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Nicol Williamson

Nicol Williamson (14 September 1936 – 16 December 2011) was a British actor once described by English playwright John Osborne as the greatest actor since Marlon Brando .

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Have 80s music legend Dieter Meier of the band Yello and acting genius Nicol Williamson ever been seen in the same…
New Books Library: Beware of the Actor! The Rise and Fall of Nicol Williamson Portu…
Here's good old Lennard Pearce in the RSC production of CORIOLANUS w Margaret Tyzack & Nicol Williamson at the Aldw…
My favourie instant disappearance is Nicol Williamson as Mer…
It's no doubt been said before, but Nicol Williamson steals this film.
I'm a huge fan of Nicol Williamson, but I do enjoy Jeremy Brett, as well.
Part 2 of my hopefully handy guide up on my blog now!
Nicol williamson was epic in this, very underestimated actor.
Been having a conversation about & his forthcoming Book due out soon Black Sheep The Authorised Biogr…
There are daily hidden gems/archives on today I watched *** Cavett interview Nicol Williamson & Ar…
And the best recording of The Hobbit is by Nicol Williamson. I think we have played that hundreds of times in our…
hi, loving the channel. I would love to see Nicol Williamson's 'The Reckoning' again if at all possible, cheers.
Also filmed in Birkenhead, Four Bridges, Docks and Wallasey starring Nicol Williamso…
That's a shot from a really interesting film called The Reckoning (made in '69 but released in 197…
Woah. You've written a book about Nicol Willia…
Several of Nicol Williamson's former colleagues featured in this, sadly.
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Watch Helen Mirren mirroring Nicol Williamson in the background...
Nicol Williamson was born on this day in 1938. With Alan Arkin & Robert Duvall in The Seven Per Cent Solution. Unive…
Born on this day: Nicol Williamson. He was an immensely talented stage actor; with Alan Arkin in The Seven-Per-Cent…
For me it was Nicol Williamson as Merlin b/c he does this lovely Hobbit record
I noticed that. I think that's because they wanted to keep it to pure stop-motion; but yeah, anything with Nic…
Nicol Williamson is Macbeth in this version, Jane Lapotaire Lady MacBeth.
John Boorman's Excalibur still the best Arthurian legend movie. Nicol Williamson's portrayal of Merlin will never b…
IMO the best Sherlock Holmes movie ever: "Seven Percent Solution" with Nicol Williamson (Holmes) and Alan Arkin (Fr…
Never sseen this - Nicol Williamson and Rachel Roberts though, great Welsh actress.
Found Excalibur on TV...missed the first hour, unfortunately, but watched the rest. Nicol Williamson as Merlin was ⚡️& 🔥.
I LOVE that episode. I think Nicol Williamson is an underrated COLUMBO villain.
Celebrating the 4th by doing dueling Nicol Williamson in Excalibur impressions with As one does.
It was Arthur & Merlin with me. I had "Excalibur" with Nicol Williamson as Merlin on VHS. Who knows how many times I watched it?
I've just realized who Jeremy Corbyn reminds me of: Nicol Williamson.
This is the version we had (dramatic reading by Nicol Williamson). It's the best of all the ones I know.
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I thought Nicol Williamson was Geoffrey Rush in a wizard hat
My sister has on a really tense episode of Columbo with Nicol Williamson and a young Kim Cattrall looking like Marion Cotillard.
I think Nicol Williamson in Excalibur might be my favorite thing ever.
Someone surprised me with this amazingly amazing gift. Nicol Williamson reads "The Hobbit."
The mome rath isn't born that could outgrabe me. -- Nicol Williamson
My 1st was best: Nicol Williamson & Helen Mirren (RSC); Branagh's was pants, but genuinely enjoyed the Patrick Stewart version.
1st concept drawing of Space Wizard "Xerro" The Custodian of the Galaxy. Hints of Nicol Williamson's Merlin
was Nicol Williamson in the Buller too?
