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Nicolas Maduro

Nicolás Maduro Moros (born 23 November 1962) is a Venezuelan politician who has been interim President of Venezuela since March 2013. He was Vice President of Venezuela from October 2012 to March 2013; as Vice President, he became interim President following the death of Hugo Chávez.

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My column on Jeremy Corbyn's respective attitude to WW1 veterans and Nicolas Maduro
US slaps sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
As he brings economic cataclysm to his country, Venezuela's Maduro seems to be modeling himself on Zimbabwe's Mugabe
In the ban on protests lays the groundwork for mass human rights violations. How has it come to this?
Yeah I should add a tag at the end here explaining that this is a thread transposing Nicolás Maduro to a US context
Learn about Personality of the Day - Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, in the eye of a violent storm...
and Abbott admire basket-case Yet Britons will still vote for monster raving
Escobar Spirit finds home in Neighboring Venezuela!! Maduro hails Constituent Assembly election victory
At least ten people died in Sunday's violence in including at least one candidate.
Things are getting worse in Venezuela, as that country's aspiring dictator Nicolas Maduro is now appointing...
Nicolas Maduro awaits potential U.S. penalties after a vote in Venezuela to give him more power https…
EU and USA condemns 'excessive use of force' by against protests around Sunday vote
Under Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela is sliding from economic catastrophe to dictatorship. The world should help stop it https…
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro should note JF Kennedy's warning: "Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent cha…
Venezuela is on the 'brink of DISASTER' warns Boris Johnson ^DailyExpress
WATCH: Explosion caught on camera during protests injures seven officers on motorcycles.
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Meanwhile, the best data we have indicates that current Brazilian President Michel Temer has a lower approval rating than Nic…
Venezuela takes "step toward dictatorship" with election for constitutional assembly US says CBS News
Joseph Stalin: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." Nicolás Maduro…
Violent referendum in Venezuela ends with victory for the government.
One by one, the markers of Venezuela’s democracy have been pushed aside
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims victory in an internationally criticized election for an assembly to rewrite the consti…
Thanks Nicolas Maduro for reminding he's "Emperor Donald Trump" not President Donald Trump
“It is very clear that the current regime is clinging to power," Tajani said.
Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega, brutally repress their people. They deserve to be sanctioned
Fidel Castro (papa), Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro...and now Canada has a cdm of its own, Justin jihad Trudeau.
bought a lot of Nicolas Maduro's bonds to finance these for repression in Ven…
Amaranta Campos, a student, shares why she opposes the Venezuelan government
Alberto Mathison, a mechanical engineer, shares why he supports President Maduro
FYI regime/Nicolas Maduro has also sold State oil…
*SOS* . Nicolás Maduro’s and God Cuban comunism is killing pie people! ! Please Help us.. .
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This is what the regime of Nicolas Maduro does who Protest in Venezuela
What about your decision to give to dictator Nicolas Maduro? Is that not a setback for HUman Rights?
Take care of the environment. Ok. Provide Nicolás Maduro with a $ lifeline. NOT OK!!!
We denounce to the world the financiers of Nicolas Maduro´s dictatorship
Thanks for giving money to Nicolas Maduro' shopping of tear gas and bullets.
Part of the swamp people. GS even supports Nicolas Maduro's Venezuelan dictator.
Safe to say she's not confused just doing her job for Nicolas Maduro to promote…
As with Razak from Malasya Sachs finance another corrupt regime likeMaduro
against opposition protesters in Venezuela carried out by government of Nicolás Maduro.
You denounce anti semitism while being a friend of Nicolas Maduro! You have no idea how close you are…
Did you know?: in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the Alien tyrant, has forbidden all media to use the word "DICTATORSHIP" or any variant of it.
