Nick Swisher & Yankee Stadium

Nicholas Thompson Nick Swisher (born November 25, 1980) is an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees. Yankee Stadium is a stadium located in The Bronx in New York City. 5.0/5

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Weird to see Terry Francona AND Nick Swisher in Cleveland Indian uniforms AND at Yankee Stadium.
Check out an acoustic performance of "Heaven" by Marc Roberge of O.A.R. live at Yankee Stadium. Get "Heaven" and the rest of the new album, King, here: http:...
Nick Swisher's first game back in Yankee Stadium is June 3rd.Bleacher Creatures gonna go nuts!
Nick Swisher to the Indians for four years... Way overpaid. Swisher's power and productivity was a product of new Yankee Stadium and lineup.
Congrats to R.A. Dickey of the Mets on winning the Cy Young Award. Richly deserved and a great story. Now let's hope the Mets reward it with a contract extension at A level money for not only a great pitcher but a fan draw. Dickey was one of the few reasons to watch the Mets this season and makes you wonder why more young pitchers aren't taught the knuckler. It is easy to imagine someone with Dickey's obvious intelligence going directly from playing into the coaching/managing ranks. Meanwhile, Detroit improved itself with the acquisition of OF Torii Hunter. It's a wonder the Yankees didn't make more of a play for Hunter with Nick Swisher a likely non return next season. Hunter would have looked good patrolling the OF at Yankee Stadium. He's also a right handed bat with speed. What is it with the Miami Marlins and these fire sales? I wonder how Jose Reyes is going to fare in the AL East? The league should have a rule that if your fan base ponies up for a publicly funded new stadium you can't jettison all y ...
The next time I want to see Nick Swisher in person is playing right field in the bottom of the first inning at Yankee Stadium.
If there's one thing no one is ambiguous about it's the New York Yankees. If you know me you know I'm on the don't like em side. I will listen in on a Yankees game if they're losing. I enjoyed listening last week obviously. I learned something I didn't know while listening to a recent Yankee playoff game. Everybody thinks the fans at Yankee Stadium are mean and cold blooded. I found out they really do have a heart after after all. All through the playoffs they'd been cheering the home team at each at bat, except for Alex Rodriquez. They were booing him mercilessly. Then, things started to change. They started booing Nick Swisher. Then another player, then another. Before you knew it they were booing EVERYONE. In the words of John Sterling they had become " equal opportunity booers." Instead of poor Alex feeling isolated and alone as the lone target of their rath he once again felt he was truly a part of the team. I never saw a city come together like that. It was truly heartwarming.
Nick Swisher's relationship with the fans at Yankee Stadium - especially his beloved Bleacher Creatures in right field - admittedly has taken more hits in these playoffs than he's managed at the plate.
Whats up with the Yankee's, they can't even buy a hit. Are you kidding me, Anibal Sanchez comes into yankee stadium and throws a shutout in a playoof atmosphere. This stadium has no aura, like the old. It's a high end food court, thats it. Yankees batting averages Jason Nix 500 Raul Ibanez 429 Derek Jeter 333 out of post season Mark Texeira 333 Ichiro Suzuki 310 Russel Martin 227 Curtis Granderson 130 Nick Swisher 130 Alex Rodriguez 105 Robinson Cano 071 REPEAT Robinson Cano 071 How come he didn't get pinch hit for YANKEE BUMS 2 losses at the famous Yankee Stadium and they still haven't faced Verlander yet.
i depart for the stadium this afternoon with an anxious heart. the orioles have had a great season and it is obvious from all the extra innings that this series is *** close. what's more, tonight may very well be Nick Swisher's last game as a Yankee. There is nowhere I would rather be than Yankee Stadium tonight. GO NY!!!
Another great day in New York :-) we went to a Yankees Vs Athletics baseball game and the atmosphere was just amazing. Yankee Stadium is huge! We had a great view from 3rd Base and seen Nick Swisher score a smashing Home run. So exciting!!! We then jumped on the subway and came home and it's now time to get some washing done!
Hey, Everyone!! We took my mother to the Yankee game tonight and they trounced Toronto Blue Jays 10-7. Ichiro hit a 2 run homer and Nick Swisher hit a Grand Slam. Quite a new stadium but I like the old one built in 1923. I like AT&T Park in SF even better. I realized the SF Giants are still my team...Maybe I'll go back to Yankee Stadium when the Yankees play the Giants in the World Series this year. Go Giants!
Nick Swisher wants a contract that exceeds $100 million. In other news pigs were spotted flying over Yankee Stadium this afternoon.
