Nick Swisher & Joe Girardi

Nicholas Thompson Nick Swisher (born November 25, 1980) is an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees. Joseph Elliott Girardi (born October 14, 1964) is a former Major League Baseball catcher and current manager of the New York Yankees. 5.0/5

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Sorry for the delay. There have been several press conferences and interview sessions, Joe Girardi, Nick Swisher, Lyle Overbay, etc.
TAMPA, Fla. -- The words spilled out of Joe Girardi's mouth, quickly and disgustedly. Mark Teixeira will miss 8-10 weeks with a strained tendon in his right wrist, the Yankees' manager said.
When he was trying to impress me he would lie & told me that POINTS CENTRAL took points from him due to his lies but that no one had to know about his life but that is not when they take points from you.Then he told me that he got angry that I put his name in the WISHING WELL at Bunker Hill meaning that I got a Sugar Daddy to help me whenever I needed it & it is there to help NINES called *** & didnt I know to put in Nick Swisher's name? the way Joe Girardi had? I was shocked by his revelation of who I should have dunked especially because Nick was sitting there but he had come at my request. Nick said "We dont generally talk you & me Steve I just clean the pine tar off the bats do my chores & leave but you know about Swisher dont you?" Steve said "I know that Girardi hates him & I know it isnt warranted" You see that is like magnets in the wind but by helping Steve I was there.
The man told at Bunker Hill that he was chosen to be the new Governance leader there & then told just the opposite was NY Yankees player Nick Swisher. The reason that I found out later on for him (because this guy doesnt deserve that kind of treatment) that he was turned down was that their only role in his life was spoiler but they had to tell part of the truth so they told him he was up for the job & then lost it due to a bad review put in by Joe Girardi.
Pitchers Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera have to decide if they want to come back, and the team has to decide if it wants to bring back Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson, among others
At this point the question is not when but whether I'll ask Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman if I can vie for Nick Swisher's right field post. I'll wait to see where he goes, and then decide.
Mr's. Hal and Hank Steinbrenner, Mr. Brian Cashman and Mr. Joe Girardi, I am sad when I think of all that has happened during this series. I am sad you all lost to Detroit. I am sad there are talks of trading Alex Rodriquez. I am sad that Mr. Giradi's father died during this time. I am sad that Derek Jeter had that unfortunate accident. What saddens me the most? The fact that you singled A-rod out as a reason for you losing the games! Did Cano pull his weight? What about Mr. Stiff Lip at first base, Mark Teixiera? How about Curtis Granderson or Nick Swisher? I was not aware that Mr. Rodriquez was the whole of the Yankee team. It seems to me that a team is made up of several people. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Just as a house needs to be supported by interconnected beams, 2X4's, trusses, etc., each member of the team should support each other with an interconnection. Mr. Giradi, I blame some of the loss on you! You are no super human either. You needed to address your grief. Like ...
I heard Yankee fans were mad about Joe Girardi. You only have Nick Swisher, Mark Teixiera, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and effin' A-Rod. All of whom have put up monster years. Don't question Girardi's heart. He coached the team at the worst personal time of his life. Players have to play. They barely showed up.
New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi is exactly right! It just was NOT Alex Rodriguez who did NOT hit. They had too many players NOT hitting! You DO know for sure AROD will NOT be a NY Yankee and Nick Swisher WILL NOT be back either! If you ARE the Yankees DO you think about trading Robinson Cano?
The Yankees fall short of their quest of a 28th World Series Title. And another baseball season ends much sooner than I would've wanted, hoped, or imagined. For a team that showed so much heart and resilency all season, it appears as if the fight and spirit was taken out of them once Derek Jeter went down. Although I don't know how much of a difference the Captain would've made. In my opinion the Yankees fell apart in all facets both on and off the field. Their flaws, warts and shortcomings were on full display in this series. While the pitching for the most part was decent, the Yankees who relied so heavily on the homerun ball this season, continued to shrink offensively as the series went on. Joe Girardi tried desperately to inject life into a listless line up by making line up changes, (some that were highly questionable) but to no avail. It seemed as they were pressing and becoming uptight. As evidenced by the "fan friendly" Nick Swisher melting down and going back at the fans for going at hi ...
Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers for advancing back to the World Series. Congratulations to Dan Lunetta for getting another American League ring...and hopefully bringing home another World Series ring. To my Yankees, you guys played a long, hard season. Hopefully there will be some changes next year. Frankly, Joe Girardi, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Martin, and Nick Swisher's tenures with the team are over. I will make a prediction that Joe Torre comes back. I don't care what anyone else says...the Yankees are still the greatest organization in Sports History and they will always be the greatest sports team in my heart...but for now. Let's go Detroit!
can somebody explain to me.if Joe Girardi, throughout this nightmare series...benched.Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson.why is Nick Swisher even playing?
i have a real hard time buying Joe Girardi's benching of A-Rod being due to a slump when he bats Nick Swisher second... real hard time...
The umpires for tonights game might not want to touch the lineup card cuz Im pretty sure Joe Girardi pulled it right out if his *** Nick Swisher batting second and playing his horrible defense in RF. Good job Joe! Its only an elimination game! .Go Yanks! (Despite your *** manager)
Well, maybe they'll do it for the Captain. Would be nice. I am a diehard Yankee Fan since 1966. What went wrong for the Yankees Saturday night and who's to blame. Well, the Yankees sure aren't executing the basics. Bases loaded with no out and the side is struck out. Can't even put the ball in play. Very sad. Who's to blame for the lose last night. Well, the players have a *** of a lot of the blame for the lose. For whatever reason, most of them are just not getting it done with the bats. The terrible fielding attempt by Nick Swisher in the top of the 9th is totally unacceptable; He's a pro ballplayer, earning millions. Andy Pettette, 1 of the Yankee Core Four, pitched a great game, keeping the Yankees in the game. I ultimately blame Yankee Manager Joe Girardi. Here's why: I doubt if Girardi iterates to the players, "Just make contact, put the ball in play, cut down your swing." I've seen no lefty-righty pinch hitting in crucial situations, especially when a player isn't hitting. Swisher is a baseball pl ...
The next person that sings me the praises of either Nick Swisher or Super Genious Joe Girardi will get a metaphorical punch in the f$ mouth.
Good comeback Yankees. But Jeter is hurt. We lost. Swept. Phelps does not belong in that situation. Nick Swisher needs to go away. Joe girardi proves why he is the dumbest manager in the history of Major League Baseball. Congratulations to Detroit on making it to the World Series. We can't win with the Captain. Good season, hopefully nothing too devastating to for Jeter.
So here's the lineup the Yankees will use for tonight's climactic Game Five against the Orioles: Derek Jeter SS Ichiro Suzuki LF Robinson Cano 2B Mark Teixeira 1B Raul Ibanez DH Nick Swisher RF Curtis Granderson CF Russell Martin C Eric Chavez 3B CC Sabathia P A-Rod has been benched, replaced by Chavez, and Ibanez will get the start at DH and bat fifth. In my mind, those are absolutely the right moves. I would have taken it a step further and benched Granderson, replacing him with Brett Gardner, one of the few Yankees who doesn't swing for the fences and might actually work out a walk or two. What are your thoughts on Joe Girardi's lineup?
Joe Girardi is a numbers guy.hey Joe, Eric Chavez is 3 for 6 (.500 BA) with one HR and 3 RBI's against Oriole starter Miguel Gonzalez.Reason to START him TONITE as DH! with Raul Ibanez in Right for Nick Swisher!
Swisher pinches in, hopes to start tonight: If Yankees manager Joe Girardi can use Nick Swisher...
Nick Swisher is available as a pinch-hitter, said manager Joe Girardi. [
I had a dream Nick Swisher pitched and DRob was batting and he had the same batting stance as me. He hit a home run off Bartolo Colon and I was in the dugout about to go to bat and he hugged me and said "that one was for my team" and he winked and me then colon threw his hat at ARod and ARod fell over crying and Joe Girardi screamed "DL FOR REST OF THE SEASON!!!" and Jeter went "NO!!!" then I woke up.
Also Nick Swisher ran from 1st to 3rd today and the last time he ran, he bowed towards Joe Girardi probably meaning he's ready.
BIGGEST MANAGERIAL DECISION: How long will Joe Girardi stay with Nick Swisher if Swisher gets off slowly?
Had a great time at the game. As we were standing with a large group behind the roped off area for batting practice, Joe Girardi approached and said "Hi Sydney" and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He then invited her with him near the backstop area where he spent about an hour with her and introduced her personally to every member of the Yankees. her favorite was Jeter but the coolest was Nick Swisher. Girardi was outstanding and the nicest guy. Back into BGH tomorrow for a five day session.
Yankees notes: Nick Swisher almost ready: Joe Girardi expects to put Swisher back in the lineup Sunday, when the...
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