The blood of young Venezuelans weighs more than cents for supporting genocide Nicolas Maduro. So…
In an interview, Nicolas Maduro, who is an *** said that there 5 cardinal directions, probably one…
"We are in the middle of a class war.". Why I support Nicolas Maduro
finance corrupt narco terrorist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in S…
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'The greatest legacy of Chavez was the division of this country'
Maduro promises a referendum on Venezuela's constitution as deaths from unrest hit 62
Do not stain their hands with the blood of innocent victims of the dictator of Nicolas Maduro
Maduro promises a referendum on constitution as deaths hit 62
The NARCOregimen of Nicolas Maduro and his Bolivarian National Guard are killing our people! We need help!
Venezuela dies in the hands of Nicolas Maduro with the support of Unscrupulous…
SHAME ON YOU !. While you support nicolas maduro's regime in , he is ordering to murder our peop…
If people think Trump is stupid wait till they hear about Nicolas Maduro. Ese tipo es un retrasado mental.
SOS.Venezuela under the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro:more than 70 people killed during protests ,hunger,repression
Blog: Nicolas Maduro and Jeb Bush remind us why we voted for Trump
"Nicolas Maduro is the worst head of state that I have covered in this hemisphere," says
WATCH: Sen. blasts Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro for brutality oppressing the Venezuelan people. http…
This is Doctor Noya, he was arrested by the repressive forces of Nicolas Maduro while helping protesters affected by tear gas…
Here’s why Venezuela’s political and economic turmoil have spawned deadly protests
Tens of thousands of Venezuelans march against President Nicolas Maduro
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Its time explain why he accept 500k $ from CitgoPetroleum and the dictator Nicolas Maduro
how much tension can a govt endure? analysts say the way out of Venezuela's 🇻🇪 current turmoil is an election 🗳 https:/…
Protesters took to the streets in Venezuela, marching against the dictatorial regime of President Nicolas Maduro.…
Nicolás Maduro is gonna pay for what he's doing 👊😤
In dictator Nicolas Maduro gets to play m…
The deadly protests in Venezuela continue. Here's what you need to know.
Almost all murdered by opponents of the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro
In dictator Nicolas Maduro gets to play many roles .
Food shortages in Venezuela are lies! . If there were no food, president Nicolás Maduro wouldn't be fat.
anger is on the streets. But the ballot box remains key for change
The burning of in neighborhoods. Nicolas Maduro dolls set on fire throughout
This is how the people in San Félix, throws eggs ans stones to Nicolas Maduro.. We don't want this…
Crystal clear: "If Raul Castro and Nicolas Maduro both support a candidate Ecuadorians should know who NOT to vote for.…
Even Nicolás Maduro likes Trump lmao it doesn't surprise me at all
Dangerous and fearful Juan M Santos friend of Nicolas Maduro and terrorists farc
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In case anyone is wondering...its called the Nicolas Maduro Diet. More effective than Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem so…
Mr. Vice President, helping the people of Venezuela against the cruelty of Nicolas Maduro would be your biggest achievement in Human Rights.
Mr. Schumer the people of Venezuela needs your help against the tyrant Nicolas Maduro, millions are suffering a fate worse than war.
President McConnell Venezuela needs your support to fight against the dictator Nicolas Maduro, our people is suffering because of him.
"Loser: Venezuela—the country’s Supreme Court, loyal to current president Nicolas Maduro, ordered that the main...
The jugular of the regime of Nicolas Maduro is the $ per sale of the oil, cease already of the oil purchases.
Chileans rank Trump as 3rd worst world leader, after Evo Morales and Nicolas Maduro; Merkel and Pope best leaders:
President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has a starter video for Sr. Donald Trump on how to get along with US's Boliva…
You should not buy more oil to Venezuela Untill Nicolas Maduro leave the "presidency".
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro wants to kick out CNN for spreading “fake news” .
You know CNN is dead when Nicolas Maduro and Bernie Sanders accuse the network of spreading fake news, tyrannical cannib…
Mr. Trump help Venezuela, do you know Nicolas Maduro?
