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Nile Valley

The Nile (Arabic: , an-Nīl; Ancient Egyptian: Iteru & Ḥ'pī; Coptic Egyptian: , P(h)iaro, ʿAbbai) is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.

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More tomb raiding from so called archeologist in via
Key Stage 2 guide to in the Nile Valley w a focus on by Philippa Ryan
CWickham: complex commcl patterns along Nile Valley; gaps in evidence re which places mentioned in letters; concurrent systems
CWickham: Egyptian letters reveal local trade centers all along the Nile Valley, multifaith trade and commodities circulating
Unlock history in and discover Valley of the Kings as you embark on a luxurious Nile River Cruise.…
Located in the Valley of Northern borders many countries.
I don't think you should even wear the ankh if you haven't studied the Nile Valley and not just Kemet
new Latest Levallois traditions in the Middle Nile Valley
Egyptian photographer Nour El Refai captures the lushness and greenery of the Nile valley in his work; "Colors of the…
Nile Valley Aquaponics hopes to end food desert
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Find out more about the Nile Valley Aquapoincs Project:
Congrats to Dre Taylor and Nile Valley Aquaponics on their Grand Opening. Fresh fish and vegetables in the communi…
Great event for Nile Valley Aquaponics ribbon cutting!
Best of luck to Nile Valley Aquaponics on your grand opening! Just the beginning of great things to come!
Very proud of grad Dre Taylor on his ribbon cutting of the Nile Valley Aquaponics
Breast Cancer Awareness
Congrats to Nile Valley Aquaponics ribbon cutting today with the KC Chamber! Spoke with Dan Sykes how people's tras…
Here at the groundbreaking for the Valley Aquaponics on the
Nile Valley Aquaponics is back on track to raise tilapia and fresh vegetables after feud.
Nile Valley Aquaponics hopes to end food desert.
The family has a speech area that stretches from the Nile Valley to northern Tanzania and into Nigeria and DR Congo. https…
Nile Valley Aquaponics hopes to end food desert - KSHB
A community garden and sustainable ecosystem-- I'll tell what Nile Valley is all about on at 6:30qm
Come out tomorrow and witness history at the Nile Valley Aquaponics ribbon cutting!
The Nile river valley is so beautiful
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Happy birthday to the Nile river valley himself have a good one bro
Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Val…
Nile Valley Sunbird. "Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words". -…
Valley of the Nile river: lush and green next to the water, completely bare elsewhere. Water is life, so let’s keep it clea…
Bobby Hemmitt Rescue Me If I'm Wrong. (Is an Goddess of the Nile Valley. . She vindicates.
This is why there's NO evidence of white Greeks in the Nile Valley, or of an Exodus of whites.
If you want to reach out and touch people, teach math at East Saint Louis after your term expires.
Mosquitoes carrying two potentially deadly diseases have been found in Thermal. See the full story tonight.
Mosquitoes carrying Saint Louis encephalitis found in East Valley. reports
DOGON: From Nile Valley of East Africa to Kingdom of Mali. Photo: Youth views Dogon rock art. htt…
Before modern wars, Isis was goddess of Nile Valley civilization whose worship spread through ancient world. ht…
The has been spotted in the San Gabriel Valley.
COACHELLA VALLEY: West Nile, Saint Louis encephalitis mosquitoes found in Thermal
Nile Valley Aquaponics Aims to Bring 100,000 Pounds of Wholesome Nutrition to a Food Desert via
All eyes up as the has appeared in the
Dads feedlot on the news. 🐏. Researchers bracing for West Nile's ugly cousin.
Book review: Prof Ogot book out, History of African Civilisations in the Nile Valley via
Here’s where West Nile Virus has been detected in the San Gabriel Valley via
At Janapriya Nile valley you’ll find space for the best things in life. Built to meet international standards...
North Korea declared war on the US and the mosquitos in the san gab valley have tested positive for West Nile virus, gotta Frank Ocean
Researchers bracing for West Nile's ugly cousin
There is no Caliphate or Asia human without Africa. Ancient history begins w/ All migration from Nile va…
Human migration from Nile Valley region, to India. Indigenous Dravidian family lineage, ht…
Agents go door to door in campaign to squash West Nile virus in LA County: In a Sun Valley…
A Player Has Killed A Lion. Born into the Dinka tribe of the Nile Valley region of Africa, Manute Bol...
grab this and read it bro. Nile Valley contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder
Long before literacy hit the US, libaries existed in Mali, Nile Valley, Sahelia and Timbuktoo. To name but a few.
I liked a video from Nile Valley Contributions
in Sinai is a "cocktail" of some local Bedouins, Egyptians from the Nile Valley, Palestinians from neighboring Gaza + other foreigners
Third human case of West Nile virus in the AV for 2015 | The Antelope Valley Times
More helpful background on ISIS's Sinai affiliate by and h/t (terrific title!)
beyond our article on the Sinai Province of ISIS excellent background by
...and the latter is found only here in the Central Valley of California. Numbers declining b/c of West Nile Virus...
. Ok you git me they learned from Egyptians who learned from the people of the nile valley region who are also Africans.
lol. Many groups today are of Nile Valley origin.
I can't adapt/ to simplicity/ always been ancient soul with an abstract/ history/. .Nile River Valley People .
Ashraf Gharabli was Nile Valley operative. This is unlikely to have any implications on Sinai operations or cell behind alleged plane bomb.
experience with flooding such as the Nile River Valley.
Check out the project Nile Valley Aquaponics 100,000 lbs Food Project Valley Aquaponics on
Needs facts about the Nile Valley not speculation or fiction
Kush was one of the Nile valley civilizations, they were black Nubian people who live by the Blue Nile
With no doubt, this is one of the most enchanting ways to see and enjoy treasures of Egypt.
The weekend read: in-depth examination on origins of ISIS Sinai in CTC Sentinel:
How operates in mainland via alliances with other groups
The valley looks freaky from 6000 km long
In Ethiopia the sunrise of human culture took place, spreading down into the Nile Valley. Ethio...
Egypt "Known for its warm weather, bright sunshine and lovely beaches"? Pyramids, Valley of Kings, temples, tombs, Nile??!
The attempt to destroy the original Creator, who came from Sudan & Settled in the Nile Valley has been going for centuries,
that's a bit worrying - isn't the Nile valley the garden of Englsnd?
Sailing Past the Pharaoh's Greatest Site:Egypt's Giza at the Great Pyramids; Nile Cruise past Valley
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TIL Candace or Kentake was the title for queens regnant of the ancient Kingdom of Kush in the Nile Valley.. is aslo…
At the same time that urbanised cultures in the Nile, Euphrates-Tigris, Indus and Huang He river valley are forming, a similar urban...
Pyramids as grain silos shows incompetence of Ancient Egyptian gov't. Nile valley private sector would've hired better architects.
Glendale woman stricken with West Nile virus in recovery via
ISIS Sinai has track record of recruiting Egyptian police & army insiders:
Not necessarily! The Nile valley is very fertile, and Rome relied on Egyptian grain to feed the city!. Carson is still insane
however because of the Nile Valley and Delta, Egypt has always been a grain-rich country.
This Sat historian Ashra Kwesi brings 35 years of study in Nile Valley to educate about the origins of civilization:
South Eastern Nigeria is the densest area in Africa after the Nile Valley in Egypt.
Essential reading on ISIS Sinai affiliate - Baya's remorse? :
good piece on Sinai, but footnotes are missing from 11-35. Any reason, recovery?
