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Nikki Bella

Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace and Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace (born on November 21, 1983) are American twin professional wrestlers.

John Cena Divas Champion Total Divas Brie Bella Divas Championship Aj Lee Daniel Bryan Becky Lynch Alexa Bliss Sophia Grace Roman Reigns Randy Orton Sasha Banks Lindsey Stirling

‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings: Lindsey Stirling ruled, but Nikki Bella deserved better from the judges…
Absolutely, Vince McMahon is the most petty person, like having New Day and Nikki Bella beating Demo…
Nikki Bella and John Cena set up a friendly bet while at the gym: Total Divas, January 18, 2015 - YouTube
Nikki Bella is doing so much for the WWE by expanding what she’s doing, from Total Divas/Bellas to DWTS, y’all shouldn’t be…
Nikki Bella drops Winston off at Kathy and Johnny's house: Total Divas Bonus Clip, Sept. 20, 2017:…
Curtis Axel vs Daniel Bryan with Nikki Bella as special referee at
wow I never knew you were a Fearless Nikki Bella Stan!☺ Tbh I'm more of a closet Nikki Stan as I hate being eaten alive😬
"I for sure want to learn my first dance here," gushed after Wednesday's big announ…
Nikki Bella or Brie Bella? — Nikki. lmao this ain't a question, tf
A pic edit I did of my favorite female wrestler Nikki Bella I am going to do one of next.
A gallery full of memories, check it out: [
Nobody looked so good with the divas title than Nikki Bella 👑💜
Nikki Bella hasn't been champion in a long *** time and has put over several other wrestlers. What is she "ruining"…
Yes! The Bella fam are going to the premiere to support Nikki can't wait to see it.
By now I'm sure you know Nikki Bella will be on Dancing w Stars
Another great video interview from Nikki & Artem .
Congratulations to Nikki Bella joining ! When joined WWE, many dismissed them as two...
I liked a video Nikki Bella is confused when John Cena isn’t excited to see a villa: Total Bellas,
Artem off Strictly is paired with Nikki Bella off wrestling in Dancing With the Stars. My disparate interests are increa…
Wonder if will invite to a outting and he will she in person
The Nikki Bella team is going to win dancing with the stars ! Because they are the bests !
And Nikki Bella So many of my friends…
Listen... Nikki Bella is going to shock me if she makes it past the third round on this show.
If you don't think Nikki Bella only came to the WWE JUST to get famous then you are as delusional as she is.
Nikki bella is the STAR of dancing with the stars 25 !!!
Fearless! Nikki Bella of fame trades the squared circle for the dance floor with partner this…
Bella heartbreak! 💔 Will Nikki still go to Phoenix without John?
'Dancing with the Stars': Season 25 cast includes Debbie Gibson, Nikki Bella ..
Nikki Bella is a trending search on Google
Nikki Bella officially introduced as part of cast, new title match set for
How dare you speak ill of Nikki Bella
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Has any guy cosplay'd as Nikki Bella. . Just asking for someone
Oh, dear. I almost want to see DWTS hearing that Lindsey Stirling will be in. But then I remember that Nikki Bella will also be in.
Sasha Pieterse & Nikki Bella are going to be on DWTS! Definitely watching this season ☺️
Derek Fisher, Victoria Arlen, Nikki Bella, Terrell Owens are the latest athletes on DWTS. Starts Monday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.
From the wrestling ring to the ballroom: Nikki Bella has reportedly joined Dancing with the Stars' 25th season:
Nikki Bella and One of the Property Brothers May Appear on ...
