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Nicky Minaj

Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982), known by her stage name Nicki Minaj , is a Trinidadian-born American musician.

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Goodmorning Nicky minaj I love you so much beautiful I'm a Black beautiful American women to
Steve Harvey is basically Nicky Minaj without hair and a stache
Why does ESPN promote wack MC's? Nicky Minaj? Really? Let me guess..u think lil Wayne is also a real…
Nicky Minaj was Nicky Farage. Nigel, Nicky, Brexit, illuminatti. . I'm just saying.
Rihanna nicky minaj jul black m et les autres
Yerin, sorry for say it. But I'm gonna marry Nicky Minaj. Sorry.
I can teach u Steven universe songs as well as only by Nicky Minaj
Any song with Nicky Minaj is skip worthy
Do you remember Nicky Minaj? So is she now, you feel old, right?
For the NBA it's ok to help promoting Nicky Minaj one of the most gross singer in the world, but an A…
guilty pleasure: Nicky minaj we all know it E
This world is a small world and I have not come across jay-z,dangote, Bill Gates and Nicky minaj... Which world are they!??
Plz play nicky minaj songs on Trace
I've literally spent years thinking that blac chyna woman and Nicky Minaj were the same person in photos. Mind blown
And I knew better, than to look in your eyes. They only pretend, you would be mine. And you know how you made me. Bed of Lies - Nicky Minaj
Can samone worn Nick minaj for blue Ivy 's existence. .. Nicky enjoy ur last days as Queen of rap..😆
Yo this whole time I thought black China was Nicky Minaj.. who-da-thunk!
Just like British pop acts like Katy perry , Sam smith , Nicky Minaj ..etc who are British and make it big in us market
Music Industry is dead. Special thanks to Nicky Minaj, Pitbull, Justin Bieber, Pharell Williams and other horrible singers.
"Am black, scared of da dark knw Nicky minaj. I fuk in the park" 🔥🔥😂😂
At first glance, Nicky Minaj winning SEVEN straight rapper of the years is impressive. Then you look at her "competition" over that time
Two third graders just told me that Nicky Minaj is too extra
Nicky Minaj is She wins best female Hip Hop artist 2016
Right of 6/27/16 ...Nicky Minaj is the Lebron James of female rap.
whenever i see a pic of nicki minaj all i can think is "Dan Nicky your Bobbie s"
BET's best female hip hop award should be renamed to "The Nicky Minaj award" it will be "& The Nicky Minaj award" goes to : Nicky Minaj
Can't nobody tell me the rap game ain't boring without some type of competition. Nicky Minaj doesn't have any one to compete with.
Nicky Minaj lyrics are like the new bible
I'm craving new music from Nicky minaj
"Where them girls at"- David Guetta ft. Flo Rida & Nicky Minaj Choreo by Skyler Rodgers: via
"You can be the king but watch the queen conquer." -Nicky Minaj about Sansa Stark
I haven't seen Nicky minaj all night 🤔
What year have you seen when they did not have Nicky minaj in the intro
Nirvana, Nickelback (Idkw but I wanted to say Nickelblack) and Nicky Minaj
please play me only by nicky minaj ft drake and lil Wayne
Watched some MTV. Who needs brain disease when you got Nicky Minaj gyrating to a song about big *** snakes as stand-ins for something else?
Anaconda by Nicky Minaj. from 1 to 4 how good?
I got so tight at my lil cousin singin a Nicky Minaj song I made her turn it off she said this "kitty Kat reclusive" 😕 I was boutta wild out
nah fam, my thumb legit. Just like Nicky minaj
Just had weirdest tube journey. Got asked 20 questions by some guy, asked about adoption by a lady then asked if I was related 2 Nicky Minaj
Our son gets very mad when you say Nicky Minaj is 😂
Nicky minaj my favorite female rapper
I'm living in the future so the present is my past, my presence is a present kiss my *** !. kanye West ✖️ Jay Z ✖️ Nicky Minaj • Monster
Her rap in Monster is highlight of Nicky Minaj's career
For every intelligent female rapper like Akua Naru there is a Nicky Minaj (sp). That's what's sad about the...
we've got Kanye west and Nicky minaj and many more like them 😩😩😩😩
I'm here for Nicky Minaj amongst other things...
she was really arguing with Nicky Minaj & people are really supporting her ! Saying she's a Good mom
Why Nicky minaj and that chick fighting?
