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Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon (born 19 July 1970) is the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Capital Investment and Cities, Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Member (MSP) for Glasgow Southside.

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It is really little Jimmie Krankie that Nicola Sturgeon puts me in mind of, it's Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter books
Nicola Sturgeon used UN visit to campaign for independence and criticise UK government
First Minister Sturgeon admits an independent Scotland might not seek immediate EU membership
Nicola Sturgeon accuses Theresa May of ‘playing into gender stereotypes’ with ‘boy jobs and girl jobs’ claim. .
Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?
Nicola Sturgeon used UN visit to campaign for inde...
Nicola Sturgeon: ''In my house, does the cooking and I get on with the 'girl job' of running a country.'…
Standards of literacy and numeracy down says Nicola Sturgeon. Our kids paying price for her obsession with leaving UK. Shameless
As we suspected, it's all going wrong for Elsie now. Don't vote SNP
Nicola Sturgeon's obsession with independence has led to a lost generation in our schools, says
Great moment - Andrew Marr reminds Nicola Sturgeon that "literacy and numeracy are kind of important".
EXC: Blow to Nicola Sturgeon's hopes of forming council coalitions as Lib Dems rule out deals anywhere in Scotland. http…
‘Worse under the SNP’ Sturgeon ADMITS to party failures in Scotland
Scotland GOOD Sturgeon BAD NICOLA Being Released back to where she came from.…
Nicola Sturgeon: SNP 'vital' to protect Scotland from dangers of Tory government… via
Is that the sound of screeching brakes I hear ? Brexit supporting SNP voters are giving up on SNP. Send Nicola Sturgeon…
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Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?.
Nicola Sturgeon rules out immediate EU membership for independent Scotland:
I watched the Marr interview and this is not what Nicola Sturgeon said.
Car Crash - Nicola Sturgeon is confronted with her dreadful record on nurse pay in Scotland.
Has Nicola Sturgeon defected to Labour? I have never seen this agressive with anyone other than Labour politicians.
Why Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are unravelling so rapidly. (My latest for Reaction
⚡️ “Nicola Sturgeon struggles with domestic record on Marr”.
Nicola Sturgeon is so good on Scotland is fortunate to have such a leader.
Why won't Nicola Sturgeon get on with her "girl job" - running Scotland? ^NewStatesman
And there you have it people. The only person not having a good GE campaign is obviously Nicola Sturgeon.
By me for the - Nicola Sturgeon risks failing on both fronts
If Labour's stolen the SNP's policies - what's left for Nicola Sturgeon to put in her manifesto?
Nicola Sturgeon: 'running the country is a girl job'
Nicola Sturgeon says that if you ignore literacy and numeracy, Scottish education is doing well. Righto.
Nicola Sturgeon: "I think doing TV appearances like the One Show is all perfectly legitimate but not as a substitute for…
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Nicola Sturgeon: I have a 'girl job' - it's called running the country
For 10 years Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have never missed an opportunity to divide Scotland. On May 4th & June 8th let…
Nicola Sturgeon says she is 'taking nothing for granted': на
Ruth Davidson vows to restore excellence to Scotland’s schools & get economy back to health AND oppose
Nicola Sturgeon. Spending money on spin doctors and Gaelic lessons as opposed to end…
Sturgeon is clearly worried that the Tory surge in Scotland will shatter her hopes for . via
‘Come out of hiding!’ Sturgeon CALLED OUT over '£17million spending spree on elections'
Sturgeon is in total denial- she lost councils and she lost seats & was nowhere near 50% needed to win an Indyref htt…
with EU and the likes of Nicola Sturgeon.
While I respect Scotlands wish to self govern I do not respect Nicola Sturgeon who I regard as a traitor
Nicola Sturgeon hails another emphatic election win for the SNP ... but Tories gain ground
STURGEON U-TURN: Now Nicola admits independence IS 'at heart' of June election
Why can't we do anything about this, this is happening in Glasgow and Nicola Sturgeon is wel…
When Theresa Met Nicola: The Seven Things We Learned. Here's our sartorial and political break-down of the day'…
Tories and Labour 'scrapping for second place' in Scotland, says Sturgeon – video
Watch: Nicola Sturgeon 'over the moon' about Glasgow council election victory
If Nicola Sturgeon & the SNP got even a fraction of the positive publicity that Ruth Davidson & the Tories get the SNP woul…
We cross live to the Emirates to hear Nicola Sturgeon.
