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Nicola Roxon

Nicola Louise Roxon (born 1 April 1967) is the Attorney-General of Australia.

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Yipee...thank you Labor and Nicola Roxon for plain packaging
Great result for public health in win against Phillip Morris on plain packaging. Take a bow Nicola Roxon - a great Aus Hea…
Nicola Roxon a hero for Austalia and all humanity - So proud of your legacy.
An Australian of the Year award of some sort should go to Nicola Roxon who got the plain packaging law…
Just brilliant! Nicola Roxon should be recognised for the +ve impact of plain packaging
A big well done to Nicola Roxon & Julia Gillard. It would never have happened under Big Tobaccos LNP's bes…
Nicola Roxon deserves more awards both locally and internationally than perhaps have been awarded?
The stats are out- Nicola Roxon's work with plain paper packaging cigarettes has made Australia the envy of the...
History will prove Nicola Roxon to be as heroic as William Wilberforce.
Good on & Nicola Roxon for having the foresight & guts to introduce PPP. LNP voted against!
Remember when Chris Evans and Nicola Roxon retired. It was a disaster, The end. Today MSM singing the praises of Truss and Robb and Turnbull
Kudos to Nicola Roxon who set the wheels in motion. Fearless grit and determination in standing up to Phillip Morris ht…
Australian government wins plain packaging case against Philip Morris - Thank you Nicola Roxon
Bill Shorten worked for a time at Maur­ice Blackburn, along with former health minister Nicola Roxon and Queensland MP Terri Butler. Mm!
Thank you Nicola Roxon & Other nations r empowered by your bravery
Plenty laughed at Nicola Roxon whinging about Rudd only giving her a couple of days to do her job
Electronic Device Insurance
It is and Nicola Roxon I thank for having the vision and guts to push those laws through! Libs opposed
Absolutely. & Nicola Roxon should be the type of politician that gets rewarded w/ a USA Ambassador's post not Hockey
France votes for plain package cigarettes Well done Nicola Roxon, fmr Health Minister
Full credit to & Nicola Roxon for their fortitude in pushing through with plain packaging against determined v…
Pleased with the plain packaging decision. Nicola Roxon and the former Labor govt should be proud of the plain packaging…
With The Honourable Nicola Roxon: Global "rockstar" of tobacco control (to quote Michael Bloomberg) and 2015
Nicola Roxon seemed to.. It was like a personal vendetta with her lol
If true, is as much a public health champion as Nicola Roxon was for taking on big tobacco.
also press sec to the greatest health minister! Nicola Roxon.
As Nicola Roxon said - no reason why you couldn't get here on time, mate. When he did it to her.
Interesting story on first-in-family lawyers and Nicola Roxon's new job. . via
Carla Black in conversation with two prominent Aus women, Nicola Roxon and Mary Wooldridge at IPAA Vic Int. Women's Day dinner.
It is indeed an Orwell quote, And thank goodness Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy are no longer AG and Communications Minister.
That completes my semi finalists for Nicola Roxon, Nick Darcy, Kyle/Jackie and Mike Atherton.
Professor said that Nicola Roxon and her staff like were superheroes of public health in the
Nicola Roxon worked on files after Julia Gillard left Slater & Gordon
Nicola Roxon is a frigging CHAMP. John Button was an honorable and good Labor man - much loved, in particular for his straight talking. I’m going to adopt that straight talking style tonight because we have some lessons to learn from the last six years. It might seem indulgent to go back over old ground, but if we don’t talk frankly and constructively there are worse risks. So I’m going to adopt John Button’s “tell it as it is” style, although this will inevitably be painful for some people. I say this only because Australia will need a stronger Labor Government next time, to repair the damage that will be inflicted by Tony Abbott and to pursue the next generation of positive reforms for the nation. You will be the first and last audience to have my version of events, and my perspective on what the Party can learn from our six years in Government. I have no intention of writing a book, or providing further commentary on these issues after tonight. We don’t want to airbrush our history, or we ...
Nicola Roxon calls on *** Kevin Rudd to quit Parliament in John Button lecture By Matthew Grimson, ABC Updated October 17, 2013, 7:31 am Nicola Roxon says Kevin Rudd was a *** to many people around him before his dismissal.Former attorney-general Nicola Roxon has delivered a scathing character assessment of Kevin Rudd, describing him as a *** and calling on him to quit Parliament. Ms Roxon meted out a lengthy critique of Labor's six years in government as she delivered the John Button Memorial Lecture in Melbourne yesterday evening. The retired Labor politician was heavily critical of Mr Rudd's leadership style, saying he showed reservations about letting cabinet make big strategic calls and would focus on minutiae to avoid "harder decisions". A close ally of Julia Gillard, Ms Roxon slammed Mr Rudd's infamous temper and said the government was left weaker because he ignored the advice of his colleagues. "Although I was frustrated beyond belief by his disorganization and lack of strategy, I ...
