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Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz (born December 6, 1938) is a Christian evangelist, the founder of Nicky Cruz Outreach, an evangelistic Christian ministry.

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can't wait till Cruz is gone - can't wait till election and you all can report actual news instead of gossip crap
How is Ted Cruz having a sex scandal? How has anyone had sex with him
I think Ted Cruz is spreading this sex scandal rumor in an effort to not look like Little Nicky smelling a fart. Pretty low, stinklip
Cruz didn't have anything to do with that add. We really want guy a guy who doesn't fact check in office?
there all the same. Just essentially fronts. Ted Cruz looks like little Nicky
U r the liar, and trying to set up Cruz with ur dirty tricks, that's all u have, lies and threats!
So Ted Cruz is a crazy evangelist. Trump is a racist moron. Clinton is a crime lord. And Bernie is losing.
Lyin' Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin' Ted, or I will spill the …
Nicky Cruz and St Paul give their evidence to the jury
Nicky Cruz and his book "Run, baby, run" combined with a series of things that happened in my own life.
sale:. Run Baby Run by "The book that has stunned and moved the hearts of millions". Only 99p!.
Mad you have to be 17 to go to Nicky jam's concert HOW RUUDE
EXPERIENCING THE POWER OF GOD by Nicky Cruz: No matter how many times I experience the power of God, I ...
Really want to see Nicky Jam in April 🙃
I see where nicky haley is now endorsing cruz. The only people she endorses are americans with foreign roots. Desperate to be important.
Nicky Haley has not endorsed Cruz; she has lost Rubio and floundering on who to support next
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but a hardened heart conditioned, believing everything the spirit of this world says. I pray for you to be like Nicky Cruz
But if I had to vote Republican it would definitely Ted Cruz💯
Ted Cruz is such a petty little boy. God help us all
A movie how David Wilkerson manage to convert a notorious gang leader in NYC called Nicky Cruz. A story that caught me.
Great news that that minority-bashing, prejudiced, crazed fanatic Cruz lost out to that minority-bashing, prejudiced, c…
Everybody that loves the people of New York, and all they have been thru, should get hypocrites like Ted Cruz out of p…
Cruz is a wiseguy. 'Little Nicky,' 'Crazy Phil'... I know wiseguys well.
I liked a video from Not in My House - Nicky Cruz
I liked a video from The Holy Spirit at Work – Nicky Cruz
See lots of familar faces at.Nicky Cruz presents Truce2016 ( Too Reach Urban Communities)
Ted Cruz is calling President Obama the president of the millionaires and billionaires. Party role reversal.
I can`t get time of day and jerks like trump cruz and carson can get millions oh well - SO CAN KENYE, MILEY, NICKY, KIM , CHRIS BROWN
Know the story of Nicky Cruz? Very powerful and He experienced the instant antidote for
Someone should update the Cross and the Switchblade and have David Wilkerson just blow away Nicky Cruz with a 45. Get Pat Boone on the line
The only teams Ronaldo has played against but never scored against are: PSG, Cruz Azul, San Lorenzo & Zagreb.
| Carol Kornacki and Nicky Cruz on “Joni Table Talk” – 10.30.2015: Tune in for the powerful stor...
Check out our amazing S1 RE joirnalists. Get the latest news on Nicky Cruz!
Cruz: "The men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense than every participant in the Democ…
Definitely time to go if RUBIO Or CRUZ or a BUSH and TRUMP are elected.
One of my parents most strategic discipleship moves was giving me the biographies of Corrie Ten Boom and Nicky Cruz as a child.
If JPP, Beatty, Cruz and all those DBs that got hurt in the preseason stayed healthy, Giants would be 5-1 or better.
reminded of Nicky Cruz/David Wilkerson "Cross and the Switchblade" no matter how you cut me I will cry I love you I love you
Ted Cruz: The pot calling the kettle theocratic.
Nicky Cruz will be here in Rocky Ford Saturday the 26th at The Grand Theater, don't miss it friends
Why has it taken me until now to read Nicky Cruz's Run Baby Run?! Amazing story, incredible work of God in a man's life
I miss going to therapy , seeing Dr. Cruz in the moanings 😏
Nicky Cruz will be at Celebration Church on October 17. This is the perfect event to invite an unsaved friend!
Nicky Cruz - Official will be at the Marion Veteran's Memorial Coliseum on Friday night at 7 pm! Come on our for...
Area churches band together to host Nicky Cruz
TRUCE, a Christian group, will perform with Nicky Cruz Outreach at 7 p.m. Friday at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Such a Fun Night! Nicky Genesis at Zanzibar presented by Cruz Coalition and Luminous Movement.
Such a fun night! Nicky Genesis at Zanzibar presented by the Cruz Coalition and Luminous Movement.
Nicky Cruz at Veterans Memorial Coliseum this Friday 8/14 at 7pm!
Want to serve your community? Come to Fite Memorial Baptist at 5:30 tomorrow to serve with the Nicky Cruz "Truce" Street Team!
Today is Nicky Cruz Outreach's staff prayer day. If you have a need you would like prayer for, please leave a...
does anyone have a projector that I could use for the Nicky Cruz event friday I'm not trying to own 3 nor drop...
This Friday, August 14th, Nicky Cruz and TRUCE will be at the Marion Fairgrounds Coliseum at 7pm!
so excited to see Nicky Cruz this Friday 😍😭🙌🏻
Nicky Cruz will be speaking @ Marion Fairgrounds Coliseum on Friday !Chk out the details here &
・・・. Great day with Nicky Cruz speaking People came to christ and were also...