You can't put a price on happiness, Nicola Sturgeon needs more training to keep the fake plastic smile going in public…
The sheer arrogance of Nicola Sturgeon is quite something. Makes you want to see her brought down a peg or two on June 8t…
Nicola Sturgeon: ''There is no way that anybody can spin this result as anything other than a clear and emphatic win f…
Nicola Sturgeon: Claims that may be halted by Tory boost in Scotland are 'ludicrous'
Nicola Sturgeon says Conservatives did WORSE in Scotland than Corbyn did in England despite ...
Tory councillor Ian James in Perthshire praised Enoch Powell and called the First Minister a "poison dwarf"
Conservatives did well in Scottish local elections "at the expense of the Labour party" says SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon https:…
And another one - Kathleen Leslie in Fife, who called the First Minister a "drooling hag". Toxic, nasty Tory party. ht…
NICOLA Sturgeon last night blasted Ruth Davidson as the leader of a "hard-line UKIP-style Tory party" that wants...
Nicola Sturgeon criticises Theresa May's speech accusing her of "poisoning atmosphere for partisan reasons".
Jim Sillars is correct. Theresa May has been sensible and Nicola Sturgeon senseless.
Nicola Sturgeon really struggling to defend snp on education in spite of frantic whispers from John Swinney. Because recor…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Nicola Sturgeon agrees that voting for the Scottish Conservatives stops inydref2.
Alex Salmond contradicts Nicola Sturgeon by saying the General Election is a vote on
Nicola Sturgeon insists lost seats will not derail push for independence Herald speaking like it's already happened
Nicola Sturgeon: Election called before alleged expenses fraud catches up with Tories | The Herald
Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May called a snap election before expenses fraud allegations 'caught up' with party .
Nicola Sturgeon claims one of the reasons Theresa May called election was possible charges over alleged election fraud…
Why are the BBC failing to broadcast Nicola Sturgeon's allegations about Theresa May's real reason for calling this 'unn…
Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn both to speak at Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in Aviemore
Quote of the Day "What if we co-produced it with the Bay City Rollers and got Nicola Sturgeon to play Alan McGee??"
Scottish National Party is open to alliance with Labour and Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon says
: STURGEON’S INDEPENDENCE BLOW: One in FOUR Scottish jobs 'rely on trade with rest of UK' . NICOLA Sturge…
The Nats described the offensive comments as “spectacularly ill-judged and insulting”.
In reply to that 'helicopter bloke', Nicola Sturgeon went around the country in her own helicopter with her own picture on the side!
“The fact is, the way the SNP is readying itself to pour negativity on this country during this election is...
Nicola Sturgeon has never been a fan of democracy Seems to think that the Conservatives are in government through magic.…
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May says she won't let the Lords ruin Brexit-more talk,we need action,put abolishing Lords in the Tory manifesto https…
Odious, right-wing attention-seeker rallies support for Scottish independence by her very existence
.twice asks Nicola Sturgeon to confirm SNP manifesto will support EU. Nicola Sturgeon twice dodges the qu…
Nicola Sturgeon accused of plotting to make Jeremy Corbyn PM in return for indyref 2
Katie Hopkins DEMOLISHES Nicola Sturgeon who is SLAPPED DOWN and HUMILIATED also.
She doesn't want to take on Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas, Leanne Wood, Tim Darrin, Paul…
Why on Earth would she debate Nicola Sturgeon? That would be like debating the leader of Cornwall Council. There, I said it…
I now know why they can't find the Loch Ness monster...she is nicola sturgeon. .
