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Nicky Morgan

Nicola Ann Morgan (née Griffith; born 1 October 1972) is a British Conservative Party politician.

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Tory attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for 'supporting' the IRA did not work, says Nicky Morgan
To Anna Soubry & Nicky Morgan:neither of u will ever be PM/Foreign/Home Sec/Chancellor so stop WHINGING
'May’s determination to reject the single market needs to be re-examined as a priority' - Nicky Morgan
Not Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan then? With George a shoo-in for chancellor and Home Secretary?
Will Theresa May try and bring in Dominic Grieve, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke or other liberal Tories to stop their opposition?
Ken Clarke possibly Nicky Morgan, that's about it
How key will 'rebel' MPs such as Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan be?! Esp on Brexit...
Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan are now essentially an East Midlands-based separatist party, aren't they?
People on the Tory benches who will be independent,such as Ken Clark,Anna Soubry.Nicky Morgan.
If Soubry and Rudd are gone, that's excellent. Just wish Nicky Morgan and Ken Clarke could join them
Would love to see Nicky Morgan and Jeremy Hunt lose their seats today
Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, and Neil Carmichael resign from continuity Remain campaign
We must help poorer pupils, but not through selection | Nicky Morgan, Lucy Powell and Nick Clegg
Anna Soubry needs to join Nicky Morgan when she flounces out of the Tory Party. It would be far better off without both of them.
Nicky Morgan had joined with Nick Clegg and Lucy Powell to oppose grammar school plans
Michael Gove moved to Justice, Chris Grayling now Leader of the Commons and Nicky Morgan retains Education
Nicky Morgan said Peter Clarke report was 'forensic'. Serioulsy?
These are the children running the country.
Nicky Morgan reminds me of an unconvincing drag queen going 'Oooo, get you ducky!' May is Miss Havisham living in the past.
more important things to argue about other than the trousers.. (btw, I liked them). via
Oh dear even trousers leak now. Angry exchange btwn Nicky Morgan & one of her aides has been leaked..…
Shame Nicky Morgan didn't restrict her critiques to safe subjects like Saudi foreign policy and UK ambassadors
Nicky Morgan and Anna Soubry forget what their own constituents voted for. Deselect asap
Theresa May proposed that children of undocumented immigrants went to the back of the education queue until Nicky M…
Call an election early next year and we'll crush anyone standing in the way of Brexit.
'so there'. How very grown up. Just what we want to hear. Let's talk about Cameron's suits then.
Or, better, Nicky Morgan should mind her own business and do her job. Better.
Nicky Morgan 'banned from Downing Street meeting after row with Theresa May aide over Prime Minister's £1k TROUSERS' ht…
"The new ba***rds”: May goes to war with Soft Brexit rebels!
Never mind the toddler-elect in the US, here in the UK we're already being governed by petty-minded children.
PM's aide in fiery text exchange with Nicky Morgan over Theresa May's Leather Trousers via
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‘Don’t bring that woman to No 10 again.’ What if a male aide had said 'that woman' I wonder...
So upset Nicky Morgan has fallen out with Theresa May! Hang on- must just extinguish pants on fire!How schoolgir…
Everything this government's done, and we're fussing over some fancy trousers? 😒
Nicky Morgan isn't the one who comes off badly from this: this control freakery has shades of Britain's last unelected PM,…
Texts reveal how Theresa May's fixer banned MP Nicky Morgan from Downing Street. .
'Don't bring that woman to Downing Street again': Nicky Morgan banned from No 10 after criticising May's trousers .
So glad politicians are focused on these important issues
Nicky Morgan has a picture of Theresa May in her constituency office in interview.
Nicky Morgan has been banned from a meeting in Number Ten after criticising Theresa May's £995 leather trousers.
Leather trousers row: Hilarious! What a political opposition could do with this, if we still had one ...
"So there!" – direct quote from Prime Minister's chief of staff.
Frankly don't care about the trousers, it's the reaction it sparked...
In this week's Thick of It, ghastly control freak leader strikes again.
