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Nicky Butt

Nicholas Nicky Butt (born 21 January 1975) is an English footballer.

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Nicky Butt speaks on how early clubs recruit players. It's wrong but we have to do it. Really?
Nicky Butt has his say on academies recruiting players far too young and setting them up to fail...…
Honest view from Butt,if you were an Academy Manager how best would you prepare a child for whats infront of them?.
Great to hear an honest view from Nicky about academy recruitment, specifically on how young players are when they'r…
Manchester United News: Marcos Rushford is proof that the Red Devils young team set up the…
Great article about Nicky Butt and his opinions on the recruitment process in Premier League Academy Football
This interview with Nicky Butt, an underrated paragon of Redness, is excellent and reassuring
Nicky Butt talks Rashford, United youth and clubs who ‘trawl for kids and dump them like fish..’
Rashford is proof that Man Utd's youth team set-up better than Chelsea's - Nicky Butt
Yeah I met Nicky Butt in the bank. Wes Brown in the cinema. Andy cole Lou MacAri and Gary pallister all…
Great stuff from our Head of Academy, Nicky Butt! 👏. Read the quotes which have got people talking: htt…
Yesterday, I asked Nicky Butt about how the club breeds a winning mentality. Thought his response was brilliant. htt…
On this day in 1991, David Beckham, Nicky Butt & Paul Scholes all became trainees at Greatness beckoned. 👊 ht…
Nicky Butt feels Nemanja Matic is a perfect fit for Manchester United
Reserves: Another meeting with Liverpool as Nicky Butt's side head to Anfield, live on . Preview:
Reserves: Liverpool 0 United 1 --- Nicky Butt's men showed great resilience and stamina to upset the Merseysiders…
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David Beckham, Gary Neville and Nicky Butt walk along the Red Square.
Class of 92 legend Nicky Butt joins us for vs match day hospitality - book your place here!
Nicky Butt: "We've got some unbelievable players. Angel Gomes is a young talented player we've massive hopes for."
Marcus Rashford is the new Thierry Henry, says Nicky Butt
‘If Rashford has another season like that, he’s a £50m player’ good interview with Nicky Butt.
Nicky Butt reveals why Manchester United have called in the circus
Nicky Butt in today's Times article: "It's been tarted up a lot, but it's still the old fashioned stadium" !
Nicky Butt shares his view on why Januzaj's progress has stalled:
What paper is that Nicky Butt article in ??
"Rashford will get chances in 1st team because he’s so good. When he runs at you, you can’t stop him." Nicky Butt
ICYMI the excellent Nicky Butt interview part 2
ICYMI the excellent Nicky Butt interview part 1
Nicky Butt:. "Maybe he [Januzaj] has not been as dedicated, a case of too much too soon, a millionaire now."
Nicky Butt: . "Adnan Januzaj has got the level to play for Manchester United and win leagues and Champions Leagues."
Tactics & Rashford. Nicky Butt: Until he gets a physicality about him he will need CMs who can play him in.
Nicky Butt on Rashford: "Yes, Blistering pace. When Marcus runs at you, you can't stop him."
Nicky Butt: “You couldn’t pick a better player to be at this club, or any big club, than Marcus Rashford."
Nicky Butt: "Marcus will get opportunities in the first team because he's that good."
Nicky Butt: "Here it's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Anthony Martial or whoever's up top."
Nicky Butt: "If Marcus keeps doing what he's doing with his pace and directness, it's impossible to hold him back."
Nicky Butt: “Pretty much every club in this country was after those two boys."
Nicky Butt: “Tahith has everything you expect of a young player to became top level and so does Nishan."
Nicky Butt offers his theories on why former record signing Juan Veron failed at .
Head of Academy Nicky Butt has done an intriguing interview with The Times on all sorts of things.
Nicky Butt insists Marcus Rashford can develop into Manchester United's Thierry Henry.
