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Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan is a television journalist at NDTV 24x7, an English language television network that carries news and current affairs in India, owned by New Delhi Television Ltd.

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Nidhi Razdan Have some debate on this one too. One more example to show that how biased you are.
- Yo maan how lucky I can get if I get to watch those beautiful & trade-mark drop dead gorgeous Nidhi Razdan smiles :))…….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – yes such a tragic air-crash of Airbus & death of 150people – all the best for debates….….
Comedy Show »»» "At 8pm on on Left, Right & Centre with Nidhi Razdan on Pakistan Day aftermath, and more"
add to tht Nidhi Razdan gives more airtime to Scindia than Sudansu, baffled y to send a spokie 4 a 30 mins pgm
A little modification at the last: Prannoy James Roy, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and the whole team of
- Madam Nidhi Razdan just a visit I guess? kaun-si Qayaamat aayi hai :)) – by the way who is this ‘NON-STATE’ actor? ;)….….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – welcome-back – yo maan me so lucky – thank you so much for marathon today :))….….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – ‘Is Govt ‘Anti-Farmer’ opposition propaganda?’ – yes - all the best for the debates….….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan any idea why the Chinese President did not attend Pak National Day celebrations? ;).
Look out for another male nidhi razdan,the bimbo who said Indians could question SC ! LOL
..You are right, i wonder if the likes of Nidhi Razdan and Srinivasan Jain ever realise they make our country look ridiculous
NDTV fringe reporters like Nidhi Razdan, Sreenivasan Jain, etc. will attack Om Puri now.
Surprisingly Nidhi Razdan doesn't use the word 'controversial' in these 15 minutes |
Discussion with old friend Vivek Katju, and others on Nidhi Razdan's show on earlier today
Bihari thinks that belongs 2 him. . Thank god he didnt wag finger this time dismissively at Nidhi Razdan   10% Off
All haters can hate but Nidhi Razdan looks absolutely fabulous today draped in a saree and bindi. ;-)
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Inna-lillahi wa ina-ilahi raaj-oon!- sad NEWS of another terror attack - all the best.…….
- Love, peace & joy came down on earth on the day of UGADI to make Madam Nidhi Razdan happy & cheerful – VERY VERY HAPPY UGADI….….
.This old croak admitted as much in an interview with Nidhi Razdan on that he has been less than honest. Actually a crook
Hahhaa... Even SC is now seeing the "Larger" picture... They seem frightened of Nidhi Razdan.
-Excellent panel debating opposition to land-bill on LRC with Madam Nidhi Razdan - Well-debated - This is journalism personified.
.It was hilarious to see Nidhi Razdan on searching for Rahul Gandhi with the help of Kumar Ketkar &
While Sonia's Congress was busy stopping the Mines bill, Nidhi Razdan was praising Sonia for getting very active in polit…
First it was Nidhi Razdan recently. Now it is Karan Thapar. Everybody wants to conduct debates like Arnab Goswami. Watch the TRP ratings !
that's news readers who has always selective eye and oversight. Nidhi razdan seems to be a little better these days
another correction - nidhi razdan... But u got my drift right?
nidhi razdan told to UK minister "We people don't believe in court" on modi,when he asked modi is acquitted by court
mam why Nidhi Razdan is missing in NDTV program
Where's Nidhi Razdan nowadays? Missing her vile jibes since last few days.
That wouldn't be a good sight for Nidhi Razdan !!
LOSS of NDTV :Rs. 207 Crores. Then who is bearing d cost of lipsticks of Nidhi Razdan ? Is it Omar Abdullah? . .
why doesnt any1 make such songs for me! :( Lucky Nidhi Razdan!!
just heard a gr8 song! :) its made by sum1 for this girl Nidhi Razdan. Now lemme find out who she is...hmmm.
. Do you expect Nidhi Razdan to make intelligent points?. Anchors have as much intelligence as call centre girls
Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan, et. al. to intercede by offering themselves to the Jihadis?!
It is next to impossible to watch any panel discussions on Indian television news channel... Forget it being interesting... That comes second to the more alarming fact and that is one cannot hear anyone make a point. Whether the panel discussion is on Arnab Goswami's show or Barkha Dutt or Nidhi Razdan or Rajdeep Sardesai... Its a screaming match... People seem to have forgotten the art of conversations and discussions... Especially these moderators who interject a panelist talking midway... Who talk like they are giving a political speech... The whole experience is downright unpleasant... Has the media in India totally lost a sense of culture and dignity?
after reading the below relations, what one should expect from these channels in india? channels are a tool to fool the public.the famous quote of Jim Morrison is worth to read. Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. Jim Morrison 1. ShBhdaughter of famous KK Birla and owner and editor-in-chief of HindTimis a Congress MP from Rajya Sabha. Her son, Shamit Bhartia married Nayantara Kothari, daughter of Bhadrashyam Kothari (of Kothari Group), and his wife Nina, daughter of Dhirubhai Ambani. 2. We already know about Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, who were exposed in the Radiagate scandal. No wonder both Barkha and Sanghvi are rewarded with Padma Shris. 3. NDTV’s promoters are Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Radhika’s sister Brinda Karat is a famous CPM leader and Brinda’s husband Prakash Karat is the CPM Politburo General Secretary. 4. NDTV’s Sonia Singh is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP, Union minister and ex-princely state ruler, Mr. RPN Singh. 5. NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan, famous for her leg . ...
