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Nicolae Ceausescu

Nicolae Ceaușescu (26 January 1918 – 25 December 1989) was a Romanian Communist politician. He was General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, and as such was the country's last Communist leader.

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Nicolae Ceausescu thought Hafez al-Assad was a joke. Ceausescu was killed by his own people.…
Pol Pot, Idi Amin, the Kim Dynasty, and Nicolae Ceausescu are in the same league, but not the American left.
We call it cult of personality. Trump is the American version of Kim Jong Un, Nicolae Ceausescu, Idi Amin, Benito Mussolini
Wish he went the way of Nicolae Ceausescu. Faced the wall
Giving cops powers to search people without cause at music festivals would make Nicolae Ceausescu proud
Nicolae Ceausescu liked an audience while he worked in his office, and an orchestra. An audience and an orchestra.
Nicolae Ceaușescu couldn't comprehend the people had turned against his authority even as he was being…
It's almost impossible to remember ALL the things Nicolae Ceausescu has done 😑
Go to *** you CRETIN! I hope indigenous people of Europe will give you f…
HISTORY: Daily Mail front page in 1989 when Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was executed. Was welcomed on state…
The 'accomplishments of the Romanian Communist Party under the wise leadership of General Secretary…
It could have been a meeting of the 'Political Executive Committee' of the Romanian Communist Party…
In 1977, communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu announced plans for the mines, offering locals ... via
The Romanian Revolution ended Communist rule in Romania and led to Nicolae Ceasescu's execution. http…
Romania was very aggressively promoting terror when it was a Soviet Bloc St under Nico…
Romanian President Iohannis must have thought he was transformed back to the days of Nicolae Ceaușescu during his meetings with Trump!
In all seriousness though, my ancestors brutally murdering Nicolae Ceaușescu & Pals was…
Not long to go... Come see me play Nicolae Ceausescu.
The street protests have been on a scale not seen since the fall of communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989.
Nicolae Ceausescu visited WH met with Kissinger& Nixon.Kissinger sought his help to get appointment with Mao, the beginning of China contact
Queen Elizabeth II has hosted Idi Amin and Nicolae Ceausescu. . She is the epitomize of graceful, selfless duty. . She ca…
I am gleefully awaiting the USA's Nicolae Ceaușescu moment. I'm believing more and more it will happen.
has become the new Nicolae Ceausescu, especially on issues of abortion.
Hmmm I wonder why I keep thinking of Nicolae Ceausescu From
Nicolae Ceaușescu had a palace covered with gold and got richer and richer while people struggled. Also a
Can't help but think about Nicolae Ferdinand Marcos and other former dictators/presidents when I see what's happening in US
This is what a dictator's house looks like. [left: Trump Tower; right: Ceaucescu's BR]…
For ABC reader who obviously don't know about Nicolae Ceaușescu this link might help with pronunciation A pre-read?
How bad are journo? Newsreader just pronounced Nicolae Ceausescu (chow-chess-cue) as Nicolas Cessu. Illiterates rule at
well the other 2 branches of government exist so that we don't end up with Nicolae Ceausescu, for whom you're a dead ringer
when a country has it's own Nicolae Ceausescu, big trouble! And we all know how that ended!
People can use Romania as an example. Case-in-point...Nicolae Ceausescu. The people can take a country back from a megalomaniac.
Same people that got rid of Nicolae Ceaușescu will win this easy.
not to upstage another...I went.thru Nicolae ceausescu's priv. Res.,back in Sept. Romania had just opened the place to the public
HM Queen knows how to deal with awkward visitors, apparently she hid behind a hedge to avoid Romania's Nicolae Ceausescu!
What's occurring in Europe tonight? Has Nicolae Ceausescu been resurrected?
The Labour Party, slighty more out of touch with the populace than Nicolae Ceaușescu when his back was against the wall.
Good on tear all corrupt politicians down. Show them what happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu.
It's one of the largest protests since the fall of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989
"Nicolae Ceausescu, known as much for his love of literature as for his expertise in other fields. A Renaissance ma…
Romania is experiencing its biggest mass demonstrations since the protests that overthrew Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1989. htt…
Remember when Nicolae & Elena Ceaușescu were convicted of treason in an hour & shot in front of a pile of gravel? Good times.
Usually when leaders think themselves invincible, their downfall is nigh ...remember Nicolae Ceaușescu's fall? History on replay
I like to think that your filming in Romania was the complete official kick in the balls to Nicolae Ceaușescu.
