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Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan is a television journalist at NDTV 24x7, an English language television network that carries news and current affairs in India, owned by New Delhi Television Ltd.

Madam Nidhi Razdan Omar Abdullah Barkha Dutt Karan Thapar Sonia Singh Ravish Kumar Shashi Tharoor Sonia Gandhi

Nidhi Razdan: "congress shud have done this way back". Shashi Tharoor: "put us to power & we ll do it". Audience: "no. We've suffered a lot".
More than 30 min into the discussion and Nidhi Razdan has not yet asked about 2002, in Ahmedabad, to Shashi Tharoor.
Thanks Nidhi Razdan and Anti Casteist Dr. Tharoor. . Caste, Corruption & Communal violence is products of British
In Ahmedabad for a discussion on w/ Nidhi Razdan at 5.30pm, AMA Auditorium, University A…
Nidhi Razdan too was cribing about the same thing on TV. So much for fair journalism.Luv birds of a feather flock together.
Nidhi Razdan and abusive journalist Swati Chaturvedi caught lying on NDTV (video) -
Hope Nidhi Razdan does a program on this too.
Who is this guy vivek Kumar from jnu spitting venom and ndtv allows under nidhi razdan shameless people.
.call congressis & they start barking along with Nidhi Razdan and she will not interrupt them but if BJP persons are speaking she will
Calling Ahmedabad residents for my discussion of w/Nidhi Razdan Wed 4 Jan, 5.30pm, Ahmed…
5. is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP R. P. N. Singh. Nidhi Razdan is the current girlfriend of J&K…
600 million people do not even have bank accounts: Ashwini Kakkar
TV actor, two others, found in possession of Rs 43 lakhs mostly in new currency notes from Hoshangabad in MP: Police.
There is need to avoid disruption of Parliamentary proceedings
I'm sure once your name would be read among 'women who took on' the neo-nazis.
Protests in Australia against Adani's coal mining project: - read web exclusive from Economic and Political Weekly https:/…
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gosh feel sorry for Nidhi Razdan. She has to put up with a creep
Man, India is still a secular country. And people like you are the curse of it. Hate is not gonna help get things reformed.
Islamaphobes will co-opt the decision. But these are some of the people who really fought against it: htt…
Parliamentary freedom should not be misused by causing disruptions: President Pranab Mukherjee
Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu Watch full show here:
Quite an underwhelming 2.5 years of the government in comparison to its predecessors' mid-terms.
was in critical view of Indira's 'dictatorial' stance; but had close ties with and Irony!
excellent debate.Meera sanyal and Nidhi Razdan got the edge!
wonderful anchoring ...better than arnab. Salute to you mam ...hundred pct spot on
sanyal is AAP person,her arguments motivated as were of nidhi razdan & sushmita,in 30 days all u wiil be proved wrong
Amidst everything, don't want people to forget that did muzzle the media.
Amazing stuff: us no longer invited to RBI policy meeting press conferences. Won't let me in. Sad day for transp…
Tamils are rational . I dont want to compare with others but keep ur journalist comment within limits.
Shashi Tharoor's home robbed, 'award among stolen items
| No one running house, LK Advani overheard fuming at Speaker, Minister.
All purpose parts banner
DMK chief Karunanidhi, 93, discharged from Chennai hospital after week-long treatment for nutritional, hydration support: PTI htt…
This assumption that money will find a way back into the bank becomes white is wrong. This money can be sequestered:
Nidhi Razdan appears so distressed over fair arguments over success of .Itna Bhi upset Mat lago-asliyat dikh Jaati hai
when nidhi razdan comes ask her 2 read news paper how many papers said how many naxal surrender. Why u want 2 bash gov always.
This news written by Nidhi Razdan, So its definitely fake.
Wait... cud be a hit job by Nidhi Abdullah Razdan's father :D
now army has done press conference exposing lies of TMC, will nidhi razdan now question them, she won't, Presstitute
just watch a Nidhi Razdan show n cross ur heart n tell me that she is not biased it is very shameful tht she is unable to even hide it
PTI CEO is MK Razdan father of Nidhi Razdan of NDTV is there for decades .What sort of genuine news you can get from this a…
Nidhi Razdan of being her usual self trying to whip up a frenzy just coz dumbo Rahul couldnt protect his password
NDTV actually has a debate on cyber-security, where Nidhi Razdan has woken up to digital horror. God Almighty, it is a Thanksgiving Miracle.
infact yesterday nidhi razdan talked about building the wall on her show. Plz go through it!!!
