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Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon (born 19 July 1970) is the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Capital Investment and Cities, Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Member (MSP) for Glasgow Southside.

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^ | |Nicola Sturgeon warned Scots are “SICK TO DEATH” of her independence... ...political advantage”.Ms…
Nicola Sturgeon: ScotRef will be held when it is right for Scots, not when it is convenient for Theresa May 👏🏻👏🏻
Love her or hate her, Nicola Sturgeon has a mandate with her people. She's fought an election and won it. Theresa May doe…
By refusing Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May is speaking for the majority of Scottish people via
Nicola Sturgeon:" the Prime Minister's attitude in not doing What I Want should worry us all" .
We used to think Theresa May was a safe pair of hands. We can no longer say that | Martin Kettle
Child poverty goes up from 220,000 to 260,000 on the SNPs watch and Nicola Sturgeon doesn't even mention it once in her spe…
standard: 'Nicola Sturgeon tells UK residents: Move to Scotland if you don’t like Brexit'
Two referendums in UK since 2014. Theresa May accepts result of both, Nicola Sturgeon accepts result of neither. I'll just l…
No Nicola, ignore the pro-Union vote of indyref1@ YOUR peril. The Scots have had enough of nationalism.
Nicola Sturgeon to round up street urchins for a career in...
Everyone has to ask themselves if the Little Britain of Nigel Farage is worth the dissolution of the UK? . http…
Independence is Scotland’s choice. May should let them get on with it | Simon Jenkins
‘Scotland will have a choice’: Nicola Sturgeon promises second independence referendum after
Nicola Sturgeon vows to press ahead with second independence referendum: NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday acknowledged her…
Nicola Sturgeon wants English, Welsh and Irish l to come to Scotland so Scots kids priced out of property market. SNP doesn…
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[World] - ‘Scotland will have a choice’: Nicola Sturgeon takes aim at Theresa May’s government as she promises…
Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon: No new Scottish independence referendum for six years.
Clegg is a traitor, he tells Theresa May to pay the EU's £52 billion Brexit bill!! he wants to ruin the UK,EU puppet h…
Opposition leaders hit out at Nicola Sturgeon for focusing on independence in conference speech https:/…
People who voted for the SNP in the Holyrood election in 2016 were lied to by Nicola Sturgeon.
Sturgeon will present a bill next week for a new to avoid taking part in a “disastrous hard Brexit".
Scotland will have new independence referendum:
Sturgeon in plea to anti-independence voters over referendum plan
theguardian: 'EU referendum: Boris Johnson v Nicola Sturgeon in ITV debate - as it happened'
Sturgeon urges people across UK to move to Scotland to escape Brexit
Got Sky News on, that Nicola Sturgeon is one weird scary cat! 😳😌🇬🇧
Nicola Sturgeon announced £35m over next 5 yrs for 800 additional workers in our hospitals, GP...
I cannot begin to understand anyone who prefers Theresa May's grotesque vision of Scotland in a post-Brexit UK to Nicola…
'Sturgeon's hair though? She's gone all Clare Balding': Scottish First Minister unveils new heavily made up look .
Prime Minister Theresa May and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon go head-to-head over the issue of a second Scottish independence refe…
The demonisation of Nicola Sturgeon is in overdrive. The BBC,Mail,Express,STV,Record, etc want u a
Nicola sturgeon reveals new look at the SNP conference
Mhari Black BACKTRACKS on referendum saying 'no one said we wanted one NOW'
SNP adviser denies saying it could take 10 years for Scottish recovery
Sturgeon’s warning to May: obstruct second referendum at your peril | Politics | The Guardian
Nicola Sturgeon never intended to compromise, independence was her destination this whole time
Nicola Sturgeon's closing speech inviting any Briton who wants to - Freedom Come All Ye - to come Scotland...
I'm 1/2 Irish 1/2 Scottish, I'm glad that Enda Kenny & Nicola Sturgeon stick up for migrants; such a change from the al…
YAY as a EU citizen I'm basically dancing at listening at Nicola Sturgeon's speech. Viva gli scozzesi!!
