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Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal (born 26 March 1992) is a Danish fashion model. Agdal, who grew up in Hillerød, Denmark, has modeled for Billabong, Macy's, Frederick's of Hollywood, and Victoria's Secret.

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13 nina Agdal ariel Meredith Body Paint 18 more of her at-->
Nina Agdal was born on March 26, 1992, in Hillerod, Denmark as Nina Brohus Agdal. She has a sibling as Emil Brohus.
Danish babe reveals the details of her first kiss. 😳 💋 https:…
Love is in the air in The Hamptons this summer! dishes on Nina Agdal's new man and ScarJo and Colin Jost's summ…
last year celebrity softball game we were blessed with Nina Agdal, this year it's Christina Milian, this is better than the actual derby
This year's celeb/legends game will be lame. There's no Nina Agdal. 😍😍😍
Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal call relationship quits after one year
Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly splits with another model girlfriend
Leonardo DiCaprio and model girlfriend Nina Agdal split after just one year
Leonardo DiCaprio is single again, for now:
Leonardo DiCaprio is single once more:
It's over for Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal via
Oh my gosh. What a shock! Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal break up via
Leonardo DiCaprio is single and ready to mingle !! 💔. DiCaprio and Model Nina Agdal Split the breakup is recent,...
Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal have split, says source - Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Sports Ill...
Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Nina Agdal split after one year of dating
BREAKING: Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Nina Agdal have broken up, a source tells ET. More to come at
Leonardo DiCaprio & Nina Agdal are single for the summer. After a year of dating, they've have decided to part ways:
Glad there are some things in this world we can always depend on
Nina Agdal. The main reason I still pay the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue any mind nowadays, to be honest.
He's turning into Jack Nicolson >Leo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal 'cuddle' at Fallon's Globes party via
Leo DiCaprio got friendly with a model who was not Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal A Night at Sea VIP Boat Cruise sponsored by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in Miami
No way Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Nina Agdal now? why am i laughing so hard
but remember when he dated Nina Agdal for 3 hours
Nina Agdal in Tank Top and Tights out in New York
Nina Agdal could mother my children I swear
She fine but I can name other finer white girls: Taylor Swift, Taeler Hendrix, Elizabeth Gillies, Nina Agdal, Kat Dennings.
Hot stuff: Nina Agdal sizzled in a bra and satin skirt at the DKNY New York Fashion Week show o…
Joy to Drive: Built for Comfort Nina Agdal, Akin Akman & the FirstEver Buick Envision
OOC: I think I've settled on Nina Agdal as Trista's new PB. Any objections? I'm looking at you, ()
"Lemme see that track suit," I said, clicking on the article that features exactly ZERO PICTURES OF TRACK SUITS!
Nina And Kansas City Tuesday: Nina Agdal inspires our link compilation for the afternoon amid a somewhat busy...
Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal enjoy the sun together in Malibu
New story from Sports Illustrated in Swimsuit : Watch Nina Agdal ride The Cyclone in NOTHING BUT A BIKINI
Nina Agdal and Trainer Akin Akman Design Stretching Routine Specifically For Long Drives and the new Buick Envision
Nina Agdal and Akin Akman created a custom Stretching Routine for new
.LeoDiCaprio's girlfriend NinaAgdal sounds like the perfect travel companion:
Seeing latest pics of Nina Agdal, one can understand why Leo DiCaprio lives in the fantasy world!.
Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a day of fun with supermodel girlfriend Nina Agdal - Daily Mail
Spend your Monday afternoon with the FLAWLESS More:
Shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio strips off to enjoy day in the sun with girlfriend Nina Agdal
Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys a day with bikini-clad supermodel Nina Agdal via
Nina Agdal on Birth Control, Fake Tans, and the Before-He-Wakes-Up Face Beat via
Sweatpants & converse on a plane this girl is my jam
I just left a comment in "Leonardo DiCaprio showcases his dad bod as he relaxes in Malibu with his latest model g...
Is Nina Agdal wearing any underwear while playing in the MLB Celebrity Softball game?