Useless fact of the day Late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s Mercedes is in Ireland.
In the 80's, Nicolae Ceaușescu decided to allow the show "Dallas" to be aired in Romania.. the last western...
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EU commissars should keep in mind how Nicolae Ceausescu ended up - Tyrants aren't bulletproof - The EU isn't
"The fetus is the property of the entire society" - Nicolae Ceausescu
PM Nawaz Sharif is Pakistani Nicolae Ceaușescu and his end would be the same. .
Like Pol Pot, Stalin, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Mao and so many who filled their bank with people's blood.
Nicolae Ceausescu's Mercedes to be sold at auction for the benefit of more than 60 Romanian special needs orphans -
Tomorrow, searcg page will celebrate diversity by highlighting the life of beloved Romanian visionary Nicolae Ceaușescu.
Romania: Shadows of a Revolution. The fall of Nicolae Ceausescu took place in December of 1989 and with that the...
So it'll be like a Nicolae Ceaușescu wet dream, if designed by the royal Saudi interior decorator at Versailles?.
When Terry Gilliam first started talking about his Don Quixote project, Nicolae Ceausescu was still living the life of Riley in Bucarest.
One Lebanese MP compares situation in Beirut to the last days of Nicolae Ceaușescu. Great to hear he can predict his future.
Nicolae Ceausescu died for the Republican Party's sins.
The Queen admits giving evil communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu a lift in her carriage.
I liked a video Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena ceausescu executed.
The Irony is, that's what Nicolae Ceausescu thought before his sudden demise. Sometime Justice does prevail.over Evil.
You almost want to watch MT Life of Pres Nicolae Ceaușescu, friend to Great Leader Kim Il-Sung, memorialized in 15 part TV Doc
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One day the Dear leader may end up like Nicolae Ceaușescu,
Remember when Nicolae Ceaușescu came out onto the balcony to speak?. Blairism & the Third Way are going the same way as Ceausescu, end of.
Erdoğan’s new house is very similar to the palace of Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and Kim Jong-un of North Korea.
A fine example of the Nicolae Ceausescu school of architecture. His people loved it, loved him to death for it.
vinces99 writes "Under the rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, thousands of Romanian children were placed in...
I remember once my dad was Tryna trash talk n told me I look like Nicolae Ceausescu. Lmfaooo
Nothing to do with anything, but this is an amazing video of Nicolae Ceausescu meeting Kim Il-sung.
I added a video to a playlist History Channel Nicolae Ceausescu The Unrepentant Tyrant
We cant trust anybody, even to our family. © Nicolae Ceausescu
Alexandra Stan is the best thing to have come out of Romania since Nicolae Ceausescu
OK but seriously in the book he's in no way a romantic hero. He's a monster. As was Nicolae Ceaușescu come to think of it.
I remember people making arguments for Dracula saying he was a national hero, that is in no small part due to Nicolae Ceaușescu.
Both Vlad the impaler and Nicolae Ceaușescu thought he was a pretty good guy
Did you know that notorious Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaușescu had a younger brother also named Nicolae?
2/2 Remember when the West hugged Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu? remembers and steals the moves (but he hopes not the end)
"I believe it to be the most common plight in North America: overly-full bellies with starving souls. A good friend of the family who grew up during the harsh, impoverished dictatorship era of Nicolae Ceausescu's Romania said: '...Once I came to North America, it seemed as though unlike home -- where many died of starvation from lack of food & resources -- here they die of empty souls' it was a very eye-opening moment." ~ Adrian Devin Mathews
TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: King Juan Carlos of Spain recently announced that he is stepping down after nearly 40 years on the throne. Juan Carlos is credited with introducing reforms to dismantle the regime of what former dictator? A • Augusto Pinochet B • Benito Mussolini C • Fidel Castro D • Francisco Franco E • Nicolae Ceausescu
In Romania, we have a saying. Heroes are born in glory and die in misery. Like Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and Nicolae Ceausescu, Muammar Gaddafi was one of those men who sacrificed themselves for their country. May you rest in peace.
What is it with the fetish that the most egregious dictators in recent history have with Mercedes Benz stretch limousines? Pol Pot's 1973 Mercedes W115 black stretch limo is now up for auction. But it isn't as if the dictator actually bought it. He inherited it as war booty from his predecessor, the right wing lunatic Lon Nol. After Mr. Pot returned to the jungle it was spotted being used as a fruit truck by a watermelon farmer delivering his produce to market. Then, British expat Paul Freer scooped it up for a song. But Mr. Freer's hobby of cars and motorcycles has not gone over well with the wife. She, a survivor of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime, refuses to ride in the vehicle. Freer has decided to put the vehicle up for sale and donate proceeds to the publication of my book "Sympathy for the Devil." “She definitely doesn’t share my passion for oil and iron,” said Freer dryly. “It’s quite fitting that the car finally has an opportunity to be put to good use and that I’m able to help someone w ...