Understanding the jihadi landscape in
There's a lot to see in and around Luxor. Here are our top picks:
A great article on how ongoing rivalry between jihadists in is weakening them -playing in authorities' favor.
A comprehensive overview and history of ISIS and other jihadist groups in
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The Bible was first compiled in the Nile valley at Alexandria. Hebrew is one of several Egyptian writing systems.
Recent evolution of militant groups in / .
Essential read from & on Wilayat Sina and the Nile Valley
An excellent piece by and about the recent evolution of militant groups in Sinai/Egypt
Fascinating & detailed overview by & of the recent history of the Egyptian jihadi scene
Best study I've seen on IS in Egypt, history and workings. By
Luxor and the Nile Valley, the premier travel destination of offer/2961
"...Wilayat Sinai has only solidified its identity as a hyper-local North Sinai group in al-Baghdadi’s enterprise.".
Start-up terrorism – "a supporter in Saudi Arabia wired money totaling roughly $220,000 as start-up cash"
The name Nile results from a Greek word Neilos meaning valley, the river Nile is he longest river in the world...
Read and latest article in CTC Sentinel for a very good backgrounder of Wilayat Sinai
I liked a video from Travel Planet: Black African Nile Valley Egypt
Bay`a Remorse? Wilayat Sinai and the Nile Valley | Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
Stony Jackson is America's last hope as he leads an army of felons, thus, and army rejects against the army o Satan -
Preparing for the Nile Valley Rally (10 images): Vintage trailer owners set up for the Nile Val...
Must read in CTC Sentinel on ISIS Egyptian affiliate:
My latest w/Samueltadros in CTCWP on Wilayet Sinai & Nile Valley Jihadism
ppl from all over came into the Nile Valley even the moors hence Ta-Muri and moorish science. West Africa had a big impact
MT Last week in Sudan. Purdue prof in a New Kingdom Period tomb
Last week in the Sudan. Purdue archaeologist in a New Kingdom Period tomb
The alphabet used by Western civilization comes from the. Black Phoenicians who copied the principles from the Africans of the Nile Valley...
DYK? Isis was a Black African goddess of Nile Valley civilizations whose worship eventually diffused 2 ancient world
contributing to boost in West Nile Virus risk across CA. also valley fever.
Our ancestors in the Nile valley have a price tag on their toes all because white excavators want a quick buck via scientific theft.
The success of Ancient Egyptian civilization came partly from its ability to adapt to the Nile River valley.
it's all explained on Geo/psychology basis in Gamal Himdan's books,the farmer who had a quiet easy life huddled in the Nile valley
I propose the NVA (Nile Valley Authority). We'll have Jihadists build Pyramids until they behave like kittens. That ought to do it right?
Nile Valley & Siwa Oasis - Explore the best of Ancient Egypt -
From the 'Divine Speech' of the Nile Valley to Social Media, Black People Have Always Put Value in Communicating
although we do know their many Native American civilizations of many shades, but they were not older than Nile valley
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I don't deny we're a continental people. But, Nile Valley Civilization is the oldest KNOWN civilization. Mu & Atlantis is
AND Nile Valley Civilization is conservatively 10,000+ years old. 50,000+ if you configure their knowledge of astronomy.
1) We know they are not first, but no proof exists to any cultures being older than Nile valley with significant info
The Nile gets its name from the Greek word "Nelios", meaning River Valley
Cairo. We probably hit every temple on the Nile, along with the Valley of the Kings, The Great Pyramids, Abu Simbel, so so much.
Secret of the Nile Valley and American Messiah: via
We had a blast performing for the Daughters of the Nile Fundraiser at the Genesee Valley Church today! Thanks for having us!
no all evidance say otherwise. The started in the nile valley first and then they spread to other parts of the world
The Nubians, a Nile Valley civilization, inhabitants of what is nka Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan,
Its funny when i hear someone who never set foot in the Nile valley and claim Egypt and kush and deny the right to the sudanese
Egyptian Pharaohs - Rulers of the Two Lands .:. Animation of Nile Valley Kings
Yes I am.Well past lives was of Nile Valley,then I had visions of the Inca etc,even when I never believed in Reincarnation
African people from the Great Lake region are linked to the Nile Valley civilization.
Greek visitors to Egypt saw the monuments of the Nile valley so they began copying what they had seen.but Greeks added more expressions
Imhotep), speaks to the original glorification of ancient Kemet thus: "Universal knowledge runs from the Nile Valley towards the (22/28)
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System. In his Nile Valley Contribution to Civilizations (1992), Anthony T. Browder points out that "Homer, the Greek poet, praised (33/38)
write a book of 1,000 pages, you could not put down the names of all the Greeks who went to the Nile Valley in Kemet/Egypt, Africa, (25/38)
The truism is that Thales "received his training from Egyptian priests in the Nile Valley. This is clearly recorded by the Greeks (1/38)
master-thinkers or High priests in the Nile Valley. The Temple of Waset is the world's first university and was built during the (19/22)
The Hebraic word "Cush", translated as "Ethiopia", was used in antiquated times to reference the entire Nile Valley south of Egypt.
Nakada II immigrants moved on up into the Nile valley where they adapted to their new vocabulary from the local population. It's still maat.
The Egyptian vocabulary appears to be native to the Nile valley and may be of North African -- what we call Son of Ham -- origins.
One of my favorite Sunbird, Nile valley sun bird # Ethiopian birds
Sinai became safe haven for ISIS' terror. Reason?Lack of Nile valley population. Million Nile Valley Egyptians will be evacuated from Libya!!
Kemet and Kush/Nubia but other places as well. Because apparently Nile Valley people migrated from Southern Africa 2 those sides
I was under the impression this is a page dealing with black liberation yet I see a lot of hatred towards each other in the Nile Valley that gaye most of the one has anything to say about the Moors the Arabs and the Jews that conspired to put us all in this position that were in the first place and how we're going to get out of this position it seems to me that a lot of people are either willingly working for white people are unknowingly working for white people either way let the information speak for itself only in white culture have I seen people be disrespectful towards their mother this way meaning Africa. regardless of what tribe you claim you should at least have respect for your mother I mean we do all have belly buttons still right
Ashra Kwesi is a historian (griot) and lecturer on ancient African history and religion. He reveals firsthand information from the ancient temples, tombs and papyrus papers recorded when African people were teachers of the world. Brother Kwesi brings a wealth of information and a powerful delivery, based on 31 years of study and tour experience in the African Nile Valley. He spent 14 of those years as an assistant to the noted Kemetologist, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan. Brother Kwesi has performed extensive historical research on location at the temples and tombs of Egypt. His wide-ranging study has taken him to Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya and Ghana. Additionally, he has documented information on African Nile Valley history at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the British Museum in London, England and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Most recently he presented his findings on ancient Kush at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, the former palace of Emperor Haile Selassie. This dynamic speaker has lectured at . ...
History of the Nuba, part I History, part II History, part III Introduction I. The name Nuba II. Kingdoms on the Nile III. The origins of the Nuba Introduction The Nuba are a group of peoples who share a common geography in Sudan’s Southern Kordofan Province, known as Jibal al-Nuba or Nuba Mountains. The origins of most Nuba peoples are obscure, but there is no doubt that they are Africans. They arrived to the area from various directions and in the course of thousands of years. Today there are over fifty Nuba tribes, who speak as many different languages. Traditionally the Nuba are farmers, but they are now employed in all segments of society. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, labour migrants have formed large Nuba communities in the large cities of North Sudan, like El Obeid, Khartoum and Port Sudan. Their combined number is estimated at 2.5 million people. Until the Egyptian occupation of Sudan during the nineteenth century, most Nuba tribes lived relatively isolated. Contiguous events th ...