Mr. President do you know Nicolas Maduro, clean America first
Exactly. This is the same thing that Nicolas Maduro and Chavez (before him) say: that all news, except the government's is false
Venezuela names new mining minister. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro named a new mining minister on Sunday, the latest of several appo…
“Narco-dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro knows it’s lost people & votes. Only have repression and terrorism left.” . http…
Pres Nicolas Maduro said he wanted CNN out of Venezuela due to their “direct aggressions” against the country. .
more than 3 million d Venezuelans look for food in the trash due to poor government of Ni…
Hugo Chávez died on March 28, 2013. His vice president Nicolas Maduro announced his death and took over power.
Barack Obama targeted Hussain,Bin Laden & Gaddafi and got all three of them. needs to target Nicolas Maduro
president Nicolas Maduro on Saturday suspended the elimination of the country’s largest denomination...
Nicolás Maduro's claims that "mafias" in Colombia are stockpiling lorryloads of Venezuela's currency is unlikely
President Nicolas Maduro has delayed the withdrawal of the 100-bolivar banknote until 2 January.…
Venezuela: President Nicolas Maduro puts demonetisation on hold after protests, looting via
Great anti-imperialist president of Venezuela , Nicolas Maduro, prints his Bolivar bills in the US.
President Nicolás Maduro suspends the elimination of the country's largest denomination bill
President Nicolas Maduro cancels immediate scrapping of 100-bolivar note, extends its use to January 2
Nicolas Maduro: without the support of the Cuban Revolution, the road to the Bolivarian Revolution would have been tougher.
Adolph Hitler's modus operandi. Or closer to home, Castro brothers and Hugo Chaves and Nicolas Maduro.
Why are State Department diplomats meeting with Nicolas Maduro? - Hot Air
Iraqi church bells ring; Meeting with Jesuits; Meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
.is the living example of having talent but brains. How the *** you associate yourself with an assassin as Nicolás Maduro?
Instead of helping his hangs out with
So was there 2 support 's revolution? Couldn't you look for a better cause?
I'll judge the actor by whom he gets surrounded with. That's Nicolas maduro Jamie, shame on you
Are you out of your mind meeting Nicolas in If you long for the scourge of stay there!!!
I wonder if he flew there using those evil capitalist dollars he earned from those Verizon commercials . . .
Shame on you for posing with Nicolas Maduro. Standing next to tyrants just for money?
the Nicolás Maduro regime, which has been accused by several international organizations of human-rights violations.
Well. I'll never watch another Jamie Foxx movie again.
Is it TRUE that you went to Venezuela to kiss President Nicolas Maduro's *** He's just another Chavez style commie strongman!
. the safest thing is that you know that Nicolas Maduro born in Colombia, because they have not published?
. Since you're a communist & support Maduro, Move and live there, or North Korea.
Tell me again why i should go to the movies?.
vía The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced on Wednesday the ...
Foxx could serve better by bringing food to their hungry with his own financial gains. via
. that sadness when a person you think is intelligent and meets with a dictator like Nicolas Maduro
Another wealthy actor who has no clue what he's talking about.
Another useful *** serves interests of inhumane criminals -
Probably not going to help Jamie Fox campaign.
Why did you show Dudamel,a promoter of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro responsible for the death &misery of the Venezuelan people?
I do too, after all we know Trumpkin loves Vladimir Putin and Killary loves Nicolas Maduro.
TIL After the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, presidential candidate Nicolas Maduro claimed that a litt…
This won't go over well with Nicolas Maduro: John Kerry says Venezuela needs to respect constitution, permitting recall on t…
Popularity of Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro skyrockets, as Venezuelan people seek recall election to confirm his social…
So the brain dead Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accuses "capitalists" of charging too little for products. So he orders price increase
Nicolas Maduro prohibits charity org to distribute free food and medicine
Wasn't Hugo Chavez another bad guy the US wanted to get rid of?
A new favorite: Nicolas Maduro Chupalo (Zux! Remix)(Un Pequeño Remix) by ZUX! ✘w✘ on
.said he'd shave moustache if didn't build 1million social houses by 2016. He's keeping it h…
The fights of the Chavista people and Nicolás in 2015
B-B-But Western media told me living in Venezuela is worse than living in a Stalinist gulag on Pluto!!!
The whole world should know that NICOLAS MADURO'S REGIME is a criminal organization. IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK.