Vindictive politicians from time to time have crucified Narendra Modi with the ugliest words, phrases and statements. This is apart from the routine criticism he faces of being a religious fanatic, an agent of the industrialists and so on. There is no evidence that has ever proven Narendra Modi guilty of his role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. But as British minister Barry Gardiner told TV anchor Nidhi Razdan- “If you don’t have faith in your own country’s highest court, then who else would you trust?" The statement stands true for many in the Indian political system. Read on and journey through a different perspective Narendra Modi who is most likely to be the Prime Minister of India.
I have received a forwarded mail at my personal id which talks about the media political nexus. With graphics, it mentions Digvijay/Amrita Rai at # 1 (hardly, they have gone public with their relationship), then follows Barkha/Vir Sanghvi (ref Radia tapes) being Congress wheelers dealers, Sonia Singh being married to a central minister (if any one can make sens of this, please enlighten), Nidhi Razdan, Prannoy Roy being married to Brinda Karat's sister (and that Arundhuti Roy is her first cousin) down to Rajiv Shukla. What I found disgusting was including Rajdeep and Sagarika being Congress cronies. Why? Because Sagarika's father was the Director General of Doordarshan!! Any one who has followed Doordarshan's development will credit Bhaskar Ghosh, a professional IAS Officer, with real time improvement in the state run channel (and later Lok Sabha channel). Obviously the creator of the story has not read My Doordarshan Days. Understandably, the story was a MJP creation, since there was no reference of any ...
Ashutosh & Ashish Khaitan joined AAP. Nidhi Razdan & Amrita Rai have relations in Congress. But BJP is the one paying & influen…
So now we can say, NDTV is the SASURAL for Congress leader RPN Singh- Sonia Singh, Dog Vijay Singh - Amrita Rai, Omar Abdullaha-Nidhi Razdan !! :P
NDTV and its anchors Nidhi Razdan seem to be rooting for Congress and Journalist like Kumar Ketkar and guys like Pawan Varma are Congress
News Anchors I have found that females have failed to make a mark on the English news anchoring scene. With the exception of Barkha Dutt, nobody else has been able to establish herself like Prannoy Roy or Rajdeep Sardesai or Karen Thapar or Arnab Goswami. Sonia Singh and Sagarika Ghosh have already been kicked out from the prime time and Nidhi Razdan, who is comparatively younger but has started showing wrinkles on her face, may be kicked out soon in favour of younger lot like Palki, Kashish, Aanchal etc. I have watched English news debates a bit too much over the past 2-3 years on NDTV, CNN-IBN and Timesnow, and see what all I can think of, sexism. What a waste of time it was! Shared @ Ankur Mutreja
The Telegraph Calcutta Club Debate was awesome for a number of reasons. Some of them are as follows. Derek O'Brien was totally lost and seemed UI of some D or A, could not connect and made some absurd points of shifting the seat of power from the writers building and things are happening as the traffic lights are all working. Sanjay Jha was as lost and proved his ignorance and spent his time trying to give the young man in Delhi ( Rahul Gandhi ) some virtual sex, to gain some brownie points, for which the INC/Congress stands for. Virtual blowing is more apt. Smriti Irani spoke well, but wasted her time in the debate attacking Sanjay Jha the Congress and the Gandhi scion and Buttering up the Leader, to probably gain brownie points too. Shazia Ilmi ( ), Meera Sanyal and Ruchir Joshi ... absolutely brilliant ... one could hope for the future ... if they are allowed to do what they profess, great logic,compassion and understanding. Nidhi Razdan ... Super Hot ... wonder what she sees in Omar Abdullah apart fro ...
an NDTV discussion on the 21st of Jan titled “Victory for AAP or dangerous precedent: special analysis” anchored by Nidhi Razdan which showcased how biased the English media is towards the new bee in its bonnet. The panellists were all the usual suspects-well-spoken Delhi worthies whose lives in all likelihood centre around Lodhi Garden, India International Centre and Khan Market. The AAP spokesperson was a sensible and restrained Atishi Marlena who held her own against the shrill chorus of co-panelists who all very evidently ganged up against her. One of the panellists was Chetan Bhagat, who, reliving his youthful days of IIM entrance preparation was in full Group Discussion mode, substituting volume and aggression for valid points. They were all uniformly furious with AAP’s methods and righteously indignant about Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna. In the end, Nidhi Razdan asked Chetan Bhagat whether he would still give AAP a chance though they’ve “made some mistakes” and Bhagat grudgingly said we c ...
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How come Nidhi Razdan is called a diva & not?
Nana Patkar joins BJP. Nidhi Razdan interviews him for LRC... Shd be a good topic for satire.. What say? :)
We need alternative perspectives.For eg, Nidhi Razdan's choosing to dub BJP's plan to abolish IT as "populist" dumbfounded me.
- Waaw maan what a journalistic marathon it tuned out to be for me today & thank you so much Madam Nidhi Razdan & Godbless you…….
I seriously like Nidhi Razdan from NDTV 😍. Still trying to figure-out why.
- This is a crime if I have got it wrong on our Super Journo’s vacation plan.I am very very sorry Madam Nidhi Razdan&welcome back.
Dr on the Nidhi Razdan show --- BJP considers abolishing income tax: can it work? …
Santa Monica: Counter-jihadists take to the streets to expose Islam. ★Nidhi Razdan
Will ever question Nidhi Razdan for getting humiliated by Barry Gardiner for disrespecting the SC-SIT wrt Modi & 2002?
Must watch & Share !!! Nidhi Razdan of NDTV being ripped apart by Britain MP Barry Gardiner It takes a British MP to tell NDTV anchor that she must respect c...
PM is no better than Nidhi Razdan when it comes to NaMo;acted like a slave of the Cong and comment is condemnable!
looks a bit arrogant . Like the next Nidhi Razdan.