I like nina agdal in baseball pants
Nina Agdal blaming people on her team for not letting her know to touch the bag.
Saw a dude on our Instagram page tag his girlfriend and tell her she'd look better than Nina Agdal in a baseball unifo…
.and I talked sports back in April. Now, I wish I taught her how to run the bases
After watching the celebrity softball all star game I've decided I'm going to marry Nina Agdal😍😍
What's the one app that Danish babe can't live without?
Nina Agdal, not big on baseball rules
I could watch Nina Agdal run by first base all day
She didn't know she had to touch the bases, but Nina Agdal sure looks *** good in a baseball uniform 👀
📷 grasonas: Actor Tyler Hoechlin (with model Nina Agdal and actor Glen Powell) attends the New Era Pool...
Nina Agdal and her white pants were the star of the Celebrity Softball Game
Jenny Finch and Nina Agdal are the best part of the celebrity softball game😍😭
Nina Agdal batting 2nd for the national league all star game...yes
Nina Agdal in "Nina Agdal's Guide to Eating in New York City" for CR Fashion Book: Photogr...
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Nina Agdal makes it pretty clear what team she’s rooting for ⚾️
Nina Agdal shows off fit figure in Yankees gear at Macys in NYC
New Photo:. Ciara with models Chanel Iman & Nina Agdal at the Veuve Clicquot Carnaval in Miami. 🌞
Nina Agdal in Leggings - Going to a Gym in Miami, September 2015
Babes and bodystockings, 13_nina agdal_06. Sexy girls in stockings, secretaries in pantyho…
Model: Nina Agdal with the amazing smile!
The very beautiful and sexy Nina Agdal,she's got an amazing figure x just stunning x natural beauty x
Watch hot babe with sexy stockings, 13_nina agdal_09. Sexy girls in stockings, secretaries…
Nina Agdal in Leggings and Sports Bra - Riding a Bike in Miami - November 2015
Huge *** 13 nina Agdal 02 We like women with huge boobs and busty girls! Busty model lik…
Agdal# Looking back on my last post i do think its safe to say it wont be nominated in
Kendall this, Gigi that. What about Nina Agdal tho???¿ Ugh
Photos and videos of hot, erotic, beautiful, nude girls, 13 nina Agdal 27 Hot girls want s…
Nina Agdal talks to the women of South Beach vía
Agdal# I finally did it! Filling up this amazon pantry box is one of the biggest accomplishm…
2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Nina Agdal was photographed by James Macari in Great Barrier Reef,
Cover Girl: Danish model Nina Agdal is the hot favourite to be crowned the Sports Illustrated cover
These are the Nina Agdal pics Sports Illustrated decided not to use - Hollywood Gossip | MovieHottie
Board shorts or speedos? asks the ladies of Miami some important questions.
Victoria's Secret Nina Agdal We are the champions HD via
Just realized it's been forever since I've seriously considered Nina Agdal as a potential mate's FC. this is all your fault.
Nina Agdal went to the hospital after falling on her face during an SI Swimsuit photo shoot--
Funny girl Nina Agdal takes a stab at Crash Cab, asks her cab driver if he's on Tinder via
In case it wasn't clear, today is a Nina Agdal day
Leave it to to make Monday look SEXIER than ever before!
Poor can't find her pants. Can anyone help?.
Leave it to to start her 2013 shoot with a trip to the hospital.
More for Nina Agdal. Because the only watchable spices on Entourage come in bikinis.
When a NYC cab driver picks up SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal, he ends up losing his bumper...literally vía
How would you feel if asked about your status on Tinder?
I've been creeping on Nina Agdal all day
Ran into Nina Agdal on the subway. Didn't know people could look so beautiful without makeup. Am I a *** now?
Nina Agdal's social media is how it should be d
Nina Agdal - out and about candids in New York, July 10, 2014
Nina Agdal showed off her booty in a formfitting red crochet dress and white standout heels at Canne
You eat at Trader Zack with Nina Agdal. You order onion kidney stones.