Nicola Sturgeon: smooth operator, and very able to make mischief | Observer profile
Nicola Sturgeon says a second Scottish referendum will be held - but can negotiate on the timings 'within reason'. https:/…
'Don't shatter ideal of UK as equal partnership' by blocking referendum, Sturgeon warns May
Survey said hardcore remainers likely to be public sector workers. Post Gov won't have money to employ them.
Dear T May. "Stop putting interests of right wing of your OWN party ahead of interests of the people of our country". https…
. "Scotland isn’t full up. If you are as appalled as we are at the path this WM government is taking-come & join us". https…
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Nicola Sturgeon hasn't thought through this second bid at Scottish independence
Sturgeon unveils new look at SNP conference
Absolutely useless. While struggling just mention 'Nicola Sturgeon says...'
May 4! Theresa May urged to rush into snap general election
'Sturgeon' Have some respect for the FM. Its Ms or Nicola. Gutter press
. "Nicola Sturgeon articulates concerns that resonate on BOTH sides of the Scottish border". https…
Nicola Sturgeon: There will be a second Scottish independence referendum
"Scotland isnt full up" Nicola Sturgeon appeals to people from other places in UK to come to Scotland to work and live…
Nicola Sturgeon is right thatbleaving our biggest market is a bad idea. The problem is she wants to repeat the mistake…
Most Britons say Brexit vote makes break-up of UK more likely – poll
Nicola Sturgeon announces plans to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall, and England is going to pay for it via
Nicola Sturgeon points out that Gordon Brown's attempt to resurrect 'Federal UK' offer & transfer of EU powers is alread…
Nicola Sturgeon is better placed to lead the campaign against Scottish independence than Jeremy Corbyn!
Scotland’s Sturgeon: "There will be an independence referendum"
At 1 with Amelia - Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland should not be dragged out of Europe by a Tory Government intent on a disastrous Brexit.   10% Off
Edwina Currie on R5Live right now, doing 'the papers'. A breathless nation awaits her opinion on the SNP conference/Nicola Sturgeon speech.
If Gordon Brown thinks he's going to upstage Nicola Sturgeon today by talking about devolution again he is very sorely mist…
They would be if Nicola Sturgeon was leader of the Labour Party
The Scottish : . Call for Nicola Sturgeon to stand down as First Minister of Scotland via
Nicola Sturgeon tells May blocking Scottish independence referendum would be 'undemocratic' - Politics live
Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon: "Now is not the time to play politics or create uncertainty... That was on 23rd June 2…
Nicola Sturgeon says Theresa May 'not elected by anyone'
The Telegraph advocating the murder of Nicola Sturgeon has just killed the fiction of "divisive nationalists."
Theresa May should get on with Brexit and not let Nicola Sturgeon blow her off course.
On day Nicola Sturgeon calls indyref2, oil prices hit three month low. Brent crude just above $50.
Nicola Sturgeon's push is an appalling diversion, Edinburgh lawmaker tells
Teresa May is about to show Nicola Sturgeon how to play Poker.
Nicola Sturgeon to pursue second Scottish independence referendum
'Nicola Sturgeon, dropped a bombshell yesterday with her announcement that she intends to push through a vote in the Scottish Parliament'
Breaking news, Scottish parliament is in shock after Nicola Sturgeon reveals her.
Great letter to the Daily Telegraph today:. "Nicola Sturgeon is a beggar who wants to be a chooser."
Nicola Sturgeon was elected by almost half of the voters. Who elected Teresa May as Prime Minister?
Woman's hour asking if Teresa May and Nicola Sturgeon being at the forefront of home politics as possibly 'job...
I wonder if the sourceless stories saying A50 would be done tomorrow was a ploy by the PM to bait out Nicola Sturgeon. Hook. Line. Sinker.
Nicola Sturgeon says there is feeling in the European Union that Scotland would be "accepted and respected" in the event…
LIVE: Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to deliver important statement in Edinburgh
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she plans to trigger another independence referendum
Ruth: "Nicola Sturgeon has today given up acting as First Minister for all of Scotland."