At a time when Britain most needs we get this
Headline of day: Nicky Morgan banned from Downing St meeting after criticising Theresa May's £995 leather trousers
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For all Theresa May likes to project this calm, in control image, I think this incident shows the massive cracks.
"PM aide and MP Nicky Morgan clash over leather trousers remark".
How long can Theresa May last as Prime Minister, asks Matthew Norman
It would seem that needs leather trousers b/c of her thin skin.
The Tories will never carry out a hard Brexit, only UKIP would
Nicky Morgan today stood up and said she opposes Brexit but accepts decision and will work for best deal. Not a massive fan...
Is Theresa May adopting a bunker mentality as it dawns on her she can't make a success of Brexit?.
If Theresa May can't take a joke about her £1,000 leather trousers, how long can she last as Prime Minister?
If she's this touchy about her £1,000 trousers, how can Theresa May last?
Nicky Morgan is a modern day Nancy Astor.
Nicky Morgan adds her voice to chorus of Tories calling on May to drop court challenge to parliament vote on Brexit.
Yes let's Keith Vaz is number one. Please can Gideon Osborne be two and Nicky Morgan three?
Nicky Morgan: I have great respect for Theresa May. Tom Bradby: You could have fooled us!.
She, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke, George Osborne are all anti-democratic and I hope they get de-…
It's true Nicky Morgan is George Osbourne's mouthpiece..kind of Dracula operating from his coffin😈the undead rises
Anyone else think Nicky Morgan looks like George Osborn dressed as a woman??
Enjoying this new parliamentary system where a good half of the opposition comes from Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan & Georg…
Patrick O'Flynn MEP - "The likes of Ken Clarke and Nicky Morgan need to accept the will of the British people."
For Theresa May, a 'damning verdict' from Nicky Morgan must be like when you get told off by a supply teacher.
Nicky Morgan joins and sounds a warning to Theresa May: 'I will vote against you'
It's OK, you can drink milk to offset the sugar. Former education secretary Nicky Morgan said so!
BREAKING: Nicky Morgan sacked as education secretary
Nicky Morgan's last act as Secretary of State for Education was to approve 125 more Church of England schools. - !
Justine Greening (Secretary of State for International Development) replaces Nicky Morgan as Education Secretary
I think Nicky Morgan is a education secretary
Breaking: Nicky Morgan sacked as education secretary | FE Week
Nicky Morgan no longer education secretary. Hope she read my postcard.
SACKED: Nicky Morgan axed as Education Secretary and out of the Government htt…
Who is the longest-serving Education Secretary? > Nicky Morgan was only in office for 727 days! Cc
Nicky Morgan was a wonderful education secretary and I liked her because she was nice and kind to other people
Nicky Morgan replaced as education secretary.
Nicky Morgan sacked in cabinet reshuffle
Justine Greening replaces Nicky Morgan as education secretary.
Justine Greening replaces Nicky Morgan as education secretary
ICYMI: Nicky Morgan was sacked yesterday morning in the cabinet reshuffle -
Justine Greening takes over from Nicky Morgan as Education Secretary
Update - Nicky Morgan says she is "disappointed not to be continuing as Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Eq…
Good riddance Nicky Morgan, a disaster as Education Secretary.
Justine Greening announced as new education secretary replacing Nicky Morgan
Teachers are REALLY happy that Nicky Morgan has been sacked as Education Secretary via
The sun is shining, Pokémon Go has been released in the UK and Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan have been sacked. What a…
I spot Michael Gove + Letwin+Nicky Morgan lighting fires who's the other possibly Crabb sideways as usual
Wait - Michael Gove sacked and Nicky Morgan sacked too?! What a glorious day! 🙌
Nicky Morgan out. Whenever she was made to speak on camera, she had the air of a startled manatee into which Sam Beckett had Quantum Leaped.