Walls stretch from here to the Nile River Valley
Lover of the Nile Valley, the grandson of Meena and Terhaqa . My right as Egyptian first and my right as Nubian second
into Sudan, the people who were migrating built other smaller pyramids there and as they moved into the upper nile valley
Pyramids were first built in Ethiopia, the first were not all big and civilized. As the people migrated via the Nile Valley
I know where the people of kemet came from and I am a descendant of the nile valley civilization
I sat atop Cheops with 14 others and watched the Sun Set over the Nile Valley in Aug 1962
Oct. 13, 2012: The Nile River valley and delta is seen at night
hit me on I am and kemet and nile valley and versed every other religion
bro go to Nile Valley if you seek spirituality but Kwanzaa gots to go
Suggested books: . Journey to Justice. Devil in the Grove. The Browder Files. Nile Valley Civilization. Isis Papers
Why West Americans claim the Nile Valley. In two seconds Flylow was in the Sudan
Aurora, city lights, constellations. Orion at 2:22, Italy lights at 4:47, Nile Valley & Arabian Peninsula at 5:30
Hieroglyphs: The story of Egyptology. The extent of the cooptation and plagiarization of the Nile Valley Africans (16/18)
I read yesterday that Masaai (Kenya) oral history says they originated in Egypt in the lower nile valley.
Brother what time period did the Nile Valley people move to West Africa?
Kinship, concentration of population, and the emergence of the State in the Nile Valley via
I just told you. I take it back 77000 years to the nile valley homie
View on from the of One of pictures in of
We had physics and geometry in Nile Valley civilization which began in UGANDA NOT EGYPT
Hot air balloons on the West Bank of the Nile River near the Valley of the Kings.
The Nile Valley Civilization and the. Spread of African Culture. By Yosef ben-Jochannan. When we speak of the Nile Valley, of (1/24)
. Destruction of black civilization, nile Valley contributions to civilization, stolen legacy, many other books im conscious
Ancient Egypt was Black. The people of Kmt were Black. Thus the name Kmt itself, which means the Black City or the Black Community. Through time and invasions the original people of Kmt were pushed further into the south and migrated to other parts of Africa from the Nile Valley. Thus you can find peoples throughout Africa with cultural attributes that may be traced back to the Nile Valley. But the African blood of Kmt was not entirely eliminated there. Thus, you can still find a semblance of the Ancient Egyptians even in Egypt today.
kmt was the last of Nile Valley civilization to settle there were many before them
they learned it in Ethiopia which is where Kemet originates the Nile Valley was one huge community not how we love today
"Looking west over the Middle East, all the way into and up to the stars nice Nile valley
The lights are from villages in the Nile river valley.
A famous scene ... Nile river delta & river valley in Egypt, at night. Plus Israel, at left.
Ancient Egypt - A map of the Nile valley showing the early Kingdoms of Egypt
African truth about Nile Valley civilization is not new. The information has been there for a long time. It is ju...
It is thought that the domestication of donkeys marks the moment when people moved away from the Nile Valley.
In 1308 BC, Pharaoh Seti I of Egypt referred to gold mines in the valley of the Nile.
Inaugural ceremonies that you see today. Are similarities of the change of Pharos during antiquity in the NILE Valley or Egypt or Kemet.
Good point but Kemet is new. I use NILE Valley mainly
re-read your Diop: Africa peopled from Nile Valley migrations, including ancestors of Diasporic Africans in West
we had civilizations in the Nile Valley before Narmer unified Upper and Lower Kemet
ourafrica: There were many other Kingdoms in Africa, not just the Kingdom of Egypt, that are worthy of praise and honour. Indeed, Egypt played a great role in civilization, but it was only one of many on the continent. Below are few of the many greats: While Europe was experiencing its Dark Ages, a period of intellectual, cultural and economic regression from the sixth to the 13th centuries, Africans were experiencing an almost continent-wide renaissance after the decline of the Nile Valley civilizations of Egypt and Nubia. The leading civilizations of this African rebirth were the Axum Empire, the Kingdom of Ghana, the Mali Empire, the Songhai Empire, the Ethiopian Empire, the Mossi Kingdoms and the Benin Empire. Axum Empire The Aksum or Axum Empire was an important military power and trading nation in the area that is now Eritrea and northern Ethiopia, existing from approximately 100 to 940 A.D. At its height, it was one of only four major international superpowers of its day along with Persia, Rome an ...
Ebola Virus is deadly. Can take your life within two-three weeks. It was found in Sudan, an Arab republic in the Nile Valley of North Africa, and Zaire, a country located in Central Africa and is NOW here in AMERICA! it spreads just like Aids ( through infected blood, semen, exchange of any bodily fluids) as well as, with contact of infected animals who are known to carry the disease. With a faster death rate between 2-3 weeks of having the virus, this Virus is serious and should be taken serious!! Be careful who you and your children are around! Be careful ya'll.
A look @ of from Nile Valley to Niger River civilizations. htt…
BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA: U NEED 2 WAKE UP AND LEARN UR HISTORY "We came from the foothills of the mountains of the moon, Where god Hapi dwells" These r the words of our ancient ancestors in Africa who began their life and culture along the banks of the great Nile River in the Nile Valley, beginning in the lands of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Beginning with things as simple as weaving a basket, catching fish, learning agriculture. They took that culture up the river 2 a place called Nubia (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea) and established the kingdom of Ta-Seti, where religion, science, language, mathematics, astrology, agriculture, medicine, etc. began 2 take form and refine itself. The concept of the Holy Trinity of Ausar, Auset, and Heru (father, mother and child) already existed thousands of years b4 someone called Jehovah, Yahweh or Jesus. These Africans then took their culture which began in the heartland of the continent up 2 its zenith in a land called Kemet (Egypt) Kemet was also known as Sais, ...
In 1787, Count Constantine de Volney, a French nobleman, historian, orientalist and politician, embarked on a journey 2 the East in late 1782 to Egypt, which at this time was under the occupation of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. He spent nearly seven months there in Egypt doing research. Constantine de Volney was very much troubled by the institution of slavery against African people. He expressed his opinions that the Ancient Egyptians were black Africans much departed from the typical European view of the late 18th century.Upon seeing Herumahket (the Great Sphinx) de Volney said, "But when i visited the Sphinx, its appearance gave me the key 2 the riddle. On seeing that head, typically *** in all its features. I remembered the remarkable passage where Herodotus says: "As 4 me, i judge the Colchians 2 be a colony of the Egyptians, because like them, they r black with wooly hair." Herodotus, like many Greeks, spent much time in Africa studying amongst the Africans of the Nile Valley. Count de Volney goes .. ...
SOH. TUNNELS. TUNNELS AND MORE TUNNELS Gaza's Tunnel Phenomenon: The Unintended Dynamics of Israel's Siege "The ground that Israel leveled in 2004 to create a barren corridor separating Gaza from Egypt is today abuzz with activity on and under the surface." By Nicolas Pelham This article traces the extraordinary development of Gaza’s tunnel phenomenon over the past decade in response to Israel’s economic asphyxiation of the small coastal enclave. It focuses on the period since Hamas’s 2007 takeover of the Strip, which saw the industry’s transformation from a clandestine, makeshift operation into a major commercial enterprise, regulated, taxed, and bureaucratized. In addition to describing the particulars of the tunnel complex, the article explores its impact on Gaza’s socioeconomic hierarchy, strategic orientation, and Islamist rule. The larger geopolitical context, especially with regard to Israel, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Nile Valley, is also discussed. The author argues that contrary to t ...
