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Nik Stauskas

Nikolas Tomas Nik Stauskas (born October 7, 1993) is a NCAA college basketball player. A Canadian native, Stauskas plays for the Michigan Wolverines and is playing his freshman season for the 2012–13 team.

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Rain Drop. Drop Top. Nik Stauskas is keepin that bench hot. (Still drunk Kevin)
Nik stauskas when he steps onto the court
Thomas Robinson, Quincy Douby, Jimmer Fredette, Nik Stauskas... hard to imagine why we…
Why do you cover stories on Nik Stauskas when he has no role on this team?
Y'all *** riding Lonzo like he's Lebron. He can't shoot hes like Nik Stauskas but passes better 😴
Nik Stauskas put up a season high 1 REB against UTA today.
Hope he plays. What about Nik Stauskas, why no minutes for him? I dont understand this…
Hey remember when you went off for against Michigan State in your final year?
Bro Nik Stauskas is the next big thing
I am madly in love with Nik Stauskas &if he's not on this team for the next 12 years I will collect my…
I added a video to a playlist Nik stauskas 3 point shooting after practice
if you're going to argue that Nik Stauskas ha…
Head out with Nik Stauskas & Matt Cord for the Philly FanFest today in the King of Prussia Mall!…
Is that a vote of confidence in TLC and Anderson? Any implication for Stauskas? Seems like Nik's days are numbered.
JJ Redick is going to make Nik Stauskas a star.
sad to see Nik Stauskas and Jahlil Okafor hugging eachother going through the same pain   10% Off
And that not even talking about there bench. They got shooters like JJ Reddick Jarred Bayless n Nik Stauskas just waiting, with sparkplug...
1) Nik Stauskas: I thought he'd be an adequate team defender and a dynamic offensive player with shooting & handling
Should I attend Nik Stauskas's event in the King of Pressia Mall on Saturday and try to get my hat signed? It's already signed by Covington.
Just between Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, and Nik Stauskas, the 76ers are 11.5 points worse PER GAME than if they had 3 avg players on O&D
If you're the ultimate fan, don't miss your chance to shoot some hoops with Nik Stauskas and win cool prizes & gear…
Join Nik Stauskas for the Philly FanFest on 11/4 5-7pm in the King of Prussia Mall!…
What do you think of trading Wesley Matthews to the 76ers for Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas/ JJ Riddick
Nik Stauskas I hope you're back on the court!!!
*eagles win the super bowl* Angelo I want to talk about Nik Stauskas' lack of minutes
I really think Nik Stauskas can do better than TLC.
Is Nik Stauskas still in the league??
Nik Stauskas and Jahlil Okafor have done absolutely nothing to deserve what the are doing to them. It's unacceptable.
Hey . Please make a trade for Jahlil Okafor. You can get Nik Stauskas as well in exchange for Wes. Please please.
Nik Stauskas talked about the time he dressed up as Allen Iverson for Halloween.
As much as I like Nik Stauskas I think you move him as well this year. He can still contribute off the bench. Just needs a consistent role
Nik Stauskas played the most ⏱ last year with 2,188 minutes for the and only started 27 games
Everyone talking about potential Sixers Big 3, but no one's talking about the biggest talent on the team, former lotto pick, Nik Stauskas.
Wait a second... you're saying the Nik Stauskas trade put you in a good position? This is getting awesome!
I'd prefer a vet like Redick, but Stauskas really came on towards the end of the year. Wouldn't mind kee…
Remember that one time you traded Nik Stauskas and a pick swap for...?
Congrats on the 3rd pick... oh... shoot... yeah... Nik Stauskas... yikes
gave up the picks that allowed to get Fultz so that Nik Stauskas and Carl Landry would not play for them.
CanCan in trade: PHI got LAL pick from PHO (Tyler Ennis in that deal), which they got for Steve Nash. They got SAC pick in Nik Stauskas deal
1/3 a season of Embiid = +18 wins. We had TJ McConnell as our PG and Nik Stauskas as our…
Gerald Henderson, Justin Anderson, Nik Stauskas and Okafor on the bench
Terry Rozier Nik Stauskas Solomon Hill Trevor Booker and Roy Hibbert clones on the same team 🙌🏼
Holdup holdup holdup was anyone else aware that we lost our 2019 first round pick in that stupid Nik Stauskas dona…
Hinkie takes contract dump from Ends up with Nik Stauskas and picks. What were those picks? A 2016-2017 pick swap and 2019 1st.
What was it the right to pay Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, add Nik Stauskas and most importantly Markelle Fultz for nothing?