"You shall be sexed to death by Nina Agdal—". 'I guess there are worse executions.'. "—after she has eaten a bag of Funnyuns!" . 'HAVE MERCY!'
*** I wish Nina Agdal model on instagram -
You question Nina Agdal. You gamble with smurfs. You stay at the Melissa Rauch Shack. Good night.
Take a mental vacation this afternoon with Danish beauty
If that's what every guy has to look like to get Nina Agdal's attention then please let an alien abduct me now.
Leave it to the one and only to spice up Fall 2015!
New trending story from Sports Illustrated : Nina Agdal is a ‘Wild Child’ for Bal Harbour Magazine
Alum Evan Cather and his pupil at the Jim McLean school Golf, SI model Nina Agdal featured by Golf Channel!
Even supermodels have to wait for the subway sometimes
Big boobs, hot clevergirls nina agdal. Huge boobs pretty busty girls. Busty girls are fun!…
Nina Agdal waits for the subway and more star snaps of the day
partied with Max’s girlfriend Nina Agdal on Monday morning before leaving a nightclub with her in New York City.
Nina Agdal adds a touch of glamour to skintight workout wea... |
Nina Agdal - out and about candids in Miami, January 31, 2015 .
SI Swimsuit models get intimate as they travel across America via
I forgot how much I love Nina Agdal
We quizzed our favorite people on their avocado toast & fitness habits:
Gentlemen (and some ladies): become an improv comedian. If you get lucky, you might get Colin Mochrie to make Nina Agdal spank you on TV
Nina Agdal. Because the only watchable body on Entourage come in bikinis.
Nina Agdal at the Entourage movie premiere
Rap or rock? Dogs or cats? Get to know 2014 cover model a little better!
I added a video to a playlist Nina Agdal at Photoshoot by Jeff Olson 2015
miami7celebs: Amber Heard NUDE watch -
We have a great selection of hot chicks galleries, 13 nina Agdal ariel Meredith Body Paint…
How many SI model lookalikes are there? You've got Nina Agdal, Erin Heatherton, and Kelly Rohrbach. 👍👌👍
I wanna wife Hannah Davis, play golf with Nina Agdal and have Chrissy Teigen cook for me. That's it. Not asking for much.
But they're not generic boobs. They are Nina Agdal boobs. Being adorable.
its like having a chance with Nina Agdal and picking Bea Arthur
I'm gonna get *more* high and drunk and then look at Nina Agdal photos.
Basically just spent the last hour looking up Nina Agdal pictures.
Nina Agdal - WOW, WOW and MORE WOW! Love her slickly hilarious commentary as well.
Nina Agdal and her boyfriend Reid Heidenry spotted out for lunch ... -
"or nina agdal" I second this.. she even said once that he was her crush :(
Meet Model-turned-spin-instructor, at ride, bring home goods http:…
Nina Agdal is really good at her job
Nina Agdal is a bare-faced beauty as she shows her street style at lunch with ... - Daily Mail
Golf Digest TMZ corners supermodel Nina Agdal and asks about her golf game: TMZ likes sending its reporters to...
Nina Agdal says ghosts kept her up during Paris Fashion Week as she signs autographs Nina Agdal told a ghost story as she arrived at JFK Airport in New York City after attending Paris Fashion Week. The 22-year-old Danish model was
One of the most beautiful girl and top model of the world - Nina Agdal from Denmark. ModelingClub
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Photo: celebstarlets: 8/16/14 - Nina Agdal at the 2014 Big Knockout Boxing event in Las Vegas.
Wow Chef almost steals this article from hot model
Nina agdal is so *** attractive but then she's a tree. She's gotta be like 6'2
Adam Levine and Nina agdal coulda been the greatest couple of all time. OF ALL TIME
Just tagged Niall in like 10 of Nina Agdal's instagram pictures so he'll get the hint and date her
Nina Agdal body and face of bikini surf brand Mambo
I'd wrap my balls in flaming barbed wire just to get a whiff of Nina Agdal's hair from a mile away.