Nicky Morgan's off too. Teachers rejoice for 5 minutes before the next inevitably terrible Education Secretary is announce…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
So, Nicky Morgan will ignore the Education Select Committee, and just go ahead and appoint a new head of Ofsted anyway? Duh.😒
Andrea Leadsom not experienced enough to be leader, says Nicky Morgan
Nicky Morgan's mad wall eyed stare as she lies her disgraceful *** off on BBC Breakfast.
For context Nicky Morgan was talking about a greater need for people to understand what MPs do especially after Jo Cox. Then Peston said it
Nicky Morgan is speaking brilliantly on with It is time to treat public like grown ups and remembering Jo Cox
Nicky Morgan boasting about Cameron being a top PM for having a referendum is a "highlight" so far.
More faith schools? How can anyone think this is the best future direction. I despair. We need integration for all.
Nicky Morgan backs inclusive sex education in schools amid plans for Tory leadership bid
Please share Steve, thank you. Stop the Closure of Baverstock Academy Birmingham) - Sign the Petition!
Nicky Morgan MP: Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write via
Nicky Morgan MP: Stop the Closure of The Baverstock Academy (LEAP), Birmingham - Sign the Petition! via
Nicky Morgan MP: Teach Politics in UK Schools - Sign the Petition! via
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt & Education Secretary Nicky Morgan rule themselves out of race
Nicky Morgan, a Remain-er, who wanted a woman party leader in LDN, is backing Gove rather than another woman, who also wante…
Horrible person with zero integrity and/or ability. Nicky Morgan is just thick but she's a nasty piece of work
Great column in my local support of the idea of Nicky Morgan in a jar 😂 https:/…
Associate Professor in Education talks of racist backlash at pupils in Portsmouth post-EU referendum https:/…
Teachers highlight importance of citizenship education after racist 'backlash' in schools following EU referendum. https…
Teachers warn Nicky Morgan of racism in schools following Brexit vote
Nicky Morgan's White Paper has folded. Post Brexit, the proposals have been kicked into the long grass.
Theresa May has some leavers, but ALL of the hardest core Remain vote, except Nicky Morgan. Actions louder than words. Re…
Jeremy bringing together Education Women & Equalities in Shadow Cabinet to directly hold Nicky Morgan to account. Honoure…
Awks! Nicky Morgan backs Michael Gove's campaign despite sacking *the* Henry and Beth:.
Nicky Morgan: Conservatives must make the 'positive case' for immigration
Nicky Morgan sets out her leadership vision
Nicky Morgan warns about BoGove in piece for Sunday Times. Tories in "wilderness" if they try to "appease the noisy fr…
Jezus I realise the was all about giving people false hopes but Nicky Morgan wants to stand as prime minis…
Nicky Morgan is dispicable liar, remain did not run a positive campaign, Project fear may have won today, but then UK loses
Nicky Morgan slams Boris's 'nasty, mean-spirited' immigration warnings via his looks better
All teachers should be trained in Autism interventions! says Nicky Morgan, UK Education Secretary.
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Teachers to train in Autism!' Nicky Morgan, UK Education Secretary. Study MScASD at QUB.
Beginning to think there are no flattering angles of Jeremy Hunt or Nicky Morgan. I've never seen a decent photo of them.
Nicky Morgan, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt.. Are there any conservatives who aren't idiotic?
the tories are morphing . Nicky Morgan is slowly becoming the new Danny Alexander
Jeremy Hunt and Nicky Morgan have lunch together and whip-up evil.
Rumours that either Boris or Nicky Morgan could replace Jeremy Hunt in post referendum reshuffle >>
Love the galaxy graphic on bet many people wish that Nicky Morgan and Jeremy Hunt were actually that far away!
Nicky Morgan is ruining primary & secondary education, Hunt is ruining the NHS, Michael Gove is ruining the justiciary system. Pass it on xx
Replaces 'Jeremy Hunt' with 'Nicky Morgan' and 'social health act' with 'academisation' plan.
Liz Kendall and Nicky Morgan to take on Roger Helmer and Rory . Labours Liz Kendall and Tory...
Did you know: George Osborne & Nicky Morgan are giving schools but taxing schools 5% more of teacher pay bill.