Nicola Sturgeon says she will give Scots a "real choice" between Brexit and leaving the UK with
The pound is unchanged by Nicola Sturgeon's push for a second Scottish referendum
BREAKING NEWS: . Nicola Sturgeon demands after Scotland loses in
Text from Nicola Sturgeon: "If Scotland win it's a sign that we are strong enough to be an independent nation"
. Apparently Nicola Sturgeon thinks the England v Scotland rugby result was close enough to play it again…
you know it's bad when you agree with Nicola Sturgeon
England slaughter Scotland on the rugby pitch. That's one in the eye for Nicola 'Jimmy Keankie' Sturgeon. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I completely understand why my Scottish friends want another indyref, I even admire Nicola Sturgeon's position on it..
NICOLA STURGEON is willing to bankrupt every Scots family to achieve her fantasy, SNP don't speak for SCOTS BRITISH MAJO…
Yes. But one must also consider that the loss of the SNP in the House of Commons would mean a significant gain...
Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are refusing to lift a finger to stop the impact of austerity in Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon: Autumn 2018 is 'common sense' time for second independence referendum.
surge puts the skids under Nicola independence plans .
England did fantastic in the rugby hopefully Nicola Sturgeon watching
There's only one party leader in the country who hasn't got their knickers in a twist over a Nicola Sturgeon, ta…
Nicola Sturgeon is rapidly turning into the Ally McLeod of Scottish politics.
Expenses woes for Sturgeon's new deputy
Nicola sent Stephen Gethins to Madrid to talk to Spanish MPs. His trip to Spain was hardly a roaring success. No... htt…
Think we can safely say, panic is setting in at the Edinburgh bunker of Nicola Sturgeon. Go on Nicola,call that referendum.
* | | Are ministers about to cave in over Sturgeon's demands for a SECOND referendum? | And, according …
. Exclusive by Andrew Whitaker for the Sunday Herald. Police probe online abuse and threats against Ni…
1978 - Ally Mcleod conned Scotland. 2018 - Nicola Sturgeon attempts same. We'd no be that daft again surely?
Nicola sturgeon, Angela Merkel. Ya know, women in politics who gave won elections.
Hi Dotty, listen to your show every morning, love it! But missed the Nicola Sturgeon remix, where can I hear it? Thx. Dave is 🔥
Instead we'll get "I don't like that Nicola Sturgeon" "But you're voting for independence, not NS!"
4pm: This Scotland team has improved so much, I'm now interested. 5.45pm: Writes to Nicola Sturgeon to demand rugby is b…
Text from Nicola Sturgeon: "Scotland would win this if we were an independent nation"
Text from Nicola Sturgeon: "Extremely close result, based on 'project fear'. A rematch is now inevitable"
Police investigating horrific catalogue of threats and abuse against Nicola Sturgeon
News just in. Nicola Sturgeon says this isn't the result the people of Scotland wanted so we have to do it all again next We…
Top Labour peer lets Syrian refugee into home – but will Nicola Sturgeon do the same?
Look at her, look at Nicola Sturgeon, just just over there...just within reach...but no. We've got Theresa May.
Is it male dominated tho? Elaine c Smith, Lesley Riddoch, Nicola Sturgeon, Mhairi Black all high profile in Yes
Here's Jim Sillars speaking to Sarah Smith. Note how Nicola Sturgeon "demands" rather than 'requests'.
Ruth: "The difference between me and Nicola Sturgeon is I want us to make a success of Brexit. She wants Britain to fail."…
is it ok that Nicola Sturgeon dressed as jimmy Krankie for world book day
Ruth Davidson warns Nicola Sturgeon: Unionists would win second independence referendum by bigger margin
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Welcome to Nicola Sturgeon's Scotland, where everything is down except hatred, division and unemployment.
Nicola Sturgeon's speech yesterday to the David Hume Institute. Clearly sets out the threat on the future of the...
Nicola Sturgeon told by Brussels bigwigs Scotland CANNOT stay in the EU, Ukip claims
We will increase the number of training places for nurses & midwives-reversing the cuts Nicola Sturgeon made.
Well said. The trolling Nicola Sturgeon received too after she spoke about her miscarriage was beyond disgust.
In Nicola Sturgeon I trust the future of my country. I trust her to do what's best for the children of Scotland. For the w…
Have you not listened to anything Nicola Sturgeon said after Brexit in contrast to Westminster!