So basically the traded Michael Carter-Williams for Markelle Fultz? Or they…
Nik Stauskas bout to be eating on these kick-out 3's, the next JJ Reddick
Everyone is underrating the Sixers' future. I'm still convinced college Nik Stauskas will come back and average 20 a game in two years.
When you realize that the Sixers turned Nik Stauskas into Fultz. and they still have Nik Stauskas.
turned 2017 5th pick, Michael Carter-Williams, Arturas Gudaitis, and Luka Mitrovic into Mar…
Joel Embiid & Nik Stauskas are both extension eligible this summer. Robert Covington is up for a new deal. PHI expect to add FA this summer.
Hinkie does it again, turns MCW into LAL Pick, trades for Nik Stauskas and SAC Pick. Those picks get us Fultz. Goddammit, I love you Sam
And Darko Saric and Sergio Rodriguez and how much Nik Stauskas has improved
on the other hand, Josh Jackson wore 11 in college and Nik Stauskas' jersey is still available
76ers gonna have a s tarting lineup of Fultz, Nik stauskas, Dario, Simmons, and Embiid. Thats a good young core.
This whole flip happened because of MCW and Nik Stauskas. Only bad move he made was Okafor. Make griff President and hire hinkie
I would feel bad for myself if I were a kings fan. Thomas Robinson/Ben mclemore/Nik…
you're forgetting THE center piece, nik stauskas
Nik Stauskas is the next Kobe don't @ me
Nik Stauskas trolls Sacramento Kings over draft pick swap
Philadelphia Nik Stauskas is growing into an NBA body via
Philadelphia 76ers: Nik Stauskas is growing into an NBA body - The Sixer Sense
Nik Stauskas says Brett Brown after getting T, told bench: "Thats $2,500. There goes the new couch for my wife!".
2014 NCAAT: Dominique Hawkins held Russ Smith, Nik Stauskas and Ben Brust to 4-13 shooting when on the floor, helping UK to…
Walton is the first Wolverine to earn the weekly honor since Nik Stauskas (March 10, 2014).
Ben Simmons gonna be the Bill Murray to Nik Stauskas's Wayne Knight
Vlade Divac and Nik Stauskas are embracing on the court reminiscing about the most lopsided/stupidest trade in NBA history.
Brown believes Nik Stauskas could be poised for breakout season. Feels he's much more than perimeter player.
They dont even have sampson anymore instead they have Nik Stauskas.
Nik Stauskas Has Struggled Through Two Years, is the 24th Worst NBA Player According to a St
I'd take a hurt Bradley Beal on the bench over Nik Stauskas any day of the week
Nik Stauskas has really grown into this analyst role
Nik Stauskas is cuter than I remember.
Most players are trying to get paid in free agency...meanwhile Nik Stauskas is locking up that long term NBA analysis money.
Nik Stauskas already getting involved in the broadcasting game?
Just me or is Nik Stauskas tryna be the Canadian JJ Reddick? Shooter, conference POY in college, branching in broadcasting... I can see it.
Lmao I swear Nik Stauskas would rather be a Raptors commentator over a 76ers player 😂😂😂
Is that Nik Stauskas doing the post game? Lol okiee
Geez, Nik Stauskas has a broadcasting future. Very smooth.
I still think Nik Stauskas doing post game for the playoffs is extremely odd..
Nik Stauskas needs to up his suit game.
stop he got dunked on by Nik Stauskas
Nik Stauskas has been a great addition for TSN basketball coverage.
Masai should pickup Nik Stauskas on the lows
Nik Stauskas is a LeBron stan. Good to have some parity in the broadcast tonight lol.
Who got the biggest chance to become a star ? . Nik Stauskas . Gary Harris . Tim Hardaway Jr. Trey Burke
like if you not a ball person, you wouldn't know Nik Stauskas 😂
I would take Elena Delle Donne over Nik Stauskas anyday
Nik stauskas doesn't ball stop and flop. I'm taking him over harden if I had the pick
76ers is none other than Nik Stauskas
Been very impressed with Nik Stauskas on TSN, has a bright future as an analyst once his playing days are over.
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Rockets would've won 60 games this year if they had Nik Stauskas instead of James Harden
I would get Nik Stauskas' in a heartbeat
He makes Jahlil Oakafor and Nerlens Noel all star's and Nik Stauskas turns into a knock down shooter. ECF/Finals exit
Nik Stauskas 2-9, player of the game. 76ers over Warriors.
and Nik Stauskas, he got a flamethrower too
So then we get to lineups and this *** starts Nik Stauskas
If you don't appreciate Nik Stauskas giving back to campers ... then you don't LOVE CANADIAN BASKETBALL BABY!!!
Nik Stauskas passing on to campers what Russell taught him: "He was right when he said you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable"
"Show up earlier then on time. When people go to sleep go kill your self" Nik Stauskas on tips to separate yourself from competition.