Nicola Sturgeon totally rattled, ranting and confused today at - must be very worried about Scotland handing SNP…
Ruth Davidson refuses to condemn . Nicola Sturgeon: ''Can I just say this? Shame. Shame on Ruth Davidson.'…
Been out all day, have I missed anything?. Has Nicola Sturgeon said it is time for Scotland's voice to be heard yet?
My piece in today's - is the only protection against an increasingly hardline Tory government. ht…
With Nicola Sturgeon facing criticism, can make inroads into SNP support, writes
I see Nicola Sturgeon has found her own Prohect Fear to get behind .. Scotland is t…
Nicola Sturgeon and the secret Wall Street meetings with Blackrock + Morgan Stanley (Me for Reaction https:…
arent' they? They're from a random Etsy-ish shop in Stockbridge. They also had Nicola Sturge…
First there was Alex Salmond, and now Nicola Sturgeon. If your name's Barry Haddock you may want to consider getting into Sco…
Nicola Sturgeon says only the SNP can rein in the Tories. points out Sturgeon said the same in 2015. "How di…
Ruth Davidson basically called Nicola Sturgeon a liar and then told her to sit down.
'This is DEPRESSING' Scottish Tory berates SNP over economic 'STAGNATION' in heated rant
That awkward moment when you're talking about someone and they can hear every word
"Labour are useless", says Nicola Sturgeon who only yesterday called for Labour/SNP alliance. She's taken rejection ba…
Ruth Davidson under attack over child tax credit form for rape victims
BBC 6pm bulletin included Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron but not Paul Nuttall. In 2015 more people voted UKIP than LibD…
Nicola Sturgeon has demanded that Warren Gatland reselects his Lions Squad!!
Nicola Sturgeon wants a coalition with Labour- god help the country if this ever happened
Nicola Sturgeon does look and speak by leader, and by leader I mean Chairman Mao.
Nicola Sturgeon rips into Theresa May saying general election is 'HUGE MISCALCULATION'
Yes! Ruth Davidson...only problem is, is that she is asking Nicola Sturgeon to do it for her.🤣
Caroline Weintz: 'really beggars belief when finally actually commenting on her endorsement of...
Little Giant Ladders
Our front page as backs Evening News campaign to honour women
Nicola Sturgeon would rather spend the money in the courts so that they can reverse for…
Maybe you should rephrase that as 'SOME Scots are furious Nicola Sturgeon wants a 2nd Indyref?'
Ruth Davidson challenges Nicola Sturgeon over 'rape clause' row
Posting online about sticking a golf ball in Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth and a cattle prod u…
A bit naughty for me to immediately think Patrick Harvey & Nicola Sturgeon 😳
Well said. Nicola Sturgeon will not fool Scots voters.
Though in truth, the headline really should read:. Nicola Sturgeon Challenges Ruth Davidson over 'rape clause' row
I never thought I would support Scottish independence – but Nicola Sturgeon’s feminism is pushing...
Nicola Sturgeon has a bigger mandate for option of holding IndyRef2 than Cameron had for EU referendum
Sturgeon’s feminism is pushing me towards Scottish independence
Nicola Sturgeon will have to respond to Richard Murphy's allegation that GERS are wrong. After all. It is her Governments…
Sturgeon promises courtesy but allows Nat councillor to call opponents Nazis. My col. via
Don't normally post Daily Express links, but for the curious here's that "Sturgeon's MOST OUTRAGEOUS quotes" piece: . https…
The Daily Express is running a piece on "Nicola Sturgeon's 10 MOST OUTRAGEOUS quotes". What a monster she is...
Call for Nicola Sturgeon to stand down as First Minister of Scotland - Sign the Pet... via
It is good that Theresa May is honouring the will of the Scottish people as Nicola Sturgeon has deliberately misled them. ht…
Ruth Davidson has written to my dad telling him how terrible Nicola Sturgeon is. He's raging.
Sturgeon rules out legal action to secure second Scottish referendum
I really admire Nicola Sturgeon! (She got this fantastic idea from the Finns btw)
Nicola Sturgeon "Let us shift the power of Westminster to the streets of Scotland". Best not to the streets of your Govan…
Yes like ruths poll more popular than. nicola sturgeon lol.