NDTv's Nidhi Razdan and things are doable like.Radia tapes etc and anti-nationals hung from Office towers
loved the way Nidhi razdan countered Spokespersons generally get away easily after giving replies they feel appropriate.
Nalin kholi 2 Nidhi Razdan I ev no ans,u didn't say what u would ask,like I said BJP *** r all over,all he knw lie n deny
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YaY for Nidhi Razdan. "It's not my problem if you don't know the answers.".
I guess Nidhi razdan has come in for the debate as a congress member , really funny
Nidhi Razdan on left right and centre must stop anchoring this program. Very negative discussion tarnishing the nation.
. Ms Nidhi Razdan, I'm staunch viewer of ND TV. Don't u see it unfair as most of d BJP leaders use d party's symbol during LR& C n all
Watching live. So ridiculous for Nidhi Razdan to question move by govt 2 scrap Rs. 500_1000 notes and insisting that the govt do more
, Nidhi razdan came up with a shocking data that half of Indians have no bank accounts. Can u plz share source of such data?
How shameless is this nidhi razdan, says since we r a democray we r free to question even SC judgement.
But do the arrogant english media comply even with SC verdicts? Nidhi Razdan famously said that democracy means que…
Nidhi Razdan caught off guard on Anti-National slogans via
True. Just look at the way Nidhi Razdan is taunting the RW. Disgusted with all in this game.
See another shameless prestitute Nidhi Razdan asking for humiliation
Nidhi Razdan tries to invoke the word 'Controversial' at least 20 times, tries to speak over what the interviewee...
See below link of Nidhi Razdan's ill sick anti Modi narrative in an interview with UK MP .
I can't support NDTV Ban.. coz I watch NDTV only nd like all news programmes except Nidhi Razdan show..
Good on you for fighting this real fight that impacts tens of millions. Thnx also to Nidhi Razdan an…
dude just CHILL. Nidhi Razdan will be free for you on entire day of Nov. 9th. Enjoy. Its achchhe din for you.
NDTV's Nidhi Razdan's father heads He is Sonia Chamcha faking outrage by not giving full context of…
I spoke abt it coz Nidhi Razdan had said 'v ques SC too'.. so I'm asking what is wrong if the media is questioned?
Why? Nidhi Razdan has got an extra day off?
: NDTV reeks of corruption although there are able anchors like Nidhi Razdan
We can understand your concern for Nidhi Razdan
Even father of journalist nidhi razdan was the editor in chief of PTI. No wonder they all r protesting!!
Ohh o so sweet . Nidhi Razdan ji working with NDTV
The ban must be protested, but let's not get misty-eyed about NDTV. interviews with are horrendous, as is Nidhi Razdan
for a second, I thought this is the gorgeous Nidhi Razdan!
How polarizing, divisive, biased is Nidhi Razdan! it is absolutely ironical wen claim holier than thou status
The Presenters of NDTV led by Nidhi Razdan.shd also be locked in Tihar fr 24 hrs as punishment
NDTV has a string of news reporters who are blatantly anti-government.Nidhi Razdan visibly becomes upset.Disband NDTV.
I heard he us living with Nidhi Razdan or some other NDTV presstitute. .
Watch uncomfort of Nidhi Razdan on all out praise of PM Modi by WB President Jim Young . .
Nidhi Razdan should learn to disguise her disappointment,specially whn she is not able to give directions to a discussion
Specially Nidhi Razdan n NDTV , she was so upset with Kim's reply
World Bank Chief Talking to Nidhi Razdan of NDTV at Lady Shri Ram College on RBI Chief's exit lays to rest fears...
students with & Journalist Nidhi Razdan of NDTV. https…
Hope Nidhi Razdan got a glimple of grey matter infrastructure! Hope she will think twice before defaming the nation in front of others
...Omar spent all his money on Nidhi Razdan, the journo from NDTV.
with that logic Nidhi Razdan of NDTV also qualifies for Z+ coz cozy cozy with abdullah
This is an important issue and hope this is covered in my favourite show by Nidhi Razdan.
please ask Nidhi Razdan to do a Left Right and Centre on this story :D
Just saw your show's advertisement and remember that you and Nidhi Razdan are my favourite anchors.
