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Nikki Gil

Monica Pauline Nikki Gil (born August 23, 1987, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino singer, actress, host, model and a present myx VJ.

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“.defends against Instagram basher over virginity issue
8 janv.: Nikki Gil Filipino actress and singer, was born 10 000 days ago (on 23 Aug 1987)
Nikki is a virgin, says friend Iya: "Nikki Gil is a virgin." This was the statement of TV host and former "ASA...
".defends against Instagram basher over virginity issue 👍
.defends against Instagram basher over virginity issue
Someday, I will sit down with Toni Gonzaga and Nikki Gil and will talk about everything about "virginity" .
Iya Villania defends Nikki Gil over virginity issue Iya Villania vouches for Nikki Gil: "She's still a virgin."
I don't know if it's just me but classy women are the prettiest. So much love for Kim Jones, Vanessa Matsunaga, and Nikki Gil. ❤
Nikki Gil's dog is this massive doofus of a dog named Charlie. I see him a lot in the dog park and I wish you could all meet him. 💜
Ang ganda at sobrang attractive ni Kathryn. Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, Nikki Gil, Anne Curtis, Toni Gonzaga and now Cheska Kramer and Bianca King posted on IG praising Kathryn. All this artist are big stars yet praised and appreciates Kathryn Bernardo.
*Babalikan mo rin ako by Nikki Gil plays on the list all of a sudden*
I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand,. If I’m… ♫ If You're Not the One by Nikki Gil —
Well S/O to Gil for keepin me entertained for the better half of two hours. You the real MVP! 👍
I'm still a fan of Nikki Gil's modesty ❤️
Well you've had a nice go round Gil"l", but you're times up on this nice green Earth!
Never give up. The best things take time.Enrique Gil sa umaga, Nikki Gil sa gabi.
"The best way to flirt is not to flirt" -Nikki Gil 😁😂😉
Join Nikki Gil at her solo concert tonight Oct. 2, 7pm at the (cont) …
"No regrets. And don't ever blame yourself if you've done everything you could to make it work" - Nikki Gil. I'M CRI
Having lunch with our Guests Artists tonight, Nikki Gil, John Prats. With Gerlo and Glenn…
on December 25 let's watch this let's support Alonzo, Ryzza, Nikki Gil, Marian Rivera, Bossing Vic Sotto and many more!.
I hope I love you on my life .. ♫ If You're Not the One by Nikki Gil —
I liked a video Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford - You Are My Life
Ain't that cool? Nikki Gil is a guest on The Ryzza Mae Show.
I was listening to Bukas Na,over and over and I thought Nikki Gil really has the perfect voice for it
Nikki Gil's hair reminds me of Anastasia Steele.. brunette!
So lucky last night! Nikki Gil watched and so I was able to get a picture with her 😍 gorg ❤️
Oddly enough, Nikki Gil's "Babalikan Mo Rin Ako" played when I loaded this, and it's eerily appropriate... :(
Nikki Gil: 5th Christmas with the Colgate family ❤️
Nikki Gil: 5th Christmas with the Colgate family ❤️
Groovin’ Love! BillyC. and JayR with SPECIAL GUESTS: Nikki Gil and Kyla and the G-Force! Feb. 14,2010, SMX! For Tickets Pls. Call - 6377016
NP: Forever is not as long as it used to be - Nikki Gil
Nikki Gil: My fave photo with the birthday boy ❤️ happy birthday Judah! Ninang Gifts loves you
A time for James and Gil and Nina and Langston and Ann and Nikki and Claudia and Suzan-Lori and Richard and .
Nikki Gil checks off most of her bucket list in My Big Bossing: Nikki Gil honored to work with Vic Sotto for t... http:/…
Coleen Garcia and Enrique Gil. Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil 😁 Oh my gil?
Hawak Kamay, starring Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado, Nikki Gil and the brightest child stars of this generation, is...
Nikki Gil: Want to be part of Olay Conversations? Send your entries for Olay’s INSTAGRAM promo until…
Nikki Adams i think Gil is wearing your t-shirt again!!! ( Aaron'i shop at baby gap' Gilmore)
"I was not born to celebrate the misfortune of others" -Nikki Gil
I like nikki Gil# she maybe sexy looking but not sluttya classy girl, flirty too sometimes but still a good girl with good values
Nikki Gil yuuh! Idk i think ive only seen billy and nikki more than coleen so that's probably why im a bit bias. And yh apparently
if i keep my heart out of sight - nikki gil (Official Video): via i will b uncool to let u know u are d one
Nikki Gil: Sooo much better than being glued to an iPad
Nikki Gil: I love it when they clean out storage at home!