Helen Mirren is worth the price alone in Excalibur, as is Nicol Williamson
And Nicol Williamson's Hamlet, too...hypnotic. Can't wait for Fassbender's Macbeth.
Watching the magnificence that is Excalibur. He who draws the sword shall be king. Nicol Williamson
Next up: my favorite Merlin, Nicol Williamson in John Boorman's EXCALIBUR. Who are some of your favorites?
Awww... I loved his work I will never forget him with Nicol Williamson in Excalibur and in Edward II as de Montfort, I think.
Find The Hobbit a *touch* overblown? Try this beautifully subtle audio version read by the late Nicol Williamson
Arthur [Nigel Terry]: Where hides evil in my kingdom, then?. Merlin [Nicol Williamson]: Always... where you
Excalibur (1981) Quote Merlin (Nicol Williamson) Ooh, that plan is well known. You'll have to do better than...
If you look closely at the scenery, you can see Nicol Williamson's teethmarks in it.
Merlin [Nicol Williamson]: Good and evil, there never is one without the other. . Excalibur (1981)
The Hobbit read by Nicol Williamson is the best! I wish I could find other books read by him. :)
Replacing drunk Richard Burton with Nicol Williamson: new metaphor for following terrible decision with identical decision.
Nabokov adaptation starring Anna Karina and Nicol Williamson, never on VHS or DVD, hasn't been on TV since 1981.
Directed by Otto Preminger. With Richard Attenborough, Nicol Williamson, Derek Jacobi, Joop Doderer. When Arthur Davis, a junior bachelor in the British secret service's African section, is seen taking a file with him -to meet his girlfriend Cynthia- the brass fears he may be the leak to Moskow, and...
Join me this Friday as I return to flying solo and present the film score from "Return to Oz": a 1985 fantasy adventure film based on L. Frank Baum's Oz books, mainly "The Marvelous Land of Oz" and "Ozma of Oz". The plot begins with Dorothy's return to the Land of Oz, and her discovery that the land has been destroyed. Upon her return, Dorothy, along with her chicken - Billina - is befriended by a group of new companions, including Tik-Tok and Jack Pumpkinhead, who help her restore Oz to its former glory. Directed by Walter Murch, an editor and sound designer, Return to Oz features a score from David Shire - an American songwriter and composer of stage musicals, film and television scores, perhaps best known for soundtracks to the 1974 movie The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, the soundtrack for Francis Coppola's The Conversation, and parts of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The movie stars Nicol Williamson, Jean Marsh, Piper Laurie, Matt Clark, and introducing Fairuza Balk as Dorothy Gale. Released ...
Hi, fellow Shakespeare thespians and readers. Two weeks from this Thursday we start a new year with Shakespeare. In January it'll be KING LEAR, which means plenty of good parts for the women who want to read female roles. We will be in Room 109 at ICC West where things will start at 7 p.m. Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 17th, is Shakespeare day on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES (Channel 50 on Cable One). Get this line up: 5:30 a.m. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM with James Cagney, *** Powell and Mickey Rooney. (1935) 8:15 a.m. ROMEO AND JULIET with Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer from 1936. 10:30 a.m. 1969 brings us HAMLET with Nicol Williamson (sorry to say, it isn't very good) 12:30. OTHELLO with Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith! Wonderful! 3:30 p.m. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW with Taylor and Burton. You know who I mean. This is great fun. See you in January!
I really love the old 1981 "Excalibur" movie - y'know the one with Helen Mirren and Nicol Williamson? It has a major theme running though it - that King Arthur and the land are linked, and when he is in a dark place, so is the kingdom. As he loses hope, the land dies, and vice versa... On grey days like this, I feel the same way... that the land and the people who live on it are not only linked, but reflect each other. Especially here in BC, where we are literally in a RAINforest, it's hard to tell whether the natural world is changing my frequency, or vice versa. I think it's really important during dark times, inside & out, to try and find those little rays of light hidden in the storm. It's part of the reason why my yoga practice is so important to me. It takes my head out of those storm clouds and allows me to appreciate every drop of rain & every obstacle in life as part of The Cycle. Part of everything that makes us who we are. So my crazy sleepless night and high-stress morning was made just a bit ...