Did he answer something? What a guy! This is the American version of Nicolas Maduro. God help us!
I saw "Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro" and thought "Whoa, Chavez lost an election??? That's huge, how did I miss that?!"
Nicolas Maduro violated the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people! He violated the Constitution !!
Nicolas Maduro never accepted the results! incites violence! corruption and illegality is what supports !!
Nicolas Maduro saves mustache as he delivers the millionth home.
The world must know that NICOLAS MADURO'S REGIME will not allow the new Assembly take office on January 5 2016.
Where is the International Court of Justice that does not condemn Nicolas Maduro for his crimes against the Venezuelan people?
sandesh: A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro, during which they will discuss s…
Chile's President Bachelet's approval numbers are at Nicolas Maduro levels -- just around 24% in August
Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela. Kill innocents. Worse ... It is supported by the President of Brazil Dilma Dousseff!
How about being ruled by Cristina Kirchner or Nicolas Maduro?
Venezuelan Govt brings in Nicolas Maduro and Jorge Arreaza to discuss the late Hugo Sanchez's public image struggles
Nicolas Maduro government murdering the people of Venezuela, here is the proof
Nicolas Maduro is sworn in as Venezuelan president, succeeding the late Hugo Chavez who died of cancer in March…
Potter, are you sure there is no entry for Nicolás Maduro in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro snubs Felipe Gonzalez and catches bad case of the Spanish flu.
"It is, to say the least, unfortunate that Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, has allowed domestic pressures...
Every time I see Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro, he reminds me of a typical computer game villain. They're usually smarter though.
Interview with DW didn't explain cocaine business with
President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday in denouncing a
President Nicolas Maduro has demanded that neighbouring Guyana stop oil exploration in a disputed offshore territory.
Your are almost there Nicolas, please let them be free, I am begging you dont let them die!
Arreaza accepted the UN body's recognition on behalf of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
We are all a little bit hippy, a little bohemian. We take that from the culture we knew, from the '70s and the '80s.—Nicolas Maduro
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro demands that Guyana stop oil exploration in disputed offshore territory
Venezuela Boosts Infrastructure to Fight Opposition Attacks: President Nicolas Maduro says he will “modernize”...
FAO's corruption gave Nicolas Maduro an award that he doesn't deserve.
Nicolas Maduro is an embarrassment of global magnitude. No country deserves such a stupid imposter-terrorist.
The Catholic Church (before it becomes a disappearing faith) and the Pope must stand up and condemn Nicolas Maduro to death in
DEAD or ALIVE: Nicolas Maduro must be brought before a court of people's justice. judicial system is under siege by terrorists.
Nicolas Maduro is a traitor & an imposter who defends terrorists and drug lords while destroying a nation. What happened to the word DEFENSE
The World is Sick. do not need to be so complacent and accommodating with the destructive government of Nicolas Maduro.
The government has denounced a decree by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as a flagrant violation of international law.
Nicolás Maduro essentially annexes the territorial waters of Guyana after the latter discovers oil in the Atlantic.
Nicolas Maduro could not have a mother. No mother could be responsible for delivering such cowardice and evil into this world.
ATTENTION ALL TALKING VENEZUELANS. Save Leopoldo Lopez - he represents some of your greatest. Lose him and you keep Nicolas Maduro.
CARACAS, June 6 (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday he had canceled a planned trip to Rome, during which he
"The recent decree by President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela laying claim to Guyana’s territory is setting the...
How much Nicolas Maduro pay you for that prize? I got a couple a bucks that I can spare cause it seems that you sell yourself cheap
Chavez died under blade of communism. Allegedly Fidel had him killed to replace with Colombian born puppet-man Nicolas Maduro
When Leopoldo Lopez dies as greatest inspiration and valiant leader, will have only Nicolas Maduro as leader.
Nicolas Maduro is pushing his luck beyond all limits. Everybody is wishing him dead. May wishes come true.