Who is Angel Gomes? The Manchester United youngster profiled after Nicky Butt… (via
Excellent Nicky Butt interview. Speaks so well and a top man to have revamping United's youth system
Nicky Butt has high hopes for Man United youngster Angel Gomes - but fears for U-23 league. http…
Nicky Butt chats to about Rashford, the Manchester derby and parkour
1/2 Nicky Butt interview in the Times talking Rashford, youth system, SAF, José and about being a United player https:…
Angel Gomes is only 16 but even Nicky Butt is raving about him
Nicky Butt has given his view on 16-year-old Man Utd wonderkid Angel Gomes - it's fair to say he's impressed
Nicky Butt is seemingly the perfect hire for the academy. His interviews have been amazing and he has been doing great…
Nicky Butt reveals the 16-year-old prospect Man United are VERY excited about
Rio for Remain. Very measured. After him and Becks, now awaiting Gary Neville, Nicky Butt and Arthur Albiston...
- Nicky Butt won't buy you beer, this Henderson does:)
- I was tempted to bring Nicky Butt out of retirement in place of Henderson.
No chance this time with this team, have no leaders. Last time we had Nolan, Barton, Nicky Butt, Smith... now we have no one.
How the *** are we going to survive it without Nicky Butt and Alan Smith :(
2/2 a bit like Alan Smith and Nicky Butt.
ACADEMY NEWS: 2. One or two key talents in 16's like Gomes and Barlow 3. Nicky Butt taking over 4. New talent coming in from…
Nicky Butt? Steve Bruce is a Geordie. Michael Owen on BT (and poor). Maybe Saha doesn't have the NE profile? Alan Smith? Andy Cole?!
Nicky Butt on why United's academy is not 'a mess'
Nicky Butt vows United will overhaul rivals City in academy stakes
Jordan Ayew elbow was nasty, but. Did Creswell nip him? Nicky Butt and Dennis Wise springs to mind.
PICTURE: Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs watch U-21s against City
Giggs shares his own Brothers wife-Scholes has ginger maggot-Chuckle Bros>Gaz+Nev's-Nicky Butt was useless only class was Becks
I still can't believe that Man United have played so well as of late with 10 youngsters coming up. *** of a job Nicky Butt
I like to say butt, butt I don't know why:D
I wish it was Nicky that discovered just for the headline "Butt finds a Rash!"
shelvey being cpached by Nicky butt?
I hope they bring Nicky butt to the dugout.It's only fair
In programme, LVG praises Warren Joyce + Nicky Butt for identifying young players with 'quality and right attitude' for 1st team.
All credit to Nicky butt for working with youth squad... Some might say that Butt developed Rash.
Career high for me this, abuse from someone that has Nicky Butt's autograph!
is Nicky Butt in charge of both of those levels?
I agree. I can't see Mahrez standing up to Graeme Le Saux punching him in the face. Or strangling Nicky Butt.
The best people to advise him are the 2 Nevilles, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes & Ryan Giggs. They've been there & done it.
the credit should go to Nicky Butt and Warren Joyce for the young players at Utd.
Must say, Nicky Butt has done an unbelievable job turning around our failing academy to now producing the class of 16... 😳😳😳
Nicky Butt in December : "Rashford is one of those players who you like & ask: 'How can he not play at the top...
appoint Nicky Butt as new Head of Academy:
Nicky butt having a kick about aswell
no oo. Solksjear was d coach a season before pogba leaves. Check it. Before Nicky butt
Nicky Butt should be added to the list of credits. Good job with the U21 lads
win against our rivals yesterday was for Warren Joyce, nicky butt & all the brilliant & hard working academy coaches.thank you guys
Nicky Butt said in an interview a couple of months ago that they've been showing Rashford videos of RVN. Looks like he's a goo…
Really loving youth, full of energy and beans. Hope the appointment of Nicky Butt propells everything to do with the foundation.
Must be since Nicky Butt took over ;o)
Marcus Rashford!!! 18 years old born and raised in Manchester! Nicky Butt trained him very well!! Pure brilliance from the young lad!
Picture: Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs watch Manchester U21s derby in stadium
Nicky Butt - the man with two more league titles than Man City have in their history
Find out why Nicky Butt is perfect for the Academy Job.
Nicky Butt looking to produce more one-club players at Manchester United
believes Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job.
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Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job -
Get Great odds at 888 Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job
Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job (Official ManUtd site)
: Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job
Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job: Lou MacAri believes Butt is the perfect man to lead the Academy.
