Nicki Minaj & Roman Holiday

Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982), known by her stage name Nicki Minaj , is a Trinidadian-born American musician. Roman Holiday is a 1953 romantic comedy directed and produced by William Wyler and starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. 3.3/5

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Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj. this song funny as eff *tears*
If I ever get possessed by a spirit please douse me with holy water as Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj plays (make sure I look opulent though)
Track 14- idt people would expect me to love Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj lol
Fun fact: Nicki Minaj doesn't sing the chorus to Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj and playing Sims 3... x3
Nicki Minaj is a very uplifting gospel group. You should listen to their song Roman Holiday.
Nicki Minaj isn't a rapper, she's a dog barking. You can't argue with that. Listen to "Roman Holiday" she is a dog.
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is just to great. lol
If the world was ending and asteroids were falling from the sky, I would sit in my living room and blast Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday makes me lol every time. Meh uh Mehh me ugh ugh ugh meh!
Have you ever heard Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj ? Like sum is really not clicking in this girl membrane ! She crazy af , like fr is she ok?
Nicki Minaj is crazy lmao. I just died listening to roman holiday.
I added a video to a playlist Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday Lyrics HD
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj from Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded (Parental Advisory deluxe version)
Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday. that song jus made me a little happy again lol
Nicki Minaj- Roman Holiday is a funny *** song idk why I like it cause its weird af but I love it lol
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Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is hella funny,
I wanted to give "Roman Holiday" by Nicki Minaj a chance (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck vibes) but it's the worst song I've ever heard
I know you like the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn..but do you like Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj? :D
Nicki Minaj and her new song Roman Holiday, Audio only. Take your medication roman Take a short vacation roman You`ll be okkaaayyy Stop it mother please Y...
Watch the Music Video for Nicki Minaj's single Roman Holiday [Live] and more new Music Videos on Slack-Time.
"Quack Quack to a duck and a chicken too" -Nicki Minaj (Roman Holiday song) FATE! LOL
Nicki Minaj attempting to do a British accent in 'Roman Holiday' is almost insulting to us Brits... She's ruined it for everyone now.
Roman Holiday is the first track for Nicki Minaj's album Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded (Explicit Version). The album was released on 2012, and consists of 19 tracks.
You need a short vacation, Roman, you'll be okay. ♫ Roman Holiday – Nicki Minaj
As crazy as that Grammy performance was, I actually like that Nicki Minaj song "Roman Holiday"!
How weird is it...O Come All Ye Faithful is in Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj. LOL... Aha...Uhmmm
Driving home alone at night listening to Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday probably was the scariest thing ever happened to me.
I remember getting into weird Nicki Minaj like roman holiday and Roman Reloaded and then liking screamo and pop punk XD
Nicki Minaj got relegated to a single verse for a performance. Guessing it was punishment for her "Roman's Holiday" performance.
I don't think Nicki Minaj wants any fans. 1st the roman holiday performance. 2nd endorsing Mr Romney (no offense to those who are). Last trying to be Lady Gaga, she is really pissing me off!!!
So ashamed to admit that I'm in love with Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday"
Nicki Minaj chanting to the devil on roman holiday...sad used to love nicki delete her off my iPod now!:0
That mini heart attack when you're listening to slow songs and suddenly Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday came up.
After hearing the song Roman holiday... I'm convinced Nicki Minaj is mentally disturbed!
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is the strangest song I've ever listened to... Freakishly weird!
The song "Roman Holiday" by Nicki Minaj makes so much sence.