Thanks for chiming in, Dr Craig Emerson. I don't think Nicola Roxon did an adequate jo of damaging the Labor party
No but seriously where in the world is Julia Gillard-San Diego? Adelaide? Rumours of an Asian getaway with Nicola Roxon?
I got to give it to Nicola Roxon on this issue Michael, she took it up to big Tobacco and some nasty Liberals and come through
It was hard legislation to get up, but seems it has had the desired effect. Possibly Nicola Roxon's best legacy?
Thanks, Nicola Roxon, for taking on big tobacco RT“signs plain packaging of cigarettes works
See for yourself - this is the real Kevin Rudd by Nicola Roxon!
Where is Tanya Plibersek, where is Doug Cameron, where is Nicola Roxon, where is Jenny MacKlin? Gutless one and all!
If you're interested here's a doc about Aust. AG Nicola Roxon & her win for
Oh - so you licked Julia Gillard's and Nicola Roxon's *** down there did you John ??? ROFLMFAO
Lied to by Nicola Roxon. Lost home and B&B. Now have claim in against Govt. too little too late?
Barrie Cassidy says and Nicola Roxon heading to somewhere in Asia for a cooking class together.
How come there are Nicola Roxon signs? Is that so people can see a continuation of Labor values member2member?
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EDDIE McGUIRE It seems to be the case that people are not ALLOWED to say anything in this country these days for fear of offending others, despite the fact that Nicola Roxon's proposed communistic laws were given the axe. We live in a country where the main tool that feminists came up with, GUILT and SHAME, is now used in every area of public commentary. We live in a country where the tools of GUILT and SHAME are used continually on individuals who have the right in a democracy to say whatever they like. We are a very sad and pathetic country in that respect. We all need to stand up and make a stand against the use of GUILT and SHAME when it comes to freedom of speech. The Collingwood Football Club have a problem. What is more worrying than Eddie McGuire's so called gaffe is the total rubbish that came out of Nathan Buckley's mouth last Saturday. He said that the making of an adverse comment about someone takes away that person's freedom. That is the greatest load of uneducated garbage I have heard for a ...
Action against Nicola Roxon has begun. Defective Admin, Lies & Misinformation just not good enough. Thx for your support in the past
That's the parliamentary committee Nicola Roxon announced in July last year and has been on hold for some months.
Nicola Roxon does Anna Burkes hair these days..
Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus in discussion with his predecessor Nicola Roxon, in discussion during
begin defective admin case against Nicola Roxon today. Lies to cancer famiky caused loss of family home. Much media evidence avai
Submit defective admin case against Nicola Roxon today. Lies & misinformstion cost cancer family their home
trying to keep em honest to. Submit my defective admin case sgainst Nicola Roxon tiday. Lies & misinformation cost csncer family
I submit my defective admin case against Nicola Roxon tiday. Rule of 3. Central cst family
yup, both sides. "Labor has made clear that we don't support *** marriage" Shadow Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, June 2004.
Concern on mental health: Mary Wooldridge - makes Nicola Roxon's reign as health minister look like a raging success.
you have a Nicola Roxon view of "freedom". If I don't like it I'll make it against the law
Australia has so much for which to thank Nicola Roxon
Many of those documents were transferred to Maurice Blackburn & to a Lawyer named Nicola Roxon. Shred shred shred!
Discrimination laws still flawed: NICOLA Roxon's absurd proposals aside, there is a solid case for consolidation.
Rise Up Australia Party's HISTORY lesson (Pt 2) AD 610 - Mohammed : "The WHOLE earth is a Mosque" 1882 - William Gladstone (British P.M on most occasions and also the oldest ever) - "So long as there is this book (koran) in the world, there will be NO peace". (Ever since) 1979 - When Iran became the world's 1st fully Islamic Republic - "Death to America" "Death to Israel" "Death to Freedom" "Death to Britain" 14/2/13 - Nicola Roxon's replacement, Attorney/General Mark Dreyfus - "We have nothing to learn from Europe. It can't happen here." in an ABC interview, regarding Islamic takeover and Sharia. 19/2/13- Geert Wilders - "I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous totalitarian ideology equal to communism and fascism. Aren't I allowed to say 'no'?" - Mark Dreyfus (Aust. Attorney-General) - "Sheik Feiz in recent months. a changed man" [Sydney's Feiz Mohammed had You-tube links to deceased Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev and stated; "No true, devout Muslim would go against the koran"!] ...
.rightly credits the Labor Gov for of tobacco. Rightly credits Nicola Roxon?
"For me, this change in position has come about as a result of a lot of reflection, over a long period of time, including conversations with good people grappling with deep questions of life, sexuality and faith," Mr Rudd bravely said to the 62% of his constituents who already support same-sex marriage, immediately after it was legalised in 30 jurisdictions and in the face of its inevitable pass in the United Kingdom.