David Cameron and Nicky Morgan have just U-turned on their forced academisation plans.
What a day to bury a climb down. Nicky Morgan abandons government plan to force all English schools to become Academies
Fronted adverbial = grammatical structures preceding subject of sentence. Affronted proverbial = how Nicky Morgan look…
Embarrassing for Nicky Morgan but excellent decision for Education.
but then hammered him for basically selling out, whilst Duncan Smith and Nicky Morgan dared say race wasnt issue
Red faces and damaged reputations for George Osborne, Nicky Morgan and Nick Gibb. Tory MPs have tasted the power of r…
They're using Nicky Morgan the way they used to use Chloe Smith. Poor woman has to defend all the U-turns and disasters.
An endless loop of Ian Duncan Smith and Nicky Morgan trying to outdo each other, vying for some sort of prize that no-one else wants...
Nicky Morgan: It's fair we talk about the judgement of the candidates.OK so Zac Goldsmith is non-dom, discuss.
Nicky Morgan, an embarrassment to St Hugh's College, Oxford. Aren't I right Kelly Parreira O'Reilly
And with just one swipe of my thumb, Iain Duncan Smith, John McDonnell and Nicky Morgan were gone. If only life were an iPad.
Nicky Morgan and Iain Duncan Smith both mention, Zac Goldsmith & his "straight", "good", "clean" campaign. IDS repeats slur.
Ian Duncan Smith probably the most boring giant face on the bbc and Nicky Morgan is in the studios!!
Letter to Nicky Morgan: Key Stage 1 and 2 tests broken
Good to see Nicky Morgan building bridges (not) voted on Industrial action threat over academies
Nicky Morgan, Michael Gove or Jeremy Hunt; you have to live on a desert island with one, who would it be?
Letter from a parent to Nicky Morgan is spot on
3 posters summarising the Teachers' workload review reports. Commissioned and accepted by Nicky Morgan https:…
At 2.30pm today HoC Education Committee will question Nicky Morgan on Govt plans for schools to become academies. https…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nicky Morgan, are you getting nervous before your grilling at 2.30? Many of our children feel as bad or worse before t…
National Governors' Association writes to Nicky Morgan on compulsory academisation and parent governors
Nicky Morgan is preparing to make a U-turn as she battles to contain a Tory rebellion.
Nicky Morgan: How we are reversing Labour’s failure to teach modern languages in Britain | Conservative Home
I see that Turner is to appear on the new £20 note... No doubt that towering intellect Nicky Morgan will think it is Anthea…
On 7 April Wilshaw wrote to Nicky Morgan proposing setting up a leadership college at the Uni of Buckingham.
Am beginning to think the spelling test was cancelled because Nicky Morgan would have failed it. She signs her letters…
Tory County council opposes plan to convert all schools to academies. Nicky Morgan had better put the brakes on!
"Nicky Morgan will disappear in a few years, but we’ll still be here!”
Nicky Morgan was an awful education sec too. I think Tories are just bad on education.
Chris White (Warwick and Leamington Con. MP) has sent this letter to Nicky Morgan.
Here's a catchup of the work that did at today. Had such a great time meeting Nicky Morgan
Not original: I'd submit a series of speeches by Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan and George Osborne... oh wait, been done?
And send that flipping George Osborne & Nicky Morgan out too!! Let Lanzaote keep the lot of them lol!!! xx
ICYMI: Young people would be hit hardest by Brexit, warns Nicky Morgan. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Nicky Morgan looks like George Osborne in drag
Is it just me that thinks Nicky Morgan is George Osbourne in drag ?,
Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, George Osborne... This govt puts people in charge of departments who know *** all…
Nicky Morgan: young will suffer most if Britain leaves EU
A school-age Tory has just congratulated Nicky Morgan and the Govt on making "the right decision" by excluding people h…
Does this image mark the 'beginning of the end' for Nicky Morgan?
Who's right: Jeremy Hunt, or almost every single doctor?. Who's right: Nicky Morgan, or almost every single teacher?