I liked a video Nikki Bella returns to the ring: Total Divas, May 10, 2017
Nikki Bella has turned heel on an episode of Total Divas also featuring The IWC
Bubba Ray Dudley has turned face by kissing Nikki Bella
Tyler Breeze won King of the ring by defeating Nikki Bella with a tombstone on monday night raw
naturally he has Tyler Breeze's entrance and Nikki Bella's music. look, babes. don't touch. your flesh will literally slough off on contact
Daren Young defeats Nikki Bella via the End of Days in a LumberJack Match on Monday Nitro
.and Nikki Bella pack on the PDA on the red carpet! 😍
Dana Brooke won a tag team match with Nikki Bella with cross rhodes in Calgary. Alberta... Canada
Today in History: gives Nikki Bella an unwanted teammate
when you think about it Nikki Bella and Pentagon Jr. have the same catchphrase
Opens the door for matches with Cena and Nikki Bella, Miz and Maryse, Rusev and Lana, Fox and Noam Dar
Enough with the Bella hate, it’s so 2014. It’s time to recognize that there’s a place for women like Nikki and celebrate h…
I added a video to a playlist wwe nikki bella and Brie Bella highlights (Tribute)
Nikki Bella defeats Christy Hemme via the Pop-Up Powerbomb in a LumberJack Match on Extreme Rules
New post, check it out: Nikki Bella’s cleavage Hot Pic
New post, check it out: nikki bella wardrobe malfunction nipple slip
New post, check it out: Nikki Bella see thru boobs and nipple
i cant believe that got engaged I LOVE U NIKKI BELLA
U guys r so cute and Maryse u r so beautiful u r more beautiful than Nikki Bella sh…
Nikki Bella on Wedding Plans with John Cena: 'I'm Still on Cloud 9!'
Nikki Bella just can wait to pose to nude soon...
Nikki Bella seems to be representing the red brand!
Nikki is way ahead of Brie in Bella Brains 👏
John Cena proposed to girlfriend Nikki Bella tonight during and it's the cutest thing ever. 😭❤️️
pops the question to Nikki in the aftermath of their at
Nikki Bella - Diva's Championship. - Gave us Nikki's peak ring performance. - Established her as a legend. - Record-break…
Nikki Bella has turned face by attacking their long time friend Alicia Fox
Well you're my favorite straight Nikki Bella fan lol
i think Nikki n bri are sisters they dont need to fight cuz of Stephie McMahon but love u bri n nikki bella ur sist
i have to choose between meeting Nikki Bella or going to wildwood again & getting front row & possibly meeting dolph th…
I've received plenty of hate for being a fan of Nikki Bella... It's rather sad that folks feel the need to bring others down.
case in point, in the front row we see a girl dressed like Nikki Bella and someone dressed like Breezango at RAW. Brand effort. 🗣️
That "Marry Me Roman" sign held by a girl in Nikki Bella gear is a painful representation of why Roman gets pushed
If you've got the rock, flaunt the rock. 💍 Nikki Bella stopped by to talk about John Cena's proposal that had us all i…
ALSO I feel like, much like the whole "who attacked Nikki Bella thing" it's super out of character for the revival to be denying it
Nude 500K celebration! John Cena and Nikki Bella stay true to their prom... via
c'mon Cass get yer *** revealed already! Don't want another one of the 'who hit nikki bella' thingy
Nikki Bella has really been spoiling us lately...
Its probably Big Cass that attacked Enzo, this feels like Kane/Undertaker 2010 or Nikki Bella/Natalya 2016 featured in NBC s Science of Love
[apropos of nothing] "I wish every couple cosplaying as John Cena and Nikki Bella would keel over dead." - Wife. 😳
It all started 4 stars Nikki Bella was back home recently working w/
I'm so sorry for your loss Nikki, I can't even imagine it. If you need anything at all we'll always be here for you💛
I liked a video Bella Brains: "BIRDIE, HELP!" Can Brie overcome her mommy brain to beat Nikki!?
Nikki & Bre known as The Bella Twins will be on game show "Whose Line Is It Anyway Next Mon…
Nikki Bella has turned heel in the interview segment of John Laurinaitis
Mickie James vs Nikki Bella with Alberto Del Rio as special referee at
Overdue Brie Bella is about to go into labor, according to Nikki Bella! -->
Nikki Bella defeats Rich Swann via the Clothesline from *** in a Capture the Midget at The Mall
Toni Storm, Mark Haskins, and Nikki Bella are all the same person
Nikki Bella really was unable to process it all!
Stu Bennet, Drew Galloway, Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff didn't want to see my Nikki Bella dance. did…
So Nikki Bella won the first vote . Keep an eye out for a tribute
and new to Rp . Nikki Bella . Single . Bisexual . Looking for a date
Nikki Bella vs Mickie James vs Lana in a Triple Threat at
Nikki Bella has turned face after kicking the leg out of the leg of Sean Mooney
It's no accident that Nikki Bella's engagement ring is 4.5 carats: It represents how long she's been with John Cena.
