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Nigel Benn

Nigel Benn (born 22 January 1964), known as The Dark Destroyer , is a British former boxer who held world titles in the middleweight and super middleweight divisions.

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Nigel Benn and Steve Collins? Go home boxing, youre drunk again. If a pro board is sanctioning this they'll face a gri…
Talks of a 3rd fight between Nigel Benn and Steve Collins in October after both apply for Maltese Boxing License. Who wi…
Nigel Benn will always be my favourite British fighter of all time, hope to god he doesn't have this comeback fight
A Nigel Benn-Steve Collins rematch is on after 21 years. But they are yet to apply for the licences they need.
I NEED CLOSURE! talks about comeback against Steve Collins, licencing issue, and pride for htt…
Nigel Benn to fight Steve Collins again after about 20 years. What can this possibly prove. Keep your dignity boys and forget it.
Nigel Benn to fight Steve Collins for 3rd time despite being over 50 via
Corbyn along with the late great tony benn were always strong anti EU so its no surprise th…
Chris Eubank awaits Nigel Benn vs. Steve Collins winner - . Benn and Collins again.It will be a normal ring, ... -
James Toney had some gems. Among my faves are Nigel Benn after the 1st-round TKO of Iran Barkley. Cl…
Conor Benn pleads with dad Nigel not to take Steve Collins fight and refuses to be in his corner - The Sun.
"I was on Drugs, I Need Closure Now" Nigel Benn On His Return to Fight S... via
Nigel Benn and Steve Collins want to fight again 21 years after last bout - . Jun 29, 2017Nick ... -…
Nigel Benn, 53, Steve Collins, 52, agree to third fight 21 years on from rematch …
Should Nigel Benn and Steve Collins be permitted to fight each other again?
Nigel Benn and Steve Collins agree rematch despite a combined age of 105
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They are back: Two old boys, two old warriors, one ring and a real fight, honest! Not for the easily disturbed
EXCLUSIVE: Conor Benn pleads with dad Nigel NOT to take Steve Collins fight
Nigel Benn and Steve Collins will still be a better fight than
Conor is the son of legendary fighter Nigel Benn, famous for his second fight against Chris Eubank Snr - watched by half a billion people.
I expect Nigel Benn and Steve Collins to be in the next one, 2 British greats.
Nigel Benn and Steve Collins agree to rematch after 21 years - BBC Sport
Nigel Benn: I need to fight again then get back to working for Jesus
Can't believe Nigel benn is fighting again
Honest interview on IFL with Nigel Benn, says he'll be fighting Steve Collins in Sept/Oct. For closure, not money.. but at…
Steve Collins, 52, on why he's fighting Nigel Benn, 53: "It's just about money, a payday which will allow me to buy some…
21 years later!. Nigel Benn and Steve Collins have told BBC Sport they have agreed a rematch. More ➡
The Telegraph: Boxing legends Nigel Benn and Steve Collins agree to a rematch - 21 years after their last fight.
Nigel Benn has announced he is coming out of retirement for a third fight against old rival Steve Collins
21 years after they last met. Nigel Benn & Steve Collins have agreed to fight again. Is it something you want to see?…
Nigel Benn and Steve Collins propose third fight - . ... -
52-year old Steve Collins and 53-year old Nigel Benn agree rematch 21 years on from the last of their two bouts! . 🤔 Tho…
unlikely that BBBC will sanction Nigel Benn v Steve Collins III, search for 'flag of convenience' licence
"After 10 minutes they'll be blowing hard". says Nigel Benn and Steve Collins could struggle if their planne…
Have you heard that Nigel Benn and Steve Collins are going to fight?
Nigel Benn, 53, announces sensational boxing comeback as he SMASHES pads with Ricky Hatton
Nigel Benn an Steve Collins are round the bend
Nigel Benn comes out of retirement for sensational rematch with Steve Collins - 21 years after they last fought. https:/…
'British boxing chiefs will not sanction a third fight between Nigel Benn and Steve Collins'. Read more 👉
hey tyson what thank of Steve Collins vs Nigel Benn coming back?
It has been confirmed that Nigel Benn and Steve Collins will be shown live on UK Gold.
The British Boxing Board of Control has not received a licence application for Steve Collins or Nigel Benn, and co…
Nigel Benn vs Steve Collins thrown into doubt after comments from British Boxing Board of Control…
The idea of a fight between Nigel Benn (53) and Steve Collins (52) is madness, the British Boxing Board of Control should not sanction it...