Is this the crooked Nidhi Razdan or someone else?
Nidhi is already converted ... Daughter of MD Razdan ..
Nation thanks Nidhi Razdan for yeoman services of not officially marrying scum Omar & saving tax money on her upkeep
Check whether Nidhi Razdan from NDTV hasn't illegal occupied the some bungalow to be claim as Ex-CM Gf.
Nidhi Razdan should do a Left Right Centre debate on this in her show.;)
Helps to keep a watch on Nidhi Razdan
Also please let us know.. where are you planning to keep Nidhi Razdan ?
CC this news to Nidhi Razdan I guess :|
i think he meant Nidhi Razdan or that lady that got married to diggy
Nidhi Razdan on India Today asks why intelligent boys who have done well in exams opt for terrorism.
he is an admirer of aap along with his colleague b.dutt and nidhi razdan. So don't blame them
Now that NDTV scam investigation is under way, hope JK Bank loaning 45 Cr to company owned by Barkha & Nidhi Razdan will…
Nailed it Amit ji but Rajdeep,Barkha,Sagrika,Nidhi Razdan and Ravish Kumar will do anything to defame their own religion,country
On Nidhi Razdan suggests to Amarinder Singh that Sonia should now be 'Chairman Emeritus' of the INC. ROFLMAO.
Cc to all who connected my account to Nidhi Razdan .😂😂😂.
Nidhi Razdan of NDTV cannot stop lying even when changed handle to
tge ndtv article is written by Nidhi Razdan... how can if be wrong? ;-)
Traitors making an unnecessary issue of yoga headed by Muslim sucking Nidhi Razdan &
Next in line is update for a dashing & dynamic experimenting with her looks & hair Nidhi Razdan
What source of huge income does Nidhi Razdan have that she can afford buying fleet of cars from Land Rovers to Mercs?
Nidhi Razdan: Everyone is saying different things (on Assam exit polls).
So Pondicherry could be the only bright spot for Congress. Meanwhile on Nidhi Razdan uses results to say all over the place:-)
No money to conduct Exit Polls so is showing other polls & has got its worst anchor to do so! Nidhi Razdan is such a tune off!
Yes & no. As you said & NIdhi Razdan present formidable programming that shuns both those models
Morons defaming modi . white Man tightly slapped Nidhi Razdan who claims to questions SC also.
Don't they have appraisals in media? Never seen one anchor fired! Nidhi Razdan? Pallavi Joshi? Shiv Aroor? Duh ==>
Nidhi Razdan is live-in partner of Omar Abdullah, former CM of J&K
NDTV had to take sides with the minority community because Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan are married to Kashmiri muslim guys
Nidhi Razdan & Barkha Dutt were profusely sweating from their mouthes when a stone was thrown at a church in Delhi
How does Nidhi Razdan sound for Ministry of Kashmir Affairs?
Must Watch. Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra M...
Trying to picture Nidhi Razdan batting for BJP. The NO BUT NO viral comes to mind
TV channel where . Burka dutt. Nidhi razdan & so on. There should b deal but of opposite kind. Deal with t…
& Nidhi Razdan were Stammering while taking Sonia’s name on 1st day when Augusta scam was cracked
Indian Media at a glance: Desperate attempt of 'Nidhi Razdan' to back Sonia Gandhi on
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doing a great job filibustering by repeatedly saying Nidhi Razdan Nidhi Razdan - and getting away with it on the flyover tragedy
nidhi razdan u know me give me your mobile no. If you are on whatsapp
Nidhi Razdan once did a show there with burkha and hijab on.
Do journalists in India need a license? How come no one challenges Nidhi Razdan.
Nidhi Razdan quoting 21st century is ridiculous when talking about religious beliefs which are not concerned with rationality
wonder why Nidhi Razdan didn't notice this huge point & didn't question him further on why only 15% more work done in 5 yrs when 40% in 3!!
Othr members in this Hall of Shame r. Punya Prasoon. Nidhi Razdan. K. Thapar. .
Nidhi Razdan asks the same stupid question to everybody, repeats it 20 times. How idiotic.