Nik Stauskas sound like he been doing commentary his whole life
Nik Stauskas giving playoff analysis on TSN but has never played a playoff game ☕️🐸
Yo Nik Stauskas sounds like he's been a Sports Analyst his whole life lmao, so natural, they gotta give him a job when he retires
Nik Stauskas is a surprisingly good analyst. He will be great on TSN in a year or two.
Good to see Nik Stauskas getting so much analyst time on TSN!!!
I think I'm gonna do an edit of Nik Stauskas and Devin Booker when I get home. Really like those dudes on and off the court
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Mo Pete should take some notes from Nik Stauskas
76ers will have a ridiculous young core: Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Nik Stauskas and either…
Kings draft 8th. Had 8th pick twice before in NBA Draft. 1994 they drafted Brian Grant, 2014 - Nik Stauskas
The Kings have drafted Brian Grant and Nik Stauskas at 8 before. Other picks in NBA history...Jamal Crawford, Rudy *** Andre Miller
Kings will have the No. 8 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Last two players selected in the spot by Sacramento: Nik Stauskas & Brian Grant.
Nik Stauskas and Steve Novak weren't shooting 3s of of hesitation dribbles. You sound stupid RN.
Steve Novak & Nik Stauskas are great people too. And?
Canada Rising - Nik Stauskas takes aim at the Olympics: As Canada tries to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in…
"Bleacher Report on Instagram: “Nik Stauskas puts the sauce on Myles Turner & George Hill is sh..." via
Bench doing work with 31 points, including 11 from Carl Landry and 8 a piece from Hollis Thompson and Nik Stauskas.
I still hate Nik Stauskas. And Chad Henne for that matter
Nik Stauskas and Kendall Marshall are here, too
I'm being told the Heat have trade Winslow and Dragic to the 76ers for a return of Robert Covington and Nik Stauskas
Brett Brown is hopeful Nik Stauskas (illness) will be able to return on Wednesday vs. Houston.
good game today agienst Miami my friends call me Nik Stauskas. as a joke your my 2nd fav player
Nik Stauskas (illness) is questionable for Wednesday's game vs Houston.
Nik Stauskas is living the life tbh... He's got the baddest girl..
60. Nik Stauskas still has a chance to be a good NBA Player
Philadelphia F Jahlil Okafor (chin) & C Nerlens Noel (knee) are out & G Nik Stauskas (upper respitory) is questionable today versus Miami.
Nik Stauskas-Philadelphia 76ers Stauskas is suffering from an upper-respiratory infection and will not play Sunday against the Heat.
Someone told Marcus Lee that he's playing against Nik Stauskas again. He's dunking everything right now.
Nik Stauskas: Out again vs. Miami: Nik Stauskas: Stauskas (illness) has been ruled out for ...
Nik Stauskas (upper respiratory infection) has been ruled out of Sunday's game vs. the Heat.
still not nearly as good as Nik Stauskas
Nik Stauskas PHI is OUT Sunday at MIA - illness - missed 1g
Nik Stauskas (illness) is questionable for Sunday's game vs Miami.
Recommendation by :Nik Amidst the reports about Nik S...
Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Nik Stauskas, and Kendall Marshall all ruled out on Friday
Nik Stauskas (illness) is out for Friday's game vs Miami (day to day).
Nik Stauskas PHI is OUT Friday vs MIA - illness
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Brett Brown says Jahlil Okafor (right shin), Nerlens Noel (right knee) both out. Kendall Marshall and Nik Stauskas out (upper respiratory).
From the beginning of the season to now, no player on the 76ers has improved more than Nik Stauskas
You mean Nik Stauskas . Couldn't miss in that game. Only a matter of time till Urban has another fake heart attack and leaves OSU
two years ago I met Trey Burke and a little over one year ago I met nik stauskas...this year I'd like to meet
Nik Stauskas is such a terrible shooter I question if he's even white...😒
Nic Batum is very good at basketball. . Nik Stauskas is not very good at basketball.
Ish Smith and Nik Stauskas getting into foul trouble means more ball handling responsibilities for Isaiah Canaan & that's not going well.
Sixers say Isaiah Canaan has a left ankle sprain; return questionable. Nik Stauskas left knee contusion; he is able to return.
Sixers lineup right now is hilarious. Carl Landry, Richaun Holmes, Jerami Grant, Nik Stauskas, Ish Smith.
Brett Brown has talked about Nik Stauskas' ability to do other things, like handle the ball. Lead that break to set-up Jerami Grant.
Nik Stauskas to miss one week of action:
Nik Stauskas is going to miss the remainder of the Sixers' road trip, writes
to miss remainder of road trip – Nik Stauskas will not play Wednesday ni...
