Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim

Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982), known by her stage name Nicki Minaj , is a Trinidadian-born American musician. Kimberly Denise Jones (born July 11, 1974), better known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper and actress who was a member of the group Junior M.A.F.I.A.. 5.0/5

Nicki Minaj Lil Kim Foxy Brown Iggy Azalea Lauryn Hill Remy Ma Missy Elliot Lady Gaga Miss Piggy Chris Brown Da Brat Queen Latifah Missy Elliott Azealia Banks Lola Monroe Rick Ross Lil Wayne Mariah Carey Pink Friday Victor Kim Black Friday New York

Nicki Minaj could never. Lil Kim is crying backstage. Cardi B who?
Two stories I never thought I'd ever see today. Nicki Minaj having a Gospel song and Lil Kim trying to communicate with Bi…
On a lighter side this Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj beef has me listening to a lot of old Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. *** I miss them both.
Nicki Minaj is the biggest Lil Kim stan I've ever seen
Remy Ma used Ether, Foxy Brown used The Takeover, so now Nicki Minaj has to use Hit Em Up & Lil Kim jump in on Who Sho…
14. Who is the best in order 1 being best 5 being worse.. Nicki Minaj, Trina,Lil Kim,Eve,Foxy Brown
Why isn't Nicki Minaj doing the Lil' Kim tribute tonight? Her career has been an amazing Lil' Kim tribute all these yea…
Makes me sad that Kim and Onika are beefing, cos honestly the best person to do that Lil Kim tribute is Nicki Minaj
Charlie Baltimore, Lil Kim, Foxxi Brown, etc are females who can rap, idk *** Nicki Minaj be doing
"Lil Kim career is dead" yet she's been sharing the same stages w/ Nicki Minaj since she debuted just to name a few
Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Remy Ma are all better rappers than Drakes.
Imagine if Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj was cool omg the ultimate slayage a savage New York record
Nicki Minaj dissing Lil Kim on Don't wanna lose you . And she also stole some of her lyrics from her new mixtape
What has Lil Kim, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga been doing?
Lil Kim is and will always be better than Nicki minaj. Always.
Katy Perry is better than Taylor Swift just as Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim. They don't need grammys
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Lmfao! Nicki Minaj speaking on her obsession with lil Kim
Remember when Nicki Minaj stole Lil' Kim's shoes after the VMA Awards 2014?
Lil Kim, Iggy Azalea & Missy Elliott are yet to release an album that can outsell Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday"
Nicki Minaj's debut album 'Pink Friday' sold more copies than the debut albums of Lil Kim and Iggy Azalea combined. ht…
Lil' Kim did Trish Stratus' theme song. Nicki Minaj did Victoria's theme song. Trish Stratus and Victoria had beef. Lil Kim an…
I heard that tyga is planning a diss collaboration to Nicki Minaj with lil kim because Nicki dissed Kylie Jenner in her feeling myself vid
"Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj peaked at but still outsold Lil Kim's "Lady Marmalade" by almost 3 million copies h…
Nicki Minaj has over 10 VEVO Certified music videos, though Lil Kim is failing to achieve 5M views on a video. https:/…
Nicki Minaj casted a spell on Iggy Azalea & Lil Kim to give them the same fate 💀😂
Lil Kim is the only female rapper to have a total of 5 abortions something Nicki Minaj hasn't accomplished.
Nicki Minaj can buy Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, and Azealia Banks and still have $29M left.
Nicki Minaj has had a solo single (Anaconda) peak at on The Hot 100, something Iggy Azalea & Lil Kim are yet to do htt…
The first category will be 'Most Iconic VMA outfit'. featuring Lil Kim, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj & Macy Gray.
Nicki Minaj throwing some shade at Lil Kim
Karreuche and Chris Brown there. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj there. Ciara and Future there . BET being petty 😂
Chris Brown, tamar & K. Michelle "So they gonna have Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, Future and Ciara in the same building? 😭😭"
Lil Kim's most viewed video as her, lead artist, has 9M views. Nicki Minaj's has 498M views.
Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj, & Foxy Brown are the best Feamle Rappers
Nicki Minaj is worth more than Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim & Azealia Banks COMBINED!
Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj are just reincarnations of Smith.
