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Nigel Farage

Nigel Paul Farage (born 3 April 1964, Farnborough), is a British politician and is the Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), a position he also held from September 2006 to November 2009. He is a Member of the European Parliament for South East England and co-chairs the Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

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A brief scan of your TL shows you favour such open minded non-racists as: Nigel Farage, Suzanne Evans, David Vance…
The FBI go after Nigel Farage. MI5 didn't go after Salman Abedi. Welcome to 2017
Nigel Farage: Claims FBI want to talk to me about Trump and Russia are fake news via
Nigel Farage (leader of right-wing UK Independence Party) a 'person of interest' in FBI Trump/Russia investigation
My sources say he is a target and is more than suspected of wrongdoing FYI.
FBI pegs Nigel Farange as a “person of interest” over connections to both the Trump campaign and Julian Assange.
Also Brandon Darby of Breitbart, CEO of hate group Alliance Defending Freedom,…
lol.. I love everyone's theory of the how to be a putin-agent..
"If you triangulate Russia, WikiLeaks, Assange and Trump associates the person who comes up with the most hits is Nigel F…
If there was any possible way the U.S. could put Nigel Farage behind bars, the Brits might finally forgive us for the Americ…
There is nothing worse in life than a traitor to their country.
Speaking of Nigel Farage being part of the FBI investigation into
He'll probably hide in some Embassy
The idea of Nigel Farage in a federal prison is perhaps more pleasant than kittens playing with balls of string
On vented his frustration with recent appearances. htt…
"Hillary Clinton is a bad loser who blames everyone else for her own failings. Just ignore her." ~
Why do you call Nigel a bigot every country must…
Hilariously, Farage's response to FBI 'person of interest' story is that Guardian "cannot accept Brexit"
days of gloating and poisoning Britain are over. Let's roll!
is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into and Russia
Nigel Farage on HRC: "I just think she looks sad and pathetic. There's nothing worse in life than a bad loser." https:/…
Nigel Farage, spotted visiting Assange at Equador's embassy, is now person of interest in TrumpRussia. About time. http…
Well if says so it must be true. That couldn't be considered FAKE NEWS!
Nigel is 'person of interest' in investigation into and was FIRS…
Best bit at the end : Sessions and Bannon grooming for Russia since 2012
The FBI taking down Farage would be America's greatest service to Britain since Loretta Lynch decapitated FIFA. .
Nigel Farage? This Nigel Farage? The Nigel Farage standing in front of a gold door with the Trump half of Tha…
The Democrats are just made because everyone got to see their true colors in their email.
Nigel Farage is 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia via
For the first time in his life Nigel Farage is declared a 'person of interest'. Pls take him FBI and Russia!
the new boygroup. Until Marine will join in. Then we'll have - mixed. How modern.
He's only a person of interest because he is the next person on the list to silence. If they…
By the looks of things you've already boiled your he…
UK's Nigel Farage is a 'person of interest' in the Trump-Russia investigation: Guardian.
All of thier words are stored forever. I will never forget those who denied and defend treason. Your words will haunt
You ma'am are pathetically mislead or willfully ignorant. Which is it?
On vented his with recent appearances.
That doesn't make the investigation magically go away, guy
Nigel Farage named as 'person of interest' in FBI investigation into links between Russia and Trump campaign
Today's voice for silencing is Sir, stand strong. You speak as you find. Carry on.
Hey you rotting *** socket, maybe popping in to gobble Assange off not such a hot look after all?
is now calling Nigel Farage a Russian agent, once again with NO proof. MSM calls everyone who is anti-establishmen…
Nigel Farage is the latest person to be pulled into the orbit of the FBI’s Russia probe— ThinkProgress (thinkprogr…
Hillary has been in politics a long time. She's not going any…
Nigel Farage may be a nationalistic wally but the idea that he's a Russian spy is laughable.
