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Nigel Mansell

Nigel Ernest James Mansell, CBE (born 8 August 1953 in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, England) is a British racing driver who won both the Formula One World Championship (1992) and the CART Indy Car World Series (1993).

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Eighteen, if you compare it to Nigel Mansell's pole lap (1:07.428 vs 1:25.947)
Flashback: Dale Earnhardt and Nigel Mansell share some smiles during 1993 IROC event . part of Smyle Me…
Ayrton Senna in MP4/4 and Nigel Mansell in Williams FW12 at Hungaroring. 1988…
Disgrace it never happened. Imagine Nigel Mansell also being an Olympic gold medalist.
I'd love your comments on my book 'Staying on Track'. . If you've not read it & would like to, signed copies here:
Happy 64th birthday to Nigel Mansell, who won both the F1 title & CART Indy Car World Series
I'd love to see some Nigel Mansell moments please like the time he broke down on last lap of canad…
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing - feeling like Rad Racer = not a bad thing
Nigel Mansell didn't have a mustache before he had a mustache
Great 1998 BTCC Champ. It was great racing involving top manufacturers, F1 stars, like Nigel Mansell, Gianni Morbid…
I have no idea, he also loves Formula One but doesn't know Nigel mansell. And doesn't know who dun Kirk w…
- The Nigel Mansell of MotoGP - gutsy, fearless, dedicated, passionate, one of racing's true greats..…
Hi Nigel. Lewis did a good job out in front! Well done Lewis!
Kimi Raikkonen JUST edges out Nigel Mansell for the final spot in the Ferrari World Cup final. Vettel heads the semi
The Williams-Renault FW14B. Nigel Mansell WDC1992. That car is one of my favs of all time... So glad it's on…
Let's not forget that Nigel Mansell came back from a broken neck, burns, a broken foot, a broken back & being poked by Murray Walker!
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Nigel Mansell and Gerhard Berger tussle for the lead at the start of the French Grand Prix OTDI 1990.
You can't possibly criticize crybaby Hamilton, can you David Coulthard? It's like the Murray Walker/Nigel Mansell love-in years.
Yep, just as Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill did. There has been f…
Now available on our store : Nigel Mansell's W...
1991 British Grand Prix, Nigel Mansell gives Ayrton Senna a lift back to the Paddock at…
The class of 1987 gathers for the end-of-season photo at the Adelaide GP, with a message for the injured Nigel Mans…
Check it out, man photos! ... Nigel Mansell at Long Beach, 1982...
- My most favorite season of all time, Nigel Mansell proved to be the best amongst the best.
25 years ago today: Ayrton Senna clinches his 3rd title after rival Nigel Mansell spins out at Suzuka.
2nd in the 1986 F1 World Drivers Championship was Nigel Mansell 🇬🇧 in the Williams Honda.…
Do you know why Frank Williams sacked Nigel Mansell when he was world champion?
The first race is really just something that we will all need to g...
The Masters is going to be an awesome challenge.
Red but no Nige! Riccardo Patrese filled in for the injured Nigel Mansell at the 1987 Adelaide GP.
Alonso is too young to know. He is plain wrong it was gripping and we had Nigel Mansell in the mix too!
Both Nigel Mansell, and Nelson Piquet remained at Williams for 1987. The Williams-Honda-FW11B would clearly be the
Im glad blonde Nigel Mansell won the
Brad Pitt appears to be morphing into Nigel Mansell
Nigel Mansell tests his Lola-Ford IndyCar for the first time. Firebird International Raceway, 5th January 1993 🇺🇸.
Nigel Mansell was not pleased with Lewis Hamilton's tactics via
Nigel Mansell was not pleased with Lewis Hamilton&tactics | FOX Sports
Why are some bus drivers like Driving Miss Daisy & others like Nigel Mansell?
My 'Movember' moustache was never going to be as big as Nigel Mansell's, but I tried my best.
Nigel Mansell in Williams-Honda scored his 14th podium with a 3rd place finish at Hockenheim 1986
Ayrton Senna finished 2nd in a Lotus-Renault-98T and Nigel Mansell was 3rd in his Williams.
Nigel Mansell was 3rd in his Williams.
Nigel Mansell in Williams-Honda scored his 10th pole at Hockenheim, but his race ended on lap 25. 1987
it should be. Australian men have Merv Hughes as inspiration. We only have Nigel Mansell
Nigel Mansell's 1987 British Grand Prix win. Nelson Piquet took pole position for the race in his Williams-Honda-FW11B, teammate, Mansell,
Marc Surer finished 6th for Ensign. Nelson Piquet had led until lap 53, when he crashed his Brabham. Nigel Mansell
When Michael Andretti returned to IndyCar and won first time out, beating champion Nigel Mansell
more chance of Nigel Mansell being our manager than Nigel Pearson...
nope, my F1 knowledge only extends to Nigel Mansell :P
Racing a thoroughbred Grand Prix car in front of a home crowd will be a sur...