I bet Jahlil Okafor was with Nik Stauskas and that was the teammate he was claiming to defend.
lol he was stuck up, Phil pressey, kelly olynk, Evan turner, nik stauskas and James Young were there 2 and they were cool
took Stauskas a while to realize just how many shots he should put up. And DR doesn't have Nik's swag.
PG-SG Isaiah Canaan started Wednesday's game at SG in place of SG Nik Stauskas (knee).
ICYMI: Paul George sent Nik Stauskas to the floor with his crossover.
"We're gonna start Nik Stauskas and let him take as many shots as he wants" is Sam Hinkie turning tanking into an art
This ranking of the top 30 SGs has Andre Roberson ahead of Courtney Lee, Arron Afflalo, Ben McLemore & Nik Stauskas: h…
Tony Wroten , Nik Stauskas , Robert Covington , Kendall Marshall all coming back next month we'll be fine.
Aaron Harang had a great season and Nik Stauskas looks promising
Big year for Tony Wroten, Nik Stauskas, Robert Covington, and Some others
Christian Wood went through half of practice today. Furkan Aldemir 80% with foot issue. Nik Stauskas out today.
6ers got Isaiah Canaan, Kendall Marshall, Jahlil Oakfor, Nik Stauskas, and JP Tokoto. Some of my favorite college players all on one squad.
Picks that have played for the 1980- Andrew Toney. 1998- Larry Hughes. 2014- Nik Stauskas (soon to be)
Canadian guard Nik Stauskas in studio with right now!
Here is a recap of how Dario Saric and Nik Stauskas played for their respective national teams this month:
Keeping track of what Dario Saric and Nik Stauskas have been up to:
Buzzing: Nik Stauskas to launch 'Sauce Castillo' hot sauce
Met and Nik Stauskas... Chalk this up to an average day... 👌
The Sixers have traded Jason Thompson (acquired from Sacramento in the Nik Stauskas deal) to the Warriors for...
just ask Adam Morrison, jimmer fredette, peyton Siva, Trey Burke, nik stauskas lol seriously
Nik Stauskas with the missed layup, boy. 360 with the turnover, boy
Philly starting Tony Wroten and Nik Stauskas. They really wanted Russell smh
ICYMI: Nik Stauskas made his way into my Top 5.
our savior Derrick Williams and Nik Stauskas are good! They were future all stars!
I wanna make fun of Nik Stauskas again but I really don't want him to reply again lol
76ers Nik Stauskas hopes to improve on defense
Nik Stauskas is gonna have to lead a peace summit between Meek and Drake
Nik Stauskas claims Thad Matta had no idea who he was. He posted this photo Monday —
It will be interesting to see if Nik Stauskas is unleashed in Philly. Must work on speed and defense all summer though
What did you think of this troll attempt by Nik Stauskas?
So we skipped over this one in all the free agent frenzy was the Kings giving away Nik Stauskas for 2…
See how one former trolled Ohio State —
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It be a sick trade if we can trade Kyle Lowry and Patrick Patterson for Nik Stauskas and Nerlens Noel
Nik Stauskas got his troll on yesterday —
New Sixer Nik Stauskas comes up big in post
While I'm in Washington, my brother's at Lifetime getting to meet an NBA player😫😭 @ Nik Stauskas
Sources: Kings trade Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry and Jason Thompson to 76ers in salary dump
Nik Stauskas and Noah Vonleh two lottery picks from last year that were traded. Should have big opportunities this season
From Jason Thompson, acquired as part of the Nik Stauskas trade, is glad to be back in his hometown:
Report: Sixers acquire Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson in trade with Sacramento ... -
Kings trade Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, Nik Stauskas, and 2018 first round pick for Marco Belinelli and Rajon Rondo... …
Kings trade F Jason Thompson, F Carol Landry, and G Nik Stauskas to the 76ers to free up cap space for Rondo, and Ellis.
Report: Kings clear cap space—trade Jason Thompson, Carl Landry & Nik Stauskas to 76ers in hopes of signing big FAs
Yes, I will be buying a Nik Stauskas jersey.
In the last week, two top 2014 picks were traded: Nik Stauskas (No. 8) and Noah Vonleh (No. 9). Not to mention Marcus S…
Nik Stauskas has been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.
Demarcus Cousins, Nik Stauskas for Avery Bradley, Evan Turner, Kelly Olynyk & 2 1st rnd picks. Celtics would give up a lot but it's worth it
Kings get: Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried. Nuggets get: 6th pick, Darren Collison, Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson
Derrick Williams and Nik Stauskas are not small people... standing at 7' 5", Sim Bhullar is just a MONSTER!