Who would ever have thought Nicky minaj would sink so low? Oh yeah -- nevermind.
Christine and the queen, nicky minaj et stromae
I have never seen Nicky Minaj , Beyoncé, Drake or whatever celebrity speaking a broken english or something close to that!
Ready in 5,4,3,2,1 Everybody about to chime in on Nicky Minaj and Farrah Abraham beef. Here comes the Captains...
nicky minaj se ve re hot rubia pAREN
the night is still young nicky Minaj
I got "Nicky MInaj" | Which celebrity should be your BFF
I liked a video from Do Not Touch My Hair, Ala Nicky Minaj, So funny and Cool Dubsman
mama thatos bum is like Nicky Minaj's bum... so from now on I'm going to call you Nicky
I watched when Gollum danced Anaconda by Nicky Minaj, I'm dying lmao
She thinks she's Nicky Minaj I call her Nicky Minaj
Nicky Minaj's EX Safaree steps out with his new hot girlfriend. See pictures here =>>
"I lied, there a reasons why. Understand me please" nicky minaj
my fav Nicky minaj song is the night is still young
Beauty and and a bet Justin Bieber ft Nicky Minaj
Did I hear Melony brush off a human rights criticism re: Nicky Minaj by connecting it to the size of her butt?
A new favorite: Nicky Minaj vs Hard Rock Sofa - Quasar Starshipz (JD Live Bootleg) by on
Austin Mahone wants to collab with Chris Brown and Nicky Minaj via
what are you talking about? Award shows are as superficial as Nicky Minaj butt is real.
Grand Piano by Nicky Minaj. Morning tune... Good morning friends, may God bless this day.
I liked a video from Robin Thicke ft. Nicky Minaj - Back Together (Ricii Remix)
DRAKE really affected the sale of Nicky Minaj tour
Info > Nicky Minaj is one of the more famous video vixens, as well as being a music artist...
whip my. Hair - willow smith ft Nicky Minaj . . . .
And somebody tell Nicky Minaj to shutup & stay focused. It's almost time for her monthly butt shots. She can't take them while stressed out
Nicky Minaj is mad that her artistry is not being appreciated by MTV? That's like my fart not feeling appreciated by my butt.
I'm sorry if anyone ever witnessed me saying I hate Nicky Minaj. She is the queen. Forgive me my queen.
I have no patience for stations that will play Igloo's 'rap' but not Nicky Minaj's part in /Bang Bang/
Bang bang with jessie j ariana grande and nicky minaj
Cringing as my Dad slowly works out the true meaning behind Nicky Minaj's Anaconda :L
Nicky Minaj’s EX Safaree HOOKS up with Dancehall Star Ishawna >>>...
'hey mama' by nicky minaj and 'bills'. Xxx
nickjnrobinson is as fake as Nicky Minaj's ***
Its me or im listening starships-Nicky minaj everywhere? it has been in my mind all night :3
Oh my booty, more than 473,548,578 views for Nicky Minaj-Anaconda :OO
spell my name (felicia) with song title😁 — Flawless - beyonce ft nicky minaj . Everything has changed - taylor s...
I don't like Nicky minaj but this song
Look at nicky minaj mv, its like end of the world or America at least. Yuck !!
I think dancing to Nicky minaj then mychem sums the *** up nicely
Just like Nicky Minaj, Maheedah puts her azz in a very tiny G-string in new pics
Nicky Minaj actually did a pretty good job in that movie with Reese Witherspoon
Beauty and a beat Justin Bieber ft Nicky Minaj
Update your maps at Navteq
Nicky minaj's best song is Roman's Revenge. That lady will never top it.
I'm was trying to think of things I care less about then Meek Mill and Nicky Minaj getting engaged but I can't
All about that bass Meghan Trainor. Listen Beyonce. Fly Nicky Minaj y Rihanna. Warrior Demo Lovato. We are the world. Oh happy day
next time you should try Nicky Minaj anaconda on totally worth it.