Uttarakhand imbrogillo, the questions posed by nidhi razdan just now on the subject appears to be leaning towards congress. Not acceptable!
Such an explosive topic.but all panelists cool. . Nidhi Razdan👍.
on now with Nidhi Razdan discussing Indian naval officer's confessional video
Oh ya, so many times I've seen presstitudes like Nidhi Razdan, B Dutt, Zakka Zakob getting offensive as soon their bias is caught.
If Dr. B.M. Hegde Met on flight from London when he was CM, then how Nidhi Razdan all claim UK denied Visa
Dalit Pronoy Roy needs a shrink for himself and his team of Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra, Nidhi Razdan...Ravish Kumar.
Totally agree.. Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan, each spread 5 times more canard than Vishnu Som at NDTV.
People keep talking about why she didn't cover malda ,but nidhi razdan,naghma sehar did cover!
it is very evident that had an agenda to somehow downgrade modi and BJP especialy nidhi razdan...she is biased
In 4 mins, 23 times Nidhi Razdan cried "he is controversial" for in an interview. That's .
give it to Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and Sreenivasan Jain...they have lost it.
Nidhi Razdan caught redhanded - Why NDTV is known as anti national paid... via
Nidhi Razdanspeech- the speech would be sweet to her ears if it's from Omer Abdullah . Innovative way of silencing the opposition.
*** Nidhi Razdan Questioning PM Modi speech in LS. C this video on her view about Modi.
Over 60 views & counting. Have you seen Nidhi Razdan getting caght off-guard on anti-national slogans?
n mk razdan of pti too lobbied for a rajya sabha seat but wasn't given by cong! He's nidhi razdan 's father
did nidhi razdan not once say that MSM has right to question even SC judges
Nidhi Razdan said to Sambit Patra in the now viral video, "this is not social media, you cannot twist words"!
Budhiya Nidhi Razdan will hope that some treatment comes out.
Few of them are news readers at Radia TV, like Nidhi Razdan.
So NDTV has 3% Primetime viewership. Out of 100, 3 people are watching NDTV. 1. Barkha Dutt. 2. Nidhi Razdan. 3. Barkha D…
Nidhi Razdan is discussing Shilpi Tiwari. And asking for FIR to be register. Quite rattled this *** are. 5:1 agnst Babul Supriyo.
Y to explain nidhi razdan on kashmir. I believe u know the omar story.
Njoying s school of Law under Nidhi Razdan . cc:
For Nidhi Razdan interim bail to Kanhaiya Kumar is more important than the treason of P.C. and Congress on media .
When Nidhi Razdan was caught off guard. A video explains what went wrong:
Oh today Nidhi Razdan will b swooning over her Soft Toy Pappu. Her & fetish for Khangress is well known.
you don't understand it protects Venomous Nidhi ( Razdan) also!
I can't stop laughing...Nidhi Razdan concerned about India's image abroad just to protect traitors. I mean seriously.
putting it mildly wrt to Venomous Nidhi ( Razdan) she deserves to be slapped hard!
I liked a video Nidhi Razdan's interview of British MP Barry Gardiner on Narendra Modi
3/nIf even an poses threat to save us from this brand of "liberalism"! BTW,PTI Razdan Nid…
Hope you are aware of background of Sagarika , Nidhi Razdan , Sonia Singh...list goes on.
Nidhi Razdan ji & Javed Akhtar saab comparing terrorists of with those who criticized MF Husain for his pa…
A tough day for Nidhi Razdan at NDTV studios. Grilling Pakistani General over peaceful messengers of Religion of Peace is never easy for us
Amazing interview in the UAE by on Terrorism & Extremism. Super Nidhi Razdan again!
Interesting to see the Minister refuse to get baited into bashing the GoI despite Nidhi Razdan's sly attempts.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nidhi 'Big Picture' Razdan i'viewing a UAE Sheikh. Starts the sentence with... How do you feel when PM Modi visited UAE after 34 Years? ***
MoS, Foreign Affairs,UAE, seems to be mesmerized by PM Shamed Nidhi Razdan when she tried to put words in his mouth.
You can't slap a walrus and call it a pachyderm was what I meant . please don't remind me of Nidhi Razdan.
Nidhi Razdan and Omar Abdullah abdullah-love-affair-facts Some stories have a spice !!