Nik Stauskas was the big loss, then Glenn Robinson III and Jon Horford left too. A great team was broken up.
Jordan Morgan, Glenn Robinson III and Nik Stauskas on the big screen... first cheer here in awhile
A Michigan high school student is going to prom with Sacramento Kings player Nik Stauskas and his girlfriend Taylor Anderson
Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Tim Hardaway Jr, Glen Robinson III, Mitch McGary wow that was the best line up ever
Jamie Guerra of Woodhaven HS gets 10,000 RT's to try to get a prom date with Nik Stauskas girlfriend http:…
Justin Hamilton for Nik Stauskas. He will solve the front court issues for the Kings
willing to trade Nik Stauskas (whose gf is going to prom with another guy thanks to a bet he made) for front court help
We have an Alonzo Gee airball. Nik Stauskas and-1 on the other end.
Times like these when I miss Nik Stauskas, Jordan Morgan, and Mitch McGary
Nik Stauskas and Ben McLemore are out early getting warm with Chris Jent.
Darren Collison, Ray McCallum, Ben McLemore... who is a white rookie starting alongside Nik Stauskas?
I like Anthony Bennett too. Nik Stauskas played for the Michigan Wolverines.
One day Taylor Anderson and Nik Stauskas will notice chandler and I
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Only rookies Im fw this year is Jabari Parker, Nik Stauskas, Zack Levine and Gary Harris
Can't wait to watch Jabari Parker along with Aaron Gordon & Nik Stauskas this season
Ex-Michigan guard Nik Stauskas knows he belongs in now it's time to prove it - Bay City Times
“I see you, Nik Stauskas. Hmmm. This seems athletic.
Michigan was the only major school in the country to recruit Nik Stauskas, y'all missed out big time
Just traded Anthony Bennett and Mike Miller for Carl Landry and Nik Stauskas
Glen Rice Jr. vs Nik Stauskas, Otto Porter vs. Ben McLemore. winner moves on to the finals.
Pistons Receive: Derrick Williams, Kelly Olynyk, Carl Landry or Jason Thompson, 1st round draft picks from each team and maybe Nik Stauskas
Day 2 of Keith and Dave live in Vegas! Michael Malone, Mitch Richmond, Nik Stauskas, and more. Listen online:
McCallum also has had a solid gm - 10 pts, 11 asts. Quincy Acy has been good & Nik Stauskas has been solid. All starters in double digits.
I see a future with my kings.. 🏀. Just signed Nick Collison for 3 years.🏀We drafted Nik Stauskas.🏀. were trying to trade for josh smith🏀
Utah should get Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Mitch McGary with Trey Burke that equals championships
Nik Stauskas said he can't let Chris Mullin win the 3-point shootout in training camp again. Mullin won last year.
In the 2014 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select the sharpshooting guard out of Michigan, Nik Stauskas. Mixed emotions held by Kings fans, not understanding..
Nik Stauskas went 8th in the NBA (National Basketball Association) draft, but he went first overall in the NBA (Not Black Athlete) draft!
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Wonder if Kings' No. 1 pick Nik Stauskas beat the great Mullin in a game of H-O-R-S-E when he had a workout for Sacramento.way.
European American“He's Caucasian. “Please don't compare Nik Stauskas to Jimmer because he's white. Dig deeper.””
Nik Stauskas is a good fit for Sacramento and is more of a west coast guy anyway
Nik Stauskas was drafted higher than Trey Burke a year ago. Crazy.
“With the No. 8 pick, the Sacramento Kings select Nik Stauskas from Michigan
The second Canadian player drafted is Nik Stauskas. Heading west to Sacramento.
Nik Stauskas will have Mike Miller's exact career
Nik Stauskas initially struck me as a more well-rounded version of JJ Redick, but after this year I see a little Klay Thompson in him, too.
NBA drafts. Glenn Robinson III/ Nik Stauskas/ Mitch McGary will be a steal in this year draft. i luv Adreian Payne
I really hope gets Nik Stauskas and/or Glenn Robinson |||
please draft Nik Stauskas & Glenn Robinson in the 1st round of next Thursdays draft. Thank you.
