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Nigel Farage

Nigel Paul Farage (born 3 April 1964, Farnborough), is a British politician and is the Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), a position he also held from September 2006 to November 2009. He is a Member of the European Parliament for South East England and co-chairs the Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

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Sex Pistol John Lydon wants to shake Nigel Farage's hand and backs
independent: 'Sex Pistol singer John Lydon comes out in support of Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage'
Nigel Farage blasts the government for doing nothing to tackle homegrown terrorism-too scared of upsetting muslims htt…
'We've done NOTHING' Nigel Farage blasts Government failures to stop homegrown terror
Dear Mr. UK MEP Nigel Farage and my English Cousins I have witnessed a UK Agent cause the U…
Nigel Farage slams Sadiq Khan for his terrorism appeasement
Everyone has to ask themselves if the Little Britain of Nigel Farage is worth the dissolution of the UK? . http…
Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove and Nigel Farage's political ambitions come first in England, the interests of the youn…
'This week Nigel Farage met Marie Le Pen and we are sending a message that we don’t want that kind of fascism..."
FULL INTERVIEW: Nigel Farage with Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Islamization Front National party in France
Nigel Farage is live on LBC at 7pm. Here’s the full interview from last night that’s making such waves:
I accuse the following for inciting the murder of Jo Cox, MP: . Nigel Farage. Rupert Murdoch. Richard Desmond. Viscount Rothermer…
It's not the best day to claim FPTP has prevented Nigel Farage from influencing British politics John
24.Steve Bannon worked with Nigel Farage the leader to promote and bring about Brexit. Steve Bannon is very close fri…
I dont want anyone who looks like David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump or Grandpa Munster making any decisions about my future.
The Julian Assange / Nigel Farage / Roger Stone love triangle of treason. I hope they all end up sharing a cell. Or a coff…
Breast Cancer Awareness
The big data war on mainstream media
What's going on, War Criminal Blair at the Whitehouse?
The French election could be a battle for the future of Europe
How the European dream died: Farage NAILS what's wrong with Brussels in historic speech
Douglas Carswell mocks Nigel Farage over bid to be Sir
Nigel Farage thinks he owns UKIP. Douglas Carswell is a trojan. Came to destroy UKIP from within. Ha ha
Nigel Farage knighted by 6-year-old girl dressed as a Queen who tells him her Mummy says he hates foreigner…
Nigel Farage knighted by 6-year-old girl who then tells him her mummy says he hates foreigners.
Bless him! gets the knighthood he’s always wanted from a little girl who thinks he’s a racist.
Never said Ukip, I said Nigel. The party without him is (sad to say) weak. Paul Nuttall is no Farage😩. Hope he makes a comeback.
BBC giving more airtime to Nigel Farage. Asking whether he wants a knighthood isn't probing journalism, just flatters his va…
Speaking of edgy jokes I hope Nigel Farage is diagnosed with malicious, untreatable cancer of the balls and dies in the next 2 months
off to bed it's 4.10 AM NIGHT. Keep laughing
You are correct again Nigel. Trump is a Prophet.
.Jean-Claude Juncker's plan to save the EU is like something from a Carry On film
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I flicked my dog because it rigged Nigel Farage.
WATCH: Of the 750 child refugees that we let in last year, TEN came from Syria…and many of them of course were aged ov…
What a great night it was to meet and shake the hand of our President
Read the whole thing. Scarier than I ever imagined.
oh yes let give him the chance to obliterate earth I'm sure your ainus will take in survivors
You've gotta be kidding. Nigel Farage knighted on RT.
Watch Nigel Farage get called out by a small child on live TV:. 😂😂😂.
Robert the billionaire waging on mainstream
Let me get this clear is supporting the Far Right Neo-Fascist LePen. That's and
He actually weakened the regulations
A great primer on Robert Mercer & the money behind Breitbart, Bannon, Trump & the future of big data campaigns. .
The parrot then defeated Nigel Farage in three straight elections.
'Most important EVER' Farage says Le Pen vs Macron would be a battle for Europe's future
Embarrassing when a small child is better at holding Nigel Farage to account than most of the British media 🙊
It's fourth behind Teresa May, Nigel Farage and the fall in production of Essex jellied eels!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Watch cute kid call out Nigel Farage as racist on Russia Today.