Official News - Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job
Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job Whizzy_Walexzy
Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job via
Macari: Nicky Butt is perfect for Academy job
Manchester United icon Nicky Butt faces huge task as Head of Academy
Genuinely hope Nicky Butt succeeds and does not morph into another Brian Kidd.
Nicky Butt is the new United Head of Academy. Good luck. Good appointment. Old values still remain. Thankfully.
Nicky Butt takes over as head of Manchester United's academy after the club conclude investigation into its produc..
Nicky Butt will be taking over as the academy director. Warren Joyce will move from U21s to U18s. [
Message to Pep - Man City are level with Ji Sung Park with four league title, two behind Sunderland & Nicky Butt who h…
Hamilton Collection
A brilliant picture of a young David Beckham, Gary Neville and Nicky Butt.
Tony Farmer claims Manchester United legends Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are on the v…
he should do what he did last season; call Nicky Butt, Scholes and the others to coach with him. Would be so icecool
Nicky Butt's been raving about some of these youngsters. Looking quality! 😃
he walked in with as much experience as Nicky butt and did a *** of a job
Even Nicky Butt would be worth a look over Ryan
Not sure who said this, Oh that's it Nicky Butt! h…
would happily take giggsy, scholes, Beckham, the Neville's and Nicky butt and put them all as coaches or something
Can't wait to get out my Nicky Butt on Thursday
Van Gaal sacked, Giggs to take managing role temp with Nicky butt assistant? Unless stuivenberg stays on.
NO I have a HUGE bruise on my butt 😅
Nicky Butt is incharge of the youth team. Gary and Phil are now occupied. It leaves Scholes now...
Nicky Butt got that on lock. Doing a good job too. Giggs needs to go coach Swansea then if he succeeds come back.
Nicky Butt is far more qualified for the job than Giggs
Jose Giggs has only one pro he's a Utd man nothing else he needs experience Nicky butt has more experience
Nicky butt is doing more the Giggs at the min what has Giggs done needs to move on earn his place to manage Utd
he's never managed a team. Guardiola managed the B team. Giggs hasn't even done that. Nicky Butt got more experience.
Imagine Giggs shouting on the touchline alongside Nicky Butt as Carrick hoofs it up to Fellaini for the 19th time.
so has Nicky Butt, plus Butt has managed the under 19's Giggs has no experience. So Butt deserves as much chance as Giggs
in sure you can answer why not Nicky Butt?
I'm serious. Giggs with Neville brothers & Nicky Butt was the talk initially but now the Nevs are in Spain. Giggs Swansea maybe.
or make Nicky Butt the next Manchester United manager
I don't want giggs as mourinhos assistant, he should go and coach elsewhere, after all he owns a football team along with Nicky butt or so
our lot have to have one. Been that way for years. Nicky Butt won all kinds at Man Utd, wasn't good enough for our lot
Man Utd should just sack Van Gaal asap give Ryan Giggs the interim role with Paul Scholes& Nicky butt assisting him period.
Spoke to Nicky Butt about the four local lads in MUFC's under 19s when they beat Wolfsburg.
if JM had someone he respected in charge of youth it may work. Like Nicky Butt for instance (only an example!)
Nicky Butt should be considered if Giggs is. It's crucial we get this right. One more mistake and we're scouse.
Would rather have Nicky Butt or Phil Neville than him
I'd guess Nicky Butt since he's already there. Really don't think it'll happen though...
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Eric indeed did score in fact he got a double. The other goal scorers Ole Gunner Solskjaer (2)& Nicky Butt. United won the BPL
BATTY.he's still got Nicky Butt by the throat!
Did I hear Melony brush off a human rights criticism re: Nicky Minaj by connecting it to the size of her butt?
10% agree. And Nicky Butt staying with the Youth program would be amazing.
Target low key flaming some of y'all that get butt-hurt over everything 😂
Watching the play makes you want to head butt a samurai sword.
Why has Ryan Giggs taken the Ipswich job on FM and appointed Nicky Butt as his assistant?
Giggs this, Giggs that. Even Nicky Butt has more experience with managing the Under 21
Well done First to find Nicky BUTT in our Man United
seeing some really poor footballers tonight - Nicky Butt, Trevor Sinclair and Danny Murphy. Plus, of course, the now unmute one
Gary Neville has announced his backroom staff at Valencia: Phil, Nicky Butt, Luke Chadwick, Fred the Red, Terry Christian a…
Got round to watching Class of '92. Enjoyed it, but Nicky Butt is like Strutter from Time Bandits without the laughs. Did say a single word?
Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Roy Keane, David Beckham - the future of Man Utd coaching team - not yet
Valencia is owned by Peter Lim, who also co-owns Salford City with Gary, Phil, Scholesy and Nicky Butt.
David Beckham's UNICEF charity tie turns sour for Nicky Butt after former team
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BREAKING: Nicky Butt suffers torn Achilles in UNICEF Ruled out of post-match beers
Nicky Butt reveals Man United U19 stars that are ready for first team: NICKY BUTT has heape...
Nicky Butt reveals the U19 stars ready for the Man Utd first team
Manchester United youth team coach Nicky Butt tips two youngsters for stardom
We need Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Gary/Phil Neville to step up & use ferguson's tactics man
Nicky Butt and Phil Neville shoulda got held back in the class of '92
U19s - Nicky Butt's youngsters are also preparing to face CSKA tomorrow (KO 12:00 BST). Read our preview:
Did you know in professional debut he was substituted on for a guy named Nicky Butt?
I gave Nicky Butt a 0 in a UEFA Cup game vs Hapoel Bnei Sakhnin. Came on as sub, sent off within two minutes.
Nicky Butt said his standing jump was the best he'd ever seen(!). Not sure if that's relevant to anything, just a bit interesting
I don't know. I've only been the once. Nicky Butt answered questions before the game.
the point is Nicky Butt is the best player in the world
yes, Fergie was a world class manager. He won the league with oshea, Wes brown, Nicky butt, the signing fee isn't a big deal
Pele called Nicky butt d best midfielder in d world...shall we tk his word?
Steam butt-kicking with and Nicky in preparation for Saturday's…
My favorite *** I love selena's butt. Whos Nicky minaj is that the name of selena's *** . ht…
To anyone who didn't know, Nicky Butt is our U19 manager.
Nicky Butt has backed U19 players Callum Gribbins & Marcus Rashford to become future stars.
Denis Irwin? Nicky butt? Ashley young?... It's all an opinion, that is Ferguson's
Keep Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson and Miller. . Ditch Nicky Butt. . Pursue no midfield improvements.
Pele called Nicky Butt wc too.can we argue wit him
Hopefully when Giggs is manager he'll bring with him Nicky Butt, Scholes, and as his staff.
Y'all talking the treble without mentioning Nicky Butt? Well, same goes for Deschamps, Makalele, Dunga...water-carriers are unfairly ignored
I always thought Nicky Butt fit the rhythm of that song better than give it up
Anyone else sing 'Nicky Butt' everytime Give it up by KC & the Sunshine Band comes on the radio?. No? Just me then
GOAT. Like Nicky Butt and Staam weren't there holding it down
If I had Nicky's butt ... The things I would accomplish
will you be my Nicky butt to my Ryan Giggs
If nicky don't want a butt whopping she know where she going saturday ☺️
well lemme get going, he's gotta go back to school soon. he says he's gotta kick somebody's BUTT. AH! http…
Dennis Wise pinched Nicky Butt whilst on the floor causing Butt to react and get sent off. Wise was just as bad as Costa.
Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt making my son's 7th birthday extra special thank you so much x
did Dennis Wise not nip Nicky Butt's leg to get a reaction?
is that Nicky butt infront of you to the bottom right son? Doppelgänger that there
Nicky Butt and Paul McGuiness look enthralled at this evenings game
Sat directly behind Nicky Butt at Leigh sports Village! Game just took temporary halt due to head injury to an Everton player. 0-0, 12 mins
David Beckham. Nicky Butt. Ryan Giggs. Paul Scholes. Sir Alex Ferguson. Probably the five reasons why i still love... http:…
what are you talking about? Award shows are as superficial as Nicky Minaj butt is real.
Nicky Butt said Enzo was best, even in Jamin that night at 3am!
Marcus Rashford & Callum Gribbin are the 2 players I also identify as potential additions to the 1st team
It is not Nicky Butt's left armpit "Loyalty is everything"
I got in trouble cause I stuck my butt out 😂😂
what a prat Dennis Wise was. The world celebrated when Nicky Butt's gave him a swift MMA knee in the rib
Charlie meeting ex players Michael Owen, Robbie Savage,Nicky Butt after game today vs Man Utd u11s at LFC
Youth coach Nicky Butt thinks could have two future stars on their hands .