Nik Stauskas is the 3rd best shooting guard in the and is moving up the boards
Okay, so, say Wiggins and Parker go 1 & 2 and then Philly takes Dante Exum at 3. Should they trade MCW and Thad Lewis to Orlando for the 4th pick? I think that trade benefits both sides. Check out Philly's potential starting 5 if the scenario I just described happens: PG: Dante Exum (drafted at pick 3) SG: Nik Stauskas (drafted at pick 10) SF: Glenn Robinson III (drafted at pick 32) PF: Noah Vonleh (drafted at pick 4 via trade w/ Magic) C: Nerlens Noel That is an extremely solid core to build your franchise around. And I think Orlando would accept the MCW+Young for the 4th pick trade because they really need a PG and MCW is probably a future all-star. - sportsguyrich
My top 4 realistic options for the on draft day: . 1) James Young. 2) Nik Stauskas. 3) Gary Harris. 4) Rodney Hood
If not Gary Harris, then Doug McDermott who John Paxson likes, and Nik Stauskas reported by Chad Ford.
yeah. Out of 12 diff ones I have seen they have Doug on 4. Saric on 3. Gordon on 2. Harris on 2. Nik Stauskas only on one.
Draft Combine: Stauskas & Robinson: Michigan's Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III speak with Seth Davis and Steve Smith at the NBA 2...
The Detroit Pistons need to draft Nik Stauskas, would fill a huge hole of 3 point shooting and keeps him in Michigan.
Last night, Nik Stauskas threw out the first pitch. Tonight, it's a samurai warrior.
I love the Bulls and always will but you can see they have tons of issues. Taj is breaking out. He needs to be in the starting lineup. They need to either trade Boozer or amnesty him and that is for sure. Full force to try and sign Carmelo Anthony. Ever since Ben Gordon left they have lacked at the 2 Guard spot. Would love to see them attempt to get Mirotic who they have stashed Overseas. The Draft is crucial as well. They need to get scorers period. Defense does not win Championships if you can't score the ball and without Rose and Deng they showed they really have problems scoring. As we all saw they ran out of gas because they are not that deep of a team. They don't have a "Bench Mob" let alone a reliable go to scorer without Rose. That needs to be addressed in Free Agency. Go after Melo hard and draft a scorer. T.J. Warren from N.C. State, Nik Stauskas from Michigan, Jordan Clarkson from Mizzou, Doug McDermott (I Wish). But they lack scoring every year and instead of trying to sign/draf ...
"Nik Stauskas -- Detroit Pistons. This would be swet!!
“Well now it's official. Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III are leaving for the NBA.
Michigan's Nik Stauskas & Glenn Robinson III have officially declared for the 2014 NBA Draft
It’s now official. Michigan’s Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III have declared for the NBA Draft.
So, once and for all, Nik Stauskas & Glenn Robinson III will announce decisions at 3:30 Tues, Mitch McGary will not.
Kind of hoping Nik Stauskas doesn't get drafted just cause I love watching him play college ball
just talked about Zingermann's, Nik Stauskas, The Big House, and Mary Sue Coleman all within five minutes...
                                    After coming just close of winning The National Championship in 2013 The Michigan Basketball Program had tough decisions to make.  4 players Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., Glenn Robinson III, and Mitch McGary all had decisions to make in the offseason whether or not to return for another season or declare early for The NBA Draft. Well everyone knew Trey Burke was out the door after a ridiculous good year, and Tim Hardaway Jr was 50/50. Well Both Burke and Hardaway Jr. decided to go to The NBA Draft, but Glenn Robinson III, and Mitch McGary, decided to stay @ Michigan. Two key players were returning as well as some good players such as Nik Stauskas, Caris Levert, Jordan Morgan, the incoming frosh duo of Derrick Walton Jr., Zak Irvin and the others.  Despite Robinson ...
No mitch trey or tim. Elite 8. This team was within a last second 3 of playing for a final four. They over achieved. Belein is a great coach. A *** legend. There will be more Ncaa runs. This one hurts though. Congrats Kentucky . Your team will be all new next year. Nik Stauskas, if you go pro, which I assume you will, you earned it. Best shooter ive ever seen at the college level. Good luck on whatever your decision is. Jordan Morgan. What a year man. Youve grown so much. You were awesome this year. Go blue forever.
Kentucky closes first half on 15-5 run to tie Michigan at 37. Nik Stauskas has 18 for Wolverines, James Young and Marcus …
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Wow! So excited! Just read the front page of the Sports section of our Savannah Morning News, Saturday, 29 March 2014. First line of the article: "Jordan Morgan scored 15 points and Nik Stauskas had 14 including a key free throw to help Michigan hold on for 73-71 victory over Tennessee in Friday's first Midwest Regional semifinal." MY Alma Mater and my Lithuanian brother, Nik Stauskas. Aciu labai broluik! Much future success to you as well!
March Madness: Michigan avoids collapse to move on: Jordan Morgan scored 15 points and Nik Stauskas of Mississ...
Shout out to Nik Stauskas for proving that white guys can dunk
Nik Stauskas set to duel with Tennessee's Josh Richardson in Sweet 16 showdown
Nik Stauskas over Sean Kilpatrick for 1st AA?! and that's why you don't let coaches vote
Josh Richardson on Michigan's Nik Stauskas: "He's a great player. It will be a tough cover. Their offense flows through him."