Can't see the British Boxing Board of Control giving either Nigel Benn or Steve Collins a boxing licence again
Nigel Benn. His tear up with Anthony Logan got me properly into boxing. When Watson beat him I was…
Neither did Nigel Benn, Joe Frazier and George Forman for the most part. Are those numerous world champ…
This Harley Benn , Nigel Benn , Chris Eubank mix up ain't good to see played out in public .
David Haye on the pads with British boxing legend Nigel Benn.
Fist bumped Nigel Benn in McDonald's, stopped Miguel Angel Jiminez for a linguistically challenging chat, and Ray Winstone.
Not really.Labour were in power when 'israel' self declared itself. I believe Nigel Benn sold uranium 2 them as well
Chris Eubanks v Nigel Benn, I hope to see a British bout like that on day
It's 2 in the morning and I am watching Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan from 1995. Something is wrong here. war of a fight though.
Would be so sick if Eubank Jr had a fight with Connor benn, because back in the day the biggest rivalry was Eubank vs Nigel benn❤️
Nigel Benn, my favourite boxer of all time. Legend.
mine too along side Nigel benn. But the Eubanks can see the greed of matchroom
"I came out of the fight with a damaged jaw,I was urinating blood,I was in bed for 3 days afterwards& I had a shado…
Anthony Joshua trains with Nigel Benn as opponent Eric Molina issues warning
Nigel is with out question England's best ever, Anthony i hope u can achieve what Nigel did. God bless
British boxing legends! . Anthony Joshua and Nigel Benn training this afternoon 👊.
Wasin the Paddock. website dated it as April 95 when it was Feb 95... same day Nigel Benn defeated Gerald McClellan
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it's a year now... When's Nigel Benn?
Nigel Benn is great but you need to get him a couple of phone books to stand on 😂
Some of the spelling from Nigel Benn is shocking 😂😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Carlos Moreno on Pads With Nigel Benn- Part 1
Anthony Joshua welcomes Nigel Benn to his gym before Eric Molina bout via
Anthony Joshua welcomes Nigel Benn to his gym as he nears IBF title defence against Eric Molina in Manchester
that's PPV right Nigel Benn. Good luck in your next fight.
Nigel Benn is 52 years of age and is still an animal, boxing these days is nothing like it used to be.
most boring one Ever! Screaming men , all having a big love in trials not as harsh as previous . iacgmooh bring back Nigel Benn !
Dark Destroyer fans, a must for you from the 2 Weight World Champion, was he your favourite ??
Nigel Benn served in Germany and Northern Ireland before becoming a world champion middleweight...
No! Nigel Benn is a & is up & coming division, remember it's a totally different fight!
OK if Dave Jones was still at Upper Lode he would be doing his Nigel Benn impression in that little boxing ring in the lock
Nigel Benn tearing it up on Snapchat 👏🏻
We're LIVE with legendary boxer to talk about boxing, mindset and rivalry
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Nigel Benn: Amir Khan will storm back from hand surgery and take Kell Brook in showdown
The cost of having a point of view in Britain in 2016 (and, unlike Nigel Farage, she pays for it herself)
The legend Nigel "The Dark Destroyer" Benn put me though my paces today on pads... Masterclass.
Nigel Benn at ringside shouting instructions to Ohara Davies. Doesn't look like he needs it at the moment. Scarpa looks tentative.
Katie taylor is a female Nigel Benn 👊that girl can punch future.
Ed Balls the people's champion - didn't that used to be Tony Benn, oh no Nigel Benn
Chris Eubank Sr. recalls his memories of the 2nd act to Britain's most bitter and captivating sporting rivalry with Nigel Be…
love two win one of the Foreman autographs. Met Nigel Benn last week great guy and gentlemen and gre…
Nigel Benn KO 8 Doug Dewitt; becomes World Champion for first time, wins WBO Middleweight Title. 29/4/1990.
Still reeling from my stare down and deep conversation with the one and only WATCH…
weren't Paul Ince and Nigel Benn cousins? Anthony Sullivan and Mathew Robinson
Thu 27th Oct | Boxing Dinner of the Year with Nigel Benn. Steve Collins & Michael Watson . htt…
Fun fact, my uncle was in the british army with hall of fame boxer Nigel Benn. The Dark Destroyer!
Not long now until an evening with Nigel Benn. Tickets just £50.00 per person.
Fantastic working with and on the up coming evening with "the Dark Destroyer" Nigel Benn.
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Apparently a black/Asian fighter will "never be accepted as British". Errm - Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno, Michael Watson, Naseem Hamed...