EU SPONSERED FRAUD = 'Paid up Corbynistas' Nigel Farage urges BBC to SACK chiefs for 'biased' debate audience
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Liberal journalists who labeled Marine Le Pen & Nigel Farage "far-right extremists",. now call Iranian president Hassan Rouhan…
Gingham nightmare Gary Corpuscul has three heroes in life; Keith Moon, Mo Tucker and Nigel Farage. What a ***
Douglas Murray is the intellectual son of Katie Hopkins & Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage is the ‘MOST HONEST’ man in politics since Enoch Powell
Nigel Farage is interviewed by Die Zeit about meeting Julian Assange, and Russian money. He does not like it.
Nigel Farage promises to 'pick up a rifle' if the Government U-Turns on Brexit-so say we all
PM allowing Nigel Farage's 'world-view' to take over Tories, warns Tim Farron
My letter to the Irish Times responding to Nigel Farage's op-ed on Ireland's "real friends" in
The Financial Times has dissed Nigel Farage in the most glorious but entirely accurate way.
Nigel Farage and Nigel Havers are famous enough but Paul Weller isn't...
Theresa May will mop up Nigel Farage's vote. But that alenate their Lib Dem wing. Mass abstention or voting
What does Le Pen, Nigel Farage and the US State Department have in common? (Victoria Nuland intercept remix)
That would potentially include Nigel Farage, Arron Banks, Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings.
Party advisers -- repealing the legislation, will appoint representatives of 05 Democratic National Committee chairman Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage gets more respect from the BBC than Jeremy Corbyn
Arron Banks, Michael Heaver and Nigel Farage eye up UKIP prospects in GE2017. Before stripping carcase to feed new…
[🔒]: In light of UKIP, total wipeout, next week's will have on Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, Aaron Banks &…
Nigel Farage has endorsed far-right Marine Le Pen to be French president saying she would make Brexit easier
David Davis, 'no one said a deal with the EU would be easy'. Except you, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Andr…
Nigel Farage has told LBC the European Union has misjudged the way to conduct Brexit negotiations with Britain
Paul Nuttall most likely wouldn't but Nigel Farage would've done, he needs to come b…
Boris Becker, Nigel Farage, Bananarama, Denise Welch, Kate Garraway and Claire Sweeney are at birthday party tonight.
Why would I want to tell anything to Nigel Farage? Can't stand the bloke.
Tell that to Nigel Farage who attended just 1/42 meetings when he was on the EP fisher…
Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tells the BBC he will not stand in the upcoming general election
Thanks everyone I will keep my mind ope…
Earning that salary & pension eh ? Particularly from an institution you despise. An honourable man wo…
Chief backstabber Carswell left before he was thrown out. Nigel Farage was the reason I joined UKIP and is very muc…
"Would you rather that be spent on our citizens or others?" . Yes.
Thanks everyone I will keep my mind open :)
Hi Jodie, dont worry too much, take you…
People these days R so selfish, they spout this and that agains…
Disgusting, will et al wives get residency ? Let's see!
Agree! Why is no one openly debating this? PC had killed r…
Wow. Nigel Farage takes second place as worst MEP to Ireland's Brian Crowley
The establishment always come up with a dirty trick.
Nigel Farage has worst voting record of any active member of the European Parliament. Sponging off the taxpayer.
And it will be a great news for french !
I have it on authority that he's moved to a suspended ceiling at the beeb:
Good man I would do exactly the same 🍻🍹🍸
is there some kind of being held in Why is he going there?
If Former leader of Nigel Farage can understand that Saudi Arabia Exported why can't u people?
The reason why Nigel Farage doesn't want to stand to be an MP - he'd have to resign as an MEP
So, about socks this morning... Watch the interview:
Video: Nigel Farage: If Le Pen Wins the French Election It Will Mean the End of the EU -
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"Robert Mercer: the billionaire waging war on mainstream media"
Wikileaks continuing focus on Democrats and lack of focus on Trump bad. Assange also had meetings…
Cambridge Analytica worked for the Trump campaign... after working for Cruz during the primaries.
Ahead of the French election, catch up on what happened when met Marine Le Pen
Great to have down to Ramsgate last evening. He gave a great speech and it was a happy occasion tinged wi…
No surprise compromised, Russia likely has material on Farage like Trump d…
Nigel Farage found ‘living in BBC ceiling crawl space’ so he can be easily interviewed every few hours.