Despite Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj having the same amount of Grammy nominations, only Lil Kim has won a Grammy award. htt…
Lil Kim' has never earnt a solo top 5 in her career whereas Nicki Minaj has earnt three in less than 5 years.
Nicki Minaj made more money in 2013 than Lil Kim has made in her entire career.
Nicki Minaj jocked Lil Kim's life before she "ended Kim". Will Young Thug "end Wayne" because Hip Hop fans have moved on to a y…
'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj has sold more copies than any song by Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim or Missy Elliott to date. http:…
The new generation find Nicki Minaj unique so they don't understand what we saw in Missy/Lauryn Hill. Same with my generation and Lil Kim.
Lyrically & skill wise, the best female rappers ever are Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj & Foxy Brown.
Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj set going down hosted by Sponsored by
Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Kim, who else? surgery & u don't know who is anymore!
Nicki Minaj fans are so stupid, they don't realize their hate is making Lil Kim buzz even more. Their desperation igno…
This is Lil Kim trying to keep her beef with Nicki Minaj alive so she can stay relevant...
I liked a video from Beyonce ft. Lil Kim - Flawless (Remix) (NICKI MINAJ DISS!!)
Remember when Nicki Minaj was friends with Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Iggy Azalea
I'm going to say this and hope that I don't step on anyone's toes...however, here goes Remy Ma is the queen of NOTHING! Not saying that she isn't talented she's just not on Nicki's level. You may not care for Nicki Minaj but you can't deny that she's a lyrical genius nope she's no queen either Lil Kim, Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte are thee queens *my opinion* this flawless remix has changed the world lmbo it was an epic collaboration. Nicki and Bey are living legends in my book. *Ok carry on*
Nicki Minaj hasn't done anything Lil Kim & Foxy Brown didn't do in the 90's. Do you not remember Lil Kim Poster & her lyri…
Nicki Minaj is just Lil Kim directed by Baz Luhrmann..
Wait- Nicki Minaj said that she's one of the only female rappers that makes you think? (In my Robin Harris voice) "She ain't even the woman next to the woman that calls herself a female rapper. What I want to know is who called that - a rapper?" We need a true Hip Hop renaissance. Lauryn, Queen, Monie, Queen Mother Rage, Salt N Pepa, Eve, Lil Kim, Ladybug, Missy, Foxy, Mc Lyte, TLC- WE MISS YOUR PRESENCE DEARLY!!!
Nicki Minaj needs to get off her high horse. She claims that all female rappers should acknowledge her for kicking down doors for all female rappers. Well i give credit where credit is due: Mc Lyte, Missy Elliott,Nikki D, Boss, Remy Ma, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Lauren Hill, Suga T, The real Roxanne, Left Eye and many more. Please forward to Nicki thanks.
Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim congratulate Iggy Azalea on her success!
Sharifah Jamilah Bamberg (born May 6, 1991), better known by her stage name Jb Dior is an American rapper, singer and songwriter born and raised in the Bronx. Also known as the Geek Setter, a team she had put together, to represent her and her friends, she calls Setters. Jb Dior calls herself a Geek Setter because every time she raps her aggressive, unexpected, interesting and powerful, verses, she sets a trend and takes her listeners to a visual Hip Hop university. Between 2012 and 2013 she dropped two mixtapes .By (2013) she was signed with a label that goes by the name of Tokyio Shrympz, who thought the young artist had the whole package including voice, image and lyrics to change the game. Soon after signing to Tokyio Shrympz, the label released her first single; Every Step on Amazon and iTunes. Then helped produced most of her second mixtape. (CARPE DIEM) the street's of NY showed her love for. People seem to compare her out there personality, to Nicki Minaj but overall, she’s getting embraced an . ...
From a a strictly Hip Hop point of view are women MC's just not as good as male MC's? And why does it seem like a popular woman MC comes out very 10 years or so? (late 80's early 90's Mc Lyte, Late 1990's Lauryn Hill, Early 2000's Missy Elliot, and late 00's Nicki Minaj?) It's not like women are not great lyricists, plus for whatever reason or another outside of Lyte (and maybe Lil Kim) women have to sing in order to just get noticed.