"May the best selection win in September" ~ Nicola Roxon
Off to NSW Art Gallery with Marla tonight. Nicola Roxon followed by "The Archibalds"
To be fair, Pyne's sources aren't all crap. He predicted the resignation of Nicola Roxon a few hours before it happened.
This page is set up to promote our Communication Assignment. We had to create a campaign surrounding the recent Data Retention Scheme put forward last year by Nicola Roxon.
Who's coming to tonight? Artist Brenda Croft on her work, Nicola Roxon MP on Australian controversies
Yesterday, I visited Mount Saint Joseph Girls' College with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and Nicola Roxon to...
Can anyone tell me what Nicola Roxon's doing now. Saw her on news with PM Gillard? Great achiever.
The Hon Nicola Roxon MP speak on Australian art and politics at Art After Hours tomorrow night
Tomorrow at the Hon Nicola Roxon MP on controversies in art & politics (an Auslan-interpreted talk)
The PM with Nicola Roxon, and students from Mount St Joseph's Girls College. TeamJG
Julia on 24,seems close to edge. Nicola Roxon, grave & defeated, standing behind her, ready to catch her if she falls. Something's going on.
Thinking about September 14. Failed in trying to make it go away, so might as well look at some 'scary' facts about the last couple of therms of our Federal parliament. A lot of argument and bad press, but legitimately formed, and will run full term. Here's the Scorecard as I see it: · NBN (the fast one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b - running over original estimates, but still the better option than fibre to the node) Assuming it gets completed. · BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate, although in NSW some poor value due to NSW Govt's removal of spending from open tender, given to two snouts-in-the-trough companies) · Gonski – Education funding reform - a work in progress, and less than perfect, but a step up from the present model. · NDIS/DisabilityCare - welcome all round. · MRRT & aligned PRRT - a failure in large part because WA & Qld upped their royalties which were deducted from the MRRT. (Royalties are paid on total tonn ...
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Yep. Most fb friends are def hibernating (see my previous post), have me switched off or are not impressed. Not even any opposing views! It took 30 years for my once radical views on smoking to become mainstream (thank you for all you did Nicola Roxon et al.) Think I'm now going to be brave and broadcast my disquiet about Australia's DRINKING CULTURE, for maybe the next week or two? I admire my fb friends who champion causes - think it's time this cause had a friend. Hope none of it is taken personally. Remember, I'm not teetotal, not proposing prohibition.
Has anyone seen or heard Nicola Roxon lately? How did she go from such a high profile to nothing overnight? Something to hide? Flying under the radar perhaps?
With current Federal Member for Gellibrand, Nicola Roxon, at her farewell to Principals at Braybrook…
BROKE WIDOWER AMBUSHES MINISTER’S MEDIA CONFERENCE : NBN News The beginning of my battle with Nicola Roxon.
My news story on my efforts to get Nicola Roxon to assist me in finding help with our cancer costs -
I would want blank cheques for the rest of my life and Nicola roxon sacked and made homeless for 10 years
Australia Day message from the Samuel Griffith Society - on Nicola Roxon's speech laws
It's hard to believe that an Australian Government could try this on - Nicola Roxon's speech laws
My late mum took on Paul Keating &won. On mothers day I begin my fight with Nicola Roxon. I will draw on her amazing strength.
Most animals who are exported live for slaughter have their throats cut while fully conscious. Millions have died at sea. Some 19 investigations have revealed that in destination countries, many animals endure routine abuse and brutal slaughter in places where laws do not protect them from cruelty.…
Nicola Roxon to spare the right to offend in discrimination U-turn
Gr8 pic n we must not 4get Nicola Roxon is also a women of calibre.
DID you hear that? That was the sound of a 22-calibre bullet going into Mr Abbott’s foot.
Is Nicola Roxon running at all for Gellibrand in this year's election? Anyone have info?
Cuba set to challenge Nicola Roxon's signature plain packaging laws at the WTO:
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The Minister for Immigration Brendan O’Connor has a five-year-old daughter, the Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has three children and the Coalition spokesman
Bring Nicola Roxon back.she's much hotter and went off at that club in Canberra!. Love you...
& the lobby - an unholy alliance. Makes Nicola Roxon's achievement more remarkable.
any tips for my defective administration submission against Nicola Roxon?
Shame for Britain. Makes Nicola Roxon's introduction of plain pack. for cigarettes even more impress
The biggest CON on justice in this country is when Julia Gillard appointed Nicola Roxon to be The ATG to clean up her mess in the AWU!
Gee. Researching this CDDA & it looks like Nicola Roxon was very negligent. My submission is due this week. Defective Administration is bad
Apart from tobacco, for which credit goes to Nicola Roxon, your public health policy has been gutless.