Well I have *tried* to withdraw and correct the record. 😀
Police are investigating leader over an election fraud claim.
Nigel Farage has announced he's not seeking a seat in Westminster as he's fully occupied with his seat on the BBC Questio…
.I love you Donald Trump and Le Pen and Geert Wilder and our Nigel Farage. GREAT PEOPLE…
Nigel Farage, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore to broadcast election messages from the pirate radio ship if Banks is selec…
Eighth time lucky? Nigel Farage expected to stand for MP in June
Nigel Farage: Paul Nuttall has six weeks to prove himself as Ukip leader
Nigel Farage throws down the gauntlet to Paul Nuttall saying he has got six weeks to prove himself as Ukip leader
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Nigel Farage looking at the Houses of Parliament like a racist Charlie Bucket pining to get into Wonka's chocolate factory
Nigel Farage prepares to stand in South Thanet again as he is snapped planning campaign at elite London club
Nigel Farage "I will decide over the next couple of days whether to stand in this election". Watch live ht…
Nigel Farage: "Jeremy Corbyn is going to get absolutely mullered in these elections" Ouch...
Nigel Farage jeered in European Parliament after accusing EU of ‘behaving like the mafia’ over Brexit
Nigel Farage jeered by MEPs during Brexit debate.
Given the boost appearing on HIGNFY gave to Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, do you think Jeremy Corbyn should appear on it?
If only Merkel had listened to Nigel Farage he said all this over 2 years ago. He warned her she didn't care
Queen called to honour Nigel Farage with a knighthood for “devoting years of his life to independence from EU”.
Calls for the Queen to give Nigel Farage a knighthood for devoting 25 years of his life to Brexit.He deserves it ht…
Are the BBC Panorama Dirty Tricks department trying to Smear Marine Le Pen just as they did with Nigel Farage, lets see fake…
‘Romping on a plane? The only thing I want to shaft is the EU’ says Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage and other right-wing populists turn on Donald Trump after missile strikes
I can see why Nigel Farage hates the European Parliament. He looks like a toddler in a wet nappy among post-doctorals.…
They are making it impossible because they will soon cease to exist without us
but you're right, there'll be no negotiation. You hated being dictated by Brussels, that's what we'll get now. Masochist much?
More like the UK paid for the restaurant to be built and then all the c…
Nigel Farage has caused uproar in Strasbourg today and is live at 7pm to tell you all about it
.was forced to retract a remark comparing MEPs to 'the mafia' - so he called them 'gangsters' instead
Actually he was comparing the MEP's to the Mafia
don't stop with these half wits in the EU. We support in any capacity. God bless
I agree with Nigel and made the same point yesterday. The EU is behaving like a Mafia.
There is absolutely NO NEED FOR A DEAL with the EU gang. The reason May wants one is to achieve the…
Well said Mr Farage!! I love the Italians taking offence over the use of the term mafia .
Reply to Our country is free. I have absolutely NO interest in your anti British talk.
What's this about £52 billion? It wasn't on the red bus so it can't be true. I know, it's "Project Fear" again 🤔
They promised 356 mil lbs to NHS & admitted the day after the vote it was a lie…
Nigel Farage says that the European Union is behaving "rather like an extortion racket"
WATCH: Nigel Farage angers MEPs by comparing them to the mafia.
Yet you still vote Tory and support bre…
Hamilton Collection
So, Britons like When u think u know it all -that u re smart, u hit the diminishing…
Farage, doing his best to make sure the UK gets the worst deal possible. We have a way out of it!.
The PoW wants to be 'Defender of Faith' - a sea change from Defender o…
😂😂😂 as I don't have that option available, I'm going to select…
Nigel Farage gives his first reaction on the EU Parliament session on Brexit in which he labelled the EU the "mafia".
Italian MEP calls EU behaviour mafia its ok to call the EUSSR what it is "This is not democracy…
why are you still turning up at the EU parliament?