REVEALED: Sturgeons EU charm offensive with more than 80 MEETINGS with European leaders
This is Like Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson with the Rape Clause. How Nicola is demonised trying to help people htt…
Nicola Sturgeon accused of ignoring vile taunts and offensive messages of SNP council candidates.
Ruth Davidson says Nicola Sturgeon will be guilty of "gross hypocrisy" if Scottish Government don't act to mitigate ne…
business confidence index. Nicola Sturgeon's plans for have destroyed confidence in the Scottish economy.…
This is what Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have done to Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon's party is adept at stoking grievance to distract from the crisis in education, says htt…
Anyone who supports Davidson and her abomination of a party, should hang their heads in shame.
Ask yourself: Why are UK parties in Scotland so INCENSED that Nicola Sturgeon is successful at bringing investment to Scotl…
Thank god that Scotland has a First Minister like Nicola Sturgeon & The SNP to stand up for Scotland. If it was up to the ot…
Nicola Sturgeon, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to *** While there they complain that their...
Scotland the brave: Nicola Sturgeon hopes to turn Brexit into Scoxit | The Economist
Brian Monteith says Nicola Sturgeon should have been sorting problems at home rather than glad handing in the US. . ht…
Breaking: Nicola Sturgeon urgently en route to Milnathort for photo opportunity with Scottish winner of Grand Nati…
.Nicola Sturgeon should leave fetish at airport.
Brilliant article by - Nicola Sturgeon should leave indyref2 fetish at airport
Nicola Sturgeon says the UK tax policy dubbed the "rape clause" is "a disgusting and disgraceful policy".
Nicola Sturgeon gives a speech at the United Nations
So parking charges make the headlines on but Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the United Nations doesn't. Ne…
This Brit in the audience at Stanford University just told Nicola Sturgeon that 'If we remain together we can achieve more.'. G…
Nicola Sturgeon leading from the front at Stanford University
Nicola Sturgeon at Stanford University: "Scotland's Place in the World" - YouTube
More chance of Nicola Sturgeon having a sex change and changing her name to John Bull.
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Nicola Sturgeon's talk at Stanford University USA is a sell out so you can't go now but you can listen in British...
Remember when Nicola Sturgeon used to be Bob Carolgees?
Nicola Sturgeon is to speak at Stanford University in California on Scotland's place in the world.
"Scotland's Place in the World" Full house for Nicola. Davidson Dugdale couldn't fill a cupboard .
There are two things the people in the WHOLE of United Kingdom KNOW Nicola Sturgeon is doing Her day job and the SCOTS want a referendom
Congrats to FM for securing £6.3million deal for jobs in Scotland on first day of US visit 🇺🇸
So if his job as Vice President required him to have a dinner with Angela Merkel or Nicola Sturgeon he wouldn't ??? ht…
As Theresa May disports herself round the rich tyrants of the globe, touting for trade, Nicola Sturgeon effortlessly garn…
Theresa May's refusal to discuss dates for Scottish vote is untenable, Nicola Sturgeon says
Revealing that Scottish Tories think Nicola Sturgeon bringing investment & jobs to Scotland from abroad is 'grandstanding'.
Nicola Sturgeon is leader of a minority devolved assembly govt. She is not a Head of State. Can someone tell the journalis…
.has travelled to the United States in a bid to boost Scottish business links across the Atlantic
Nicola Sturgeon is in a battle of wills with another formidable female leader, Theresa May https:…
BREAKING! Nicola Sturgeon has agreed to visit Scotland to secure A&E waiting times, literacy & numeracy levels there.
Nicola Sturgeon 'to sign climate change agreement with California's governor'
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Nicola Sturgeon snubbed by Donald Trump: SNP leader to have 'frosty reception' in US visit
This is great to see... to sign change agreement with California's governor
Weird thing is I'm so used to negative stories about Nicola sturgeon that I read that as a negative at first!