Is Nicola Roxon an actual nanny yet?
Great forum last night Mayor Angela Altair Hobsons Bay Council and Nicola Roxon MP. Thanks for having us!
Dunno. You’re talking about a man who used to knock the back outa Nicola Roxon. He’s capable of anything…
Nicola Roxon retires as Attorney-General and in a matter of mere months there's full-frontal nudity on One at 9pm.
The British government is abandoning plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging, in a move that will please the tobacco industry that had challenged the claim it would put young people off smoking. Health ministers had been weighing banning brands
current AG Mark Dreyfus is also arrogant as ex AG Nicola Roxon of handbag hit squad fame. Not surprising with labor
as in Nicola Roxon? No way, she let secret Gov/ISP/Big Media talks continue while AG, a massive potential undermining of rights.
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You are totally factually incorrect. Even Nicola Roxon admitted there was no evidence when she brought it in!
little man with a big head! even mentioned in the AWU SCANDAL covering up for Gillard with NICOLA ROXON!
So is this why Nicola Roxon resigned as Australian Attorney General & Politics? Friends, spies & espionage via
Healthy dose of optimism: RETIRING MP and former Health Minister Nicola Roxon was in Hobart yesterday talking ...
I suspect after having as my local member, all others will suffer in comparison. (Waiting for a reply from Nicola Roxon.)
I am writing a letter to Nicola Roxon, my local member, regarding policy. Doubt if will help, but must do something.
The best moment of Nicola Roxon's address was her suggesting that, considering the subject, the men were being over represented in the Q&A.
Former AG Nicola Roxon speaking on women, politics & law at the Stanley Burbury.
Public lecture by Nicola Roxon on at UTAS, 5-6:30PM today. On Women, Politics and Law. Sounds interesting.
Incredibly excited to hear Nicola Roxon speak tomorrow night, with Two amazing women.
No matter ur politics, women still juggle 'it all' Goodbye to All That - Why I Resigned | Nicola Roxon | The Monthly:
Nicola Roxon on why her resignation was not a failure for working women - it represented success
I love this article by Nicola Roxon. For all working women.
Yup, Nicola Roxon is really just terrific. “‘Why I Resigned’ by Nicola Roxon:
The Monthly has just made freely available the recent piece by Nicola Roxon on why she resigned: important read
Instagraming is a great way of procrastination @ Nicola Roxon - Federal Member For Gellibrands Office
Women, Politics and Law. Public Lecture presented by former Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon MP at UTAS on Monday:
Interesting to see intelligent women stand behind Penny Wong, Nicola Roxon etc who debase the issue of misogyny with cheap politics.
Indeed. But wish Nicola Roxon is in the audience too as she can ask a few questions of Peter. :)
Can't wait to hear Nicola Roxon speak next week at Utas!
I like my hero "Nicola Roxon" but she will be an expollie, need someone apolitical
Nicola Roxon presents my Right of Reply: via
Julia Gillard smoked weed and so did Tony Abbott. So did malcolm turnbull, mark latham, peter garrett (obviously), nicola roxon
I wonder how many lives Nicola Roxon will have saved with the plain packaging laws as well? ...
Nicola Roxon Tips on breathing value into your law degree will be the topic of discussion…
Local member Nicola Roxon MP officially opening the Footscray Memorial Garden (designed by FFLA) this morning.
Cash in Bag to replace AG Roxon in safe Labor seat
Out taking campaign photos with Nicola Roxon and Tim Watts - the new Labor Candidate for Gellibrand
and the participants are from all sides. I know Nicola Roxon did it
Looks like another really interesting public lecture being put on by UTAS. "Women, politics and law" with former...
thanks 2 Carmel Tebutt, Nicola Roxon, Ray Miller, Max Alexander & his team & our community advocates who helped me get this done!
AWU scandal : Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU
Certainly Nicola Roxon agreed PM that resemblance2 was uncanny, & it was this
I told Nicola Roxon that I'm ready2serve whenever the time is right furthermore I've decided that unfilled ***
A dangerous self attribute PM which I must control much better! However, I did remind Nicola Roxon-that in
A lovely chat with Nicola Roxon last weekend PM although feeling so comfortable around her had the
Interesting article on the IPA's 70th Anniversary Dinner. These are the people that took on Nicola Roxon and her...
lies, lies & more lies by Juliar, Bill Shorten & Nicola (ex corrupt AG)
Nicola Roxon & Jenny MacKlin in Townsville announcing changes to Native Title
Another exposure of corrupt ex AG Nicola Roxon aka handbag hit squad. He he he
Gillard government plunges into deep disarray with shock resignations of key ministers Time for the election is NOW
Nicola Roxon had to step down "due to family pressures", which kind of makes your point entirely non-existent, you ALP cretin
Pretty sure that consumers are still allowed to whinge about prices, unless Nicola Roxon want to ban that free speech too.