SEE IT: Congressman asks Linda McMahon during hearing why WWE star John Cena took so long to purpose to Nikki Bella https…
Not even John Cena's friend Jimmy Fallon knew he was about to propose to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania: ht…
Brie Bella is about to have a baby and Nikki Bella just got engaged
John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella in the middle of the ring after their win
Did anyone else start crying when John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella because I sure did. 😭😭
John Cena and Nikki Bella are finally engaged! See the proposal, here:
John Cena finally proposed to Nikki Bella! I'm so happy they are finally gonna get married. Yay ❤
John Cena interrupted WrestleMania -- he had a question for Nikki Bella
John Cena and Nikki Bella just got engaged at
They did THAT laid ease and gents!!! ⚡️ “John Cena and Nikki Bella get engaged in the ring 💍”.
"I never, ever thought that he'd actually do it" - Nikki Bella had no idea John Cena was going to propose at
Here's an up close look at Nikki Bella's ring from John Cena. [insert wow face here]
Congrats A WrestleMania first: John Cena's marriage proposal to Nikki Bella
I have never vomited as much in my life when John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella! By far the saddest thing I've ever seen!…
Not a fan of wwe & all that I watch Total Divas cuz all the girls are hott af but its about *** time John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella geez
John Cena finally proposed to Nikki bella.So when is the marriage next ??
Team Nikki Bella and Or Team Miz and ?. I'm all for John and Nikki!😀
Can you believe this?? John Cena proposes to girlfriend Nikki Bella in the ring
I only see Nikki Bella in the picture?
John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella in front of everyone
So this just happened. Congrats John Cena and Nikki Bella!
John Cena and Nikki Bella defeats The Miz and Maryse. After the match, Cena proposes Nikki and she accepts!.
John Cena FINALLY proposed to Nikki Bella! Congratulations! We hope you haters cry over not having anything to drag Nik…
congratulations Nikki Bella Ali you are engaged to John Cena my favorite wrestler and you are my one of favorite diva
Since & and I couldn't watch this year, I wrote this for
I can't believe John Cena finally gave in and proposed to Nikki Bella. They deserve all the happiness in the world!
John Cena & Nikki Bella just got engaged IN THE RING at
John Cena and Nikki Bella are officially engaged. The guts it took to do that in front of 70,000.
Nikki Bella walking past Maryse and Kelly in the hotel lobby with her big rock like:
Omg John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella 💜🖤
Congrats to Nikki Bella on her long over due engagement to John Cena 😍😍 love them lol
MUST SEE!: . Enough of the jokes, Nikki Bella and John Cena are ready to fight - Our Road to WrestleMania.
Congrats are in order for and Nikki Bella!
Never say never! John Cena and Nikki Bella are officially engaged after a proposal: https:…
BREAKING NEWS: and Nikki get engaged at
& follow for the chance to win a Nikki Bella and John Cena Pop! prize pack!
I liked a video from John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella! 😍👫❤
John Cena and Nikki Bella are getting married.
Best way for this match to end? . Having pin Nikki Bella with a Skull-Crushing Finale!
John Cena and Nikki Bella will win at Who do you think will win?
Nikki Bella will serve as "Extra's" special correspondent for the Kids' Choice Awards!
Nikki Bella is our special correspondent for today's
I love Kelly Kelly, Aj Lee, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch more than anything 💕💕 They deserve the world !
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But too many dudes sleep on Mandy Rose body wise, her and Nikki Bella got bodies
Video: Nikki Bella's final round of Oscar dresses (Which one should she pick?!). WATCH HERE:…
here the spot is still free. SDLive:. The Uso. The American Alpha. The Hype Bros. Naomi. Natayla. James Ellsworth. Luke Harper. Carmella. Nikki Bella
Pretty sure everyone's forgotten about you considering Nikki Bella has the longest reigning Divas Championship reig…
Nikki Bella doesn't deserve to be the Divas Championship
WOMEN'S CHANNEL Nikki Bella wins her first WWE Divas Championship YouTube: via
Nikki Bella just proved the world that even she has a better Spear then Roman Reigns 😅😂
Nikki Bella having a shot at a career in soccer is as tall a tale as The Hulkster once being considered to play bass for Metallica.
Thinking about changing to Renee Young or Nikki Bella or Sasha Banks but I don't know. 🤔😝
Nikki Bella . - Longest reigning Divas Champion . - Big part in helping the division. - A great role model . - A legend https…
"And your NEW Divas Champion Nikki Bella!" || ac: ??? {My failed at making a slow video ... (Vine by
I'm sorry but Nikki Bella's reign has Divas Champion was the worst it was a relief when Charlotte beat her for it
Don't forget Nikki Bella being the longest reigning Divas Champion in history, no body can ever top that!
