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Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lucy Lawson (born 6 January 1960) is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster.

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Just made the quadruple chocolate cake yum yum yum
Exciting news! I'll be in conversation onstage at the Isaac Theatre Royal with next month for…
Coconut macaroons for this week's departing guests, courtesy of a recipe
We’re so excited to announce this collaboration. If you’re living with cancer and want help with cooking delicious food du…
The Project criticised for asking Nigella Lawson about ‘sexual innuendos’
Enjoyed seeing but forgot to ask how he became friends with
I’ve never wanted a chocolate cake more in my life, than I do in these past few seconds after reading this recipe!
Pride of place Thank you for the lovely signed photograph!
Brie, parma and fig toasted, yummo! Will now be my go-to weekend naughty treat.
Ms Lawson is in Melbourne. Have you seen the Hopetoun Tearoom cake display?
Nigella Lawson denies innuendo in uncomfortable TV appearance
Plastic surgeon reveals top requests from female patients:
Nigella lawson pretending she doesnt do the innuendos on purpose. Yh ok pal.
Nigella Lawson talks about the importance of gaining pleasure from food, including cake!
Finally got around to making Eggs in was a wise choice. Thanks
VIDEO: Nigella Lawson insists she doesn’t use sexual innuendos on her cookery shows
Nigella Lawson insists she doesn't use sexual innuendos on her cookery shows
How is quoting something somebody said 'sexist'.
Made toad in the hole for the 1st time to recipe, and OM NOM NOM. Would have taken a picture of i…
You could be describing yourself, if thoughts are the dense part.
Many happy returns Nigella excited looking forward to seeing you in Launceston Tasmania on the 3…
Nigella Lawson asked 'tasteless' question - and her response is raising eyebrows
Nigella Lawson is the very definition of an organic intellectual. Touche.
The meatballs with orzo is the best recipe I’ve tried from Literally salivating just thinki…
You're gone all Nigella Lawson on us Miss McAdoo "))
A lovely simple meal last night at home, healthy and hit the right spot
Food is to me what shoes are to Imelda Marcos. ~Nigella Lawson
Yes This MEATZZA is exactly what we want to eat this cold night. And we have beef mince on special…
So as per this logic Nigella Lawson, Julia Child, Claire Smith, Tar…
Tbh my goal is for my language to be a fusion of Kevin McCloud, Russell Brand and Nigella Lawson.
How old is Nigella Lawson, what is her show At My Table about, when did she and Charles…
• Guardian: What is the painting of Charles Saatchi throttling Nigella Lawson really saying…
I'm working on becoming a combination of Lara Croft, Hermione Granger and Nigella Lawson because all three embody major passions of mine.
How old is Nigella Lawson, what’s her new show, when did she marry Charles Saatchi and what was the cocaine scanda…
Jeremy Corbyn teaches Nigella Lawson how to cook eggs on charity Gogglebox show. by
Its not even a reach, look at our many famous coke fans, Nigella Lawson, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Spencer and Liv frm Made in Chelsea
Help me lord Nigella Lawson looks better w every year
Nigella Lawson's Carbonara recipe this week certainly made some people cranky...
Looking for the perfect summer entertaining menu? Look no further than this, from
When I eventually get on Drag Race my *** game choices would have to be Dolly Parton, Maggie Thatcher, and Nigella Lawson yes gawd
Greekish lamb pasta - from in Spag bol but with lamb, oregano…
Nigella Lawson accused of 'ruining' carbonara recipe - Eagle Radio
Ok. So i'll put a slice of lemon in my ENGLISH TEA!
Is any variation tolerated in the North of Italy, where they tend to use butter and cream rather than olive oil?
Italians are furious at Nigella Lawson for her carbonara recipe
This is the recipe there was all that fuss about. Looks good to me. Old Fashioned Tomato Salad.
Saying Nigella Lawson makes great Italian food is like saying Nigel Farage is a charming man who remains silent in adversity...