Alright I love Nicki Minaj and everything but "roman holiday" is the scariest song ever
Is it weird that the new song im obssesed with is Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj? Sorry. Not sorry.(;
Nicki Minaj's roman holiday performance is just too addicting
Lol if you looked up 'Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday' on YouTube chances are you looked at my video;) Yes this is me!:)
You like Roman Holiday .. do you like Roman Holiday the song by Nicki Minaj too? (live on
"Roman Holiday" [Hook: Nicki Minaj as Martha Zolanski] Take your medication, Roman Take a short vacation, Roman You'll be okay (Stop it mother please) You need to know your station, Roman Some alterations on your clothes and your brain (Get me out of here, mother) Take a little break, little break From your silencing There is so much you can take, you can take I know how bad you need a Roman holiday (Roman holiday) A Roman holiday [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj as Roman Zolanski] You done, you tight? You suck at life? You don't want a round three You'll suffer twice. Worship the queen and you might could pass Keep it real, these _ couldn't wipe my _ Anyway, stylist, go get Bvlgari I am the ultimate Svengali You, You _ can't even spell that You, you _ buggin' Repel that Let me tell you this, sister I am, I am colder than a blister Cause my flow's so sick And I'm a lunatic And this can't be cured with no Elixir 'Cause y'all know who the _, what the _ I do I done put the pressure to every thug I knew Quack quack to a ...
I just used to tag Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj.
Yesterday I asked the why Nicki Minaj hasn't been prosecuted 4 hate crimes 4 that satanic Roman holiday performance
Nicki Minaj using "come all ye faithful" in her song Roman Holiday is badass
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Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday, just cause its a crazy suggestion.
How in God's name did Nicki Minaj ever become famous? I just heard a song of hers called Roman Holiday. It was utterly the most atrocious thing my ears have ever been privy to!
more like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Roman needs a holiday.
'Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday' is possibly the worst song I have ever heard. Listen to the first 30 seconds, go on, I dare you.
I could listen to Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday" all day. I won't, because I must stop dancing in my home office and get back to work.
I'm currently listening to Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj on my iPhone. No words can express how much I love this song.
I'm listening to Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj on Pandora
Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday. wierdest song of my life. but its such a good song & so catchy. (:
Listening to Nicki Minaj's new cd. It says it's the clean version but y did I just hear it say the b word on Roman's Holiday?!?
Ill lol Nicki Minaj is ugly for the beginning of Roman Holiday lol
Take your medication roman, take a short vacation roman you'll be okay. Nicki Minaj - roman holiday
That sad moment when "Roman Holiday" used to be a Audrey Hepburn movie not a Nicki Minaj song.
"Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday" is different and pretty good. Good job.
still sad Nicki Minaj didn't sing Roman Holiday in Manila. :(
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj really creeps me out
I've met Nicki Minaj and be in Roman Holiday Music Video with her! I'll be Roman Zo, and She'll be Martha Zo ;)
I sound just like Nicki Minaj when I sing Roman Holiday
you should do a video to Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj omg
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj was creepy af at first but now its my theme song tbh.
Losing all these channels is the worse thing since Nicki Minaj performed "Roman Holiday"
Nicki Minaj is the weirdest person ive ever heard on my life! I swear. If you dont think so go to youtube n put roman holiday... then you will see.
Preview and download top songs and albums by Nicki Minaj on the iTunes Store. Songs by Nicki Minaj start at just $1.29.
Is listening to one of Nicki Minaj songs called "Roman Holiday" and this song is CRAZY !
I do not own any rights to the song. It is for promotional use only. Leilani Price doing Nicki Minaj- Roman Holiday.
i love how black Nicki Minaj sounds when she sings in Roman Holiday.
Nicki Minaj- Roman Holiday (Cover) By Bootz Durango: via needs to watch this
Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday is a good song to clean the house with i be going off lmao !
going to go chill with friends and finish this dance routine to "Roman Holiday" by Nicki coming soon
Roman Holiday, a song by Nicki Minaj on Spotify.
When I Listen to Nicki Minaj : Roman Holiday .. I feel like Evil Spirits or some around me lol
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is the worst and most retarded song of all time. At least Friday by R. Black was better!
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is a creepy *** song.
Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday (Drag performance by Alicia Bigg ft. the Twinkle Twinks)
: So, why do I all of a sudden like that Nicki Minaj song "Roman Holiday"??