Nicola Sturgeon explains why Scotland must hold a new independence referendum by 2019
And view across the pond is:. Sturgeon takes campaign for independence to America
Nicolas speech at Stanford is a sell out.
Nice wee negative end to the Nicola Sturgeon in America story there. You wonder why they chose to end a positive piece by quoti…
Nicola Sturgeon has just signed multiple new contracts to bring work to Scotland from Americia this is doing the DAYJOB
Nicola Sturgeon steps over the May-Trump alliance, leading the way in one key battleground |
Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with Scottish Independence could be her downfall -
Nicola Sturgeon nets £6.3million deal for Scots jobs on first day of US visit DOING HER DAY JOB!
How much has Nicola Sturgeon fallen in your estimation?. (Following all the and shenanigans)
If you hear anyone say Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP don't speak for Scotland, remember Scotland's foreign secretary curre…
Nicola Sturgeon writes to Theresa May with her detailed plans for independence
And where he and proactive Nicola Sturgeon part. If Carwyn Jones were Moses, he'd part his hair instead of the Red Sea.
It's Theresa May's biggest secret, so why would she tell Nicola Sturgeon?
It's three minutes since the Scottish Parliament voted to demand Nicola Sturgeon's troops are already getting…
I notice Nicola Sturgeon has changed her reference of 'will of the people of Scotland' to 'will of the Scottish parlia…
Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear she no longer wants to govern for everyone in Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon's call for second Scotland independence referendum formally backed by Scottish Parliament
At 11: Search begins for volunteers. And the Prime Minister is meeting Nicola Sturgeon later today
Theresa May to tell Nicola Sturgeon that united Britain is 'unstoppable force'. Absolutely right, Prime Minister!
Theresa May meets Nicola Sturgeon later, for the first time since clash over
Spare a thought for Nicola Sturgeon who was too busy to see her Mum yesterday due to an appointment with Elton John.
Your headline Why does Theresa May get "the Prime Minister" but Nicola Sturgeon not "First Minister"? its subtle but its there
David Torrance: SNP’s case for independence rests more on faith than empirical reality – Herald Scotland
:Would unionists trust Nicola Sturgeon if this was her offer. Most didn't rate her solutions 2 keep us in UK.
Theresa May to meet Nicola Sturgeon in week she triggers article 50
Nicola Sturgeon gives backing to Westminster terror row minister
PM says Brexit plan to 'strengthen Union' ahead of Nicola Sturgeon meeting.
Nicola Sturgeon 'unexpectedly' demanded another referendum? Talk about astonishing lack of insight..
Theresa May to meet Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland for first time since indyref2 proposals
“ May in Scotland for talks with Nicola Sturgeon”. Is she, Aye?. That`s nice.
May heads for Sturgeon SHOWDOWN: SNP leader to be told UK will be 'MORE united' outside EU
And Nicola Sturgeon to laugh so hard in her face, milk will come out of her nose.
Theresa May travels to Scotland for crunch talks with Nicola Sturgeon on independence.
Blow for Sturgeon's independence dream as Salmond's economist says DON'T join the EU
"Unstoppable" as you're not getting a vote on it. .
Britain has usually backed independent referendum in the Commonwealth, it's now Scotland's turn. via
Theresa May is to meet with Nicola Sturgeon for the first time since the SNP demanded a second referendum.
Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon will meet in Scotland today, before a crucial vote in Scotland on a second independence referendum
1 Billion a year to be a member of the EU!
Remainers & separatists like the SNP are absolutely terrified Brexit will be a success
No before Brexit: Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon Britain will be a 'more united nation' outside EU
well get out ⚡️ “Theresa May in Scotland for talks with Nicola Sturgeon”.
May to fly into Edinburgh tomorrow to meet Nicola Sturgeon and offer her some temporary jam.