Nigel Benn looks like an extra from Bugsy Malone!!
Fighters are haunted by those ghosts...from Emile Griffith to Sugar Ramos to Ray Mancini to Chris Eubank to Nigel Benn and others
Hear from 'The Dark Destroyer' in June 9. A great experience for fans!
.talking 'unfinished business' with at dinner event in Huddersfield!
Hi can you help settle an argument is that you in the crowd at the Nigel Benn v Gerald McClellan fight?
'The Dark Destroyer' Nigel Benn swoops into June 9. A night for fans...
Huddersfield: Boxing legend Nigel Benn has "unfinished business" in Huddersfield
Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank to fight again in July this year.
great under-dog story.Nigel benn style aswell.All guts and glory.
haven't seen it mate, but Nigel Benn is right behind him, 36 year old, can obviously bang!
April 16th an evening with Nigel Benn and Steve Collins with special guest Connor Benn
Nice one such a humble guy who boxes for all the right reasons. Thoroughly deserved and improved so much with Nigel Benn
Watt should never have commentated again after he said Gerald McClellan quit against Nigel Benn
. Great heavyweight fight from Browne and Chagaev! Good prediction from Benn 😀.
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All this talk of Nigel Benn on Box Nation but what about Rodney Williams?!
do you remember that interview with Nigel Benn and Jonathan Ross building up to the Eubank fight?
just watching you and Nigel Benn on MUTV, thought you was gonna get in ring for a minute lol
Browne has got himself in decent nick. Seems more confident whilst training with Nigel Benn.
Lucas to make a noise against Ruslan Chagaev, says
See Nigel benn at the Adelphi !!!. Contact us or for tickets and info
Dickie,your profile pic,is that Nigel Benn?
Benn backs Browne stoppage. nice words for
**EXCLUSIVE** Conor Nigel Benn to have his pro debut on Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin undercard.
.confident Lucas will stop Ruslan Chagaev on Saturday:
Imagine taking Nigel Benn on the pads.. Imagine been taken on the pads by Ricky Hatton
Welcome to TundeSports's Blog.: Boxing:Nigel Benn says Lucas Browne will halt Rusl...
Nigel Benn says Lucas Browne will halt Ruslan Chagaev on Saturday
‘The Dark Destroyer’ is coming to June 9. One of Britain’s greatest boxers!
I liked a video Roberto Duran sparring Nigel Benn. Rare footage from 1988
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'videogame guy upstairs' from 'Gerald McClellan vs nigel benn'
Honeyghan and Nigel Benn just spit out tea.
Whether it be Sajid, Nigel or the late Tony Benn - I will follow any man truly committed to the nation and democracy.
is Nigel Benn coming out on your next ride?
Serious question..(this time😂).. Would you like to see Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank go back at each other ?..👊🏻
"Nigel Benn, one of my heroes used to live in Beckenham. Kent has a nice little vibe about it when it comes to boxing." says
Evander great stories, someone you could listen to all day.. Also, doesn't half sound like Nigel Benn to me..
. I use to love watching Bruno as a kid 🙌 . The man is a legend. Nigel Benn also wad a fav of mine as a kid.
All these old timers are making comebacks Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank.. Btw the winner should fight Roy Jones Jr lol
Frank Bruno making a comeback, Nigel Benn wants to make a comeback, Eubank is threatening to make a comeback. Just waiting on Audley now
Nigel Benn era,heart off lion,every fight was classic.
Nigel benn also another of m'y fave great in his time
Ricky Hatton on the pads with Nigel Benn One of my childhood heroes
*** Here's the official poster for the An Evening with Nigel Benn event ***
*** GREAT local press preview for the Evening with Nigel Benn event, taking place at the Nines Barrow on THURSDAY... ht…
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Technical analysis of Mike McCallum in the fight with Michael Watson in 1990. Watson had just defeated Nigel Benn.
That poor guy when he had to meet the Dad and it's Nigel Benn. Bet he treats her perfect :-)
Anyone interested in a night with Nigel Benn
Massive thanks once again to our headline sponsor for An Evening with Nigel Benn check them out at
"he's well hard Paul Ince, his cousin in Nigel Benn"
free speech only applies if you're slagging off Muslims, Jews and pretty much anyone who isn't white.
Though they display abundant amounts of hypocrisy
And yet it professes to be, maybe they should scrub this from their site?