I didn't realize this: About a month after Nadia Comaneci defected to America, Romania's Communist government was overthrown and dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was executed.
*** LETTER TO BRITISH PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON*** We have been given the opportunity to send a letter to PM David Cameron, which was personally delivered to him by a friend of his. Fingers crossed he will message Basescu! It would be great if you can all send a letter to your PM's asking them to do the same! Dear Prime Minister, The plight of stray dogs in Romania and the reluctance of the Romanian authorities to cooperate with foreign rescuers We are writing to ask for your help in our efforts to alleviate some of the dreadful cruelty currently being endured by stray dogs in Romania. A tragic combination of circumstances has coincided to create a perfect storm of suffering for dogs in Romania: A problem of street dogs that goes back to the time of communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, a post-communist situation of relative poverty and widespread corruption, availability of EU funding, popular discontent, the tragic death of a small boy and a government looking for scapegoats. The outcome has been that ...
Hadi bir video da benden...Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena ceausescu exe…:
Morar impersonated the last ruler of Communist Romania, Nicolae Ceauşescu
The citizens did not see it coming and even defended them at some point. Nicolae Ceaușescu. Mobutu Seso Seko. Idi Amini
DIY guide to becoming a dictator courtesy of *** Chi Minh and Nicolae Ceausescu.
Reminds me of my family being persecuted under Nicolae Ceaușescu
The Palace of the People in Romania, built by Nicolae Ceaușescu as his mansion while he ruled that country (1967-89)
File:Nicolae Ceaucescu 1978... . Ceaușescu with US President Jimmy Carter during a state visit to the USA (1978)
Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife with Emperor Hirohito during a visit in Tokyo in 1975...
The presidential couple is received by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in June 1978... Nicolae Ceaușescu
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"such as Vladimir Lenin, Benito Mussolini, Nicolae Ceaușescu and Joseph Stalin were of below average height." well
Ugly weather outside the window, so I have perfect day at home with drink, Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu biography or some film with Liz Taylor
This article left out his other dictator BFF, Ceausescu:.
Same politics like Nicolae Ceausescu during 1980-89.
While watching a Nicolae Ceaușescu documentary on I has the sudden realization that Romania is a real country.
Nicolae Ceausescu sentence and execution 1989: via
Nemesis '89 - Execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu: via
Via PHOTOGALLERY EXECUTION – The place where Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu we...
Novak, Donald Trump, the Devil and the ghost of Nicolae Ceaușescu meet every Tuesday night for a Poker tournament.
December 25, 1868 - President Andrew Johnson granted general amnesty to all those involved in the Civil War. December 25, 1926 - Hirohito became Emperor of Japan. December 25, 1989 - In Romania, a television broadcast of a Christmas symphony was interrupted with the announcement that Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife had been executed following a popular uprising. A pro-democracy coalition then took control. Ceausescu, a hard-line Communist, had been ousted from power after ordering his black-shirted state police to suppress a disturbance in the town of Timisorara, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 4,500 persons.
THE FIRST QUESTION PEOPLE ASK WHEN THEY hear that you have just spent an hour with Nicolae Ceausescu is, ''How did he look?'' So it went with the hotel concierge, the restaurant waiter, the taxi driver, the travel-agency clerk and foreign diplomats in Bucharest. The implication of the question, and much of what is said in the police state that is Rumania deals in implications and inferences, was whether President Ceausescu has long to live. A year ago, he had been out of action for weeks, the rumor being that he had prostate cancer. But now, the 68-year-old leader seemed, to the nondiagnostic eye, more or less fit. I had asked to see Ceausescu in March, just 20 years after he barred me from Rumania while I was serving as Balkan correspondent of The New York Times. The reason for the ban, suggested but never made explicit, was an article I had written, based on many interviews, saying that Ceausescu, then in power for one year, appeared to be scarcely known in the Rumanian countryside. Ten years later, I w ...