Hilarious - Nidhi Razdan asking Shaina NC, how come the driver suddenly appear after 13 years ? But how is Shaina supposed to know this ?
Oh teri. Nidhi Razdan is the daughter of Mr M K Razdan, Editor-in-Chief & CEO of PTI?
Bottom line is a channel surviving on talent of Nidhi Razdan and won't sustain for long.
Irrfan Khan has done what he's expected of...Intolerance bug of Nidhi Razdan bit Irrfan.. . does it again... Thoo teri..
Is it return gift for from Nidhi Razdan
Nidhi Razdan is the worst and Maya Mirchandani is the best on NDTV right now.
Ahan. Natasha Jog & Nidhi Razdan from good old days. Looking forward to it.
Nidhi Razdan tells you who to watch out for at the Of The Year 2015, tonight at 7 (IST)
Omar Abdullah is a close relative of NDTV and Nidhi Razdan
If there's any doubt about NDTV's agenda - watch Nidhi Razdan demeaning SC via
Heard NDTV's Nidhi Razdan to marry Omar Abdullah? Joinin the ranks of BDutt. to curb pollution. More useful than
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
can teach some lessons on Nationalism to Nidhi Razdan
A blast from the Past on How anti national..of NDTV are. This case when Nidhi Razdan was thrashed...
I wrote this sometime ago. Nidhi Razdan was my trigger. She talks of 'optics' a lot
Nidhi Razdan's SHAMEFUL reporting on saying "One Colonel had been killed". It's 'martyred', dear well respected journalist.
So Nidhi Razdan conveniently diverts the debate to Tipu Sultan & Rajnikanth. defending now
Abe congress ke is radhika Roy in bed..better than ..or...nidhi razdan
Looks like nidhi razdan on a long leave as filling the shoes for her...
So NDTV's Nidhi Razdan is getting married to Omar Abdullah?? That would explan a lot!
Will u give my number to Nidhi Razdan
it is similar to ppl like , Aakar patel , Nidhi razdan etc Here in India,I hope they realise nw wt is intolerance
- ‘Focus will now shift to security & terror at G-20 summit in Turkey’ - Madam Nidhi Razdan on Paris terror strikes…….
Nostalgia 2003 Spending a day with Omar Abdullah was Nidhi Razdan. Who'd have thought? Never mind
12.08.2013: Nidhi Razdan was ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner & told to have self-respect as an Indian. She's a guttersnipe
-Yes there should be accountability if nothing else on how the money is spent – Excellent debate Madam Nidhi Razdan :)).
- ‘We need 360thousand crores to build toilets for all now that is huge money’ - Madam Nidhi Razdan on CESS…….
-Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Yes Wembley will be highlight of this visit to UK - All the best for debate :)).
"It seems you have no respect for your Supreme Court". The Brit really does school NDTV's Nidhi Razdan here.
has proved himself, how intellectual he is! And UK police detained. Is NIDHI RAZDAN too similar?
But will UK give visa to Modi? Fondly remembering intellectual debate by Respected Ms Nidhi Razdan 👎.
Cong Paid Channel. Cong paid Slave Nidhi Razdan will only do negative reporting. Shameless Ppl who r a…
- I remember Madam Nidhi Razdan going ballistic on LRC when GREENPEACE activist was off-loaded from UK flight…….
Nidhi Razdan. We all know it duffer.
Omar Abdullah must check with Nidhi Razdan. It must be her.
Nidhi Razdan's larger picture is used by ram guha. Clear indication of plagiarism. Yahin to scam hain ji.
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Govt should not be paranoid with functioning of NGOs - all the best :))….….
- ‘The Govt clamp down on foreign funds of GREENPEACE’ - Madam Nidhi Razdan will be taking Govt to cleaners today…..….
Nidhi-Razdan to the rescue of GreenPeace ! So predictable !
Pls Unfollow & BLOCK to few more. . . Nidhi Razdan. Sonia Singh.
Was it Nidhi Razdan when she left for place after a night cap?
enjoyed watching the show. Ajoy Bose made some very good points. Nidhi Razdan 👍 👏
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dumbo nidhi razdan n over smart shekhar Gupta have actually turned into ace jokers
How dumb does Nidhi Razdan think we are?Looked so dumbfounded when retorted that Ajoy Bose is anti-BJP
Nidhi Razdan thinks viewers are fools,EVERYONE knows Ajoy Bose & his wife are AAP Supporters
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – AAP concert karte rahe-BJP kaam karte rahe - all the best :))….