Life always continues,but does so in circles.Nicki Minaj is the new Lil Kim, Rick Ross aka Ricky Rozay is the new Notorious BIG, Floyd Mayweather is the New Mohammed Ali, and Jacob Zuma is the new George W. Bush
Photo: Dang, that is foreshadowing. Trish Stratus vs. Victoria paved the way for Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj i will admit is a pretty Unique rapper ;o she dont rap like Lil kim but have a similar sound...she can be explicit yeah but her music and voice wen she rap is still coo...and she is and islander i believe
This Turkish Tea Party that the girl who looks like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim's love child is throwin is about to go real left ☝️👊☝️
Black History Month Public Service Announcement: If you have ever spent money to recreate any Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj album cover or publicity photo, and then circulated the image - Lord help you. You owe Beverly Johnson, Iman and Jayne Kennedy a written apology. Gordon Parks should come back from the beyond and smack your photographer with a wide angle lens.
Foxy Brown - oy yeah and brooklyn anthem, Lil Kim - ladies night and lighters upminaj eat yo heart out#
Imagine if this show was on now. We could see Drake vs Chris Brown, Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj, Chief Keef vs lotion...
How can Lil Kim say Nicki Minaj stole her style when she stole Michael Jackson's nose and Miss Piggy's face? 😶
I remember when there was this huge feud between Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim... Where's Lil Kim now?
I wanna see a female cypher with Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Trina, Lil Kim, Lola Monroe & Eve, but that wont happen... 😒
Refusing to listen to lil Kim because she has beef with Nicki Minaj
That used to be my song. . Freaky Girl x Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim. .
if you think Nicki is the queen of rap. IGNORE if you think Lil Kim is the queen of rap. Nicki Minaj
I'm totally confused as to why the fans of Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj are continuously having a online war about who's da best. I'm a die hard Kim fan but I also respect Nicki as an artist as well. I respect the art of their music I'm not worried about who wore green hair first and all that unnecessary crap. Because at the end of the day Kim or Nicki ain't dropping stacks at my door or no one else's LLS so stop worrying about who doings the best, who looks the best and who's copying who because 90% of the people that's complaining copying off of them Lol everybody's a BARBIE now CTFU
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim, Ellen Degeneres as Nicki Minaj and Kelly Ripa as Miley Cyrus - Hollywood Part 2:
Thot Halloween costumes: 1)TLC (whether u the "T" the "L" or the "C") 2)Nicki Minaj 3)Lil Kim 4)Playboy bunnies 5)NO COSTUME AT ALL cause you was a thot before u got dressed up anyway !
Miley as Lil Kim and Ellen as Nicki Minaj? Wow.
yeah its Halloween big whoop. So far all I've seen is the two most disgusting Halloween costumes anybody could possibly be. From Miley Cyrus dressed like a white Lil Kim to Ellen dressing up like Nicki Minaj. No offense but Ellen just looked gross. Nicki Minaj looked better. Its just like oh God what a day already
Miley Cyrus is Lil Kim and Ellen Degeneres is Nicki Minaj for Halloween. Does it get any better?
After watchin da Hip Hop Awards again, I realized dat Tiffany Foxx be goin in. I believe she'll grow to be as big as Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Trina or Lola Monroe. Not to mention, she extra badd wit it
True story don't don't things like this -> but so correction Lil Kim inspired Nicki Minaj
Rumor or Fact Rihanna OD? I need an internet hoax Lil Kim along with Nicki Minaj was "tapped out after a long nite of sex & drugs with Chris aka Blue" more details to follow...
Dj cinema Black Barbie ( REMIX) feat Nicki Minaj,Lil kim,Foxy Brown and Trina ( Dat shyt is fake but is amazing)
Of course Nicki Minaj is not an influential fashion icon. Lil Kim INFLUENCED HER!
How can anyone say Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper?. Ever heard of Lauryn Hill? Mc Lyte? Lil Kim ? Foxy Brown ?
Lil Kim fans im being attacked by this Nicki Minaj fan for saying Kim looked great -->
Nicki Minaj is OBVIOUSLY copying Lil Kim at this point.
-At the party sees Trina, Kreayshawn, M.I.A, Foxy Brown, Lola Monroe, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim who she confus…
You can't bring up Nicki Minaj without Lil Kim, Madonna who are all imitating Grace Jones and Millie Jackson
Who is the best female rapper between Lil Kim, Eve, Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Rah Digga specify others if they are not listed and state why u feel that they deserve to be the best...
