Nikita Khrushchev & State Department

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev ( – September 11, 1971) led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War. The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department or DoS), is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries. 3.7/5

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Nathaniel Heidenheimer 50 YEARS AGO YESTERDAY: SEPTEMBER 30, 1963:" President Kennedy reopens a secret channel of communication between himself and Nikita Khrushchev, via Press Secretary Pierre Salinger and a Washington based Soviet Secret Police agent. He thereby circumvents a State Department he can no longer trust for his communications with the Soviet leader." JFK and the Unspeakable Chronology p.xxxviii, by James W. Douglass
60th ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF STALIN (MARCH 1953): A PERSONAL MEMENTO By Dr. Albert L. Weeks In one of Russia's coldest winters since World War II, Josef Stalin, Soviet dictator for a quarter of century, suffered a fatal stroke on Mar. 1-2, 1953. At the time I was working in New York City as Senior Soviet Analyst at the U.S. State Department's International Broadcasting Division (Voice of America [VOA]). Its office was in the 1000 block of Broadway bordering old Tin Pan Alley and famous movie and "legitimate" theaters. Without a doubt, this was the biggest news story since FDR's death and VE Day in 1945.. All of us at VOA, including famous author-sovietologist, Bertram Wolfe, were developing radio scripts for this major, "world-historical" event. Everyone wondered what actually had happened to Stalin. Even today the sequence of events and the circumstances surrounding his death on Mar. 5 are still shrouded in secrecy. A number of reputable Russian and Western historians are convinced that the dictator ...
It’s my great, great pleasure to welcome Foreign Minister John Baird here to the State Department. He was one of the first calls that I made after I officially came into the building and started and was sworn in, and he is my first guest as Foreign Minister. So I hope everybody does understand that ...
I just heard Hillary say 70,000 people work for the State Department. RIDICULOUS!
This Day in History: 1789-The U.S. State Department is Established 1812- Napoleonic Wars,The French Army under Napoleon, reaches the Kremlin, Moscow 1831-The steam locomotive John Bull operates for the 1st time in New Jersey 1835-HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, reaches the Galapagos Islands 1862-Civil War, Confederate Forces capture Harper's Ferry, Virginia 1916-WWI, Tanks are used for the 1st. time at the Battle of Somme 1928-Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin 1935- The Nuremberg Laws deprive German Jews of their citizenship 1935-Nazi Germany adopts the Swastika Flag 1940-WWII, In the climax of the Battle of Britain, the RAF shoots down the majority of the Luftwaffe Aircraft 1942-The USS Aircaft Carrier Wasp is torpedoed at the Battle of Guadalcanal. 1950-Korean War, U.S. Forces Land at Inchon, Korea 1959-Nikita Khrushchev becomes the 1st Soviet Leader to visit the U.S., but throws a tantrum when he is not allowed to go to Disneyland 1962-The Soviet Ship Poltava heads for Cuba with a cargo of ...
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