May's last chance: PM heads north for final talks with Nicola Sturgeon before Article 50 is triggered
Scottish independence BOMBSHELL: Sturgeon would need to find £1BN A YEAR for EU membership
Nicola Sturgeon needs an extra £1 billion in EU fees-wake up Scots the EU will bleed you dry
Theresa May 'in fear' of Nicola Sturgeon over second Scottish referendum
Makes you want to pour Head 'n' Shoulders all over Nicola Sturgeon and cry "How's that for a Barnett Formula?" H/T to Sir Ken Dodd
^ | |Nicola Sturgeon warned Scots are “SICK TO DEATH” of her independence... ...political advantage”.Ms…
Nicola Sturgeon: ScotRef will be held when it is right for Scots, not when it is convenient for Theresa May 👏🏻👏🏻
Love her or hate her, Nicola Sturgeon has a mandate with her people. She's fought an election and won it. Theresa May doe…
By refusing Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May is speaking for the majority of Scottish people via
Nicola Sturgeon:" the Prime Minister's attitude in not doing What I Want should worry us all" .
We used to think Theresa May was a safe pair of hands. We can no longer say that | Martin Kettle
Child poverty goes up from 220,000 to 260,000 on the SNPs watch and Nicola Sturgeon doesn't even mention it once in her spe…
standard: 'Nicola Sturgeon tells UK residents: Move to Scotland if you don’t like Brexit'
Two referendums in UK since 2014. Theresa May accepts result of both, Nicola Sturgeon accepts result of neither. I'll just l…
No Nicola, ignore the pro-Union vote of indyref1@ YOUR peril. The Scots have had enough of nationalism.
Nicola Sturgeon to round up street urchins for a career in...
Everyone has to ask themselves if the Little Britain of Nigel Farage is worth the dissolution of the UK? . http…
Independence is Scotland’s choice. May should let them get on with it | Simon Jenkins
‘Scotland will have a choice’: Nicola Sturgeon promises second independence referendum after
Nicola Sturgeon vows to press ahead with second independence referendum: NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday acknowledged her…
Nicola Sturgeon wants English, Welsh and Irish l to come to Scotland so Scots kids priced out of property market. SNP doesn…
[World] - ‘Scotland will have a choice’: Nicola Sturgeon takes aim at Theresa May’s government as she promises…
Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon: No new Scottish independence referendum for six years.
Clegg is a traitor, he tells Theresa May to pay the EU's £52 billion Brexit bill!! he wants to ruin the UK,EU puppet h…
Opposition leaders hit out at Nicola Sturgeon for focusing on independence in conference speech https:/…
People who voted for the SNP in the Holyrood election in 2016 were lied to by Nicola Sturgeon.
Sturgeon will present a bill next week for a new to avoid taking part in a “disastrous hard Brexit".
Scotland will have new independence referendum:
Sturgeon in plea to anti-independence voters over referendum plan
theguardian: 'EU referendum: Boris Johnson v Nicola Sturgeon in ITV debate - as it happened'
Sturgeon urges people across UK to move to Scotland to escape Brexit
Got Sky News on, that Nicola Sturgeon is one weird scary cat! 😳😌🇬🇧
Nicola Sturgeon announced £35m over next 5 yrs for 800 additional workers in our hospitals, GP...
I cannot begin to understand anyone who prefers Theresa May's grotesque vision of Scotland in a post-Brexit UK to Nicola…
'Sturgeon's hair though? She's gone all Clare Balding': Scottish First Minister unveils new heavily made up look .
Prime Minister Theresa May and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon go head-to-head over the issue of a second Scottish independence refe…
The demonisation of Nicola Sturgeon is in overdrive. The BBC,Mail,Express,STV,Record, etc want u a
Nicola sturgeon reveals new look at the SNP conference
Mhari Black BACKTRACKS on referendum saying 'no one said we wanted one NOW'
SNP adviser denies saying it could take 10 years for Scottish recovery
Sturgeon’s warning to May: obstruct second referendum at your peril | Politics | The Guardian
Nicola Sturgeon never intended to compromise, independence was her destination this whole time
Nicola Sturgeon's closing speech inviting any Briton who wants to - Freedom Come All Ye - to come Scotland...