I lowkey thought Nicky Minaj was going to end up with drake
I see all these post bout Nicky Minaj & meek yall PPl are really stupid she left something real for something fake
This guy made it hy, meek mil is engaging nicky minaj ummm yaa ne...
has super bass by Nicky Minaj on the aux chord
Do you have a chat solo with Nicky Minaj?😧
I am going to a rap/hip hop festival and they just announced Nicky Minaj WHY😂😂 what is wrong
Hi, I'm auditing for the role of Nagini in Harry Potter and I will be singing "Anaconda" by Nicky Minaj
Nicky Minaj The Night Is Still Young is no Superbass off of the summer 2011
I'm good at falling in love with people I can't have, like Nicky minaj. Lol
Nicky minaj is using Meek Mill to move units. Smh
Nicki Minaj all but confirms she is engaged to Meek Mill via ooh er nicky minaj is engaged!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Lmao just laughing when nicky minaj fans ask a request. Lol
Am I the only one that thinks Nicky Minaj & Meek Mill's 'relationship' is a PR Stunt? Or maybe it's that bait that no one else mentioned it?
Grand Piano // Nicky Minaj. One of her beautiful songs.. no rap nothing.. i love it...
Meek Mill engages Nicky Minaj. *** means business, he knows what he wants
I love that this vine was posted by Nicky minaj
Wow! Check out Nicky Minaj's engagement ring - it's huge! See all the best celebrity engagement ring - SEE MORE:
Nicky Minaj, is with someone new every week.
MTV seem to think this is NICKY MINAJ's - What do you guys think?
nah I want stupid. You use mong if you're stupid. I was simply quoting a song from Nicky minaj. You twatwonk
Did get the same coverage as Nicky Minaj song Anaconda when he joined the Rentboys??
Maybe Nicky rejected the *** s proposal or they are not ready for marriage, why blame Minaj ?
Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us? — Nicky minaj and Lady Gaga 😂
I am watching Judge Lionel Nutmeg's hootenanay on Dave +57 where Reg Varney is dueting with Nicky Minaj.
Who own the sexiest Bum? Nicky Minaj, Rita Ora or Jennifer Lopez
Attention Nigerians!!! President Goodluck Jonathan has signed a year deal with Nicky Minaj and Tiwa Savage. The two will start work as of february 2015 as the president's private room dresser. Will the functions of this ladies be excessive when the first-lady joins the white as a cook?
Beyonce and Jay Z. Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. TI and Tiny. Nicky Minaj and SB. These readings are for entertainm
I know I'm a day late and several dollars short... But I'm just now catching up on a start to finish repeat broadcast of the BET Awards... My observations: 1) Missy Elliott! Girl still got it!... Loved the Pharrell Come Get it Bae/Pass the Dutch remix... 2) Nicky Minaj didn't have to call out Iggy like that... That's like JLo stepping on stage and commenting that her *** is real and not a But that's none of my business... 3) Chris Brown looked like he was happier than a freed inmate to be performing on stage...Oh yeah, that's right... 4) August Alsina did his thing... Was surprised how good he was for a fairly new artist... Just might be the next Trey Songz (Nia Reed-League)... 5) The Music Matters performer Adrian Marcel, rep'd the bay the way it should be rep'd.. My girl Jhene Aiko sounded better the second time I watched her... Initially I thought the stage as too big for her... 7) Lionel hasn't aged a bit. 8) Sorry Jennifer Hudson, didn't hear a lick of what you sang after David McIntosh showed up... ...