Well I made it on in the end. I was a bit worried for a moment
Evidence that and are actively abusing suspension system
When your racism is so strong that you don't know what's going on
that's not the point. It's you who is abusing suspension algorithm and have been for quite some time
Thats not how it works kid.. and this convo is over
I dont know kid I asked you which user name.. if you had not breached T&C's you could appeal it?
no we do. You suspended my account for no reason other than your wounded pride.
What has this got to do with me? Why should I lose my account to satisfy your ego?
you won't prove anything to me. I've already had an experience of what a hypocrite you are.
no I am not. Who gave you the right to silence criticism of your neo Nazi group?
Ahhh a Troll.. you have no interest in free speech kid.. just disruption and debauchery..
How's the bowel movement? I see you're manipulating a lot of stupid people. Hope you're not scamming them again.
'Manos De Piedra'Roberto Duran in camp posing with 'The Dark Destroyer' Nigel Benn on his UK tour in 1988.
Was the Nigel Benn, Steve Collins the best domestic rivalry of all time?
O, Middleweight Championship at Old Trafford, Manchester, Chris Eubank v Nigel Benn , Chris Eubank, left, and...
Nigel Benn and David Haye working the mitts.
Great to meet one of my boxing heroes Nigel Benn at the Aus-Boxing awards last night. Awesome fighter & great entertainer.
Chris Eubank is always talking about Nigel Benn, how come he never mentions Steve Collins
My girlfriend thinks she knows boxing but doesn't even know who sonny Liston, Nigel Benn or evander Holyfield is 😂
Check out this cool footage of Roberto Duran sparring a young Nigel Benn in this UK doc from 1988
or Nigel Benn, Gerald McClellan: The fight of their lives
Just watch the Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan documentary. Like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster
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Nigel Benn "All I wanted was to be southern area champ & have a terraced house like my dad" ht…
Lennox Lewis looks good. Duran looks like he ate Nigel Benn
Against average middle weights mate..Big jump in power from middle to super middle..Ask Nigel Benn..
Me & with the famous Nigel Benn in Brighton
I met nigel benn a few years ago in SANTA PONSA, an absolute gentleman, I had a few beers with him, CLASS
This time last week I trained with one of my favourite fighters Nigel Benn . I learnt a lot and It's…
Danny the boss Mardell on the pads with Nigel Benn the Dark Destroyer.. Brilliant xx
Nigel Benn looking like a man half his age on the pads with Jimmy Tibbs today -
Look fwd to meeting Nigel Benn and old gym mate Joe Egan next Saturday at gala dinner whiteman on the planet .
Conor Benn Interview Feat. Nigel Benn: “I want to bring the excitement back”
good to meet the ledgend Nigel Benn reckons I'm heavier than 75kg don't know what he's on about 😂
Doesn't matter if you are Left or right wing! Doesn't matter if you are Tony Benn or Nigel Farage we need to Brexit
Tony Benn & Nigel Farage total polar opposites in the political arena but joined by one thing .. . To leave this undemocratic union
Spent a very interesting evening at Ben Doughty's Nigel Benn event yesterday. Met a lot of characters from the...
hi champ! hope your well, who's ya all time favourite boxer? mines Nigel Benn Aturo Gatti and Iron Mike ☺
Got to meet one of my fav boxers yesterday. Nigel Benn, the Dark Destroyer. Great fighter and really great guy
With British Boxing legend, Nigel 'Dark Destroyer' Benn at the West Ham gym today
Nigel Benn pads session with Jimmy Tibbs in London yesterday
Rod Douglas Ambrose Mendy and myself at Nigel Benn's dinner last night
Meet our special Guest Big Joe Egan who will be present for on evening with Nigel Benn.
After going to see Nigel Benn last night and being in the presence of some absolute legends of boxing it made us...
MUST SEE!! FULL Pads session with Jimmy Tibbs in London yesterday... http:/…
talks frustrations at third Eubank fight & why fighters should fight...http…
Nigel Benn FULL Pads session with Jimmy Tibbs in London this week...
MUST SEE!! pays a surprise visit to Jimmy Tibbs...
Ilford boxing legend Nigel Benn in new battle for 'street kids' - Ilford Recorder 24 via Thomas Tolkien
Nigel Benn & Steve Collins with 'Big' Joe Egan at an Event in Bournemouth.
Jimmy Tibbs on my Nigel Benn night next Thurday .
Nigel Benn poses with son Conor and Chris Eubank Jnr as 'the future of boxing ... - Daily Mail via Thomas Tolkien
Nigel Benn v Gerald McClellan biggest upset in boxing history according to a guy in Boxing News this week. Ok mate.
the Nigel Benn vs Gerald "G Man" McClellan fight is a story that needs to be told.