"crackpot judge", the world is laughing at Indian media due to bimbos like you and Nidhi Razdan who have no respect for SC
Like KP's feel with people like Nidhi 'Razdan'
hope nidhi razdan will appeal in supreme court or in American court
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan & how is ‘the first & only super star of Indian media’ doing today? VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.…….
The 2013 moment in news for me was when Nidhi "Larger Picture" Razdan was bashed by Barry Gardner
They are all inspired by Nidhi larger picture Razdan.. court of law does not matter to them..
Media Jingoism Unlimited (This is for leisurely reading) - I religeously watch News debates on satellite TV covering a wide spectrum of subjects : Politics , Corruption and Security related issues. The criteria of inviting the panelists has always been to me a riddle,inside an enigma wrapped in mystery . Some participants are politically charged to the point of absurdity, generating more heat than light. Some attention –seeking TV anchors take pride in eating into panellists’ time. They must be held accountable whenever debates generate excessive acrimony and remain inconclusive. Some anchors behave like tyrants with frequent interruptions to the annoyance of panelists and viewers alike. Arnab Goswami of Times TV ,has always been a delight to watch.His research is both intensive and extensive, constantly updated by backroom boys. An anchor par excellence,he is. He is at his best while slamming politicians and particularly while interacting with Pakistani guests. Nidhi Razdan of NDTV (24x7) committed a ...
Below are a selection of images depicting HINDU Indian achievers who are north Indian aryans. These men and women are good looking personalities as well. I have deliberately left out the Hindu Punjabi peoples from this selection, with the purpose of refuting Reformistani's claims, of a uniform Indian population who are an unattractive lot, if they don't happen to be Punjabis.  Dear friends of mine, as you know my outlook towards all the ethnic communities of India, is one of respectfulness and regard, whether they are from the Punjab or not. I have no ill feeling towards Punjabis; in fact, Punjabis remain one of north India's most vibrant, colourful and industrious communities whose contributions towards nation building are appreciated at all times. This note is in refutation of a tunnel visioned *** blogger only; outside of it, I believe in the equality of all Indians, irrespective of their race, religion, colour or cultural denomination.  The selection of snaps which follow, only showcase ...
every communist in india must read my post- below-punch into google search-COMMUNISM AND THE JEWS , MAO TSE TUNG AND ROTHSCHILD FUNDS VADAKAYILin kerala people are very fond of mimicry- the artists make fun of EVERYBODY.communist leader achutanandan is the butt of all such mimicry-- and it is huge fun, for he has a style hard to beat . he takes it very sportingly.but NOBODY DARES TO DO THE SAME WITH PINARAYI VIJAYAN .two days ago amartya sen admitted ( on NDTV in an interview with desh drohi nidhi razdan ) that he is a communist and he specifically quotes somnath chatterjee as his MP .he spoke about kerala and bengal communism. AT LEAST NOW WE KNOW THAT ROTHSCHILD CREATED COMMUNISM-- FOR AMARTYA SEN'S WIFE IS ROTHSCHILD. now you know why he got bharat ratna too.punch into google search-AMARTYA SEN GETS NOBEL PRIZE FOR WHITEWASHING CHURCHILL'S INDIAN HOLOCAUST VADAKAYILthe kerala political scene is VERY violent.the GOONS are called ATTIMARI gang.’Attimari’ is an extortion system of wages that headload ...
Devyani Khobragade case: domestic worker governed by our laws, India told US Reported by Namrata Brar and Nidhi Razdan, Edited by Deepshikha Ghosh Dec 20, 2013 16:50 (IST)  Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who was arrested in the US for alleged visa fraud New Delhi/New York: India has rubbished charges by the lawyer of domestic worker Sangeeta Richard, whose allegations led to Devyani Khobragade's arrest in New York last week. Indian officials also say they had told the US as early as September that Ms Richard is covered by the laws of India, not America. Ms Richard's lawyer Dana Sussman had alleged in an interview to NDTV that her client was exploited, paid far less than she was promised, made to work 90 hours a week and not given medical insurance. "India tried to silence and intimidate my client and her family," Ms Sussman alleged. (Watch the interview) India has denied it and asserted that Ms Richard had full medical cover given to the staff of any diplomatic officer. The US has charged Ms Khobr ...
: While Nidhi Razdan directs her debate/discussion eloquently Arnab Goswami goes "what did u say to me.." to same panelists! Big Boss part2! (more-fun-masala-news) :P
Devyani Khobragade case: Reviewing circumstances of Indian diplomat's arrest, says US Reported by Nidhi Razdan, Edited by Mala Das (with inputs from AFP) | Updated: December 18, 2013 01:56 IST New Delhi/Washington: The United States has said it is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York last week which has sparked a major diplomatic row between the two nations. A furious New Delhi on Tuesday retaliated with a slew of measures to pare down the privileges of American diplomats after details of Ms Khobragade's arrest became public. The 39-year-old consular officer was subjected to a humiliating strip search, was swabbed for DNA and was kept in a cell with drug addicts after her arrest for alleged visa fraud. She was released on bail the same day. Acknowledging that it was a "sensitive issue", US State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said, "Accordingly, we are looking into the intake procedures surrounding this arrest to ensure that all app ...
- Yes Indians working for them here should get paid as per US laws & excellent reporting Madam Nidhi Razdan & keep it up…….
What with mumbling incoherent Sen & Nidhi Razdan and a wardrobe change ?
Breaking News Omar Abdullah going to marry NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan.
nidhi razdan it's a good wake up call for Indian diplomats / bureaucrats who think they can break the law & get away with it.