OK, folks, my Wooden Award ballot has been turned in. Creighton's Doug McDermott is my Player of the Year (and I suspect he'll be many others' as well). The rest of my first team is Shabazz Napier (UConn), Sean Kilpatrick (Cincinnati), Jabari Parker (Duke) and Russ Smith (Louisville). Napier has been a Kemba Walker-type leader, Kilpatrick was the only real offensive threat for the AAC co-regular season champs, Parker was consistently excellent in his freshman year and Smith was more efficient this year. My second team is Cleanthony Early (Wichita State), Julius Randle (Kentucky), Nik Stauskas (Michigan), Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) and Kyle Anderson (UCLA). Early was the top scorer for the 35-1 Shockers, Randle has 22 double-doubles for the Wildcats, Stauskas led the Big Ten regular season champs in scoring and Wiggins was often spectacular, yesterday's no-show against Stanford notwithstanding. For the last spot, it was a tough call between Anderson, Casey Prather (Florida) and Nick Johnson (Arizona). But I d ...
In other news Canada🍁 is really coming up in the 🏀 world. Tyler Ennis, Dyshawn Pierre, Andrew Wiggins, Nik Stauskas and …
In Wednesday's Five Thoughts, TSN's Jack Armstrong focuses on some of the Canadians in this year's NCAA Tournament in Andrew Wiggins of Kansas, Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis, Toronto native Melvin Ejim of Iowa State, Michigan's Nik Stauskas and Kevin Pangos of WCC champions, Gonzaga
With 24 Canadian players suiting up for this year's NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness, many of whom are STAR & IMPACT PLAYERS, it's only right that we spread the word & continue to share our Canadian Pride! Kansas' Andrew Wiggins, Syracuse's Tyler Ennis, Michigan's Nik Stauskas, Iowa State's Melvin Ejim, Gonzaga's Kevin Pangos, Stanford's Dwight Powell, New Mexico State's Daniel Mullings, and many more! Check out Canada Basketball's list of all the young Canadian men participating in the Men's tournament and a listing for what times each of them play during the First round games (Thursday & Friday)! this list to show your support! (Photo credit: Canada Basketball)
starts tomorrow! Who's excited? Canadians representing in the tournament this year! Wiggins expected to do big things with the , also lets see if Ennis can take the to the this time around. Let's not forget about Nik Stauskas and Big 12 player of the year Melvin Ejim! Have you filled out your bracket this year? Who do you have to win the entire tourney?
Of the 15 Wooden Award finalists 3 of them, Andrew Wiggins, Tyler Ennis, and Nik Stauskas, are from the Toronto area...
I've also been intrigued by Nik Stauskas, TJ Warren & the Kyle Anderson kid from UCLA
The Big Ten Player of the year Nik Stauskas and Michigan getting ready for Ohio State... abc12 remains your only local tv station in Indy for the tournament. I'll have a locker room report at 6
Nik Stauskas & Head Coach John Beilein of were named District V Player of the Year and Coach of the Year, respec…
The Player of the Year, as selected by Big Ten coaches & media, is Nik Stauskas of
The Big Ten men's basketball All-Conference teams and individual award winners were announced on Monday, with Michigan's Nik Stauskas earning Big Ten Player of the Year honors from the conference's coaches and a media panel. Michigan head coach John Beilein claimed Coach of the Year laurels from the...
As many predicted Michigan's Nik Stauskas and Michigan State's Gary Harris are both up for the Wooden Award. Both are among 15 finalist for the award, and both are the only two players representing the Big Ten that are up for the award.
Congrats to the Wolverines in the win over Indiana tonight and to Nik Stauskas, a Wooden Award finalist! Go Blue!!!
Canadians Andrew Wiggins, Tyler Ennis and Nik Stauskas headline the nominees for the John R. Wooden Award:
FINAL: Michigan comes from being down by double-digits to beat Indiana, 84-80. Wooden Award finalist Nik Stauskas finished with 21 pts.
Now Michigan's Nik Stauskas has a B1G title & this girlfriend!
Nik Stauskas with 15 pts, 2 rbs, 3 ast for Michigan in 77-76 overtime victory over Purdue thanks to buzzer beater from …
Tip off here shortly. Normal starters for Iowa. Glenn Robinson, Derrick Walton, Nik Stauskas, Caris LevVert, and Jordan Morgan for UM.
Taking a closer look at Derrick Walton's improvement, how his assists compare to Nik Stauskas, more.