Kezia Dugdale asks Nicola Sturgeon to "change her tune" and not talk about independence. Here's a quick search of the speec…
Sturgeon accused of fuelling HATE and failing to tackle racism | UK | News |
Sturgeon has ‘NO MANDATE' for second independence referendum, blasts Labour MP who says party WILL OPPOSE indyref2
"Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May are heading for a showdown over who has the right to call another independen...
indeed. Not unusual sadly. The abuse Nicola Sturgeon got online after she spoke about her miscarriage was sickening.
Nicola Sturgeon .The leader of the people for the people of that there is no doubt
👏 42% rise in hate crime in rUK Brexit vote, no rise reported in Scotland & Nicola Sturgeon immediately reassured EU nationals.
The only famous Scots who were not Pro UK were William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Alex Salmond & Nicola St…
First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon reflects on today’s historic win at BT Murrayfield.
Even as a nat, on a human level this is actually toe-curling:
LOL, did Andrew Neil just bite on the Nicola Sturgeon parody account ?
Jeremy Corbyn congratulated the SNP by mistake... Twice
Nicola Sturgeon hits back at Sadiq Khan in racism row
How come you highlight these but not the constant threats to Nicola Sturgeon and the crap from "Scotland in Union"?
No once did Leanne Wood or Nicola Sturgeon wish England well in their game.
Compared to the SNP, even Jezza kind of makes sense:
Independent: Jeremy Corbyn congratulated the SNP by mistake... Twice
Andrew Neil hitting out at a fake Nicola Sturgeon account. 🙄
Scottish Labour leader reveals she made secret Brexit pledge to Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon getting a tour of the Commonwealth Games Energy Centre today. Learn more about the project here:…
In breaking news Nicola Sturgeon demands that the France Scotland Six Nations game is replayed until the result is the one sh…
Holding another referendum on independence would be a big risk for Nicola Sturgeon, writes
signed pair of Nicola Sturgeon's size 5 Kurt Geiger shoes. Signed by the First Minister of Scotland, availabl…
NICOLA Sturgeon has admitted defeat in her battle to stop Article 50 being triggered in the House of Commons aft...
The Borg Queen can be beaten! . Now, not saying the amendments are necessarily bad but all they're doing is...
Sturgeon 'has GIVEN UP on stopping Article 50 being triggered in Westminster', Tories say
Nicola Sturgeon suffers major moral setback for celebrating 69 years of Zionist Terrorism with a comedy nose
Come on finally accept you lost and now work closely with to make a better Britain.
Nicola Sturgeon: Freeze Trump's Assets in Scotland - Sign the Petition! via
Nicola Sturgeon: The budget defines our approach to tax and it delivers the investment our health service, schools…
Nicola Sturgeon has refused to condemn an SNP MSP who said the IRA could be considered "freedom fighters".
Keith Howell, The Scotsman: "Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP regularly misrepresent their view as that of all of... https:…
EXCLUSIVE: A major report on poverty in Scotland was watered down after the author met Nicola Sturgeon.
Scottish MSPs will today reject the UK government’s proposal to leave the EU
Holyrood poised to reject Article 50 trigger as Nicola Sturgeon warns vote will be 'far more than symbolic'
Nicola Sturgeon's refusal to hold formal Article 50 vote 'shows she knows it is a Westminster matter'
Ruth Davidson's party MP's jeer St. Andrews Day & bark at female MP's but it's Nicola Sturgeon's fault there is discord…
Nicola Sturgeon should 'butt out' over Brexit, says Lord Forsyth (From HeraldScotland)
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Former Scottish Secretary Lord Forsyth - Nicola Sturgeon should “butt out” of
"The Prime Minister should not speak to Trump" said Nicola Sturgeon, returning from China, and Alex Salmond, from Iran
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, is right to complain about a lack of consultation
Tony Blair made a terrible mistake (1 of countless mistakes by Blair) by starting devolution
Nicola Sturgeon just made a new push for Scottish independence
Scotland edges closer to a second independence referendum after Article 50 decision: Nicola Sturgeon has edged…
Nicola Sturgeon First Minister for Scotland . on Supreme Court "Is it time to take our future into…
Scotland\'s largest hospital turns away pregnant women as Nicola Sturgeon boasts Scot
Much to agree with here. “Why Nicola Sturgeon is Frozen in Front of Goal.” by
Nicola Sturgeon would drag us out of the UK against our will. We voted to stay by over 10%, a FACT she ignores.