Let's join Nina Agdal by the pool with these pictures
Had a dream that me and Nina Agdal were best buds on an awesome adventure but went and woke me up and ruined it!
Nina Agdal In Bikini, Every Shut Up: There was a lot of words today on the website, even if I'm honest, nothin...
Nina Agdal’s In A Bikini, Everybody Shut Up: There’ve been a lot of words written on the site today, too many ...
Congratulations to our model search winners! And thank you to Nina Agdal for being our special guest judge! 💕👙
apparently Nina Agdal went to prom for a replacement of Kate Upton why am I late on this news
Nina Agdal Because She’s Hot: I may have stopped giving you guys daily updates on Nina Agdal‘s hotness, but ma...
Nina Agdal in a bikini is always welcome around here ---   10% Off
.Agdal had a better weekend than we did, judging these bikini babes at
Rosalind Lipsett is Hotter than Nina Agdal of the Day
Nina Agdal isn’t letting her ex Adam Levine’s wedding get her down. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model, 22— who was unceremoniously dumped by The Voice mentor via text message just d...
Others on my 10/10- Gisele, Emmy Rossum, Sam Hoopes, Nina Agdal, Candice Swanepoel. Take if for what it's worth.
On set with The beautiful Nina Agdal today 💗
love ur campaigns hope one day Nina Agdal can shoot for u guys 😘
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 - Special HD with Nina Agdal,Kate Upton: What is the name of the song?
Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen take you Behind the... - via
Somebody, anybody, please pass us a cool beverage because we're burning up! Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girls Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal reunited at the 2014 Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards. The beautiful trio, who...
Sports Illustrated has released a teaser video for this year's 50th anniversary swimsuit issue. The models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen adorn
Andrew Luck is a the River Belle Terrace place to live. I like to play Nina Agdal but I am not good at it.
Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal reveals her best dating tip
Nina Agdal And The Kansas City Saturday - Nina Agdal is the newest bikini sensation and right now she inspires a...
Kate Upton graces the back cover of the Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit edition as a secondary cover to Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal. Subscribe for more videos: Follow and subscribe to our host:
Nina Agdal breaks down her butt workout:
Sports Illustrated cover girl, Nina Agdal, is at the Heat game and Roger Federer is here. I would love to meet Roger.
“Nina Agdal breaks down her butt workout: 💃
Hot Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge on the cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit -
SI Swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge are surprised with the reveal of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover. Share th...
Two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Nina Agdal stars in the sexiest commercial that ran during the 2013 Superbowl for Carl's Jr.!
He was recently spotted leaving a nightclub with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal. But Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be back in the arms of his rumoured girlfriend Toni Garrn
You know you have a crush on Skylar Diggins. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t look anything like a Tulsa Shock WNBA basketball star in these new Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos either. Taken from the same cover that featured Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal & Lily Aldridge, Skylar was one of the few wh...
What do you think of Sports Illustrated's 2014 Swimsuit Edition cover featuring a rearview beach shot of Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen?
The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s anniversary edition to go on sale February 18. Nina Agdal, Lil Aldrige and Chrissy Teigen all star on...
Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's 50th swimsuit issue. See some of their sexiest shots, inside.
Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sports Illustrated officially unveiled the cover of this year’s eagerly anticipated Swimsuit Edition. The 2014 cover will feature the unbelievable behinds of the lovely Dane, Nina Agdal, as well as fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge, and John Legend’s wife,…
The new SI swimsuit issue hits newsstands Tuesday. And while Kate Upton is featured in the magazine, she's not on the cover. Instead, Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen adorn the cover of...
It's that time of year, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is here! Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge grace the mag's 50th Anniversary cover wearing nothing but cheeky bottoms and big smiles. (Right click the video and click 'Play Video' to watch)
New SI swimsuit cover makes TV debut on Kimmel: Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge all make the cove...
The cover is here feat the buns of Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen & Lily Aldridge. See it:
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"The swimsuit issue celebrates 50 years! Thoughts on the cover?
3 MODELS APPEAR ON THE COVER FOR Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated is marking the 50th anniversary of its swimsuit issue with three models on the cover Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge.