‘We are RADICAL or nothing’ Nigel Farage promises Ukip will NEVER become part of the establishment.…
Nigel Farage urges Ukip to expel only MP Douglas Carswell amid knighthood row.
Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage sits in the audience during a press conference
John Major and Nigel Farage: Back seat drivers by Christian Adams - political cartoon gallery
can we have you have Lord protector 2.0 or Nigel Farage lol
How big data is being used to influence voters and political outcomes
Nigel Farage has publicly called for UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell, to be removed from the party.
Carswell is a cuckoo. Boot him out.
This photo sums up everything awesome happening in politics right now
They're in meltdown!! Now they want to expel the ONLY MP! Get back to your licking job in the US Farage.
Leader of the Ku Klux Klan thinks will make a fine Prime Minister
“if he wants to come & talk to the parl. party... very happy to respond. It won't take long, it's just me." Burn!.
the acronym LBC behind means Little Bleating but I've forgotten what the C stands for
Discussing politics with Governor of Mississippi and ..@
Farage is praised by the Klu Klux Klan. I report that accurately and that's "playing the racist card". 😂
We might as well call time on UKIP . Nuttall will not boot Carswell and the rest of the out. .
Required, if terrifying, reading by
Farage says UK needs to take Trump's lead and STEP UP vetting of migrants
I don't want you to be right but I fear that you are.
I take it Nigel Farage's knighthood would've been an anti-establishment honour.
Douglas Carswell has brought constant division and is actively working against Ukip. He has to go.
Billionaire Robert Mercer & Steve Bannon have been working w/ Cambridge Analytica to change the way Americans think.
Farage claims to be anti-establishment but doesn't want an OBE. He wants a Knighthood at least .
Hedge-fund billionaire and Donald Trump backer 'played key role in Brexit campaign' Cost? Some1 has got some money!
Brilliant!!!.loved the way you slapped morgan down...wish you where PM...we need change like US
Hilariously hypocritical that supposedly "anti-establishment" former leader is complaining he didn't get a knighthood.
I never said that, I said it's been Spanish and Portuguese and Portugal does not claim it
Wow. Missed this. endorsed by a KKK leader. Yes. KKK. As in, the KKK.
David Duke of KKK fame endorses our own Nigel Farage for PM. How endearing our world has become.
Ukip at war as Nigel Farage demands party's only MP Douglas Carswell be sacked
Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media
How can UKIP let a man represent us who actively & transparently seeks to damage us? The time for him to go is now. https:/…
The unelectable in pursuit of the unbearable... .
Klu Klux Klan LIKES Nigel Farage - that is all one needs to know about the detestable Niggle - no supporter of demo…
You couldn't make it up! 😂 ⚡️ “Nigel Farage wants to kick UKIP's only MP out of the party”.
So, Nigel Farage, you'll be pleased about your recommendation for Prime Minister by Dr David Duke, arch white supremacist?
Let's get this straight. Nigel Farage, who failed many times to get elected as an MP, wants to kick Douglas Carswell,…
Ukip in open civil war as Nigel Farage calls for Douglas Carswell to be thrown out after knighthoo...
Ukip at war as Farage calls for party's only MP to be kicked out in row over Nigel's…
Carswell's 🔥🔥🔥 quote when asked about Farage wanting to kick him out because apparently he blocked a knighthood
Nigel Farage wants Ukip's only MP fired after he failed to land him a knighthood
Billionare, Trump supporter and Breitbart co-owner Robert Mercer also contributed cash to the Leave campaign
Nigel Farage calls for Ukip’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, to quit after launching scathing attack
'Is he in Ukip?' Nigel Farage takes cheeky swipe at old Ukip rival Douglas Carswell -
Man of the people Nigel Farage wants to expel only MP. Nothing to do with Farage longing for a seat in HoL.
Nigel Farage tells Paul Nuttall: it is time to throw Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell out of the party
Nigel Farage calls for Douglas Carswell to be expelled from Ukip
Nigel Farage adores Trump in the same way Duncan Castles licks Mourinho's ***
At Trump hotel. Secret Service swarms the place. Trump walks in, sits down next to me w/ Gov. Rick Scott, Nigel Farage, I…
Source told Westmonster that UKIP Lords pushed for Farage knighthood, but Carswell's refusal to endorse killed it. https…
This section from in tonight's is sadly true.
oh dear I'm sorry to hear your leader has been to rejected..hatred will never win..time for u lot to go
Nigel Farage last week: Victory in Stoke is "absolutely fundamental" to UKIP's future.
ya, she awesome, Nigel Farage is amazing as well.