While growing up, Minaj's home life was often chaotic, with her parents constantly fighting.[61] As a means of escape, she would create characters and live her life through them.[61] In an interview with New York she stated, "To get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. 'Cookie' was my first identity – that stayed with me for a while. I went on to 'Harajuku Barbie,' then 'Nicki Minaj'. Fantasy was my reality."[61] On November 18, 2010, Minaj assumed a different alter-ego named "Nicki Teresa".[62] Wearing a colorful scarf around her head, she went around as the "healer to her fans" as she visited them at The Garden of Dreams Foundation at Fuse studios in New York City.[62] Minaj made an appearance on Lopez Tonight on December 6, 2010 and presented a different alter-ego for the Spanish-inspired occasion, named "Rosa" (pronounced Rrosa).[63] In April 2012, Minaj was asked if Roman, Martha and Rosa come out in the bedroom saying “No, they don’t come out in the bedroom, but ot ...
Its sad to think that one of my biggest accomplishments in life is being able to rap Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj.
I just used to discover Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj.
I liked a video Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday, Did it on'em, Beez in the trap IN
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj (one of the best songs from Roman Reoaded Personally)
I now think of u every time I hear Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj, i didn't until you mentioned your soundalike a few months ago! X
Listenin to Roman Holiday in the car.Nicki Minaj is soo stupid lol... much ?
is listening to Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday for the first time. My response 'What the fu... Is this sh...'
roman holiday by Nicki Minaj scares me...
Nicki Minaj's songs used to be ok but now they're weird - prime example: Roman Holiday
Today was the first day I made it through Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday".
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"Roman Holiday" is a song by American hip hop artist Nicki Minaj, and was the first song ever performed solo by a female rapper at the Grammy's.[1] It is also the opening track from her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. It was written by Minaj, Larry Nacht, Winston Thomas and Safarree Samue...
listening to Nicki Minaj and painting my toes, what a Sunday! btw her new cd is trying to inspire me to be crazy with my nail polish, must remain NORMAL, no roman holiday nails! :)
I listen to the kind of rap that makes no sense at all.that's 1 reason I love Nicki Minaj and her random rapping...especially the song called 'roman holiday" :D
Bumpin Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj...dis is my shyt
Nicki Minaj's Roman Holiday is totally about me. Yup.
Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday. Idk why but but this song is growing on me slowly -.-
Kinda freaky when Nicki Minaj sings a hymn in Roman Holiday.
Nicki Minaj song called Roman Holiday is like -_-. like WAT.!!? Its makes no sense at all.!
Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday" is supposed to be some kind of movie. I wonder how's that gonna turn out.
View the Nicki Minaj Roman Holiday Lyrics and Music Video. "Roman Holiday" is a new buzz track Nicki Minaj debuted at the 2012 Grammy awards.
I've uploaded an video Me singing Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj sounds like Angela Lansbury in the song "Roman Holiday". I like the song but I can't help but think of Mrs Lovett when I listen.
Nicki Minaj talks about "Roman Holiday" and how the lyrics were written for fans.
LMFAO! I'm listening to 'Roman Holiday' & Robert was like "Is someone making fun of Nicki Minaj?" 😂
Lol, Nicki Minaj is crazy. She literally hopped in the studio and rapped about ANY THING on Roman Holiday, lol.
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Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is epic. Love this song. 10listens so far this morning.
Nicki Minaj - roman holiday. I think is by far the weirdest song I have ever heard in my life.. She's got to be on drugs!
I liked a video from Roman Holiday - Nicki Minaj (subtítulos en Espa
Do you have Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj download link? I need it!
Roman Holiday is fab but I feel like I'm listening to Nicki Minaj have a schizophrenic breakdown.
Still unable to exorcise the frightening image of Nicki Minaj's disturbing Grammy performance of "Roman Holiday" from your mind?
First time I'm listening to Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday" from 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' and I already love it!
I added a video to a playlist from Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday (Audi
Roman Holiday by Nicki Minaj is making me hate my life
It really bothers me that Nicki Minaj named one of her songs Roman Holiday. She is not classy enough to ever make an Audrey reference.
I still want the Nicki Minaj girls from Ellen to do Roman Holiday.
99.9% of America's Reaction when Nicki Minaj performed "Roman Holiday" at the Grammys.
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