More like Bonang Matheba to Nonhle Thema now! “Nicki Minaj looks like what Lil Kim wanted to look like but failed.”
Mariah Carey, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bones Thugs and Harmony, Lil Kim, and Lil Wayne, were all extras. 2013 $ummer Jam was totally off the chain. 20 yr anniversary 4 $ummer Jam and Wu-Tang Clan.
iuse to be in love wit her. . den she started thinkin she was Beyonce. Sorry Nicki Minaj yu like an over priced Lil Kim doll now LMAO
Nicki Minaj is good bt she's gt nothing on Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Eve, Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Mc Lyte, Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah
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1 way I can tell if you basic if you think Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim.
Nicki Minaj is a disgrace to Mc Lyte, Q.Lateefah,Mc yoyo,Da Brat,Lil kim,Foxy Brown,Eve, and many of the real women who came B4 her.
Nicki Minaj fine as *** I just hope she dont over due it with the plastic surgury and look like Lil Kim later
I do like Nicki Minaj but there are so many better female rappers from back in the day. Lil Kim , Missy , Da Brat , Foxy Brown , Mc Lyte ..
Nicki Minaj ain't got nothing on Lil Kim.
"Wiz Khalifa wants to be Jimi Hendrix , Nicki Minaj wants to be Lil Kim and Drake wants to be Aaliyah.""
Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj stans will forever dislike each other and at war
Iggy Azalea, Honey Cocaine, Missy Elliot for days, Trina, Lil Kim, and the old Nicki Minaj. Not in that order.
Why do people take time to watch videos on artists they already don't like? It makes no sense. Lil Kim opened the door for artists like Nicki Minaj. She raps about sex because in her world sex is power. Love her or hate her know that she is human. Kim could be this feminine dove some desire her to…
Nicki Minaj said she paved the way for female rappers. Are you serious? Did you forget Queen Latifa, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim... Get outta here
If you like Nicki Minaj's music, probably you don't know about M.I.A., Azealia Banks, Missy Elliott or Lil Kim. Those girls are true rappers
Teach your daughters to be more like Sojourner Truth or Angela Davis than Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim for
9ice tot "Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim should do a Track together na. (⌣́_⌣̀)"
Right now, Nicki Minaj seems to be the only female rapper in America. I remember the days of Missy Elliot,Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Eve etc.
so for all u nicki minaj fans, her music isnt written by her and she stole lyrics off of Lil Kim. Another reason to dispise her.
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“Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj??”-- can't ask that.. Both from different eras but if u ask me lil Kim or foxy we can talk! Lol
They got Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Chaka Khan, Lil Kim, Beyonce, Neyo, Kelly Rowland, Jill Scott and Marsha Ambrosia all on this flyer! LMAO
These girls in class arguing who's better: Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim?
Mariah Carey has a real talent... Nicki Minaj is an act that will soon pass... ask Lil Kim.
Nicki Minaj has alotta haters. Matagal na. It all started with Lil' Kim fans etc etc . That ain't news. lol.
my friends funny for saying if i dye my hair dark red it would be like Rihanna's, Peg Bundy, or like Nicki Minaj's or Lil Kim's red wig.
We unfortunately lost the both of these talented female MCs. May the both of them rest in heaven. Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj need to squash the beef and continue ...
Me and nathan are going to see Nicki Minaj and he's listening to Lil Kim songs on the train, what is he
2012 the year of vulgar music and loving it. Thanks to my gals Azaelia Banks and Nicki Minaj. But girls don't forget your god parents Prince and Lil' Kim
Some ppl say Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim. Well, this is what I'll say,"Nicki shut the *** up coz E.V.E is back..." rocks...
Today I spent my time on YouTube. I watched four James Dean Roasts, found out Lil Kim hate Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga is nice, Joy Boher is awesome, Golden Girls, Joan and Melissa, The Joan Rivers Show, The View, Phylis Diller, Carol Burnett, Roseanne. Found out about the wonderful Lawanda Page. Oh what a day
she's like the Lil Kim of reality tv. & Natalie Nunn tried to be Nicki Minaj. lmao
Lil Kim came before Nicki Minaj. MySpace came before Tumblr. Which one is relevant now?