amazing carole King documentary on BBC Four...wish Nicky Minaj watched it and she would understand music
Lil Wayne, LeBron, Nicky Minaj, all advertising the World Cup ... Don't believe me just watch 🙌
Being following aS$, "how can I be down" *** s is posting talk, let me ya'll real quick. 20yrs ago performed at HOT97 All the talk about "bringing New York back". It was a group from Philly (THE ROOTS) who brought M.O.P., The Lox and more legends to the stage. While New Yorks own, Nicky Minaj pulled out ATL's Soulja Boy and another rapper from Chicago, out of her A$$. I mean she could fit WuTang in that A$s but they never came out. Shout out to Canadian Drake who was born with a 5o'clock shadow and Nas who read his "Illmatic" lyrics from a teleprompter. Katy Perry (who didn't perform) reads off of a Teleprompter but she's doing an 1 hour 45 minute set and has Mega-hits. but hey, I rather that then Nas forget his lyrics or rap over them. 50 Cent reunited with everyone he dissed (G-Unit and Nas) and ended up with another random rappers chain we didn't care he had beef with, I don't know how I feel about that, being that he's a millionaire. Most unfortunately tho is that the crowd was not responsive, like .. ...
Ladies want a spiritually inclined personality like T D Jakes, in the body and swag of Brad Pitt or Idris Elba While men are searching for a lady with a body of Kim Kardashian or Nicky Minaj and the heart of Mother Theresa.*shebi it is possible?*
SH'BAMmers!!! Tonight we are going to have a PARTY! and we are hanging out with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Usher, Ludicrous, Nicky Minaj & Christina Agulilera just to name a few! 510pm Issaquah!
Oh! Now I get what d whole Cynthia Morgan Controversy is about..she wants to take nude photos lyk Milley Cyrus and Nicky Minaj..LMAO.
Next up Sophia Grace and Rosie sing that Nicky Minaj song from "12 Years a Slave."
Nicki Minaj Disgrace’s Limpopo Master Kcee,The Collabo isnt going to happen Lol, the things I hear in this aproko industry is beyond me, Choii!! ok see the latest gist, remember days back I published anexclusive gist that our very own Limpopo king, Kcee was about to do a collabo with Nicki?! Well there’s a new twist to this gist, please read: Due to his wild success in the local scene dropping hit after hit like Limpopo, Pull-overxand his lates track enjoying massive Airplay. It is no surprise he aimed to feature an International artiste. In the just recent concluded Grammy Awards Kcee and Harrysong was part of the Nigerian visitors in the prestigious occasion and he used the opportunity to get an invite or better still have a meeting between him and Nicky Minaj who he hoped on getting a deal with her for her services. Apparently in the meeting things turned out bad as Nicki wasn’t interested in being featured in the song and she politely declined. A furious Harry song caused a spark when he became ...
My predictions for 2014- Me to go to space, Ivory Coast to win World Cup, Fourah Bay College to start online registration, IG Munu to resign, Poboski to join Real Madrid, Leone Stars to top FIFA Ranking, Maada Bio to cross over to APC, Salone athlete to beat Usain Bolt over 100 meters, Nicky Minaj to feat. Star Zero.
IMITATORS People are imitators. They imitate Tupac, Neyo, Nicky Minaj, Beyonce, Nelson Mandela, Dr Malinga, Rihanna, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Mzwakhe, Peter Tosh, Lebo Mathosa, Rick Ross, Eminem, Sbusiso (Generations addicts knows it), Wizkid, and others. They walk, talk, dress, in actual fact, they mould their image around this person they want to be like. No one doing that is ashamed to be associated with such a person. Parents, friends and the world encourage and support as they observe this person's transformation. Apostle Paul desired that Corinthians might observe his behavior in order to imitate it. 1 Corinthians 11: 1 Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.1 Corinthians 4:16 Therefore I urge you, imitate me. (New King James Version). According to ME he was right in doing that because as their teacher, who else would they imitate. 1Corinthians 11:1 PATTERN YOURSELVES after me [follow my example], as I imitate and follow Christ (the Messiah). Amplified Version Pattern of the same thing can't dif . ...
First of all, dey sed it was Nicky Minaj, den Opral Wilfrey, dey even went as far as sayin it was Queen Elizabeth, now it's Kim kardashian.plz ignore d rumor of me eva dating any of these ladyz o...we're just friends...
Nicky Minaj is a black version of Lady Gaga.