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan & waaw maan it is double bonanza for me today as I got extremely lucky to see our…….
I always get confused between nidhi razdan and Sonia Singh.
My colleague Nidhi Razdan reports that India has asked US diplomats to turn in their ID cards
- Very good morning Madam Nidhi Razdan & how is ‘India’s most watched journalist’ doing today? Yes this is turning out to be one….
- Another great & noble initiative by Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV to distribute blankets to suffering people & Godbless…….
- Yes I saw that report in the morning on dense fog & it looked really dense & take care Madam Nidhi Razdan & drive safely…….
The Hot Seat with Omar Abdullah conducted by Nidhi Razdan via
Original Message - From: Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 9:21 PM Subject: Fwd: Indian Media in Bed with Politicians!! THE PAID PRESS !! My dear Thankyou very much for your very prompt response to my mail . Please be rest assured that the purport of my circulating such a mail was never to share / suport any kind of partisan propaganda , but for ingnorant people like me to better understand / explore the nature of propaganda which is getting circulated to confuse and negatively influence the majority of people like me . Fair and convincing responses from various well versed sources like yours is most welcome to sustain our fair education . Our Democracy needs to be strengthened by every fair input . In the words of Thomas Jefferson in yr. 1820: " I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves ,and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion , the remedy is NOT to take it away from them , but to inform th ...
Nidhi Razdan is a communal debatist. She tikad her head... Don't watch her show . Spread the word...
Nidhi Razdan proves that her head is empty . Primae Facea is her fav. word. Stupid, uneducated person. AK Ganguly is innocent
-It was classy, it was intense & informative. It was a content of a month&Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV delivered it in a day.
Who would get the award for pseudo journalist of India 1) Barkha Dutt 2) Sagarika Ghose 3) Rajdeep Sardesai 4) Nidhi Razdan 5) Vinod Mehta or all the above
- Shear hard work with courage 24/7 for 25years & now that is Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV. 'Indian channel, Indian pride'…….
first statement for Nidhi Razdan on NDTV show, lets look at bigger picture.. lol
not only Dog Vijay but also by NDTV & its Sick-ular jurnos like Boorkha Dutt,Nidhi Razdan,Sagarika Ghost Asutosh etc.
- Governance – Towards cleaner politics in India. Madam Nidhi Razdan’s great debate with excellent panel & great audience…….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan to AAP ‘What will you do if you have hung assembly again?’ yes that is the main point in current situation…….
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Now & Madam Nidhi Razdan endorsing AAP they really think ppl are such fools
- Very good afternoon Madam Nidhi Razdan & yo maan how lucky I got to see our Super Journo early in the morning & all the best…….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan did you hear this shocker? Sad , very very sad. Together they looked absolutely stunning as a couple…….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan let us congratulate Madam Barkha Dutt for winning another double at Asian Television awards for WTP
- How can the internet strengthen democracy? Excellent panel & brilliant debate as usual on Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV…….
- Very good evening & happy birthday to Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV & all the best for all the shows on
?? Radia Barkha Gate , British Legislature to Nidhi Razdan , And then congress ko defend kar dena , says it all .
- Here is one as Madam Nidhi Razdan’s fitting reply to the crowd on ugly events of post Gardiner interview…….
He is worried about Nidhi Razdan and Expensive Booze all the time he is in J&K (cont)
- Marathon election analyses on last Sunday. I am very very sorry Madam Nidhi Razdan if I have said something wrong.…….
First it was Nidhi Razdan now Sagarika Ghose ...who gives them authority to point finger at Judiciary?
The C5M seems to b competing with Nidhi Razdan, "if she can question SC, I certaining can use pejoratives"
calling SC judge a crackpot? You are a step ahead of moron Nidhi Razdan !!
MSM chaps have comtempt for judiciary in case of too. It took a British MP to show them their aukaat. Remember Nidhi Razdan?
yday Arnab became Nidhi Razdan by saying he can criticize supreme court. Today he became Renuka chowdary by getting tight slap frm
Most of us tend to spend our time arguing and debating about what's wrong with India. As NDTV marks its 25th anniversary, our summit on December 14 in Delhi asks for answers; its theme is "Solutions." Eminent speakers and the audience will deliver prescriptions, not diagnostics, for India's economy, sports, arts, films and technology. Here is the schedule of sessions (the summit will be broadcast live on NDTV channels on December 14). SCHEDULE & TOPICS PANELISTS Moderators Session 1 (10:00 - 10:45 am) Innovation, Science & Technology: How can software, technology and science help solve many of India's key problems? Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, CNR Rao & M S Swaminathan Dr Prannoy Roy Sesssion 2 (11:00 - 11:45 am) The Internet: How can it strengthen democracy? Omar Abdullah, Naina Lal Kidwai, Ranjan Anandan, Shekhar Gupta & Swapan Das Gupta Vikram Chandra Session 3 (12:00 - 12:45 pm) The Essence of India : What makes India different and special and how do we protect the essence of In ...
Nidhi Razdan being ripped apart by British MP Barry Gardiner. She was told to respect her supreme court and not talk over. In reply she claims to have right ...
- Madam Nidhi Razdan do you remember POPE’s visit to Australia? I think it was in 2008 & I remember this community was protesting.
But closer home - dear Nidhi Razdan -you cud remind Zafaryab Jilani that there is no such thing as "Jainist culture".
Nidhi Razdan-You sound idiotic screeching emotional avenues which have no play in System.Parliament must legislate support of 75% to change
not if you are a believer in Nidhi Razdan's larger picture!