Nikki Gil: At the photo shoot with this cutie
Vilma: A Woman for All Season: Coco Martin and Ni…: galing nikki gil we love u very much
Gil said her decision to stay a virgin until marriage still stands...Read more :
we'll make it through and i hope... ♫ If You're Not the One by Nikki Gil —
Nikki Gil: I’m not a burger person but The Farm’s bacon cheeseburger is crazy good.
"Anong Nangyari.." now on ASAP. Sorry, but Nikki Gil and The Company's rendition of that song during PPop Finals was and still is the best.
WOW. Gorgeous Nikki Gil in the new Maldita ad. 🔥🔥🔥
Nikki Gil: I love my family!!! ❤️ hair and make up by Ken and Roman. Photo taken by the great…
Nikki Gil: Trying my corned beef tostado for the first time.
Gil Scott Heron Sonia Sanchez & Nikki Giovanni are progenitors who wouldn't be insulted about being 'hiphop'
FREE E-BOOK ALERT! Featuring Young Women on the Journey (devotional) with Foreword by Nikki Gil. Visit
… … Tell d cheap 2 ask d man she's now dating his source of inspiration.
You cheap how about asking d man u'r secretly dating his source of inspiration?
Nikki Gil: From yesterday’s holiday campaign shoot with the Maldita Team and the super super…
.This is the Nikki I know and admire since Disney days pa! She has awesome parents too - another reason!
Four months after her controversial split with Crawford, Gil admitted in November 2013 that she has starting...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
All set for the grandest birthday celebration of the one and only Nikki Gil with the ABS-CBN…
I wasn't race to criticize the misfortune of others.:))XD Nice word from nikki gil. --> to: BC
Nikki Gil and Camille Prats in SD-580684 Top for Hawak Kamay and MARS. More details of this item at…
eva longoria. he patols nikki gil 4 d fact she has a close to Hollywood face he can parade w fellow dirty old men.
at that point, Nikki Gil is but another showbiz *** 1 point why its her fault is she announced shes virgin. The bf buys
I know foreigner man working in Ph media who came from UK for yrs now. Pinatulan po nia si Nikki Gil in accordnce my taste
and she's not even in a decent position bec, if Nikki Gil happens to be dating a foreign man, who is d reason why she is -
who is involved w/ Anne Curtis & 2 many to mention. Its not a heroic act to be grounded, Nikki Gil is not a superstar. And
Regarding Nikki Gil. Theres a man behind I know who is currently stealing my personality & teaches to her. Its d same man -
I'm sorry, but my respect for Billy Crawford drained after his "confuse" spiel following his break-up w/ Nikki Gil. Plus current issue.
Billy Crawford, still bitter towards his ex Nikki Gil and his apology is merely a front to attract sympathy?
Could we have Nikki Gil to cohost UAAP cheerdance next year
"I wasn't raise to celebrate the misfortune of others." Nikki Gil to Billy Crawford's recent issue. 
I liked a video from If You're Not The One • Lyrics • Female Version • Nikki Gil
Slowly passing this Miley Cyrus post breakup stage and transitioning into the Nikki Gil post breakup stage 😅😂
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Well for some reason I want to tell u about Nikki Gil. I used to like her before. Not now when the business man she's dating s
with VJ Nikki Gil, now airing on :D We ambushed Farmers Plaza in Cubao. Check it out!
Nikki Gil has a lot to be thankful for on her birthday
Nikki Gil dapat ang peg nating lahat - never celebrate the misfortune of others :)
Ganda ni Nikki Gil oh. Ganda pa boses. I don't know why you would let a woman like that go
This man is with Nikki Gil now previous w Toni, Anne, Sarah, Wilson. I know him.
Wow, Billy Crawford speaks like a victim. Ang tagal mong naging ex si Nikki Gil, its impossible you didn't blve in God unti…
Billy Crawford to Nikki Gil: "It's over. Never will I be with her ever in my life." - what a fcking ***
Nikki Gil: from Reunited with my girls ❤️
After Curtis & Gonzaga, the same *** doing them is doing Nikki Gil.T What class has a ***
"I wasn't raised to celebrate misfortune of others." -Nikki Gil
Nikki Gil: I wasn't raised to celebrate the misfortune of others - Yahoo Celebrity Philippines
Kinda like the line of nikki gil tonight
The singer who can act and the actress who can sing. That's Nikki Gil 👍👍
showcases Nikki Gil both as an actress and as a singer. That's real talent.
suddenly, i fell in love with Nikki Gil's voice.