Standing in the crystal blue waters of the Cook Islands, swimsuit models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen posed together in skimpy bikini briefs.
Here’s the cover for the 50th Anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. It features Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen showing off their *** The cover lists “the past,” “the present,” and “the future.” Did Nina Agdal’s *** get listed under the past? *** That’s...
Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge were all ecstatic to find out they'd landed the cove...
Chrissy Teigen is featured in a steamy swimsuit picture alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge on Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary edition's front cover. The sexy image, which was unveiled on Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC, marks the 50th anniversary of the publication's...
The highly anticipated 50th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit both celebrates history and makes it as Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen appear on the… [Read More] more
As Sports Illustrated celebrates the 50th anniversary of its famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the publication's highly anticipated 2014 cover was revealed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The cover models: Nina Agdal, Victoria's Secret Angel Lily…
Photo: siphotos: Lily Aldridge, Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen pose on the beach of Rarotonga in the Cook...
Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge strike a playful pose in the picture topping the magazine's annual swimsuit edition.
Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen are my idea of swimmers,
Sports Illustrated has managed to outdo itself with this year's Swimsuit Edition, putting more than one model on the cover for the first time since 2006. The 50th anniversary issue features a sexy trio of supermodels including Nina Agdal, Chrissy Teigen, and Lily Aldridge.
The biggest selling issue all year ... right guys? It's here! Sports Illustrated Swimsuit just unveiled it's much buzzed about 50th anniversary issue and the coveted cover spot goes to models Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal! LIKE?
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is out! L to R Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen
I want to be any of these women. Lily Aldridge,Chrissy Teigen & Nina Agdal: Sports Illustrated via
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Sports Illustrated just released the coveted cover photo for the 2014 edition of their Swimsuit Issue and the sexy trio of Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen will grace the front of this year's magazine...
Check out this video that Sports Illustrated has recently released and get to know everything about the stunningly beautiful Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model,Nina Agdal.
Max George 'dumps Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal' as she steps out with
The Wanted's Max George and Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal have reportedly split after just a few months of dating.
If he could dump his bandmates like yesterday’s news the Nina Agdal should have been able to see her own break up with Max George coming. It’s not like he and the rest of the world hasn’t heard about her cheating with Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite the both of them already being in relationships Eonlin
Nina Agdal is rising quickly to the top of the "most beautiful models in the world" list. Here's a brand new shoot with Bebe for S/S '14. Photographed by David Roemer.
The spring-summer 2014 campaign from Bebe heads to Miami for a set of sultry images starring Nina Agdal. Photographed by David Roemer
Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal have been spotted together on a number of occasions but what is happening?
Hannah Davis, Nina Agdal, Serena Williams, Meghan Markle and Shay Mitchell participate in the DirecT
Meghan Markle, Shay Mitchell and Nina Agdal participate in the DirecTV Beach Bowl at Pier 40 on Febr
To the delight of Bros everywhere, the Entourage movie started shooting this week. Sports Illustrated supermodel Nina Agdal Instagram'd a pic of her
Nina Agdal is a 21 year old Danish fashion model and easily one of the most stunning in the world. If you're a wildly successful musician, you might actually have a shot with her, seeing as her dat...
From vintage shots of classic beauties to newcomers like Nina Agdal and Kate Upton, here are 30 of the hottest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photos ever.
Viewer discretion Nina Agdal’s Sizzling Bod and Other Fine Things to Ogle
Three timeouts will make me about as nervous as I would be trying to talk to Nina Agdal.
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Monday LINKS w/ Nina Agdal, Honest Test Answers from Kids and Selfies of 2013 – the best, worst and most revealing
The first thing my family is going to see when they come into my dorm room is my Nina Agdal poster over my desk
Rookie of the year Nina Agdal goes to the Seychelles for her first SI Swimsuit 2012 shoot. For more exclusive photos and videos go to
Nina Agdal, Adriana Lima & Friends Star In Kevin The Intern’s After Dark: We round up the day with the hottest...