Here is another a documentary that I find interesting. This one on one of the most hated tyrants of the 20th Century, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. From 1965 to his execution in 1989, he was the absolute ruler of the Romanian people and like both Kim Il-Sung & Pol Pot, developed a Stalin-like style of communism (complete with a massive personality cult to brainwash the population) but which also had strong nationalistic themes and messages. Of all the Eastern bloc communist leaders of all the Warsaw Pact countries that came to power after Stalin's death, Ceausescu was the worst. His cruelty, and that his wife Elena, knew no limits, and established one of the most notorious secret police forces ever seen. Ceausescu was hated by his own people and many world leaders: Mikhail Gorbachev despised him and despite the polite appearances given in the program, The Queen hated having to received him. She hated greeting Ceausescu because of what the Romanian communists had done to her heroic cousin King . ...
Some prayers are so stupid. People in finding that GEJ is getting more supporters daily fashioned a prayer "may God do to you what GEJ is doing to Nigeria. Say Amen" So God should take a cue from man? So we are to compare Godly love and care and provision to that of mortal man? To say amen to "may God do to you what your mother does to you" is even very foolish cos your mother's love is nothing compared to that of God. I am Christian and this is what my faith has taught me to believe. Maybe I should say the same prayer to those who pray it, that may God treat them as Ahmadu Bello, Awolowo and Ojukwu and even Mandela and Obama treats their followers. No politician and what they do should be compared to God. Herod was struck down for same Comparison as was Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania. Dont joke with God like that.
Chubby hot chops David Cameron Feeling cold? Put on a jumper! Echoes of Nicolae Ceausescu know what happened to him
Communism is responsible for millions of deaths – more, even, than Nazi Germany in just the Soviet Union alone. Communists such as Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu and others have killed millions of people. But The Soviet Union stands out as the worst.
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TOMATO FACT Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu visited New York City in 1978, protesters threw tomatoes and eggs at his motorcade. Ceausescu protested to Mayor Ed Koch, who downplayed the incident, asking, "A couple of tomatoes and a few eggs?" The dictator joined a long history of tomato targets. Others include Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Frank Sinatra and Cubs slugger Hack Wilson. And the Paris debut of Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" was tainted by tomato tossers. TOMATO FESTIVAL here July 13th.NOT tomorrow as posted earlier.oops!!!
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Cold War International History Project ha compartido el siguiente enlace y ha comentado esto: Today in '73, Ceausescu & North Korean officials discuss Pyongyang's economic situation & reunification. Nicolae Ceausescu, we are extremely glad that you invited us to visit your country. From the very beginning, I would like to warmly thank...
In 1967: The Toronto Maple Leafs won their last Stanley Cup, "The Boston Strangler" Alberto DeSalvo is sentenced to life in prison, the St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series in 7 games, the Lunar Orbiter 4 satellite is launched into space by the U.S., Murderer Richard Speck is sentenced to death by electric chair for killing 8 Chicago nursing students, "Respect" by Aretha Franklin is released, The Doors released their self-titled debut album, Che Guevara, and his fellow rebels are captured in Bolivia, Nicolae Ceausescu becomes de facto leader of Romania, the National Hockey League adds 6 new teams, Disney's "The Jungle Book" is released into theaters, the Green Bay Packers win the now-infamous "Ice Bowl" over the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African-American Supreme Court Justice in U.S. History, and Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu. OH, YEAH! A young man named Miguel Angel Fontanez married an even younger (& prettier) lady, Evelyn Flores. . ...
Just like Barack Obama, Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro also released criminal prisoners. At a breakfast this morning Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denounced the news media for revealing that the agency released over 2,000 illegal…
Barack Obama is employing tactics that have been used by people like Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro.
Karen Vaughan CHALLENGE! We plan on attending the 'DAY OF RESISTANCE' on 2/23/2013 in Dallas - Let's see HOW many posts we can get with pics and video from the REST of the Great State of TEXAS! Dallas-Fort Worth Day of Resistance Dallas Fort Worth Day of Resistance Rally February 23, 2013 2:00 pm 8100 Doran Circle Dallas, Texas 75238 Hosted by Sharon Russell Former GOP candidate iCaucus Texas State Director KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Virginia Prodan was an attorney in Communist Romania under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu. She became a target of the Securitate, Romania's secret police, when she became a Christian and began fighting religious persecution in that country. She was granted political asylum by the Reagan Administration in 1988, and currently practices law in Dallas, Texas. Along with a host of other conservative patriots: Invocation: Michelle Smith CWA- Associate State Director Speakers: Ken Emanuelson Gail Spurlock R.W. Bray Robert Palmer Matt Rinaldi George H. Rodriguez Key note Speak Virginia Prodan
As a young stone cutter conscripted into the Romanian army, Lawrence Voaides sometimes had to work on statues of Nicolae Ceausescu. He believes his most recent work in Toronto will stand the test of time far better
Politicians look weird: when he was young, Nicolae Ceausescu looked like he should have been a pianist in a jazz big band, while Canadian PM William Lyon Mackenzie King looked like he should have been playing Chief Inspector Dreyfus in a Pink Panther movie.