Nidhi Razdan being ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner, Nidhi Razdan almost begs UK MP to reject Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi & he tells her to have ...
- Great questions & excellent panel on both the debates & very well debated too & well-done Madam Nidhi Razdan & keep it up…….
I there is a 'Most stylish and graceful news anchor' contest, Nidhi Razdan will win hands down. Agree? Disagree? NOTA?
-Madam Nidhi Razdan here is one from Congress to Mr. Anna Hazzare for creating more problems&I am sure you will like this one too.
Now I understand why Nidhi razdan got hammered by British MP. She has sick mentality don't deserve to be anchor of any debate.
Yesterday I suggested AAP should take support of congress and pass Janlokpal bill as first priority and they may order new elections. Later in Nidhi Razdans program on NDTV prashant bhushant suggested same thing. What people need is Janlokpal more than AAP and hence better to get Janlokpal and go in to reelection.
"AAP" is giving conflicting signals Razdan Bhusan talking of Issue based support to BJP. Closed with as Personal Remarks.
I love Nidhi Razdan! Quote" your leader just said on live tv that he accepts the results and he is going to make aggressive changes and give the voice to the common people. What has he been doing for the last 10 years !
On CNBC Awaaz with Sanjay at 4 pm, NDTV with Nidhi Razdan at 5, Zee Biz at 8 and CNN at 9.30 pm on State elections,should you wish to watch
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Condolences to NDTV and Headlines today... specially Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and Rajdeep guyz failed this time to change public sentiments in favor of congress this time
PLEASE MUST READ BEFORE LIKE..!! Why we should not trust foreign funded news channel.!! The main role of media channels and reporters is to collect news from different geographical regions of the country and report it out ethically.. without being biased to any community, religion or political party. Quite opposite to this basic responsibility, owners/reporters of news channel have now switched to crude or cheap journalism, so as to increase the TRP rating and maximize their funds/profits let us first have a small overview on the owners and funder's of major media houses of India. Indian media houses funded by politicians and foreign missionaries 1.NDTV: Said to be funded by Gospels of Charity (Spain). Owner of NDTV is Prannoy Roy (a Christian with a Hindu name) 2. CNN-IBN: Subsidiary of Network 18 and Time Warner Inc, CNN-IBN is said to be funded by Baptist Church. Get almost $800 million from Baptist church for promotion of their vast network of channels. Headquartered in US, their offices are spread a ...
Nidhi Razdan is a journalist at NDTV 24x7 news channel, an English language television network that carries news and current affairs in India, owned by New ...
How is even somebody employing a below under-average journalist like Nidhi Razdan.
Questioning about Modi visa, British MP said Nidhi Razdan to have respect to your supreme court. Its Strange how paid media acts
British MP exposing Nidhi Razdan, a pseudosecular news anchor from NDTV
Watching NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan cajole British MP Barry Gardiner to make him withdraw his invitation to Narendra Modi was definitely funny and entertaining, but somehow not surprising. The fact that a responsible member of a fourth estate was acting more like a Congress foot soldier was truly shoc...
Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and kiran Bedi remember whist you point a finger at Shoma, 4 fingers are pointing to u as well
Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over ..:
oh oooh... British PM in super trouble... now Nidhi Razdan will ask "how can u go and meet Narendra Modi... he is...
. . NDTVⳠNidhi Razdan (high-profile anchor of Left Right Centre) is the current gf of J&K CM Omar Abdullah .
What about Nidhi Razdan of ndtv. She is also a Kashmiri but a Cong supporter
Nidhi Razdan of being ripped apart by British MP Barry Gardiner
i missed that last night. Just saw it. Nidhi Razdan and whole of NDTV has turned so bias. This is not the media they projected
Accused in Ajmer blast claims UPA & more precisely RPN Singh asked him to implicate RSS. Listening & Nidhi Razdan??
This piece reveals , Nidhi Razdan grilled VKS in very unfair manner. Genreal has hit where it will hurt nidhi most
- There you go it is this very habit of making irresponsible statements made Madam Nidhi Razdan to go ballistic on LRC…….
I liked a video Nidhi Razdan humiliated by British MP Barry Gardiner on Narendra Modi
Razdan of shud be told if u r low on economy index yr growth % scope is much higher than Gujarat which already High on Economy
Nidhi Razdan is making an *** of herself by sucking up to congress in a poor manner. Well rebutted by deviant. Don't expose yourself
Ketkar does Nidhi Razdan. Doesn't think SC verdict is final.
why don't u ask Nidhi Razdan of NDTV fame to do it!!
your interview withtoday was the worst ever conversation after Nidhi razdan's shamfull act with British MP!
Wow.Nidhi Razdan should be given best price for the best Joke on terrorism.
Nidhi Razdan callsChurch Massacre in Pak as the event/incident-riots in Gujarath-they r genocide-- wht terminological terrorism!!
nidhi razdan doesnt believe in Supreme court.has rights to question even the courts.
This is when true face of Rajdeep Sardesai and Nidhi Razdan comes to the fore. They do not have the guts to discover alternative narrative!
- Waaw maan look at this, Madam Nidhi Razdan’s channel NDTV is the first one to appoint independent ombudsman. Numero Uno again…….
Computer Illiterate Nidhi Razdan discussing social media with bunch of old hat jokers in lol.
What did Nidhi Razdan of NDTV do? Tried to do an Arnab Goswami on a Britsh MP. Ended up being Sanjay Jha."
