
I go back to Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and the gang.
I favorited a video MTV Broadcast from May 1983 with VJ Nina Blackwood
Nicole, you must pick up "VJ UNPLUGGED", the story of the original VJ's of MTV. Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood >>
Thanks for the warm welcome back to the microphone, but not sure what's up with my Nina Blackwood voice this morning.
And our flight attendant sounds exactly like Nina Blackwood. I feel like a"Hey Mickey" video is about to break out.
Wings Hauser as Ramrod in Vice Squad is cinematic brilliance ne plus ultra. He hits Nina Blackwood in the privates with a wire hanger.
Not that I needed confirmation, but I am old. Watching a morning news talk show and their hint for 'guess who's coming to breakfast?' was 'this former MTV VJ is a new mom.' I immediately think to myself 'it can only be Martha Quinn or Nina Blackwood.' How sad... :)
Listen to Absolutely 80's with Nina Blackwood right now on 106.9 The Eagle. This is our newest Saturday night program. Listen to this radio special every Saturday night from 7-10 p.m. only on The Eagle.
I am Nina Blackwood was my favorite MTV VJ years old.
What's the story on this Nina Blackwood chick? Does she have a respiratory condition or does she think that raspy breathing has sex appeal? I can't stand to listen to her talk. She sounds as though she smokes a dozen packs of cigarettes a day.
2 of 5 stars to VJ by Nina Blackwood
I just used Shazam to discover Aeiou by Ebn-Ozn. Thanks New Wave Nation with Nina Blackwood!
It Begins. Time to streamline the FB Friend List! Looking to share Musings and Bliss with the Enchanted, Radiant Souls that wish to share Visions and Stories... Who Wish to Dream along and to Traverse the Stars with me in Thought Word and Deed! *wink* Here we Go! ;)
For F**k sake. Have any of you SiriusXM Radio subscribers heard Nina Blackwood on the 80s channel? Listen when...
Click through to check out what MTV's original veejays -- Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson and Nina Blackwood -- have been up to since they signed off.
3 of 5 stars to VJ by Nina Blackwood
80's on 8 has the orginal Dj's from MTV. Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, and Mark Goodman. When I listen, it brings back memories of watching MTV when they first aired.
Hey kids 4 Father's Day- Coz your Daddy has always thought HOT!
Yeah I know, this is old news. MTV was ruined several years ago. I didn't get to watch enough of it when it was good because I didn't have cable back then. Palladia is probably the best music station now.
On page 262 of 336 of VJ, by Nina Blackwood
On page 205 of 336 of VJ, by Nina Blackwood
How may of you watched MTV ? Who was your favorite VJ ? Was it Martha Quinn Alan Hunter Nina Blackwood Mark Goodman ? 80's
So today I'm taking the award for sexiest voice ever!! Can you say raspy?? ;)
Way to go with the Nina Blackwood follow!
Trivia question (for Old People who remember when MTV played music, or for people with good Google skills): What were the first six words spoken on MTV? Bonus question: And what was the first video immediately after that?
Tune in to SiriusXM Channel 167 at 10am for my interview on the WardAndAl show! Original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood and DEXTER star C.S. Lee will also be on the show!
Enjoying listening to Nina Blackwood on XM 80s station Breaking down the hits from 1986!
Sirus 70's on 7 top 40 is week second week if June 1972 not so good. Got to go the 80's I think.
Been listening to 80s on 8 on Sirius. Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter are all alive and well.
Nina Blackwood from last week's Quinn's AM Army on 94.3 WQCM The Rock Station
Loving my 80s on 8 xm station with Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, and Martha Quinn, the original MTV VJs. Yes kids, MTV was cool to watch at one time in history. I saw the vjs on an interview. Martha looks the exact same and the others haven't aged that much.
Ha this is so great! Nu Shooz posted a 1986 Tour T-Shirt. Were you at any of these shows?? For your answer I CAN'T WAIT.
Starting my Buggles cover band this summer. I need a Martha Quinn.
If you are looking for good summer beach reading material read I Want My MTV. It's a cool behind the scenes look at the beginnings of MTV and all the partying and rock star indulgences that went on. If you were a teenager like me when MTV first came out and actually played videos it's really interesting.
Does Nina Blackwood on Sirius 80's on 8 & an original MTV vj also the same lady that does those "Stop smoking" TV commercials? Geesh.
Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn are DJ's on Sirius radio station 80's on 8. Do you know where we first heard these names? If you liked music television in the 80's you should know.