Lil Kim bought this Nissan, Nicki Minaj told Lil Kim that her car was better, so then Lil Kim did this >> - sp
Who u think is the dopest female rapper of all time?? Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Rah Digga, Nicki Minaj, Eve, Kreayshawn, Salt, Peppa, or Trina?
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Mariah Carey says Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her. Why didn't Nicki went to Lil Kim like that?
I think someone who thinks that Nicki Minaj is sexy is just as crazy as someone with thinks she's better than Lil Kim.
I wonder if Biggie would cosign Nicki Minaj like he did Lil Kim? Probably not since Biggie was a good judge of talent.
You wanna know what's sad? The fact Nicki Minaj be dissing Lil Kim, but still rocking this woman wigs from 1995.
I knew that was Lil Kim but I couldn't make out Nicki Minaj face but oh okay WOW !
Before Nicki Minaj became the big star she is today, the Young Money rapper appeared to be an ordinary chick with some very nice rap skills. In some old video footage from the "Come Up" DVD series.aPre-Barbie Minaj spits a "Dirty Money" freestyle and pays homage to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Peep it...
If you see Nicki Minaj criticism, best believe Lil Kim praise will follow. & vica versa
it's a *** shame how undeniable I am a *** I am watching VH1 with the top 100 women in the music industry . "Rock The Boat" by Aaliyah, "Boom Da Boom" by Nicki Minaj, "Shoop" by Salt N Pepa . Nelly Furtado, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Gwen Stefani, Lil Kim, . o we @ JillScott
I am so sick of Nicki Minaj! Other than her obviously fake butt, what makes her so interesting? She's a cheap rip off of Lil Kim and Lady Gaga
Don't even try to compare Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim. Kim would destroy here.
Lol I'm glad the era of Lil Kim is over. Oh wait it just evolved into Nicki Minaj :/
Lil Kim was the black Barbie before ratchet *** Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj is like a wanna be Lil Kim.
I agree but Nicki Minaj does those fake *** face expressions trying to copy the face expressions Lil Kim used to make first.
With no signs of Nicki Minaj and Lil\' Kim reconciling in the near future, rap veteran Missy Elliott recently offered some words of wisdom and advice to the two buzzing lady emcees.
Drake and Nicki Minaj perform "BedRock" live at Hot 93.7's Hot Jam 9 in Hartford, CT. Drake also responds to Lil Kim for recent comments that were made durin...
I think LiL Kim is better than Nicki Minaj..
Missy Elliot is back on the airwaves after taking a seven-year hiatus from rap. During her stop on RapFix this week, Missy was asked to weigh in on the infamous Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim beef. Instead of choosing sides, [...]
As Reported by MTV: A lot has happened during Missy Elliott’s seven-year absence from hip-hop. As she makes her return this week, she was questioned about some hot topics, including the on-going beef between fellow female rappers Lil Kim and Nicki ...
What happened to all the female rappers in mainstream hip-hop? Lil Kim? Foxy Brown? Eve? Remy Ma? Michie Mee? All mainstream hip-hop has nowadays is Nicki Minaj...what a shame...
Lil Kim is ready for war! In this interview Kim drops by the Breakfast Club and discusses the history behind this female MC Feud! Also adresses Azalea Banks ...
Im not gone lie.i liked Nicki Minaj at first but as i sit here watching her get faker and faker and hearing her say that she voting for Romney cause us lazy bi*es fu*g up the economy i realize the importance of why Lil Kim is hailed as the Queen Bee of rap. A queen humbles acceptable of growth and change.and knows how to lead. Lil Kim has actually done all three. Nicki Minaj also blasphemed and made a mockery of Jesus and the church on TV. Instead of staying true to herself she conformed to the world. I gladly release myself as a fan of yours and will not allow my children to ever watch your videos or T V appearances. CANT WAIT TILL YOUR LIGHT GETS SNUFFED OUT AND IM HOPING ITS BY LIL KIM! *SIGNED.THE NEW FAN YOU JUST LOST*
Back when I was growing up Usher was the Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake was the Justin Bieber and Lil Kim was the Nicki Minaj wow crazy
Wow! Van Persie is here at getting cozy with Lil Kim. He might go home with Nicki Minaj.