Can still remember watching Nikki Gil last sunday in the play The Last 5 Years
Nikki gil looks old na same with ms iza...
uy big time huh same circle ni Nikki Gil HA HA HA but can I sabay going to RCBC he he
Sad I won't be able to watch tonight but I'm just as excited as you guys! Welcome back on primetime, Nikki Gil! ❤️
Catch Nikki Gil & Joaquin Valdes in the final 2 weeks of The Last 5 Years.Tickets are selling quickly.Get yours now!
Let's welcome back Nikki Gil on Hawak Kamay tonight.
heartbreaking yet heartwarming! Congrats to Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes!
We have the same birth date 😊 . Belated happy birthday to us Nikki Gil... 🎁🎂🎈 . The show was great.…
Nikki Gil is an amazing theater actress. She's really nice and pretty up close and personal.😁…
I have a copy of Nikki Gil's version of Still Hurting! Yas.
Nikki Gil: I may not have a big barkada, but I’m pretty sure the few close friends that I have right now will be a…
BABALIKAN MO RIN AKO SONGWRITER: Soc Villanueva INTERPRETER: Nikki Gil PHILPOP 2014 Finals night will be on July 26, 2014. Live streaming on at 7pm...
Stress relieving day with Dyan! Bought our tix for The Last 5 Years starring Nikki Gil! Excited kids!…
who even are Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes
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Nikki Gil and Gab V in one dance prod. It wasn't a bad breakup after all. And the Valencianos love Nikki.
Next week :)- Nikki Gil and Joaquin Valdes share love, heartbreak–and 90 minutes of pure song–in ‘The Last 5 Years’ |
Babalikan Mo Rin Ako by Nikki Gil is No. 8 on Pinoy Myx Countdown. Keep voting!
Much love and support for Nikki Gil's new song
Congratulations to MIRA BADLIS the winner of our TL5Yticketpromo - (Question: Who would you like Nikki Gil to...
.How would you describe Nikki Gil as a performer (singer & theater actress)? :)
.Nikki Gil is celebrating her birthday this August. Can we ask for a birthday message? :)
What do you think of Ms. Nikki Gil as a theater actress?
Nikki Gil - Babalikan Mo Rin Ako on Tune in now on
Nikki Gil is one of those people na hindi ko kayang makitang umiiyak bc everytime I watch her, she's smiling & happy but when she cries...💔
Coleen Garcia says she’s not the cause of Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil breakup
Nikki Gil, a Filipino actress/model, is a good example to girls. Being a virgin doesnt make u a loser
I really admire women like Nikki Gil and Toni Gonzaga
Nikki Gil: Hey guys! This is it! If you’ve got the moves, then join Colgate Fresh Moves! Submit your own dance…
Coleen Garcia sets the record straight between her and Nikki Gil.
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One of the list of YES! magazine's Most Beautiful Stars of 2014:. GROOVERS. RachelleAnn Go. Nikki Gil. . JulieAnne SanJose
Whoops, sabi raw ni Nikki Gil, she'll stay a virgin til she gets married. Now we know the reason. JK.
Coleen Garcia on meeting Nikki Gil: No problem - Read:
Nikki Gil: Staying a virgin is my choice via
“I’m letting GOD write my 'LOVE STORY' because ONCE upon a time, I took CONTROL of it and it didn't WORK well.” - (~Nikki Gil~) . ♥ i am too
After Billy Crawford's failed relationship with Nikki Gil, what made Coleen Garcia agree to be his new...
Yesterday, I met an acquaintance from long ago who is now in the production team of a popular morning show. I asked him how an indie artist with no major record label backing could get into the show as a guest. "Ay naku ate, ang hirap," he began. "Kung hindi ka matunog sa masa, dapat may handle ka, may storya na makakarelate ang masa." The example he gave was that of a blind musician. Then I shared with him that long ago, I was in fact a guest on their show and I was even interviewed by Nikki Gil. My acquaintance looked amazed. Back then, I had record label backing, I explained. I could sense my acquaintance looking harder at me (without really looking; his head turned away in deep thought). He was trying to figure out how to get someone like me - not blind, not poor, no heartbreak story, just a little skill on the piano - to be on the show. Such a hard time he was having! But it broke my heart to see him try.
To celebrate Nikki Gil's newest Musical Play we are pleased to announce that from now until August we will be...
Aww! That song! Babalikan Mo Rin Ako by Nikki Gil. I can feel it.
When love is a matter of when, not why? - "The Last Five Years": Nikki Gil is back in stage…
I like Billy but not after he dumped Nikki Gil for Coleen Garcia. Tsk.