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God I know you have a plan and all, but can't you make an exception and take Nicolas Maduro a little early.? Thks, Venezuela.
giving an award to Nicolás Maduro is plain embarassing. Have you ever been to Venezuela? Have you seen what's going on there?
President Nicolas Maduro on May 27 issued a decree creating the “Atlantic coast of Venezuela.”
President Nicolas Maduro at the International Congress "Inventing the democracy of the 21st [...]
Nicolas Maduro claims he went to college, no proof, unless there's a university of higher learning in transportation.
Look who'll be in Rome: Nicolas Maduro, to see the Pope. Venezuelan clergy made sure Francis had briefing beforehand. http:/…
Maduro cancels trip to Rome and meeting with the Pope because of a 'flu spell': Venezuelan President Nicolas M...
Ear infection is reason given for Nicolás Maduro to cancel Pope meeting. Ya think? Perhaps it was earful he might have gotte…
PANAMA CITY — Nicolas Maduro had barely gotten off his plane at the Summit of the Americas on…
president becoming more and more like a dictator: Given power to rule by decree
Nicolas Maduro stay giving Obama heart attack, more powers to rule by decree 🙌
CARACAS (Reuters) - Ridiculing the U.S. qualification of Venezuela as a security threat, President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday he may
Parliament granted Nicolas Maduro the power to rule by decree in response to a US order imposing sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials?
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro today announced his government is implementing a new $160 visa for all U.S.
Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro given power to rule by decree | World news: submitted by koavf [link] [7...
I'm glad Nicolas Maduro is initiating military drills in Venezuela. They do NOT want a repeat of April 2002 all over again.
Venezuela's Maduro to govern by decree: The Venezuelan parliament has approved a law giving President Nicolas ...
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was given the power Sunday to rule by decree through t…
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been granted the power to govern by decree until 31 December.
Maduro Granted Power to Rule by Decree: Venezuela's parliament granted President Nicolas Maduro new powers Sun...
Venezuelan lawmakers give president new legislative powers: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raises his fist during a rally in Caracas…
Venezuelan parliament approves law giving President Nicolas Maduro power to legislate by decree for 9 months -
Venezuelan lawmakers grant President Nicolas Maduro new legislative powers
“Venezuelan lawmakers give president new legislative powers
Do whatever you want just stay in your borders simpletons. Venezuelan lawmakers give president new legislative powers
Venezuela's Maduro to govern by decree: The so-called "anti-imperialist" law gives President Nicolas Maduro po...
Venezuelan lawmakers give president new legislative powers
Venezuelan Pres H.E Nicolas Maduro arrives at President's House to pay courtesy call to President Carmona
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared Bush and Cheney terrorists for their war crimes
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro claims to have U.S. pilot 'recruiting citizens to stage coup' | Daily Mail Online
Mr President : Nicolas Maduro exerts illegally Venezuelan Presidency, due to the fact that he was born in Cucuta, Colombia !!
Democratically Elected Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, states a coup was planned by &
The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, orders the takeover of a private supermarket chain by the state food agency.
Venezuela. Any intelligent President should have the balls to listen to his people. Nicolas Maduro is a dumb *** castro-comunista sin bolas.
The coup attempt was foiled by patriotic and progressive army of Venezuela that stood firmly with president Nicolas Maduro
Diosdados Cabello, Nicolas Maduro, and Jorge Rodriguez actually wants to ASSASSINATE Leopoldo Lopez! But they lied about Opposition!
John could you please do a piece/skit/set on the ANIMAL of a president that goes by the name of Nicolas Maduro?! (Venezuela).
Maduro highlights people's strength before attacks against Venezuela by the international right
Is there a Nicolas Maduro hyperinflation scenario?
Video: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the new sanctions impose
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the owners of an unnamed chain of shops have been arrested for artificially creating long queues.
Nicolas calls for relationship w/US based on diplomacy & end to plan to destabilise his gov
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro seeks to reconcile with the U.S.
Nicolás Maduro wants names of citizens who support sanctions against Venezuela.
Refrain from engaging in any sort of talks with Nicolás Maduro, as this would only give his regime a desperately needed new air
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United States does not recieved any documents from UNASUR on Venezuela. So, Nicolas Maduro LIED front of the PUBLIC EYES !