only saw the Michael Caine film...but Heart of the Matter had Richard Attenborough, Robert Morley and, starring, Nicol Williamson
Nicol Williamson, the actor described by John Osborne as ‘the greatest actor since Marlon Brando’, was born in on 14.9.1936
Little 'uns have gone home. Now we're resuming Young Sherlock Holmes from last eve. Do you have a fave Sherlock Holmes movie? A fave actor who has portrayed Mr. Holmes? I'm fond of The 7% Solution with Nicol Williamson playing the sleuth. And although derivative, it is hard not to like They Might Be Giants. Any time to weigh in on this Lou, Constance, Steve, Alex, Kevin . . . anyone?
Enjoyed watching Helen Mirren in the National Theatre production of The Audience. As I watched, I remembered seeing Mirren play Lady MacBeth in '75 opposite Nicol Williamson in Trevor Nunn's production at the RSC. I was sitting way up in the rafters for that performance, and had the experience of being transported to the stage by the power of her work. That and Alvin Epstein's deliriously delicious Mid-Summer's night dream at the Yale Rep gave me, in my youth, my love for Shakespeare.
It's the one with Nicol Williamson as Macbeth and Jane Lapotaire as Lady MacBeth (she in particular is brilliant).
Thanks to Paul for recommending me to 'The Reckoning', obscure 60's film noir at it's finest! In the same vein as classics of the era such as 'Villain' with Richard Burton and 'Get Carter' with Michael Caine. Worth a look in just for Nicol Williamson's drunken behaviour at the party "I'll have another Whiskey Marler!" "Get your own bleeding drinks" "Are you drunk?" "Mais Oui!"
screenplay by Nicholas Meyer, based on his novel, with Nicol Williamson as Holmes, Robert Duvall as Dr. Watson, and
As the embodiment of indecision, Nicol Williamson shines in the role of Shakespeare's tortured, half-mad Danish prince in Tony Richardson's spare yet severe ...
or Nicol Williamson as Barrymore teaching the young actor how to make a curtain call?
Boorman cast Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren opposite each other as Merlin and Morgana in Excalibur because they were real-life enemies.
On way back from 'Excalibur' at NFT. Lovely stuff, esp Nicol Williamson's Merlin. Looks wonderful too on a big screen
I basically grew up listening to this lovely version of The Hobbit narrated by Nicol Williamson:
Richard Harris as dying King *** Ian holm as John, Robert shaw as the sheriff, Nicol Williamson as little John
Ah, yes. The wonder that is Nicol Williamson's Merlin. And, of course, the lovely Helen Mirren's... well, everything.
John Boorman also did Excalibur which is also worth a watch even if it's only for Nicol Williamson and the soundtrack.
Did you like Return to Oz with Fairuza Balk, Nicol Williamson, Jean Marsh & Piper Laurie? Or am I alone
John Boorman's Excalibur on the telly. Bonkers classic. Nicol Williamson brilliant as Merlin.
Thanks! 'Excalibur' is a fun movie. Great cast (esp. Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren, with appearance by Patrick Stewart)
THE CHEAP DETECTIVE: on first glance you might think this is a sequel to MURDER BY DEATH. Both are written by Neil Simon, feature many of the same people and star Peter Falk as a Humphrey Bogart like character. But this is not a sequel. It is a lovely comic homage to CASABLANCA and THE MALTESE FALCON (and I would advise watching both of those films for added enjoyment of the jokes) In many ways a per-cursor to AIRPLAIN! The script is peppered with witty wordplay, broad sight gags and off the wall parody. Falk's MURDER BY DEATH co-stars; Eileen Brennan, James Coco and James Cromwell join Ann-Margaret, Sid Caesar, Stockard Channing, Dom DeLuise, Louise Fletcher, John Houseman, Madeline Kann, Fernando Lamas, Marsha Mason, Phil Silvers, Abe Vigoda, Paul Williams, Nicol Williamson, Scatman Crothers and David Ogden Stiers. While not as classic as MURDER BY DEATH it had me chuckling throughout. Not all of the jokes work but most of them do. Very enjoyable piece of nostalgic silliness.