"Nikki Gil is radiant in an aqua ruffled dress for Yes! Magazine July 2014; FYI…
I feel like people are not excited as they should truly be for Come on people, Jason Robert Brown + Nikki Gil! :) ♥♥♥
Nikki Gil is so inspiring. It took a lot of strength not to fangirl when she was my classmate in college. She'd be awesome as Cathy. :)
I really, really, want to watch Nikki Gil in here in Manila!! I just need to find a sched. that won't clash with midterms. :|
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Nikki Gil to do a story of moving on and letting go - The Last 5 Years
Nikki Gil: Dear friends who want to watch The Last Five Years ❤️ here are the dates and contact info for tickets.…
Nikki Gil, you deserve someone who won't JUST replace you. Lavaaan 💪
What song would you like to dedicate to your parents? why? — Glowing Inside ata yun kay Nikki Gil
First luxury item bought by Carla Abellana, Nikki Gil, Iya Villania and more! READ HERE:
Ooh! Coleen Garcia bumped into Nikki Girl in Subic recently. What do you think happened between them?
"Coleen Garcia says Billy Crawford is worth fighting for.
Watching a Nikki Gil music video that goes like "babalikan mo rin ako." Billy feels?
I liked a video gotta go my own way - nikki gil (Asian Version)
I can't get enough of this song.. 💘😭 Nikki Gil - Babalikan Mo Rin Ako Philpop 2014:
BLOGGED: Aside from Judy Ann, Sarah Geronimo shares that her most trusted friends are Nikki Gil and Rachelle Ann Go! ht…
WATCH: Nikki, Billy, Coleen in one fashion show: Nikki Gil, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford participated in a...
Nikki Gil's always blooming after her break-up with Billy Crawford.
She's the original angel of Coke. The lovely Nikki Gil. Here, she takes us on a tour around her house. And she sang, too!
Nikki Gil singing my favorite song on Myx. Haaay. So beautiful. :">
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Feelng sleepy! coz Khea & I went to plaza last nyt to watch Nikki Gil!
Waaah naki showdown ko with nikki gil
Nikki Gil's philpop entry Babalikan mo rin ako is still available for download at Please do show your support and download it!
Nikki Gil at surallah gym later for the celebrity nigth later :)
I remember this quote when it was said that Nikki Gil's dog like Billy Crawford. Stupid belief!
Listening to nikki gil - if you're not the one. Good morning, let's live this life!
I intended to have Jinseo be Maja Salvador to Bunso's John Lloyd and Boobakirt's Bea. Oh yeah Javier as Derek Ramsey and Kanako as Nikki Gil
Listen to the original cast recording of the music from The Last Five Years before Nikki Gil ruins it for all of us.
.is staging The Last 5 Years with Joaquin Valdes and Nikki Gil this August at CPR Auditorium, RCBC Plaza.
Nikki Gil said on Mellow Myx... "Monthsary isn't important as what anniversary means."
Who are the famous celebrities that you already saw i... — Julie ann san jose,gladys guevara, nikki gil, luis ma...
Kapamilya actress, host and singer Nikki Gil will be in Surallah this coming June 19, 2014 for a show in lined with the celebration of the 51st Founding Anniversary of Surallah, South Cotabato.
God, make me better than before. Although I don't have a guider in real… ♫ Million Miles Away by Nikki Gil —
Nikki Gil: Backstage with gorgeous couple and plus lovely bride-to-be http:/…
GOODEvening !. got home safe.. from Fairview Terraces .. ganda ni nikki gil with picture pa . :))
I've got to move on, and be who i am. — listening to I gotta go my own way Nikki Gil
Bea Alonzo is sooo gorgeous hmm with Nikki Gil and Zsazsa
Billy Crawford feat. Nikki Gil - You've Got A Friend is available on iTunes:
lol. I agree. It's weird but I really wanted Nikki Gil for that one. I know she's more of a singer but I can just see her in it.
After playing the piano and baking some cookies, singer-actress Nikki Gil shows Kris Aquino the more "personal" side of her home.
Nikki Gil is so lucky to interview Hugh Jackman
Nikki Gil interviewed Hugh Jackman. Aww :( I was really hoping they'd send Kris Aquino.
For the newer folks, Gus, Gordy, Gil B, Gator are still more of my grandchildren!