37. Nikki Bella becomes the longest reigning Divas Champion in a spectacular heel way.
Nikki Bella ♡. -Longest Reigning Divas Champion . -Very inspirational and successful. -Such a sweetheart with all her fans. -Ama…
1 year ago today, Nikki Bella became the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. ❤️🏆
Nikki Bella the biggest disgrace to pro wrestling got roasted by a very black hearted Nattie.
It's 2016 and we still think Nikki Bella isn't good in the ring? Ok. Whatever floats y'all boat. Sis improved treme…
Nikki bella backstage with Sophia Grace was revolting ! 😠 Nikki bella is not a babyface and is so Unlikable !
"John Cena and Nikki Bella Drink Absinthe" will always get a click from me.
First of all, who is Sophia Grace? I have no clue who she is. Secondly, I cannot see Nikki Bella as a face. It's not work…
So, I see Bella army claiming that the Namob said that Nikki wasn't really injured but I don't see any proof.
Who is this little British person talking to Nikki Bella. Is this a Total Divas thing?
Bella Army makes me not want to like Nikki Bella...and that's sad. 😞
😂😂😂😂 I have him come down in Nikki Bella's music 😂 and moves!!! 😂
I know who attacked Nikki Bella it was the new women's champion Alexa Bliss
"Tonight the main event will be Roman Reigns vs...". "Nikki Bella will be in action against...". "Brian Kendrick wi…
NatbyNature,can u or can't u prove that u didn't attack Nikki Bella b4 the 10-woman elimination tag-team match at Survivor Series started?
lmao yeah, still better than Nikki Bella tho. she always comes off so forced
Wait! I KNOW that Bella stan did NOT just try to say Naomi was overreacting when Nikki was walking around with a ne…
domain names
Any update on the missing cards from the Topps Now 39.99 bundle pack I got 5 cards never received the Nikki Bella my fan name is FEAR4U2C
The hate for Nikki Bella will never die and it'll never end!
I don't care but anyone that attacks Nikki Bella is good people.
Who was that little girl? And why did we have to sit through that painful segment with Nikki Bella?!
Brie Bella here looking for a twin sister nikki
never heard of that little girl but that was a cute backstage segment with nikki Bella
Last night the cat didn't drag Natalya... I did! I said nothin' but the truth! Nattie is jealous of everyone especi…
Nikki Bella won the Divas Championship in 2014 & she was a non 4HW member, they were correct.
This was an emotional season finale. If you missed it, relive the best moments from last night's
Sophia Grace promises to have Nikki Bella's back: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 6, 2016 via
from Nikki Bella to Amy Schumer talk about going down in the world
👍Congrats to Nikki Bella for defeating Carmella with the at
Did attack Nikki at Survivor Series? Find out tonight on
I liked a video John Cena on how Nikki Bella changed his life, on WWE Network
The Great Khali vs Ahmed Johnson with Nikki Bella as special referee at
if you love Nikki Bella's entrance...
They revealed who attacked Nikki Bella before they revealed why Triple H won the universal title for Kevin Owens
Hi guess following me I am huge fan of 💘Alberto El patron and paige 💝 the new mom brie and Nikki Bella 💝chris jeric…
I'm more shocked that Xavier woods carried that match, this is Nikki Bella all over again.
Nikki Bella leads her team to victory at Who do you think will win?
Nikki Bella has turned face after spilling coffee onto D-Von Dudley
Hannah Simon shared Nikki Bella's video. i had to share this...seeing John Cena in a whig and barely there...
Nikki Bella being captain is a disgrace. Just makes it more obvious who they see as the top woman on SmackDown.…
women's division babyfaces: Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella - bunch of empty chairs - Naomi. The drop-off is going to hurt.
Watch this deleted scene & see how Nikki Bella convinced John Cena to have the family at their house: https:…
Nikki Bella is set to take on Carmella this Sunday at
Photos of John Cena and Nikki Bella at Tonight's White House Event, Cena ... -
Cute Photo of John Cena and Nikki Bella Exchanging a Sunset Kiss -
Definitely one is a Trish Stratus wannabe and the other is a cheap imitation of Nikki Bella
So it's happening. Nikki Bella vs Carmella at Where's the No DQ stipulation?
asks "When will John Cena propose to Nikki Bella?"