All I want for my birthday on friday is for someone to buy me a Nina Agdal poster.
Nina Agdal showing off her sexy bikini body at Sauvage Swimwear 2014 photoshoot
Nina Agdal Does Sauvage Bikinis Good!: Since I know that you guys love Nina Agdal bikini pictures as much as I...
If the Irish one from 1d can get Barbra Palvin and Max from the wanted can get Nina Agdal, I think it's obvious I need to be in a boyband
The Incredible Body of Nina Agdal Fills Sauvage Bikinis Perfectly in their latest Photoshoot: . I can't say en...
The Danish Super model Nina Agdal, is now BEBE's official new face. The 21 year old has modeled for some of the major brands of the world that includes Sport ...
Nina Agdal squeezes into Three Bikinis on Romantic Barbados vacation: English: Nina Agdal squeezes into Three...
SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal, tests New Yorkers how much they know their city.
of the Week: & getting the NYE Party started early for bebe
I liked a video Behind the scenes Nina Agdal Carl's Jr. advert
I was doing a selection for a client of some beauty i shot, and just found this photo i took last of Nina Agdal,...
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Nina Agdal - Sauvage Swimwear 2014 x19HQs: Posted by R Feature:. *** On her knees in that one piece..
Photo: your hotness is painful to my eyes Nina Agdal
SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal shows viewers what's in her fridge and what clothes she loves wearing.
you & Nina agdal ♥ cute ! can you help me get followers from the rest of ? ♡ :D
Can't cope with how pretty Nina Agdal is:(
Nina Agdal is perfection though. I'd kill to have her face and hair
Nina Agdal Height and Weight, Bra Size, Body Measurements and other personal information about this Model.
I'm starting a petition for Nina Agdal to be a Victoria's Secret Model
Nina Agdal is a Danish fashion model. She is best known for being a Sports Illustrated Model.
"Harry followed this model, Nina Agdal who apparently is Max's (The Wanted) girlfriend.
Don't ask my why my profile is nina agdal
VIDEO: Nina Agdal proves she has dance fever in online video | Mail Online
I know I do a post on Nina Agdal pretty much three times a week, but can you blame me? She’s the hottest supermodel out there right now, and she’s always working, because she’s always got some new lingerie or bikini shoot for us. But just when I was starting to wonder if Nina ever got time off to re
The vivacious Nina Agdal talks working out, shooting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, being discovered and her love of teeth for Esquire's "Women We Love" segment.
May 25, 2013: Kate Upton stands up Jake Davidson prom proposal SuperModel Nina Agdal ROCKS the prom instead. He's the teen who made headlines ...
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TVandSHOWBIZ: Nina Agdal hits the beach in her Barbados bikini
SI Swimsuit 2013 models Alyssa Miller and Nina Agdal reveal what they would do on their perfect day, what talent they wish they had and MUCH MORE.
5Crew Entertainment: Nina Agdal slips into a tight minidress then uploads pic of her posing with sexy
Battle of the Babes hath arrived! Joanna Krupa and Nina Agdal are so hot it should almost be illega
Nina Agdal is on every magazine I open!Real proud
There was certainly no sign of holiday overindulgence when Max George and Nina Agdal shared some snaps of their trim bodies after returning home this week.
Supermodel Nina Agdal is spotted with her new man, The Wanted's Max George, in Barbados. She brought her work uniform aka, a bikini. Ref: SPL660514 021213 Video by: SNTV / Splash News Source: Splash News TV
Swimsuit and lingerie model Nina Agdal is insanely sexy. Check out her 40 hottest photos in bikinis, lingerie, and showing serious skin ...