I hope Nigel Mansell dies at the same time so their hearses can race to the church together like the good old days..👍
in 1986, Ayrton Senna in Lotus holds off Nigel Mansell in Williams-Honda to win the by 0.01sec https:/…
2002, is that Nigel Mansell, f1 and tache champion?
odds on the next celebrity death being Nigel Mansell please?
I'm like a fly mate I have instincts Nigel Mansell would have died for
Formula 1 champion Nigel Mansell opens new Mitsubishi showroom
Nigel Mansell in his Williams Honda at Estoril. 1985 via
I remember keeping up with Nigel Mansell's Indycar career via Teletext.
Is that Nigel Mansell in the red satin shirt?
Depends on what kind you're looking for. Me being sporty I'm finding Nigel Mansell's & Mark Webber's good
Answers to the 1st from Jenson Button, David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton, Damon Hill, Eddie Irvine & Nigel Mansell
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Nigel Mansell followed by Alain Prost in the Ferrari 641 at the 1990 Australian Grand Prix, Adelaide
Nigel Mansell (Ferrari 641) & Riccardo Patrese (Williams-Renault FW13B) at the 1990 Belgian GP, held at Spa. https…
Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell make fun of Murray Walker via
Michael Schumacher on podium Spa Grandprix 1992, left Nigel Mansell right Ricardo Patresse. Far left Flavio Briatore https…
Long story. At the Woodbury Park Golf Course and Country Club, in what used to be Nigel Mansell's apartment.
Nigel Mansell about to pass Nelson Piquet for the lead in 1987 British Grand Prix.
Watching stargazing and the amazing Tim Peake but what does Nigel Mansell know about space
Michael Owen, Zara Phillips, Nigel Mansell...better make it Sports Person instead of Personality.
When people like Sir Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, and Nigel Mansell call Hamilton a great, then that's good enough for me.
Watching onboard of Lewis carving his way through the track. And Nigel Mansell reckons he could still beat him? Yeah righto
what a legend Murray Walker was to commentating and poking a bruised Nigel Mansell
Scores of fans line up in West Quay to meet motor racing legend: RACING legend Nigel Mansell pleased scores of fans…
it's got to be the moment he poked Nigel Mansell on the forehead !
Happy Birthday Murray!! A funny Murray moment I remember was when he pointed at bump on Nigel Mansell head an he actually hit it! 👍
best "Nigel Mansell, the man of the race, the man of the day, the man from the Isle of Man.
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Nigel Mansell's engines on fire, no Murray it's the rear rain light.
Lewis Hamilton 'dying to' race Sebastian Vettel like Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna
Hamilton 'dying to' race Vettel like Mansell/Senna via
All my dad has talked about since being home is meeting nigel mansell in the airport
Glenn Hoddle... Why? I actually think I would prefer it if Nigel Mansell was summarising
Nigel Mansell was 1000 times more man.
"With a bit of training and some practice, I could be on the podium & even match Lewis." - Nigel Mansell, 2015
ESPN.:- Hamilton 'dying to' race Vettel like Mansell/Senna
Less than TWO HOURS now till Nigel Mansell will be here signing books.
How Fernando Alonso can be arsed driving that McLaren? Nigel Mansell refused to have reputation compromised by a McLaren better than that
what a fantastic question from Nigel Mansell at this early hour!
Mansell event. Brill,staff were great esp Georgie dont know yr 2nd name sorry, but thanku for the photos of nigel on my phone
Interesting watching Nigel Mansell and Christian Horner on the F1 prog - saw Nige win at the last British GP at Brands Hatch 😊🏁
heroes I have met Sir Jacky Stuart 3 times Murray Walker Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna spoke for an hour Ernie from Chorley
The final corner of the redeveloped Mexico City circuit has been named after British F1 legend Nigel Mansell. (The Checkered Flag)
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Lewis Hamilton R/C Car Champion on Blue Peter age 7 - Nigel Mansell eat your heart out!
. & Gilles Villeneve or Nigel Mansell. Car : W04 or F2004. TP: Frank williams
manager would be Ron Dennis driver's Nigel Mansell and Lewis Hamilton car would be the Mansells title winning car from the 92 season
nice ☺ I've been trying to get my hubby to buy me a replica 1992 Nigel Mansell winning Williams still waiting 😀 xxx
Nigel Mansell in his Williams-Renault, who went on to finish 2nd at the 1992
Nigel Mansell (Williams) gives Gerhard Berger (Ferrari) a ride back to the pits at the 1988 Hungarian Grand Prix. http:/…
Starting the NUS disinformation office. asked who runs BUCS - my response "Nigel Mansell and Des Lynam"
Great sporting U turns, Nigel Mansell announced retirement in 1990 then returned with Williams and won the F1 championship
In 1986 in the at Paul Ricard, Nigel Mansell in Williams-Honda scored his 3rd win of the season. http:/…
DC, Mark Webber, Nigel Mansell, Eddie Jordan, Murray Walker and Suzi Perry to appear on Celebrity Pointles...