Come see Nicky Cruz speak a Word from God for our city tomorrow morning at 9 + 11am!
Join us this Sunday to hear a timely word from Nicky Cruz!.
Ted Cruz said these are the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history. I hope he cries a lot about it.
One time our rs teacher got vex cuz everyone was spelling Nicky Cruz like nicki minaj
If you are in the Colorado Springs area this Sunday, June 28th, you won't want to miss out on Nicky Cruz at The...
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or mistaking Nicky Romero as a girl. 😬
David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz deeply impacted my heart when I read "Run, Baby, Run" when I was in middle school...
What if Nicky's back in Lichfield in Morello is married. The food is crap. Chicken is back. Nicky'll go like:
SOLD OUT TO HIS KINDNESS by Nicky Cruz - From the moment I gave my heart to Jesus, I have known how...
Sunday, June 28th, Nicky Cruz will be speaking at The Springs Church in Colorado Springs! Services start at 9 &...
Since I first meet the Lord in Chile on a crusade with pastor David Wilkinson that night I took home my first audio tape of pastor Nicky Cruz testimony. My life has not been the same in all my up and downs growing in Jesus our good Lord. No matter what ever I am, the Testimony and the love of pastor Nicky PUT IN ME HOPE AND ENCOURAGE ME TO COME BACK MORE NEAR TO OUR FATHER GOD AND JESUS OUR SAVER. Hope one of this days I will meet pastor Nicky hear in UK weare I leave for the past 28 years. May our Father that delights in mercy be with you all always. Love you in Jesus with all my respect chrisbahamondes
Run Baby Run!! (actually a very good book, written by Nicky Cruz)
Too much people in Montpellier for seeing Nicky Cruz. I couldn't enter. So see you soon in Avignon.
Nicky Cruz's France tour started today in Montpellier. Click on this link to see the full schedule and locations!...
Nicky Cruz is in France at a 6000 seater venue, they are turning people away. I bet anything this would never happen in the UK now!
Guess who is visiting and speaking in France all throughout this month? Nicky Cruz! Please join us in praying...
Went Nicky Scarfo on Tartaglione,Cruz,Acosta & Clay jr.Sánchez gets the support to win Philly Council fight this May
Please note that Dave Cruz, mentioned in the previous post, is not related to Nicky Cruz in any way. He claims...
as I said your just jealous cause she turned you down but I hear nicky and Angel Cruz are great fun what do you think of those to
Nicky Cruz will be at Venga Tu Reino this Sunday for a Spanish only service.
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We need to know immediately if State Dept is spending US taxpayer dollars to depose http:…
Chris and Nicky feeling it from deep !!
run baby run by Nicky Cruz is really good! ☺️
"You can argue with someone's opinion, but you can't argue with their story." - Reverend Nicky Cruz
Erik Estrada as ¨Nicky Cruz¨ in The Cross And The Switchblade may be the closest to Rael in a Film
brought people together in love. I saw him with Nicky Cruz when I was 14 years old, & life was never the same.
Congrats to Nicky Boyer! She just secured our cabin for the Cruz Inc Global Cruise! Thanks Nicky!...
Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear Nicky Cruz in Colorado Springs!
From The Cross and the SwitchBlade baa Nicky Cruz, to The Cross and the Stanley Knife.
The big homie Fabby & Unc Nicky aka andrenickatina . Chilling tonight in Santa Cruz…
Today my alarm went off this morning to tell me that the Mariners signed Nelson Cruz... Let's just say I'll be changing the sheets now!
Assuming we get a 1st rd pick since cruz was qualified so its not all bad, plus this most likley means Davis and Nicky are going to return
From all of us at Nicky Cruz Outreach, we wish you a Happy
Sorry Nicky. If I wanted to be lied to I can go to work for the Ted Cruz campaign. Tea Pain luvs ya!
Nicky Cruz - Revolution of God's love in family
Electronic Device Insurance
Nicky Cruz - Revolution of God's love in family: via
I'd rather lose Cruz or Kakis and save Miller. My heart wants Nicky here, but idk if it's best to let him go.
I'd like to know for sure whether we plan to re-sign Nicky, but I've already lost hope on Miller and Cruz.
'The Cross And The Switchblade' is an amazing movie about David Wilkerson's mission & Nicky Cruz's conversion.
Nicky Cruz testimony: Gangs to God Powerful Testimony. Once a man full of hate. Now full of Love because of Jesus.
European Christians are quiet, humble people who usually keep their faith to themselves.
MERCY IS CONTAGIOUS by Nicky Cruz: “When Jesus . . . saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, beca...
"[Compassion] is one of the most endearing and contagious of all human emotions." - Nicky Cruz,
Click here to support Run Baby Run Translations by Nicky Cruz
The devil roams like a roaring lion, but he has false teeth! ;) - Nicky Cruz
& anything classy we do gets ignored. The victor cruz incident was classy & the daily news BSes it into somethin evil
where does old Nicky wind up? i'll say he stays but I think Cruz is gone.
2 memorable legends of the faith..David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz..if you don't know your missing…
Extend Nicky, Sign Miller & Cruz, hopefully Davis and Matt at some kind of discount, sign a solid innings-eater SP
Check this out: El Diablo no Tiene Madre - Nicky Cruz
I'm ok with losing him and Matty. Want to keep both Cruz and Nicky.