Overlooking her fake 'Sidika' butt ,Nicky Minaj is the illest female rapper alive
Turned out that the bar / restaurant next to my hotel had a live band on tonight doing cover songs. Part of me thought, 'o nightclub, I can't go, I'm alone and I've put a few pounds on'. Another part of me said 'I can just about fit into my new denim hotpants and my long Nicky Minaj tshirt covers the slight muffining' I'll let you guess which part of me won . The band were surprisingly good though and the looks I got (whether good or bad - I couldn't understand some looks it's so repressed here as they're Roman Catholic) were more than flattering x You know me right ? I'm one of the 'beautiful people' ie, the people comfortable in nightclub that I used to envy so much for their confidence. Genuinely I am. My skin isn't perfect but it's mine and I'm *** glad I'm in it. Love you all x
My tv is Nicky Minaj inspired its got 2much behind its even hard 2 move around. I mus get 1 thats more like Pearl Thusi
Dineo Ranaka went all Nicky Minaj on us in this track featuring Flabba
Fabulous girl trip to LA, we saw a lot in a day... TMZ-Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd and Beverly Hills, saw all the cool places where the stars hang but we only saw ELLEN. Oh and Nicky Minaj... Yummy dinner at Villa Blanca and walked by the cutest candy store, the candy boxes were paper animals. Home a sweet home now to see my sweet hubby.
Hot News Forbes Magazine has released their list of Top earning rappers: World highest paid Hiphop artiste for June 2012 to June 2013. The list was drawn based on Income from music sales, Endorsements, Merchandise, Publishing and many Buiseness ventures from June 2012 to July 2013. The list is Top earning not Richest please. 1. P Diddy- Sean Diddy Combs maintained his top spot from March ranking with $50m. Diddy made it through Diageo's 'Cirok' Vodka, Bad boy record label, Blue flame agency, Sean john clothing line and his cable network "Revolt" dat will launch on comcast and Time warner on October. 2. Jay Z with $43m climbed to no 2 from march ranking of 3. Jay Z made it through his Roc nation label, shows perfomed, Armand de Brignac Champagne, Dusse cognac, and the sale of his album "Magna carta Holy Grail". 3. Dr Dre with $40m. Was at no 2 in Forbes march issue, slipped one spot to 3. Dre made it through his "Beat" by Dre head phone. 4. Nicky Minaj with $29m. Suprise to see her there?,Nicky contro ...
There was a study about music preference and intelligence it was a waste of time iv just worked it out in 3 easy steps. Just a guess but Who's more intelligent Dave Grohl or Pit Bull, Alanis Morrisette or Nicky Minaj, Dexter Holland or 2 chainz??? Point proven :P I must be brainy!
I'm goinq to a place where I can have sex with Nicky Minaj, Halle Berry and Nadia Buari at the same time. I'm goinq to sleep _Goodnight
I love me some Nicky Minaj...yes man
Sue as Nicky Minaj, can't stop laughing !
. Rushers do. Justin does. Selena does. Demi does. Nicky Minaj does. Snoop Dogg does. Obama does. You're excused
Pound the alarm Nicky Minaj on pandora, NEXT NEXT NEXT
If she gt a butt like nicky minaj...maybe..just maybe she may get ma number..
well, like Nicky Minaj once said..or sang,lol: " haters, you can kill yourself" :))
*I don't have beef with anyone, I have beef with being poor and not being able to afford certain things*- Nicky Minaj back in the day
But on the real thou .. Nicky minaj has nothin on Unathi. Woman is blesssed.:-)
Y'all know how Nicky minaj turn into "Roman" that's how I get when I'm hungry
fingers crossed these leggings fit over my Nicky Minaj.
i know, you can look i'm very beautiful like nicky minaj and sweet like sugar :D
U said Nicky minaj ur opinion is DAFT! "True sha..buh u sayin ariana is just 2 shallow..its a dumb opinion
If your boyfriend is a nicky minaj fan,his a barbie
The art school I applied to had great graduates such as al Pacino and Jennifer Anniston but I'm not mentioning Nicky Minaj cus she ruins it.
Nicky Minaj is a better rapper than 2 Chainz. And that's sad titty boi
on a scale from Olive Oil to Buffy The Body she was like a nicky minaj lmao
I wonder if nicky minaj called her sell Barbie because she actually looks like dolls and she is plastic
I've never seen a girl as sexy as Nicky Minaj.