Ricky Hatton on the pads with Nigel Benn
Great interview with former world champ Nigel Benn "The Dark Destroyer".
Mr Eubank: Chris. Why do you want to fight Nigel Benn? Respect.
reminds me of Nigel Benn. Want him v GGG or Andy Lee. Total wars.
"Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank pummelling each other for the third time is crazy" - Frank Warren's...
Negotiating with George Kambosos Jr before his fight this Saturday,referee Nigel Benn looks on.
Today in 1993, Nigel Benn retained the WBC 168 lb belt by TKO4 over Lou Gent (Video)
Nigel Ben was from a military background as far as I know, Kelly Holmes is... You remember what they called Nigel Benn!!!
Nigel Benn with Darragh Foley. Nigel Benn will commentate alongside Brad Vocale on Aurora TV 4th July Club Punchbowl.
I mean current day really. Nigel Benn is my all time boxing hombre. Frampton and Fury from the current crop. Rest are wastemen
Nigel Benn, then, is where we overlap.
Nigel Benn vs Iran Barkley. A quick, action packed exciting fight. Benn at his brilliant best.
even Nigel Benn is wanting to comeback. Oscar is younger
It must hurt Nigel Benn that he's never beaten Chris Eubank tho init. No wonder he wants a 3rd crack at it
he does have a nigel jr yes. But this is the older 2. Benn is goading him senseless
Just seen Nigel Benn, 51, calling out Chris Eubank, 48, on here for another fight. Scenes.
Being kicked out of yer own dm group for posting a *** pic by Nigel Benn. ***
do u follow Nigel Benn on here Chris ??? Is it gonna happen
Nigel Benn always exciting loved watching him, Chris was such a showman. Very amusing. Gr8 Matchup
just heard Nigel Benn saying he would love a rematch with Eubank - started to see if we can support for a show
interested in seeing Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank getting it on one more time? Follow
Nigel Benn don't respect how Froch runs down brits of the past and the present.
Nigel Benn on his era, this era '' a fighter (Froch) has no right to run down brit fighters like me, Calzaghe, Watson etc. I like all brits'
Nigel Benn on his era compared to now 'no disrespect to fighters that's 1 thing I don't do. I don't run down brit fighters like some'
Nigel Benn on his era compared to modern era '' NO comparison and that's no disrespect to these fighters'
Both Oscar De La Hoya and Nigel Benn talking seriously about comebacks at 42 and 51. Let it go. Can never better victories in their prime.
Tony Benn was right. As is Nigel Farage & UKIP
Looks like Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn might fight each other again. Benn. 'No mate this is for real. Just waiting for Chris to sign'
Nigel Benn training hard over here, not just fit but boxing technique.Hear any rumours there Spencer?
All purpose parts banner
Nigel Benn calling out eubank. Get Steve Collins vs Roy Jones jnr on the same card
There is a chance that Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank are going to have a third fight 😦
I would walk to the end off the world to see nigel Benn lace them gloves up again and would still be a force to be reconed with today's best
I used to love Oscar De La Hoya, Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank as fighters but the talk of them returning is an insult to
Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank II every time I watch this fight I still can't believe didn't get the win.
Nigel Benn has called out Chris Eubank for a third fight, after their infamous feud in the 90's. Last time they...
simply the best says it all tbh that fight at the Brighton Centre to beat nigel benn classic full on brutal epic clash amazing
Are Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank actually going to fight again?? At 51 and 48, respectively! Gotta love boxing!
What do non british boxing fans think about Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank?
luv this benn is 100% real I think nigel cud stop old eubs this time he's lukin extreme!
I stick to my word Nigel Benn is still one of my all time favourite boxers , he was brutal
Is Nigel Benn really gonna fight Chris Eubank again ??? Surely not !!
NIGEL BENN vs Chris Eubank III?. Nigel Benn has amazingly come forward today with plans to face Chris Eubank for... htt…
De La Hoya and Nigel Benn talking about comebacks. At 33 maybe I still have time to launch a boxing career, retire and make a comeback.
Nigel Benn calls out Chris Eubank for third fight...
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I've noticed if you google a fighter such as 'Nigel Benn boxrec' if you click on the link you now get this:
Where to start.. Leo Decaprio, him off the old Miami Vice (tubbs), Seal, Nigel Benn and Emeli Sande.