What is a tryant? and before you read this..THINK and ask yourself.. would any of these people have consukted Dr's lawyers Psychologists Sheriffs police, lawyers and clergy before making a decision??? Fidel Castro--Founder of Communist Cuba, Castro took power (1959-2008) through a revolution. He transferred power to his brother in 2008. The Castro brothers ruled through force and have driven hundreds of thousands of people to flee Cuba for a better life in the United States. Castro involved Cuba in multiple wars and revolutions throughout Latin America and Africa. Raul Castro--Became leader of Cuba (2008-Present) upon the illness of his brother, Fidel Castro. Raul worked with Fidel to establish their Communist dictatorship and to suppress basic freedoms for the Cuban people. Nicolae Ceausescu--Communist dictator of Rumania (1965-1989). Ruled on the Stalinist model and through a cult of personality. Considered one of the more ruthless Communist rulers in Eastern Europe. Ceausescu was overthrown and execut ...
Mourinho-haters will point out that he shares b-day with Jorg Haider, Andrew Ridgeley and Nicolae Ceausescu.
Interesting clip from "The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu" (2010), directed by Andrei Ujica.
I Just want a house like Nicolae Ceaușescu had, is that too much to ask for? I think not.
Nicolae Ceausescu - the right to a prosperous, safe homeland enjoys clear priority Sounds like Harper. Not funny.
In one of the last interviews before his fall, Nicolae Ceausescu was asked by a western journalist how he justified the fact that Romanian citizens could not travel freely abroad although freedom of movement was guaranteed by the constitution. His answer was in the best tradition of Stalinist sophis...
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Do all dictator's homes look the same?! Nicolae Ceauşescu residence in Bucharest!
Could AZ be Pakistan' Nicolae Ceaușescu? Listening to the buffoon RMalik it seems its a matter of time
Shocking health statistics have revealed how Romanian women went through more than 22 million abortions as a result of policies introduced by Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
This is Nicolae Ceaușescu, Dictator of Romania, at the age of 18. Just like Stalin: pretty boy -> dictator.
Grabber in Chief should Google Nicolae Ceaușescu. See what happens when people get fed up.
Zardari you would killed like Nicolae Ceaușescu.
Brian Reade in the Mirror excellent discription of Wenger, likens him to Nicolae Ceausescu, buy your followers.
Sitting in the same room as one of the men that killed Nicolae Ceausescu. Today will be interesting.
Whether it's Robert Moses, or Nicolae Ceaușescu (or the House of Saud...
Obama may be the America version of Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania! Does History repeat itself!!!
When the Rest of America finds out about Benghazi Obama better be glad he’s not in Nicolae Ceaușescu Romania
How does she deserve any respect or honor?Her and Kennedy are like Nicolae & Eleni Ceaușescu!
My son is a USMC officer, and he will not obey an illegal order. Do you remember what happened to Nicolae Ceauşescu and family?
Yarm high streets cobbled floor is the second heaviest solid floor in the world, the heaviest is Nicolae Ceausescu's driveway
On this day in history December 25, 2012: 1066-William the Conqueror was crowned King of England. 1776-George Washington crossed the Delaware River and surprised the Hessians. 1868-President Andrew Johnson granted an unconditional pardon to all persons involved in the Southern rebellion that resulted in the Civil War. 1926-Hirohito became emperor of Japan. 1977-British film actor, director, and producer Charlie Chaplin died in Switzerland at age 88. 1989-Former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife were executed. 1991-President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned following the disintegration of the Soviet Union. ~The History Fairy
Well...I know it's the weekend and all but, with next week being off kilter a bit with Christmas, I thought that I would throw in an extra history lesson for you & at no extra! So, here it is...your 80s History Lesson for today...Saturday, December 22nd, 2012! **1981: A rock 'n' roll auction in London brought in $2,000 for a letter of introduction from Buddy Holly to Decca Records. John and Cynthia Lennon’s marriage certificate was sold for $850 and an autographed program from the world premiere of the Beatles film "Help!" brought in $2,100. 1984: New York City resident Bernhard Goetz shot four black youths on a Manhattan subway. Goetz claimed they were about to rob him. Also in '84, CBS Records announced the upcoming release of *** Jagger’s first solo album, set for February, 1985. The album was titled "She's the Boss." 1989: Romania's hard-line Communist ruler, Nicolae Ceausescu, was overthrown in a popular uprising. **Birthdays: Actor Hector Elizondo is 76. TV anchor Diane Sawyer is 6 ...