This man is so angry with the EU 4why is he not also angry with Islamic Nigeria 4 holding down
Nigel farage takes no prisoners in Brussels fighting for us, a national hero
Nigel Farage has accused the EU of acting like the Mafia; he wants to be careful or he's going to wake up with a straight…
You mean actually READ? leaves that to others, along with thinking rationally, arguing logically…
JUST CONFIRMED: will speak at our 2017 National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC.
But it is ok to give 50 billion to EU?
Nigel Farage helping the UK get a better deal by calling the EU the Mafia. Ukip has damaged this country . They continue wrec…
Do not,I repeat,do not submit to blackmail and extortion!U tell Junkers that US and UK will financial…
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Is this a bar bill or a divorce settlement.Of course the bar bill is paid at the end of the evening.…
is Correct the EU is behaving like the Mafia & just can't handle the Truth
WATCH | blasts EU leaders for putting interests of their political project above that of EU citizens in…
BREAKING: In light of 'Mafia' outburst in the European Parliament today, I have now designated him as…
This is your right. But will you be there to fix the problem if it goes wrong for our children, just saying FRR
Bias broadcasting corporation cut out Farage reply. censored for speaking truth. Talk about fake news.
Nigel Farage jeered by MEPs during Brexit debate He's an embarrassment to Britain.
Lol I know where this thinking comes from. May be you are the one filled with hate
And I dread, dread to think what the future will bring. When we're living in gangster time!
Paddy Power got Brexit and Trump wrong last year. I didn’t. That’s why they’ve turned to me for political advice: https:/…
Nigel Farage live in the EU Parliament-we don't have to buy German cars, drink French wine or eat Belgium chocolate, w…
On behalf of the entire country, I denounce as a part of the UK. Embarrassing, unreasonable and deranged. What a moron
**Breaking news** Barry Manilow is *** Meanwhile elsewhere, the pope is catholic and Nigel Farage is a ***
well done sir!! The EU have spit the dummy very much out of the pram, so glad we are leaving their sinking ship.
This is what a classy politician does
Worth noting that pay and promote both Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins to preach their hate speech. Time to reconsider…
I wonder who they will vote for in the WTO elections???
Nigel Farage to EU MEPs. "You're behaving like the mafia - you think we're a hostage. . We're free to go!”.
Farage doing damage to UK Brexit prospects by shooting his spittle-flecked, tedious mouth off in Euro Parliament
Note to Jews DON'T CELEBRATE EASTER! They don't believe in Jesus or ressurection. Only Christians an…
The Nigel Farage Show is live at 7pm
Nigel Farage to EU MEPs. "If you wish to force us to walk away from the table, it is not us that will be hurt".
Nigel Farage to EU MEPs. “You’ve shown yourself be vindictive, to be nasty... Thank goodness we are leaving!”.
Nigel Farage does not speak for us or any of the 48%
I think that the majority of people in the U.K. and Europe recognise you for being a complete
Nigel farage, The man with more confidence than the entire uk parliament.
"You're behaving like the mafia" says to EU Parliament during debate. He's told off and changes it to "g…
If you pay attention to Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins... Etc you will wind up hateful, delusional,…
A message from George Orwell - to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and all the other dead-headed l…
Shocking news - Nigel Farage has decided he prefers Black Forest Gateau instead.
Brexit Eve. Don't forget to leave a packet of *** and a pint of bitter out for Nigel Farage tonight.
In some language, somewhere. Nigel Farage is an anagram of Kim Philby.
so let's get this straight. You wouldn't stay around to put right the mess you helped make? Says it al…
This plastic chicken would prefer if Nigel would go immediately
good..why not GO NOW as its GUARANTEED to be a about North Korea?
Acting as if he cares. He's a politician. In Anglo-Hibernian : " A neck like a jockey's ***
🙄These fanciful promises of his type never materialise.
Hooray!. Well, Brexit IS, and will be, a disaster. May as well start packing now. Two birds with o…
. Not Germany please. We have enough of our own demagogues.
Is that when he gets his German passport?
absolute hypocrite. You're one of the biggest liars of all. Remember those WMD?? Now THAT'S fake news.