The leaders of Africa continent vow down to Greater Upper Nile's White Armies promising them that they will make their collective money lover mercenaries troops to withdraw from Nile Valley region in East Africa to avoid the coming of Jesus Christ to judge mankind on Earth. NILE VALLEY PEOPLE SUFFERED LOT'S OF THEIR PROPERTIES BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM IN THE NAME OF AUTHORITIES. THEY WERE DISARMED AND THEIR CATTLES TAKEN, THEY WERE LEFT WITH NOTHING BUT THE EARTH THAT THEY GROW THE CROPS ON. It been sickening me from the onset of conflict the annoy the people of Greater Upper Nile went through. God is on your side. You are not terrorist but fighting terrorists on your land. You show to the world you can die or live as one. Let you not be fool by any intruders on your land. Stay put always. God be with you and everyone knows you are all peace lovers. Let wish the peace process is making a progression.
I am saddened that for all of the humanitarian work that Angelina Jolie engages that she would support the continued distortion of black history for a buck. Being part Scottish, part indigenous Caribbean, part East Indian and part African, I am qualified to say that my white side of the family had nothing to do with the Nile Valley civilization and as such should not be accredited for same. It is simply bad history and should not be entertained. That would be tantamount to Cuba Gooding Junior playing Hitler in a World War II Nazi Biopic. That you even have to ask this question is quite sad and insulting. In a day when capable actresses like Lupita, Angela Basset and Halle Berry are available to create a true portrayal are sidelined its speaks to what the perception of blacks are in the minds of racist big wigs in Hollywood and their bankers within the new world order, even while a black man sits as the leader of the Free World. I expect conscious educated blacks to protest this, but I am not sure what the ...
which group started the Indus Valley civilization). There is also uncertainty as to which group, (the Nile Valley people, or (12/14)
the most wonderful tombs can be found in The Valley of the Kings
The Country: Egypt is a Republic, the political system of which is democratic based on citizenship and relying on each of the legislative, executive and judicial branches, additionally to the press, political parties, local administrations and civil society institutions. Religion Islam is the official religion of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Most non-Muslims in Egypt are Christians, the majority of whom belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Administrative Division Egypt is divided into 28 independent administrative units (governorates) enjoying juridical personality each consisting of a number of towns, cities and villages, additionally to the city of Luxor that holds a distinct character. Main Airports Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Hurghada, and Sharm El-Sheikh. Geography Egypt is the 29th biggest country in the world, covering a total area of 1,002,450 sq. km. It is located in the northeast corner of the African continent, on the Mediterranean Sea, at a crossroad between Africa, Asia and Europe. It is border ...
If black children knew our ancestors created the first civilizations and the great cultures of the Nile Valley, Nubia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Southern Africa, Mesopotamia and Indus Kush, would they still kill each other over sneakers and clothing with other folks’ names, images and logos on them. I don’t think so! -Junious R. Stanton “The Power of History”
"Look at all this wood we have. The Nile valley was renowned for its wood."
☆ ♥╚►★ ▲► °˚◦ღ• This string of beads (Acc. no. 7169) comes from a grave excavated by the British School of Archaeology in Egypt at the site of" Qau el-Kebir. "The string may have formed a bracelet, an anklet or part of a larger necklace. It consists of 41 green glass beads, two of carnelian, one of gilt glass, and three long coral beads. Glass beads imitating gold and pearl provide a useful dating criterion as they seem to be an innovation of the Ptolemaic Period (332-30 BC) •ღ◦˚° ◄▲ ◔◡◔ ★~ ♥ ☆ * For the Egyptians, the nearest source of coral lay in the reefs of the Red Sea to the east of the Nile Valley. Red Sea coral (Tubipora musica) is attested in small numbers of grave goods from the Predynastic period (c. 5000-3100 BC) post from & by our Fr. Dr. Berriche Imene ❤❤❤❤❤ for more Amazing pics & more visit our Page Ägyptischer Kultur Club DA Amazing to share ◔◡◔ Like ✔ comment ✔ S h a r e Thanxxx 2 u all 4 Likenes ✔ comment ✔ Share . ...
Beginning in 1391 B.C., NebMa'aTRa Amenhotep III was for 38 years the richest man on earth and commander in chief of the largest, best equipped army of its day. A successful though infrequent warrior, he was also a thoroughly cultivated man – religious, literate, and an art lover – atYet, today, 34 centuries later, his heirs are the world-famous ones. Two of these were far weaker and less productive men. His son Akhenaten is regarded as a champion of monotheism (the so-called Amarna Revolution) in an age of nearly universal polytheism, when, it will be argued here, his new devotion was a reaction to the traditional gods having failed their country in a time of crisis. Tutankhamen, Amenhotep III's short-lived grandson, accomplished little in his lifetime but rose to super stardom when his tiny tomb crammed with golden treasures was found nearly intact in 1922, the finds subsequently paraded around the world in a series of traveling exhibitions. The gold and spenders found in the young kings tomb mig .. ...
Luxor has often been called the world's greatest open air museum, as indeed it is and much more. The number and preservation of the monuments in the Luxor area are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Actually, what most people think of as Luxor is really three different areas, consisting of the city of Luxor on the east side of the Nile, the town of Karnak just north of Luxor, and Thebes, which the Ancient Egyptians called Waset, which is on the west side of the Nile across from Luxor. To say that the Luxor area is a major attraction for tourists in Egypt would be an understatement. It has been a tourist destination since the beginning of tourism. Even in ancient times, during the late Dynasties of the Greek and Roman periods, the area drew tourists, and has been doing so ever since. Today, Luxor is well equipped to accommodate tourists with many hotels and, in general, a tourist industry ready and willing to serve the people from across the globe that descend on this area of the Nile Valley every ye ...
It is almost impossible to understand the significance of many Old Testament events and themes apart from the geographical, cultural, and historical situation that existed during the Old Testament times. First of all, the name “Africa” was given to the Continent by Romans. Africa was also called Kemet, Libya, Ortegia, Corphye, Egypt, Ethiopia and/or Sedan, Olympia, Hesperia, Oceania, and Ta-Merry. The ancient name for Africa was “Akebu-Lan” (mother of mankind) or “Garden of Eden.” This name was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Hadddans (Carthaginians), and Ethiopians. Genesis 10:6-20 describes the descendants of Ham as being located in North Africa, Central Africa and in parts of southern Asia. Psalm 105:23 mentions the "Land of Ham" in Egypt, and Psalm 78:51 connect the "tents of Ham" with Egypt. In Genesis 10, Nimrod, son of Cush (whose name means "black"), founded a civilization in Mesopotamia. In Genesis 11, Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees, a land whose earliest inhabitan . ...
2014 PHARAONS RALLY TRACK PRESS RELEASE - March 31st 2014 Back from scouting in order to verify the track of the coming 2014 Pharaons Rally, our “reco team” tells you that this year is dedicated to the pleasure of driving over different types of terrains and also to the pleasure of sight. Actually the route will roll over a beautiful variety of terrains, over a rhythm that allows to show the technical skills of the vehicle and of its crew. It will reward more the quality of the driver than the risk taken and the high speed. The scrutineering and the start of the Pharaons Rally will take place in the town of El Gouna, on the shore of the Red Sea. A small Egyptian "Las Vegas", El Gouna is a comfortable beach resort that offers many water sports for tourists. In order to arrange the best “place” for everyone at the start of the race, we have the pleasure to propose a prologue on the sea shore, that will be also an enjoyable moment for all the town residents. Ss1: "From the sea to the Nile": (El Goun ...