That's Lewis Hamilton's 3rd win in the - tying him with Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda and Jack Brabham. 1 behind Nigel Mansell
In the Silverstone hospitality suite with the random combination of Nigel Mansell, Warwick Davis and Dynamo
Alain Prost greets Nigel Mansell on his return to F1 with Williams-Renault. French GP, Magny-Cours, 1994.
1986 Starting from pole, Nigel Mansell in Williams FW11 (Honda RA166E dominated the
so LH is better than Prost Senna Brabham G Hill. Jim Clark. Jackie Stewart Niki Lauda James Hunt Nigel Mansell. D hill etc.
Nigel Mansell and Aryton Senna go wheel-to-wheel as sparks fly from both cars during 1991 Spanish Grand Prix
The start of the 1992 Italian GP, Monza. Nigel Mansell leads from Pole while Michael Schumacher hits Thierry Boutsen.
in '92 Ayrton Senna beat Nigel Mansell by 0.2s to win a thrilling
Nigel Mansell ~ Williams-Honda FW10 ~ leads at the start of the 1985 Australian Grand Prix
The race you voted your favourite is Ayrton Senna's gripping 1992 duel with Nigel Mansell >>
"you can see the situation for yourself right now as Nigel Mansell swarms all over the back of the McLaren" Murray Walker - 1992
Nigel Mansell, Laura Whitmore, Elton Welsby and Fiona Phillips among guests who watch Geri Halliwell say "I do!" in Grimsby chapel.
1989 - Hungaroring - Nigel Mansell overtakes Ayrton Senna for the lead via
'Why did I say that?' Murray Walker on Nigel Mansell tyre exploding
Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna & Gerhard Berger on the podium @ the Hungaroring, 1992 Hungarian Grand Prix. http…
Nigel Mansell (Williams-Renault) & Ayrton Senna (McLaren-Honda) after their collision at the 1992 Australian GP.
cant stand Ferrari. Use to be Nigel Mansell and Williams for me until Webber started. gotta support ur countrymen
I was there, great day “Australian GP, Adelaide, 1994. . PP / Winner:. Nigel Mansell (Williams-Renault).
My fav has to be Nigel Mansell's yellow and blue williams with a red 5, or the colourful benettons. Wierdest has to be the 6 wheelers
Throwback Thursday! Dave Williams presents Nigel Mansell with his New Kuota Kebel.. Will it go in the boot?
Nigel Mansell collapses while trying to push his Lotus over the finish line at the 1984 Dallas GP
Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell battle at the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix
Must be Nigel Mansell - he could fly his planes and drive his race car as well
you missed Nigel Mansell off your list - born in Upton...
I liked a photo on Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna - Williams - British Grand Prix - 1991. by jonathan_p1
I liked a video from This Is Nigel Mansell - The 1993 World Championship Season
Nigel Mansell would make an amazing ambulance driver
has a labrador called Nigel, after Nigel Mansell! Awesome
"Nigel Mansell and his reassuring moustache." 😂😂
Nice banter in college about Nigel mansell
I preferred the old understated Steve Rider, Nigel Mansell in a dinner jacket, Greg Norman on a ropey video link, that sort of thing
Nigel Mansell (Williams-Renault) gives title rival Ayrton Senna (McLaren-Honda) a lift at the end of the 91 BritishGP
Former household mysogynist Richard Keys has just said Lewis Hamilton is "dull" & needs some more personality "like Nigel Mansell had"!
Former Formula 1 world champion Nigel Mansell says the best is still to come from Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.
1/2 Nigel Mansell is surprised it took so long to beat his British record of Grand Prix wins after Lewis Hamilton passes his tally.
Lewis Hamilton eclipses Nigel Mansell as he powers towards title.
Lewis Hamilton became the first British driver since Nigel Mansell in 1992 to win five races in a row when he won the United States Grand Prix on Sunday. It extended his lead over Rosberg to 24 points with two races to go, although the final round in Abu Dhabi carries double points for the ...
I'd rather hear or see a comparison to Nigel Mansell, then it'd at least be funny & good spirited... lol
Superb drive by Lewis Hamilton to Win The U.S. Grand Prix Lewis also passed Nigel Mansell’s record of 31 wins!! Hope Your All Proud of This Young Man He's making History!! Jack Johnson was The First Black Heavyweight boxing champion! Lewis Hamilton is the first Duel heritage!! "Black & White" to Win the World F1championship his The Best of Both!! O! Yer Champion Elect for the second time!! Just Win Baby!! Dee Truth 3:16
Hero passes & is now most successful driver all time with 32 GP wins!