Cruz He want to show he is team Nicky
the whole stadium & Eagles team shows Cruz absolute respect when he was carted off
Check out beautiful collection of clothes on
You truly feel bad for Victor Cruz.
Well I feel bad now. Hope Cruz is ok.
Anyone ever read 'Run Baby Run' (Nicky Cruz), well that's what Coffee (ICE) is doing - the better your network communication... .
3 of 5 stars to Soul Obsession by Nicky Cruz
I have the same body as Nicky Jam... Kinna Wish I had his style 🙌 I'll be up there performing with you one day buddie👌La melodia con clasé 💎
If you do not love yourself, there is no way you can truly love someone else. - Nicky Cruz
Okay, be *honest* now... not just literary (or even faux literary). List what -- FOR YOU -- have been the five most important books you've ever read. Here are mine, most of 'em not at all what you might expect. Bein' honest... Oh, and no "order" to these. Finding just five is tough enough. * Run, Baby, Run - Nicky Cruz. A badly written, probably overdramatized, pulpy conversion story of a 60s-era gang member. Trouble is, it haunted me at 12 years old with questions already floating around... such as "Is God there? Does love matter? What meaning does one life have?" And of course "Sex?" And Nicky is still out there talking about Jesus nearly half a century later, which is something! * Winter of Our Discontent - John Steinbeck. If I were to pick on literary grounds a Steinbeck novel, this would not be it. But the story of a man's moral disintegration is so convincing, so utterly painful in its realness... a cautionary tale which happens to be profound in so many ways. * Autobiography of Malcolm X - I read t ...
God Bless you, Nicky Cruz when I hit a dry time I like to read 'Run Baby Run' I was without God and came to Jesus in my 20's
Once I bought a book at the Christian bookstore and every time I opened it to read it, I had a bad feeling about it. I tried reading it several times and the feeling became stronger and stronger. I finally knew that I wasn't supposed to read it and felt that I had to get it out of the house so I took it outside and put it in the trash can. That's the only time that something like that ever happened to me. Until today, but it was the opposite. I have been posting several things from Nicky Cruz and today I looked up his books on Amazon. One, in particular, caught my attention and I clicked on it to read more about it. As I read about it I could feel the Holy Spirit and I knew I had to get that book. I called a friend and told her what had happened and just talking about the book to her, I could feel the Holy Spirit again. This has never happened before either. Often when I am looking for a book I ask God to help me. I'm rarely disappointed. Nicky Cruz was a gang member who tried to kill Pastor Davi ...
More books... Ever heard of Corrie ten Boom, David Wilkerson, or Nicky Cruz? How about Fritz Ridenour's book, How To Be A Christian Without Being Religious? The celestial table scene used to hang at the Slocumb's house back-in-the-day. Remember those Thursday night home group meetings and Kevin Metzler's teaching? The Armor of God booklet will look familiar to anyone who was ever a part of Lovella Harlow's "God Squad" group. The plaque just above it has an old thermometer and thermostat attached to it, asking the question, "Are you a a thermometer or a thermostat?" (One merely reflects the temperature but the other one sets it...) That question still has some teeth in it...
The story of Nicky Cruz as recorded in David Wilkerson’s book, The Cross and the Switchblade, is a perfect …
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Watching a program about David Wilkerson (our spiritual dad) with Nicky Cruz, Sonny Arguinzoni, Pat Boone (who played Bro Dave in the Cross & the Switchblade). Love seeing him honored!!!
= The Magnificent Three by Nicky Cruz. Quick read, full of Nicky's passion for God.
"You could cut me into a thousand pieces, but every piece would still say Jesus loves you." David Wilkerson to gang leader Nicky Cruz
God & the Bible are the answer to Gang Violence! Southside Chicago Pastors pursue giving them Gods Word! God bless you! See Nicky Cruz site
People can change! There is hope for those who are struggling. For those who are in gangs and think that life is...
Nicky Cruz and wife Gloria. What an honor!
Emilee's nana had some cool old records from David Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz + Teen Challenge.
"Nicky Cruz in a television interview on Telemundo!... one of my biggest heroes
Nicky Cruz in a television interview on Telemundo!...
If David Wilkerson had bullied Nicky Cruz with the gospel I don't think Nicky would've come to Christ. Instead, David Wilkerson loved Nicky.
Are you ready for history? Nicky Cruz an ex Drug lord is coming to Philadelphia on August 2 and the…
Morning Bite: . "Nicky Cruz: You come near me and I'll kill you!. David Wilkerson: Yeah, you could do that. You...
Love is a action. Love is tough, because many people don't know how to receive or give Love - Nicky Cruz
5 of 5 stars to Devil Has No Mother by Nicky Cruz
Nicky Cruz "Tell me, Preach. This God of yours,does he rumble?". David Wilkerson: "Yeah... Yeah, he rumbles. He's fighting…
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Say you're a PvZ Zombie and you get to invade the lawn of any celebrity... which celebrity lawn would YOU invade and which PvZ Zombie would you be?
Had awesome day hanging with Nicki Ortiz-Cruz got some cute clothes, hung out with the tinys and Alex. Earthfare was awesome, more vocal progress and easy night @ Tacobell. A good day:)
Off to Santa Cruz for some cold water surfing. Always wanted to surf Steamer's Lane and Pleasure pt. Suppose to be a nice swell. Love little road trips with my lover girl Nicki.
Serious Question here. If Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne were both drowning and you only had time to save one of them.what kind of sandwich would you make?