NEW NEWS! JUST FOUR DAYS AFTER RIEK WAS PINNED ON A HARDER TALK, ANOTHER VERY HA-HA-HA-RD TALK ON BBC IS NOW NAILING OUR PRESIDENT ON THE CALVARY OF THE CURRENT POLITICAL PLUNDERS THROUGH THE FOLLOWING PERSONAL BLUNDERS...! NB: (I post such facts always, because we, activists and citizens, also need to subject our leaders into our local Hard Talks, not only on foreign media like BBC, Al Jazeera, etc. whose mothers and siblings are not still hiding in the Nile valley from our political vampires and tribal cannibals.) In fact, if I were an American *** with freedom of expression, my question would be, "What on earth had my president drunk for him to say these?!" 1- That the GEM rebels now fighting in Bentiu were brought in by Taban Deng Gai when he was the governor of that state...(and who was the president of that country?) 2- That the UPDF (Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces) were brought in by Riek Machar when he was the Vice President handling LRA Peace Talks in 2006...(and who was his boss?) 3- That he ...
“… Since we are now aware that Africans created science and technology, we should not be frightened by these disciplines, even if we agree that they could and should be taught from a different, more humanistic, more Maatian perspective than is presently the case. It is ironic that in the land of technology our young people are far too often alienated from science, including some of our brightest minds. The creative genius of those who created rap is no different than that of chemist/mathematician Fletcher Henderson, father of big band jazz and the idol of Basie and Ellington. Other musicians were similar to Henderson, Miles Davis’s best subject in high school was mathematics, and McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock were both engineering majors before they got their break and went on to become jazz giants. It has been the author’s observation that most African scientists have a definite tendency to seek the complement of science, that is, spiritual development. Howard University physicist James Lindesay ...
Hebrew Israelites - What colour was Moses? Why do we ask this question? This is because we have some fundamental truths that are told to us in the Torah and one such truth is as follows that a prophet shall come from the midst of Israel speaking with Elohim LIKE UNTO YOU. Deut 18:18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto you, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. Why would Elohim say LIKE UNTO YOU? This is because like Moses spoke Hebrew so did Yahushua. Like the colour of Moses so would be Yahushua. Then we have to ask what colour was Moses? Let us examine this first. Exodus 2:5-6 And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself at the river; and her maidens walked along the river's side; and when she saw the ark among the reeds, she sent her maid to get it. 6 And when she had opened it, she saw the child: and, behold, the baby wept. And she had compassion on him and said this is one of the Abrahuan (Hebrews) child ...
1949 USDA study confirmed that the great fertility of the soil in the Nile valley was due to the work of earthworms.
In Ancient Egypt, Qift, known then as Gebtu, was an important center for administration, religion, and commerce, being the chief city of the fifth Upper Egyptian nome of Harawî (Two Hawks). From Qift and Qus, trading expeditions heading for the Red Sea and many mining expeditions into the Eastern Desert left the Nile Valley. Gebtu was at the starting-point of the two great caravan routes leading to the coast of the Red Sea, the one toward the port Tââou (Myoshormos), the other more southerly, toward the port of Shashirît (Berenice).
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Temple of Seti I. Abydos, Egypt. Abydos is located West of the Nile, on the border between the valley and the...
I'm still waiting on my book The Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization
How much longer we are to remain outside of the religions we originated in our mysteries in Egypt and other High Nile Valley Culures
Secret of the Nile Valley by James Hall via
queen the symbol means peace origin ancient Nile valley civilization, Ethiopian to be exact, African power
Book of Power (excerpt from Secret of the Nile Valley)
I just bought: 'Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization (Exploding... Reply w/ to add this via
another good one: Race and Identity in the Nile Valley: Ancient and Modern Perspectives, ed. Fluehr-Lobban and Rhodes, 2004.
Do You Know That... The is the longest in the world and that it got its name from the Greek word Neilos, which means valley...
Firefighting resources lag, so residents must prepare: The Nile Valley's susceptibility to a number of natural...
Nick on a new project in the River Valley | West Nile (v5)
Some say what grips is a nationalistic fervor. I say what grips the Nile valley is a furor .
Chronology of the Bible by Yosef ben-Jochannan (1973) Challenge to the Standard Version. The very first "BIBLE" produced by man, with regards to paying honour and divine respect to a "CREATOR OF ALL MANKIND," was that of the African People of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes regions of Central, East and Northeast Africa. They were no dif On the morning of Wednesday, July 11, 1973 in Chock Full O´ Nuts Restaurant, Lenox Avenue and 135th Street, Harlem, New York City, New York, it was my very good fortune to be sitting for another fruitful session of COMMON ECUMENICAL talk among the following Black Clergymen: Reverend George H. Polk of the Memorial Baptist Church, Reverend William F. Hawkins of the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Reverend Hawkins J. Plummer of the Salvation Baptist Church, and Reverend James Gunther of Transfiguration Lutheran Church—who joined us later on. Along with us were a few of our many lay friends. In the course of the conversation of the morning, which centered a ...
close to the late Dr. John Henrik Clarke.  Since 1957, he has coordinated regular study tours and pilgrimages to the Nile Valley, (5/20)
Dr. Peter Lacovara serves as Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. His responsibilities span the ancient Middle East and northeast Africa, including acquisitions, exhibitions, research and publication. Recent special exhibitions curated by Dr. Lacovara at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, include: Life and Death in the Old Kingdom; Wonderful Things: The Harry Burton Photographs and the Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb; Lost Kingdoms of the Nile: Nubian Treasures from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston,; Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries from the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College, London (That’s was at the Albany Institute); The Collector's Eye: Masterpieces of Egyptian Art from the Thalassic Collection, Ltd.; Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur; Jewish Life in Ancient Egypt: A Family Archive from the Nile Valley; and Ramesses I: The Search for the Lost Pharaoh. He has been The Simpson Visiting Professor of Egyptology at th . ...
Egyptian court sentences 529 people to death [How to defeat the islamic Brotherhood] The alleged supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi were convicted on charges of killing a single police officer, the attempted murder of two other officers, and attacking a police station in the Nile Valley city of Minya in August.
The jungle cat (Felis chaus) is a medium-sized cat native to Asia from southern China in the east through Southeast and Central Asia to the Nile Valley in the west. Though is listed as Least Concern in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as it is widespread and common particularly in India, the population declines and range contraction are of concern, particularly in Egypt, in the Caucasus, and in southwestern, Central and Southeast Asia.
i think that this might look very interesting to my fellow jeterians A BRIEF HISTORY ABOUT METALS Process Metallurgy is one of the oldest applied sciences. Its history can be traced back to 6000 BC. Admittedly, its form at that time was rudimentary, but, to gain a perspective in Process Metallurgy, it is worthwhile to spend a little time studying the initiation of mankind's association with metals. Currently there are 86 known metals. Before the 19th century only 24 of these metals had been discovered and, of these 24 metals, 12 were discovered in the 18th century. Therefore, from the discovery of the first metals - gold and copper until the end of the 17th century, some 7700 years, only 12 metals were known. Four of these metals, arsenic, antimony , zinc and bismuth , were discovered in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, while platinum was discovered in the 16th century. The other seven metals, known as the Metals of Antiquity, were the metals upon which civilisation was based. These seven metals w ...
The Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiacus) is a member of the duck, goose, and swan family Anatidae. It is native to Africa south of the Sahara and the Nile Valley. Egyptian Geese were considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians, and appeared in much of their artwork. They have been raised for food and extensively bred in parts of Africa since they were domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians. Because of their popularity chiefly as ornamental bird, escapes are common and small feral populations have become established in Western Europe.[2][3]
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My roots run deep, all the way from the first known civilization of the Nile Valley across the Atlantic into the Americas. My roots form a double helix of DeoxyriboNucleic Acid encoded with AFRIKAN genetic information...
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Plato, recommended that it be intro into Greece, he copied his 3 “cardinal virtues” fr d 10 goals d students had 2 attain in d Nile Valley
1 of d gr8est contributions of d Nile Valley civilizatn in Kemet 2 d world was its educational system.2 “become like God” was d ultimate aim
Cool thing about design is doing research and expanding my knowledge. Today: Autosomal DNA of the Maasai people of the lower Nile valley.
Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations - ASCAC Conference begins today at 6:00 pm - Dialogue and Discourse with Community - Essex County College - 303 University Avenue, Newark, NJ Enjoy - Friday and Saturday Full Days of Nile Valley Conference Activities with our Top Experts and African Market!!!
-Our History does not begin with Slavery -Imhotep will be the first African Intellectual I will profile. -Imhotep was born in Ancient Egypt circa 2650 B.C., in a suburb of Memphis called Anhktaui. His father was named Kanofer and his mother named Khreduonhk. Imhotep served as Prime Minister, chief scribe, ritualist, and architect under Pharaoh Djoser. Imhotep also designed and built the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Above all else he was also an accomplished healer and is actually the true Father of Medicine rather than Hippocrates. The reputed clinical or scientific primacy of the Hippocratic school was finally laid to rest in 1930 when J.H. Breasted translated the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a document whose original predates Hippocrates by over 2500 years. The diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic methodology revealed in this document demonstrated that even in our own day, our physicians have not surpassed the clinical acumen of the priest-physicians of the Nile Valley, of which Imhotep was the epitome. The prof ...
Nile Valley: Luxor. Built around the 4000-year-old site of Thebes, the ancient capital of the New Kingdom,...
NILE valley is fed by rivers from Mau hills, Nandi to Lake Victoria. ..Yawa. .Ithiopian highlands add more life. .
Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360° Moors of The Orient The Japanese, Chinese, Aryans and people of India are Moors Blacks were first in Asia and pioneered Asia's early civilization! The Black role in Asia as elsewhere in the world has been submerged and distorted for centuries. Asia's African roots are well summarized in African Presence in Early Asia by Ivan Van Sertima & Runoko Rashidi, and African Presence in Early China by James Brunson. The original oriental people were moors referred to as Black people in North America, and many of them still are Dark of Hue complexion -- southern China and Asia. The earliest occupants of Asia were 'small ‘Blacks” (at times you may see the work Black in quotes so that you continue to have an idea of whom I’m addressing) (pygmies) who came to the region as early as 50,000 years ago Christian Calendar ( Keep in mind that the Romans added 580 years to the Moorish Calendar, Now tell me, if you defeated or colonized a nation wou ...
6. The Six Sangik Races of Urantia On an average evolutionary planet the six evolutionary races of color appear one by one; the red man is the first to evolve, and for ages he roams the world before the succeeding colored races make their appearance. The simultaneous emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in one family, was most unusual. The appearance of the earlier Andonites on Urantia was also something new in Satania. On no other world in the local system has such a race of will creatures evolved in advance of the evolutionary races of color. 1. The red man. These peoples were remarkable specimens of the human race, in many ways superior to Andon and Fonta. They were a most intelligent group and were the first of the Sangik children to develop a tribal civilization and government. They were always monogamous; even their mixed descendants seldom practiced plural mating. In later times they had serious and prolonged trouble with their yellow brethren in Asia. They were aided by their early invention ...
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The best kind of friends are who don't judge you even at your worst... :) ^_^ — at Janapriya Nile Valley, Madinaguda
International Journal of Middle East Studies - John Waterbury, Hydropolitics of the Nile Valley (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press,
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built by Africans indigenous to the Nile Valley and Africa.
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Don't forget about the lecture this evening on the subject of Stoppelaëre and his house in Luxor. At Nile Valley Hotel, Luxor West Bank, 7pm
It was my dream to see the pyramids, was always fascinated by the Nile valley civilisation which I…
The Role of the 25th Dynasty in Nile Valley Historiography. Molefi Kefe Asante, Temple University
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Stoppelaëre report arrivd yesterday by FedEx. Studying it at this moment (at the swimming pool of Nile Valley...
Medu Netcher,the oldest form of writing, developed in the Nile Valley,by 3,000 BCE was being used in ancient Kemet
There are biological affinities shown with other regions - not just the Nile Valley. Again cultural data reaffirms this.
The great Senegalese historian, Cheikh Anta Diop, tells us that we were at our best and more secure with the world when we were in charge of our state; and when we built the great Nile Valley civilization, the Niger civilization, and the other great river civilizations."Our basic guide then must be our guide now"high morality and collective discipline. Everybody cannot do their own thing"if that thing has no relationship to their people's thing."Dr. John Henrik Clarke"
Planted Map Ruse , Alamein 1942. After Field Marshall Harold Alexander took command as CiC Mediterranean and General Bernard Montgomery as 8th Army commander on August 1942 they set up a series of ruses , deceptions to deceive and manipulate the enemy before Rommel's next attack towards El Alamein and Nile Valley. One was planting a fake map on edge of Axis minefields on No Man's Land at Alamein line inside a damaged armored car. The map was obviously put there to be captured by Germans and designed and drawn by British military intelligence to deceive the enemy. The aim was to deceive the Axis by displaying the southern end of Alamein line as hard ground suitable for tanks and motorized vehicles and protected by a thin minefield and not held strongly. Actually it was quite opposite. Southern end of Alamein line was soft sand , highly unsuitable for armor and motorized / mechanized operations and British planted some very deep minefields which was not displayed on planted map at all. They also dug heavily ...
"For me, what we clearly know about African history is so glorious and so profound that we do not have to create a mythology of African history or indulge ourselves in a fantasy of African history. Humanity began in Africa and only Africa. Nile Valley civilization was African and other powerful civilizations arose throughout the African continent. And long before enslavement African people migrated out of Africa to people the rest of the world. Later generations of Africans helped plant the seeds of classical civilization in the near and far corners of the earth. And during a later era Africans gave the world a mighty history of resistance to invasion, enslavement and colonization. These are glorious phases in history. Indeed, as John Henrik Clarke reminded us, African history constitutes the missing pages in world history. Let us learn this history. Let us learn our story. And never forget it." --Runoko Rashidi
The Berbers are the ethnicity indigenous to North Africa, west of the Nile Valley.
Overview The civilization of Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest in world history. It is usually held to have come to fruition in around 3000 BC, when the lower Nile Valley became unified under a single ruler. By this date the only other people in the world to have a a literate, urban civilization were the Sumerians, in Mesopotamia. As well as being one of the earliest, the Ancient Egyptians had one of the longest lasting civilizations in world history. The great days of Ancient Egypt fell between c. 3000 BC and c. 1000 BC, but the civilization remained very much a going concern for centuries after this. Egypt was a leading Middle Eastern power again between 612 and 525 BC, and the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great felt the need to have himself crowned as pharaoh in 332 BC. His general, Ptolemy, on becoming independent ruler of the country in 305 BC, was also crowned pharaoh, and his line lasted down to the famous queen, Cleopatra, who died in 31 BC. Some may regard the civilization of Egypt unde ...