Over the centuries we have accepted immigrants into our country and this has been hugely beneficial.
My absolute favorite person at CPAC today 👌
WOW! - Nigel Farage says young generation 'have become fascists' -
Who is "We" as 29.6m (63%) of the electorate didn't vote for Brexit?
Farage is alive and waiting to be kicked out as a MEP so he can collect his fat pension along with his EU mates!
What's more reprehensible? Nigel Farage receiving a knighthood or Douglas Carswell having enough power to endorse it? Wha…
.'Brexit voters: do you feel betrayed?'
talking about Trump, their relationship & going forward & the Brexit effect! Talking to The Guardian tha…
As I left CPAC, I spoke with Nigel Farage. He was beaming. Told me Bannon sees Trump project in global terms, "is so clea…
.is forced off air by Secret Security: 'When a guy with a gun tells you to 'move', you move.'
Brexit leader Nigel Farage: 2016 was only the beginning for populist "revolution"
Hanging out at with who is gaining quite a following in USA since joining
LBC left wing? Presenters include Nigel Farage, Nick Ferrari & Katie Hopkins? How far right do you want?
Cancel your plans, Nigel Farage is talking about sex and death on TV tomorrow
Nigel Farage: Swedish crime crisis is being covered up the media |
Its beneath the UK unemployed to pick crops so we'll have to import these when the migrants leave!
Nigel Farage EVACUATED by Secret Service during LIVE radio show due to "security alert".
More EXPRESS on last link. UKIP RIFTS: Douglas Carswell is a 'DISGRACE' and must be…
Still in shock! What a traitor and creep, how dishonest to the British people! He disgusts me!
Certainly concerned, - expected better from David Davis, and this is not the first thing he has said that…
Paul Nuttall a bit upset when I suggested Nigel Farage would have won Stoke. "No chance," he replied. "Not at all." The…
Bet Nigel Farage is glad that Paul Nuttall failed to do what he also failed to do.
Nigel Farage thinks 2016 was only the beginning for the populist "revolution."
I fear Davis wants to be all people to all men, perhaps he hasn't go a moral compass aftera…
.on report former Gitmo detainee involved in deadly Mosul attack: "This reflects very badly on the British G…
Nigel Farage warns Sweden's crisis is being 'COVERED UP' by 'POLITICALLY CORRECT' media
Isabel Oakenshot has just exposed Carswell the liar 🤥He only joined UKIP to bring it & Nigel Farage down & blocked his kni…
ON NOW: removed live on air from Conference in by Secret Service h…
'Man of the people' Nigel Farage attended Ascot the same day Jeremy Corbyn attended anti-austerity demonstration in Lon…
Nigel Farage wades in as Janice Atkinson slams 'short-sighted and rude' Theresa May for not meeting Marine Le Pen…
Donald you are the best along with Nigel Farage change the world for the best EU is collapsing hopefully Le Penn will win
People like Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall should not be given media time when they lie knowingly.
We need to get rid of the traitors in Gov.. Bring them down, save Europe. Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Le Pen, Orban etc
WATCH: Nigel Farage tears into Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn at UKIP's Conference in Bolton.
I liked a video Nigel Farage: Angela Merkel Paying Migrants to Leave Germany
Nigel Farage: Nigel on Angela Merkel. via One year ago, and UN, and NATO will try anything to hold on.
. A strange sartorial mixture of Andy Capp and Nigel Farage seems to have e…
What can we presume? Nigel Farage has slashed Whitehall with a haircut.
Britain IS in control - JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER. "cracks" are appearing in the European Union, a celebratory Nigel Farage declared tonight.
Nigel Farage celebrates as Jean-Claude Juncker admits UK in control | UK | News |
Let's face facts Nigel Farage and Donald Trump talk more sense than all the politicians in Uk or USA
Matt Frei deliberately misquoting Nigel Farage on his attitude toward child! refugees .