New York Yankee Mariano Rivera and Nicky Cruz at the Greater New York BattleCry event.
Working on another date for the Kottonmouth Kings to return to Kingman! Stay tuned, we are doing this for all of the people that requested they come back, or perhaps you missed the first show.
God has a plan for our future,not our past. -Nicky Cruz
God has a plan for your future, not your past. Nicky Cruz
Over 700 youth tonight, as Nicky Cruz is ministering to
Which song are you listening right now .??
What a great night with the California Bad Girlz.They were a blast. If you didn't make it you missed a great time. They even made Nicholas Cruz a ***
what about Nicky Cruz and Ian McCormack's stories of religious experience?
me and my family with Nicky Cruz at the Gospel Fest in Indio,CA 2013
Me and my wife with Nicky Cruz at the Gospel Fest '13 in Indio, Ca
this is so true. Peter, Polycarp, Augustine, Martin Luthor, Nicky Cruz, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, etc.
A van is leaving to seminar w/ Nicky Cruz at 4:45 from north church. If you'd like to carpool, join us.
Seminar w/ Nicky Cruz tonight, 6 pm, at our office facility. If you are involved in any aspect of ministry, you...
The latest newsletter from Nicky Cruz Outreach has just been posted on our website! Click on the link below to...
Yes — A Nicky Cruz, Selena L., Shelby, Karly, Savannah, Christina, and yeah lol...
"The Cross and the Switchblade" stars pat Boone as DW and a very young Erik Estrada as Nicky Cruz.
Love this man and how Jesus changed his life. True hero of the faith. Nicky Cruz still going strong&sharing hisStory
This Saturday & Sunday, April 20th & 21st, Nicky Cruz will be in Woodbridge, VA at Christ Chapel.
Hold up! Wait! Nicky Cruz is gonna be preaching at Pace on May 5th? I want to go!
Christ Chapel Assembly of God's Hispanic Ministry presents Evangelist Nicky Cruz for more info
Lets be out to Santa Cruz and not come back
Nicky Relias uses his speed to beats his man and Alex Cruz feeds him nicely for a score 8-3
Just thought I seen Nicky Cruz O_o my heart dropped . Awesome man of God . Started the meanin' of a true gangsta
: “God can do in an instant what takes man years and years.” Run baby run - Nicky Cruz
same here I guess it runs in Cruz family *kanye shrug* but it skipped nicky lol
no mames Pabliny Reyes Meneses viste la novela
David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz - Official when they first met. World Challenge, Inc.
With Greg Jennings in MINN, neither team with double first-round picks - Rams nor Vikes - is expected to sign Victor Cruz to an offer sheet.
Happpy birthday to my little man . Love yaaah Nicky ! 😎😇❤👌
I am proud to have been endorsed by Nicky Cruz
So I play the obvious pun straight and it suddenly turns into a Nicky Cruz kinda gang fight.
If ur gonna go in a Nicky Cruz kinda gang fight, make sure is on your side. He'll save ur life!!!
REPORTS: Victor Cruz traded to for 2013 1st round pick and 2014 2nd round pick.
May 18th with in Santa Cruz, who's rollin?
met Alicia, daughter of Nicky Cruz on missions in Amsterdam. Married 24 years. serving full time 23 yrs
Patrick and Alicia Dow of Nicky Cruz Outreach will be with us this coming Sunday.
just finished reading one of my favorite books of all time; Nicky Cruz's Blue code. a-m-a-z-i-n-g-!
Hearing Nicky Cruz story never gets old to me. God loves can transcend all of our shortcomings. He is faithful 2 move mountains in our life!
I liked a video Testimonio de Nicky Cruz
have u heard of the cross & switch blade Or run baby run by Nicky Cruz
Nicky Cruz - Official Staff prayer day. Please submit your prayer requests.
goodmornin Nicky Cruz...looking forward to seeing you preach when you come go Indio, Ca...hope i meet you!
Evangelists Nicky Cruz and Marty Martinez will be in Indio,Ca on March 22-24 ...cant wait
With in Santa Cruz and the crew, LC and Nicky Nice!
If you haven't heard Nicky Cruz's testimony, I suggest you look it up!
Here listening to the awesome Nicky Cruz!!!
I just feel so honored to have heard the great NICKY CRUZ speak tonight at times square church. If you…
The devil ain't playing: Gradually something is happening but we are blind to it and ita consequences. Jesus said to His disciples, "The kingdom of heaven is like unto a man who sowed good seeds and while he sleeps, the enemy came and sowed tares..." No nation in the world today is free from collapse of leadership. The devil is really torturing the existence of humanity. In 1986, Nicky Cruz was travelling from U.S.A to Australia and sat in a flight with a man who refused to eat anything served on board. Nicky thought that he must be a clergy. He asked him, "sir, are you a pastor? And the man replied, "satan forbid. I am a satanist. We have been fasting over a year now to collapse marriages in U.S. A and globally" The devil has a plan. Imagine today, there are more divorces in the church than there is on the streets. A phrase was once quoted, "The world has gone into the church, and the church have gone into the world" strippers are today our mainline choir members. Christians marry today and divorce tomor ...