A Black History Moment Africa produced a plethora of advanced civilizations. The most notable of these is the Nile Valley civilization From 3,000 BCE (founding of the First Dynasty), all the way until it was conquered by Persia around 525 BCE. So about 2,500 years. This was followed by the great civilizations of Axum and D'mt, and later by the great Islamic civilizations of the Sahel (Mali, Songhai, and the last in the later Sokoto). The famous Hajj of Mansa Musa in the 13th century was so profound it altered the currency of every country he passed through with his entourage. Later the Sokoto Caliphate is an Islamic spiritual community in Northern Nigeria, led by the Sultan of Sokoto . It was founded during the Fulani War in 1809 by Usman dan Fodio. Throughout the 1800s, it was one of the largest and most powerful empires in sub-Saharan Africa until British conquest in 1903. Despite the new wave of myths regarding Nubia and Kemet (Ancient Egypt) It is clear that Kemet and Nubia were neighboring African Ci ...
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What if one was disappointed about how “Black History Month” is portrayed in the public to our people and to the people of the world, what steps could that person take to change the present portrayal and focus to become more focused on what True Black History is? What then would be the assignment of that one to tell our story according to what is the true history of a people that according to The Most Honored Elijah Muhammad has no birth record and are the original people of the planet? “Black history is taking you back to the foundation and the root of God Himself.” “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that the knowledge of the Black nation and of the human family of the planet Earth can be traced back to the rich Nile Valley cultures of Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula at the time when we all emerged from one mother culture spreading out and establishing centers of high civilization everywhere on our planet.” “We have to go back to the Original essence of civilization as it originat ...
"Who is Nuer in South Sudan context? By Peter Gai Manyuon January 19, 2014 (SSNA) -- The Nuer people are a Nilotic ethnic group primarily inhabiting the Nile Valley and now they are the one who are in Unity, Jonglei, and Upper Nile States respectively. They are concentrated in South Sudan, with some representatives also found in southwestern Ethiopia known by the name Gatjaak. They speak the Nuer language, which belongs to the Nilo-Saharan family according to the history. Historically, the nature of relations among the various southern Sudanese tribes was greatly affected in the 19th century by the intrusion of Ottomans, Arabs, and eventually the British. Some ethnic groups made their accommodation with the imperial attackers and others did not, in effect pitting one southern ethnic group against another in the context of foreign rule. For example, some sections of the Dinka were more accommodating to British rule than were the Nuer. The Dinka treated the resisting Nuer as hostile, and hostility developed ...
Egypt is probably the world's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 years ago, historically.   Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun, and to see the wonders of some of mankind's earliest triumphs. But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments. It is also Red Sea scuba diving, hot night spots, luxury hotels and five star restaurants. It is romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats, a night at the grand opera and it is a cultural experience like none you have ever experienced. Egypt is a land bustling with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement. More than anything else, we want you to think of Egypt as fun. For thousands of years, it has been the playground of emperors and kings, and we hope you will take the time to find out why.   The regularity and richness of the annual Nile River flood, coupled with semi-isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed for the developme ...
African-American scholars often place a great emphasis on Nile Valley civilizations and are sometimes criticized for it. People say that African-Americans come largely from West Africa and should therefore place more emphasize on West Africa itself. There is merit in this. But most European-Americans don't come from Greece and yet they place so much emphasis on Greek civilization. Why is one group told to leave Egypt alone and yet another group never ceases to tell us about Aristotle and Plato and how important the ancient Greeks were? Why the double standard?
GREAT BLACK LEADERS: CHANCELLOR JAMES WILLIAMS (1893-1992), By RUNOKO RASHIDI Among the recent preeminent scholars involved in the effort to eradicate the racial myths overshadowing the African origins of Nile Valley civiliza­tion, few have had the impact of Dr. Chancellor James Williams (1893­-1992). Dr. Williams achieved wide acclaim as the author of The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 BC to 2000 A.D. In this work, Chancellor Williams "shifted the main focus from the history of Arabs and Europeans in Africa to the Africans themselves-a history of the Blacks that is a history of Blacks." Chancellor James Williams, the youngest of five children, was born in Bennetsville, South Carolina, on December 22, 1893. His father had been enslaved, his mother a cook, a nurse, and evangelist. Williams' elementary education was completed in Bennetsville at the Marlboro Academy. After moving to Washington, D.C. (where he lived for more than seventy years), he attended Paul Laurence ...
The Northern Celts used the feed unicorns, giants and ikitursoja   Archaeological finds indicate that these prehistoric peoples led livelihoods seemingly at a higher level than their peers who lived closer to the Nile Valley . people Nabta Playa was :   aboveground and underground stone building ,   villages designed for a pre- planned arrangements , and   deep wells that held water all year round .  The findings also show that the area was occupied only seasonally , likely only during the summer when the local lake filled with water for grazing cattle. A careful comparative study shows that low-income residents may be considerably more advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics than previously thought possible    6000 BC, evidence of prehistoric religion or cult , shows a number of sacrifices cattle buried in stone -roofed chambers lined with clay . It is suggested that the karajan cult indicated Nabta Playa means at the beginning of the development of Ancient Egypt 's Hathor cult. For exampl ...
Ian Lee explores how Nile Valley and Red Sea resorts...
Ian Lee explores how Nile Valley and Red Coimbra Sea resorts are fighting f...
“Egypt and the nations of the Nile Valley figuratively were the beating heart of Africa and the incubator for its greatness for more than a thousand years. Egypt gave birth to what later would become known as ‘Western Civilization,’ long before the greatness of Greece and Rome.” “This is part of the African story, and in the distance it is a part of the African American story. It is difficult for depressed African Americans to know that they are a part of the larger story of the history of the world. The history of the modern world was made, in the main, by what was taken from African people. Europeans emerged from what they call their ‘Middle-Ages’ people-poor, land-poor, and resource-poor. And to a great extent, they were culture-poor. They raided and raped the cultures of the world, mostly African, and filled their homes and museums with treasures, and then they called their victims primitive. The Europeans did not understand the cultures of non-Western people then; they do not understand ...
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1.18 Staircase to the upper terrace, Persepolis, Persia (Iran), ca. 5)8 BCE. Isolated columns from the audience hall of Danus are visible. with doorways from Darius's palace in the background and the palace of Xerxes beyond. the palace at Persepolis. Persian architecture became one of the major influences for the early stone architecture of India. Ancient Egypt Popular culture suffers from no shonage of Ancient Egypt- ian images, be they from epic movies depicting Moses and the pharaohs or classic horror films where Boris Karloff, playing the mummy, wanders around menacingly, doling out ancient justice to naive archaeologists and greedy tomb raiders. All of this is fun, as is wild speculation about the Egyptian pyramids being built by visitors from outer space using anti-gravity beams, but it threatens to obscure the real accomplishments of everyday men and women in the Nile Valley, albeit those of 5000 years ago. Like the Mesopotamians, the Ancient Egyptians produced a great architecture by marshaling th ...
Suez canal, Nile Valley rigth into the heart of Africa, Camp David peace with Israel.
Egypt Protests: 7 Dead, 600 Injured as Millions Take to the Streets Demanding Morsi's Resignation Egypt Protests (Video) - Huge crowds have gathered across Egypt to demand the resignation of President Mohammed Morsi on the first anniversary of his inauguration. But Morsi loyalists are staging counter-demonstrations, saying they will defend the leader with all means available. Seven people have been killed and over 600 injured on Sunday as millions took to the streets. Five dead were shot in Nile Valley towns south of Cairo and two were killed in violence outside the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in the capital. "It is the biggest protest in Egypt's history," a military source told AFP on condition of anonymity. Egypt Burns From early on Sunday, throngs streamed towards Tahrir Square in Cairo – the birthplace of the protests that displaced former president Hosni Mubarak in 2011 – under the rallying cry of “Leave, Morsi! Leave!”. The organizers, an activist movement called Tamarod, or Rebellion, ...