Last night was amazing. The new Yankee Stadium was awesome. Had a wonderful time with my family, the Yankees won, and what about my guy Nick Swisher. Two home runs. What could be any better!
After seeing 6 innings of no-hit baseball, back-to-back home runs from Nick Swisher & Mark Teixeira, and A YANKEES WIN, going to Yankee Stadium was a success!! So blessed to have the chance to go w/ the people I love :)
Nick Swisher welcomed seven Wounded Warriors on the field at Yankee Stadium yesterday, with the warriors riding their bikes onto the field as a kickoff to their 3-day Soldier Ride cycling challenge in New York. See the warriors in action: Thank you to Nick Swisher and all the folks at the Yankees!
The New Yankees opened their three-game series against the Cleveland Indians with a 7-1 win at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher hit back-to-back home runs in the third inning to power the Yankees' offense.
So i went to Turner Field in Atlanta last night... and some thunder and lightning broke out in the 8th inning ! A-Hole finally did something !!! he hit a Grand Slam to tie the game, i thought i was in Yankee Stadium , the place exploaded !!! " Lets Go Yankees " Chant broke out... Then the other playoff phantom , Nick Swisher ,, hits a homer, the place really blew up... Braves fan were in shock !!! lmfao...but they know that they came to see the Yanks do exactly what they did ! it was AWESOME !
Apparently Derek Jeter does a hilarious impression of Nick Swisher and it's played on the diamond vision at Yankee Stadium. Can't find it on the net anywhere. Anybody seen this?
Thank you to the New York Yankees and Nick Swisher for welcoming WWP Alumni to Yankee Stadium on June 6th in honor of the 68th anniversary of D-Day. Swisher has pledged support to WWP as an ambassador, helping to build awareness toward our mission of honoring and empowering Wounded Warriors. Joining the WWP Alumni on the field during the pre-game ceremony were veterans from several eras including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm.
That's not a rainbow over Yankee Stadium, it's the sign of God's covenant with Nick Swisher.
KC rookie left-hander Will Smith loses big league debut to Yankees New York (AP) — Will Smith’s mom shook her head in disbelief when Curtis Granderson homered, clasped her hands behind her head after Alex Rodriguez hit his second homer off her son and couldn’t bear to watch when Nick Swisher hit a popup. Kay Smith had about as rough a time sitting in the stands in Yankee Stadium for her son’s big league debut as the 22-year-old lefty did on the mound. Smith was given a rude welcome to the big leagues by New York’s lineup of All-Stars, not able to make it out of the fourth inning as the Kansas City Royals lost to the Yankees 8-3 Wednesday night. “She was nervous. She’s been like that since I was in high school,” Smith said. “She and my dad ... my dad used to pace around the stadium. They always get nervous and always will be.” Smith’s sister and brother-in-law also made the trip to the Bronx from Georgia to see his first start, and he began with an out for the scrapbook: He got Derek ...
Things I learned tonight at Yankee Stadium. 1. Parking is a lot easier than I thought 2. I like the atmosphere better here than at Citi Field. 3. A Rocket Burger, although the same price as a 2012 Porsche is a pretty good burger. 4. Joseph DeVito lives and dies with every pitch 5. Heather Hjelmar really likes Nick Swisher. 6. GenineMarie Coccoli DiFalco has an "in" with Joey's boss so he has to be nice now. 7. People really don't like A-Rod, even in Yankee Stadium. 8. The Yankee Museum is pretty friggin cool. 9. I like Derek Jeter more and more every year, he grew on me like a fungus. And finally 10. Don't sit in front of a guy with giant feet and a nervous tick in any stadium/arena, it will make you insane. That is all.
What a day. Great game at Yankee Stadium. Yanks won it 6-2. Not only did I witness a great game I got to experience all that being a bleacher-creature entails. This included great view of field, interaction from Nick Swisher, alcoholics screaming/cursing out the opposing team (followed shortly by security ejecting em from the game), then getting to witness a fight that involved at least 10 NYPD Cops who had to break it up, and last but certainly not least "Taylor's Birthday." Amazing time.
Nice home Nick Swisher. I think my mom with a broken back could hit it out at Yankee Stadium
Nick Swisher with a solo homer, a couple rows above the 260-feet sign in left field at Yankee Stadium.
Hiroki Kuroda worked eight-plus stellar innings in his Yankee Stadium debut and Nick Swisher cleared the bases with a three-run double as the Yankees defeated the Angels, 5-0, on Friday in their home opener. Sounds good so far!
Twins IF Tsuyoshi Nishioka has a fractured fibula suffered at Yankee Stadium today when Nick Swisher slid into him at 2nd breaking up DP.
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