Nicky Cruz (a notorious gang leader) – “You come near me and I will kill you. I do not believe in what you say, and now you get out of here”. David Wilkerson – “YOU COULD CUT ME UP IN TO A THOUSAND PIECES AND LAY THEM IN THE STREET, AND EVERY PIECE WILL STILL LOVE YOU. NO ONE CAN KILL LOVE. GOD IS LOVE”. This statement damaged evil in Nicky’s mind and heart, and became the conversation that lighted up God’s amazing rescue work among New York’s toughest gangs. As long as I live, that statement will live in me. “LOVE NEVER FAILS” 1Cor 13:8. The story is written in the bestseller book “The cross and the switch blade”. There is also a film adaptation of it. The following is from Wikipedia …In 1968, Cruz wrote the book Run Baby Run with Jamie Buckingham, telling the story of his life including coming to New York and being in the gang, and subsequently meeting Wilkerson and thereafter becoming an Evangelical Christian. Shortly after Cruz's ascension to leader of the gang, David Wilke ...
Hey friends. Currently reading another awesome read dumped into my hands. This one is Nicky Cruz "Run Baby Run". Gonna paste page 125-127. It is amazing how God uses very simple things to get our attention when our eyes are open. Enjoy!
Free play tonght Friday 2/22 @ 7pm Times Square church. Based on a true story with Nicky Cruz and David Wilkerson. " The Cross and the Switch Blade" A life changing true story about a Gang leader-turned-evangelist,, This story is amazing! Nicky's encounter with David Wilkerson which led to Cruz's transformation which changed his life 4ever. The story is also available in film and a book.
“When true forgiveness comes in and out from you, that dark cloud will disappear." - Nicky Cruz
I hate when I think I'm sitting near a celeb on a plane but don't know who it is. Daimond watch, g-friend w/pink hair, Gucci bags, etc.
Here we go!!! Doing it COMMERCIAL FREE. What can we play for you?
Chris brown slapped Rihanna, Rihanna said "TAKE A BOW" then Nicki Minaj said "U A STUPID *** then Jamie Fox told Chris Brown to "BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL" then they all went ova to Beyonces house for a "PARTY" and then Lil Wayne came in and said ya'll needa learn "HOW TO LOVE" then Chris Brown said "NO BULLSHXT" then Waka Flocka came in and said "ROUND OF APPLAUSE" then Tyga was in the corner with Nicki Minaj sayin "Rack City" then Lil Wayne said ya'll "ROLLIN". When YC said he had "RACKS" Rhianna jumped him and yelled "Man Down" Chris Brown saw what happened and ran down the street screaming "DUECES" Then Beyonce said who "RUN THE WORLD" and Mindless Behavior said "MY GIRL" So then Bruno Mars and Tiao Cruz took their "DYNAMITE" and "GRENADES" then threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a "FIREWORK" Then Lil Wayne had to call the "FIREMAN" But Usher said "LET IT BURN" But then he saw Nelly sayin "ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE" then Bruno Mars stepped out again and said "LET IT RAIN" -Lmfao ;D
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What song is your most guilty pleasure?
Carla Linn Wheeler, Darla Smith, Amanda Antista, Ashlee Cruz, Nicki Leann Saucedo-Valdez, Stacey Warren next weekend we have to do a serious girls night out at Ginos :)
Here at Nicky Cruz Outreach we take prayer very seriously and our staff meets together every Tuesday to prayer...
There is no Protocol for how much you dance to him! Can you guess the DJ? nicky romero
I need to make a comment about a good friend of mine and the newest books he has written. Fifty years ago a gang leader named Nicky Cruz was led to JESUS by David Wilkerson. For fifty years Nicky has told the story of how GOD changed his life all over the world . He has written numerous books that help encourage a changed life. His latest books are "One Holy Fire", "Soul Obsession" and his newest is "The Devil Has No Mother". These books are vital to encourage believers in this time of attacks on the Christian Faith. Good reading from a great man of GOD and growth in GOD is very important in these times.
PLEASE READ THIS: *** IS FOR REAL My name is Jennifer Perez and I'm 15 years old. It's hard for a teenager like me to come to you and recognize my own mistakes. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, He will help me, and give me the strength I need. First of all I want to say that this is for the Honor and Glory of my Lord Jesus Christ. I don't want to say any doctrine or make up any new doctrine; I'm only going... to tell you what I saw, what I heard, and what I experienced. I'd like to tell you a little bit about my family. My parents are Christians, and they always taught me good examples, and the way of the Lord. I became a Christian 3 years ago, when I accepted the Lord with the brother Nicky Cruz. I walked in the ways of the Lord for 2 years. But when I started High School, I started getting rebellious and left the way of the Lord. I was rebellious to my parents and I got into drugs. My friends taught me to do those things. I thought I was a Christian, and that I would bring my friends to be Christi ...
Focus on rihanna ka trace...I won't lie mahn,I love watching her shaking and dancing.I can watch her for the whole day...
Very early stages of vow renewal dress shopping. David's bridal was not for me and Heims had dresses still there when we 1st got married. No thanks. Evas only had 50 dresses ir so. Looks like we will be making a trip to Chicago to find mt unique dress. I allready have one in mind. Thanks nikki Nicki Kain and Andrea Kain super fun! Lets go again soon!!
ah billy boi ... Wouldn't get this in the days of Nicky Cruz
Ok I'm bored.take a song title and remove the LAST word and replace it with the word *** Go.