Whenever they run the "in Memorium" segments in awards shows there are always one or two people that we lost that I hand't heard about. This year the two surprises were Nicol Williamson (Merlin!) and Charles Durning (Doc Hopper!). How did I miss these?
Nicol Williamson, the British Marlon Brando, actor in Spawn and Excalibur, passed away on December 16.
John Boorman's Excalibur is deliciously eccentric and outrageous! Love it! Nicol Williamson's performance wins every time!
saw: Hamlet, starring Nicol Williamson as Hamlet, Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia, Anthony Hopkins as Claudius. They've cut half the play--this film is 1hr 53min. Therefore, character development is ruined--Hamlet becomes a less believable character. I've seen Nicol Williamson play Macbeth in the BBC version, and he did that well. Here, too much has been torn away from the part. Also, he looks too old for the part. Hamlet is supposed to be a college student at the beginning of the play, and about 30 when it ends, but Nicol Williamson looks definitely older than that. (And Hamlet's college friend, Horatio, has a gray beard.) Still, Nicol does the scene very believably where he tries to convince his mother (although she looks a witch) that she was wrong to marry Claudius. He weeps in distress, which is better than Derek Jacobi does the seen in the BBC version. Marianne Faithful doesn't play a good Ophelia--she seems the same before and after she's lost her mind. And at the beginning, when she's assuri ...
OMG the once and future, only Enchanter Merlin, Nicol Williamson, died a year ago. Delayed sadness and shock
That's all fine; but, my friends, demand to see Richardson's Hamlet from 1969 with Anthony Hopkins, Nicol Williamson and Marianne Faithful
Ah... Excalibur is on... fun movie! Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, and my favorite Merlin - Nicol Williamson. I wish they could update it with current tech but the same actors; they had some great performances.
Kudos to BBC2 for producing The Hollow Crown - the Henry tragedies starting with Richard II. Now if only they keep going! The late 70s BBC production have not stood the test of time (except, well, Nicol Williamson's Macbeth and Derek Jacobi's Hamlet). But Anthony Hopkins' Othello was definitely a reach, despite the mellifluous voice...
This video is about the attraction between Merlin ( Nicol Williamson ) and Morgana ( Helen Mirren ): a combination of desire, love and hate in the film " Exc...
Last night we watched THE GOODBYE GIRL. Despite being overly cute, it remains for me a great 70s comedy. I love Nicol Williamson's uncredited appearance as filmmkaer Oliver Fry, and this is a nice conclusion to a thematic trilogy that includes THE ODD COUPLE and THE SUNSHINE BOYS.
David Frost Show Nov. 1968 The late great Nicol Williamson on the subject of death. On the same show the Rolling Stones played "Sympathy For The Devil" - the penultimate appearance of Brian Jones with the Stones.
Good news! My good friend and favorite costumer, Bella Sanchez of International Costumes has come to my rescue with an excellent wizard costume that I can wear to the Labyrinth Masquerade later this month. It's going to need some alterations, but the costume resembles that worn by Tony Randall as Merlin from "The Seven Faces of Doctor Lao" although with my white beard and red hair I look more like Nicol Williamson from "Excalibur." There will be pictures from the event, plus this might be my default costume for conventions. I'll keep you posted!
Excalibur is by far one of my favorite all time secret movie pleasures... Ah the British. Patrick Stewart, Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, Liam Needing, RIP Nicholas Clay and Nicol Williamson... "It's a lonely way... The way of the Necromancer"
One of the best non-canonical Holmes stories! Nicol Williamson is a great Holmes, too. Much better than, say, Christopher Plummer.
Agreed! Nicol Williamson is my favorite Sherlock so far, but Benedict Cumberbatch is a close second.
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