Nidhi Razdan is a pro congress party she would like to join Congress Party if Sonia gives her a position in her house 😝
Srinivasan Jain, Charka ,Nidhi Razdan,Vishnu ..etc .NDTV has a battery of immoral reporters.
(Hiding) Nidhi Razdan Why no Debates on VP attending a Muslim Presscon n comments on Religion?
ur Request of 30 seconds,10Seconds ONLY nt allowed by Nidhi Razdan,So now we know why even 10Sec Dangerous fr
The bitNidhi Razdan gets annoyed when & is named in the .. Why, Nidhi? Your pay masters need protection?
Look at Nidhi Razdan rushing to protect Sonia Gandhi. Can it get more apparent?
nidhi razdan n at their best in not allowing to Speak.Both sounds more of a Congressi than
Now it's proved that Nidhi Razdan is a Cong stooge behaving like Cong spokeperson
If we have "journalists" like Nidhi Razdan, God save the world of journalists! Seriously there should be a law against dumbos!
Wheeler-dealer and Nidhi Razdan whining and crying about RSS on
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Feedback to Govt is acceptable but not diktat - all the best for debates :))…….
the ever impartial, left, lefter, leftest with the ever so moronic Nidhi Razdan. What a waste of airtime.
I got it. Loneranger is Nidhi Razdan in disguise. She talks the sane on National TV ie unditv
I must compliment Nidhi Razdan (Only u from ndtv) 4 conducting nice & fair debate. Very pleasant to watch. Plz conti. good work..
and a panelist congratulates Nidhi Razdan for getting out of Indrani-jaal on LeftRightCenter
- Madam Nidhi Razdan will be debating today – This battle getting is intense day by day…….
why is it a surprise? Editor in chief of Nidhi Razdan's father, it runs in the family
Nidhi Razdan is most bias journalist. Nidhi you r not there to give your views to people let other people talk in debate please.
nidhi razdan cast doubts on whether this terrorist was pakistani or not. NDTV is fast becoming a traitor channel.
Nidhi Razdan looks so shaken angry & irritated when she covers news on BJP.Journalist do not have bias.She is a congress leader.
Looks like Nidhi Razdan draws her influence from Arnab. Like Arnab she prevents others from talking, when they don't toe her line. Arnab:)
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Uf…. I am stunned…..I am speechless…..I almost fainted…. all the best :))…….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan they know they are a terrorist state – Make no mistake about it – We should be worried…….
Can there be a suo moto action from the SC against Nidhi Razdan for calling our laws "stupid" on national television?
is losing it totally in its hatred for Modi govt..esp Nidhi Razdan.via whatsapp
A humble request to and -plz ask Nidhi Razdan to maintain neutral journalistic standards, and don't take undue advantage
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So has officially gone into 3 days of mourning 4 razdan cd barely control her tears,her voice was funereal…
When it comes to IQ, Nidhi razdan is alia bhatt of Journalism
Stupid Anchor this NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan -->
So according to Nidhi Razdan (NDTV anchor) some laws are stupid in this country.
This ND TV Anchor Nidhi Razdan calls that many of our Indian Laws are Stupid. These TV Anchors often cross their...
- Excellent panel debating historic NAGA agreement with Madam Nidhi Razdan on LRC – Peace & development in NE at-last…….
Nidhi Razdan easily one of the best most unbiased journalists we got.
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Yes all the parties should take a stand & act on its members - all the best :))
Nidhi Razdan is probably the hottest woman I hate
On with Nidhi Razdan talking about parliament logjam, accord and more in this very needy week:.
- Govt should make all the official details of Naga peace deal available to Madam Nidhi Razdan soon for detail study….….
Ur anchor Nidhi Razdan said there r several laws in this country that r stupid, I guess these isn't any other channel as stupid as urs
An anchor is supposed to stay neutral & bring forward important views of the panelists but NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan 1/2.
. NIDHI Razdan is not a TV anchor. Watch this UR comment??
Somnath Bharti: Delhi is safe for Barkha Dutt but not Nidhi Razdan.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
loved it when Nidhi Razdan said most laws in this country is stupid.