Congratulations to on winning the & breaking Mansell's record. Surely Nigel will be asking for a seat for nxt yr
Nigel Mansell has congratulated Lewis Hamilton for breaking his British win record
Lewis moves clear of Nigel Mansell with the 32nd win of his Formula 1 career. That's got to mean something.
Remember that a 19-year-old (Mike Thackwell) raced in F1 in the same season than Nigel Mansell made his debut
- best British racer ever, it's official! Beats Sir Nigel of Mansell's 20 year old record with 32 wins! Swet!!!
. Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton overtakes Nigel Mansell to become Brit with most F1 wins.
Lewis Hamilton passes Nigel Mansell’s record in Texas
Well done on securing 32nd career win surpassing Nigel Mansell.
5 wins in a row as well, 1st time that has been acheived by a British Driver since Nigel Mansell in 1992!!
Lewis Hamilton now the most successful driver in British history. 32 wins leaps clear of Nigel Mansell
I like to think this mustache makes me look like Nigel Mansell
he’s now the most successful British F1 driver of all time. just passed Nigel Mansell’s record.
With that win Lewis now become the British driver with the most Career wins (32) surpassing Nigel Mansell http:…
Hamilton also becomes the winningest British driver of all time, with 32 GP victories, one more than Nigel Mansell
"Lewis Hamilton becomes the most successful British driver with 32 GP wins, one more than Nigel Mansell" My main man
Hamilton secures his 5th win in a row, 10th of 2014 & 32nd of his career to become the most successful Brit in pa…
Nigel Mansell and Fiona Bruce officially open the 2014 Motorhome and Caravan Show! It's going to be a great day!
The Motorhome and Caravan Show day 1 is open. Fiona Bruce and Nigel Mansell doing the honours
Lewis Hamilton is now equal with Nigel Mansell for the most Grand Prix wins by a British driver.
Lewis Hamilton equals Nigel Mansell's British record of 31 race wins after securing victory at the…
Lewis Hamilton has won the first Russian GP ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg to tie Nigel Mansell on 31 F1 wins - a joint British record. With that, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS also claimed their first ever constructors world championship. Report:
Lewis Hamilton won the inaugural Russian Formula One Grand Prix and extended his championship lead to 17 points on Sunday in a Mercedes one-two that clinched the team's first constructors' title. The Briton, who started on pole position, chalked up his fourth win in a row and ninth of the season after German teammate Nico Rosberg locked up at the first corner and damaged his tyres in a costly error. With 100 points still to be won from the final three races, thanks to double points in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton has 291 points to Rosberg's 274 with everything still to play for. Hamilton, the 2008 world champion, also became only the fourth driver in F1 history to win nine races in a single season and equalled Nigel Mansell's British record of 31 career victories
Lewis Hamilton has equalled Nigel Mansell's record of 31 F1 wins, as he pushes further ahead of team-mate Rosberg in the title race! Read on for the race report.
*JOINT BRITISH RECORD*. Lewis Hamilton equals Nigel Mansell with 31 career wins, and is now just one behind Alonso.
Nigel Mansell and Paul Morris at Super Aguri Pepsi Max Ford. With Juan Pablo Montoya as their reserve driver!
David Hobbs just commented that Nigel Mansell has more hair in his eyebrows than he (Hobbs) has on top of his head!
Nigel Mansell beats Ayrton Senna's record of 4 from 1991 by winning the first 5 GP's of '92. San Marino GP, Imola
Hey you coming to see Nigel Mansell and Paul Tracy next weekend? CBC building?
I know Autosport gets it's share of criticism here but I must say that this weeks Indycar special with Alex Zanardi as a guest editor and input from Nigel Mansell and the fantastic Jeremy Shaw is an absolute must-read :)
Any reason why you were driving like Nigel Mansell, sir?
Turbo hybrid never gonna be loud as normally aspirated. And I like the quieter cars. I'm old😉
On this day in 87,Piquet wins Hungarian GP ahead of Senna after wheelnut comes loose with 5 laps to go ht…
11th August 1991 - Senna wins the Hungarian GP for ahead of and Patrese. http:…
The preparation, commitment and desire to win will be no less than the last time I drove a Grand Prix car in anger. Nigel Mansell
Awesome circuit. With the quieter F1 cars they could run there again. I know it won't happen tho
Are you having famous Brummies on to counter this horrible troll? Julie Walters CBE? Nigel Mansell CBE? Or send in Ozzy?
Just watching the 1986 shell oil British Grand Prix love brands hatch !!
I can’t imagine the effect that album must have had. I can remember Nigel Mansell naming it as his favourite!
I also think the Italians would see a bit of mansell in him and they loved Nigel. Would be interesting for sure!