Nicky Morgan is the new Jeremy Hunt: another out of touch Tory who is alienating Public Sector workers
Nicky Morgan suggests teachers shouldn't talk about the crisis facing their profession. Then gets laughed at. Lots.
Nicky Morgan has the for our schools & children. Her white paper deserves an F-. https:…
Nicky Morgan heckled and told to 'get off' stage at teachers' conference
Nicky Morgan urged unions to “be more helpful” and not issue press releases that relay negative news.
The Forced Academies revolt just keeps building. Look what the Easter bunny has just delivered to Nicky Morgan.
People making jokes about Nicky Morgan not having a reverse gear and being a car crash will be put on the naughty chai…
Nicky Morgan booed at Teachers conference - NEWTEKWORLDNEWS Strike on the way
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
2/2 I also suggest that the next speech by Nicky Morgan is met with a 'wall of silence' - that WOULD be both professional and…
Nicky Morgan wants our children to attend schools that are run for profit and to be taught by unqualified 'teachers'! I don't!
It's no good Nicky Morgan pretending that its only the unions opposing forced academisation - her own party MPs, counci…
Nicky Morgan reminds me of Alice Tinker from The Vicar of Dibley. Problem is sitcom characters like Ms Morgan ain't funny in the real world.
Nicky Morgan blaming teachers for lack of teacher recruitment: absolutely disgraceful and classic blame shifting from th…
“There is no compelling evidence that becoming an academy improves standards. Nicky Morgan can say it but cannot produce evi…
Having slagged off teachers for 6 years Nicky Morgan urges teachers' unions 2 'do their bit'. Boo her off the stage!. ht…
The comma in no.3 is completely pointless. Perhaps Michael should send this example to Nicky Morgan and seek her opinion?
Nicky Morgan demands teachers 'do their bit'? As if they aren't??Doctors and teachers: for patients & pupils first. http…
Nicky Morgan: reason for teacher shortage:Labour govt not sticking more students into A level maths/physics. er no, it…
Nicky Morgan under fire over Mumsnet post on academisation
If u can't get to local protest today do group "Nicky Morgan - No!!!' selfie + post with this tag
Why would Nicky Morgan want to destroy a system that achieves 93% of schools being rated as Good and Outstanding?
Nicky Morgan makes me sick. Total careerist robot. I hope I'm not paying for her duck pond
did you see the Mumsnet reaction to Nicky Morgan/academisation?
Just done piece for BBC on universal forced academisation. Nicky Morgan's proposals fail to address any of the real crises in education.
Parents respond angrily to forced academies & Nicky Morgan on Mumsnet (via
What has Nicky Morgan done to deserve this ? After the self-flagellation of as well.
Nicky Morgan does look like a man in drag. But she is one of the lizard people, they have no gender. All cold blooded with no hearts
It’s time for Nicky Morgan to trust local people to run schools rather than impose change from Whitehall
Nicky Morgan's Education singularly fails to address the real crisis in Education. It's really a Trojan Horse to privatisation.
any more on Nicky Morgan being demoted? Her gaffe on QT and Education whitepaper garnering lots of opposition from her own side
Nicky Morgan flounces out of TV interview, refusing to answer PIP cuts question
Nicky Morgan storms out of interview after being asked about disability comments
Watch as Nicky Morgan shuts down interview live on-air over £4bn disability cuts backtrack https…
I hope it's swiftly followed by Nicky Morgan and Jeremy Hunt!
Just need Nicky Morgan to resign over academies and Jeremy Hunt over JD contracts and all is right with the world.
I wonder if we could convince Nicky Morgan & Jeremy Hunt to go too?! ;-)
problem is that only leaves Teresa May and the ridiculous Nicky Morgan, God help us
Never trust a tory with eyes either side of their nose. Particularly as far apart as Nicky Morgan's.
Nicky Morgan monstered over disability cuts.
Nicky Morgan reinforces her position alongside Jeremy Hunt in the "I don't know why either, they just told me to keep saying this" club.