Nigella made carbonara wrong and the internet is not OK with it:
Nigella Lawson Invokes the Wrath of Italians Everywhere By Adding Cream to Carbonara via
This dish is great, by any name, as is the entirety of FEAST, which completely gets.
Nigella Lawson angers fans with creamy carbonara recipe
Cannot believe you got more grief over the Carbonara..! You've made it that way for years, it work…
Nigella Lawson posted a 'recipe' for a tomato salad and it didn't go down well via
> Beckinsale, Nigella Lawson, GOD made the Sabbath day as a rest day so we'll leave it at a round half dozen.
I suppose you'd call my risotto alla milenese recipe 'merda' too wouldn't you?
Nigella Lawson accused of 'ruining' carbonara recipe
'An outrage to Italian cuisine': Nigella Lawson angers Italians with her controversial carbonara recipe
I seen a similar recipe to this but instead of cornflakes it was crushed cheese Dorito tortilla chips - crunchy chicken
I'm attempting a dairy and gluten free version of your Salted Chocolate Tart. How wrong can this go?
On the other side, I'm so familiar about the idea that you usually eat junks instead of foods
Sorry? Carbonara is carbonara otherwise call it in a different way. Same things for…
You eat whatever you Like, however you like pal. would be proud. Food snobs can do one.
Clearly you're unfamiliar with the concept that there is no one authentic recipe. EVERYO…
Fans accused of her committing a 'cardinal sin' of making Italian food!
On the Notts Tonight sofa talking about and her carbonara recipe. I feel for you girl! Catch up on…
Yet again looks gorgeous, by the way Nigella theres nothing wrong with putting your own touch on ca…
Update: I ragequit after season 7, started and now I'm watching Nigella Lawson on Youtube. Whoops.
Domestic goddess Nigella Lawson rocks the Vogue bash for Alexandra Shulman
Victoria Beckham and Nigella Lawson toast outgoing Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman at her leaving party
If Carlsberg did Fathers Day, Brekkie by Nigella Lawson, Alica Keys n Lisa Maffia singing, all day bedroom action with *shut your mouth*...
MILF FC vs Reality Rovers. Dress to impress match. Emma Bunton and Nigella Lawson vs Charlotte Crosby and Luisa Zissman https…
Sharing a wonderful book with 'Plot 29' by
I heard that Nigella Lawson and Naomi Campbell are the same person!? . you never see them in the same room at the same time mind you
Do you look forward to the result or is the whole process a part of your
She's like if American Nigella Lawson went to jail for a wee bit of white-collar crime
Cooking with rhubarb. With expert cooking teacher and storyteller Sheri Castle! Nigella Lawson…
Just off to buy fresh cardoman seeds to make your Apricot Cake. I have the rosewater!
An enduring favourite: is Quick Calamari with (shortcut)... by…
Fab. Love squid. Made your Spring Chicken yestrdy with white wine & tinned petit pois. Very good. Will try cider next time.
FAV if you wish was your late night snack 😍
this book looks so wonderful. The extract was so moving. Well done! x
Any recipe suggestions for mothers day and a rib of beef I have much appreciated.
I have never tried. Maybe try the choc custard cream with it first to see, before making the meringues
. I wanted to do it for the kids, but I could not.I will try again...
An enduring favourite: is Quick Calamari with (shortcut) Garlic Mayonnaise
We are here too in Tagor Villas but we have cloud!!!
Take me away from all this and make me midnight cream based snacks. Please.
DREAMS are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.
can I have chicken soup that I made last night ? It's not been refrigerated
Love a good puttanesca sauce: sultry, salty, spicy *** s Spaghetti by
Refuelling while filing my last story of the day. (orzo with pancetta and petit pois).
I am back in the habit of watching videos of Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten immediately before going to sleep
not tonight Nigella. More important stuff happening.