Scrap that. I like to think Nigel Mansell drives better than this. Can you get whiplash on the tube?
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Is Nigel Mansell driving the Central Line this evening?
Where Senna Miraculously held of Nigel Mansell for several laps in the wet while he was still on slicks.
We’re tipping our hat to & racing legend Nigel Mansell in the week’s
Had anyone else, say Nigel Mansell made that remark I would have believed it's sincerity. From Clarkson it sounds like bragging.
Lewis Hamilton hailed by Mercedes and Nigel Mansell after Silverstone triumph - Read It Here!
a Nigel Mansell fan maybe did
Has to be MP4/4, & if it hadn't been for Jean-Louis Schlesser standing in for at Monza, it could have been all 16!
. I'm waiting for it to be delivered through my front door.
Our cover stars this week are and our guest editor – two of the all-time greats.
Absolute gorgeous image of Ayrton Senna in the Lotus & Nigel Mansell in the Williams. One of the best ever rivalries. …
. And its nice to know you are a family man - so important in todays world. We all call Political Prost 'Penbeak' (obvious!).
. ... soccer (!). I was there in 92. There has never really been a driver like you. I will never buy a Renault (Prost lovers).
. Just finished reading your wonderful autobiography nige. But I fear you have been with the yanks too long - football not...
Ahhh, a very pleasant, but distant memory, a good looking F1 car!!!
Not so close friends, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet in 1989.
On this day in 1989 Nigel won the Hungarian GP, Senna finished 2nd & Boutsen 3rd, FL credited to Mansell, PP to Patrese
25y ago today won in Hungary in one of the best-looking F1 Ferraris of all time. ©LAT
And one of the greatest F1 races. Mansell's drive better than his '87 British GP win?
Unipart, It was sponsor of Nigel Mansell in F3
I remember watching that race it was Epic, a all time great.
Video: 25 years ago today, won from 12th on the grid in Hungary, passing Senna:
August 13th 1989. Hungarian Grand Prix. An EPIC drive from 12th to 1st with a great pass on Senna. . http…
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at the 1987 Want to see more photos:
Nigel Mansell believes Lewis Hamilton is "close to perfection" this year after three consecutive wins - …
How many wins is Lewis behind Nigel Mansell?
A wave to the crowd from at the hairpin - but unlike his engine keeps going...
I added a video to a playlist F1 2013 - Brands Hatch with Nigel Mansell
Imagine being stuck in the middle of a conversation between Damon Hill & Nigel Mansell 😴😴😴
could Damon drive 1987 the one he used to overtake Nelson Piquet at
The Caravan site I stayed on in NW this week is endorsed by Nigel Mansell
I was always a big fan of Newmann Haas Indycar featuring Nigel Mansell on Sega
Japanese GP, Suzuka visitors for the first time in 20 years determined!!. Getting so excited! Yay!
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might be Nigel mansell as he was famous for his red 5
Good morning race fans! Here's your chance to race against 1992 F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell and team TMC!...
Stunning Ferrari photos in stock, signed by Nigel Mansell, great gift for you or any well behaved Dad...
There's a bloke here that looks like a cross between Nigel Mansell and Hitler. It's a bit scary. A lot scary. (I think he's UKIP.)
Just got to drive around Monaco and Monte Carlo like a complete and utter *** Nigel Mansell wanabee.…
Very happy! Nigel Mansell is going to visit Japan!!!
The day I turned over & cried. I was 15. losing out on a certain win in Montreal, 1991.
Mansell rying to battle his way past Senna at Monaco 1992. Another "Iconic Moments" T Shirt at Monty's £20.99...
Watch short highlights from the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix as Nigel Mansell gifts an easy win to bitter rival Ne...
it's my 21st birthday, any chance of a special mention? :D
25 years ago Senna won for McLaren in Mexico. Here he leads Gerhard Berger & Alain Prost.
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in '92 Ayrton Senna scored one of his greatest wins, beating by a whisker at
Nigel 'Mansell' Farage will so great things behind the wheel of this nation so that dastardly frenchmen doesn't win.
Alain Prost won the US Grand Prix in Pheonix after his main competitors Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell retired. (1989)
ON THIS DAY 82 USA GP de Cesaris on Pole. Q: What feat did claim he was 1st person in F1 to achieve?
Tomorrow I have a 'phoner' with Nigel Mansell. What would you like me to ask him?
An unhappy Nigel Mansell (Williams-Renault) after his last lap retirement while cruising to victory. Canada, 1991
nigel mansell 1992 isle of man £2 coin celebrating formula 1 championship
Hodgson has the same mono tone as Nigel Mansell ,. Fecking boring.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother: gives McLaren's Ayrton Senna a lift at Silverstone in '91.
1986, FW-11 with Nigel Mansell, great fast car ! I love it ! The red five is on the run !