Nidhi razdan is girlfriend of omer abdullah!!! visits srinagar in d absense of his hubby neelsh misra .go figure! search on google
Such shameless TV Anchors give a bad name to the Indian Media. Even a Foreigner can make out such loose talk by a frustrated TV Anchor..!! Shame on you Nidhi Razdan...
Thus spake Nidhi Razdan's twin, separated at birth;
Given the highly acclaimed interview Nidhi Razdan conducted of Barry Gardiner, wouldnt she care to interview Keith Vaz on Baba Ramdev?
Somebody tell Nidhi Razdan (flashback to sermonising Barry Gardiner)
BJP v/s Congress cricket match. Venue - Ghotala Cricket Ground *built under RGBBY (Rajeev Gandhi Bharat Barbaad Yojna)* Commentators - KRK, Ravi Shastri, Agent1947, Agent0015. Umpires - Anu Malik, Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sunny deol (3rd Umpire) Gabbar singh (Match Refree) Spectators - Samajwadi Party(SP), Shiv Sena, JD(U), Bahujan Samajwadi Party(BSP), AAP, RJD and Trinamool Congress(TMC). Coach - Shah Rukh Khan (BJP),Arnab Goswami (Congress) Captain - Rajnath singh (BJP) and Manmohan singh (Congress). Toss - Ravi Shastri - The atmosphere here is absolutely electrifying and secular. Fingers crossed and arms twisted. We are here ready for the Toss. KRK - And all the 2 Rs people kick on your back and a kiss to Indian Rupee. Finally it's going up. In another blow to Modi, BJP lost the toss. KRK - Hi Manmohan ji... what would you like to do? Not with me but in the match. Ha ha. Manmohan Singh (with a smile) - We will like to Bowl first. Baki sab THEEK HAI. Ravi Shastri - So Rajnath? What you would have done?? Wit ...
is no different from Nidhi Razdan...both try to sound neutral but...
Nidhi Razdan of had a debate whether V.K Singh brought shame as Army Gen... Did she ever held MMS as shame as PM of India
I am not sure why, but it looks like NDTV has no other issue but to digrace modi. No matter when I log on to NDTV, there is a show going on where Modi is being disgraced. It looks like Nidhi Raazdan has some personal vendetta against modi, she just doent let anyone speak positive anout Modi , she cuts them off and doesnt let them speak. I think journalism as profession is far from being was it was once upon a time. When it come to biased reporting, Nidhi Razdan and Barkha Dutta are leading at the fore front, talk about this and it is disgusting to watch "DR." Mannu Singhvi on their panel on almost every debate, like people are not aware of his expertise!
Or maybe him flirting with Nidhi Razdan will also be recorded with other things. :-P ;-)
Clear conflict of interest that Nidhi Razdan anchoring debate on VKSingh planning to topple Omar Govt.
Is Nidhi Razdan trying to be Arnab Goswami? She better stick to being the Mallika Sherawat of Indian media.
Nidhi Razdan of speaking like a congress spokesperson in V.K.Singh discussion.
Nidhi razdan's futile attempt throw mud at ,her silly arguments quashed by Brig.Mahalingam and
Did u see Nidhi Razdan's show ? Totally disgusting to see the way she conducted - BJP should have sent Mahesh …
I thought India will have one and only one Barkha Dutt. I am proved wrong by NDTV Nidhi Razdan.
An evening with the media - Zee business on the Credit Policy and at 8.25 with Nidhi Razdan on "Should professionals enter politics"
I am utterly aghast at the hue and cry I am seeing over a topic which couldn’t be more of a non-issue. If the country does not need the AIS, it should give them a golden handshake and close this chapter once and for all! You cannot have the best brains in India and treat them like beggars. Let the PM constitute a Constitution Commission with Chief Ministers as Members and decide it –Whether the Country needs talent or mediocrity in the AIS? If the country feels that it does not need them, then fine, go for it but for God's sake don't cheat with the young talent of the Country by showing them the apple to get attracted to the AIS Services and then treating them like beggars and make them move with a begging bowl for the essential necessities of life. It is really ironical that you expect the AIS officers to suffer heavy stress from day one of their service, working honestly, opposing the mafia, fighting corrupt politicians, protecting the poor, the downtrodden, and also the natural resources, all the w ...
AMAZING DISCOVERY -- WORTH NOTING -- RATHER LONG -- THE NAMES ARE VERY REVEALING -- ALWAYS KNEW THIS HAS TO BE TRUE -- WHAT AN EXPOSURE!! I CONGRATULATE THE RESEARCHER OF THIS INFO. PLEASE DO READ AND MARVEL -- HOW LOWEST OF THE LOW THESE SCUMS AND BLOTS AMONG OUR SOCIETY THRIVE AND DO UNFATHOMABLE DAMAGE TO OUR NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE . -- RS. New post on "The Forum of Intentional Liars" – Liars with a Known Anti-Hindu/Anti-India Agenda by Abhi A few months ago, some well meaning community members and friends introduced me to a website called Media Crooks, dedicated to exposing the vicious and intentional lies spewed by many in the Indian Media. Ravinar, the website's author, has done a painstakingly excellent job in spotlighting blatantly false reports purported by the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Nidhi Razdan and many others for popular Media Outlets such as CNN-IBN, NDTV, Times of India, The Hindu, etc. This has quickly become one of my "go to" websites along with Sandeep' ...
Nidhi Razdan on ndtv describes the biggest n tallest leader of the congress party Rahul Gandhi as "Vague and Philosophical, who says things like poverty is a state of mind and we are left with our heads scratching" ... Proud of you Mr Rahul Gandhi...