Nelly, Pharrel and Nicky Minaj's song is owesome big ups to them.
bst jams of da moment:. by nicky minaj. by dj kent. .cnt gt enuf of dese jams.®
Nicky Minaj. ' The single BEST person to take back the progress of Black Women in the entire history of Black...
Mek sure u have the Chris Brown ft nicky minaj song downloaded.. It name love some more di ting peak!
People can say a lot about nicky minaj but you can't ever say she Doesn't entertain. Very creative.
What crazy things do you dream of trying someday? — I want have nicky minaj as my pet. Not a lovely one, just a ...
hearin nicky minaj songs at the moment,,, . full of swearing and cursing. lucky Im too naive to understand all that
Hi this is Remix FM, One direction, nicky minaj, pink .
Dear Nicky Minaj. I'm still looking for tha million dollar pu•sy
BEAUTY AND A BEAT by Justin Bieber ft Nicky minaj on,102.0FM
Lady Gaga with Nicky Minaj it's her best photo with Nicky
happy birthweek, i will send nicky minaj album for your gift and a shirtless barack obama poster :E
This new Chris Brown Ft nicky minaj_love more its nice
Its been a long time I'm not rapping so crazy like nicky minaj and her songs XD
Lets go to the beach each lets go get away.. NB : Lagu Nicky Minaj 1.T.T polbek
...because missy Elliot is far better than Nicky Minaj.
Anyone who thinks Nicky Minaj is the best female rapper should be band from talking about rap ever and made to listen to Missy Elliot
If you love. channel. lynch. minaj. Follow me!!
in case if you're wondering how does Nicky Minaj sounds before autotuning here's the ugly truth
111 - HAHHA YOU WANT AN INDIRECT TOO? Well I love your header though I look like Nicky Minaj but I like it. Your Icon is perfect anyway. xxx
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Stop editing ur pics , what if u go missing ? U look like Beyonce on fb , but in real life u actually look like Nicky Minaj !!!
My sis is lsning to nicky Minaj shiit nooo :o
Nicky Minaj, proof you can't polish a turd.
"Mention that celebrity you have a crush on? nicky minaj
I Still Believe reminds me of the time Smith tried claiming Nicky Minaj was more talented.
I love nicky minaj ! She is awesome and I'm going to listen to Taylor swift she is my idol ! - Jason Danse KEEP OFF MY PH…
I shoot Spring fragrances, from Justin Bieber, Nicky Minaj, Elizabeth Arden, and Thierry Mugler.
Mario and Nicki Minaj reflect on a love they once had in the newest video…
P*ssy game so cold, that he always seem to come back. Cause he know that it be a rap, when I'm ridin' it from the back.
when you're driving and all the radio stations are playing Nicki Minaj there's nothing left to do but crash your car
I call him daddy like daughters and thats the top of the top I neva mess wit its ur world!!!
Nothing to meditate on except two weird musical characters of our day. If Lady Gaga crashed into Nicki Minaj it would be a freak accident.
Like!(: Rate of hearts: Date: Kiss/ diss: Hug/diss: Yhur: Best feature: We should: Beautiful/ handsome: Profile picture grade: What I think about yhu: One thing yhur guud at: And a guud night post 󾭙 -doing most 󾍇 -like?(: -doing some now and in the morning :D
So glad today is a rest day.those leg lift and that plank is wearing my azz out! But.i want some nice abs by September and definitely December. I'm not going into another year with this excess!!!
omg i just seen nicki minaj on omegle OMG
ALL Down My *** Newsfeed ALL I See Is... "I just went thru a breakup, but it's okay I got my cake up, do my hair put on some makeup, tryna see where tonight gone take us" AND I'm like let another girl post that song and I'ma snap IDGAF nobody GAF stfu please -_- y'all annoying!!!
So um Nicki Minaj isnt so pretty but she got a sexy *** voice lmao
I wanna wake up to some black chyna, nicki minaj, pinky type strippers on my birthday , OH GOD 󾍛󾍆󾌧
I have just listened to a NICKI MINAJ song on 103.4 FM that reminded me of JUNGLE MUSIC...THE ORIGINAL JUNGLE MUSIC!