Actually did Nigel benn eubanks fight
yeah it's a game of opinions. I love Nigel Benn one of my heroes
Your opinion I'm with Nigel Benn on Carl Froch I agree with what he says 100%. Proper warrior
Harman and Benn's position shows how little they've learned from their defeat and how much more they have to learn about EU debate in the UK
No other British Boxer ever got me as excited as Nigel Benn, my favourite UK fighter ever.
Carl Froch v Nigel Benn. Now THAT would be a war! What do you reckon Nige? Dark Destroyer in late rounds for me
I fell in love w/ watching British fighters cause of guys like Nigel Benn & Prince Naseem Hamed, Brits are always fun to watch
so made up for you champ I knew you could do it I've bitten my nails down to the skin just like whatching Nigel Benn back then
good fight, maybe boxing isn't completely dead and buried. Still not a patch on the days of Nigel Benn, etc
Nigel Benn would of put carl froch out and he knows it.
Well done New Nigel Benn & management to ensure U get what you deserve!
. I think GGG has more power n better chin. . GGG vs Nigel Benn?
personal favourites for excitement. Nigel benn. Ricky Hatton
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My clients have been mixing with's Vicky from Malvern Town Football Club meeting Nigel Benn.
I believe the best Nigel Benn beats almost all of today's MW and SMWs. I would Pay to watch you V
thnx nigel for reply ur my idol m8! BennVeubank3 eubank will get shock of his life big benn is in shape!
Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank: two of the greatest boxers in history More videos on
26 yrs ago, Nigel Benn lost his Commonwealth Title to Michael Watson by TKO at the Majestic Ballroom! A golden era for UK
Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank I Froch-Groves was good but nothing will top this. Best domestic tussle ever. So raw.
I just finished Nigel Benn - The Dark Destroyer: and gave it 5 stars.
. The baddest middleweight from England could in his day -Nigel Benn!
snoop dog at Sankey's ...Live p.a by Jason derulo with a closing party of DJ Nigel benn playing YMCA.
Nigel Benn's just completed a successful UK tour, Boxers are great speakers on the circuit, who do you want on yours
Love to see Nigel Benn of fought Froch, even now. Another fight for Froch to dodge though I suppose
cant believe Nigel Benn hasn't been mentioned!!
Would have loved to see GGG in middleweight era of Nunn, Toney, Roy Jones, Hopkins, Nigel Benn, Gerald McClellan, Julian Jackson, etc.
Nigel Benn giving tips to the young fighters in Scotland May 8th
Boxing legend Nigel Benn in Scotland May 8th at No1 Gym Irvine
Totally agree. McClellan looked pretty invincible too as well until Nigel Benn fought fire with fire.
The great people of Sheffield were treated to an unforgettable evening with Nigel Benn last week at Bramall lane.
great point. I don't think he could be Nigel benn or jullian jackson, Roy Jones or gman
prime Nigel Benn v GGG would have been great too, Benn was an animal, GGG skill and power v Benn's ferocity, blood would spill!
To all Nigel benn and boxing fans you need to follow his son
Farage will be to this 'out' campaign what Powell & Benn were to the last: poisonous.
Amazing talent that came (still coming) out of the UK. Among my favorites Nigel Benn, Naseem Hamed, Lennox Lewis..
Nigel Benn getting emotional on by sports.used to love watching him fight
just watch Nigel Benn interview on BT sports told it how it was
Boxing tonight with Nigel Benn what a boxer and what a story
yeah don't know what to think by the way have you heard of a boxer called Nigel Benn
BT Sport in five minutes for a Nigel Benn Special programme. I felt privileged to make this show - the man has one truly amazing story.
Well that was an eventful photo with Nigel benn
throw back fight who'd win Nigel Benn in his prime or GGG? Your the man for this Q?
yes it's my new film on the G Man Gerald McClellan fight with Nigel Benn.
In-depth Interview with Boxing legend discussing Career, Froch, Mayweather & more h…
Great night Friday with boxing legend Nigel Benn in Middlesbrough, these Boxing lads are great speakers
Get Nigel Benn out of retirement,lol.that would be a great
Another Boxing Legend, Nigel Benn. (This was taken last Friday, 1st May)
After meeting Nigel Benn I realised that faith has a real joy that propels people into different way of life,I'm...
coward nigel benn would have rippef u apart. If u wanna foght my nack garden gypsie rules u coward
Everybody's discussing last night, ironic I meet most exciting UK Boxer of my time 'The Dark Destroyer' Nigel Benn!
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