From the bottom of my heart I thank Sonia G (she of the 'maut ke saudagar' fame), Digvijay Singh, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, Pallavi Ghosh, Sunetra Chaudhary, Sreenivasan Jain, Nidhi Razdan, Arnab Goswami and all other members of the hate-mongers club for eventually catapulting Narendra Modi to be the PM candidate of the BJP. Had these ladies and gents not indulged in their relentless vicious demonizing of this one man over the last decade, Modi would have remained limited to Gujarat. And I know that it will be this very gang which will, in 2014, achieve the status of King-Maker by making Modi the PM of India. All the best and godspeed.
haramzadi nidhi razdan running program why asaram still free? Did she ask why is not arrested for treason?
haramzadi nidhi razdan running program should asaram be arrested? Did she ask should be arrested for treason?
She;s a bit**ch! Congress sponsored jouno with no ethics. Shameless creature.
If then Omar Abdullah and Nidhi Razdan are brother and sister.
Nidhi Razdan was again showing her brazen attitude with some BJP spokesperson tdy,but the fault lies within d BJP for going to ndtv studios
the tight Thappads for Nidhi Razdan continue. This time from Madhu Trehan
- Very Good Evening Madam Nidhi Razdan & woh maan how bad my luck can get ya if I missed half of the show all the best..…….
Nidhi Razdan: "In India we can even question even SC" (but, we r too scared to question our Sonia Gandhi & Rahul baba, we hi…
and of course as Nidhi Razdan says, J & K doesnt have to respect SC observation;
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
slam Modi of course ..and dont forget to use ' divisive , polarizing and controversial " ..for the last , lessons from Nidhi Razdan
whoz Nidhi Razdan 2pass judgemt on asaram? just watched her show 4aChange 2c howFarCanSheGo & it *** as she is most disgusting as always
- Congratulations Madam Nidhi Razdan, I think our Super Journo putting intense pressure on Govt & opposition did work finally..…….
After the British MP incident, even i am confident of winning an arguement against her. - Nidhi Razdan's husband."
Barkha, Sagarika, Nidhi Razdan, Pachauri, Rajdeep, Karan Thappar are still standing inside AIIMS... is very CRITICAL?
Nidhi Razdan humiliated again on NDTV, this time by Tarun Vijay and her expression was priceless :P
.someone tell Nidhi Razdan that the mallu fellow is actually supporting her viewpoint!!!
Nidhi Razdan giving left, right and centre to Neelam Dubey ..spokesperson of Asaram
-Very Good Evening Madam Nidhi Razdan & thanks to our Super Journo it looks like Food Bill will be reality soon & & all the best….
I will be on a panel to discuss food security bill with Nidhi Razdan on NdTv at 8 pm
Suggest Germans to apply for peach with J & K Govt through Nidhi Razdan of
Ram: Nidhi Razdan's interview with the British Labour MP, bad example of journalism
Ooh look here's FirstPost coming to the defense of Nidhi Razdan. This is called being a team player.
Nidhi Razdan vs Barry Gardiner. Dissent is good, abuse is not.
Finally saw that Nidhi Razdan clip, and I"m entirely on her side. Barry Gardiner was being a condescending ***
Here you see Nidhi Razdan almost begging UK MP Barry Gardiner to reject Modi. must watch.
Nidhi Razdan vs Barry Gardiner: A spectacle of shamelessness
NDTV Nidhi Razdan ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra Modi being invited to UK
Isn't he Arnab, Barkha, Rajdeep Sardesai and Nidhi Razdan rolled into one? RTTaran Adarsh is Burkha Dutt of Movie Review.
on our so called reporters Nidhi Razdan n Rajdeep Sardesai Gard…
Nidhi Razdan is to journalism what Rahul Gandhi is to congress.
After being bashed by the british MP, Nidhi Razdan has dissappeared and Rajdeep Sardesai is asking for votes on freedom songs!
Who gives scary night dreams to Rajdeep Sardesai , Nidhi Razdan , Sagarika Ghose and bunch of self acclaimed journo *** ?
see what u hv done Rajdeep It's time to drop Nidhi Razdan & Barkha Dutt.
Why is Nidhi Razdan trending for wrong reasons? is she another Barkha Dutt now ?
Nidhi Razdan walking on the footsteps of Barkha Dutt. Another NDTV's paid puppet.
Sir , hope dont take Nidhi Razdan & Rajdeep Sardesai seriously , they are amongs the worst filthy abuser…
British MP Gardiner does to Rajdeep Sardesai what he did to Nidhi Razdan ! Made a mince meat. LT Digvijay Singh's status goes to Nidhi Razdan of I thought only Barkha Dutt is corrupt.
Nidhi Razdan? Soni Razdan is the current wife of the great secularist - Mahesh Bhatt!
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British MP kicks UndiTV's Nidhi Razdan with his boots. Anti-Nationals those who oppose NaMo blindly deserve this.
Nidhi Razdan to UK MP "We are a Democracy & we Hv Rights to Question Even the SC of India"Hope Gairdner doesn't Die Laughing …
How many *** are still ready to watch NDTV after Nidhi Razdan thrashing by Gardiner?
Nidhi Razdan of taken to cleaners by British MP Gardliner (44:41) NDTV was showing letter al…
NDTV should be tagged as a team of "intellectual terrorists". What democracy is she talking about? Stupid woman NIDHI RAZ…
There could be poor communication as well because Nidhi Razdan 's English is of very inferior quality. She is a
Nidhi Razdan of NDTV trying to force her personal opinion down British MP's throat
Nidhi Razdan from NDTV 24x7 got pounded royally by British MP Berry Gardiner on Modi issue -
Nidhi Razdan: NAMO is not controversial he is a powerful leader...shame on ppl like you who are so biased !!