Her: Who would you pick? Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim? Me: I'd pick my left hand and a bottle of lotion.
Lil Kim in her prime would VIOLATE Nicki Minaj & ion wanna hear no arguments . She just way past her time right now so she look stupid
Nicki Minaj needed surgery on her vocal chords. She maybe should've took them up on that offer, maybe make her decent...
“I hope Nicki Minaj gets hit by a train” Imagine her facial expression...
Nicki Minaj may have a fake *** & ya'll think she fake/ugly but all ya'll is HATERS Nicki Minaj will always be my role model no matter how many b**ches & ni**as try & stop me Onika Tanya Maraj really she's family i talked too her & she's so funny .. umm , notee : LIL ' KIM - I know she was out w/ fame b4 Nicki Minaj but , that don't mean they beef like seriously chillout w/ all dhaat Nicki is Nicki & Kim is Kim ! and always will be like that .. But , i love 'em both & i told Nicki i love her & Kim she said she cools w/ it so im Gucci if she is ^.^ ahaa i wish a btch or *** would try me cause note too you YOU CAN'T CHANGE NOR PHASE MEE :) LOVE , FANTASIA J. BARBIE BTCH , MARTHA , & ETC... , TYGA , WEEZY & DRIZZY ALL DAAY EERDAAY .. CHEA !
I understand Nicki Minaj is trying to give Foxy Brown more credit bc she's beefing w/ Lil Kim, but don't front like Kim didn't birth you.
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- What does Fat Joe think about Lil Kim's comments towards Nicki Minaj?
Was just adding Jim Jones to the list that already includes Lil Kim, Kreayshawn, T.I, Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea.
if u believe Lil Kim is just hating on Nicki Minaj!!!
if u think Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim!!!
Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim are best friends.
Video: psychtiger: Forget about Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj - THIS is the one y’all should listen to
Drake & Nicki Minaj at Hot 93.7 Hot Jam 9 (Drake Responds to Lil Kim) this my stuff
There's honestly more talented female rappers than Nicki Minaj. Missy Elliot, Lady of Rage, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifa, YoYo, Lil Kim, Angie Martinez, Eve, Lil Kim, Roxanne Shante. and so much more.
Lil Kim' needs to give up -.- her time has passed and she's not making a come-back anytime soon. but also, Nicki Minaj needs to just STFU -__- It's like she lives and breathe's off of Kim's name. We get the point, you hate her. I think two albums (almost 25 songs) dedicated to Kim is enough. Smh, they just both need to move on.
Jay-Z is better than Lil Wayne. Kanye West is Better than Drake. Eminem is better than Machine Gun Kelly(MGK) Nicki Minaj is way better than Lil Kim . Rick Ross will NEVER be like another B.I.G 2 Chaiz Can't be another Snoop Dogg . Young Money(YMCMB) will never be like Bad Boy Records . Maybach Music Group will never be like another Death Row Records . Made This So... ' Likee if You Agree ;)
Nicki Minaj is the bargain bin version of Lil Kim, the talentless version of Lauryn Hill and the shameless version of Foxy Brown.
Who's da best Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim,,Drake or Chris Brown?
if you think Nicki Minaj will destroy Lil Kim LMS if you think Lil Kim will kill Nicki Minaj CMS
he Bible of Weezus F. Christ is a 32 page fully illuminated manuscript of what the bible would have been like if Mr. Carter had been Jesus. The members of Cash Money/Young Money Records (plus a few other friends) are the 12 disciples, Nicki Minaj is Mary Magdalene, Lil' Kim the Virgin Mary, and Bigg...
Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have a brawl lastnight in a NYC club security had to pull them apart from one another... -ad
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Nicki Minaj gon look just like lil kim in 6 years
Lil Kim is 10 better than Nicki Minaj is now, and will ever be.
99% of Nicki Minaj's fans are Lil' Kim fans on the low. Lmfao
I don't care what you new School 90 babies say... Nicki Minaj had NOTHING on Lil' Kim in her prime...
This is the 3rd track to the Unity series. Song features Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim which was recorded before the beef. Let's hope they can cut the hatred out ...