God will throw the lightning at you, Nicolas Maduro, real soon! Venezuelan Resistance SHALL OVERCOME THIS, and YOUR EMPIRE SHALL FALL!
[NicolasMaduro led commemoration of 23 years of revolutionary rebellion 4F | Blog Nicolas Maduro:
Military intelligence of the USA It predicts that the government of Nicolás Maduro will see faced … vía
Prez Nicolas Maduro desires diplomacy based relationship with US & end to US plan to destabilise his govt.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the U.S. is trying to overthrow his government.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for a relationship with the…
Venezuela seeks mediation with US: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls for a relationship with the US ba...
Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro met with Chinese business leaders who will invest in Venezuelan social projects.
International tour! President Maduro arrives in China: The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, arrived ...
Will Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's world tour cut production and boost the price of oil?
In his committed efforts towards promoting made-in-Ghana goods, President John Mahama wore Fugu, a traditional Ghanaian smock, Thursday to the inauguration ceremony of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia. The ceremony which took place before the National Congress had in attendance representatives from over 130 countries. President Mahama, Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, Bolivia’s Evo Morales and other world leaders like vice presidents Joe Biden and Li Yuanchao of the United States and China graced the occasion The Fugu, which used to be an exclusive regalia for chiefs, traditional rulers and authorities in northern Ghana, shot to international prominence when Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, first president of Ghana, with five of other freedom fighters wore it on the eve of Independence Day on March 6,2014 at the Old Polo grounds. The smock has since become a national attire and pride worn by people from all backgrounds across the country to national events and other functions. President Mahama recently ...
This Country Has Offered To Adopt Gaza’s Orphans In a gesture of solidarity, the President of Latin American country Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro recently announced that his country is ready, willing and able to adopt the child survivors of the recent War on Gaza. Venezuela is in the process of setting up a facility that will thereafter serve as a shelter for Gazan orphans, if Hamas agrees. Maduro said in an address on national TV, that the nation will welcome Palestinian child survivors who have no family to take them in. His offer comes as 60 entire Gazan families have been obliterated, and many more have only child survivors who are now orphans. Maduro called on other countries to do the same and open their doors to orphan refugees. “We’re proposing in the heart of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) that a shelter is created in our countries carrying the name of Hugo Chavez, to bring in the children of this war,” Maduro said. Venezuela’s foreign minister additionally s ...
Much respect to these two countries; (Mauritania & Venezuela) "As a response to the Gaza War, relations were frozen with Israel in January 2009. In February 2009, Mauritania recalled its ambassador from Israel, and on 6 March 2009 staff were evicted from the Israeli embassy in Nouakchott, and given 48 hours to leave Mauritania. Israel officially closed the embassy later in the day, according to an announcement by its Foreign Affairs Ministry. By 21 March 2010 all diplomatic relations between the two states had officially come to an end." "In the wake of the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict, Venezuela broke all diplomatic ties with Israel, condemning its actions. On April 27, 2009, Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro met with Palestinian National Authority foreign affairs minister Riyad al-Maliki in Caracas, where formal diplomatic relations were established between the two." And others that do not recognise Israel as a state or do not have diplomatic relations; (both UN & non-UN members) Africa: ...
Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro lead the 35th anniversary celebration of the Sandinista Revolution in the square of faith in Managua.
But even worse, Nicolas Maduro is 10x worse than Hugo Chavez abused the power & ignores the people's voices. His platform is falling apart.
Venezuelan protests rage on as the government of Nicolas Maduro commemorates the death of Hugo Chavez
President Maduro calls on boosting revolution with people's unity: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on giving a boost to th...
Venezuela rejects adverse ruling of vulture funds against Argentina: The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, on behalf of the Ven...
Maduro: It’s time to define and tell whether you are with the Revolution: The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said it is t...
Maduro called to fight dissolving forces seeking to colonize back the country: The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro during t...