Hey parents! Nicky Morgan wants to stop you being on school governing bodies so you can't object to unqualified teachers
Has anyone ever seen Claire Balding and Nicky Morgan in the same room??
Serious point: is Nicky Morgan actually ex Treasury Minister Danny Alexander in a wig?.
. You never see Nicky Morgan and Danny Alexander together in the same room.
Sorry to be frank & a little rude here, but does anyone else think that Nicky Morgan is just pretty much talking *** 😕.
Nicky Morgan morphing into Danny Alexander there. Change the hairstyle and SHE IS the Lib Dem muppet from the last gov. Definitely
Nicky Morgan looks like the love child of Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally.
Has anyone ever seen Nicky Morgan and Danny Alexander in the same room ? Just saying
Has anyone seen Nicky Morgan & Danny Alexander in one room at the same time?
Nicky Morgan has a look of Worzel Gummidge
Nicky Morgan reminds of Worzel Gummidge's 3rd head
If you shut your eyes Nicky Morgan is Claire Balding
Have never seen Nicky Morgan and Claire Balding in the same room.
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When I see Nicky Morgan or Danny Alexander, I always think there's been a 'freaky friday' type mishap where they've swapped bodies
Nicky Morgan looks like Danny Alexander in drag.
Nicky Morgan's educational training began and ended at the private Surbiton High School - now in charge of England's s…
You know education minster Nicky Morgan always reminded me of those stupid but rich women in that Harry Enfield sketch set in a Chelsea shop
'inefficient funding?' Nicky Morgan ought to be adddressing Academies boss’s £400K salary
While the works of Plato, Aristotle and Descartes were recommended by Nicky Morgan's (pictured) Department for Education in drafts of the
Nicky Morgan right to call out IDS on his aggressive behaviour towards the EU.
Ministerial fury at IDS laid bare. Nicky Morgan singles him out for criticism over "dodgy dossier" and project fear:
Councils still accountable 4 school standards but funding removed. Nicky Morgan says law will be changed & focus on Reg School Commissioners
I have written to William Wragg, my MP to ask him to pressure Nicky Morgan to stop undermining the law on Fair Admissions
could you sign my petition to Nicky Morgan asking for a break from tests, tests, tests? Thank you!
. I thought that Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan between them would have solved that by now!
From today: Nicky Morgan records video hitting back at critics of new primary assessments
Margot James, Nicky Morgan, Liz Truss, Ruth Davidson - lots of very talented Tory women backing the In Campaign. Very good news.
Nicky Morgan builds time machine to travel back to Third Reich and/or Mongol Empire to find new Ofsted boss.
George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Theresa May, David Cameron, et al all do this:
Artist Dan Watson is in we have already discussed gender politics, Nicky Morgan, refugee crisis and racism. Going to do some Dancing now.
You mean Nicky Morgan does what Nick Gibb tells her.
Nicky Morgan wants to lead Britain. This is the end, beautiful friend!
Just finished my ninth episode of The Thick of It. Still ill. Important epiphany: Nicky Morgan is basically Nicola Murray.
Nicky Morgan vows to tackle 'snobbery' over apprenticeships - St Helens Star
hosts education secretary Nicky Morgan. Aims to spread educational excellence; all students, all talents
Education secretary Nicky Morgan to take the stage in the arena in ten minutes
Once again, Nicky Morgan and the Government insulting foster carers. Maybe is time to pack it in.
Nicky Morgan wants religious studies of your children to be in line with a community - not the education they need.
All the Tory women are *** Nicky Morgan as well. Absolute worst is Anna Soubry though.
- is saucer-eyed platitude-spouting nonentity Greg Clark the Nicky Morgan to Eric Pickles?
Nicky Morgan says, as Corbyn has shaken Gerry Adams' hand, he supports terrorism...