Nigel Farage branded 'RACIST' for insisting Romania SHOULDN'T have been allowed to join EU
Nigel Farage was right when he said parts of the UK have become unrecognisable. Paul Nuttall can't even find his own hous…
Nigel Farage asking for privacy as he's bunged up with his mistress when he gleefully attacked Jo Cox's husband days after…
Nigel Farage is "sharing his £4million bachelor pad in Chelsea" with a French fascist. That'll show the Metropolitan El…
WATCH: makes impassioned plea to the media: "Please leave my wife and children alone. It's not fair"
Best I got today was seeing Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall scrambling around while being hit by eggs 🍳…
If you're going to throw eggs at Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, at least separate the whites first.
Nigel Farage admits to 'personal difficulties' in his marriage
WATCH: "Health tourism is costing us two billion pounds every single year and it's got to stop."
This I concur & I feel has a hand in it as he thrives on !😠 https:/…
Leftist fascists are at it again,always them who attack people, they must really be worried UKIP will win Stoke https:…
So, how long before Sky News gets on Nigel Farage to get his take on why Bercow should be sent to prison?
Not surprising to see Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall viciously attacked in Stoke. The left always resort to violence.
Farage u stand 4 truth, ur truth is incomplete if u fail to condemn British on…
and Trump's opinions don't devalue the office of the President of the United States?!? Shut up Nigel.
Ask to stand up for ..This man was doing his job he is in Jail
ugh feels like Bernardi is pulling a Nigel Farage there
WATCH | "It's time we put our own people first.". called for an end to health tourism in 2015. Today it…
ha ha ha ha.. cant believe ppl act believe all the BS written to demonise trump
There is a very simple solution to the NHS no one is listening.
you might want to check out his human rights record Trump is a saint by comparison.
Isn't that exactly what you did while you were with your mistress
."My colours are nailed the mast: Health tourism is an outrage & costing us 2bn a year!"
📷 babies-come-with-hats: lol so Nigel Farage was spewing lies about the Muslim ban in the EU parliament...
If only one of our pols had the nerve to do something like this. . MEP holds 'He's lying' sign behind Nigel Farage
The speaker has no issues with MP,s rent boys and coke but struggles with his conscience over Trump on immigration?
Nigel Farage has been egged in Stoke and the pattern of the egg on the umbrella is one of the most beautiful things I've ev…
I've worked Cory out. He fancies himself as the Nigel Farage of the Antipodes, to whom the disaffected will flock.
Nigel Farage: The European Parliament is terrified of Trump via
Speaker of UK House of Commons vows to block Trump from addressing Parliament. Nigel Farage, a huge *** objects
Farage’s salary is “the biggest waste of money in the EU”
Farage and Nuttall pelted with eggs while campaigning in Stoke.
I'm glad Nigel Farage is on the side of President Trump. Most of working America is on Trump's side too!
."I am 100% behind what Donald Trump has done, and I am not ashamed to say so."
A recent opinion poll found that if Nigel Farage was on a life support machine most people would happily unplug it to charge their phone
Khan silent on the killing sprees in his native Pakistan
the Muslim Mayor who makes sure his religion comes before his mayoral duties.
Ukip MEP loses libel case. Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall hit by eggs in Stoke. Trump told to sod off by Bercow. Hard d…
First John Bercow rubbishes Donald Trump (to which Piers Morgan has a meltdown), then Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall get egge…
She left you b/c you're an embarrassment. You put ahead of your woman.
And you should shut your smug face. There's nothing traditional about your white nationalist, paternalistic dreamworld.
Nigel Farage tears into Speaker Bercow for anti-Trump stance. Points out hypocrisy of welcoming other countries.
I heard Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall didn't mind being pelted with eggs, but they were furious the whites hadn't been se…
Farage and Nuttall pelted with eggs in stoke
Nigel Farage condemning Bercow for insulting the office of President is beyond parody. They can’t take it up ‘em, Mr Mainwaring
Lot of silly claptrap. Thank God got UK away from the grip of these fifth column pollies. RT
Nigel Farage is not happy about the Trump ban imposed by Speaker Bercow today...more here.
I had a 'screw it moment', says MEP who held sign up behind Nigel Farage
Paul Nuttall celebrates beating Toby Young in an Ade Edmundson dressed as Nigel Farage look-a-like competition.…
Bad day for Nigel Farage: First he was trolled in the European Parliament and now he's accused of misusing EU funds htt…
Just pathetic. This is politics now, is it? And I'm sorry, I disagree with on many things but on this he is…
Nigel Farage wearing a Trump badge in the European Parliament. So Trump now has his own little Mini-Me, just like D…
This speech just telling it how it is..Hits the nail on the head why Brexit was voted for. EU is undemocratic
Get your iPhone insurance today!