Nigel Farage: "We haven't dealt with the growth of extremism because we're too afraid of being called racists."
alas, wouldn't give him s freen card & neither wd Germany, so Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 it is
I am guessing Trump land.. Fox news always got room for a bigot.
How about a remote rock in the Outer Hebrides?
Fisheries important Nigel !! You only attended 1 out of 42 EU fisheries committee meetings!!
David Davis begins to shake and convulse, and suddenly Nigel Farage bursts from his chest. . "Take back control!" he grow…
I LUV Farage. Like FoxNews & Donald Trump, he reminds me of how much of a conscience I still…
dislike Crookface Carswell he was the traitor within
probably the US, with his mentally challenged mate, TRUMP.
Open thread for night owls: British ultra-rightist Nigel Farage signs up to split California in two
please please please go and live abroad now - if you do we might have a chance of making Brexit work
Wiped the floor with you. No wonder you never had the guts to stand for election. Not up to it.
Surprised you haven't moved into trump tower already
ask your friend Donald, he's very articulate
When this man speaks listen. He will keep your children safer.
.is asking remain voters: What will it take for you to support Brexit?
People of Britain, the challenge is set - you know what to do
Ukip demands to be heard as it shouts its wild Brexit demands | John Crace
Anything. Any thing to be rid of you and your endless posturing and droning.
If is a disaster, you're going to have to go and live abroad.
Seems the game is up. First Camoron, now this ***
This is what we want our government to be clear on. It is not as complex as those opposed to claim
Why should another country accept an immigrant Nigel when you oppose them so strongly h…
Brexit engineer Nigel Farage hired to promote effort to break California in two
Watch tremendous patriot outclass raging old lefty has been .
Nige, mate; you could have gone and lived abroad in the first place and saved all this bot…
It's already a disaster, so Farage ... it's time to pi** off !
Things got VERY heated this morning as and clashed over Brexit. Watch full debate:
and I think UK will be begging to rejoin EU in 10 years time,with worst possible deal..del…
.'If Brexit is a disaster I'll go and live abroad - but it's not going to be'
Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. The biggest mistake in all of history!!!
They haven`t sussed we still have the common wealth.
hear hear, me too, but I'm not so humble, I shout it out daily because I feel my cou…
Donald Trump is a Sex Pistol and Brexit is 'fantastic', says Johnny Rotten
Nothing pleases us more than seeing our publication being held up in front of Nigel Farage on breakfast television!😂 ht…
Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage are angry that people don't appear scared of terrorists
OMG in all my 60 yrs there has never been a more credible statesman than Nigel, he truly does kn…
this is what the Labour Party gave the British people
Good question, been kinda curious about that myself😇
At least has always been consistent in his 'Brexit at any cost' approach. The tragedy is is…
the look of frustration and anger on Campbell's face was a delight - it's taken a while but he is now whe…
So excited about Wednesday. I'll be flying our flag!!! 😊😆
. Dave's pals at Uber 'plotted to stop Brexit' .
Mr Farage You have achieved more for the United Kingdom than most politicians could in a life time You ha…
Sex Pistol singer John Lydon comes out in support of Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage Good for him…
Campbel just wants 2 give our country away, now we can shape our own future & crucially m…
Now the funniest thing with right wing leave voters is they think it will stop muslims coming in.
Nigel Farage on LBC: "If Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad.". A man incapable of taking responsibility.
Sex Pistol John Lydon wants to shake Nigel Farage's hand and backs
Had I seen this video before the vote, I'd probably have sided with Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Ian Duncan-Smith a…
Nigel Farage blasts the government for doing nothing to tackle homegrown terrorism-too scared of upsetting muslims htt…
'We've done NOTHING' Nigel Farage blasts Government failures to stop homegrown terror
Interesting to see if pins down Nigel Farage on whether/when he'll decide to stay Ukip or go for Arron Banks
Dear Mr. UK MEP Nigel Farage and my English Cousins I have witnessed a UK Agent cause the U…
Nigel Farage slams Sadiq Khan for his terrorism appeasement
Nigel Farage is 52 and from Kent. So is the alleged Westminster attacker. When will we tackle this problem of 52-year-o…
Everyone has to ask themselves if the Little Britain of Nigel Farage is worth the dissolution of the UK? . http…
Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove and Nigel Farage's political ambitions come first in England, the interests of the youn…
'This week Nigel Farage met Marie Le Pen and we are sending a message that we don’t want that kind of fascism..."