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coach Nicky Butt enjoyed leading the U19s to a win in the on Tuesday:
Mark van Bommel in PSV dugout, Nicky Butt in Utd's. Would have been *** of a midfield battle!!
Nicky Butt urging U19s to push up but PSV have them penned in. Henderson just made a good save to keep it 0-0
Nicky Butt will manage in the competition & Paul McGuinness has had his say on how the youngsters will benefit:
Running on one and a half hours of sleep bc Nicky is a butt 😴😴
Bash is a fake fan.. TALLIA Knows her team well.. Mpaka Kina Nicky Butt 🙌
If your boyfriend doesn't touch your butt all the time is he even your boyfriend? 😏
oh the ranks! Scholes, beckham, Neville's and even Nicky butt got further in any major than good old jack lol
Exclusive interview with Nicky Butt in season preview: All profit to Trafford Macmillan.
Nicky's Butt ain't even real, they just cushions.
And somebody tell Nicky Minaj to shutup & stay focused. It's almost time for her monthly butt shots. She can't take them while stressed out
Pele also said Nicky Butt would get into the Brazil team in 2002!
Guess beyonce getting a nomination don't count. Sry nicky we have all seen your butt and it'snot enough to get you a nomination.
All that silicon in Nicky's butt got Meek Mill confused.
Why does Taylor need to butt in on Nicky preaching when she is 100% irrelevant
Tf? Grow up Nicky! Just because we don't want to your fake butt on stage doesn't mean you have to go…
Nicky getting "deep" because of a butt baring video and yet has been quiet af while the racial storm has been howling around her for months
Nicky Minaj is mad that her artistry is not being appreciated by MTV? That's like my fart not feeling appreciated by my butt.
Exclusive Nicky Butt interview in season preview: Repeatedly says "speaking as a fan...".
Cabby =Butt Sitting SOB He loves to sit on it
"Are you the lad who used to live round the corner from Nicky Butt's dad?". "Yep". "Alright"
My only claim to fame is that I lived round the corner from Nicky Butt's dad. That's it. I will never be known for anything else.
yes mate been calling out for solid cm since Nicky Butt left. Think squad is good to challenge now but 1 or 2 more would be great
One of the campers looked at me and said, "Ms. Nicky, you don't have a butt chin!"
EXCLUSIVE interview with Nicky Butt: Talks about Giggsy as managing and signing Schweinsteiger
Nicklas Bendtner (30) has scored more Premier League goals than Nicky Butt (29).
Just been to airport to pic mother & fatha up and bumped into Nicky Butt. Lovely bloke
must have been shortly after Nicky Butt put that boiling hot kettle on 's tallywhacker.
ofcourse v do. remember class of 92'. Players like nicky butt Phil Neville etc moved awayn that did not diminsh their status
Someone made a wish: I wish i had my butt as big as nicky minajs butt
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Nicky Butt never played his best after that😫
no he just told some massive whoppers about Nicky Butt, who was a great pro and a very decent lad
Just seen gok wan and Nicky butt in the casino, what a weird combo 😳
Manchester United Under 21s drew 3-3 with Salford City as they returned to pre-season action on Monday. Nicky Butt, who p…
. They would have loved my finish tho : ).
I have the 2008 CL shirt signed by Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Sir Bobby and Brian Robson 👌🏻
Nicky Butt favourite for head of Manchester United academy Manchester United legend Nicky…
Manchester United legend Nicky Butt set to land ...
Report: Nicky Butt to fill shoes of Celtic legend McClair at Manchester United
Manchester United legend Nicky Butt set to land academy lead role at Ol...
Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt have asked Louis Van Gaal to give some of the youngsters an opportunity in the final 2 games. […
.Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, & Nicky Butt will be at tonight to see the garments!