And in the dark corner of the arena next to a Nikki Bella fan is where he stayed.
I liked a video Carmella pledges to end to Nikki Bella: SmackDown LIVE Fallout, Oct. 4, 2016
The Bella Twins on Offering Fans a Closer Look at Bryan and Cena's Lives, More!
What's your opinion of the Carmella & Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch & Nikki Bella?
"She almost seems more focused on beating up Nikki Bella than actually beating Nikki bella" - Daniel Bryan .
ICYMI "Use me to make the division stronger. Let me help them take it to the next level" -
Nikki Bella vs. Carmella has been added to Sunday's PPV from Sacramento.
Nikki Bella shutting Carmella up was easily the best thing about so far. lol
News: Nikki Bella on John Cena being open to marriage, new live event announced
hi Aj Lee I'm Nikki Bella nice to meet you
Nikki Bella is better than Aj Lee ever was, and her breaking the reign length record is justice.
A video of Nikki Bella ending Aj Lee's career
I love how couples are on Jimmy Uso & Naomi and John Cena & Nikki Bella!
Kaitlyn defeats Brooke Tessmacher, Nikki Bella, Mickie James in a 4-way, last eliminating Brooke in 23:13 with the Flatliner.
what if Carmella Aj Styles get together and their thing is to beat up John Cena and Nikki Bella? Can u imagine xD
John Cena talks about Nikki Bella on LIVE with Kelly and Michael AMAZING!!!
Savio Vega vs Adam Rose with Nikki Bella as special referee at
I was afraid it would be a savio Vega no way out '98 situation with Alexa's partner. Welcome back Nikki Bella.
Ahmed Johnson & Paige vs Scott Hall & Nikki Bella in a mixed tag match on
Stop entertaining these flop Nikki haters who only say bs for rts. At the end of the day Nikki Bella's a star & they're wh…
"Nikki Bella cleared by doctors for WWE return"
Paige makes a good Nikki Bella like Brie made a good Aj Lee
I'm a huge Nikki Bella fan! Hopefully she is going to be at Hershey Giant Center on September 24th. Are you Nikki ?
Sorry but the hottest free agent is Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella and Brie Bella the Bella Twins at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choi... via
Nikki Bella she explains why she Betrayed Brie Bella at SUMMERSLAM that mean saying SORRY RIGHT NOW THANK YOU
I liked a video Nikki Bella calls John Cena after her MRI: Total Divas Bonus Clip, April 19, 2016
I liked a video Nikki Bella confesses to John Cena about freezing her eggs: Total Divas, Sept. 14,
I liked a video Nikki Bella pranks Brie and Paige in Scotland: Total Divas Bonus Clip, Aug. 4, 2015
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Nikki Bella and John Cena discuss her stress management: Total Divas: September 8 2015
The Bella twins are so awesome including Nikki Bella she was the leader of team bella totally awesome
With Seth Rollins, John Cena & Randy Orton all returning within the next month, I'm now officially waiting for Nikki Bella to return.
Why is Nikki Bella wearing the in Camp WWE and Brie when Nikki's ring gear has had an "02" on it for years?
Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history.
2012: - Nikki Bella managed to overcome Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill match to become the new Divas Champion htt…
Alicia Fox hit a version of the fisherman's suplex on Nikki Bella for the quick finish after McIntyre abandoned Bellas.
Tye Dillinger & Nikki Bella vs Goldust & Brie Bella in a mixed tag match at
Nikki Bella's second WWE Divas title reign is longer than any title reign by Aj Lee, Natalya and Bayley.
Nikki Bella could've paralyzed herself. Wrestled for MONTHS even though she was hurting, but clearly that means she doesn…
Aj Lee defeats Paige and Nikki Bella at NOC (2013) to capture her 3rd Divas Championship
'Nikki Bella with a touching tribute to Avid Merrion from Bo selecta there' -
Nikki Bella is going to turn into the iron shiek going to IHOP with a belt and getting money for pictures
The road to recovery continues for former Champion Nikki
Nikki Bella wrestled more matches in 2015 than Aj Lee did in her last 2 years.
Nikki and Brie Bella will BOTH be at Monday's Go Home RAW in NYC the Final Before 32
Nikki Bella updates her recovery from neck surgery via
dammit I read this as poetry update. I wanted some Nikki Bella poetry update. It would be best for business
what about her sister Nikki bella is she coming back
47. Thoughts on Nikki Bella breaking Aj Lee's reign as Diva's Champion?
I'm so sorry for the stupid question early I'm just trying to find out if him and nikki bella broke up are still together
Nikki Bella is scheduled to return on Tomorrow!