James Paterson explains why Nicola Roxon's anti-discrimination law is so dangerous & David Marr agrees!
Congratulations on your Gellibrand preselection - a worthy successor to Nicola Roxon. See you on the campaign trail!
Wow! Nicola Roxon was a blonde bombshell back in the day!
Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud | The ALP WAY via
Nicola Roxon admits that the misogynists actually reside within Labor
Roxon & Conroy in the mud again. Oh labor, so corrupt, incompetent, dishonest & arrogant. sad for Australia
misogynist Roxonwrote to members this week expressing alarm misogyny within ranks of her party CONROY
Roxonwrote to branch members this week expressing alarm that misogyny emerged within the ranks of her party CONROY
Clown act 349 from Labor Circus - Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud Apologies to clowns
Leftist politicians in internal row over "misogyny" - no right wingers involved here -
Misogynists, like yetis, were once a rare breed. Now they are everywhere
Another chapter in the tawdry saga of How Australian Labor Eats Its Own.
Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud!
Well well, I wonder who will eventually be found to be the guilty party
another exposure of the corrupt,incompetent & dishonest former AG Nicola Roxon of the handbag hit squad.
Conroy denies involvement in Gellibrand dirty tricks - few believe him
Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud | via
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The "misogyny" catch cry claims a new victim from the hand bag hit squad. Difference, this one's internal!...
Meanwhile who's running the Country? Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud |
Former attorney-general Nicola Roxon has lashed out at ''misogyny'' within Labor ranks
▪ Conroy's candidate in the box seat: Stephen Conroy’s candidate to take Nicola Roxon’s seat of Gellibra...
A formal complaint will be lodged with ALP officials against Nicola Roxon today over Misogyny claims.
Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud | BELONG in a SEPTIC TANK
Labor misogyny biffo! Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy pulled into mud Read more:
Kitching lady don't take lightly to Roxon calling her 'misogynous'.
The Labor candidates for Melbourne West vacated by former AG Nicola Roxon have been throwing human dung to each other. Typically Labor Dirt!
So Stephen "red undies" Conroy got his little robot preselected to replace Roxon in Gellibrand. Where are the actual misogynists Nicola?
Dirt flies in Gellibrand preselection. Nicola Roxon lashes out at ''misogyny'' within Labor ranks
I bet the PM knows more about Attorney General Nicola Roxon's interference in the matter, hmmm?
Will these changes affect Nicola Roxon taking her $5m nest egg pension from the age of 46?
Nicola Roxon has advised that since it's unhealthy, she'll be advocating for plain packaging on all edible plutocrats.
More disgraceful news! Can't find Gillard but found Roxon has $5-$7m
Nicola Roxon is a genuine modern day HERO.
Be nice to see a synopsis of the PM's super (& Nicola Roxon's) to reveal disparity in their argument.
I'm still not used to Nicola Roxon not being the AG.
Well at least we can now that Nicola Roxon has gone.
Nicola Roxon is not on a single mothers pension. Irrelevant information to this debate.
Remember that's why Nicola Roxon resigned - to spend more time with her eight year old daughter!
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via This is why Labour will be lost forever!
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU. Why Nicola resigned!
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU - The Daily Telegraph -
April 1 Nicola Roxon, politician member of the Australian House of Representatives is 46 today.
Good grief...they've got Nicola Roxon as a consultant Egypt satirist faces arrest warrant
Nicola Roxon is ONE of 22million Australians, all of whom have a valid point of view.
I hope Nicola Roxon enjoys the next step in her career. The benefit of Nicola to the Labor party is immeasurable.
another nice scoop by this morning - Telstra exec to stand for nicola roxon's old seat
My interview with Nicola Roxon on Labor's reform issues, feminism and new careers via
Nicola Roxon leaves big shoes to fill so it's a humbling task. I'm looking forward to 100s of phone calls & cups of tea with pre selectors.
Nicola Roxon about planning for life after politics, ALP reform, feminism, family, and career trajectories.
Nicola Roxon nearly chokes reporting to the house regarding Gillard's defamation of
I heard (not sure if true) that he was an ex Nicola Roxon lover...Good Lord!
seems the Privileges Committee is Chaired by conflict of interest called Nicola Roxon.
listen to Michael smith podcast on Alan jones brilliant. Nicola roxon very sus too
I thought the former Attorney General Nicola Roxon was utterly usesless & pompous. We now have a new contender for Minister Tool
Roxon accused of AWU conflict: NICOLA Roxon accused of conflict of interest by chairing the committee overseei...
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via SEPTIC TANK
Conflicts of interest at the heart of govt business... Where is the integrity?
ROXON HANDLED AWU FILES after Gillard left Slater & Gordon - now accused of Conflict: via
UPDATED - Nicola Roxon's role in adjudicating on smear, Gillard, me and the truth.