Transfer talk. Manchester City to make Kurzawa bid Source: Daily Star Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:40 Manchester City are ready to make a January move for Monaco defender Layvin Kurzawa. Manuel Pellegrini is keen to bring in a new left-back and has sanctioned a £17 million offer for the France international. Giggs shock contender for Wigan job Source: Sunday People Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:24 Wigan chairman Dave Whelan will try to persuade Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs to join Wigan Athletic should the club be forced to axe current boss Malky MacKay, who is the subject of an FA inquiry. Giggs would have Nicky Butt as his No.2. Arsenal & Tottenham on Hernandez alert Source: Daily Express Sunday, 30 November 2014 00:20 Real Madrid have told Manchester United that they will NOT be signing Javier Hernandez permanently, with the Red Devils now desperate to offload the Mexican before his deal expires in 2015. Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool are interested. Manchester City to move for Bony Source: Dail ...
Eric Cantona once gave £8,000 each to Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt when they were younger, just because they had balls. What a guy!
Ex-midfielder Nicky Butt has been impressed by new arrivals &
Roy Keane was left STUNNED after Manchester United legend Eric Cantona did THIS in the for Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes
an excerpt from Roy Keane's Book about Eric Cantona. In my early years at United, there was a players’ pool and each of us would get about £800 out of it at the end of the season for the work we’d done for the in-house magazines, the club videos.We were all on decent money and eight hundred quid wasn’t going to make or break us, so one time,We decided to put all the cheques into a hat and the last cheque out, whoever’s name was on it, got to keep all of the cheques. We all put our cheques in except a couple of the younger players – I think it was Becks and Gary and Phil (Neville).They opted out. They were new on the scene and didn’t have the money to spare, but Scholesy and Nicky Butt put their cheques in.I think I was the third last name out, so I got a run for my money, but the last cheque out – Eric Cantona. He’d won about sixteen grand.He came in the next day, there was plenty of banter – ‘Eric, you lucky b-!’ F- money to money. But he had got somebody to cash the cheques, he’ ...
I'm very sure she doesn't know who Nicky Butt and Alan Smith are.
Class of 92 stars Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Gary and Phil Neville get lifelong Reds fan Peter Lim to buy 50 per cent stake in ambitious football minnows
Nicky Butt, Andy Carroll, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Steve Harper, Peter Lovenkrands, Alan Smith. Anybody who cared for the club, has gone.
Class of '92 pals out on the Wings as Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt meet up in Manchester
Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt promised they will fight to retain the club's tradition of developing young players beyond the expensive short-term fix of Louis Van Gaal...
Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt discuss Manchester United, Danny Welbeck and Louis Van Gaal
Giggs: “United will never change”: Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt have said that Manchester United will continued t...
Birthday boy has spoken of his admiration for former midfielders Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt:
Ander Herrera reveals an ambition to follow in the footsteps of Manchester United legends Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt.
Ander Herrera reveals Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt inspiration: Ander Herrera reveals an ambition to...
Nicky Butt is confident Manchester United are in safe hands this season after likening new boss Louis Van Gaal to Alex Ferguson.
Paul Scholes insists he is ready to tell it how it is in his new role as a TV pundit. But it seems Class of '92 team-mate Gary Neville is already looking to cool him down, after throwing an ice bucket over him. Scholes, who upset Wayne Rooney earlier this summer with his scathing views, joined Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Phil Neville and a host of other Old Trafford favourites for a charity game against non-league Salford City on Thursday night. Neville threw the ice bucket over Scholes as part of a charity cause for the James McCarthy Foundation - not the Everton midfielder, but a young man who suffered a brain tumour in a car accident and wants to complete his 'bucket list' - and the former United midfielder apparently requested that Darren Fletcher be next in line to be soaked. The former England midfielder will embark on his latest career turn next week as a pundit for BT Sport in their Premier League curtain-raiser between United and Swansea. Speaking to Sam Wallace ahead of the launch of his ne ...
Celtic have been reinstated to the Champions League after UEFA ruled that Legia Warsaw fielded an ineligible player. Manchester United are close to striking a deal for winger Juan Cuadrado, 26, after agreeing to meet Fiorentina's £36m asking price. Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal could move for Ajax defender Daley Blind, 24, whom he coached with the Netherlands. The Red Devils are also closing in on top transfer target Arturo Vidal, with the 27-year-old midfielder having reportedly agreed a £182,000-a-week contract. Stoke boss Mark Hughes is losing hope at signing winger Oussama Assaidi on loan from Liverpool for a second time. Sunderland will let midfielder Alfred N'Diaye join Real Betis for £1.7million. Southampton could break their transfer record after tabling a bid worth over £13million for Sporting Lisbon's Argentina defender Marcos Rojo. Manchester United's legendary Class of 92 of Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville suffered embarrassment when they lost a pre-season fri ...