DAY 2 Quotes of the day: “It’s hot!” (by, like, everyone) & “Take a picture of me looking dramatically into the ocean” (by Brooke) Today, we started our day by eating a balanced breakfast of cereal and sweat. Everyone, including the manliest of men, complained about the long walk (which was less than a quarter of a mile) and heat on the way to the Peoples Church of Bahamas. The group stood outside the church taking pictures and talking about anything but the UV-rays wrinkling and burning our skin. As we entered the church, many people offered a hand shake and a welcoming grin. The church service consisted of both modern and traditional styles, giving us a small dose of the Spanish Wells style. The preacher spoke of leadership and disciples explaining the real significance of it all. They performed everything from solos to group singing, and they went so far as to play their oh-so-loud organ. The church service ended and we walked back to our well preserved resort to change our clothes and eat. T ...
Mumford & Sons & the Lumineers ain't got nothing on Dexys Midnight Runners!! "Come On Eileen...!!" ;D featured in NBC s Science of Love
Attention all children of the 80s: if you ever secretly or openly loved A Flock of Seagulls, Martha Quinn (or any of the original 5 MTV VJs),or Whitesnake videos, then get a copy of the book "I Want My MTV." You'll be transported back to the decade in ways you never thought possible. I highly recommend the book, and all I can add is thank god for Youtube: without it I'd never get to see those glimpses into the history of music television.
Sigh!!! My inner 16 year old is going crazy because Simon LeBon is on the Beyonce' Concert for Women. Hey.where's John Taylor? He was always my favourite Durannie.
I'm listening to Nina Blackwood (of the old MTV days) play 80's music. Good show. Brings back memories of concerts, parties, RIT dorms, old boyfriends and friends. Hard to believe time has flown so fast.
TONIGHT - Nina Blackwood and the VJs are on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD ... Please check your local listings. (And pass it along!)
Nina Blackwood,Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman & Martha Quinn promoting their new book and reveal what it was like to be a VJ in the early days of the music channel.
The Howard Stern Show - Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman Interview 05/07/13 Howard came back and said that the original MTV VJs are there. He said he's talking a...
Up next on it's the original MTV VJ's - Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn
Original MTV VJs go 'Unplugged' in new book: Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman share ...
Join us on Wednesday at 6pm for a special event with the original VJ's from MTV. Nina Blackwood,Alan Hunt,Martha Quinn & Mark Goodman.
'VJ' tells of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll at MTV with Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter:
I know them all! Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman & Martha Quinn! FAB!
Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter. First they were MTV djs, now they all are Sirius XM djs.
listening to Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood on Sirius XM 80s music!
A young Nina Hagen doing a punky—some might call it demonic—live cover version of “Ziggy Stadust” around the time of her Unbehagen album in 1980. I like the Bauhaus cover, too, but I like her version even better. It’s great to see how NIna Hagen has managed to retain such a devoted cult following…
Geez, old enough to have listened to music on MTV. Bet it was just an excuse to ogle Martha Quinn or Nina Blackwood.
Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn, two of the five original MTV VJs, tell about the network's early years
Bodybuilding and fitness photography portfolio with selected images from various photo shoots with competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes: Shaun Blackwood (UKBFF), Nina Ross (UKBFF), Nathan Gar...
MTV VJ pioneer Martha Quinn, 'America's kid sister,' talks sex appeal, Bryan Adams and why she dated Paul Shaffer, of all people
...Alan Jackson, Mark Goodman, JJ Jackson, Nina Blackwood, and Martha Quinn are the originals.
This is one of those must read books, stories from Martha Quinn Nina Blackwood Alan Hunter is worth a read for...
DMC, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Nina Blackwood and our very own Jane Root join HuffPost Live to discuss National...
Join me RIGHT NOW as I sit down with Malcolm Jamal Warner, DMC, and Nina Blackwood! via
If you listen to the 80s on XM Radio, you know that if a cigarette could actually talk, it would sound like Nina Blackwood.
of course--tell J he wins a date w Nina Blackwood har har
4 of 5 stars to VJ by Nina Blackwood
If early senility hadn't caught up with me I'd remember who Nina Blackwood was.
If my cervix could talk, it would sound like Nina Blackwood.
Wait, Nina Blackwood. Didn't she used to be called Nina Williams?
Nina... Please cover that song, life would be complete-ish
MTV Doc about the original 5 VJs who started at the channel's debut in 1981: Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson and Martha Quinn, includ...
Nina Blackwood's voice is so throaty she makes Homer Simpson's sisters sound like Karen Carpenter.
Final round.I've got onE more set of free tickets to give away.which of these celebs are from the cleveland area.,Northeast Ohio ..grew up here counts. Dr. Oz, Robert Patrick, Tracy Chapman, Nina Blackwood, Ed O'neall, Boz Scaggs, Fred Willard, Joel Grey, Jack Parr, Debra Winger, Al Roker, Burgess Meredith or Jim Backus. At least three are correct
Riley thinks I am insane because I could name the five original MTV VJ's. If you're my generation (50 years old give or take), I say you can do this. Right?