FULL INTERVIEW: Nigel Farage with Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Islamization Front National party in France
Nigel Farage is live on LBC at 7pm. Here’s the full interview from last night that’s making such waves:
I accuse the following for inciting the murder of Jo Cox, MP: . Nigel Farage. Rupert Murdoch. Richard Desmond. Viscount Rothermer…
It's not the best day to claim FPTP has prevented Nigel Farage from influencing British politics John
24.Steve Bannon worked with Nigel Farage the leader to promote and bring about Brexit. Steve Bannon is very close fri…
I dont want anyone who looks like David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump or Grandpa Munster making any decisions about my future.
The Julian Assange / Nigel Farage / Roger Stone love triangle of treason. I hope they all end up sharing a cell. Or a coff…
The big data war on mainstream media
What's going on, War Criminal Blair at the Whitehouse?
The French election could be a battle for the future of Europe
How the European dream died: Farage NAILS what's wrong with Brussels in historic speech
Douglas Carswell mocks Nigel Farage over bid to be Sir
Nigel Farage thinks he owns UKIP. Douglas Carswell is a trojan. Came to destroy UKIP from within. Ha ha
Nigel Farage knighted by 6-year-old girl dressed as a Queen who tells him her Mummy says he hates foreigner…
Nigel Farage knighted by 6-year-old girl who then tells him her mummy says he hates foreigners.
Bless him! gets the knighthood he’s always wanted from a little girl who thinks he’s a racist.
Never said Ukip, I said Nigel. The party without him is (sad to say) weak. Paul Nuttall is no Farage😩. Hope he makes a comeback.
BBC giving more airtime to Nigel Farage. Asking whether he wants a knighthood isn't probing journalism, just flatters his va…
Speaking of edgy jokes I hope Nigel Farage is diagnosed with malicious, untreatable cancer of the balls and dies in the next 2 months
off to bed it's 4.10 AM NIGHT. Keep laughing
You are correct again Nigel. Trump is a Prophet.
.Jean-Claude Juncker's plan to save the EU is like something from a Carry On film
I flicked my dog because it rigged Nigel Farage.
WATCH: Of the 750 child refugees that we let in last year, TEN came from Syria…and many of them of course were aged ov…
What a great night it was to meet and shake the hand of our President
Read the whole thing. Scarier than I ever imagined.
oh yes let give him the chance to obliterate earth I'm sure your ainus will take in survivors
You've gotta be kidding. Nigel Farage knighted on RT.
Watch Nigel Farage get called out by a small child on live TV:. 😂😂😂.
Robert the billionaire waging on mainstream
Let me get this clear is supporting the Far Right Neo-Fascist LePen. That's and
He actually weakened the regulations
A great primer on Robert Mercer & the money behind Breitbart, Bannon, Trump & the future of big data campaigns. .
The parrot then defeated Nigel Farage in three straight elections.
'Most important EVER' Farage says Le Pen vs Macron would be a battle for Europe's future
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Embarrassing when a small child is better at holding Nigel Farage to account than most of the British media 🙊
It's fourth behind Teresa May, Nigel Farage and the fall in production of Essex jellied eels!
Watch cute kid call out Nigel Farage as racist on Russia Today.
‘We are RADICAL or nothing’ Nigel Farage promises Ukip will NEVER become part of the establishment.…
Nigel Farage urges Ukip to expel only MP Douglas Carswell amid knighthood row.
Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage sits in the audience during a press conference
John Major and Nigel Farage: Back seat drivers by Christian Adams - political cartoon gallery
can we have you have Lord protector 2.0 or Nigel Farage lol
How big data is being used to influence voters and political outcomes
Nigel Farage has publicly called for UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell, to be removed from the party.
Carswell is a cuckoo. Boot him out.
This photo sums up everything awesome happening in politics right now
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