On radio from now till 7pm...Request da songs ya want me to play for you...It has to be HOT!!! 2pm is time for - Creative Saturday, by 5pm...we will check out the best songs in O'town and by 6pm we will get interactive on "Whatz on ya mind!!! One love peeps
Lmfao,taio cruz in my town tonight,last night Swedish House Mafia,before that nicky romero,in march ASOT 600 kuala lumpur..a lot of party :)
Had awesome day today got paid to play video games(really liked the game cant wait come.out) saw my dad and sang with band. tomorrow hanging with Alexander Ortiz-Cruz b4 work. Life is good.
I knew you were trouble when you walked in So shame on me now Flew me to places i'd never been Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
The play was AWSOME, ya missed out on a great play but there having one next Friday of anyone's down to go
Girls 2:0 Boys I wanna do it for the night , night so get me now and knock this over i wanna do it like a like , like come got me baby wer'e not getting younger i just want u tonight night baby we wont do it for life Music makes me high.? Darauf kommt niemand :D
Nicki def hatin on Mariah. Ctfu watchin idol ***BLOWED***
Nikki menage or however you spell her name is frickin annoying on american idol!!! Can't even stand watching it!
Yes I got Nicky Cruz in trouble. That sneaky punk.
With American Idol debuting, do you think we will ever see Madonna be a guest mentor on any of the US reality TV shows?
I would rather see Carrie Underwood & Jennifer Hudson as idol judges. Carrie knows what its like from start to finish & j-Hud is the best motivation for people, she didn't win & she is a super star!! She would give everyone hope for big things regardless of winning. Mariah Carey has a "forever" factor but she doesn't seem like she would truly understand the contestants. She had to work for what she had, she wasn't gifted her music career. Nicki Minaj has a "now" factor, she hasn't been in the game long enough, maybe a couple more albums or a few more grammys under her belt and then she can judge. I love all 4 of the ladies i mentioned and they will always have an album in rotation in my house
Idol: Did Nicki' fake hair almost pull that dudes glasses off?? LLARTOTD!!
Wasn't sure if I was gonna watch idol this yr, but after watching the first 15 min I'm in just to see the cat fights between Mariah & Nicki!
whats better on a wed night then my baby nikki Nicki Minaj on american idol!
We're only losing Paul Monterio Cruz and Smitty on D but we got Rugg coming back and Console will be layin the wood at OLB
hey brother Nicky Cruz, I read all your books..Run baby run, soul obsession, and I just finished One Holy Fire, big blessing!
I encorauge every christian believer to get a copy of evangelist Nicky Cruz's books: Run Baby Run, Soul Obsession, and One Holy Fire!
Nicky Cruz im a 19 yr old teenager and im a christian but my father is a muslim . . Please pray for him that he may be a christian . .please pray that Jesus may touch his heart just like Jesus touched Saul's heart
One of my favorite testimonies from Nicky Cruz, former gang leader in New York City. Nicky Cruz gave his life to Christ after a encounter with a skinny white Holy Gost filled preacher : ) "David Wilkerson knew the danger but he came anyway! As he started to talk about God, I said: "Aah, give up you’re a nutcase! He’s totally mad, he’s lost the plot! No one had ever stood up to me in theses streets and here came a man with a black book which he called the bible, and wants me to take it in!" When he did not want to give up I screamed: "Be quiet you, I am God! This here is people power, ghetto power and that is gang power! God doesn’t have anything to do with us and we don’t want anything to do with him. See that you get out of here and don't ever come back!" Then I asked one of my pals: "Do you want to have some fun? I'll give you what you need. We'll go down to the basement, smoke some weed, drink wine and pop a couple of pills. Then we'll get a girl for the night and forget this nutter altogethe ...
"Joset, (my dad Joseph) I have the number 5" - Nicky Cruz letting my dad know he has the iPhone 5.
of course! I served in ministry w Nicky Cruz for a few years.
I've met Nicky Cruz. He spoke @ a banquet of ours so I got to spend some time w/him. Fascinating!
I am romantically in love with Jesus- Nicky Cruz
hey Donovan you should check out the book by Nicky Cruz. It's called Run Baby Run. Let me know what you think.
nicky minaj se copio de Celia Cruz. busted big time yeahh
Yea it was a sink but I didn't want to put that. Umm no 'cause I thought ms Cruz/her married name now, was there.
You can kill me and tear me into 1000 pieces, but those 1000 pieces will shout "Jesus Loves You" & so do I. -Nicky Cruz on David Wilkerson.
I bet can't wait till monday to tear up washington
bo were leaving 29th:( BUT we should still kick it with dat boy Nicky de la Cruz
have you read Run baby Run by Nicky Cruz x
Going to army combine in Texas for top juniors with my ***
It is prayer day at Nicky Cruz Outreach so please send us your prayer requests so we can agree with you in...
Nicky Cruz will be visiting The Springs Church in December
we need a dynamic game changer like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Nicky Haley.
Nicky Cruz returns to Crossroads December 9th and I will be there for this wonderful time.
of how he found GOD In spanish and english this moving testimony if prof of Gods love for you
Day I am very thankful for the 5 brave Alumni that came out today for the DHS 3rd Annual Alumni Basketball game. I love seeing your smiling faces! Molly Collins, Becca Kristine, Beatrice Woods, Nicky Cruz, Jasmina Hamidovic and also our two special coaches that give tremendous help Kalyca and Heather Highshoe. Thanks for starting our season! We begin Monday!