Nigel Mansell playing F1 racing video game: via
Round One - Speed Kings 1. Who was driving for Ferrari when they became the first manufacturer to have 100 Grand Prix wins? Alain Prost 2. Who was the British driver with most Grand Prix wins before Nigel Mansell? Jackie Stewart 3. Which British motorcyclist won 14 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy titles? Mike Hailwood 4. Which Briton broke the world land speed record in the US in 1983? Richard Noble 5. Who did Barry Sheene ride for when he won his world championships? Suzuki Round Two - Movie Stories 6. 1961 film starring Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer based on Romeo and Juliet? West Side Story 7. 1970 film Starring Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw as his wife who dies of Leukemia? Love Story 8. 1940 film starring Katharine Hepburn as a bride to be and James Stewart as a reporter sent to cover the wedding? Philadelphia Story 9. 1981 horror film with Fred Astaire and Dougals Fairbanks jnr in which four elderly men are tormented by a 50-year-old secret? Ghost Story 10. 1978 film starring Gary Busey as one of rock n' ...
Brill things about BRUM. I have called them BRUMMAGEMS Nigel Mansell, World Motor Racing Champion Murray Walker the octogenarian Motor Racing commentator & Nigel's mate Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham where 40% of UK jewellery is still made The University of Birmingham where Rutherford split the atom Joseph Chamberlain, the modern Municipal father of Birmingham UB40 the Birmingham band exemplified disenfranchised youth in the Thatcher Crisis Years of the 1980's Dexys and Dexys Midnight Runners Brian Moore who was born in Birmingham and adopted and brought up as a Yorkshireman, a dangerous combination Chris Tarrant, Sally James, Bob Carolgees, John Gorman, Trevor East et al Lenny Henry he's from Dudley in The Black Country but he WAS TISWAS Birmingham's Balti.often imitated by Bradford but never bettered Sir Michael Balcon, founder of The Ealing Studios and maker of marvellous films like Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Ladykillers and Passport to Pimlico and the creator of PC George Dixo ...
Nigel Mansell says Ayrton Senna will be remembered as a "true thoroughbred racer" on the 20th anniversary of his death.
Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Jack Brabham & Dan Gurney all in the next few months
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Just watched F1 legends with Nigel Mansell & he comes across great but having heard the stories from his golf club I don't like him!
agreed! Donnington 1998 with Nigel Mansell driving a Ford Mondeo in the rain! Best race ever ive ever seen!
I love open wheel motor racing. When we talk about a motor racing world champion, we don't talk about Le Mans sports car drivers, or sedan racers on dirt or tar, although there are world champions for these disciplines. We talk about Sebastian Vettel. We talk of Michael Schumacher, of Kimi Raikkonen, of Fernando Alonso, of Lewis Hamilton, of Jack Brabham and Alan Jones. Of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. Of James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Of Fangio and Moss and Ascari. We talk of Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo. They race open wheel racing cars. These are the best and the brightest, racing for the best and the brightest driving the most lavishly prepared and thoughtfully designed and built machines on the planet. They are more advanced than jet fighters and spacecraft whose designs processes are so protracted by the time they are in service their components are 15 years old. A Formula One car has to be new each year. And not just Formula One, but their feeder series to. Each ...
Find out what the connection is by answering all of these questions correctly...Good luck :) Q1.Which pop star played Adrian Mole's mother on TV? Q2.Which 1995 film featuring talking animals is based on a book by *** King-Smith? Q3.In which Formula One team did Damon Hill replace Nigel Mansell? Q4.Which pop act are also the only writers in history to achieve number ones in five different decades? Q5.Which footballer was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1998? Q6.What is the normal colour of the "Black Box" in a plane which can be used to gather important information in the event of a crash? Q7.Which "P" can go before "piece" and "line" and after "garden"? Q8.Which character does Bill Roache play in "Coronation Street"? Q9.Actress Emma Thompson won an Oscar for which 1992 film?
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Of all the pictures of old racing drivers I post today, I bet this awful one of Nigel Mansell in Lycra gets the most traffic. Forget growing old gracefully…
Not sure who drives that massive green tractor through Delph in the morning maybe 'Nigel Mansell' I'm sure he won't be happy till he's killed someone! favorite dolphin driver ever! 😃
40 in a 60 zone then the *** turns into Nigel Mansell at traffic lights.
I'm going to write a 92-part biopic of the life of Nigel Mansell
Photo: itsawheelthing: what we miss … simpler times Nigel Mansell, JPS Lotus-Renault 95T, 1984 Monaco Grand...
Greetings from Port Erin. Me+9y/o son going to BritGP (1st for us). He would love autographs,any tips where best to get them?
I like the Graham Hill one. I also have a Nigel Mansell one at Silverstone in 92
a good win by and senna and Prost had another spat.