Corrupt.Pass it /Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via
Elderly blamed for waiting lists: Nicola Roxon has blamed the increase in the number of older Australians for ...
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via WANT %100 INVESTIGATED
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Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via is WHY ROXON RESIGNED
sounds a bit suss to me.Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU
Nothing 2see here I did nothing wrong & I've answered all this b4 should cover it just gets better..of course it is a conflict Roxon..
, the ALP can't hear him but we can, loud and very clear. Keep singing Michael.
Judge & Jury, has been screwed by the ALP.
Roxon caught out trying to bury complaint regarding PM's defamation in Parliament last year...
Can Roxon be trusted to do the right thing? "LABOR MP Nicola Roxon has been accused of a conflict of interest...
(1/2) Given Roxon handled Gillard's files at Maurice Blackburn, she's in conflict of interest, bcoz.
13 March 2013 Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via
Of course she will. It's sleaze and smear' when she's called out abusing office.
Nicola Roxon accused of conflict over AWU | via
ELECTION YEAR AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT... ... So what stance are the major parties likely to take on public transport in the election? We have a long way to go if the statements on public transport of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are a reliable guide. For instance, in July 2008 Julia Gillard, with fellow Labor MP's Nicola Roxon, Brendan O'Connor and Bill Shorten, coauthored a response to the East West Link Needs Assessment Study undertaken on behalf of the Brumby government by Sir Rod Eddington. In it they supported Eddington's recommendation for the 18 kilometre extension to the Eastern Freeway, now called the east-west link road tunnel, and subsequently promoted by the Baillieu government as its number one infrastructure project. On 24 February 2013, in launching the Geelong Ring Road, Gillard used language identical to that used by Premier Ted Baillieu to sing the praises of the Peninsula Link freeway on the Mornington Peninsula which he had opened eight days earlier. "Indeed as a result of all this [the ...
Bill Shorten & his ex-lover Nicola Roxon are up to there armpits in the AWU Scandal.He'll try hard to make it disappear but it won't go away
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WHY WAS FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL McClelland replaced with Nicola Roxon? Dumped attorney-general Robert McClelland says the Labor Party has not gone far enough in cracking down on corruption in the union movement, citing examples going back to the 1990s connected to Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Mr McClelland, a Kevin Rudd supporter who was demoted from cabinet by Ms Gillard late last year, made a thinly veiled reference to a case involving Ms Gillard and her former partner, Bruce Wilson, a former official of the Australian Workers Union. The former attorney-general spoke in Parliament yesterday during debate over the government’s legislative response to the Health Services Union scandal. Mr McClelland called for the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Bill to be strengthened to increase penalties and give union members the ability to trigger investigations if they suspected corruption. Mr McClelland repeatedly referred to allegations made against Mr Wilson that have been made several times in the Victor ...
For five long years I've been watching an enthralling vaudeville show. There's Kevin Rudd playing the part of Harry Langdon, a comedian who formed an act called 'Johnny's New Car.' Kevin of course replaced the car with a miniature plane. Then we have Julia Gillard in the role of Lillie Langtry, an actress of reknown for her affair with Edward the VII. Sir Harry Lauder, a singer and comedian, and this role is filled with aplomb by Dr Craig Emerson. Bill Shorten does an admirable job of filling the shoes of Ted Lewis, who was a bandleader, clarinetist and singer known for using the phrase, "Is everybody happy?" Wayne Swan, whose life lately seems to be of always needing to pull a rabbit out of a hat, is perfect for the role of Long Tack Sam, a magician and acrobat. Emmett Miller, a minstrel and singer noted for his yodel-like falsetto voice, is the right role choice for a tirelessly leaping and jerking Peter Garrett. Then we have the constantly yapping David Bradbury cast as James J Morton, a comedian known ...
Julia Gillard announces Cabinet reshuffle as Minister Chris Evans and Attorney-General Nicola... TEARY Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed the shock resignations of two key members of the government - plunging her stuttering election campaign into further disarray and prompting Opposition speculation of more Labor resignations.
When Roxon was dodging a cast iron crime report, where were you, Scott?
Roxon on not drawing conclusions about women 'having it all' from the resignation of those in high demand positions:
Nicola Roxon resigned, because she was about to be investigated 4 a number of things ie breaching privacy, fraud & so much more
Rejoice time mgt freaks Worth reading. Great piece from Nicola Roxon
Roxon says her resignation doesn't prove female limitations. The press seem to think otherwise. Here's our thoughts:
From this mother of 4, well said. Support and Flexibility + Why I Resigned ... | Nicola Roxon | : via
Worth reading. A very interesting piece from our ex-AG Nicola Roxon
Don’t forget to read Nicola Roxon’s ‘Goodbye to All That: Why I Resigned’ – free until 5pm today:
Our feminist dream is more that a binary equation between work and life. Nicola Roxon via
Really wonderful article by a strong Labor woman about why she resigned.