This is the hottest Nina agdal wallpaper on my opinion. This wallpaper show nina agdal wearing the white sexy lingerie that come in HD widescreen resolution
Nina Agdal wearing Green sexy lingerie you can download as your wallpaper. This is a HD widescreen wallpaper that will fit as your desktop background. We sure
After you download nina agdal in pink lingerie now you an download Nina Agdal Hot In Purple lingerie Wallpaper that you can download for free, You will never
Nina agdal so sexy in pink lingerie. This wallpaper you can download for free in HD widescreen resolution. We sure that if you use this desktop wallpaper will
Imagine how flawless the child of Nina Agdal and Max George would be omg I'm already jealous The Wanted
Nina Agdal Has a Nip-Slip During Photo Shoot, Remains Stunning: See the Pic! Help isn't coming from over there—unless Nina Agdal was looking at the person with the fashion tape. We won't say that Adam Levine's model ex-girlfriend suffered a nip slip today, considering how perfectly happy she continued to look when her dress slipped to reveal pretty much her entire right breast during a photo shoot in Miami Beach Agdal was posing at water's edge for Bebe's Spring 2014 campaign when the wardrobe malfunction occurred. (Maybe the strap on Bebe's lovely white slip dress needed a little tightening.) But perhaps the 21-year-old Danish beauty is a student of the Miranda Kerr School of Modeling, because she didn't seem too concerned. Agdal instead just rearranged the dress' neckline and got back to the business at hand. Later on in the shoot, she was joined in the surf by a male model. Fully dressed once again, she shared on a pic on Instragram in which she's photobombing a woman who's kicking back and reading t ...
Adam Levine's ex-girlfriend Nina Agdal comments on his engagement to fellow Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo.
Ex not bitter about Levine engagment: AS MAROON 5's Adam Levine gets set to marry model girlfriend Behati Prinsloo, it seems his ex-girlfriend Nina Agdal has no hard feelings. (PerthNow)
No wonder Max George fell for her: Nina Agdal stars in bikini shoot via
Max George opens up about model girlfriend Nina Agdal: "She lights up the place"
If Nina agdal comes to the Foxwoods show I would literally die if I met her
Ariana Grande and Nina Agdal was watching The Wanted's performance in LA last night!
"Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Nina Agdal, Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun & Rixton are all at The Wanted's concert right now!!
none of those things is Nina Agdal in a throwback gulls jersey. Doesn't reg. on the chub scale. everything is as it should be
Nina Agdal is so pretty in person like no.
Nina Agdal in sexy bikini pictures for Martha Rey Swimwear - Guyism via
Nina Agdal Bikini Perfection for Beach Bunny: Our Danish Delight simply can't be stopped when...
Supermodel Nina Agdal knows you can enjoy and still have with Mints!
Nina Agdal in a Bikini, Because Nina Agdal’s in a Bikini
Nina Agdal Does Galore Magazine: This photoshoot of Nina Agdal getting all soaped up for Galore Magazine‘s “Bo...
Holy crap, Nina Agdal is so much hotter than Kate Upton: Yeah, I said it...
what are your thoughts on Nina agdal?
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Nina Agdal rocking sexy bikinis like only she can
Nina Agdal by Gavin Bond for Galore Magazine 2013. See full photoshoot:
Get Amazing and Beautiful NINA AGDAL In Lingerie HD Wallpapers, Pictures, Images, Photos only for your PC, Laptop, iPhone.
...Nina Agdal, with Julie Henderson, licks her lips, looks me in the eye, and says "Anything?" And then my body erupted into flame.
Highlight of my young life: Nina Agdal walks in, doorman introduces me, "Michael can take care of anything you need tonight".
Photos: Nina Agdal is so cute: submitted by bdang [link] [comment]
Max George and Nina Agdal are like the cutest couple
I have decided that Nina Agdal might be the hottest woman alive
Max George and Nina Agdal are a thing? Stop too much hot.
Nina Agdal may be the prettiest person I've ever seen
Somebody fetch me Nina Agdal, Im in love.
Pssst... Want to know the secret behind Nina Agdal's bold brows?
(via Babes… Nina Agdal Bikini Pimping for Martha Rey Swimwear: Much like with Iri... - Please RT
So Nina Agdal IG'ed her refrigerator. It only had: Meal replacements, juice & champagne in it😒
I still can't believe that Nina Agdal was in Turkey in October for almost 15 days. Oh my..
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Nina Agdal shows off her sweet body in bikinis via
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