I want to see Lil Kim present and award to Nicki Minaj or vise versa just to see what happens lolz
How can you be comparing Nicki Minaj's music to Lil Kim's LOLOL no please no Nicki's music doesn't even come close.
Overheard at Mighty Writers: "...but Nicki Minaj can't beat Lil' Kim."
Tinyy Rose Females that trynna be Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim needa quit just be yourself being yourself is whats make you beautiful not no *** Plastic Surgery with fake boobs and *** !
A 23 year old college volunteer was attacked last week by two chimpanzees at the Jane Goodall Primate Reserve in South Africa. The NBA issued a press release indicating the NBA has no players there. Warrants have been issued for Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj performing live on her 'Pink Friday' Tour at Hisense Arena, Melbourne on 18th May 2012. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!: Sorry for the shakiness and...
my all time femcees:Foxy Brown,Lady of Rage,Mc Lyte,Storm(her of Pac's Outlaw),Lil Kim,Snoop(her of the Wire).Eve was ayt,Dabrat was ok,Trina mh nada,Remy Ma well at least she murdered Fat Joe on lean back,Nicki Minaj no way..
Lil Kim performs her Nicki Minaj diss record "Black Friday" during the Return of the Queen Tour at the Key Club in Hollywood Los Angeles, CA on June 13th, 2012
Lil Kim tryiin tew be liik Nicki Minaj (-__-)
Lil Kim performs with Drita from Mob Wives and Nicki Minaj performs with actual rappers. Who's winning? lol...
If anything lil Kim should thank nicki for giving her some publicity for once. Nobody talks about lil Kim until Nicki Minaj
Keri Hilson explains why she chose J. Cole over Lil' Kim on her "No Boys Allowed" cut "Buyou," and weighs in on the Lil' Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef.
The day after her explosive interview with Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex regarding the Summer Jam drama ... Nicki Minaj called in to competitor Power 105
Nicki Minaj finally adresses the whole situation with Lil' Kim on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 Show & states Kim will go down in history as a "sore loser"
Last night before her concert in Nebraska, Lil’ Kim vented on Funkmaster Flex’s decision to have Nicki Minaj on his show after the whole fiasco went down at Hot 97′s Summer Jam.
Lil Kim watches Nicki Minaj's performance at the Grammy's on her 1999 yellow iMac. She wipes away her tears with her latest eviction letter.
"You at the bottom of the barrel scrappin'." Lil Kim over hears Nicki Minaj's new song while looking for food at the bottom of a dumpster.
Nicki Minaj is what happens when Lil Kim and Lady Gaga have sex.
Lil Kim is going off on Nicki Minaj & Foxy Brown again . Nicki Minaj pulled out of Summer Jam because of some comments that was made about her from a Hot 97 host . Kim got wind that Nicki &am...
its sad. All the Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj talk. Both irritate me. Give me some Monie Love, Salt-N-Pepa, & Queen Latifah.
I'm sorry I had a great time at Summer Jam without this chick Nicki Minaj she done herself and Rosenberg was right starship is not a Hip Hop song get your genre right did you hear this girl on the radio.If you have a problem with a radio personality take the beef with that person not the little girls that paid there money to come see you I can't stand this girl Lil Kim wouldn't do that to her fans
If you're a female rapper, you're either Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Jean Grae, or Nicki Minaj in my opinion. Guys have more diversity.
Lil kim is legand and always will beRT Nicki Minaj is NOT more successful than Lil (cont)
Idk if you know this.but Nicki Minaj is a complete and utter knock off of Lil Kim
yehh yehh; Lil Kim is hot' but she ain't got nuffin on Nicki Minaj. . she ain't got NOTHING on her facts
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Lastly I will say O well Nicki Minaj it's your fault that you were mislead and your fault you flopped Lil Kim actually use to like you smh
Secondly I will say Nicki Minaj didn't take out the time to get to know Lil Kim for herself because she was blinded by money and fame.