If you could make any celebrity your sex slave for a week... Who would it be? -Barb❤
just like that status about universal hotness, I hate when people comment on a celebrities talents. like lil' wayne/nicki minaj or even kim kardashian. like obviously there is a tremendous amount of talent whether it be rapping or, in kim kardashians case, exploiting yourself. they are talented rappers and shes a talented business woman. you can dislike them but you cannot deny the talent they hold...
I can be selfish, be so impatient Sometimes I feel like marilyn monroe... I'm insecure, yea I make mistakes ,sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of da road. I can get low I can get low don't knw which way is up, Ya, I can get high I can get high like I could never come down (Calling a curse or just call me bless ,if you can undo my worst you anit gettin my best cause this how marilyn monroe feels, must be how marilyn monroe felt) Its like all da good things, they fall apart like harilyn monroe, somethings are messed up till we get it right , I don't wanna end up, loosin my soul.. :/ *nicki minaj*
Everyday my love for Nicki Minaj grows stronger & stronger.dat ***
Bottoms up lol. I have my music. some people think i would listen to just country. Nahhh. I love pop hip hop. Country eminem nicki minaj lol. Got a couple bottles but a couple aint enough. Heres nicki. Vrrm vrrm vrrm. Lol shes crazy really. Next is we own it with 2chainz and somebody else thn pound the alarm lol heres we own it lol . I like letti doms gf. Shes bad
Im not a racist. Theres nothing more id like todo in the world than to put my *** in nicky minaj.
AYe shuffle battle at my house bring your drake albums and nicki minaj SnapBacks 6pm time
2 nicki minaj save me :* idk y i like this song thoo lol life ^_^IF U UP WITH ME THOOO :*!!!
Guys I want to add new songs to my phone :) What songs do you recommend?? (No 1D I have all of em) -Y
That nicki minaj video tore my stomach upside down
Sealing the 6.oclock on the for Sharoom is Nicky Minaj - Highschool ft Lil tunchi,.(weezy baibe)
If you could bang any FEMALE celebrity, who would you choose? -lizz
Aziz Ansari is even funnier as our favorite rap artists. Check out these awesome photoshops of his face and rap albums.
Trinidad James, Haitian Fresh?! When did rappers start advertising their halfway heritages to get attention. I know... I'll go on tour with Nicki Minaj as Bajan Barbie and we can rap about how she's 1/20th Trini. Rihanna should come too -_-
That *** Bobby Brown...aka Momma Dee, needs to go to Speech Rehab. explains Scrappy's lazy a$$, thick tongue!! Ijs...
.Like I really care what Nicki Minaj does...lmao!
Lil wayne is so *** lucky for finding drake and nicki minaj i hope i can find the next stars for my record label i wanna turn my friend jessica into the next iggy.g lol
I wish Nicki Minaj would follow me for my birthday today :/
Clearly I don't go out much . So I need so help .. What club / lounge is popping on a Tuesday ? Help me 󾍀
for the road nicky minaj tyga and FLO rida
I don't think Nicky Minaj is black anymore.
This girl said Nicky Minaj is perfect 😳
Kiss nicky minaj or have miley cyrus twerk in your face for 30 seconds
I hate him more than nicky minaj :o the way he talks and uses his hands is disgusting :add to that,he's the XD
Nicky minaj would be a good beat styll
Has anyone ever listened to a whole Nicky Minaj verse without changing to the next song?
why do not you do a collaboration with Nicky minaj? it will be cool
I'v seen Nicky minaj's Boobz.all dats left is jst d nipples :(
I want a girlfriend who looks like barbie and acts like nicky minaj and rihanna ...
"Who do you wanna see twerking to Nicky Minaj, of course
I wish my name was Nick, so I could be Nicky Minaj, but I'm extremely fine being Ian Del Rey.
Me with nicky minaj it was so crazy"Mention your greatest sexual fantasy
If aliens ever invaded earth and demanded to see our leader,our best chances of survival will be to bring them to Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj.
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