Nicola Roxon, an affirmation of what women can do: what outstanding achievements for Australian women
Government in crisis? MP's jumping ship? This is what the media, and the LNP would like us to believe! Roxon...
Nicola Roxon in The Monthly on why she resigned...the government's loss is her family's gain
Nicola Roxon on the triple bottom line of her work - personal, professional and public.
Eloquent wake up call! Need a great woman for the job! Nicola Roxon tobacco team available?
Doing & having it all, its about being able to choose - why Nicola Roxon resigned. The Monthly: via
No negativity from me, you're leaving after 15 great years in the job. Thank you | The Monthly: via
Nicola Roxon an amazing role model who will inspire many more women to tackle public life
V. heartfelt piece by Roxon on her resignation and the attractions and heartache of being a pollie with children
in the past? Yes. Just reading her piece for the Monthly (and being reminder of her amazingness
A take on Gellibrand MP Nicola Roxon's retirement by... Nicola Roxon
Nicola Roxon: great politician, great person, great mum
If only more blokes thought like Roxon too.
Roxon: "In choosing to leave I was exercising the choice & flexibility that women have been fighting... to achieve"
Nicola Roxon is such an inspiring person, a pleasure to have her work so hard for us lucky oz ppl. Thank you so much Nicola
Thank you Nicola Roxon for your wonderful contribution to this country.
"Feminism has delivered us opportunity and choice. I took that opportunity, gave it all I had and am now choosing...
some of the Journos might like to read this with thanks to
Nicola Roxon explains why she resigned as AG. Worth reading
Suggestions that my retirement after 15 years in parliament represents a failure for working women are rubbish.
Look I get this. But it is a rare bird,almost a dodo.Not all mothers have the luxuries of a retiring pollie...
? Kind of makes it impossible to have a career & a Family by Nicola's own admission
I wonder when Nicola Roxon is going to appear in Good Weekend?
Nicola Roxon as one of the least vocal is surprising. Seem to remember the Speaker telling her to shut up quite often.
I loved watching Who do you think you are? and finding out that Nicola Roxon was the niece of the legendary rock writer Lillian Roxon. I loved seeing Nicola ( A Cabinet Minister) dishing up a healthy Asian veggie dish to her office staff so they would all be work efficient. And i enjoyed this piece on why she resigned.
Fantastic. She kicked *** made a difference & left once she felt her work was done “Great piece by Roxon
Nicola Roxon tells why she is quitting politics.
Nicola Roxon on why she resigned from politics - excellent article.
Just discovered former Labor Attorney-General Nicola Roxon will be giving the Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture to Newcastle Law School this year. A great speaker with a great mind. It should be fantastic!
The misogyny maidens. Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon, Penny Wong, Jenny MacKlin and, of course, the PM!
As the world's richer nations toughen their anti-smoking laws, tobacco companies are looking elsewhere to make money.
Nicola Roxon, what are you doing here?
A very interesting article by James Allan. “Time and chance happeneth to them all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11 – King James Version) Gillard's greatest sin of all. January 21, 2013 Imagine my surprise, over here in San Diego, to wake up a while back and learn it was being reported Prime Minister Gillard had called an election for September of this year. This came as something of a shock to me, because Ms Gillard has no power to have an election campaign go on for that ridiculous length of time. No, on more careful reading it became clear that what Ms Gillard had done is simply to have announced to the press that it was the date when the election would happen. So let’s be clear: what Ms. Gillard opts to announce to the press has no constitutional or legal binding effect at all. It’s worthless. It might have some sort of political effect in reining in those of her colleagues who might be inclined to be disloyal, not least because they think her unelectability is now written in stone. Or it might put a bi ...
Indeed/ PM, Penny Wong.Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon, Jenny MacKlin, Quentin Bryce & just for laughs Margy or Janette.
ANNE SUMMERS on the cliched debate that holds back gender equality.
ROXON UP TO HER AMPLE THIGHS IN AWU FRAUD EXCLUSIVE Last night on the ABC, Bill Shorten lied. Not only his body language, but documented evidence, confirms he lied and he is not very good at it. He claims he, “wasn’t working for the AWU” when the Gillard/Wilson scandal broke. That’s lie number one. He was. At that time he was paid as an AWU organiser. He claims he didn’t know about this scam. Lie number two. He was instrumental in trying to cover it up. Shorten was living with Nicola Roxon at the time. She was working at Maurice Blackburn lawyers. Shorten was completing his articles at the same office. Let’s assume there was no pillow talk regarding something as momentously illegal as this. Unlikely I know, but let’s assume that for the sake of the dear Ms Roxon. Gillard claimed she did not report the fraud to the police because it was "already under investigation". Not true. After the fraud was discovered it wasn't until the following year that it was reported to the police. Gillard also cl ...