Today in History: Saturday, December 15, 2012 Highlight in History: On Dec. 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, took effect following ratification by Virginia. On this date in: 1890 Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull and 11 other tribe members were killed in Grand River, S.D., during a clash with Indian police. 1916 The French defeated the Germans in the World War I Battle of Verdun. 1938 Ground was broken for the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. 1939 The movie "Gone With the Wind" had its world premiere in Atlanta. 1944 Bandleader Glenn Miller's U.S. Army plane disappeared over the English Channel. 1961 Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by an Israeli court. 1966 Movie producer Walt Disney died at age 65. 1989 A popular uprising that led to the downfall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu began in Romania. 2003 The late Sen. Strom Thurmond's family acknowledged Essie Mae Washington-Williams' claim that she was Thurmond's illegitimate mixed ...
People: what means Camelia Toader main judge of Romania at the Court of Justice of the European Union: read below: she has ordered myself to be killed due to myself being the daughter of President of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and of main actress Maia Morgenstern due to so told me: Ene Gheorghe main former camarila of now dead due to killed Nicolae Ceausescu former dictator of Romania.
Recent pictures from Ukraine, in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections carried out October 28th. The ruling Party of Regions uses special riot police troops to rig the elections. In the city of Pervomajsk, the riot police destroyed 30,000 ballots to help a pro-government candidate win. There are already some voices that demand to annul all the election results and to start over. However, sceptics say that nothing will change anyway. Sad as it is, the current incumbent president Yanukovych and his top government officials might end like Nicolae Ceausescu or Moammar Gadhafi...
Romania's 50-year dictatorship caused social problems, poverty, and political and economic instability. A Romanian journalist uncovers the continuing legacy of Nicolae Ceausescu's tyranny that still casts an enduring influence over people's lives.
Who agrees with me that Noynoy Aquino has outranked historical monsters like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin & Nicolae Ceausescu in this poll? If his people try shutting me down because I'm sharing the results of this poll...well, there's going to be online *** to pay!!!
People the UK has given knighthoods to Robert Mugabe, Mussolini, Nicolae Ceausescu, Fred Goodwin and Jimmy Savile.
Jane Goodall looks at the reign of Nicolae Ceausescu and Bucharest's journey to recovery in 'Bucharest in recovery'
The Monthly - Brian Burke & Nicolae Ceausescu - - Chris Grosz - Encounters - Everybody wanted to be Nicolae Ceausescu's friend - the United States, Britain, China and the premier of Western Australia. To the Americans and the Chinese, the infamous Romanian dictator was a geopolitical thorn in the si...
What is unquestionably Romania’s most famous building, Palatul Parlamentului (known universally as Casa Poporului) was built during the darkest days of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime. Standing 84m above ground level on 12 floors, the building has long been shrouded in mystery, rumour and hyperbole. Originally designed to house almost all the organs of the communist state, it today plays host to the Romanian parliament and a modern, well equipped conference centre, as well as Romania’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Much of the building, however, remains unused. The public tour of the building is thoroughly recommended (it is the only way to see the building, in fact) though the commentary consists of little more than a bored guide reeling off endless superlative statistics. You’ll see plenty of grand staircases, marble-plated halls and conference rooms, while - if you pay the extra - you may also have the chance to go on the roof, which offers perhaps the best view of central Bucharest. You can even now ...
DIA WILL GET THE SAME OF Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed with his wife on Christmas day of 1989, was a maverick and despotic Rumanian Communist leader who pursued an independent course abroad and demanded slavish subservience at home. For one of Eastern Europe's most durable dictators, Mr. Ceausescu's downfall after 24 years of repression at home and bridge-building to the West came astoundingly fast, even when measured against the frantic pace of change in the Soviet bloc that year. Just a month before his death, tens of thousands of workers marched under fluttering flags to hail President Ceausescu's re-election as the General Secretary of the Communist Party
In the 1980s Communist Romania under the most brutal Eastern European dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu locked up 71,000 of its own citizens or 1 in every 300. Tod...
The stray dogs of Romania have been a problem since the 1980's. Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu banned Romanian citizens from having pets. It didn't take
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