Brilliant film, putting such a twist into how society works at the moment - favourite bit was 💚💚
Richly exquisite dinner at the Kabuki restaurant at the Abama Hotel ritzcarlton Swipe right on…
3 weeks into lent and I'm desperate for chocolate! 🍫😳🙊
largely munched cheesecake. Recipe from
I would love to chipper Nigella lawson
You can just call me a domestic goddess. 🎂 Honey and chocolate cake, recipe by
I'd eat those 3 only if I was on fear factor. :)
Are you sometimes so busy you forget the simple pleasure of eating great
Back from the bar snack turned into a back from work dinner. Thanks
- attempted to make your Apricot Almond Cake in my day off work... can't wait to taste it! 😋
Lol never knew nigella lawson is 57yr old . I swear she looks way younger than her age 😩 shes beautiful as *** 👸🏻
Always felt little sick & disgusted when accidentally came across Nigella or JO. I was not alone!
jus saw the promo. Frankly styled like Nigella Lawson, but u do give her stiff competition in d looks dept. Food ? i dnt knw yet
whos dating nigella lawson in Singapore
See the Nigella Lawson clip too sexy for TV
Heavenly Cake with Nutella - “I admit I am not Mary Berry or Nigella Lawson and my baking skills are...”…
it's my birthday today. Can you pop round and make one! 😂
you know how used to wrap green beans in parma ham as appetiser, I think this needs doing with fish fingers
this is my fridge clear out chicken Thai-ish curry. Yum! (I hope)
After 3 weeks of abstaining from chocolate,I don't need to see this.😁
Whenever I see what are billed as "before" and "after" pictures of Nigella Lawson, I fly into a rage.
Nigella Lawson in racy clip that's too hot for TV
New Year Honours: From Nigella Lawson to the people who have
Just text the missus saying she is like Nigella Lawson in the kitchen and Maggie Smith in the bedroom. This will end well.
I absolutely love this. Skillfully edited video of Nigella Lawson talking pure filth 😜😍😜.
Nigella Lawson and Jeremy Paxman to speak at 2017 Oxford Literary Festival
Exclusive: Michaelmas Union termcard to feature Jesse Jackson and Nigella Lawson 'waxing lyrical' on Self-Care
Especially considering Charles Saatchi's public physical abuse of his ex-wife Nigella Lawson.
My GPS should have three accent options - condescending dowager countess, sassy West-ender, and Nigella Lawson!
. Nigella Lawson and Carol Kirkwood in my kitchen with a huge chocolate cake. *Swoons and falls backward*
have been mistaken for both Clare Short and Nigella Lawson (I was wearing much glam make up; excited man was about 22).
Charles Saatchi s parting shot at Nigella Lawson, the goddess who outgrew him
‘We had a riotous time’: Hugo Spowers with Nigella Lawson at an Oxford University party
Nah I will stick with Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson thanks.
Divorce Law blog: What do Nigella Lawson, Gary Linekar, Katie Price and David Walliams all have in common?
Christina Tosi. Bad clothes, no charm and braids. Get someone with a personality like Nigella Lawson
Another big dream: meet Marco Pierre White and Nigella Lawson. 😍❤
Nigel Farage. Just look at him. And yet he's younger than Lee Evans, Nigella Lawson, Hugh Grant, Jane Horrocks...
Nigella Lawson and Sam Baker talk about calories:
chef Nigella Lawson says she wears 'stretchy dresses' on MasterChef so she can eat-up...while admitting…
London calling. Richard Osman. We wanted Nigella Lawson again but she got drunk on the sherry this afternoon cooking a souffle
People don't have to be greedy, but it seems to me that life is a whole lot better if you enjoy food. - Nigella Lawson
When I grow up I want to be like her... ❤️
You need a balance in life between dealing with what's going on inside and ...
Sorry I was a little yesterday. Goddess, appeared & you have my full attention.
Nigella Lawson’s MasterChef stint forges a new bond in bold tastes
Let's talk: Nigella Lawson speaks about healthy eating...
Sometimes I think about how nigella lawson keeps a spice rack on her bedside table for when she eats in bed I wish I was on that level
New post: ". SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE on Nigella Lawson putting her foot down over pre-packaged vegetables. " .