Remember when the "M" in 'MTV' stood for Music instead of Morons?
Nina starts her singing lessons this Thursday Night!!! So excited for her and anyone looking for a great private teacher check out Musically Speaking in Blackwood!
I agree Trav, the voice is getting better. You've gone from Lauren Bacall to Nina Blackwood.
If you wanna make sure your kids never smoke, make them listen to Nina Blackwood on Sirius XM!!
*** ..I remember Nina Blackwood on MTV, but she legit sounds like Krusty the Clown on my satellite 80's channel. Easy on the smokes, ladies
Nina Blackwood sounds like she smoked every cigarette ever made
Nina Blackwood plugs David Lee Roth's show and proceeds to play Van Hagar.
why can't MtV bring back videos? I just recently heard Martha Quinn on Sirius. Nina Blackwood was up next
Dear Humidity, I am sending this because of your recent arrival back to the area, while I do appreciate what you do to keep me to from having to use handfuls of lotion on my skin. I would however like to send this request: Please be kind to my natural curly hair. It has been so long since it has had the honor of your presence. While it is great to have the curl, the word FRIZZ, is the inconvenience we would like to avoid! Thank you so much! Sincerly, Who knows- maybe- Robert Plant, Nina Blackwood, Gilda Radner, Gnewt, Albert Einstein, or a Troll Pencil
So I'm listening to the 80's station on Sirius and Max asked if Nina Blackwood was Marge from the Simpsons because they sound the same! Lol! They do actually!
Listening to 80s on 8 on XM radio..OMG, Nina Blackwood sounds like she is now 136 years old.
Was listening to the original MTV veejays on Sirius just now. Martha Quinn still sounds like she did in 1984. Nina Blackwood sounds 84.
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And these are the original VJ's that introduced the videos, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, J.J.Jackson, Alan Hunter and (sigh) Martha "twinkle eyes" Quinn. My peeeps.
The Big 40 Holiday Songs from the 80s Countdown starts in about 2 hours! 9pm ET, 6am PT! Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter & Martha Quinn countdown the songs you voted for!! Replays thru Christmas Day!
A Great Christmas song from Billy Squier along with the MTV Chorus including the Original MTV DJ's, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson an...
Clips from the TV show Electric Avenue, shot at Club Coconuts in the Flats in Cleveland, 1990. Co-hosted by Nina Blackwood from MTV and me.
I just had a flash nightmare: a daily 3-hour podcast in which Harvey Fierstein and Nina Blackwood discuss Tennessee Williams plays.
Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight, tune your radio to Sunny 105 for Absolutely 80s and New Wave Nation hosted by original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood
In 1955, my favorite movie, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" opened as a play for 694 performances; Paul Newman and Steve McQueen are two examples of cool I admire, Steve McQueen made his network TV debut in 1955; Elvis made his first TV appearance; Ray Kroc starts the McDonald's chain of fast foods; Oklahoma's own Mickey Mantle hits 3 consecutive home runs; Rock around the Clock tops billboard charts; Disneyland opens its doors in Orange County; Gunsmoke premieres on TV; Elvis first appearance on Ed Sullivan; Captain Kangaroo premieres on TV; Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus; the musical, "Oklahoma" became a movie; average income was $4,137; gas $.23, milk $.92, bread $.18, Ford car $1,606 - $2,944, baseball glove $9.95; Kevin Costner, Eddie Van Halen, John Grisham, Greg Norman, Bruce Willis, Reba McEntire, Ellen Barkin, Nina Blackwood, Billy Idol, and on September 24, 1957, Rick J. Henthorn was born at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City. Best life lessons so far, thank God for eve ...
Happy 57th Birthday to one of MTV's original veejays (and Ginger to Martha Quinn's Mary Ann), Nina Blackwood.
Even heavy Narcatics can't make the VMA'S better! Oh, how I miss the day's of Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, Mark Goodwin and then of course all the great performers from Duran Duran, Green Day, Maddonna, Alanis Morrisstte, and all the classic 80's bands.the artists today don't even sing???
Just realized I don't know 1/2 the performers on MTV Where's Nina Blackwood & Martha Quinn when you need them?! Ha!!!
Nina Blackwood went to my HS. along with a guy famous here but no one else knows Michael Stanley. oh, and me :)
Tonight @ 8 it's Absolutely 80's with Nina Blackwood...The Honeydrippers, Level 42, Jack Wagner & more!
Q: What was the order of VJs to speak when MTV first started airing? A: Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman.
Father Time and tobacco have not been kind to Nina Blackwood. She should be doing PSA's on the dangers of smoking instead of DJ'n a radio program.
*** Clark & Don Cornelius in the same year? Please have someone check on Casey Kasem and Nina Blackwood!
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