Nik Stauskas up 1 to 83. Glenn Robinson III up 3 spots to 92 passing Graham Brown, Leon Jones
“Michigan's Nik Stauskas' girlfriend looks REAL HOT in a bikini. Good for you nick!
All held accountable in Michigan basketball's fight to get Nik Stauskas open shots
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Yogi Ferrell scored 27 points, hitting seven 3-pointers in eight tries, to lead unranked Indiana to a 63-52 upset of No. 10 Michigan on Sunday. Indiana (14-8, 4-5 Big Ten) had lost three of four but led most of the way in improving to 12-2 at Assembly Hall. Noah Vonleh added 10 points and 12 rebounds for the Hoosiers, who shot 54 percent to the Wolverines' 40 percent. Michigan (16-5, 8-1) produced a season-low point total as a 10-game winning streak came to an end. Derrick Walton Jr. scored 13 points and Caris LeVert had 12. They were the only Wolverines in double figures, as leading scorer Nik Stauskas was held to six points. Ferrell, a point guard, was the primary defender on Michigan's small forward, and Stauskas missed 5 of 6 attempts, failing for the third time this season to score in double figures. The Hoosiers may have reinvigorated their hopes for an at-large berth to the NCAA tournament by securing their second victory over a top-10 opponent. The Wolverines are no strangers ...
Michigan suffers their 1st loss of the B1G season to Indiana 63-52. Derrick Walton Jr. had 13 points to lead the way but Nik Stauskas struggled shooting 1/6 from the field. It's ok, can't win them all. Go Blue! ~KC
The fact that Michigan is only down by 3 at the half despite Nik Stauskas only having 4 points on 1/4 shooting and having yet to make a 3 is very encouraging. Derrick Walton Jr. has 8 points as the Wolverines trail 25-22.
At the half, Michigan trails Indiana 25-22. Derrick Walton Jr. is leading the way with 8 points. Nik Stauskas is only 1/4 from the floor with 4 points and Michigan has yet to make a 3. That will have to change in the 2nd half. Go Blue! ~KC
Donovan Jack and Derrick Walton Jr are a couple cheap plays I like tomorrow. Justin Jackson and Nik Stauskas for top tier guys
Nik Stauskas had 16 points, Derrick Walton Jr. has 14 points and Caris LeVert got his first double-double of his career with 14 points and 11 rebounds as the Michigan Wolverines remained undefeated in Big Ten Conference play and extended their overall winning streak to ten games with a 75-66 victory over Purdue Boilermakers basketball Thursday at Crisler Center. A.J. Hammons led the Boilermakers with 16 points in the loss.
Nik Stauskas and Derrick Walton Jr. putting in work. Carrying their wolverines. Great team work!!
Nik Stauskas is the Big Ten Player of the Week. Derrick Walton is the Big Ten Freshman of the Week.
MICHIGAN 80, Michigan State 75 | RECAP | BOX | PLAY-BY-PLAY (AP) Nik Stauskas made a tiebreaking 3-pointer with 3:12 left and finished with 19 points and freshman Derrick Walton Jr. scored a season-high 19, lifting No. 21 Michigan to an 80-75 win over No. 3 Michigan State on Saturday night to remain the only Big Ten team without a conference loss. The Wolverines (15-4, 7-0 Big Ten) went on a 10-0 run late in the game to take control and held on to win for just the second time in 15 games at the Breslin Center. The Spartans (18-2, 7-1) had won 11 straight since losing to North Carolina at home.
That was Nik Stauskas immediately after Michigan’s 80-75 victory over Michigan State at the Breslin Center. It was the Wolverines fifth win in seven tries against the Spartans since 2011. And no one had a bigger hand in Michigan’s third win in a row over a top-10 opponent than Derrick Walton.
Nik Stauskas shoots Michigan past Michigan StateTucson CitizenEast Lansing, Mich. — No Mitch McGary, no Adreian Payne, no Branden Dawson, no problem — Michigan and Michigan State still managed to put on a show tonight at Breslin Center. And… [ 18 more words. ]
Nik Stauskas and Derrick Walton had 19 points as the 21st-ranked Michigan Wolverines upset the third-ranked Michigan State Spartans, 80-75, Saturday at the Breslin Student Events Center for sole possession of first place in the Big Ten Conference standings, their third straight win over a top-10 team, and their ninth straight overall win. Gary Harris led the Spartams with 27 points as they ended an 11-game overall winning streak with their first loss since December 4, 2013 against the North Carolina Tar Heels.
Derrick Walton, Nik Stauskas and Jordan Morgan met with the media after Michigan’s five point victory in East Lansing. Watch all three players in the embedded media players below.
Caris LeVert, Derrick Walton Jr, and Nik Stauskas where fantastic for the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday Night in East Lansing.
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