I'm 1/2 Irish 1/2 Scottish, I'm glad that Enda Kenny & Nicola Sturgeon stick up for migrants; such a change from the al…
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YAY as a EU citizen I'm basically dancing at listening at Nicola Sturgeon's speech. Viva gli scozzesi!!
Nicola Sturgeon: smooth operator, and very able to make mischief | Observer profile
Nicola Sturgeon says a second Scottish referendum will be held - but can negotiate on the timings 'within reason'. https:/…
'Don't shatter ideal of UK as equal partnership' by blocking referendum, Sturgeon warns May
Survey said hardcore remainers likely to be public sector workers. Post Gov won't have money to employ them.
Dear T May. "Stop putting interests of right wing of your OWN party ahead of interests of the people of our country". https…
. "Scotland isn’t full up. If you are as appalled as we are at the path this WM government is taking-come & join us". https…
Nicola Sturgeon hasn't thought through this second bid at Scottish independence
Sturgeon unveils new look at SNP conference
Absolutely useless. While struggling just mention 'Nicola Sturgeon says...'
May 4! Theresa May urged to rush into snap general election
'Sturgeon' Have some respect for the FM. Its Ms or Nicola. Gutter press
. "Nicola Sturgeon articulates concerns that resonate on BOTH sides of the Scottish border". https…
Nicola Sturgeon: There will be a second Scottish independence referendum
"Scotland isnt full up" Nicola Sturgeon appeals to people from other places in UK to come to Scotland to work and live…
Nicola Sturgeon is right thatbleaving our biggest market is a bad idea. The problem is she wants to repeat the mistake…
Most Britons say Brexit vote makes break-up of UK more likely – poll
Nicola Sturgeon announces plans to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall, and England is going to pay for it via
Nicola Sturgeon points out that Gordon Brown's attempt to resurrect 'Federal UK' offer & transfer of EU powers is alread…
Nicola Sturgeon is better placed to lead the campaign against Scottish independence than Jeremy Corbyn!
Scotland’s Sturgeon: "There will be an independence referendum"
At 1 with Amelia - Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland should not be dragged out of Europe by a Tory Government intent on a disastrous Brexit.
Edwina Currie on R5Live right now, doing 'the papers'. A breathless nation awaits her opinion on the SNP conference/Nicola Sturgeon speech.
If Gordon Brown thinks he's going to upstage Nicola Sturgeon today by talking about devolution again he is very sorely mist…
They would be if Nicola Sturgeon was leader of the Labour Party
Nicola Sturgeon tells May blocking Scottish independence referendum would be 'undemocratic' - Politics live
Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon: "Now is not the time to play politics or create uncertainty... That was on 23rd June 2…
Nicola Sturgeon says Theresa May 'not elected by anyone'
The Telegraph advocating the murder of Nicola Sturgeon has just killed the fiction of "divisive nationalists."
Theresa May should get on with Brexit and not let Nicola Sturgeon blow her off course.
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On day Nicola Sturgeon calls indyref2, oil prices hit three month low. Brent crude just above $50.
Nicola Sturgeon's push is an appalling diversion, Edinburgh lawmaker tells
Teresa May is about to show Nicola Sturgeon how to play Poker.
Nicola Sturgeon to pursue second Scottish independence referendum
'Nicola Sturgeon, dropped a bombshell yesterday with her announcement that she intends to push through a vote in the Scottish Parliament'
Breaking news, Scottish parliament is in shock after Nicola Sturgeon reveals her.
Great letter to the Daily Telegraph today:. "Nicola Sturgeon is a beggar who wants to be a chooser."
Nicola Sturgeon was elected by almost half of the voters. Who elected Teresa May as Prime Minister?
Woman's hour asking if Teresa May and Nicola Sturgeon being at the forefront of home politics as possibly 'job...
I wonder if the sourceless stories saying A50 would be done tomorrow was a ploy by the PM to bait out Nicola Sturgeon. Hook. Line. Sinker.
Nicola Sturgeon says there is feeling in the European Union that Scotland would be "accepted and respected" in the event…
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