"Vote UKIP to rid Westminster of its corrupt political elite"🤔.
Who would you rather car share with?. *** MEP holds up 'HE'S LYING' sign behind Brexit leader Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage just got trolled in the European Parliament.
so tell me more about Soros and his working for Hitler😲
Nigel Farage refuses to be silenced by pro-EU MEPs, urges European Parliament to invite President Trump.
Nigel Farage brutally trolled by Labour MEP Seb Dance with 'He's lying to you' sign during speech about Donald Trump ht…
Nigel Farage praising in the European Parliament. Obviously a big fan behind him.
Someone should walk behind Nigel Farage with this sign at all times.
If IS (fingers crossed) jailed for lying on nomination form how will he repay? . ht…
among MEPs accused of misusing funds. > I would say I'm shocked, but I'm not. .
Nigel Farage hits out at "hypocrite" Sadiq Khan for hosting diplomats from 11 countries who have banned Israelis http…
Nigel Farage is the most pathetic thing I've seen in my lifetime.
Nigel Farage in furious European Parliament clash over Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' htt…
know how you feel he can't even get a job as an MP ! nwo we are stuck with him muttering on the radio
I'm surprised has time to appear in the EU with the amount of time he's on the promoting himself!
I find myself enjoying the idea that the likes of WS Gilbert would have had held him in utter contempt.
From 7, takes over the airwaves on LBC and he wants your calls
Nigel Farage among Ukip MEPs accused of misusing EU funds. Exclusive by
."Far from being a hypocrite I've campaigned to abolish my... by via
MEP holds up 'he's lying to you' sign as Nigel Farage speaks in European Parliament
Hilarious behaviour by labour Mep holding hilarious sign up behind Nigel Farage as he spoke today . Hilarious & hilarious
.The €600bn I mentioned, concerns the total commitments, in other words the whole Eur Union. Again Nigel…
poor Nigel Farage, people are always putting up signs behind his back
But I thought UKIP and Farage hated the EU?!😮😏. .
here's holding up a "he's lying to you" sign behind Nigel Farage in the European Parliament
Seb Dance MEP: Why I upstaged Nigel Farage with 'he's lying' sign in EU Parliament. Exclusive by
that is a rare sight - Nigel Farage in the European Parliament
Thing is, many of his supporters will love this ... they'll have no moral problem with him stealing EU money.
Look how the media lies about Read The Mirror's headline then read the comments
European Parliamentarian wants the world to know what he thinks of Nigel Farage.
More than 1.6m people have now watched attacking the “rank hypocrisy” of critics
absolutely brilliant, an ambassador for democracy, decency and good old common sense. Nigel, you're simply the best!!!
This picture of Nigel Farage at the European Parliament captures what many people think. A picture does truly say a thou…
I don't need an MEP in the European Parliament to hold up a sign saying Nigel Farage is lying to me.
UKIP's Nigel Farage speaks to the European Parliament, while a fellow MEP holds up a "He's lying to you" sign.
Seb Dance, one of Labour's London MEPs, telling the European Parliament what we already knew about Nigel Farage.
UKIP for you - when shock jock Nigel Farage and his chums did bother to turn up, it appears it was to scam the European Parlia…
One member of European Parliament had some blunt criticism as Trump supporter Nigel Farage spoke. Seb Dance shared his feelings w…
Fellow MEP in the European Parliament as Nigel Farage speaks. "He's lying to you" the sign says.
European Parliament member trolls Nigel Farage with "he's lying to you" sign
'He's lying to you': London MEP ridicules Nigel Farage live on air by holding up sign in EU Parliament - Evening S…
Chicken Licken: the sky is falling in!. Ambassador: no it's an acorn. Goosy Lucy, Henny Penny, Nigel Farage: Ditch the zealot…
A small but not widely known fact is that Andrew Neil is so far up Trumps *** that he can see Nigel Farage!
I see that Andrew Neil is appearing on Nigel Farage's Sunday Politics again today. .
"and now, in a change to our scheduled programmes, Nigel Farage and Andrew Neil slowly *** each other off while Nazis feed the…
I actually agree with the leftists on Theresa May being a terrible PM. I think Nigel Farage would be far better
1 Tory? Apart from Andrew Neill, Nick Robinson, Nigel Farage (who has camp bed in basement),Jonathan & David Dimbleby, Kuennsberg?