This thing is getting out of hand. Gus now has a Gibson Les Paul, Gordy a Stratocaster, Gil smokes the piano, …
Cory Michael I found this great picture. I am not sure who it reminds me of. Not you Nikki
Been craying over our local celebs led me to a shallow realization that Nikki Gil was also 21 when she & Billy got together
is it just me or Nikki Gil reminds me of Sara Ramirez? :)
Wow sexy...nikki gil galing.we love u...
pwede icover mo ung song na You've got a friend by Billy Crawford and nikki gil :)
Piolo and Nikki Gil shooting gawas samong balay. (Photo taken by my dad)
Billy happy for ex-GF Nikki Gil: MANILA - Singer-host Billy Crawford said he is happy over reports his former ... http:/…
Another important person celebrating her birthday on the 17th. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nikki Gil ng Canada…
"Girls get insecure because u make them feel insecure" -Nikki Gil
"She's insecure because you make her insecure -Nikki Gil at Myx 💕"
Everyone loves a bad boy who turns into a sweet little kitten when the girlfriend is around - Nikki Gil on Daniel Padil…
nood lng kmi Lets Jam in kuwait with Jan Manual, Nikki Gil, and Luis Manzano
Luis Manzano ,Nikki Gil,our very own filipino actors in kuwait was in Mcdonald seaside kuwait with all the filipino organization in kuwait. Goodluck for the concert tonight.
To the people who's gpnna watch Luis Manzano's ad Nikki Gil's concert, im jealous cx
...done with the rehearsal! With Luis Manzano, Nikki Gil and Jan Manual ;)
MANILA -- "It's Showtime" host Billy Crawford denied that he is avoiding his former girlfriend, singer Nikki Gil, when he chose not to attend the much-awaite...
People that have moved on:. Billy Crawford ✔️. Nikki Gil ✔️. Some people that were not even involved with the ex-couple ❌. *** ⁉️❓❓
Singer Nikki Gil returned on television with a bang after she went on leave for a couple of days following her controversial breakup with Billy Crawford.
A bra-less photo of Nikki Gil at the Roxas City Airport went viral and became the talk of netizens on social media. View Larger Size Photo Of Nikki Gil's Bra...
Nikki Gil Glowing Inside lyrics was added to the site 4 Oct, 2010 and since that time has 218 hits and voted 11 times. Other popular Nikki Gil lyrics are: Mi...
"Hear my heart. Crying in silence it hurts so much, trying to run from your side." by Nikki Gil.
Kapamilya actress and singer Nikki Gil has denied reports she is the woman pictured in the ‘bra-less’ photo currently circulating […]
Nikki Gil admits wearing bra on the viral photo Nikki Gil
Nikki admits she is wearing bra on that photo. The singer, Nikki Gil feels bad after learning about the photo of her spreading online recently. The said photo was showing the singer wearing a white...
My mom saw Piolo Pascual and Nikki Gil yesterday in Manila. :3
I like Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil a lot more than the present one
Whenever I see Nikki Gil, it makes me wonder why Billy broke up with her. Like, dabest ng girlfriend si Nikki hiniwalayan pa.
Memories to last forever.. DISCLAIMER: The one who uploads the video doesn't have the rights on the music that was used in this video. The music is entitled "Ypu've Got A Friend" sung by Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford.
More Nikki Gil goodness from this set of 2014 ABS-CBN Summer Station ID behind the scenes photos.
Watch this stupid people she is wearing strapless bra Nikki Gil "braless" photo scandal went viral: via
Nikki Gil denies being 'braless' in photo |...
Para... If you know what I mean. Nikki Gil sana yung 3rd!
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms? If You're Not the One by Nikki Gil
Thanks to the Nikki Gil fan page on fb for posting behind the scenes of the summer station ID with Zia :D
In your face FP readers who have nothing else to do in life but judge other people based on just 1 picture.
Nikki Gil saddened by spread of her "braless" photo on Internet | Read: via PEP.PH©
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Nikki Gil's msg to sender on Mellow myx :(
"There is no easy way to break somebody's heart." -Nikki Gil
I saw Nikki Gil at the gold's gym this afternoon omg I'm so starstruck :>
Thanks Iya Villania, Sam Conception, Gerald Anderson, Nikki Gil and many more for EXCITING MUCH countdown for
Nikki Gil got her Red Bag! Get yours now at Gorgeous Cosmetics, Eastwood Mall ❤️
Kim Chiu, Sarah Geronimo, Yeng Constantino & Nikki Gil is at their prettiest
Singer and actress Nikki Gil landed on the "Ihaw Na!" hot seat Tuesday night.
Coleen's Ex is Enrique Gil. Billy's Ex is Nikki Gil. Ngayon Billy and Coleen. What's the Gil? XD :3
Nikki Gil moves on, admits dating someone
1/2 There was this one time on instagram when I saw nikkigil on the following page & I was like "NIKKI GIL FOLLOWS ME??"