Maduro conveys condolence on passing of former President: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed Tuesday...
this words, match perfectly to the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Enough
Maduro participates in graduation of 3574 Police Service graduates and TSU: The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, participat...
Likewise, Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro used to be a bus conductor before becoming the country's oppressive facist president. Humble origins!
President Nicolas claims plot to assassinate him
Mr Kerry called on Pres Nicolas Maduro to reopen negotiations with the opposition SORRY Kerry we don't negotiate w terrorist like Obama does
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro using the nation’s dwindling supply of dollars to enrich bondholders
RINF Alternative News Speaking on his weekly radio show, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that the United States are involved in a plot to a
Have you heard ‘Rap Venezolano Contra Nicolas Maduro’ by OpVenezuela on
LAST MINUTE: at 3 a.m. Judge announces verdict . . denying freedom to Leopoldo Lopez and DICTATORSHIP IN VENEZUELA is confirmed! Btw..Not surprised at all! The Justice system is controlled by the pockets of Diosdado Cabello and Nicolas Maduro.
"In compliance with Art.350 of our Constitution, I declare myself against the DICTATOR Nicolas Maduro"
Rejecting US claims that the Venezuelan State Permits Human Rights Abuses By VSC MEDIA & INFORMATION WORKING GROUP, June 4th 2014 TAGS 2014 Opposition Protests Human Rights US Sanctions 2014 On 28 May, the US House of Representatives voted for the Obama government to impose sanctions against Venezuela. The decision followed votes in the Foreign Relations’ Committees of both Congress and the Senate approving the ‘Venezuelan Human Rights and Democracy Protection Act’. The vote is not binding but adds to political pressure for President Obama to impose sanctions. This Bill targets would provide at least US$15 million additional funding to Venezuelan opposition groups. It would also allow U.S. President Barack Obama to freeze assets and ban US visits by any current or former Venezuelan government official responsible for “directing significant acts of violence or serious human rights abuses against persons associated with the anti-government protests in Venezuela.” This call for sanctions is based o ...
The problem of global climate change is distressing almost everyone. While a small minority may deny its existence, or question reports on its causes among the scientific community, it is universally recognized as a serious cause for concern. The super-hurricanes over the last decade are closely linked to rising temperatures of sea water, and this is just a small taste of what may lie ahead. Something must be done, the question is what? The responses of governments around the world to the environmental crisis, and its catastrophic weather events, have varied. Various treaties have been signed. Various international conferences have been convened to discuss the issue. A great deal of research has been conducted, and many different plans for changing the relationship of humans to the ecosystem have been proposed. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has just announced its plan to fight climate change. Claudia Salerno, Vice Minister for North America at the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations, explained ...
Sen. Harry Reid Majority Leader US Senate Washington, DC 20510 May 29, 2014 Dear Sen. Reid, We, the undersigned organizations and individuals strongly oppose bills in both Houses of Congress to impose sanctions on Venezuela during a time when the Venezuelan government and democratic forces in the opposition are in formal talks mediated by the Vatican and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). We do not think that sanctions would in any way contribute to a peaceful resolution of the problems facing Venezuelans in this polarized environment. Sanctions against Venezuela would be all too reminiscent of the failed 55-year US policy of sanctions against Cuba. Each year in the UN General Assembly, the US policy toward Cuba is condemned by a nearly unanimous vote of the Community of Nations. At the beginning of his presidency, President Barack Obama promised Latin America a new chapter in US relations. Instead Latin America has witnessed the same old policies of interference in their sovereign affairs and ...
love of the revolution for our Venezuelan people, living my Nicolas Maduro President
which received the Ex-Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Current President's Day and the day 11/12/2006
NICOLAS MADURO. I wish you long life to your thieves and murderes to your *** repressors GNB to view prisoners rotting in jail paid all
. Capture and Imprison Nicolas Maduro. He must be held accountable. . Dead or Alive - Who votes in favour of the first option?
Nicolas Maduro incarcerated Leopoldo for causing massive riots and distress in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro, let him free after serving jail time (2 months roughly) And we call Venezuela a human rights abuse country. American propaganda. AMERICAN PROPAGANDA.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims US plot to assassinate him
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims US wants to assassinate him
President Nicolas Maduro has alleged plot to oust his government & assassinate him.