Meanwhile, Nidhi Razdan placed an order for Barry Pulao.
Nidhi Razdan & Sagarika Ghose are MSM versions of Pappu. Spoilt, brainless brats of influential Baaps, bringing disgrace …
Just watched Nidhi Razdan make a complete fool of herself on iview with the British MP. Sad state of media in India
Nidhi Razdan must be taking lessons from Barkha D on how to continue being an *** after u get ripped apart by someone for b…
Nidhi Razdan gets a masterclass in how to conduct a telivision interview
First time Indian Media staff Nidhi Razdan got wordly raped by British MP - Shame on this type of
World News: Muslims “not represented properly in the media at all”. ★J&K Nidhi Razdan
Who is this Nidhi Razdan ? Who mis paying her and whom is she working for ?
Has Nidhi Razdan ever said Omar Abdullah a controversial figure,not during Kishtwar, not even when a party worker died at his residence.
After Watching News Channels & the Journos in US & Canada for 3 weeks, difficult to call Likes of Nidhi Razdan a Bimbo too !
Nidhi Razdan *** stupid girlfriend of Omar Abdullah got Joota's of British MP Barry Gardiner thrown on her face which she ate them too.
Hats off to Mr. for ripping apart Nidhi Razdan of ..needs a tight slap for its Anti-
Nidhi Razdan cut a very sorry figure with her foolish and biased queries to the British MP over Modi's UK visit
"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with Razdan " ,
Dear Im not concerned if Modi speaks in UK.. But India owes you a debt for educating an *** to respect th…
Freedom of speech has given to journalist Nidhi Razdan to challenge the SC judgement
U guys r berating Nidhi Razdan ; she is treating beer to her friends.. A poem for her:. Mai ney bhi trend . for verbal
Nidhi Razdan is to journalism what Sreesanth is to cricket
One can understand Nidhi Razdan's anxiety, if congress goes out of power, NDTV won't survive! Its life suppor…
So Nidhi Razdan almost begs British MP to reject Modi & he tells her to have some self respect as an Indian.
After Nidhi Razdan from NDTV, it's the turn of Rajdeep Sardesai to get answers from British MP Gardiner.
Reaction to Nidhi Razdan's career ruining interview with Barry Gardiner
Points to note in Nidhi Razdan master piece . 4.Claiming Modi 2 be extremely controversial figure in India.what basis?
Points to note in Nidhi Razdan . 3.she is trying to teach what democracy means 2 an MP of 1of the oldest democracies
No less than 8 of my non political friends have today posted the Nidhi Razdan video on FB today.. Shows the anger against …
We are a democracy and we have a right to question SC of India- Nidhi Razdan to British MP. No you don't! That's called…
Nidhi Razdan another member of and team. Good work.
What can poor Nidhi Razdan do when NDTV head Prannoy Roy is a close relative of Chinese agent Prakash Karat.
Yes, Nidhi Razdan would be thrown out from for poor journalism and recruited by for Anti-Modi stance!
Agree. Nidhi Razdan should be sacked for to try and save face.
Between and Nidhi Razdan of .. Who would you really trust more for news?
If we can question SC, Nidhi Razdan, then I think I can call you any name!! Is it OK? Can you reply?
Nidhi razdan trolled for her idiotic journalism
Well I really enjoyed watching British MP Berry Gardiner bashing Nidhi Razdan.She must have received some spanking after the show as well..
Points to note in Nidhi Razdan master piece . 2. she is claiming to have right to question Indian supreme court
Where is the inspiration? Where is the outrage? Nidhi razdan tried to making the invisible visible but got invisible herself.
Is Nidhi Razdan still working for NDTV? Just asking.
Nidhi Razdan may be sharing bed with Manish Tiwari --- We are a democracy, and we are allowed to question :)
Shouldn't Nidhi Razdan lose her job for that blatantly partisan interview? Even by conservative standards, that was embarr…
Epic interview about Modi invite to UK This NDTV trash Nidhi Razdan should officially join Congr…
Points to note in Nidhi Razdan master piece . 1. Nidhi's absolute hate and venom for Nardendra Modi
Nidhi razdan was not letting British MP Barry Gardiner Answer :D. Reason : He was Not against Modi & wasnt talking like NDTV Duhh!
if Nidhi Razdan eligible means what about who is doing the same from 2002.
Nidhi Razdan demanded that business conglomerate Modi Group be dissolved for obvious reasons.
If Nidhi Razdan of NDTV has any shame left, she should quit TV anchoring business.realy shameful.
Jehadi cut to size! “"You are very keen to talk over me rather than interview me" says the British …
Just watched the nidhi razdan fiasco tape. Man! she received such a pounding and that too in British Classical style.
Nidhi Razdan beats Barkha for the worst journalist award. Congrats
First word uttered by Nidhi Razdan when she was born was "controversy" & "modi". She got a job offer from on the spot..
There's no point making fun of Nidhi Razdan - I don't think such people have either the intelligence or the insight to f…
Dear Arnab pls donate to Nidhi Razdan or Thanks we can watch newshour now :) LOL
Finally Nidhi Razdan got know what a 'Larger Picture' is.
Nidhi razdan baywakoofi ki misaal. She just acted as a 'chatur' blindly argued on behalf of ndtv news channel.
Nidhi Razdan demanded that Tom Moody be sacked from the post of coach for IPL since his name sounds like Modi
I feel NDTV must have awarded on-the-spot award to Nidhi Razdan. Slow Claps :D
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