Holy fire, God is an all cosuming fire, John the baptist said that Yeshua would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire, Nicky Cruz wrote a book called Holy Fire, Dr Michael L Brown ministry is called Fire School of Ministry and his radio show is called The Line of Fire, the Jewish Yeshiva in Jerusalem at the Western Wall is called Esh HaTorah (fire of Torah). This is a good fire, like light, like love, like the Spirit of God that was on the music of David the ancient worshiper and king in that order of the ancient Jewish nation. It was fire that protected Elijah from Jezebel and her military, the angels are descibed as flames of fire, this holy divine fire of the Spirit of God Almighty engulfs you like a full submersion water baptism so that it is fulfilled the words of John the water baptizer, that Yeshua, baptizes all who ask and seek, this full immersion baptism into the Spirit and fire of God the Eternal One!
Nicky Cruz delivered a powerful message at Rap 2006. Be sure to see all of the parts.
David Ray Wilkerson (May 19, 1931 -- April 27, 2011) was an American Christian evangelist, best known for his book The Cross and the Switchblade. He was the ...
World-renowned evangelist Nicky Cruz recounts his first time meeting Rev. David Wilkerson and his conversion from gang leader to child of God. This clip orig...
'Spiritual warfare is not about sitting in your room with a scowl on your face, buffeting your body and claiming dominion over temptation. It's not about wandering the neighbourhood with holy water, trying to bind the enemy. It's about living each and every moment in the grace and mercy of God. It's about letting the Spirit move you where you can do the most good. Most of all, it's about telling others of God's marvellous love and grace. He's the only one who can bring fulfilment to your life. This is where the battle is fought. This is where the supernatural war for souls is being played out. This is how you beat back the devil!' Nicky Cruz
Many of those who survived became Christian Missionaries spreading the Gospel all over the world with their Testimonies - The most famous was Nicky Cruz.
The apostle Paul went from throwing Christians into prison to leading non-Christians into the Kingdom of God.John Newton went from being a slave tradr to being a pastor and hymn writer.Nicky Cruz went from being a New York City gang member to being a street evangelist for Christ.The late Chuck Colson went from White House hatchet man to prison evangelist and apologist.Meeting Christ always results in life change,but sometimes change is radical.Mary,from the Galilee town of Magadala,for example,We know little about her pre Christian life except that she was possessed by seven demonic spirits,from which Jesus delivered her.Sometimes,we don't like change-until we see the changes for the better...take a moment to thank God every day for the postive changes you've seen in your life since meeting Christ.The scriptures were not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives.IN TOUCH...make someone smile will...make...your day...
What a blessing to meet the man that literally led me to The Lord 26 years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was during the TBN program that I mistakenly opened, excellent mistake, that I asked Jesus into my heart after tuning into 84 channels and every one was TBN. Nicky Cruz was an instrument used by the Lord to give me life and life in abundance and detour the *** that was waiting, Glory to God! It does not get any better than this.
What an awesome man! God gives us warnings but we think we know it all!how sad. That we don't obey our Creator. The time is now! D
Great day @ VO Chino I had the privilege to fill in for Nicky Cruz tonight , he had flight problems but God still moved & many were saved
Awesome service at my mother church...VO Chino! Pastor Sonny Jr...awesome testimony. Nicky Cruz...thank you for direction. Like always, praise and worship and the choir were bombay! And my Pastor Raul and Sister Alice shared their testimonies tonight...AWESOME!
New-York gang leader Nicky Cruz talks about his past. More about him on
Come out to Victory Outreach in Chino hear the word by Nicky Cruz !
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Here at the mother church, getting ready to anticipate a powerful night. Nicky Cruz is in the house
On way to VO Chino NICKY CRUZ TONITE... This morning so many people were saved ... Didn't fit in follow up room standing room only!"SONNY SR gave his miracle story... So beautiful.. God is GREAT!"
A lot of churches today would feel more at home in a movie house, rather than in a house of prayer. More afriad of Holy living than of sinning. Knowing more about money than magnifying Christ in our bodies. It is so compromised, that Holiness and living a sin free life is heresy to the modern church. The modern church is, quite simply, just the world, with a Christian T-shirt on!" (Nicky Cruz). This is true! I'm beginning to think there's something seriously wrong with many of the modern churches today. I know I said I like the "Pursuit", and I do love their "Spoken" message, but their unspoken message really concerns me. They refer to the Sanctuary as the Auditorium and don't mind if you bring your dinner in there while listening to the sermon. Several of the people went out after the service and lit up a cigarette right there. . I understand we are to reach those who normally wouldn't set foot in a church, but where is the "RESPECT" for God's House of Worship that is SUPPOSED to be HOLY?
Victory Outreach Church. Creating a legacy of hope in the inner-cities since 1967. A Church that can help!
" Salvation Sunday " featuring my dad Sonny Arguinzoni Sr @ 10am & legendary Nicky Cruz @ 6pm both will be sharing ...
Watching (not by choice) & wondering who on earth thought it would be a good idea to let Nicky Byrne cha cha...and to Tiao Cruz
"You can't kill love because God is Love!" Nicky Cruz
Such a good testimony by Nicky Cruz tonight! The conference was a huge blessing (:
I want to invite anyone who would like to have an experience of the Power of God that Transformed the life of Our Founder Pastor Sonny Sr. Tomorrow at church at 10am. And also Our Spiritual Grandfather in the Faith Evangelist Nicky Cruz tomorrow night at 6pm. You don't want to miss out...
Tonight is gonna be amazing! Gonna hangout with my friend and go see Nicky Cruz and listen to his testimony
Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day at Victory Outreach Chino - Founder Pastor Sonny Sr will giving his testimony and then we will top it off with Nicky Cruz in the pm service - come out and here these two powerful men of God - Don't miss out ... 10 am service and 6pm service
Nicky and Karen are looking HOT dancing to Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite.' A long way from Westlife!