Katy Hopkins, Louise Mensch, Nigel Farage, Julia H Brewer, Kelvin McKenzie etc - never off the BBC. Hypocrites!
Video evidence emerges of Nigel Farage pledging EU millions for after denial.
What arrogance toward OUR president! You need US, we don't need…
I love we should make him honorary citizen of the U.S.
a lot of people in the US like farage. myself included
I'll never understand the "Britons" that want to give their sovereignty to Brussels.
unfortunately she's the Prime Minister and you're a man who can't get elected as a Member of Parliament, who cares about you?
Nigel Farage weighs in on UK Prime Minister May's speech at the GOP retreat
The people would like to, unfortunately our leaders are all wedded to multi culturalism 😒
Dear Mr Farage, I like your speeches and also your humour. I hope that you will become the British ambassador to the
You're in now, forget about all this silly wall nonsense. Just ask about the NHS £350m a week promise
Is it really wise for to compliment Theresa May (who is a globalist at heart) everyday? She belongs to the other party, ffs.
‘Make Britain great again’ Farage urges May to secure good trade deal with US and Trump
on brightside when TMthePM puts trump in his place 🇬🇧 will give you Nigel as 👑
Nothing like Thatcher. Maybe a poor man's Thatcher. She's a disgrace to Britain. is a disgrace to humanity.
Britain needs Donald Trump on side. It's time to send Nigel Farage to Washington
I will fight tooth & nail to keep my EU identity. You have no right to rip it…
FU Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’,
I seriously considered going to Washington just to personally witness that scene
I disagree w/her stance on UN, NATO and what we call "radical Islamic terrorism" and globalism, climate change.
This is Great News.Common Sense is finally reigning through.
I bit Dan because it shot Nigel Farage.
it's 👍 to see 🇺🇸 embracing Marxist states as friends. We think the Donald is 😁
30 minutes into the show and still has the hat on. Will it last till 8pm? Watch live:
as long as the excitement and happiness of BrEXIT & Trump was for - that's all that matters IMO
The grass roots is demanding friendship with 🇷🇺 We asked Trump to make it happen. Peace.
Your victory and Trump's are like Christmas, 4th of July and New Year's Eve all rolled into one.
Nigel wasn't part of the official brexit campaign. He is an EU MEP not a very competent one at that
Trump is absolutely right; you can't ignore that fact that ISIS is deliberately using immigration to get people over b…
Don't see why not, I wear my hat 24/7. People round my way know me as 'The geezer with the hat.' Keep da hat Nige, cheers
Would love to see you involved in official capacity between our respective governments.
."[said things that I could only ever have dreamt that a British Prime Minister would say." https…
Nigel needs to feel wanted. If he is laughing he ain't the patriot he claims to be.
Bloody *** Has Nigel Farage bowled up to your workshop? You tell him!
good. Last time you guys gave us a bad trade deal th…
Please!!! Minions assemble. We already have more followers than Nigel Farage.
Are u srsly, pedantically correcting a PURPOSEFUL adaptation of the that quote?
You made it happen Nigel. She just got to announce it. You should be very proud of yourself, because we all…
Jeff Lord just said POTUS is an American Nigel Farage, as if that was a compliment.
.This one going out to all the Nigel Farage, and Aaron Banks supporters
Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is interviewed in Victoria Tower Gardens
As opposed to Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Aaron Banks and Rupert Murdoch, who are all innocent philanthropists
Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage walk into a bar. I'd love to tell you the punchline but I downed my pint and left IMMEDIATELY
Cost of in numbers via Sunday "Nigel Farage, in a purple bow tie, was on…
Brexit leader Nigel Farage is joining Fox News. Nice to see Fox turn its sights from misinforming Americans to misinfor…
BREAKING: Nigel Farage, champion of Brexit and Trump supporter, is coming to Fox New
cuz we are too soft and fluffy. Gr8 to see a world leader actually have a pair
okay I spoke too soon he suddenly started speaking like Nigel Farage
Hey Farage - you have a job as an MEP. Gravy train eh?!
can but hope. After Trump's speech just now, wonder if Farage has the beginnings of doubt
Oh I don't think you're evil. Perhaps you just fell in with a bad crowd.
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