President Nicolas Maduro demands US explain role in plot to oust his government and assassinate him!
International Headlines Later this week, Nicolas Maduro, The President of Venezuela, will reveal the emails of high profile USA leaders planning to assassinate him and change the foundations of the Venezuelan constitution. Ukraine military admitted it showered 150 missiles to the city of Lugansk Russia sends its 400 politicians to military training supervised by the defence minister. China block some information on Google ahead of this week’s 25th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Obama want good relations with Russia and is looking forward to work with Sisi British intelligence agency has three “above-top-secret” spy bases located in Oman, where it taps in to various undersea cables passing through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian/Arabian Gulf German firms are running to Africa in search of trade Passenger lands United Boeing 737 after pilot got ill on air.
Coup d'etat and assassination against President Nicolas Maduro engineered by sectors of the opposition with USA support.
Venezuelan presidente Nicolas Maduro was born in 3 different places? Watch this video
is not silent and lunge against Nicolas Maduro
[The Agreement in support of investigations Assassination Plans against President Nicolas Maduro
Nicolás Maduro: "The mainstream media, who always criticized advances in Latin America, wants to damage
Nicolás Maduro: "We're proud to receive the in South American territory".
Nicolás Maduro: "There's a world campaign against the (in Spanish).
In Venezuela the continued violation of human rights law has become thanks to the government of Nicolas Maduro.
Nicolas Maduro as a dictator, tortures and kills venezuelans just because do not accept his corrupt communism
The Dictator Nicolas Maduro, doesn't know what to do in order to annul the senator .
[Nicolás Maduro: The III Congress it should be taken seriously PartidoPSUV NicolasMaduro
Economic and visa sanction against Nicolas Maduro and Venezuelan dictatorship responsible for violating human rights
[Meeting with President Nicolas Maduro political High Command of the Revolution (Photo: VNA)
Therefore, the government of Nicolás Maduro is targeted permanent coup conspiracies.
“Táchira's student Angelly Pernía kidnapped and tied to a bed by The Dictatorship Nicolas Maduro
[. Rafaellacava10: The Pres. Nicolas Maduro is making huge efforts to bring prosperity to the people
while I'm into shows of solidarity and interesting news items, admittedly I'd prefer a hello in person, …
[Nicolas Maduro: The Third Congress of the PSUV should be taken seriously
Long LIVE students, our future, our heroes, FREEDOM fighters agains't the tirany and brutality of Nicolas Maduro's regime in Venezuela
As American and Venezuelan citizens and residents, we are respectfully asking your support and immediate action to stop the tyranny, and the killings of innocent Venezuelan Citizens exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest the government of Nicolas Maduro. Such protests started early February and were mainly lead by university students demanding a better future for themselves and the generations to come.
Happy Birthday Leopoldo Lopez Video of his most recent public speech right before surrendering himself to the regime of Nicolas Maduro. Leopoldo López is a Venezuelan politician and economist, currently serving as National Coordinator of Venezuelan political party Voluntad Popular. Born in Caracas on 29 April 1971, he received a degree in Sociology from Kenyon College, and later Master of Public Policy from Harvard University. López, who led the 2014 protests in Caracas, was arrested on 18 February under charges of arson, terrorism, and homicide. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other international human-rights groups condemned his arrest as politically motivated.
[Video: Nicolas Maduro is one year as president of Venezuela
This is happening right now in Venezuela, followers of Nicolas Maduro, the president, torture students in the university
Order: Nicolas Maduro has launched the law ordering landlords to sell their ... - Daily Mail.
Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, promoted his armed forces for murdering innocent and peaceful students.
Thanks to the New York Times, we get another "op-ed" from a dictator. Nicolas Maduro is worried that Obama might have him killed and he's upset that Air Canada won't fly to his country any more. Now that we've heard from him and Putin, when do Kim Jong Un and Robert Mugabe get their column space?
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