I really hope people around the world realise Nicola Sturgeon only speaks for the Minority of Scotland & nt the whole…
Nicola Sturgeon holds no cards at all on Brexit and knows it. It's all hot air and empty rhetoric htt…
'Unsuitable for public office' Sturgeon and Corbyn BLASTED for Trident opposition
Sturgeon goes on the attack – Fuming SNP vows to STOP 'hard Brexit in its tracks' Fume Off! No Ones Interested!
My MP is If he does not support I will vote
Contact Nicola Sturgeon and tell her its time to REALLY ban hunting in Scotland
They've spent too much time w Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron. They still Brexit vote will be reversed.
What are Scotland's political leaders saying about the Supreme Court's Brexit ruling? Find out here!
Nicola Sturgeon on the UK Government not having to consult the Scottish Government before triggering Article 50.
The GOOD news about the Supreme Court ruling is we won't have to endure Nicola Sturgeon's empty threats any more to "ve…
Judges reject demands for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to be given a Brexit veto.
Nicola sturgeon could take on a rescue cat and theycould liase with you London cats.
SNP mainspring broken by as predictably, Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit charade continues
Scotland & the Scots aren't the problem, they voted to remain in the Union, the problem is Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. ht…
Nicola Sturgeon to thwart Brexit with 50 as SNP pushes for new Scottish independence referendum via
Nicola (No mates) Sturgeon refuses to give a date for a 2nd Indy Referendum over Brexit. Um! . one wonders why? https:…
Every time Nicola Sturgeon pops up on the news, the world likes Scotland a little bit less.
Let's be fair to Nicola Sturgeon. In 2014, the SNP wanted the pound, the Queen, the Bank of England, the BBC, the NHS. You…
On this, Nicola Sturgeon is entirely right. And has been so consistently.
Sturgeon: Brexit ruling makes need for clearer, Scotland is not an equal partner in the union:.
Nicola Sturgeon. The only leader who has consistently fought for Scotland against Brexit.The case for IndyRef2 seems 2 be gathe…
Don't know why people get so pissy with Nicola Sturgeon. Her job as FM is purely to represent Scotland's interests; that's wha…
Nicola must know that cannot stop – she should stop pretending otherwise.
Everyone in the UK needs to understand one crucial point, the SNP is not Scotland & Nicola Sturgeon doesn't speak on behal…
Jeremy and Nicola plot to undermine Theresa 's plans for clean
- Scotland's Sturgeon raises independence spectre after court ruling EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Nicola Sturg…
Nicola Sturgeon didn't appreciate the Supreme Court today reminding her that foreign affairs are not devolved
Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon plot to undermine Theresa May's plans for clean Brexit
I agree with Nicola Sturgeon. Devolution is a busted flush. Let's shut the whole thing down. Holyrood, Bute House, the lot
Nicola Sturgeon tells international students at "You are and always be very welcome"
Nicola Sturgeon: It's becoming ever clearer that Scotland must take its future into its own hands
I hate this idea that women aren't allowed to enter politics. Theresa May, Nicola Sturgeon, and Angela Merkel are world leaders.
Nicola Sturgeon savaged Jeremy Corbyn in online blast after Labour leader launched attack…
Article 50 still to be triggered & Supreme Court ruling still a week away yet Nicola Sturgeon is bluffing according to daft U…
Nicola Sturgeon says Theresa May's comments on Brexit make a second Scottish independence referendum "more likely"
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What an ignorant horrible bigot Nicola Sturgeon is, ignoring democracy again !! Scotland doesn't want to break…
Nicola Sturgeon: Second Scottish independence referendum 'even more likely' after May's Brexit speech
Tuning into the news for Nicola Sturgeon's innovative Brexit ideas.oh, a second referendum? That's new.🙄🙄🙄
NICOLA Sturgeon has upped the ante on Scotland’s future, all but inevitable.