Does anyone remember a magazine called 'Planet Driving' from back in 2004/2005, it ran for only two issues and was produced by Carl Fogarty and Nigel Mansell?
How long since you got your CBE Nigel?
"The outright lap record for the Grand Prix configuration (Brands hatch Circuit) is 1:09.593, set by Nigel Mansell in his Williams-Honda at the circuit's last Formula One Grand Prix in July 1986." I ran this in 49"5 on the RB prototype in GT6 (and there's surely another few seconds left on the plate...). It's at the very edge of my abilities to even perceive what is going on, let alone react to it. As close to driving blind around a circuit as I ever tried... This is great training! ^^ Now back to hoovering. :(
Brought to you by TheJudge13 chronicler Carlo Carluccio - 1993: Nigel Mansell tests an Indycar Isolationism; a doctrine that has served America for decades was in full force when the Briton arrived. He was the reigning Formula One World Champion and yet… [ 531 more words. ]
1993 NIGEL MANSELL FIRST TEST IN A INDYCAR at firebird international raceway phoenix.Despite being world champion, Mansell had a falling out with Will...
Nigel Mansell's first foray into Indycar could hardly have gone better as he broke the track record at Phoenix Raceway. (1993)
in his Ferrari "monoposto" wearing Nigel Mansell's helmet colours.
at spa 1988 subbing for an ill Nigel Mansell
Nigel Mansell has a go at Touring Cars.
Quote by: Nigel Mansell: I think life is full of challenges and problems. I don't believe that anyone is perfe...
Here's a vid of Jackie Stewart talking about the awesome turbo engines from 1986. With a lap from
Back in the day, you were the man Nigel, found this whilst tidying
Nigel Mansell's 1991 British GP victory lap, with Ayrton Senna tagging along after he ran out of fuel. Photo: Sutton h…
and the story of how Nigel Mansell and his son became the world champs of Jim Davidsons generation game
When people used to ask me where is Worcester or are there any famous people from Worcester, i used to mention Edward Elgar or Nigel Mansell but now i could mention Harry Styles bad times.
Get well soon Michael Schumacher keep fighting hang on in there Ferrari loves yeh best f1 driver ever even Nigel mansell will forgive you when he got took out last race of season many years ago good luck keep fighting pal
Nigel Mansell found himself second behind Senna. On lap 58 the pair came up to pass backmarker Stefan Johansson in his Onyx. The Swede was having gearbox tro...
has a dry sense of humour. So much so that sometimes you are not sure if he is joking or not. In many ways this makes him similar to Peter Mandelson or Nigel Mansell.
Nigel Mansell What a *** that's one guy you would love to take a run at and ram a broom shaft right up his *** And say what you think off that for a pole position ya *** .!!! 󾭖
The year 1991, the track Monza, the men Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna. With wonderful commentary from Murray Walker and James Hunt, this truely is Formula 1...
Shocked about the accident to Michael R. Schumacher wishing he pulls through. Being British was obviously always pulling for Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill, but that does nothing to negate what an amazing competitor and World Champion he is.
The Silverstone crowd invade the circuit after Nigel Mansell romps home to win. British GP, Silverstone, 1992.
Dean Hall my best top f1 drivers would consist of .. Nigel Mansell .. Ayrton Senna .. David Coulthard .. damen hill they would be my top 4 :)
So Gemma Marels phones Dad last night. "Dad that guy who use to be at the golf club is in hospital after a skiing accident, don't you know him" ... (dad) " NO Gemma, that's Nigel Mansell not Michael Schumacher " -- you can't even make that up!!!
I was never a Schumacher fan but you can not hide the fact that he has achieved so much and has a lot of talent,in f1 the stakes are high and no matter how good you are if you don't take that chance it may never come around again,Damon Hill and Nigel mansell will agree with that so yes he made some choices that was unsporting but if I'm honest I know I would have done the let's all wish him well as he now has a big fight on his hands and if he needs to cheat death he's the one who can do it. GOOD LUCK MICHAEL
The Formula 1 racing legend is currently fighting for his life after suffering a serious head injury while skiing yesterday. A witness filmed the moment a rescue helicopter lifted the 44-year-old German of the steep slope to transport him to hospital. Dozens of skiers can be seen watching the helicopter take off surrounded by a plume of snow. As reported by, witness Jerome Delmau, who arrived on scene minutes after the accident, said the area was divided into two steep slopes. The legendary driver's head hit a rock following an off-piste fall in the French Alpine resort. He was skiing with his 14-year-old son, *** and other friends. He was taken to a hospital in Grenoble, France where he is now in an 'artificial coma'. Doctors said his situation is considered to be 'critical' and they cannot give any indication of his future condition. Supports has been pouring in for Schumacher from around the world. Messages have come from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, F1 world champion Sebastia .. ...