Billy Crawford broke up with Nikki Gil because he's confused AND now he's courting Coleen Garcia?! What a jerk.
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Nikki Gil looks pretty! I love that hair and dress and that flower crown everything just goes on her so well...
Should ve Iya, Shaina and Nikki Gil. working and twirking
I like the hair of nikki gil today - asap...
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oh Billy Crawford look at ur ex... sayang naman for you... Nikki Gil is way better than coleen and I don't know her surname..
I love nikki gil.. shes prim yet gorgeous..
Glowing Inside lyrics by Nikki Gil. Watch music videos, translate or download Glowing Inside lyrics as text, Microsoft Word or pdf file.
Toilet the musical was just so great. And Nikki Gil is gorgeous and Nel Gomez is super cute and that guy named Paul is super gwapo. :)
Apparently Nikki Gil is also here with a new guy. Ahihihi!
Thank you so much for watching Nikki Gil!!! Our cast and crew were so ecstatic you watched! :-)
Just came from a career talk for high-functioning teenagers in the autism spectrum or with Aspergers and had a blast. After a few minutes into my prepared show and tell on working as an art director, I realized I wasn't connecting that well. So I chucked out whatever I came with out of the window and buckled down to talk about more important things like Transformers, Aang and airbending, daleks "exterminate" and how cool Peter Capaldi can be, understanding wookie growls, Batman as a brand ( I kid you not), wolves, wolves and more wolves, Chinese, Russian, German and Klingon pronunciation, Samurai Jack and Spongebob, television channels and shows and cartoons and robots, Raizza Mae (yup, she's famous) the FilipiKnow cartoons and drawing, windows paint, comicbooks, modelling clay, failed quizzes, cars and horses and Julia Barretto and Nikki Gil. I hope they had fun and learned a bit from me as much as I learned from and had fun with them. And they presented me a cake. And siopaos.
Coleen Garcia admitted that she and "It's Showtime" co-host Billy Crawford are enjoying their time together but stressed they are not yet an item. Garcia added that Crawford is still wooing her. She also reiterated that she was not the reason for the breakup of Crawford and actress-host Nikki Gil.
And so Aida Aguinaldo Madrid? As Pretty Nikki Gil sad, Nakakapangit ang bitter. True dba Bestfriend Nina Natasha Reyes? I dont care about them. Im so much happy for what and who i have in my life ryt now
"Kasi parang alam mo na it's not like that all the time. Parang ito (past) ay nagkataon lang. That love isn't supposed to be like that. Hindi siya dapat masakit at hindi ka dapat iiyak." -nikki gil -dahil naunahan mo kung mag post nito, ipost ko padin Djonna Mhay.,
Thanks Nikki Gil for starting my day right, hope to see you and hear from you again next time.
Stop wasting your time on SENSELESS THINGS and NEGATIVE PEOPLE because they will only drag you down to their misery. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Know when to fight for what is rightfully yours, and learn when to step back and let go of what isn't. As long as you are not meddling in other people's business, you should be good to go. Smile. Laugh hard. Brush the stress off. Face the world with raw confidence. And take these wise words from Nikki Gil: "Nakakapangit ang bitter!" Good Morning Beautiful People! ♥ ^__^
MANILA - Singer-actress Nikki Gil was all smiles as she confirmed that she is now dating someone months after her breakup with "It's Showtime" host Billy Crawford.
Nikki Gil s birthday wish: To be whole again
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Singer/actress Nikki Gil admits that she is now dating someone a few months after she broke up with ex-boyfriend [immediately]. According to the 26-year-old actress, she first met this special pers...
Love doesn't suppose to be painful. -nikki gil :)
I still believe in live now or never - Nikki gil
On “It’s Showtime's” live broadcast yesterday singer Billy Crawford candidly answered Vice Ganda’s question on the program’s “I Am Pogay” segment with Colleen being his life’s ‘gasoline.’ “Sino ang gasolina ng buhay mo?” Vice asked Billy after the show’s contestant answered a question regarding a steering wheel. “Si Colleen,” Billy said suddenly, surprising even his co-hosts. “Ang haba ng hair …” Vice addressed to Colleen, who was at that time not on stage with them. Last January 13, Billy admitted in a live interview on “Buzz Ng Bayan” that he is courting his “Showtime” co-host. He also denied Colleen is the reason why he broke up with long-time girlfriend Nikki Gil.
I don't know how to play games... Love ISN'T a game... so its fine if I don't play :) -Nikki Gil
From now on, I will not trust people. They might be abusing my kindness. As like what they did. Just smile na lang. Sabi nga ni nikki gil " nakakapanget ang pagiging bitter "
Nikki gil,at Robinson santiago city,grand openning.