What did Paul Howes mean when he said he and the AWU had Gillard's back? Is he referring to the AWU / Wilson / Gillard/ Slush fund affair?
WHEN Julia Gillard, Slater and Gordon and the AWU each went their separate ways who took over the AWU’s legal interests for its new law firm, Maurice Blackburn. Nicola Roxon. Who is a former National Secretary of the AWU? Bill Shorten. Who had an extra marital affair with Nicola Roxon? Bill Shorten. Who backed Gillard’s assassination of Rudd? Bill Shorten. Who said she would refuse to serve in a Rudd cabinet? Nicola Roxon. Who was deposed as Attorney General after trying to investigate the AWU scandal. Robert McClelland. Who replaced him? Nicola Roxon. Who has stated she is satisfied Gillard has done no wrong? Nicola Roxon. Is that not all very cosy! A right little political ménage a trois. But there’s more. What do Gillard and Roxon have in common? Both are former solicitors. Both worked on the AWU slush fund debacle. Both had affairs with married officials of the AWU. Both are senior members of this Goverment. Both have had affairs with married Ministers of this government. Both belong to Emily ...
By Sarah Joseph. The media is right to be up in arms about the proposed new law.
Attorney General Nicola Roxon MP will be joining us as Guest Speaker at the NAB Women's Agenda Leadership Awards. We hope you're joining us too. Don't miss out on tickets, they're selling fast
US business groups say tobacco plain-packaging would be a violation of NZ's trade obligations.
Labour leadership challenge before the end of feb my tip
Kevin Rudd promised not to touch your super -“Not one jot,” he said, “not one tittle.” In fact they’ve raided the nation’s super nine times, and stolen $8 billion dollars of yours. Now, with the mining tax billions up in smoke, and spending $100 billion more than John Howard did in his last year but taking in $70 billion more, they are borrowing heavily and also eying the $1.4 trillion in Australians’ super. Bill Shorten told the super industry on 29 November that nothing is off the table. But the politicians enjoy different entitlements to other Australians. After the election Nicola Roxon will get over $120K a year for life – and she’s only 45. Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan will get $ 170K a year for life. You’d have to put $5 million into your super to equal this- and they can get it as soon as they leave Parliament.
Fairfax media has ramped up its campaign against the Government — now abandoning any pretence of unbiased reporting. Alan Austin reports.
Subject: Please keep this going ... This has been circulating for months, and has been sent to over 16 million people. To show your support for Prime Minister Gillard and the great job she is doing, please go to the end of the list and add your name. Then re-post or share. If you don't want to sign, and in order not to lose any names, just share as is. Please keep it going! 1. Tim Mathieson 2. Nicola Roxon
Now I know why Nicola Roxon and Chris Evans announced their resignation. Here comes Kevin!!
Posted by ASDUpdates on February 13th, 2013 It was bound to happen, I am just surprised it took this long. Judge Leighton should be commended for his patience. He finally had enough of Leaming’s improvised “legal” filings, and had this to say: Defendant has filed yet another document entitled “Mandatory Judicial Notice.” (See Dkts. 86, 66, 59, 58.) The “Mandatory Judicial Notice” notifies the Court that Defendant “relies in good faith on the public/commercial REGISTRY entries as published at, inclusive of Universal Law Ordinance, UCC . . . .” For lack of a better term, this is gobbledygook. The Court is unsure of the document’s purpose, and given its undecipherable nature, no response is expected from the Government. Defendant is apparently a member of a group loosely styled “sovereign citizens.” The Court has deduced this from a number of Defendant’s peculiar habits. First, like Mr. Leaming, sovereign citizens are fascinated by capitalization. They appea ...
New data find that female smokers are now even more likely than male smokers to die of lung cancer.
New on our blog Nicola former Attorney-General of
At the club tonight a mate of mine said he was going home to cook dinner - Baramundi. He said it might be the same tomorrow night. I have never had Bara tuesdi.
Can't we just talk Kevin? We need to show Nicola Roxon that he is the Messiah
I reckon Nicola Roxon would take some pleasure in seeing this sign:
Is there a Small Tobacco? Surely Nicola Roxon wants to hurt their feelings too.
Have you had a shocking water bill, or know someone who has? Let us know by emailing us at online.mediaor phone 4979 5941.
that's "virtually all the commentators are echoing the Opposition". Emma Albericie to Nicola Roxon
WARNING watch out for a rudderless labor uncontrollably coming your way. Odds to shorten.
Latest Leaderboard: Learn about implications of Nicola resignation from PM cabinet
Nicola Roxon sure didn't mention about quitting when she was appointed A-G(link). Another lie that will unravel
What would force a family to try & sell a house at Byron bay for only $100? Why did Nicola Roxon lie to them?
more on corrupt ex AG Nicola Roxon, another of Labors so called capable women.
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