Was hoping that Missy or Lil Kim would put Nicki Minaj in her place...not gonna happen. :/
Here is the best female album put together. It would be interesting to hear a double album from Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Production by: Havoc, Eminem, Dr Dre, Scott Storch, Dungeon Family, DJ Premeir . Appearances from Jennifer Hudson, Lauren Hill, Beyonce and Keisha Cole.. Wow if people could throw away there egos and make music and money... Im busting my head too early thIs morning. Enoy your day :)
Question for the webshow: Best Female Rapper.. Lil Kim, Foxy Brown or Nicki Minaj? (Reply&give us your opinion&a brief reason)
Lil Kim chops it up with the Breakfast Club about her label situation with TrackMasters, The Biggie Movie, Prison, Nicki Minaj and Plastic Surgery among other things. Lil’ Kim really isn&
I find Nicki Minaj a combination of the olskool Lil Kim n Missy Elliot.
Video After The Jump By this point everyone knows that Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj don't like each other. The two have taken shots at each other on various…
This is the NEW Lil Kim diss to Nicki Minaj a/k/a Sicki Garbage Listen at how the Queen Bee DESTROYS Nicki with her LYRICAL flow that REAL rappers are made of!
Nicki minaj is so commercialized now. Its funny how people ever compared her to Lil Kim. Lil Kim is the legend the real Nick is just another gimmick
Coming to a pageant near YOU! "Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj" . . . .See you this Saturday for the Miss Pridefest Pageant~ S/O to Windy Breeze who will be stepping down! Only at La Cage ! ! 9pm the fun starts! See you there Poocha
Finally the Battle of the Hip Hop Queens, Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim get it in. You don't wanna miss this hilarious SPOOF. Another Sketch Comedy Show. Featuring...
Watching Nicki Minaj video idk but Lil Kim already did the green hair be original baby.
Lil Kim is a rapper, Nicki Minaj is a clown
Young Money Queen Nicki Minaj might vacate her throne in the near future. Nicki Minaj is in London on the European portion of her Pink…
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A few recent songs Lil' Kim AKA Queen Bee has released recently mixed about, also at the start of the video, Lil' Kim responds to Nicki Minaj!
The 2nd episode of the all new series "Celebrity Face Off" on The Darmirra Show. In this episode Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim battle it out!
This is probably one of the only time’s I’ll be so candid on this Blog, but wow son. Everyone has been talking about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim for the last few months, ...
Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim feud is about respect, says Eve - Digital Spy
Nicki Minaj is like what happens when you melt Lady Gaga and Lil Kim together. Uh huh-huh huh.
we used to have Biggie, Tupac & Lil Kim - Now we have SouljaBoy, Waka Flocka & Nicki Minaj.
Lil Kim died?!? Nicki Minaj is probably happy O.o..but did she die forreal?
Sub my channel for GREAT remixes and mash-ups also. OFFICIAL looking video i made to Lil Kim's HOT new diss track towards Nicki Minaj, Diddy & Young Money!
Nicki Minaj is better than Lauryn Hill ,Foxy Brown, and Lil Kim
People mag review of Nicki Minaj.. 2 out of 4 stars.. "she doesn't know if she wants to be Missy Elliot or Lil Kim. Rihanna or Katy Perry."
That annoying feeling when Nicki Minaj fans swear every other artist hates on her. Give it a rest people. Lil Kim got over it, Why can't you
IDC what anybody says Lil Kim is way better then Nicki Minaj !
Lauryn Hill & Lil Kim can rap better than Nicki Minaj.
Nicki Minaj fans go listen to Lil Kim's 2nd album The Notorious (cont)
They just learned they lesson coming for Nicki Minaj talking about Lil Kim better outta here
Nicki Minaj should give up in singing, out of the 19 songs, none I can replay. And she was waging a war with Lil Kim? Lol
I'm that girl from Queens, New York that will be bigger than Lil Kim & Foxy Brown- Nicki Minaj (2012)
yall wanna know what 2 artist dissing eachother made me laugh the most ... Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim .. jtfo
Nicki Minaj is NOT HARD, sorry she just doesnt compare to Suga T or Missy Elliot...even Lil Kim I mean come on realy?!
Lil Kim lasted 10 years in the game nicki Minaj only lasted 2 years she was just a fad
You all sleep on Madonna, but without her Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Ke$ha, Rihanna...etc would all be lackluster.
Lil Kim in her prime looked way better than Nicki Minaj
"He say he like to hear the sound of me slurppin it " : Freaky Girl (Remix) - Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim
Whether it be Nico Minaj, Nikki Minaj or Nicki Minaj.. she's still slaying Lil Kim. you mad?
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