Like Barkha, Shobha De, Sonia Singh, Nidhi Razdan, ..?How do you think they r doing better in their career than their male counterpart
- If Madam Nidhi Razdan says there are some stupid laws in this country then we should look at those laws seriously…….
you both are sic minded ppl. Seems like Nidhi Razdan slept with many men according to start her own TV SHOW.
NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan, famous for her legendary pro-Congress bias is the current girlfriend of J&K CM Omar Abdullah
Sagarika Ghose, Karan Thapar and Nidhi Razdan don't even try. Others at least pretend to be neutral! BTW, try to watch some 1/2
Nidhi Razdan Have some debate on this one too. One more example to show that how biased you are.
- Yo maan how lucky I can get if I get to watch those beautiful & trade-mark drop dead gorgeous Nidhi Razdan smiles :))…….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – yes such a tragic air-crash of Airbus & death of 150people – all the best for debates….….
Comedy Show »»» "At 8pm on on Left, Right & Centre with Nidhi Razdan on Pakistan Day aftermath, and more"
add to tht Nidhi Razdan gives more airtime to Scindia than Sudansu, baffled y to send a spokie 4 a 30 mins pgm
A little modification at the last: Prannoy James Roy, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and the whole team of
- Madam Nidhi Razdan just a visit I guess? kaun-si Qayaamat aayi hai :)) – by the way who is this ‘NON-STATE’ actor? ;)….….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – welcome-back – yo maan me so lucky – thank you so much for marathon today :))….….
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – ‘Is Govt ‘Anti-Farmer’ opposition propaganda?’ – yes - all the best for the debates….….
- Madam Nidhi Razdan any idea why the Chinese President did not attend Pak National Day celebrations? ;).
Look out for another male nidhi razdan,the bimbo who said Indians could question SC ! LOL
..You are right, i wonder if the likes of Nidhi Razdan and Srinivasan Jain ever realise they make our country look ridiculous
NDTV fringe reporters like Nidhi Razdan, Sreenivasan Jain, etc. will attack Om Puri now.
Surprisingly Nidhi Razdan doesn't use the word 'controversial' in these 15 minutes |
Discussion with old friend Vivek Katju, and others on Nidhi Razdan's show on earlier today
Bihari thinks that belongs 2 him. . Thank god he didnt wag finger this time dismissively at Nidhi Razdan
All haters can hate but Nidhi Razdan looks absolutely fabulous today draped in a saree and bindi. ;-)
- Very good evening Madam Nidhi Razdan – Inna-lillahi wa ina-ilahi raaj-oon!- sad NEWS of another terror attack - all the best.…….
- Love, peace & joy came down on earth on the day of UGADI to make Madam Nidhi Razdan happy & cheerful – VERY VERY HAPPY UGADI….….
.This old croak admitted as much in an interview with Nidhi Razdan on that he has been less than honest. Actually a crook
Hahhaa... Even SC is now seeing the "Larger" picture... They seem frightened of Nidhi Razdan.
-Excellent panel debating opposition to land-bill on LRC with Madam Nidhi Razdan - Well-debated - This is journalism personified.
.It was hilarious to see Nidhi Razdan on searching for Rahul Gandhi with the help of Kumar Ketkar &
While Sonia's Congress was busy stopping the Mines bill, Nidhi Razdan was praising Sonia for getting very active in polit…
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First it was Nidhi Razdan recently. Now it is Karan Thapar. Everybody wants to conduct debates like Arnab Goswami. Watch the TRP ratings !
that's news readers who has always selective eye and oversight. Nidhi razdan seems to be a little better these days
another correction - nidhi razdan... But u got my drift right?
nidhi razdan told to UK minister "We people don't believe in court" on modi,when he asked modi is acquitted by court
mam why Nidhi Razdan is missing in NDTV program
Where's Nidhi Razdan nowadays? Missing her vile jibes since last few days.
That wouldn't be a good sight for Nidhi Razdan !!
LOSS of NDTV :Rs. 207 Crores. Then who is bearing d cost of lipsticks of Nidhi Razdan ? Is it Omar Abdullah? . .
why doesnt any1 make such songs for me! :( Lucky Nidhi Razdan!!
just heard a gr8 song! :) its made by sum1 for this girl Nidhi Razdan. Now lemme find out who she is...hmmm.
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