After seven months of controversial break up of singer-actress, Nikki Gil and , singer-dancer, actor and TV host, Billy Crawford, Gil confirmed last February 19, that he is dating a businessman but...
"Independence makes a woman sexy. There’s something sexy about a woman who can take care of herself and doesn’t need people to see her through.” — Nikki Gil
Star studed trip..flight with eric santos,nikki gil and ms international bea rose santiago...:)
The ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra together with Nikki Gil and Blake performed for all the shoppers and clients of Market! Market! for the 1st leg of Ayala M...
I'd never fall in love Again , Lord please ..! nikki Gil said ( ramdam nya tlga ang salitang binitawan kahapon .. just like niki , i'd never fall in love again,but i dont want to stop love love again and again : but not so muchh FALLer love .) hirap na .! ! ! ! !
So great performance with Erik Santos , Nikki Gil and Koreen Medina Fan Page at Robinsons Santiago City Yesterday =D ^_^ ♥♥♥♥
I dnt know how to play the game.. And LOVE is not a game!! So better not to play the game...""NIKKI GIL""with "no sex policy" I can wait and be patient for love takes time..theres this right time for love.. And I can wait for GOD choice or meant for me..
Rumors spread online, seven months after her controversial break-up with It's Showtime host Billy Crawford, Nikki Gil is dating a new non-showbiz boyfriend, named BJ Albert.
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"...but when it comes to the blank pages of your future, let God write them." - foreword by Nikki Gil
Daming pinagdaanan ang mga SHOWTIME HOST: Vice Ganda about his Jessica Soho JOKE Billy Crawford about his break-up with Nikki Gil and now in relationship with Co-Host Coleen Garcia Anne Curtis "I Can buy you, your Friends and this club" ISSUE and now... Vhong Navarro Beaten Up
New challenges for Nikki, Nora By Bibsy M. Carballo Philippine Daily Inquirer August 12, 2011 | 8:52 pm PIMENTEL AND AUNOR. A song for the Superstar. Nikki Gil was discovered in 2003, singing in a Coke commercial while walking the sidewalks of Manila. Soon, she was seen on TV (“Nagsimula sa Puso,” “Pieta” and “Tonyong Bayawak”); waxing records (“I Gotta Go My Own Way,”) and distinguishing herself in theater (“Legally Blonde”). These days, she portrays Charity Hope Valentine, a dance hall hostess in search of Mr. Right, in the Neil Simon-Bob Fosse stage classic, “Sweet Charity.” The musical runs at RCBC theater until Aug. 27. Call 557-5860. Looking for Guy Nora Aunor has invaded the august halls of the Justice dept., with Leila de Lima admitting to being a Noranian and sharing that the Superstar’s starrer with Manny de Leon, “Tell Nora I Love Her,” was filmed entirely in her family’s home in Iriga. Incidentally, Bing Pimentel, wife and mother of Aquilino and Koko, respective ...
Just found out the truth about Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. Sorry but i am a Nikki Gil fan. 😤
The Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil with Coleen Garcia being the third party according to speculations seem to have lived longer than we expected compared to other controversial issues out there.Just before this confirmation of Billy courting Coleen for real, the two were linked while the Billy-Nikki break
Nikki Gil did a photoshoot yesterday at Miriam College. It's for a health magazine. :)
Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia Kissing, Dating Scandal - Is Nikki Gil Right All along? They can deny all they want but these photos show what Nikki Gil was talking about for the longest time already. But, it seems like Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are open with their flirtationship? How about...
Romance is set to fill the air this New Year with the special treat of Kapamilya heartthrobs Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, and Jake Cuenca; and the must-see performance of the ASAP boy group ‘GIMME 5’ composed of Nash Aguas, Brace Arquiza, Joaquin Reyes, John Bermundo, and Grae Fernandez. Meanwhile, "ASAP 19” takes the art of dancing to a higher level with the return of Maja Salvador and Shaina Magdayao’s supah hot clash dance ‘MASH;’ to be followed by the breath-taking Supahdance showcase of Cristine Reyes, Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, Nikki Gil, Iya Villania, Karylle, John Prats, Rayver Cruz, Bugoy Cariño, and Brenna Garcia, together with the hip-hop dance group Philippine All Stars. Also, watch out for the hair-raising concert experience prepared by Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Charice, Erik Santos, Jed Madela, KZ Tandingan, Richard *** Abra, Kean Cipriano, Princess, Janice Javier, and Radha; the coolest rock performance of Bamboo, Yeng Constantino, and Tutti Caringal . ...