Guinness cake for my mister's birthday. Perfection!
MasterChef guest judge Nigella Lawson says 'I don't like the term clean eating'
I can understand why those primitive desert people think a camera steals th...
Two of my favs . Big thanks , you really are host with the most
Yes, very much like the quote by Also dislike the term 'gluten freedom'!
quite. And the teensy portion sizes in these books are ludicrous!
I hope it keeps going. Ludicrous state of affairs.
and that quote by is spot on. I don't want my girls to grow up thinking proper food is 'dirty'
made spaghetti & home made pasta chilli tomato sauce. Thought it scrubbed well ;) hope you approve!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nigella Lawson's home library is what dreams are made of.
'I came into this because I like words. Food has to be a conversation not a monologue'.
How to Enhance Your Creativity and Creative Writing: The photo is food writer and TV show host Nigella Lawson...
Got a lovely registration plate with your name on it Mrs Lawson
My gluten intolerant friends go nuts for these brownies!
You look even more incredible too, is there a mirror in your attic?
Ahh, Nigella Lawson you are my spirit animal!
With the whole world a witness to the physical abuse Charles Saatchi inflicted on celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, you…
Can someone cryogenically freeze Jennifer Saunders, Neil Tennant, Nigella Lawson and Mariah Carey as a matter of urgency please.
Nigella Lawson christmas cake, with cheese.
Yes - not heard More Kante in years! Fun fact: Yeke Yeke was one of Nigella Lawson's Desert Island Discs.
Aged 14-16? Think you could be the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson? Sign up to our Junior Chef Academy today:
needs to play some Delia Smith/Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson on the Food channel... it's currently
I'm sure you will get there! You be like Gordon Ramsey with a Nigella Lawson touch!
Nigella Lawson praises contestants in first look at new MasterChef Australia
Meet Black Singles 300x250
for baking basics I love Mary Berry, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson as they guide you step-by-step really well.
Nigella Lawson could have collected a fortune when she divorced the moody multi-millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi in 2013 but
Nigella Lawson in conversation with Annabel Crabb last night.
Nigella Lawson in conversation with Annabel Crabb via
it was brilliant night with the amazing Nigella Lawson and Annabel Crabb.
Around Town - 11 things we learned at Nigella last night: We went to see Nigella Lawson talk to Annabel Crabb ...
looking forward to Annabel Crabb interviews Nigella Lawson
"Nigella Lawson only asked for the 'contents of her kitchen' after divorce from Charles Saatchi.". Google Voice
Tickets are still available to see Nigella Lawson in conversation with Annabel Crabb.
Guests obviously will be Nigella Lawson and Giada De Laurentiis.
Christmas book gift guide 2015: Best of the year's cookbooks from Nigella Lawson to Rick Stein: This year's be...
Nigella Lawson's 'Christmas Special' was more fun to watch than bother with
Nigella Lawson sparks great practicality debate over use of &gloves&
Nigella Lawson icing her Xmas cake but the question is, is it icing on the cake or her on going addiction ?
Charles Saatchi tried to destroy me says Nigella Lawson via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"If banana shallots elude you, use a small red onion" - didn't realise until now how f**king smug Nigella Lawson actually is.
Nigella's latest cooking fail: Plonking a fried egg on top of baked lettuce leaves, Nigella Lawson breezily an...
Nigella Lawson faces online backlash over this recipe (yep, that's a fried egg on lettuce) https:/…
Nigella Lawson faces ANOTHER backlash over her simple TV recipes - Daily Mail
Maggie Beer miming the outline of large breasts to refer to Nigella Lawson has wrecked me. Oh my god.
Jeremy Paxman has done well for himself, nestling happily between Victoria Coren and Nigella Lawson of a November Monday evening…
Nigella Lawson serves up feel-good food in 'Simply Nigella': Nigella Lawson’s latest book, Simply Nigella, is ...
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