Louis Van Gaal has the same aura at Manchester United that Sir Alex Ferguson held, says Nicky Butt …
Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes - the new owners of Salford City - lose to...
Salford must 'reach for stars' - Butt: Salford City co-owner Nicky Butt says he wants the club to get in...
Nicky Butt to open new away dressing rooms tomorrow before our game with Reserves:.
Just seen someone say Nicky Butt was better than Gerrard! Get back in your box!
Nicky Butt to open new Alty facilities: FORMER England and Manchester United midfielder Nicky Butt will offici...
One of MUFC's own coaches Nicky Butt admits club are buying from second tier of the transfer market.
nicky butt was better than Gerrard in an England shirt
Nicky Butt: "Ander Herrera's ability to pass and keep the ball is great, he looks like he will be a very good player for the club."
Can't wait for Yeovil and black burn away with nicky butt
I'm waiting for all of the non stereotyped Jack Colback is the new Nicky Butt references.
he couldn't do out about the Nicky butt obafemi martins combo
Nicky Butt won't be proud looking back at that celebration though.
Lmao. Nicky Butt did a little dance there didn't he?!
Watching spurs v toon off years ago and Nicky butt lost the plot cause chimbonda slapped him great entertainment Steve Bennett the official
. Nicky butt on the top. Sam James on the bottom
Chimbonda is going to wind me up all over again, here. That gloved slap of Nicky Butt. No need.
How about Lampard for England captain? ;) Also Nicky Butt was a good England number 4 in the 02 WC which Gerrard missed inj
my favourite player for a long time. Reasons why he got on my radar? Kinda Nicky Butt like. It's beyond football, aspects of the man.
Gerrard should of retired 2 seasons ago when his legs went... Can't believe people are calling him a legend?? I'd rather hav Nicky Butt!!!
They should hire Nicky Butt "Why would u fire Igesund and hire Mashaba O_o SAFA dumb AF"
. nicky butt or Hargreaves . not always big names and reputations make a great team. Gerrard over Lampard though
Don't know what you mean mate, Nicky Butt player a solid 39 times for England not sure he is "best ever" though, each to their own
Herrera will be a star at but he's not at the same level as Toni Kroos or Paul Pogba, says Nicky Butt - h…
Absolute bedlam kicking off on MUTV!. Dancing with United. Louie Spence and Nicky Butt banter is surreal
On another note, the class of 92 is an absolute quality doc. would recocmend for any football fan. Nicky Butt Abu
£29 million man welcomed to Man United by former hero: Manchester United coach Nicky Butt has welcomed the arr...
Even Nicky knows what to do with a big fat butt...
I watched that last night Chris,very enjoyable and music was ace,I loved the nicky butt hot tea pot story :)
Louis Van Gaal confirms there will be roles for Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville at the club.
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Nicky Butt: 'You can all talk about Pogba or Kroos but these kind of players are not easy to get.' (1/2)
That Nicky Butt statement has to be one of the worst statements especially when you still are working with the team.
Louis Van Gaal will find roles for Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes at United.
Van Gaal: "Nicky Butt is already assisting us. We will find a role for Paul Scholes and also Phil Neville. That's what we want.…
LVG has confirmed there will be roles at the club for Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt & Phil Neville
Louis Van Gaal's new assistant manager Ryan Giggs arrived at Carrington this morning at 8.30am. He is understood to have already met Van Gaal to outline his role before the World Cup and he will have discussions with the Dutchman today to fill him in on how the training sessions have been received in his absence. Nicky Butt also arrived at the training ground this morning. He has been involved with first-team training along with Giggs and Van Gaal's men Albert Stuivenberg and Marcel Bout. Butt is likely to be working with Warren Joyce and the under-21 team once again this season and is set for talks with Van Gaal this week. New signings Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw will meet the manager for the first time today after arriving at 10am.
RG: You'll get me in trouble here, Javier! I'd have to say Nicky Butt, Gary & Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and David Beckham.
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