Sports and showbiz news: Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia sighting in Barclay Center, New Jersey watching a Nets game. And they were denying that they are not an item? To go all the way from the Philippines, tapos friends lang sila? I feel you Nikki Gil.
VIA PEP 100 Most-Read PEP News Stories of 2013 What a fierce year! Philippine showbiz 2013 seemed to be unstoppable as far as feuds went. Out of the 100 most-read news stories Barretto sisters Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine, their parents, and their siblings Gia and J.J.; there was Claudine’s legal battle with estranged husband Raymart Santiago; and there was Marjorie’s photo scandal. Also taking center stage were the women now dubbed as members of the R.A. 9262 Club, or the Violence Against Women and Children Act. Based on their statement Kris Aquino was subjected to unacceptable overtures by her former husband James Yap; Sunshine Cruz was raped by her estranged husband Cesar Montano; and Claudine was a victim of “violence, abuse, battery, and exploitation." The year also overflowed with revelations, most controversial being Charice Pempengco's announcement that she is *** and breakups, the most talked-about being those involving couples Ai-Ai delas Alas and Jed Salang, Nikki Gil and Billy C ...
After months of silence, Nikki Gil has started to open up about her breakup with Billy Crawford and hinted that a third party was the reason.
Nikki Gil reveals third party caused breakup with Billy Crawford: "There were always a lot of warnings, but I chose to ignore them." Nikki disclosed that she brushed aside the rumor that her boyfriend of five years was cheating on her, even when she felt in her gut that it...
Nikki Gil reveals important reasons why she and Billy Crawford have broken up
Nikki Gil breaks silence about split with Billy Crawford: “The scary thing, knowing what I know now, is I would have said yes to his insincere offers of marriage!”
After several months of silence since breakup with her ex-boyfriend Billy Crawford, the model, singer, actress and host Nikki Gil started to speak up about the cause of putting the end to their 5-long-year relationship.
Nikki Gil on ex-boyfriend Billy Crawford: Yes to forgiveness, no to friendship
There have been many speculations on the real reason why stars Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford ended their 5-year relationship, third party and career strategy are among them yet none has confirmed what the real reason is, until today. Sex – that’s the real reason the two broke up says our insider who…
The decision of Billy Crawford to speak up about what happened to his relationship with Nikki Gil was supposed to end rumors.
"I hope you understand," Billy Crawford's short message to Nikki Gil in the end of his exclusive interview with host Boy Abunda on 'The Buzz' Sunday, July 28. Almost Three months after their breakup, 'It's showtime' host Billy Crawford and co-host Coleen Garcia were spotted kissing and doing some PD...
When you really know what you deserve, you don't look back... (c) Nikki Gil
“I’m letting God write my love story because once upon a time, I took control of it and it didn't work well.” - NIkki Gil
what's your hair color? Nikki Gil ang peg ko ngayon. Please please? I wanna color my hair too. :)
how is it working w/ Nikki Gil? :) You guys look good together as Luis and Misty. :)
"Everything that's happening in my life is just part of a grand plan." -Nikki Gil on Yay to this strong woman!
Talking to Editorial Director Myrza Sison in a few! Nikki Gil on this month's cover of Cosmo!
Nikki Gil in Davao on Dec 20 :). For more events in Davao this month, check
I liked a video Nikki Gil learned lessons from split with Billy
Sure Nikki Gil had broken-up with her almost five years boyfriend Billy Crawford, but Gil revealed that she will be spending the upcoming holiday in Boracay, and to top it – she will not be alone.
"Is it you're here and you're not here?" -basta si nikki gil sa mm
Nikki Gil tells all on December issue
The strong, smart and fearless Nikki Gil is this month's covergirl! I can't wait to read her story! Aaaw :)
Here's another Holiday Treat!. Catch the gorgeous Nikki Gil on December 20, LIVE at the Annex Event Center, 7PM!...
"Love's a choice, not just a feeling. You don't wake up one day just deciding you don't love tht person anymore"- nikki gil
Yay! MORE Nikki Gil in Mariane Perez for Grab yoir copies now & head onto for…
Watching myx by dj nikki gil in mellow myx..
Happy Birthday, Maria Mercedes!!! 😂☺ Have you seen Ms. Nikki Gil's birthday greeting for you? 😁
"Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I'm a stuck-up prude na holy-holy. It's my choice." -Nikki Gil ♥
I can see Nikki Gil's transformation and versatility. So adorbs and gorgeous. :")
Nikki Gil talks in a very nice manner. Nakakatuwa. Powerful but sweet.
Thanks! I am back, Just needed a few days to spend with my family,I m not a fan of Nikki Gil, but I cant
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