Nicola Sturgeon has responded angrily to Theresa May's Brexit speech
Nicola Sturgeon has no power to call a 2nd Independence vote, Westminster have to vote for 1
Kez Dugdale in today's on what Nicola Sturgeon should teach and about a free Pres…
May urged to CALL BLUFF and hold second ref - as experts predict 'NO' win
Nicola Sturgeon's statement contains as many implicit threats towards the UK government as Theresa May's speech had toward…
Nicola Sturgeon should resign, she has no credibility left.
Cannot wait for you, Nicola Sturgeon, to fall flat on your face, oot the granite steps of Bute House when .
James Peter Brooks. · . NICOLA STURGEON. First Minister OF SCOTLAND. Scotland did not vote for the direction set out...
. Nicola Sturgeon does not have a position on the UK any more. Her arguments just got steamrolled
Sturgeon (SNP) signalled that May’s decision to take UK entirely out of EU makes 2nd Scottish indep vote very likely
Nicola Sturgeon says indyref2 is "undoubtedly" closer as she brands Theresa May Brexit speech 'cat... via
Nicola Sturgeon says an is "undoubtedly" closer as the UK heads out of the single market
SNP SHAMBLES: Scottish councils to lose MILLIONS after bungling ministers’ budget mistakes
Nicola Sturgeon's full reaction to PM speech
Nicola Sturgeon: Second referendum 'all but inevitable' after May's speech
Stepping back a bit, I'm proud that women, Federica Mogherini and Nicola Sturgeon, could make 2017 a banner year of torture for Theresa May.
Dear Nicola Sturgeon . Please concentrate on day job . Could you start with fixing our NHS & Education services you have…
There's your famed BBC 'impartiality'. Nicola Sturgeon's reaction to May's speech was "less than constructive".
Nicola Sturgeon is a slimy leech. She'll destroy Scotland. needs to boot 👢💥 her *** out of office.
When Nicola Sturgeon wakes up in the night and realises Scotland will always be British🇬🇧
Scottish independence is more likely because Britain will leave the European single market, Sturgeon says
Obsessive complainer Nicola Sturgeon took this opportunity to remind us (again) she wants a second indy referendum. . h…
She's just trying to make a name for herself as a rebel and deflect Scottish attention away from the dismal year... https:…
A nice way of subversively undermining the devolved parliament by doing Nicola Sturgeon's job for her.
Nicola sturgeon is right. Scotland is being ignored her and the snp.
Nicola Sturgeon has to make an incredibly difficult call now: a hard Brexit or a risky final stab at independence.
Nicola Sturgeon waiting to call for the next referendum.
Independence vote more likely after single market move, Sturgeon signals
Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP idea of independence is to be totally submissive to the unelected in Brussels.
📷 Nicola Sturgeon says it how it is. And this is what we would need to hear from Jeremy Corbyn and...
Writing about Scottish independence and the change of political discours of the SNP with the transition from Alex Salmond to Nicola Sturgeon
Dear Israel, Can you please "take down" Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron and Ken Clarke and Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker
Prime Minister Theresa May signals she is minded to reject Nicola Sturgeon's soft call htt…
And instead of behaving like FM, Nicola Sturgeon is trying to appease the increasingly anti-democratic indy fundamenta…
Scottish politician slams Sturgeon’s motives for 'using Brexit to get second referendum’
Nicola Sturgeon is perhaps the only politician right now who isn't infuriating me👏🏼 moving to Scotland at this rate
Nicola Sturgeon warns PM she is not bluffing, but huffing and puffing at the weight of all the Kings Shillings she's earning.Phew count that
Watching Nicola Sturgeon on Absolutely peerless as a communicator within U.K. politics.
Nicola Sturgeon appears not to understand the difference between compromise and blackmail.
The Andrew Marr show has become like comedy hour with the frequent appearance of those 2 idiotic baffoons Alex Salmond & Nic…
Nicola Sturgeon says she isn't bluffing over Scottish independence
domain names
Nicola Sturgeon 'not bluffing' on second independence referendum. A. Marr trying to bully Nicola and failing.