Tonight was an amazing presence of God that a new birth has taken place. Brothers and sister of Lion of Judah its time to stand together as one family and do the commission of Lord. Thank God for Dominion! We together will be a strong church overcoming all obstacles through Christ. This is not only for Lion of Judah church but for all the saints world wide. The kingdom of God is near and time is of great essence . Be bless saints. May God continue to shower His blessing and anointing over the life of John Gray, Nicky Cruz and all those who are doing the commission of our Father in heaven. Amen
Nicky Cruz testimony: Gangs to God: ! check this out !
Nicky Byrne will Cha-cha-cha to 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz & Kimberley Walsh will foxtrot to 'Someone Like You' on Strictly this weekend.
We are really excited about this conference and hope that you make plans to attend. It will be an amazing opportunity to get together with fellow believers in the Portland/Vancouver area and worship the Lord in unity.
Powerful message from Nicky Cruz at Lion Of Judah Church in Somerdale about his testimony birthed out of David Wilkerson Minister as was I.
I know that you love Nicky Minaj hehe I love you.
How can Nicky do the waltz to taio cruz?
Strictly spoiler...! nicky and karen dance song this weekend is 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz best of luck
google Nicky Cruz former gang guy. DW went to jails & Bronx to bring Jesus Cruz story is awesome.
Nicky Cruz I've got you for 3 minits!
Just finished reading "run baby run" the Nicky cruz story. Still one of my all time favorite books ever.
It's so freeing I'm out in the open, I had a background like Nicky Cruz. My life sucked and God saved me. No one is judging Nicky and no one in God will judge me yayyy it's over, God has freed me amen
David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge and Nicky Cruz, a lead gang member in New York who was radically saved through Wilkerson's ministry, was an influence in my life as a teenager. Cross and the Switchblade, book/movie about them was popular then. We had former pastors visit us this weekend and they brought me a picture of our youth group when I was 14. I'm standing by Nicky Cruz. We attended Teen-Round Ups in Duncan, Okla. where he spoke not long after he was saved. So thankful for people who influence the lives of youth. Pray God helps me be an influence as a pastor and provide other areas of ministry to help our youth. Darin Poe / Bradly Keller - Carpenter's House Church Willard attending Youth Convention 2012. Thank you both for what you do!
Tuesday is prayer day at Nicky Cruz Outreach. Send us your prayer requests and we will pray for you! This is a...
"I am a real Christian—that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ." —Thomas Jefferson "Jesus Christ has paid the price to set the prisoners free—and that is the passion that drives me." —Nicky Cruz
Don't forget to check out Kei-Kei, David Ham, and the rest of the TRUCE 2012 crew on our latest Music with a Mission Podcast! They share a recap from their recent Colorado Springs outreach with Nicky Cruz - Official & The Springs Church.
From Terrorist to Evangelist For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. Rom. 8: 13. Shortly before the downfall of Communism, when the Soviet-controlled nations of Eastern Europe brought together more than 3, 500 government officials, social workers, and medical personnel for a drug abuse conference in Budapest, they invited Nicky Cruz to be their main speaker. Nicky had been a leader in the dreaded Mau Mau gang in New York City and had terrorized whole neighborhoods, but through the power of the Holy Spiirt, this Puerto Rican youth had become a mighty witness to God's saving grace. It seemed that Nicky was destined to an early death, just as he had beaten and killed others on the streets. After one of his many arrests he was told by a court psychiatrist that unless he changed, he was on a "one-way street to jail, the electric chair, and *** " Nicky, who was 18 at the time , only laughed (One Who Believe ...
On our way to Times Square Church. A little bit of history... This church was founded by Pastor David Wilkerson. Through Wilkerson was that former Gang leader Nicky Cruz accepted Jesus and his life was transformed. Cruz has an amazing testimony which is fascinating and entertaining. "Run baby Run " is the book that recounts the life of Nicky Cruz and his life transformation. There was also a movie made after this book. God gave me and my friends the privilage to meet Cruz about 10 years ago when he came to preach one sunday. If you hadnt heard of this awesome testimony, you should either read the book or watch the movie to see what the power of God's love can do!!!
Enjoy! The music from the Nicky Cruz service at the California theater Victory Outreach San Bernardino
A true legend and one of my inspirations; Nicky Cruz - Official chilling in the GRATEFUL APPAREL Tour Bus!
About to start...Nicky Cruz and Truce...outreach to Colorado Springs
Pray for our VOSD crusade team that is partnering with Nicky Cruz in Colorado Springs! Johnny, Elisa, Franky & Jessica.
When you first listen, you think what in the world? However by the end you recognize the precious redeeming love of Jesus. You read the newspapers and observe the news, you recognize these neighborhoods and know that these are where the killings took place this past year, the pimps, the prostitutes, the drugs.but right in the middle of darkness there is the bringing of light (God's love).The older gentleman with dark black glasses is Nicky Cruz.he was once a run away kid from Puerto Rico, sent to New York, notorious gang leader, but God changed his life and for over 52 years, he still goes to the streets, the neighborhoods and shares the truth that darkness and hate can be exchanged for truth and light found only in God's redeeming love, Jesus. Large meeting at Pike's Peak Center this coming Sat. at 7p.m. to share and celebrate the impact of God's love.
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