If anybody can pull through this, Michael can. FRENCH doctors treating Michael Schumacher say his head injury remains life-threatening and his prognosis uncertain after the motor racing legend suffered brain bruising, brain swelling and blood clots in a ski accident. The doctors said that Schumacher would have been killed instantly on Sunday morning if he had not been wearing a helmet when he fell and cracked his head on rocks in the off-piste area in Meribel ski resort in the French alps. A day after the accident, his condition is still critical and he remains in an induced coma in intensive care at the University Hospital of Grenoble with his wife Corinna and their children *** 14, and daughter Gina-Marie, 16, at his bedside. Support for the seven-time world champion has been sent in from around the world and from the morot racing fraternity, including Australia's retired FI driver Mark Webber. ''My thoughts are with Michael and his family at this tricky time,'' said Webber. Nigel Mansell said he was .. ...
Michael Schmacher in a medically induced coma. Isn't that Nigel Mansell?
doesn't Michael Schumacher own Woodbury Park ? ummm no ambs that's Nigel Mansell. I was close 󾮗󾌩
Nigel Mansell: Very shocked to hear about Michael Schumacher our thoughts are with Michael, his wife Corinna and their two children at this terrible time.
Never liked Michael Michael R. Schumacher because of Nigel Mansell, but I am hoping he pulls through his brain op for his family and friends.
Why all of a sudden is everyone on about Micheal Schumacher have you all forgot the races against Nigel Mansell.and way everyone used to boo him at Silverstone?
Michael Schumacher faces the toughest battle of his life. Here is a quick overview of his career. His Formula One career began in 1991 as Eddie Jordan needed a replacement for Bertrand Gachot, who had been thrown in prison for assaulting a taxi driver with CS gas in London. In that car, Schumacher qualified seventh on a track he didn't know. However, his race lasted all of 500 metres, as the clutch failed off the start line. It was enough, however, to land him a seat at Benetton for the next race. One year later, at the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix, he made inspired moves to obtain his first Grand Prix win. Schumacher fell off the road and team mate Martin Brundle overtook him for third position. Schumacher then saw that Brundle's tyres were going off and meandered into the pits, in a move which saw him win the Grand Prix. Schumacher took his second win at the 1993 Portuguese Grand Prix, although the win was overshadowed by Alain Prost winning his fourth World Championship. In 1994, Benetton controversially ca ...
Heard the one about Nigel Mansell playing golf in the Australian Open?
Received this message about posting 10 interesting facts about yourself, so here are mine... 1. My dad is my hero and was the bass player in a band called Teak and the Smokie in the 60's they toured Europe. 2. My other hero was my Grandad who was the Mayor of Bournemouth from 1975-1976 and built a lot of houses in Moordown (you may live in one)!! 3. I started playing guitar at 12 years old and gave up after 3 years for about 20 years then started up again. 4. I once stood having a conversation with Nigel Mansell for 20 minutes without having any idea who he was !! 5. I once told Max Bygraves to f&*k off after him being very rude to my younger brother who just wanted his autograph. 6. I hunt ghosts for a past time. 7. I have worked alongside Richard Felix, from most haunted. 8. Whilst chaperoning some children in a samba band at the Royal Albert Hall I met Robbie Williams in Hyde Park and had a chat :) 9. Ive also met Gary Wilmot. 10. And last year I had my picture taken with Colin Baker former doctor who ...
So nick Faldo, Nigel Mansell and now andy Murray have won SPOTY... Think they need to change the P!!!
Remembering the time that Nigel Mansell took part in the 1988 Australian Open golf tournament:
New blog about Nigel Mansell's surprise appearance in the 1988 Australian Open golf tournament:
New blog out on Nigel Mansell's surprise appearance at the 1988 Australian Open golf tournament:
In auto racing, 27 and 28 were Ferrari Formula One numbers from 1981 to 1995 except in 1990 when reigning WC Alain Prost had the right to use and drove for the team, Nigel Mansell used Popular driver Gilles Villeneuve used the number on his final days in F1 and later was adopted by his son, Formula One World Champion Jacques Villeneuve, in his NASCAR debut. Jean Alesi, another popular Ferrari driver was the last one ever to use the number back in 1995, also winning the last race with it (as of August 2011), the Canadian GP. Ayrton Senna won his second Formula One World Championship using the mystic number 27 in 1990 in a McLaren Honda, as mentioned, the only time Ferrari didn't use the number during that period. Paul Menard also runs the number 27 in NASCAR as of 2011.
Samantha Hobson has just told me Nigel Mansell has died. Great racing driver and South African ant-apartheid revolutionary ;) xx
Gonna see about winning this Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix world championship. Three races left. Exciting!
in 1987 Gerhard Berger won the Japanese GP for Ferrari after Nigel Mansell injured his back in practice
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