Laughable that Diane Abbott thinks it is right wing smears when Nicky Morgan quotes McDonnell and Livingstone word for …
Google & Teach First roundtable this morning with Nicky Morgan!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
George Osborne was due to speak at today. Unable to attend so Nicky Morgan, Sajid Javid and Michale Gove will speak
Nicky Morgan aide forced to resign after facing inquiry over IT contract
Nicky Morgan was fawning over Hilary Benn on Today it's Katie Hopkins giving him her approval!
Nicky Morgan has the air of a guest actor in 'The Good Life' : bemused, confused and not really sure why they're there.
The fact that Nicky Morgan is in charge of the education of my child makes me scared very scared
Nicky Morgan looks dead behind the eyes according to the Mrs. Can't disagree.
British Secretary for education Nicky Morgan awful comments on Syria QT tonight.
Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary in the British Government. Think about it.
Nicky Morgan on-message, repeating Cameron's weaselling non-apology, apparently unaware how ridiculous she looks.
Who'da think that archtroll Dan Hodges is happy with Nicky Morgan right now.
somebody please ask Nicky Morgan for a definition of terrorism without describing actions that her own political party car…
Respect to Nicky Morgan for her straight talking, honest answer on Corbyn, McDonnell and terrorism.
Nicky Morgan, who is part of a govt which gave Saudi Arabia missiles to indiscriminately bomb Yemen with, calls Corbyn…
Nicky Morgan looks like David Mitchell's attempt at Mrs Doubtfire. .
cheers for the heads up. Abbot is horrific & I see personality vacuum Nicky Morgan is on as well. . Early night for me.
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Great little debate there between sensible John McDonnell and an increasingly panic-stricken Nicky Morgan.
Dr Sharon Redrobe mentioned Nicky Morgan's speech on the Lord Davies report on women on boards
Nicky Morgan announces plan for compulsory re-sits in secondary school for pupils who fall behind in English & maths
News | AMERICA : Listen and learn. The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, reads to children at a primary school in…
Education secretary Nicky Morgan wants to send top teachers to struggling schools -
Please help share this open letter to Nicky Morgan. Children need to be children, not test subjects.
Nicky Morgan has announced new test for primary school pupils in England.
Has anyone seen Danny Alexander and Nicky Morgan in the same room? Thought not!
Nicky Morgan confirms facilities management contractors working for DfE will get living wage from Dec 1
Nicky Morgan and Lucy Powell pointlessly square off over childcare and tax credits.
credits Nicky Morgan claims Osborne is in listening mode what a laugh when he claims he is comfortable with his policy !!!
Nicky Morgan - People voted for a party promising welfare reform - John Pienaar: But nobody voted to be poorer?
Nicky Morgan and Lucy Powell clash over grammar school expansion controversy -
First Michael Gove scraps the SSSNB then Nicky Morgan decides not to publish
Let's swap Nicky Morgan with Michael Morpurgo. . What is an ideal childhood?
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Michael Gove is on govt front bench in the Commons, a few seats down from Nicky Morgan, for her statement on Kent grammar school annexe
If you haven’t already please sign the petition calling on Nicky Morgan to scrap baseline assessment
Stop what you're doing. Take two minutes to sign this petition telling Nicky Morgan to stop testing of 4 year olds! https:…
Do we need more childcare in schools? - The Guardian
Nicky Morgan MP: Scrap Baseline Assessment in Reception classes, and keep the EYFS Profile as the ...
He's got 99 problems, and a protein bars one!.
Presentation of prestigious career mark award. Thanks Nicky Morgan and Ian Scarrott.
Fed, watered, heating on, onesie on, candles, ice cream -ready to carry on working. I wonder if Nicky Morgan is still hard at it?!?
just raised the diabolical service with Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education.
Pronouncement from Nicky Morgan on mental health and a shocking set of comments. What are we doing to our children?
The RSA in the UK is at the forefront of putting design on the public policy agenda. Their thoughts on its future
Our Patron is meeting RtHon Nicky Morgan MP this afternoon.
Nicky Morgan MP: Introduce basic political education into the education system. - Sign the Petition!
If you want to help move this forward on a local level, read my most recent update.
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