I forgot... You're more like Fabulous Moolah than Nikki Bella 💪😆
Former Divas Champion Nikki Bella with Brie Bella looking simply amazing in this picture.
Nikki Bella: longest reigning divas' champion of all time!
Nikki Bella will always be a great Divas Champion
if you want Nikki Bella to stay as Divas Champion
I can't tell you how many times I've been the John Cena to my Nikki Bella's Dolph Ziggler. Those who know... know.
Nikki Bella is v happy about winning that World Heavyweight Championship belt 😌 SCREW THE HATERS!
same stories over & over. Plus so many people are hurt now John Dena, cesaro, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Nikki Bella & Daniel Bryan retiring
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Nikki Bella is a fearless leader in wwe
Diva Brie sheds light on her sister Nikki's return to the ring
Watch at 3:30 pm tomorrow as we bring you an update on WWE Diva Nikki Bella’s neck surgery. .
I liked a video Brie Bella vs. Aj Lee
It should come at absolutely no surprise to anyone that Nikki Bella is my MVP.
I liked a video from Nikki Bella Mind-Blowing Facts
Nikki Bella shares another post-surgery pic to show us she's still the same https:/…
Nikki would of won the Bella Bowl again
Wow nikki u look so hot sexy beautiful on that outfit wow nikki u are so beautiful love u nikki Bella
Yeah how about them broncos are going to be superbowl champs oh yeah love u nikki bella
Nikki Bella on if John Cena has purposed to her yet
EXPRESS: Brie Bella / Nikki Bella headers. Feel free to use, (credit is needed).
In the second picture you could see Nikki Bella niples
nikki bella my idol i love you . i love your rack attack and I hope to be able to get better wrestling
Nikki has the cutest caregiver after neck surgery. And it's not who you think.
. Beyonce is not your bey first nikki bella now her just stop
No probs! I'd love it if you could draw Roman as World Champion. And Nikki Bella as Divas Champion. And Mudkip OMG! 😄❤❤😊
nikki Bella I would make your *** feel really good until Morning with my 11 inche hard ***
Nikki Bella hints at possible proposal from John Cena in new interview (VIDEO): Nikki Bella is going to return... https:…
- Nikki Bella, hoping you well after your surgery.. xx
The more I watch the more I fall in love with Nikki Bella. She's basically the perfect woman.
All you wrestling fans out there need to listen up as it seems Nikki Bella has been starting to come clean with the truth about a previous marriage that she had before her relationship with WWE stud John Cena because of a sex tape made with her ex-boyfriend that she is worried is going to leak anytime now. If you do not know who Nikki is... her real name is Nicole Garcia Colace and she has a twin that goes by the ring name of Brie Bella (Brianna Monique Danielson) and they are a tag team with the WWE under the name "The Bella Twins". Nikki herself though is the reigning two-time WWE Divas Champion and is one of the main stars of the reality television show "Total Divas". They have both enjoyed a very good career so far with the professional wrestling, modeling and acting.
It is nikki bella since when did you get mean all the sudden ___ I'm not mean.
Me: I love Nikki Bella. group chat: Nicki Minaj my anaconda dont
congratulations to John Cena and Nikki Bella on the birth of their child
UPDATE: Nikki undergoes successful surgery to repair her herniated disc. PHOTOS:
See exclusive snaps of Nikki as she undergoes surgery to fix her herniated disc
PWInsider is Reporting both Paige & Nikki Bella are Backstage for Tonight.
Support poured in as & Women wished well before her surgery!
Nikki stayed FEARLESS as she underwent neck surgery this week!
I just want to say a big happy birthday to my partner nikki bella we been together more then 3 years love of my life ht…
Nikki Bella undergoes surgery on her neck by - via
📷 nikkisbellas: favorite photos of Nikki Bella - (540/?) Lol the look on cenas face priceless
Nikki Bella opens up about her herniated disc and the surgery that could change her career.
I liked a video Total Divas S01E02 John Cena and Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella Loses her tooth and tells John Cena via
HIGHLIGHTS: Nikki continued to wonder if she would get what she wants from
I liked a video Nikki Bella hosts a pool party with her friends: Total Divas, December 15, 2013
Before her neck surgery, Nikki was nothing short of FEARLESS!
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