Blimey, Nicola Sturgeon is just massively impressive. She's so clever and so articulate. And May's actual opposition ri…
Imagine how all these Yoon mentalists are going to feel when they find out Nicola Sturgeon still wants independence.
World News: Nicola Sturgeon warns PM she is not bluffing on indyref2
A stronger, better informed interviewer than Andrew Marr would have had Nicola Sturgeon on toast this morning.
still SNP the same Nicola Sturgeon saying one thing doing another also
Never cease to be blown away by Nicola Sturgeon in interviews. Lucid, measured, informed, utterly convincing. Class act.
Av said it before and al say it again, nicola sturgeon needs tae get the finger oot n turn millport inty ibiza
Nicola Sturgeon has everything we need in a leader honesty, strength, intelligence, integrity and is for the people.
As the SNP glorify in the problems of the English NHS, 9000 cancer patients in Scotland miss treatment deadlines.
Media constantly says "beware the cybernats!" but take a look online and all I see is constant hate and bile directed at Ni…
Nicola Sturgeon is the only politician in the UK with any guts
Nicola Sturgeon says she doesn't feel like she knows more about PM's Brexit objectives now than when they first met
NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of wasting a decade after claims that 51 manifesto pledges were “undelivered,...
It's time Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed on failures of education, NHS and local services. EU is not Scotland's priorit…
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It's the silver lining having 'lost' the 2014 ref - witnessing the outstanding leadership of FM Nicola Sturgeon eclipsing h…
Help me send a message that we are all sick and tired of Nicola Sturgeon's threats & temper tantrums. Enough already. https:…
They should put Nicola sturgeon on a raft somewhere in the middle of the ocean. And leave her there.
Nicola Sturgeon lays out her inspirational vision for a free and independent Scotland.
Dear UK, . On behalf of the majority of Scotland, . Please stop appeasing Nicola Sturgeon & the SNP. Just ignore her.…
This is the result of having a completely clueless, power-crazed dictator like Nicola Sturgeon running the show. ht…
I bet even if the Queen was dead and it was just from being hella old the right wing media would still say it was Nicola Sturgeon's fault.
independence is the only hope for young people after Brexit
Nicola Sturgeon will not stand by idly & let Theresa May take Scotland out of ECHR & must fight this nonsensical pr…
Are you Thick ? It's a Scottish decision alone and Scots alone voted to stay.
" .If Scotland was outside ­Europe they would lose the right to stay here.” Nicola Sturgeon, 14\7\14.
best speak to Nicola Sturgeon then who threatened EU nationals right to stay in 2014
REVEALED: Sturgeon's ARMY of 46 spin doctors costs taxpayer £5M as she plots UK break-up Sturgeon s…
Been listening to Nicola Sturgeon on conveners group questions How Scotland is blessed by having one of the finest politic…
Oh Nicola Sturgeon loves to overstate her powers doesn't she? I'd love for her to block this proposal but it's misl…
Oh dear Nicola. Your SNP voters don't seem to have your back. A third of them voted for Brexit.
Nicola Sturgeon's best hope is the silence and confusion from Theresa May
Hypocrisy: Nicola Sturgeon used EU nationals as 'bargaining chips' ahead of the 2014 independence referendum.
PH 2016 recap: March. March was a month of rebirth for Hawick. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon paid the town a...
He couldn't handle Nicola Sturgeon, so he's no chance of handling this beauty! Too strong for posh boy! 😂😃😄
Well said Pauline. Nicola Sturgeon & Co do not care what is best for Scotland.
Youth unemployment in Scotland on the rise DESPITE flagship SNP policy to tackle issue
Sturgeon ROASTED for 'IMPOSSIBLE' Brexit plan as she claims leave voters are XENOPHOBIC - 'Roasting'
Disgusting that refers to Theresa May as "the Prime Minister" but refers to Nicola Sturgeon as "Sturgeon"
Fiona Bruce referred to NS with respect as "Nicola Sturgeon" & "First Minister" - Sarah Smith ?? She called her "Sturgeon" 😠
NICOLA Sturgeon will win a second independence referendum within two years if the UK government fails to meet her...
Nicola Sturgeon: Ban the sale of fireworks to the puplic via
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