"We, the Tribe of Shabazz, says Allah (God), were the first to discover the best part of our planet to live on. The rich Nile Valley of Egypt and the present seat of the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia." The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “The Yoruba’s tell a very interesting story about their origin. They say they came from Saudi Arabia, what is now Saudi Arabia…(In) the early days before the Red Sea expanded to what it is…it was just a trickle river, because the Red Sea is just an expansion of the Rift Gorge…the Rift Valley that runs all the way up to Turkey and starts down below Tanzania. That same Valley (is) where most of life found its beginning. That water in the Red Sea has covered up that valley so there’s a lot of black bones down there. But this piece of land which is now desert, but wasn’t always desert, that is called Saudi Arabia, is the center of the home of these African peoples who call themselves Yorubas. In ancient times that (area, Saudi Arabia) was…the eastern sector of what ...
Nile Geography and Hydrology The Nile River is the longest in the world while the Nile Basin covers 1.3 million square miles, making it slightly larger than India. There are ten riparian countries — Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Eritrea. Three of the ten — Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia — are far more important than the remaining seven from the standpoint of Nile water hydrology and potential political conflict or cooperation over Nile water issues. The three account for 85 percent of the territory that constitutes the hydrologic boundaries of the basin. Sudan contains 63 percent of the basin while Ethiopia has only 12 percent and Egypt 10 percent. The importance of the Nile, especially for Egypt and Sudan, can not be overstated. Ninety-five percent of Egyptians live in the Nile Valley and depend on the river for virtually all of their fresh water. Egypt is not being alarmist when it says that Nile water is a life or death issue fo ...
The Arabic People and Islam Arabic language is a Central Semitic language, most closely related to Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Phoenician. The first concrete evidence of human presence in the Arabian Peninsula dates back 15,000 to 20,000 years. Bands of hunter-gatherers roamed the land, living off wild animals and plants. The people of the Arabian Peninsula remained largely untouched by the political turmoil in Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley and the eastern Mediterranean. Their goods and services were in great demand regardless of which power was dominant at the moment – Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece or Rome. In addition, the peninsula’s great expanse of desert formed a natural barrier that protected it from invasion by powerful neighbors. Arabic is a name applied to the descendants of the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century AD. This includes both the literary language and varieties of Arabic spoken in a wide arc of territory stretching across the Middle East and North Africa. The word “A ...
happy for you both ladies, even though I don't know them :D. ahh! :)   I proud to say " Way 2 Go Macklemore Thumb UP "   Just because I'm not *** doesn't mean we "ALL" people have the right to love who we wish, world wide. The words song is inspiring for all even myself because for me it mans: A open mind, kindness and caring.   Historical note:  Look back at Egyptian time . Not all based on movies you see but historical drawings.  People liked the same gender(s) was around way before this time in around, 330 BC or so.   The history of Ancient Egypt spans the period from the early predynastic settlements of the northern Nile Valley to the Roman conquest in 30 BC. The Pharaonic Period is dated from around 3200 BC, when Lower and Upper Egypt became a unified state, until the country fell under Greek rule in 332 BC.   Women loving women, Men loving men has been around way before this time. Something to think about yes/no!   some people think it's new, it's not.  Something for people to think about w ...
One of the important lessons that students of history, politics and society learn is that Ancient Egypt was the originof human civilisation. Dating back to around 3000 B.C., more than 30 centuries ago, the first organised societywith government and leadership evolved. Located in the Nile Valley on the North East of Africa, it covered Upper Egypt, spreading Northwards to Mediterranean,occupying the Syrian coast, Southwards to present day Sudan, up to the Red Sea in the East and along the Nile Valley past Nubia in the South, and spreading west inland into the Libyan Desert. Being the first human civilisation, it has attracted a lot of scholarly attention, investigation and enquiry, especially withrespect to factors that made the people to respond with such organising initiative. Some scholars were very passionate about issues that bordered on identity of the people, mainly based on racial notion of Ancient Egyptians being blacks. Leading historian, anthropologist, physicist and politician, Prof. Cheikh Anta ...
EGYPT - "Pearl of Africa" - the country that boasts the longest river in the world, really deserves this name. Without the Nile, which determines both feature as well as the history and economy of the country, in the desert there would never developed a culture so advanced. Thinking of Egypt, appear in front of us exotic places, pyramids, pharaohs, treasures Tutanhamon and the image of a mysterious civilization, long gone. Egypt is a safe country with a long history and beautiful, with great scenery. Hotels in Egypt have different classification level than the European one. Egypt is a unique blend of tradition and modern approaches fascinating holiday that gives it a special place in the restaurant world. In general, the tourist areas of Egypt can be divided as follows: the Nile Valley, the deserts and oases, Red Sea and Sinai region.
Main articles: Ancient Egypt and History of Ancient Egypt The rise of dynastic Egypt in the Nile Valley occurred with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt in approximately 3200 BC, and ended at around 343 BC, at the start of the Achaemenid dynasty's control of Egypt. It is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world. Anthropological and archaeological evidence both indicate that the Kubbaniya culture was a grain-grinding culture farming along the Nile before the 10th millennium BC using sickle blades. But another culture of hunters, fishers and gathering peoples using stone tools replaced them. Evidence also indicates human habitation in the southwestern corner of Egypt, near the Sudan border, before 8000 BC. From around 7000 BC to 3000 BC the climate of the Sahara was much moister, offering good grazing land even in areas that are now very arid. Natural climate change after 3000 BC led to progressive arification of the region. It has been suggested that as a result of these changes, arou ...
circa 7000 BC - Settlement of Nile Valley begins. Continue reading the main story Tourists in front of Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt's pyramids served as tombs for her dead kings BBC History: Ancient Egyptians Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt circa 3000 BC - Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt unite. Successive dynasties witness flourishing trade, prosperity and the development of great cultural traditions. Writing, including hieroglyphics, is used as an instrument of state. Construction of the pyramids - around 2,500 BC - is a formidable engineering achievement. 669 BC - Assyrians from Mesopotamia conquer and rule Egypt. 525 BC - Persian conquest. 332 BC - Alexander the Great, of ancient Macedonia, conquers Egypt, founds Alexandria. A Macedonian dynasty rules until 31 BC. 31 BC - Egypt comes under Roman rule; Queen Cleopatra commits suicide after Octavian's army defeats her forces. 642 AD - Arab conquest of Egypt. Continue reading the main story Funerary mask of King Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo ...
THE QUEST FOR 'MAAT', THE TRUE RELIGION FOR THE WORLD 10 nights Tour of Egypt: Spring and Autumn every year with Robert Bauval Our next tour is from 16th - 26th Sept 2013 More than 5000 years ago in the lush and fertile Nile Valley of Egypt, a people devised the perfect 'religion' or, more aptly, a 'magical religion' that allowed humans to live in total harmony with Nature and among themselves. Beauty in all its aspects was considered sacred, and all the world was respected and regarded as a gift to be preserved and nurtured, not to be exploited or desecrated. The law that was imposed on society was not one made by men but rather governed by the Universe. It was called Maat, the Cosmic Law, and which we can call the 'magical religion' or 'true religion' of the World. My colleagues and I have specially designed a tour of the whole Egyptian Nile Valley, From Alexandria in the North to Abu Simbel in the South, for our quest to join us in the quest for Maat, to experience its benevolent influences in its pare ...
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